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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

FIRST SUNDAY OF LENT - Overcoming Satan.

1. The three steps of evangelization.
     The three steps of evangelization had been described by Christ in His Apostolic Commission. This is found in the last Chapter of the Gospel of  St. Matthew. The steps are clear and simple. Which makes me wonder how come all evangelizations I have been hearing and reading these days do not conform to Christ's formula of evangelization. Everybody have their own private formula on evangelization; whether it comes from the pagans, the protestants or from Catholic bishops.
     Fortunately for Catholics, Holy Mother the  Church transmits and reviews these three steps during the three cycles of the Liturgical Year; today we are in Cycle B and within the Lenten Season. Mind you, the Church teaches us the complete way to salvation three times every three years in her Liturgy.
So if we are 70 years old, we should have heard the entire plan of salvation based on the three Gospel, more than 20 times. Or we should have heard the plan of salvation more than 60 times.That should make us masters of the Catholic Religion. But this is not the case. Why?

2. When Holy Mother the Church teaches us the three steps in order to be saved, she makes certain that, FIRST; she shows us how Christ did it.  SECONDLY; she shows us what Christ said about it. And THIRDLY, she tells us how the Fathers of the Church interpreted it. The first two steps comes from Scriptures, the third comes from constitutive Tradition.
     And Holy Mother the Church had been preserving and transmitting this knowledge from the time of  Christ up to the present time. On the other hand, the devil had been trying to distort the formula to prevent men from attaining this knowledge. So the Church has good reasons for repeating the complete plan of salvation every year until the end of time so that each man can check if he is doing it right or not.

3. From Advent through Christmas, up to the ninth Sunday in ordinary time (which is the Sunday before Ash Wednesday), the Church gives us an outline of the General Plan of Salvation. Then during Lent, she teaches us in detail the first step called the 'life of repentance'. This is followed by a brief explanation of Faith during Holy Week and Hope during Easter. Then the Liturgy ends with explaining Charity on Pentecost. All of these mysteries are shown in the Life of Christ. The way the apostles lived these mysteries are given in another outline all their own. So, in the Liturgy, we can learn the plan of salvation, first, from the example of the life of Christ. And secondly, from the example of the life of the apostles.  It is clear that the apostles simply followed the footsteps of Christ.
     From the Liturgy we can learn both the example and the explanation of the Plan of Salvation both from the life and words of Christ. Add to this the explanation of the Fathers of the Church called constitutive Tradition......we cannot go wrong. But remove any element of the above and the whole house will collapse. And that is what the devil wants to do. Sort of remove one screw or nail at a time from the structure and he knows the Church would eventually collapse. Today he had become more daring. He is removing the whole first floor!
4. Let us review the three steps of evangelization and see  the devil's strategy in attacking the Church.
     The first step of evangelization is ' to make disciple of all nations.' How is this done? By teaching all men the commandments of God as taught in the Old Testament. These commands are easily learned because it is already written in the hearts of men. These commands are just in the natural level and, therefore, can be learned by all men. Christ demonstrated this first step by living the first 30 years of His life 'hidden.' The early Christians imitated it in exactly the same way. They learned and put into practice the commands of the O.T. 'hidden' in the monastic life. This is the origin of monasticism. It is the imitation of the 'hidden' life of Christ.
     The second step is to baptize them in the name, etc........After His hidden life of 30 years, Christ went to St. John the Baptist to be baptized. Needless to say, Christ had no need for the 'life of repentance' nor baptism because He was God and there was no win in Him. But, as St. Paul wrote, He had to show us how to do things. After His 'hidden life' and  after His baptism Christ goes to the desert.
     The third step of evangelization is to teach people what and how to observe the commandments of Christ. Christ clearly commanded to teach His commandments. Not anybody's commands. And what is the first among the many commands of Christ? To over come the devil. This is why the first prayer in baptism is exorcism. And Christ, before preaching, drove away the devil from possessed persons. We cannot preach to someone who is under the power or is possessed by the devil. We have to cleanse the house before the Word of God can dwell. The same thing goes with us. We must, first, completely overcome the devil. We can do this, only, after we have lived perfectly the life of repentance. And after we have received graces and the virtue of Faith. It is grace and Faith that enables us to overwhelm Satan once and for all.
     So the first things Christ did after His 'life of repentance' and baptism was to go to the desert and completely overcome the devil.  'Completely' so the devil cannot overwhelm you again. The devil may continue to tempt you but he will not be able to overwhelm you if you follow Christ in today's Gospel by living perfectly the 'life of repentance' thus receiving worthily the grace of Faith in Baptism.
      Of course, in the case of Christ He completely overwhelmed the devil  in one sitting. In our case, it might take us hundreds of victories and years of battle before we can completely overwhelm the devil. And only after that can we obey the rest of the commands of Christ.

     Let us pause here and see what is happening to the Church today. Are we imitating  Christ as portrayed in today's Lenten Gospel by, first, perfectly imitating His hidden life. Secondly, by receiving the grace of Faith through baptism. And thirdly, as a consequence, to be able to completely overwhelm the devil? Why are we still overwhelmed by the devil?

5. The attack on the first step of evangelization - the 'life of repentance.'
     At the beginning of the History of the Church, God imprisoned Lucifer in the bottomless pit; but allowed the low rank devils to test the Church. So these little devils, like termites, did their job of gnawing at the Church. Their target - the softest stage in the spiritual life....the 'life of repentance.' There was Arius, Pelagius doing the termite's job,  with great damage. The great saints however, like St. Athanasius, did a splendid repair job.
     Then the evil generals, as prophesied were, eventually released from the bottomless pit in these days.  They were ambitious. These would be the most evil days. They were aiming at destroying, not mere panels, but whole floors by abolishing the whole 'life of repentance.' And they were aiming at the head, the Pope.  Unable to prevail against the true Popes, the devils established their own popes called anti-popes to declare that the 'life of repentance' is not needed because God is compassionate and merciful.  There were more than 40 anti-popes helped by cardinals, bishops and priests declaring the compassion and mercy of God  but omitting His fearful Justice. It is Protestantism coming back with a vengeance.
      This growing violent attack on the Church had done much damage that the next line of saints and holy Popes could not repair the Church.  The Council of Trent could not; neither the First Vatican nor Second Vatican Councils.
      St. Francis was seen by a Pope supporting a collapsing Church in the 1200. The demolition of the first floor, the foundation, became intense from the 1700s. There were hardly any saints to help the Popes repair the damage. Lately, Pope Benedict XVI tried holding up the collapsing Church  amidst the silent apostasy surrounding him. Then suddenly it all fell over his head.What a great fall!

6. What happened?
   Briefly, the whole first floor collapsed. The whole 'life of repentance' was abolished by the men of the Church. These men are the stewards whom the Master punished by taking the vineyard (the Church) away from them.
     As a result of the abolition of the 'life of repentance', the effects of baptism, which is grace and Faith, disappeared from the soul. Without Faith, the soul becomes easy prey to the devil.

