Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Consecration of R U S S I A

1. Cardinal's 'Consecration of Russia.'
     A good Cardinal just called for the consecration of Russia by Pope Francis as requested by our Lady in Fatima. The cardinal  did this due to the many news items stating that none of the Popes had really obeyed our Lady's instruction to do so in a very specific way. But can't the consecration be done by proxy? Most disobey God's commands. Some commands are obeyed by proxy, otherwise  none of God's will would have been done. But God's Will is always done; often not by those who received the command but by proxies. And this is true. Let us take some Gospel examples. The parable of the two sons who were given the same command to till the field. 
     One son said 'yes,' I will obey but did not. And the second son said; 'no,' but obeyed later. And asked who is more pleasing?  Christ answered; 'the second.'
     Mary requested the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart in Fatima. For some very good reason not revealed to the public, the Popes did not, presumably, up to the present. 
     Ordinarily, heaven does not wait that long, and looks for a proxy or substitute. As in the above parable, the second son obeyed where the first son disobeyed. If the Popes did not do it, by this time, God must have already asked someone else to do it. 
     Let's take a second example. Jesus commanded the Jews to believe in Him within three and a half years. Note there is a deadline. They did not. Christ abandoned them and chose the Gentiles in their place. Time limit? Three years and a half. God had given our Popes more than a hundred years to consecrate Russia.  The Jews were given three years to obey or else. It had been more than a hundred years and our popes had not obeyed. Do you think God will wait longer? If I know Him, no way. He will choose a proxy. And I think He had chosen the Orthodox Christians of Russia as the proxies. The orthodox Christians of Russia did surely consecrate Russia to Mary. This is due to the Orthodox's great filial devotion to Mary where in their long and wonderful Liturgy, they consecrate themselves to Mary every time they pray to God through Mary.
     And for the conversion of Russia, the monastic practices of the orthodox is in its very essence an act of conversion. 'Kyrie eleison. Christe eleison'. (Watch the movie 'The Island'.) It's what I did as a Benedictine monk (we don't do it anymore since Vat. II).

2. Consecration.
    A person must consecrate himself to God. Joseph, Mary and Jesus did it as babes. Catholics used to do it on 'The Feast of the Presentation' where parents consecrate their babes. When these babes grow up to adulthood, they should repeat this consecration. As a Novice I did the radical consecration proposed by St. Grignon de Montfort in 'True Devotion to Mary.' This needs a thirty days preparation. They don't do this anymore. Catholics don't do many Catholic practices anymore. 

3. Individuals must consecrate themselves.
    A person cannot consecrate another person to God. Look at solemn  professions, which are personal consecrations. I consecrate myself to God in the religious life. I cannot consecrate another person to God. He has to do it himself. 
     I cannot see how an Argentine Pope can consecrate Russian Putin to Mary. I cannot see how someone in Rome can consecrate another people hundred of miles away and totally unknown and of another sect to Mary without their permission or they knowing it. If that works we might as well consecrate China and the Middle East, as well. 

4. A good preparation is needed.
    Before we make our religious professions which is an act of consecrating ourselves to God, we undergo a lengthy preparation. Those who make the radical total consecration to the Blessed Virgin by St. Grignon de Montfort have to undergo a 30 days preparation. And when we consecrate Russia we need only a day's notice?    
     When Garcia Moreno consecrated Ecuador to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the ceremony alone is longer than the consecration of a bishop or cardinal.  It was a very long process. Seminars were held on the meaning of consecration. Priest were imported to prepare the nation spiritually. Confessors were hearing confessions for months. And a grand liturgical tridium was held for the consecration (the whole process was described by Gomezjurado, a Jesuit priest.) And the consecration was made by a holy and truly Catholic president prophesied by the Blessed Virgin to whom God will give the palm of martyrdom in from of the Convent where the Blessed Virgin appeared and made the dark state of the Catholic Church today.
     Moreno was assassinated by the Americans, just like Kennedy and  Scalia; just as they plan to do to Putin and to Trump. Its all in the news. 
     The effect of the consecration was a grand spiritual renewal and socio-economic progress where a nation's all around progress was due to upholding the Catholic religion. The subsequent years after Moreno presidency was tragic both  for the Church and the nation.  
     The Vatican cannot do an iota of what Moreno did. And Mary will not accept anything less. And what Moreno did cannot be done in Russia except by the Russians themselves. Therefore, we should leave it to the Russians. As of today, they can do a better job than anybody else. 

5. Before consecrating Russia, consecrate ourselves. 
    It is ridiculous to keep on pushing the consecration of Russia when we ourselves, when our own parish, diocese and nation are not consecrated to Mary or Christ. Physician, cure thyself! Maybe the reason why the world is in a mess is not because Russia remains unconsecrated, but because we are not consecrated. Look first at the beam in your eyes before looking at the mote in the other's eye. 

     Many are consecrating themselves to Mary or to Jesus. Portugal had done it.  The Bishop of Aleppo in Syria did it also; and the Poland did it with a great demonstration. An American bishop, also, did the same. Consecration Parish by parish. Diocese by diocese. Nations by nations. 
      Consecrating foreign lands but not our own land. Consecrating other people but not our own people. Consecrating another sect but not our Catholic parish or diocese. 
     The problem is the bishops. The bishops did not join the previous Popes who attempted to do it. Most Bishops don't want to do it. A consecration of the Philippines to her Patroness, Our Lady of Guadalupe, was scheduled to be done by a joint act of the President and the Bishop's conference during a Mass. Everything was ready in the chapel of the Presidential Palace . Only the President and the Mass celebrant came'. The president still read the consecration. Except for the celebrant there were no other bishops. 

6. The Pope will consecrate Russia?
     A Pope who has not answered the questions contained in the 'dubia' that the good cardinal sent which makes us suspect that the Pope is not even Catholic; and he will consecrate Russia to the Catholic God he does not believe in, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin whom he described as saying 'I was deceived' while watching the crucifixion of her Son. 


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

6th Sunday of Easter. HOW GOD LOVES MAN.

