Thursday, December 06, 2018

THE CENTURION = A man of great Faith.

 1. The Gospel shows a Centurion,  an example of a man of  great Faith.
     During these last days before and after the Feast of Christ the King, the Liturgy had been describing the state of the Church and the state of the world. This is to teach mankind what to expect these days and how to prepare oneself for such a scenario to increase his chances of saving his soul. 
      So the Liturgy had been reviewing the formula for salvation; and giving us examples of persons in the Gospels who conformed to Christ's requirements.   Previous Gospels had presented the example of the widow with the two copper coins, a poor woman with great Faith. Today we are presented with the example of the Centurion. 
     In summary form, to be saved we must have Perfect  repentance, perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity.

2. Description of the centurion showing the stages of conversion.
    The first step is repentance. There is nothing in the Gospel that can show the centurion repenting. But there are signs that the centurion had already repented. What is this?  Humility.
     There are 12 degrees of Humility. The higher one goes up, the greater is his repentance. The Centurion shows humility, according to St. Thomas of Aquinas, in that he was an officer in the army that give orders here and there. And he said so. But here he does not send a messenger to Christ.   He personally went to look for Christ and personally requested him for a favour. He does not make any demands. He does not show arrogance by sending an ordinary soldier. He goes personally to Christ. That is humility. Then he showed further humility in the way he prayed. 
      Because Christ saw his humility, Christ offers him what he would have wanted even before he asked for it ; to go to his house and cure his servant. The Centurion's humility showed the state of his soul. This humility is a sign that he had perfect repentance, that would make him deserving of the supernatural gift of Faith.
      His humility is why Christ forgave all his past sins. And this same humility is what made him deserving to receive the gift of Faith which not even the Chosen People had.
     The second step is the Act of Faith made by the centurion.
     St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote that this centurion had never heard Christ preaching. So he does not know anything about Christ. He had never seen Christ perform a miracle. He has only heard that Christ had cured some letters. For this reason he sought the help of Christ to cure his servant. Note, he knows practically nothing about Christ and His teachings. Yet he will make a perfect act of Faith that will be greatly  praised by Christ. The perfect Faith needed for salvation at the General Judgment.
     Having perfect repentance wherewith his humility attained for him the forgiveness of all his past sins, this same humility made him worthy to receive the theological virtue of Faith. 
     Perfect Faith consist in knowing Christ perfectly in His humanity and knowing Christ as God as revealed in the New Testament. Of course, perfect knowledge of the Divinity of Christ is not possible here on earth. Not even in Heaven. But it can grow more and more in heaven. 
     The centurion knew Christ as a man having heard about Him as a man who can cure. And he goes to Christ as a man. But because of his humility he received the supernatural grace of Faith and saw Christ, also, as a God. So he adds; 'Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof but only say  the word and my servant shall be healed. 
     The words, 'Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof,' shows the continued growth of his humility.' The words, 'but only say the word,' shows he believed that Christ was God. The centurion showed his perfect Faith in Christ. He believed that Christ was man. And that He was God.  This Faith is a gift of God because he was humble. 
     But this was not enough for the salvation of his soul. To perfect Faith must be added Charity. 'Even if your Faith can move mountains but you do not have Charity.....' The centurion showed Charity towards his servant. Here is an officer of the Roman legions, and he was great concerned with his sick servant that he personally sought Christ for a cure. What charity! 
     Charity always go hand in hand with perfect Faith. It does not go with imperfect faith. Such Faith is dead. 

3.  Where did the centurion get his knowledge and wisdom? From humility.  He did not learn these from the seminary, theological school, or from books and lecturers. He learned it directly from God, who infused them to him because he was humble. God gave them to him together with Faith. 
     The great scandal going on among cardinals, bishops and priests, today, is due to the fact that they do not have humility. So they do not know how to repent,  proof of which is the sins they commit that have caused the present scandals all over the world.  They do not know how to have Faith proof of which they do not know how to avoid sin and attain virtues.   And they end up with absolutely no Charity so Pope Francis is unable to fraternally correct bishops. And bishops are unable to correct priests. And priests are unable to teach laymen. What a mess. 
     Just as the Faith of the centurion was greater than all in Israel,  his Faith is greater, today, than the entire Catholic hierarchy. Proof of which is that those engaged in the big scandal includes Pope Francis down to some cardinals, bishops, priests, seminarians and altar boys. 

