Sunday, December 30, 2018


 1. The Feast of the Holy Family.
     This Feast is viewed in the Liturgy, first, as a historical fact. And, secondly as an image of the Catholic Church. The Liturgy before Christ the King up to the this Feast of the Holy Family gives us several aspects of the Catholic Church describing its different characteristics. Two essential descriptions of the Catholic Church is celebrated on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which Pope Francis denies, and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, of which Pope Francis is completely ignorant if an image of the Catholic Church. 
     Today's Feast is another image of the Catholic Church as personified by the Holy Family. As a historical  figure Joseph is the foster father of Jesus Christ. And the Blessed Virgin Mary is Christ mother. And there is Jesus Christ, the son with His parents Joseph and Mary.

2. St. Joseph.
     St. Joseph, aside from being the foster father of Jesus Christ is, also, the eschatological image of the Fathers of the Church. The Fathers of the Church and the first holy bishops that took care of the Church. Thus, they are portrayed by the role of St. Joseph who was the first protector of Mary and Jesus. 

3. The Blessed Virgin Mary.
     The Blessed Virgin Mary is the personification of the Catholic Church who plays the role of a mother over her children. She is, more completely, the personification of the Catholic community that is made up of souls who have perfect repentance, perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity. More completely, Mary is the Mother of the Catholic Church as a community and who cares for the faithful as a mother cares for her children.

4. Christ as the personification of every Catholic who is inside the Catholic Church. 
    A child with perfect Faith and perfect Charity, Jesus Christ is the image of how Catholic will look like in heaven. The perfection of Charity is unattainable here on earth; only in heaven.
     The Gospel describes the child as growing in knowledge, in age and in grace. These are all in the spiritual levels. A true Catholic grows within the Catholic Church, the Holy Family, in spiritual knowledge of heavenly things; he souls grow in virtues; and grace grows in his soul. These three growths are not accomplished through human means. It is purely the fruit of the state of sanctifying grace. Man does nothing to grow in these three. So what will make him grow? Obedience to all the commands of Christ as found in the New Testament.
     The Gospel says that Christ went down with Joseph and Mary and was subject to them. He obeyed them. So a true Catholic is one who enters and stays within the Church by obeying all the commands of Jesus Christ as enumerated in the New Testament and as interpreted by the Fathers of the Church.

5. This is one of the many proof of one's true Catholicity.
     This is a more difficult way of proving one's Catholicity. In fact, Pope Francis and many of the bishops and priest do not have these qualities. They do not even know the commands of Christ as can be found on the New Testament. Again, St. Thomas of Aquinas described what Christ did when He went back home; he subjected Himself to Joseph and Mary. The Home of the Holy Family is the Catholic Church. And to be subject to Joseph and Mary means that each Catholic should obey all the commands of Jesus Christ as enumerated in the New Testament; this is personified by Mary. And they must interpret and obey these commands as described by the Fathers of the Church personified by Joseph. 
     It will be nearly impossible to find Pope Francis, most of the bishops and most of the priest with these qualities, i.e. having grown up in knowledge, age and grace. Because they do not know how this is done, especially ' how to grow in grace.' Each Catholic should apply this test on himself. He must grow within the Catholic Church in knowledge, age and be truly a member of the Holy Family, the personification of the Catholic Church. 

Saturday, December 29, 2018


 1. The Liturgy of Christmas.
     The Christmas Liturgy gives us a Gospel describing 'fathers going against sons and brothers against brothers, etc. ' What a message for Christmas. Well, the Liturgy goes not deal with historical Christmas but with eschatological Christmas, which a 'day of distress.'
     The Liturgy of Christmas is the same as the Liturgy of Christ the King. It reminds man what he must do to have everlasting life; i.e. to have perfect repentance according to John the Baptist and Jesus Christ; to have perfect Faith and to have the beginnings of Charity. 
     While Christ the King reminds us of the necessity of perfect repentance, perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity, Christmas  reminds us of the necessity of having perfect Faith. Perfect Faith is believing that Christ is man and God according to Scriptures as interpreted by the Fathers of the Church. 
     The Gospel of Wednesday of Christmas week tell us that that day will show fathers going against son, brothers against brothers, etc. This has been going on since Adam and Eve. After all, Cain went against Abel. But the signs of the end times is that this phenomenon of members of families going against each other  will be extensive. Since it will, also, be a 'day of distress' each soul will only have time to save oneself and hardly any time for others. 

2. The mystical meaning of the 'father against son.' The believers and the unbelievers.
     St. Thomas of Aquinas describes the two groups portrayed in the Gospels. First, the believers, thus, those who are in the Church or on the way to enter the Church and, therefore,  are the object of persecution and are dragged to court. 
     And second, the unbelievers who are outside the Church and, therefore, are possessed by the devil, persecute the Church and drag the believers to court. 
     The first are meant for heaven, the latter are meant for hell. When these signs of the end are present, changing course becomes difficult if not impossible for each. Good for the former, sad for the latter.

3. The two groups in detail. 
     The first group, the believers.
      The believers know the commands of Christ as described in the New Testament. They know how those commands are to be interpreted; these are explained by the Father of the Church. They know they are obeying these commands of Christ. And they know that they are being persecuted and dragged to court because of their obedience to these commands. The persecution and the dragging to court is to force believers to stop obeying Christ's command and force them to follow them in their unbelief.
     An example in the US is when gays force and drag to court bakers who refuse to make wedding cakes for same sex weddings. The gays are not contented in leaving bakers alone to quietly do their business and earn their living. Gays drag bakers to court to force them to disobey God's command by being an accomplish to their sins by baking them a gay wedding cake; i.e. gays against bakers.
      The Gospel describes the bakers as on the right way to attaining everlasting life; while those dragging them to court to force them to disobey God's command are well on their way to hell. And because this is happening means we are fast approaching the General Judgment Day when God will judge all men according to their desert. That is what the Gospel is saying.

     The second group, the unbeliever.
     They do not know the commands of Christ; as a consequence they are disobeying those commands. They do not know that believers are obeying the commands of God. And they do not know that they are persecuting those with Faith and dragging them to court because of the believer's obedience to the commands of God.
     Their ignorance is due to wilful ignorance, a very serious sin according to St. Thomas of Aquinas. This ignorance is due to laziness. Because of this serious sin they are well on their way to hell. And their wilful ignorance makes it next to impossible for them to repent and be converted.
     This scenario of the approaching General Judgment can be described as God, already, dividing the human race into two groups and this is becoming more pronounced in the Christmas Liturgy. 

4. Impossible for unbelieving father to be with believing son, etc.
    This is like angels living with devils. The devils will be constantly attacking the angels, as evil is constantly attacking the Church.    
    During these days of 'great distress,'  members of a family will go against other members of the same family because one has Faith while the others do not have Faith. At this time it is impossible to unite one with Faith with another who does not have Faith. The one without Faith will attack those with Faith and drag them to hell. While the one with Faith will try hard to save the unbeliever.
     During these days it is utterly useless to unite quarrelling husbands and wives, parents and children, nations with other nations and churches with other churches. Impossible and, therefore, it is useless even to try it. Impossible for nations to be united in the UN and impossible for religions to go ecumenical. 

     Those without Faith will go against those with Faith. Only those with Faith can be united with others with Faith and make up the Catholic Church. 
     Separation between husband and wife is because one has Faith while the other does not have Faith. The quarrels between parents and children is because one has Faith and the other does not have Faith. Or because both do not have Faith. This situation will be world wide. 
    When the Blessed Virgin Mary prophesied that bishops will go against bishops; it is because one have Faith and other does not have Faith. Or the greater probability is that both do not have Faith. The reason why Pope Francis is not united with other bishops is because he does not have Faith while we do not know the state of the other bishops. 

