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Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Papal visit is an ACTUAL GRACE.

1. A Papal visit is an actual grace.
     The ideal is that when the Pope comes here he, himself,  is in the state of sanctifying grace. This way he becomes a source of many actual graces that will lead souls to the state of sanctifying grace.
     The ideal, too, is that the people, priests, bishops and cardinals are in the state of sanctifying grace. This way they become a source of actual graces to the Pope and the rest of the people. To be a Catholic and to be ready to face the judgment seat of God we must be in the state of sanctifying grace. This is a very difficult stage to reach. Few have the right concept of sanctifying grace so everybody thinks they are in that state and ready to die. The fact is that there are only a handful of souls who can reach such perfect state. Most do not reach it.
     The way to attain Faith and the height of sanctifying grace is through actual graces. Actual grace is given both to those without and to those with sanctifying grace. To the former that he may reach the state of sanctifying grace. To the latter that he may be perfected in that state.
2. Faith is the beginning of the state of sanctifying grace. Both Faith and sanctifying grace is first obtained during baptism or if this is lost after baptism through actual sin, both are regained through a life of repentance which is essentially the monastic life. Since the grace of baptism can easily be lost and the sacrament cannot be repeated having an indelible character, the way to regain the grace of baptism is through the more difficult  life of repentance or the monastic life. This life of repentance is what Pope Benedict wanted emphasized during the Bishop's Synod in the year 2012 but which Bishop Eterovich intentionally omitted as expressed in the 'Lineamenta.'  The consequences of this omission was aggravated during the 2014 Bishop's Synod as can be seen in the final proposals.
     So, the suspicion is that many souls are unable to attain the state of sanctifying grace. This is because of the poor training of priests since the time of Pope Pius IX and even earlier (some theologian like Servais Pinckners put this defective training as early as the time of William of Ockam with the heresy of Nominalism.) But let us return to the era of Pius IX because of the availability of data.
     If this is the case around the year 1700, it has worsen, today,  because of the heresy of Modernism. In which case we can say that most Catholics have not reached the life of sanctifying grace (i.e. most Catholics are not really  Catholics) but only live in the realm of actual graces, the grace God gives all men that leads them to sanctifying grace if they respond positively to actual graces.
     Actual graces are given for a very specific good act and for  the duration of that act only. The Papal visit is an actual grace given by God during the Papal visit only. If a soul responds positively to the grace, this actual grace is either increased and  disposes the soul to receive sanctifying grace. When a soul responds negatively to the grace, this is both a sign of the lack of sanctifying grace and the removal of the actual grace just given. Whether God will give again actual grace is a big question. Sometimes yes, more often no.
3, The Papal visit was an actual grace given both to the Pope and the people. What did this grace specifically enabled them to do? And what should be the proper respond to benefit from this grace and pre-dispose the soul to further  receive sanctifying grace?
     The actual grace given to the people is a view of the awesomeness  of the Seat of St. Peter. It is a great advantage for the Catholic Church.  It is something no other religion has. What is the positive response expected from the people? To study deeper the dogma on the Papacy and know that the role of the Pope is to keep intact the teachings of Christ and to faithfully transmit these same truths to the next following generation in all its purity. He is a keeper of the Dogmas of Divine Revelation. He is not a modifier or inventor of new doctrines. And secondly, he must pray unceasingly as St. Peter did on the roof top because the work of evangelization is primarily a work of God. And God evangelizes depending on the prayers of the Church Triumphant and not on the human efforts of men preachers.
     So how must the people positively respond to the actual grace.  They must study their religion further and master how the papacy functions. Such a knowledge will further complete their knowledge of the Faith and pre-dispose them to receive the theological virtue of Faith that will give them the infuse knowledge of the complete teachings of Christ (which is the state of sanctifying grace.) If the nation does not react positively in this way, probably due to the neglect of the hierarchy (which could be the probable cause) this would be a sign that both the hierarchy and the people are not in the state of sanctifying grace and have lost the Actual grace given by God for the occassion of the Papal visit.

     What actual grace was given to the Pope? The sight of a Catholic nation who has the beginnings of Faith (called simple Faith) but which cannot be found today in any other part of the world. So how should he react positively to this grace? By deepening or perfecting that simple Faith by teaching them the commandments of Jesus Christ as expressed by Christ in the 3rd part of the Apostolic Commission found in the last chapter of the Gospel of St. Matthew. In short, the Pope must now properly evangelize the nation by teaching them what Christ commanded; 'teaching them all and how to observe My commandments.'  If he does not react positively in this way to the Actual grace, that would be a sign he is not in the state of sanctifying grace and have just lost the temporary actual grace given by God on the occassion of the Papal visit.

4. Theologically, that is the way Actual grace works as differentiated from Sanctifying grace. If we do not know the goal for which God gave the grace and negatively respond to the grace, what a waste of efforts, of valuable time, of money.....and a lot of raincoats.

Monday, January 19, 2015


1. A fine Papal visit.
     That was a fine Papal visit. Two Catholic truths rose to the fore; first, the dogma of Divine Providence. And secondly, the visibility and power of Faith. Both truths are beyond the capabilities of men. It cannot be planned, rehearsed and choreographed. It can only be an act of love of God for mankind.

2. Apprehension before the visit.
     There was great apprehension; first,  that the confusion resulting from the just concluded Bishop's Synod in Rome would spill over the Papal visit. The issues were hot and were still occupying headlines in many newspapers. And some of the proponents of the proposals that were totally rejected by the Synod were in the country for the Papal visit. Secondly, the Catholics in the country were not well catechized.The instruction of Pope John Paul II to revamp the defective seminary curriculum had not been implemented thus putting doubt in the training of priests. And as a consequence, it is evident that the laymen's knowledge of Catholic Doctrines is incomplete. The two apprehensions are a deadly combination. A mass apostasy could take place.

3. Fodder for the apprehension.
    The confusing issues in the pre-Synod were the themes splashed in billboards, like the unclear concepts of 'Compassion and Mercy' much criticized in the works of Cardinals Kasper and Bergoglio (as Bishop in Argentina.) Unclear because God, indeed, is pure Compassion and Mercy before and after His First coming. But He is pure Justice before and during His Second Coming. And the Liturgical feast of Christmas and Christ the King clearly shows the big difference. And Liturgically we are tending towards the Second Coming, not the First. This was made worse by the rumored participation of people with sexual problems. More worrisome were circulars from the Bishop's conference addressed to all local bishops (one published addressed to Bishop Palma of Cebu where the Pope was scheduled to go) to remove the tabernacle from the main altar, contrary to Pope Benedict's previous instructions.
     On the part of the Catholics here, the expression of the Faith shown in the celebration of the Mass by priests and the expression of piety among the populace shows incomplete knowledge of Catholic Faith. The confession of one's Faith, that St. Paul describes, consist in expressing all the truths of the Faith in a human act. The confession of Faith cannot be incomplete or defective. The people will never notice it if they were taught a heresy.
     Then, a storm was brewing. The apprehensions were valid and the stage was set for both a spiritual and natural disaster.