7. The attack on the Church which begun with Arius and Pelagius was an attack on repentance; a heresy that will prevent a soul from repenting and reaching Faith. The attack of Martin Luther was, also, on repentance. Luther took away confession and repentance. Modernism took away the concept of sin. The Bishop's Synod of 2012 omitted the topic of repentance even though Pope Benedict's instruction was to tackle it as the crux of evangelization. It was gone and contradicted during the Bishop's Synod of 2014. And Pope Francis, in his consistory homily this February misinterpreted the Gospel on the Leper and attributed his cure, not from his repentance and Faith which the leper showed by going to Christ, worshiping Him and saying a perfect prayer. Pope Francis attributed the cure on the compassion of Jesus abolishing completely the role of conversion and Faith on the part of the leper.
     The word 'repentance' is still whispered in the Church. But the dogma and the practice is nowhere. The first step of evangelization taught by Christ has completely been abolished by man.

 8. The Synod - the Sign of the times.
      Seeing how the 'life of repentance' was slowly eroded in the past centuries, we saw in the last Synod of 2014 Satan completely overwhelming a third of the cardinals and bishops. Two thirds still stood their ground against Satan. But the world wide view of the Church shows that majority of the bishops are overwhelmed by the devil. The headlines show news, like in Austria and Germany,  where whole bishop's conference overwhelmed by the devil. And one by one like dominoes parishes, dioceses and whole bishop's conferences are falling under Satan's rule. Satan, indeed, had entered the Catholic Church and had spiritually possessed cardinals, bishops and priests. This was, after all, prophesied by the events of Good Friday; when Satan entered the first bishop chosen and trained by Christ, Himself, Judas.
     How would you describe a cardinal or bishop who tells you that you can commit adultery,  entertain desires for the same sex and receive Holy Communion because He Who is in the host is compassionate and merciful and will not mind entering a soul filled with sin? They must have the wrong God. Well, without repentance and Faith you will certainly believe anything, including that the devil is god.
     Seeing the leper repentant and believing, Christ became compassionate and healed him. Seeing Judas unrepentant and unbelieving Christ said; 'It would have been better if he were not been born.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

THE BISHOPS......My friends.

1. The theological virtues.
     The three theological virtues necessary for salvation are Faith, Hope and Charity. These are gifts that can come from God alone. They are infused virtues that God gives even to a monk hidden in a cave or a nun in the privacy of a convent cell. Man cannot acquire them through human means. Not even by taking a course in Doctorate of Theology under humans in Rome.
     It is impossible to have Charity without first having Faith. It is possible to have Faith without Charity; in which case Faith is dead and useless for salvation.
     Though it is preferred that a soul reaches Charity so that at death it is immediately experience the Beatific Vision, it is good enough to have Faith at death, though he must first be purified in purgatory. The rules are different if a soul reaches the end of the world because there will be no purgatory after the end.
     Without the theological virtue of Faith enlivened by Charity, the soul is damned, 'He who does not believe is already condemned,' Christ said.  The signs of Faith enlivened by Charity are visible and tangible. So we can know if we have it, if the Pope has it, if a cardinal has it, if our bishop has it, if our parish priest has it...and if our husband, wife and children have it.
     And for God's sake or better still,  for your own sake...find out if you, at least,  have it. Because your eternity is at stake.

2. Different degrees.    
    There are different degrees of Faith. Christ, Himself, sometimes referred to His diciples' Faith as 'small', 'weak,' and 'no faith. There is no known treatise on the degrees of Hope.  There are degrees of Charity. The highest degree of Charity is to lay down one's life for a friend. But the degree before the highest degree of Charity is 'fraternal correction.' St. Bernard of Clairvaux have a treatise on the degrees of Charity.
     So, from the rich, treasury of Catholic literature, we can learn, not only the three theological virtues but also the different degrees of those virtues.

3. Perfection.
     God's command to be perfect means; perfect Faith, perfect Hope and perfect Charity. Which is unattainable here on earth. So we must be content with having a perfect Faith and Hope  and a little less perfect Charity. This combination is possible here on earth. Anyway, a true Catholic is one who has the three theological virtues; even if the three are less perfect than they should be. The three virtues are needed for one's personal salvation, to be able to evangelize others and to be able to fraternally correct others.

4. Visible signs of the theological virtues.
     The theological virtues are supernatural virtues, therefore, they are not visible. But their fruits are visible. And it is by their fruits that we discern them. In fact, the process of canonization consist in checking on the fruits of the theological virtues in the saints.
     The mystics wrote and described the signs of Charity. The contemplatives wrote and described the signs of Faith. By their signs we can see if we or others have Faith and short if they are true Catholics.
5. The Episcopal office is a state of perfection.
     It is an office or status of perfection even if the person is not perfect. In which case the defect is in the person and not in the office. Every bishop must live according to the status of his office of perfection. In other words; first,  the bishop must know and must have obeyed all the commands of Jesus Christ as taught in the New Testament. Secondly, he must be able to teach perfectly all the commands of Christ and how to observe them to others....which is evangelization. And thirdly, he must be able to detect a disobedience to Christ's command and be able to correct the people concerned.
     These three jobs of a bishop sitting in his status  of perfection are; first, by his knowledge and obedience to all the commands of Christ,  he is showing 'love of God,' which is the first command of Charity. Secondly, his ability to teach all the commands of Christ and how to observe it, which is evangelization, will show his 'Love of neighbor,' the second command of Charity. Fraternal correction is part of the latter.

6. Responsibility of the status of perfection.
      St. John Chrysostom, and St. Thomas of Aquinas, state that if a bishop lives a holy personal life but does not teach or correct an erring soul in his diocese, if that soul is lost, the bishop's soul will be damned, too. This fearful thought is what made the early monks ran away from being bishops....unless they could assure themselves that they are accepting the office for very supernatural reasons. St. Thomas, in fact, states, that the desire to be a bishop for merely natural reason is a mortal sin.
7. Dereliction of duty due to lost of Faith and Charity.
     A bishop who neglects to teach perfectly and correct fraternally shows signs of the absence of Charity; these are signs that there is no 'love of God,' and no 'love of neighbor.' Without Charity there is no Faith either. Thus to neglect to teach and correct are signs a bishop is in danger of condemnation.
8. Recent events.
     We have been warned by Christ that the day will come when there will be no Faith in the face of the earth. How come we do not believe it? There you are, I caught you. Because you do not believe it. No Faith.
     Christ warned us of the waxing cold of  Charity, the lost of Charity.  Both the last 11 Marian Popes accompanied by approved apparitions of the Blessed Mother spoke of 'dark days' when there will be absolutely no Faith on the face of the earth. Of course, she was not referring to lay people. If there is any problem on Faith, the blame should be on the priest, bishops, cardinals and even up to the Pope whose commission was to teach all nations.

