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Saturday, April 25, 2015


1. There is only one Good Shepherd.
     'I am the Good Shepherd.' There are not two or three Good Shepherds. Only one! The bishops and the Pope,  though called also Shepherds, are just the extensions of Christ, the Good Shepherd. To be worthy extensions they must be children of God or brothers of Christ. Or like Christ, they must have the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.
      Christ had two titles among others. One is Shepherd, the other is Door. The Good shepherd is also the door. He, alone,  can enter through the door. And He, alone, can bring the sheep through the door into the fold. The other shepherds, the bishops and the pope, are not doors; they cannot bring in the sheep through the door.  They can, only, go in with Him. The Good Shepherd is both the Shepherd and owner of the sheep. The Bishops, though extensions, are shepherds, but not the owner of the sheep. The bishop does not own his diocese nor the pope the Church. They are mere extensions or stewards. Thus they must act as stewards and not as owners.

2. Christ called Himself the 'Good Shepherd,' because there are bad shepherds called hirelings.
     We must all know the difference between the good shepherd and the bad shepherd.  Hirelings are shepherds for rent.  And there are some who pretend to be shepherds but are in truth thieves, murderers, mercenaries and even wolves.

3. In the past posts we have described St. Thomas' commentaries on the Gospels where we saw the importance of Faith. We saw through the Liturgy the way by which we can distinguish those who have Faith and those who do not have Faith. And we reiterated Pope Benedict's call for all priests and bishops to check if they have Faith.
     In today's Gospel, the Liturgy presents to us, again, one who have Faith, the Good Shepherd..... and the other who does not have Faith, the hireling, the thief, the murderer and the wolf.
4. Who are the 'good' shepherds.
     Since Christ is the only Good Shepherd, only bishops and popes who are like Him can be considered His extensions as 'good' shepherd. These extensions should know and be obedient to all the commands of Christ the Good Shepherd. They must say like Christ, 'I came, not to do my will, but the Will of My Father in heaven.' And the Will of the Father had been expressed in Divine Revelations.   He must teach the same to his flock.
     St. Thomas adds that; he consoles his flock in times of persecution and martyrdom. The prevalence of persecution and martyrdom today will surely test the mettle of our bishops and pope.
     The Gospel gave the unique description of those worthy to be the extensions of the Good Shepherd; 'he gives his life for his sheep.'

     Before a 'good' shepherd can give up his life for his sheep, he must undergo three degrees of 'giving up.' First, he must be able to give up his outward possessions and use them for the spiritual benefit of his sheep. This is the easiest.  He cannot give up his life unless this first is given up.  Secondly, he must be able to give up the external expression of affections to be able to concentrate saving his sheep. This means giving up one's emotional attachments to his loved ones after giving up his human affections towards his charismatic friends, Jewish friends, lesbian friends and protestant friends. Thirdly, he must be able to give us his personal, individual ideas, opinions and specially his private desire to establish an alternative protestant sect in place of the Apostolic, Catholic Church. The inability to give up this third is a sign that the two previous one had not been given up; in short,  he had given up nothing.
     If he cannot give these up how can he give up his life for his sheep....without which he cannot be a 'good' shepherd.

      Pope Benedict proved himself to be a true extension of Christ thus he is a Good Shepherd. As a theologian with many ideas he used all his learning to clarify the Will of God. He only taught the teachings of Christ and interpreted it exclusively from the Fathers of the Church which he gave during his audiences. He repeated these teachings many times while at the same time warning us of hirelings, thieves, mercenaries and wolves.
     And he consoled the persecuted Church by teaching them how to use their sufferings to reach the perfection of Charity wherever they were, quoting Origen's 'Exhortation on Martyrdom.'

5. Who are the hirelings.
     They are shepherds for hire; like the Pharisees who taught the commands of God but, themselves, did not obey them. There is an advantage in this in that teaching listeners all the commands of God is enough for the hearers to be able to make an act of Faith. The hirelings do the shepherd's external job by just watching the sheep as watching a ball game. And this for money or other compensations or to enjoy the privileges of their positions as bishops and cardinals. This is not good enough, for Christ demanded that the righteousness of bishops, cardinals and popes should surpass that of the Pharisees. Most of our bishops, cardinals and sad to say, the present pope, are not even teaching the complete commands of God; so they are inferior to the Pharisees.   Even hirelings are a rare find these days.

 6.  Then there are the thieves. They, first,  steal souls from the Catholic Church. Then, they steal properties from communities like ordinary thieves. Though other religions try to steal from the Catholic Church, the protestants are the biggest thieves because there is some similarities between their church and the Catholic Church so it is easy to attract prospective victims. These thieves pose like bishops, cardinals and popes with all the liturgical regalia to easier deceive the sheep. They are not pagans but protestant oriented heretics. They are a conglomeration of a new protestant denomination being propagated within the church; combining Pelagian, modernist and pagan religion thus having some semblance to Catholicism but definitely not Catholic. Their common denominator is 'do what you want,' the primordial 'original sin,' brought back to life in its fullness.
     They have joined together with one slogan; the old Catholic Church is dead and is unable to handle the vicissitudes of modern times. Bury her and build a new church that is acceptable to every man and race.

     We saw this during the last Bishop's Synod 2014. The one third who proposed adultery and sodomy are neither shepherds nor hirelings. They were thieves stealing Catholic souls to join the new protestant denomination started in Argentina by Pope Francis and being introduced by one third of the Bishops and cardinals in the Synod. The new denomination's name is church of compassion and mercy.
       Whole nations, orders of priests, entire bishop's conferences and cardinals are being stolen from the Church and introduced into this new sect. Because of the present existing crisis of Faith, everyone is transferring to this new man- made church.  Both Cardinal Tagle of Manila as part of the School of Bologna and Bishop Soc Villegas, president of the Bishop's conference, as featured in the website news of the CBCP,  believe that the Catholic Church before Vatican II is 'an authoritative sick institution' and  the new man-made church of Bergoglio should be the new church. And presenting Bergoglio as an example of a good shepherd.
     None of these bishops have proven that this new protestant denomination is superior to the old Catholic Church; they could not make a comparison because most of them know nothing about the Catholic Church.

