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FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT .... Why Bishops have no Faith.

 1. First lesson on the Catholic Faith. 

        The First Sunday of Advent Liturgy connects the lesson of Christ the King to the lesson of Christmas. It connects preparation for the general judgment day and preparation for Christmas. 

        What kind of preparation do we need to get a favourable judgment from Almighty God?  A clean soul. And what kind of preparation do we need to receive Christ into our minds and hearts on Christmas Day? A clean soul. A soul clear of all sins. The way to prepare our souls for both particular and general judgment is identical, i.e. to have a clean soul,  a soul without sin.

     The first days of Advent defines what to do to have a clean soul. In doing so, the Liturgy makes it clear that this is the way to prepare for both the particular and the general judgment. Upon what will God's judgment be based on? On whether we obeyed His commands or not.  And the Liturgy states the first command of God upon which understanding and obedience of the next commands will depend on, i.e. if this first command is learned and obeyed, God will, Himself, teach us what are the next commands and give us the power to be able to obey the next commands. 

       On the other hand, if this first command, described on Monday of the first week of Advent is disobeyed, the next and the rest of all the commands of God will be disobeyed. 

2. The last judgment situation and how to respond during Advent.

       The Feast of Christ the King reminds us, through the prophet Ezechiel, that as we approach General Judgment day, there will be no true preachers who will teach the way of salvation. This was repeated  on Holy Week, no one was preaching, neither the apostles nor Christ. Absolutely no one. This will happen, again, today. Today, no one is preaching due to the lock downs and the few who dare to preach are not preaching how to prepare for the general judgment day. Not Pope Francis, not one of the bishops or priests. 

     So from whom can we learn the way of salvation? The one last teacher is the Liturgy. The Liturgy had been the official teacher of Catholic Doctrine since the very beginning; it still is the only official teacher today. No wonder the devil had been trying to modify or destroy the Liturgy. The devil does not have to destroy those who are ignorant of the Faith; they simply self-destruct.

3. The first three important commands that makes hard rock upon which the spiritual life should be built are enumerated on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the first week of Advent. First command given on the Feast of St. Andrew is is to give up all worldly possessions and all worldly relationship. Thus Andrew, Peter, James and John gave up their boats, nets and the latter their own father. Secondly, a soul must be like little children who sees the good in others and not the evil. Thirdly, to have compassion towards others who suffer by helping them alleviate their pains. This is done by teaching them the purpose of suffering. 

4. If a soul obeys these three commands of Christ, the Gospel of Thursday states; they will be like wise men who built their house on rock. 'The storms and flood came, the house did not fall because it was built on rock.'

     If a soul obeys the first command, he will know the second command and will be able to obey the second command. It will go on and on until the soul learns the last command and will be able to obey the last command to be perfect in Faith and acquire the beginnings of Charity. It all depends in the souls ability to know and obey the first command. Everything else will follow until the soul reaches perfection.

     On the other hand, if the soul disobeys the first command learned on Monday, he will not be able to obey the second, and third command. And he will not be able to obey the rest of the commands. Thus he cannot go to heaven. Every time a soul is unable to obey the commands of Christ, it is because he did not obey the first command. Every time a soul is able to obey the commands of Christ, it is because he obeyed very well the first command. 

      When a soul is unable to become Catholic or is unable to have Faith, it is because he did not obey this first command taught on Monday of the first week of Advent.

5. How come most bishops have no Faith?

     To have Faith a soul must obey the three commands of Christ mentioned on the first week of Advent. They must obey at least the first. But as Pope John Paul II wrote in his 'Veritatis Splendor,' no bishops have obeyed even the first. So they are like foolish men who build their house on sand. A little temptation or trial and their house collapses. They lose their Faith.

     The command given by Christ to Peter and Andrew, to James on John are not commands given to bishops. It is a command for anyone who wishes to follow Christ. It is the same command given by Christ to the young rich man and to the lawyer; a command given to Matthew. It is the first command given by Christ to all who wishes to follow Him, who wishes to become Catholic, who wishes to go to heaven. It is the first command of Christ in the New Testament.

     It is the command to leave all worldly concerns by an act of the mind and free will, a command to rise over and above mere human relationship, and a command to do God's Will over one's own will. These are primarily spiritual acts of the mind and the free will. They have to be shown externally so the soul concerned can know that he has Faith. Andrew had Faith and he showed it externally by leaving all things. The young rich man did not have Faith so he could not show anything externally. After having  proven to oneself that one has Faith, it can be kept in secret unless circumstances demand again that it be shown externally. 

     In effect, the first lesson on Catholicism as taught by the first week of Advent is to be a wise man who builds his house on rock. Not to be a foolish man who built his house on sand. 

6. The reason why they have no Faith.

     Faith, Hope and Charity is defined as obedience to the commands of Christ. The first command of Christ given to all who wish to attain everlasting life is to give up the love and desire for creatures, as St. Augustine would say it, so that they may be able to know and love God. God is in the supernatural level, creatures are in the natural level. They cannot be combined; you will love one and hate the other, Christ said. 

      As long as the hierarchy love the world, human relationships, etc. they cannot love God. And the hierarchy love the world, human relationship and all creatures. In their love for creatures they cannot give them up. 

      Unlike the first four apostles, most bishops cannot give up their boats, their nets and their father. Pope Francis is said to be unable to give up his love for his Argentine passport aside from his love for idols like Pachamama. And many of them are unable to give up their love for their sins like pedophilia, sodomy, adultery, abortion and their love for mother nature and mother earth.  Their minds and hearts are filled with the love of creatures they are totally unable to love God and neighbour. 

      Unable to obey the first command of Christ as defined on Monday of the First week of Advent, they are unable to know and obey the second command of Christ, 'to be like children'. The hierarchy's inability to be like children is what makes them unable to recognise the signs Christ gave of the approach of General Judgment day; thus they are completely unprepared. They will surely not go to heaven. 

