Wednesday, January 22, 2020

SAINTS AT 12 - 14 YEARS OLD. Tuesday in Second Weekday in Ordinary time. St. Agnes.

 1. Have perfect Faith between 12 and 14 yrs old. 
     The Advent and Christmas Liturgy taught us the first steps towards the attainment of everlasting life. This is to have the supernatural and theological virtue of Faith. The lesson begun with the Feast of Santo Nino where we were taught that all new borns have the natural Faith that God gives to all children. This natural Faith must progress to the beginnings of supernatural Faith through the life of the New Testament. And now, during the Sundays in ordinary time, the Liturgy is teaching us to perfect that Faith. 
          Faith is perfected by knowing all the teachings and commandment of Christ as taught in the New Testament. This is taught to us through one Liturgical cycle, like Cycle A. Though it is better to go through the three Cycles, A, B and C.
           If a soul hears daily Mass too, then Faith can easily  be made perfect. But this Faith is not sufficient for salvation. Faith must be enlivened by Charity. Charity is given by God only to those who have perfect Faith. Without Charity, Faith is dead, writes St. Augustine. Everlasting life is given by God to those who have perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity. Charity can only be perfected in heaven. 

2. When is perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity attainable?
     We celebrate the feast of St. Agnes who have reached that 12. St. Basil in his 'Long Rules,' add that this is attainable at 14.  So, ordinarily, a Christian can have perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity  between 12-14.  Just about that early age. The world would have been a heaven if everybody did this. 

3. How come those above 12 and 14 have not reached perfect Faith?
     How come priests and bishops who have undergone seminary training and attended such theological school as Bologna and Louvain, who are more than 30 yrs old have not reach perfect Faith. How come Pope Francis, who is supposed to 'fortify the brethren in the Faith,' cannot do so but instead is destroying their Faith?
       Because of the world, the devil and the flesh. The devil uses the entire world and the desires of the flesh to prevent souls from attaining the perfect Faith that will save their souls. The recent scandals with the US bishops and priests, and the state of the institutional church,  and the inability of the Last Vatican Synod on the abuse to resolve the problem, are proofs of this state of affairs. 

4. The Sabbath and hand grounding of corn. The Gospel for today.
     How do you solve this problem. Foreseeing this problem, Christ already provided the solution. The Gospel describes Christ and the apostles going through a field, getting some grains, rubbing those grains between their hands and eating them. 
     The grains are those desirous to enter the true Church or Christ. The apostles had to pick or chose them, grind them between their hands through a life of ascetical discipline and then bring those souls into the Catholic Church. And this is done during the Sabbath; the day where absolute nothing servile is done to allow complete concentration in learning and doing God's Will. 
     We use to do that on Sundays until before Vatican II. After that the Sabbath is no longer observed as it should be. So nobody is undergoing the Catholic discipline way of life; which consist in learning all the teachings and commandments of Christ.  And  believing the teachings and obeying all the commands  of Christ.  Nobody is entering the true Church. Nobody is with Christ. Neither Pope Francis who keeps on disobeying Christ's commands and changing His teachings. Nor most of the bishops and parish priests. And sadly most religious and nuns, too. 

5. What is preventing souls from reaching perfect Faith at 12-14?  The same prevents them from reaching Faith from 15 to the time of death, unless they remove this obstacle. The failure to develop  the virtue of Penance, the essential ingredient of the Life of Repentance. Note the problem of most of the US bishops and priests under investigation for sexual abuse.  It is the inability to repent for their past sins; a lack of the virtue or Penance. It is the problem of the entire world. The inability to have their sins forgiven because of their inability to acquire the virtue of Penance. They continue in their sins up to death and go to hell. 
      Why? When Scriptures, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church teach us what and how to acquire the virtue of Penance (to be distinguished from the Sacrament of Penance.) Because nobody, from Pope Francis to the bishops and priests, is teaching how to acquire it. The entire bishop's Synod of 2013 could not even discuss it, as observed by Pope Benedict XVI. Why? Because they do not have it. 
     That is why most of our 12-14 are not saints like Agnes and the monks of St. Basil. That is why most of them are opioids, delinquents, communist, suicidals, insane or Democrats

6. We must find out the obstacle and remove it. Otherwise we will never reach our goal meant to be reached in the Catholic Church, at earliest, between the age of 12 and 14. 
       Find out why and correct it, otherwise we will be bogged down until we die and go to hell. Find out why and remedy it. The remedies is in Ascetical theology. In one word; the obstacle is PRIDE, according to St. Gregory the Great. Man thinks he can solve problems just by himself, as long as he has a computer and an internet connection. This is the sin of the entire world from the UN, all those international meetings, like in Vagos,  the proponents of Global warming and the Vatican Papacy. Self-sufficiency, Pope St. Gregory writes in his 'Moral,'  is the greatest evil in man because it is the sin of Lucifer.  

7. Christ's prophecy. Decay of Faith and waxing cold of Charity. See those priest, bishops and Pope Francis who were unable to remove the obstacle in reaching Faith, Due to love of the world, their own flesh and their male neighbours flesh. And love of the devil like Pachamama and other pagan religions. 
     Remember the wise three hermits who were excommunicated unjustly and uncanonically by that faithless church?  We must leave that faithless church who condemned them. for we will surely go to hell because of the sin of infidelity. 
     We must confess, in a visible form, our rejection of the now idolatrous, worshipping  Vatican Church because it is no longer Catholic. And make an Act of Faith 'in spirit and in truth' that we may join the true Church instituted by Christ as foretold by Christ to the Samaritan Woman at the well, that exist today.
     "In spirit and in truth' are acts of the mind and the free will. It is, in fact, the mature Act of Faith prelude to God granting us the theological virtue of Faith. Then  make an Act of Charity which by this time we will be able to do due to the grace that we receive from Christ for making a perfect Act of Faith. With Faith and Good works of Charity, we are done. We are Catholics destined to heaven, maybe at the age of 57, maybe 65, maybe 70. But better late than never. 