4. Then the plane landed.
     From the landing up to the departure, everything went well. The people were spiritually uplifted by experiencing the awesomeness of the papal office. And the Pope was energized by the simple Faith of the people.
     What matter most went well. The Liturgy was reverent, solemn and impressive. There was no Liturgical abuses. Most parts of the Mass were in Latin with the variable parts within permissible boundaries.  The homilies were appropriate.  The choir and orchestra were within norms for religious music. The sanctuary arrangements were austere but elegant. And the local clergy were edifying.
     The Pope's decorum during the services was exemplary and his reactions to all who approached him exuded friendly affection.
     Little miracles attest to  his office. The Pope set aside his homily in Tacloban because the strong wind was blowing his prepared speech. Instead he spoke extemporaneously and it turned out to be a splendid homily. As the storm raged, the pilot insisted in leaving earlier. The Pope agreed and the storm veered away from its direct path giving the plane enough time to leave safely. Then return to catch the plane following seconds after causing it to slide in the wet runway and plunging in the mud at the end. The passengers were Catholic politicians attending the Mass giving them a healthy scare for the corruption scandal just before the papal visit.
     The Filipino people, though, not well catechized, in that they do not know the complete teachings of the Catholic Church, very deeply believe in the little that they know. That is Faith, though commonly described as 'simple' Faith. And their 'simple' Faith is impressive because it is a supernatural sight to see. Their reverence and devotion during the Sacred moments of the Liturgy and their 'typical' Filipino hospitality beaming in their faces could fill a heart. And the Pope responded to it with generous and tireless wave of acknowledgments. And international TV networks gladly beamed it world wide.
     The bigger miracle is the whole Papal visit, from the landing of the plane to its departure. A portrait of a Catholic nation from the President down to the young street child, under the heat of the sun and in the middle of a raging storm, from urban men in Americanas to priests in vestments and raincoats over it......all in unexplained unity worshiping God and acknowledging the Vicar of Christ successor of St. Peter.....and both enjoying it, can only be described as 'ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES,' or more precisely....'the only remaining Catholic nation in the whole world.' The Pope and his staff had reason to smile on the way up the PAL plane on their way back to Rome.

5. Conclusion.
     The Papal visit was an act of Divine Providence. Everything in it, from the flying off of the Pope's skull cap at his arrival.... to the fainting of those waiting, from the departure on time in a storm..... and the sliding off the runway of the following plane, from the Mass where all celebrants were wearing raincoats...... to the extemporaneous homily, from the cancellations of certain programs......all of those could not have been rehearsed. What was rehearsed was men's. What was not was God's. And God did it that way to benefit all spiritually, both the people and the Pope. And it did. The Filipino people saw that it was very good that the Catholic Church has a Pope. And the Pope saw that it was very good that a nation is Catholic in the conservative way. That is the dogma of Divine Providence. Absolutely nothing spiritually harmful took place. The international networks noticed that; 'there was absolutely nothing about the Bishop's Synod.'  God was in complete control...... as always.
     I should make a T-shirt for myself with these more theological words "What? Me worry?"......... ......Who said that?


Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Idea of an ANTI-POPE...contd.

1. Why are we discussing the idea of an anti-pope.
     Because he has a soul that must be saved. We labor for the salvation of the soul of a thief, a murderer, a gambler and a drunkard, a pagan, a communist and a terrorist. We must labor more for the salvation of an anti-pope. Because he is usually a bishop or cardinal.
     As an anti-pope he will tend to teach many erroneous doctrines and lead souls to damnation.  He would be guiltier than the thief and murderer. Thus he will need greater acts of repentance, greater acts of restitution for damaged caused spiritually and greater acts of conversion. The evil an anti-pope can cause is so great he will need abundant grace to amend for those errors. Fortunately there is hope. St. Hypolitus was the first anti-pope. He ended up being a saint because he realized he was an anti-pope; he gave up his position and submitted himself to the true Pope who that time was St. Pontian. Imagine a true Pope and anti-pope....and both of them are saints. But not all anti-popes had a happy ending.
     It is not possible to have two popes. If one is a true Pope the other is an anti-pope, though both can still be saints. Both can benefit the Catholic Church; St. Pontian greatly benefited the early church as the true Pope; but St. Hypolitus, likewise, benefited the same Church with his theological writings. The more popular one is precisely a description of the end times where he raised the possibility of a future anti-pope.

2. The obligation of Charity.
     If we lived at a time of an anti-pope, our obligation of charity in the form of fraternal correction is great. This obliges us to; first, show him his doctrinal and dogmatic errors. Second, to convince him to retract those errors. And thirdly, to make amends for the past errors he has committed. Amendment for his past erroneous errors will be enormous because he would have spread his errors world wide at the speed of light. And so the sooner this act of charity for him the better. The more we postpone, like postponing repentance for past sins, the harder it becomes to convert.
     The obligation of fraternal correction, is reserved for those who have the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity in an eminent degree. And the Christian with those virtues are obliged to give fraternal correction under pain of mortal sin.  That is, if any one recognizes an anti-pope and does not practice fraternal correction, his own soul is in danger of damnation. He has no choice but to do something to save that soul.
     Those without the theological virtues are not bound to practice fraternal correction because they would not know what to correct. They would not even know the difference between a real Pope and an anti-pope. If there is any defect in such a is that they have neglected to perfect their theological virtues that are necessary for the salvation of their souls.

3. The obligation to practice fraternal correction is for those, only, who have the theological virtues. They, alone, can correct effectively an anti-pope. Because to be able to do it well, he has to have a perfect knowledge of Catholic doctrines. The correction must be on the basis of doctrines. A soul can, only, have a perfect knowledge of Catholic Doctrine if he has reached the perfection of Faith, Hope and Charity.
     The same obligation to correct is upon those who know less doctrine for the correction of lesser errors. So fraternal correction is an obligation for all Catholics. And the level of correction depends upon the knowledge of the one correcting and the level of error in the one corrected. But all must practice fraternal correction. It is the infallible sign of 'love of neighbor'; which in turn is the infallible sign of 'love for God.'
4. So correcting an anti-pope is, in fact, loving him. It is trying to straighten his path. And, sometime, we must have to sound like John the Baptist in the process. As St. Paul wrote; correcting is what true fathers do to their true children, which they do not do to bastards. Anti-popes, like super storms, are acts of God. Our hope is that all anti-popes become like St. Hypolitus; he begun as a priest, became a bishop, became an anti-pope. And ended up being a saint. That is reason for great rejoicing.