     Their inability to know and obey the second command in the training of the followers of Christ, they become unable to know and obey the third command of Christ, on Wednesday of the first Advent weekday, to be compassionate. Compassionate is the Christian virtue. What they have is the opposite vice namely 'pity' which destroys soul. Pope Francis and most bishops 'pity' the immigrants, the poor, the pagans, the gays, the sodomites, the criminals, the drug addicts, etc. Pity, St. Thomas wrote, is a vice and a sin that destroys other souls. While compassion is an act of Charity.  Pity is an act of hatred, St. Thomas concludes.

     So why does Pope Francis and most of the bishops and priests are without the Catholic Faith? And consequently, many of the laymen? Because they have not obeyed a single command of Christ in the New Testament shown by the fact that they could not even obey the first command as Pope John Paul II emphasised in his 'Veritatis Splendor.' They have not obeyed the first command required of all who wish to follow Christ and attain everlasting life. In which case, they are not followers of Christ, they are not Catholics and they cannot attain everlasting life. The Gospel of Monday of the first week of Advent describes the first sign of Faith in a Peter, Andrew, James and John, the ability to give up all creatures, boats, nets, home, fathers........and their own will (as the Gospel of following Thursday adds.) This is how to prepare our souls to receive the Word of God on Christmas Day. And at the same time to prepare one's soul for the general judgment day. 

     The above have not received Christ in their souls from their birth up to the present because they have no Faith. They have not obeyed any of the commands of Christ who said; 'who is the wise man........' 



Wednesday, December 02, 2020

SIGNS SUMMER IS NEAR. Friday of the last week in Ordinary time.

  1. The signs of summer. 

      In the Gospel, Christ mentiones that people know that summer is near because of the new leaves in the fig trees. Men, also, know if it is autumn and if winter is approaching. Men knows what is coming from signs that occur before. A red sky in the afternoon informs the farmer that there will be rain the next day. But how come, though Christ mentioned all the signs of the approach of general judgment day so men can prepare their souls, nobody seems to know that it is coming soon. 

       General judgment day is when each man will be judged by Christ for every word they said, every thought he had, every action he did and every duty he omitted. For everything, even for every useless word they said, St. Paul writes. 

       What we see in the world is man's utter carelessness in that everything he does is reason for God to condemn him. And at a time when man is fast approaching the general judgment day. 

        Christ complains of man's stupidity. Man usually knows when summer is approaching because of the new saplings that grow in the trees. Or he knows when winter is approaching because of autumn. How come man does not know the approach of the most important day of his life; when he will be judged where he will spend his eternity. 

2. The Liturgy gives many signs.

     Christ declared to His apostles that nobody knows the exact day of the last judgment or when a person will die. Then He adds, not even the angels, nor the Son. Only the Father. Christ did not want to satisfy the useless curiosity of the apostles. He wanted them to concentrate on the essentials. So He did not want to tell them. But the Son and the angels know the exact time. And Christ gave His apostles signs when general judgment day is by the doorstep. He gave these signs on Holy Week because the events of Holy Week were the prophetic signs that general judgment is by the doorstep. 

     The sign was the spiritual state of both the state and the church in Jerusalem on Holy Week. Both were faithless, both were sinners, both had no Charity, both were filled with hatred, both were murderers. 

3. Which goes first. 

     The state is in the natural level of politics. The Church has two levels; the level of politics which is referred to as the institutional church and the supernatural level, the spiritual level, which is the true Church of Christ. Ordinarily, the church deteriorates before society deteriorates. And vice versa, society improves as the church spiritually improves. 

      On Holy Week, both the Synagogue, which was the church of God's chosen people, and the Jewish society hit the bottom of immorality. Both had no Charity, no Faith and no knowledge of God's religion. Both regressed down to the unnatural level. Thus God declared condemnation both to the city and its religions......death and destruction that will be fulfilled 40 years later. The religion, first, loses its Faith then the nation loses its reason to exist. 

      Many nations, today, are in this deplorable state. Their Catholic Church has lost its Faith thus the nation has lost its reason to continue existing. Let us not talk about those nation who do not have the right religion thus nations without souls. These nations have no reason to exist and, in fact, they are not a nation at all but just a conglomeration of many people of different minds and hearts. 

      We are talking about the sign of the times that shows that general judgment day is by the door. This sign is when the Catholic Church in that nation have lost its Faith and the nation have lost its nationality i.e. the nation has become a nation full of squatters with no single norm of unity. These are usually former Catholic nations. They have become signs identical to Jerusalem, ready for the slaughter; like Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Korea, China, Japan, etc. They will be destroyed at the same time. And true Catholics are just waiting for that dreaded moment while preparing themselves for the general judgment that will follow soon. 

     What are we waiting for? Babylon. The nation that represents the state of the whole world. When Babylon falls, the entire sinful world will fall with it. Babylon, the modern world Jerusalem who crucified Christ,  is about to fall. Summer is coming and nobody seems to notice it. Most of its inhabitants are even hastening its fall. "O Babylon, Babylon. You devastator of morals. " 

4. The 6th day is today.

     Pope Benedict mentioned briefly in a talk on St. Bonaventure that we are in the 6th day, referring to the 6th day as discussed by St. Bonaventure. The saint was referring to that day when both the state and the institutional church will be faithless thus deserving to be destroyed by the Romans as they did to Jerusalem.

     The crisis of Faith was noticeable after Vatican II in the US. Then it spread all over the world that we cannot find a Catholic parish or diocese that has the four visible marks of the Catholic Church  because they are faithless. Gradually, it begun to show among the laymen especially among so called Catholic politicians. Being in the limelight they were clearly faithless. The same goes with the more better known bishops and cardinals precisely because they are in the lime light. No one can hide the fact that one is faithless. And no one can hide that he has Faith. 

