Tuesday, March 31, 2020

A New Testament SIN. 5TH Sunday of Lent and Monday of Lenten weekday.

 1. Chastisement is a clear message from God that man had sinned,  refuses to know what sin he is guilty of and refuses to repent.  Serious sins will surely send mankind to hell that is why God is chastising the nation to prevent them from going to hell. Chastisements are brakes, meant to arouse fear so that man may start to fear being punished, to think, become wise, stop their sins and do good instead. Such is the story behind the Corona virus. 
     During this Lenten season we should think about three topics; sin, chastisements and repentance. The Liturgy had provided explaining 'sin' and 'repentance' and well did God sent the Corona virus to provide the 'chastisement.' Man  had sinned; he refuses to stop sinning and refuses to repent; so God sends  His chastisement to persuade him to know his sins and repent. Knowledge of the sins might, hopefully,  make him repent.  That is not even sure because Judas did not. 
      God controls everything in the act of chastising mankind. He controls the virus, who it will affect, who it will not affect, who will die, who will live, and how long mankind will be affected by it. God, also, controls all the surroundings to effect repentance in man's soul; the need for  lock down, no touching, the washing of the hand, the closing of all entertainment, etc.  But because of free will, man can insist on sinning.
       God's purpose is to move mankind to know his sins and repent for his sins. It will, surely, work on some. It will not work on most, since most people are just waiting for the epidemic to pass and return to their former sinful way of life. The latter will surely not know their sins nor repent. They are lost. 

2. Evangelization is to preach the commands of God and how to observe them.  Preachers should teach souls repentance, Faith and Charity. There are two acts here; to know the commands and to observe them. This is to know the commands of Christ, a knowledge that is necessary, to find out if the command had been obeyed or disobeyed; only with this knowledge can a soul know what are his sins. 

3. Knowing one's sins.
    To know one's sins, a soul must first repent perfectly. Then he will receive the grace to know and obey the commands of Christ. This means he has the virtues of Faith(to know) and Charity (to obey). St. Thomas writes that when a soul sins, he loses his Charity but retains his Faith. With Faith he retains his knowledge of the commands of Christ and how to obey them. He can still know how he disobeyed the commands of Christ; and this is called sin. 
     Most souls have not reached the above progress in the spiritual life so they cannot know what are their sins. 
     Without Faith and the grace that accompanies Faith, a theologian may know the commands of Christ from Scriptures and how to obey them from the Fathers of the Church. But this is not supernatural Faith but merely human knowledge. In which case he will not be able to analyse and discover his sins. Sadly, most bishops and priests are in this state as noted by Ratzinger in his 'Ratzinger Report.'
     With this spiritual state of the priesthood, the entire world cannot know their sins and as a consequence will not be able to repent. They will not be spared from the present Chastisement. God might take it away but replace it with something worse. 

4. An example of a New Testament command that everybody is disobeying and nobody knows it. 
     St. James wrote that if one command of the New Testament is disobeyed, all the rest of the commands are disobeyed because all the commands are interrelated. They are all aspects of Love of God and neighbour. If you don't love God, you don't love anybody including yourself. 
      So disobedience to the New Testament command, which we will discuss,  is tantamount to disobedience to all the commands of Christ in the N.T.

5. A great SIN. The sin of the Pharisees. 
    For more than 60 years hearing confessions of priests, nuns and laymen, nobody had ever confessed this 'great sin of the Pharisees.' Thank God. But I see everybody around committing it. It seems, they just don't know that it is a sin. But it is a sin that can bring a soul to hell. This is the 'sin of the Pharisees' condemned by Christ in the Gospels of the 5th Sunday of Lent and Monday Gospel of the Lenten Weekday. From two Gospels, in fact, even in several past Gospels, by Christ. It must really be an awful sin. And it is.
     Spiritual writers, like St. Thomas, Francis de Sales, Augustine have described it and St. Pope Gregory the Great described it as the greatest sin. Let us define it and we will see that everybody is doing it including ourselves.  So the great need of a reminder in the form of a chastisement, many had been sent before hand, like fires in Australia and L.A., Taal Volcano, earthquakes in Europe, Macron for France and Trudeau for Canada, and Pope Francis in the Vatican ( which more than 40 times God had sent to the church)......and now the Corona virus because the previous ones are not working. 

     The sin is....... looking at the sin, defect and faults of others. All spiritual writers states that this is a NO, NO, in the spiritual life. Never do this! They warned. NEVER.
     Christ warned us not to do this in the Gospel describing the Pharisee praying in the temple and the Publican praying behind the pillar. The Pharisee prayed but had only one defect, he was looking down at the fault of the Publican. Christ condemned his act because it was a serious sin. 

     St. Gregory describes the psychology of this sin. He wrote, he who looks at the sins of others will not be able to see his own sins. Not seeing his sins he will not be able to repent for those sins. Thus ending up in hell for his unrepentant sins. 
     Not only that. He who, continuously, look at the sins of others will put out of proportion the sin of the other, while his own sins are reduced to nothing. So he begins to think that he is a saint while his neighbour is the greatest sinner. 
     If he continues to look at the sins or faults of others, he will invent new made-up faults and sins and will eventually fall into the sins of the Pharisees in that they see the Divine Works of Christ and consider it as sin. 'Seeing Christ raised Lazarus, they went to the authorities to accuse Christ of a crime.' 

     The sin of the Pharisees is that they saw the Divine or Good Work of Christ and called it sin, the result of constantly looking for faults and sins in Christ. The Rule of St. Benedict forbids looking at the defects of superiors who will do fraternal corrections and judged as unjust or unkind.
     The sin is pride in considering oneself as more righteous than the other. A diabolical sin because it was invented by the devil. 

