Wednesday, October 16, 2019


 1. On Catholic Doctrines.
     Catholic doctrines come from Divine  Revelations. The contents of Divine Revelation can be found in Scriptures and as interpreted by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. This is Catholic belief. But something strange is happening these days. Protestants are more Catholic in their beliefs while Catholic bishops are more pagan in their beliefs. 
     The schismatic Orthodox are more Catholic in their concept of repentance while Catholic bishops have no concept whatsoever of repentance.  Putin's Russia believe in the Catholic teaching of union of church and state; the Catholic bishops belief in the heresy of separation of church and state; yet they keep on interfering in politics. Many adolescents believe in the Catholic teaching that adultery is evil. But Pope Francis believe in adultery for the remarried and even allows them to receive Holy Communion.
      Some laymen believe that the Church must evangelise primitive pagans like the Amazon tribes. Pope Francis and the Catholic Bishop's Synod believe that the Amazon primitive savages must convert the church.  God believe that some men are so evil it is better for the world at large that they be sent to the after life. But some men, deceived by the devil,  who feel they are gods wants all evil criminals to be spared, freed and allowed to enter anywhere with open borders and sow terror among the innocent.
         Christ wants all to be saved and so commands His apostles to go to all nation and preach the Gospel. Some ignorant bishop, over ruling Christ, declares you should not preach to non Christians. Well, well, well. Isn't' the purpose of evangelization to preach to non Christians to give them a chance to choose the destiny of their souls? Shouldn't we present the truth to others for their enlightenment so they can choose wisely.
     Though many non-Catholic are more Catholic in their orientation, still, they are not Catholic enough.  

2. God is chastising the world. 
    God had, alway, threatened the world with chastisement every time the world rebels against God. God used to give his threats through the prophets, like Jonah,  and lately through the Blessed Mother. His threats consist in not sending prophets. This is the worse chastisement. It means God will not send any one who will teach the people how to attain everlasting life. This means sure damnation. And this is the greatest chastisement the world is experiencing today. It is not wars, pestilence, economic downfall, cultural disintegration nor global warming. It is the fact that no one is teaching the way to everlasting life; neither Pope Francis, nor the hundreds of cardinals, nor the thousands of bishops, nor the countless priest or nuns. If there are a few handful they are silenced or chose to be silent due to repercussions. Nothing worse can happen to this world. This chastisement is upon us. 

3. Against the teachings of Christ.
    We have a rebellion against Christ. As St. Bonaventure said in his 'Haexameron', those who are meant to teach the world the way to everlasting life are leading the world, instead, to everlasting fire. Pope Francis, and his FrancisCardinals and FrancisBishops hold so many heresies it would put Calvin, Zwingli and Martin Luther, together,  to shame.
     The news was shocking when a Catholic head of state in Africa, wisely, planned to use the Scriptures as basis for their  Constitution. And the Catholic bishops of that African nation objected because it was unfair to the non-Christians. Arn't the non-Christians supposed to be saved, too. Or is it better just to let them remain pagan and sent them to hell? 
      Seminarians formed in that universal faulty training program noted by Pope John Paul II in Manila, are now the bishops, totally ignorant of Catholic truths. 
      Here in Manila, a politician, who seems to be a Protestant pastor introduced a bill introducing the teaching of Scriptures in all public schools. And guess what. A Catholic bishop objected for the same reason; the Catholic should not be taught to non-Christians. That is going against the very teaching of Christ who said; 'go to all nations and preach the Gospel.' Did Christ say preach only to Christian nations? The Catholic bishop, clearly, went agains the teaching of Christ. He is no Christian nor Catholic because of this heresy. This same bishops was the same one, who in his social media, mentioned that there is no hell. 
     With a bishop is like this, his whole diocese must be Protestant right now, and going nowhere near heaven. No outcry from his priest, nor his constituents? Because they, themselves are ignorant of Catholic truths, blind souls following the blind. This might be just one error but St. James and St. Augustine wrote, error in one truth or doctrine is error in all his teachings and practices. 

4. Like father like son.
    Since the beginning of his Papacy, Pope Francis is leaving a trail of heresies. For the last five years, he has been feeding the institutional church with heresies; beginning with his first papal talk on ' love without dogma,' which is a theological impossibility because it is impossible to love God without knowing Who He is, a knowledge only found in dogmas. His 'there is no hell',   that 'mortal sins are not punish but simply disintegrate. And the ongoing Vatican Synod on the Amazon where he teaches that God is not the Blessed Trinity but Pachamama, whoever that is. 
     That Filipino bishop is just following Pope Francis footstep in the hope that he be noticed and the price of many lost souls in public schools? 
     This phenomenon is world wide. The head of Brazil is more Catholic than the bishop that confronted him. Trump is more Catholic in his policies than the US bishops conference. Salvini of Italy and Putin of Russia are  more Catholic than Pope Francis. They will only, surely,  get wrong advices from him. Remember St. James the Apostle and St. Augustine said ... 'those who go against one Catholic doctrine is really against all Catholic doctrines.' 

5. Don't be Protestant. Remain Catholic. 
    We are not proposing that we become Protestants or leave the Catholic Church. What we are saying is that the Protestant politician is holding a doctrine closer to the Catholic Faith than the opposing Catholic Bishop.
     The Orthodox christians are closer to the true Catholic Faith than the Vatican church. But we are not suggesting we join the Orthodox or worse to join the present Vatican church evangelised by the Amazon. Both Orthodox and Protestant still have too many error that makes it impossible for them to attain everlasting life. We must be true Catholics to attain everlasting life. How?