     The US, being the most prominent nation, is being watched by the whole Christian world on whether state and church are on the slippery way down to great evils. The inevitable way down which no one can stop started with Vatican II, it rapidly descended with Obama as head of the US. It temporarily slowed down in its descend with President Trump. And everybody is expecting the descend to continue with great speed with Biden. In which case the world is expecting the Divine punishment, the destruction of Jerusalem to occur. 


Wednesday, November 25, 2020


      1. Two judgment days. 

         The catechism describes two judgments, the particular judgment which occurs when individuals pass away; and the general judgment when God judges the entire human race. We must be prepared for both because we do not know which one we will reach first. The way to prepare for both is identical; We must be found loving God and neighbour. It is the surrounding scenario that is different. The particular judgment  is preceded with nothing eventful; while the general judgment is surrounded with spectacles. These spectacles are part of  God's last test for mankind on whether he will continue to love God and neighbour. It is still the same test and man passes the test in exactly the same way; he must be found loving God and neighbour.

         The scenario surrounding general judgment day makes it difficult for man to pass this last test, so Christ gave us signs of the approach of this 'dreadful' day so man can prepare well. And the Liturgy had been dealing with these 'dreadful' day since three weeks ago up to the present, the Feast of Christ the King. Today the Liturgy reminds all men that each man will undergo a final judgment of everything he said, he did and did not do,  by a Divine Judge based on His commandments. 

2. The Gospel. 

    The Gospel of Christ the King shows us how the general judgment will take place and what will be the basis by which God will judge each man. In fact, God will not judge all men. Each man will judge himself after God reveals to each man the state of his soul. So, in effect, each man will judge himself using his own conscience. Each man will judge himself based on the Law that God have implanted in the hearts of man, that man must love God and neighbour to be worthy of everlasting happiness in heaven. If man does the opposite he will go to everlasting punishment.

     So the Gospel shows that when Christ comes down from heaven to judge all men, He will separate mankind into two groups; one He will put on the right, the sheep, who are destined to go to heaven. The other He will put on the left, the goats, who will be punished in the eternal fires of hell. 

3. Why is the sheep worthy to go to heaven?

     Christ answers; 'because I was hungry and you gave Me to eat.' Then Christ clarifies when they gave Him  to eat.' As long as you gave to this the least of My Brethren you did it to Me.' Who is this brethren?

     Christ described the corporal works of mercy. But it must, also, be interpreted as the spiritual works of mercy. Note that Christ said; I was hungry and you gave Me to eat. The hungry man is not any poor man. It is Christ. Then Christ described how this take place; whenever you feed someone with Faith, someone who obeys My commandments, someone who is following Me, you did it to Me. My brethren is he who obeys My commands. 

      Even if you fed the whole world but if not one of them obeys the commands of Christ, you have not fed Christ and, therefore, you cannot be one of the sheep. 

4. It is an advantage to know the commands of Christ or to know who has Faith. Which is the same. They have Faith who know and obey the commands of Christ. 'Who is My brother, My sister, My mother. He who obeys My commandments.' So whatever you do to these brethren of Christ you did it to Christ. 

     There is need to have some degree of Faith for someone to recognise somebody else who have Faith. But even the Faithless can accidentally do good to someone with Faith as St. Paul wrote; God seeing the sincerity of some pagans sends them angels so the pagans can do good to them thus joining the sheeps on the right hand of Christ. 

     The pagans and those who have weak Faith will ask; 'when did we see you hungry and gave you to eat.' They did not know that they have fed someone who have Faith, who have obeyed the commands of Christ. Christ answers; 'as long as you did it to these souls who obey My commands, the least of My brothers and sisters, you did it to Me.'

     The Gospel enumerates six 'Good Acts,' if done to someone who obeys the commands of Christ, will make you a sheep. 

5. The higher degrees of Good Acts. The spiritual acts of mercy.

     The spiritual acts of mercy are supposed to be done by the Pope, bishops and priests. On feeding your neighbour, whoever feeds souls who are hungry for the knowledge of salvation with the mystical meaning of the Gospel is not only doing it to Me but is imitating Me, which is a superior spiritual act of love of neighbour. These six good acts enumerated has a deeper mystical meaning and, therefore, a more meritorious act of Charity. To visit prisoner is to help those imprisoned by their vices and sin to repent and free themselves, etc. But let us just stick to the first. 

6. Who are the goats.

     Those who will go to hell. Why will they go to hell; Christ said; 'because I was hungry and you gave Me not to eat. 'Thus anyone who does not give food to those who obey the commands of Christ, those who have some degree of Faith, you have deprived Christ of food. You have done it to Christ. 

     Worse, if Popes, bishops and priests do not feed spiritually souls hungry for the way of salvation, as they are doing now due to the pandemic, they are not feeding Christ. They will go to hell for not feeding Christ in the men and women of Faith, who obey the commands of Christ. 

      The state provisions that deprive men and women, who obey the commands of Christ, means of income to feed their families, as some mayor and governors are doing makes these politicians goats. If ever they fall dead, they go straight to hell.

       And Pope Francis and some bishops, especially in the US, and priests who deprive the populace who obey Christ commands, of knowledge on how to save their souls because they, themselves, do not know how to save themselves, are starving their constituents of spiritual food. They are starving Christ. They are goats on the left on the way to hell. 

7. A specific example.

    Donald Trump is pro-life; he is obeying the commands of Christ to welcome babies to life. By definition, he is a man of Faith; a Catholic. Many in the US hate him, mass media is destroying him, wishing to assassinate him, lying about him, calumniating him, insulting him and voting against him. Being a man who obeys God's command, he is one of the least of the brethren of Christ. The way he is being treated is the way these same people are treating Christ. 'You did it to Me.' They, all, belong to the left side, the goats destined to hell. This includes the 2 thousand old Catholic nuns, some Catholic bishops and priests and Pope Francis who even congratulated the abortionist who kill Christ again. ' Didn't Christ say; whatever you do to these little ones you did it to Me.'  