9. The Big bang - the Bishop's Synod of 2014.
     The bishops sitting in their status of perfection were, not only delinquent in doing their duties of perfection......they were going against their duty  by proposing a formula for self-destruction. These were done by cardinals and bishops and led by the Pope as clearly shown in all news reports. Instead of proposing that we repent, love God and neighbor  their proposal was clear, do not repent, keep your sin and sin further by receiving Holy Communion; which is tantamount to saying 'hate yourself, hate God and hate your neighbor. That is against all the teachings of Christ.
      And if you are sick of your wife, take a man for a change. These are not the proposals of men of Faith, Hope and Charity. The proposals themselves show hatred for God and hatred for neighbor. Do you really believe that sending a soul to the deepest fire of hell is love? One third of the Synod Fathers showed the visible signs of the the absence of Faith and Charity. Instead of fraternal charity by correcting the Church, they, instead encouraged man to sin against the Bridegroom. And the schism was led by cardinals and bishop who, in turn, blamed the Pope. How far has this spirit of discontinuity gone? News around the world after the Synod showed more and more entire local Bishops conferences siding with the left (as the wrong side is usually described). While the right (as the right side is usually described) was getting scanty news coverage.
     The only two delegates from here sided with the left. And when they returned here no one corrected them. Where is Charity?   Disobedience to Christ's command continued. A bishop exempted some from the Catholic observance of the beginning of Lent to enable them to observe an idolatrous New Year festival that coincided. Idolatry over Christian traditional practice?
     Another bishop rationalized that the much publicized sacrilegious communions cannot be avoided. because of the situation. Oh, the condemned situation ethics. So the sacrilege may be tolerated.
     Another went against Pope Benedict's injunction to put the tabernacle in a conspicuous place on the middle of the altar and instructed all bishops to remove it from there to be transferred to a side altar. And there was neither objection nor correction. Where is that  high form of Charity called fraternal correction. Charity has, indeed, wax cold; as Christ prophesied.
      If there is no Charity, there is no Faith or at least a dead Faith which is no Faith just the same. And indeed, today's atmosphere is totally devoid of Faith. No body believes in the teachings of the Church; and as a consequence believes in every silly thing, Gilbert Chesterton quipped.

10. My friends......some bishops.
     St. Basil lengthily corrected Bishops. St. Bernard corrected a Pope. Neither am I a Basil or a Bernard. Neither am I a bishop with the status of perfection authorized to correct bishops. But I am a Christian talking to another Christian and begging him to check if he has the true Catholic Faith. I will not benefit from this exercise. But my friend-bishop and his entire diocese will benefit from it.
     There is nothing for anyone to lose to find out if he has Faith. In fact, there is much to gain. So why not do it. This invitation was proposed by Pope Benedict to the whole Church during his entire Pontificate. He kept on nagging; check if you have the true Catholic Faith! Charity obliges me, according to St. Thomas, to extend this exercise to my relatives, loved ones and close friends. It is my obligation under pain of damnation that I extend it to my friend bishops; not to those who are not my friends. For the latter, I am obliged out of Charity to pray for them. And that I will do because that is my obligation of Charity, again, under pain of damnation.
     But the obligation for a bishop to check on his Faith and Charity is three fold; first, because he is a Christian. Secondly, because he is a priest. Thirdly, because he is a bishop which is a state of perfection.  The lost of one soul because a bishop had failed to practice the status of the perfection of his office will redound to the lost of his own soul.

11. The crisis of Faith.
     The Church, as prophesied by Christ,  has lost her Faith even as early as the the time of St. Jerome but more seriously beginning in the 14th century. Her history consist in her great effort to restore the Faith. The lost had become more noticeable  world wide from the time of Pope Pius IX up to Pope Benedict XVI. Today, hardly anybody, either layman, priest, cardinal, bishop or even Pope can prove to himself that he has Faith. Here is a short test. If you have Faith you would know how you got it. If you do not have it, you would not know how to get it.   DESCRIBE THE 12 STEPS THAT MAKE UP THE COMPLETE ACT OF FAITH. IT CAN BE SUMMARIZED INTO 6 STEPS. The salvation or damnation of your soul depend on your answer.

Monday, February 16, 2015

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time. LEPROSY - Sins

1. Preparation for Lent.
     The 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time is in preparation for Lent so it begins with the concept of SIN. In the Old Testament, leprosy had been the symbol of sin. A leper was an outcast of society. He lives apart from normal people and among themselves. Even their clothing marks them out as lepers. As they walk towards populated area they announce their approach with the cry 'unclean, unclean.' It was against the law to touch them.
     The leper is placed in a state wherein the provisions of the Mosaic Law  makes him realize that he was a leper to be shunned by all normal people. His state is pitiable with no one able to help him. This is the physical state of a leper. If these characteristics are applied to the spiritual life, then, we have a clear picture of sin.

2. Sin.
     Sin deforms the image and likeness of God in a soul. The soul becomes an outcast from the community of God. He lives outside the Church. He lives separately with the devils. He is in a very deplorable state here on earth and the worst is still to come.

3. The beginning of the 'life of repentance.'
      While the leper is helped by the provisions of the law to realize he is a leper, the sinner must be helped by the dogmas taught by Christ to realize the state of his leprous soul. The state of the sinner's soul is pitiable and charity demands that he pities himself because there is absolutely no one who can help him except God. And he must make the first move. Of course, God can always make the first move but God cannot violate the free will of the person. This first move is the initial step of repentance that leads to Faith and the total curing of the soul. This must come from a mature, human act of the person concerned.
     This first human act is a confession of a dogmatic Catholic truth; which is almost absent in the Catholic world today. This is a confession that everything comes from the Will of God;  beginning with the creation of the universe to the salvation of souls.  The leper in the Gospel showed extraordinary knowledge of this truth as shown in his words; 'if You will to do so, you can cure me.'
     Catholics who are ignorant of Catholic dogmas will, ordinarily, tell Christ; 'Christ can you please do my will and cure me,' as if they are the master and Christ is the servant. The request of the leper showed perfect knowledge of the dogma on the Divine Will.
     The Gospel states that Christ confirms the perfect knowledge of the leper and answers him using his exact words; 'I do will it. Be cured.'
     The leper prayed. His prayer was perfect. And this is the first and most important of the three elements of the Life of Repentance that we will celebrate during the Lenten Season. His prayer was perfect because it contained two other elements that was not described in the Gospel but is definitely present because prayer cannot be perfect without the two other elements that make up repentance. These are fasting and good works. Each of the three elements will be elaborated during the Lenten Season. These make up the Life of  Repentance that leads to the theological virtue of Faith. Remember the leper was granted his request because he prayed with Faith; not just because he prayed.
4. As we approach the Lenten Season we are being prepared to live the life of repentance which consist in prayer, fasting and good works.  Among the three elements prayer is the most important. The leper was cured by prayer......accompanied by fasting and good works.
     What are the effects of a good life of repentance? All your pasts sins are forgiven. You will be able to avoid those past sins in the future.  You will be given the infused knowledge of all the teachings of Christ as entrusted to the Catholic Church. In short, you will be like the leper who became totally cured and who can now go about teaching everybody else the Dogmas he had been infused with.
     So the Gospel of the 6th Sunday in Ordinary time is teaching us what the leper should know about himself. What he should know about God.  How he should relate with God as a leper. And how he should show his gratitude to God.

