Monday, December 11, 2017

The IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, Where is the Catholic Church today.

 1. The Catholic Church is alive.
     The Catholic Church is a being that is alive. She was born like a child and slowly grew up to being a toddler. Then a young adult and eventually to a mature adult worthy to be the eternal bride of Christ in heaven. The Catholic Church is described in the Liturgy corresponding to the seven days of Creation. And her image slightly changes as she grows. She maintains her four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed. But there are slight changes which makes her unrecognisable through the centuries. Today she is totally unrecognisable. 

2. The Church in symbols.
     The Catholic Church begun as the Chosen People of God and is described in the Old Testament.  Then she grew up personified by the Holy Family. Then she grew up personified by Christ and the apostles. What interest us now is how does she look like today, the year 2017? The Liturgy describes her today as the Church on the 6th day of creation based on the Hexaemeron of St. Bonaventure.
     Pope Benedict had confirmed it that we are in the 6th day. And a study of the Christ the King-Advent Liturgy shows indeed that we are in the 6th day. 

3. The days of great evil.
     How does God prepare the Church in the days of great evil? Scripture tells us. When the Chosen people were experiencing great evils in Egypt, God brought them out of Egypt and led them to the desert. When Judas Macchabeus saw the corruption of their Roman allies, he and his brothers went to the desert. When John the Baptist was born in the midst of the unfaithful Jews, God moved him to live in the desert. When St. Benedict saw the great corruption in the City of Catholic Rome, he left it and went to a cave. 
     God's solution when the world becomes very evil is to leave it and go to the desert. Leave the devil and go to God. The devil is the prince of the world, Christ said. The desert becomes the safety refuge, not because there are no devils there because they are devils there. But it is in the desert that God makes his presence felt and the place where He instructs the faithful soul.
     Christ, on the other hand, stayed at home to show that the life in the desert can be lived at home. This is what St. John Chrysostom emphasized. 
     Today, we live in the most evil times ever and good souls are asking; 'where is the Church?' It seems to be nowhere and they are trying to answer that question. As Pope Benedict love to say; 'it is found in Scriptures just like the third secret of Fatima.' It is a unanswered question even during and after Vatican II. But the answer is found in the Liturgy of Christ the King and Advent on how to prepare for God's general judgment.....summarised in the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

4. The Gospel of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception describes the three qualities of the Catholic church on the 6th day. First,  the description of the Angel Gabriel sent from God to Mary on the sixth month, thus the beginning of the Church as personified by Joseph, Mary and Jesus.  The second description of the Catholic Church is that she is the Immaculate Conception. And the third description is that she is Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Liturgy celebrates these three images  within one week . It is partly the description of the Catholic Church on the 6th day, i.e. the way she looks on the days before the Sabbath; the way she looks today.
     The mystical meaning of her description  based on the readings of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception will be given momentarily. Nobody had ever imagined that this is how she looks today  that is why today hardly anyone can find the Catholic Church because men do not know how she ought to look like and where to find her.. 
     Note that the readings tells us we are within the First Sunday of Advent, we are celebrating the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and will immediately celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The rest of the weekday Gospels will further explain the image of the Catholic Church on the 6th day but we shall limit ourselves for the moment on these three Liturgical concepts. First, the Gospel describes the beginning of the Holy Family; 'the angel appeared to Mary, who was espoused to Joseph, to announce the Incarnation of Jesus. Secondly, that Mary, as the Catholic Church is Immaculate. And thirdly, that the Church is the great sign seen by St. John. These are the three characteristics of the Catholic Church on the 6th day, i.e. today, the year 2017.

5. The first description.
     The personification of the Catholic Church in its imperfect state  is portrayed by St. John the Baptist. It was a Church that was repenting but did not have Christ in it. The presence of Christ is important in the image of the Church. So, the first true image of the Church is the Holy Family. There we have Joseph and Mary who had lived the life of repentance perfectly and Christ was with them. Mary was without sin but she had the virtue of humility which is the fruit of repentance. So the Gospel described the Church as its beginnings in the image of Joseph, Mary and Christ still in Mary's womb. 

6. The second description.
     The second description of the Church is the Immaculate Conception. In the first description, all its members have obeyed all the commands of God as given in the Old Testament. In the second,  all its members have obeyed the commands of Christ as given in the New Testament. Note that in both, all the members of the Church know and have obeyed all the commands of God and of Christ. But they have learned those commands while in the world. The Jews and the Holy Family were in the world. The members were those who have obeyed all the commands of God and of Christ as found both in the Old and New Testament. But they have learned and obeyed them while in the world. 

7. The third description.
     The apostles learned the commands of Christ while in the world. Though they represent the Church in some degree of growing within the 6th day, the completion of the growth of the Church in the 6th day will be completed in the personification of the Church as Our Lady of Guadalupe. 
     St. John, the last apostle saw a great sign in the sky. It was a prophetic image of the Catholic Church in the future at the completion of the 6th day and prior to the beginning of the 7th day, the Sabbath, the day of rest. 
      A woman clothe with the sun, with twelve stars and the moon under her feet. It was the classical image of the Catholic Church; victorious over evil and glorious in the teachings of the twelve apostles. Nothing new up to here.
     But during these times, the people that will make up the Catholic Church will learn the commands of God in the Old Testament and the commands of Christ in the New Testament in the desert, not in the world. Thus, it states that the Woman was given by God two giant wings and she flew into the desert in a very place specially prepared by God for her.
     What is so special about this place? When the devil flooded the desert with water to drown the Church, God opened the desert and swallowed the water. The Church is now untouchable by the devil.
     Note that the Church, portrayed by the Woman left the world. The Church have left the world because it has become so evil. While in the desert evil could not touch the Church. 