     Souls do not go to heaven for doing good to infidels or those who disobey the commands of Christ. The commands of Christ can easily be known by everybody. And nobody goes to hell because they did evil to infidels or those who disobey the commands of Christ. 

     Souls go to heaven for going good to those who obey the commands of Christ, i.e. those who have Faith. Souls go to hell for not doing good to those who obey the commands of Christ, i.e those who have Faith. Worse, a soul gets a double dosage of hell if they do evil to those who obey the commands of Christ.

8. The sign of the imminent approach of general judgment day is when both state and church is like the Jewish people and the Synagogue before the Crucifixion of Christ. Both were faithless. Many nations today have both their people and the Catholic church in them without Faith; the US, Europe minus Poland and Hungary, the whole of Africa and Asia, Canada and Australia. All are deserving to be destroyed as Jerusalem was destroyed 40 years after the death of Christ. Faith in Christ is dead in these countries so its destruction should be imminent. It should start when the US begin to deteriorate with abortionists leading it. God will never bless a nation who votes abortionists into office. He punishes them. Is this what Pope Benedict mentioned in a Christmas address when he warned that the world is in decline and no one can stop it. It was momentarily slowed down but it will continue to spiral downward towards greater evil and final punishment when evil abortionist and their accomplices like the US bishops and Pope Francis take over. Next year may be called the Year of the Goats because great evils will be forced on the men and women of Faith. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

The CHURCH on Good Friday. Friday of the 33rd Weekday.

 1. The Liturgy.

       The Liturgy continues to teach how souls should prepare themselves, not only for one's particular judgment, but for general Judgment day. Not knowing which one will come first,  it is best to prepare for both.  Which the Liturgy have been teaching us from Ash Wednesday up to Christ the King. 

      These days the Liturgy is teaching us the fearful situation surrounding the general judgment day when Christ described the punishment for a generation of Jewish people who had no Faith and His very own Old Testament Church who had no Faith. Christ preached to both but both did not believe. Both, the state and the church will be surrounded by the Roman Army and both will be  destroyed. Christ said that this event will happen again today.

2. The siege. 

     The Gospel describes a physical siege of Jerusalem by the Roman army of Titus and Vespasian. St. Thomas wrote that the mystical meaning of that prophecy is a spiritual siege by the evil spirits wherewith those in sin or without Faith will not be able to escape and repent. The good and those willing to repent will be able to spiritually escape before the siege. We saw this in yesterday's Liturgy. 

     In today's Liturgy we see the Old Testament Church of the Jewish Synagogue, which is a symbol of the institutional Church headed by the Vatican, surrounded by evil spirits and totally unable to escape the spiritual siege, as foretold by Christ Himself. It is the punishment of the present church for not having the theological virtue of Faith shown by the actual state of mortal sin of its members. Sodomy, pedophilia, love for money the root of all evil, heresies, idolatry, surrounds and have entered the Vatican church. 

     The Gospel refers specifically to the priests, bishop and present Pope. They have made the House of God, His Church, into a place of commerce, an NGO office of the UN.  Concerned with UN sustainable development program, global warming, immigrations, politics and more money. 

 3. House of Prayer.

       My house is a house of prayer, Christ reminds this Church that has no Faith. Prayer and Faith go together, St. Paul wrote. Your Faith is only as good as your prayer. And prayer is purely spiritual being an act of the spiritual faculties of the soul. Prayer is an act of the intellect just as Faith is an act of the intellect. Prayer is, also, an act of the free will, just like Charity. Prayer is an act of the intellect with the consent of the free will. Faith and Charity is necessary when we face the general judgement seat of God. The house of God, the Church,  has nothing to do with mother nature and environment. 

     After Vatican II, but especially today, the pope, cardinals, bishops, priests and religious no longer recite the seven Liturgical prayer of the Church. It has been reduced into three in most places. If they pray a little they do not pray well or they do not ask for the right things, St. James complains. 

      The prayer of the religious, priests and hierarchy is not enough for for them to be able to repent, not enough for them avoid temptation, is not enough for them to win graces from God, is not enough for them to be saved. That is why most of them are spiritually possessed by the devil. You need perfect Faith to resist the devil, the Compline prayer reminds all Catholics. And nobody has perfect Faith, not even a little Faith, Cardinal Ratzinger wrote in his 'Ratzinger Report.' Because the institutional church have ceased to be a house of prayer. It has become an NGO of the pagan United Nations. There is a need for Christ to whip them all out of the temple. 

            Prayer is not an easy task. Even the apostles had to ask Jesus, 'teach us to pray.' St. Augustine has a treatise on how to pray but nobody seems to know how to. A soul needs Faith to pray well. And the Faithless Church now surrounded by evil spirits because it has no Faith, cannot help themselves because they do not have the necessary Faith to pray well. 

     No Faith, no prayer, no resistance against the devil, mankind is now surrounded and even spiritually possessed by devils. Jerusalem is a picture of the Faithless nation and Faithless church that Christ described as surrounded and ready for destruction. It is a spiritual scenario, so nobody can see it. And nobody knows it is going on. It is a spiritual battle.

4. Where is the true Church

    The Church is there wherever Christ have cleansed the Church of all worldly priests. And is now ready to listen to the Word of God and pray.

     Spiritually, a soul must leave the besieged Jerusalem. Leave it by an act of the intellect and an act of the free will. Leave it by entering the Kingdom of God that is within you. The kingdom, the temple is within your minds and free will. 