5. To have an anti-pope, at first glance, seems to be the greatest tragedy that could happen to the Catholic Church. But we can all turn it around and make it the greatest reason for rejoicing.......if we do things right. But before we can move, we have to believe that the Catholic Church can have anti-popes (as already proven by history). We must believe we can have one today (considering the present state of the Church). And we have to pin point who he is. How can we save a soul if we do not know his sins; and we do not know who he is. We have to know him, thoroughly. Because our strategy and approach will be according to his needs.
     The present tragedy is that no one is offering the medicine of fraternal correction to those who are showing serious errors. It shows both the state of our hierarchy and the state of the rest of the Catholic world. With no one showing the skills of fraternal correction we are seeing a whole Church that has no love for neighbor and no love for God. No one is correcting and no one is being corrected. We are witnessing what Christ prophesied; 'the waxing cold of Charity,' that goes side by side with its precursor 'the decay of Faith.' 'Lord, show us Your face; for the water have climbed up to my neck.'  As the psalmist feared; 'You have hidden your face from us.'

6. In summary, what do we do with an anti-pope before we actually perform our Christian obligation of fraternal correction.
     First, we must confess the complete teachings of Christ as interpreted by Tradition (or the Fathers of the Church) and as proposed by Holy Mother the Church.
     Second, we must expose how he went against the teachings of Christ; and show how he violated the commands of Christ.
     Thirdly,  the correction should  reach him. If you can talk to him directly, so much the better. If the only way it will reach him is through another Jesuit, then be content that a Jesuit come to know about it.
     The duty of fraternal Charity stops here. You are not obliged in justice to do anything more. But out of Charity, if you can do something more, then do it. There is no end to Charity. You can go on and on. We are talking of salvation of a soul. And this is the soul of a priest or a bishop who, once upon a time, have given up all things to serve God. Except something went wrong along the way. Just return to the right way. Go back to Scriptures and Tradition. Listen to Mary who had already talked lengthily  to men on how to save their souls. Listen to the last Popes who have written much about evangelization. Celebrate Mass as the previous Pope had instructed and cease going against their teachings. It is going against previous Popes that makes one an anti-pope. These things are not difficult; they are rather the road described as light and sweet.

7. An anti-pope is God's punishment for a Church that has lost its Faith. We cannot say that the laity have lost their Faith because they were given an anti-pope. We cannot say that because there is an anti-pope, so the laity lost their Faith. It happens at the same time. The laity, priests, bishops and cardinals lost their Faith so God chastised them by giving to them one of their faithless cardinals as an anti-pope. That's all we know. Both the anti-pope and the people have no Faith. This is God's message as clearly explained by St. Alphonsus Liguori in his book 'Chastisements'.  Adam blamed Eve for his sin and Eve blamed the snake for her sin.  We tend to blame the priests, bishops and even the Popes for not having taught us how to reach Faith. Pope Benedict had taught us magnificently in his writings, his audiences his Jubilee of St. Paul, Year of the Priests and 'Year of Faith. We have no excuse. We do not want to believe; this is  showned in our total neglect in learning the teachings of Christ. We would rather start our own religion rather than learn the religion of Christ. And an anti-pope is one who would gladly do it for us.

Even if the cardinals, bishops and priests have not taught us, which is the greater possibility, we can know the Catholic Faith by ourselves as Pope Benedict taught us in his 'new' evangelization'. Giving us the example of Blessed John Cardinal Newman who as an Anglican learned all the teachings of the Catholic Church, became a Catholic, became a Catholic priest, became a Catholic cardinal and became a Catholic blessed..... with the help of God alone. If he can do it, you can do it.
8. An anti-pope who has no Faith (which is the reason why he is one) cannot know that he is an anti-pope. And the lay, the priests, bishops and cardinals who have no Faith would not know the difference between  an anti-pope and a true Pope. In such a situation, who will correct whom. If God sents a St. Catherine of Sienna, neither the anti-pope nor those without Faith would believe her; which what in fact happened. This situation is what may be described as the 'great chastisement.'    

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Idea of an ANTI-POPE

1. Nexus. We would like to find out from the sources of Catholic Doctrines (like Scriptures and Tradition) the answer to the following questions; first, can there be an anti-pope. Secondly, is there an anti-pope today. And thirdly, can we know who he is. The answer to these questions is of great importance for us all because the great chastisement we are expecting is not a nuclear war but the great apostasy St. Paul wrote; that will include the layman, the priests, bishops ,cardinals....up to an anti-pope (that will exists side by side with a true Pope.)

     Yes, Christ, Himself, taught that we would have anti-popes from the beginnings of Christianity, in the middle of the history of Christianity and at the end of the history of Christianity. While St. Peter stands for the true Pope, Judas eschatologically stands for all anti-popes being one among the first bishops who worked for the destruction of the Body of Christ, the Church.

     The Catholic Church have seen everything; from the greatest saints, to the greatest sinner; from  Holy Popes to anti-popes.  So it would be easy to identify any of them if any appears today simply by comparing them with the established past. The sinner is as common as the anti-popes; while holy Popes are as common as saints.  History will show we have had many anti-popes. The same history will describe to us how it happened so we can judge if we have an anti-pope today.  But it is reserved to a few who have the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity to know who is the true Pope and who is the anti-pope. The natural man can answer the first and second questions. Only a saint can answer the third.

     The history of the Catholic Church mentions more than 40 anti-popes. And confusion starts here. Some are saints, while others are visibly instruments of the devil. There were times there were two popes, sometimes three. Some list 30 anti-popes, others more than 40. Some lists are undecided who were the true popes and who were the anti-popes; we see stories of true Popes who gave in to anti-popes and ended up as an anti-pope. Today there are close to eight claiming to be Popes; one in Kansas, Montana, Croatia, Nigeria, etc.
     Though anti-popes were common in the Church, it was a fact that the Catholic Church had no way of identifying them.  We are, therefore, faced with a situation in which we can discuss the topic on the anti-pope but almost no one can make the conclusion on who is the anti-pope and who is the true Pope. This is worsened by the fact that some saints sided with the true Pope like St. Catherine of Sienna; while others sided with the anti-pope like St. Vincent Ferrer. Even historians today aided by the fact that they have merely to look back on history, have not really decided on the list of the anti-popes.
     Since we need a point of reference we have to be content to stick to the portraits of the Popes in St. Paul outside the Walls. But the medallions there do not correspond to the list of  St. Malachy.  This is a choice between Italian workers putting up the medallion and a well-respected Bishop-saint highly praised by St. Bernard of Clairvaux.
     Evidently, even Catholic priest, bishops and cardinals could not discern a true Pope from an anti-pope during their times. In fact, it was the cardinals who elected anti-popes in conclaves.

2. Then why deal with such a confusing topic? Because it is a mortal sin to be an anti-pope. And it is a mortal sin to acknowledge him as pope and participate in his audiences. Both are sins against Faith because  we are obliged to check the things we believe in if they are true and good, or if they are part of Divine Revelation. The rise of anti-popes could occur at any time in the history of the Church because it was a sign of the decay of Faith in the Church. It had been so in the Old Testament and continues to be so in the New Testament specially at the end of time. An anti-pope is a sign that most laymen, priests, bishops and cardinals have no Faith. Sort of God gives us the leader we deserve.

