Saturday, May 18, 2019

ANALYSIS and SOLUTION for the Vatican Synod on the ABUSE.

 1. The Vatican Synod on the abused. 
      The just completed Vatican Synod on the abused headed by Pope Francis and attended by presidents of the Bishop's conferences around the world came up with no analysis of the problem and no solution to the problem. This was announced by Cardinal Tagle of Manila; though his speech did not really summarise the result of the meeting. 
     The published result of the meeting declared that the respective bishops will be left to solve their respective problems. 

2. Pertinent comments. 
    Obviously, the Vatican Synod ended not knowing what was the problem and what was the solution. The presidents of the bishops's conference returned home not knowing the problem and the solution. How can the Synod leave it to the bishops, who were ignorant of the problem and the solution, to solve the problem that is infesting their bishop's conferences and priesthoods? 

3. Strange as it may seem. 
    It is now well known that Pope Benedict XVI sent a note to Pope Francis through Cardinal Parolin, giving suggestions on what is the problem and what is the solution to the issues under discussion during the Synod. The note was prepared before the Synod and  sent during the Synod.  How come everybody in the Synod were ignorant of Pope Benedict's note? 
     More questions are raised. How come a Synod headed by Pope Francis with Catholic cardinals and bishops did not know the Catholic analysis and Catholic solution to the present problem in the Catholic Church?  Don't they make up the Catholic Church?
     How come, though they had received the Catholic analysis  and solution to the problem, did they reject it thus remaining totally ignorant to proper Catholic analysis and solution to the problem of the Catholic Church?
     How come, though having received the Catholic analysis and solution to the current problem  of the Catholic Church, the bishops in the synod that claim to be holding a Synod of the Catholic Church remained ignorant of the problem and solution?
     Is it because they are, in fact, not Catholics?
     Let us set aside these questions and go to the note of Pope Benedict that very well analysed the problem and gave the proper solution. 

4. This is the problem. The sexual revolution of the 1960s. 
     In his notes, Pope Benedict mentioned the external and spiritual state of affairs during the 1900 that was fertile ground for the present worrying situation in the Catholic Church. Let us look at both briefly. 
     First; the sexual revolution that spread all over the world. External to the Catholic Church, we have a world, as before, under the control of Satan. Around the 1900, Satan suddenly increased his attacks on the whole world especially on the Catholic Church. His weapon was an attack on the most vulnerable Achilles heels of the soul, From the US, came films from Hollywood followed by all it accessories. Sex was all around and it filled the minds of all men. This definitely came from the devil using the latest technology to destroy souls. 
      5. Sex is good.
     It is a creation of God and placed there for the procreation of children who will be future citizens of heaven. In that natural state, sex is good. In the context of Matrimony it is even morally good, as St. Augustine wrote in his 'The good of marriage.'
      But as Pope Benedict noticed, sex was trivialised and corrupted at the beginnings of the 1900. Sex was commercialised into a vice, i.e. a source of grievous sin. Its main exporter was Hollywood.  
     Instead of being an instrument for the creation of new citizens for the Kingdom of heaven, it became an object for pleasure, an act of lust under the label of 'Love.' With such a label, lust became acceptable in the whole world. It entered the Catholic Church under the guise of sex education. 
     It was the downfall of Catholic education. A yeast in the dough education became a source of spiritual poison.  From thence on Catholic education was education in satisfying the desires of the flesh and submission to every human desires. It was 'original sin' coming back in full into the institutional Church. 
     This sex revolution culture ruled the entire world. Man was now ruled by the flesh. There was no place in man for the spirit. 
     The children of this age grew up in this environment. every breath they took had sex in it. And all the senses of men were bombarded by sex. The victims were the men and women who would enter the future religious orders and seminaries. 

 6. Internal situation in the institutional Church and specifically in seminaries.
     The reformation aimed at during the Council of Trent were not implemented in the institutional Church. Evangelization was very poor. It was not converting souls, it was not bringing anybody inside the Catholic Church. Most Catholics did not know how to become holy and the number of saints in the Catholic Church were decreasing. This was most evident in the 18th century onwards. 
     The institutional Church in the 20th century was hardly Catholic, thus this was the state of the seminaries. Later on Pope John Paul II will voice this to the bishops conference in the Philippines when he ordered all the curricula in seminaries changed. 
     Though they approved a curriculum identical to Pope Benedict's notes to the Vatican Synod, the curriculum have remained unimplemented. Nobody seems to know how to teach the Catholic way of life. And this is in a nation that claims to be the only Catholic nation in the Far East; they do not know how to teach the way of life of the Catholic Church!
     This was further confirmed when the cardinal bishop of Manila, Tagle, summarised the results of the Vatican Synod on the Abuse. He showed that there was no Catholic analysis to the problem and no Catholic solution to the problem. 
     So, the participants of the Vatican Synod, especially the presidents of the bishop's conference, returned home with no analysis of the problem and no solution to the problem to a very serious situation that is affecting the majority of the bishops and priest of their respective conferences. 
     The state of the institutional Church today is identical to the state of the Church and seminaries at the 1960s that caused all the present scandals in the Church today. It seems it will just continue on until the next nuclear war. 