5. Being One.
    The only reason a family can be one and united is because all the members have Faith. The only reason the Church is One is because it is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. Sometimes there is a semblance of unity within the family or the Church. Usually it is the semblance of unity that exist between criminals when they are about to commit a crime. They seem to be united to one another. But after the crime, they kill one another. The United Nations is a big joke. It is made up of nations who have no Faith, both pagan, Protestant and Catholic. Their unity is a sham to give the impression of being 'United'. But Christ reminds us that He alone can unite. Unity is a work of the Holy Spirit and not by the Assembly. Any union not a work of the Holy Spirit is a temporary unity to commit crime. 
     Again, during these times of 'great distress,' all attempts to unite is futile. It is wisest to leave them separated, either between husbands and wives, between nations, or between religions. Any attempt to unite them will be a disaster. Angels would not want to be with devils. Imagine how devils will be with other devils; it is going to be like hell. 

6. The separation in families, nations and religions is impossible to remedy. It is a problem of Faith that only God can remedy. For men to attempt to remedy it is pure arrogance. At this point in the history of the Church it is impossible to remedy father going against son, brothers against brothers, mothers in law against daughter in law. Christ said so. And there is nothing man can do about it because time has run out for man. It is better to leave them separated; SSPX, the Orthodox, the Anglicans, etc should be left separated from the VaticanChurch. 
    It is impossible to unite faithful priests and bishops with the unfaithful Pope Francis. Those priests and bishops should abandon that sinking VaticanChurch lest they perish with it. 

7. The Gospel shows the sure sign of salvation and damnation
    The damned will bring you to court and before synagogues. Because you obey Christ. They would not know this because they do not know the commands of Christ, the sign of their perversion. 
     For those who know the commands and obey them, they would know why they are being brought before courts. An example; the US AG does not know the real reason they are bringing their President to court. They think it is Russian collusion. It is not. It is because their President is obeying the command of Christ, of which everybody seems to be ignorant of. 

8. All against one. One against all.
    All unbelieving souls will persecute and drag to court the one believing soul. When a young boys wants to follow Christ the ones who will persecute him and drag him to court will not only be his own unbelieving father but, Christ said, even the whole unbelieving world. The courts will go against him. His neighbours, his parish priest, the entire bishop's conference, the Congregation for secular institute, the judges, the governors, the majors, everyone in the Internet, the newspaper......'the whole world' will go against this young boy. 
     When this happen, 'know' that Christ, the only true God,  is by the door to pass Divine Judgment upon each man and upon all men. If you are a believer, Merry Christmas. If not, sorry.  


Thursday, December 27, 2018

ST JOSEPH and The Fear to sin.

 1. Kinds of Fears.
    There are many kinds of fears. The more common fears are fear of God and fear of men. Christ had clearly reminded us to fear God alone because He can kill both body and soul. Christ tells us not to fear men who can kill the body but cannot kill the soul.
     The bad kind of fear brings soul to hell; while the good kind of fear brings souls to God. Terrorist uses the bad fear to bring souls to hell. God uses the good fear, like fear of capital punishment to give a soul an occasion to go to heaven. 

2. Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
     The fear of God is good because it is the beginning of wisdom. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit. It makes man intelligent. It is for this reason that capital punishment is good because it forces man to fear God and enables him to acquire the beginning of wisdom and therefore helps criminals morally improve their lives. 
     All kinds of chastisements from God are occasions to fear God so that souls may acquire wisdom and live moral lives. 
     There is a very good kind of fear which St. Joseph showed for our imitation in the Tuesday Gospel in Christmas tide. This is called the 'fear to sin.' 

3. St. Joseph
     St. Joseph was informed by an angel to take Mary as his wife and he was filled with fear. Let us analyse this situation. Mary had conceived her child by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Messiah; and his betrothed, Joseph, finds her with child though they have not lived together.
     St Joseph knew his Old Testament. He knew a virgin would give birth by the power of the Holy Spirit.  This is occurring suddenly before his eyes and he was being asked to be the protector of the wife and the foster father of the Child. Knowing about the prophecy, Joseph was afraid to be the husband of such an exalted virgin. 
      Finding himself unworthy to be the spouse  of the most Blessed Virgin Mary, Joseph begun to fear that he was sinning in accepting such a great  privilege.  If he accepted the honour he could be committing the sin of pride. It was this fear of committing the sin of pride that he feared. So he hesitated until he was made to understand that this child was conceived by the Holy Spirit and that it would be an act of humility that he obeyed the angel and take Mary as his wife to be a protector for both the wife and the child. Assured that he was not committing the sin of pride, he obeyed the angel.

4. It is often easy to know the will of God and obey that Will without any fear of committing sin. But there are cases where there are deeds commanded that is obviously free from sin but in reality there is a 'hidden sin' in it.  It is an attitude of true humility that man always work on the possibility that even though he is doing a clearly good deed he could really be committing sin. It is good to believe that one is always in danger of an impure motive and thus commit sin .
     Because it can really happen that a good deed performed could, in reality, be an act of sin without the person knowing it. An example could be the case of Adam and Eve. Eve thought it was good to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And for all practical purposes, it is, indeed, good to know good from evil. 
     Eve suspected that she was being tempted to do evil and , therefore sin but she did not this humble attitude that she could sin in eating of the fruit. And she sinned most grievously infecting all her children. 
     What went wrong. It was indeed good to eat of the fruit of good and evil. But God required that she first eat of the true of life and later on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Because Eve did not have that fear of committing sin even in the performance of a good deed, she fell into sin. Again, it is a necessary humble attitude that all man believe that in the performance of good deeds, it is possible for him to sin without realising it. So he must double check before he does anything. 
     Again, the necessary humble attitude of the righteous man is to constantly have the 'fear of sin' even amidst all his good activities. "I can never do good perfectly; thus in doing good I must continuously fear committing sin. St. Paul gave a similar warning. 
     Receiving Holy Communion is a perfectly good act. But without realising it, one can receive Holy Communion unto his damnation like what Pope Francis is suggesting in his 'Amoris Laetitia.' Unlike St. Joseph, Pope Francis does not have the 'fear of sin.' Without this 'fear of sin' Pope Francis is committing sin in most of his acts without knowing it, because he is too sure of himself. He does not have that humble attitude 'I am not very bright and holy. So I could be committing sin in declaring 'Amoris Laetitia' as part of the Magisterium.' Lacking this humility, he sinned by declaring the exhortation as part of the Magisterium. 
     Today, man is characterised by Scriptures, as having the pride of life. Man is so sure of himself that he has proclaimed himself as god. He believes he can never commit a mistake. He has no fear of committing sin.  In his pride everything he does is sinful. Lacking this 'fear of sin', everything Pope Francis is proclaiming is a sin. The latest of which is the abolition of capital punishment which deprives the sinner his last chance for repentance. Thus surely  sending all criminals to hell, a very serious sin
     St. Joseph was going to do the noblest deed of becoming the husband of the Virgin Mary and the foster father of Jesus Christ. And he feared committing the sin of pride if he accepted the honour. This is called the 'fear of sin,' a very good kind of fear that saves because it is a humble act. Every moment of our lives we must have this fear of falling into sin. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit that gives man all knowledge and wisdom. The self confident man who thinks he can do things perfectly well, will do all things wrong. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Liturgy of CHRISTMAS.

 1. The Liturgy.
     The feasts and seasons of the Liturgy are not celebrated in its historical context only. Christmas is not celebrated as a historical event. It is a reminder to all Catholics of an eschatological fulfilment of a mystery. This is called the eschatological dimension of the Liturgy.