     With your free will, love only the things enumerated by Christ in the 'Our Father.' Follow the original 'Our Father' because the new translation of Pope Francis renders it ineffective. 

     Then from the free will, transfer those good desires to the intellect. Then open your minds to God. St. Thomas wrote, that is prayer. Your soul has become a House of Prayer. It has become the Catholic Church, the Kingdom of God within you. You have escaped the besieged city of a faithless world and faithless church. 

Friday, November 20, 2020


 1. The time of His visitation.

      No one knows the time of Christ's two visitations, His first and second coming. That refers to our particular judgment, when each person dies and the world's general judgment, when mankind will be judged.

       There is a great move around the world to abolish judgment day. It begun in the Vatican when Pope Francis abolish hell, and of course the judgment that sends souls to hell. Souls destined to hell just disintegrate, he said. And the whole world picked that up with defunding police to complete abolition of the justice system for the candidates that are facing serious court cases. They had to win by all means because they have too many crimes to face. The list of pending cases in the US courts is astounding. 

        The world wide movement to abolish judgment day continues with the mere releasing of criminals. Everybody wants to believe there is no hell. And one Filipino bishops announced this in his social media. 

         The Liturgy of the Mass had been emphasising that there is judgment day wherewith each person will be judged even before he dies and after death is immediately rewarded or punished. Judgment will be made by an All knowing God. And there will be no hearing because He knows all things. 

          As we approach the Feast of Christ the King which reminds us of the General Judgment day wherewith Christ will judge each individual, the Liturgy reminds us of this last judgment. Christ reminds us that what happened on Holy Week is a preview on how things will be as mankind approach general judgment day. 

2. The Divine Judge.

     Mankind had been disobeying the Divine Law, the natural  law, the Roman law, the national law and law of good manners. Man do not want to obey any law. They just want to do what they want. They have become their own law. Look at the news. What law are they following? The law of their lower instinct. And their own mayors, governors are letting all go wild. The law enforcer are standing down. Many of judges are not prosecuting them. 

      When each person faces the Divine Judge, this Judge will judge every man according to His Divine Law and sentence each man with the Divine Justice. Those who know the Divine Law will be judged by the Divine Law. Those who do not know the Divine Law will be judged by the natural law. God will not recognise any man made human law. The news are showing that most of mankind are going against both the Divine and natural law and they do not know it. They are going to hell and they do not know it. 

3. They do not know the time of My visitation. 

    On Ash Wednesday, the Liturgy warned us that Christ was coming for His visitation and call many souls to judgment through their particular death. No pope, bishops or priests prepared the people for it, because they did not know how to prepare souls for judgment. The Corona virus struck summoning millions to their judgement. How many were prepared? If the pope, the bishops and priests were unprepared, how much more the laity. How much more the pagans. 

     Millions have died. And the pandemic continues because God is continuing His message, 'prepare yourselves because My angels are summoning you to My judgment seat.' The supposed teachers, the pope, bishops and priests are still silent. They refuse to teach the human race how to prepare for death.

      So today, Thursday of the 33rd weekday, the Liturgy warns us; since the human race have not listened to God's first warning, He is now sending the second warning. Well, prepare for General judgment day. For those with Faith Christ have given signs for the approach of general judgment day. All the signs were given by Christ to the apostles on Holy Week. Those without Faith cannot know the signs and, therefore, will be caught unaware as on the days of Noah.

4. The signs of the day of visitation.

     The Liturgy is filled with signs that the visitation is by the door. So those with Faith know how near it is. Just by the door. All you have to do is open the door and there it is. There is no time to do anything else.   The foolish virgin could not even buy oil. Christ described this sign as an army besieging a town. It is a prophecy of the punishment for the Jewish people for rejecting Christ. The Romans under Titus and Vespasian will surround and besieged Jerusalem. Nobody can come out. Nobody can go in. Slowly the people inside will succumb and die. Then the Romans will enter the city and destroy it. Killing the people, sending others to exile and leaving no stone on top of another stone. 

     Mystically, the City of Man, unfaithful to Christ, will be surrounded with evil and by the devil that no soul can come in or go out of this encirclement. 

5. Two images from the Liturgy

     A city besieged by the Romans (Thursday) and a temple filled with sellers (Friday). One is an image of the world, explained on the Thursday Gospel, the other is an image of the institutional Church headed by the Vatican, explained on the Friday Gospel. Both signs are warnings of the approach of general judgment day. That the Bridegroom is coming and there is no time for the foolish virgins to buy oil for the lamps. 

     Jerusalem had no Faith showed in that they crucified the Messiah they were waiting for, who came to save them. The city was faithless and their initial punishment was to be surrounded and besieged by the Roman armies. 

      The world's response to the Divine chastisement, the pandemic, shows absolute absence of Faith. The world's response shows it does not believe in God. Every single response to the virus is a sin against Faith. And like Holy Week, the main response to the virus is led by Pope Francis, most of the bishops and priests, show the total absence of Faith in God. The Catholic hierarchy is like the  Jewish high priests and Pharisees leading the revolt against the theological virtue of Faith. They don't believe in the Blessed Trinity. 

      Their initial punishment, like the besieging of Jerusalem is that the entire world is now surrounded and besieged by evil spirits, as St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote. The world is surrounded by devils and their co-horts. Nobody can go out of this encirclement and nobody can come in to supply them with anything. This is slow spiritual starvation and death. The Roman would eventually attack and enter the city and massacre the weakened populace leaving no stone over another stone. 

      The warning of the Gospel is that today, God is chastising the world by allowing the devils and their co-horts surround each individual so that weakened he cannot free themselves of the evils in their souls nor do good works nor pray for help. And no saintly preacher can enter to save them. Thus the disciples of Christ have left the city before the siege. Future Liturgy, Dec. 8 and 12 show how to escape before the siege. 

