Monday, February 20, 2017

7th Sunday in Ordinary Time. BE PERFECT, as the Heavenly Father ........

 1. The gradual knowledge of the commands of God.
      The commands of God must be learned slowly and gradually, like the subjects learned in school. You start with Arithmetic, proceed to Algebra  and end up with Calculus. Christ taught the commands of God gradually, from the easiest to the most difficult. The commands of the Old Testament are easy being commands in the natural level because they are meant for all men and can be taught by men. The commands of the New Testament are more difficult. They cannot be taught by men and grace is needed to learn and obey them.
     This progress is reflected in the Liturgy of the Mass. The easy commands that can be taught by men is taught during Advent. By the 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time, the lesson is so advanced it cannot be taught by men and cannot be obeyed without the grace of God. It is for this reason that grace is required before proceeding to the spirituality of the New Testament. Needless to say, no one can know and obey the New Testament commands of Christ unless one first know and obey the commands of the Old Testament. 
     Because Pope Francis does not know the importance of the Old Testament command against adultery as shown in 'Amoris laetitia', he cannot know and obey the command on chastity in the New Testament. Thus he tolerates all sins against chastity.

2. Be perfect.
     Note that since three Sundays ago, the Gospel had been enumerating New Testament commands. In this 7th Sunday, Christ gave his final command; 'to be perfect as the Heavenly Father is perfect.' This would be the most difficult command.
     In the Old Testament command, God said; 'love your neighbor.' This love is in the physical or emotional level which everybody can do, especially towards their parents and children. 
     In the New Testament, Christ's commands is; 'love one I have loved you.' This is impossible for all. To love your neighbor as Christ loves us, you will need the help of Christ to do so. This means the need for grace.  There is no way man can get this grace on his own. Man needs unceasing prayer to get grace. But who has time for unceasing prayer amidst man's worldly activities?
     The command to love your neighbor becomes more difficult when Christ's command is to love one's enemies. Now, this even goes against man's nature. 

3. ' My heavenly Father is perfect.'
     Here is a brief summary on how to obey the command 'love your neighbor' perfectly. Note the great need for grace to know and to be able to obey the command. 
     Here is the ordinary way of loving one's neighbor. St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote; love for husband or wife or children consist in teaching them, first,  the 'fear of the Lord.' This is a supernatural fruit of the Holy Spirit unattainable through human means. It is attainable only through unceasing prayer. So Pope Benedict was right when he decided to spend most of his time praying for the Church because the need of the Church today are supernatural graces attainable only through prayers.
     Secondly, love of neighbor consist in teaching your loved ones the commands of Christ. The 'fear of the Lord' must come first before the knowledge of the commands of Christ.  The former is the motivation for learning the latter. 
     When you have taught your loved ones, like your husband, wife, children, relations and friends the fear of the Lord, which Christ referred to as the Sun which shines on all will still have to teach them the commands of Christ in the New Testament...and Christ described this as 'rain' that God pours on both the good and the evil.

     Now, let us perfect our love of God. What you give your loved ones, which is the fear of the Lord and the commands of Christ, now you must also teach to your enemies. This is why Christ said, the sun shines and the rain is poured on both the good and the bad. What we do for our loved ones we must, also, render to our enemies. Or course this is more difficult because of the natural hatred we have for our enemies. And there is where the great effort lies. What is easy had been rendered more difficult to perfect our obedience. 

4. A distinction
     There are two aspects in the love of neighbor and love for enemies; the spiritual aspect which is the act of the mind and the free will; and the emotional aspect. 
     Love and hatred are acts of the mind and the free will; but they, also have an emotional aspect. While the spiritual aspect is the teaching of the fear of God and the commands of Christ; the emotional, which is of no importance to salvation, is purely a matter of feeling. 
    Teaching one's loved ones may be accompanied by emotions which can make the teaching pleasant and, thus more perfect. But when teaching one's enemies, the emotion may be absent because he is an enemy. Even without the emotions, the love of enemies is still genuine. But it is not perfect. 

5. To be perfect.
     To be perfect, love of enemies must, first, consist in teaching them the fear of God and the commands of Christ. And  secondly, you must feel the same affection as when you are teaching your loved ones. Again, the affection is not needed for salvation; but it is needed for perfection. 

6. The Papacy and the state of Bishops are states of perfection according to St. Thomas. Their love for God, neighbor and love of enemies must be perfect. 
     First, let us see if they have the imperfect love of God and neighbor which consist in teaching others the 'fear of the Lord' and the commands of Christ. In 'amores laetitia' where Pope Francis is tolerating adulterers shows Pope Francis does not fear God who said; he who does not obey My commands and teaches others to disobey My commands will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Pope Francis is not afraid to teach the whole world to disobey God's eight command in the O.T. and Christ's command on chastity in the N.T. He has no love for God Who said, 'if you love Me, keep My commandments.' And he has no love for neighbor; where 'love of neighbor is defined by St. Thomas as teaching them the 'fear of God' and the commands of Christ. 
    Since Pope Francis does not even have an ordinary love for God and neighbor, he cannot love his enemies. Why is he often with apparent enemies like atheists, Lutherans, Evangelicals, pagans, abortionists and gays? Not because he is loving his enemies but because he is one of them. 
     Now, it is my duty to try to love him to be perfect as the Heavenly Father is perfect. Spiritually I can love him who has appeared as among my enemies together with Martin Luther, but it is very difficult for me to love him as I love Padre Pio. 
     St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote; that degree of love is sufficient for salvation but not for perfection. Well, we are still obliged to try to reach perfection. This time unceasing prayer is needed. Can we join Pope Benedict?  Yes, spirit. 'For in those days true worshippers will be worshippers in spirit and in truth. What truth? That adulterers, if they remain in that state are in mortal sin. They cannot remarry and they cannot receive Holy Communion unless they repent.....which means contrition, confession, Penance and purpose of amendment.