4. The sin of homosexuality central to the present global scandal in the Catholic hierarchy is a sin as easily cured as cigaret smoking. How come they cannot cure it? Pure ignorance.  Due to lack of humility, God had not given them the infused knowledge that comes with the grace of Faith. Due to lack of humility, they did not deserve the grace of Faith. In order words, they are not even Catholics.
     The post Christ the King and ante Advent Liturgy is showing us the state of the present world and the spiritual state of the institutional Church. We distinguish the institutional Church from the true Church because the true Church is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. This Church has no problem. It is the institutional Church that is filled with problems because they make up the cockles, while the true Church make up the wheat. 

5. Learning from the centurion.
    With most of the members of the hierarchy and priesthood in that state, it is best for all to imitate the centurion in his great Faith crowned with the beginnings of Charity. As the Book of Wisdom teaches; wisdom and knowledge is given to the humble. So learn how to be humble from St. Gregory the Great, St. Augustine,  St. Thomas of Aquinas, St. Bernard of Clairvaux and other saints. 
     St. Benedict gives 12 degrees of humility. If, with the grace of God, you develop the first degree, some of your past sins will, also, be forgiven. As you go up to the 3rd and 4th degree, more of your past sins will be forgiven. At the 5th degree, all your past sins will be forgiven. And by the 6th degree, God will infuse in your soul the gift of knowledge and wisdom. And by the 7th degree God will infuse in your soul the gift of Charity. With that you will surely go to heaven when you die. Or better still, you are prepared for the General Judgment by Christ.  More or less.  
     For the same reason, the SSPX, the Anglicans, the Russian Orthodox and other sects should not join the institutional Vatican Church that is filled with sodomites because that would be jumping from the prying pan into the fire. It is time to abandon the sinking institutional Vatican church and be humble. Humility will show which is the true Church and the same virtue will guide all humble minds and hearts to enter the true Church as it did the centurion who needed no Pope, no cardinal, no bishop or priests.....only his humility and God. What happened to the centurion is exactly what happened to Blessed John Newman and Gilbert Chesterton.    

Monday, December 03, 2018


 1. Everybody seems to have a retirement age.
     Old age is conducive to retirement. It is almost a necessity because the body becomes weak, sick, feeble, and old. The body becomes incapable of many things. 
     But not so the soul. The soul remains vibrant, alert and young; because it is a spiritual entity. It does not age. It is as good as it was when it was born.    
     While the body  needs retirement, the soul does not. It is upon this that we based the Divine principle of Divine Providence; that no one retires from the Will of God. The Will of God must be obeyed from birth up to eternity. 
2. The soul does not retire.
     There is no retirement from loving God and one's neighbour. That is done from birth to eternity, because the soul is eternal. So we have asked the question; is there a retirement age for husbands in loving his wife. Or for parents from loving their children...? though children and parents, especially in Europe and the US had given themselves retirement ages for this. Who gave them that rule? This is complete dereliction of one's duties; before God.
      Parents are obliged to guide their children during their lifetime. And children are to take care of their parents, physically. during their lifetime and spiritually after their death through prayers and Masses. 
      So who gave bishops the right to retire at 75 and priests about the same age? Who? Isn't that equivalent to retiring them from loving their dioceses and parishes at a certain age. Who gave them that silly idea that they can stop saving the souls of their parishioners and dioceses at 75? Vatican II that produced so many unCatholic and heretical procedures of which this is one.

3. The lack of spirituality.
     To go to heaven we must love God and neighbour. Christ, in the Gospel, had specifically demanded that we love Him with all our minds, all our hearts, all our strength. That leaves absolutely no time for retirement. 
     A. Incomplete training. 
          It is clear that all priests had not undergone perfect training in their spiritual life and in their theology. Incomplete in content and thoroughly wrong in procedure in learning. 
          The truths of the Catholic Church as taught by Christ is eternally full and deep in wisdom that a lifetime is not enough even to taste that Divine Truth. A lifetime is not enough to learn the teachings of Christ.
     Though in His kindness and Goodness, Christ had demanded a minimum of Knowledge of the Truth for the salvation of souls. Just enough for man to know what is required for his salvation. But even this is so much that unless a person becomes a hermit, he cannot know these truths.
     How much more a parish priest, a bishops, a cardinal or even Pope Francis who are so busy with worldly businesses. No way can they learn even the minimum required for salvation. This minimum is the first Beatitude. To learn it intellectually is possible; but this Beatitude has still to be put into practice. And this can take an eternity for most people. It is not  possible for priest, bishops, cardinals and even Pope Francis to know and practice this one Beatitude in their lifetime considering the useless activities they are engaged in, like global warming and immigrations.