8. What happened?
     Christ had not brought His apostles into the fields on the Sabbath. Nobody was in the fields on the Sabbath. 
     So the apostles could not gather the grains to make them undergo being gathered and disciplined in Church ascetical theology. Thus the apostles were not able to bring them inside the Catholic Church. They are institutional Catholics; but not truly Catholics in spirit and in truth. They are not like the 12 yr. old St. Agnes; they are 80 years old. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

MONDAY of the Second Week in Ordinary Time. FASTING, OLD CLOTHE AND NEW WINE.

 1. The Liturgy.
     The head title of the Sundays in Ordinary time as found in the Old Missal is 'Developing the Faith.' It is not enough to have Faith. We must develop and progress in the Faith until it is perfect because Charity, i.e. the Love of God and neighbour is only given by God to those who have Faith. 
     Thus, like in school, we must increase our knowledge of our Faith every day until death. Because as St. Thomas wrote; he who does not progress regresses. 
     We have begun to get the beginnings of Faith during Advent and Christmas season. We continue now to progress with the Sundays in Ordinary Time. We started with the concept of natural Faith that is freely given by God to all children. Children are born with natural holiness. They are saints and even if they die without baptism they go to heaven. This was declared by Pope Benedict thus resolving the dilemma of St. Augustine as expressed in his 'Retractation.'
     This is what we must imitate in children as Christ said in last Sunday's Gospel. 'Unless you become like little children you shall not enter the kingdom of God.' No. We are not supposed to imitate the childishness of very young children. We must imitate their natural Faith. And make it supernatural if we are adults. Very young children will lose their natural Faith at the age of reason because that is the time they begin their rebellion against God due to original sin. 

2. The Gospel
     The Gospel shows the disciples of John and the Pharisees questioning Christ; 'how come we fast and your disciples do not.' Answering them Christ described that new clothe must not be used to patch holes in old clothe. And old wine must not be put in new wineskin containers. 
     St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote that Christ's answer is this; 'you do not put old and new together. They will burst.' In short. Christ's answer is; 'your fasting is Old testament fasting.  The fasting of My disciples is New Testament fasting.' The repentance preached by John the Baptist is Old Testament so his fasting, which is part of repentance is Old Testament doctrine. Just like the fasting of the Pharisee. The fasting of the New Testament is the fasting of the spiritual faculties of man, the mind and the will. 
    So in patching a hole in an old clothe, never use a piece of new clothe. The spiritual must not be mixed with the natural. Man cannot be pleaser of God and men. That is mixing the old man and the new man. So the young rich man and Matthew were told to leave all things. Because they are worldly thing. And to follow Christ, which is a spiritual journey, because you cannot mix the worldly and the spiritual. You are either for Me or against Me. You cannot mix the two. 
     St. Thomas finally wrote, you cannot mix the Old and the New Testament. The Old had to be perfected by Christ to transform it into new wine before it can be poured into new wineskin, the soul with the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. That is why there is an Old Testament and a New Testament. Because the Old is old wine. And the New is new wine. Souls may either be in the state of the old or the new. It can even be, worse, in the state of sin. Neither old nor new wine but pure poison. But there is a container for this with a skull. 

3. New wine and new wineskin. 
    St.Thomas wrote that the new wine is the fervour of the Holy Spirit that will fill the hearts of the spiritual men. Old wineskin is the infirmities of minds hardened with old wickedness.  
     The new wine is a general fast from all the joys of temporal delights and the good works from the fervour of Faith, Hope and Charity that are in the faculties of the soul,  the mind and will.
     The old wine are the things that come to the faculties of the soul. These are the Old Testament and all natural, worldly, and even sinful matters. Not only is the wine old. It can be, vinegar or laced with poison.  The new wine are spiritual and supernatural realties. These are the three levels of interpretation of Scriptures, historical, moral and mystical. But more especially the mystical level of Scriptures.
     The old wine skin is the human soul still in the state of original sin which has returned to the soul after Baptism due to repeated actual sins. The new wineskin is the soul with Faith and the beginnings of Charity, the true Christian, the true Catholic soul. Such souls had undergone the three stages of conversion.  

4. What kind of wineskin are we and what kind of wine is being poured in this wineskin.
     The Fathers and the doctors of the Church had described above what is old and new wine. And who is an old wineskin and a new wineskin. A brief description is given above. A longer and clearer explanation is given by their commentaries of the Gospel text. 
      Like the four visible signs of the true Church, it is possible to know what kind of wine is being poured and what kind of clothe that is being patched up. 