6. How to become Catholic amidst the present Divine Chastisement.
     It has been mystically explained in the description of the Woman clothed with the sun in the Book of Revelation; it is, also, mystically explained by the Fathers and doctors of the Church in their commentary of the apostolic boat ride in Tiberias after the Resurrection of Christ. It was summarised by Pope Benedict in his priestly dissertation on the the work of St. Bonaventure. 
     Step one. Get a good translation of the Vulgate, like the Douay-Rheims version. 
     Step two. Read the Gospel based on the readings as presented in the Liturgical calendar. This shows the correct order in which the teachings of the Gospel is to be observed. You may not change the proper order.
     Step three. Study the interpretation of the Gospel text as written by the Fathers and doctors of the Church. They all have a line by line interpretation of the Gospel texts. ST. John Chrysostom has a detailed interpretation of the Epistles. 
     Step four. This is the most important. Be humble. The higher in the degree of humility, the more you will understand the Gospel and its interpretation. If there is the slightest pride, you will understand nothing. 
     Step five. Obey the Words of Christ as interpreted by the Fathers and doctors of the Church, focusing more on your humility than in the texts. Hold on. Hole on there. St. Gregory the great cautions us. Don't think of humility because the more you think you are humble that would be pride. So do it the other way around. Think of the degrees of pride and if you noticed any, remove them by doing the contrary humble act. The two opposites, i.e. pride and humility, can be found in St. Bernard of Clairvaus work 'The steps of humility and pride.' 
     Step six. By the time you reach the 12th degree of humility, because you have removed the 12 degrees of pride, you will find yourself inside the true Catholic Church established by Christ. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time. GRATITUDE.

1. The Liturgy.
     Holy Mother the Church teaches us repentance at the beginning of the Liturgical season. Repentance concerns one virtue, the virtue of Penance. That is for beginners.
      We are now in the 28th Sunday, almost at the end of the Liturgical season, and Holy Mother the Church is teaching us something more complicated; Gratitude which is made up of four virtues. Justice, humility, Faith and Charity. No one can be truly grateful unless he has these four virtues. No wonder the world is filled with proud ingrates. Ingratitude is a sign a person is unjust, proud, an unbeliever and hateful.  It describes our present society.

2. Gratitude.
     Gratitude is an act of the mind and the free will, the spiritual faculties of the soul. However, it is more an act of the free will. It is not so much in the deed or gifts  but in the disposition of the grateful soul. 
     The act of gratitude has three elements. First, recognition of the favour received, either corporal or spiritual. Secondly, expression of appreciation and thanks. Thirdly, the willingness to repay the favour at a suitable time and place,  and according to one's means. 

3.  Show gratitude to God and man.
     All good things, first and foremost,  come from God. So gratitude must first be shown to God. God, however, often grants His favours to men through other men. We must, also show gratitude to the instruments of God. Primarily to God and secondarily to our neighbours. This is more so in a religious community where God gives the members of the community all good things through each other. Thus they must be grateful both to God and to men.

4. Showing gratitude.
    Since favours are often received 'gratis,' gratitude must be expressed with more 'gratis,' otherwise it is not gratitude; it is only 'quid por quo'. St. Thomas wrote that the grateful man must return more than what he had received. How do you do that when being grateful to God and neighbour? We cannot return more to God than we have received from Him. 
     The  Gospel shows that we must at least 'worship him' in Faith as the cured Samaritan leper did. That is the highest act of religion which man can return to God.
      But we can be grateful to our neighbours by giving them more than we have received. And that is 'love your neighbour.' 'Owe no one anything than  to love one another.' How do we love one another? By teaching each other how to attain everlasting life as given in Divine Revelation. 
     There is nothing greater that one can give his neighbour than to teach them how to attain everlasting life. To do this is the highest expression of gratitude towards one's neighbour. 

5. Gratitude for corporal and spiritual favours. 
     It is easy for anyone to show gratitude for worldly favours received and to repay such favours.  Though terrorists often kill health workers helping them. This is most ungrateful. 
     But most people are often ungrateful for spiritual favours received.  There is fraternal correction. Correction is the highest form of Charity. To be ingrate because one is corrected is tantamount to mortal sin. Pope Francis is like this. He hated the fraternal spiritual correction given to him by the four cardinals, in the 'dubia';  and lately by Card. Burke and Bishop Schneider with many scholars. Bishop Vigano is even threatened to be killed for trying to save the souls of those gays in the Vatican. 
     In the US, the population is grateful for free health care but hate close borders that is necessary to preserve their Christian morality. To prefer corporal benefits  over spiritual benefits is the highest degree of ingratitude, wrote St. Thomas of Aquinas. But really who cares what that medieval fat man is saying. 

6. Gratitude for spiritual favours.
     True gratitude towards men for favour received, is almost gone; only traces of indebtedness remains which St. Thomas says, is not true gratitude. Gratitude towards God and his chosen ones, for spiritual favours, is completely non-existent because nobody is giving such favours. Not Pope Francis, nor his FrancisCardinals,  FrancisBishops and Francispriests. 
       We live in a very ungrateful world.  Following the bad examples of the bishops and priests,  parents are no longer grateful for their children. Children are not grateful for their parents. Husbands are not grateful for their wive. Pope Francis and those gay bishops are not grateful to Archbishop Vigano. And nations are not grateful for their heads of states. See how the Democrats hate their own elected President.
       As St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote; this is all an act of the mind and free will. It is an act of the soul. And the world has a 'dead' soul' as described by St. Augustine. It is a spiritual malady that only God can heal. And God cannot find a prophet to teach the people. Well, the prophets wrote that this is precisely the punishment for an unbelieving generation. There is nothing God can do as there was nothing Christ could do to make the Israelites believe in Him. It is a spiritual malady; not a mere social, psychological or merely global warming. It is a spiritual meekness. 

7. Gratitude is based on four virtues.
    Only those who have the virtues of Penance, humility, Faith and Charity can be grateful. These four virtues no longer exist in this world. That is why nobody is grateful. St. Paul wrote that gratitude is a sign of holiness so 'be grateful.' Just be grateful and you can go to heaven because that virtue has all the other virtues necessary for salvation. That is why the topic on the gratitude of the Samaritan cured of leprosy is found at the end of the Liturgical season because no one can be grateful without obedience to all the former messages of the Gospels.  It is the virtue of the perfect Christian......a true Catholic. 