      B. The manner of learning. From God.
      It is an observable fact that priests, bishops, cardinals and even Pope Francis are not qualified to go to heaven when they retire at 75 or more. So what? Well, they must continue to perfect the first Beatitude and proceed further to the sixth and seventh Beatitude. And frankly, from 75 until their death, that would not be enough time to prepare. At least they should try and leave the rest to the mercy of God. 

4. A retirement program for holiness. 
    A. Based of the knowledge of the faculties of man, both physical and spiritual, here is a program devised for retired priests and bishops based on the above principles. 
    First, the unimportant concern - sustenance and medical concerns. and lodging and care giver, which are not important but are the greatest concern of retirees. Their lodgings must be  free so no financial consideration is involved. Medical needs is in cooperation with a hospital and cared for by a Foundation, so this wil be no worry for the retiree.
      B. The more important spiritual concern. 
            Ignorant of the complete way to go to heaven, how do we  address their incomplete spiritual training. Tell them to teach seminarian to force them to study spirituality.

            Teach seminarians spiritual theology.
             All seminarians must undergo their training in spirituality, not in the seminary but in the retirement house facility.
             The seminarians will learn this course while taking care of the retirees as their acts of charity that must accompany their faith. 
              The lesson plan is based on the Liturgy fortified by daily mass and daily Divine office.
              This retiree program is based on the theology that the retirees will master spirituality and teach asceticism to the seminarians; while the seminarians put into practice their life of repentance serving the retirees.

5. It is obvious that the problems arising in the US and around the world is due to the non-existent of a sound spiritual life among the priest. This, of course, had been prophesied by Christ. But the institutional Church did not prepare for it. So today the church is found with her pants down. And the present unCharitable and unCatholic program for retirees continues to propagate this disaster. 
6. With this program.
     With this old, traditional program proposed  by St. Basil the Great in proposing his famous Basiliades, which was the basis for the origin of the European Union, made by a Catholic but deposed by modernist atheist, retiring priests, bishops will continue maturing in their spiritual lives and seminarians will have a very effective training in spirituality that will prevent them from being gay. 
     As of now, priests, bishops and seminarians are not fully trained as Catholics, Proof? They cannot show that they have the four visible signs of the true Catholic Church enumerated in the Nicene Creed. Or they cannot present their credentials as true Catholics, like the 15 Marks of the true Catholic described by St. Robert Bellarmine. Even Pope Francis cannot present his credentials as a Catholic. And all of these are happening during their retirement; just before they die. This should fill them up with fear.
     Work out your salvation with fear, St. Paul reminds us. There is no retirement in the work of salvation; saving your soul, your parishioners or the soul in your diocese. Certainly no retirement in shepherding the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict who knows this too well.    

Saturday, December 01, 2018

Saturday of the 34th Weekday. PRAY ALWAYS.

 1. Towards Advent.
     After the Feast of  Christ the King and leading towards the First Sunday of Advent, the Liturgy continues to prepare the  Church for the Second Coming of Christ and general judgment day and not for Christmas day. Why? Because Christmas, celebrating the first coming of Christ is over. It has taken place. So the focus of the Liturgy is to what comes next; and that is the Second coming of Christ or general judgment day.

2. The state of the world and the Church.
     As prophesied on Good Friday, the state of the world today and the state of the institutional Church will be the same. It will be in a horrible mess. While the true Church, which will be reduced to a very small community, will be progressing towards near perfection to be the glorious bride of the bridegroom.
     Error, great evil and sin will be the air that the world will breath. Lies, treason and murder will be law. Each man doing his evil and imposing in on others. Errors will be the order of the day while the truth will be suppressed. The greatest evil will be praised and the good persecuted. Continuous entertainment and satisfaction of all lustful desires will be the common activity. Overindulgence in food and drink will be the daily diet. The senses will be bombarded with delights. Worldly concern will be the order of daily life. 
      The faculties of the body and soul will be surfeiting with the desires of the concupiscence. Add to this situation that God will release all the generals of the devil from the deepest pit and allow them great powers to give mankind his last test. In this situation, to know the truth and to desire the good becomes near impossible. 