2. Christmas is a continuation of Christ the King. It is a reminder on how to prepare for the General Judgment of God. With this difference;  the Feast of Christ King is preparing souls for that last general judgment; while Christmas teaches the first steps in that preparation. This is clearly shown from the readings for all the Masses from the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time up to Christmas Day.
3. Christ the King tells us that the preparation for that General Judgment consists in, first,  having perfect repentance. Secondly, having perfect Faith and, thirdly, having the beginnings of Charity. Christmas teaches us the first step towards that goal and this is how to have perfect Faith. 
     Perfect Faith is to know that Christ is God and man. All the information about Christ being man is found both in the Old and New Testament, like His human lineage from Adam to Joseph and Mary. 
      On the other hand, to know that Christ is God is a work of grace. This cannot be learned in the seminary or in a theological school. It cannot be learned through books and lectures. The dogma that Christ is God is an infuse knowledge that comes with the grace of God. It comes with unceasing prayer. Unless God gives us this knowledge we cannot have it.
     Christ told Peter,  referring to the fact that he knew Christ was the Son of God; 'no man has taught you this but My Father in heaven.' Most people do not know this. So they falsely think that just because they say Christ is God, that is what they believe. Even the devil can easily say Christ is God. In fact, he did so. So much so that Christ commanded him to be silent. 
     The Jews had a difficult time admitting that Christ was a man; they could only see that Christ was the son of Mary and brother of Jude. They could not believe that He was a descendant of King 
David, from the side of Joseph,  and Aaron the priest, from Mary's side. 
     All the more the Jews could not believe that Christ was God. 

4. The problem of Christmas.
     Because man does not believe that Christ is God who will return to earth and demand an account from every soul on this earth, whether Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, pagan, atheist, etc, we do not believe in Christmas. 
     But how did the shepherds and, later on, the Magi, know so well that Christ was man and God? By the grace of God that they deserve because of their humility.

5.  What question is Christmas answering?
     What must we do to have everlasting life according to the Liturgy. Like what Christ had been saying to the young rich man and to the apostles.
     Christ had answered this question several times with the same identical answer which can be described in other words as; perfect repentance, perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity. 

6. Christmas is a lesson on perfect Faith. Christ is man and God.
    On Christmas day, a man was born.  Christmas emphasises the humanity of Christ. But even before the Gospel is finished, it immediately adds; His birth was by the power of the Holy Spirit. So He is, also a God.  Then this belief in His humanity and Divinity begin to grow together from Christmas onwards until it reaches its perfection prelude to receiving the theological virtue of Charity. 
     This knowledge both of His humanity and Divinity must grow in the hearts and minds of the believer thus the birth of Christ as man and God is born again in the soul of man. Christmas is fulfilled again eschatologically in the souls of the believer.
     As the knowledge of Christ as man and God grows within the soul of a person, the person must react to that Divine Presence the way the shepherds and the Magi have acted in the presence of Christ. What was their reaction? They beheld Christ as a human baby and then worshipped Him as a Divine Being. That is an act of mature Faith that saves soul. 

7. Christmas is not celebrated as a historical event.
    Christmas is celebrated as a fulfilment of eschatology. We are recalling how the natural knowledge of the humanity of Christ grows in the soul through natural studies.....together with the supernatural growth of the spiritual knowledge on the Divinity of Christ through the grace of God, in the soul of man as a result of a mature act of Faith. This is shown in the acts of the shepherds and the Magi together with the acts of Joseph and Mary. This is the Advent spirit, showing the beginnings of the infused theological virtue of Faith that saves, because it includes the beginnings of Charity as shown by the adoration of the shepherds and the gifts of the Magi.      

Sunday, December 23, 2018


 1. They are blaming the seminaries. No! The homes under the parents, parish priests and bishops are to blame.
     With the current enormous problem that started in the US and then suddenly blew up as affecting the whole world, everybody is blaming the seminary. That seminarians are not trained well in the seminaries.
     Yes, there are great defects in the seminary. But the defect begun at home. The parents were never trained in be good Catholics; therefore, they were never able to train their children well to be good Catholics. The fault is in the priests and bishops that are supposed to train the parents to be good Catholics. 
     By the time the children enter the seminaries, they had incurable defects like the tendency to be gay. This starts at home and only aggravated in the seminaries specifically and in the world in general.
     Of course, the reason why bishops and priests are very poor evangelizers is because of their poor training in the seminaries, i.e. the defect is in the poor evangelization of seminarians. This is the root of all the problem, poor evangelization of people. 
     But why are the bishops and priests today so poorly evangelised? The reason becomes personal; because each of them were not able to make the mature act of Faith that brings one inside the Catholic Church. This was the problem before, it is still the problem today. It is the inability of the individual person to make the mature act of Faith. How come, when this mature act of 
Faith is clearly defined in  the teachings of the Church and how to do it, is clearly taught in the writings of the Fathers of the Church.
     And how come those who, though they have no teacher, no education in the seminary, no books to ready, like Blessed John Newman or Gilbert Chesterton can make a mature act of Faith all by themselves?

2. The Jews were taught by Christ, Himself.
     Jesus Christ personally taught the Jews and gave them all the graces necessary for their salvation. How come they were not able to make a mature act of Faith themselves? The fault is in the individual; the individual did not cooperate with the action of God. And what is it in the individual that prevented them in cooperating with the grace of God? Pride. The pride of life, Scriptures says. 
     Today, we live in an atmosphere of pride. We are proud of everything even of things we should be ashamed of. Faith is given to the humble. 

3. What is wrong at home and in the seminary.
     Humility is not taught at home and it is not taught in the seminary. Humility is not the atmosphere at home nor in the seminary. So souls cannot make an act of mature Faith because this can only be made amidst an atmosphere of humility. 'Learn from Me for I am meek and humble of heart.' We have not learned this lesson from Christ. 
     Anyone who studies what humility is from the Rule of St. Augustine, St. Benedict, St. Ignatius of Loyola can clearly see that most priests from Pope Francis down to the lowliest priests and layman do not have humility. It can still be found in many souls but they do not know how to use it to make a mature act of Faith. 
     So, there are two things that a soul must know. First,  he must know how to be humble. And secondly, he must know how to make an act of mature Faith. Evangelization teaches the second but not the first. The Liturgy teaches both. 
     The two goes together. But when taught it is good to teach how to do them separately; first, how to be humble. Then, how to make a mature act of Faith using the intellect and the free will. 
     Souls are trained to be good Catholic by bringing the entire family to Mass. And the seminarians must learn their theology within the context of the Liturgy of the Mass. 

4. Pope John Paul II's cry for reform in the seminaries.
     I do not know if Pope John Paul II do this every time he makes a papal trip. When he was in the Philippines, he addressed the bishops conference of the Philippines at Radio Veritas and told them to reform the curriculum in the seminaries. 
     The bishop who headed the commission on seminaries who undertook the reform is still alive today, though retired as emeritus. His working group did the simplest way in reforming the curriculum, i.e., they looked for a curriculum around the world to copy. Upon looking at more than ten curricula, they could not find a satisfactory curriculum that would train seminarians well for the priesthood. Here, for the first time, they saw that all curricula in seminaries around the world were defective. 
     Since when did this situation exist in the Catholic Church is not known. The suspicion is sometimes before the Council of Trent. And this defect in the training in seminaries was the reason for the Council of Trent. It was held to correct this existing defect. The Council corrected the defect but the same council did not implement its decrees. So the defect continued unabated up to the very present time. All training in seminaries were defective so bishops and priest never trained their constituents well to become good parents. The children grew up defective in humility and in their Faith. And this could not be corrected in the seminary because the entire faculty in the seminary were in the same bad state of spirituality. 
     By the grace of God, this defect in humility and Faith affected the laymen, the priests and bishops. It did not affect many of the Popes up to Pope Benedict XVI. But Pope Francis is greatly affected by this lack of humility and inability to make the mature act of Faith. And everything is getting worse. The Church had come to the point of being what Scriptures described as experiencing 'the decay of Faith' and the 'waxing cold of Charity.' In other words, the Catholic Church has ceased to exist. Not completely, of course. But to the point that nobody can find the Church, not even in the Vatican.

