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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Marks of the Catholic Church.

1. My point of departure.
    My point of departure in the process of reasoning begun with a traumatic experience. When the Abbot General of the Benedictines came for a visitation to my monastery and declared that the monastery is to be closed and the monks disbanded for 'not being monastic enough.' Now, being monastic and being 'Catholic' had been synonymous since the beginning of Christian times. In other words we were being accused of not being 'Catholic enough."
    How can we know if we are Catholics or not? Since I was head of the Catechetical Division of the Catholic Education Association of the Philippines (CEAP), the association of all private Catholic schools in the Philippines, it was a serious question for me to answer since my committee was in charge of Catholic catechesis. So I did what I should had done earlier. I mastered the Apostles Creed. Specially that part that states; 'I believe in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.' Maybe if I can prove that our Benedictine Monastery was One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.....the Abbot General Gabriel Brazo, OSB would not close our monastery and disband the monks.
     I could not. And all the Catholic Schools I visited as part of accreditation to CEAP ,  could not, also, show the visible signs of Catholicity. Neither the nuns, brothers, priests, bishops whose retreats I handled had the four visible signs of the Church. That was a shocking revelation.

2. A singular experience.
     Under the new constitution of the  Benedictines, we were encouraged to experiment with monasticism. Though that is a very dangerous thing to do, to forestall the closure of our monastery an experiment was suggested; to get a group of lay people and practice the rule of St. Benedict in its primitive observance. I was chosen to organize and head it.
     Unlike my previous job as head of the commission of the catechetical program of all the Catholic schools where the students were exposed to countless worldly experiences, this new job was to get a group and I was responsible for everything; from deciding what tooth paste to use to how to save one's soul. It was a very serious job. I cannot experiment, I had to do things right.Too much was at state. So I begun to study how to attain the four visible signs of the Catholic Church. The way to attain it coincided with the Rule of St. Benedict and the Fathers of the  Church. We stuck to that and discovered that the Fathers of the Church simply interpreted Scriptures. So it was the easiest way to learn both Scriptures and the Tradition of the Church. To my surprise, the four visible signs of the Church begun to appear; gradually, not immediately perfect. But slowly and surely.
     This was something I did not see in my monastery nor in the Catholic schools under CEAP. So we shared this with the CBCP as a model for the renewal of Diocesan priests. This program was, also, accepted as a model curriculum for seminaries in the Philippines. This schema was, also, presented by the Pontifical Council of the Laity and accepted by the Bishop's Synod during Pope John Paul II as their topic for discussion. And it gave us great joy when Pope Benedict, again, insisted on this topic ' the Call to Holiness' during the Bishop's Synod on the 'new evangelization'.
3. Pope Benedict confirmed that the Catholic Church should have the four visible signs which we were aiming at. And Pope Benedict gradually showed the world through his talks and books that he and the Vatican had the four visible signs. The Benedictine experiment was in the right direction. Deeper study of Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church deepened the belief that the four visible signs can only be found in the Catholic Church.

4. Now, the question is; which is the Catholic Church? Is this parish, Diocese, religious order, religious organization,.... are they Catholic? And, of course, it was important to ask; is this priest, bishop, cardinal and is this Pope Catholic. Pope Benedict showed ample, incontrovertible proofs that he had all the signs of the Church, both the four signs from the Creed and the 14 signs of St. Bellarmine. The world was at ease during his Papacy. Then, he left the scene. Now, we have to re-check everything again. Is this parish and Diocese Catholic. Is this priest, bishop and cardinal Catholic. And though fearful to tread on holy ground we have to check; is this Pope Catholic.
5. There is no other way to check.
     The Catholic Church has a teaching on the four visible signs of the true Church of Christ. Only the Catholic Church has these signs. The Fathers of the Church have their own signs, usually, just repeating these four. St.Bellarmine elaborated the four signs into 15 signs making it more exciting to analyze who is Catholic.
     To be able to use the four signs on any person or community needs knowledge of it's dynamics; i.e. how the four signs work. And St. Augustine described the dynamics of at least three signs joining St. Thomas who said that knowing the dynamics of two signs, One and apostolic,  is sufficient to know the four signs.

     During Pope Benedict's Papacy, though he showed all the visible signs of Catholicity through his writings and speeches, the Vatican as the main office of the Catholic Church, gradually lost the visible signs of Catholicity. Gradually, the Bishop's Synod in the Vatican were not showing the visible signs neither. Then the National Bishop's Synod, like Germany, Switzerland, France, Canada, Philippines by their declarations were not showing the visible signs of Catholicity. We had no way of knowing other national Synods because there are no sufficient news to base our analysis.

6. The most critical subject is Pope Francis.
     He is the head of the Catholic Church. Where he leads,  the Church will follow. Is it too much to demand for his credentials? Your Holiness, are you Catholic? Even if he does not answer, visible signs are visible signs. He does not have to answer. Just from his actions and statement it is easy to see if he has the visible signs of the Church or not. Is he a Catholic?
     First;  basing it on the four visible signs of the Creed,  no. From his very first talk on 'Charity without dogma' up to his 'global warming' he had not shown a single visible sign of the true Church. Neither has the Vatican.
     Second; basing it on the 15 signs of the Church according to St. Bellarmine, Pope Francis is not a Catholic. And his Jesuit apologist will find it impossible to disprove it. Because they one who can prove he is not, is also a Jesuit, but a saint and doctor of the Church. And St. Bellarmine's treatise shows, in fact, that Pope Francis and many bishops are protestants.
     Thirdly; basing it on the Liturgy of the Mass, specially the 33 Sundays in Ordinary time that explains the development of Faith, Pope Francis has no Faith and, therefore, cannot be Pope. St. Bellarmine repeated this in his 'controversiis'. That without Faith Pope Francis is not even a Christian; so much more so he cannot be a Pope.
     Fourthly; basing it from the 'Treatise on the Theological Virtues' by Garrigou Lagrange,  Pope Francis does not have the three theological virtues. And, therefore, is not a Catholic.
     Fifthly; basing it on the fact that he has introduced a new gospel, described as the Church of Compassion,  different from the one Christ, Sst. Peter and Paul preached, he is anathema, i.e. cursed.
     Sixthly, basing it on the Words of Christ who said; 'If you love me keep My commandments,' Pope Francis, by proposing disobedience to Christ's command to send adulterers to repent before receiving Holy Communion shows he does not love any body except himself ....which is a description of the bishops and priest during the end times. 'Lovers of selves.'
     Seventhly, he has not taught any teachings of Christ up to now. He has, only, taught, his own personal teachings no one knows where it came from. Though a few clearly came just from Cardinal Kasper, while Kasper got it from Luther.

7. A few signs.
     A few Cardinals and bishops are correcting Pope Francis. But the news are unable to show whether they have all the visible signs of Catholicity. Just that they go against Pope Francis but not necessarily showing the visible signs. There is great probability that they have the visible signs but the news had not mentioned them. But the public announcements of the German Bishop's conference show they do not have any visible sign of Catholicity.