3. History  has already shown that the Catholic Church had more than 40 anti-popes. Because this was prophesied by Christ, we should expect to have one today. Christ  prophesied that He will find no Faith when He comes at the end. Are we at the end?  Christianity always worked at the assumption that the end started at the time of the apostles...which was described as the beginnings of the end. This lost of Faith is not among pagans since they never had it. It is in the Catholic Church; primarily in the cardinals, bishops, priests, brothers and nuns. Only as a consequence on the lay people. The picture of Christ's prophecy is the lost of Faith, primarily, in the hierarchy and, as a consequence, in the laity of the Church. That is practically the whole visible Church. If majority of the hierarchy will lose the Faith, then there is a great possibility that eventually one of those without Faith could be elected Pope. Then there will be a Pope without short an anti-pope....because a bishop without Faith is disqualified from being Pope.
     Let us return to the Old Testament where we read the early prophets describing God removing from the priests the power to offer the Sacrifice. It is like taking away from Catholic priests the power to consecrate the Body and Blood of Christ. And this was, precisely, a pre-figuring of what will happen today. How can this happen?  The rampant Liturgical abuses and disobediences to how the Mass must be celebrated as decreed in 'Summorum Pontificum.' Disobediences to the instructions could invalidate a mass because it is not being celebrated according to the mind of the Church necessary for the efficacy of the sacraments. Videos all around the world on these abuses are proofs of the fulfillment of this O.T. prophecies. With the rampant destruction of the Liturgy by priests, one of them could be sitting in the throne of St. Peter. A priest whose mass is invalid cannot be Pope since, St. Robert Bellarmine writes, he is not even a Catholic.

     Of course, God is controlling all of this.  He has allowed anti-popes many times. Yes, as a chastisement for a church that had ceased to believe. Well, the unbelief is greater today and the possibility is even greater that God will chastise the Church today with what is considered as the worst  chastisement; worst than a nuclear war or an ebola anti-pope amidst the danger of a nuclear war and an out of control ebola epidemic. Up to this point we still can identify an anti-pope because this is still in the natural level. All men can do this.
     Why are we undertaking a seemingly impossible task? Because it was prophesied and we must find out if the prophecy had been fulfilled. The biggest mistake of the Jews was that they knew about the prophecy of the coming messiah but they did not occasionally check if He was born. For not checking it up, they completely missed Him...until today. And that can happen to us. Having seen the prophecies of the possibility of an anti-pope, which had been fulfilled many times, we must check if it is being fulfilled today again.

3. Further prophecies from Divine Revelation.
     Good Friday is a good pre-figuring of the eschatology of these days. Christ described the end days by relating it to what  happened on Good Friday. Firstly, none of the Jewish priests believed in Christ; in fact they planned His crucifixion. Only Nicodemus was believing. That is one out of many. That will also be the case in these times. A very small percentage of the priests will have Faith. The majority will have no Faith. Caiaphas, the chief priest , was the figure of the anti-pope and will be the leader of the apostasy.  And to further impress this message on us, Satan enters into Judas. This was a spiritual possession and not a merely physical possession.
     In these days, the evil spirits will be released and will spiritually possess the majority of priests, lay people and the rest of the world . Exorcists are weaponless against such possessions; the apostles, themselves, were helpless in Judas' case of possession. And one of these priests could be elected by similarly possessed cardinals during a conclave. Judas is a figure of a bishop turned anti-pope. An anti-pope is a duly concentrated bishop who is unqualified for the papacy.

4. Let us look at some more Gospel passages.
     The Gospel of the stewards in the vineyard. The Master arrived and saw the vineyard untended. The Gospel relates that the Master took away the vineyard from the stewards who were the priests, bishops, cardinals and possibly an anti- pope and gave it to others who would take good care of it. Christ, clearly prophesied that one day He will find His vineyard totally neglected by the anti-Pope, by cardinals, bishops and priest.....who are the stewards. He will take away the vineyard from them. The vineyard is the Catholic Church.
     Is Christ hinting that as He had prophesied that there will a decay of Faith among the priests and laymen...and as a chastisement He will remove the Catholic Church from parishes, dioceses and even from the Vatican?  Yes, that is what He meant...whether we like it or not. Again the message is clearly the great possibility of an anti-pope today.

5. What does the Blessed Virgin say in her apparitions? In an apparition in Quito, Ecuador, around the 1600 the Blessed Virgin simply confirmed Christ's prophecies; but she described it so vividly  that it will be at its worst around the 20th century and onwards. Mary's description 500 years ago of todays world is so detailed it does not need further interpretation or elucidation. It was a world where cardinals, bishops, priests, lay adults and children will be devoid of Faith....a whole Church in complete darkness due to the absence of Faith.
     The Blessed Virgin assured the 20th century that inspite of the total darkness, God will raise a holy shepherd amidst the unbelieving hierarchy  side by side with a possible anti-pope. Though the Catholic Church had many anti-popes St. Hildegard of Bingen specifically mentioned an anti-pope in her 10th vision that will exist exactly around this time. The Benedictine Abbess was raised as Doctor of the Church by Pope Benedict who was working on his thesis describing the Catholic Church today.
     Our Lady of LaSallete was more precise in describing the Vatican as the abode of evil spirits. This was given credence further by Gabriel Amorth, Vatican exorcist, who thinks that most bishops do not believe in the devil nor in exorcism. This unbelief is a sin against Faith making Amorth joked that most bishops are not Catholics.

6. We are not saying that there is a Pope and that he is an anti-pope. The conclusion from the above facts mentioned is that God continues to guide the Church with His own chosen Pope. But because of the darkening of Faith among the men of the Church, the cardinals are quite capable of electing an anti-pope according their own heretical hearts. And this anti-pope will be applauded and received by an entire Church devoid of Faith.

7. Church history had shown that we had more than 40 anti-popes. History, also, showed us two things; first, that most of the laymen, priests, bishops and cardinals did not know who was the true Pope and who was the anti-pope. In most cases, they did not know that there were two or three popes. Only the saints could distinguish between the two because the state of the papacy is a supernatural state since he has the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. These virtues are supernatural virtues. The true Pope has these three virtues. An anti-pope does not have them.  To recognize these three virtues one must be in the supernatural state. That is why only saints can distinguish between the two. So the whole world that is experiencing the 'decay of Faith' will not be able to detect an anti-pope and that is God's chastisement for them. They will become blind followers of the blind.
      Those without Faith, Hope and Charity (those who are not Catholics) can never know the true Pope. But they can recognize the anti-pope because both are in the natural level; by using natural theology.What is this?