5. Can we know the kind of wine and the kind of wineskin? Yes.
    St. Paul writes that whatever comes out of the mouth is from the mind and will. If the wineskin is opened we can smell the kind of wine coming from inside and if the wineskin is old or new. 
     Let us look at the model for priests and bishops, the Pope. In one of his latest speeches he encouraged all men to subject themselves to the United Nations. We know that the UN is the most anti-Catholic institution that ever existed. The company that he keeps are communists, transgenders, sodomites, gays, transvestites, heretics, atheists, abortionists, pagans, sinners. He defends all kinds of sins and does not believe in hell. He believes in idolatry, adultery and everybody knows that the final document of the last concluded Bishop's Synod on the Amazon  will  produce an entirely new religion that has absolutely no semblance with the old time Catholic religion of Christ and the apostles. 
     Most of the bishops are like him, too. Just look at Cardinal Tagle, formerly of Manila,  and friend Bishop David of Caloocan. In a recent 'Season of Creation', they renewed their commitment as keepers of creation. Whose command is it to take care of the trees, animals, waters and land? These are bishops not botanists. They preached respect for one another. Isn't it supposed to love one another with Charity? 
     And form relationship with our ecosystem. Wasn't it suppose with God first and neighbours secondly? And they duped thousands of environmental groups who, of course, know their botany and zoology but not their Catholic theology. But neither do these priests attending know it, either, and those religious communities who behaved like automatons.  
     And they quote St. Francis of Assisi, the patron of environment. Who declared him so? BBC?  Gilbert Chesterton, correcting this fallacy reminds us that St. Francis did not love the environment or ecology. He loved God first and foremost. And his love for God simply overflowed to nature. 
     OF course, there is always listening to the cry of the earth. Is the earth crying? I doubt it. And just to put some religiosity to their pure pantheistic endeavour they mention the cry of the poor. What does the cry of the poor have to do with the cry of the earth?
     There is no climate emergency. What ever is happening are Acts of God. Earthquake, volcanic eruption, super storms, the raging fire in Australia.... all of these are chastisements from God for the sins of men, especially for the injustice done to Cardinal Pell. If you want to stop those things, stop sinning and start being good. Not hold 'Seasons of creation.' 
      They concluded; 'if you want to be called sons and daughters of God, love our common home.' What a complete distortion of Catholic teaching. Christ said; 'if you want to be called My mother, my brother, my sister, keep My commandments. ' They just disobeyed God's commandment by worshipping nature. 
      Pope Francis, Cardinal Tagle, Bishop David and those priest's speeches says absolutely nothing about saving one's soul. That is supposed to be their expertise. They seem to be totally ignorant of theology. And are talking like botanists and zoologist of which they know absolutely nothing. 
      Ignorant of their theology, and ignorant of ecology, do you think they can lead souls to heaven? These bishops, like most of the bishops here, do not have a single parish that have the four visible signs of the true Church as described in the Nicene Creed. Anybody can check on this. After all, they are visible signs. It seems we have old, old wine in very old wineskin. Maybe we have here vinegar in rotten wineskins. Surely they cannot transform our souls into new wineskin, nor pour new wine into our souls because they can do neither. 

6. So what do we do?
    Return to the Liturgy, Cycle A,   and learn how to develop Faith.
     Begin with Advent. Then progress to perfect that Faith up to the Feast of Christ the King, the end of the Liturgical Year. Charity should be added by God on Easter and Pentecost. By then, we would have become new wineskin. 
     Then go to Cycle B. Learn all the commands of Christ as described in all the Gospels of the Mass from Advent to Christ the King. Then study the correct interpretation of Christ's commands as explained by the Father and Doctors of the Church. That will be the new wine. 
     THEN OBEY THOSE COMMANDS. The new wine had just been poured into the new wineskin. Bravo! Well, just in case you missed some lessons that will prevent you from being a new wineskin and pouring new wine into the skin, then you have Cycle C to correct your mistakes. 


Sunday, January 19, 2020

FEAST OF THE SANTO NINO. Holy Childhood Day.

 1. The Liturgy of the Mass.
     The Liturgical Year is the way Holy Mother the Church teaches man the way to salvation. It teaches man what he must do to attain everlasting life. The lesson starts with Advent and ends with the Feast of Christ the King. 
     Though the Liturgical Year has three cycles, A, B and C it is enough to learn what must be done to attain everlasting life in one Cycle. This lesson is learned through the Liturgy of the season from the Masses. 
     However, if someone hears only Sunday Mass, he can get a general idea on what he must do to have everlasting life. But his knowledge will not be complete. So what he must do will not be very clear. If he hears daily Mass, the lessons will be clearer. But not yet perfect.
     One's knowledge will be complete if inspite of the fact he hears daily Mass, he, also, undergoes the three cycles of the Liturgical Year. In this way his knowledge of what he must do to attain everlasting life will be coming from the four Gospels instead of just one Gospel. 
     That is from the aspect of the knowledge coming from the outside and coming into his mind. But he still have to learn how to be humble so that he can understand what is entering his mind. After all it was Jesus Christ, Himself who was preaching to the Jews and yet they did not understand Him. How much more if the one preaching is not Jesus Christ but only a priest or bishop who could be guilty of heresy and many of them are today. If the listener is not humble and the preacher is a heretic, we have a big problem. Nobody is going to heaven.
     In the present situation where the Liturgy had been devastated with Liturgical abuses, nobody is learning from the Liturgy. Unless you happen to have a very old priest that was trained from the time of Pius XII. 

2. Knowledge must be complete and in proper order.
     We must know all the things we must do to attain everlasting life. And we must follow the proper order on how to go about it. The Liturgy provides both. 
      This is important because the teachings of Christ is not complete in one Gospel. And the step on how to go to heaven is not described in the proper order as found in the Gospels. St. Augustine wrote that the reason for this is because the Evangelist wanted to make sure that those who will misuse the Gospel for other purposes, like getting rich, will not know how to use it properly for the attainment of one's salvation. 
      Vatican II does not know the complete and the proper order on what must be done to attain everlasting life. As it is, nobody can learn from the Liturgy  the way of salvation. 
     To have a complete knowledge, it is necessary to study with humility, not only the Gospels but, also, all the Epistles. There is no need to master the Old Testament because its contents can be found in the New Testament in its perfection. Especially its prophecies. But the proper order can only be found in the writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. Nowhere else. 