8. Catholics should effortless show the visible signs of the Catholic Church.
    These are signs which are the consequences of the presence of the theological virtue of Faith. So it should show without any effort on anyone. For anyone not to show it simply means he does not have it. In which case, the one who knows the visible sign, out of fraternal charity, should sit down with the one who do not know the visible signs and discuss the probable reason why he does not have the signs.

9. In this confused era, it is of the utmost importance that we all dwell on the visible signs of the true Church of Christ. The world is filled with errors. And these errors are being preached all over. They are even being imposed on others. These errors are even shutting up those with the truth. We are living in an age where it has become impossible to know the truth. Is this the chastisement for an age that does not believe? The Gospel said; Christ could not teach and could not perform miracles because of their unbelief. Man cannot find the Catholic Church today because of man's unbelief.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

John the Baptist.

1. The Liturgical feasts are eschatological events.
     The Catholic Church celebrates feasts to remind us of coming future events so we can be forewarned. We do not celebrate feast for mere historical reasons. Christmas, the first coming of Christ, for instance, is celebrated so that we may look forward to the second coming of Christ.  We celebrate Good Friday to prepare us for the great persecution before the end times. These are types signifying something in the future.

2. John the Baptist.
   Just as there was a St. John the Baptist who prepared the world for the first public appearance of Jesus Christ, there will be a future figure pre figured by John the Baptist who will prepare the world the the second public appearance and general judgment of Christ. And because this is a prophecy we can only know who this is when the prophecy occurs.

3. John the Baptist prepared for the 1st coming of Christ.
    What was the role of John the Baptist? To prepare a people worthy to welcome the first coming of God. Both John and the people he prepared were described as people who did the Will of God. And John evangelized them in the desert. He preached to them in the desert.
     This is the ambiance of the first evangelization. A man who was trained in the desert preached the Will of God. And he preached the Will of God to people in the desert, not in the cities. At this point the Gospel message is already pointing to the Apocalypse about the Woman clothed with the Sun. She was first in the city and then God gave her two giant wings to enable her to fly to the desert in a place specially prepared by God for her and her children. There the woman was safe from all the attacks of the devil. In fact the devil tried to drown her but God opened the desert and it swallowed the water. Both John and the Woman clothed with the Sun are types of the Catholic Church on the sixth day as described by St. Bonaventure in his history of the Church.
     Note that in both John and the Woman, evangelization consisted in preaching the Will of God in the ambiance of a desert. Here 'desert,' according to St. John Chrysostom, always referred to monastic life. So it is studying the Will of God in a monastic setting. The stricter the better.
4. Pope Pius IX noticed the approach of very bad times.
    Pius IX experienced evil entering the Vatican. It was that evil that sent him into exile in Gaeta. And it was during these bad times that he thought of declaring the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, whose image is precisely the Woman of the Apocalypse. The evil was his own cardinals and bishops. It was the beginning of a 'decay of Faith' and the 'waxing cold of Charity' that will hit rock bottom after the papacy of Benedict XVI.

5. The coming of Christ becomes Imminent. A John the Baptist is needed to prepare a people.
     Suddenly, the 'Angelic Pope' passed away. And the next Pope was asked what name he would take. Under the inspiration of the Spirit he says'; 'John, because I will prepare the world for the second coming of Christ,' he said in his autobiography. The jubilation of the 'Habemus Papam' made all forget why he took that name.

6. John does his job.
    Then, out of the blue Pope John announces he would call a council. He does it symbolically in a Benedictine monastery that precisely is living the life of John in the desert. Why the hurry? Hardly any preparatory meetings. Because nobody knows when He is coming and we must always be prepared. Pope John had to prepare.

7. John the Baptist's preparation is because of two things; first, because the passion of Christ is soon. And secondly, a community, represented by the apostles,  must be prepared to know and do the Will of God; this is His Church. This Church must also undergo the 'Passion.'
    Pope John read the state of the Church from the work of Antonio Rosmini entitled 'the five wounds of the Church.' Pope John saw the Catholic Church had reached her own Good Friday, her own passion. Like John the Baptist, he saw the necessity of 'preparing a people' for the Lord. So he calls a Council to prepare that community with perfect knowledge of the Will of God.
    Pope John wanted Vatican II to implement Vatican I. That is how he will prepare a people for the Lord. But Pope John passed away. Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI were the ones who crowned Pope John's work by reminding all that the preparation must done in the desert, just like John the Baptist. They called it 'new evangelization,' or 'new monasticism.'  Proclaiming Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Woman of the Apocalypse as the Patroness of the 'new evangelization'.  The two Popes stated that this new evangelization will not be done in the cities. It will be done in the desert (as defined by St. Bonaventure). Not a physical desert but a mystical desert. And the preachers will  exclusively be contemplatives, Benedict emphasized. And specially chosen by God, just like John the Baptist.

8. John the Baptist began preparing the first apostles. Christ took over and perfected their training. Pope John XXIII prepared the Church. Pope Benedict perfected the doctrines of the Church. But the Church remained small like on Good Friday; when the Romans, Pharisee and Sadducee hi- jacked the welcome party for Christ's first coming dragging down majority of the Jews. The progressives did the same thing during Pope John's Vatican II. They hi-jacked the Council; removing all the heads appointed by Pope John and running it themselves. Beheading the head of John? Sounds familiar?
     With the beheading of John, isn't Good Friday just around the corner? With the death of Pope John XXIII who said he took the name John because he was to prepare the world for the second coming, .....should we take him seriously?

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Decay of Faith.

1. The Act of Faith.
     The Crisis in the Church today is that most Catholics do not know how to make an Act of Faith and, therefore, are unable to make the Act. Thus they are unable to enter the Catholic Church, unable to have in themselves the 4 visible signs of the Church, and unable to merit the kingdom of heaven. In short, they will go to hell.

     Let us, briefly, look at the Act of Faith. The Act of Faith has two parts; the first part may be described as the human aspect of Faith which consists in a 'mature human Act' of intellectual 'assent' to the teachings of Christ. This is called the 'proper disposition,' which a soul must have in preparation for the second part; wherein God, because the soul has the proper disposition, gives the same soul graces for the forgiveness of sins and the infused virtue of Faith. The supernatural Act of Faith must contain these two parts; a part that is natural and a part that is supernatural.

     Note that the first part is in the natural level. While the second part is in the supernatural level. The theological Act of Faith which is in the supernatural level,  must be founded on the natural mature act of intellectual assent of the soul.

2. Evangelization is to teach souls to have the proper disposition for God to instill the theological virtue of Faith in the soul. Evangelization is the process of teaching people the 'proper disposition,' not in teaching them the truths. God is the one who teaches the truth; 'Peter, no man has taught you that but My Father in Heaven.'