7. The institutional church and the seminaries were unprepared. 
     The men of the Church and their seminaries were unprepared for the diabolical onslaught. They were forgetful of the Evangelical advice to 'watch and pray.' Pope Benedict mentioned a defect in their Moral Theology. During the 'Year of the Priests' Pope Benedict, in fact, told all priests to return and review their Moral theology. Nobody did. They did not know what is right or wrong. 
     Specifically it was a lack of knowledge of 'Ascetical theology.' The theological training for the priesthood lacked a knowledge of spirituality, where they are supposed to learn how to overcome temptations and the different steps towards the 'Life of Perfection.'

     What happened was this. 
     The concept of sex as instrument for procreation to raise children for heaven was a supernatural concept.
     The concept of sex, merely,  for the procreation of children is a natural concept. 
      The concept of sex as a source of pleasure or for sinful acts is an unnatural concept. 
       While the concept of sex for perverse enjoyment is a perverse concept. 

       The young seminarians of the 1960 were already in the unnatural stage. Ignorance of spirituality, they could not rise up to the natural level and eventually to the supernatural state where they can observe chastity and celibacy. Because of this lack of knowledge, they descended, instead, to the perverse state. This is the scandal occurring among the US bishops and now, noticeably, around the whole world. 

8. The Catholic solution.
    Since most of the seminarians are in the unnatural state, they must rise up again to the natural state. Thus during the 1960s they should have been encouraged to leave the seminary and marry. Marriage is, precisely, to solve the problem for having an unnatural attraction towards sex. That should have made the seminarians return to the natural state by becoming natural parents. 
     But of course, that would have emptied all the seminaries. The other solution is a Catholic solution, a knowledge of acetical theology, i.e. spirituality. It is called the 'Virtue of Repentance.' This is to distinguish it from the Sacrament of Penance. 
     If taught properly, any seminarian in the unnatural state can gradually return to the natural state. Then from there, he will further perfect his virtue of repentance that will raise him to the supernatural or spiritual level of the Virtue of Faith. That will solve his problem. And this will solve the problem of the Vatican Synod on the abuse. But they did not go this way. They went nowhere.
     Thus Pope Benedict wrote, the problem is Faith. Yes, most seminarians, priest and bishops do not have the Catholic Faith. Faith? Why? Is there any other kind of Faith? 


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sunday and Monday of the 4th Easter Week. THE GOOD SHEPHERD.

 1. Christ said that He was the Good Shepherd.
     Priests and bishops are supposed to imitate Him but He, alone, is the Good  Shepherd. The Good Shepherd knows his sheep and his sheep knows his voice. 
     The sheep follows, only, his voice. The voice of a stranger the sheep will not follow. 

2. The Shepherd leads the sheep while the sheep follow Him to the sheepfold. The sheepfold is the true Church. The Shepherd and the door to the sheepfold are the same, Jesus Christ, St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote. To follow the Shepherd and enter the door of the sheepfold is to follow the commandments of Christ as enumerated in the New Testament. 
     If the voice leads souls to go against the commands of Christ, he is not the Good Shepherd. He is a thief and marauder who mean to steal, kill and destroy. And this thief is definitely not leading the sheep to the door but  entering other ways. 

3. How to recognise the voice of the Shepherd.
    One needs prior practice in listening to the voice of the Shepherd. His voice is not a sound that can be heard by the ear. It is a spiritual idea that can only be heard by the intellect, a spiritual faculty. The intellect must be trained to hear the voice of the Shepherd. 
     A soul is trained by hearing the voice of the Shepherd from the Gospels during the Mass when it is interpreted according to the Fathers of the Church. If the intellect is trained in this way and the soul hears a preacher he will easily detect wether the preacher is the voice of the Good Shepherd or not. 
     No matter how much a soul hears the Gospel, but if it is not interpreted according to the Fathers of the Church, the voice will not be clear when the Good Shepherd speaks. 

4. The mystical meaning of the scriptures is the tone of the voice.
     The voice of the Shepherd is not in the words of the Gospel but in the mystical meaning of the Gospel message. When a soul, by the grace of God, is able to get the mystical meaning of a Gospel truth, the voice of the Shepherd will speak the same identical mystical meaning. That is how a sheep recognises the voice of the Good Shepherd. 
     If a soul, due to lack of Faith, does not have the grace to understand the mystical meaning of the Words of Scriptures he will not recognise the voice of the Good Shepherd and is in danger to follow the voice of thieves and marauders. 
     On the other hand, if a soul understands the mystical meaning of the Words of Scriptures, and a thief and marauder speaks to kill or corrupt his soul, he will immediately see that it is not the voice of the Good Shepherd and, therefore, will not heed him.

