Friday, July 19, 2019

ST. BONAVENTURE and the 6th Day. Monday of the 16 Week in Ordinary Time.

 1. The Seraphic Doctor.
     St.Bonaventure was called the Seraphic Doctor because of the depth of his theology. He lived at the time of St. Thomas of Aquinas the Angelic doctor. Both had angelic minds. And we celebrated their feasts last week. 
     St. Bonaventure wrote 'The ascent of the mind to God.' This describes the way on how to rise up to an act of Faith. Many have not read this treatise that leads souls to Faith. If read, most will not understand it, because it is pure spiritual treatise. So the crisis of Faith. Those who have Faith will understand it and see how they acquired the theological virtue of Faith. Thus having believed, they will now understand the whole process of believing.  
2. St. Bonaventure's interest.
    Bonaventure's interest, like all ordinary Christians,  was about the General Judgment when all men will be judged by Christ based on His teachings. All men, without any exception will be judged by Christ because He is the only true God. 
    He will judge all men reminding  them that they were all  given the faculty to know the God of nature, the Catholic God. So why are they not Catholics. 
     Catholics will be judged for not obeying all His commands as given in the New Testament. Protestants will be judged for choosing, only,  the commands they want to obey while disregarding the rest. 
     The killers of US President Kennedy and Judge Scalia,  and all their accomplices from the CIA will be condemned together with all who started wars around the world together  with all their accessories down to their private secretaries, as accessories to the crime. The bombers in Sri Lanka and all disguised terrorists; God knows all of them and will judged them accordingly. And so forth and so on. But the question is, did they have time to repent?
     If not, they are doomed to hell. And this is what bothered St. Bonaventure. Was he ready to face God on judgment day? Will he have time to repent before facing God in judgment?
       St. Bonaventure  lived in an age where Rome and even the Vatican was corrupt. When the cardinals, bishops and priests are corrupt, God raises up laymen to reform the Church. At this era God raised the layman St. Francis of Assisi. And St. Bonaventure was one of them. Though  later he would be raised as Bishop. 
       Together with St. Thomas of Aquinas, St. Bonaventure will re-teach the Catholic world how to acquire Faith which will be enlivened by Charity. This is the way to prepare oneself before facing the judgment seat of God. But when will this occur. Will he have enough time to prepare? 
        St. Bonaventure knew that during the General Judgment there will be no purgatory. So there will be no opportunity to make up for past mistakes. You have to be perfect before the General Judgment. 
        Fortunately, in God's goodness, He gave signs that will occur before the General Judgment. They were meant for Believers so they can perfect their Faith and deserve to receive the beginnings of the theological virtue of Charity that will make them deserving of eternal life. St. Bonaventure wanted to know what were those signs: what are the signs when man has run out of time preparing himself. 

3. As head of the Franciscan and desirous to save as many soul, he studied what were those signs. He knew they have to be found in Scriptures in the form of prophecies since the entire future of the Church is found in type forms in Scriptures. St. Bonaventure found them in the description of the seven days of Creation. Studying them he saw that all preparation for the General judgment was prophesied on Good Friday, in the 6th day of creation. This is before the 7th day, the Sabbath, the day of rest, when the Church will rest before being brought to heaven for the wedding feast.

4. Bonaventure thought the 6th day was occurring during his time, the time of St. Francis of Assisi. Those times were just like Good Friday. The Vatican, bishops and priests were corrupt. The whole culture of Rome was corrupt. Nobody was teaching the truths of the Faith and nobody knew the Catholic truths. Except for a few in the small group of St. Francis.
     The Franciscans of St. Francis were living like the primitive Christian communities,  practicing poverty. They were being persecuted like the first apostles. It looks like it. Bonaventure thought it was the 6th day and General judgment was just around the corner. Then he changed his mind. The signs with regard to the image of the Church did not coincide with the Book of Revelation. So he corrected himself and wrote that he made a mistake. There was still much time to prepare for the General Judgment. 
       Maybe this is the reason why the Franciscan began to become  lax and worldly. Maybe they will take monastic life more serious if the signs Bonaventure described in the 6th day become visible. The problem was if you do not take monastic life seriously you will never notice the approach of the 6th day. 

5. Is there enough time to prepare for general judgment?
    In his interpretation of the 7 days of creation, 'Haexameron', Bonaventure saw that on the 6th day, Good Friday, the Jews did not have enough time to repent thus they were abandoned by Christ to become the synagogue of Satan. If this happens today, everybody will not have enough time to repent or be converted. The evangelization program of Pope Francis will be utterly useless; for two reason. First,  because it is not according to the Apostolic Commission Christ gave His apostles. Secondly, everybody has just run out of time. This is what St.Bonaventure feared so he wanted to find out when will this 6th day begin. Of course, this will be in a span of time.

6. St. Bonaventure changed his mind.
    At first he thought this 6th day begun with the era of St. Francis of Assisi. But there there two elements that was lacking with the sign. First, the prophesy of St. Francis that an anti-pope will persecute the Franciscan. This did not occur that time. It is only now that Pope Francis is persecuting the Franciscans of the Immaculate. 
     And secondly, another prophecy of St. Francis giving a physical description of the Christian community in the future,  which St. Benedict's primitive community was doing;  but no longer for a long time especially today. 