7. The wolves.
     And finally, Christ describes those who are wolves. St. Thomas described this bishops, cardinal and possible anti-pope as those who grab the sheep by the neck, a symbol of those who tempt others  to commit adultery.  This was what was, precisely,  proposed during the last Bishop's Synod whence Pope Francis with one third of the cardinals and bishops proposed that Catholics be allowed to commit adultery with free easy annulment of previous marriages; i.e., like allowing the devil (the wolf) to grab the sheep by the neck, as described by St.Thomas of Aquinas.

8. On this Good Shepherd Sunday, Holy Mother the Church is reminding us that Christ warned us that there is a good shepherd who knows his sheep and whose sheep knows his voice. He will lead the sheep to the door of Faith and eternal life.
     But that there is also a hireling, a thief and a wolf pretending to be shepherd who cannot lead anyone inside the door and eternal life. We must find out if our pastors or shepherds are good or bad. Our eternal life could depend on it.
     But what if we see our shepherds are not even hirelings but thieves and wolves. What do we do? Transfer to the true shepherds or at least to the hirelings. If you cannot do this, just go back to the commandments of Christ and its correct interpretation from the Fathers of the Church.....because those were your previous good shepherds. Or recall the lessons taught by one proven faithful extension of the Good Shepherd, Pope Benedict. And you will be in good hands.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


1. First premise. That Faith, though spiritual and invisible, have visible signs so it can be detected by the senses and intellectual faculties. Faith should not be hid under a bushel basket but put on a lamp stand to be seen  by all. Otherwise, how can God attract souls to heaven?
     God wants the whole world to see the light of Faith both in the Church and in individuals so He gave it visible signs. Faith, itself, is spiritual; but it has visible signs that natural man may sense it. St Paul wrote that the Faith of the  Romans was heralded throughout the world. The pagans saw how the Christians loved one another. It is by the visible signs of Faith and Charity that we can know if we are going to heaven. St. Basil wrote that Faith can be detected in a person as early as 15 years old. And it should be certainly seen in the Catholic Church. It is the only visible argument against all pagan religions.We do not argue over religion. We just bear witness to the true religion by showing our Faith, as St. Francis did to the Sultan. Our first premise is that Faith has visible signs and, therefore, can be sensed.

2.  Our second premise is that the Church has many ways to detect Faith due to the importance of knowing if we have it or not. The easiest is to use the commandments of God as a gauge. These visible signs lie in the natural level like the natural description of the four visible signs of the Catholic Church, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. Though it can be better known if one is in the supernatural level with the help of grace.The natural aspects of the three theological virtues can, also, be used to detect Faith. The natural explanations of the Gospels of the Sundays in Ordinary time clearly describes those with Faith and those without Faith. The natural morality of the commandments of God, too, are good criterion to detect Faith.
3. Third premise; the very Act of Faith obliges us to check if we, first of all, have Faith. Then, applying what we did to ourselves to others, we check on our loved ones if they have Faith. Then using the same gauge, we should check on our parish priest, our bishop and our Pope if they have Faith for very obvious reason. Do we want to be led by an anti-pope like Flavian, or a cardinal like Wolsey, or a bishop like Marcion, or a priest like Martin Luther? If not, then, check them out. How do we do that? We will base it on what St. Paul and St. Matthew wrote; it is not what comes in that pollutes, but what comes out of the mouth coming from the mind and will that pollutes.  Since Faith comes from the mind and Charity from the heart.....from what a man says we can know if he has Faith and Charity. It would be more dependable if we use, not only his words, but his actions, too. And here obedience and disobedience to the commands of God are the best gauge of Faith.
4. Fourth premise; "If you love Me, keep My commandments." Obedience to God's command is a sign and in, in fact, love of God. We call this Charity. If we have Charity  we certainly have a living Faith that can merit us eternal Life. If we do not have Charity due to a disobedience to God's command, then we may have Faith but it would be a dead Faith which cannot merit for us eternal life. Thus obedience and disobedience to God's commands is the easiest sign of the presence or absence of Faith.

5. Fifth premise; to know if we are obeying and disobeying God's command, we must know God's commands. Now that is a problem. There are thousands of commands in the Old Testament and hundreds in the New Testament. Well, we can probably summarize the Old Testament commands in the Golden Rule, both in its positive and negative version. And we can summarize the commands in the New Testament into  Love of God and neighbor. And define them as St. Augustine had interpreted them....because there are hundreds of silly interpretation for these commands; from Romeo and Juliet's to Love Story's interpretation.

6. All the above five premises are in the natural level. So all men can perceive the natural virtue of Faith in the Church, in oneself, in one's neighbor, in one's parish priest, in one's bishop or cardinal or even in the Pope.

7. As a rule, all Catholics should, by the mere fact they have Faith, shine with their Faith whether they like it or not. No one have to tell them to shine or ask them proof of their Faith. By the very nature of Faith, they must shine visibly. So, if I cannot find Faith in me, in my bishop or in the Pope, then there is a big problem. And it is the problem of the one who cannot find Faith. Because probably there is no Faith. And that can mean perdition.

8. Putting it into practice.  Because like all priest, I never checked if I truly had Faith, after reading Pope Benedict's exhortation to check on our Faith I did; after my silver jubilee in the priesthood. And using the simplest gauge of 'obedience to the commands,' I discovered I did not have true Faith. Fortunately Pope Benedict taught us how to recover it using his 'new evangelization' and specifically the teaching of St. Augustine and Blessed John Newman. At least I have learned two important things; first, that I did not have the theological virtue of Faith. And secondly, how to possess it. That temporarily solved the first problem.
     Then I looked at my loved ones who were living in the world. My heart sunk. They were so far away from having Faith; in that they were totally ignorant of the commandments of Christ. Christ taught that in such situation the prayer of a contemplative is the most effective way to attain for them the proper disposition to deserve Faith. Pope Benedict mentioned this in his 'Year of Faith.' Well, that solved the second problem.
     Now, we have to check on our parish priest. Since I am a religious monk, I did not have to check on my parish priest.
     But I have to check on my bishop. Talking to him once, he mentioned  a command of Christ uttered by Gamaliel; 'stay away from these men and let them alone, if this is of men it will be overthrown. But if it is of God you will not be able to overthrow it. Or else you may even find yourself fighting against God.'  The bishop did not stay away, he never knew whether it was of men or of God and continued to overthrow it.  Completely disobeying  the entire command he, himself, quoted from Acts. Surely, a sign he had no Faith. Add to this the statement of the president of the Bishop's conference commenting on the sacrilege that occurred during communion in the last Papal visit. The command of Christ is clear;  Sacrilege is never allowed for any reason. Their ignorance and disobedience to the commands of God showed they had no Faith.