Sunday, February 19, 2017


   1. Regime change.
       God does things well, Genesis states; 'And He saw it was good.
God created the first human society well with Adam and Eve as its first head. And Scriptures described them as the best head ever possible considering their God-given gifts. With heads like Adam and Eve the world would have turned out to be a heaven here on earth. 
     But Satan is around. He intends to block everything good that God does and drag down to hell everyone he can. In doing so he always starts with a regime change. To destroy, start with the head.
     So from the perfect Adam and Eve that God intended to head the human society, the devil initiated a regime change and the world got instead Adam and Eve who had fallen from the graces of God and had virtually become a Pandora's box filled with vices. Instead of a heaven on earth led by virtuous heads, the world got, instead. a foretaste of hell led by a couple filled with vices. Does it sound familiar?

     2. The head of the grand human society who at first was righteous suddenly became guilty of original sin and filled with vices. The history of mankind showed this model in that most of the heads of states in the Christian world were saintly kings and queens. With their children trained in monasteries and convents for the purpose of good governance.  As head of states they were good prince and princesses. 
     The devil would not sit down doing nothing. He is supposed to block every good act and intentions of the holy king and queens. The devil made his move and planned the ones who will take over regimes. They will be personally trained by the devil; and their plan of action will be made from the deepest parts of hell. 

     3. Let us look at the diabolical elements of this regime. 
     The way this regime looks like had been pre-figured in the garden of Eden and on Good Friday. This is St. Bonaventure's enigmatic sixth day. 
     It's first element is that it is authored by the devil. The devil caused the regime change in the garden of Eden. The immediate result is to blame others instead of oneself. Adam blames Eve, Eve blamed the snake. And if further questioned by God, Adam and Eve would have blamed the Russians. 
     Secondly, any disobedience to a command of God is followed by vices; namely, gluttony, that tempted Eve to eat what was forbidden and covetousness. These are the two first vices from which sin comes from.  Because of their desire to eat, they need money. This vice, further develops into the desire to acquire everything one wants; and these needs a lot of money,
     Thirdly, so the vice develops into covetousness which is the insatiable love for money. We have the example of the super-richs. The super rich because of their love for money, hates everything else since they cannot love God and Mamon. They will love one and hate the other. Hating everything else outside of money they will destroy everything outside of money. They will abort babies, kill old people, wage war, invade nations, change regime, deplete natural resources, enslave nations, and put up one's ego and pleasures in place of God. 
     Fourthly, following the fathers of lies, this regime will lie through their teeth. No truth will ever come out of their mouth even when confronted by the truth.
     Fifthly, due to their descend to the world of vices, they will end up engaged in unnatural sexual perversion and devil worship. 
     Sixthly, being a work of the devil, the devil does not want to expose himself. He works in secret and wants men to believe he does not exist. Men with no Faith do not believe in the existence of the devil,A which is to the devil's advantage, because he wants it that way. 

     4. This follows the principle of St. Thomas; that he who does not progress in virtue, will descend  into a life of vices. This has been shown in the entire history of men. Sexual perversion and devil worship was common in the Church; a well known event was during the time of St. Peter Damian. The monk Damian was requested by the Pope to solve the almost universal practice of sodomy, child prostitution and devil worship among the priests during his time. Damian fought the scourged with the spiritual weapon of monasticism. 
     Keep in mind that monasticism contains within it the element of exorcism. And that kind of devil can only be driven away through prayer and fasting, which is essentially the monastic life. It was a long cure. It worked but the final result of Damian's work was not noted in history. 

     5. As Pope Paul VI observed, most government are under the invisible control of the devil.....the Vatican included. Regime change by the devil begun visibly during the time of Pope Gregory XVI. He condemned the attempts to change  heads of states through people's power, like what is going on around the US these days. 
     Around 2015 the devil's regime change was almost world wide; Vietnam, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Manila and being attempted now in Syria and Russia. 

The governments do not realize it but they are under the influence of the devil just as Judas did not realize Satan had entered into him. If one takes the circumstances worked at by the devil in the garden of Eden and in Jerusalem on Good Friday, these  is what is happening today.  It has been foretold in Scriptures and Catholics, worthy of the name, had been expecting this to happen 'with joyful hope.'

     6. Since this happening is a preternatural happening, like possession of the devil, it has to be dealt with with a spiritual weapon. It cannot be handled by mere political or social remedy. 
Like during the time of St. Peter Damian, todays situation which is a worse version of what happened during Damian's time is a battle with spiritual beings, like evil seraphim, thrones and dominations. Governments cannot solve this with reforms. It won't work. This is a spiritual battle for souls. 