Saturday, October 12, 2019

FRIDAY in the 27th weekday in Ordinary time and St. Pope John XXIII. Part III

 1.  The Unity of doctrine.
      The doctrines of the Catholic Church are like parts of a puzzle. They are all interconnected. Like a puzzle when it is assembled it can be picked up on one corner, raised up and it remains stuck together. Yet remove one piece of the puzzle and the whole thing will crumble into many separate pieces. The same with the doctrines of the Catholic Church. Separate one doctrine and the whole teachings of the Church will crumble separated from one another and impossible to understand. 
      The same goes with the Liturgy of the Mass. Every part of the Mass, from the introit, collect, Kyrie....up to the post communion must be related to one another, all focus on the main important doctrine that the Liturgy of the day is teaching. 
     This is not so today. Practically every part of the Mass is explaining different truths unrelated to one another. Sometimes heresies are mixed with the truths. It is like a new box of puzzle where all the parts are not yet connected. It does not make any sense. Our Mass today does not make any sense. 
      The Mass for today, Friday of the 27th weekday in Ordinary time, have readings inter-related with one another and even related to the commemoration of St. Pope John XXIII. It is applicable to the present Catholic events, especially with the on-going Vatican Synod on the Amazon in Rome. Theologians describe it as eschatology. The knowledge by which the prophetic writings of the Old and New Testament are fulfilled today which the Catholic Church must be fully informed during the homilies for the Gospel of the Mass in every Mass by every Catholic preacher. But that is not what is happening today. No one preaches the eschatological aspect of Catholic Biblical prophecies though the entire Gospel is a book of prophecies. 

2. Nexus.
    Let us try to relate the first reading on the Prophet Joel, to the Gospel where Christ was accused of performing miracle by the power of the devil and the feast of St. Pope John the XXIII. And see that all of them  are describing the present on going event in the Catholic Church.....the complete destruction of the Church through the Synod on the Amazon. 

3. The first reading.
    The Liturgy of the day and the Book of Joel is about the 'Day of the Lord.' The book describes a land invaded by locust that destroys everything. The locust is described as a people mighty and without number had invaded the land and they destroy everything, the virgins and the youth, the house of God and the priests. Joy had disappeared from the land. Blessed John Newman described the chastisement that will befall Europe as an invasion from the Turks. This invasion is like the open borders proposed by Pope Francis and most European countries. 
     Priests are called to preach repentance but there is no one preaching it. As Pope Benedict noticed during the Bishop's Synod he convoked, the bishops knew nothing of repentance. Thus the land remains dried up and fire has devoured the pastures. 
     The 'day of darkness' is approaching. The garden of  Eden had become a desert waste. In the institutional church, no one is preaching the truth, most preachers are teaching falsehoods, the listeners do not believe anything supernatural and everybody is forcing everybody is do their sinful ways, just as the Democrats are telling the entire US to be communists like themselves. While the bishops are either silent or promoting the same communist liberation theology. It is total darkness with regards to the truth. 
     Thus Pope John XXIII, in summoning Vatican II, wanted to return the church back to its golden days by cleansing it from sin through the life of repentance. He called it aggiornamento. But everybody, especially the bishops thought it was to invent a new church which everybody is doing at the Vatican Synod on the Amazon. There they are inventing a totally new church that is heretical, pagan, primitive, idolatrous,  deviant and Amazonian.
     St. Pope John XXII just wanted a return to the first step of spirituality, i.e. repentance. Thus he took the name John in honour of St. John the Baptist because he said; 'he was preparing the church for the second coming of Christ.' 
     Joel showed the cry of the people; 'where is their god?' There in Pachmama, that topless ugly feminine wooden statue worshipped at the Vatican gardens with Pope Francis, cardinals, bishops, nuns and some primitive tribe attending at the beginning of the Vatican  Synod. An abomination in the temple of God, the Vatican.That is the coming future Liturgy.

4. The pouring of the Holy Spirit.
     During these days, the book of Joel continues, the Holy Spirit will be given freely by God; and the Spirit will infused knowledge of the truth to humble chosen souls, without they having to enter seminaries or theological schools like Bologna. Note how, today,  most lay people know more theology than Pope Francis as shown by the 'fraternal correction' they sent him.

5. The spirit of Satan.
     At Baptism, the baby is first exorcised before baptised, because he is possessed by the devil due to original sin. He, then, becomes a child of God through the Sacrament. After Baptism he is supposed to be instructed to have Faith so that he will not loss being a Child of God. But that is not what happened. Due to the neglect of the parents and god-parents, the baptised child commits actual sin after having reached reason. 
      Upon reaching the age of reason, the first choice a free child does is to commit sin. So he is deprived of sanctifying grace and the exorcised devil returns to the child with seven more devils. The state of the soul is now even worse than before, Christ said. 
    So, the now grown child has to be exorcised again through an alternative to baptism, the monastic life, which is considered as a substitute baptism. The child is exorcised through a life of repentance consisting of a life of prayer, fasting and good works. 

6. How can we know if we are still possessed? Deaf and dumb is the spirit of the devil, St. Thomas wrote. 
    When preaching Christ would first drive away the devil before  teaching. Because the Words of God cannot enter the soul while possessed by Satan. Knowledge of the commands of God and obeying them is impossible while the devil still possess the soul. And spiritual deafness and dumbness is the sign of diabolical possession. 
      The monastic life of repentance cures spiritual deafness and dumbness. Thus knowledge and obedience of the Words of God is possible, only, after living a life of repentance. 
       This is why St. Pope John XXIII wanted to be the present St. John the Baptist, to preach repentance. That is why Pope Benedict instructed the Bishop's Synod to discuss repentance. Up to the present, no one has done it. Neither Pope Francis nor any of the Bishops and priests. Proof? Your own bishop or priests had not done so. A thorough study of the life of repentance from St. Augustine or St. Thomas of Aquinas will show anyone that no one has preached it. 
       Yet, a person must first repent perfectly before he can hear the Words of God and obey them. Without repentance, a soul is deaf and dumb to spiritual, supernatural realities. He cannot hear the Words of God; all the more he cannot obey them. 