7. Pope Benedict XVI, St. Bonaventure and St. Benedict.
    Pope Benedict, by divine inspiration, was able to put the teachings of these two saints together to interpret the Gospel prophecies.
     As a young seminarian, Ratzinger was exposed to the Benedictine spirituality since he was surrounded by Benedictine monasteries during his youth in Bavaria. Then as a young priest, his thesis was on the work of St. Bonaventure, the Theology of History according to St. Bonaventure. 
      He saw St. Bonaventure describing in one of his works the state of the world before the General Judgment. And he saw St. Benedict describing how the Catholic Church should look like during that time as she prepares for that last judgment. That was all he needed to be prepared for the General Judgment. Though it did not happen during his time, he wrote everything about it for the future generation and Ratzinger got hold of the work before he became Pope, making him prepared for his Papacy during the 6th day.
      In one of Pope Benedict addresses, he hinted clearly that we are in the 6th day. Nobody noticed this announcement because they did not know what he was talking about. Pope Benedict even emphasised this when he gave a talk in St. Peter's square praising both St. Bonaventure and St. Benedict and how these two saints are the vehicles for the salvation of the world today......for those who will listen to them.
       St. Bonaventure was describing the evil state of the world today; and St. Benedict was describing the true Church in the state of the world. If we keep this in mind we shall understand what is happening in the seemingly confused world today and what we must do to save our souls in the midst of this darkness. God is still in complete control. We just have to make our right moves which God will shows us if we live according to the primitive observance of the Rule of St. Benedict. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR. 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

 1. What must I do to inherit everlasting life?
      All serious souls ask this question. And Christ answered; 'Love God and neighbour.' Christ does not explain the first, 'love of God.' He explains, instead, the second, 'love of neighbour.' Because you cannot love God without, first, loving your neighbour. So he explains 'love of neighbour,' first. 
      Though we must aim at the destination first before we proceed on a journey, so we must aim at 'love of God' first before we take the first step which is 'love of neighbour.'

2. Christ explains 'love of neighbour.'
    Christ gives Himself as the example calling Himself the 'Good Samaritan,' and exorting all men ' to do likewise.'
    Man was created in paradise, that is in 'Jerusalem.' He fell in with robbers, i.e. attacked by the devil and now is  on his way to Jericho. All mankind have a fallen nature and, therefore, have left Jerusalem the heavenly city.  He was punished and, therefore, on his way to Jericho his place of punishment. 
     Because of his fall he became easy prey to the devils who fell upon him, stripped him, beat him and left him half-dead, spiritually. This is the image of fallen man falling deeper into a life of sin, wounded spiritually that his soul was half dead. 

3. The eschatology, the priest and Levite who by-passed the wounded man.
     The Gospel described the 6th day, Good Friday, i.e. these days, the generation of Pope Francis and  Donald Trump. The Pope, some cardinals, some bishops and some priests happened to be going down the same road. They saw the wounded man but continued on. They did absolutely nothing to cure the spiritual wounds of the wounded man. Up to the present the Pope have not given any cure for lesbianism, homosexuality, drug addiction and all other sins and vices. In fact they helped aggravate the spiritual wounds by encouraging the committing of sins specially adultery and other sex perversion. This was evident in the last concluded Vatican Synod on the Church abuse crimes. And this total absence of Charity will surely hit bottom in the coming Vatican Synod on the Amazon as shown in the 'instrumentum laboris' for the coming October Synod.  They will pour maggots on the wounds to hasten the spiritual deterioration of souls. The present Vatican team is the personification of those priests and Levites who by-passed the wounded man.

4. The Samaritan who loved his neighbour. He took pity on him.
     The Samaritan is Christ or any soul who is following Christ, i.e. a man of Faith. He needs the Faith to be able to do the things the Samaritan did. Those deeds are acts of Faith. No ordinary man can do those things. The parable is addressed to men of Faith or wishes to attain the perfection of Faith.
     "He was moved to pity by the sight of the wounded man." The man who loves his neighbour is one who is moved with pity, first, for himself. He pities himself because knowing that he is a sinner he could go to hell, so he pities himself and does something to save himself by asking himself ' what must I do to save myself.' And Christ answers, 'love God by obeying His commands.' For God said; 'if you love Me keep my commandments.'
     And what is  My other commandment? That you should love your neighbour. But how do I love your neighbour? Like the Good Samaritan, take pity on your neighbour who is filled with spiritual wounds. 
     Having taken pity what else must you do? 'Pour oil and wine to heal.' Wine is the painful act of repentance. Oil is the sweet balm of God's promises that if you repent you will have everlasting life.
     Heal his spiritual wounds. If he is an adulterer, help him overcome his adultery. If he is a sex pervert, help him cure it. If he is a drug addict, help him overcome it. Since all this are spiritual wound, he must apply spiritual remedies. But all these years, during the papacy of Pope Francis, he and his bishops have never given any spiritual remedy for the sins and vices of the world and instead have encouraged all these vices and sins, from transgenderism to abortion. 
      When McCarrick was wounded by sin, Pope Francis and McCarrick's  US co-bishops did nothing. They just pass him by.  And when Pope Benedict applied oil and wine, Pope Francis removed the remedies and even promoted him to aggravate his sins. 
Absolutely no pity for their neighbour. 