8. The Woman flying to the desert.
     This is not a physical journey. It is a spiritual journey. St. John Chrysostom described this as the monastic life that includes  both community life for beginners and the hermitical life for the advanced. The Church will only exist in a thoroughly austere and perfect monastic life.
     It was an attempt to create the Church in the only place where it can exist in a time that was expected during the last universal test for mankind; when the world will be filled with evil because God had released all hell in the world. Salvation will only be within the Woman, the Church, who left the world and flew with two giant wings to the desert.

9. The first hermits.
     The first hermits where precisely preparing for this because they did not know the time. So they were a little ahead of time. The feast of Juan Diego is within these time that is why he is the image of one who is within the Church. He went to the desert to look for the Church so he became  a hermit. He entered the Church by an act of God. Then he went to evangelise by preaching the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe;  he was, in fact, describing the image of the Catholic Church. And by his hermitical life he was teaching how to enter the Church. 
     So during his time, while more than half of Europe became Protestant, million of Mexicans became Catholic. Juan Diego was a hermit who taught souls how to enter the Church by living the world and going to the desert to enter the Church.
     How did he learn such high theology? A visit to his hermitage shows there was no theology books inside? He learned it directly from God through prayer. That is how things should be done today. 
Theology is learned in the desert. It has always been. Priest who learned their theology from seminaries and schools of theology do not know their theology.

10. Ahead of their times.
     This portion of the Liturgical season is known to all Catholics. St. Benedict of Nursia knew it. So when he saw Catholic Rome so corrupt, he left it; went to the desert by becoming a hermit in a cave. Then he taught others how to enter the Catholic Church; first, go to the desert and look for her. Second, in finding her enter her by living the fulness of the monastic life. Thirdly, when this had been accomplished, then go out and evangelize others by telling them to go to the desert where they can find the Church. From there it will be easy to learn how to enter the Church and remain in it.
    How St. Benedict entered the Church through the monastic life is what Juan Diego did in Mexico. It is the way of establishing the Catholic Church in the midst of great evil. There is no other way in solving the present trouble. It is not something new. Many saints had done it thinking they were living in the 6th day. It was Pope Benedict who announced that the 6th day had begun and is ending. 
     Discernment will show that most Catholics, including priests, bishops and even Pope Francis, are not in the Catholic Church as described in the Liturgy. 

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Pope Francis aims at the JUGULAR.

 1. Beast-predators aim at the jugular. 
     Beast-predators aim at the jugular when killing their victims. It is a painful way to die because aside from all other pains, the victim suffocates to death. It is as cruel as the crucifixion because Christ, too, suffered so many physical pains but eventually died of suffocation due to spasms of body muscles. 
     The manner Christ died, though permitted by God, was diabolical. The way beast-predators kill shows their based animal nature. Humans can kill this way; it was Jewish priests who, after all, killed and crucified Christ. Humans can do it when they have  descended below their human and animal nature; when they become diabolical. We live in an age where the devils had been allowed by God to rule the world as man's final test. Man's last test consist in a chastisement where the world will be beclouded with errors and a Pope that would be a false teacher. We should expect this test because Christ warned us of this test during the Sundays approaching the Feast of Christ the King, aside from the fact that it will be impossible, for most souls, to find the Catholic Church because it will be 'within you.'

2. The gradual attack on the Church. 
     In his  first popular speech entitled 'Love without dogmas,' Pope Francis struck at the main pillars of the Catholic Faith, the theological virtues. He denied the need for Faith and Hope to attain Charity. Without the theological virtues, the Catholic Church would crumble that not even ten St. Francis of Assisi can hold it up.
     Pope Francis, then, closed the doors leading to the contemplative life with his 'Vultus Dei.' With this, religious will not be able to attain the goals of religious life, perfection, because the document dragged down all religious to remain in the natural level. Unable to rise up to the supernatural level, most religious will descend to become lesbians and homos, the natural consequence of their inability to rise up. They will naturally descend to unnatural perverted sexuality. 
     Pope Francis further helped in this descend into the realm of sexual perversion with his catechism for youth on sexuality and his continuous encouragement to the youth to live life to the full. In other words, be natural, like those tribes in the jungles of Africa.  Don't be supernatural.
     He gradually disassembled all the remaining doctrines of the Church. He encouraged Anglicans to remain Anglicans, Protestants to remain Protestants, Jews to remain Jews. Anyway the Catholic Church is moving towards being Anglican, Protestant and Jewish anyway. He considered evangelisation as a 'complete nonsense.' He considers conversion to the Catholic Church as a 'complete nonsense?' 
     He had abolished hell and judgement thus eradicating the very first step of conversion, the life of repentance, which is the very basis of the monastic life. 
      Under his papacy, the lectionary had been modified that the doctrines of the Catholic Church cannot be found in it anymore. The Liturgy of the Mass had been changed in the Benedictine school of Sant'Anselmo by a mere laymen and had completely lost it essence. It has become pure exibitionism for priests.
     The basis for morality now is each individual's opinion which is precisely the sin of Adam and Eve thus transforming the Catholic Church into a vast Garden of Eden under the control of the serpent. 