3. Let us look at the complete Plan of salvation in summary form, and the proper order on how to execute it in our individual lives.
    The Liturgy tells us that the first step is to live a life of repentance as taught in the Old Testament and as preached by St. John the Baptist. Then the Old Testament repentance must progress to the New Testament life of repentance. St. John reminds us that his baptism does not forgive sins. It is the repentance of the New testament taught by Christ  that forgives sins. 
     Pope Benedict noticed during the 2013 Bishop's Synod, that the Bishops did not know the difference. They did not know the life of repentance according to the New Testament referred to by St. Thomas as the virtue of Penance. It is a virtue and not an act. 
     The second step is the result of repentance, i.e. Faith as a theological virtue and this is taught during the Christmas seasons...Faith in Christ as man and God. This was shown by the shepherds and the Magi. The Sundays in ordinary time is meant to develop this Faith into maturity. 
     The third step is Charity that is taught during Easter season. We are now in the Sundays in Ordinary Time, the development and perfection of Faith. But  the Sundays in  Ordinary time begins with the Faith as a seed, i.e. a small or weak Faith.

4. Where does this feast of the Holy Child fall in.
     Christ clearly said; 'unless you become like this little child you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.'
      What does a child have that we have to imitate them to go to heaven? Humility that goes with innocence. St. Thomas adds more. He describes it as natural faith.
      Natural Faith is a gift of God to the child who is incapable of making a theological act of Faith; the theological virtue of Faith with Charity is what saves. But the child cannot do both. So in God's goodness, He gives all children born natural Faith that is enough to save them because that is the proper disposition for the reception of supernatural and theological virtue of Faith. Natural faith saves very young children. It cannot save grown ups who must have the supernatural and theological virtue of Faith. 
      Natural faith can save a child as long as he maintains his humility and innocence. That is up to about the age of reason where the child loses his humility and innocence due to original sin.

5. Duties of parents, god-parents, parish priest, bishops and Pope.
     Since natural Faith dwells in the soul of the child as long as the child is innocent and humble, they are supposed to maintain the humility and innocence of the child as long as they can until they have taught the child how to reach the perfection of Faith; and until the child had made a mature act of Faith. This depend greatly on the wisdom of the people concerned, which unfortunately none of them have. So practically all children born have natural faith and loses it when they reach the age of reason; thus they become sinners or infidels. Whose fault? Obviously the above mentioned. 
     It is this natural Faith that Christ commanded all men to imitate 'unless you become as this little ones.' 'Little one' means very, very young children, St. Thomas reminds us. 
     That is why children will always be born even if the world aborts them faster than they are born. Because in the Providence of God, these very young children are the first teachers of grown us on how to make a natural act of Faith prior to being able to make a supernatural and theological virtue of Faith. Thus we are reminded that Christ was once a child. Though He, always had Divine and supernatural Faith. But His childhood reminds us that we must, also, begin by having the natural Faith of very young children because this is the proper disposition for the mature and supernatural act of Faith. 

6. St. Augustine's dilemma. 
   St. Augustine knew very well that nobody goes to heaven without Baptism. And he was right. So where do unbaptised baby go? He tended to  say that they go to Limbo; and this was the common belief in the Church. But this was never the teaching of the Church. There was no clear teaching on this. 
     In fact St. Augustine, in his Retractation admitted that he was not sure of his former stand that they do not go to heaven. Pope Benedict XVI, a follower of St. Augustine, decided to resolve the issue. So he discussed the matter with the ITC and they came to the conclusion that unbaptised very young children go to heaven because of what Christ said in the Gospel. If Christ gave these children as an example for people who wish to go to heaven, these examples must be going to heaven. And to the words; 'whatever you do to these little ones, you do it to Me.' He identifies Himself with these little children. 

7. Adults have to strive to return to natural Faith.
    What children had by nature and which they lose when they commit their first actual sin, they must strive to regain. The process of regaining it is called 'being like little children.'  Not in age but in natural Faith. But natural Faith can no longer save adults. They have to strive to gain supernatural and theological Faith.  The Characteristics of both are the same. Except the former is natural while the latter needs grace for its attainment and, therefore, is supernatural. 

8. The beginnings of grace. 
     Supernatural Faith is the beginning of the life in grace. With grace the soul is capable of obeying the next more difficult commands of Christ. Thus now they will be able to obey the first command of the New Testament which is, 'To go home, sell all your things. Give it to the poor. And come follow Me.
     It is impossible to do this without promptings from the grace of God. Thus obedience to this command is the sign one is living in the grace of God and has entered the Church. Now he just have to perfect his supernatural Faith within the Church. 
     Most of the bishops and priest have not done this. Most are accumulating worldly goods as individuals and as communities. This shows they are not yet inside the Kingdom of God, the Catholic Church. Pope Francis cannot even give up his Pachamama idols.

9. Protestants are known for being 'born again.'
    But the  Protestants have the words 'born again,' all wrong. None of them are 'born again,' according to the official interpretation of the words as given by the Fathers and doctors of the Church. The Catholic Church has the correct interpretation of the words. But none of them, either, are 'born again' as commanded by Christ. 

10. The threat of Christ.
      'Whatever you do to these little ones, you do it to Me.' The is further proof that young unbaptised babies who die go to heaven; Christ's identification of himself with such babies.
      So those who abort babies are aborting Christ. This is the sin of Deicide, a most serious sin. They can still be forgiven if they repent but it is doubtful if such person will repent. 
      And whatever act of charity is done to them, is done to Christ. What great merit that will be. So note the identification of Christ with such very young children. Young unbaptised baby who die go to heaven, i.e. they are saints in heaven and we can pray to them. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Tuesday of First Week in Ordinary time. HOW TO PREACH.

