Wednesday, February 20, 2019

NO ONE LOVES BISHOP MCCARRICK. 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

1. Charity.
     Christ was teaching the way to perfection that is required for salvation. The path leads beyond observance of the law. This leads to Faith, Hope and Charity. The greatest is Charity. 
     Faith, to be true Faith, must be enlivened with the beginnings of Charity. Charity cannot be perfected here on earth. Only in heaven. But saints have attained different degrees of Charity. One higher than the other. To be saved all must have perfect Faith enlivened with the beginnings of Charity.
     Today's Gospel deals with the highest beginnings of Charity possible here on earth, ' to love your enemies.' It is impossible for any soul to reach this degree of Charity if they have not loved their loved ones, their neighbour, their friends, their countrymen, etc. Your enemies will be the hardest to love. And you will need God's grace to do that because it is an act that makes man similar to God. 
     You cannot reach Charity without perfect repentance, perfect Faith, Hope and the beginnings of Charity. This is going beyond observance of the commands and beyond observance of the evangelical counsels.

2. The Gospel of the 6th Sunday in ordinary time.
     The Gospel describes that degree of Charity (Love of God) that is directed towards one's enemies. What must you do towards your enemies? 
     a.) Do good to them which hate you.
     b.) Bless them that curse you.
     c.) Pray for them that use you.
     d.)Unto him that smitten you on one cheek offer also the other.
     e.) And him that taketh away thy cloke, let him get you coat, too.
     f.) Give to him that takes away thy goods and ask them not again. 
     g.)What you want other to do to you, do ye also to them likewise. 
     Today, understandably, the whole world, unenlightened by the Gospel have violated this precept of Christ. But, sadly, the institutional Catholic Church have acted in violation of the same Gospel. Heightening the rising suspicion that the institutional Catholic Church office in the Vatican is no longer Catholic nor Christian, because it does not have the hallmark of true Catholicism 'See how they love one another.'

3. The bishop have seriously sinned without doubt. 
     Not as serious as Judas, and not even as serious as Peter. If Peter repented and was immediately restored to his original state of spirituality as if nothing happened, why not the US bishop. All Peter did was what we all have to do when we sin and that is 'to repent and then believe.' Why has everything become so complicated that synods have to be held to resolve it. The simple solution on how to handle it, is simply stated in today's Gospel. When things get complicated, the plan is to cover up. Then they really need a synod. 

     All men have sinned, St. John wrote. Including many priests, bishops, cardinals and even Pope. Does it mean they should be laicised? No, because there are different degrees of sins and each degree have their corresponding punishments. Venial sins are punished in one way; mortal sins another way. Canon Law have specific penalties for certain sins. And the US bishop's sin does not fall under laicisation. Penalty for heresy and abandonment of religious life is laicisation but most of those committing other mortal sins are just required to live of life of repentance. 

4. Due penalty.
     For the US bishop, to encourage him to live of repentance is enough before man and God. Thus Pope Benedict, as his spiritual father,  asked him to live in a monastery and live a life of repentance. To leave his diocese and cease practicing his faculties is part of living the life of repentance in a monastery; they are not part of his penalty. 
     To live a life of perfect repentance for the forgiveness of sin in a way that those sins would not  return is more than enough to make up for one's sin before man and before God.

5. The life of repentance for the forgiveness of sin takes years. 
    God had made repentance light and sweet and easy, just like all of His teachings, otherwise no one can enter heaven. But it will still take years. Considering his age he might just not reach perfect repentance when he dies. So to postpone his starting the life of repentance in an ideal monastic setting, would be most cruel. And it has just been postponed.
     For McCarrick, this is all that is demanded of him by God. And that  should be enought for all men, unless man wants to be more demanding than god. 
6. What should Catholics tell McCarrick? Like what Christ taught; 'Repent and believe.' 
     But we live in an age where no one knows how to repent and believe. This ignorance of the life of repentance is what made the whole world NOT believe in today's Gospel message.