8. The interpretation of the teachings of Christ in the New Testament are in the supernatural level. That is why no human can interpret His teachings, as the Protestants are trying to do. As Christ told Peter; 'it is not man who taught you this but My Father in heaven.' The true meanings of the Words of the New Testament can only be taught by God. And He does this when a soul is in contemplative prayer.
     But these spiritual doctrines are expressed in words that can be heard. And though those without Faith cannot know the spiritual meaning of the words, they can know the dictionary meaning of the words. And from this dictionary meaning those without Faith can recognize an anti-pope.
     Let us take an example. The ten commandments of the O.T. are in the natural level. All men, pagans or otherwise, can understand the commands of God in the O.T. The commands of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, commonly referred to as the Beatitudes, can only be understood by those who are in the supernatural state.
     Take the 6th and 9th commandment in the O.T. All men know adultery and same sex attraction are forbidden by those two commands. The N.T. explanation of those two commands is the description of spiritual virginity which only those with the theological virtues can understand. A true Pope will preach spiritual virginity. A pagan may teach avoidance of adultery and same sex relationship. But when a pope proposes in a Synod to allow adulterers to receive Holy Communion and to welcome same sex relationships within the family....he is teaching something not only against the supernatural teaching of the Catholic Church. He is teaching disobedience to the natural teachings of the Church. This makes him, not a true Pope; it makes him a bad priest and bishop.  He makes, himself, an anti-pope....if he is pretending to be pope.
     Here is an analysis of the results during the last October Bishop's Synod.  There is no known news that any of the attendees spoke about the N.T. praises on the life of spiritual virginity or pure chastity which is spiritually commanded by the 6th and 9th command of God. We withhold saying that no one had the theological virtues because it is possible that they had but they did not speak out.
     Two thirds spoked out against the proposal violating the 6th and 9th commandments. They showed they were in the natural level and obedient to the O. T. command of God. They did not show they were in the level of the N.T. but were definitely in the level of the O.T.
     But those who proposed violating the 6th and  9th commandment of God were neither in the N.T. nor in the O.T. They were totally out of the Catholic Church. If they were cardinals and bishops they would be described as anti-christs. If he was a Pope he would be an anti-christ for disobeying the commands of Christ; and he will be an anti-pope because he would go against the commands of the Popes who merely repeat the commands of Christ.
     It is noticeable that some cried out 'schism.' Which means they noticed the physical departure from the commands of God in the natural level. But they did not cry out 'anti-pope' because they did not attempt to look at the happenings from the supernatural level.

     We have shown that the Catholic Church have had numerous anti-popes. And the teachings of Christ teaches us we can have more even today. If it is possible to have one right now, who can he be? We shall describe him as all past anti-popes were described by the Church.

Sunday, January 04, 2015


1. From Advent to the end of Christmas Octave (the Feast of the Holy Family), Holy Mother the Church gave us a summary of the ten dogmatic truths one must believe (Faith) to be happy here on earth and merit everlasting life with God in Heaven. Upon believing those ten truths we deserve to call Mary our Mother and become worthy to be called children of God...thus the Feast of Mary, Mother of God (and Mother of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church.)
     After giving us a summary of those 10 dogmatic truths, beginning with the fact that after we die we shall be judged by God... and ending with the fact that those ten dogmatic truths must be realized within a family or a community context, we may,then,  hope to recognize and see the face of Christ like the Holy Family, the shepherds and the Magi.
     Most of the Gospels during Advent and Christmas Octave describes the Catholic Church. Even the feasts, like the Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Guadalupe.
2. And the Magi is an image of the Catholic Church; of souls who have learned and believed the 10 dogmatic  truths summarized during Advent and Christmastide. After learning those 10 dogmatic truths summarized, the Liturgy proceeds to explain each dogmatic truths further and deeper during both the Sunday and Weekday Masses. Unfortunately most Catholics will miss the Weekday Masses and be distracted during Sunday Masses thus will remain ignorant of most Catholic teachings.

3. The Magi is an image of the Catholic Church. They are an example of several men (together with their entourage)traveling in community as wayfarers,  with one mind and one heart (the quest for the new born King.) Here we begin to use this feast to analyze the Catholic Church who for the last 20 centuries have passed the analysis. Will she pass the test today? Let us take a sampler; the church as seen in the October Bishop's Synod. This is a perfect example because it consist of leaders of the Church (cardinals, bishops, etc) and holding a meeting at the headquarters of the Catholic Church in the Vatican, Rome. This would be a perfect representative sample of the Church. An analysis of the Synod will produce results identical to analyzing the whole Catholic Church.
     As St. John Chrysostom wrote, the state of the Church is reflected in the state of the world; the state of Church is reflected in the state of monasteries. A rotten monastery is symptomatic of a Church that is rotting; and a rotting Church will reflect a rotten world. Yes.....the world is in very bad shape because the Church, first, is in very bad shape. And the Church is in bad shape because monasteries are in bad shape.
     An analysis of the Bishop's Synod as portrayed in the news  shows that there was no family or community spirit. The topic of the debate was like the quarrel between a husband and a wife who have already separated and have begun living with someone else. This was shown as the majority totally rejected the proposals presented by the minority led by Pope Francis. The headlines stated that this was the first time cardinals rejected the Pope. This did not happen even in Vatican II. To makes matter worst the proposals of the minority led by Pope Francis was contrary to the commands of God in the Old Testament and of God the Son in the New Testament. In effect, the minority led by Pope Francis started a schism in the Church. That is not the portrait of a Holy Family nor of the Church as portrayed during Advent and Christmastide. That is a portrait of a divorced and remarried couple. Strike one.

4. The Magi presented three gifts; gold, frankincense and myrrh. Each presented the three gifts. It is not that one presented gold, another frankincense and a third myrrh. No. For the comparison to reflect the true image of the Catholic Church, each member presented three gifts; gold, frankincense and myrrh. Which shows that each Catholic living within the community of the Catholic Church must present to God gold, frankincense and myrrh.

     What does each gift represent according to St. Thomas of Aquinas. The first gift, gold, represents a complete knowledge of Catholic Doctrines which a Catholic must present as a gift pleasing to God. Essentially this is an act of Faith. And a summary of this knowledge of Catholic Dogmas had been presented during Advent and Christmastide in 10 dogmatic truths. Of course, the Liturgical year expects each to understand deeper these truths all of which are in the supernatural order. To fully understand these dogmatic truths does not depend of human efforts like further studies in Tubingen or Louvain. It needs more contemplative prayer and total dependence on God.
     Some members of the Bishop's Synod obviously cannot offer the Child Jesus this gold because they do not have it. This is obvious in the minutes of the meetings. They do not believe in the last judgment, they do not believe in Divine Revelation, they do not believe in the life of Repentance, they do not believe in the theological virtue of Faith, they do not believe that Christ gave a fix formula on evangelization, they do not believe in the commands of God which is the only dependable sign of love for God. And they do not believe that adultery and sodomy are sins. Strike two.