6. The woman caught in adultery.
     This New testament command forbids looking at the good others do and judge it to be an evil crime. The second example of the same command is when one looks at an evidently sinful crime like adultery; but are still commanded not to look, not to judge, not to condemn, not to punish the sin. This was shown by Christ in the case of the woman caught in adultery and presented to Him. 
     A group caught a woman committing adultery, dragged her to Christ and confronted Christ with the Law that this woman must be stoned to death. 
     The woman clearly committed adultery and by Law deserved to be stoned to death. What did Christ say? Let the man without sin throw the first stone. Christ confronted and converted the group. How? He told them to looked at themselves, at their consciences and check if they have sins or not. And he who does not have any sin may throw the first stone. Christ was able to make them look at their own sins. This caused them to repent, leave the woman alone and leave. 
      So obedient to Christ, they looked at their consciences and found that they had sins worse than the adultery of the woman. This is the greater sin of pride by looking at the sins of others and failing to look at their own sins. 
      The sin of pride is the failure to look at one's sin while looking at the sins of others. 

7. Those assigned to correct.
     Not all, but some have the duty to perform fraternal correction. St. Paul described them as perfect souls, i.e. souls who know all the teachings and commandments of Christ. They should know this, otherwise, on what will they based their fraternal correction.
      St. Pope Gregory the Great wrote that they may look at the sin, defects, faults of others; correct them with the proper remedy and then, as soon as possible to return to being conscious of their own sins. Immediately return to one's soul, with the warning of the danger of pride mentioned above. 
     Imperfect souls are not allowed to look or correct the faults of others because of this grave danger to be proud. That means everybody.

8. Everybody in the world is guilty of this heinous Pharisaical sin. Journalist, newspaper look for scoops for other's defects and secret sins. Politicians, editors, campaigners are looking for personal issues that will destroy the opposition. Democrats had been looking for black propaganda for their President and have recurs to calling his good works as evil. Everybody is talking about Hollywood secret sins. All gossips are about the faults of others. Bishops and priests are grandstanding by going against Catholic doctrines practiced by their heads of state like the issue on capital punishment which is a Catholic teaching. Modern Pharisees they are. Husbands and wives who quarrel accuse themselves of faults. Nations are accusing other nations. There is no end to it. The whole world has become proud, the sin God hates the most. 
     All of them have a common denominator; no one is looking at their own sins. 

9. No one, Lord.
    When the crowd saw their own sins and repented, they left one by one starting from the oldest. He must have been the worse sinner so he left first. Then all followed. Christ asked the woman; where are they who are accusing you. 'No one Lord.' That is the description of a truly Christian community, the Church. No one inside is proud. No one looks at the fault of others. They all look at      their own faults, only. 
     Then Christ, as Divine Judge, judges her first and says. As long as you repent and sin no more, 'neither will I look at your sins.' The Christian community with its Head Christ, no one looks at the sin or fault of others. They look at their own sins which makes them  humble. Only to the humble does God give the theological virtues of Faith and Charity that makes them love God and one another. 
     It is for the attainment of this goal that God had chastised the world with the Corona virus.  

Sunday, March 29, 2020

THE FIVE GATES OF HELL . Heresies against the five luminous mysteries of the Rosary.

 1. Mortal sin is what bring souls to hell.
     St. Alphonsus Liguori in his treatise 'Chastisements' wrote that sins, ordinarily brings souls to hell. But there are five sins that, mostly, committed by souls that bring them to hell. These sins are the ones opposed by Pope John Paul II when he proposed the five luminous mysteries of the Holy Rosary. 
     He was not the original presenter of these mysteries. St. Grignon de Montfort had already written about some of them. And a saint from Malta completed them. John Paul was so impressed with them that he imposed them upon the whole Church.
     These five luminous mysteries are essential part of the Plan of Salvation so it was just fitting that they become part of the Rosary to complete the teachings of Christ as meditated in the Rosary . After all it is a great sin to take away important parts of the Plan of Salvation.
     Today, these five mysteries are the most under attacked among the doctrines of the Catholic Church that they are no longer practiced  as they should be. It was attacked at Vatican II and further dismantled by Pope Francis into an unrecognisable junk. 

2. The luminous mysteries. Baptism of Our Lord.
     Our Lord did not have to be baptised but He underwent Baptism to give us an example that must be imitated. Baptism was given as early as possible because all babies are granted by God with natural Faith at birth. This natural Faith is natural holiness that is meant to sustain the child's soul up to about the age of reason by the child, because when original sin takes its effect around the age of reason, the child loses his natural holiness. As long as the child has this natural holiness, if he dies, he goes to heaven. This was declared by Pope Benedict when he clarified the stand of St. Augustine on the same topic. 
     After Baptism, the parents and god parents are supposed to help the child grow in Faith, precisely, so that when the natural holiness, called innocence, is lost at the age of reason due to delayed effect of original sin, the developed Faith of the child can take over and sustain the spiritual life of the child. Spiritual holiness must be  built over natural holiness. There should be no break or gap between natural and spiritual Faith.
     The parents of St. Therese knew this doctrine so their children were so well trained after baptism that there was no gap between their natural and supernatural holiness. 
     For almost all men, there is a gap. After the natural holiness ceased to exists at the age of reason due to actual sin, there is no supernatural  Faith that takes over,  so the child loses his Faith due to the neglect of parents, god parents and parish priests. And usually they never regain the Faith. The child grows to maturity Faithless. This is usually the case for most souls and the reason why formerly staunch Catholic nations like Ireland and the Philippines have completely lost the Faith.
     Thus this mystery reminds us of the importance of maintaining the natural holiness of children and during this period to help develop the supernatural Faith of the child so that there is no gap between the natural and the supernatural Faith.
       When the gap is broken, the child grows up Faithless. And these are now the present priests, bishops, cardinals and Pope. All Faithless. Not their fault but they should have checked on their Faith when they matured to find out if it is perfect or not. Their failure to check is now their grievous fault. Because all of us must continuously check the state of our souls. We cannot be negligent.
       Pope Francis made this situation worse when, after his inauguration as Pope, in a speech entitled, no need for dogmas, he prevented parent and god-parents to develop the supernatural Faith that should take over the natural Faith of the child. Vatican II also changed the exorcism formula of Baptism that exorcist noted that the exorcism at the beginning of Baptism does not work anymore. 