     7. How do we solve this problem?
         Christ already gave the answer. This cannot be handled except through prayers and fasting. Exactly the same solution as during the time of St. Peter Damian. Damian was a Benedictine monk. He did not know any other solution except what he knew and what he was trained for; and that is.....he was a monk. He would make the entire Catholic world a monastery........which the church is supposed to be  in the first place. The monastic life is the Gospel lived seriously by laymen. 

     8. Why is it impossible for governments to solve their problem? Because they cannot pin point the problem. The problem is the diabolical regime that is behind the visible government. You can hold all the elections you want and change the officials; but you will get the same results, graft and corruption. Why? Because it is the same devil that invisibly runs the visible government. 
     9. Except when God directly intervenes. This is the unexplainable phenomenon that is happening at this very minute. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

6th SUNDAY in Ordinary Time condemns ''Amoris Laetitia."

 1. The Gospel of 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time.
     The Gospel for the 6th Sunday is a condemnation of Pope Francis and his Post-Synodal Exhortation 'Amoris Laetitia,' (On love in the Family.) A more appropriate title for the exhortation should be 'the enjoyment of sensual pleasure in adultery.'
     The exhortation begins with the presumption that the Catholic Church knows nothing about the present situation of the family and the complexity of the issues involved. 
     Is the 2000 year old Catholic Church, enlightened and inspired by the Holy Spirit, ignorant of the situation of the family? If the Catholics have Faith, they know everything about the family. If they do not have Faith, they will know nothing. That was the first statement of the exhortation. The next statement get worse. It says; the purpose of the papal exhortation is for each country to be able to seek solutions better suited to its culture and sensitive to its tradition and local needs. 
     The purpose of a papal exhortation is to find out God's will or God's solution to problems. We are not supposed to seek solutions better suited to our culture because that is mere anthropology. And we are not supposed  to look for solutions sensitive to tradition and local needs. That would be mere sociology. We are supposed to find out God's commands and adapt everything to those commands; that is moral theology. 

2. Obedience to God's commands; that is the crux. We go to heaven through Faith and Charity. Faith is knowing God's commands; and Charity is obedience to His commands. Evidently we cannot obey God's commands unless we, first, know his commands. 
     Christ said; 'Do not think that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets, I am not come to destroy but to fulfill. What do you think did Pope Francis do? Did he not disobey God's command ' thou shalt not  commit adultery?' Pope Francis just abolished that command of God. He went against the example  of Christ who did nothing to change the commands.   What should he be called?  Anti.....what?

3. Christ did not come to destroy any command; He never did. He fulfilled and perfected the commands of God. A process in which some got the impression that he did change some commands.
     There are three levels of commands of God. The first level is the Mosaic level. This is the lowest level commonly referred to as the tradition of man. An example of this commands is the washing of the hands and feet. Many of these were abolished by Christ because He replaced them with superior commands. 
     The second level are commands that obliges all men. This is the natural level or the natural law. Christ did not change this but perfected them, like the law on adultery. 
     The third level are the spiritual or the New Testament commands. These can never be changed whether in Europe or in Africa. 

4. General theological principles.
     St. James the Apostles wrote that disobedience to one command is disobedience to all the commands of God. So disobedience to the 8th command which is the sin of adultery is disobedience to all the 10 commandments of God. Because 'Amoris laetitia' disobeyed one command of God, the command not to commit adultery, the document is an encouragement to disobey all the commands of God. This is a sure formula  for going straight to hell; it goes against the teaching of St. James the Apostle, which makes the author an anti....what?
     St. Augustine wrote; whoever denies something of the Gospel by the same reasoning  could deny anything else and he renders Scripture void. Since 'amores laetitia' goes against this Gospel, then the author would be an anti.....what?

5. To change the Gospel is a work of the devil.
     St. Thomas wrote that Christ assured the listener that He did not come to destroy the law because He is not a devil whose job is to destroy the law. So Christ dared not change a sentence, not even a word, not even an iota. 'Amoris Laetitia,' completely changed the command. 

6. 'Thou shalt not commit adultery' and its perfected version. 
     This was a command in the natural level. So all man are obliged to observe it.  Christ did not abolish this command but instead perfected it in the New Testament. He said; the command 'do not commit adultery' had been perfected into 'do not even look lustfully at another woman.' Christ made the command stricter and more difficult to observe. 
     Note that Pope Francis  failed to observe the perfected New Testament version of the command. He did not exhort married man not to look lustfully at another woman; Pope Francis told married men to leave their wives, marry another woman........and receive Holy Communion. Instead of perfecting the observance of the Catholic Faith, he destroyed the Faith by proposing the exact opposite command which is his own and not Christ's.  