 1. The Catholic God.
     The Catholic Church has the most credible God. The gods of pagans are clearly man-made. Even the Jesus of the Protestants is man-made. And sadly, the Blessed Virgin of a Catholic cardinal is clearly man-made.
     The Catholic God is Someone that cannot be created by man. It is beyond the capability of man even to imagine the nature of the God of Catholics. Imagine, the idea of three persons in one God; and the concept of a Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The idea of God is so beyond the capabilities of the human mind that most Catholics do not know their God. Even Pope Francis denied the existence of a Catholic God. 
     The 6th Sunday of Easter describes the Catholic God and how  God functions in saving man. 

2. How is a christian soul saved?
     By loving God and neighbor. This love is no ordinary love. Human love is merely emotional love. Christian love is Charity. It is a supernatural virtue. It is not man-made. It is God given. 
     Man can only love God and neighbor if God, first, loves man. From the love that man receives from God, man loves God and neighbor. And this is the greatness of the Catholic religion; that God first loves man even if man is the greatest sinner. And it is in God loving man that man becomes good and is able to do good to all men. 
     If God does not love man first, man is unable to be good. He will be evil, doing evil to all around him. By this theological principle we can easily explain the presence of good and evil in the world. The good are those who responds to the love of God. The evil are those who do not respond to God's love thus rendering ineffective God's love for him.
3.  The concept of a Trinitarian God.
     There  are three persons in one God; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Let us rearrange the order to conform to the functions in the salvation of man. Let us begin with the Holy Spirit, then go to God the Son and, lastly, to God the Father.
     We begin with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, as God, loves us first. The Spirit does two things when loving us. First, he teaches us the commands of Christ. And secondly, he gives us the ability to obey that command. 
     This initial act of the Holy Spirit enables us to love Christ, the second person. So, the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, loves us first (i.e. God loves us first). And this enables us to initially love Jesus, the second Person. With this initial love we have for Christ, salvation is, already,  possible. Remember,  this initial love of man for Christ, is impossible without the Holy Spirit loving us first by teaching us the commands of Christ and giving us the grace to be able to obey that command of Christ.
     Though this initial stage is enough for salvation, it can easily be lost as in the case of Judas. God loved Judas first and gave him knowledge of the commands of Christ and the supernatural power to obey that command. But he did not obey the command; he did not use the grace given him by the Spirit. Judas' inability to love God in return after being loved by God, was the reason for his damnation. We will see a little later what is the common reason why we usually are unable to love God in return. 
     God, always loves us. It is when we fail to return that love that we get into big trouble with God. 
4. The need to progress.
     Since God's initial love for us, an act of the Holy Spirit by attribution, can be lost due to a lack of response from us, this should be strengthened immediately. How is this done? We should respond to this initial Divine act in two ways; first, by learning and keeping in mind the command we have learned. And secondly, by obeying those commands immediately.
     This will increase our love for God; and God, in turn, will love us more. Our mutual love will grow in this way. 
     Note how one's knowledge and love for Christ, the second Person, increase. The Holy Spirit loves us by teaching us the commands of Christ and giving us the grace to obey them.
     If we learn those commands and obey them, we grow in our knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. And as we grow in knowledge and love for Christ, the Holy Spirit continues to teach us more and more commands of Christ and gives us more and more graces to obey those commands. 
     And as we respond to these actions of the Holy Spirit, our knowledge and love of Christ increase. And as we increase in our knowledge and love for Christ, we begin to know and love God the Father.

5. And then......
     Look at the sequence. 
    'He who obeys the commandments he has from Me is the man who loves Me. He who loves Me will be loved by my Father. I, too, will love Him and reveal Myself to him.'
    We, first, showed how the Blessed Trinity functions. First, the Spirit loves us, This enables us to know and love Christ. Second, the Spirit further enables us to know and obey more commands of Christ. This enables us to know and love Christ more and more. And the more we know and love Christ, we begin to know the Father who is in Christ. As we come to know and obey Christ which enables us to know and love the Father, we are more and more loved by Christ and the Father. And finally, we shall know that Jesus is in the Father, we in Christ and Christ in us........this is the doctrine of the Mystical Body of Christ. 
     We have here the doctrine of the Blessed Trinity and the doctrine of the Mystical Body in one Gospel.

6. Who are excluded in knowing the Blessed Trinity and excluded from the Church?
     Christ said that certain people, 'the world', cannot accept this since it neither sees Him nor recognizes Him. How come it neither sees him nor recognizes him? Because they do not know and do not obey the commands of Christ. This prevents them from knowing Christ and the Father. 
     Not knowing Christ and the Father, Christ and Father cannot be in them. God, not being in them, they are not the Church.

7. What prevents 'the world' from seeing and recognizing Christ?
     Because they are 'worldly.' What does that mean? Their minds and hearts are indulged in the things of the world; in their jobs, in earning money in buying and selling, etc. They are indulging in purely human, and emotional relationships; husband with wives, parents with children, friends with friends. Their relationships is not based on Charity (the supernatural theological virtue.) In short, the worldly are those who do not observe the spirit of the poverty, chastity and obedience. Just the spirit; not necessarily the vows.
     Because the Holy Spirit is a spirit, if we are engaged in worldly or unspiritual activities, we become completely unable to respond properly to the workings of the Holy Spirit; we are unable to know the commands of Christ and we are unable to obey Christ's commands. Thus, we are unable to love God in return for His love for us.  
     St. Thomas wrote that one who loves in an emotional or mere human way will be prevented from  loving' God in return for His love because the natural conflicts with the spirit. 

8. Now let us see if Pope Francis and the Vatican church worship the true God and is part of  the Church that worships the  true God. 
     Pope Francis had already said that he does not believe in the Catholic God. He often omits mentioning the name of Christ as in the UN. He often bows to Jews, abortionist, pagans, queens, gays, statue of Martin Luther and the 'daughter of Satan' but sits down in front of the Blessed Sacrament exposed  
     His concerns are purely 'worldly'; global warming, immigrants, gays, capitalism, communism, one world pagan religion, jobs for the young, adultery for married people and grants private audiences to those with fat checks. Up to now he had not discussed any supernatural topic. His sources of happiness does not include any supernatural or spiritual source.
     Pope Francis' total concentration on mundane affairs makes him incapable of knowing and obeying the commands of Christ as given to him by the Spirit as an act of love for him. He, himself, said that obedience to these commands is 'cowardice.' He discourages his listeners to obey the commands of Christ.
     In the Gospel of the 6th Sunday of Easter, it is clear that God loves us unconditionally. But we must return that love by knowing and obeying His commands. By responding to God's love, we are rewarded in that we are united to the Blessed Trinity here on earth by becoming part of His Church.....and, also, in heaven.
      If we do not respond then we are damned for not responding. This is the great sin against religion.  