3. Pope Francis has blocked every entrance into the Church.
    There is only one entrance into the sheepfold; He who said, I am the way, and the door. Pope Francis, not knowing where the door to the Catholic Church is, have given countless different directions towards we don't know which church.  He had effectively closed all doors leading to the Church, whether he knew it or not. 
     Because he is unable to enter the Catholic Church, himself, shown by the fact that he does not have the visible marks of the Church, he has closed the doors to pagans from entering the Church by telling them that there is some goodness in paganism sufficient to bring them to heaven.
    He has closed the door  to Protestants by telling them that they should remain as Protestants thus becoming bridges towards the Catholic Church. How can they be bridges if they do not know what is on the other side of the bridge. 
     He has closed the door to homos and lesbians by proclaiming that there is goodness in them which can benefit the Church. What goodness?
     He has closed the door to sinners by telling them that there is no need for repentance because there is no hell; and that the soul of sinners simply evaporate into thin air. 
     He has closed the door to religious by telling them to remain in the natural order. He has closed the door to priests and bishops by reminding them that converting souls to Catholicism is a lot of nonsense. 
     He has closed the door to Jews because anyway they worship the same god as the Catholics. Really?
     So, first he closed the main door that leads to the Catholic Church, Faith. Then, he, once again, closed the main entrance by prohibiting a personal relationship with Christ.
      Pope Francis said that personal relationship with Christ is harmful. Now personal relationship with Christ is the first step necessary for entrance into the Catholic Church which must be followed with a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. In ecclesiology, the first is referred to as union with the physical body of the Church. The second is referred to as union with the soul of the Church.   Instead,  he encouraged men to find God in a pagan religion when he was in Myanmar. 

4. Pope Francis have gone too far.
     Men were willing to excuse his errors at the beginning, charging everything to his lack of experience and Jesuitical ignorance. But his seeming errors are beginning to look like intentional attacks on the very foundations of the Catholic Church.  They are malicious and intentional moves to destroy the Catholic Church. It was controlled demolition; but it was diabolical demolition as his papacy progressed. The news today shows a general agreement, all over the world, that Pope Francis is out to destroy the Catholic Church and as such cannot be a pope; he cannot even be a valid bishop. And everybody is eyeing the Pope Emeritus to come and rescue the Church. 
     A similar incident in the past caused the villains to assassinate the Pope. Unfortunately, the atmosphere today is ideal for such conspiracy. Assasinations has become  our daily bread. 
     Pope Francis is attacking the Church like the beast- predator. Could he be the second beast of the Apocalypse who is to attack the Church together with the great beast whom St. John in his first letter described as the anti-christ? The second beast is a member of the Catholic community and was described by John as a man who came from us but was not one of us; one who came from the Jesuits but was never a good Jesuit as Fr. Kolvenbach described Bergoglio as being better at home in a psychiatric ward than in the papal throne. Christ will personally throw to hell the second beast. We cannot change that prophecy. 

5. Sundays before the Feast of Christ the King.
    The Sunday and weekday Gospels had been describing the parables of the 'kingdom of God,' the Catholic Church. The Liturgy describes the image of the true Church, the state of the world, and the image of an unfaithful Church. Using the Gospel as basis we are told to find out whether we have entered the true Church or the unfaithful church. 
     Christ described the  unfaithful church as Jerusalem which will be destroyed by the enemies so that not one atone will be on top of another. He was describing the church with its enemies, that includes Pope Francis and his Francisbishops;  with her enemies' teeth plunged at her jugular? Fortunately, their victim is not the true Church but the unfaithful church. And that is what is happening today to the Vatican church of Pope Francis. 
     The true Church is no longer in the world. It has fled into the desert in a place specially prepared by God for their safety; which is the message of the coming feasts of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Guadalupe, the images of the true Church in her most trying time. It is not the Benedict Option. It is the Woman clothed with the Sun. There are no beast-predators there.


Monday, December 04, 2017


 1. What Christ taught and did.
     If we want to be truly Catholic we must do what Christ said and do what He did. 
     We are today faced with a serious problem. We cannot find the Catholic Church. When using the four visible signs of the Church as found in the Nicene Creed or using the equivalent marks described by the Fathers of the Church and the saints, all the more we can see that the Catholic Church is nowhere to be found. 
     Well, the whole Liturgy of the Mass, especially the Sundays and Weekdays before the Feast of Christ the King tells us that it will be really be difficult if not impossible to find the Catholic Church. Try it yourself using the only reliable signs mentioned in the catechism. 
     If you cannot find the Church, what will you do? To continue looking for it might make you take a trip all around the world. Because according to Catholic News, it is nowhere around the world. So what do we do? Christ had given us the first steps in the Apostolic Commission in a very simple formula. Start establishing the Church in your own home among your family. The parish priest should start it in his parish and the bishop should start it in his diocese.
     If I start it in my family, I will be in the right direction. The reason why the Church cannot be found,  is because no parent, no parish priest, no bishop and not even Pope Francis is evangelising. In fact, Pope Francis said that evangelising is a lot of nonsense. If so how will we save souls? See what I mean.

2. The feast of St. Andrew.
    The Gospel of the Feast of St. Andrew tells us how to begin. It is in imitation on how Christ begun and which, today,  nobody is doing. If we must do things right we must know what Christ said and what Christ did. 