 1. Christ announces that the kingdom of God is at hand. 
     Christ was announcing that He is now establishing His Church and everybody must be ready to enter it to attain everlasting life. His kingdom is, also, heaven. But to enter heaven we must first pass through His Church on earth. 
     Christ will not begin to preach in a way all preachers must follow. 

2. Christ preaches.
    In preaching to show the way, Christ does three things. First; He preaches during the Sabbath. Secondly, He impresses His listeners because He teaches 'new doctrine.' And thirdly, He drives the devil away from possessed souls. 

3. First, He preaches during the Sabbath.
     The Gospel shows the first time Christ preached during the Sabbath. This custom would get Him into much trouble showing how the Pharisees were preventing Him from preaching during the Sabbath. Note the importance of the Sabbath. 
     St. Thomas commented that Christ always preaches during the Sabbath. The Sabbath was the day of rest. The day people sets aside all worldly concerns and concentrate on learning the teachings of God, i.e. Divine matters. Spiritual concerns cannot be thought of with material or worldly matters. They exclude each other. So all worldly or material concerns had to be set aside. And the soul concentrates on spiritual matters. This is the idea behind the day of rest. The soul rest from worldly businesses to attend to spiritual matters. 
     To do this, many souls would physically leave all worldly or physical activities and concentrate on mental activities pertaining to the soul. Sometimes souls leave the world to go to caves, mountains or mountain tops. Just as the hermits did of old. The saints, however, simply, retreated to the hermitical confines of their minds where nobody can enter, and there rest in the Lord by dwelling on the Words of God. 
     This is the symbolism of Christ choosing to preach on the Sabbath. He only talks to souls who are disposed to listen to Him. He never talks to souls concerned with the business of the world. 

4. Secondly; 'The listeners were astonished at his doctrine. What new doctrine is this.' The Gospel continues.
     The listeners heard 'new doctrines.' Doctrines never heard from men because these were doctrines from God. Even if the listeners hear the same preaching of Christ, God, Himself, would reveal something 'new' to them so the listeners always hear something addditional. It is a bad sign if when listening to the same Words of God one feels he has heard the same thing again. No. If the soul is properly disposed with humility, everytime he hears the Words of God he will hear something new. So he grows in knowledge and wisdom. But if he is proud, he will hear nothing. Christ teaches only those whose souls are 'at rest with Him,' i.e. observing the Sabbath.

5. Thirdly; Christ drives the devil away.
    We are familiar with physical possession by the devil. Really, this is nothing and exorcist can easily drive the devil away from such people. The deadlier kind of possession is spiritual possession. Like the possession of Judas. Only Christ can drive away such devils. 
     St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote that the devil hates being outside the souls of man. For the devil, that is hell. To spiritually possess a human soul, that is heaven for the devil. So devils make sure they always possess souls. And for this reason, the devils have possessed all souls who do not have perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity. Faith and Charity drives the devil away, as the Compline prayer states. So everybody in the world, who do not have perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity are, almost certainly, possessed by the devil. 
     After Christ preached, the devils would possess the soul so that the Words of God would not grow roots in the souls. This is what happens. So Christ would drive the devil away from the soul so that the just heard Word of God can grow roots in the soul. Then, depending on the kind of soil, the seed with either grow or die.  The next Gospels will teach how to care for that seed with the new roots. 

6. The reason for the 'decay of Faith and waxing cold of Charity' as prophesied by Christ, Himself, that is happening today. 
     The men of the church are neglecting the three procedures of preaching mentioned above.  First, all men are not entering into the Sabbath or are not resting in the Lord. The Psalm states that this is a punishment from God that they are not able to enter the rest of the Lord. Secondly, so Christ is not preaching to them. Thirdly, because of the lack of Faith and beginnings of Charity, most souls are still spiritually possessed by the devils. 

7. Pope francis had, many time, prohibited evangelizing. He calls it 'nonsense.' It is known to have prohibited his Anglican friend Parkers from converting to Catholicism when he suddenly died due to a motorcycle accident. And Pope Francis' famed 1, 000 preachers know nothing on how to evangelise.
     This ignorance on how to evangelise was noted by Pope Benedict and the ITC during the 2013 Synod on the New Evangelization. It was expected that Pope Francis would, also,  be as ignorant. And his behaviour in prohibiting all Catholics from converting none Catholics had been daily news. 
     So, no known Catholic, either Pope Francis, most of the cardinals, bishops and priests are preaching in the way Christ preached. And Pope Francis appointment of Cardinal Tagle to the Congregation on Evangelization was appropriate. Since Pope Francis is prohibiting Catholics from evangelizing, Cardinal Tagle is known to have no parish in his diocese that have the four visible signs of the true Catholic Church as enumerated in the Nicene Creed. He has no Catholic parishes. 
       Maybe it was the fault of the previous bishop. But those parishes could have been evangelized in one year if done properly.  
But as the news article stated, Cardinal Tagle is known for not evangelizing; a true pupil of Pope Francis who does not believe in proselytising. He will surely run the Congregation the way Pope Francis believes. 'Converting souls to Catholicism is nonsense.' The Cardinal will not save souls. He will, instead save the environment, as his latest speech shows. 

8. Preachers are mostly entertainers only.
    Preachers today do not preach the way Christ did. To imitate Christ,  first, preachers should tell the people the command of Christ as described in the Gospel. Secondly, they should explain how that command can be executed as written down by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. Thirdly, they must be taught humility so they can 'rest in the Lord' and understand the Word of God.  Fourthly, they should make an Act of Faith and Charity to drive the devil away and make the seed of the Word of God just planted in their souls grow. 
     Having made the Act of Faith and Charity, the soul will deserve everlasting life.  All true Catholic should do this because they will not learn this from the institutional church who, today, is only concerned with saving nature and avoiding global warming. 