9. On October 29, 2015.
    On October 29, Pope Francis said; 'God can only love and not condemn and that love is His weakness and our victory.' He continued; 'we are so closely bound to God's love that nothing can sever us from it. God is all powerful....except  He cannot sever Himself from us. It is impossible for God to not love us....He is not condemning because He loves us.'
    These words are music to the ears but it goes completely against the Gospel for today. True, God loves us but He can hate us as 'God hate Esau.' 'God hates the proud.' God can, also condemn us that is why there is a hell. That was not a decoration. And God's love is not His weakness. He has no weakness. Nothing can sever us from the love of God? Christ just said, 'the world' can sever us from God. It is true that it is impossible for God not to love us; but it is possible for us not to love God.
     The style of Pope Francis is that he mixes truth with error so most Catholics cannot separate one from the other. This is most insidious. It is Satan's most common way of speaking. Satan attracts us with a portion of the truth and destroys us with the hidden errors. 
     Pope Francis is a figure of the priesthood and of the entire church. Is this the true Church Christ established on the apostles and the Fathers of the Church?
     By concentrating on worldly concerns and by labeling obedience to the commands of God as 'cowardice,' Pope Francis has prevented all men from responding to God's love for them; thus preventing them from knowing Christ and seeing the Father in Christ. He is preventing from entering the true Church and from going to heaven. 

Friday, May 19, 2017


 1.  How a seminarian becomes gay.
      There is the wrong notion that gays are born gays or that it is part of their genetic make up that some are gay. No. All are born either natural men or women. To be gay is just like committing the sin of adultery and murder. They are all sin and like all sin, we can avoid them or commit them or even indulge in them. 
     All sins have a beginning. It can grow deep roots and mature into a strong immovable tree.  Or  its growth can be arrested from the very beginning or even chopped down when it is mature. 
     Why is there so many gay bishops, cardinals and priests? The Church was, in fact, filled with gays during the time of St. Peter Damian. And note this. It was St. Peter Damian who was assigned by the Pope to extirpate that pestilence. He had the cure. And the cure for gays is identical to the cure for adulterers and murderers. 
     Why is the Church filled with gays? Let us start from the beginning; with the concept of original sin.

2. Original sin.
     All men are born naturally normal human beings. But they have original sin. The concept of original sin is that all children are innocent and guiltless; but in them are innate tendencies to be adulterous, to be murderers or to be gay. To prevent these innate tendencies from coming out into the open,  the Church has two remedies. First, an ascetical way of life that disciplines these tendencies putting them under perfect control. And secondly, the grace of God that comes with Baptism. Louis and Zelie Martin applied these two remedies; imperfectly on Leonie and perfectly on Therese. So they had a little problem with Leonie but had no problem with Therese. 
     These two remedies had been proven perfect remedies since the beginning of the history of the Church. And in places where the problem persist it is because this solution had not been used, like today. So the world is turning adulterous, murderers and gay. Aside from other sins.
3. The problem.
    First, the ascetical training before Baptism that is supposed to be done by the priest in the form of catechetical lesson is not done. And the follow up training that is supposed to be implemented by the parents and the god-parents are, also, neglected. So there is, absolutely, no ascetical training for the disciplining of the innate tendencies.
     Secondly, even if the person is baptized, the grace received at Baptism is immediately lost due to actual sins. So the two remedies, ascetical discipline and grace are gone. With no force restraining the innate tendencies of original sin, we have wild unbroken horses ready to be let loose.  
4. The beginnings of the manifestations of original sin. 
    If the two remedies were not applied, then the innate vices within original sin will be ready to come out in the open. All that is needed is a stimuli; a bad TV video showing adultery, murder and being gay and Pandora's box called original sin is opened. All the innate tendencies comes out. The child, for the slightest temptation, is ready to murder, commit adultery and become gay. 
     Let us see how a seminarian becomes gay.

5. First tendencies.
    In the case of seminarians, these tendencies, contained within original sin, comes out, first, in the form of fornication, an attraction towards the opposite sex. This is normal and God allows this coming out of this vice of fornication for the multiplication of the human race; thus man desires to marry. This desire is a vice called fornication; a desire to marry the opposite sex. 
     It is not a virtue. It is a vice that comes from original sin. The vice came out due to lack of an ascetical disciplined life and due to lost of sacramental grace received at Baptism  because of actual sin (personal sin committed after Baptism.) Young saints, like St. Therese, never desired to be married. They had controlled this innate tendency. 
     But in the seminary these two remedies are not available. It has been shown that seminarians do not have training in the ascetical life. And they do not know how to regain the life of grace lost after committing actual sin. So Pandora's box is left open and the slightest temptation that abounds in the world is enough to make the vice come out. 
     The lack of a disciplined ascetical life and the lost of Sacramental grace will be the cause of the continuous deterioration of the soul.