5. He then hoisted him on his own beast. 
     The beast, wrote St. Thomas of Aquinas, is the humanity of Christ. Those who love their neighbours teach their neighbour what ascetical practices Christ taught to help the spiritual life, like reciting the Divine Office, fasting and the corporal works of mercy. Pope Francis, seemingly, fosters the work of mercy for migrants but this work must be accompanied by repentance which the migrants are not doing and are not being taught by Pope Francis, so his work of mercy is fake. Maybe it is pagan but it is definitely not according to Catholic asceticism, it is not a Christian corporal work of mercy. It is not meant to convert them; none of the conversions according to the three conversions of St. Thomas. 
     Pope Francis and his Francisbishops have shown no effort to help anyone, including the bishops and priests in need, corporal helps. And neither spiritual helps as see in the above bishop's case. This is happening all over the world. All bishops and priests with similar problems get no help from the priests and Levites. There is no love of neighbour among them. A whole bishop's conference in fact commanded their own co-bishops not to get help from willing donors and yet will not lift a finger to help the same. 

6. .....and brought him to an inn. One who loves his neighbour brings him into the Catholic Church as the supreme act of love of neighbour. The inn is a symbol of the Catholic Church, according to St. Thomas. For outside the Church there is no salvation. And salvation of one's soul and his neighbour, should be the final goal of all human acts. That is Charity.
     Pope Francis just wants to bring migrants to flood Europe and destroy its Christian culture. Pure physical affection. There is ultimate goal of bringing them into the Church. In fact, he has forbidden proselytising. The same goes for most US and European bishops. They have no true love or Charity for  neighbour; just pure lust for their neighbour, since many of them are gay.
     They are unable to bring anyone inside the Church because they, themselves, cannot prove that they, themselves,  are Catholics through the four visible signs of the true Church enumerated in the Nicene Creed. They cannot even find where the true Church is. 

7. ...'he cared for him.'
      The Samaritan cared for the wounded man corporally and spiritually. Corporally, by providing for all his  physical needs within the Church; not outside the church. These are the cor moral works of mercy. 
     But most importantly , he gave two silver pieces to provide for the spiritual care of the wounded man. These two silver pieces are the commandments of God the Father in the Old Testament and the commandments of Christ in the New Testament. 
     Evidently, Pope Francis and most bishops who hold heresies are not providing the two pieces of silver to the Catholic world. I have not received any single coin. And not only are other bishops and priests not receiving their corporal needs from their co-bishops and priests. They don't receive them from Pope Francis. And even entire  bishops conferences are visibly even forbidding willing donors to help needy bishops and priests. No love of neighbour from the priest and Levites, who just passed by. 

8. 'And if there is any further expense....' What further expense?
     If there is need to teach the wounded man the deeper teachings of the Catholic Faith that is not taught by Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church, if the Good Samaritan can provide them, then Christ, the true Good Samaritan will reward the good samaritan for it. 

9.Which of the three, in your opinion, was neighbour to the man who fell in with the robbers?
    Not the priest. Not the Levite. Not Pope Francis. Not cardinal Kasper or Baldisseri or the bishops' conference.
    But the man who had Faith, a gift from God. He could have been anybody who because of his humility was gifted the grace of Faith that enabled him to do what he did. He could be anybody....who was predestined, as St. Thomas would say. Something the Jesuits never understood.

10. Go and do likewise.
     Christ is commanding everybody under pain of damnation to love God and neighbour. We should love our neighbour the way the Good Samaritan, Jesus Christ, loved the wounded man. We should, also, pity the wounded man, bind his spiritual wounds with oil and wine, help him with his corporal needs needed to learn and obey the commands of the Old and New Testament. And if possible to teach him the deeper teachings of Christ, like Predestinastion.
     Only those with perfect Faith can love their neighbour and do what the Samaritan did in the spiritual level. Now, do you see why we can no longer find the true Church of Christ in the world and in the Vatican? Because that by which Catholics were known before can no longer be seen in them. Christ said; by this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. Where is that love? Not found in Pope Francis for bishops, of bishops for bishops, of bishops for priests, of priests for their constituents, of husbands for wives, of parents for children, etc. etc. 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

WHOSOEVER SHALL DENY ME BEFORE MEN........ Saturday of 14th Week in Ordinary Time.

 1. Whosoever shall confess me  before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven. 
     From Christ, these are very threatening words. And we should have reason to be filled with fear. 'I will deny him before My Father in heaven.' That is sure condemnation.

2. Who are those who confess Christ before men?
     St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote; this is the man who makes an act of Faith with his intellect, makes an act of the free will by obeying the commands of Christ as enumerated in the New Testament and confesses with his mouth that he stands by the teachings of Christ. 
      The act of Faith by the mind is not visible to man, neither is the consent of the free will. But the obedience to the commands of Christ is visible to man. This latter is the act by which a man stands by all the teachings of Christ and all  men can see it.
      St. Thomas quoting Ravanus Maurus wrote; 'He confesses  Jesus who by that Faith that worketh by love, obediently fulfils His commands.'
      The act of Faith consists in knowledge of all the commandments of Christ as enumerated in the New Testament. The Faith that worketh by love is when the free will consents thus obeying or putting into practice those same commandments. The actual confession before men is to show this obedience in any visible way, either by action or words.
3. Who are those who deny Christ before men?
     Because they are ignorant of the truths and commands of Christ, they have no Faith.  Charity proceedes from Faith. As a consequence, when there is no Faith and Charity, there is disobedience to the commands of Christ. This is a clear sign that the person is denying Christ before men. 
     When the teachings of Christ are presented, a person is obliged to confess visibly if he believes in it or not by obeying that command or not. If he gives no reaction, this is considered denying Christ before men. If he, visibly states in word or actions that he does not believe in it or outwardly disobey the command, then he is denying Christ.  