     I have checked on my Faith, my loved one's Faith, the Faith of my Parish priest and bishop. We are still obliged to check on the Faith of the Pope. Because to obey and subject oneself to an anti-pope is a mortal sin.

9. Pope Francis.
    A Pope must not only have Faith. He must have perfect Faith; able to confirm the Church in the Faith. He must know perfectly the commands of Christ, perfectly teach the Church during his papacy and shine forth in Faith. He should not wait for anybody to ask proofs for his Faith.
     But when souls keep on asking the Pope for proofs of Faith, then there must surely be something wrong. What happened during the last Bishop's Synod was disconcerting because cardinals and bishops headed by the Pope proposed acts that were blatant disobedience to the commands of God. It was so obvious that those who objected to the proposals headed by Cardinal Burke did well to reject the proposal but did not necessarily show the perfect Faith expected of a bishop. Maybe they had Faith but where not able to show it that time. They simply knew there was something wrong. But they could not prove that the Pope had no Faith which they should have done. Because that would be proof that Pope Francis could not be a true pope.

     It takes a crack in one's Faith for the whole to collapse to nothingness. This crack is not the defect in the process of election as some had hinted. It is not in Pope Francis' being entirely in the natural level unable to climb to the supernatural level of Catholicity. It is in his first well publicized statement that hugged headlines even here. 'Love without dogma.' Anyway he explained it shows it is wrong. If he was referring to bestial love, then there is no need for dogmas. But neither is it love that makes a person happy nor the love that saves soul. If he was referring to 'love' i.e. Caritas, then it is impossible to have Caritas without dogmas. You cannot love someone you do not know, specially God. You must know God, first, before you can love Him. And God can only be known through dogmas about Him. Faith, therefore, must come before Caritas. And Faith is filled with dogmas.

     Since Faith and Caritas make up the whole structure of Catholic theology, with Pope Francis' statement the whole structure of his Catholic Theology had crumbled and everything he says afterwards will be erroneous. In effect, after that speech, everything he said afterwards contained heresies that is too tedious at this point to analyze.

10.  The Pope, most of the cardinals and bishops are unable to prove even to themselves that they have Faith; how can we demand Catholic credentials from them? It is totally totalitarian for them to demand that we reverence them without them presenting their credentials. While I check on myself if I have Faith or not,  wouldn't it be wise if other priests, bishops, cardinals and even the present Pope, following John Paul II's exhortation in 'Veritatis Splendor,' check if they, too, have Faith? After all our salvation or damnation depend on it. In the meanwhile, unless they present their credentials of Faith, I cannot relate to them; I can only pray for myself; 'Kyrie eleison.'

Monday, April 13, 2015


1. God gave His Church visible signs by which unbelievers can know which is His Church.  God, also, gave believers signs by which they can be distinguished from non-believers. The visible signs of the true Church and the signs of true believers are identical; One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic. There are other Liturgical signs.
     Though it is sufficient to know the mere definition of the four visible signs of the Church to spot the true Church,  it is more reliable to know her if one knows the dynamics of these four visible signs; how they inter-relate with one another.

2. Having seen the visible signs of the Church and of believers, it would be easy to find out if it had been transferred from one place to another. If the Church had been transferred, the believer will, likewise, be transferred.
     Can the Church loss the Church? Of course, not. But a parish, a diocese, the very seat of the Church, the Vatican can loss the Church. How? In the only way known in Scriptures. If and when the priest, the bishop, the cardinal and the reigning Pope refuse to render to God His due as described in the Gospel on the Vineyard. Though this can happen to priests and bishops it cannot happen to a truly reigning Pope. If it does happen then we do not have a real Pope but an anti-pope.

3. The threat.
     In the parable of the vineyard it was narrated that a vineyard owner hired stewards to run his vineyard. And accordingly hired them for a fee with the condition that he render to him his due of the harvest. The stewards kept their salaries but refused to give the owner his due. The owner sent messengers and finally his own son to collect his due. They beat up the messengers and killed the son. Then the Gospel asked; 'what will the owner do?' The answer given was; the owner will take away the vineyard from the unfaithful stewards and give it to those who will render to him his due. Note what the owner did. St. Thomas wrote; God took away the Church from the priests, bishops, cardinals and gave it to those who would give the owner his due.   Who are these; those who went to the banquet wearing proper wedding gowns. This is the owner's due, 'Charity.' or the love of God and neighbor.

4. Let us pick up two points from the Gospel.  The first point, what was the sin of the stewards?  Clearly the priests, bishops, and cardinals were guilty of 'infidelity,' the sin against Faith.
    The second point was; what did the owner of the vineyard do? He took away the vineyard (the Church) away from them. So, in effect the  place where the Church formerly was, can loss it. How can we know that? The visible signs of Faith among the people in that parish or diocese will disappear.

5.. The sin of infidelity.
      The Church and her teachings are prophetic. So the infidelity of the stewards would happen every century in the history of the Church. But there will be a massive infidelity that will occur in these days as confirmed by Blessed John Newman in his Sermo 9 'The infidelity of the future;' and quoted by Pope Benedict in his 'new evangelization.' This massive infidelity is what is described in the Gospel; all the farmer stewards ganged up on the messengers and on the Son of the owner of the vineyard. So the owner took away the vineyard from all of them. Anyone skilled in the knowledge on the signs of Faith can notice that the Catholic Church can no longer be found in most of the parishes, dioceses, religious houses and organizations.

     The sin of infidelity is a sin against Faith. A sin of Faith causes Faith to disappear. This sin is essentially a refusal to give the farm owner his due; therefore, a sin against an important moral virtue, Justice. Like all sins, it comes from pride akin to the devil's desire to be 'like gods.'  That is how the steward farmers behaved. They mistreated the messengers sent by the owner and even killed the son of the owner!! It was a plot to steal the vineyard (the Church) and run the Church as if they were the new owners. Sounds familiar?