     At this point, the common temptations of seminarians is to look at girls (i.e. to lust after the opposite sex). They will look at girls in the choir, during Mass at Holy Communion, in billboards, in the computers, etc. While doing this the vice grows and develops into an uncontrollable monster. Though the attraction is still towards the opposite sex. 
     But there are no girls in the seminary, the tendency to lust towards the opposite sex is transferred towards the next convenient object, the same sex; since the same sex is the next available around. Following the principle that unrepentant sin always deteriorates, the normal attraction towards the opposite sex deteriorates to attraction towards the same sex. 
    Like all temptations, this tendency can, still,  be controlled and suppressed through a sound asceticism and with the help of grace. 
     But since in the seminary there is no sound ascetical life and the seminarians are not taught how to recover the graces from God, then this normal attraction to the same sex will become an abnormal perversion. This is sad because curing such spiritual illnesses is supposed to be taught in seminaries for the salvation of souls. Instead, the doctor becomes the patient. 
     Attraction towards the same sex can be a temptation. If the seminarian does not consent, then he does not become gay. If he consent for some length of time, then he becomes gay.
    Again, the cure is still the two remedies mentioned above. But since these two cures are not available in seminaries and in the Vatican church,  to cure the defect, the seminarian must be encouraged to leave the seminary and marry. This will forestall further spiritual damage and the seminarian will at least end up just being married rather than being gay. 

6. Taking root.
     Unattended cancer becomes terminal and incurable. When a seminarian becomes gay, this spiritual illness is still curable using the two steps mentioned above, but it will take a long time. Adultery and murder can be cured in a shorter time; being gay can be cured but for a very long time. It is for this reason why Pope Benedict prohibited the ordination of gays but not of married men. It is easier for the married to be holy priests than for gays due to the extend of the seriousness of the illness. It is easier to cure common cold than to cure terminal cancer of the pancreas. 

7. Too long have the church been in sin.
     Christ said that the Church is made up of cockle and wheat. There is always the true Church, the wheat. And there is always the ones who pretend they are the Church, the cockle. The cockle had always been in sin.  
     We have seen that unattended or unrepentant sin always deteriorates into the most vile vices. And many Catholics who are cockles have unrepentant sins. By not their stench is indescribable. They began with Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament, homosexuality in the time of St. Peter Damian, modernism in the time of Pius X.......and today they are organized as the Gay lobby in the Vatican. And there is no way of stopping it because nobody knows the two above mentioned remedies.

8. It gets worse.
    The attraction of seminarians towards the same sex deteriorates further into sexual attraction towards children, the popular sin among a few European cardinals and of US politicians as seen in pizza gate. We have hit the bottom.
 9. The world is going towards this direction.
     Due to ignorance of the proper medication to this spiritual illness, the whole world is going down. If the Catholic Church who has the only solution does not know what is this solution, how much ore the others. 
     If the Church does not know the solution  to the mild illness of fornication, how can it know the solution to the terminal illness of Sodom and Gomorrah.    

10. The Vatican does not know the solution to adultery so it tolerates adultery in 'Amores laetitia.' This will easily deteriorate to homosexuality.  
     Evidently the Vatican does not, also,  know the solution to the gay problem so it tolerates gays with Pope Francis welcoming them to the Vatican like long sought brothers. Even kissing their hands and walking with them holding hands in the Vatican gardens. 
     A church deep in sin is not the Church. It is cockles. We cannot be saved being part of it. We must look for the wheat and the wheat is found in the Gospel of the 6th Sunday of Easter.

11. The solution.
     The solution for the curing of spiritual illnesses is the same; the two remedies mentioned above used by St. Peter Damian. It must be applied in different dosages depending on the degree of deterioration. If it is just beginning, maybe once day will be sufficient. If it is terminal, then it must be applied every second.
     The world is destined to deteriorate more and more; for only one reason. The Catholic Church does not know the Catholic solution to the world's problems. Christ had given all the solutions to mankind in the Liturgy of the Mass, in Divine Revelations and in the Fathers of the Church. It has never been proven that these solutions are wrong. It is just that it has never been tried. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

5th Sunday of Easter. 'They were troubled in spirit.'

 1. 'Do not let your hearts be troubled.'
     St. Thomas of Aquinas describes several things that troubles the heart. First, the most common reason why hearts are troubled is because they cannot get what they want. This is common to man because this is original sin. Man wants to get all that he wants. All men are troubled when they cannot get what they want. 
     A partial solution to this problem is to be philosophical by thinking that man cannot really get everything he wants in this world. In some cases the woman we love is already married. Or the position we crave for is already filled up. So give up desiring them.
     St. Thomas wrote that this worldly desire that troubles the heart should be avoided by all means because these are sinful desires and are troubling because of its being sinful. No philosophy can make it untroubling. 
     Besides, even if we get what we want, which makes it sinful, it will still continue to trouble our hearts because of its being sinful. Getting what you want does not remove the trouble; in fact the trouble continues due to the guilty conscience  that comes with doing one's own will.
     There  are other things that trouble the soul that fall into this same category like; getting cancer, being under a socialist government, tsunamis, earthquakes, wars, lost of health, etc. St. Thomas describes these as worldly worry and state that these are sinful troubles and must not be entertained. 
2. Two troubles in hearts.
    Christ showed He was troubled in heart during the Passion. And the apostles were troubled in their hearts in the 5th Sunday Gospel. These are both troubles; Christ 's is the only valid trouble in heart, the apostle's trouble is alright but can be avoided if you know what to do. In the Gospel, the apostles did not know what to do so they were troubled. But their trouble was understandable. 
 3. The apostles were troubled because they were not sure they were going to heaven when they died. This is a healthy troubling thought. Most men do not know where they are going to go when they die. And this does not trouble them. This is a very serious sin of negligence, because we must know where we are going to go when we die. That is very important. 
     Most presume they are going to heaven or whatever place they believe in. Though they have absolutely no proof they will go there. They do not even have proofs that their religion is the right one. 

      Then Christ showed His apostles what to do to cease being troubled. In short, the apostle's trouble is the only valid trouble that is not sinful but it can easily be removed if we know how. Christ showed us how in the Gospel. 
     The real trouble is that most of us are not troubled even if we do not know where we are going to go after death. Now, that is serious and it is a sin not to be troubled. This was what was troubling the apostles so Christ told them what to do to avoid being troubled. 
     He said; 'have Faith in God. Know Me, then know the Father  Who is in Me.' To know Christ leads to knowing the Father because  he who sees Me sees the Father. If you really knew Me, you would know the Father. Whoever has seen Me has seen the Father. I am in the Father and the Father is in Me. With the above answer, Philip became more confused. Let us look at these step by step.