5. We do not recognise the voice of the Good Shepherd in Pope Francis. 
     Most people that have been used to the past five Marian Popes are used to an identical voice, the voice of the Good Shepherd. Suddenly the voice of Pope Francis is different and they have become hesitant to obey. They are disturbed and confused finding the voice weird. They cannot make out who is speaking.
      This is even more evident to those who have studied Patrology in the seminary. The spiritual meaning of the Gospel truths which were heard in years past are no longer heard today in the Vatican. Instead, what is heard is a voice teaching the opposite. The sheep are in a quandary. Whose voice are they hearing?  

Sunday, May 12, 2019

GIVE US ANOTHER SIGN that we might believe. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY of the third week of Easter.

 1.Two kinds of people.
     The Gospels always describes two kinds of people. The unbelievers; these are usually the Jews, the Chosen People headed by the Pharisees and Sadducees. The other are the believers, Christ's disciples and apostles. 
     The Gospels are instruction on how to become believers of Christ and how to avoid becoming unbelievers. The instructions are very clear so that after one Liturgical Year any soul can know if he is a believer or not. He can know if he is going to heaven or not. 

2. The Gospels does not give the complete lessons. 
    The Gospels tells us what we must do to have everlasting life but it does not state how to do the what. In the Divine commission to evangelise Christ clearly commanded that the how and the what must be taught; what are the commandments and how to do them.

3. The defect of unbelievers.
     The unbelievers had this defect; that they could hear what are the commandments but they did not know how to obey them thus ending not even knowing what the commands are. 
     The deeper defect is this; though what the commands are are found in the Gospels, the how is not found there. It is found in the writings of the Father of the Church, commonly referred to as Tradition. And the even deeper meaning of the how is only available through Divine Revelation. It is not available while studying the Fathers of the Church. It is given, only, when God reveals the entire meaning of the Gospel to the soul. He, ordinarily, does not do this to unbelievers. 'You have seen Me and believe not.' 

4. The believers. 
    The words of the Gospel states; 'And this is the will of Him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son and believeth on Him may have everlasting life. 
    Both unbeliever and believer saw Christ. How come one did not believe but the other one believed? One was proud, the other one was humble. 

5. The proud.
    The unbeliever saw Christ but did not believe, states the Gospel. How come? Because he is proud. The proud is totally unable to believe. St. Thomas noted that unless the illness is medicated in its very roots, the illness will not disappear. It can change into another symptom but the same illness remains. The root of all sin is pride. As long as pride remains, the illness will persist. The symptom can change. It can be sexual perversion one time, and infidelity another time. But the root remains i.e. pride. Faith cannot grow in an atmosphere of pride. So the unbeliever, like the believers sees Christ. And yet the unbeliever refuses to believe because of pride; while the humble believes.

6. Humility.
     Faith is rooted in humility. It grows in the fertile soil of humility.
     Thus when the humble sees Christ, it sees an identical spirit in Christ and becomes united with Him by the work of the Father. Thus it is said that the Father who initiates the act of believing in the humble soul  draws the soul to Christ.
     The Father draws the humble soul to Christ thus giving the soul to Christ. And nothing can take away such a soul from Christ. Such a soul becomes deserving of eternal life. 
     The action of the Father in drawing a soul to a kindred humble soul which is Christ is a Divine Act that initiates the act of Faith. It is not possible in the natural level. This Divine Act is what enables a soul to believe and the lack of this Divine Act in the case of the proud is what prevents the proud from believing.

7. Asking for a sign.
    The Jews had just seen Christ multiply the loaves. And they have just learned that Christ had crossed the sea walking on the water, and yet they did not believe and asked for another sign. Unbelievers will always ask for signs but will continue not to believe because the defect is not in the lack of proofs. The defect is the pride in the heart and mind of the unbeliever, 
     The believer, on the other hand, is contented to have the proof Christ presented.....i.e. the bread of life. 

8. The Holy Eucharist.
     The Jews, not only demanded for another sign. They even demanded for a specific sign. The manna that Moses fed the Jews in the desert. Christ corrected them first by reminding them that it was not Moses who fed them but His Father in heaven, Then Christ told them that He would give them a better sign; Himself as the type of the manna from heaven. The world would have the most convincing sign of the Divinity of Christ; the Holy Eucharist, the bread from heaven. 
     Christ would be present in His Divinity in a tiny piece of bread. Can any one be powerful enough to transform himself into a piece of bread and with great humility remain imprisoned in a tabernacle with no human retinue to serve Him. Absolutely no one can do that. That is how Divine and Almighty God is. He can do it. He did it and He is there for all to see...........and for a few to believe in and attain everlasting life.