5. The primitive program is revived.
    Years after the command of Pope  John Paul II was given, the commission on seminaries revived the traditional primitive program on what to teach seminarians. First, how to be humble and how to avoid the opposite pride,  now well described by St. Bernard of Clairvaux.   Secondly, how to make a mature act of faith, now well taught with the help of philosophy and psychology. And thirdly, because these two acts are supernatural act that must be aided by the grace of God, the seminarians must be taught how to pray well. Pope Benedict XVI, now, have a book written compiling the writings on prayer from the fathers of the Church. 
     These knowledge were all available to the first Christians but now are collected and explained by saints and popes today using the explanations of the ancient writers of the Catholic Church. 
There you are, the solution everyone is asking for the prevailing problems that beset the Catholic Church today. 
     These three elements are wonderfully integrated in the Liturgy of the Mass and taught to every soul for three consecutive years, Cycle A, B and C. Every Catholic can perfect his knowledge and put them into practice in one cycle but has the leisure to learn them all his life every time he hears Mass. Imagine he hears these lessons for many years up to the end of his life. And the priests and bishops do not know it today? 
6. They could not teach it.
     Though the program is clearly defined, the Bishop's conference did not implement the new curriculum up to the very present. Why?
Just like when Christ was preaching to the Jews, they had the best teacher and they had all the graces to convert but they did not. Why? Because of pride, they could not learn anything spiritual or supernatural. Because of pride they remained in the natural level, in the level of the passions and the flesh, they remained earthly unable to rise up to the supernatural. Pride, pride, pride. No wonder when Pope Gregory was Pope the most popular book he wrote was 'On Pride' and how to overcome it. It can be the reason for  one's damnation. It was the sin that transformed the angels into devils. Imagine what it can do to mere man. 
     This precious knowledge can still be found in the Liturgy. But because of the fast deterioration of the Liturgy and especially with the slow death of the Old Mass, it can soon disappear. Soon, priests, bishops and the rest of the world will not know how to enter the Catholic Church and save his soul. It is truly the hour of darkness prophesied on Good Friday.

Saturday, December 22, 2018


  1. Why is the Catholic underground Chinese Church obeying the men of the Vatican rather than Jesus Christ, in disobedience to the command from Scriptures given by the Apostles? The Apostle said; it is better to obey God than to obey men. Because they wrongly believe that the Vatican is the Catholic Church that speaks with the voice of God.  This is no longer so. So they are acting based on a wrong belief.
     The four visible signs of the true Church of Christ is clearly visible that can be known by all men and applied by all men on any church. Why did the underground Chinese Catholic made a mistake in believing that the Vatican is the spokesman of the Catholic Church when, clearly, the Vatican and Pope Francis, do not have any of the four visible signs of the Church described in the Nicene Creed. This is a common question that will be asked all around the world.
     And the reason is because people, today, even those who think they are Catholics like bishops and priests, do not understand the visible signs of the true Church. Also, they do not know how to apply the four visible signs described in the Nicene Creed on parishes, dioceses and on the Vatican. In fact, almost all Catholics do not know how to apply the four visible signs on themselves. So most Catholics do not know how to  prove that they are truly Catholics. 
     Even if the underground Chinese Catholics are not yet inside the Catholic Church, which is the great probability since this is  the world wide state of the Church, they should know the four visible signs. They should be able to see that they do not yet have those signs and that, all the more, the Vatican and Pope Francis do not have the four visible signs. They should see it. Why don't they see it? Because they really do not know the four visible signs. The teachings of the Catholic Church had not been properly taught to them. 
     In which case, the Chinese communist government has nothing to worry about these Catholics since they are not yet real Catholics and are not a danger to their atheism.
     News and videos of the underground chinese Catholics show that their Catholicism is mixed with superstition and Protestant tendencies. This prevents them from seeing that they are not yet truly Catholics and that the Vatican that they are obeying is, also, not Catholic but Protestant. 
     But the underground Chinese Catholics are going towards the right direction proven by the fact that the devil wants them suppressed. That is a good sign. They must go on and perfect their repentance that leads to perfect Faith. Then perfect their Faith that they may truly be inside the Catholic Church.
     Again, the underground Catholic Chinese are in the right direction; unlike the Vatican, that is in absolutely the wrong direction. So the Chinese with Cardinal Zen must insist in obeying God whose commands are in the New Testament as correctly interpreted by the Fathers of the Church. They must refuse to obey men, especially the men of the Vatican, whose teachings are contrary to the teachings of God.
     Unknowingly, their forced subjection to the communist regime imposed by the Vatican will be a help in perfecting their repentance and their Faith; and this is what will make them good Catholics. But don't tell this to Cardinal Parolin whose intention is the destruction of the Catholic church in China under the order of the communist learning Pope Francis.   

2.  Why do the SSPX and the orthodox church want to join the Vatican Church?
     The SSPX by following the orthodoxy of Lefebvre is closer to the true Church than the VaticanChurch of Pope Francis. So why try to enter an inferior church, a church that has more disobedient to the teachings of Christ. Of course, because of their initial schism they have been separated from the true Church. Inspite of their schism, they are still closer to the true Church than the VaticanChurch. So why try to unite to a church that has less similarity with the original Church of Christ?
      The same is the case with the Orthodox. Because of their fidelity to the Eastern Fathers of the Church, they are much, much closer to the true Church of Christ than both the SSPX and the VaticanChurch. So why seek unity with a Church that is further away from the true Church?
      Because they did not compare their own doctrines with that of the original Catholic Church of St. Basil or the Church of Lefebreve. Both are just slightly different from the true Church unlike the VaticanChurch that is already completely different from the primitive Church of Christ. 

3. Why do Catholics still attend Papal audiences when there is much news about the heresies of Pope Francis. 
 Why do they call pope Francis all kinds of names except non-catholic, anti-pope or anti-christ. Why do most bishops side with him rather than with Bishop Vigano or Cardinal Burke? Why do many priest follow Pope Francis practices and go further than he. Why do more websites who used to follow orthodox doctrines suddenly switch and follow the modern and communistic tendencies of Pope Francis?