     a.) The victims. 
           The US bishop was the enemy of the poor victims because he had sinned against God and against the victims. He must make reparation both to God through a life of repentance and to the victims in the form of good works towards neighbour. 
           The Gospel obligation of the victim is clearly to love them, to pray for them and forgive them. If the victims do not forgive the bishop, God will pity them for being a victim but God will not forgive their personal sins for refusing to forgive the bishop.
            For exposing the bishop to media, for investigation, for ridicule, etc..they had gone against the Gospel law of Charity and, therefore, as God threatened them, He, Himself, will not forgive them their personal past sins.  
           The victims should forgive otherwise God will not forgive their other personal past sins.
      b.) The other bishops and the Pope should tell him to repent and help him in every way to do so;  and pray for him. Which they seem not to have done. So, they have, also, violated this law of Charity. Since violation of the law of Charity is a serious sin, their sin is more serious. 
            Not only did the Vatican fail in helping him repent. The Vatican tolerated his sins, promoted him to higher office, abandoned him spiritually and then cruelly laicized him in his old age.  
      c). For the rest of the institutional church, like the Internet websites, they are looking at the mole in the eye of others which is a lesser sin because it is a sin of flesh, while not seeking the beam in their own eyes in lacking Charity towards a prince of the Church;  a more serious sin. 
      d.) And the rest of mankind who judged the US Bishop; well, don't do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you. This is the Golden Rule imprinted by God in the hearts of all men and all men should know it. To be wilfully ignorant of it is worse than the sin of the bishop. 
      e.) Everybody with the right mind should have simply said; 'go repent and sin no more.' Christ would have said this. But nobody is like Christ. 

7. Removal from the diocese or parish and suspension from saying Mass is the necessary consequence if he is told to go to a monastery and repent. The removal from being a bishop or a priest should not be a punishment unless it is for heresy or abandonment from the religious way of life or being awol from the priesthood. 
       He should have remained a cardinal, a bishop and a priest with faculties to say Mass, away from all human contact .......except that he should be in a monastery repenting which is to live the monastic life in its totality. 

8. All the above behaviour, except the act of repenting is considered unCatholic and against the commands of Christ. The action of the Vatican in doing nothing for his repentance is tantamount to sending him to hell, which is total lack of Charity and most unCatholic. 
         The US bishop must have behaved like a sinner. But who is not? Who is worse? Those who have sinned and  have cast the first stone. 
      This case shows more not the sad story of US Bishop. It shows more the deplorable state of the Catholic Church, from the top to the bottom. He was not an enemy to most. He was in fact a father to most and a confrere to many bishops. 'See how they love one another,' was the way the Catholic community was described once upon as time. Where is Charity in this case. 

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Thursday of the 5th Week in Ordinary time. MY MOTHER THE EXORCIST.

 1. The Gospel.
      The Gospel describes a woman, whose daughter was possessed by the devil.  Christ arrives in a house and the woman follows Him, approached Him and fell at His feet; and besought Him that He would cast forth the devil out of her daughter.
      Christ expressed the Will of God;  that He must attend, first, to the Jews before the Gentiles. The Gentiles would be helped after the Resurrection of Christ. 
      The woman speaks with wisdom, St. Thomas noted. 'Yes Lord; yet the dogs under the table eat of the children's crumbs. Then Christ said; 'For this saying go thy way; the devil is gone out of thy daughter. 

2. How come the young daughter was possessed by an unclean spirit?
    Because of original sin, all men are possessed by the devil. Satan is the prince of the world, all men to the world are possessed by him. 
      This is why children are baptised; and baptism begins with an act of exorcism,  to drive the devil away. 

3. After the exorcism during baptism, the parents, god-parents and parish priest are supposed to help the child reached the perfection of Faith wherein the devils are not able to return to the soul of the child; this state of the soul is further perfected with the beginnings of the theological virtue of Charity. Here it is impossible for the devil to possess the soul.
4. The defect in Baptisms. 
     During the exorcism at Baptism, the devil, indeed, is driven away from the soul. But the soul of the baptised child never develop the perfection of Faith. So as Scriptures says; the devil finding that the house have remained empty, returns to the soul with seven other devils. So the state of the soul is worse than before. 
     This is what happens to every Catholic. The devil repossess the soul with seven other devils and never leave that soul unless the soul reaches Faith. Every time that soul sin, more devils enter his soul until there are legions of them. The soul gets worse than before. And most souls are in that state these days. 
      In this state of soul, the person cannot exorcise himself. (Remember souls can exorcise themselves by living the monastic life that works like a second Baptism with its exorcism effects. 