9. St. John and the act of Faith.
     St. John's Gospel describes the act of Faith thus. A man hears the words of Christ. He does not understand the meaning and the interpretation. But he shows spiritual humility by admitting he does not know what it means and what is its interpretation. With humility he awaits that God may reveal its meaning. 
    Due to his humility, God the Father draws him towards Christ, i.e. the Father teaches him more doctrines together with its deeper meaning and correct interpretation. 
    As the soul is drawn by the Father towards the Son, the will of the drawn soul cooperates with the act of drawing by becoming more humble in spirit. 
    At this point God the Father grants his graces.   He cooperates with the grace of God, and the human soul acquires Faith and believes unto everlasting life. Then the Holy Spirit teaches him all things. He would have solved the Church problems during the Vatican Synod on the Abuse. But he was not invited because he did not belong to the group. 

Monday, May 06, 2019

The THREE BOAT TRIPS - Saturday of the second week of Easter.

 1. The three eschatological boat rides at the sea of Galilee.
     The Gospel describes three boat incidents. They are types of the three states of the Church. We must know in what state of the Church we are in and react accordingly. 
     The FIRST boat ride consist of the apostles in the boat that represent the Catholic Church. Christ was with them but He was sleeping. They found themselves in the middle of a bad storm. They woke Christ up and Christ stilled the storm. 
     The SECOND boat ride is today's Gospel. Christ had just finished the miracle of the multiplication. He had, once again, climbed the hill to be away from the crowd and pray. Having waited for Christ who seemed to be delayed, the apostles proceeded to board the boat and cross the sea. A bad storm brew. They feared for their lives but saw Christ walking on top of the water. Suddenly the storm ceased and the apostles found themselves safely on the shore. 
     The THIRD boat ride finds only seven apostles on board (3rd Sunday of Easter.) The sea was calm. They were commanded by Christ to lower the net on the right side. And they caught 153 sizeable fishes which they hauled with the net to the shore where Christ was waiting with broiled fish and bread prepared. 
     These three boat rides are types of the three stages of the Church through her history. The Church, today,  seems to be in the second episode going to the third.  

2. Test of Faith.
    The three boat rides is the way God would test the Faith of the Catholic Church and shows how He helped the Church to progress. 
     In the first, Christ was physically present and this was a very assuring feeling for the apostles. But they still feared in the middle of the attacks of the storm, which is the attacks of the world as provoked by the devil. The test is permitted by God to test and at the same time perfect the Catholic Church. The fear of the apostles is harmful to the Faith. It had to be corrected and Christ did so. Having calmed the storm, the Faith of the apostles improved in preparation for the second test. 
     In the second, Christ was not physically present. The apostles knew the power of Christ. He could calm a storm even if He were absent. But their Faith was not that perfect yet. So they feared the storm. It is the same storm;  the attacks of the kingdom of Satan using the world. Their fear was the bad kind showing a defect in their Faith. So Christ appears walking on water and calmed the storm without entering the boat. The boat is suddenly found safely on shore. And the Faith of the apostles is further perfected.
     In the third, the Faith of the apostles is perfect symbolised by, only,  seven apostles present in the boat. The sea is calm showing the test for the Church is over. The fish caught were the predestined, 153.

3. The Catholic Church yesterday, today and tomorrow. 
     Yesterday:  The Catholic Church had been like the First apostolic boat trip for the last 1500 years. The Church had been lowering the fishing nets on all sides; on the left, right, front and back,  and catching all kinds of souls, good and bad. And the Church, like the net, had been in constant danger of breaking due to heresies and schisms. But Christ was in the boat encouraging the Church, though sometimes, He seems to be sleeping, because Christ knew the Church was just beginning and needed Him. 
     But the Church must grow in Faith. He must test the Church by occasionally leaving her. But spiritually He will always be just around. 

     Today; The Catholic Church had been like the second apostolic trip for the last 500 years. Christ does not seem to be in the boat. The storm is violent and many times the Church seems to be sinking. Problems in the Church are not solved and questions remain unanswered. Ecumenical councils and bishops Synod are held but solves nothing. The storm is again strong and Christ is not in the boat. But wait, He is walking on the waters but some distance  from the boat. 

     Tomorrow. The third boat ride in the Sea of Tiberias has begun overlapping with the second. This is the state of the institutional Church today. The true Church remains identical with the early Apostolic Church. Only the institutional Church changes. 
     So today's  Church would correspond to the end of the second boat ride and the beginnings of the  third boat ride inTiberias. Here are the facts from the Gospel.
     The apostles are still in the boat but there are only seven apostles instead of the twelve. This means the Catholic Church will have, not necessarily twelve holy leaders, but a leader with the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and it will coincide with a peace in the sea (the sinful world). The present papacy does not show peace in the world and in the Church and definitely does not have the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit like the 'Fear of the Lord,' seeing how he is fearlessly devastating the Church. 
     Since we are in a transition time between the second and third boat rides, the Church would still be in a violent storm and at the point of sinking, as Pope Benedict himself described it. And Christ does not seem to be in the Church to help her resolve her problems. Vatican II and latest Vatican Bishop's Synod on the abuse crisis solved nothing. They caused the greater confusion experienced today. 
     Those with Faith will see Christ walking on the waves (the world is permitted by God to be  ruled by the devil) and they will see that the crisis in the Church is part of their test of Faith; Christ being out of the Church but taking care of the Church. They would be passing this test. 
4. Coming in a short while.
     In a short while, the storm will immediately stop as narrated in the second boat trip. And the calm of the third boat trip will take over with a leader with the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit (which, obviously,  is not Pope Francis and none of his intended successor.)
     So the apostles will continue their work of bringing souls into the Catholic Church.  But as in the second boat ride, they were not fishing, so the Church was not receiving new members In fact the Church during this time will be losing millions of souls; a million and an expected 40 million in a few years. 
     By this time, Catholic Europe would be gone. South America will be urning 'born again' and the US will never turn Catholic. Asia will not become Catholic and the Philippines, the only thought to be Catholic nation will turn Protestant. The Gospel noted that the apostles were not catching anything in the second boat ride and will catch nothing at the beginning of the third boat ride, 'And they caught nothing.' 
     The Gospels, clearly,  describes a span of time when no fish will be caught, though the third boat ride described a calm sea,  a Pope with the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and the apostles fishing. 