3.The wedding of Cana.
    The soul must continuously progress in the spiritual life. St. Thomas wrote that the soul that does not progress will automatically regress. They must progress from the natural level at birth and rise up slowly to the supernatural level. The progress from the natural to the supernatural is easy if parents and god-parents cooperate in the spiritual growth of the child.
     But when the child, through neglect of the parent, regresses from the natural, and go down to the unnatural, he will, surely,  further descend to the bestial. While the descend is natural to all, the ascend requires great effort. That is why in the early Church, all kings, queens, prince and princes lived in the monasteries and convents to make sure they ascend to the supernatural thus making them fit heads of their nations. Their training was spiritual and not political. Except that most of them ended up being monks and nuns rather than kings and queens. 
      This growth from the natural to the supernatural is of paramount importance so that when man and woman marry they are spiritually competent to sanctify easy other and their children and remain man and wife. This prevents the descend to perversion where they become gay, homos, lesbians and bestial. It, also prevents, fornication, and adultery. The growth in the spiritual life prevents all the sins of sexual perversion.
       The bad training in the seminary. from the Council of Trent onwards,  caused many seminarians to be sexual perverts. This had been tolerated by heads of seminaries and today even by the Vatican as seen in all recent appointments there.  Seminarians are not even capable of being good husbands. 
4. Proclamatio of the Kingdom.
     The Gospels are filled with parables on the Kingdom of God, the Catholic Church. The concept of the Kingdom of God is important because all the training of a soul for salvation is worked out within the kingdom of God. The soul must know for certain what is the kingdom of God. And its characrteristics are so many that if they are mastered nobody can commit a mistake in choosing it.
     A parable among the many is the parable of the vineyard. There are several description of vineyards as the Kingdom of God.
 One is the vineyard with a hedge, a wine press and a tower. Within this vineyard the soul works out his life of repentance, as taught during the Lenten Season.
     The hedge or fence around is the study of the correct interpretation of the Words of Christ given by the Fathers and doctors of the Church; this is done with the aid of our guardian angels. The wine press is the Words of Christ, interpreted by the Fathers and which separates our knowledge of the truth from the chaffs of the grapes. The tower is the knowledge of the soul on how far or how close is the General Judgment of God. The soul can never know the exact time but the soul with Faith can know how near or far it is. 
     Souls should knows all the parables on the kingdom of God for it to know which is the true Church because the devil created many imitations to fool the faithful. 
     Even the Vatican II document could not describe the true Church. Today, it is almost impossible to knows which is the true Church. Most of those who claim that they are the true Church cannot prove it through the four visible signs as taken from the Nicene Creed. We should not be fooled. We must know which is the kingdom of God. Salvation can only be attained within the kingdom of God on earth, the Catholic Church. The other kingdom of God is in heaven. 
     Most parish and dioceses cannot prove that they are Catholics. And yet Christ made sure we can recognise the Church that we may surely enter it. And no one is proclaiming the kingdom and where to go to enter it. Pope Francis have not proven that the Vatican is the true Church, though many signs show it is not, like the heresies.  

5. The transfiguration.
     Peter, James and John went with Christ up the mountain to behold the transfiguarion of Christ. There the three apostles saw with their spiritual faculties that Christ was man and God, with certainty. That is perfect Faith. The other apostles were not included. Their Faith will be perfected on Easter yet. Christ perfected the Faith of the three ahead of the others, so the three can sustain the Faith of the others. 
     We are inside the kingdom of God, the Catholic Church, if like Peter, Jame and John was can behold Christ with our spiritual faculties as Man and God. This can only occur if we have perfected our repentance and with the grace of God, perfected our Faith. 
     Faith begins small like a mustard seed. It must grow to perfection before God can give us  the theological virtue of Charity that will enable us to love God and neighbour as Christ had loved us. The apostles reached this beginnings of Charity on Easter and Pentecost.
     The often complain on Pope Francis is that he does not even mention the name of Christ, even in the U.N. He showed great antagonism against the Ancient Mass going against Pope Benedict's provision allowing its celebration. And now he is selling the fact that Pachamama or Gaia or Mother Earth must be the object of worship.  

6. The Institution of the Holy Eucharist. 
     The Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist has a sacramental aspect and a spiritual aspect. The sacramental aspect is the Sacrifice of the Mass. The spiritual aspect is the worship 'in spirit and in truth' described by Christ to the Samaritan Woman. 
     The sacramental aspect is when we hear Mass. The spiritual aspect is when we 'live' the Mass. The two must go together but the second is more important and Christ said so. To live the Mass in our daily lives is more important than hearing Mass.
    The sacramental aspect can be corrupted, cancelled and prohibited. The spiritual aspect cannot be touch because it is spiritual. Thus Christ emphasised the importance of the latter from the former. 
     Among the five 'luminous mysteries, this last is the most attacked. Even during Vatican II, they wanted to completely dismantle the Mass and abolish the Eucharist by filling it up with Liturgical abuses. And the is followed by prohibition of the Traditional Mass. And now with the Corona virus, all Masses and Eucharistic practices are forbidden, by order of  both the state and by some bishops. With the destruction of Eucharistic worship, all the other luminous mysteries mentioned above will crumble. It is a total attempt to destroy the whole Catholic Church. 
     Sins against these five important doctrines of the Catholic Church are the five gates of hell through which most modern souls will pass through. 