5. The exorcist mother.
     The Gospel today shows the Faith of the mother being able to exorcize her own daughter. Christ said so; 'It is your Faith that has saved her.' Now, keep in mind that this mother was a Gentile. She is not supposed to know anything about exorcism. Yet Christ attributed the daughter's freedom from possession through her Faith. Where did she get the Faith that alone can drive spiritual possession from the devil (this spiritual possession is worse than physical possession.) Because the woman believed in Christ.
     How come the Jews did not believe Christ; while the Gentile woman believed which enable her to to exorcise her daughter?  Her humility. 
     Humility forgives all past sins and makes a soul deserving of the theological virtue of Faith that drives out all devils, as the prayer of Compline states. 

6. Humility.
    The first lesson learned from Christ is humility; 'learn from Me for I am meek and humble of heart.' All fathers of the Church wrote on 'humility.' All founders of religious order imposed humility. Even St. Ignatius of Loyola did. 
       Because humility, as the Book of Wisdom states, grants the soul wisdom which is necessary in making the mature Act of Faith. This Faith, in turn is what drives away the devil.
     It is this Faith that will enable souls to drive the devil that posses them and the devil that posses other souls. One does not have to be an exorcist, St. Therese of Lisieux, with her child-Faith, use to drive away the devil by her mere looks. How did she do it? By her humility, the first sign of Faith ('Poor in spirit.')

7. The humility of the Syro Phoenician woman.
     She showed her humility this way;
     First, like a beggar, she besought Christ to perform a deed that only God can do, i.e. to drive away the devil. Thus she believed Christ was God. 
     Secondly, she agreed with the Divine Will as expressed by Christ. Christ said, she must first be treated as a dog, and she agreed. She begged to be treated as a dog. What humility. 
     Christ said; 'For saying this go thy way; the devil is gone out of thy daughter.' For saying this, the mother exorcised her daughter. 

8. Conclusions.
    All men without perfect Faith are possessed by the devil; they are possessed spiritually like Judas, not so much physically like those exorcist movies. Primarily because after Baptism and the exorcism  in Baptism, their souls were not properly evangelised to enable them to make the mature Act of Faith. Seeing their souls empty of Christ, the devil have returned to their soul with seven more deadly devils. And with continuous actual sins, legions have, by now, entered their souls. Thus, truly, as Pope Paul VI observed, the devil is all over the world. It has even entered the Church.
     All souls without Faith are possessed by the devil. That is practically the whole world together with Catholics who have never reached the perfection of Faith.  
     The signs of diabolical possession are all over the world; lies, murder, sexual perversion, treason, covetousness, irrationality, etc.
As Christ always did; at the beginnings of His preachings, He would drive the devils from those possessed. 
     We must start by driving the devil from our own souls,. By an Act of mature Faith. Then, like the Syro-Phoenician mother, we can can drive the devil out of other people's soul by mere prayer. 
       Today, we cannot expect other people with Faith to help us, as the daughter was helped by the mother. There are no longer any mothers like her. The present institutional Church in the Vatican cannot drive devils away, either,  because it is not showing any sign of Faith. As Christ prophesied; 'the pride of life has filled the Church. It seems it is even filled with devils, as Pope Paul VI had noted. What did he mean when he said; 'the devil have entered the Church.' Which Church?

Thursday, February 14, 2019

GOD'S WILL vs MY WILL. Tuesday of the 5th Week in Ordinary Time.

 1.  God's Will   vs  my will. 
      The Gospel shows Christ correcting the Jews  because they preferred to follow man's tradition than obey God's command. This is a repetition of the long defect of the human race in preferring their own will over and above God's Will. The sin of Eve was that she preferred her own will (to eat of the fruit)  rather than the expressed Will of God (not to eat of the forbidden fruit).
       Christ gave the general rule; obey God rather than men. The Pharisee loved obeying man's rule (washing one's hands before eating) rather than the command of God (to wash your soul before Holy Communion).

2. The grand test.
      The grand test God gives  is whether man will choose God's Will over his own will. God made man in His sown image and likeness so that he can easily know and choose God's Will. 
      God made man with an intellect that he might know God's Will; God made man with a free will that he might love and choose God's Will. This way man can do God's Will by which he can attain everlasting life. 