7.  The prophet Joel wrote that during these days, the Holy Spirit will be freely given to a few humble choiced souls. The Holy Spirit will teach them all things; how to repent, what are the commands of Christ and how to obey those command leading to the life of Faith, Hope and Charity.  

8. The presence of the Holy Spirit is the sign the devil had been driven away.  Christ proved to the Jews that He had the Holy Spirit by performing miracles so His power could not have come from Beelzebul.  The first sign of the Spirit is the presence of the first gift of the Holy Spirit, the fear of God. This is the rational fear that we are not ready to die and might be condemned by God; and so we could end up in hell. Today nobody seems to fear God seeing the way they commit sin, proclaim heresies, create scandals and  deny Catholic truths. This coming from Pope Francis, many bishops and priests. The vice-president of the Filipino bishops just said there is no hell without blinking an eye. And most of them reject capital punishment which is a doctrine found in the catechism. So much so that Pope Francis commanded that truth taken out of the present Catechism because he rejects that teaching. Our present Vatican II catechism is no longer Catholic. 
     Review the teaching on the 'fear of God' from St. Thomas of Aquinas and you will see nobody has it. Neither Pope Francis, nor your bishops and parish priest. They do not have the Holy Spirit and, consequently,  cannot lead you to heaven. 

9. The valley of Jehoshaphat. 
     The prophet Joel wrote that soon everybody, even nations,  will be divided in the Valley of Jehoshaphat to be judged by God. The predestined to join God in Sion His holy mountain. The spiritually deaf and dumb to hell.
      The Vatican in Rome is at present like the valley of Jehoshaphat. Most of the people there can be divided into two groups. One group is trying to save the institutional church from the heretical bishops leading the Synod. Another group bent on imposing that primitive pagan tribe that buries their unwanted children alive while adoring the devil, upon the church. They are the proponents of the Amazon sect, that held a pagan ritual worshipping naked statues at the Vatican gardens attended by cardinals, bishops, nuns, and tribal people........ led by Pope Francis.   


Wednesday, October 09, 2019

The testing of Job and the Church. Part II

1. God will test everyone.
     God placed man in this world to test him if he is worthy to go to heaven. For the same reason did God test the angels and our first parents. All humans must be tested for the same reason. This earth is our testing place.
     The test is of different degrees of difficulties depending on God's good pleasure and the soul's capacity; from the easiest to the most extreme. Both individuals and the Church is tested. 
     The good is tested to perfect his Faith. The evil is tested to invite him to repentance. Man must pass the test before he dies because God's judgment will depend upon whether he had pass his tests or not. 
     The test could contain purely a Divine element, like a storm or the death of a loved one. And it could contain a diabolical element permitted by God as part of the test; like the test of Job and the present test that the world is undergoing.
      The test involves not only Catholic but the whole world because all men are created by God and is under God. So pagans, atheists, communists, Protestants, Orthodox, etc are undergoing the same test because they are all creatures of the one God. 

2. The test.
     The test is whether man will obey God's commandments or not. A part of these commandments had been imprinted by God in the hearts of all men, so no one can claim ignorance of them. The other part is revealed to the soul if the first part had been obeyed. 
     What interest us in this post is the extreme test given by God to Job because it contained both Divine element and diabolical elements permitted by God. The present test the entire world is undergoing contains both this Divine element and diabolical element permitted by God. It is only with this backdrop in mind can we understand what is happening to the world and in the Church today; and what is happening in the Vatican at this very moment. 
      What is happening is this; that God is testing the entire world and have given Satan permission to do what he wants to destroy soul. It is an extreme test for men but he can pass it if man imitates Job. 
      This test had been described in detail in the Book of Job and had been explained in greater detail by St. Gregory the Great in his 'Morals' ('An Exposition on the Book of Blessed Job.) Job was a great saint most pleasing to God and yet God gave his an extreme test, precisely, to show the world the state of perfection of his soul that made him pass the extreme test. 
     The true Church is presently undergoing this extreme test that she may be perfected like Job, while the institutional church that had been corrupted, is being tested to force her into a life of repentance. 
3. The diabolical element
     Remember that in this test there will be a diabolical element which God, Himself, had allowed. This test had been foretold on Good Friday wherewith it seems God was nowhere and where it seems that the devil had complete control over Jerusalem during the crucifixion of Christ. That is the present scenario. 

4. The testing of Job.
     It  begins with a description of Job as a simple and upright man fearing God and avoiding evil; followed by all the blessings God had given him. 
     Then, when the sons of God came to stand before the Lord, Satan also was present among them. How did that happen? St. Gregory gave a lengthy explanation. 
     Satan speaks. 'Job is an upright man. But stretch forth Thy hand a little and touch all that he has, and he will not bless You in your face.' 
     And the Lord told Satan; 'Behold all that he has is in thy hand; only put not forth thy hand upon his person.'

     The test begins. When the sons and daughters of Job  were eating and drinking a messenger came unto Job and said; 'the oxen were plowing and the asses were feeding beside them and the Sabeans came upon them and took them away and slain thy servants with the edge of the sword. I alone escaped to tell you. 
      Satan takes away what is most valuable external possessions  'cattles ploughing and asses with their young.' That the test might be more grievous, 'fire of God has fallen from heaven  fell and consumed the sheeps and the servants. And I alone escape to tell you.' One is left alive to inform Job of his test that he might despair of God. 
     Job have lost his cattle. He was hoping God might console him but God instead allows Satan to send fire to consume more of his animals.
     Immediately follows another servant and said 'the Chaldeans fell upon the camels and carried them away and slain the servants with the edge of the sword; and I alone escape to inform you of your test. One test after another was piling up as if without end. And indeed, this is not the end. 
     ' While the servant was still speaking, another came and said; 'your sons and daughter were eating and drinking and behold there came a great wind from the wilderness and the house fell upon the young men and they are dead. And I alone escaped to inform you of your test from heaven. 
      Job was tested not once, but twice and thrice. The test was reaching the core of his soul. He was being tested to be impatient.