4. To know Christ.
     The first step is to know Christ. We know Christ when we know His commandments as found in the New Testament. The more commandments we know the more we know Christ. As we are about to know all His commandments we begin to know the Father. So when we know all the commands of Christ in the New Testament we come to know the Father, also. Except that we cannot know all the commands of Christ here on earth. We can only perfectly know all the commands of Christ in heaven where we can know, also, the Father. 
     When we learn most of the commands of Christ, that is the beginning of Faith. And as we acquire Faith, our hearts ceases to be troubled because our salvation is assured. With the beginnings of Faith, we begin to believe in Christ's promise that He has prepared a place for us in heaven. And at His second coming, He will return to pick us up and bring us to our mansions in heaven. With this our hearts ceases to be troubled. Without this Faith, we will eternally be troubled. 

5. If we are in the shoes of Pope Francis.....
    we should be troubled. First, because he does not believe in the Catholic God as he, himself said. He does not believe in the Blessed Trinity because he does not believe in Christ whose commands he had disobeyed like the command 'not to commit adultery' which he violated in 'Amores laetitia.' In fact, he cannot seem to mention the name of Christ in his speeches, everybody has noticed. 
     His further disobedience to the commands of Christ wherein he even taught not to obey the commands of Christ because it stifles the spirit, prevents him from knowing the Father. He only believes in the Holy Spirit of the Charismatics which is the spirit of the Montanist heresy. Why Pope Francis does not seem to believe in God, at all. Now, this should really trouble his spirit. But this is the sinful kind of trouble because he has no way out.
     The Gospel of the 6th Sunday of Easter, which is a continuation of the 5th Sunday will show what deeper trouble Pope Francis is in. 


 1. Our Lady of Fatima asked for the consecration of Russia to effect its conversion. To be headed by the Pope in union with all the bishops and mentioning the name Russia. 
     It seems that many writers had proven that Russia was never consecrated as directed by Our Lady.  But, today, Russia, has been converted. Let us proceed to analyze this event.

2. Why did Mary specifically asked for the conversion of Russia? Why not of the formerly Christian Europe? Why not the conversion of Italy, where the seat of the Vatican is? Why not the conversion of the Vatican?

     It is because of the role Russia was going to play in what we may call the 'brief moment of reprieve;' which is a very short moment in which God will intervene in the whole world to allow souls who are trying to repent to finish their repentance and reach Faith. The total sinful situation in the world will not lessen at all. But those who are trying to repent will have a brief moment to be able to finish their repentance. The 'brief respite' will only allow repentance. It will not improve any other aspect of the sinful state of the world.
     On Good Friday, amidst the total ruling power by which the devil ruled Jerusalem, a few souls, like Nicodemus, Longinus and Dimas were able to repent. This is a very special grace given only to a very few and for a very short time. And Our Lady of Good Success describes this. And the Catholic world had been waiting for this. This is like a big wave waited by surfers to ride on. If repentance was difficult before, it will be much easier this time due to the special individual graces God intends to give some select souls.

3. We first notice this in the head of nations God chooses to create this 'brief moment.' Remember this is meant for repentance and for nothing else. We can detect the men God will choose from their programs and platforms; it should promote repentance and nothing else. 
     Some leaders elected or running for office that have the platform for this purpose are; Vladimir Putin, Duterte, Trump. And still running for election is La Pen of France. Some leaders in England, Italy and Holland are showing these platforms conducive for repentance but it is not yet clear. The best candidate so far is Putin. He almost scored perfect in creating the best atmosphere for repentance. La Pen comes next. 

4. The consecration and conversion of Russia.
     Many believe that the consecration of Russia has not been done. And yet Russia is already converted. There is absolutely no communism in Russia and Russia is the most Christian nation in the world today putting the Vatican to shame. 
     How did that happen? Conversion cannot be done by proxy. It must be done by the people converting; it is not based on the Pope and the Bishops consecrating Russia . Conversion is the personal act of the minds and wills of the Russian people. The Russian people have a very great  devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. They could have consecrated themselves and have undergone conversion by themselves during this time. Mary did not have to wait for the Pope and the Bishops seeing how slow they are in obeying. They had all the elements to be consecrated and to be converted. 
     They were further aided by their orthodox religion whose monastic practices  concentrates in the act of repentance. It is certain that Russians consecrated and converted themselves with the help of God's grace. Thus they no longer export communism because there is nothing communist in them anymore. It is the U.S. and E. U. that is exporting their leftist ideology with the help of Pope Francis who is a known communist sympathizer due to his theology of liberation training which is a leftist movement.
     At this time Russia is in the best position to benefit from the 'brief moment of respite.' They united religion and politics with religion being the soul of body politics. It was a perfect arrangement. God could see that Russia would be the first to lead in the world's last grasp of breath. So Mary at Fatima asked for the consecration and conversion of Russia, seeing that Russia could lead. In fact, Russia is the leading model for repentance and the world recognizes this, like La Pen. US under Trump, Poland, Italy, Belgium, England are all following, but Russia is leading. 
     The consecration and conversion of Russia had been done; and the Russians did it themselves. The commanded acts of the Pope and the Bishops was meant for them to see that the conversion of Russia would come from their united act of consecration of Russia. The visible sign was the outward consecration by the Pope and Bishops; and the invisible reality would be the conversion of the Russian people. But, they did not have to wait for what was not coming anyway. God's intervention entered the picture.With their filial love for Mary, they consecrated themselves to Mary. And with Mary's help they converted to God. 

5. Russia's Putin and France's La Pen.
    Much souls in Russia want to repent. So God gives them Putin, a devout Christian, who used the Russia government apparatus in union with the orthodox Church to make it easy for the Russians to repent. 
    Much souls, also, in the U.S. want to repent. So God gives them Trump, a down to earth Christian, who is beginning to use the US government apparatus to make it easy for the Americans to repent. It would be impossible to repent under Obama and Hillary; and impossible under Pope Francis who is pro Obama, Hilary and Sanders. Thus, the Divine intervention. 
     How can we explain La Pen's defeat though her platform was as good as Putin and she could have helped France repent.  Because there are too few or maybe nobody  who wants to repent in France. So why gift them with a good leader? It would be a waste. When the Jews were disobedient, God gave them king Saul. Why give them a good king?
     It is for this same reason why Germany does not have a leader that will help in repentance. Not even the bishops are interested in repenting. They are more interested in the 'church tax.'