5. Importance of repentance before lent.
     Around 1980, the then Cardinal Ratzinger noticed that this necessary state of the soul before he can enter the Catholic Church, was missing.  It was preventing most of the laymen, the priests, bishops and cardinals from entering the Catholic Church. Everybody seems to be unable to imitate the leper in the Gospel because they did not believe they were lepers. They did not believe they needed a cure and, therefore, will not pray the proper way. Most of their prayers were such that they were behaving like masters who were treating God as their personal servant.
     Ratzinger in his best selling 'Ratzinger Report' attributed this spiritual state of soul in most priests to the vice of 'restlessness'.  St. John Cassian in his 'Institutes,' the 'vade mecum' of monastic life, states that restlessness is one of the worst vice.  If a priest have this vice he will surely have all the vices, especially the height of Pride.  With pride a soul cannot have Faith, Hope and Charity. He is spiritually a leper with no one to help him. Imagine a leper who thinks the world should  admire and look up to him.
     As head of the CDF and later on as Pope Benedict, he concentrated on the three theological virtues that are necessary for salvation. And he emphasized the need for repentance as the road that leads to Faith. In short, he is reminding us that we are all lepers and should submit ourselves to the provisions of law for lepers. And this submission to the law is what will dispose us to approach Christ with perfect knowledge of the dogma on God's Will ( this knowledge being an infused virtue.)

6. The Papacy of Benedict concentrated on the Contemplative prayer of the leper.
     He re-emphasized St. Paul's message of the importance of grace to acquire infused virtues during the Jubilee of St. Paul. He instructed all priests during the 'Year of the Priests' to return to the seminary and study the contemplative prayer of the leper. He reminded all laymen that this contemplative prayer is possible to all during the "Year of Faith." He ordered all bishops together with Pope John Paul II in 'Veritatis Splendor' to check if all their diocesan parish priest have done what the leper had done.  And lastly, he ordered that this should be the main topic during the Bishop's Synod of 2012.  He called it the 'crux' in the work of salvation. Without which there is no salvation.

7. What went wrong.
     During the 2012 Bishop's Synod, the Secretary of the Synod upon inviting the bishops, informed them that they were going to discuss several matters but they will omit the topic of 'Repentance', i.e. the topic on the contemplative prayer of the leper. The reason he gave was, in effect, we who are the cardinals and bishops attending the Synod, are no longer lepers. So we won't ask Christ in contemplative prayer to cure us. Nor the rest of the Church. There are no lepers inside the Church. Which is true if they were, indeed, inside the Church.
     Pope Benedict, together with the International Theological Commission (which by now is a Pontifical Commission) noticed this serious omission after the Synod and informed the Church about it. But nobody noticed it.
     St. Paul wrote; 'we are all sinners.' We are all lepers. We must know and accept that truth because that is dogma. How could they have committed such a mistake? The mistake was carried over to the next Bishop's Synod. While the previous Synod stated 'we are not lepers'. The just concluded Synod proposed; 'let us receive all the lepers in our homes and churches and celebrate because we are no longer lepers. We are all cured and will go to heaven.'  That is, indeed, good news. But is it true? No!

8. The new Church of Compassion and Mercy.
     This new church that begun sprouting during Vatican II consists in masking with thick foundation cake the rotting skin and, then encouraging the leper not to be ashamed to attend Golden award parties. The new church consists in showing mercy by letting lepers go around but, themselves, wearing face masks. Is it Compassion and mercy to let them remain as lepers while, merely, inviting them for lunch and dinner? Isn't it truer compassion and mercy to teach them the laws to be observe by lepers, teach them the dogma on Divine Will and send them to Christ?

9. True compassion and mercy is to teach the sinner that he is a sinner apart from society and from God. Teach him the laws of repentance to which he must submit.  Then teach him how to pray contemplatively to Christ who will cure him. Only the Church built on Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church can teach that. And the last one who taught it was Pope Benedict in his 'new evangelization.' The last two Synods were not teaching this anymore;  and probably, as a consequence,  most of the bishops and priests guided by the proposals of the Synods.

10. The message everyone is getting from the last two Synods that is clearly published by mass media is;  clothe the leper well, feed him well, let him receive holy communion, let him live with his second wife......but let him remain a leper. Is that compassion and mercy?

Saturday, February 14, 2015


1. The Days of creation.
     The Catholic  Church instructs her children through the Liturgy of the Mass. There are many ways by which she instructs her children. The more popular way is through evangelization.  But 'the true way' is through the Liturgy of the Mass. Destroy the Liturgy of the Mass and you will have a totally ignorant church. And that is no Church at all. So if the devil would want to destroy the Church with one stroke he would strike at the Mass. In fact, he did. And today we have a Church that is ignorant of her teachings. And that is no Church at all.
     The Liturgy of the Mass has many parts. But let us concentrate at the three readings. The three readings have three levels of explanation. The first level is the historical, the second is the interpretative, and the third is the eschatological. Often times the homily is just about the historical. The interpretation which usually is taken from the Fathers of the Church is completely absent. And the same goes with the eschatological. That makes most Catholics historians but definitely not Catholic at all. And Pope Benedict as early as 1980 had hinted that that is the state of the entire Catholic priesthood. The consequence on the lay people is simply devastating.

     To teach the three levels of explanation during one's homily to the people takes a lot of study, prayer and fasting which most priests do not have. But the benefit for both the priests and the parish are very great. Let me give a brief example of these three levels for the Feast of the Apparition of the  Blessed Virgin in Lourdes.