3. How does devil destroy souls?
    By simply preventing souls from having the 'proper disposition' since this is only in the natural level. The devil knows how the mind works. The devil knows the mind cannot think of two things of the same genus at the same time; only one at a time. So if the devil fills up the mind with worldly or sinful things, the mind will be forced to rapidly think of one worldly thing one after the other. It will have no time to think of the proper disposition necessary for an act of Faith.  Filling up the mind with what Tomas a Kempis called the 'forbidden knowledge,' like studies, good time, sports, TV shows, etc.....which are concrete and more attractive, like the forbidden fruit, and the soul would be slothful in making the more boring mature act of the intellect. We say that the enemies of the soul are the devil, the world and the flesh. The devil uses worldly distractions to arouse the desires of the flesh and the soul is in trouble.
     The devil had been doing this since the beginning of time. The bombardment of the senses with materialism got worst with the industrial revolution. Even worse during the age of science. And worse today in the age of the Internet. Both the bad and the good things  were equally used as distractions and, therefore, harmful for the soul. Today,  the soul can not make the mature human act necessary in preparation to receiving the infused virtue of Faith.
4. Due to the excessive worldly and very attractive stimuli bombarding the senses during these recent times, most men would not be able to make the necessary 'mature act of assent of the mind.' Hilaire Belloc described it as 'man's refusal to think.' The consequence is the inability to rise to the level of the supernatural. Von Hildebrand described it as 'the lost of the sense of God.' In short, not so much the lost of Faith, but the inability even to have the preparatory proper disposition  for the Act of Faith. This was the much feared 'age of infidelity' foretold by Blessed John Cardinal Newman.
     Though the 'decay of Faith' had been happening  from the beginning of Christianity, its rapid lost in the Church was noticed from the time of Pope Pius IX and seems to hit rock bottom after Pope Benedict XVI stepped down.
     The 'proper disposition' was the normal way towards the Act of Faith. Prior to Vatican II saints were passing through the normal way. But during these latter periods saints were products of God's direction Divine Intervention as in the case of John Vianney and Therese of Lisieux.

     Because most do not know the crux of evangelization which consists in making the 'mature intellectual assent of the mind', because most have not done it......therefore, most have not received the infused virtue of Faith from God.
     Because they do not have Faith, then they would not have the visible signs of the Catholic Church; 4 signs mentioned in the Creed and 15 signs mentioned by St. Robert Bellarmine, Jesuit and Doctor of the Church.

5. The members of the Catholic Church today are products of that era who were  unable to rise to the supernatural level', i.e. they have no Faith thus they do not have the visible signs of the Catholic Church. Today, anyone searching will not find the signs from Pope Francis down to the sacristan. Those with Faith are  few, they are products of direct Divine Intervention which John Paul II and Benedict referred to as  'the contemplative evangelists.'

     The visible signs are visible. Everybody can check it up for themselves. And every Catholic is, in fact, obliged to check if he, himself, and other people who claim to be Catholics have the visible signs mentioned in the Creed.

6. Further proofs of the 'decay of Faith.'
     During the era of 'Pascendi' it was obvious that both the heresy of modernism and Faith cannot exist side by side. One eliminates the other. With Pius X, the heresy just went underground. Waiting for an opportune time.
     When Pope John XXIII called Vatican II it was, primarily,  to expose the state of the Church. It was bleeding to death through its five wounds, as Pope John read from the writings of Antonio Rosmini entitled 'The five wounds of the Church.' The Catholic Church was undergoing Good Friday, the sixth day, described by St. Bonaventure. Though John gave other reasons, like 'aggiornamento', the real reason remains God's reason for the Council; and that is to expose the state of the Church, Vatican II did not teach anything which the Church did not already know; she merely exposed the state of the Church, she was losing her Faith. While Vatican I was a saint; Vatican II was a prostitute. Good John knew there was nothing he nor the Council could do for the Church. He can only do what he can as a man.  Only God can help the Church.
     John saw that the Church resembled Jerusalem (a symbol of the Church) on Good Friday, which the Church expected because it was prophesied by Christ, Himself.
     The everyday sessions during Vatican II confirmed the fact that the Church in the Vatican did not have the 4 visible signs of the true Church. Of course, a few bishops had but we are dealing here with the Council Fathers as a whole.

     During the Bishop's Synod of 2012 where Pope Benedict instructed the Secretary of the Synod, Bishop Eterovic, to concentrate on the 'proper disposition', his instruction was disobeyed. This precisely was what was happening since the 18th century showing that today's bishops are truly the heirs of that great 'decay of Faith.' That 2012 Synod, precisely on the 'new evangelization' could not evangelized anybody because the first step was omitted.
     The Bishops Synod of 2014 even went against the necessary 'proper disposition' by proposing to tolerate sins and aggravate them by receiving Holy Communion. That Synod could not, also,  show the visible signs of the true Church. In fact, it showed the opposite signs enumerated by St. Robert Bellarmine, i.e. it was showing the signs of being Protestant.

     Even the good guys led by Cardinal Burke, though they heroically rejected Pope Francis' proposal to welcome adulterer and gays, could not show the visible signs because they had not given sufficient informations in the press about themselves to prove they had all the visible signs. If  their book, blocked by the Vatican during the Synod, were read there  might have been enough information to know that they have all the visible signs. You see, those visible signs must be visible to the whole world. My inability to see those visible signs had been limited by distance, time and place.

7. The reasoning is simple.
     The Catholic Church teaches that there are four visible signs by which all men can know the true Church established by Christ. St. Robert Bellarmine elaborated these four signs into 15 signs. The latter signs can better point to the true Church and easier exclude the protestant sects. Each Catholic is obliged, under pain of sin, to know these signs as part of the truths he must know as a Catholic.
     Any one who applies these signs on the Vatican, Bishop's conferences, Dioceses, parishes, religious congregations, parents and children....will find it impossible to find them no matter how hard he tries.
     The complete signs can be found very rarely in a few select souls, in an environment described by John Paul II and Benedict XVI as 'new monasticism.' This is based on the work of St. Bonaventure 'On the theology of Philosophy' and on the commentary of St. Thomas of Aquinas on the last Chapter on the Gospel of St. John describing the last fishing trip of the Apostles on Lake Tiberias. St. John described the true members of the Catholic Church with the symbol '153 large fishes.' This sign is not visible. Only those with Faith can use this for analysis.

     The picture of the Church described above is what we should expect today because it has been prophesied in Daniel, by Christ, by St. Paul, by the Fathers of the Church, the the Popes, by the Blessed Virgin Mary and by numerous saints like St. Hildegard. It is a picture all Catholic should expect and await. And it is here, today. We should know the proper reaction to it.

     Of course, the Church continues to exist. The questions are where is she? Am I a part of her? A mastery of the four visible signs of the Catholic Church mentioned in the Creed and the 15 visible signs described by St. Robert Bellarmine will answer these questions. But who is asking?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Return - to the ENIGMA OF TWO POPES.

1. We cannot seem to dissociate ourselves from the debate on the 'Enigma of the two Popes.'
     Having had more than 40 anti-popes in the history of the Catholic Church, it is difficult not to suspect that we may have again another anti-pope today.  Both sides of the debate admit it is impossible to have two popes. There can only be one Pope. But who?