3. What happened in Paradise?
     God gave Adam and Eve the grand test, which all men will undergo; a choice between God's Will  and man's will. 
     Eve knew God's Will and intentionally disobeyed it. She did her own will under the instigation of the devil. Eve did the suggestion of the devil not because it is the will of the devil but because it was Eve's own will, too. When a person does the will of his father, mother, brother, sisters, boss, is in effect doing his own will that conformed with the will of other humans. 

4. God's Will is often not man's will. 
     God's Will comes from His Divinity; man's will come from his concupiscence which is the sources of vices and sin. So man's will is never God's will. 

5. To be saved, man must conform his will to God's Will. 
      God wills that all man go to heaven, while man wills to satisfy his passion and concupiscence thus leading him to hell. Thus Christ became man to teach man to conform his will with the Will of God so that he may attain everlasting life in heaven. 

6. How does man conform his will with God's Will.
    First, he must know God's expressed Will as found in His commandments. These are, easily, found in Divine Revelation; for example 'To pray unceasingly.'
    Secondly, he must know God's evangelical counsels as found in the Gospels. These are poverty, chastity and obedience.
    Thirdly, he must know how to recognise God's inspiration. It is impossible to know these because it's knowledge is reserved only for those who are spiritually mature; like when St. Simon was commanded by God to live on top of a pilar. 
     The Will of God can only be found in these three sources and nowhere else. No one can know the Will of God in the second category unless he perfectly knows the Will of God in the first category. And no one can know the Will of God in the third category unless he has a perfect knowledge of God's Will in the first and second category. 
7. Present day situation.
    Most  men are ignorant of God's will, either through His commands, his counsels or his inspirations. Today,  all who claim that such and such is the Will of God, as in the Dubai declaration,  are wrong; first, because they do not fall under any of the above categories. And secondly, because they are, obviously, ignorant of the Will of God as expressed in the first and second categories.  

8. My will.
    All men know their own wills because it is their own will. In which case they can be certain that it is not God's Will.

9. Conforming one's will with God's Will. 
     A person is a good Catholic when he conforms his will with God's Will. This is possible, only, by the grace of God. To know the Will of God, man needs the help of grace; to conform one's will with God's Will needs, even, greater graces. But it is possible, and this is what makes a person a saint. 
     The way this is done had been well described by St. Francis de Sales in his 'Treatise in the Love of God.' Yes, to do so is a supreme act of Charity, the love of God, that makes a person a saint and deserving of everlasting life. Very few can do it because it is an act of Divinity aided by divine grace that needs the aid of the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. This is the goal of all Catholics, but very few make it. 

Sunday, February 10, 2019

5th Sunday in Ordinary time. PARABLES ON THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

 1. The parables on the kingdom of God.
      Christ spoke to the crowds in parables because they could not understand; and for them not to understand. This was due to their lack of Faith. But to His disciples He explained all things. 
      One of the most contentious topic in the Catholic Church is 'how does the Church look like.' This is of the utmost importance because we have to work out the salvation of our souls within the Catholic Church. First;  we must know how the Church look like, secondly, how to enter the Catholic Church and, thirdly,  we must know when we are already inside for the peace of our mind. 
       But most Catholic do not know any of the three items above. So Catholics cannot prove they are Catholics, they cannot prove that their parish is Catholic, they do not know if their diocese is Catholic. They cannot prove that their own bishop and priest are Catholics. 
       They do not know how to check if the Catholic religious groups in their locality are Catholics. And worse, we cannot know and prove that our Pope is Catholic. 

2. Proving.
    No religion or sect have the ability to prove that theirs is the true religion and theirs is the true God. Philosophy is the means by which any religion or sect can prove that theirs is the true religion and God. The Catholic Religion is the only religion that prove it is the true religion through philosophy. Even the religion who brought philosophy to Europe could not use it to prove its authencity as a religion bur St. Thomas was able to use philosophy to prove the Catholic religion and the Catholic For are the only true religion and God. 