7. The attack on these five doctrines are the five gates of hell. The denial or heresy against these five luminous mysteries is the devils virulent attacks. So John Paul made it part of the weapon, the rosary, that must be used to do battle against the forces of evil. The present chastisements is due to the fact that mankind does not believe and do not put into practice these important Divine Truths. 
Pope John Paul II pre-empted the devil and gave it to the world to be prayed with the rosary,  before the devil could attack them. 

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Easiest way to stop CORONA VIRUS. And it is FREE !!! Saturday of the Lenten Weekday

 1. Trillions spent in the US. 
      The Catholic solutions to human problems had always worked so well. The complain is not that Catholic solutions do not work. But that it has never been tried and proven unworkable. But believing these solutions are from God, it should work better than man's solutions.
       The Catholic solution had been tried a few times before. And in every time, it worked splendidly. Though very successful, they were completely abandoned for more human unworkable ways. Why? Because man always wants to do things his way. 
        God chastises mankind because He loves mankind. St. Alphonsus Liguori states that God chastises mankind to prevent him from going to hell. Chastisement  is not a punishment. It is a warning, a threat; because man, ordinarily, will not act unless threatened. But today threats do not work. 
        God had been chastising mankind with hunger, war, typhoon.... but regionally. Fire in LA and Australia, famine in Africa, wars in the Middle East, a Jesuit Pope in the Vatican, etc...But today we have a global chastisement. 

2.  The Corona Virus.
     The Corona virus is a reminder that we have crossed the red line. First, mankind has sinned against God and neighbour.  Secondly, man refuses to repent for his deplorable sins. The virus is a warning that if mankind does not repent right now, he will die and go to hell. 
        Of course, there will be those who die, like the first responders (the nurses and doctors) who when they die they will surely go to heaven because they have 'laid down their lives for a neighbour.'

3. Nineveh and Sodom. 
        Everyone knows the story of Jonah, the fish and Nineveh. How God threaten Nineveh with destruction. Mind you, with destruction. But Jonah was sent there to preach repentance. And the city of Nineveh repented and was not chastised by God. 
         Another story is that of Sodom and Gomorrah. They did not repent and God rained the cities with fire and brimstones. The moral lesson is very simple. If you repent, God will forgive and bless you. If you don't repent, in spite of the chastisements, you will be punished. Today, it is raining virus which is as deadly as fire and brimstones. How do we stop that? The same way; first, knowledge of one's sins and secondly, to repent for those sin. You cannot repent if you do not know your sins. And there, we already have a problem.

4. The world in panic mode.
     The entire world is in panic mode. They did not know what hit them. They do not know what to do. And thousands were falling dead. They do not know the way out.  
      Entire nations have been summoned to the battle front against a microscopic virus. 
     Suddenly everything is lacking from face masks to doctors and nurses. Trillions are raised to suppress the virus. 
     And nothing is working. So the world goes into panic mode. While all the evil forces are released. From the trillions of dollars to control the virus, some million were used for abortion, for a library centre, for immigrants. Suddenly they were killing more babies, releasing dangerous prisoners, transforming boys into girls and vice versa. Hey, what is going on?

5. Wait a minute.
     God chastises the world with a virus. All that is needed is a Jonah who can go on TV. Shout, 'know your sins and repent.' And all those virus will be gone. 
      He does not need to spend a dime. Does not have to travel far. Does not have to lift a finger. He just have to say two short sentences. And that virus will be gone. All you need is a Jonah. 

6. How come.
     A very simple theological problem.  A very simple solution. How come nobody is saying what must be said? We do not expect the heads of state or any lay politician to do this. A person with some knowledge of theology is needed here. The laymen can concentrate on the face masks, ventilators, social distancing, etc. What we need are those set aside by God to precisely do this job. Pope Francis, the cardinals, bishops and priests. Where are they?
     Just two short sentences are needed to stop this pandemic as clearly shown by Jonah in Nineveh. Spain and Italy, well recognised Catholic nations have thousands of priests and bishops. And not a single one can do a Jonah? The US have many  bishops. Not a single Jonah. The world have thousands of bishops and priests and not a single man can take the place of Jonah. Considering the great tragedy that is taking place, not a single Catholic priest or bishops, not even Pope Francis have tried to do a Jonah. Not even from their room, studio or live stream
     Watch those cardinals, bishops and priest in You Tube, giving Lenten homilies and Lenten retreats during this Lenten Season and not a single one talked about chastisements, knowing one's sins and repentance  according to the New Testament. No one. Not even Pope Francis. The world is suffering, thousands are dying, the entire world is in panic and they can solve the whole problem with two short sentences and no one will do it. They talk about social distancing, cancellation of Masses, confession by phones, all useless if not harmful for the souls. 
     How come? Because they do not believe in Jonah. They do not believe that a mere preaching on repentance can save a nation from destruction. They do not believe that repentance can save a nation, a province, a family or even a single person from chastisement and even from hell. They do not believe in Jesus Christ who said; 'repent, believe. And you will have everlasting life.' And many other things that Christ said.
      They don't believe that Nineveh and Sodom can happen today. A problem of Faith among Pope Francis, the bishop's and priests who said nothing though the Corona virus is knocking at their doors. Not a single cardinal, bishops or priest would speak out to save souls. Not even Pope Francis will do a Jonah.None of them know Catholic doctrines. 
      No one is speaking because no one knows why there is a chastisement and how to remove it through repentance. 