7. The Gospel, further, condemns Pope Francis and his exhortation. 
      He who will break one of these least commandments, and so teach men, will be called the least in the kingdom of heaven. There are greater commands violations of which are mortal sins; and there are lesser commands that are not moral sins, like falling sleep during prayers.
     Adultery is enumerated by St. Paul as a mortal sin that brings souls to hell. Pope Francis and his co-cardinals and bishops had committed mortal sins by approving the practice. Through the exhortation, Bishop's Synod and other addresses, they have taught others to break this commands of Christ clearly commanded  in today's Gospel. The punishment for teaching others to disobey God's command which is described by Christ, which had been often misinterpreted is 'thou shalt be least the kingdom of heaven.' This kingdom of heaven is the Church here on earth. Here you will be the least.  St. Thomas wrote, but in the Kingdom in heaven, you will have no place. Everyone involved in agreeing with 'amores laetitia' may still be part of the Church. But they will be taking the role of cockles who will, eventually be gathered and bundled to be burned in hell. A Pope in hell? Why? For going against the Gospel of Christ and teaching others to do likewise.....this will make him an anti......what?

8. The Good.
     'But he who will do and teach others, he will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.' The four cardinals who authored the 'dubium' will be great in heaven;  because they obeyed the command of God and taught Pope Francis how to obey God. 
     To see an Argentinian bishop, immersed in liberation theology, disobey God's command and teach others to do likewise is easy to comprehend. But when we see the entire Jesuit order silent before this outright disobedience to God's command and remain silent towards an erring mind boggling. Does this mean that most Jesuits will be least in the Church here on earth, but nowhere in the Church in heaven?

Thursday, February 09, 2017


 1. Last minute repentance. 
     St. Paul's 'last minute repentance' is neither the last nor takes up only a minute. Repentance is a long process. When we see or hear someone dying and are impressed by his last minute repentance, that repentance surely must have started years or months ago and noticed only or finally attained at the last minute. 
     No one should ever aim at a last minute repentance. It is impossible to repent at the last minute. 

2. In Scriptures, repentance is taught during the entire Old Testament and perfected in the New Testament. That should take a couple of thousand years. Repentance can be learned in a day; but it will take years to be able to do it. Even the apostles had to learn it for a long time under St. John the Baptist and continued to learn it with Jesus Christ.  Let us concentrate on repentance.
     Repentance was preached by John the Baptist and Christ perfected the topic of repentance in the New testament. The lesson on repentance in its perfection  was taught by Christ to the Apostles. Then Christ told His apostles to go to all nations, baptizing and teaching all men all His commandments and how to obey them. 
     We know ten commandments from the Old Testament and about 80 commands from the New Testament. In Chapter 5 of St.Matthew alone there are more than 20 commands. How can you learn and obey all those initial commands in one minute? Even Christ took three years to teach His apostles. You think you can learn all those in a last minute repentance?

3. The two ways of teaching the plan of salvation explained. 
     Christ taught men the way to salvation in two ways. Let us call the first ordinary way as 'the long haul.' The second is called the 'last minute repentance.' 
     The 'long haul' is what Christ taught His apostles. The first part of the lesson was taught by St. John the Baptist; the second part of the lesson was taught by Jesus and the third part was  taught by the Holy Spirit from Pentecost on. 
     The apostles, also, used the 'long haul' lesson during their time and this was continued by the Fathers of the Church. The world had undergone the 'long haul' instruction. When the 'long haul' is accomplished, the Western world was considered as having heard the Gospel. The 'long haul' stops and souls are saved through 'last minute repentance.'
     When the Western world have heard the Gospel, they are supposed to decide to follow Christ or not.  It was unnecessary to preach to them again. So God would take individual cases who missed out from the 'long haul' by giving them the 'grace of last minute repentance.' The one's who missed the 'long haul could be one soul or a whole nation.

4. The 'long haul.'
     The 'long haul' begun with the preaching of John the Baptist, continued by Christ and the Holy Spirit. It is a long haul because it was continued by the successors of the apostles and by the great saints of the Church. When everyone have had the opportunity to hear or read the Good News, the 'long haul' stops. Those who did not learn from the 'long haul' can go back and still learn from the writings of Scriptures, the Fathers of the Church, the writing of saints, and from the Liturgy. 
     Let us look at one group. Those who heard the entire teachings of Christ during the 'long haul' but forgot most of it. Those who never learned from the 'long haul' evangelization; i.e. invincible ignorance. Those who were not exposed to the the writing of Scriptures, the Fathers of the Church, the saints and the Liturgy.  God saves them through the 'last minute repentance.'

5. 'Last minute repentance of one person  vs. one nation. The repentance of both is identical. But let us describe the surroundings accompanying  the 'last minute repentance of a nation.'
     The Gospel had been preached to this nation. Some did not believe. As centuries went on the number of unbelievers increased as Bishops are not able to evangelize priests properly, priest neglected the parents and the parents their children. After many centuries, the nation had become faithless. With all the Catholic writings available through mass media, they, still, are unable to know the plan of salvation. Unable to progress they will gradually deteriorate spiritually. 
     They will be lovers of money and the world. Deprived of the first two Beatitudes they will descend to all evils. They will be liars, killers, perverse sexually, thieves. Evil will overwhelm this nation so that even believers are in danger to lose their Faith. 

     During these times the Church will be worldly, just like the world. Deprived of Good shepherds and prophets as part of the Divine Chastisement, God will chose humble ordinary laymen as instruments for the 'last minute repentance.'