3. The four visible signs of the true Church mentioned in the Creed is the universal visible sign by which all men can know which is the true religion. The theological virtues is the deepest proof that the Catholic religion and the Catholic God is the only true God and religion.   There is a third way by which we can know the true religion and God; i.e. an enumeration of the Parables of the Kingdom of God without doubt is the best way to prove the true Church. One of them is the Gospel of the 5th Sunday in ordinary time. The Catholic Church is like Christ being in the boat of Peter and Andrew wherewith Christ told Peter to lower the nets Upon doing it they caught  such a number of fish that their nets were at the breaking point. 

4. The Church as Peter's boat at sea. 
     There are several incidents describing Peter's boat at sea. These describes there different stages of the Catholic Church in her history. The first state of the Church begins with gaining souls. This is shown when Peter lowered the nets on all side of the boat and caught different kinds of fishes. 
     The second stage of the Church is when it became filled with members so the fish nets were at breaking point. The third stage of the Church is when there were only seven apostles in the boat. When they were commanded by Christ to lower the net only on the right side. And they caught only 153 large fishes which they landed on the shore and laid down at the foot of Christ who was standing on the shore.
     The first stage represents the stage of the Church when she was just beginning to win souls. They were great persecutions, so the storm that endangered the boat. This was the first days of the persecution where the blood of martyrs became the seed of the Church.
     The second stage is when the Church gathered so many members. In which time she begun to be filled with heresies, thus the danger of the net breaking. This had happened in the past.   
     Then the third state is the Church today. There are only seven apostles in the boat. The net was lowered only on the right side and many of the crowd in Genesareth were cured just by touching the clothing of Christ. The net is no longer lowered on all sides but 
meticulously  lowered on the right side, i.e. to souls that shine with good works as enumerated in the New Testament. The chosen twelve apostles symbolise the head of the Church possessed the seven gifts  of the Holy Spirit. These signs of the Church at the end times is not present in the Vatican institutional Church nor in any so-called Catholic groups. Being cured by merely touching His clothing is a symbol of the members of the Church who have obeyed the least of Christ commandments as written in the New Testament. 
      It is the inability of the institutional Catholic Church to show that her leaders have the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and for her members to show knowledge and obedience to the least of the commands of Christ as found in the New Testament that makes one suspect that the true Church is not in the Vatican Church but is somewhere else. The ignorance of the description of the seven gifts and an enumeration of the least of the commands of Christ in most people makes everyone unable to point out where the true Church is. 
     Therefore, individuals have no way of knowing if they are truly Catholics or not. On the other hand, those who have Faith, i.e. only those who are already inside the Catholic Church, would know that they make up the truly Christian Church whose salvation is assured.  They, also, see the seven gifts present in their spiritual leaders. And, themselves, knowing and obedient to the least and most of the commands of Christ as enumerated in the New Testament. 

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Monday 4th Week in Ordinary Time. CHAINING THE DEVIL.

 1. The Gospel.
      Christ had been proving that He was perfect man and perfect God. Though the Jewish people could see that He was man, they could not believe that He was God. In today's Gospel, even the devil would confess that Christ was the Son of God.
     As Christ arrived by boat at the land of the Gerasene, a man possessed by the devil approached Him. He was described as 'no one could bind him even with chains. And he dwelt in tombs. The man ran to Christ and worshipped Him.
     Mankind is represented by the man in chains; chained as slaves by the devil thus unable to believe in Christ.

2.  The devil wants to dwell in man. That is his happiness.
    Since the fall of man in the Garden of Paradise, the devil had found pleasure to dwell in the souls of men.  Devils are miserable when they do not possess souls or are driven out of the souls of men. Their greater misery is that at the end time they will all be sent to hell. 
     So when they were confronted by Christ, the devil know they would be cast out and sent to hell. And thinking that Christ has come for His Second coming, they feared being sent to hell. In today's Gospel Christ would, indeed, cast the devil out of the man but they will not be sent to hell yet. Christ would send them to pigs to remain longer on earth to bid God's purpose to continue to test man. 

3. Christians and non Christians are all possessed by the devil since Satan is the prince of the world and all men are in the world. Due to original sin the devil possess them and controls them in some degree. Man is possessed probably by one or two devils. These devils make him commit evil deeds. 
     Christians vs. non-Christians.
     This is the reason babies are baptised at the soonest. Baptism begins with an exorcism precisely to drive away the demon. Without this baptism, the child continuous to be possessed. And as he commit more sins he is possessed by more demons, legions as the man in the Gospel had.