     The second gift was frankincense. St. Thomas writes frankincense represents prayer life. The official prayer of the Catholic Church is the Divine Office recited eight times a day at specific times (referred to as Matins, Lauds, Prime.....etc.) These eight prayer times are boaster shots to enable a soul to pray in between those eight times so he can pray without ceasing which is the command of Christ. This is what makes a soul a contemplative,  the requirement for an evangelist, according to the 'new' evangelization of John Paul II and Benedict.
     Let's go to the Bishop's Synod that is a little 'ecclesioli'. How many times do the cardinals and bishop pray these days? After Vatican II, probably three, four or five times a day. Not enough for unceasing prayer. Not enough incense to reach heaven. So we see a Church who is not offering frankincense. Strike three.

     The third gift was myrrh symbolizing self-denial. This self denial consists in denying the mind and the heart of selfish thoughts and desires, a sort of fasting. Since myrrh was used to embalm dead bodies, this offering consist in a soul behaving as if he is a dead body in that like a dead man he has no personal thoughts, no personal desires, no personal opinion, no suggestions, absolutely nothing from the self.
     Obviously the Synodal proposals were personal opinions; personal sinful desires based on heretical views like allowing adultery and sodomy because anyway everybody goes to heaven. Or worse, the desire to eliminate the old Church to start a personal new sect based on false compassion and mercy. Strike four. They are out....of the Catholic Church.
      One third, head by the Pope,  repudiated by the two thirds majority. Indeed, there was a serious schism during the Synod. And we must know on which side we belong.

5. On the feast of the Epiphany we see the Catholic church shown to the world in the person of the Magi who had the 'repentant' disposition of the Old Testament in that they were awaiting the first coming of the Messiah. Having repented they reached Faith and saw the Divinity in the humanity of Christ which enabled them to enter the Catholic Church. As such they were obliged to render God due worship so each one offered, first, perfect knowledge of  truths of the New Testament symbolized by gold. Second, they offered unceasing prayer that is only possible if one's knowledge of Catholic doctrine is perfect, symbolized by frankincense. And thirdly, only after having perfect infused knowledge were they  able to pray unceasingly.....and eventually completely deny themselves, symbolized by myrrh, that enabled them to reach the first degree of holiness which is the first Beatitude....poor in spirit. Being so, their is the kingdom of Heaven.

6. As shown above, we got a glimpse of the Magi among the two thirds who repudiated the Synodal proposals and who eventually left Rome and returned to their homes in Africa,  Poland, etc. We did not see the Church as portrayed by the Magi in the one third who hold office in the Vatican. It is incumbent on the Catholic Church that the burden of proof that she is the true Church established by Christ is on the shoulders of the Pope, the cardinals, bishops and priests. The burden of proof is not on the protestants or the atheist. The laymen, ordinarily speaking, will find it difficult to prove that the Catholic Church is the true Church. But the Pope, cardinals and bishops should prove that their teachings are from the Gospels and from the tradition of the Fathers of the Church. Otherwise, they must not be obeyed, states St. Robert Bellarmine. The easiest, most reliable, and most convincing proofs are from the Liturgy, like the feast of the Immaculate Conception and the Epiphany...where it is evident that the church in the Vatican does not conform to the image of the Catholic Church as described by St. Thomas of Aquinas, with the image of the Immaculate Conception and Epiphany.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


1. The message of Advent and Christmas.
     Advent is preparation for the first coming of Christ. But the first coming of Christ is over. So it becomes the beginning for the preparation for the second coming of Christ. The Advent and Christmas masses does not prepare us for Christmas. It prepares us for the Second coming of Christ.
     How does it prepares us? 1.) By reminding us that He will suddenly return to judge all men with justice. No mercy nor compassion this time. 2.) Because He will come unexpectedly it would be very wise for us to be prepared always. And how do we do that?  3.) By seeing to it that we are inside the Catholic Church which He instituted.

     So Christ established a Church. How do we know which Church that is? 4.) We have to go to the desert and look for a John the Baptist who will point to us to which Church to go. John never leaves the desert. He teaches there. No home schooling here. If you wish to know which Church to enter you have to go to the desert and learn it from the prophet John. That is clear in the Advent masses.
    5.) So John points the Church and how to prepare oneself to enter the Church. He says the life of repentance is the preparation to enter the Church. That preparation is called Advent. It is a preparation only. It cannot bring any one inside the Church. As you are repenting under the tutelage of John the Baptist he points the Church to you.  6.) So suddenly in the midst of Advent you find the feast of the Immaculate Conception. That is the Catholic Church, She is Immaculate, sinless. For you to enter that Church you have to finish your life of repentance by observing the commandments of the Old Testament. And when you have completely stopped sinning, then and only then will you receive the virtue of Faith by which you receive the infuse knowledge of Catholic Truths.
      7.) When you enter the Immaculate Catholic Church, the following feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Dec. 12 reminds you that you must remain in the desert where you had initially learned how to repent from John the Baptist. You do not return to the world. That is clear from the Woman of the Apocalypse, the portrait of our Lady of Guadalupe.
      Having known how the Church look like...Immaculate; having learned where the Church the desert......what else must we learn?

2. During the Fourth Sunday of Advent, we learn how God worked on Mary. The Angel Gabriel prepared Mary to be the Mother of God. Note that first, the Holy Spirit came upon her. And secondly, the power of the most High overshadowed her. St. Thomas of Aquinas writes that with the first, God filled her mind with Faith. And with the second, God filled her free will with Charity.  Then and only then was she prepared to receive Christ in her womb.
     We must, also, follow the same steps. We must have our minds filled with Faith; fill our hearts with Charity. Then and only then will Christ dwell in our souls. We are now inside the Church and prepared for Christ's second coming.

3. Comes no. 8.) The Christmas Liturgy adds another characteristic of the the feast of the Holy Family. The Catholic Church should be like the Holy Family. Here Joseph was a just man, Mary was full of grace, and Jesus is, of course their God. And Joseph and Mary were fully concentrated on caring for the Word of God. So,likewise, all Catholics must be fully concentrated on caring, protecting, defending, and improving their knowledge on the Word of short they should be contemplatives, the word used by Pope Benedict. They must be doing this living in community like the Holy Family.  Religious communities are supposed to live like that
     Note that the shepherds and Magi were in community when they found Jesus. And Simeon and Anna suddenly becomes part of the Holy Family during the Presentation because they were of one mind and heart with all the above.

4. We have just seen a few characteristics of the Church as taught during Advent and Christmas. Before further describing the Church , let us pause for a while and see Satan's plan to destroy this Church. Let us work backwards using the order of the truths we must believe mentioned above; starting with the necessity of living in community like the Holy Family and see how with the fall of the Family, everything else in the Church falls. Satan knows this. That if you destroy the top floor of twin towers the whole building will collapse into dusts.