4. And finally, why do very few confess Christ before men?  Because men do not obey God, not knowing His commands though they are enumerated in the New Testament and interpreted by the Fathers of the Church. Man, only, know what they want. Not what God wants. They only follow their will and not God's will. 
     Because it is near impossible to know God's command without the grace of God;  because it is impossible to interpret it correctly without the aid of the writings of the Fathers of the Church. And knowing the above, it is, still,  near impossible to obey God's commands without the grace of the Holy Spirit; while it is very easy to know man's will, to interpret man's desire and to obey men. 
     Because one needs grace to follow God; while pure human effort is needed to follow men. Because it is natural to follow fallen human nature than to follow the supernatural call of Christ. Because it is easier to please men than to please God. Because many are called; but few are chosen. Because, as Pope Benedict XVI had always reminded us, the church can never be a big crowd, like those big crowds that follow those big new ecclesial movements which are neither ecclesial nor Catholic. 
     In other words, the Church was prophetically shown as a very small group on Good Friday; just a handful, fearful, hiding, living in community and in secret, quiet and silent.  The Church will, also, be today as the fulfilment of the prophecy; a handful people, living quietly away from the world because the world had been possessed by Satan;  living fearful of the judgment that will come, hiding their way of life because it is a beautiful pearl that must not be tossed to pigs. 
     The Church had been so,  that it has become impossible to find it, to recognise it, and for most, it has become impossible to enter it.......except for a few who had been destined to enter it, destined from the beginning of the world. The theological sign that they are predestined is the number 153. The visible signs of the Church is the boat in lake Tiberias, with only seven apostles, who only lower their nets on the right side where they caught the Church made up of 153 large fishes. This is the Catholic Church today.
     Blessed are those who know the theological meaning of these mystical signs. The meaning is given only to a few through the grace of Faith. It is shared with those closer to the true Church, and fully to those who are within the Church. A few to the SSPX, a little more to the Eastern Orthodox, a little more to the Russian Orthodox, the most to those who have joined the Woman clothed with the Sun into the desert........and none to the VaticanChurch of Pope Francis.  

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Pope Francis said it himself.

 1. Landmarks in the Pontificate of Pope Francis. 
     Like the beginnings of all papacy, we accept the newly elected Pope as truly the Vicar of Christ without any question. And that is how it should be. Pope Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul 1, John Paul II and Benedict XVI were accepted without question by the Catholic world from the time they were elected up to the time of their deaths or resignation. 
      Because of the uniqueness of the resignation of Benedict XVI, some problem arouse with the papacy of Pope Francis. But it did not bother anybody, until the first publicised speech of Pope Francis on 'Charity without dogmas.' 
     The topic was headline. The world was rejoicing because, now, they can love without the burden of studying dogmas which some erroneously thought are only for seminarians and priest. When the speech was published there was no reaction at all. Pope Francis teaching on that topic sounded nice. Loving will now be effortless. 
     This is nice if love is merely human. You really won't need dogmas to love another person. You can just remain like two puppies. But man has a body and a soul. And he is supposed to love God with a supernatural love. There the problem begins. 
     To love God, you must know Him. But you can only know God through dogmas because He is a Divine Being. It is impossible to love God without knowing the dogmas about Him, that is all supernatural knowledge. 
     Theology clearly states that there are three theological virtues, each one arising from the other. First is Faith wherewith dogmas are learned. Second is Hope and the third is Charity by which we love God and neighbour. No one can love God or neighbour without Faith that contains the dogmas about God, without Hope that make man desire for what he cannot see. And then, Charity comes after. 
      So, evidently, Pope Francis committed a very serious heresy against Faith. If he sins against Faith, he cannot have the Catholic Faith. Therefore, he is not a Catholic. 
      But as observed, nobody around the world commented on this error; not in the newspapers anyway. In fact, it is as if he said nothing wrong considering how all the newspapers were rejoicing on the topic  of his speech. 

2. Pope Francis and Cardinal Arinze. 
    Then from Nigeria a headline appeared that Cardinal Arinze had accused Pope Francis as guilty of the heresy of liberalism. From the 'Mirari Vos' of Pope Gregory XVI, from 'Quanta Cura of Pope Pius IX, the syllabus of errors of Pope Pius IX, it appears that Pope Francis was really guilty of heresy of liberalism. This would disqualify as being Pope as the cardinal hinted. 

3. Pope Francis and first impressions. 
    A group of Filipino Catholic government officials were used to meeting Popes and they described how they felt the holiness of the Popes, especially of Pope John Paul II when he came here. However, they were wondering how come they did not feel the same way when they saw Pope Francis.
     Some newspapers, also, made a survey of their first impression on Pope Francis when he came out of the loggia. A long list wrote they felt an ominous feeling unlike when they saw the other Popes. 

4. The Bishop's Synod of 2015.
    During the Synod, everyone were crying out 'Schism, schism.' Pope Francis and some of the cardinals have cut themselves away from the Catholic Church by proposing that remarried Catholics can receive Holy Communion. The majority of the attendees rejected the proposal evidently authored by Pope Francis. Yet Pope Francis pushed through with the rejected proposal. 
    At this very present time, Bishops Synod are adapting the disapproved proposal, like Germany and Argentina. There is a continuous schism taking place and the schism is headed by Pope Francis himself leading a big portion of the institutional Church away from that Church into a new Bergoglian Protestant sect. 

5. Pope Francis and the 'Dubia.'
    Then comes the 'dubia' by the four cardinals. Simple questions that any grade school in catechism can answer. But Pope Francis had not answered it after more than 800 days. Imagine if that question is; how do you prepare for a holy death. After 800 days many would have died and gone to hell because they have not received the correct answer. Of course, he will never answer.

6. Then comes Vigano and Bux.
     To cut short the landmarks in the life of Pope Francis,  after all the very serious and valid complains against him comes Vigano and Bux who demanded that he should resign. The issues are quite complicated and needs a lot of theological and philosophical background which makes very few qualified to participate in the discussion. So we simplified the issues by asking the question; 'Is Pope Francis Catholic or not?' Answering this question will settle all the above issues. If he is Catholic, then there is need for many issues to be clarified. If he is not Catholic, then just don't mind everything he said and done, and go on with your lives seeking the truth by going directly to Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church because by going to somebody else will just cause the same confusion as Pope Francis did because most bishops and priest are as confused and as heretical like Pope Francis.

7. To settle the mother of all questions. Must I subject myself to Pope Francis? None of the issues above answer the question. In fact bishops and priests continue to obey him, laymen obey him, many still attend his audiences; Protestants, Jews, Muslims honour him. Jesuits love him, Chinese underground Catholics obey him. Orthodox, SSPX and Anglicans want to be united with him.
     There is still much confusion that the 'Catholic question' remains unanswered. So let us ask the mother of all question, the answer of which will shows us what our reaction must be for the eternal salvation of our souls. The mother of all question is;  'Is Pope Francis Catholic.'
     As we have shown, we have applied the four visible signs of true Catholicism found in the Nicene Creed and the 15 Marks of the true Church by St. Bellarmine, this being the only way one can prove one's Catholicity and Pope Francis and most of his FrancisBishops do not have any of these signs.
     So we applied the four virtues. If they do not have the first sign, perfect repentance; it means they cannot have the next three spiritual virtues. And by abolishing capital punishment from the catechism, Pope Francis abolished the last opportunity for a criminal to repent and save his soul. Pope Francis assured all criminals of going to hell due to their inability to repent. 
     Because he does not know this aspect of repentance for criminals, he, himself, have not repented. Therefore, he surely does not have Faith, Hope and Charity. Not having the three theological virtues, he surely cannot be a Catholic. 

8. To make matter worse.
     In a December 17 news, Pope Francis  abolished and changed the teaching of Christ on capital punishment as confirmed by St. Paul and written in the catechism of the Catholic Church. By doing so, Pope Francis deprived the criminal of the last act of merciful grace that will make him repent. Without his last opportunity for repentance he will surely go to hell. Pope Francis is depriving all criminals this last act of grace essential to repentance, due to his ignorance on what is the life of repentance. Without this the criminal will never reach Faith, thus cannot be saved.
     Also, he accused the past Popes as unmerciful and inhuman. Pope Francis suddenly placed himself as the fulfilment of the description of St. John in his letter as the one ' who came from us but was not one of us.' Pope Francis is a man whose teachings are not of the Catholic Church but he came from the institutional Church. St. John calls him the anti-Christ. 
9. What must be our reaction to the answer to the mother of all questions? 
     Leave the institutional Church in mind and heart. Enter the true Church in spirit and in truth.  Have nothing to do with the institutional church. The message to China, orthodox, SSPX, Anglicans. and all so-called Catholics;  for the sake of your souls leave, because the institutional church  is no longer Catholic. Look at the changes in the catechism  and in the Mass and in the commands, at the liturgy made by Pope Francis who refuses to genuflect before the blessed Sacrament. As Pope Benedict suggested 'abandon ship because the ship is sinking. 
     Transfer to the ship  in Tiberias, where the 153 fishes that made up the Church is contained. And where Christ is waiting with a feast. 