6. Restraining force.
     The evil during these times will be so overwhelming that repentance  will be impossible. So God in His wisdom and power will act as a restraining force. He will restrain to some degree the great evil to allow souls who receive this grace of last minute repentance to respond to the grace. God will not restrain all the evil; only those evils that will prevent the few chosen people to repent. Most of the evils will continue. The restraining force will be just for a very short moment; that is why it is called 'last minute.'
     Note that the main instrument God will use, usually a head of state, will only do human and natural things that will be conducive to repentance; not spiritual or supernatural things. The spiritual and supernatural things will be done directly by God. Because there is Divine intervention here, evil cannot stop this intervention in the form of a restraining force.

7. The rise of this restraining force.
     Just as Lucifer will use heads of states to destroy the Church as he used the Romans on Good Friday, Lucifer will use many heads of states today. But God will, also, use the heads of states to create the necessary atmosphere for repentance. For that matter, peace and order is a helpful atmosphere while chaos is detrimental to repentance.
     Noticeable around the world are leaders raised by God to create the atmosphere needed for repentance at the last minute and precisely for this purpose. In Russia, Italy, Brexit, Poland, Philippines, the US and around Europe candidates are winning beyond expectation and unstoppable by all the evils thrown at them. 
     God raised them not to create a heaven here on earth or lasting peace. No. Just to enable a few souls to be able to respond to the grace of 'last minute repentance.'

     This is the explanation for what is happening now in the world. God is in complete control; to give the few humble souls who through no fault of their own missed to repent; to allow them a brief moment to repent. After this all hell will break loose as  prelude to the punishment for those who could have repented but did not repent.
     This is a reminder for all to know why these things are happening today, it is a last minute chance to repent. 


Tuesday, February 07, 2017

5th Sunday in Ordinary time. THE SALT OF THE EARTH.

 1. The salt of the earth.
     All Catholics should be the salt of the earth; both the laymen but more especially the Pope, the cardinals, the bishops and the priests. 
And Christ even added that they should, also,  be the light of the world. 
     Lucifer is the corrupter. Lucifer is corrupting everything in the world including all good things, like  marriage, the Mass, the priests and the bishops,  and, if it were possible, even the Church and the true Pope, we will really need a lot of salt......very salty salt.
     The Faith is like fresh fish or fresh meat. Though spiritual, it is easily corrupted, it easily decays. St. Thomas reminds us that if Faith does not progress to the perfection of Charity, it deteriorates and decays. Just to keep it as it is, much salt is needed, very salty salt. While to improve it, much more is needed than just salt. 
     Before anything else, the priests must evangelize; 'going to all nations, baptizing them and teaching them all My commandments.' It is 'all My commandments' that makes up the Faith that must be salted. Without knowledge of the commandments or Faith, there is nothing to salt.
     The present Pope and most members of the hierarchy have not taught their constituents ALL the commandments of Christ. (Most have taught a few commands but not all.) So there is no Faith to salt.  

2. St. Thomas wrote; salt must deter others from evils and thus he compares Catholics, especially popes, bishops and priests to salt with this duty.  
    First, Thomas defines their office as preventing others from evils.  Second, he shows how they must protect themselves from evils by  not  losing its savor; 'but if salt loses its savor.' 
    Second, St. Thomas continues; in every Sacrifice salt is added for the apostolic teaching should shine out of our every work. Salt preserves from rotting and maintains the freshness of new meat; thus the apostles should curb carnal desires through their apostolic teachings.
     Thirdly, salt renders the earth sterile thus some conquerors sowed salt outside the city they had seized so that nothing would grow.  So also the evangelical teaching makes the earth sterile namely so that sinful and earthly works do not spring up in us; 'have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.' Let salt make you withdraw from  worldliness.' 

     Even  from  the first, Pope Francis and many bishops have failed in being salt because they do not prevent souls from the evil of abandoning  their lawful spouses and children; but encourage them further in committing evil by remarrying; and adding more evil by receiving holy communion. They further encourage greater evil by tolerating if not outright defending sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance, etc,  etc. 
     So secondly, the fresh meat (the Faith) does not shine with the freshness of chastity and purity. Their acts and words are like the old rotten heresies of Arius and Pelagius. 
     And thirdly, whatever is left of Faith is choked with sinful and earthly concerns like global warming, tearing down walls, welcoming immigrants and proposing super bowls as substitute for the Beatitudes. Our Pope and many bishops and priests are not applying salt on us. Maybe they have not yet instilled the Faith that must be salted and preserved. 

3. But if salt loses its savor......
     St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote;  salt loses it's savor when it loses its virtues, when it loses its bite it becomes bland like when strong wine becomes vinegar.
     Someone loses his salt when he falls into sin, when he falls from the truth, when he forgoes eternal goods for temporal ones.  
     You will be good for nothing, they are not even good for secular matters. When Pope Francis forgoes talking about the need for Chastity among married couples, he becomes totally incompetent in talking about global warming.
     Then two dangers follow St.  Thomas adds;  he will be cast out of the Church like dogs and the priestly magisterium is taken away from him  because he have rejected knowledge.... 'he shall not do the office of priesthood for Me; the kingdom of God will be taken from you.'