    For some reason the exorcism and baptism may not have its proper effects; or those baptised immediately commits actual sin thus losing the effects of the exorcism and baptism,  in which case the devil returns with seven more devils. 
     In the case of non-christians because there is no exorcism and baptism, the multiplication of devils possessing the soul continuous unabated. This explains the diabolical behaviour of such people.   
4. Minimizing the devil's control of the soul. The saints and their Holy Rules.
     The devil possesses the souls of all men except those who have been well disposed when exorcised and baptised. But we should work on the assumption that through carelessness the devils that had been exorcized have often returned to possess the souls they have left to bring seven more devils. Under the influence of the devil, these souls will continue to  deteriorate to become more diabolical. So what do we do?

     To control the devil but without initially driving him out, the early saints established Holy Rules. There is the Holy Rule of Pachomius, the Rules of St. Basil, John Cassian, St. Benedict, St. Francis, etc. These Rules are like chains that restrain the devil to prevent him from making the possessed man commit sins. It's eventual goal is to completely drive the devil away as the possessed man attain the perfection of Faith, which is the final goal of all Holy Rules. 
     This is the purpose why the Church has monasteries. The monastic life is the remedy for a faulty baptism wherewith the child is not well exorcised and does not receive the fullness of Sanctifying grace. The monastic life is the substitute to exorcise the person and attain sanctifying grace that will perfect his Faith that will permanently drive away the devil. 

5. The inability to chain the devil.
     The Gospel states that they could not restrain the devil even with chains. That means that either the possess man is not following any Holy Rule or that the Holy Rule is unable to restrain the devil in him who disobeys  the Rule. In which case he will need Christ to directly exorcise him. 
     If a man does not voluntarily obey a rule to restrain the influence of the devil possessing him, then there is a need for a truly holy man to give the possessed man a command that will require great humility and obedience from the possessed man for him to be effectively exorcised as Christ did.  This is the role of a holy superior in the monastery who must give him a command that will require a great act of humble obedience to fully exorcise the possessed man, since the simpler Holy Rules are not working. Thus monastic life is the most effective form of exorcism. 

6. How come there were legion.
     When a person has the advantage of a Holy Rule, i.e. if he is a monk, but he still disobeys the rule, we say that 'the chains are not able to restrain the devils control on him. The more the possess man commits sin because the Holy Rules is unable to restrain him, more devils will possess him until there are legions abiding in his soul. 
      In this case, a holy superior giving a command that demands great humble obedience can still drive away the devil away from the possess man. 

7. Christ let the devil remain to continue testing man.
     If the Second coming of Christ is not due yet, then Christ does not send the devil back to hell when driven out of a possessed man. So in the Gospel, Christ sends them to pigs to be able to return to any man who is disposed to be possessed.

8. Conclusion
     We have seen the purpose of monastic life; it is meant to help souls to restrain the devils that have possessed them. It takes time to restrain the devils depending on how many devils possess the person. But it can be done until the devils are not only restrained bu completely driven out of the soul when the soul attains perfect Faith.  
     Most of the bishops are former diocesan priests and to not follow any Holy Rule. When they have lost their initial exorcism and Baptismal grace the devil repossesses them. And as they continue committing actual sins they do not realise that the devils that possess them are multiplied into legions. And that is the state of most bishops today as the headline are showing especially in the US. 
     Pope Francis cannot be restrained by the Holy Rules of Ignatius nor the Old and New Testament. Considering his age and the seriousness of his sins, he must have legions of devils. He cannot lead anyone to heaven. Note his latest speeches in the Arab world. It contains the grievous heresy of indifferentism. He is not saving souls being unable to save his own soul, he confirms souls  in their errors. 
     Pope Paul VI had observed that the devil is in every nook in the world. And has even entered into the Church. Where else but in the Vatican. What do we do? The prayer for Compline states; 'confront  the devil firm in your FAITH.' In an age where there is a decay of Faith? We are indeed in deep trouble. 
     The Liturgy for today, Monday of the 4th Week in Ordinary time tells us what to do. Check it out. Read the Gospel and the interpretation of St. Thomas of Aquinas on what is Faith, the only weapon that will free us from the powers of hell.  