3. How did Christ call His first disciples?
     This is how we should call those who are to be the first members of the Catholic Church. There must be first members before we can call others. The others must be called the way we call the first but with some variation.
     The Gospel is very clear on how the first apostles were called and we must follow this procedure. Christ is said to have called two brothers, Peter and Andrew. Then He called another set of two brothers, James on John. Note that the first disciples Christ called were brothers. They were not only brothers, evidently they were also from the same town and they were engaged in the same work. So, they were almost alike, brothers, fishermen and from around the lake. Why this?
     To make up the Catholic Church, the first members must be supernaturally of one mind and one heart. This is a supernatural process  only God can do. Only God can unite in a supernatural way a group of souls. But it will be more propitious if the members of the group are naturally of one mind and heart before they can be raised up to the supernatural order; like it would be better if they were brothers united in heart and mind in some way, neighbors and engaged in the same job which would make their thinking identical. As St.Tnomas of Aquinas would say, grace builds on nature. If the first members of the Catholic Church are naturally of one mind and one heart, it would be easier to make them supernaturally of one heart and one mind thus making them a community of Catholics.
     It would be almost impossible to try to unite in the natural sphere four people who are not related, who are engaged in jobs that are contradictory to one another and people from  four continents. It is possible but it would be very difficult. So Christ taught us to begin with the easier then go to the more difficult. And that makes a lot of sense rather than Pope Francis's almost useless attempts to unite people of opposing religions, Anglicans, Moslems, Buddhist, animist into a one world religion. 

     So Christ showed us how to evangelise; begin with two brothers, Peter and Andrew. Continue with two other brothers James and John. Continue with two sisters; continue with two of the same nationality and same job, etc, etc. St. Basil splendidly did this in his Basiliades in which the EU idea was based on in an attempt by Europe to return to its Christian roots but was hyjacked by diabolical forces of covetous millionaires. 
     The Eastern churches who follow St. Basil's rule and venerate St. Andrew come closer to the true Church of Christ  than the Vatican church who leans  more toward Martin Luther. Have you seen the latest Vatican stamp? It is Jesus Crucified, not with Mary and John but with Martin Luther and Melanchton. The Vatican church had truly become Lutheran-Protestant.  

4. If I were to build up the Church.
     If I were to build up a Community that would make up the Catholic Church, I would begin with an entire family. Continue with the relatives of that family and continue to branch out within that family. The Gospel shows that the Church can be built easier in  the context of family life, between relatives, brothers, sisters, etc. After all, if salvation is to be desired it must the salvation of one's entire family. You do not start with strangers. You start within the family.
     On the other hand, if I were the devil and would want to prevent saving an entire family I would start by distributing copies of 'Amoris Laetitia,' the destruction of the family with the practice of adultery and sacrilegious holy communion among the parents. That sacrilege would slowly sip down to the children, grand children, etc  .....compliments of Pope Francis. 

5. Where is the Church?
     The Catholic world is very conscious of the fact that the Catholic Church is nowhere to be found today. The wise suggestion had been give to just start building the Church where you are; within the family; then within the parish, then within the Diocese and finally in the whole world. There is no wiser suggestion. Christ, Himself, gave that suggestion. Where there no church, go, baptise brother and brother there, teach them My commands and how to do then. And PRESTO, you will have the Catholic Church there.
     Nobody had ever given this suggestion, yet that is the only way to solve the present crisis in the Church. The crisis is that we 
cannot find the Church in the world today.  Solution. Built it where you are. There is a popular suggestion going around. It is called the Benedict option. It is in the right direction but it is not the solution. The solution which Christ Himself gave was executed by St. Basil in organising his Basiliades. And it must follow the Gospel in this feast of St. Andrew on how Christ started the Catholic Church. He begun with His own parents Joseph and Mary; He continued with two brothers Peter and Andrew, James and John. He further continued with the Israelites with instruction not to go to the Gentiles. See what Christ is saying: Charity begins at home.    

Friday, December 01, 2017

NOT ONE STONE ON TOP OF ANOTHER.- Tuesday in 34th week in ordinary time

 1. The kingdom of God - the Catholic Church.
     The Sunday and weekdays before the feast of Christ the King speaks about the kingdom of God, which is the Catholic Church here on earth. The Gospels had been describing all facets of the Catholic Church; who are inside and outside. What are her characteristics and what will be her great defects.
     All the parables speaks about the defect of those who are supposed to run the Church, the Pope, the bishops and the priests. And Christ, Himself, described them as unfaithful servants. Whenever the parables speak about the defects of the Church, they do not speak about the Church because the true Church has no defects. The Gospels will always refer to the defects of the men of the Church.

2. The Catholic Church today.
     We have often repeated that both the Old and New Testament are prophetic books describing the history of the Church and how, eschatologically, it will be today. And the Gospels, as we approach the end of the Liturgical Year with the Feast of Christ the King is doing just that

3. The gems and gold in the Church.
     Christ had been describing the fate of the Church today just before His passion. And He is describing the physical beauty of the Jewish temple that will soon be destroyed completely that not one stone would be on another stone. That is how complete the destruction of the temple will be.  
     Christ had been saying this. In fact, He dared the Pharisees. 
'destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.' Well, He did not raise it up, even up to now. But as Christ, Himself, explained He was not referring to the physical temple in Jerusalem.
     So in the Gospel, Christ noted how the people were admiring the jewels that decorated the temple and, again, Christ repeated what was going to happen. That the temple will be destroyed that not one stone will be on top of another. Well, there are still some stones on top of one another in the remains of the temple. But, then, Christ was not referring to the physical temple. He was referring to the Catholic Church. 

4.  The gems of the Church.
     The Catholic Church has many external splendid gems; its buildings, its sacred vessels, the vestments, the hierarchy, the religious orders, its liturgy, its arts, etc.. In the Gospel, Christ alluding to the temple and its glory said that this temple will be completely destroyed. 