2. One side claims Pope Benedict is still the reigning Pope. Their main reason; he did not really resign. So Francis cannot be the pope. The other side claims Pope Francis is the Pope because Benedict resigned and Bergoglio was the one elected during the last conclave. While the reasons on both side are rational they are both in the natural level; in the political, psychological level.
     Since the topic, who is the true Pope,  is a supernatural topic we must rise up to the same level, or at least to the highest natural level referred to as natural theology.

3. The supernatural level.
     The true Pope can only be known by those in the supernatural level, i.e. those within the realm of the theological virtue of Faith.  When the Church had several Popes at the same time, it was the saints (those with Faith, Hope and Charity) who pointed to the true Pope. They also worked to convince anti-popes to resign. The example of St. Catherine of Sienna comes to mind. Those with Faith have no problem deciding on this as in other Catholic matters.
     Those with Faith can know which parish and diocese are Catholic. And even if the Vatican is Catholic. Those with Faith can judge everything Catholic and non Catholic; including who are the true priests from the fake one, who are the true bishops from the pretenders, and who is the true Pope and the anti-pope. The problem is when there is a 'decay of Faith' and 'waxing cold of Charity' then everybody knows nothing supernatural. An anti-pope becomes totally acceptable because he is a pleaser of men specially of sinners. It was only for this reason that anti-popes were more popular than true Pope and survived long.
4. The level of natural theology. The highest level in the natural before entering the supernatural level.
     In the realm of natural theology, how can we differentiate a true Pope from an anti-pope? Through the visible signs of the Catholic Church; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. A true Pope has the 4 visible signs of the Catholic Church. An anti-pope will ordinarily not have them. The visible signs are visible expression of supernatural realities. All man can see the visible signs but not necessarily the supernatural realities unless they have Faith.
     It can happen that both Pope and anti-pope have the visible signs of the Church as in the case of Pope Pontian and anti-pope Hypolitus. But as what followed, the anti-pope Hypolitus immediately resigned and submitted himself to Pontian, which was expected of him if he was truly Catholic. This was the only such case in History. Anti-popes are usually not Catholics and will not resign or submit to the true Pope.

5. The true Pope is always a true Catholic. So it would be easy to detect an anti-pope....he is not Catholic.
     A true Pope should have both the 4 visible signs mentioned in the Apostles Creed and/or the 15 elaborated signs enumerated by St. Robert Bellarmine. As usual, the rule is if you have one sign you usually have all the signs, St.Thomas mentioned.

    So it is a matter of finding out if Benedict and Francis have the visible signs of the Catholic Church. If both have the visible signs, then one would immediately resign. But as we have seen when one usually passes the test, the other will fail.

     In the case of Benedict and Francis, no one seems to be correcting the situation as what happened with the case of Hypolitus. If it is anomalous then one is definitely an anti-pope.
     The visible signs of the Catholic Church is in the natural level so they can be used by any body to test if a person is Catholic or not. This should be the first test because if one of them is not a Catholic then he is definitely not a priest, not a bishop and, therefore not a pope. In which case he is an anti-pope.

6. Since the situation we are judging is a supernatural situation, we have to go higher; either to the supernatural level or at least to the highest level of natural theology. The four visible signs from the Creed and the 15 visible signs of St. Bellarmine are both in the natural level so everybody can use them for analysis.

7. The case of Pope Benedict.
     Knowing the visible signs of the Church and studying the acts and works of Pope Benedict, one can see that Benedict is truly Catholic. Not only does he have the two signs we mentioned in the past posts, antiquity and apostolicity. He has all the visible signs of Catholicity, which will be too lengthy to show here. His talks on the Fathers of the  Church compiled in a book is one proof of his 'apostolicity.' And his commentary on the Haexameron is one proof of his 'antiquity.'
     If one goes higher to the supernatural level, Benedict, also, shows knowledge  of the three theological virtues as shown in his three encyclicals. This is sufficient to have him canonized even while still alive since the theological virtues are the bases for canonization. Knowledge of the theological virtues is only possible to those who possess the same virtues,St. Paul wrote to the Corinthians.
     The removal of these bases from the process of recent canonizations makes believing in saints not an act of Faith; because  one tends to accept the recent saints just because the neighbors said so. That is not Faith. We must believe the saints are saints because they have the visible signs of sanctity and not because a Pope said so without proofs.
     The visible signs are the infallible proofs that Benedict was truly a Pope. The question now is; is he still the Pope? Did he really resign?
     The basis of the argument on the validity of Benedict's resignation cannot be based on his resignation because Benedict cannot resign according to the rule of Christian conduct. For Catholics, decisions are made because it is God's Will, never because it is one's own personal will. So, to the question; did Benedict resign? The answer is; was it God's Will for him to resign? Only those with the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity can know God's Will. Since we are laboring under the dual tragedies of the 'decay of Faith' and the 'waxing cold of Charity,' then, probably no one knows what is God's Will for Benedict. In which case, nobody really knows if he is still Pope or not.
     Let us leave that doubt for a while and make a wild guest later on, and proceed first to Pope Francis

8. The case of Pope Francis
     Again, working on the visible signs of the true Church and using these same signs in labeling the words and acts of Pope Francis in an attempt to find out if he is Catholic or protestant, as St. Robert Bellarmine would say it, we see the following facts. At the beginning of his papacy, Francis gave a talk on 'Love without Dogmas.' This made the headlines around the world. His concept of love is against 'antiquity,' 'apostolicity' and against all the rest of the visible signs of the true Church. From this time  on wards, up to his 'global warming,' he remained in the earthly level, totally unable to rise up to the spiritual level. This goes against almost all the visible signs of the true Church. This is proof Francis is not even a Catholic. St. Robert Bellarmine in his 'notis Ecclesiae' place side by side with the true signs of the Church the signs of a protestant church. Francis conformed more with the protestant signs showing forth he was more like Luther, Calvin, Zwingly, etc.
9. Pope Francis is not to blame.
     Since the 19th century, because of the heresy of 'modernism' all cardinals, bishops, priests and lay men who called themselves 'Catholics' could no longer project the visible signs of the Church in the world. Modernism erased all the visible signs.  Mario Bergoglio was just one of them. Most Bishop's Conferences, if asked to show that they have the visible signs of the Church will not be able to do so for the same reason.
    Pope Francis' fault, like every one's fault, is that we did not check if we had the signs; whether we believed in the truths of Divine Revelation or just our own personal caprices.  The German, Swiss, French, Irish, Austrian and Philippine Bishop's conferences had already made pronouncements showing signs of being protestants as described by St. Robert Bellarmine.

10. The Jesuits will find it impossible to show that Pope Francis and the Vatican has the visible signs of the true Church. The one who will go against them is their own St. Robert Bellarmine, Jesuit and Doctor of the Church. Most priest and bishop will find it, also, impossible to prove that their parishes or dioceses are Catholics through the visible signs. All visible signs had been erased by 'modernism.'

11. Where is the true Church?
     St. Robert Bellarmine warned us that not knowing the visible signs of the true Church means, first that we will surely go to hell. Because ignorance of the signs means not having them. Secondly, that we are in danger of maltreating the true Church. And Christ, Himself, reminded St. Paul that maltreating the Church is maltreating Christ. What happened to Fr. Volpi, Commissar of the Franciscan of the Immaculate,   could probably be the fulfillment of the 14th visible sign of the Church. The Church, after all, is still around.