Sunday, February 03, 2019

VIRTUES and VICES. 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

 1. Christ came from Capernaum and was preaching in Nazareth.
     Christ was preaching on what we must do to attain everlasting life. That man must have Faith in Christ, believing that He was perfect man and perfect God. 
     It was easy to preach that Christ was man. But it was becoming impossible for Christ to preach that He was God. Because to know that Christ was God, grace was necessary. And not everybody was getting grace. 
     Grace can only come along with virtues; like the virtue of Faith. And Faith is a supernatural virtue.
     On the other hand, vices are the opposite of virtues. Vices are the sources of sin. They are not sins in themselves but the sources of sins. They prevent souls from knowing supernatural truths like  the truth that Christ was God. 
     In today's Gospel, the town mates of Christ in Nazareth could not believe He was God because of the vice of envy. They envied Caparnaum because Christ performed miracles there and not in Nazareth.  

2. Preaching that Christ was perfect man and perfect God.
     He was obviously a man. But He had to teach that He was, also a perfect God. He did this through miracles and His Divine Teachings. Miracles can only be done by God. And Divine Teachings can only come from God. Christ used both to prove He was God. He used miracles in Caparnaum and Divine Teachings in Nazareth. 
     Divine teachings are more reliable proofs of His Divinity because it cannot be imitated. Miracles can be imitated by magicians. So the people of Nazareth were getting better proofs of Christ's Divinity. And yet they were envious of Caparnaum which was getting an inferior proof. From the vice of envy they sinned by not believing in Christ.
3. The lesson is; Virtues enables souls to know Divine Truths and help bring souls to heaven; vices keep men ignorant of Divine Truths and prevents them from going to heaven. 
     Faith, Hope and Charity are theological virtues that are necessary for the salvation of souls. There are many other virtues like humility. 
    There are many vices. The better known are the seven capital sins so called because they are the sources of sins. One of them is envy. The others are vainglory, anger, avarice, sloth, gluttony and lust. Put together the vices produce hatred of God and/or despair.

4. The Nazareans heard Divine Truths from Christ and should have believed that He was God. But they could not believe because of their vice, envy. So even if Christ performed miracles in Nazareth as they requested they would still not believe in Him due to their vice. 
     Vices, like the seven capital sins,  open souls to being possessed by the devil. It is said that Satan entered into Judas because of the vice of avarice. Gay and sodomites are possessed by the devil because of the vice of lust. 

5. Bishops and priests exhibit gross ignorance of supernatural truths precisely because of their vices. Their sins, that are now exposed in the US, came from vices. Even the candidates for canonization are doubtful saints because of the vices in their lives. 
     Christ, Himself, prophesied that there will be no theological virtues in the Church these days; Scriptures describes these days as showing the decay of Faith and the waxing cold of Charity, the two main theological virtues necessary for salvation. 
     If these virtues are no longer in the institutional Church, this Church cannot save our souls. Why stay in her? If the virtues are what will save us, why not just master the virtues and put them into practice? Like the virtue of Faith?

6. Vices are natural.
     But sins come from vices. And the whole world is living under the influence of vices thus it is flooded with sins. This way of life is preventing the Catholic world, just like the Nazaraens, to know supernatural truths that makes one a Catholic. Are you still wondering how come we cannot find a real true Catholic bishops, priest or Pope?

Friday, February 01, 2019

WHO ARE THE TRUE CATHOLICS. 'Who is My mother or My brethren.'

1. Whoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother.
    The Gospels during the 3rd and 4th week in Ordinary time presents different images of the  Catholic Church here on earth, to help man know the true Church. 
     In today's Gospel, the Church is described as a family where all are spiritually related to Christ. Some being His mother, others His brothers and sisters.
     St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote that to be spiritually the mother of Christ  means to preached the perfect humanity and Divinity Christ to others.  While to be His brothers and sister means to obey all His commandments as found in the New Testament. 
     That is the Catholic Church, a spiritual family where all are related to Christ. All who are not related to Christ spiritually are outside the Catholic Church.
     Men are related to Christ by Faith and not by blood. Mary was great not by being the physical mother of Christ but by being obedient to His commandments. Christ, Himself, said so. 