3. The Gospel states that the only way to pass through this test is by praying always. 
     The words praying always is equivalent to unceasing prayer or the prayer of contemplation. This form of prayer is what will obtain for the soul the grace to overcome the 'day of great distress' described the previous Gospels. It is impossible to go through this day without this necessary grace which God will grant the soul that prays unceasingly. 
       If the soul lives in an environment as described above he will not pass his test and will be unprepared to face the judgment seat of Christ. He will surely be condemned to hell. 
       As Christ, Himself, reminds us during the Feast of St. Andrew, just a few days ago, like the apostles, we have to leave our boats, our nets and our father. St. Thomas of Aquinas commented that leaving the boat means to leave the world and its concerns and to be engaged in running the Church well.  To leave the net means to leave winning friends but instead be catchers of souls for God. And to leave one's father means to set aside all human affection to be the  spiritual father and mothers of souls. 

4. The importance of unceasing prayer.
     The art of unceasing prayer is known to a few even in the Catholic Church. Even contemplative religious are contemplative only in canonical classification but are not praying contemplatively. It is the hermits of old who were truly the contemplatives. It is an art, according to St. Charles Borromeo, that can be learned on ones knees before the Blessed Sacrament or at least in one's room with shut doors. 
      Christ said that 'praying always' or unceasing prayer is the only way any one can pass through this 'day of great distress' unscathed. And yet Pope Francis, while suppressing a good religious order, the little sister of Mary, complained that they were praying too much. He had made the same comment before. If he really means what he said, then he is seeing to it that souls today will be unprepared to survived during his papacy that has distressed countless souls.     

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Wednesday of 34th Weekday in Ordinary Time. 'I AM BY THE DOOR.'

 1. The Liturgy for today.
     The Liturgy before and after Christ the King is showing gradual signs showing how near He is. By the door.
      Earthquakes are a far sign. There were earthquakes and falling stars during the Dinosaur era. There were wars since the beginning of the history of man. The immediate sign that He is by the door are; those with Faith will be betrayed by parents, brethren, kinsfolks and friends.  And all men will hate them.

2. Those with Faith.
     Christ was describing the fall of Jerusalem as foretelling His Second coming. And He was telling His disciple what will happen to those who follow him at that time. Two things will happen; first their entire family will go agains them. And secondly, the whole world will hate them. Let us look, first,  at the object of hate; the man of Faith. 
      This refers to the Church. What happened to Christ on Good Friday will happen to His Mystical Body when He is by the door, i.e. His Second Coming. The members of His Mystical Body are those with perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity. 
     Also included in His Mystical Body are those with weak Faith. The trials of the 'day of distress' will, also, affect them. It is a good sign that all men will hate the man of Faith. It is, in fact, the 8th Beatitude, the highest degree of holiness. Of course, we would not want that our love ones would hate us because those who hate the Mystical Body will go to hell.
      So the members of the Mystical Body of Christ are those who have perfect repentance, perfect Faith and the beginnings of the theological virtue of Charity. However, those with imperfect Faith are included because during these times God will try them to perfect their Faith and bring them to the beginnings of Charity. The 'day of great distress' is a terrible day, but it is an opportunity to perfect the Faith of those who have weak Faith. 

3. The 'day of great distress'.
     We have seen that during the 'day of great distress' it will be almost impossible for those without to acquire Faith because the conditions will not be conducive for it. The Gospel of Thursday of the 34th weekday in Ordinary time repeats the words 'day of great distress' two times more to emphasize how difficult it will be to survive these days.
     But those who already have weak Faith, though weak, will be given by God the opportunity to perfect their Faith through the great trials of these days. 