      Note how the devil is working in testing Job. It is gradual and ascending in the grievousness of the disasters. It begins with an attack on his external possessions, now it is about one's loved ones. 
      Satan attacks gradually but suddenly. An ordinary soul would have blasphemed at this point. 
     The sons were feasting when they died. It was not a very good atmosphere for salvation. So Job suspected they have sinned. 

5. Jobs reaction that showed he passed these test.
     Job arose and rent his mantel, and shaved his head, and fell upon the ground and worshipped. And worshipped!  That is how Job passed the test. What made him do that? 'Naked I came  out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither.' 
     'In all these things Job sinned not with his lips; nor spoke he any foolish thing against God.' He pass this test. More is coming. 

6. First part of Job's test is now upon the Vatican Church. 
    Unlike Job who was a just and upright man, the Vatican church and the world  are undergoing delivery to Satan for their test. 
     The world and the Vatican church is loosing everything.  Let us set aside the test of the true Church because they are very successfully passing their test as Job did. Nothing to worry here. Our worry is with the institutional church with headquarters in the Vatican and under Pope Francis. Let us set aside, also, the rest of the world who is expected to fail the test. 
     She have lost almost all her possessions, lands, cathedrals, etc. She has lost all of her children, the apostles, the Fathers and doctors of the Church, are all dead. That small Vatican State is all that is left.  Natural catastrophes that are acts of God, like storms and earthquakes, are destroying most of the Churches. Others transformed into libraries, pubs and mosques. Priests and nuns are leaving. The Vatican is bankrupt that it has to ask help from Germany in return to approving their heresies.   
     The rest of the world is returning to the way it was as 'it was in the beginning.'  Symbolically, Job remains in Casa Ecclesia.
     Job could not do anything to prevent his tests. that was his test. He must only make a stand and pass the test. ' Job sinned not by his lips.' 

7. Second part of the test. 
    Like Job, the institutional church is full of spirit ulcers. Sodomy and sexual perversity have become sores in the church  as  Satan was allowed to strike Job with ulcers from head to foot. 
His own wife and three friends taunts him. The institutional church is filled with spiritual ulcers from head to foot. From fornication among the priests to homosexuality among the bishops and sexual abuse among some cardinals and heresy  in Pope Francis. And there is almost total ignorance of the Catholic religion among the laymen. The spiritual ulcer is from head to foot in the institutional church. While  the true church is growing in the perfection of Charity.  
     Job passes this test ' In all these things Job did not sin with his lips.  His patience remained invincible.'

8. The third test that immediately follows. 
     Pope Francis, the bishops and priests accuse all the good men with evil when in fact these men follow the teachings of Christ. The three friends accuses the just and upright Job with all kinds of sins that he never committed. They even accuse him of not repenting for past sins when Job had not done any evil. 
     Today, Pope Francis and most of the Francis bishops are accusing all good Catholics of all kinds of sins that do not exist, like being rigid. Never heard of that sin.
     Job, like St. Paul, knows the state of his conscience and maintains his innocence. His knowledge and wisdom, possessed only by those with great Faith informs him of his innocence.
     Job describes the miseries of this present world, in the church and in the world today. 

     Then Job acknowledge the presence of his tests and prays to God to be delivered, i.e. to pass his tests. He reminds the world that life is short. The world should concentrate on passing the test before it runs out of time. The resurrection will follow for those who pass the test. Eternal death for those who fail the test. He describes the miseries of those who will fail the test.  
      Job knows man will be tested until death. There will be no rest from it. 

9. The evils will continue because the test will continue until everybody had been tested.  The present evil men will be succeeded by more evil men because  Satan is the true force behind all these men,  Satan does not die.  The wicked who test the Church and man will continue to live prosperous life until the end of their lives. The punishments will follow. Sinners will go on a long time in their sins. But punishment awaits them in the next life. 
     False judgments will be pronounced on everybody all the time but all will end up before God's tribunal for the true judgment. 

10. Job described how he passd all his test.
     By the wisdom of God as found in Scriptures and the interpretation of the Father and doctors of the Church; is portrayed by the servants who announced his tests. Expect the test. God prepared and announced them in prophetic words in Scriptures. And taught us how to pass them. 

11. Conclusions
     No one can resolve the on-going tests  because it is a test from God.  We just have to make a stand that will make us pass the test, like the stand when Job said 'God gives and God takes away.' 
     Today, we cannot stop;
                  the abolition of celibacy
                  the church from being communist
                  the attack on the church by Obamacare
                  the heresies proposed by the Synod on the Amazon
                  we cannot renew the Church because it true Church does not need renewal. 
                 we cannot teach the world the difference between good and evil. 
                 we cannot stop bishops from going against Catholic doctrines.
     God, only requires that we make a stand, either for Him or against Him. To be for Him can be learned from Scriptures and the correct interpretation of Scriptures by the Father and Doctors of the Church. These are the prophets, the messengers that brought the nature of the test to Job. Those sources of Divine Revelation is constantly shouting; 'Take care. You are being tested by God. Sometimes with God permitting  the devil. To pass the test know the right answers from those sources of Divine Revelation.  Available free from the Internet. Soon to disappear because Satan is trying to control it.
     To make a stand for Christ is enough. 
                  like that young Catholic boy not flinching before some Jews 
                  like  those praying the rosary in front of abortion clinic
                  like priests keeping their celibacy
                  be like those who do not obey the heresies of Pope Francis and his pervert-bishops.
                  to continue celebrating the Latin Mass
                  to pray silently in the Vatican and derail the Synod on the Amazon.
                  to do a 'Vigano.'
                  to support the 'dubia.'
                  to refuse to demonstrate for the abolition of capital punishment because it is against the Catholic Catechism.
                  etc,  etc,  etc......
12. In short.
     You do not have to dethrone Pope Francis and install Benedict XVI. You do not have to organise a resistance nor sabotage the Synod on the Amazon. You do not have to call the clans. Because all of these are part of God's test. 
      Continue all that you are doing because those acts are precisely your 'STAND.' 
     God will not do anything until everyone had been tested. The Book of Job states that all those evil men will continue to be successful in doing their evil until they finish their part of the test that God has permitted them to do. 
     For us, just past the test by making a visible stand (equivalent to a confession ) that we are on the side of Christ the King. 