Monday, June 15, 2015


1. The Eternal Battle. - All are acquainted with the eternal battle between God and the forces of evil. We saw it announced in Paradise between the Woman who would crush the devil's head and the devil who will bite his heel. This battle had been presented by St. Augustine simply as the battle between the City of God and the City of men. It interests us to know how every boxing round will go through the centuries. To know the outcomes of the battle as it is going in the whole world is impossible. But God gave us a rule of thumb to know the outcomes of each battle.
    Just as there are people who do not wish to watch boxing bouts because it is bloody and cruel, likewise many bishops, priests and laymen do not wish to watch this spiritual battle between the Church and the forces of evil. It really is a disgusting bout to behold but we have to view it because we are part of one fighter, the church, and it is in our winning or losing that our salvation will depend on. It is a battle we cannot run away from. It is a battle we have to watch whether we like or not. It is a battle we have to win. Not to watch the battle is an irrational and lame excuse.

2. The devil's strategy.
    The devil had laid down his strategy in the garden of Eden.  It has two parts. First;  he approached Eve and tempted her to do her own will though she knew God's will was the contrary. It was simply my will against God's expressed Will. If we choose our will we lose; if we choose God's Will we win. And secondly; the devil will aim at the head, our first parents, the priests, the bishops and the pope.

     All through the centuries the devil never changed his strategy. First,  all heresies consist in heresiarchs believing what they want to believe without basing it on Divine Revelation. It had always been one's own private will versus God's Commands.
     And secondly, the devil always aimed at the head; the parents, the  priest or a bishop or if possible a pope. Since he cannot destroy a true Pope, he then simply raises an anti-pope. Hippolitus was the bishop who became an anti-pope. Because of his fidelity to the Faith he allowed himself to be chosen as rival pope against one he thought was too lenient towards adulterers. Fortunately, well trained by Sts. Iraeneus and Polycarp he saw his mistake, resigned as anti-pope and submitted to the the true Pope, Pontian. Both were imprisoned together and were martyred. A happy ending to the devils first attempt to confuse the Catholic Church. The devil will try it 40 times more.

3. St. John Chrysostom wrote; to know the state of the Church, one must only know the state of monastic life. The state of monastic life reflects the state of the Catholic Church. So the history of monasticism runs parallel to the history of the Catholic Church. When monasticism is up the Church is up. When monasticism is down the Church is down.  While it is easy to study the Catholic Church because of her 4 visible signs, it is nearly impossible to study monasticism because it is a hidden life; unless the one studying both is a Catholic and a monk within a monastery. Which I happen to be.
    One day, our Abbey had a visitation by the Abbot General. The result was; the order would close our monastery because it was corrupt. I first looked at my monastery and then looked at the Church. Neither was Catholic.

4. The times of Pius IX up to Pius XII
     The history of the Church from Pius IX to Pope Benedict XVI is a repetition of the devil's strategy; tempting the Church with her private and personal will using the three classical temptations in the Mount. And striking at the heads, either of the family or of the Church. The more than 40 attempts of the devil to raise an anti-pope is no secret. During these papacies, the true Church, in her holy members, had played the role of a restraining force mentioned by St. Paul, preventing the devil from overwhelming the Church. The destructive force was coming from the devil; the church was merely restraining the force. Occasionally the devil is able to raise its head to be noticed by the world but it was often subdued and forced to return underground. The Popes from Pius IX to Benedict XVI were able to force the devil to go underground.
5.Vatican II.
    During Vatican II, the devil again tried the same strategy. He always uses the same strategy that is why it is easy to recognize it. In times past, the devil would just sprinkle the world with heresies hoping that some Catholics would grab it. But before Vatican II his strategy became bold as expressed by the  modernist heretics within the Council. The strategy was this; they will take advantage of the Council and try hard to have their heresies approved and included in Conciliar Documents. This was something the devil had unsuccessfully tried  before.
     A heresy within a Conciliar document is like putting the yeast of the Pharisees in the dough. It was a sure formula. It would certainly affect the whole dough. The devil did it before using the Pharisees. Why not do  it again using the modern pharisees, the bishops and cardinals.  It is not really a new strategy.
     During Vatican II the yeasts of the Pharisees were mixed with the dough of Catholic Truths at a time the Church had become complacent and unwatchful, as portrayed in the Gospel parable on the sleeping farmers. While sleeping, the devil sowed  personal, private beliefs (cockles) and mixed it with Divine Revelation, the wheat.  Even Protestant beliefs mixed with Catholic truths.
     After Vatican II some watchful discerning eyes noticed the bread of life taste awful. Charles Journet, a Swiss ecclesiologist in fact, mentioned that the 'bread of life' taste, indeed, awful. Not only was the Truth adulterated; it was poisoned.  Mass apostasy is about to cause a schism.

6. After Vatican II there was one last heroic restraining force that kept the heresies underground.....Pope Benedict. But he had no choice. He knew the prophecies. They had to be fulfilled. Well informed with the works of St. Bonaventure on the 'theology of history,' the marks of the Church by St. Augustine, the 'confederacy of evil' of Blessed John Newman.....he undergoes a mystical experience. The way he described it is in accordance with Garrigou Lagrange's 'the mystical life.' God spoke to him and told him, not so much to resign, but to remove his restraining force and allow Satan to do his last testing of the Church, as written in Scriptures. This last test was described by John Newman in his 'Advent sermons about the end times.' The pamphlet was as precise as the news broadcasting of Chesterton's former newspaper 'the Tribune.' It was describing events as if it occurred yesterday.

7. The Scenario today. The sixth day.
    Like what happened to Eve in Paradise, first, the whole Catholic Church becomes a paradise with most members disobedient like Adam and Eve  doing what they want by approaching the forbidden tree of adultery and same sex marriage. Secondly, the serpents bite were focused on the heads,  Pope Francis, the cardinals and many heads of Bishop's conferences like Germany, Switzerland, France, Ireland and the Philippines, as reported in the news. That makes the Pope an anti-pope and the cardinals and bishops apostates because they go against both the teachings of Christ and the teachings of previous Popes. We had a full blown schism during the last Bishop's Synod in the Vatican. The Vatican had separated itself from the Catholic Church.

8. The decay of Faith and the waxing cold of Charity had always been happening in the Church among the bishops and cardinal....and even amongst some popes. It would happen in its worst today prophesied by Christ as the sixth day, Good Friday; the day the whole Catholic Church is anxiously waiting for, because special preparations are needed to survive this day.
     Keeping  Good Friday in mind, let us analyze our present day eschatologically briefly described as the decay of faith and the waxing cold of Charity. If there is no Charity, either there will be no Faith. Or if there is Faith it would be a dead Faith.  So let us test the modern age with this test with the highest form of Charity......fraternal correction.