      Note how Donald Trump is surrounded and besieged by evil, from the very first day of his presidency but especially now as he tries to get the truth about the true outcome of the election. He is surrounded with evil minds he cannot get the truth out and he cannot do good. Only God can help him. But is this Christmas night or is this the day prelude to the besieging and destruction of Jerusalem? It seems more like the latter because Christmas is over. 

6. The besieged city.

     The world is now besieged with evil. Souls cannot escape and leave their sinful way of existence. And no one is able to enter the city to help those inside. These two entities are within the besieged city, the political world and the institutional Church.

      Besieging the 'good' by the entire world that loves money, the rich, big tech, mass media, communist, pagans, criminals, bureaucracies like the Justice system, the UN, WTO, Davos, global warming, Human rights, ...etc., last and not least, the Vatican. 

      As Christ said; 'the world will hate you.' Everything in the world will hate the good. As a commentator said;  Biden was elected not because the US loved him but because the US hated Trump, for doing good. It is a siege by evil around the good to prevent good being done. It is a siege around the evil to prevent them from repenting. It is a perfect formula to drag the nation down to hell when judged by the Catholic God. 

       Hey, but why should a Catholic God judge me when I am not Catholic? Because there is only one Divine Judge. And everybody should check this out with Google even if  Google does not believe in God. 

7. Leading the Faithless response to the Corona virus is the Vatican and its bishops by abolishing the Mass. That is in fulfillments of the prophecy about the disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant, the only means by which man communicated with God. The communication was cut off by the Vatican. 

     The institutional Church, the high priest and Pharisees, has been overwhelmed with evil due to lack of Faith.  The Gospel gave the reason, 'they do not pray.' They are concerned only with earthly concerns, like global warming, jobs for the youth, worldly happiness for the old and open doors for immigrants who have their own lands. A recent appointed Filipino cardinal just announced that he will concentrate on human rights. What? Worldly concerns again? Not the saving of souls? Poor Capiz. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Saturday of the 32nd weekday in Ordinary time. SHALL I FIND FAITH ON THE EARTH.

  1. The Liturgy.

     The Liturgy had been teaching Catholics three important lessons; first, what they should do to merit everlasting life. This was taught from Ash Wednesday up to Holy Week. Secondly, how the Catholic Church look like. This was taught in the several parables about the kingdom of God. And thirdly, who our true teachers should be. This was taught during the 30th Weekdays in the critique of the Pharisees. 

      The three must coincide together. What we learned from the Liturgy on how to attain everlasting life must coincide with the description of what the Catholic Church is doing and the same must be what is being taught by the official teachers of the Church. If the three do not coincide there is something wrong somewhere. So re-check everything with the Liturgy.  Everything have changed in the Catholic Church, except the Liturgy. So check with the Liturgy.

2. The catechism and the Liturgy teaches two judgments, the particular and the general judgment. The particular judgment is what occurs when individuals pass away. The general judgment is when God will judge the whole world. 

     Preparation for the particular judgment is taught by the Liturgy from Ash Wednesday up to Easter. Preparation for the general judgment is taught from Pentecost up to the Feast of Christ the King. The Liturgy shows how to prepare for both thus showing the signs of the approach of both. 

3. Preparing for both judgments.

     Nobody seems to believe that all will die and each will face the God who created all things to be judged according to His laws. If there is a God, He will surely do this. But no one is worried that he will be judged by laws he is totally ignorant of and by a Judge he is totally ignorant of. Imagine the surprise man will have when he dies. 

     The recent death of a pro abortion Justice is worrisome in that she is known to have disobeyed the laws of her own god. How did their conversation go? Today, nobody seems to show signs that they believe in life after death and judgment that immediately follows death. Not even Pope Francis and most of the bishops especially in the US. In fact, some of them have abolished hell and deny judgment after death saying souls simply disintegrate after dying. Of course, these bishops can believe whatever they want, but this is not the teaching of the Catholic Church. 

     Preparing for particular judgment is simple, just live a life of repentance to acquire the virtue of Penance through a life of prayer, fasting and good works. This is a way of life, not mere individual human acts. 

     Preparing for general judgment is more complex. Because it is God's last test for mankind, it is accompanied with complex situations, all of which are described in the Liturgy. These situations are described in the Old Testament. Christ repeated these instructions during Holy Week because this Holy Week is a foretelling of the situation prior to the general judgment. So the final signs of the approaching of this fearful day must correspond with Holy Week or as St. Bonaventure described it, the 6th Day, referring to the 6th day of Creation. This is prior to the Sabbath which symbolise general judgment day. God gave these signs precisely so man can prepare himself, if he wants to go to heaven. Why? Because during these days it will become nearly impossible to work out the salvation of one's soul.

      Let's look at a few signs. Your own will betray you. It is not new that the Democrats will betray Trump. But when his own white house staff betrays him, especially when his own nephew or niece does it, we are really in very bad times. Let us concentrate on a few signs. 

     A prophecy of Ezechiel read a few weeks ago. The time will come that spiritual leaders will not teach the way of salvation. Instead they will teach errors. And that the Ark of the Covenant will disappear thus ending the Sacrifice. Christ, Himself, repeated the above by describing these days that replicate Holy Week thus; there will be a decay of Faith and the waxing cold of Charity. This happened on Holy Week and it will happen again today as prelude to general judgment day, prophesied in the destruction of Jerusalem. Last Saturday, Christ, again, repeated; when He comes, will He find Faith upon the earth.

4. Faith and Charity.

    The teachings of the Catholic Church as taught by Christ are all in the supernatural level. Nobody can know, learn or speak about these truths unless he has received graces from God to be able to do so. This divine graces comes along with the theological virtue of Faith. Faith is a supernatural theological virtues that is infused by God to those who have perfectly repented of their sins. 