4. Today, we do not see much people confessing Christ before men. 
      A handful would confess Christ and then keep silent when confronted by other teachings of Christ. To be silent or uncommitted is to disown Christ before men. 
      The more common thing perceived is that most people disown Christ before men due to ignorance or malice. Both, however,  are  very sinful. 

     By his teachings Pope Francis is denying Christ by going against  Christ's teachings on adultery, capital punishment, the three theological virtues, etc.
      Some bishops are denying Christ in the Eucharist, the need for personal holiness, love of God and neighbour.  
       Most laymen deny the necessity of the obligation to leave Father, mother, brothers, sisters, lands and follow Christ. 
5. Those who confess and those who deny Christ.
     We are living in an age of countless heresies. The 'dubia' aimed at Pope Francis is raising accusations of heresies. The 'fraternal correction is further accusing Pope Francis of heresies. The latest letter to bishops is accusing Pope Francis of heresy and schism. And the coming Vatican Synod on the Amazon is filled with anti-Catholic teachings. All those accused of heresy and schism are denying Christ together with those who consent to the Vatican 'instrumental laboris'.
      The few who are defending the teachings of Christ are praise worthy  because they are confessing  Christ before men.  
      Those who are silent amidst this conflict of doctrines are denying Christ.  For denying Christ, Christ will deny them before the Father in heaven. 

Saturday, July 13, 2019

SAINT BENEDICT = THURSDAY of 14th Week in Ordinary Time.

 1. House of Peace. 
     The Gospel continues from Wednesday's Gospel describing Christ's instructions on the importance of doing everything complete and in the right order. 
      Christ continues to give instructions for preachers. Preachers cannot just go anywhere to preach and preach anything they want, and stay in any hotel they want. And eat anything they want. They were being sent to save souls, not to enjoy.
      So Christ tells His preachers that the moment they reach the place where God has sent them, to look for a house to stay in. The preacher should ask around from Faithful Christians for a place to stay in where the people are open to the Word of God. He calls it a house of peace. 
      A house of peace is a house where all inside the house are of one mind and one heart. They have the kingdom of God foremost in their minds and they love God with their hearts above all things. 
The house of peace is the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ. 
       When a preacher enter such a house it is to further perfect the Faith of those within, as what happens within the Church. We enter the Church to perfect our Faith and attain the beginnings of Charity,  not to eat, as St, Paul corrected the first Christians who feasted during the Agape. 

2. The house of unbelievers.
     Preachers are forbidden by Christ to enter the house who do not believe in the teachings of Christ. They should leave such a house and shake the dust off their sandals as a threat of punishment that is worse than the punishment sent to Sodom and Gomorrah.
     St. Thomas wrote that there were no preachers sent to Sodom and Gomorrah. But preachers were sent to the Jews and to many Catholic homes; many of them rejected the teachings of Christ like the obligation ' to go home, sell all your things, give is to the poor and follow Christ.' Worse punishment will befall such houses. For their sake, preachers should not seek hospitality from them because there is none. Avoid them to lessen their punishment. 
     Everywhere the men of God go, they must show that they are there to save souls and not to eat, drink and sleep. 

3. The house of peace is the Catholic Church, not the institutional Church with head quarters in the Vatican. The Vatican is a house of Dissension and discord among perverts. It is the monasteries of St. Benedict that were meant to be houses of Peace. 
     The monasteries of St. Benedict were attempts to establish the Catholic Church where it was absent. It was evangelization in the strict sense of the word. St. Benedict was building the Church because he saw it was no longer present in Rome. Rome was decadent. His monasteries were the only place of peace at a time barbarians were roaming all around Europe. So the best preachers were in the monasteries; St. Boniface, St. Augustine, etc. 

4. PAX
     There is a difference between 'peace' and 'concord.' Concord is a semblance of peace that can exist among criminals united to attain a common criminal goal. 'Peace' is only among good men with a good common goal.
      There is a good 'concord' when two men have the same good common goal. Two men with two different goals will be at war.
However, between two nations, peace can only exist if the people of one nation have one good common goal while the other nation have, also, one common good goal. 
      Each individual must, not only, be at peace with the other nation. Each individual must, also, be at peace with themselves. And their good common goal must be good in the eyes of God. Which makes peace impossible in the world. In the world we, only, have apparent peace propagated by the United Nations but that is not truly peace. In fact it is filled with wars.
      But what is impossible with man is possible with God. So true peace can only be a gift from God. It cannot be made by man, though everybody is trying to work for it. 
      Man must first be at peace with himself, before he can be at peace with his neighbour. To be at peace with himself means his appetitive  drives must be at peace with his intellectual drives. St. James repeated the fact that the cause of all wars is not the lack of peace among men. But the lack of peace within each man. And wars are attempts of man to be at peace with himself, which is impossible. 