7. The Other problem.
     The  populace will not think of their sins. And they will not repent for their sins, because they do not know what are their sins. because they love their sins and will continue with their sins. 
     Sins are disobediences to Christ's commands in the New Testament. To know one's sins one has to know what commandments he has disobeyed.
     Most bishops, priests and many laymen do not know what are most of the commandments of Christ. So they would not know if they are disobeying those commands or not. New Testament commands cannot be known without the grace of Faith that only comes after perfect repentance. See, the need for repentance. You can only know your New Testament sins after you have perfectly repented according to the New Testament. 
     Ignorance of the New Testament commands of Christ is a profile of one on his way to hell. Most are just waiting for the pandemic to pass and they are all set to return to their former sinful way of life. Yes, a preacher like Jonah will not be listened to. That is why God will not send a Jonah. 
     The lock down is as perfect environment for a life of repentance. If a person cannot or will not repent in such an ideal and perfect atmosphere, identical to a strict monastic order, comparative to the monasteries of St. John Climacus,  he will not be able to repent in another a worldly atmosphere even in a lock down.

8. So simple, so cheap and in fact, free. How come it is not being done in the face of this great chastisement? Because men, today, are not seeker and, therefore, not lovers of the truths. Many of the hierarchy are like the Pharisees and Scribes, who are just out to trap Christ and kill Him.
     This can be seen among the politicians. In the midst of this great devastation, while finding solutions to the pandemic, they include in their solution the murder of babies through abortion. 
      The chastisement is not prodding the world towards the repentance done in Nineveh. It is bogging down the world in the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah. We are proceeding towards Good Friday where the entire Jerusalem crucifies Christ and is not repentant. Christ abandons them. 


Thursday, March 26, 2020


 1. No Mass and no Confessions?
     When God replaced the Old Testament with the New Testament, He gave mankind something better for something good. The Gospels had been saying this; Christ said I did not come to abolish the Old but to perfect it. 
     The same goes with worship or its new equivalent, the Mass. Christ said, I do not chose bullocks and sacrifices. I want you to do God's Will. That is the better sacrifice. 
      With regard to the offerings for sins, Christ preferred a broken spirit rather than sheeps and pigeons. 

2. Christ foresaw the  prohibition of Masses and confessions.  In fact, He saw the attempt of the evil one, with His permission, to abolish the entire Catholic Church. It is a test God, Himself, is preparing for mankind. And we have to pass the test.
     For the abolition of the Mass, Christ told the Samaritan Woman by the well, 'the day will come and is already here, when true worshippers will worship in spirit and in truth. 
     If we look at what that means, true worship can be done anywhere, everywhere, anytime and at all time. Because it is going to be a spiritual act done by the spiritual faculties of the soul. Nobody can touch those faculties nor control it. The Chinese Catholics should be reminded of this Catholic doctrine because if they do this, they can practice the entire Catholic Faith in China without the Communist government being able to touch their activities because it is purely a spiritual activity. 
      Not only the Communist of China is suppressing the Catholic Church. The whole world, from Europe to Latin America, from the US to Asia, from Canada to Australia. There are only a few spot where this is not so. Tanzania, Russia, Poland, etc. 
     The prohibition of Masses and confessions is already world wide punishable with imprisonment in many Western nations. 
what do we do? Christ said, as early as His own time, to the Samaritan Woman, worship, instead,  in spirit and in truth. 

3. How do you worship in spirit and in truth?
     First, 'in spirit.' 'In spirit' means worship using the spiritual faculties of the soul, the mind and the free will. 
     Second, 'in truth.' Fill your minds with the Divine truths as found in Divine Revelation and as interpreted by the Fathers and Doctors of the  Church. When you study and dwell in these truths, you are already worshipping in spirit.  In monastic parlance, that is 'living the Mass,' i.e. putting the Mass as a way of life. This is more pleasing to God, Christ said so.
     'In truth' means be sure that your readings and interpretation of the truths in Divine Revelation are correct and according to the mind of  Holy Mother the Church. 
     How do you do that? Study the 12 degrees of humility or 12 degrees of pride. Be sure you grow in humility and eradicate all signs of pride. Do this with the help of the grace of God. If with the help of God you attain the higher degrees of humility, the Holy Spirit will give you the gift of wisdom and understanding. With these gifts you will differentiate what is true from what is false.
     When the spiritual mind have discovered the truth, the free will must love the spiritual truth the mind had learned through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He will now be a true worshipper 'in spirit and in truth.' Christ said this is a better way of worshipping than those Novus Ordo filled with Liturgical abuses. 

4. What is a substitute to confession?
     Since the beginning, perfect  act of contrition had been the important element of confession. Perfect act of contrition can forgive sins with sacramental confession because it is a perfect act of Charity. Faith is what forgive sins. The virtue of Charity, being higher than Faith, can all the more, forgive sins.
     Christ, very clearly said in the Our Father, 'Forgive me my sins as I forgive those who sin against me. Christ, very clearly agreed that if we forgive those who sin against us, He will forgive all our sins. He even said, if you forgive others, I will will forget all your past sins. This is better than going to confession. 

5. St. Thomas on what is 'to forgive others.' 
    St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote that to forgive others, you must consider that the other have not sinned against you, even if they, indeed, have sinned. As long as you consider the other as having sinned against you, you will not be able to forgive the other. To forgive the other you must convinced yourself that the other have not sinned against you. Maybe he had sinned against God but not against you. That is to forgive the other. Do that and your past sins will be forgiven, Christ said so.

6. Forbidding of Masses and Confessions. 
      They can abolish or forbid Masses and confessions as the world wants in trying to destroy the Church. But Christ had already made provisions for this. And there you are, for those in quarantine, those in lock downs and those in Communist China. Forgiveness of all your past sins can be done in your room with locked doors, or anywhere where you can bring your spiritual faculties of mind and free will. This is going to Mass and confession anytime and anywhere and as you want.
     How about all the other sacraments and religious helps. It goes along with the two principles above, Just sit down and figure how that is done. It will, also , be purely an act of the mind and the free will. You can do it anywhere.....even in the.........never mind.     