     The power to love God and neighbour comes with Charity that is, also, an infused virtue given by God only to those who have perfect Faith. Faith and Charity always go hand in hand. Without Charity, Faith is dead and in unable to save souls. So Christ was right when He said that if a person do not have Faith, he cannot have Charity. Thus the prophecy describing the world today; an era where there is decay of Faith and the waxing cold of Charity. No Faith and no Charity. And this is the state of the world today as we approach general judgment day as described by the Liturgy. 

     It is exactly like the state of the world on Good Friday. Except for the apostles and a few disciples Jerusalem was completely devoid of Faith and Charity. Nobody was preaching the way of salvation. The apostles and Mary were quiet. Christ was not preaching. And they were crucifying Christ. St. Bonaventure wrote that this is exactly what will happen just before general judgment day. And that is what is happening today. People just cannot believe that it can happen today, but it is happening. 

 5. The sins of the men of the Church. 

     To Christ's question; shall I find Faith on the earth?  No! Holy Week is a prophetic picture of what is happening today. On that day, there was no Faith except on a few; the apostles, the holy women, Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea and the centurion. That is about 20 people. The rest of the Jewish nation was faithless. 

     Today, Pope Francis, most of the cardinals, bishops, priests and at least 2,000 nuns are without Faith. How much more the ordinary laymen. Proof of the matter. They are all in the natural level. Look at all of them from the news and the Internet. They are all in the natural level. Talk to them for days and you will not hear a single spiritual topic. You will only hear worldly topics. Look at their periodicals; they are all about scientific and natural topics. A few attempts to be spiritual is pitiful. 

       Of course, there are sporadic illumination that reaches the spiritual, supernatural level. But this is only a handful, like Vigano who had been consistently spiritual. It is not good that they are only in the natural level, like concerns on ecology, global warming, caring for mother earth, or concerns on politics, immigration, etc. To remain in the natural level will eventually make them descend to the unnatural level. So today they are all involved in same sex marriage, sodomy and other sexual perversities. There are the countless heresies. They are involve in it.

       Not only are they in the natural level which put them outside of Faith, i.e. lacking in Faith. They are, also,  lacking in Charity, the theological virtues given only to those with perfect Faith. 

      By remaining in the natural level they descended, further, into the realm of sin which put them further away from Faith and Charity. They fell into mortal sin, like being accomplices in abortion, adultery and Sodomy. This puts them further away from  Faith and Charity. If the bishops and priest are in sin and, therefore, outside of Faith and Charity, what do you expect of their parishioners and the entire diocese?  Certainly, faithless, too. 

       If they are Faithless, they are constantly descending into greater sin and evil every moment. It is God's punishment for sinners who do not immediately repent for their past sins. Pope Francis, most of the bishops are guilty of sins like abortion among the the US bishops, sodomy among the Filipino bishops and sexual perversity among countless priests, that have filled the headlines.  And there are the heresies among the rest of the bishops around the world.  We have a Faithless world who wrongly think they are still Catholics. Without Faith because of the state of sin they are in, one cannot have the living Catholic Faith and cannot have Charity. They do not love God and neighbour. Husband cannot love wife, parents cannot love their children, Americans cannot love Americans and Americans cannot love Russians. Without Faith, you cannot love anyone else. And that is the state of the world as Christ, Himself, prophesied last Saturday. 

6. Consequences of sinners taking over.

     When faithless souls rule, as punishment from God, they cannot even think of what is good for anyone. They cannot do any good for anyone. They will simply descend to further evil every time they do anything. When they fall into evil, like lying, they will not be able to get out of it. Deep into evil everything they do will be evil. 

    They will drag everybody down to hell because they are under the influence of the prince of darkness. 

7. God does not tolerate continuous evil doing. He chastises them  in an attempt to convert them. If they do not, God destroys them. 

     During the US election, some Faithful souls would want Trump to win to give the world more time for peace to perfect their Faith. But the more spiritual would rather that Biden wins so that God can punish and end all evils in the world. But then, God's Will be done. And that is what Catholics with perfect Faith are waiting for, God's Will.   

8. The present Divine Test.

     Working for the salvation of souls today is difficult in that there is no Faith and Charity in the institutional Church; none among the hierarchy, among the priests, among the nuns and among most of the faithful. There are faithful souls, of course. But we don't know where they are, because they love to be hidden. 

     For the rest of us, no one is teaching us how to have Faith and Charity. There is no Mass, no preaching, no confessions, no Sacraments. Errors is being taught, errors are pushed down our throats, rioters are burning our stores and stealing our goods. Our spiritual leaders are dancing with abortionist and sodomists. And the Bridegroom is coming. Will He find wise virgins with lamps and oil? Will He find Faith and Charity? Maybe in a few. But will He find Faith in us?



Friday, November 13, 2020

GRATITUDE vs INGRATITUDE. Wednesday of 32nd Weekday. The TEN lepers.

  1. God's tests.

God test all men. The Liturgy prepares men for the right response.

What is the latest test. The Corona virus. The right answer was given by the Liturgy prior to the pandemic - On Ash Wednesday, the Liturgy said; 'prepare for the virus, repent.' The wrong answer was to continue succumbing to the seven capital sins. 

The world did not repent but continued giving in to the 7 capital sins. God punished the world with the uncontrollable pandemic. The virus is a chastisement from God. No human can control or stop it. As no one can control a volcanic eruption of tsunamis which are chastisements from God. 

No one can stop God from sending someone to hell, the extreme chastisement.

2. A chastisement is meant to divide people. The good who pass the test. And the evil who fail the test.

     A chastisement is a test from God for man to discover whether he will obey God's Will or disobey God's Will. God's Will is expressed in commandments. Like in the Corona virus test, will man obey God's command to repent. Or will he disobey God's command and continue giving in to the sources of sin, i.e. the seven capital sins. 