5. God shows the way.
    God showed the way by His own example in living His hidden life. That is the model of the monastic life. The House of Joseph and Mary with Christ is the first house of Peace. The monasteries of St. Benedict were meant to imitate the Holy House of Nazareth. Though, sadly, today there is no resemblance at all because of the decay that have fallen monasteries. 

   Even today,  around the monasteries the logo PAX can be found. Peace, peace, peace. But there is no peace even in monasteries. Only God can give this peace; no man can give it. Definitely, not by the United Nations. 
     Pope Benedict repeated the fact that only the monastic Rule of St. Benedict can save the world today. Nothing else.  Peace, peace, peace is necessary for the salvation of souls. But there is no peace because they expect peace to come from man. It cannot be. By the very nature of original sin, man is at war with himself. And this comes out in the many countless evils that are besetting the world today. 
     True peace can come from God alone. Because it is a peace  within  the human and spiritual faculties in men. And the Rule of St. Benedict is the easiest and shortest way to that Divine Peace. 

 6. Attempts to built A HOUSE OF PEACE, the image of the Catholic Church.
     As in the beginning, before God can begin building a house of grace, it must be built on nature. First,  God established the Old Testament which was a natural preparation as a foundation for the Life in grace in the New Testament.
     So likewise, God prepares the natural field upon which the supernatural field will be built on. The natural field is chosing a head of state to create the natural atmosphere upon which the life of Faith can be built on. This is called the Josiah phenomenon. 
     As in the Old Testament, when the priests are corrupt and ignorant of the teachings of God, God would raise prophets and kings to lead the people. Such was the case of King Josiah. The kings before and after him, and the priests were corrupt. He, alone, was chosen by God to lead Israel to repentance. God had always done that through the history of man. In the early history of the Catholic Church, God raised countless Kings and Queens to defend the Church at a time bishops and cardinals were silent or cowards when the Church was under attack. We expect the same thing to happen today. 
    It is observed that recently, many head of states are more moral and Catholic than Pope Francis, his cardinals and bishops. Any Catholic who knows his doctrine should notice this. Putin, Trump, Bolsonaro, Salvini, Orban and Duterte are more Catholic in their policies than Pope Francis and his cardinals.
    These men were chosen to create the natural environment to enable souls to begin repenting and reaching the beginnings of Faith. The natural environ is created by them, the repenting and believing is God's work using, also, human and angelic agents.  
7. Peace.
    Let us now see the workings of God who builds a spiritual house upon nature.  By nature, all men wants peace because all men want to satisfy their worldly desires peacefully. Peace is the most desired object these days. But there is no peace. Because true peace is a gift of God and He does not give it to anybody. Peace is only given to those who undergo the ascetical discipline of the monastic life.
     In the present environment where nobody is teaching the complete truth and its proper order of observance, and where everybody is ignorant of the way of salvation, God had raised some people to show the direction towards the narrow gate.  A proper natural disposition is needed to find the narrow road and gate that leads to everlasting life. Having chosen his men to create the proper natural environment God choses men to point the gate to the House of Peace, the Church. 

8. Who does God choose?
     Like King Josiah and David, He chooses the humble. Humility is a spiritual virtue of the mind. Only God can see this. It is often called spiritual humility. This is present in the men mentioned above. Check it out in the treatise of St. Pope St. Gregory the Great in his 'Moralia.'
     When the natural disposition is ready God sends his human instrument to preach repentance and Faith. 'Repent and believe,' as Christ, Himself preached. 

    First, Pope Benedict XVI taught these together with the three theological virtues in his first three encyclicals. Then he declared that the Rule of St. Benedict is the salvation of Europe. The Rule of St. Benedict, firstly, teaches repentance and, then, how to proceed to attain the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity which makes the soul deserving to attain everlasting life. 
     Second, God, also, raised the Orthodox Church in Russia under Putin who were more Catholic than the Vatican of Pope Francis. They observed union of Church and State, a Catholic doctrine long abandoned by Rome. They prohibit same sex marriage long accepted by the Vatican. Russia have long been converted and nobody have noticed it. Did you think Mary would wait for that consecration long overdue? That is not the ways of God. 
      Thirdly. After giving the general direction which is a return to the primitive Christian Church, exemplified in the monastic life, God raised individual laymen (as His usual instrument) to point to the right direction though lacking in details. The closest so far though lacking in much details is Steve Bannon's Charter House of Trisulti. It is amazing for a layman to conceive this idea that is so close to the only solution to the present problem besetting the Church. His was a project that is closest to the idea of a return to the primitive observance of the first Christian Church. The primitive observance of the Rule of St. Benedict is the right solution to the present problems of the Church. 
      A more complete picture to the solution to the present problems is a Patristic interpretation of the 'Great Sign in the sky' chapter from the Book of Revelation. 

     The European Union came close to the Catholic solution to the problem when it adapted the Basiliades of St. Basil as the pattern for  the E.U. with its flag of 12 stars, an image of the Apocalyptic Woman clothed with the Sun. That was the perfect direction but, also, lacked in detail. Unfortunately the enemies of the Catholic Church hijacked the project and transformed it into an angel of darkness. 