5. "Lower your net on the right side."
     Then the apostles obeyed. Informing Christ that they have caught nothing, Christ commanded them to lower the net on the right side. And they obeyed.
      It is Christ who commands preachers when and where to preach. Preachers don't just go anywhere they like and preach. That is doing what they like and Christ does not bless such activities. Christ always decide when and where to preach and He did to St. Paul. But, of course, we don't have, anymore,  St. Pauls today. We just have charlatans. 
      This will be the true Catholic Church today, just in case, any one is looking for her. We have the boat, the Church, in a calm sea. We have a spiritual leader with the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. And he lowers the net only on the right side. And voila! The net is filled with 153 large fishes. And the net did not break; there was no division amongst them. That is the true Catholic Church today. Not necessarily just 153 souls. St. Thomas of Aquinas explained this this way. 
6. Describing the True Church.
     First; Christ instituted a Church through which souls must enter to be saved. And He knew that the devil will produce fakes Church to deceive mankind. And the devil created hundreds of thousands of churches; some pagan others Protestants. And he really got majority of the human race and a big chunk of God's people. 
     God expected this and so He described His true Church in the so-called parables on the kingdom of God. The better known description is the three boat rides in the Sea of Galilee, that is described above. 
     Secondly; Christ described His church in coded language so that unbelievers will not know; 'having ears, they will not hear. Having eyes they will not see.' So the Evangelist wrote down the riddle on the boat ride but did not write down the interpretation of the Gospels given by Christ and treasured by the first Christian Communities. Fortunately, the Fathers of the Church wrote down this interpretation and the Church had treasured this knowledge. 
     This is the reason why Catholics go to Mass; to hear the Fathers of the Church's interpretation of the Gospel which all preachers are supposed to explain under pain of mortal sin. Preachers are not supposed to give their own interpretation. That is the work of Protestants. Catholics, always, give the interpretation of the Fathers of the Church; which unfortunately Catholic preachers do not do having descended to the level of Protestants. 
     So the Catholic Church that will be brought to the feet of Christ in heaven will be the net filled with 153 large fishes that were not loaded into the boat, bypassing the institutional Church. In the previous boat side the fishes were loaded into the boat, the Church.
     This time, the Gospel noted that the net with the fishes were not loaded into the boat, the Church. Instead, the net filled with the Church was pulled to shore, heaven, bypassing the boat.  The net is the evangelical preaching of the Word that catches souls. The institutional church is the boat bypassed. The 153 fishes in the net is the True Church, destined to go to heaven.

7. The 153 large fishes.
    153 is not the number of souls that will go to heaven. There could be millions. It is the coded description on who are the true Catholics destined to go to heaven, We must be part of them.
    St. Thomas of Aquinas described them as souls who have obeyed the ten commandments of God with the help of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. The signs we are not part of that Church is that we do not know the 10 commandments and we do not know the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.
     Note that those souls have obeyed the 10 commandments of God. This is impossible without the help of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. So the two must go together. If a soul has these two together then he is described as '153'. He is one of the 153 fishes destined for heaven. Anything less excludes a soul from them.
     Note, also, that the net was not lowered in front, on the left and behind the boat......only on the right. So if we are somewhere else aside from the right side, then we won't be included in the net. How do we make sure we are on the right? That is the message of the Feast of Christ the King, the last Sunday of the Liturgical calendar. 

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

"Teacher, what must I do to have eternal life?" "I DON'T KNOW."