THE GREATER CHASTISEMENT - The Famine of the Word of God.

 1. Chastisement for what?
     The many past chastisements, like earthquakes, tsunamis, wars were for men to stop sinning. But the Corona virus is a chastisement for man's refusal to repent for those past sins. And God coincided it during the Liturgical season of Lent to drive the message clearly - man is refusing to live the spirituality of the Lenten Season which is to live a life of repentance according to the New Testament.
      If mankind repents, the chastisement will immediately stop. If not, then the chastisement may continue or disappear but it will be replaced with a worse one, probably with a punishment for not repenting or condemnation in hell. 
     It is false optimism to simply look forward to the end of this pandemic. A good spiritual response is expected of mankind otherwise..... A continuation of the on going prevailing practices, like quarantine, social distancing, staying at home, no recreational events, no non-essential shoppings, etc, but this time for spiritual reason, is to live the life of repentance,  that should continue, will lessen or even stop the present pandemic. 

2. When King David sinned grievously by having Uriah, his best general, fall in battle, to marry his wife, God chastised not only David the sinner but the whole Chosen People who were innocent. And God would continuously punish the Chosen People when their spiritual leaders, the priests,  would be unfaithful. 
     Though chastisements, like earthquakes, super storms and volcanic eruption, are directed to all those affected, they are, primarily, directed towards the spiritual leader of the Church, the bishops and priests for being unfaithful to God. 
      With the Corona virus, it is normal to look at the Pope, the bishops and the priests as heading the infidelity. Why do we include Pope Francis? Because the virus specifically was serious in Italy in the Diocese of the bishop who made the prayer to the Pachamama idols worshipped in the Vatican garden and led by Pope Francis.
       Why not blame Pius XII during World War II? Because the War was all over the world and cannot be pin pointed on the Pope.  In the same way, the long famine in Jerusalem was pin pointed by Samuel on King David alone. 

     The true church is not chastised because they are well behaved being the Mystical  Body of Christ. 
3, Piled up chastisements. 
     God had been chastising mankind, as far as we can trace, from the first World War, for all the sins of mankind. But specifically for the infidelity of the bishops and priests of the institutional church who were guilty of countless heresies, since after the Council of Trent, but specially of modernism. The heresies of the bishops and priest that began after Trent was the reason for the Chastisements that came with the Reign of terror in France and the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.

4. The great heresy.      
       There is no parish or diocese in the Philippines that can prove that they are Catholics using the official visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed and the spiritual sign, the presence of the three Theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. The lack of these signs is a very serious sin against Faith for which they should repent and they are not repenting. The same can be said with the rest of the world with Africa looking not so bad. 
     They cannot die unrepentant of this serious sin of infidelity, a sin against Faith, which is proof that they are not Catholics. Previous chastisements had been sent by God to warn them. 
     Chastisement in central Luzon with Mt Pinatubo, is directed towards  the bishops around the area. The volcanic eruption on Taal, their bishop is to blame. The destruction of all churches in the South during the super storm is a chastisement because of neglect of the bishops to teach the populace how to repent, which is the first lesson in evangelization. 
     Look at the whole world now. The pandemic occurring as chastisement for the  scandals in the US Bishops conference. In Spain, and in Italy where Pope Francis is. 
     Just as only King David was to be blamed, the Chosen People were likewise chastised.  The spiritual state of the people can only be blamed on the ones who is supposed to teach them repentance, the neglectful bishops. The  laymen are just a collateral damage in the hope that by seeing the misery of the people, the bishops may repent, as David repented because he pitied his suffering chastised people. The bishops should, at least, repent that they do not know how to teach their populace how to repent. 

     The 'darkness' mentioned in the first readings of the Masses is worse than the pandemic because it is a famine on the Word of God. Nobody is teaching the Word of God on how to attain everlasting life.  The bishop and priest are not able to establish  the Catholic church in their area. The laymen are not able to repent together with their priests and bishops thus unable to establish the church.
5. The chastisement may cease, only to be replaced with something worse if there is no repentance.
       Since the Corona virus epidemic, there are absolutely no sign of repentance anywhere. Every one is looking forward to the end of the pandemic and a return to their former sinful way of life. Without repentance, there will be no end to these chastisements. We might just as well keep all the present preparations and even improve on them, ready for the next. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

GROWTH AND LOST OF FAITH - Monday of the 4th Lenten Weekday.

 1. Repentance leading towards Faith.
     The Lenten Liturgy teaches perfect repentance according to the New Testament. This is perfect repentance that is needed for a soul to receive the theological virtue of Faith. 
     Perfect repentance is sorrow for having disobeyed the commands of Christ. To know our sin we must know what commands of Christ we have disobeyed. And to do so we must know all the commands of Christ. For how can we know what command we have disobeyed if we do not know the commands. 
     Repentance begins small, i.e. being sorry for a few sin we know are disobediences to the commands of Christ. As we learn more commands, we discover we have also disobeyed them. In fact, we can end up that when we have learned all the commands of Christ we will find that we have disobeyed all the commands. This, in fact, always happens because disobedience to one command is disobediences to all the commands of Christ, St. James wrote. 
     So at the beginning of our repentance, we think we have only sinned a little since we only know a few commands. At the end, if we are enlightened, we will see that we have disobeyed all the commands. So repentance can be little at the beginning, then it grows depending on our knowledge of Christ's commands and whether we have disobeyed them. It starts little and become perfect. 
     The same goes with Faith. It begins with little Faith and then grows into perfection, as shown in the example of the nobleman with the sick son, in the Gospel for today. 