     It is clearly stated that Popes, cardinals, bishops and priests who do not bring souls to the Faith and/ or did not preserve that Faith with salt, ceases to be Catholics and loses their priesthood according to the commentary of St. Thomas of Aquinas to the Gospel of St, Matthew, 5th Sunday in Ordinary time. 

4. Not only must the hierarchy deter others from evils, they must also illuminate. If the Pope and the hierarchy are salt preserving the Faith of their constituents they will automatically be the light of the world. And they do not have to prove this because they will be like lamps on the lamp posts for all to see. The truth will be very clear for all to  see.
      But when 'Amoris laetitia' is so confusing that 'dubia' are demanded, then the confusion is caused by the absence of Faith due to the unclearness of the teaching. There is no Faith and thus nothing to salt and preserve. Why? Because the Pope and most of his hierarchy have not done their job of instilling the Faith through proper evangelization. And though a few of the Faithful have attained a little Faith, the salt had been unable to preserve the little faith because the hierarchy have lost its savor. And the present state of the world is the proof.

Sunday, February 05, 2017


 1. Candlemass.
     Mary offers Jesus Christ, her first born at the temple. It was a religious practice in the Old Testament that all first born, like all first fruits, are offered to God. 
     This practice was carried over into the New Testament with the celebration of Candlemass where parents consecrate their first born to the service of God. It was a beautiful practice in the Catholic Church and like all beautiful practices are no longer observed.
     I remember my own mother telling me that she observed this practice  because I was the first born though she did not know what it was all about. Though ignorant of its liturgical significance, my mother's offering seems to have been accepted because I am now a priest.

2. The importance of the 'commands of God.'
     The lighted candle held at Baptism and candlemas was the symbol of Faith i.e. knowledge of the commands of Christ. 
     Obedience to the commands of God is the very foundation of religious spirituality. The whole spiritual life of the Catholic Church is built on obedience or disobedience to the commands of God. Our souls are saved through obedience and is lost through disobedience. 
     Saints, like Joseph and Mary, are described by their obedience to God. And the very canonization of saints is based on their knowledge and obedience to the commands of God. 
     The example of Mary during her presentation is best proof of the importance of obedience. Mary was not obliged to obey the Old Testament rule of presenting their first born in the temple because their Son was God. And yet Mary obeyed the prescription of the Old Testament and presented Christ in the temple. If Mary gave us the example by obeying a command she was not obliged to obey, how much more should we who are obliged must obey the commands of God. 
3. Previous Sunday Gospels showed the importance of obeying the commands of God. 
     In Capernaum, Christ taught the listeners to obey the commands 'to reform their lives.' 
     In the calling of the first apostles Andrew, Peter, James and John, Christ commanded them to leave their nets, their boats and even their father. This was leading to the command Christ gave to the young rich man to go home, sell all his belonging, give the proceeds to the poor and come follow Christ. This further leads to the first Beatitude 'to be poor in spirit.' The eight Beatitudes are eight commands of Christ that embodied the New Testament spirituality without which no one can enter heaven. 
     Mary confirms the necessity of obeying all the commands of God including those ones she, as mother of God, was not obliged to obey. And Mary showed the necessity of obeying even the hints of angels as when the angel hinted to her that Elizabeth was with child. If they obey even hints how much more should we obey outright commands. 
     The three theological virtues Faith, Hope and Charity are defined as different degrees of obediences to the commands of God. 
     If we do not obey the commands of God we would not know God nor Christ, we would not  enter the Catholic Church and we will not attain everlasting life. In short we go straight to hell. 
4. Pope Benedict and the commands of God.
    When Pope Benedict instituted the 'Year of the Priest,' his insistence was a return of priest to study their Moral theology; i. e the commands of God. 
     The knowledge of the Dogmas of the Catholic Church depends on one's knowledge of the commands of God. The more commands we know and obey, the more dogmas we will know and understand. The less commands we know and obey, the less dogmas will we know and understand. So knowledge of Dogmatic theology is so dependent on one's knowledge and practice of Moral theology. So when Pope Benedict instituted the 'Year of the Priest' in order to reform the Catholic priesthood, he told the priest to go back and review their Moral theology specifically.

     The first debate between Lucifer and Adam was not about the theology of the forbidden fruit; it was about the command of God whether they may eat the fruit or not. It was morals. The fall of men was in the moral order. Not in the theological order.