4. Who will be the persecutors of the members of the Mystical Body?
     All those without Faith. Since they do not believe in 
God, they are pagans who think they are gods and will treat cruelly everybody  else as their slaves. Mostly the way everybody is treating everybody else today.
     Everybody in the family and every body in the world who have no Faith and, therefore, have been declared as belonging to the left side, the goats, are the persecutors, i.e. practically everybody who has no Faith.
      Conversion at this time is near impossible for those without Faith, like Pope Francis and most of the FrancisBishops. It is difficult, enough,  for those with weak Faith. It is impossible for those who do not have Faith.
      At this time, it is important that all our loved ones have Faith. Otherwise, whether they like it or not, they will persecute the member of their family who have Faith......and be condemned for it. 
      Why will the members of your family persecute you if you have Faith or even just the beginnings of Faith? St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote; 'because at these times, all the members of your family, outside of the one with Faith, will belong to different pagan religions. Maybe all the rest of the members of the family would belong to different Protestant religion without knowing it because their knowledge of the Catholic religion is defective. Or all the members of the family would be pagans because all of them are without Faith. The result is, through the instigation of the devil, they would persecute the member of their family who have Faith or even a weak Faith. 
     Of course, if everybody in the Family have no Faith, then, there will be no persecution. 
     Scriptures had prophesied that during these days there will be a decay of Faith and the waxing cold of charity. In other words, the world will return to paganism. Being so, the devil will use them to persecute those with Faith or even those with the beginnings of 
Faith whom Christ described as 'the least of My Brethren.'
      Aside from the family persecuting the member with Faith, the whole world, which includes priests, bishops and even Pope Francis, who cannot prove they have Faith,  will persecute others with Faith. This is the only explanation why Pope Francis is persecuting the good religious communities, the good bishops, the good priests and the good laymen. 
      Criticise the errors of Pope Francis, which only a man of Faith can do, and see how he persecutes you. The news are filled of men, women and ecclesiastics  attacked by Pope Francis. He is now raving against Vigano for exposing his corruption. Bux from the Congregation of the Faith and Cause for canonisation is next in the chopping board for exposing how cardinals violated the rules of the Conclave thus annulling the election of Pope Francis. 
5. Why they persecute.
     Your family and the whole world will hate you for only one reason; because you are obeying the commandments of Christ as He enumerated in the New Testament. They hate the commands of Christ and hate those who obey the commands of Christ. Isn't Pope Francis blatantly disobeying the commands of Christ in every document he wrote from 'Amoris Laetitia' to 'Cor orans.?' Doesn't he disobey the commands of Christ in every talk he gives; like saying 'not to pray too much'  when Christ, Himself, in the Gospel of Thursday of the 34th weekday said that the only way to survive this 'day of great distress' is by praying always. Praying always means unceasing prayer or contemplation. 
     The world, indeed, hates you. Imagine telling you to be unprepared for this 'day of great distress.' And most of the priests, bishops and Pope Francis are part of the world without Faith, just like the priests, Pharisees and high priests during Good Friday, when they were persecuting Christ. Was any priest on the side of Christ on Good Friday? Yes, a handful. Nicodemus, Joseph and Gamaliel? As there are a few priest and bishops with Faith, today. A few, but not enough to save Sodom and Gomorrah.  
     Why is there no union amongst priest, bishops and priests? Because they all belong to different pagan religions, or at least they belong to different Protestant sects. Only a handful have the beginnings of Faith and they are the ones persecuted. 
     All religious orders, today,  are just different pagan religions. All those popular secular groups like the Opus Dei, Charismatic, Foccolare, Neocatechumenates, etc....are just different Protestant sects. And they are all against the man of Faith. 
     Occasionally, unbelievers persecute each other because devils cannot really get along with one another.  

6. The moment of respite.
     Christ prophesied that a time will come that the Catholic world' Faith will decay, and as a consequence, there will be Charity, the love of God and neighbour. Without Charity, no one goes to heaven. Faith is not enough. The devil believes and trembles. Souls must have Charity so that their Faith might be different from the Faith of devils. 
      Joseph Ratzinger noted that the Catholic Church have lost its Faith. This is due to the crisis of Faith among the priests and bishops. Thus Ratzinger's first three encyclicals as Pope Benedict is on the three theological virtues, Faith, Hope and Charity. 
     After Pope Benedict, the situation in the Catholic  Church worsened. There is no shadow of Faith in the Church, especially in the Vatican. In a situation where the institutional church has no Faith, it can be said that it has returned to paganism. As such the institutional church, together with the faithless world, has joined forces with Satan to destroy the Church. 
     At this very moment, with Putin, Trump, Wilder, Salvini, Balsonaaro, Le Pen, etc.....God have intervened for a while to give mankind a respite to seriously think of the salvation of their souls. After these men, the full force of paganism will sweep the world. The men of Faith will be less, the pagans will increase; and all these good men will be out of power to serve the common good. The man of sin with his co-horts, who are all waiting, will take control of the world, with God's permission......then the Liturgy of Wednesday of the 34th weekday tells us........He who is by the door will enter.          