2. The reading on the creation of  Adam and Eve.
     Adam and Eve were created on the sixth day of creation. They were placed in Paradise. Both were immaculately conceived. There were two trees in the garden. One is the Tree of Life. The other was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Then God gave them a test. If they passed the test they would retain all of God's gift to them and remain in Eden until they are brought to the Beatific. Vision. Then God left them alone. Eve disobeyed God and approached the tree. With that first disobedience, one disobedience followed one after the other until she contaminated Adam. The same thing happened to Adam. With his first disobedience, an avalanche of disobediences followed. Having failed the test they were sent out of Paradise to work out  how to return. With this we end the historical level of the Liturgy.
3. The interpretation from the Fathers of the Church.
     As we have mentioned before, Christ had given the right interpretation  to all His teachings to the apostles.  Though the apostles taught it to their disciples, they were not able to write it down.  It was the disciples of the apostles and the Fathers of the Church who had the leisure to write it down. This is called the Tradition of the Church. For our purposes we will stick to the Catena Aurea of St. Thomas of Aquinas since he was able to compile all the writings of the Fathers of the Church and brilliantly put them together to interpret every word of Scriptures. With St. Thomas' Catena Aurea we can easily learn both Scriptures and its proper interpretation. This is a luxury the Protestants do not have; it is a treasure Catholics have but completely unused.
     Eden is the earliest image  of the Catholic Church. Like Adam and Eve, her members must be immaculate, i.e. sinless.  Though not immaculately conceived they must be immaculate or sinless the moment they enter the Church.  Within the Church Catholics receive the grace to learn the commands of God. This is infused knowledge just like Adam and Eve. With grace Catholics learn the commands of God and their Faith is tested in that God gives them the freedom to chose between doing God's Will that they now know......or chose their own will that they always knew.
     If they chose God's Will, then they advance towards Charity and its perfection. If they chose their own will they are thrown out of the Catholic Church. When thrown out, like Adam and Eve, they have to return to be saved. And the process of returning is called 'Repentance,' which essentially consist of 'Ora et Labora.' This was the work of Adam on the earth.

     Let us pause here for a while though there is still much to be explained. Let us just look at the test of Adam and Eve and how this is not explained well to people because the priest, themselves do not realize it. Notice that the sin of Eve is deciding by herself what is right and wrong. It is God alone who decides what is right or wrong. What is God's Will is good. What is man's will is evil.
     So if someone eats hamburger because that is what he likes.....that is doing his will. That is a sin and he is out of Eden, the Catholic Church. If he must eat hamburger he must do so  because God wants him to sustain his body to be able to serve Him better. Nobody knows this; not even the priest, bishops and cardinals. In fact, to  become a priest because you want to eventually become a bishop is a mortal sin because it is doing what you want. St. Thomas confirms this. And so, again, he is out of the Church. Many do not know it but they are all out or the Church, out of Eden, because they have decided what is right and wrong independently of God's commands.
     Do not just look at what I said. You'll hate me for saying the above. Look at the reasoning and you should see the reasoning is right. That what almost everybody is doing, which is usually what they want, from what to wear, what to eat, where to do, what to say, what to think .....are precisely exactly the sin committed by Eve. Eve did her own will by deciding by herself what is right and wrong.

4. The third level, the eschatological element.
     That is exactly what happened during the 2014 Bishop's Synod. The prelates were in Eden, the Catholic Church. They were given two trees, the tree of Life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They were told not even to approach the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. What did they do, from the Pope down to the cardinals and bishops?  They approached the forbidden tree and suggested in their proposals what was pure evil. It was doing what they liked.....which was to please men especially the adulterers and the aberosexuals. They were not trying to find out God's Will. They were imposing their own will on the Synod; their own will that they had earlier expressed in the consistory. It was premeditated. They were decided what is good and evil; a prerogative of God alone. Their sin is even worst. They want to be like gods deciding what is good and evil......the very same sin of Lucifer and the temptation of Eve.

     And so what now? Well, everybody is out of Eden, the Catholic Church. But they do not know how to return because the whole process of returning was removed in the previous Bishop's Synod of 2013 by Bishop Eterovic. That same process of returning to Eden is completely absent in the 2014 Synod and even violated during this same Synod.

5. How come those in the Vatican have not learned from Eve.
     For the same reason Adam did not learn from Eve. With original sin man has become dumbells with degrees on theology and Divinity but with knowledge of neither theology or of the Divine. The Gospel explains what happened. 'Because what enter is not evil but what comes out of the heart and mind....that is evil.' St. Paul wrote; what those on the left proposed in favor of remarried and aberosexuals came from their minds and hearts, it came from within, from the source of all evils. It means they, themselves, either want to please those two groups or worst they like what those two groups like.

6. Just like before.
    The Church today is just like the 6th day of creation when God created Adam and Eve and placed them in Paradise. We were all once within Eden because of Baptism. And we were tested and failed the test because we always chose what we liked.
     We did not know what was God's Will. And it is the 6th day, Good Friday. It is the day before the Sabbath, the day of resting in the Lord. It is the day before Sabbath where nobody can do anything anymore. It's too late for anything. And we are still outside Eden because we are no longer immaculate. The Synod proposed that we become dirtier with the slimiest dirt. What kind of leaders do we have? They sound more like that being coiled around the forbidden tree telling us to decide by ourselves what is good and evil, eat of the forbidden tree.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

PROPHETS - 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

1. What is a prophet? The first reading.
     A prophet is a telephone. He behaves like an inanimate object. God talks on one end and the sound comes out of the other end to the people addressed. The message comes out of the other end of the line exactly the way it was said from God's side of the line. It is the very essence of prophecy that the prophet, when he conveys God's message, is like a dead man without his own mind and will.

2. There is one God.
     The concept of a prophet is based on the fact that there is a God who wants to communicate with men. And in His Wisdom He will do it according to the capability of men. God will not force Himself on man. He wants to talk to man but they are in two different levels. God has to come down to man's level. He will do it gradually.

3. Old Testament.
    In the Old Testament God did not directly talked to men. He talked to prophets and they, in turn ;conveyed God's message to men. God chose one prophet at a time, gifted him with graces to accomplish his prophetic role and then God spoke to him. God did it this way to avoid confusion.
     The prophet needs God's graces to be able to perform an activity that is partly Divine and partly human; in that the message comes from a Divine source addressed to a human ear.
     The Chosen people, themselves, did not want to hear God directly;  'Let us not again hear the voice of the Lord, our God, nor see this great fire any more, lest we die.' Their fear was valid. So God sent them prophets like Moses,  to face the Divine for His message and return to face men to give them God's message.

4. The obligation to listen to the prophet.
    The prophet's role is to teach man what God wants to teach man;  the way to life everlasting. The first instruction God gave is the listeners attitude towards the prophet. Moses reminded the people; 'To him you shall listen.' The people were not supposed to discuss or speculate on God's Will as they did in the Bishop's  Synods.  Dogma and morals do not fall under speculative theology. When it is God's Will and spoken by the prophet, man listens and obey. And anyone who does not listen to the words of a prophet answer to God for it.