Monday, December 17, 2018


1. The impossibility of discussing sensibly.
     Today, it is impossible to discuss anything.  Because everybody is ignorant.  People do not know what they are talking about. How do you answer a person who do not know what he is asking. And there are many reasons for this. 
     First; most people do not really want to know the truth.
     Second; they just want to insist on what they want.
     Third; no one defines the words  he is using. What is said can mean anything. 
     Fourth; there is no accepted, common basis for the truth. Who is telling the truth, man, the politicians, ....or is it God. 

2. Two bases for discussion.
    To simplify matters we will based our discussion just on two bases. First, we will consider God as the only one is telling the truth. And secondly, we will define our terms based on Aristotelian philosophy and traditional Catholic theology. Everything outside these two is unacceptable in this discussion.  We are after the truth that will save our souls. That is our only goal; nothing else. 

3. Philippine President Duterte and the Catholic bishops conference are in contention; with the bishops conference declaring that the President is wrong. Many have taken sides. Most international groups, most Philippine politicians, most newsmen, and most of the laymen are on the side of the bishops condemning the President for extrajudicial killing. But nobody had ever proven who is morally right or wrong. 
    All arguments presented so far are purely emotional, like pictures of dead suspects embraced by relatives or people weeping or demonstrating for some dead suspects. But who is right and who is wrong? Even mass media have taken the emotional side since it is good front page pictures. But God's ways are not man's way. Isn't it possible that the President, though being demonized, is in the right. And that the men of the cloth expected to be angels are the fallen ones? 

4. Aristotelian Philosophy and Catholic Theology seems to prove that President Duterte is following  sound Catholic teachings. And the bishops conference and their followers are going against Catholic teachings. 
    This is similar to when Pope Francis and a Catholic Filipino official of the bishop's conference said there is no hell; isn't it clear that the god of Pope Francis and the Filipino bishop is more stupid than the God of Duterte who believes in hell? Let us go no further and return to extrajudicial killings. As stated, the total ignorance of people today makes them wrongly define everything. 
     As used by the bishops conference, extrajudicial is neither judicial nor extra. Let us present the general outline then go to the details.

5. General Outline.
     Man is made up of body and soul. The body is physical and the soul is spiritual. Everybody can perceive and understand everything that is in the physical level. They can have an inkling of the activities of the soul but that is all there is that they can grasp.
     The activities of the soul can only be discerned by men of Faith, i.e. true Catholics possessed of the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.
      The goal of all men is happiness here on earth and in the next life in heaven. To attain these, man must act according to what will make him attain these goals. 

6. The attainment of happiness here on earth.
     To be happy here on earth the attainment of the moral virtues are necessary; these are prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. These moral virtues are necessary for the attainment of some natural happiness. 
     To be happy in heaven one must possess the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. 
      All human acts must conform to the moral virtues to attain natural happiness. And all human acts must be from Faith, Hope and Charity. A disobedience to any of the above is the reason for all the miseries of these world. 
     We are, now, asking the question; what will bring happiness, both natural and eternal to men, the solution of President Duterte or the solution of the Catholic bishops? Using the principles of Aristotelian philosophy for the natural sphere and the Catholic theology of St. Thomas of Aquinas for the supernatural sphere, it appears that President Duterte is acting in accordance to Catholic doctrine, while the Catholic bishops and their followers are going against Catholic teachings. 

7. The concept of Justice.
     To attain human happiness here on earth, all acts must be in accordance to the moral virtues, says the philosopher. Let us concentrate on Justice. Justice is the moral virtue in which man must render to all their due. He must render to himself what is due to his body, he must render to himself what is due his soul. And he must render to other what is due to their bodies and due to their souls.  All men must begin by rendering what is due to the body before he can render anything for the soul. 
     First, man must render to his own body what is due to his own body. And that is life, health, well being, food, drink, companionship, good environment, sunlight, fresh air, .....etc.
     A drug addict denies himself of what is due to his body. He destroys his body. He is unjust to his body. He is guilty of an injustice to himself. 
     Justice, also, demands that he be punished for his injustice to himself. Nature punishes him; he becomes sick, depress, neurotic. He is miserable as he is placed in a rehab where he suffers without merit. 
    As noticed above, the drug addict sins against himself in the natural level and deserves to be punish in the natural level for the violation of Justice. 
     But the drug addict always destroys his soul by violating the command of God by his injustice to himself. His punishment is that he cannot have the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. Thus, he cannot go to heaven. This is aggravated if he influences others to take drugs; in which case he destroys, not only himself, but others also.
     So the drug addict destroys his body and his soul. And by tempting others, may destroy other's body and soul. So he stands a double condemnation; one for his sins against his own body and soul. Another, for the sin of scandal in destroying the body and soul of another person. 
    As the drug addict go deeper into his addiction, he will continue to sin against justice against his own body and his own soul and against the souls of others he might influence.  Everyday he is programmed to go deeper and deeper into the fires of hell.

8. Guilty of sin by being accomplishes.
     It is a principle in moral theology that all those who help accomplish the sin of drug addiction is equally guilty of the same crime. These are the parents, those who do not stop his actions against justice, drug lords, companions who encourages him, those who supply him with drugs, movies and other mass media that entices him to use drugs.......and the Catholic bishops conference of the Philippines who criticises those who try to stop the epidemic. 

9. The acts of God. 
     How does God act in such a situation? When a drug addict takes drug, God informs him of his wrong doing and chastises him for his drug addiction with many sicknesses and inconveniences. If the drug addict also destroys his own soul by continuously taking drugs then God will punish him by sending him to hell. If the drug addict influences others to destroy their bodies, too, then God will punish the drug addict more severely. If the frug addict destroys the soul of other people, then God will sent him deeper into hell. 
     All those who in some way encouraged the drug addict to continue going against the moral virtue of justice by continuing in destroying his own body or worse, also, his soul. And  those who tolerate drug addicts to contaminate others in body and soul, like the Catholic bishops conference will, also, go to the depths of hell.

10. The Goodness of God.
     St. Augustine writes that God, in His Divine Goodness acts in this way; if He sees that a soul is going to sin more and more, and if that person has no hope of repentance, then out of mercy, He takes his life so that he does not go deeper into hell fire.
     St. Augustine gives the death of a child as an example. Children die early because God sees that they will just commit serious sins in the future and not repent thus they may go to the hottest part of God will their early death. 
     This is, also, the reasoning behind God giving heads of states the power of the sword, i.e. capital punishment. So that through the state, God may end the life of a criminal before he commits more serious sins and deserve greater punishment in hell. 
11. The Act of President Duterte.
      Notice that the actions of President Duterte is akin to God' s action. He is acting in accordance to the Will of God. He said; 'if you destroy my people I will destroy you. What did God say? 'if you destroy your body and soul, and destroy the body and soul of your neighbour, I will send you to the deepest part of hell. President Duterte threatened to kill their bodies but he cannot kill the soul. God threatened to kill both. The Old Testament is filled with stories of God destroying both.
      Nobody can kill anybody without the permission of God. It is God who wills the end of a life. Christ died because it was His Will and the will of the Father. Judas was just the instrument in the fulfilment of God's Will (but that is another story we can discuss later.)
      So the objective act of preventing a drug addict to sin against justice by abusing his own body and destroying his soul. and worse, to destroy other bodies and other souls, is essentially a good act. Would you rather a drug addict goes to the coolest part of hell or to the hottest part of hell? But there is a better choice than the above. 
Stop doing an injustice against your body and soul; and stop doing an injustice by destroying the bodies and souls of others. 