9. Fraternal correction - highest form of Charity.
   Not everybody can give fraternal correction. To do so one must have both, perfect Faith and perfect Charity. Perfect Faith because the one correcting must know the fault or sin and its supernatural solution. And then he must have perfect Charity to perform the correction properly. A carelessly done correction can do more damage sometimes. So both virtues must be perfect.  Due to their state of perfection, bishops must be able to do both, St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote.
    Following the above principle, if the bishops are unable to give fraternal correction, then they would not have Charity and consequently they do not have Faith. This is what we should expect in these days prophesied by Christ. Is it happening?

     Let us go back to Vatican II. The bishops and cardinals were divided into three groups; first, those who held the original teachings of the Catholic Church referred to in the documents as 'coetus internationalis patrum.' They showed they had Faith by being able to present Catholic teachings effectively. They showed fraternal Charity is that they were trying to correct the progressives. So they showed both Faith and Charity. The progressives held private man-made teachings and tried to present them as part of Divine Revelation. Their error shows they have no Faith. And their refusal to accept the correction for their errors shows they have no love for God and the Truth, i.e. Charity.
     The in-betweens showed neither Faith nor Charity. They did not know which side had the truth and this shows no Faith. And they did not show fraternal correction to the erring bishops which shows they have no Charity.
     So in Vatican II the bearers of the truth were already in the minority and were unable to correct anyone, like Karl Rahner, Hans Kung, Congar, Alberigo, Komonchak. We had an explosive situation. Satan was succeeding. The heresies had been incorporated into the documents, the yeast of Satan is in the dough. Pope Francis, some cardinals and bishops had joined the pagan world to attack the true Church.

     Pope Benedict was going to try one restraining effort through his 'reform of the reforms.' It did not work. The sin of infidelity described by John Newman is terminal. There is no cure. In such a situation only Divine Intervention is possible. And this is obtained through prayer. So Pope Benedict did two very Petrine gestures. First, as in the boat about to be a washed, St. Peter left the boat and walked on water towards Christ to beg Him in prayer to save the boat. Then returned to the boat with Christ. Secondly, as Peter praying on the roof....called down for some logistic problem in feeding the widows he insisted in remaining on the roof to continue praying; believing that even logistical problems can be solved through prayer. And he was right.
     Add to these two Petrine gestures made by Pope Benedict plus the fact that Benedict is still in Rome, within the Vatican, makes some call him Peter Romanus, which makes him at the same time the second to the last and the last Pope of the Catholic Church according to St. Malachy.

10 When the restraining force is removed, the devil will give the Church her last test. This is the test.
     Because of the decay of Faith, everyone, from the Pope, down to the cardinals bishops priests and laymen will know nothing about the teachings of Christ as kept by the Catholic Church because they no longer believe in the Old Catholic Church established by Christ and the Apostles. In fact, the four visible signs of the church mentioned in the Creed will not be found from the Vatican, down to the Dioceses, parishes, religious communities and families.
     Due to this absence of Faith, no one can evangelize properly. All evangelizations will merely be political campaigns.  No one can enter the Catholic Church and consequently attain eternal salvation. The very few that will be able to do so are specially and personally guided by Divine Providence due to their inherent humility.
     Charity will be found nowhere among most of the bishops. This can be seen in every one's inabitility to give fraternal correction to co-bishops who are promoting new protestant denominations. Imagine bishops not lifting a finger to warn another bishop who is going straight to hell due to some heresies. If he will not help a co-bishop do you think he will help you?
     Ratsinger had already noticed this earlier has head of the CDF. That most bishops are just pleasers of men and of themselves. Thus they cannot be followers of Christ, as Scriptures has it. Bishops will not correct out of Charity another bishop who is turning completely protestant. Similarly, they will  not do anything when their parishioners turn protestant.
     As pleasers of men they will please the sinful desires of sinners and suppress any priest who preach the truth about sin, which Cardinal Marx and the German bishops planned in their recent exposed secret meeting.

11. The Church had lost her 4 visible signs.
      The 2014 Bishop's Synod lost the 4 visible signs of the Catholic Church. The same is happening to most other Bishop's Conference all around the world and to most Parish priests. The structure by which the Church bases her evangelization has completely collapsed. The laymen  had been abandoned to the wolves.
     Most  bishops are not one in the doctrines they teach. Too many natural topics, like global warming, is mixed with Divine Revelations.  The doctrines they teach cannot make any one holy specially when they teach it is alright to be adulterers and to be homos. They never quote the sources of their teachings, like Apostles and the Fathers of the Church. Their teachings are no longer Catholic in that while the Germans approve certain practices, the Polish and the Africans reject them. Most Bishops do not show the 15 visible signs according to St. Bellarmine.

12. Aside from the devil attacking the Church through the pagans and her own pope, cardinals and bishops, the Sacraments will disappear from the world; the Holy Eucharist and the Mass, Sacramental confession, Holy Orders, including baptism according to St. Augustine. John Newman, quoting the Fathers of the Church wrote; all means of sanctification will disappear. It becomes next to impossible to be saved during these times. Only Divine Revelation and the writings of the Fathers will remain. And it would still be impossible to get hold of them.
     When I suggested to a bishop to challenge our local Bishop's Conference to prove they had the 4 visible signs of the Catholic Church before they sit down legislating for their Dioceses, sort of presenting their credentials as Catholics before legislating for Catholics, .....he nearly died laughing. Oh well, the Catholic Church had becomes a big joke. Try this yourselves and you'll see what I mean.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

St. Bellarmine's SIXTH mark of the Church.

1. We have seen ANTIQUITY, St. Bellarmine's second mark of the true Church of Christ.
     Antiquity means the Church was like this in antiquity and it is still exactly like this today.
     There were many religions and heresies that existed in antiquity. But almost all of them have changed and look different from how they were before to how they look today. They are not today what they were in antiquity.
      The true Church of Christ is today as it was in antiquity. There is absolutely no modification or change, additions or subtractions. Just clarifications.
     The Catholic Church, alone, has this mark.
     Many Catholics do not have this mark. So they cannot claim to be Catholics.  The school of Bologna and Louvain, the 'progressives' and the 'spirit of Vatican II',  the hermeneutics of discontinuity and modernists, the Church of compassion and mercy, the church of Germany and Ireland, some Jesuits and Capuchins,  etc..,  do not have this mark. ANTIQUITY is a visible sign so we can check it out. St. Bellarmine would describe those without antiquity as  mere protestant denominations.
2. Vatican II and Bishop's Synod 2014.
     During Vatican II the minority group, commonly referred to as the 'coetus internationalis patrum' (the international group of fathers), showed signs of ANTIQUITY. Their main opponent was another minority group  who showed modernistic and heretical tendencies and, therefore, did not reflect the visible sign of ANTIQUITY; thus they cannot be  Catholics. Yet they were the top officials of Vatican II.
     The in-between majority of the Fathers in the Council showed no sign of ANTIQUITY either.  They just followed the direction of the discussions and voted democratically choosing whatever pleased them.  Majority of the participants in Vatican II did not show the mark of ANTIQUITY . Well, many of them were  Protestant, Orthodox and other non-Catholic  observers. Though they were not supposed to vote, they influenced the votes. Most were ignorant of ANTIQUITY.
     These observers were not supposed to attend because Councils are meant to clarify Catholic Doctrines. How they were invited is a separate conspiracy story. How can non-Catholics help clarify Catholic doctrines. In fact, they further confused Catholic Doctrines especially in the field of Liturgy.