Monday, January 13, 2020

First command of the New Testament . THE CALL OF THE FIRST FOUR APOSTLES. Comm. of St. Hilary.

 1. The God of the Catholic Church.
     The Advent and Christmas Liturgy teach the first lesson of the Catholic Faith. The first truth that we must believe called Dogma; and the first thing that we must do called morals. 
     The first Dogma is who is the God of the Catholic Church. The answer is the greatest proof that the Catholic Church is the true Church because its God is a God that can not be made by man even in his wildest imagination. Unlike all other religions, their gods can easily be made by any man. And they are actually made by man.
      But the God of Catholics can only be the true God because no man can made it up. Even  up to now man cannot understand who is this God. St. Hilary made a good attempt at describing this God in 'De Trinitate' that is why his feast is celebrated today.
      Our God is a man-God with two natures. And there are three persons in His Divinity, Three Persons in One God. The more a person grows in Faith and Charity, the more he will understand this Mystery of the Blessed Trinity; but never fully until he is face to face with the Beatific Vision. 
      Though no one can understand this mystery, we must  formulate the true doctrine in  our minds seeing to it that we do not have any error in describing the mystery. Two natures in Jesus Christ who is God the Son made man, who with the God the Father and God the Holy Spirit are three persons in One God. 
2. The first moral command of the New Testament.
     The Mass for today shows the border line between the Old Testament and New Testament. We end the Old Testament with John the Baptist. We begin the New Testament with Jesus Christ. 

3. The Kingdom of God is at hand.
     Christ begun to preach the arrival of the kingdom of God, i.e. the Kingdom of God on earth which is the Catholic Church. And he begins to choose its first members. Of courses, Mary and their first retinue were the first members, but formally Christ started to further chose its first members in Peter and Andrew, James and John. 

4. The Blessed Trinity, by attribution, shows us the way to heaven.
    It begins with believing in the truths of the Old Testament and obedience to the commands of God the Father. Peter, Andrew, James and John were followers of St. John the Baptist, so they were observant of the Old Testament. Now Christ calls the four apostles into the New Testament seeing that they had the proper disposition having lived the Old Testament well.
     The Old Testament spirituality consist in living a life of repentance as preached by John the Baptist. The four apostles will now be called to enter into the spirituality of the New Testament. Christ calls them and gives them a command. They must leave all things. Thus Andrew and Peter left their nets and boats; and they followed Christ. 
     Then James and John, likewise, left their father, boats, nets, workers; and they followed Christ. Did they have to leave their father? Yes, because their father would be an obstacle to their following Christ, St.Tomas wrote.  Their mother was not. In fact she followed Christ after the death of her husband and we see her with Mary and the other women who served Christ and the apostles. The rule is; leave all those who will be obstacles to the following of Christ. You do not have to leave those who will, also, follow Christ. OF course, they will not become obstacles but instead be great encouragements in the following of Christ.

5. Morals depend on Dogmas.
    Pope John Paul II, in his 'Veritatis Splendor' emphasised this first command of Christ in the New Testament as explained to the young rich man. 'Go home, sell all your things, give it to the poor and come follow Me.'
     This first command of Christ in the New Testament cannot be obeyed unless the soul believes rightly in the Mystery of the Blessed Trinity. Obedience to the morals is so much dependent on belief on the Dogmas. 
      Most members of the institutional church like Pope Francis, the cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns and laymen are unable to leave all things because their belief in God is defective. Pope Francis cannot even give up his Argentine passport because his belief in God is so defective as shown in his embracing of Pachamama, a pagan idol of the Amazon. That is his god as he himself had proclaimed. And joining him was a vast humber of cardinals, archbishops, bishops and theologians. One of them could be your bishops. Imagine having a bishops who has not even entered the New Testament.
     Did Christ impose this commands only to apostles? No. He gave the same command to a young rich man, to a lawyer, and to Ananias and Saphira. Christ gave this command to all, Pope John Paul II wrote. 
     The laity have not obeyed this command. Religious had just gone with the gestures but in their hearts never left the world. Monks have not obeyed it, either.  And most bishops and cardinals had even done the opposite. 
     This first commands of the New Testament is meant to prevent many vices; vices that exist in the institutional church today and for which the cardinals and bishops cannot find a solution as seen in the last Vatican Synod on the abused. The cause of all the abuses of the clergy is due to the inability to leave all things as the first four apostles did. The 'love for the world' is so strong today, that they will never be able to leave it, thus they will never be able to leave their sexual perversions.

6. Who is the God of the Catholics?
     St. Augustine, St. Thomas of Aquinas and St. Hilary have described Him. Of course, great humility is needed to be able to receive the knowledge and wisdom to understand their writings on who is God. And few have that humility. 
      It is for this reason that the first lesson Christ  taught  is that we should learn, not theology, but 'Learn from ME, for I am meek and humble of heart.' Without this deep spiritual humility no one can know who is God. Unable to know who is God they will not be able to know and obey any of the commands of God; and they will not know and understand any of the dogmas of the Catholic Church. 
     This is the day of darkness St. John described in his letter. A darkness of total ignorance of the dogmas and morals taught by Christ in the New Testament. Man do not know the way into the Kingdom of God here on earth, the Catholic Church. They will never enter the Kingdom of God in heaven.     

The BEST MAN of the BRIDEGROOM. Saturday after Epiphany.