6. The issue is repentance.
     Repentance is preached to crowds before. That is the classical evangelization. Today it is taught to individuals, this is the new evangelization. Why? Because general preaching is over. Now it is man to man, to individuals. And by Divine appointment only. Conversion is  by the grace of God. God is just scrapping the left overs.
     It is because Russia is ahead that the whole world is demonizing and slandering Russia and want to annihilate her through a world war. Overtime Russia is provoked Russia retreats and avoids confrontation. It is the US that is always provoking. But the US had toned down with Trump. The world is still in turmoil but it will get worse.  But at the moment, there is a short and slight respite for souls who wish to repent. At this moment, repentance will be with the grace of God granted to all who take this opportunity during 'this brief moment of respite,' an intervention of God for the salvation of mankind. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Our Lady of F A T I M A

 1. First principle. 'They did not understand.'
     When Christ explained the mystery of eating His Flesh and drinking His Blood, and when He spoke of the Good Shepherd, two previous Gospels, it is said that the disciples did not grasp what He was saying. These disciples were both the casual listeners and His own chosen apostles. Both did not understand. Remember it is Christ, Himself, who was explaining. And yet, they did not understand. 
     It is commonly occurs that when Christ explains something, some parts of His teaching is not understood even by His own apostles. Christ always found the need the explain His teachings further to a select few, before the few could understand.
     So, it can happen that Christ had explained it yet the listeners did not get it. Let us keep this first principle in mind. For so with the third secret of Fatima, it could have been explained but nobody got it. 

2. Second principle. The Prophetic message.
    All the events in Scriptures are prophetic in nature. They happened in the past and in the present; but they pre-figure events in the future. This is often referred to as eschatology. The past, present and future are integrated in the celebration of the Liturgy thus keeping the Faithful fully informed. But like in the first principle, most Faithful do not get it from the Liturgy because most priest cannot explain the eschatological aspect of the Liturgy.  This can be found in Tradition or the Fathers of the Church and yet most priests are ignorant of this. 
     Based on this second principle, the third secret of Fatima, if it is important, and it seems to be so, should be found pre-figured in the New Testament. 

3. Ratzinger's reply. 
     So Ratzinger's replies are correct when, first, he mentioned that the message was not completely read; because most people will not understand it. Even Mary ordered delaying its being read because it can not be understood earlier than 1960. And like Christ's teachings, all will not understand it (first principle) even if read.
     His second reply was that it was not necessary to read it publicly because it is found in Scriptures (the second principle). So it is certain that if the third secret of Fatima was important, and we feel it is important, because  every thing Mary says is important, then it should be pre-figured in the Old and New Testament. And it is; in fact, Christian authors had been trying to figure out when that event will happen. And most of them came close, Blessed John Newman was one of them. 

4. Hints from the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
    What could Mary's message contain? The Blessed Virgin mentioned the fact that men had sinned so much and have failed to repent. Due to this lack of repentance, God, as usual, pushes men to repent by sending him chastisements. When God had sent His chastisements and men still refuses to repent what does He do? Well, clearly, from the Old Testament, God kills them as in the case of the great flood, the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, etc. 
     Let us skip the many small chastisements God sends an unrepentant people and concentrate on the second to the last grand chastisement prior to killing them with a flood or with fire and brimstones. Let us go to Good Friday. That was the last event before the Jews were abandoned by God. It was the last act of God before He took away the vineyard from the unfaithful Jews and gave it to the Gentile. It was the last great chastisement to the Jews. From all analysis, no chastisement can be worse than what happened to a people than what happened on Good Friday to the Jews. 
     Note that the Blessed Virgin mentioned that a 'great chastisement' was in store for mankind. With the words 'great chastisement,' Good Friday immediately comes to mind. Good Friday that happened in a small area in Jerusalem would happen in a grand scale in the whole world. That is what Mary was saying in Fatima. And just as when Christ said something similar, nobody understood Him, not even His apostles, nobody understood Mary.
     Remember Christ, before His passion, prophesied that Jerusalem would be destroyed so that not one stone will be on top of another? Nobody got it. That is what Mary was saying in Fatima and nobody is getting it. That is why they are still asking; 'what is the third secret.' 

5. The 'great chastisement' before the 'killings.'
     Let us look at three comparative events in Scriptures to illustrate the two parts of the message of Fatima; the great Deluge, Sodom and Gomorrah, and Good Friday. 
     Scriptures describes the sinful state of the world before the Great Flood. Then it was followed by the Flood that killed the human race. Again, Scriptures describes the state of Sodom and Gomorrah with Lot and the angels there, etc. Then it was followed by the rain of fire and brimstone. Lastly, the Gospel describes the state of the Jewish people on Good Friday. Then it is followed by God abandoning His Chosen people and the city of Jerusalem being conquered and destroyed by Titus. So we have three events made up of two parts; first the state of the world and  then the chastisement itself. Fatima describes these two elements. It describes the sinful state of the world and how God will punish its sinfulness.
     Scriptures describes these events more completely than the written note of St. Lucia. So to understand better the third secret go to Scriptures. 