5. The duty of the prophet.
    When the prophet speaks as a prophet he will announce only God's message without addition without subtracting.  He must know when he should speak as a prophet and when he should speak as an ordinary person. Often he must speak always as a prophet.  And if he presumes to speak in God's name as a prophet, and say something God did not say  'he shall die'  God said.
6. A prophet in the O. T.  The second reading.
     How can we know that we are listening to a prophet? And how can we know that we are a prophet to be listened to? The answer to the two questions is the same.
     In the O.T. the prophet is recognized by his way of life. In the Old Testament he lives a toned down version of the evangelical counsels.  The spirit of poverty is described as; buying but not possessing.  The spirit of chastity is described as; marrying but living as if not married. He lived apart from the world. St. John the Baptist was the typical O.T. prophet.  The prophet is recognized by his way of life,  by the things he says and the signs God works through him.
7. The prophets of the New Testament.
     God speaks to men through a prophet. But then He sent His Son Jesus Christ who became man.  Jesus would now speak directly to men. He is the prophet par excellence. And Jesus established a Church who would teach men the Words of God, therefore, a Church of prophets. The first prophets He trained were His  Apostles, who by definition, were prophets. His Church would be His Mystical Body, therefore, His Church is now a prophet speaking to the rest of men.
     When Christ commissioned the apostles to preach, He commanded them to teach only what He had commanded. In effect the apostles were instructed to be mere telephones transmitting His messages.
     All Catholics are supposed to be prophets because they are supposed to share what God had taught them and transmit them to all men.
     The first monasteries, which were the first Catholic Communities were schools of prophets. To train the first Christians to do their job well.

8. The Pope and his prophetic role.
     Since the Church must speak only what God tells them, the members of the Church must speak as One because she is a prophet, not a thousand prophets.  To avoid foreseeable confusion God raised St. Peter to be the first among all prophets. The Pope must be the supreme prophet; all must listen to him while he must speak only God's message otherwise God threatens to kill him.

9. God had already expressed His message through Divine Revelation.
    In the Old Testament, the people did not know God's Will. So there was a need for prophets to speak God's message.  But today in the New Testament, God's Will and message had been given through Divine Revelation. There was no need for individual prophets.
    To be able to enter His Church we must listen and know the whole contents of Divine Revelation. This is the obligation of listeners towards the prophet. And to preach we must teach the entire contents of Divine Revelation as Christ precisely taught the Apostles. This is the obligation of every Catholic lay, priest, bishop, cardinal and Pope.
    You cannot chose what you want to listen to. And you cannot chose what to preach. Either way you will answer to God or God will kill you.

     Who is he who can be sure he is listening to a true prophet? Only he who knows the complete contents of Divine Revelation; he can compare what is being said to what he already knows.
     And who is he who can be sure he is a prophet? Only he who have mastered the complete contents of Divine Revelation. He can compare what he is saying to what he has already mastered.
     The former is described as a person with Faith. The latter is described as a person who have reached perfection.....the state of soul a bishop should be ( St. Thomas of Aquinas - Summa.)_

10. The GREAT SIN.
      The great sin is the sin described in the First Reading. The sin of not listening to the teachings of the prophet, the Catholic Church, as expressed in Divine Revelation. And the sin of the members of the Church, some laymen, priests, bishops, cardinals and the not teaching what God had taught in Divine Revelation aside from teaching what God never said.
11. The sin at the Bishop's Synod.
      As the fathers attending the Synod, themselves, expressed,  some of them were not listening to the Church, the prophet, who speaks through Scriptures and Tradition thus deserving God's threat; 'you will answer for it.'
      As prophets who were part of the Church they spoke of things that did not come from God but came from themselves....... from the Pope, the cardinals and the bishops which God forbade prophets to do, thus deserving of God's chastisement who said 'I will kill you.'

12. The Gospel warns us.
      Christ met a man possessed by the devil. And the devil spoke a dogmatic truth; 'you are the Holy One of God.' Yet Christ ordered him to be silent. Why? The devil was speaking the truth.  St. Thomas of Aquinas comments; 'the devil always tells the truth. Then when you are off guard he tells a lie. So never listen to the devil even when he tells the truth.'
      The 1\3 bishops in the Synod would sometimes tell the truth, though often times unclear. And then suddenly they propose outright sinful things like the two notorious proposals. What does that make them? Both a bad prophet who say things God had not told them  or worse, because they used to say seemingly good things and, then, suddenly, during the Synod they proposed sinful things.....doesn't that make them like the evil spirit in the Gospel?

13. Prophets are necessary specially when things are going wrong.
      Like Jonah, his job is to telling the people the wrong they are doing and the chastisement that is following, like in Nineveh; in 40 days God will destroy their city. Then the prophet gives the solution; prayer and fasting.
      No one in the Synod is warning us of the crisis in the Church as Ratzinger did in his 'Ratzinger Report.' No one is telling us precisely what is wrong as Jonah did in Nineveh. No one is telling us what to do to prevent the coming chastisement as Mary did in Fatima. What up prophet and do your job!
      In a letter written to the press, His Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga, bishop emeritus of the Diocese of Karaganda, Kasakhstan is sounding this same wake up call.

Friday, February 06, 2015


1. The two steps out of twelve steps.
     There are three theological virtues, Faith, Hope and Charity.  All are necessary for salvation.  St. Augustine and St. Thomas of Aquinas enumerate twelve steps one must take to be able to accomplish the act of Faith. We are discussing only the first two steps which are in the natural level which  all men can do.
     The first is perception of objective reality; the second is when the intellect receives that objective reality without error. These two steps are necessary initial steps prior to the supernatural act of Faith in that, first, a man must perceive the objective reality of Divine Revelation.  And secondly, his intellect must receive this reality without error.
     The inability to perceive objective reality may be due to neurosis. While the inability to perceive objective reality in the intellect may be due to brain damage. There could be other reason but let us be content with these for the meantime.

     We are concentrating on these two steps because defects in these is the cause of the lack of Faith evident in most Catholics....defects that will definitely prevent any soul from making the act of Faith. Without Faith, one cannot enter the Church. And outside the Church there is no salvation.
     What bothers us most is that these two defects are evident from the highest office in the Vatican down to the cardinals, bishops, priests and laymen. It was evident, without doubt, during the last Bishop's Synod.

2. With a little help from psychology, it is clear that, today, it is difficult to do these two acts properly. And I will give two to three personal examples to show the difficulty. It has to be personal examples because it is impossible to describe these two acts in another person; since we cannot know what is in the mind of another person.
     Again, our goal is to pin point the cause of the crisis, described to us by Cardinal Ratzinger in his 'Ratzinger Report.' And to find a solution for a spiritual illness that seems to affect so many souls from cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns, parents and children. Imagine the number of souls in danger of damnation unless we solve this problem......described by Blessed Cardinal Newman in his Sermon 9, 'The infidelity of the future'....referring to today.