12. But, really, we do not have to send anyone to hell, even in the coolest part of it.  We do not have to kill anyone to help him avoid the hottest part of hell.....because there is a very easy Catholic solution for this which we have mentioned in past posts. What? Instruct all men to attain the moral virtues of Justice, prudence, fortitude and temperance. These are just natural, human, philosophical virtues available to all and the source of human happiness.   Then teach them how to receive the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. With these, the whole world can be happy here in the world and in heaven for all eternity. In short, teach all how to enter the Catholic Church. 

13. The sins of the Catholic bishop's conference.
    Here is the real problem, the Catholic bishops. They cannot teach the Catholic moral virtues because they, themselves, do not have them, proven by the hot headlines now in the US. Worse, they do not have the theological virtues, proven by the fact that they do not have the four visible signs of the true Church described in the Nicene Creed; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. In other words, they cannot prove that they are Catholics. 
     Not being Catholics, they do not know the Catholic solution. Not knowing the Catholic solution, they end up just criticising the President just to get to the headlines. 
    They are prolonging the misery and sin of the drug addict and helping spreading the epidemic. They are allowing the drug addicts to commit more sin and burn deeper in hell. 
      They are treating the drug problem the way they are handling the big scandals now in the Catholic covering up, by tolerating it, by promoting the guilty and encouraging the drug culture even in the offices of the Congregation of the Faith, where cardinals, bishops and priest were caught by the Italian  police engage in drug and sex. They are treating the drug problem the same way they are treating the problem of homosexuality in the seminary and amongst themselves; just by tolerating it.  

14. Duterte was right.
     Following the principles of Aristotelian philosophy and Catholic theology, especially based on St. Thomas of Aquinas, President Duterte is in the right direction with regard to handling the drug problem. He is handling it with the moral virtue of Justice and with more Charity. It is the only solution he knows, God knows that. 
     The better Catholic solution is as easy as cooking Pizza pie. But those who are supposed to know this solution, the Catholic Bishops, do not know it. 

Friday, December 14, 2018


 1. The Liturgy.
     The Liturgy, before Christ the King and leading to Christmas, describes the parables on the 'Kingdom of God.' These parables are describing how the Catholic Church will look like as we approach General Judgment Day. 
     The Catholic  Church will still look exactly as it was from the beginning but the Liturgy will emphasise some of its elements. The Church will look like a grown up mature young girl ready for her wedding with the Bride, Jesus Christ. She is exactly the same girl looking as when she was young but now mature and grown up. 
     The naive will think that she is a different girl. But no. She is the same girl. 

2. Some parables.
    In the some previous Gospels, the Church was described as a Samaritan Women, a widow with hemorrage, a widow before an unjust judge. Lately, she had been described as the Immaculate Conception. 
     The Immaculate Conception, of course, is the Blessed Virgin Mary. But she is the personification of the Catholic Church. The Church, though not immaculately conceived, must be immaculate before she dies. And every true Catholic must be like this; sinless before they die by undergoing a perfect life of repentance. 
     The perfect life of repentance and its consequent gift of Faith is the first step that a soul takes to enter the Catholic Church. That is why all Christians entered the monastic life at the beginning of Christianity in order to repent perfectly thus receiving the supernatural gift of Faith that forgave all their past sins and bring them into the Catholic Church. 
     In the beginning of the Catholic Church, whenever people would ask 'where is the Catholic Church?' people would point to monastic communities. This  is the primary reason why there are monasteries. It is a place for the attainment of perfect repentance  that enabled souls to receive the theological virtue of Faith thus entering the Catholic Church.,
     But before a soul can enter the Church, the soul must know two things. This was aptly described by Hilaire Belloc. He said; the soul must know how the house look like and the address of the house. How the house look had been described by the four visible signs of the Church enumerated by the Nicene Creed which is recited during Mass. The address of the house is described by the parables on the 'Kingdom of God.' Then Hilaire Belloc sadly wrote that today Catholics had forgotten both the house and the address. Both Pope Francis and bishops' conferences of all nations have forgotten both. Proof. Well, ask them. And like the dubia, after 800 days, you will get no answer from both Pope Francis and the bishop's conference. And you can wait till the end of the world and get no answer, or worse, get a wrong answer. 

3. Wrong homilies on the Immaculate Conception.
    All homilies during the Feast of the Immaculate Conception where about the dogma and how worthy the Blessed Virgin Mary is. That is right. But the Immaculate Conception is being  celebrated in the context of the Liturgy. And the message is completely different. It should be a description of the Catholic Church as personified by Mary  and a description of the soul that are in her; they must be sinless. Not necessarily sinless during their conception but sinless when they are about to die. 
      The Feast of the Immaculate Conception teaches us that the members of the Catholic Church must have all their past sins forgiven, they must have Faith like Mary and have the beginnings of Charity like Mary. We can only be like Mary on the last two, not on the first. 

4. The Immaculate Conception is followed by the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This Feast tells us where the Church is to be found. The Book of Revelation is clear. A great sign appeared in the sky. A Woman clothed with the sun. The Woman is known to St. John while in Patmos because he took care of her after the crucifixion of Christ. She is Mary the Mother of Christ; but she appeared as a representation of the Catholic Church. At first, she was in 'the world.' But at the time of the great sign God appeared to her and gave her two giant wings to make her fly away from the world into the desert in a special place God prepared for her. There in the desert she stayed with her children.
     The Liturgical message of the Feast of Our Lady of  Guadalupe is that the Church had left the world and had flown into the desert and is there with her children, the member of the Church. 
     Notice that the readings is not about Mary in Tepeyac with Juan Diego and the tilma. It is about the Woman in the world that flew into the desert to a place prepared by God that will make her safe against the extraordinary powers of the devil. 
     In fact, it narrates about the devil poured water into the desert to drown the Woman but God opened the earth to drain the water. There is no such incident in Tepeyac, Mexico. The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is presenting an eschatological scenario of what is happening today; not what happened in the 15th century. So the homily of Pope Francis is completely out of context. 

5. So where is the Catholic Church?
     St. John Chrysostom wrote that the Catholic Church is in the desert as Christians believed at the very beginning of Christianity that the place to enter the Catholic Church is by living as monastics according to the primitive rule of monasticism. The Catholic Church grew in the desert in the form of monasticism in its primitive observance. The Church is the souls of those monastics  having lived the life of perfect repentance and, therefore, whose souls are identical to the immaculate soul of Mary. They have grown up into the perfection of Faith like Mary. And are showing the beginnings of Charity by caring for her children by bringing forth Christ in their souls, unburdened by worldly concerns. 
     It is a way of life that can be lived anywhere, even in the privacy of one's private room. But the best ambiance is the monastic life in its primitive observance, like the monasticism of St. John Climacus and St. John Cassian. 

6. The previous Masses.
     The previous Masses showed the visible and spiritual signs of the Kingdom of God. In the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Holy Mother the Church showed where she can be found and entered into. 
     There you have the house number and the street where the Church can be found. With compliments from the Liturgy of the Mass. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


 1. Recognising the Catholic.
     The Liturgy surrounding Christ the King and approaching Advent, deal with the kingdom of God, i.e. the Catholic Church. Who shall enter the kingdom of God? Who will enter the Catholic Church? Christ answered; 'not all who say, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of God. Christ excludes those who render lip service. Those worthy to enter the Catholic Church must enter using their minds and free will, comments St. Thomas of Aquinas.