     During the Bishop's Synod, a minority (cir. one third) led by Pope Francis and Cardinal Kasper did not have the sign of ANTIQUITY.  Their proposals to the Synod that was rejected by the majority was only as old as Kasper and, therefore, would not qualify as ANTIGUITY.
     During the Bishop's Synod of 2014, Pope Francis and the Bergoglio team did not show the mark of ANTIQUITY. The majority led by Cardinal Burke showed only partial ANTIQUITY, not  complete ANTIQUITY. Why? Because they only went against the two proposals presented by Pope |Francis and his team that did not jibe with  ANTIQUITY. We do not know the other beliefs of Burke's group. Though reading just one book authored by Burke can reveal if he has ANTIQUITY or not. Their own parishioners should know being under him. But Burke's standing up against the proposal of Pope Francis that was contrary to ANTIQUITY is at least a positive sign that Burke's group could have the visible sign of ANTIQUITY.
     Talking to any priest or  bishop for 10 minute is more than enough for anyone to detect if he has ANTIQUITY, not because of what he says but more because of the  doctrines in which his topics are based; whether they are logical, rational and Patristic. Most of them seems to be ignorant of  many Catholic doctrines earlier than the 18th century.

3. The sixth MARK of the Church according to St. Bellarmine is APOSTOLIC.
     The marks of the Catholic Church are intertwined. If you have one you have all. If you do not have one you do not have all. APOSTOLIC is very much like ANTIQUITY. APOSTOLIC is that mark that shows that all the doctrines of the present Church are in agreement with the teachings of the first apostles as interpreted by the Fathers of the Church. While Antiquity shows Catholic doctrines appearing in agreement as far as with Genesis.
     Apostolic is not the fact that Catholic bishops are successors of the Apostles. Many schismatic bishops are validly consecrated bishops, and though under  suspension, are still successors of the Apostles. Being a successor of the apostles is not a mark of the Church, St. Bellarmine states. APOSTOLIC describes the fact that all the teachings of the bishops today should come from the Apostles as interpreted by the Fathers.

4. St. Bellarmine stated that 'Apostolic' means that the teachings of any priest or bishop should conform with the teachings of the apostles and the Fathers of the Church. This is one way of checking if a church or bishop is Catholic. This way is difficult because the Fathers have so much teachings. So Bellarmine proposed a second way; by checking if the church or bishop's doctrines conform to heresies declared as such by the  Church. This is easier because the Church had described all the heresies that have entered the Church, 'Pascendi' being one of the most recent. And there are fewer heresies to check on.
     In his 'notis ecclesiae,'
 Bellarmine gave a long lists of heresies.  And which church and personalities were guilty of them. The following would conform to the heresies; the Bergoglian proposals in the Bishop's Synod of 2014, the hermeutics of discontinuity, the spirit of Vatican II, the school of Bologna of which Bishop Tagle is a member, the Church of Compassion and mercy by Pope Francis, the declaration of independence by the Bishop's conference of Germany, and the 'the church is sick' from the president of the CBCPhilippines.
     The church cannot be sick because it is the Mystical Body of Christ hypostatically united to God the Son. It is alive and healthy and with no trace even of a common cold. Was the humanity of Christ ever sick? Maybe, sick and tired of priests and bishops without the visible sign of Antiquity and Apostolic.

5. The visible signs of the true Church are nowhere to be found. Surely it is somewhere because the Catholic Church cannot cease to exist but it is getting more and more difficult to find them. It was not even in the Vatican in the last concluded Bishop's Synod.
     Now, here is an idea. Why don't the Catholics of Germany or the Philippines demand from the Bishop's Conference of their respective countries to show the visible signs of the Church in their respective conferences. If they are Catholic they must be able to do so.  They are supposed to show these visible signs without anybody demanding it. See if they can present their Catholic credentials before they begin saying anything to their Catholic constituents.

6. But then, because the laymen, themselves, know little or nothing about the four visible signs of the true Church of Christ, it is almost certain no one would confront any Bishop's Conference and demand of them to show the signs of the true Church. Just with these two signs mentioned by St. Robert Bellarmine, antiquity and apostolic, all the 'catholics' I know won't pass.

Monday, June 01, 2015

On the MARKS of the Church.

1. The visible Marks of the Catholic Church.
     God made certain that man could easily identify His Church from other groups. So even in Eden where the Church begun He gave her visible signs. And He further gave His Church visible signs in the Old Testament, signs that foretold the visible signs He would eventually give her in the New Testament. These signs are found in the Creed; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. The Fathers of the Church explained all these four signs, but St. Robert Bellarmine S.J., saint and doctor of the Church elaborated the four signs into 15 signs in his 'de notis ecclesiae,' (the marks of the Church.)

2. Ecumenical Councils.
    The Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church are zealous in proving that they are Catholic by exhibiting the four visible signs. Now,  Councils are held for two reasons. First, to clarify truths that had become blurred due to normal tear and wear. And, secondly, to explain whatever development there are in the knowledge of Church's doctrines. An example of the first is the clarification of the nature of God the son. An example of the second is the explanation of the  Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
     All Councils clarified Catholic Doctrines except Vatican II. Vatican II failed to prove it was Catholic by not exhibiting the four visible signs that should exist for a Council to be Catholic; and it did not clarify any Catholic doctrines.  Vatican II was a battle between two minority groups. One who wanted to maintain the original Church established by Christ and preached by the Apostles; and the other group who wanted to scuttle the old religion and introduce a new denomination according to the caprice of modern men. The protagonists were positioning themselves already since the time of Pius IX. Vatican II was the opportunity for the group who wanted to start a new sect to introduce their ideas into the Church. The majority were listeners who could be swayed either way through the votings. This scenario is clear in  the blow by blow narration of the minutes of the assemblies.

     Those defending the original Church of the catacombs was referred to as the 'coetus internationalis patrum,' (the international group of fathers.) And those who wanted to dethrone the old religion and introduce a new protestant denomination were simply called the progressives. The top men of the two protagonists were  identified during the discussions. So it was clear who among those attending the Council was on whose side.
3. What interest us is the visible signs of the Catholic Church.
     Everybody wanted to know if Vatican II was a Catholic Council. To be more specific; are the present Pope, Cardinals, bishops, priests and laymen Catholics? The documents on 'de ecclesia' should answer that question. If they are  Catholics, they should show the signs of Catholicity.
     Vatican II had a document on the Church, 'Lumen Gentium.' Let us see what it says about the visible signs of the Church. Then let us see if the Council, the Vatican, our diocese and our parish has those signs.
     Let us go directly to 'Lumen Gentium,' the document on the Church. In the minutes of the discussion, we clearly saw that the 'coetus' group described the visible signs of the Catholic Church; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. The visible signs were clear during the discussion.
    The progressives who wanted to introduce a new concept of the church (in effect a new protestant denomination) laboriously tried to refute the 'coetus' and insist on the schema they made.