Saturday, October 05, 2019

The trial of JOB and what is going on in the Church today. Part I

 1. Man is always tested by God.
     God wants all men to be saved but man has to pass His test to deserve everlasting life. Salvation is not a free ride. God requires that we do something to be saved. St. Augustine wrote; God created you without your help. But He will not save you without your help.

2. God is good. 
    God demands that we pass His test. But in his goodness, He gave us the test questions and the answers to those questions. How can we fail the test with such divine generosity. He gave the test questions and the answers to the test questions. The least we can do is write down or give the right answers that has already been given.

3. No one is exempted.
    The Father  tested His own Son so that the Son can show us how to pass the test. And Christ tested, also, Joseph and Mary who, in turn, showed us how to pass the test. All men, from the Pope down to all the bishops, priests, religious nuns and all the laity have to undergo and pass the test to attain everlasting life. 
     God, first, tested the angels. Sadly, a multitude failed the test. Then He gave  it to Adam and Eve, our first parents, to show us the essence of the test. Unfortunately, even if God told them how to pass the test, they failed it. 
      Sadly, just as at the beginning in Paradise, men today, especially Catholics, from Pope Francis, down to most of the cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns and most laymen are failing the test. 

4. Degree of tests. 
    The test is essentially the same, a choice between God's Will and our personal human will. But there is a difference in intensity and complexity depending on each one's ability and depending on the role a soul will play in the Work of God. 
     If God will assign an important role in the management of His Church, the test will be more complex. Otherwise, everybody will have a simple test. 
     The test for the angels at the beginning was quite complex  due to the fact that they were pure spirits with a high degree of knowledge and wisdom. For having received much, much is demanded of them to pass their test. Failing the test, their punishment was severe, they became devils. 
     Adam and Eve in their pristine state with extraordinary knowledge and wisdom, but lower than the angels, were given a test with the involvement of the devil.  Today, God allows the devil to be part of the test. It was with the aid of the devil that Eve fell. And because much was, also, given to them, their punishment was great, affecting all their children up to the end of the world. 
     Moses and Abraham were meant for important work in the history of salvation so their test were more difficult to pass. Imagine Abraham being commanded to sacrifice his only son, his beloved son by Abraham. And he was to do the killing of his son! 

5. God test individuals and the Church
     While God is testing individuals, He is, also, testing His entire Church. But the tests for the Church are really tests for the individual members of the Church, too. The individual passes or fails with the Church. But we must distinguish between the institutional church and the true Church. The individual test precisely shows whether a soul is inside the true Church or outside.
     The test for individuals is identical with the test for the Church. So the individual can pass the test while the institutional church can fail, as what is happening now in the Vatican prior to the Synod on the Amazon. We can see the difference. 
     Individuals are tested individuall, thus the test for Eve was different from Adam; though both failed the test. Adam could have and should have passed the test. It was not Eve who was being tested but Adam. If Adam passed the test the whole human race would have considered as having passed the test. 
     Churches are, also, tested individually. The Filipino church, the American church, the European church, the Asian church. Just as the Apocalypse showed different churches being tested with different results. The church in China is being heavily tested today. While the Filipino church had already failed the test. The US church is being tested today while the church of France have already failed. Of course, there are individual exceptions. 
      Pagan religions. Protestant and orthodox are all being tested. The pagans are now being tested in that they see that everything they are doing is going wrong and, therefore, they should try doing what true Catholics are doing for a change. Some orthodox are failing by siding with heretical Rome; while many in Russia and Ethiopia are passing in that they are proceeding towards their original goal of seeking God in the primitive monastic way.
      The Vatican church under Pope Francis and his bureaucracy are failing their test and they will soon be a complete disaster with the forthcoming Amazon Synod. After that they will never recover with no opportunity to pass the test. Those in the Vatican praying for the failure of the Synod on the Amazon are passing the test.  

6. Before we go any further. What is this present test? It is the same test given by God to Adam and Eve but in the version God gave to Job. It is still the choice between doing God's Will vs our own personal will. The surrounding circumstances are, however, slightly different. Let us go to the trial of Job. 
7. Greatest test. 
     Job as a type of the test for individuals and for the church today. Pope St. Gregory the Great describes this in his  'An Exposition on the Book of Job,' in three volumns. Let's try to summarise this in a few short paragraphs. Readers can always go to the original treatise with the grand title 'The Morals,' the book St. Theresa of Avila described as a reading must for all souls desirous to be saved during bad times. 

8. Job as an type of the true Church of Christ. 
     An analysis of this test just like the test confronting the Church today. 
     In the first part of St. Gregory's treatise, he describes Job as a type of the true Church. The description is precise, clear and complete. With that description we can see that the Church is the solution to all the problem in the world today. If the world imitated Job, there would be no problem in the world, including global warming.
     The description, also, shows that the Vatican church today is not the true church because it is different.  
     Job was passing all his test splendidly as the Church always does. While the Vatican church is failing all its test. 

     Then man was presented to God together with the devil. And the devil complained. Satan said; Job is passing his test because of your great goodness. Of course what do you expect, you devil. God wants all men to pass his test. 
     So the devil made a proposal. 'Let loose Your goodness from him a little and set me loose to torment him and he will curse your face.' It was a supreme test. God was to withdraw His goodness ' a little' and will allow the devil to have extraordinary power to attack him and everything he has. What worse thing can be imagined. Nothing worse can happen to any man in this world. But God allowed it. It was the ultimate test reserved only for Job as a type and for the Church before General Judgment day( because there will be no purgatory). These days, the church must be perfect (in fact, the title for these Sundays Gospel and the next Sundays is entitled 'Perfecting your Faith,' in the old Sunday missal.  