     When a soul passes a test, he grows in virtue and is able to do better things. When a soul fails a test, he grows in vices and is punished by God by descend to greater evil. 

     Thus God continues to test men so the good can become better. And so that the evil may, hopefully pass the test this time, repent for his past evil, turn around and become good. 

     This is the reason the pandemic has not stopped and more chastisements were added. Giant forest fires that burned down homes, storms that caused flooding, riots in cities and an election. 

3. An election as God's test.

     Everything that happens in life is a test. And the Liturgy of the day teaches us how to pass the on going test. After several pending chastisements, some nations had elections. This is a test. Will man obey God's commands or will man disobey God's commands.

     By this time many have progressed in virtue. And many have regressed to greater evil; that both sides are clearly divided into two groups; the virtuous and the vicious. 

4. We are in that junction. 

     The virtuous may be symbolised by their being pro-life in that they have most of the virtues. While the other side, the pro-abortion, in that they have most of the seven capital sins. 

     Both are ready to take God's test, the election. The two tendencies; the good will do what is normal to the good ones, they will try to be better. Thus they will try to win the election so they can further protect lives not only of babies but of the elderly (by outlawing euthanasia). If elected, they will try to stop all acts of abortion in their country and all around the world. Added to this they will protect the families the healthy environ for the growth of fine children. From being pro-life they will further progress to being pro-family.

      The abortionist will deteriorate to greater evil. Not only will they abort babies in their land, they will make the practice world wide with the help of organisations like the UN and unchristian countries like China. Added to this they will destroy the family, followed by the destruction of societies and cultures. 

       Watch their behaviour before, during and after the election.

5. The test of the ten lepers.

      During this interim, we have the test of the  10 lepers, a test of gratitude or ingratitude. This test will show if the good has gratitude; it will show that the evil has no gratitude.

      When a good person is tending towards goodness, he will reach a point where he will show gratitude for the good received. All spiritual good come from God but some corporal good can come from parents and loved ones. A good person, always shows gratitude to both. When a good person shows gratitude to God and man, he progresses in goodness in that God gives him the theological virtue of Faith and Charity. This confirms him in his goodness; he cannot lose his goodness. Thus the Samaritan leper showed gratitude to Christ as God and man, thus Christ grants him the gift of Faith and Charity thus he was declared saved.

     When an evil person tends towards evil, he will show ingratitude for all the good he has received both from God and from man. When a person is ungrateful God does not give him Faith nor Charity; thus he is not a Catholic. Catholics should have the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. Without the three, he is not a Catholic. 

 6. The gratitude of the pro-lifers.

     Pro-lifers show their gratitude both to God and parents by welcoming every born child and sustaining the babe's life in all circumstance. 

     Proponents of abortion are utterly ungrateful for the most wonderful gift which God, alone, can give and create, a baby. And they show their ingratitude by killing the babe and throwing it away. For their ingratitude God will not give the Faith and Charity. They cannot be Catholics and enter Heaven. 

     Because of their gratitude, like the Samaritan leper, God will give pro-lifers Faith and Charity, i.e. the supernatural power to know and believe in God; and Charity, the supernatural power to love God and neighbour.

7, The ingratitude of the abortionist.

      Because of their ingratitude, like the 9 lepers, God will not give them Faith nor Charity. They will neither love God nor any of their neighbour. They will hate everybody, their husband, wife, children, the American people and the entire world. Their main platform is to destroy the entire planet. 

      Ungrateful to God, they will be ungrateful to all men so they are ungrateful to their own present president. In heart they cannot be grateful to the world. If you are ungrateful for the greatest gift God can give man, you cannot be grateful for lesser gifts/ The next step after ingratitude is a deeper sin. 

     Knowing evil can never win over good, they will do all evils to win; to cheat, lie, defraud in the election. They cannot do otherwise, St. Thomas wrote. They have to do the next great evil, deceive the whole nation. 

     But the stand still due to the extensive proof of fraud and cheating during the election, restrained the two above tendencies. The good cannot continue doing good and remain unrewarded. The evil cannot continue to do evil and remain unpunished. What will Divine Providence do at this junction?

8. The two forces face to face.

     The ingrates represented by the abortionists is made up of the baby killers, by King Herod who massacred the Holy Innocents and the Jews who crucified Christ who said, 'whatever you do to these little ones you did it to Me.' They are headed by Catholics like Pope Francis, most of the Catholic bishops especially by the US bishops as proclaimed by Gomez, by priests like James, by a thousand old Catholic nuns who learned nothing in the convents, by  prominent bad Catholic politicians who are not really Catholics, by Catholic wives of wealthy mass media businessmen who abandoned God for money, and financed by the lovers of money all around the world. 

     God chastises, first and foremost, His Church, the Chosen People and, today, the institutional Vatican Church. And then the rest of the world. This are those ungrateful to God and to men. 

       The good represented by the grateful pro-lifers. These are the true members of the true Church, the Kingdom of God on earth that is within them so they are not noticeable. 

       The evil, the abortionists who love all the seven cardinal sins thus guilty of all mortal sins.

9. What are we waiting for?

     We are waiting for God's Will, that is always not according to the will of men. Either God says enough is enough. Allow the evil to win the election and then punishes the world of evil with destruction and condemnation. Or he gives the good another presidential term to allow them to grow greater in goodness thus worthier to receive the Faith and Charity that the Samaritan leper received that occasioned the salvation of his soul. 

     Either way, the good can win again for now. But if evil wins, and it will win after this term, then rewarding and punishment will follow.  The evil cannot continue enjoying doing evil. God will end the rule of evil in the world, today,  even before it begins.....while rewarding the good. The desire to make the present president win is a desire to delay the day of judgment thus giving the good more time to be better. 

     The good will have something to look forward to. The evil have none.