5. The devil and disobedience.
     The devil is the first author of disobedience. His first temptation to Adam and Eve was to disobey God's command. Lucifer knows very well that obedience saves while disobedience condemns. 
     Every act of sin is an act of disbobedience; sin is disobedience to a command of God. A penitent can know his sin only if he knows the command of God he has disobeyed. The act is a sin because it disobeyed a command of God. 
     So what does the devil do? He makes the whole world ignorant of the commands of God. By doing so the whole world becomes completely ignorant of sin. Ignorant of sin, redemption is no longer needed; and a savior is no longer  needed. And that is what the devil had done today.
     And the devil's most effective preacher  is Pope Francis.
     Recently, Pope Francis mentioned that those who are 'over focus on following the commandments of God' are cowards. Typical of Pope Francis, he utters a dogmatic statement without saying where he got it and wants the whole world to accept it unquestioningly and under threat of suspension. 
     Where did he get that? From his own private judgment. And immediately  marked them as 'cowards.' How does he define 'cowards?' He gave no definition and expects everyone to call those obedient to God's commands as cowards. I think it should be the opposite. Those who are obedient as the heroes; and the disobedient are the cowards. This is obvious we do not have to go into further discussions. The rest of his speech is a jargon of loose words that explains nothing. His point is clear; those who are accusing him of disobeying the commands of Christ and, therefore, are saying that he is not a Christian nor a Catholic is wrong. 
    Pope Francis is someone nobody should present in the temple as an offering because Simeon will just have him kicked out. Why? Since the beginning of his Papacy he has never taught any commandment of Christ. Isn't teaching those commands the very essence of evangelization as described in the last Chapter of Matthew? Three years and he had not evangelized even for a minute. 
     Now, he is under a 'dubia.' His teachings are under a cloud of doubt and a demand is made for him to explain his errors. His answer is over due. He is not answering as required.
     To make matters worse, the Americans are asking President Trump too investigate the fact that the group who had de-estabilized the whole middle east with massive regime change had not only changed its own president Kennedy but had plotted the regime change of Pope Benedict in the Catholic Church by using Cardinals, like Daneels, to organize the Galen group to push for a communist leaning candidate in Mario Bergoglio. Soros, Clinton and Obama are under suspicion as revealed in Wikileaks. The regime change was initiated by the Banker Mafia rulling the US that  supported  communist leaning candidate like Hilary, 
with an attack at the Vatican Bank that ceased at the resignation of Pope Benedict. Donald Trump should know what happened at the conclave because it has happened to him before his election and continues up to this very present moment. 
     Will we present a leftist communist bent on destroying the Catholic Church which Catholics all over the world are beginning to recognize, as an offering in the temple? Imagine the reactions from Simeon and Anna. These two oldies can do a good job; anyway they are of the same age with Bergoglio. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


 1. The Beatitudes.
     The Beatitudes are the 8 degrees of holiness. They are, also, the eight degrees of happiness that can be experienced  here on earth and in heaven. They are, also, the eight different virtues that must be attained to merit everlasting life. Lastly, they are the 8 degrees of membership within the Catholic Church. 
     The Beatitudes are degrees; it begins with a little at the beginning and progresses as one rises in the degrees of the Beatitudes. The first Beatitudes is the first degree of happiness. The second is a higher degree of happiness. 
     The next Beatitudes are unattainable unless one has the previous one. 
     The Beatitudes guarantee the souls that they will attain everlasting life. Some beatitudes are meant for subjects and others are for leaders. As long as a soul has a beatitude, that would be sufficient for such to merit heaven. The very first beatitudes says so; 'for yours is the kingdom of heaven.' So much more for the eight beatitude; 'for great is your reward in heaven.'

2. Requirement for membership in the Catholic Church.
    Last Sunday's Gospel (the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary time) described the first requirement for membership in the Catholic Church. The Gospel narrates that Christ went and called Andrew and Peter, then James and John. And commanded them to leave their nets, their boats.....and in the case of the latter, their father. The first Apostles were told to leave practically all things. It was the requirement before Christ could consider them as His disciples....and more so as His first apostles. Apostles must first be disciples. 
     Since leaving all things is the first requirement for discipleship, the is emphasized as the first Beatitude. No one enters the Catholic Church unless he has the first Beatitude. It is the presence of the first Beatitude that enables a soul to be 'poor in spirit' and enter the Catholic Church........and not the other way around. 

3. Wrong concepts of happiness.
     Everybody have gotten it wrong. St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote that everybody have gotten their ideas of happiness all wrong. The two common wrong ideas on happiness are, first, everybody thinks that happiness consist in the possession of worldly goods, like money. And secondly, that happiness is getting what you want. 
     Some parts of the world are known for satisfying these erroneous sources of happiness, like the popular American Dream. The attractions is that this is a place where you can possess so many worldly things and do whatever you want.
     Well, the Beatitudes states that this is all wrong. True happiness is doing the exact opposite; the first Beatitude should be in place of desire for unlimited possessions and the second Beatitude in place of doing what you want. 