     Today, the Gospel on the vineyard has been realized. The farmer stewards, namely, the priests, bishops, cardinals and whoever is there in the Vatican had unjustly refused to render to God the worship due to Him in the Liturgy. They have persecuted, demoted and fired His messengers and have crucified again the Son of Man by their disobedience to Christ's commands.

      This sin can be seen from the highest office in  the Vatican to the lowest parish level. As a result, the laymen are contaminated. The vineyard still has the shape of a vineyard but it has changed ownership. It is now owned by Pope Francis, Cardinals Kasper, Marx, Daneels, Cupich, Tagle, the Bologna School, the Spirit of Vatican II and Bishops Tom, Dick and Harry. It is no longer the vineyard tended formerly by the apostles and the Fathers of the Church.

6.  Every week this sin of infidelity is spreading to include whole Bishop's conference, whole groups of priest, whole religious orders and millions of laymen. It is a refusal to give God His due; and to divert what belongs to God for one's own personal and individual human desires....thus establishing a man-made church crafted in every diocese with a model coming from Argentina called the church of compassion and mercy without justice. What do you think will the owner of the vineyard do? He will take away the vineyard, the Church from them and give it to others who will render to him his due. Before we describe who are these new farmer stewards, let us worry about 'our friends' who might be, inadvertently, residing  among those unfaithful farmer stewards before they loss the Church from their parishes and dioceses.

7. St. Paul's letter to Titus
     St. Paul's letter to Titus is the official Catholic manual of operation for bishops. St. Paul wrote what a good bishop must do and what he must avoid. It is a veritable syllabus of instructions on the details on how to be a holy bishop and merit heaven. But foremost, it is a guide to detect who is a true Catholic bishop and who is not! Any bishop, worthy of his name, should check on himself based on this epistle and find out how God will judge him when he dies.

     Though I am just a simple monk, the obligation of fraternal Charity reminds me what St. Paul described as the obligation of a bishop; to help my friends who might be in that unenviable evangelical situation; 'rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the Faith (Titus 1:13). 'Check if you have the Catholic Faith!'

Sunday, April 12, 2015


1. The Church can never loss her powers. Her powers are of her essence. As long as she is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic she will always have her powers. And the Gospel of the Second Sunday of Easter shows the connection between her essence and her powers.

2. The Gospel is recalling the day Christ resurrected, and the day the apostles reached the perfection of Faith. It was the end of their training and the beginning of their work to evangelize the world. Christ had been telling them to preach to all nations, but had not sent them as He finally will do after Pentecost. On this Second Sunday of Easter Gospel, He, again, sent them ' as the Father had sent Me,' and then again does not sent them, ordering them to stay put together until Pentecost. Why was He postponing the work of evangelization? Because the apostles had not perfected their Faith. The entire apostolic community, representing the Church, must have perfect Faith before going about evangelizing. Their Faith, alone, can evangelize the world.
     Pope Benedict had already stated in "Ratzinger Report" that the Church is having a crisis of Faith. Imagine a Church with a crisis of Faith trying to save the world when she cannot even save herself.
     Most of our priests and bishops.....up to the present Pope, cannot prove to themselves, must less to others, that they have Faith; they cannot even describe the dynamics of 'Faith' which is 'the mature human Act of Faith.' So the repetitious reminder of Pope Benedict's exhortation to all; 'check your Faith!!!' Because the very salvation of your soul depend on it.' But no one is listening.'

3. This Easter Second Sunday Gospel shows Christ waiting for every apostle to have perfect Faith before sending them abroad.  He could not send them as a Church on the mission because one of them, St. Thomas, had an imperfect Faith.  So no go. Everybody had to wait. By this time, Easter morning, Mary Magdalene, Peter, John and most of the apostles had passed their last final test of Faith. Scriptures described them; 'they saw no one in the tomb, yet they believed.' That is the definition of Faith. They believed even if they did not see the Resurrected Christ.
     Because they passed their test of Faith, their reward was 'because they believed' they saw what they believed.'......they saw the resurrected Christ. St. Ambrose wrote that if Christ showed Himself to the Jews after His Resurrection the whole world should be Catholic by now. But no, wrote St.Thomas of Aquinas. The sight of Christ resurrected was a reward for passing the test of Faith. The Jewish nation and the rest of the world did not pass their final test of Faith. So why give them a reward? This is the reason why only a few, those who passed the final test of Faith, saw the Resurrected Christ. This sight was a sign of predestination.

      Pope Benedict reminded us when he was in Manoppello, viewing the miraculous picture of the face of the Resurrected Christ, that all Catholics who have passed their final test of Faith will surely see the face of Christ. This was the heartfelt prayer of the Psalmist; 'Lord, do not hide your face from us. Show us your face.' The 'Veronica's veil' in Manoppello is the true image of the resurrected Christ;  the vision of which only Mary and the disciples experienced on Easter morning. "They believed He was alive even if they did not see Him alive." Their reward?   They saw the resurrected Christ.

4. The apostle Thomas did not see the Resurrected Christ as yet. But, unlike the rest, he could not believe. His Faith was defective!  He was going to hold back the whole work of evangelization. The Church was not perfect and cannot evangelize that way.
     Thomas' Faith was not really that bad.  All the apostles were telling him 'we have seen the Lord.' And he believed.  His defect was just a little imperfection in that Christ had shown Himself to all as testified by the rest and yet had not shown Himself to him. Well,...he was just like jealous lover. Christ, usually, gives in to such childishness and appears to all, once more. And tells Thomas to touch His wounds. Thomas did not. He really believed; and now he has seen.  That was more than enough to perfect his Faith. But Christ corrects him; 'Thomas, you believed because you have seen. Blessed are those who believe even if they have not seen. ' Thomas, unlike the rest, needed an extra help to believe perfectly. Now, the first early Church made up of apostles with perfect Faith is ready to evangelize the world.  But wait!!
     They are ready but not quite. A few more things are needed.