3. First example. 'Vatican rebukes Filipino Bishop.'
     First - Objective Reality.
     Here we have a news which is an objective reality. It is from a British Newspaper  and that was the headline. That is why it caught my attention. The news stated that the Vatican publicly rebuked a Filipino Bishop for having issued directives to be posted in all the parishes of the dioceses contradicting the Liturgical instructions of 'Summorum Pontificum' just issued by Pope Benedict.
     Second  - Registering the external objective reality in the intellect.
     Upon reading the objective reality of the news, it is now registered in my intellect.
     Third - Checking the facts of the objective reality.
     I am now obliged to check if this objective reality is true before I give my intellectual assent to it. I could not check the facts in the news from the news itself. If the event described was in Timbuktu my perception of the objective reality ends here. I cannot learn anything more. But the event described was here in my country. So I can check the facts further.
     Fourth - Checking further the facts.
     Were there directives printed and sent to parishes?   Yes, there was. There were pictures of the directives pinned in Parish Bulletin Boards. Was it really signed by the Bishop?  Yes, it was. His signature could be clearly seen. Were the directives really a violation of 'Summorum Pontificum?' Yes. The items in the directives clearly showed disobedience to the provisions of the Pope's 'Motu Propio.'
     Proofs that the directives were sent and signed by the Bishop as described by the objective reality of the news were evidently present. As it stands the bishop was guilty and deserved the rebuke.

     Up to this point, the news described the external objective reality  (but we are not through yet.) I begun to assimilated the external reality into my mind. Therefore, it is now internal and subjective reality. We cannot modify external objective reality; but we can modify internal and subjective reality in our minds.That is how we fool ourselves.

4. The mind begins to work on the, now,  internalized subjective reality.
    The mind cannot bear contradictions. It unifies its thoughts and throws away what is contrary to the unified thought. That is why the sign of mature Faith is when the mind has attained, what theologians call 'unity of doctrine'.  Unifying truths within the mind is the main function of the intellect.
    From here the intellectual process begins to work. Truths already in my mind begun to pop up (following Christ's command to use treasures both old and new.) My mind could not unite the truth of this news with the other truths already in my mind. That is a natural reaction to new information that enters the mind. If I do not revolve this conflict I would go insane. This precisely is the cause of insanity. I must resolve the conflicts.
      I have old information filed in my memory that cannot be united to the new information read in the news. I must resolve the conflict. Note that here the mind is beginning to modify the initial perception of the objective reality. It is in fact getting the right picture of the objective reality

      I remembered the said Bishop when he was under me in the Curcillo; he was a good person. He was docile. Not the type who would disobey the Pope. This begun to put doubts in the picture of the objective reality. The personal, subjective image in my mind was beginning to differ from the objective reality. The news says he disobeyed the Pope; my memory tells me he is not the type to do so. But this did not answer why he openly disobeyed the Pope.
      With nothing else to help me go forward, I was, now, obliged to react to the perceived objective reality by performing  the highest act of Charity described in the Gospel which is fraternal correction.  I should go straight to the bishop's office and correct him; "Why did you disobey the Pope?" That would have been imprudent. So I asked another bishop close to him to inquire if this news is true. The bishop was stunned. He knew nothing about the news. Later on I would find out that no bishop, priest or lay in the entire archipelago knew about the news.

      The news was objective reality broadcast world wide. It affects a bishop- confrere to whom we were bound by Faith, Hope and Charity. How come nobody knows about it.  Consequently no one could perform that obligatory act of Charity of correcting him if the news were true. Due to ignorance of the objective reality, his own confrere- Bishops were showing 'the waxing cold of Charity,' prophesied by Christ.
       The mind is now confused because of contrary information . The intellect will continue to seek old knowledge from its store of treasures until it is satisfied. Note that, due to one information from my memory the picture of the objective reality is changing. The picture is now getting closer to the truth.

      Then, I remembered that I had a confrere in the seminary who studied liturgy in Rome. He was influenced by Fr. Odo Casel, OSB,  who, earlier,  began a reform in the Liturgy experimenting with novelties. Odo Casel influenced most of the present Liturgist, from Bugnini (who introduced all those Liturgical abuses during Vatican II) to Marini (MC of Pope John Paul II) who met with Liturgists here for the visit of Pope Francis and.......
      Ohh....he was my dear friend in the priesthood and became the Liturgist of the Bishop's Conference. He was on the side of Odo Casel who differed greatly from Pope Benedict. The bishop's directive could come from him. The bishop, just unwittingly, signed it.
      At the end of this intellectual meandering, notice how the original, external, objective reality had drastically changed.

5. This is now the correct external, objective reality. 
     See how different it is from the initial perceived objective reality when the news was first read. The true objective reality is this; a liturgist who disliked Pope Benedict's liturgical instructions issued directives contrary to 'Summorum Pontificum' and was able to make the bishop affixed his signature to it.  And sent it to all the parishes of the diocese. That is not all.
     The bishop signed it without fully knowing what it was all about. Would he sign it knowing the Vatican would publicly rebuke him? Of course not. Which means, the bishop himself was not conscious of the objective reality that was unfolding and getting him into trouble with the Vatican.
     The bishop's confreres did not perceive the objective reality described in the news and, therefore, failed to do the obligatory act of fraternal correction (Charity) towards the bishop.
      The bishop involved did not perceive the totality of the reality that his liturgist had used him. And as a result the Vatican would rebuke him. Even the Vatican did not see the objective reality and thus rebuked the wrong person.

6. Reaction out of Charity.
    We must react always with Faith and Charity. But we can only do so if we perceive fully the objective reality. If I reacted to my first perception of objective reality, I would criticize the bishop due to my erroneous perception.   But if I react according to this, my final perception of the objective reality.....I would invite the liturgist, my confrere in the priesthood, to a Japanese restaurant and ask him why he was insisting on liturgical novelties that can invalidate the Mass. And I did so.  He never answered back.  My obligation of fraternal charity ends here. I did my obligation to God.

7. All the rest.
     Everybody failed in Charity because they, first, failed  to perceive the objective reality. They were unrealistic.....which borders with neurosis, the inability to be in contact with reality. Anyone who misses these first two step out of the twelve steps that lead to Charity will not reach Charity. Without Charity, Faith is dead and cannot save one's soul.

8. Why did I perceive the objective reality for what it really was and not as I first perceive it when I first read the news. Because I am paranoid. Before I ride a car I make sure everything is running well. Before I ride a plane I make sure the Pilot is not a teen ager but a seasoned British pilot. When I entered the Catholic Church I want to make sure everything is fine and she has a fine pilot. So I always check......watching the dashboards, the gauges, the light bottoms....if everything is fine. I am only fine if My Church is fine. After all I only have one soul. I want to see it in heaven and not at the bottom of the China Sea.

9, I will give another example in the next post.


Wednesday, February 04, 2015


1. St. Thomas of Aquinas on 'Reality.'
    The concept of 'Reality' has two elements; first, the objective reality. And secondly; a perfect human act of the intellect.  With these two elements the free will can properly react to 'Reality' and respond with an act that is both good and true. This pure mature human act is now disposed to the workings of grace and can rise up to the level of a supernatural act that is co-natural to the Divine dispensation.
     To perform a supernatural act, like Faith, Hope and Charity, all necessary for salvation, the act must be based on a correct perception of objective reality, logical reasoning of the intellect and free consent of the will.  From here the grace of God, which is the beginning of the supernatural life, will take over. Here we cease functioning in the human level; we are now in the realm of the supernatural. Everything in the Catholic Religion is in the supernatural level.
     We have shown in the past posts that the defect in the Church today is that everything, from the training in the seminary, in theological schools, in its apostolates, etc, etc have remained  in the natural level straining its neck to peep into the supernatural level and unable to do so. So ignorance of supernatural truths had been the trademark of most Catholics.