9. Pope St. Gregory.
    St. Pope Gregory the Great wrote the life of St. Benedict and described Benedict's time as identical to the time of Christ on Good Friday. The Church in Rome was so corrupt Benedict was scandalised as a young man.  He left Rome to stay in a cave in Enfide.  He brought no bible  or breviary with him. He just went to the cave and there, praying in  silence and solitude, he learned his theology.He preached and organise his first monastery among the 12 he founded, teaching his monks the 'kingdom of God.'
    Pope Benedict gave the solution in his writings especially in his recent solution to the just concluded Vatican Synod on the abuse. The anti-thesis to the right solution is Pope Francis ecological presentation of a new religion that have turned communist and now with the coming Vatican Synod on the Amazon, have turned the Church into a primitive pagan Amazonian sect. 

10. The Way, the Truth and the Life. 
     The  Way, the Truth and the Life had been laid down the the Church that have existed for more than 2000 years. The Church had preserved the treasury of her teachings in the writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, primarily, and in the countless volumns of treatises in the magisterium. This is too much for an ordinary layperson to study; even for priests, bishops and theologians. 
     God, through the saints had always given man an easy way of learning the Way, the Truth and the Life. Just be 'humble'. Learn spiritual humility; not the humility of beggars. St. Gregory the Great called it 'monastic humility.' This is the first Beatitude, 'Poor in Spirit.' To them God gives the knowledge and wisdom to know the Way, the Truth and the Life. And to them Christ promises the Kingdom of God. Blessed are the Poor in Spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of God. 

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Wednesday of the 14th week in Ordinary Time. COMPLETE AND IN THE RIGHT ORDER.

  1. The commands of God. 
      To be worthy to attain everlasting life, we must obey the Commands of God the Father as enumerated in the Old Testament, the Commands of God the son as enumerated in the New Testament and the Commands of the Holy Spirit as infused in the soul by the Holy Spirit. 
      Another way of putting it; we must love God to deserve everlasting life. And loving God consists in obeying His commandments; 'If you love Me, keep My commandments.'

2. Complete and in the right order.
    There are many commandments of God. All of them must be known and obeyed completely, even to the last iota, Christ said, without adding and without subtracting, as He had repeatedly said in Scriptures. 
     And they must be observed in the right order. The first, then the second, then the third. We must not change the order. So we must repent first, believe secondly, hope thirdly and love God and neighbour fourthly, 

3. The Gospel today, Wednesday of the 14th week in Ordinary Time teaches us this important lesson. 
     Christ was sending His apostles to preach and His instructions were complete and followed a strict order. 
     First, He choses who will preach. Not anybody can preach.
     Second, He said to whom they should preach. They could not preach  just to anybody. He said, preach to the men of Israel.
     Third, He said where they should not go. Do not go to the Gentiles nor to the Samaritans. Maybe, later if the Jews reject Me. But until then avoid them.
     Fourth, He said what they should preach. Not the beginnings of the spiritual life, like humility and meekness, though they should work on the assumption that the listeners already know this. They should not preach repentance, which is for beginners; nor Faith which is for the Proficients.  Since the Liturgy, 14 week in Ordinary  time is already describing the end of the apostles training, they were to preach advanced topic, the Kingdom of God. That is the Catholic Church.

4.  What if it is incomplete.
      Then it is just like another Protestant sect who believe in some truths but not in other truths. Christ insisted that we must believe in the last iota. This is the defect of most Catholics. Their belief in the truths of the Catholic Church is incomplete. 
       This often happens when they misinterpret, change or modify some truths. This is the most common defect of Catholics. In the case of Pope Francis and most bishops priests is that they change many Catholic truths thus ending up being Protestant in their beliefs. 

5.  What if they do not obey the commands in its proper order. 
     This often occurs when they fall into the trap of the devil whose strategy in destroying souls is to change the proper order in the observance of the commandments. Pope Francis made this big mistake when he put Charity before Faith and Hope in enumerating the three theological virtues in his first much publicised papal speech. Or did he intentionally did so.  

6.  Completeness and observing the proper order is essential in the observance of God's commands. To be incomplete and to change the proper order is considered disobedience to the commands of God wherewith we cannot attain everlasting life. 

Tuesday, July 09, 2019


1. The world is filled with doubts. 
     It is one of the high spiritual work of mercy to counsel those who are in doubt, i.e. to help them resolve their doubts. 
    From the very beginning of his papacy, Pope Francis have raised countless teachings that raised doubts with regard to the teachings of Jesus Christ as proposed by the Catholic Church. 
    By now, even before the Synod on the Amazon to be held at the Vatican, every teaching of Christ as proposed by the Catholic Church had been place into question. Pope Francis had practically gone against every teachings of the Catholic catechism. Thus causing doubt on every Catholic on what really are the teachings of the Catholic Church.
    To mention a few. He said it is alright to commit adultery. That there is no hell. That capital punishment is not biblical. That the Catholic church is a church only for the poor. That there is no need for the theological virtues. And that the Catholic Church should imitate the primitive tribes of the Amazon. The world is given the impression that these are Catholic truths because they came from Pope Francis. 
      This have caused confusion in a world where priest, bishops and religious are completely ignorant of Catholic doctrines. Teach heresies to people who are ignorant of Catholic doctrines while preventing the good in becoming holy..... and what do you get? A totally confused population. This leads to doubts and eventually to lost of Hope. Then follows despair and probably suicide. 
       When we do not know the way to heaven and do not know where we are going in life and after death, we fall into confusion and despair. 