2. Story of the nobleman and his sick son. 
    Three steps in the growth of Faith.
     First, for lack of Faith, he did not go to look for Christ to cure his son.
     Second, the beginnings of Faith. He saw Christ and prayed to cure his ill son.
     Third, a greater Faith. He believe Christ when Christ said your son is cured. But he was not certain. Faith is certain.
     Fourth, perfect Faith, when he heard that his son was cured on the exact hour that Christ said so.
     Note how the Faith of the nobleman grew to perfection in a matter of days. In the same way, Faith can be loss in a matter of days or even less. 
     Today due to the heresies flying all over the air, Faith can be lost in a matter of minutes. In fact, the situation today is that there seems to be no Faith to loss. 
      St. Thomas wrote down the rule; if a soul does not progress in Faith he will regress. So Faith must grow every minute, every day, every month. Stop growing and Faith begins to regress and eventually completely disappear; in a matter of days or minutes. 

3. How Faith is loss. 
    Based on the principle mentioned above, if seminarians stop growing in the knowledge of their Faith, they automatically regress to non-Faith. They lose their Faith. They grow to be Faithless priests and bishops. This is what happened that is why most of our bishops are like these.
     Having lost their Faith, they do not know how to regain it. It is regained by repenting perfectly according to the New Testament repentance. Having repented in they previous confessions, they think there is no need to repeat the life of repentance. They never learned that New Testament repentance is a continuous life time process. You don't stop repenting. You stop and you fall again into sin. Then you must repent again. The second time you repent, the devil will see to it that you will  not be able to repent anymore. And that is what usually happens. 
     Early Christian writings speaks so much about the disability of most christians to undergo the second repentance. 
     When seminarians regress, they do not simply go down from the spiritual level to the natural level. They descend to the unnatural level; thus they become gay, homo, perverts, bestial, etc.This is the reason for the present problems of the clergy which the latest Vatican Synod on the abuse was not able to address as the  disparaging conclusion speech made by Cardinal Tagle at the end of the Synod. 

4. Regaining Faith.
    The Gospel showed how Faith can be regained and perfected in a matter of days. There is no reason why seminarians cannot regain lost Faith except to pure ignorance of theological principles, one is mentioned above. In reality, lack of knowledge of ascetical theology. This, unfortunately, had been removed from the theological course in seminaries. Well, there you have the reason for the present hierarchical problem. 
     Most of the present appointments in the Vatican are faithless bishops and cardinals.  Most news refer to them as such. St. Paul was transformed from a persecutor of the Church to a Faithful preacher of Christ. How long did that take. As long as one falls from the top of a horse to the ground. 
     A cardinal, assigned in the Congregation of Evangelization, who came from two dioceses does not have a single parish that can prove that it is Catholic using the usual 4 visible signs of the true Church as enumerated in the Nicene Creed or the 15 Marks of the Church by St. Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church. Not the theological virtues, nor the 4 moral virtues, nor the gifts of the Holy Spirit. None of the parishes can present credentials that they are Catholics. And their bishop is now head of evangelization. How can he evangelise when none of his parishes can prove they are Catholics. Maybe, it is not his fault because the previous bishop was at fault. But Faith can be developed in matter of minutes as Christ shows in his contacts with faithless souls. And as shown in today's  Gospel. 
     It really takes many, many years before a bishop can transform his newly assigned diocese to become Catholic. In fact, their very short time tenure in a Diocese is not enough to transform a parish and make it Catholic. So the probability the next incoming bishops will inherit an entire diocese that is not Catholic. 
     But if the bishop knows how it is done, which can learned from Divine Revelation and as interpreted by the Fathers, a diocese or parish can become Catholic in a years time. In the Philippines, the only Catholy nation in the Far East, not one parish, not one diocese can boast of having the 4 visible signs of Catholicity as found in the Nicene creed or any valid theological signs of Catholicity. 
    What happened? Because Faith can easily be lost, it was lost. But because Faith can easily be regained, it should have been regained. St. Peter lost his Faith on Good Friday and easily regained it on Good Friday. Why can't we do that.

5. Greater defect. The inability to repent according to the New Testament. 
     God gives all children natural Faith upon which supernatural Faith can be built on during Baptism. Everything seems so easy. Why is it that the moment everybody who have gained that Faith after Baptism, and lose it at the age reason fine it next to impossible to regain it?  Because they do not know how to repent the New Testament way. They only know the repentance of the Old Testament way that does not forgive sins. Thus grace is never restored in their soul. Yet they believe they are in the state of grace. 
     Knowledge of the theology of grace is so bad, today, that most do not know if they have divine grace or not. We have become as ignorant as Martin Luther with regard to grace.

6. St. Peter.
    St. Peter lost his great Faith on Good Friday and regained it in a better degree on the same day. St. Thomas wrote that Peter was holier after denying Christ, due to his repentance,  than before his denial. Just because he repented very well. Repentance is the key.  

Monday, March 23, 2020

THE CORONA VIRUS - A Lenten Invitation.

 1. A continuation of St. Benedict.
     St. Benedict had been described by St. Gregory the Great as one whose followers will prepare the world for these days, whatever that means. The world is now in a total lockdown. And St. Benedict is the saint who introduced communities in total lockdown for life. And he calls it ' the school of the Lord's service.' It is necessary to have a lock down to learn certain things, like spiritual truths. 
     St. Benedict made provisions for situation like NOW which is surely created by God for the purpose of repentance; first, for men to know the true god. Secondly, for men to know what are his sins. Thirdly, for men to know how to repent and appease the true God. 
    For these purposes God stops all of man's worldly activities, keeps him in a room, called a penitentiary (to live a life of penance, thus penitentiary), to do the three above activities without distractions.  