 1. The best man.
     The Gospel for today describes the role of the best man in a wedding. St. John the Baptist compared himself to the best man in a wedding. Christ is the bridegroom. The Church is the bride. 
     St. John described the best man as one that must assure that the bride is faithful, pure, beautiful and holy for the Bridegroom. In this way the best man is truly faithful to the bridegroom and that is his role. 
     The moment the bride, the Church, is being wedded to the Bridegroom, then the best man decreases while the Bridegroom increases in the sight of the Bride. That is the perfect picture that we must imitate.
     Christ is the Bridegroom. The Church is the Bride. The best men are the Popes, cardinals, bishops, priests and every laymen.  The best men are, at the same time, the Bride. So, all the more, the best men should work assiduously to keep the Bride, the Church, holy, beautiful and faithful to the espoused, the future Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

2. How should the best men act.
    To maintain the beauty, loveliness, fidelity and holiness of the Bride, the best man must ascertain that the Bride is faithful in doing the 'will' of the Bridegroom. That is to love the Bridegroom. Thus every member of the Church, the Pope, cardinals, bishops, priests, brothers and nuns must see to it that the Bride, which is made up of themselves, are obedient to the 'will' of Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom. That is the Bride, the Church, loving the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ. 

3. Treason.
     St. Thomas of Aquinas noted; What if the 'best man' tempts the Bride to love herself instead of the Bridegroom,  by encouraging her to do her own will? This is to tell  the Bride to do what she wants which is love for oneself. The 'best man' is traitor to the Bridegroom. 
     What if the 'best man' attracts the Bride to himself, instead, by making her do his will? This is a greater treason to the Bridegroom. St. Augustine describes this as 'spiritual adultery.' What we have here is a horror story. Both the 'best man' and the bride have become traitors to the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.
     What if Pope Francis, the cardinals, bishops and priests tell people to do what they want instead of telling them to do the 'Will of the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ?' To tell adulterers to do what they want. To tell all religions that they can continue loving their own religions. To tell sodomites to marry whom they want. To tell communist to continue being communist. These 'best men' are, in fact, telling the Bride to love herself and not the Bridegroom. It is treason towards Christ, the Bridegroom.
     What if Pope Francis, the cardinals, bishops and priests tell themselves to impose on everyone their own will, like to love mother nature and the ecology. To abolish capital punishment, hell and mortal sin. To save nature than to save souls. Not to preach the Gospels. Then they are like the 'best man' tempting the Bride to love the 'best man' rather than the Bridegroom. This is treason to Christ, the eternal Bridegroom. They are destroying the institutional Church and they will surely be excluded in the Heavenly wedding between Christ and the Church, because they are not part of the Church, the faithful and holy Bride.
      These 'best men' have become the 'worse men.' 

 4. This applies to everybody else.
     Salvation is a spiritual wedding portrayed by John the Baptist, Christ and the community.  And John was describing the role each must play.
     St. Thomas wrote the possible sins the best man and the Bride can commit. Both sins against the Will of the Bridegroom. Those sins cannot be forgiven by the prayers of others, because they are deadly sins. Those that are not deadly sins can be forgiven by the prayers of others. 
     The first reading repeats this important lesson. St. John the Evangelist wrote; 'if we ask anything in accordance to God's Will, He will hear us.'
     Then John continues, 'If anybody sees his brother commit sin that is not a deadly sin, he has only to pray and God will give life to the sinner. Not those who commit a deadly sin, for there is a sin that is death  and I will not say that you must pray about that.' The prayer for Pope Francis, the cardinals and bishops attending the Vatican Synod on the Amazon is useless. God will not listen to such prayers because their sin is deadly, a mortal sin called idolatry. Each one of them must go through the five steps of repentance which is impossible for most of them because as the Bishop's Synod of 2013 showed, they do not know how to repent. Isn't this the same defect of the suspended US Bishop and his co-US bishops that is why they could not help each other.

5. The 'best men' had become the 'worse men.' 
     Today we have a situation where Pope Francis, his cardinals, bishops and priests had encouraged the institutional Bride to follow her own will thus loving herself rather than the Bridegroom Christ. What treason.
     And the same 'best men' are persuading  the institutional church to follow the 'best men's'  own will instead of the Bridegroom's. Another treason. What we see is the foreshadowing of Judas, the first bishop and priest turning traitor to the Bridegroom. 
     Their duty was to preserve the beauty, love and fidelity of the Bride towards her Bridegroom. The 'best men' of the Bridegroom ensnared the Bride to themselves, instead. 
6. Those who do the Will of the Bridegroom is begotten of 
God. And they do not sin because the Son of God protects them And the evil one does not touch them. They belong to God unlike the world that is after saving the world from global warming lies in the power of the Evil one. 
     The son of God has come and has given us the power to know the true God. And it is not Pachamama or any other pagan god. Be on guard against idol worshippers like Pope Francis and his gang, one of whom could be your bishops or cardinal, worshipping idols and false gods  in the Vatican gardens. Indeed, they are traitors to the Bridegroom in directing the love of the Bride to themselves.

Saturday, January 11, 2020


 1. Martin Luther and Germany.
     When Martin Luther proposed his heresies, many cardinals, bishops and priests embraced his heresies, knowingly or unknowingly. These heresies were transferred to the people's minds and hearts without them knowing it. 
     The theological principle put forward by St. James is 'ignorance of one dogma or one command is ignorance of all dogma and commands.' Each soul must either be a perfect Catholic or he is not. 
     So most of Germany during the time of the Reformation was turning Protestant without knowing it. In fact, today,  most of the members of the Catholic bishops conference in Germany are Lutherans without them knowing it. 
     This has been going on since the 16th century and by now most of Germany is Lutheran. They know it but they don't care. In Catholic theology they are going to hell without knowing it. 