5. An exorcist from Rome confirmed this. In talking to Satan, because exorcists are supposed to question the devil, it was discovered that Satan attacks first the couple and then swallows the children.
     After God created the first couple, Adam and Eve, Satan immediately attacked them and ruined them. That is like tempting them to promiscuity before marriage; and after being  married to tempt them to commit adultery and, then,  receive Holy Communion. After attacking the parents Satan attacks the children, destroying Cain who killed his own brother. The number of destroyed  Catholic marriages has even surpassed  pagan divorces. And the children of Catholics  outnumbers the non-catholic criminals in jail, quips Ronald Knox.
     Souls are destroyed through promiscuity and Catholic marriages are ruined by the sin of adultery. Consequently,  children are ruined by the promiscuity of parents. Children turn neurotics by the separation of parents and even made worse by secular education. This situation plus the atmosphere of worldly allurements turn children into spiritual effeminates thus the tendency to become  homos and lesbians. That is Satan's strategy and he has not changed it because he had found it very effective. With the family ruined Satan does not have to destroy the Church. These spiritually destroyed souls enter the Church as destroyed souls to produce a Church of the destroyed. This is the state of the Church today...a devastated vineyard.
      Pope Benedict recalling the parable of the Good Samaritan reminded us where the wounded Samaritan was brought. To an Inn and leaving two coins to the inn keeper for medicine. He described the hospital and the medicine in his 'new' evangelization; the Inn is the Church in the desert. the doctors must be contemplatives. The medicine is the New Testament and Tradition. "Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the Church. Wives, be subject to your husbands." Applying those words to the Church; 'Bishops and Cardinals, love the Church the way Christ loved the Church. And you lay men be subject to these Cardinals and bishops who love the Church the way Christ loved the Church.       The present Vatican bureaucracy are doing things differently. Their love for the Church is weird. Christ said; 'If you love Me keep My commandments.' In the Synod they proposed to disobey God's commandments. Weird! And they proposed that the whole Church obey their blatant disobedience to God's command.

     The proposals were clearly meant to tolerate the failure of Charity between husband and wife and confirm attempts to commit adultery. And to add insult to injury, to go and receive Holy Communion. This scandalous behaviour is fertile ground for perverted sexuality in the children. And all news clearly show that these proposals raised by Cardinal Kasper's group really came from  Pope Francis.
     Why is the Vatican bureaucracy doing Satan's job? This is what the devil had been doing to destroy the Church by aiming at the roots, the spiritual destruction of parents and children. Joint by civil authorities and surrounded by a secular and Godless atmosphere, the men of the Vatican had waged war against the Woman of the Apocalypse......'by flooding the desert in an attempt to drown her.'  Who is doing this? The devil, the Apocalypse states.

6. We have seen above the steps learned during Advent and Christmas season on how to prepare our souls for the Second Coming of Christ, or our sudden death. Then we paused at the last step, i.e. that the Church must be a community like the Holy Family. Here, each member is one mind and heart with Christ. Then it is the Holy Spirit that unites all into One.

7.) Note that the Holy Family was a community. The shepherds formed one community. The Magi formed a community. Whenever  two or three are gathered together to pray, being one mind and heart lifted up to God, Christ is in the midst of them. That is the community.

     Was the Bishop's Synod like the Holy Family,  one heart and one mind like Joseph and Mary and Jesus? Imagine Joseph thinking of leaving Mary because she made this silly vow of virginity and marry someone else. And still take care of Jesus.  Analysis of the final proposals of the Synod clearly showed that the now known as 'Bergoglio team' proposed that Catholics, who are unable to love their wives as Christ loved the Church, may continue hating their wives, lust for their mistress and receive Holy Communion. This is pushing souls into the depths of hell without any help from the devil. Why would the Pope, Cardinals and bishops, vowed to save souls, propose the destruction of souls which is the exclusive domain of the devil? Let us trace back where things went wrong.
     The stone on which the Pope, cardinals and bishops stumbled (as the Gospel warned us) was 'community living' in imitation of the Holy Family. They never reached that stage of Advent and Christmas spirituality. The ascetical description of community life is never lived by diocesan priests. Neither by the Jesuits due to their charism. Neither is it lived by Benedictines and religious orders because it was never taught to them in seminaries.  Religious communities live like strangers in a hotel. The probability is great that none of the 'Bergoglio team'  know what is the theological description of 'community life' that makes the members One. A simpler description is each member is 'one mind and one heart' with Christ.  It is Christ who unites them into one community. The documents published on the Synod shows the 'Bergoglio team' was not one mind and heart with Christ (shown by their disobedience to the 6th and 9th commandments of God.) And not one mind and one heart with the majority of the Synod Fathers.

     For not being a church in imitation of the Holy Family, the whole spiritual edifice collapsed. They were not a holy community because they were not 'Immaculate' like Mary. They were not immaculate because they did not learn from John in the desert but learned from seminary teachers from the cities. Because they did not learn from John in the desert, they entered the wrong church called the 'Church where all vices are tolerated.' They entered the wrong church because they do not know how the Church look like thought she had been described well in 'Lumen Gentium'. They do not know how the church look life because they were more concerned in inventing their own church rather than in finding out which is the Church established by Christ, the apostles and the Fathers of the Church. They were not interested in the true Church  because they do not believe in the Catholic God but only on the self-god.

      There is no community life where there is no oneness of mind and heart with Christ that unites the community into one.
   8. From the Liturgy of Advent and Octave of Christmas that describes how to prepare ourselves for our death,  final judgement......the Bishop's Synod of October and the Vatican bureaucracy were completely off course. The bottom line....they don't believe they will die soon, they don't believe in the Catholic God who will judge them (Who is He to judge me), they don't believe in sin, purgatory, hell; they don't believe any one goes to hell. They are not part of the Church described in the feast of the Immaculate Conception.  The Vatican bureaucracy have lost the Faith. Rightly have they described what happened on October.....a great schism.

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John the Baptist and Pope John. Mary and the Christian.

1. The season of Advent has an evangelical lesson and an eschatological dimension. The evangelical lesson teaches us how to put the Gospel message into practice. It's eschatological dimension tells us how the message is realized today or the further future. A good homily must contain both.

2. Advent was a preparation for the first coming of Christ on Christmas Day. Lent, up to Christ the King,  is a preparation for the second coming of Christ. Christ came the first time in mercy on the human race who did not know the way back to paradise. Christ will come the second time but this time in pure justice. So today is not the time to speak of mercy and compassion. God will show none of these when He comes to judge the world.
     The Old Testament was the preparation for the first coming. The New Testament was the preparation for the second coming. But since the first coming is over, Advent has, also, become a preparation for both the first and second coming of Christ. How? Well, the Church prepares us for the first coming of Christ in our souls. And when Christ is in our souls He prepares us for His second coming for the General Judgment Day.