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


 1. Why does Pope Francis suppress good orders like the Franciscans Friars of the Immaculate?
     The news stated that Pope  Francis through Fr. Volpie (may he rest in peace) suppressed the Franciscans of the Immaculate of Fr. Manelli. This branch of the Franciscan live a way of life closer to the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi with emphasis on Consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 
     Why was this group suppressed instead of the rest of the Franciscans who do not have an iota of the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi? God permitted them to be suppressed by Pope Francis because they were in the right direction; except that they had a few errors that could prevent them from attaining their goal of holiness and the very salvation of their souls. 
     The Jesuits. were once great workers in the vineyard of the Lord. Then, while going in the right direction, they fell into some serious errors called 'laxism'. To make them realise their error, God had them suppressed. The reason behind it is; first, if they continue in their errors, they might just end up in hell. Secondly, to remove members who were in error. Thirdly, the remnant can resume in the right way. 
     Of course, that is God's purpose. Sometimes God's purpose is attained; sometimes, it is not attained because of the free will of man. 

2. Reform. 
     God suppresses an order to reform it. But when there is a living saint within the order, then God uses that saint to reform the order. There is no need to suppress it. So while we see the Jesuits suppressed, we see the other orders reformed, like the Benedictines who underwent many reforms by saints. 
     As stated above, some suppressions work, others do not. Some reforms works others do not. God, always, apply the medication to correct an error. But the patient may reject it.  The message is identical to all acts of chastisements, whether it is a storm, an earthquake, a war, a pestilence, an illness, etc.....'You are doing something wrong and you better correct it.' The Ninevites corrected themselves, the Chosen did not correct their disobediences. 
     But the good point on suppression and reform is that the group is doing good, is on the right direction but there is some errors that must be corrected.
     If the group is not in the right direction and, therefore, has many serious errors, God leaves them as they are. They are neither suppressed nor reformed. Suppressions and reforms are acts of love of God for the group. 

3. The dual effects.
     The purpose of suppression or reform are; so that those with defects are removed and  the rest may grow in wisdom and knowledge to correct their defect. Those suppressed must do these two things for God to allow them  to be restored. Of course, they can  learn and correct their defects. But they can return to their errors as the Jewish people did. In which case,  God leaves them permanently in their errors as a punishment for their hardheadedness. 
4. This is what is happening right now.
     The orders, ecclesial communities....etc. are in the wrong direction and full of errors that they do not qualify for suppressions or reform, just like the unreformable Vatican Curia together with Pope Francis because they are not in the right direction and their errors are not slight but very serious. 

5. It is not the Vatican who suppressed. But God. But Vatican sins for mistreating the 'least of the brethren.'
     Suppression and reform are not acts of man. They are Act of  God.  Pope Francis cannot reform the Curia though that is what he is trying to do and making it worse. God is the final author but He uses evil men as instrument. God redeemed the human race; but He used Judas' treason to accomplish the act. So, Fr. Volpi and Pope  Francis are only instruments in the recent suppressions. 

5. Since God's goal in allowing the suppression or reform of a group is spiritual in nature, the discovery of spiritual defects, then grace is needed to cooperate with those procedures. The suppression is to correct a defect. 
    Man can either cooperate or reject the grace.   In the case of the Jesuits, they corrected themselves for a while, then resume with their disobediences. It might happen to the Franciscans of the Immaculate.  
    Those suppressed  must realise the reason for the suppression. They must study and pray for the grace that God may tell them what went wrong. 

6. Vatican actions.
    The Vatican is not reforming; neither the Franciscans nor the Vatican itself. They are suppressing in a most unjust and uncharitable manner. But the suppression is God work telling the people involved that they are in the right direction but they have a very serious issue with regard to theological doctrines they must rectify. It is a sign of God's love for the suppressed group and they must react accordingly. 

Monday, November 26, 2018

CHRIST THE KING . 34rd Sunday in Ordinary Time. Last Sunday of Liturgical Year.

 1. The 334rd  and last Sunday of the Liturgical Year.
     Today is the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year and the Feast of Christ the King. There are two judgments in life; the particular judgment that occurs to every living person when he dies. Then there is the General Judgment at the end of the world when Christ will judge all men, both the living and the dead, as the apostles creed state. 
     In the General Judgment, the Catholic Catechism states that Christ will judge all those previously judged individually when they died confirming their individual judgments. And then He will judge all those still alive during His Second coming. 