2. This is happening again right now in the entire institutional church.
     The Vatican Synod on the Amazon has just been concluded. The Vatican, under Pope Francis,  has suddenly turned into a pagan, idolatrous Amazon sect. The Pope, many cardinals, bishops and priests have embraced this idolatrous belief, visibly, including a Filipino cardinal. News around the world are showing great followings of this new UN sponsored Pachamama sustainable development program with Pope Francis at the head......and there is very little outcry. 

3. It is a Divine Test.
    God had been testing mankind to see whether he is deserving of everlasting life in heaven or eternal punishment in hell. God had filled His Divine Revelations describing this test and showing mankind how to pass the test. 
      Pachamama, like Arianism, Lutheranism, the world, etc... are the ambiance for this test. Essentially the test consists on whether man will choose God's Will or his own will, just like the test of Adam and Eve. He who chooses God's Will passes the test. He who does his own will fails the test.
      To pass the test by doing God's Will we must know what is God's Will and obey it. We live in a world that does not know what is God's Will. So the possibility of failing the test is very great. 

4. The choice.
     The test is choosing God's Will or one's self will. The choice is the true religion of Christ or the idolatrous pagan religion of the Amazon with Pachamama as the mother earth goddess. Frankly the Egyptian pagan goddess is prettier.

5. The world's reaction.
     Clearly, a few have clearly chosen the true religion of Christ. Clearly, too, Pope Francis and those attending the Vatican Synod with Cardinal Tagle had chosen the pagan idol Pachamama as can be seen in the Vatican videos. Here, the two opposite sides are clear. But the problem is the rest of the institutional church. They are silent, like those still attending the papal audiences, those attending the papal visits and those who go ga-ga  on the heresies being fed to the world.   In Germany, where the they do not know that they are on the side of the devil. because their bishop's conference have literally declared themselves as a church independent of the universal Church.  
     Pope Francis,  in his own words and action have declared himself as the head, the Shaman or witch doctor,  of this Pachamama Amazon pagan idolatrous sect. The silence ones are in fact, by their silence and external expression of their membership in the Vatican church,  are now members of this idolatrous sect. God will judge them as such, by consent, members of this sect and will be judged deserving of eternal damnation like all idolaters.

6. Those deserving to have everlasting life.
    Christ's answer to the question; ' what must I do to have everlasting life?' Christ's answer, in brief is 'have Faith and Charity.    We saw this in the Liturgy of Advent and Christmas; the first lesson of the Catholic Faith. We must 'confess' our Faith by externally professing the Catholic Faith and enliven that Faith with love of God and neighbour. 
     Neither Pope Francis nor the entire Vatican Synod showed Faith and Charity. They 'confessed' the opposite by worshipping Pachamama in the Vatican gardens. The photo shows who were attending the pagan worship. Cardinal Tagle was there. At least we know where he stand; with Pope Francis who is advancing the UN sustainable program with Pachamama in its picture. 
      And some Franciscans, who later sent  Christmas cards with Pachamama side by side with  the Virgin Mary. What blasphemy! Pope Francis should have suppressed this Franciscan and not the Franciscans of the Immaculata. But again, it is clear where he stands  in this Divine Test. Everybody should check on what side their bishops, parish priests and friends stand, lest they be contaminated with this heresy called 'original sin,' that has returned in the souls of men with a vengeance. Man is, again, chosing his own selfish will over and above God's Will. 

7. How do we pass the test.
    By choosing God's Will through an Act of Faith. This Act of Faith will enable the soul to enter the true Catholic Church. Within this Church the soul will know all the Will of God and will receive the strength to obey all the commands of God. 
     Upon obeying the commands of God, the soul has Charity together with Faith. This is the Liturgical image of the Shepherds and the Magi. Both had Faith and Charity; both virtues are gifts from God given ONLY to those who have the acquired moral virtues and  the infused moral virtues. Both of which prepares the soul to receive the three theological virtues that will assure one's salvation. Because, as St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote, he becomes a sharer of the nature of God by adoption and as a consequnce an heir to the kingdom of God.
     We are in a state of testing. We do not have to change the test. We just have to pass it. We do not have to change the Pope or change church. We do not have to re-educate the priests and bishops, only God can do that. We do not have to evangelise the world and refute every heresies. We do not have to solve the problem of drug addiction, wars, same sex attraction, global warming, hunger, etc. We just have to pass the test by choosing God's Will. There is no time for anything else. We just have enough time to pass the test. How? Find out God's Will and choose it. 

8. How to find out God's Will.
    Today, it seems impossible for most to know God's Will because they are not interested in God's Will. Everybody is interested, only, in fulfilling one's own will. This is the very essence of 'original sin.' It is a sin that can bring a soul to hell. That is why there is Baptism that must be given to children as early as possible.
     But everybody, both parents and god parents,  are neglectful in following up the grace of Baptism. So the grace that enables the child's soul to know and obey the Will of God is easily lost with the first actual sin as the child reach the age of reason. And they never recover the ability to know and obey God's Will. They grow up to be priests, bishops, cardinals and Popes......and they still do not know God's Will. Instead they propose disobediences to God's Will, like in the recently concluded Vatican Synod.
     The Will of God can known when a soul with humility (even just the first degree of humility) study Scriptures and its proper interpretation by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. The emphasis is 'on humility' and not in 'the study.'
     To pass the test, we must all make a stand; for Christ or against Christ. We cannot just sit down and see what is going on. Are we for Christ or for Pachamama and its devil relatives.