3. Let's look now at some lessons we can learn from Advent and afterwards at their eschatological equivalent.
     The first lesson we learn during Advent is that Christ will come suddenly; and we must be prepared. On Christmas Day He came so suddenly hardly anybody noticed it. A few shepherds and a few Magi.
     Second lesson; how do we prepare ourselves? By listening to the prophets of the Old Testament. Their description were so detailed nobody could have missed Him. But they missed Him. How come? They did not believe the prophets.
     Third lesson; having completely missed the Saviour the first time, God would give them a second chance. Not more than that. Hoping that the Chosen People, who by now are no longer chosen, had learned their lesson.  God repeated the same procedure as he did in the O.T. and did it again in the N.T. Having shown the lesson twice God hopes we will do it well the third time.

     First lesson;  today, Chist had prepared us for the Second coming through His preaching in the New Testament. The Church had been reminding us His lessons through the Liturgy of the Mass. His words have supernatural meaning so we must prepare ourselves by a life of repentance. And secondly by having Faith, the reward for a life after repentance that will enable us to know and obey His commandments as He taught in the N. T.
     Second lesson; then, just as the early prophets prepared the world for His first coming and St. John the Baptist prepared the world for His first preaching, we should wait for a prophet similar to John who would announce His Second coming.
     Third lesson; since this is His Second and last coming we cannot afford to commit a mistake. We must get the lessons right.
     First lesson; Christ had taught us His commands and obliged us to obey them to the last iota. The Catholic world, both the lay members of ecclesial groups (Neo-cathecumenate, Foccolare, etc...) and many priests are ignorant of vast chunks of Catholic truths.After all they are mostly led by untrained laymen. But even many priests and bishop, as we have shown, are badly trained since the 14th century. That was prophesied by Christ and was evident during the last Bishop's Synod. They were making two proposals that would contradict two big chunks of Catholic Doctrine. If Cardinals, bishops and theologians do not know big chunks of Catholic Truths, how much more the laity.
     This is the reason why Pope Benedict spent the whole of his papacy preaching that all Catholics should check if they have the complete Catholic Faith. And followed it up with the 'Year of the Priests'; exhorting priest and bishops to check themselves if they have Faith. Hardly anybody did any checking. We are reminded that 'Veritatis Splendor' was for bishops to check if their diocesan and religious priests have Faith. Hardly any bishop did it. This neglect was a sin against Faith; the sign that the bishops, themselves, had  no Faith.
    The entire Advent season teaches us how to enter the Catholic Church which is the only way to prepare ourselves for the Second coming of Christ....or for our death, that might come through a stroke or a super storm. The first step is that we must believe Christ can come any time, even today or tomorrow. Do you know anyone who believes in that? Second, we must try to enter the Church as soon as possible because outside the Church there is no salvation. We can put off discussion on this later. Thirdly, we must know how the Church looks like. Thus we have the Feast of the Immaculate Conception within Advent. That is how the Church looks like. She is Immaculate, sinless.  At least we now know how she looks, thus we should know that though before we were sinners, today we must have stopped sinning. Fourthly, we must know where she is. Thus we have the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe immediately following the Immaculate Conception. Our Lady of Guadalupe is not so much Mary appearing at Tepeyac but the Lady of the Apocalypse that she resembles. And she is not in the world. She is not in South America, nor in the Vatican. She, as the personification of the Catholic Church, as been removed from the Vatican and transferred into the desert, the figure of a life of unceasing prayer.
     There, now you know Christ will suddenly come,  you know you must enter the Church fast, you know how the Church looks like and finally you know where to look for her.
     Second lesson; while trying to enter the Church suddenly a prophet appears and cries out, 'The bridegroom is coming.' You are running out of time. Let's pause here for a while and look at this prophet. Has one like John the Baptist arrive?  Has he announced He was coming?  And like John, has he begun to divide the nations into believers and unbelievers? Yes, yes, yes.
     When Pope John XXIII, became Pope he was asked why he chose the name John, he answered; 'Because I must prepare the world for the imminent Second coming of Christ.' Nobody remembers he said that. He did. And his recent canonization is a reminder to us that that was his most important message to the world.
     Almost immediately after being Pope he announced Vatican II. This Council was God's instrument to divide believers from unbelievers, to separate cockles from wheat, to separate the predestined from the reprobates. No pope, nor bishop nor priest can do this separation. It will be the exclusive job of angels. And nobody can stop them. Vatican II will separate the true Catholics who believe that the Church today is the same Church instituted by Christ, the apostles and the Fathers of the Church.......from those who believe that the Catholic Church had ceased to exist and thus a new sect must be established to take her place, called the Church of Do whatever you want....which has no continuity with the original church of Christ.

4. How to prepare had been taught to us for the last 2000 years. Pope John xxiii had announced he is the present John the Baptist, Vatican II  had been the instrument to divide the cockles from the wheat. The division had begun even during Vatican II. Joseph Ratzinger noticed it. It was between the hermeutics of continuity and the hermeutics of discontinuity. The division remain restrained because of the good Popes, up to Benedict XVI, who kept the Unity of the Church.
     But after the seeming stepping down of Pope Emeritus Benedict, the crack came out full blown. The Falling away, the schism, the division  was complete during the Bishop's Synod. We see angels seizing cardinals, bishop.....and even the Pope and putting them on one side. Two thirds remain on the other side. Whether the latter will remain there or not we do not know.  We do not know when each of us individuals will be separated by the angels. We, only, know when it is our turn, there is absolutely nothing we can do. We go where the angel tells us to go.
     The angels will not mind the wheat. He will approach, only, those who are cockles and, therefore, has to be taken out and bundled up to be burned. During the Bishop's Synod, it was clear who were taken out of the Church. They are those who evidently sinned against Faith long even before Vatican II, as defined by St. Thomas of Aquinas.

Who are prepared is described in the Gospel of  the 4th Sunday of Advent. They must be those who are like the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Gospel narrates that before Jesus was conceived in her womb, first, the Holy Spirit will come upon you. Secondly, the power of the most high will overshadow you. Thirdly, the holy offspring who is the Son of the Most High will be born in you. Before Jesus can be conceived in the womb of Mary the Holy Spirit must fill her intellect with Divine Truths. Secondly, the power of the most high must fill her heart (free will) with love for Divine Truth. Then and only then will Christ be conceived in her womb.
     What must we do?  First, we must  have the fullness of the teachings of Christ in our minds. Secondly, we must love the teachings of Christ in our hearts. Thirdly, only then can we have an encounter with Christ by His being born in our soul (which is the spirit of Christmas)which Pope Benedict described as the second step of the 'new' evangelization' which will be the sign you are inside the Catholic Church. That is Faith. But for the second coming of Christ you must also have Hope and Charity which should be easy when you have authentic Catholic Faith.

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