     The Catholic Church had been existing for more than 2000 years , though occasionally being tarnished by Protestantism, but nevertheless she was a well known recognized institution.  So much is written about her through the centuries. So what were they discussing during the Council? Why were they discussing the Church which had been with us for 2000 years? Well, they were discussing whether to keep the old Church or start a new one created by man. The discussion begun well with brilliant speakers campaigning to keep the old Church. But finally, probably due to fatigue, those proposing a new protestant denomination won the day. The finished document did not mention the arguments of the 'coetus.' Pope Paul VI called prematurely for a votation before the points raised by the 'coetus' had been taken into consideration. So the document was approved though it was describing a totally new protestant denomination; and, like protestant sects, do not have the distinguishing visible signs of the true Church of Christ. On the Constitution on the Church, Vatican II did not enumerate the visible signs of the Church.

     Even those who campaigned for a new denomination could not believe after the council that that is what came out.....a new protestant denomination. Even the 'periti' in ecclesiology, like Charles Journet, a Swiss Theologian, described the resulting document on the Church  as 'tragic.'
     In short, the Church described in 'Lumen Gentium' was a Catholic Church only in its trappings but a totally new protestant denomination in essence. The group who pushed for this was a group of progressives, beefed up by modernist theologian from Lovain, school of Bologna and some Jesuit so-called theologians.. It was the birth of the hermeneutics of discontinuity (the idea that the existence of the Church instituted by Christ was discontinued.)

4. The documents of Vatican II,  especially 'Lumen Gentium,' did not explain what are the visible signs that can distinguish the true Catholic Church from other sects. And it could not prove that the Vatican, most dioceses and most parishes have the visible signs of Catholicity.
     Fortunately the document, at least, quoted St. Augustine and St. Robert Bellarmine. These two quoted saints wrote in their works, which was not quoted by the document, the visible signs of the true Church of Christ which we can, now, use to sort out the true church from the whole mess.

5. Post Conciliar.
    For this serious omission in Vatican II, let us use the signs enumerated by St. Robert Bellarmine; since he was the doctor of the Church seriously quoted in 'Lumen Genium.'
      In choosing a sign we must make sure that the sign is what makes the Catholic church different from the others and not what makes it similar to others, otherwise they are not distinguishing signs. Belief in Christ, Baptism, preaching, prayer meetings, feeding the hungry, helping immigrants, kissing babies, washing women's feet, praying with other faiths, etc.  are things common to practically all religions. Luther, himself, was careful not to chose the visible signs in the Creed as signs of the true religion; otherwise his denomination would have been excluded.
     Let us begin with one sign so we can check if Vatican II is Catholic; and as a consequence, if the Pope, cardinals and bishops are Catholics. We have no other way of checking except by using the visible signs Christ, Himself, gave us and explained by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church.
     An important sign mentioned by St. Augustine which is the the second sign enumerated by St. Robert Bellarmine is ANTIGUITY.

     The Catholic Church was the first Church because it was instituted by God at the beginning of time ahead of all the churches raised by the devil. This is shown in the gospels in that the good seed, the Church, was first planted by God before the cockles, the other religions, were planted by the devil.
     So the visible sign of the true Church of Christ is her Antiquity; i.e. her 'continuity of existence from Adam and Eve, down through the Old Testament and New Testament; up to Pope Francis until the end of the world. There is no discontinuity.

    The visible signs of a false church (Chapter V - Bellarmine) are; first,  there are changes from the original and there are authors for the changes. For example; the original is prohibiting adultery. In the new protestant denomination adultery is now allowed and the authors of the change are Bergoglio, Kasper, Erdo, etc...
     Second; the denomination has some new doctrines. Like while previously unbelievers and sinners cannot enter heaven, now unbelievers and sinners can enter heaven.
     Third sign; there is a time when the changes begun. Adultery, infidelity and same sex are now welcome starting around 1965 and later.
      Fourth sign; there is a place where it begun. Well, these new doctrines begun before the last papal election. It happened in Argentina, France, Germany, Austria, USA, and Canada It was lately proposed in the Vatican during the Bishop's Synod of 2014.
      Fifth sign; who opposed it. Cardinal Octaviani and the 'coetus' group, Pope Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI opposed these new teachings. While Pope Francis who is the author of this new denomination tried to maneuver the Bishop's Synod to approve it. A recent secret meeting of the propagators of this new protestant denomination to plan approval of the rejected propositions in the next 2015 Bishop's Synod, was caught, exposed by the press a week ago and opposed by watchful lay Catholic journalists.
     Six sign; they begin as a minority and slowly grew. These protestant denomination was started by a few cardinals, bishops and theologians. Now they have recruited whole bishop's conferences, whole nations and whole continents.

      The 4 visible signs of the Church mentioned in the Creed are nowhere to be found amongst most of the priests, bishops, cardinals and even in the Pope. What we find are the signs of a protestant denomination described by St. Bellarmine.

7. Bellarmine stated that the True Church of Christ have these six signs, too, but with ANTIQUITY as its dominant feature. Protestant sects have these six signs but without ANTIQUITY.  The new post conciliar Vatican II religion is just 50 years old or at most 200 years old. The Church of Compassion and mercy propagated by Pope Francis and admired by many cardinals and bishops from Kasper, Marx down to Villegas is even more recent and cannot be the True Church. It can only be a Protestant denomination.

8. ANTIQUITY......a sign sufficient for the moment.
    Vatican II did not discuss the visible signs of the true Church of Christ. Most Vatican II creatures, therefore, do not know what are the visible signs and do not know if they are inside or outside the Church. And that makes up most of the nuns, priests, bishops, cardinals and even the Pope. It was for good reason that Pope Benedict kept reminding the Church to check if they have Faith or no avail because the Pope's hierarchy that time  could not implement his call due to ignorance. This is the reason for the observation that most members of the hierarchy cannot present visible signs that they are Catholics.
     Instead of the opening prayers in synods, bishop's conferences and other meetings , they should all begin by reciting the Apostles Creed and pause at the words; 'and I believe in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church....' and see if the gathering have these visible signs.  If not, they might as well adjourn and go shopping. Otherwise they would just do more harm to the Church unto the damnation of their souls.

9. Just ONE sign
     With just one sign we can exclude practically all religions and sects from the list, with only one true Church remaining, the Catholic Church. The other fourteen signs given by St. Robert Bellarmine will further strengthen our conviction that the 'old' Catholic religion is, still,  in continuity with the Church God had first established in Eden, carried through the Old Testament, preached in the New Testament, buffeted during Vatican II and the papacy of Francis.....but still in her full splendor....visible only to a select few described by St. Thomas as the predestined and symbolized by Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Woman clothed with the Sun; Patroness of the 'new' evangelization.
     By the grace of God we hope to continue with the other signs in the next posts so we can know if we are inside the right church or not.

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