6. The state of the world prior to the great chastisement. 
     Basing it on the Great Deluge, the chastisement of Sodom and Gomorrah, and finally the chastisement of the Jews, the prior events are the following;

     First, the entire pagan nation represented by the Romans in general and Pontius Pilate in particular were against the Church. So expect the entire unfaithful world governments, like the US, the EU and the United Nations to be against the Church in all things. 
     Secondly, the entire Jewish priesthood from Caiphas down to the Sanhedrin were the ones who plot against Christ. So expect most of the Catholic cardinals, bishops and priests to be against the Church. Add to this the entire Jewish nation under Netanyahu will be against the Church.
     Thirdly, Judas, one of the apostles chosen by Christ betrayed Him. So expect a successor of the apostles, the Pope, to betray Christ by opposing His commandments. Pope Francis, himself discouraged from obeying the commandments of Christ. 
     Fourthly, the faithful apostles were hiding for fear of the Jews. Expect that all the  true men of God will be silenced and will not be able to preach the truth and defend the Church. They will be in hiding for 'fear of evil men.'
     Fifthly, there will signs in the sky and on the earth. Earthquake shook the earth. Expect Tsunamis, volcanic explosions, unusual acid rains. 
     Sixthly, the whole Jewish nation went against Christ. The Jews will be the main force against the destruction of the Church. Because they did not believe in Christ, they will be diabolically motivated to continue in their unbelief and in their hatred for their rejection ted true Messiah.
      Seventh, Jerusalem was destroyed. Expect the destruction of the world through probably a world war, initiated by the rich Jews as they had always been the brains behind wars before and all the wars today. Except today they will miscalculate; instead of earning from the proceeds of war as they always did, they will become victims of the war they instigate. As in the Old Testament, it is time for them to be chastised for having crucified the Messiah. Their punishment for their deicide is due. And most Catholics are joining them for having lived and propagated the US-EU mentality; not so much because they are Jews but more because they are lovers of money which the whole world had become. 

     Note that most opinions on what the third secret of Fatima of the above. The entire eschatology of Good Friday describes all the above. 

7.  Ascetical descriptions of Good Friday and today according to Our Lady of Fatima. 
    The Great chastisement from the message of Fatima is Good Friday happening in a global scale with the  Catholic Church playing the role of the Jews and Pope Francis playing the role of Judas as successor of the apostles. 
     Let us describe the seven steps describing Good Friday mentioned above using ascetical terms.
     First, everybody will be lovers of money. Everybody has a price. Name it and you'll get it. Since the love of money is the source of all evil, everyone will be evil. 
     Secondly, since the love of money is a vice that comes from the devil, like Judas, lovers of money will be spiritually possessed and enslaved by the devil. As such lovers of money become.....
     Thirdly, liars. Today everyone has become liars. The pre- and post election environment in the U.S. is filled with lies.
     Fourthly, the riches makes themselves masters and all the rest are treated as slaves whose lives are disposable. Abortion and euthanasia are part of family planning and economic progress. 
     Fifthly, since the true Church is always against evil, the greatest effort and, in fact, all efforts are exerted for its abolition. It cannot be toned down. It must be abolished. 
     Sixthly, the destruction of the Church, as from the beginning, must be from outside and inside. From outside through the pagans and from the inside, the Pope, cardinals and bishops. 

8. The scenario.
     Imagine this scenario. Good Friday and today, which is a hundred times more evil. And then Jerusalem or the world being destroyed through a world war. Imagine all the dead people facing the judgment seat of God. With their sins a hundred times more evil than the deicide they committed on Good Friday. And the vices in all their utter degradation in the souls of men. 
     At the same time, imagine all these people completely ignorant of repentance because God had punished them by removing from them the grace of repentance, as St. Paul had warned sinners. Imagine Good Friday, when the devil seems to be in control of the whole of Jerusalem and God seems to be nowhere.......but this time in a global scale. This is the picture Our Lady of Fatima is painting to us as the Great Chastisement. And repeated by our nagging Mother in Akita and Kibeho. 
     Pope Benedict was right. The whole picture had not been read to the public. But the whole picture can be found in Sacred Scriptures. 


Friday, May 12, 2017

Pope Benedict in public.

   1. 'What?  Me worry?
       Pope Benedict during his birthday was visibly drinking some good beer with friends. And he looked very peaceful and contented with nothing to worry about. Some articles are out again about Pope Benedict's resignation. A third version of what happened  was brought up.
     All three versions were very good reasonings based on what Pope Benedict said. But Benedict spoke like Christ. When both speak nobody understands what they say. Like the words of Christ in Scriptures, what He said must be interpreted by Christ, Himself. And understood only by those who have left all things, like all the apostles, (the lesson of previous Sundays of Easter.)

      Whenever we wish to interpret what Benedict XVI says and does, we must based them on the following; first, on Divine Revelation, secondly, it must be interpreted by the Fathers of the Church and thirdly, everything must be viewed with a backdrop of current events. Needless to say, we must have left all things like the young rich man, quoted in 'Veritatis Splendor' of Pope John Paul II.  
     Divine Revelation and the Fathers of the Church are available in printed form. They are no longer available from the minds of professors and theologians. What is happening in current events are no longer available in the news due to fake news that have ruled mass media.  And most Catholics are accumulating instead of giving up all things. 
     The truth in current events are still available but has to be searched for like a pin in a haystack. It is almost impossible to find the truth in the news. 
     For these reasons, it has become impossible to know what really happened with Pope Benedict on February 11, 2013. But because we know that Pope Benedict is a man of God well versed in Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church, we can easily find out what happened. 
     His actions can only be explained by using Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church.  Current events will explain what course of action he took. But fully understanding his action can only occur if we have left all things, as we have explained in previous articles. 

2.  St. Peter and Pope Benedict.    
     Pope Benedict simply acted like St. Peter, the first Pope.  Which makes us believe that his action that February 11, was not an act of resignation but a pure papal act,  acting like a continuing Pope. Because when St. Peter acted in the same way, he was acting as a continuing Pope. Peter was not resigning. 
     The action of Pope Benedict does not fall under the three versions mentioned in the news. It is identical to St. Peter's action in Acts 6:1.

3. St. Peter in Acts 6:1
    'At that time, as the number of disciples continued to grow, the Hellenists complained against the Hebrews, because their widows were being neglected in the daily distribution. So the twelve called together the community of the disciples and said, "It is not right for us to neglect the word of God to serve at table.'
    'Brothers, select  from among you seven reputable men, filled with the Spirit and wisdom, whom we shall appoint to this task, whereas we shall devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word. 
     The proposal was acceptable to the whole community so they chose Stephen, a man filled with Faith and the Holy Spirit, seven in all.....and their number increased greatly.'
     a.) So, Peter was Pope.
     b.) A meeting similar to a Council was called by the 12. 
     c.) The issue to be settled; the Pope and other apostles have a main job; the ministry of the Word and a life of prayer. Who will do the administrative job of feeding the Greek widows?
     d.) The meeting agreed. The Pope and the apostles will concentrate on the ministry of the Word and in prayer. While the administrative aspect of the Church will be assigned to reputable men filled with Faith and the Holy Spirit. 
     e.) Having distributed the work properly, their number increased greatly. 