 1. The young rich man.
     A  man approached  Christ and asked Him. "Teacher, what must I do to have eternal life." And Christ gave a very clear answer. Today, nobody gives a clear answer. Not the Vatican, not the L'Osservatore Romano, not the apostolic exhortations, not the papal audience, not the papal trips, not the plane interviews.
     Not the Pope, not most of the cardinals, not most of the Bishops and not most of the priests. In fact, not even the Vatican Synod on clerical abuse or any synod for that matter can give clear answers. In most cases the Synods do not even know the question. 
     The questions from the 'dubia' have asked salvation related questions from the Pope.  Close to 100 days since then, there is no answer. Meanwhile, where did the souls who died within this 100 days go? 
     No answer for a very few simple questions that Catholic teen agers can easily answer. What are we up to? A dumb church? It cannot be because the true Catholic Church is imbued with knowledge, wisdom, understanding and the other gifts of the Holy Spirit. Or unless the Holy Spirit had flown away from the Mystical Body of Christ, which cannot happen because the Holy Spirit and Christ are one with the Father. Where one is, the others are. So where is the wisdom? Maybe, it has ceased to be the true Church. 

2. The recently just ended Vatican Synod on clerical abuse. 
    The Synod that was supposed to solve problems that are causing the Catholic Church to totally disintegrate, could not analyse the problem and did not offer any solution. This is clearly shown in Cardinal Tagle's speech at the end of the Synod. Though he was supposed to summarise what went on in the Synod, he seems to have made his own speech rationalising their ignorance about the entire problem with an emotional misinterpretation of an event after Easter. This is when St. Thomas demanded to see and touch the wounds of the Resurrected Christ.
     St.Thomas did not touch the wounds of Christ. But Cardinal Tagle kept on repeating that, like Thomas, we should touch the wounds of others.  
     At first glance, Cardinal Tagle's closing speech did not give an analysis of the problem. This is necessary before we can propose a solution to the problem. Secondly, he should present the Gospel solution to the problem quoting the proper teaching of Christ. He did neither, as can be seen in the videos of his address. No analysis and no solution. 
     Thirdly, if he did not present an analysis nor a solution to the problem, at least, he should have interpreted correctly the Gospel narration on St.Thomas demanding to see and touch the wounds of Christ, which he did not. Cardinal Tagle, gave a Protestant exegesis of the Gospel text. This is clearly shown in the list of people he quoted. They were not Fathers of the Church, who are the official interpreter of Sacred Scriptures. His quotes were from unknown authors, probably Protestant because of their personal, individual interpretation; or Modernist heretics because their interpretations were way out. 
     The attempt to use the Gospel text to solve and correct the Church problem was so confused because they were not related at all. The touching of the wounds of Christ has nothing to do with pedophilia or sex perversion. The Gospel narrative was an act of Faith, the church problem was an act of perversity, which an act of infidelity. They are opposites. Cardinal Tagle's attempt to use 'touching Christ' as the analysis and medication for the problem was pitiful. Good try but pitiful. 
     What is worse is that not a single bishop present raised any objection in the misinterpretation of Scriptures, none to the non-analysis of the problem and the non-solution to the problem with so much money, time, efforts all uselessly spent. Worse was that Pope Francis said nothing towards analysing or solving the problem.

3. The real problem.
     The Synod could not answer questions and even  raised up many added questions. 
     If the entire Vatican Bishop's Synod cannot answer such simple question as 'how do you deal with a Cardinal with gay tendencies,' how can they answer the more difficult question on 'what must I do to have eternal life.' The answer to the former question is just one step among  the many answers to the latter question. If the Synod does not know the answer to the first step on how to avoid sin, how can it give the answer to the four other steps necessary to attain eternal life. No way! The Vatican Synod did not know and Cardinal Tagle did not know. All their statements in writing and in You Tube show it. 
     The statement of Cardinal Tagle was going around the bush on a totally different topic in the hope that the listeners might be fooled into believing that there is a connection between sexual perversion and the perfection of the Faith of St. Thomas. There is no connection. Its was a spin to distract from the real issue and, hopefully, to please Pope Francis whose favourite errors were considered as 'touching the wounds of Christ.' 
     In the Gospel, Thomas did not touch the wounds of Christ. How did 'touching the wound' enter the picture? It was a sly maneuver to rationalise error with a Gospel narrative.

4. Who were ignorant of the problem and the solution?
     The members of the Synod showed the extent of the ignorance in the institutional church. It will make you cry because it affects all souls.
     The members of the Synod who showed ignorance starts with Pope Francis, his cardinal officials of the Synod like Cardinal Tagle, the invited theologians and cardinals and the heads of the bishops conferences around the world. That is practically the entire heads of the institutional who is supposed to teach us. Now, in such situation how can we know the way to eternal life when we cannot learn it from them because they cannot even teach us how to avoid a sin?

5. Pope Benedict's paper.
    Priest as old as me, know how to analyse this problem and what is the solution. This problem is not new in the church. It had been a problem before since the time of Sodom and Gomorrah and the church had handled it well. How come suddenly no one knows the analysis and the solution, today? I know that Pope Benedict's analysis and solution is the right one because it is identical to the analysis and solution the Church taught since the beginning of history. 
    Pope Benedict XVI wrote a paper analysing the problem and presented a solution. He had it printed in a Bavarian newspaper because no official Vatican news outlets would print it. We shall deal with his solution lengthier in another post but for the present, the solution is 'return to Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church.' Study them with 'spiritual humility,' as defined by Pope Gregory. These writings are still available everywhere and even in the Internet free of charge. The spiritual humility is not available anywhere except through contemplative prayer. 
     This is the last instrument of salvation available to all men. It is slowly disappearing from this source, and no one seems to know what is spiritual humility or even mere humility, so we must hurry to study these sources and, with spiritual humility, reach perfect Faith before the devil blocks this last source that leads to a perfect Catholic Faith.