5. The prophecy
     Christ prophesied that the temple in Jerusalem with all its beauty will be completely destroyed so that not one stone will stand over the other. This did not happen immediately as Christ spoke. It happened many years later around 70-73 AD with Titus. So the prophecy of Christ was fulfilled many years after His own death. And it will still be eschatologically be fulfilled today. The sensible Church that shows its beauty will be completely destroyed. The hierarchy has completely lost is moral beauty. The Liturgy of the Mass has turned into a beaudaville show. Its artistic architecture is no different from a shoe box. Its heavenly chant is but the clanging of metals. 
     ST. Thomas of Aquinas wrote; the prophecy have to be taken mystically. The externals of the Church as mentioned above, like the hierarchy, will turn very ugly. But the spirit of the Church will remain beautiful and vibrant. It cannot be seen but by the Faithful. 
     But even the spiritual Church will be contaminated by heresies. While the spiritual Church is tinted with heresies, the external Church of which Pope Francis is the head will be completely toppled down in that not one stone be left upon another stone. All will be thrown down. 
     If the external Church is completely thrown down and the spiritual Church is in some degree contaminated, what do we expect to see in the Church? Almost nothing. Maybe a little which some had erroneously referred to as the Benedict option (and we shall explain this later.)

6. When shall these signs be?
     What sign will there be when these thing shall come to pass? Christ answered; 'when many will come in my name, saying, I am Christ.' Don't follow them.
     Who are those who claim that they are Christ? Anyone who says something contrary to the teachings of Christ and say that this is the teaching of Christ. They do not really say that they are  Christ. They simply teach their own personal doctrines and even heresies and claim that these are teachings of Christ when it is not. 

7. This Gospel is being fulfilled in our presence.
     First, the Church has lost its gems; its architectures, its arts, its plain chant, its Liturgy, the sound theology of the Hierarchy.  Secondly, from Pope Francis down to most of its bishops we are hearing preachings that are heretical but are claimed to be teachings of God. We are living at the time Christ had prophesied on his way to Jerusalem for His crucufixion.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


 1. The coming of the Just King.
     Many have experienced injustice in the world. Those victims of stealings, of terrorism, of scams, of lies, of false flags, of wars....etc. When will they get justice? Today, on the Feast of Christ the King. All the guilty will be punished according to what they deserve. The righteous will be vindicated. With a Divine Judge holding court, each sentence will be perfect. 

2. All men will be judged.
    All men will be judged based on God's commandments as taught in Scriptures which all men around the world can learn; either from books, preachers or the internet. No one can give the excuse that the commandments were impossible to know. 
    That day is called 'the day of the Lord.'  It will be an awesome sight because Jesus Christ will come accompanied by the angels. This will fill both the good and the bad with awesome fear. 
     All men will be divided into four parts. First; the first two  will not be judged. The second two will be judged. The latter is what is described in the Gospel which Christ will separate, one, to His right and, the other to His left. The ones in the right, the sheep, will be rewarded by going to heaven. The ones in the left , the goat, will be punished with everlasting fire.

3. Those who are already judged.
     There will be four groups. The first two are already judged so they will no longer be judged at the General last judgment. The first is already judged to go to heaven even before they die. The second is already judged to go to hell even before they die. So they will skip the Last Judgment. Christ, Himself said regarding the first, 'there is no condemnation.' To the second Christ said, 'there are already condemned.'

4. The first who are already judged to go to heaven.
     The apostles asked Christ what will they receive for having followed Him. And Christ said, 'mansions are already reserved for you in heaven.' And they were still alive when Christ promised this to them, meaning, that they were no longer in danger of going to hell because they had been judged worthy to go to heaven; except for Judas. The rest of the apostles were already judged to go to heaven so they will no longer be judged again at the Last General Judgment. In fact, they will be with Christ judging the rest of the world. 

5. Who are these?
     Who are these people who are already judged to go to heaven even before they die? These are souls who are united to Christ, like the apostles excepting Judas. Most of the saints are like these. And Christ would want us to be like this. In fact, this is why Christ invited the young rich man of the Gospel to be; but which he could not. For such kind of people Christ promised that they will rise up with Christ at His coming and join Him to judge the whole world. They will not be judged because they will be the judges. 

6. What have they done to deserve this singular gift?
     They all obeyed the command of Christ to 'go home, sell all your things, give it to the poor and come follow Me.' To be more complete, 'to go home, sell all your possessions, give it to the poor, take up your cross and come follow Me.' In short, to obey the complete teachings of the Gospel of Christ. 
     This is what Christ commanded the apostles to teach; 'teach them all My commands and how to obey them.' That is the Apostolic Commission. And all who know and obey all the commands of Christ will be judged to deserve heaven and will no longer be judged again at the General Judgment at the end of the world. 

7. Those who are already condemned.
     Just as there are souls that are already saved because even while still alive here on earth they have been judged already by God as deserving to go to heaven, there are people, also, still alive here on earth who have been judged by God as deserving to be punished in hell while still alive here on earth. The words Christ used to describe them is, 'they are already condemned.'
     How come they are already condemned? Because they have not gone home, sold all their possessions and given it to the poor; they have not taken up their cross, and they have not followed Christ. 

8. Further explanation why the first group is already saved while the second is already condemned.
     To be able to go home, sell all your things and give it to the  poor, one would need supernatural graces from God. Without this grace that comes with the theological virtue of Faith, Hope and Charity,  it will be impossible for anyone to do it. Remember one has to give up all material possessions and worldly thoughts and desires. This is the complete meaning of the command of Christ.
     When a person has received God's grace that will enable him to go to home, sell his possession and give it to the poor, the same grace is increased to enable him to take up the cross and follow Him. This is all the work of grace with the cooperation of man's will. 
       The second group have never prayed for grace or have not done anything to deserve the grace. So they will not be able to go home, sell all their possessions and give it to the poor. All the more they cannot take up their cross and follow Christ because they will find it too distasteful. 
      Instead of doing the steps just mentioned above, they will tend to do the exact opposite; which will be the reason for their condemnation.