2. The physical family vs the spiritual family.
     There is the family related by blood relationships and the spiritual family related by grace which is the Catholic Church. The spiritual family is built over the physical family. Sort of grace builds on nature. Because the spiritual family is built on grace and  by the grace of God. The former is built by men; the latter by God.
The  former follow the rules of psychology and philosophy. The latter by the teachings of Divine Revelation.
     The physical family is related to one another through their natural affections expressed by their obedience to the 10 commandments of Moses. Thus children must honour their fathers and mothers. That is enough to start a good natural family.  

3. The spiritual family, the Catholic Church.
    Membership to the spiritual family, the Catholic Church, is an act of grace. Membership is the Church is what makes people Catholic and deserving of eternal salvation.
     Membership to this family is described by the answer of Christ to 'who is my mother and my brethren.' His answer is 'he who does the will of my Father in heaven. He is my mother and my brethren.' 
     Three steps are required to belong to the household of Christ; first, perfect repentance which is attained by being a good natural family in obedience to the teachings of the Old Testament. Secondly, perfect repentance according to the New Testament. Thirdly, perfect Faith which is attained through belief in Christ as perfect man and a God.  And fourthly, we must attained the beginnings of Charity, i.e. the beginnings of love of God and neighbour. 

4. Grace is built on nature.
    The supernatural family based on grace is built on a good natural family based on the spirituality of the Old Testament.  Without this basis, no one can rise to the supernatural level of family life. It is for this reason that it is rare to find a truly Catholic family, the Church,  because none can be found to correspond to Christ's description of His family, namely, those who do the Will of My Father in heaven.
     Most cannot obey the commands of Christ because they do not know what those commands are. 

5. How to destroy the Church. 
     Destroy the natural family and they will not be able to rise up to the spiritual family that makes up the Catholic Church.

     Destroy the Old Testament spirituality of the family wherein each fail to honour one another and you destroy the normal family. Destroyed naturally, it cannot rise up to the supernatural level to form the Catholic Church, described by Christ as My mother and My brethren;' those who do the Will of My Father in heaven.'
     Since the natural family is only in the natural level, simply destroy the natural affection between the members of the family, and the natural family is destroyed.  It will not be able to rise up to be the supernatural Church. How is that done? 
     The father just have to work long away from the wife and he will lose his natural affection for his wife. Or the wife could work long hours away from the husband, or work with other men. And his love for her husband could be transferred to other men or simply away from her husband. That is the end for the husband and wife.
     If the parents have nothing to do with the upbringing of the children or if the children spend much time away from the parents being in school, the natural affection between parents and children will disappear. The result? Husband and wives, parents and children will not honour one another, in disobedience to the old testament command of God. 
     There goes the entire natural family. It will impossible for them to rise up to become the unit family that will make up the Catholic Church.

6. How the natural family rises up to make up a unit that will make up the Catholic Church. 
     The Catholic Church is made up of natural families that have risen up to the supernatural level. That is the ordinary process of evangelization. 
     From Old Testament repentance,  they rise up to New Testament repentance. Then up to the beginnings of Faith where each member learn the commands of Christ.  They obey the commands they have learned.
     From the beginnings of Faith, it proceeds to the perfection of Faith and the beginnings of Charity. And there you have it; the natural family have become the Catholic church with each member having become the mother and brethren of Christ. 

7. How did Pope Francis destroy the natural family through 'Amoris laetitia.'
    He encouraged husbands to leave their lawful wives and marry another. He further allowed such husbands to remarry and sacrilegiously receive Holy Communion. This will destroy the husband's natural love for God, wife, children, and new wife.  Thus this will consequently disable them in 'keep the Will of My Father in Heaven,' i.e. they will not be able to obey the New Testament commands of Christ which are in the supernatural level.
     Add to this disobedience to the Will of the Father as written in the Old Testament commands, Pope Francis have also encouraged people to disobey the commands of Christ as enumerated in the New Testament. 
     Just with 'Amoris Laetitia' Pope Francis cannot fall under the description that Christ gave regarding 'who is My mother, my brethren.' If Pope Francis cannot be described as the mother or brethren of Christ, much more so, he cannot be described as the Vicar of Christ. 

     Sadly, the same thing can be said for most of us because we cannot do the Will of the Father in Heaven ......because we do not even have any idea what His Will is.