2. The difference.
     To go straight to heaven souls must have perfectly repented for their past sins, they must have perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity. Let's take these three points, one by one.
     First, he must have repented perfectly for all his past sins, i.e. he must have gone through the five steps of repentance mentioned in the catechism. Those five steps are; a.) remember your sins and the motive for committing them.  b.) Be contrite or sorry for those sins.  c.)  Have the purpose of not committing them again.  d.) Atone or pay for those sins   c.) And promise not to commit them again.
    If the repentance is perfect, the soul will not return to those sins, again. Then God will grant you the gift of the theological virtue of Faith. It is not the five steps that will forgive your sins. It is the gift of supernatural Faith that forgives those past sins and prevents the soul from returning to them. 
     And together with the gift of the theological virtue of Faith comes the gift of the beginnings of Charity. Charity cannot be perfected here on earth; only in heaven. 
     The development of Faith to perfection and the advancement to some degree of the virtue of Charity that enables the soul to love God and neighbor, goes side by side with the development of humility. There are 12 degrees of humility. As the soul progresses towards the higher degrees of humility, the soul grows and perfects his repentance, Faith and Charity. 
     To deserve to go to heaven during the two judgments of Christ, the soul must have perfect repentance, perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity. Whether a  soul undergoes the particular or General judgment, if he has those three, he will go straight to heaven.
      On the other hand, if the soul has imperfect repentance and imperfect Faith, the probability is that he has no Charity. Then he might have to pass purgatory to make up for what he lacks. 
     During the particular judgment there is still purgatory, so the soul can correct its imperfections. But after the General Judgment, after the Feast of Christ the King, there will be no purgatory. So souls must have perfect repentance, perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity. Otherwise he cannot go to heaven. This danger is why this day is called the 'day of great distress.'
     With this requirement, very few souls can make it. It is hard enough to be worthy to pass purgatory on the way to heaven. It is nearly impossible to be worthy to die and go straight to heaven.

3. Prepare for the General Judgment instead of for the particular judgment. 
     From the beginnings of Christianity, Christians prepared for the Second Coming of Christ. If they were prepared and died they would surely go straight to heaven without passing purgatory.
     The saints have reminded us that purgatory is not a nice place. So we must try to avoid it. Never aim at purgatory. Because if you miss it, you might end up in hell. So always aim at preparing oneself for the Second coming of Christ. Because preparation for the Second coming brings the soul straight to heaven no matter when you die. 
     The Liturgy of the Mass never taught Catholics to prepare for an ordinary, particular death. The Liturgy always taught to prepare for the Second coming of Christ. T'hough for practical purposes because very few Catholics believe in the Second coming, so some saints, like St. Alphonsus Liguori and St. Robert Bellarmine had very nice treatises on how to prepare for death. But their treatises are, in effect, a preparation for the Second Coming of Christ. 

4. Christ prepares Pontius Pilate for His Second coming.
    Pontius Pilate was a good man. While the Jews were accusing 
Christ falsely, Pilate believed that Christ was innocent. And though he believed that Christ was the King of Jews, an idea prohibit by Roman Law, he did not see Christ guilty of rebellion. 
    Pilate had the first element of Faith in Christ in that he believed that Christ was a man, even a human King, which Christ was, being a descendant of King David. Pilate lacked the second element, belief that Christ was God. 
    In the Gospel, Christ shows Pilate and He, too was God by saying, 'My kingdom is not of this world.' Pilate should have gotten the hint. Supernatural truths come in hints in the hope that man gets it by an act of perfect Faith. 
     Let's see how souls get a supernatural hint and rise up to an Act of Faith. It has something to do with the gift of the Holy Spirit called the 'fear of God.' The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.  Perfect Faith and wisdom go hand in hand. Souls need wisdom to know God.
     So Christ said 'My kingdom is not of this world.' Pilate should have gotten the hint that Christ is spiritual or supernatural. And He should have known that Christ was superior to him and, therefore, he should have feared Christ. If Pilate feared Christ, that fear would have given him wisdom. He would have recognised Christ as God. And recognising Christ as man and God, he should have made a perfect Act of Faith. Believing in Christ, he would have made his Act of Charity of releasing Christ from the Jews since he was convinced that Christ was innocent. 
    Having made an act of perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity, Pilate would have been a saint.  But he missed his chance. Christ was his teacher, yet he missed his chance. Why? Because he missed Christ's hinting that He was God. Missing the hint, he failed to fear. Failing to fear, he missed the Act of perfect Faith. As a consequence, he had no Charity which was necessary to go straight to heaven. But he was a good man.
      Here,we are faced with the problem that faced St. Augustine which he had a difficult time answering in his 'Retractations.' Where unbaptised children go. They had no perfect Faith being babe as yet. And they had no Charity not having known God at all. But they are inherently good.      Unable to answer where good unbaptised babies go when they die, Pope Benedict with advise from his International theologian formulated the answer; 'unbaptised babies, before the age of reason, go straight to heaven. 
    Pontius Pilate was no unbaptised baby below the age of reason. So the Fathers surmises that because of his some degree of goodness, he could have gone to purgatory and would stay there up to the end of the world. They said this with great humour. 