Monday, April 29, 2019


 1. The Sri Lankan Christians killed this Easter are martyrs; therefore, they are all in heaven. A much better place than where they were. 
     It is this certainty in Catholic teaching that martyrs are surely in heaven that made early Christians desire martyrdom. The certainty that they are martyrs and, therefore, will go straight to heaven is proven by St. Thomas of Aquinas in five articles in the Summa 'On martyrdom,' and Origin's 'Exhortation to Martyrdom.' 
     The basis for their martyrdom.
     First, they were persecuted or killed out of pure hatred for the Church. Evidently, the martyrs had done nothing wrong towards their killers. They don't even know each other and have never met each other. And their killers had no valid reasonable reason for killing them except for an imagined fantasy. 
     Secondly, the martyrs were performing a 'good work' as defined by theology; either corporal or spiritual.
     Thirdly, they were persecuted or murdereded. 
     The first two qualifies them for martyrdom. The third is a further confirmation that they are truly martyrs. 

2. Further proof that they are martyrs is that their persecutors would fall under those punished by God for such heinous acts as described in the book written by Lactantius 'The persecutors of the Church,' wherewith God would punish them with a bad death here on earth and eternal damnation in hell. 
    In this book, Lactantius gave a list of all the known persecutors of the Church and how they ended their lives here on earth.

3. Lenten Season.
   The Sri Lankan martyrdom coincided with the Lenten Season ending with Easter. The circumstances are identical to what happened to Christ during Holy Week. Christ was totally innocent, but He was accused unjustly, judged unjustly and killed unjustly. But He rose on the third day, Easter Sunday. 
     The martyrs were equally treated in the same way. They were accused unjustly, judged unjustly and killed unjustly like their Lord and Master. And on Easter Sunday they arose in heaven.

4. Only God decides who will be a martyr. 
    Nobody can volunteer to be a martyr. Martyrdom is an exclusive club and membership is decided by God alone. Martyrdom forgives all past sins and is a sign of the highest degree of love thus martyrs don't even pass purgatory. They go straight to heaven. 
    All Christians know that, so many chose martyrdom as the surest way to go to heaven. But only to discover that they cannot be because they are not chosen. St. Teresa of Avila tried it when she was a young girl but was not able to go too far because she was not chosen by God. St. Francis of Assisi tried it too, and almost converted the sultan instead. No one can be a martyr unless chosen by God. Only God knows the state of the soul of men that will qualify for martyrdom. And it is God's direct Will to chose someone as a candidate for martyrdom.
     Martyrdom is not a victory of evil over good. It is the way that God fools the devil into doing evil so that a much greater good can come out of it. The greater good is the spiritual growth of the true Catholic Church.

     Christ is, of course, the first martyr. He was not martyred by the Jews. He died by the Direct Will of the Father. Thus so goes with the Sri Lankans and Nigerians. So when someone is martyred, it is because God has chosen them to die and go directly to heaven.

5. The Church grows through the blood of martyrs.
     The blood of martyrs is what makes the Church grow in a time when no one preaches the right doctrine of salvation, like now. It is the only alternative to a non existing evangelization. This means, nobody is evangelising properly today, so martyrdom is the only way in which the Church can grow. People are martyred so that the Church may spiritually grow. 

6. Non - bloody martyrs.
    Red martyrdom is reserved by God, Himself, for a few. But there is 'white martyrdom.' We have to be martyrs, i.e. witnesses, to Christ. White martyrdom is spiritual red martyrdom in accordance to the words of Christ who said; 'unless you hate your life.' They are the 'confessors' in the Church. Monastic life is 'white martyrdom.' 
     So it is fit to describe certain people as 'martyr,' i.e. white martyrs. St. John the Evangelist is both a white and red martyr. The Holy innocents are red martyrs.  Cardinal Pell had been aptly described as a white martyr. Archbishop Vigano will probably be a red martyr, courtesy of the Vatican. 

7. Summary
    So the Catholics in Sri Lanka killed by a bomb last Easter are martyrs. When they died they went straight to heaven to behold the Beatific Vision. The same goes to those Catholic in Nigeria and in many Middle East countries. They fulfill the three elements of martyrdom as described by St.Thomas of Aquinas and Origin. And their martyrdom can be reconfirmed if their persecutors die an awful death here on earth and if they are now in the depths of hell. The former can be confirmed. We can check the latter after the General Judgment.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

PERFECT FAITH and the empty tomb.