2. Formerly a Catholic nation.
    Like Ireland, Spain and the whole of Europe, the Philippines used to be Catholic.  80 years ago, it was a source of pride to know that the Philippines was the only Catholic nation in the Far East. But then, during those times, we did not know how to check if a religion or a person is  Catholic. When the institutional Church in the Philippines ceased to be Catholic, will never be known.

3. It is easy to recognise the Church of Christ.  
     Christ clearly said that to be saved one must enter His Church. So He made it easy to detect His Church by giving it four visible signs. These signs are visible so all men can see it. They are One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. People who are outside the Church can easily see these signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed. 
    St. Robert Bellarmine expanded these four visible signs into 15 Marks for easy application. He is a Doctor of the Church,  a saint and a Jesuit. Which makes us wonder how come the Jesuits do not know these signs or, worse, most of them do not have these signs especially Pope Francis, the Jesuit. 

4. These four visible signs is the only way all men, outside the Church, can know the true Church of Christ, the Catholic  Church
     In previous posts, we have proven that the present church in the Vatican with Pope Francis and most bishops and their diocese,  and priest and their parishes, do not have these four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed. Most parishes and diocese do not have these signs either though they continue to erroneously claim that they are Catholics, out of willful ignorance. St.Thomas of Aquinas states that willful ignorance is a very serious mortal sin.
      In this post we will not use the visible signs to show that the Philippines is not longer a Catholic nation. We will use the parables before and after the Feast of Christ the King.  

5.The Parable  signs of the kingdom of God, the Catholic Church.
     The Catholic Church had been described by Christ in the parables as 'the kingdom of God.'      
     The Catholic Church has, also, many spiritual signs that are not available to ordinary men. These signs are, only, for those who are already inside the Church; by these man can know that they are already inside the Church. They are described in the form of parables. The Jews, during Christ's time misunderstood the literal meaning of the parable and completely missed the mystical meaning of the parable that showed the spiritual signs. The same thing is happening today. Man do not understand the literal meaning of the parable and the more difficult mystical meaning of the parables on the Kingdom of God.
     The parables show the mystical signs of the true Church of Christ; which neither the Vatican nor the CBCP have. Another spiritual signs of the true Church are the presence of the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity; which neither the Vatican nor the CBCP have. 
6. A partial visible sign and partial supernatural sign of the true Church  is  described in the Gospel of Thursday of the Advent weekday.
     The Catholic Church, alone, have proofs that it is a supernatural religion and the true religion established by Christ. No other religions or sect have visible or spiritual proofs that they are the true religion. They only have human explanations. 

    Since there are visible signs to see which is the true religion established by Christ, therefore, any one can check if a church or any person is Catholic or not; as long as you know what those four visible signs mean. The visible signs are explained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. No one has any excuse in not knowing them. Let's repeat it; One, Holy, Catholic and 
Apostolic. This is the only proof of the Catholicity of a Church.  This is the only proof we have used before to prove that the Vatican church of Pope Francis and the bishops conference in the Philippines have ceased to be Catholics. 
     We shall add another sign to further prove that both the Vatican and the Philippine church are no longer Catholic. We are using one of the parables on the kingdom of God.

  7. In the Gospel for today, Christ answers the question;  who shall enter the kingdom of God, the Catholic Church?
    The sign, as in all parable, is partly visible and the greater part is spiritual.  When Christ used a parable, the Jews often got the visible meaning in a confused way. And completely missed the spiritual meaning. The same thing can happen right now.  
     A. Christ said; 'He who hears My sayings.' These are the souls who have heard with their ears or read with their eyes the commandments of Christ. And have understood and retained in their minds these commandments which Christ had enumerated in the New Testament. Christ had given mankind many commandments. More than 80 if you consult the Gospel of Matthew. The literal meaning of the command must be understood, but the mystical or spiritual meaning of the words must also be understood. While the former may be found in Scriptures, the latter is not in Scriptures. It is found in the writings of the Fathers of the Church. 
     You must have these commandments in your intellect; you must have understood its meaning literally, And you must have understood it mystically, too, 
      The former is read as part of the three readings during Mass. The latter should be explained in the homily by an enlightened preacher or a man of Faith. 

     B. And Christ adds; and 'doeth them.' The soul must have put into practice the more than 80 commands of Christ as enumerated in the Gospels. Knowledge of Christ's saying, is an Act of the Intellect. Obedience to His commands, is an Act of the free will. Thus one becomes a Catholic by an Act of the intellect and free will. These acts are spiritual and, therefore, cannot be seen. But its external expression can be seen but with difficulty. But we shall still use this Gospel to prove that the Philippines is no longer Catholic. 
     There is no way of finding out when the country ceased to be Catholic. But with the above proof we can say that today it is no longer Catholic. So Pope Francis is wrong when he described the Philippines as a great Catholic nation. 
     Pope Francis, himself, cannot prove he is Catholic. As Pope he must present his credentials as a Catholic before he can demand obedience to his office. This is his obligation as it is the obligation of every Catholic to check if he is Catholic. Because it is a serious sin to obey any man in error. 

8. The Catholic Church is liken to a wise man who built his house on rock. The rains and flood came and beat upon that house and it fell not for it was founded upon a rock. 

9. The foolish man. 
     Those who heareth these sayings of Mine and doth them not, or worse are culpable in not hearing these sayings of mine. These are likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand. The floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell; and great was the fall of it. 

10. In the past posts.
     In the past posts, we have shown that we cannot find the four visible signs of the true Church enumerated in the Nicene Creed and we cannot find the 15 Marks of the true Church enumerated by St. Robert Bellarmine both in the Vatican Church under Pope Francis and in most of the Dioceses, especially in the Catholic Church of the Philippines. Maybe we are blind.  But none of the bishops in the past and in the present have ever proved that they and their diocese have those signs exclusively used to prove the Catholicity of their Church. 
     Maybe some diocese or parish are on the way to becoming Catholic. Because this take time and a reign of one bishops is not enough to accomplish this. But as of now, no parish, no diocese and no bishop can prove that they are Catholics. Maybe they are not to blame, because even the VaticanChurch cannot prove they are Catholic. And even most bishops, diocese and parish cannot prove they are Catholics inspite of 'Lumen Gentium' which was based on the treatise of St. Robert Bellarmine, who described the Catholic Church unmistakably with the 15 Marks, an expanded version of the four visible signs from the Nicene Creed.
     Now, we just showed the VaticanChurch, most bishops and dioceses, and the bishops of the Philippines and their diocese and parishes, do not have these visible signs and the signs described in the parables of the kingdom. 
     There is no wise man in the Church as described in the Gospel. All we have are foolish men. Let's take the example of Pope Francis. He is an example of a man who knows that Christ forbade adultery. Or worse he knows Christ forbade adulterers from receiving Holy Communion. So basing it on the Gospel of Thursday of the Advent week, he is a foolish man who built his house on sand. He knows the command but did not do it. And most bishops are imitating him. 
     Of course, there are wise men in the world. But it is hard to find them because being persecuted they tend to hide. 

11. So what do we do?
     Since the preachers of the Words of God are supposed to get their teachings from the Words of Christ as found in Divine Revelation and as interpreted by the Fathers of the Church, if today, you don't hear those teachings from Pope Francis and most of the bishops especially the Filipino bishops, then set them aside and go directly to Divine Revelation and the writing of the Fathers of the Church. That is the safest things to do. Since the sources of Divine Revelation and its interpretation is still easily available in the Internet.