2. Pope Francis, most bishops and priests are supposed to clarify all doubts and show the clear direction towards the salvation of our souls which is friendship with God.
    Instead of teaching the world the true way, they have confused the plan of salvation teaching a different way that leads  to 'we do not know where.' This is double confusion. First, they have nullified what had already been learned correctly. And secondly, they are teaching new things that suspiciously lead to hell. 
     In situations like this, God used to raised up saints to lead the way through the darkness of the era. How come we cannot find saints today? Because God, Himself, is leading humble souls with mystical clouds and fire through the confusion. It is called 'Divine Intervention.'

3. These doubts must be resolved. 
     We cannot work out the salvation of our souls amidst the present doubts and confusion. Pope Francis, the bishops, priests and religious are supposed to help  resolve the confusions. But they have become the cause of the confusion themselves. So what do we do?
     The spiritual writers, like St. Pope Gregory the Great, St. Augustine, St. Benedict, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, etc. had set down 'humility' as the only solution that we might invite God's Divine intervention. God gives the humble understanding, knowledge and wisdom to sort out the ongoing confusion. The higher the degree of humility a soul climbs (there are 12 degrees of humility) the more the confusion can be resolved. 

4. Let us take an example of an on going confusion. Who is the present Pope? Two groups are presenting arguments. One states it is Pope Francis. The other is saying it is Pope Benedict. The arguments on both sides are sound but the ones siding with Benedict has the more sound arguments. So there is utter confusion for the ordinary laymen.
     But for those who have the theological virtue of Faith, they are not confused. They know the answer. For most of the ordinary Catholics this doubt must be resolved. They cannot just stand around. They have to take side and resolve the confusion. Their very salvation will depend on whether they make the right choice or not. With nobody knowing the answer, many souls are in danger. 
5. The doubt must be resolved under pain of hell. And we cannot postpone it. We cannot die with an erroneous answer. 
     Pope Francis is duty bound to resolve this question  by proving he is a Catholic by presenting his credentials of being One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. He must show himself  worthy to be Pope by acting like St. Peter who would rather pray on the roof rather than attend to worldly and personal matters, like global warming and welcoming transgenders. 
     The Bishops must help by presenting the credentials of Pope 
    These credentials are visible signs, which I and you can see. We can see them and they can show us.  How come we cannot see them and they cannot show us? It is because both Pope Francis and most bishops do not know these signs and they do not have them. 
6. Counsel the doubtful.
    It is a moral duty for a soul to resolve doubts. Faith is an act of certainty. To remain in doubt is a sin and we cannot in that state without endangering our souls. It is not a matter of just making a choice or taking side. We must make the right choice and take the right side. To make  a wrong choice could be an act of heresy that will damn a soul. 
     Resolve who is pope and most of the other doubts will be resolved. 

7. HOW TO RESOLVE THE DOUBT. Pope Francis cannot help us since he is involved in the doubt itself and he cannot even prove he is a Catholic because he does not have the four visible marks of the true Church. Most of the Bishops cannot help us resolve this issue because they can be fired if they go against Pope Francis. They, also, cannot prove Pope Francis is a Catholic. In fact, they, themselves cannot prove that they are Catholics. Most priest are in the same boat. 
     It is impossible for most laymen to resolve this doubt because they do not fully understand the four visible signs of the true Church. They do not even know most of the teachings of the Catholic Church. They cannot prove, similarly, that they are Catholics themselves. Yet we are all duty bound under pain of damnation to resolve this doubt. 
     So what do we do? Be humble as defined by St. Pope Gregory the Great. And God will send you the Holy Spirit with the gift of Counsel to resolve not only this doubt but all doubts. Easy, huh? 

Friday, July 05, 2019


 1. What is happening today?
     Everything that is happening today had been prophesied in Scriptures. Christ did this intentionally so that His Church will not be caught by surprise and unprepared. Everything that is happening today had been prophesied both in the Old and New Testament. So everything has been expected. 
     So when we ask, 'how come all these scandals are happening in the Church?' The answer is always, 'because it is a fulfilment of a prophecy in Scriptures.' This answer is based on the doctrine of Divine Providence. It is God's Will for the sanctification of the Church.  There is no other explanation. 
     Most people today are ignorant of these prophecies. So the Blessed Virgin comes to remind mankind of these prophecies. We must believe these prophecies, not so much because the Blessed Virgin Mary said so, but because God had said so and Mary just reminded us of them. 
     So when asked about the third secret of Fatima, Ratzinger replied, 'it is found in Scriptures.' The third secret is found in Scriptures. And everything that will happen in a few months in the Vatican, like the Amazonian Synod, is found in Scriptures. 

     What has happened in the institutional Church since the 19th century to the present is clearly prophesied in Scriptures. Its fulfilment is described in the Liturgy of Holy Week and repeated by our Lady of Good Success. It was well described by St. Bonaventure and St. Grignon de Montfort. Earlier by St. Hildegard. To mention a few. As a young priest, Ratzinger made a thesis on it. 