9. How the devil destroy souls.
    Which he could not do to Job and, hopefully, he cannot do to us. All we have to do is follow the example of Job who overcame all the devil's attacks. We must master what Job did because this is what is happening to the Church today and, therefore, to each christian soul. 
    In the next post we shall compare how, with the permission of God, the devil attacked Job. And how God, having given Satan permission, is testing the Church and each individual today. Remember, during these days, God has allowed Satan to do whatever he wishes to the Church. We are fighting not against flesh and blood but against Dominations and Thrones of fallen angels. Since this is God's test, it won't stop or disappear until everyone has either passed or failed the test. Afterwards will come the rewarding and the punishment when they die or....... 

Thursday, October 03, 2019

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time. DIVES AND LAZARUS.

 1. The 26th Sunday in Ordinary time.
     We are approaching the end of the Liturgical year thus our lessons on the teachings of the Catholic Church on how to attain everlasting life, is ending. Thus Holy Mother the Church is giving summaries on who will go to heaven and who will go to hell. And in today's Mass we have a rich man going to hell and a beggar going to heaven.
     Today, everybody is like Dives, the rich man. From Pope Francis down to many bishops and priests. And sadly, most laymen are following suit, being like blind men following the blind.  Hardly anyone is like Lazarus, the beggar. 
     In the Gospel, the rich man goes to hell. And the Liturgy warns us that if we are like the rich man, we, too, go to hell. The beggar, Lazarus is the personification of those who will go to heaven. Both are Liturgical symbols and each one of us must find out to whom we conform.

2. The rich man.
     The Gospel describes a certain rich man, which was clothed i purple and fine linen and fared sumptuously every day.  This rich man went to hell; not because he was rich, not because he was clothed in purple and fine linen.  And not because he fared sumptuously every day. Not even because he saw the beggar by his gate. He went to hell because he did not do any of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy towards the beggar. 
     Maybe he could not do any of the spiritual works of mercy because these are more difficult to do. But he could have done the easier corporal works of mercy like feeding the hungry. He had much food and there were crumbs from his table. He could have given the suffering poor beggar those crumbs. He could have sent his servants to give some crumbs. But he did not.
      Why did he not do it? Because he was living in luxury. Luxurious living or enjoyment of the things of the world blinds the soul to the necessary corporal and spiritual needs of others. This is why the evangelical counsel of poverty is of the utmost importance in the beginning of the spiritual life of every Catholic.

3. The beggar.
    The Gospel continues. There was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at his gate, full of sores. He got nothing from the rich man. Instead the dogs licked his sores. 
     This poor beggar went to heaven (Abraham's bosom). How come? Because he was patient in his sufferings showing it in that he did nothing to ask for food. He believed that God sees his condition, can easily satisfy his needs but he was resigned to God's Will on how God was going to treat him. That is Faith.
     God did not feed him and  did not cure his sores. Instead God brought him to heaven which is much better.

4. Heaven and hell. 
    The Gospel does not describe heaven knowing full well that most of us would fall under the category of the rich man. So it describes the rich man has having his full memory and conscious of the state of his five brothers still alive on earth. 
     In hell, the rich man remembers Lazarus and remembers that he has five brothers still alive on earth. So he asks Abraham to send Lazarus to earth to warn his five brothers that they may not end up in hell like him. 
     And Abraham reminds him that his brothers have Moses and the Prophets. That is like reminding us that we have Scriptures and the interpretation of the Fathers and doctors of the Church to guide us to heaven. Their writing are all available. We don't need anybody else. Neither Pope Francis, nor the bishops or priests. Keep that in mind, Catholics of China. 
     The damned rich man suggests sending Lazarus because a dead man returning back to the earth would be a very effective preacher. That is like suggesting to send a dead man possessed by the devil, a zombie. Abraham speedily rejects the idea. If they don't believe Christ and the Holy Fathers of the Church, they won't believe anybody else. 
      The rich man devoid of wisdom and knowledge suggests to send somebody else rather than Christ, the Fathers and the Doctors of the Church. That is dumb. But that is what Pope Francis, most of the bishops and most of the priests are doing today. Completely disregarding Christ, the Fathers and the Doctors of the Church. And obey Judas members of the hierarchy who are possessed by the devil, people who are spiritually dead and possessed by the devil..... virtual zombies. 

5. The church today is like the rich man.
     It is bad enough that the church is rich, especially in Germany. It is bad enough they are dressed in purple and red. It is bad enough that they are eating sumptuously in the Vatican with Jews, transvestites and atheist Greek politicians. 
      Their sin,  however, is that they do not perform the corporal and, as a consequence, the spiritual works of mercy on the truly needy who are practicing their Faith with great patience just like Lazarus. 
      Their definition of the corporal works and the recipients are not according to the definitions given by St. Augustine or St. Thomas of Aquinas. 
       And they are doing exactly the opposite of the spiritual works of mercy. They increase the doubt of the doubtful. They teach more errors to the ignorant. They encourage the sinners to continue. They confuse the afflicted. They forgive the unrepentant. They rage against those who correct them. And they neither pray for the living nor the dead. Have any of the members of the hierarchy prayed for you? Maybe they simply said they will pray for you. But did they?

6. Are the immigrants like Lazarus? No. 
    Pope Benedict, in his first encyclical 'Deus Caritas est,' noted that the institutional Church does not know what is Charity, i.e. how to practice the corporal works of mercy. All the more they will not know how to practice the superior spiritual works of mercy. In the last chapter of the encyclical he proposed St. Vincent the Paul and St. Theresa of Calcutta as models because they served the poor who were like Lazarus. From the patristic description of Lazarus, the immigrants that Pope Francis, most of the bishops and priests are welcoming are no Lazaruses. They are just like the Chosen people in the desert, continuously complaining and persecuting the prophets who were insisting that they obeyed the commands of God. 
     Nobody is interested in the promised land because no Pope Francis, nor Bishop Marx are preaching the kingdom of God to them. All the immigrants want is to be like the rich man by owning the established prosperity of cultures which they could not possessed at home. They are terribly discontented Lazaruses. Not the Lazarus who will go to heaven. 