 4.Note the following. 
     First, St. Peter was the Pope.  Secondly, he was mastering the Word and praying (a life of contemplation). Thirdly, an administrative problem arose in the Christian community....not a doctrinal or moral problem; it was the execution of a good work - the feeding of the Greek widows were neglected in the distribution of resources, a minor problem. Fourthly, Peter declared a very important point and said; 'it is not right for us to neglect the Word of God and praying for the Church, which is our main job,  to serve at table, a work of the Church but which is not our job at all (Benedict, like Peter,  did not resign. Instead, he did this most important Papal duty.) Fifthly, so they chose reputable men one of which was Stephen who was filled with Faith and the Holy Spirit.  Faith and the Holy Spirit  are necessary in doing good works, because it is a supernatural good work. These men the apostles would appoint  for this task.  Sixthly, and their numbers increased greatly because they were doing things right. 

5. First, the Pope was St. Peter. And Stephen  was the deacon.
    There was no other Pope but St. Peter. He was the Pope before the incident; the Pope during the incident and the Pope after the incident. He did not resign in the process. Clearly, Peter should not do Stephen's job while Stephen cannot do Peter's job. 

6. Secondly, the main job of the Pope.
     The main job of the Pope is to master Scriptures and to pray for the Church. St. Peter emphasized this important Papal job. in Acts 6:1. Everything the Pope does is for the spiritual welfare of the Church. That spiritual welfare can only be granted by God. No man can do that. The Pope's role is to pray for that  spiritual welfare of the Church. As head, to master the Word of God and to pray is his first and only job. Everything else can be done by others; like by lectors, sub-deacons, deacons, exorcists and laymen, etc. 
    In  Acts, Peter said that it is 'not right  for us to neglect the Word of God (contemplative life) Benedict did not resign. He did what was right, his duty, to concentrate on the Word and in St. Peter did.  

7. The problem. 
    An administrative problem arose with regard to feeding the Greek widows.  The Acts states that the Pope cannot attend to this administrative problem because the Pope must concentrate on the essentials -mastering the Words of God and praying. And the early Catholic community agreed the two roles cannot be done by one and the same person. The mastery of the Word of God and the praying must be done by the Pope, while the feeding of the Greek widows, which was considered good works, must be done by deacons filled with Faith and the Holy Spirit.  
     Here, St. Peter evidently separated the contemplative prayerful life of the Pope from its active aspect in the performance of good works. These good works are specifically enumerated in the Rule of St. Benedict 'on the Instruments of Good works.' Not all activities can be  considered good works. Involvement in global warming and  bringing in  immigrants are not in the list. Allowing the remarried to receive Holy Communion is not a good work; it is an evil work. 

8. Action of Pope Benedict XVI
    So Pope Benedict was the Pope. He suddenly had an administrative problem. The Church and, specifically, the Vatican was filled with gays. And the people around went to him to complain about the gay lobby. Pope Benedict answers; 'it is not right for us to neglect mastery of the Word of God and praying for the Church......... and take care of gays. Select among yourselves some psychologists and psychiatrists  for such a task.
     Because, repeated St. Peter,  we must devote ourselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word. Let's stop here for a while. We deviated from the 'reputable men filled with faith and the Holy Spirit.' These men, like Stephen, were meant to perform good works; so they need to be reputable men filled with Faith and the Holy Spirit. And Deacons during those times were such men. 
     But when we treat gays, we don't have to be reputable men filled with Faith and the Holy Spirit. We just have to be psychologist and psychiatrist. All the more if we shall be involved only in Global warming and immigration, like Pope Francis. We don't have to be Deacons. 

9. What did Pope Benedict do?
     Like St. Peter, he was doing the job of a Pope well. Then, he suddenly decided to do his job better;  mastering the Word of God as an exegete and praying for the Church. 
     He was too busy entertaining diplomats and wasting his time with ecumenical prayers at St. Francis. Marini can easily do that. 
     Then some cardinals went to him with Vaticanleaks. He reads it and says; this is not my job. It is not right for me to neglect mastery of the Word of God and praying for the Church and take care of gays. Select among yourselves Psychologists and psychoanalyst, filled with a diploma and appoint them for this task. Or select a cardinal who loves gays. 
     But if the problem is Global warming and immigrations, just get for yourselves weathermen and immigration officers.

10. 'And the number of disciples in Jerusalem increased greatly. '
    Because Peter and the first Christian communities did things right, the number of the disciples in Jerusalem increased greatly. And because we do not do things right today, the Catholic Church lost million of souls from South America, from Europe, from Asia, from the priesthood and religious orders, from everywhere. 
    Only Pope Benedict did things right; having imitated perfectly St. Peter by insisting on mastering the Word of God and retreating to the monastery to pray, which is his primary duty. Everything else went wrong;  Pope Francis is not praying (pictured sitting in from of the Blessed Sacrament exposed in Milan) and is not mastering the Word of God( as can be read from his atrocious homilies at Casa Marta). Instead of doing the right thing  he is doing a hundred jobs meant for pagans. Sadly there is hardly any reputable men filled with Faith and the Spirit among the bishops and cardinals. So no good works are accomplished as already noted by Pope Benedict in 'Deus Charitas set.' 
     Pope Benedict is doing what is right for a Pope; the mastery of the Word of God and praying for the Church. And he is doing this up to this very second. Up to this very second, he is acting like St. Peter, a Pope.  He is avoiding roles not meant for Popes but only meant for deacons, weathermen and immigration officers. He is doing his part well, that is why he has nothing to worry because God will do the rest as He had promised. No wonder he is enjoying his beer. While Pope Francis is not behaving like St. Peter; not even like St. Stephen. He is behaving like Al Gore. 
    So what did Pope Benedict do on February, 2013? Resigned? Nooooo! He begun to do things right.