2. The Catholic Religion is a 'Realistic Religion.'
     The Catholic Religion is based on the principle that there is an objective 'Reality.' That this objective 'Reality' can be perceived by the intellect without error through its bodily senses. And that the will can, free from all emotions, consent to the goodness and truth of the objective 'Reality' properly perceived by the intellect as good and true. This is a Catholic truth explained by St. Thomas and elaborated by the thomist theologian Garrigou-Lagrange in a treatise, not for the faint of heart, entitled 'Reality.'

3. When Pope Benedict XVI enunciated this principle in Regensburg the whole world reacted against it. The Pope said, in simple words,  all men must act like men and God gave us the faculties to act like men. The world's reaction was what the Pope expected;  men had ceased to be men and reacted accordingly.  Due to original sin, for which Christ came to earth and died, man had degraded into beasts. This is based on another principle advanced by St. Thomas of Aquinas; 'he who does not progress in the spiritual life will surely go down.' After millions of year on the down trend, mankind must have reached the bottom today. And we are surrounded with proofs.

4. Today, it is nearly impossible to know objective reality.
     The Psalms warn us;  everything is a lie. From the local news, the international news, news from the Vatican.  Scientific findings, like Global warming is tainted with lies. And the whole educational system is based on certain lies. Politicians and even head of states lie. International organizations like the United Nations lie. Evidently the world is ruled by the Father of lies, the devil. Scriptures prophesied this would, indeed, happen. And both the saints and the good Popes have been warning us of it.
     Pope Paul VI had given us that dreadful news that 'Satan had entered the Church.' Where would  Satan proceed if he, indeed, entered the Church. In a small chapel in Timbuktu? Good grief. Of course not.  He would go straight to the Vatican as Our Lady had warned us in LaSallate. And we would agree if we logically used our intellects even without Our Lady confirming it. The intellect have little information outside the announcement of Pope Paul VI and Our Lady.  It has to crank its engines and reason more and more and more. And the will must accompany the intellect as it reasons more in the absence of more objective realities.
      By mere logical reasoning we should suspect that if Satan would like to destroy the Church he would go straight to the Vatican and possess the bishops there as he possessed one of the first bishops, Judas.  He did it before. He would do it again.
     With man unable to perceive objective reality, with man unable to reason logically......he would not be able to chose what is good and true. Unable to chose what is true and good in the natural level, he cannot rise up to the supernatural level.  This is the state of the world  today, laymen, priests, bishops, cardinals, etc...etc. To make things worse...St. Paul writes..; if anyone is in this state, he is not in the state of grace. Without the state of grace everything he does is sin. We live in an era where everybody is doing what is wrong and evil. The world had become a foretaste of hell and nobody knows it.

5. Today, though faced with objective reality each man has created his own virtual reality.
     This is a reality made by man,  according to the dictates of original sin; a reality that rejects what is difficult even if it is good and true. It is a reality that embraces what pleases the lower nature of man, his concupiscence. This is the reality that is enslaved by evil spirits from which God wanted to save mankind from. Man believes only what he wants to believe.
    This virtual reality had been the first love of mankind from the beginning of time. It was virtual enslavement to the spirits of darkness.
    Whenever  Christ preached, the first thing He did was; 'He drove away the evil spirits.' This is the message of the 4th and 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Christ, always, drove the evil spirits from those who were possessed. Two important messages.  Man is ordinarily possessed by the devil. And it takes a God to drive that evil spirit away from him.  Evangelization and the driving away of evil spirits go together. You have to clean the soul of evil spirits before the Holy Spirit can possess the soul. If you cannot drive the devil away the Holy Spirit cannot possess the soul. Not because the Holy Spirit is weaker. But because the person had not willed salvation. And God is not the type to force souls to heaven.

6. A defect in one of the three elements in a mature, human act will make the entire act defective. From the defective human act, a man begins to descend to the lower level of the unnatural and the perverse.
     A  supernatural man lives like an angel; commonly called spiritual virginity. A natural man marries a wife. A natural man who commits adultery begins to descend to the unnatural level. An unnatural man who approaches rock bottom gives in to sexual perversion. A man who reach rock bottom acts like one possessed by the devil.
7. New evangelization according to John Paul II and Benedict requires a perfect human act. The first step is getting the right objective wordings of Scriptures. Not any version. The Douai-Rheims version is closest to the objective message. Secondly, we must get the objective interpretation of the words of Scriptures. Though Christ interpreted His teachings to the Apostles, the Gospel writers did not have the leisure to write them down. Fortunately, Christ's interpretation were written down by the Fathers of the Church. We must get the objective reality of the meaning and interpretation of God's message from the Fathers and not from our own personal, subjective interpretation.
     The combination of the words of Christ plus its interpretation by the Fathers in the Commentary of St. Thomas of Aquinas on the four Gospels, the 'Catena Aurea' is our best aid.  Here, St. Thomas wrote down each word of the four Gospels and the interpretation of each word by many Fathers of the Church. Here, therefore we can have the objective reality of God's Divine Revelation  to mankind. We cannot get closer to what God said in these works. This is still objective reality in the natural level.

8. Now, we must be certain that this objective reality of God's Divine Revelation taken from two objective sources, namely, Scriptures and the Fathers (as combined in the work of St. Thomas ) enters our minds through our senses without any defect. Because it is possible for the works of St. Thomas to enter our intellects erroneously through a defect in our hearing or seeing.
     Assuming Divine Revelation had entered our intellect complete, it is no longer objective. It is in our minds and, therefore, subjective reality. But this subjective reality must conform to the objective reality. And great efforts must be exerted that it remains this way.

9.   Let us stop here. Let us not go to the next several more steps before we reach the supernatural level of Faith, Hope and Charity. We are just discussing Reason reacting to Reality. So we should stop here....for the meantime. The Catholic world is in turmoil today because there is a defect in both, the perception of objective reality and in registering objective reality in the intellect. It is the source of all the problems in the world, according to the address of Pope Benedict in Regensburg. And it is. In fact, if we just solve these first two steps, right perception of objective reality and correct intellectual perception of objective reality, we could abolish more than 4/5 of the problems of the world; and almost all the problems of the Catholic Church.
     This is the only problem of the Catholic Church. It is what prevents souls from entering the Church and attaining salvation; i.e. inability to perceive God's Divine Revelation on how to save one's soul and how to get it right into our brains.

10.  In part II, we shall give two actual examples on how difficult to perceive objective reality; and how much more difficult to treasure this reality in our intellects. A defect in these two will result in our inability to take a course of action prompted by the freewill towards what is good and true......i.e. the inability to know what to do to become better Catholics.

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