2. To know the true god.
     God have a created atmosphere of silence and social distancing, for all men to keep quiet and enter into oneself. And not to talk to anyone to avoid distractions and being influenced.  Whatever religion or sect you belong, TODAY find out truly who is the true god. This is possible for all men. The true  God had created man with the natural ability to know who is the true god. God, Himself, did this otherwise He is not God. Otherwise he would be a stupid god in which case he is not a god at all. God made certain that mankind can know Him as the true God. 
     Common sense says so. All religions should do this, Protestants should do this, Catholics should, also, do this. And there is a gun in your temple threatening you to do this....the Corona virus, sent by that God, because everybody is getting things wrong. Even Pope Francis who think Pachamama or Gaia is the true God. He said so before many cardinals and bishops who agreed with him in a Vatican Synod. That is why the true God is very angry and had sent Italy, where the Vatican is, the highest incident of Corona virus. 
     Pope Francis is in his monastic cell, also, in a lockdown but he is not getting it. God knows that His chastisement, the Corona virus, is not working with Pope Francis. Most are not leisurely thinking because they think that it is their false gods who is punishing the world with the virus, from Molock to Pachamama. 
     Again, to know the true God is naturally possible to all men. To know the God of nature. The spiritual God can be known only by true Catholics. Not by fake catholics. Unfortunately the human race seems to be producing the dumbest gorillas these days. 
      Mankind, like the modern monk, do not know how to use the monastic environment to know who is the true god. The monastic educational system advised all men to use Philosophy, the Art of correct reasoning, to know the God of nature. Philosophy was inherited by the Western world from the Arabs but it was Christianity who successfully used it to discover the true God of nature. 
      The true spiritual God can only be known by Divine grace, i.e. a direct help from the true God, Himself. Aside from Philosophy, there is the computer with the Internet to help everyone make the right conclusion. With these aids  if man still commits mistake, he would have descended down to the level of apes. 
       Hardly anyone will check on who is the true God inspite of the Corona virus. Everybody is focused on waiting to end the pandemic so they can return to their sins, errors, heresies, and wrong gods and religions. 
       If so,  it will be impossible for them to proceed to the second and third steps. The human race is hopeless. I wonder what the true God will do? He did it before during Noah's time. 

3. What sins you have committed.
     This second step is depended on the first. To know one's sin is depended on who is the true God because sin is disobedience to the commandments of the true God. Again, naturally, it is possible for all men to know, not only the God of nature, but know His commandments, the 10 commandments. All men naturally knows these commands; it is written in their consciences, St. Paul writes.
      It is impossible for most to know and obey the commandments of the New Testament because those commands are in the spiritual level. A soul must rise up to the supernatural level with the help of God's grace to know those commandments. And very few have that grace because it is given only to those who have repented perfectly the New Testament way. 
     An example of a New Testament command of Christ. What He commanded the young rich man. 'Go home, sell all your things, give it to the poor and come follow Me.' Clearly this is a command of Christ. This is the first command of the New Testament. The young rich man had to obey it, all the apostles were commanded to do it, Ananias and Sapphira had to obey it. 
     Nobody today think they have to obey this command, yet it is clearly a command of Christ to those who asked Him; 'What must we do to have everlasting life.' Pope John Paul II''s greatest encyclical was 'Veritatis Splendor.'  He was telling all Catholics to obey this command. And the encyclical was addressed exclusively to all bishops to instruct all their parish priests to read and obey this command and teach their parishioners to obey, too, this command . Nobody obeyed the encyclical. The whole Catholic world  does not know that they have to obey this first important command of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. All are still like Old Testament Jews. Hardly anyone is a New Testament Catholic. 
      Who will admit that disobedience to this command is a sin? No one. In which case, they will not repent for having sinned against this command of the New Testament. 
     They will, surely, reject the invitation of the Corona virus to repent. If they die, where will their souls do? They have sinned and are unrepentant. 
     If we enumerate all the commands of Christ in the New Testament, hardly anyone know it and no one will think they have sinned against those commands. Christ commanded to leave father, other, husband, wife, lands, etc.... Who would think that not to do so  is a sin. Nobody. In fact they are adding more possessions to the list. But this is, also a command of Christ in the New Testament.
     It is necessary to have grace to know and interpret these commands correctly. 

     The Lenten invitation is to know your sins......so you can repent for them. People have an idea what are the sins of the Old Testament as enumerated in the 10 commandments of Moses. Nobody knows the more serious sins against the commandments of Christ in the New Testament. Not Pope Francis, most of the cardinals, bishops and priests. These commands cannot be found in their language, writings or videos. 

4. The third step, repentance.
     Because many do not know who is the true God (even so-called Catholics have a very distorted image of God like being merciful without being just), it has become impossible for most to know what are their sins. And it will be impossible for them to repent in the New Testament way. It is useless to discuss the third. 
     Inspite of this impossibility, the Lenten Liturgy, still, teaches these three steps and anybody can go to the Liturgy; but without the help of the spiritual virtue of humility as taught by St. Benedict and St. John Cassian and the interpretation of the Father and doctors of the Church, it will be impossible for any one to have a knowledge of these three steps, a knowledge that is a gift of the Holy Spirit,  given only to the spiritually humble. 

5. Refusal to  accept the Lenten invitation is the reason for the Corona virus. What did Christ do to those who rejected the invitation of the Father of the household to the wedding banquet? He destroyed their cities. We have to take chastisements from God seriously. It is very serious business that requires the right response. The vaccines, face masks, disinfectant are alright. But the present atmosphere where with everyone is locked down in their homes with plenty of time,  finding out who is the true God, what are our sins against the true God and repentance for our sins against the true God is the reason why we are all, against our will, living like monks. We are dealing with nature who have rebelled against mankind because mankind had sinned against the God of nature.