2. What are some of these events?
     The lost of the Sacrifice of the Mass and the Blessed Sacrament as prophesied by the disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant.
      The lost of the Catholic priesthood as prophesied in the lost of the Jewish priesthood.  
      The Lost of the institutional church as prophesied by the lost of the Synagogue. 
      The total ignorance among priests, bishops and even the Pope as prophesied in the total ignorance of the Pharisees and Scribes during  the day of darkness on Good Friday.
       The silence among the few true preachers as prophesied by the silence of the apostles on Good Friday for fear of the Jews.
        The prevalence of treason all over the world as prophesied by the betrayal of Judas.
        Let us focus our attention on the existence of a bad Pope as prophesied by Caiaphas, the high priests, of Judas the first bishop and mentioned by the Book of Revelation as the 'second beast.' This was  fulfilled by the 40 anti-popes in Church history and more specifically prophesied by St. Hildegard in her visions where Pope Francis appears as one of the diabolical monster that appeared from the womb of Holy Mother the Church. It was, also,  prophesied by St. Francis as the bad Pope who will persecute his order. 

3. Christ prophesied the decay of Faith and waxing cold of Charity in the institutional Church. It is supposed to happen around this period. Mary warned us that it would be around the year 2000, i.e. around today. Thus all the above events are happening today, especially, the existence of a bad Pope. 
    It is suspected that this is also mentioned in the third secret of Fatima and the reason the Vatican have not revealed this. 

    The history of the Catholic Church have enumerated more than 40 anti-Popes. I can only check on the Popes under whose reign I exist, i.e. from Pope Pius XII to Pope Francis. I can only try to find the fulfilment of this prophecy during my time. And I am suddenly stunned by Pope Francis. 
     I don't remember any Pope from Pius XII to Benedict committing heresies. But with Pope Francis, almost everytime he does or says something it is stained with heresy. And everybody seems to notice it. The 'dubia', the filial correction and the correction sent to the Bishops of the world to correct Pope Francis lists countless heresies that should make Martin Luther blush. A whole bundle of new heresies are found in the 'Instrumentum laborious' for the next Vatican Synod for the Amazon. It contains heresies that will make heretics should for joy. 

4. The heresies from the very beginning of his Papacy.
    At the very beginning of his Papacy, Pope Francis, gave a talk on Charity that was in the headlines of every newspaper. It was a talk that denied the doctrine of the theological virtues. It was heretical because it destroyed the very structure of the Catholic Faith, the three theological virtues.  At that time only one person noticed that heresy and published his critique before the Papal visit to the Philippines. The whole hierarchy gang up on the author but none was able to  refute the accusation of heresy. 
      Today, everybody is noticing the heresies of Pope Francis. And no one can refute the accusation, up to this very moment. 

5. Even before his Papacy, Jorge Bergoglio had expressed his intention to change the Catholic Church established by Christ upon His apostles. The group that conspired to have him elected had the same agenda. It is the identical agenda of the Modernist heresy and all the enemies of the Catholic Church. To change the doctrines of the Church is the way to destroy the Church. It is a plan made in the boardrooms of hell. 
     Pope Francis has never stopped declaring this intention of changing the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. He has added heresies into the institutional Church. He has suppressed orders faithful to the Church. He has added communistic ideology into it by embracing the U.N. sustainable development agenda. He has ordered the underground Catholic Church of China to submit to Communist rule and ideology. And now with the planned Vatican Synod on the Amazon, he wants to transform the Catholic Church in a pagan religion worshipping Gaia, whoever that devil is.  
     By now, the institutional Church is already unrecognisable. It has long ago, ceased to be Catholic. Now, he plans to add primitive paganism into her. That is practically erasing the institutional Church from the face of the earth.

6. Fortunately, the true One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church remains intact amidst Pope Francis' destructive moves because he cannot find the true Church. To find the true Church, one needs to have Faith, Hope and Charity. And Pope Francis have none of the three because of the prophecy that this age will experience a decay of Faith and the waxing cold of Charity. 
      The institutional Church with headquarters in the Vatican does not have the three theological virtues since they cannot show they have the four visible signs of the true Church enumerated in the Nicene Creed and expanded by St. Robert Bellarmine. The true Catholic Church can only be found by those with the three theological virtue. Since they were once described as 'See, how they love one another.' Charity can only be seen by those with perfect Faith, not by the faithless. 

7. A test from God.
     All the above, like everything God does, are tests for men to find out if they are deserving of heaven or not. By now, it is obvious who are passing and who are failing. Pope Francis, most of the bishops, priests, religious and laymen are failing. Few are passing according to Christ who said 'few will enter the narrow way.' 

8. So what do we do?
     We cannot remain in a sect that is filled with heresy, is a communist, is a modernist, who gives the Catholic Church of China to the communist regime and who has transformed the Church into a primitive pagan religion. We must, at least, abandon such a Church in mind and heart. Because we cannot save our souls being a member of such a new sect. We shall surely go to hell being an accomplice to such heresies and actions. 
     Leave that sect and look for the true Church. How? Here is a simple procedure. Study how to enter the true Church by studying the Gospels of the Liturgical season from Advent to Easter. Then study the interpretation of the Gospels from Catena Aurea of St. Thomas of Aquinas where each line is interpreted. Then in silence and solitude, pray in Church during Mass for enlightenment. And see the wonder that will do to your soul. It will not be immediate but you will surely enter slowly the true Church instituted by Christ that is truly One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.