7. Looks like everybody will be with the rich man. 
    The world is encouraging everyone to be rich in spirit. Why do people go to the US or the Middle East? To satisfy their desire to enrich their  bodies, prompted by their already rich spirit.  Why do immigrants violate border laws? To be rich in body. A rich spirit is the motivation in enriching the body. Satisfying bodily pleasures comes from the spiritual faculty of the free will. A rich spirit is an abomination to God.
     The rich man in the Gospel was already rich in spirit before he became rich in possessions. The rich spirit that enriched his body is what prevented him in seeing the need to do the corporal works of mercy. And as a consequence the inability to perform the spiritual works of mercy. This kind do not go to heaven. It is the poor in spirit that enters heaven. Lazarus was contented with his poverty because he was, first,  poor in spirit. He was not anxious of his present state. He does not migrate. 

8. The present institutional church with Pope Francis is the rich man. 
    No true corporal works of mercy. Most works are public relation gimmicks Jesuit style, like that metal work in the Vatican portraying immigrants that are no Lazarus but true invaders predicted by that great, about to be canonized, saint John Newman who stands against all that Pope Francis and most of the bishops stands for; from the development of Christian doctrine to open borders. And who described the present Vatican retinue of perverts in his book 'The Confederation of evil,' i.e. the Vatican united with the United Nations, all pagan religions and the communists ganging up against the true Church of Christ.   

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Tuesday of the 25th week in Ordinary Time. WHO IS MY MOTHER, MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

 1. The Gospel.
      Since we are now in the 25th Week in Ordinary Time, most of the teaching of Christ had,  already, been given in the liturgy of the Mass and Holy Mother the Church is summarizing by describing those who will be saved and who will not. 
     There is nothing clearer in Scriptures than the description of those who will be saved and who will not. Christ, for instance said; 'by this all man will know that you are My disciples, your love for one another.' It could not be clearer. But the definition of love, referred to as 'Caritas,' is impossible to understand without the grace of God. So most people cannot interpret what this means. 
      Every Catholic in name think that they are disciples of 
Christ when in fact they are not, if we study the definition of 'disciple' as described in todays Gospel as one who knows and is obedient to all the commands of God.  

2. Christ's definition
    Christ defined the words 'My disciple, My mother, My brothers and sisters' in exactly the same way. They are those who, first,  hear the Words of God. And, secondly, those who obey the Words of God. 
     There are two requirements mentioned; first, to know the Words of God and their correct interpretation as given by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. And secondly, those commands must be obeyed as interpreted by those same Fathers and Doctors of the Church. Keeping in mind that the interpretations of the fathers and doctors of the Church are the interpretations given by Christ, Himself, to the apostles and first Christian communities.  The Fathers merely collected and wrote them down. These were further polished by the doctors of the Church.

3. The Gospel described an incident.
     Mary and some relatives of Christ heard that the Pharisees were plotting to kill Christ. So they went to look for Him to warn Him. But upon arriving at the place where Christ was preaching, they could not enter because of the crowd. Someone, however, informed Christ that His mother and brethren were outside wanting to talk to Him. And Christ answered describing who is His disciples, His mother and His brethren as those who 'hear the word of God and do it.'

4. Who are the true followers of Christ. Who are His mother and  brethren. Christ, Himself gave the answer which was repeatedly mentioned in Scriptures. First, those who listen to the Words of God. Secondly, and do it.
     The first means that they have listened and understood the Words of God. The Jews heard the Words of God but did not understand them.  One has to have some degree of humility to be able to understand the Words of God. The greater the humility, the greater the understanding of the Words of God. 
      The Words are the commandments of God the Father as found in the Old Testament, the commandments of God the Son as found in the New Testament. And the commands of God the Holy Spirit as taught directly by the Spirit. That is a lot of commandments but they can be summarised into love of God and neighbour, i.e. Caritas.  
      Many know the 10 commandments of God the Father in the Old Testament. But, frankly, most have never heard of the commandments of Christ in the New Testament. Most are aghast when they hear that there are more than 80 commandments of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew alone. There are more than 20 just in the chapter on the Beatitudes. There is almost total ignorance of the commandments of Christ among the hierarchy. And this shows in Pope Francis. 
     Pope Francis does not know that adultery is against the command of God the Father. And his first papal speech on 'love without dogma' shows ignorance in the teachings on the three theological virtue.  The coming Synod on the Amazon goes against all the first three commandments of God the Father and all the commandments of God the Son. 
     Most of the bishops, either in fear of Pope Francis, or just out of neglect, are ignorant of the Words of God as found in the catechism. Ignorance of the catechism is shown in their unanimous rejection of capital punishment which is a teaching found in the Catechism. 
     Today, almost nobody, except for a handful, is teaching the Words of God. They only teach natural or worldly knowledge like global warming and open borders. They completely misinterpret the Words of God giving mere human explanations for them, just like the Protestants. Pope Francis cannot even answers simple questions on the Word of God, like those posted in the 'dubia.'
       The inevitable consequence of this ignorance is that they cannot do or obey the word of God. Even most of the saints canonised by Pope Francis, except for a few like John Paul II and John Newman, shows ignorance of the Words of God and the inability to obey them. 

5. Obviously....
     Pope Francis, most of the bishops, priests, nuns and sadly the poor faithful are not followers of Christ, not disciples of Christ, not the mother and brethren of Christ. What are they? Christ said; 'you are either for Me or against Me. They are enemies of Christ. 

6. Let us not join them. Conform to the right definition.
    Know the Words of God and their interpretation by the Father. Then obey them. This is love of God. 
     Then, teach others, like your husband or wife, children and grand children and your neighbour the Words of God and how to obey them. That is love of neighbour. Having defined the above words correctly, you can now become true followers of Christ. And even become His mother and His brethren....which makes you deserving of everlasting life.