9. The third and fourth groups.
    These two are the ones who will line up before Christ during the General Judgement. It is among them that Christ will direct some to His right and the others to His left.
     The Catholic religions is teaching that we must aim at being in the first group that will not be judged. The Popes, bishops, and priest must be in the first group and must aim that all their followers in the parish and diocesan level aim at being in the first group. Religious orders must aim at being in the first group. The rest can only hope they can accidentally fall into the first group. Of course we must all avoid being with the second group that had been condemned. 
     The third group are those who cannot go home, sell their possessions and give it to the poor.  They are deeply involved with worldly matters and with their worldly possession. But they strive to share their worldly possession with 'the least of the brethren of Christ. It is their sharing with the 'least of the brethren of Christ' that will put them at the right side of Christ and eventually salvation.
     The fourth group are those who cannot go home, etc...They are also involved with worldly possession and share them with the less fortunate. But they have not shared anything, food, clothing or shelter to the 'least of the brethren of Christ.' It is their inability to share with the 'least of the brethren of Christ that will put them at the left side of Christ and eventual condemnation. 

10. The 'least of the brethren of Christ.'
       These words are the biggest stumbling block of Pope Francis which makes his FrancisGospel totally wrong and, therefore, totally unCatholic. It is the description of 'the least of the brethren of Christ.' The work of mercy mentioned in the Gospel which is the basis for judgment, namely, to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, etc.. were not to be directed to anybody in need like strangers, paupers, lepers, sinners, etc. The recipient of the good works must be the 'least of the brethren of Christ. Who are these?
     One day, Christ was informed that His mother and brethren were outside waiting for Him. On that occasion Christ defined who is His mother and His brethren. He said; ' My mother and My brethren are those who obey My commandments.' Those in the right of Christ will go to heaven because they fed, clothe and gave shelter to people who obey the commandments of Christ. Not to those who are ignorant or disobedient to the commands of Christ. Again, 'the least of the brethren of Christ' are those who obey the commands of Christ. 
     What will make them deserving to be on the right side of Christ is not so much as that they fed, or gave drink to someone. That someone is not anybody.  That someone is someone who obeys the commandments of Christ!

11. Giving food and drink to others.
     We are obliged to give food and drink to all who are in need, even to our own enemies and enemies of the Catholic Faith. We can do good works to sinners, pagans, murderers, adulterers, fornicators, etc. Though these are good works, the recipients of these good works are not the ones that will make us worthy to be on the right side of Christ. 
     To find a true 'the least of the brethren of Christ' is near impossible; but it is possible. Anyone who who knows all the commands of Christ will easily detect 'the least of the brethren of Christ,' and thus equally and easily perform the necessary work of mercy to them. 
     But if we do not know the commands of Christ? The safe thing to do is to do good works to all in need in the hope that one of them is 'the least of the kingdom of God.' In such a case, St Paul wrote, that God, seeing your holy desire, will either sent you a person who is obedient to the commandments of Christ or, in its absence, an angel, for you to fulfil this wonderful act that will put you in the right side of Christ. 

12, Pope Francis and 'the least of the brethren of Christ.'
     Pope Francis had almost always misinterpreted every word of Scriptures and he has misinterpreted the most these words 'the least of the brethren of Christ.' Here he includes criminals, homos, lesbians, Jews, pagans, immigrants. His list contains people who are ignorant of the commands of Christ, people who are committing  sins against the commandment of Christ or even killers of people obedient to the commands of Christ. These are people that do not fall under 'the least of the brethren of Christ.' Pope  Francis is telling us to feed, give drink and shelter people and immigrants who kill the 'least of the brethren of Christ.' That should bring Pope Francis and those who follow him to the left of Christ. Guess where they are going. 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The face of the Catholic Church - Thursday, 33rd Week in Ordinary Time.

 1. The Catholic Church as the kingdom of God.  
     We have often mentioned that the Scriptures is a prophetic book informing us of the past, the present and the future. This makes the Catholic Church the only Church established by God because only God knows the past, the present and the future. God make it so, so that the Church can, always, be prepared for any eventuality. 
     The future is known in eschatology which together with the past and the present is taught by Holy Mother the Church in her Liturgy. One of the important eschatological lessons in the Liturgy is about the Kingdom of God, which is the Catholic Church.

2. The kingdom of God after Easter and Pentecost.
     After the Liturgical season of Easter and Pentecost, the Liturgy had be dealing with the 'kingdom of God.' The 'kingdom of God' is the Catholic church. Why the many Gospels about the kingdom of God? Because the very salvation of man depends on whether he is inside the Catholic Church or not. So almost the repetitious discussion on all the aspects on the kingdom of God. The most important aspect of the kingdom is first; how does it look like. Second how does the world around it look like. Thirdly, how do the ones inside look like. Fourthly, how do the ones outside look like. This vast information is more than enough for any Catholic to know if he is inside or outside; and, therefore, whether he will be saved or not. 