5. Christ breaths on them and said; 'Receive the Holy Spirit.' Now, wait a minute. Wasn't that suppose to happen on Pentecost? Let us look at the sequence of a number of events that happened in today's Gospel as commented by St. Thomas of Aquinas in his 'Catena Aurea.'
     (a)All the apostles had reached perfect Faith by now. (b)As a reward,  they see the Resurrected Christ. (c)Then Christ breaths on them and says 'Receive the Holy Spirit.' (d) Be receiving the Spirit their past sins were forgiven. (e)Another effect of  the breath of the Spirit is that they receive the power to love the Church and their neighbor in the Catholic Church (this love of neighbor will prepare them to receive the power to love God on Pentecost).
     Having received the grace for the forgiveness of their sins and the grace to love the Church....then and only then (f) did Christ give them the power to remit and retain the sins of others; 'whose sins you forgive......whose sins you retain.....'
     Note that without perfect Faith, God will not bestow the next five supernatural gifts and powers that followed.

6. It is important to note the sequence of those powers. One follows the other. The inability to perfect one's Faith will cause a domino effect;  the next steps will not follow. At present, almost, everybody, laymen, nuns, priests, bishops, cardinals and even the present Pope cannot prove or show that they have Faith. The fruits of Faith are visible.  The first Reading of the Second Sunday of Easter reminds us that Faith is seen visibly in the act of obedience to the commands of God as enumerated in the Old and New Testament. 'See how they love one another,' was the comment of pagans. 'See!!!' That means Charity is visible. ' Your Faith is heralded throughout the world' was St. Paul's description of the Faith of the Romans.
     On the other hand adultery and sodomy are visible sins against Faith and, therefore, signs of the absence of Faith. That is why the woman was caught in adultery because it was visible. Since both Faith and Charity are discernible we ought to check if we have it or not; if not we cannot have the following next five gifts and powers.

     If we have Faith and it is perfected,  Christ had promised 'I will manifest Myself to you.' This is to behold the Resurrected Christ as Christ promised to all who have perfect Faith; 'I will manifest Myself to you.' After which Christ breaths on us to receive the first coming of the Holy Spirit who will forgive all our past sins as St. John the Baptist announced; 'But He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit unto the forgiveness of sins.' Here, the Holy Spirit will grant us the grace to love the Church (our neighbor) in preparation to receiving the grace to love God on Pentecost. And the Gospel ends by showing us Christ giving the apostles the power to forgive the sins of others through the life of repentance and sacramental confession that was taught to them.

         Now, if as Cardinal Ratzinger stated, the Church is undergoing a crisis of Faith, i.e. not only is she unable to perfect her Faith, but even could possibly have no Faith......then all the next steps would not follow. Then we would have priests, bishops, cardinals and even the Pope not having experienced the manifestation promised by Christ; not having received the breath of Christ for the forgiveness of their past sins; not having received the power to love the Church or neighbor; and not having the power to forgive sins. In short, as prophesied, we have a priesthood from whom God had taken away their powers. Not so much that God had taken away their powers. But that they never had the power in the first place, since they have not reached the perfection of Faith. Without the perfection of Faith, the men of the Church cannot merit salvation nor  evangelize anybody. Without the signs of perfect Faith the men of the Church are spiritually useless. "It is your Faith that will conquer the world."

7. Pope Benedict, even as Cardinal Ratzinger, had been harping on the importance of the life of repentance that leads to Faith. Repentance is man's work. Faith is God's work. Man must prepare the way; God will take over. We must check on our Faith to see if we have repented well. Man's emphasis must be on repentance.
     Though the Catholic Church have many ways of finding out if we have Faith or seems most priest, bishop, cardinal and even the present Pope are unable to show the world how to do it. Pope Benedict seems to be the last person who taught us how to. Without this knowledge the Church will loss all her powers.

8. So, mindful of St. Paul's advice to bishops in his letter to Titus (the epistle that describes the role of a bishop) 'rebuke those bishops without Faith sharply, that they may be sound in the Faith.' All ye, all ye. Check and prove to yourselves if you have Faith or not.' Without the perfection of Faith you cannot have those gifts and powers necessary for your salvation and the evangelization of others.

Thursday, April 09, 2015


1.  The Church lost her Faith!!.....
     because Christ prophesied she would loss her Faith. What Christ prophesied has to happen. Not because He caused it but because He foresaw it and allowed it to happen with His permissive Will. Since Christ simply permitted it, who is the effective cause of the loss of Faith? The sinner! Who is the sinner that we may fraternally and charitably correct him? Primarily the priests, bishops, cardinals and even the Pope, if he needs correction (writes St. Bellarmine.).  Secondarily, those who depend on them to make the Act of Faith. The neglect of the shepherds is the reason for the loss of Faith and all the chastisements that follow it, sent by God.

     The true Church, the wheat, always keeps the Faith. It never loses the Faith.
     It is the cockles that never had it in the first place. And Christ did say so; they have no Faith. And they will exist in the Church from the beginning of time,  up to the end of time.
     The cockles are the ones that we see in History losing the  Faith and giving the Church such a bad reputation.

2. The absence of Faith must be blamed on human nature. The Act of Faith is a supernatural act. It is a gift from God and an act of God.  Human nature, being merely human, cannot make the act. And so Christ merely required man to make a natural act of faith; leaving it up to God to provide the supernatural aspect of it.
     Being 'fallen,' human nature is such that men is born with no desire to Believe. It is in the development of his senses that he is, eventually, forced to think and eventually to believe. At first, he thinks; but he does not necessarily believe.  Belief is an assent of the mind; but it needs the consent  of the will to make up the act of Faith.
     Original sin is when the will refuses to consent to the assents of the mind. This is the crux of the problem of Faith. The problem worsens when the mind does not assent to a known truth. And is worst when the mind is ignorant of the truth. Our present era had reached the worst.