4. The first Beatitude - the 'poor in spirit.'
     To attain the first degree of happiness here on earth, Christ taught that we must be 'poor in spirit.' It is not pecuniary poverty but the poverty of a faculty of the soul called the free will. While the intellect must have much knowledge, the free will must be poor in its desires; it must desire only to love God and neighbor. The will must not desire material possession neither sinful nor lawful. Thus Christ demanded that His first apostles (in last Sunday's Gospel) give up lawful things like their boats, net and even their own father. 
     The Old Testament tells us to give up sinful  desires like adultery, sodomy, killing, lying etc. But the New Testament tells us to give up lawful things like father, mother, brothers, sisters and lands. And even if we must keep some of these we must not love them but merely use them, as St. Augustine mentioned. 'You cannot love God and mammon. You will love one and hate the other.' St. Thomas of Aquinas repeated the fact that material things are impediment to the spiritual life. So the love of anything outside of God is completely prohibited. They must only be used but not loved.  
     In the Rule of St. Benedict, the monk is commanded never to consider anything as his own but merely for his use, from a pen, to his prayer books and his very attire. So the superior can command a monk to surrender anything that he is using.
     Let us see the different degrees of 'poverty of spirit.' First, the very rich in spirit who cannot enter the kingdom of heaven are those who love worldly things and possess worldly things. These are the rich bankers who are the invisible governments that really rule nations like the entire US and the entire EU. 
     They are the Judasses who will sell God at any price to possess and do what they want. They are spiritually possessed by Lucifer like Judas and will not hesitate to lie, to murder, to overthrow governments for the sake of gain. They have transformed the whole world into ruins, arming and financing any one who would do their bidding. This make up the invisible government of US and EU. They rule the world except when God intervenes. They are the worse of men.
     The second degree are those who love to possess worldly possession but do not possess worldly possessions. These are the ones who abandon husbands, wives and children to migrate to other countries to earn more so they can possess more and be able to do more what they want. The end up having countless family problems but they don't care as long as they have more money and can do more what they please. 
     The third degree are those who do not love material possession but possess much material possession. These are all right. There are still a few of these. They are good in the natural level but have not reached the level of the Beatitudes that can make them deserved  the kingdom of God.
     The fourth degree is the first Beatitude; and that is when material possession are not loved and are not possessed. If they have possession they do not consider them as owning them thus considering their possessions as common property to be distributed to those who need them. This can be practiced within a family. But it is the common practice in ancient monastic life. 
     To be able to practice this is to put into practice the first Beatitude and to be able to do this will earn the soul the kingdom of God. 

5. The First and Second Beatitude. 
    The first and second Beatitudes go hand in hand. If you are poor in spirit you will be meek. If you are meek, it is because you were poor in spirit. 
     If you are not meek it is because you are not poor in spirit. If you are not poor in spirit you will not be meek. The second Beatitude is 'Blessed are the meek.' Who are the meek? Those who do not get angry. Gentleness or meekness restrains anger. 
     While being poor in spirit makes us deserving of receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit called the 'fear of God,' meekness makes us deserving in  receiving the gift of 'filial piety.'
     The rich in spirit are those who get  angry. They get angry because they cannot get what their rich spirit wants; they cannot get what pleases them. Anger is a sign of richness of spirit. 
     There are different degrees of anger. The sinful anger is to get angry at someone who have not done anything wrong, or on those who have done things right; like the treatment Christians had been getting in the past. Christians had been hated and martyred for having loved God and neighbors. 
     There is righteous anger when one is angry for a just cause, like anger towards abortionists who kill  babies and sell their body parts. But even if there is a just cause a true Christian is not supposed to get angry; not to be angry even if there is a just cause is the 2nd Beatitude. This is an act above human nature says St. Thomas of Aquinas. It is not to be angry at all.
     With all the confusion caused by Pope Francis, no one should be angry at him though  he must be charitably corrected as the four cardinals have done. That is Charity without anger which is the 2nd Beatitude.  
     The second Beatitude tells us to be meek and without anger in the face of the Will of God which we cannot understand. It is the medicine for those who have the erroneous idea that happiness consist is getting and doing what you want and when you cannot get it you get angry.
     The losers in the last concluded election abroad is the best example of sinful anger. Many Catholics are showing irrational anger over the fact that their candidate lost; and they are exhibiting almost diabolical anger, an anger that is only experienced in an exorcism session. Without these two virtues, these Catholics are no Catholics at all. And one of them is Pope Francis, who, after saying 'whom am I to judge' judged the winner as not being a Christian. Well the losers and Pope Francis are showing signs they do not have the first two Beatitudes.
     First, because Pope Francis is telling souls to be rich in spirit; that those who have been married may remarry again. That those who love the same sex may continue to love in that perverted way. That the young should be rich in spirit by being provided with jobs instead of telling them to go home sell all their things and give it to the poor. By telling migrants to go to Europe and steal the properties there. 
     Secondly, Pope Francis' lax morality where he preached that practically nobody goes to hell , have made it impossible for souls to receive the gift of the fear of God, which is the beginning of wisdom. So most Catholics are dumb. 
     And even Pope Francis, as showed in a video that went viral, showed uncontrollable anger at same pilgrims who unintentionally and accidentally pulled him during an audience. Thus he had showed the absence of the first and second Beatitude. This puts him outside the Catholic Church. 

6. The whole world is after the wrong sources of happiness; they are after possession which is contrary to the first Beatitude. And they are out to please themselves which is contrary the second Beatitude. It is impossible for them to experience the higher degrees of happiness which are the higher Beatitudes. 
     Without these virtues people are outside the Catholic Church and will be subject to all vices. The catastrophe is that even the Vatican Church is not preaching that the Beatitudes are the sources of true happiness. And is in fact teaching the opposites; to buy, to buy, to buy......when St. Augustine wrote that the Gospels is teaching to sell, to sell, to sell. And the great erroneous rights movement is shouting 'do what you want,' 'do what you want,'' do what you want,' St. Augustine wrote 'Christ said; I came not to do My Will but the Will of My Father in heaven. 
     'Immigrants! Go anywhere you want and do there anything you want,' is the perfect slogan of those violating the Beatitudes. And this comes from Pope Francis.