3. How will the Catholic Church look like today.
    Prophetically, the Catholic Church will look this way today. The Gospel of the Thursday of the 33rd week in Ordinary time states; 'Christ beheld the city, and wept over it.' The city is Jerusalem or Sion, which is mystically the Catholic Church. Christ looked at the Catholic Church today and wept over it. I, too, weep over the state of the whole Church today under the Papacy of Pope Francis and I do not see much. How much more Christ who see more? 
     That Christ wept shows the great misery the Catholic Church would be in during these days. It will be evil times because the world today does not know what will bring it peace. In the world's great love for money it has cause countless wars in the national scale and even within the family. 
     With know it, the world's pursuant of its worldly goals is leading towards a great catastrophe hidden from its eyes. 'it is hidden from thine eyes.'

4. 'Thy enemies shall cast as trench about thee and compass thee round and keep thee in on every side.
     As it i already happening, the enemies of the Catholic Church  has surrounded her, compass her around and attacking her on every side. 
     The entire secular world headed by its heads, is against the Church; starting with the US, followed by Europe. This is followed by the entire pagan world; Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Then followed by all non-Catholic religions; the Protestants. And finally by its own members; the nominal Catholics headed by Pope Francis. 

5. A Church besieged. 
     Christ weeps as He views Jerusalem because the city did not know the time of His visitation, i.e. it's judgment. It is a pitiable sight to see a person die unprepared. Jerusalem will soon be under siege and totally destroyed by the Romans as a chastisement  for having crucified their Messiah. The Jews thought they could do something like that and get away with it. Christ wept because God hastens in His judgment and chastisements. 
    While Jerusalem would be totally destroyed after a siege, the Catholic Church would undergo something similar; because both were guilty of unbelief. "When the Son of Man comes, do you think He will find Faith on the earth?" Like on Good Friday, He will not find Faith on the earth, Maybe a very small group but not enough for God to delay His punishment.
     Jerusalem under went a physical brutal siege. Prophetically, the Catholic Church will undergo a brutal spiritual siege. The Gospel states; 'the enemies shall cast a trench about thee and compass thee round and keep thee in on eve3ry side. In a siege the enemies will surround the city not allowing any food and drink to enter or go out to starve the city unto submission. 
     Today, the Catholic Church will be surrounded spiritually so that no knowledge of Divine Truth on the salvation of soul can enter inside the Church. The Church will starve due to the absence of Divine food and drink. No one will feed the Church, neither priests, neither bishops nor Pope Francis. The little who will try to teach will be suppress. The spiritual siege will totally starve the Church. 
     As of now, Pope Francis had not even mentioned the name of Jesus Christ and any of his high profile speeches, like the UN. He has not reminded the Church the commandments of Christ and in fact is telling the Church to disobey the New Testament commands. He has not explained of taught any dogmas of the Church because he himself said in one of his first speeches that dogmas are not needed. His messages are purely in the natural sphere, like global warming and immigration, and he is not very good in those topics because these topics are not learned in the seminary. He does not even remember what he learned in the seminary, how can he know something not taught in the seminary. 
     In the Catholic Church there is complete starvation in matters of dogma, morals and spirituality. Nobody knows the way to heaven. The Church had become a pitiable sight; reason for Christ to weep.

6. And Christ continues; 'and shall lay thee even with the ground, and thy children within thee.'
    Due to the great starvation, men, women and children will be lying on the ground. Due to their total lack of spiritual knowledge everyone will be worldly. St. Augustine described them as similar to pigs whose eyes are always looking down on the ground. Their eyes are not up to heaven but only on earthly things enjoyed in the ground. That describes the whole world; thinking only of worldly concerns, on things on the ground. 

7. The Church believe in walls.
     The church is like a vineyard. This similitude is often mentioned in the parables. And this vineyard, as the Psalm describes it, must have a fence to keep pigs and other animals from destroying the vineyard. And God usually punishes the unfaithful workers of the vineyard by removing the fences to allow the animals to devastate the vineyard. 
     The early Fathers described the Church as a stone building. These days, Christ warned, no one stone will be upon another stone. See the devastation that will occur and is already occurring in the Church today. To state that 'not one stone will be upon another stone' is almost saying that the Church will almost disappear from the face of the earth. 

8. Where is the Church.
    In the book of the Maccabees, Judas looked for salvation in the desert. The Chosen people were brought by God to the desert. The first Christians went to the desert. The desert had become the impregnable wall that protected the Church. 
     We must look for the Church and enter her. Our salvation depends on her. Scriptures tells us where to look for her and how she looks like. No excuse. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The BISHOPS are wrong AGAIN. Sanctuary cities.

   1. Monkeys imitate without thinking.
     And some parrots, also, imitate human sound but do not think. Man is not supposed to act like monkeys and parrots because man has a soul and spiritual faculties, the intellect and the free will. 
     Man must use his intellect before doing anything with his free will. He must make a sound judgment. Christ said; 'judge all things if they are of God.' But of course, some one contradicted Christ by asking; ' who am I to judge?' You are a man so you must judge all things! Unless you are a direct descendant of the monkey.

2. Who thinks.
     All men think unless his intellect is blinded with pride. With the sin of pride man becomes intellectually blind. He still thinks but all his reasoning lacks goodness, thus all his reasoning is wrong. The proud man cannot know what is good and what is right. He only knows what is evil and what is wrong and will necessarily chose only what is evil and what is wrong. The free will will chose only what it knows. 