     Keeping in mind, that the Church has to have continuity in handing down  her beliefs from generation to generation, from father to son and so forth.....she must perfect her knowledge of her beliefs as she goes along. Only in this way can Faith progress to perfection in the world. Which, in practice and in reality, is nearly impossible.
     All men are born sinners. They naturally multiply and reproduce themselves exponentially. While growing numerically they deteriorate spiritually (following the ascetical principle 'he who does not progress deteriorates morally.)
     Saints, on the other hand,  are produced, exclusively, by the grace of God; that is given to very few.  The growth of saints and sinners is the  proverbial race between the hare and the turtle. In no time, the sinners could easily overwhelm the saints out of existence in the world by their sheer numbers.  It is pure miracle that the saints, i.e., the Church of the wheat still exist.
3.     Since the Pope, the cardinals, bishops, priests and parents are delegated with the job of teaching, transmitting and preserving the Faith, isn't it appropriate that the blame be placed on their shoulders if there is no Faith in the world?
     This is the natural cause of loss of Faith. Ignorance; wherein the inability to learn worsens as time goes by. But this can still be remedied by intense studying in a perfect monastic setting as suggested by St. John Climacus. Although this intense ignorance is an evil, it does not have the positive element of evil as found in the next topic.
4. The natural men can deteriorate to the level of having inordinate desires to eat and marry. These two desires are natural and not sinful. It is the inordinate desires that makes them vices and, therefore, sinful. From here, the natural man descends to the level of the unnatural; beginning with love of money----down to sexual perversions.  The unnatural level involves activities coming from the devil; therefore, it cannot be healed without the grace of God.
     Now, let us descend to this unnatural level. Having discussed the first source of sin which is the 'flesh,' let us now face the next two sources of sin; the 'world' and the 'devil.'  

 5.  The devil, using the world, is to blame, either for preventing the acquisition of Faith, or for accelerating the loss of Faith. Following  the prior tidal wave of 'infidelities to infidelities' among sinners that was due to fallen nature,  the situation is expected to, naturally, become worse than better with the help of the devil. With this scenario the inevitable should be expected....... cardinals, bishops and priests being without natural faith and as a consequence without supernatural Faith......cannot teach anyone the way to the true Church and to eternal life. What if one of them is elected pope?

6. The consequences of loss of Faith?  What happened during the Bishop's Synod 2014!! That is the consequence. This has been happening since the time of the apostles up to the present.  This is the only reason why God raised saints; to slow down the decay of Faith in the Church. That is the primary reason for Ecumenical Councils;  to correct errors that have crept inside the Church. And errors, indeed, were corrected.......but the people were no corrected. The crisis of Faith remained and worsened.
      Errors are corrected by grace. Not by Councils nor Synods. In fact, after the Council of Trent and Vatican II, things went worse because the errors were corrected but the hearts and minds of the fathers of the Council were not reformed.
     One third of the attendees in the 2014 Bishop's Synod did not have the four visible signs of the Church enumerated in the Creed.....nor did they show the 15 signs of Catholicity enumerated by St. Bellarmine......nor did they show any of the 35 signs of Faith described in the Sunday Gospels in Ordinary time. To be more sophisticated, the Pope, cardinals and bishops belonging to the one third did not have the qualities of a Catholic Bishop enumerated by St. Paul in his epistle to Titus; which is the standard description of a Catholic bishop. While the two-thirds who rejected the proposals advanced by the one-third that was led by Pope Francis, though  showing some of the signs of Catholicty, did not show evidence that they had all the signs of Catholicity.
     While the two thirds majority did not show all the signs of Catholicity, they did not show any signs that was contrary to Catholic teachings. While the one third embraced doctrines that are evidently contrary to Catholic teachings.

7. So we are down to the basic question.
     Christ gave the Catholic Church visible signs by which all men can know which is His true Church. Most of the priests, bishops and cardinals cannot prove even to themselves that they are Catholics. And these are the ones who are hasty in judging others as not being Catholics. How can you accuse others if you yourself are not sure about yourself? What a mess! And this is where we all are at this very moment. We are at an age of total darkness, the chastisement God reserved for an age that has ceased to believe in God. And who prophesied that?  Jesus Christ and many times repeated by His Blessed Mother through the centuries. When did she say that? In Quito, Ecuador. In La Sallete, in Fatima, in Akita, in Kibeho.....etc. The signs of the 'decay of  Faith' and the 'waxing cold of Charity' are all over. And they are more often found among the priests, bishops, cardinals and even in the present Pope. While true Faith and Charity are found among the had often happen in the history of the Catholic Church when the Church was in crisis. Remember St. Benedict and St. Francis? They were laymen.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

WEDNESDAY OF HOLY WEEK - The Church today!!

1.To ascertain her doctrines, God gave the Catholic church prophecy by which she knows before hand her doctrines, she is given reality wherein her doctrines are realized, and she is given eschatology by which she can know how her teachings are fulfilled in the future.
     Let us take an example. Good Friday. This is so graphically prophesied by Isaiah in the Old Testament. When it became reality in the New Testament on Good Friday, readers were so sure Isaiah was describing Jesus Christ, the Messiah. But Good Friday will be eschatologically be repeated every century up to the present.
     These three, prophecy, reality and eschatology can occur in a moment in history as in Good Friday. Before the start of Holy Week, Jesus Christ prophesied. As early as chapter 23 in the Gospel of Matthew, Christ described the sins of the Pharisees and Scribes that will cause the destruction of the temple. This would be a reality in the life of Christ in Chapter 26.  Eschatologically, the scenario of Pharisees, Scribes leading howling crowds, Roman soldiers  priests and bishops of the Jewish people gathering to crucify Christ would be repeated in the Bishop's Synod of 2014.

     Christ spelled the seven woes (chapter 23) which were their defects. And because they would kill and stone God's messengers, by  their infidelity, Jerusalem, the figure of the Catholic Church would become desolate (as prophesied), where 'there will not be left here a stone upon another stone' (realized in the New Testament.)  The devastated temple will be the figure of the Catholic Church today.
     What we see in the Lenten Liturgy is Christ repeating the Prophecy, describing how the prophecy would be realized on Good Friday and how this prophecy and reality will be fulfilled today.
2. Let us concentrate on this one specific incident; the prophecy on the destruction of the early temple. This is followed by the reality, the destruction or death of the Body of Christ which is pre-figured by the temple....and, the eventual destruction of the temple again under Augustus. Then let's see its eschatological fulfillment in the destruction  of the Catholic Church (the Mystical Body of  Christ) which was pre-figured by the crucifixion of Christ.

     What did this incident accomplish in the Providence of God?
     It showed the difference between  believers and unbelievers  in the lessons of the fig tree, the parable of the unknown day and hour, the parable of the faithful and unfaithful servants, the parable of the ten virgins, the parable of the talents and the final separation of the faithful from the unfaithful in 'the judgment' of the nations (these are found in chapters 24 and 25).
3. These parables are followed by the description of Holy Week, particularly Good Friday, which is pre-figured by the prophecy on the destruction of the temple, fulfilled on Good Friday and eschatologically prophesied to happen again, today, year 2000 a.d.