 1. Christ's last lessons.
     God the Father sent His Son to earth and commanded mankind to believe in Him. In this way they will merit everlasting life. If, like the Jews, they do not believe then they will not have everlasting life. The entire Scriptures speaks about believing in Christ or having Faith in Christ. 
     Holy Week commemorates the last days of Christ's visible presence on earth. He became man to teach mankind the way to deserve everlasting Life. He did not teach this as God because no man would understand Him. In fact, the Jews did not understand Him either as a man. How much more as a God. 
     But as a man, there was an end to His teaching career. Of course, He could not teach indefinitely. He wanted man to deserve everlasting life. He had to make it easy and simple. And by Holy Week that was it.  He was ending his instruction because He was to ascend and send the Holy Spirit. 

2. Perfect Faith. 
    To be saved man has to go through, first,  perfect repentance. Secondly, perfect Faith. And the beginnings of Charity. Repentance is humanly possible for all. Therefore, all men must go through it. Perfect Faith is not possible for all. It entails, partly, human effort and mostly the grace of God. 
     The holy women and the apostles had done the human aspect of Faith but have not perfected the Divine aspect of Faith. Christ had to help them perfect it. 
     The Gospels of the week after Easter described their one and only defect; they did not understand Christ when He said 'He will die but on the third,  He will rise from the dead. Their heard Christ say that, but ' as yet they did not understand the Scripture that Jesus had to rise from the dead.' Will He rise as a ghost or still with a human body. Will He still have the wounds or will he heal them. They did not know; and this is what made their Faith imperfect. 

     During the first week after Easter, Christ would be enlightening His disciples to understand everything in Scriptures pertaining to His humanity and divinity. Remember, His disciples believed that He had risen from the dead not because they saw the empty tomb, or heard the angels say so or hear the women said so. They believed Christ had risen from the dead because Christ helped them 'understand Scriptures.'
     They did not understand Scriptures because someone explained it to them. Christ, Himself, explained Scriptures to the disciple on the way of Emmaus and now to the apostles. But they did not get it until Christ gave them the grace to understand Scripture. The Gospel is very clear on this.
     You can, only, understand Scriptures if God reveals its meaning through grace. 

3. Sunday or Daily Mass.
    Hearing Mass is like seeking Christ in the tomb. Christ is no longer with us physically; just like on Good Friday. So we must seek Him in the tomb. The tomb is the physical  Church. We must enter it 'stooping down,' i.e. with humility. We peep inside to see the altar which represents the stone on which Christ laid. And the altar is covered with three linens representing the three linens that touched Christ; namely, the Sudarium of Oviedo, the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Manopello. Though we stare inside the Church and see the altar and the linen, like Peter and John we see nothing but an empty space. 
     The disciple to Emmaus hear Christ explain Scriptures but, still, they did not recognise the Resurrected Christ. They only recognise him, the Gospel states, at the 'breaking of the bread.' Because it was only then that Christ gave them the grace to understand the Scriptures that Christ had previously explained to them. 

      You do not understand the Word of God by studying it in books, from the bible, in seminaries, in theological schools or listening to lectures. Not even in a Papal audience. You understand the Words of God if Christ reveals it to you through grace. And this grace to understand is given to man when he reaches perfect Faith. This is very clear in the first weekday Gospels of Easter.
       The two disciples on the way to Emmaus had Faith, but it was imperfect. Christ joins them to perfect their Faith. As usual, He talks to them and explains what was taking place in Jerusalem. He even explains to them what occurred based on the entire Scriptures. But they did not recognise Him. Their Faith remains imperfect. Then Christ broke the bread. And they recognised Him in the 'Breaking of the Bread.' Then He disappears from their sight. 

4. The same with us all.
     We must begin the life of Faith with Advent and grow through Christmas until Holy Week. By Holy week our Faith should be near perfect, i.e. if we were zealous in 'seeking God.' Then spiritually, we must enter the Church, i.e. the tomb. And study what is inside that Church, i.e. the significance of the altar and the three linen used on its top, with the entire Liturgy as a backdrop. 
      Like the two disciples on the way to Emmaus, at first, that is all that we will see. Then by the goodness of Christ, He will approach us through the daily three readings through Cycle A, B and C. But we will, still, see nothing.
     Like the two disciples we will only see a man; i.e. a piece of bread on the altar. We just have to go on  seeking God. When Christ sees us deserving of perfect Faith, then we shall see the Resurrected Christ in the Host with our minds and hearts. Then He will disappear because it will be time to go and preach Him.

5. Let us review the events leading to the perfection of Faith. 
No one should preach without having reached perfect Faith. So Christ perfects the Faith of the apostles. When their Faith had been perfected, together with Thomas, then Christ commands them to preach to all nations. As St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote, Christ commanded them to preach, only, after Christ, Himself, had perfected their Faith.
     The crisis in the Church today is because those preaching, the bishops and priests, do not have perfect Faith. In most cases they do not even have Faith, as Pope Benedict XVI mentioned as the cause of all the serious problems in the Church today.