3. Powerful propaganda.
     The most advertised way of life is the life in the US and in a lesser degree, life in Europe.  And all media is geared on advancing this way of life. Hollywood is in the forefront in disseminating this way of life that can, theologically, be described as original sin. And who is behind that forbidden tree? Satan. 
      There is a very powerful group of men that really rules the world; they are not the heads of states who are just the puppets of these men. In fact these men dies and are changed by other like-minded men.  Their agenda is identical with what caused the Fall of Adam and Eve; propagating original sin.  These men, however,  are not the manipulators of world events. It is Lucifer himself that is why the agenda had never changed. The heads of states change but the prime mover is always the same, Lucifer. That is why the agenda is always the same. 
      Lucifer's agenda is 'commit original sin!' In other words, 'do what you want and impose what you like on all men! Eve did what she liked and imposed it on Adam. It is called Democracy. And this is the diabolical philosophy that is being imposed by the west on the whole world; and now, with the help of the Vatican. 

4. Made in the USA
    Many things made in the USA and Europe are really better. This is the bait by which they attract the world to their way of life. Their way of life is the worship of Pleasure which is Original Sin 'par excellence.' The attraction to imitate that way of life is propagated by Hollywood through its control of Mass Media. It is the devil's most powerful instrument of devilevangelization. It is converting the whole world, including the Catholic Church. 
     Their way of life is; just do it because everybody is doing it. Don't think.  This is crowd psychology. No one thinks. Everybody just move with the crowd that is guided by a preternatural being.

5. The whole world is a big demonstration.
     The world is ruled by crowd psychology; 'just do what the whole crowd is doing.' Don't use your head. It its a huge demonstration that is going on where the crowd, unable to use individual intellectual power, do whatever they are told by their passions. No intellectual power is involved; just pure emotions. The is why you cannot talk to them. They just shout and do the slightest suggestion, not from reason, but from the devil; go and kill the Czar, go and storm the Bastille, behead the Carmelites of Compeigne, establish sanctuary cities. 
     Everybody is killing .....and lying afterwards. Kennedy was killed and what follows? Interminable lies. Scriptures has it that killing and lying are from the devil. This world wide demonstrations where people are doing what they like and forcing others to give in to what they want is the spirit of Lucifer who work on his human puppets. 

6. Catholic bishops joined the demonstration. 
     When bishops act like the rest of the world instead of acting based on logical and theological reasoning, they are joining the world in this vast world wide demonstration doing their own will and forcing others to do their own will, which is not their own will enlightened by their intellect. Their actions are the acts of a slave in obedience to a diabolical force. Their irrational stand is; because the world is doing it, we should do it. 
     When family planning was introduced in congress the main reason forwarded by the politicians is; the whole world is doing it and we are behind unless we, also, do it. Absolutely no philosophical sound reasoning for it. And no supernatural reason in favour of it. When the bishops went against family planning, they gave no Catholic reason against it and, not even a sound rational reason against it. The politicians and bishops were merely shouting at each other and demonstrating against each other. As expected the louder shouter won.
     The proposal was passed not because it was a rational proposal for the common good; neither was it defeated because it was against Catholic teaching. It passed because there were more demonstrator in favour of it. It passed because there were less demonstrator against it. No moral issues were raised because that needs intellectual reasoning which both groups did not have. It was monkeys fighting against each other. 

7. Sanctuary cities.
    The sanctuary cities in the US is the practice  making cities like Troy, after their apparent victory against the Greeks. Suddenly the Trojans went on a drinking and eating binge while allowing immigrants to enter their undefended cities in the dead of night. That is an invitation for disaster. Logically speaking, you don't do that in every day life; leaving your doors open to total strangers. How much more to violators of the law.
     Sanctuary cities are fake imitations of an early Church practice when the right of sanctuary was practiced. It was the act of a Church in shielding an apparent criminal from the law to give him a chance to defend himself properly. It was not tolerance for sin or a crime. The Catholic Church never tolerates sin; the Church believes in justly punishing sins and crime with hell. The right of sanctuary was a merely to give an apparent criminal the opportunity to defend himself justly. It was not meant to protect sinners or criminals. If there is a just judicial process, sanctuaries are not necessary because that is the purpose of sanctuaries, to avail judicial process for all. 
But the local bishop's conference had offered persons who report apparent extrajudicial executions, sanctuary protection from the law. This is against the teachings of Christ who commanded to render unto God what is God's and to render to Caesar what is Caesar.
     Who will inform the bishops that it is a extrajudicial killing when there is no judicial process done. Without previous judicial process the very act of giving  any whistleblower sanctuary is an extrajudicial process. 
       To render to Caesar what is Caesar is this; if natural justice is observed in the law then all must obey that law. Paying taxes is a just law. So Christ and the apostles paid their taxes. If the judicial process is a just law then all must pass that process. If someone feels there is an extrajudicial execution, then he must go through the just judicial process where the guilty is punished and the innocent exonerated. Evidently, the bishop's offer of sanctuary is in its very act an extrajudicial process that goes against the teachings of Christ. It is not a Catholic recommendation. It is sinful because it goes against the command of Christ, to render unto Caesar, i.e obey the just laws of the land. 
     To make matters worse, the bishops are giving the impression that their recommendation is a Catholic teaching and are encouraging disobeying the encyclical 'Mirari Vos' by encouraging the faithful laymen to follow their error. It is, again, the blind leading the blind, Christ's description of the Pharisees and some Jews. It fits well.
     Bishops and priests are suppose to save souls. Not protect whistleblowers whose allegation are not proven; and by pass just  laws. Many are not doing the first. Why waste time with the second. No good is accomplished in by passing just laws.  
      The bishops had not given any theological nor any rational reason for their recommendation. It looks like they are just imitating a US trend that is hugging the headlines and hug headlines, too. Behaving again like........?