4. Let us look at the happenings on Good Friday and see how they are eschatologically fulfilled today.
     The portrait of the unbelievers: the entire Jewish priesthood, except for Nicodemus,  together with the occupying Romans, were against Christ.  As a consequence, the whole populace, because they are led by the priests, were against Christ. Judas, a bishop chosen, trained and member of the apostolic community would betray Him.
     The portrait of the believers: only those personally taught by Christ were on His side. And most of them were hiding for fear of the Jews.  Those with perfect Faith, led by the Blessed Virgin, stood by the cross.

     Today, pre-figured by the Pharisees and Scribes, most of the cardinals, bishops and priests go against the Word of God as found in the teachings of the Catholic Church. This is due to their infidelity (inability to believe.) This sin against Faith makes them completely ignorant of the teachings of Christ and open to all kinds of vices including sodomy.
      Infidelity comes from pride in which their main concern is doing what they love specially their love for their position as bishops. With this pride, the next vices follow including the unnatural vices like homosexuality.
     In turn, this pride would make them use their position to suppress those under them who do not conform to their personal desires.  They threaten and suppress priests who do not conform to their proud individual desires thus dragging them down to hell with them. Priests who value too much their own position, rather than the salvation of their souls, would easily succumb to their threats
     And the populace, who do not know any better, deceived by the purple dress of heretical bishops would, similarly,  be dragged to damnation....just like on Good Friday; a scenario prophesied by the Blessed Virgin in Fatima.
     That is why Pope Benedict kept on calling all priests during the 'Year of the Priests'  to check if they have Faith. So they can dissociate themselves from this coming prophesied future infidelity and apostasy. And he warned the faithful during the 'Year of Faith' to use the Liturgy to check on themselves; because the bishops and priests would not be able to help them check on their Faith. To help cardinals, bishops, priests and laymen to check on their Faith, Pope Benedict gave us precisely the Years of the Jubilee of St. Paul, of the Priests and of Faith during the last three years, to teach us how to check on one's own Faith. But nobody obeyed; just like the Romans, Pharisees, Scribes, Jewish people and Judas.

     The consequence is the schism, pre-figured on Good Friday, which occurred during the last Bishop's Synod of 2014 and has gotten worse every week. Those joining the schism and crying out 'crucify Him'  was led by Pope Francis as shown by his clear disobedience to the 6th and 9th commands of God expressed both in the Old and New Testament; he was joined by bishops who were heads of Bishop's Conferences dragging other bishops, their own priests and faithful with them. Using threats of demotions or outright firing those under them, like what Pope Francis did to Cardinal Burke, Bishops Livieres, Thorne, Oliveri and how he treated the Franciscans using Volpi.
     While headlines are filled with whole Bishop's conferences with their cardinals, bishops and priests joining the schism, like Germany,  it is also filled with news of these same apostates silencing and suppressing defenders of the Church of Christ and the apostles. And depriving the faithful seeking the truth of much needed knowledge they are ignorant of.
      Consoling news, however, are those who were faithful to the Church of the apostles and the Fathers. Cardinal Burke is joint by the Polish and African Bishop's conferences and by  500 priests from England and Wales who stood against the immoral proposal during the Synod though criticized by their own bishop, Cardinal Nichols of Westminster.
     Emeritus Cardinal Rosales of Manila sided with the truth while the present Cardinal Tagle of Manila sided with the new Protestant church proposed by the Synod as shown in his address at the 'Flame II' Youth congress in Wembley Arena, London. Cardinal Tagle noted Christ's charitable treatment of lesbian/gay people as 'problematic,' 'judgmental,' 'marginalizing,'harmful,' etc...and proposed his own man-made 'new way of pastoral ministry.' A Cardinal who knows better than Christ??  Many Filipino bishops and priests had aligned with him though a few have not yet expressed their stand.
     Joining this 'new' schism are the civil authorities who have the same anti-Catholic agenda  and the whole populace who conveniently follow whatever their bishops say without checking.

5. Central to the Good Friday scenario is Judas.  One of the first bishop, chosen, appointed and trained by Christ, Himself. 'One of my own has gone against me,' the psalm states. This is the pre-figure of all the cardinals, bishops and priests today.....and even of the Pope; who is not a pope but merely a bishop who have gone against Christ's own commandments (which, dogmatically,  a true Pope will never do.) And this warning is repeated for two days (Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week.) Precisely to warn all that this is the great chastisement Our Lady of Fatima was referring to. The punishment for an unbelieving world is that 'no one would be teaching the way to heaven,' because no one would know how.  And no one will know who is the true Pope between the two popes.

     Imagine if you were there on Good Friday. And you wanted to save your soul by making an act of Faith. The Pope, cardinals, bishops and priest cannot teach you because they are busy crucifying Christ. The apostles could not teach you because they were hiding for fear of the Jews. Christ could not help you because He was busy being crucified. There is absolutely nobody who can teach you. What would you do? Let us find out in the Vigil Mass of Easter.

6   The supreme Luciferian goal is 'One government and one religion,' one headed by the president of the States and the proposed head of the other is Pope Francis as suggested by the U.N. 'Unity of government and religion' can only be done by God by the workings of the Holy Spirit. For men to try this is a temptation to be 'like God'.....the grievous ambition of Lucifer and the same temptation the devil offered Eve. The eternal temptation to be like Gods......personal the ambition of the whole world, civil and religious;............while removing all obstacles, primarily the Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ?

     Isn't that exactly like Good Friday?????

Monday, March 30, 2015

Holy week....THE BIG TEST.....for all.

1. The sixth day is the symbol of man's big test.
     All men will be tested. All men must pass their test to attain eternal life. The test is a test of Faith. The history of the human race is the story of his pilgrimage on earth wherein God continuously tests him until he reaches the perfection of his Faith, after which he was rewarded by resurrecting with Christ unto eternal life. The day of testing is symbolized by the sixth day described by St. Bonaventure in his 'Haexameron,' and used by Pope Benedict to base his priestly thesis  entitled 'The theology of the History according to St. Bonaventure.' The sixth day describes the events that will happen on the final day of testing and how each must respond to pass the final test.

2. The Lenten season is the sixth day.
     Good Friday is the sixth day. Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Black Saturday is an expanded explanation of the sixth day. The whole Lenten season explains completely the sixth day. It begins with Shrove Tuesday followed by Ash Wednesday. Then it describes the tests God will send. This is followed by two reactions to the tests; one correct reaction and the other a wrong reaction.
     St. Benedict wrote in his rule that the whole life of a monk should be a Lenten observance. And this is the best description of the sixth day. It is one's whole life because every second of one's whole life is a time for testing. Man is in this world not to enjoy it; but to be tested and pass his test. So the sixth day is one's whole life.

3, What are the events of the sixth day portrayed on Holy Week and its eschatological meaning.
     Christ enters Jerusalem (the symbol of Christ entering the Catholic Church.) As He enters he is accompanied by an ass (the symbol of the Jewish nation) but He was riding on the foal (the Church of the Gentile.) Both the Old and the New Testament people were welcoming Him with Hosanna. Those welcoming Him were divided into two; one who welcomes Him just out of  enthusiasm, just as one welcomes a super star. The other welcomes Him as true savior of their souls. Both were welcoming Jesus Christ. The former will crucify Him; the latter will accompany Christ and enter the Church by an act of Faith.
     Then the test begins. It is meant to separate the believers from the unbelievers. Christ was arrested, mistreated and prepared for crucifixion. The unbelievers were led by the Pharisees and Scribes.  The mastermind was Caiphas, the high priests. Today, likewise, the infidelity in the Church is led by one in a high office with the majority of the cardinals, bishops and priests. Our Lady of LaSallete described them as the 'sewage of evil and impurity.' Their heads had visibly appeared during the 2014 Bishop's Synod that their names were published; disturbingly led by Pope Francis himself and followed by heads of Bishop's conferences in Germany, England, South America and the Philippines.
     The two groups were separated and the gap between the two is growing wider as the next testing events occur. Tests are meant to improve those who pass. Those who fail automatically continue to deteriorate following the rule 'he who does not improve deteriorates.'

4. The great schism.
     The test is for an act of Faith. Those who fail are unbelievers; those who pass are believers. The test question is 'who is Christ?' Christ had preached long enough for men to know Him. It is enough to know Christ in a few minutes and make an act of Faith based on that meeting. The Gospels are filled with these cursory meetings with Christ, like by the lepers, the blind man, the adulterous woman, etc.... that were followed by great acts of Faith from them.
     How come, in spite of all the teachings, miracles and wonders performed by Christ,  the Pharisees and Scribes thought Christ to be Beelzebub, a blasphemer, etc? Because they refused to believe. How come today the same thing is happening. It is some cardinals, bishops and priest who have  wrong concepts on who is Christ. Their Christ is based on their own making and not based on Divine Revelation and Tradition. Obviously, most of them have not met Christ at all; for no other reason than because they do not want to believe. As the prophet said; infidelity unto infidelity. As Our Lady of LaSallete said; due to inordinate love for their positions, pride, and lack of prayer and the spirit of penance.  
      As a consequence, they fail to pray and teach the sheepfolds the true Faith. The chief priest, Caiphas, is an eschatological enigma. The entire Jewish nation, led by the Scribes and Pharisees, because they never had the Faith will now group to commit Deicide. Our Lady prophesied that it is the cardinals, bishops and priest who will crucify Christ again today.
      The general impression will be that the Catholic Church had disappeared from the face of the earth. An ugly picture but this was the prophecy of Christ, Himself; 'when I come, will there be Faith on earth?'

     The group that kept the Faith is divided into two; those who had Faith but were shy to expose their Faith for fear of being suppressed by unbelievers. The apostles would fall under this, except for John. The other are those who had Faith and were brave to show their Faith as in the person of Mary and a few....who were the symbol of the 'little church' that will sustain the weak of Faith during these times.
     Exactly the same thing will happen today. Most Catholics who have weak Faith will be suppressed in their practice because of the intense pressure from unbelieving cardinals and bishops.  Very, very few will be strong in their Faith. But it is their prayers that will sustain the Church.

5. The enigmatic high priest, Caiaphas.
     It is difficult to spell out the eschatological meaning of the figure of Caiaphas, the high priest, who directed the crucifixion of Christ. But it becomes easy if we put the example of Judas side by side with him.
     Judas was one of the apostles, probably one of the first bishops. Because he had no Faith he betrayed and sold Christ. Not only that. His betrayal was due to the fact that Satan entered into him. Here we have the first case, not of a physical possession by the devil, but a spiritual possession. The Pharisees, Scribes and the Jewish people were not possessed. It was an apostle who was spiritually possessed.
     Judas and Caiaphas are figures of the anti-popes, more than 40 of whom plaque the Church and one last evil anti-pope is scheduled to work side by side with the anti-Christ that will persecute the Church. Thus we have the Fatima prophesy fulfilled in which the attacks on the Church will come from without (the anti-Christ) and from within (the anti-pope.)
     Most of those with weak Faith, like the apostles, will be subdued in their defense of the Church. But a very small portion, those who have reached the perfection of Faith, Hope and Charity will openly fight for the Church against the apostate church led by the anti-pope.

6. Who passed the test?
     Mary and the small group with her that symbolized the true Church who had perfect Faith. And the Apostles, who for a moment had to hide from the molestation of unbelievers. How come they passed?  Scriptures says; because they looked at Christ and said; His words are those as if of God's. The only reason they believed with an act of Faith is because they saw that the Words of Christ were identical to the Words of God as written in Divine Revelation.
     Today, we do not hear the words of the shepherd. The words coming from most of the cardinals, bishops and priests are from themselves and not from God. Wasn't this the complain of one Cardinal during the Synod? He hardly heard any quotations from Christ or from the Fathers of the Church. Just quotations from men who want to replace the Church of Christ with the church of man.

7. The season of Lent is an invitation for each of us to find out for certain if we have Faith or not. Each lay man, and especially if I am a priest, bishop, cardinal and even the Pope, that was described by our Lady as 'a sewage,'  I should check right now. If the eschatological sixth day, Good Friday, overtakes would be impossible for us to check. Because on the sixth day, the great separation by the angels would have taken place. On one side the wheat that will be bundled and brought to the barn  ; on the other side the cockles that will be bundled together to be burned.


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