5. Christ the King.
    The message of this feast, the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year and the last lesson in our class on the truths of the Catholic religion is this. When a person dies, he faces Christ in a particular judgment. Just between Christ and himself. Such individual, unless he is a martyr or confessor, will, surely, not go straight to heaven. He will barely miss hell and pass purgatory because there is a defect in his repentance, Faith and Charity. This is not an ideal situation. It is like working for your salvation by guesswork.
     The Feast of Christ the King tells Catholics to be prepared, not so much for your particular judgment; but prepare yourself for the Second coming of Christ, as the entire Liturgy teaches. This means perfect repentance, perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity. 
     This can be done in the privacy of your room but better still in the monastic life as practiced during the early Christian time. We mention 'during the early Christian times' because most monasteries have become Protestants after Vatican II. 
     An analysis of these three requirements for salvation shows that most Catholics, from Pope Francis down to his FrancisBishops and PervPriests do not have any of them. The probability is that they will not even go to purgatory.
     Let us just take the example of Pope Francis. He has not yet repented from the sin of encouraging married couples to commit adultery and sacrilege in his 'Amoris Laetitia,' a grievous sin of scandal. He did not even mention the name of Christ in his address in the UN, thus not confessing Christ before men, a very serious sin against Faith. And he has absolutely no Charity towards the Franciscans, the priestly fraternity of Belgium and the little sisters of Mary; neither did he show charity to Cardinal Burke and Bishop Vigano. No repentance, no Faith, no Charity. If he dies now, the Feast of Christ the King, clearly, shows where he is going. 
     This is the state of Pope Francis which reflects the state of most of the bishops and priest. These are not Catholics. How can they lead dioceses and parishes. 

6. The blind leading the blind.
     Pope Francis is clearly leading the Church through an era of darkness, foretold during the day of darkness on Good Friday. He is like a blind leader. Blind, because most of those who can see, today, can see that he is blind. Many bishops and priests are, also, blind. Like those who cannot see hell and proclaim that there is no hell, like Pope Francis, and some US and Filipino bishop. For example:
     There are many articles questioning  the Catholicity of Pope Francis by  applying to him the four visible signs of the Catholic Church enumerated in the Nicene Creed, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic......and the 15 Marks of the true Church enumerated by St. Robert Bellarmine, Jesuit, Doctor of the Church. He and his Vatican Church does not have them. 
     Why are some bishops, blindly, following him when these signs are very obvious and visible? And the application of these signs on Pope Francis is easy and can be done by anybody?  It appears that those bishops, themselves, do not know these signs and do not have these signs. 
     We have a church prophesied by Christ in Scriptures; 'with decayed Faith and waxing cold of Charity.' How did that happen? Because it did not have perfect repentance, a truth that will be re-taught to us by the Liturgy beginning next week, in the First Sunday of Advent, the beginning of the Liturgical Year, the beginning of our lessons on the truths of the Catholic Church. 
    The lesson for this Sunday. Pontius Pilate is better than most of us. But it was not good enough for Christ, the Divine Judge and King. 

Sunday, November 25, 2018

MY HOUSE IS A HOUSE OF PRAYER. Friday of 33rd Weekday in Ordinary Time.

 1. The day of great distress. 
      All Saints Day mentions a group of saints in heaven who was described as those who survived on 'the day of great distress.' Pope Benedict XVI, quoting St. Bonaventure, described this as the image of the Catholic Church on the sixth day of the history of man, prophesied to occur again during these days. The description of this day of great distress, is very clear. Thus we know it is today. 
     This day is described in the Liturgy of the Mass during the Sundays approaching the Feast of Christ the King. Thus as we approach the feast, the Gospels are all about  the prophetic Good Friday.
     The description of the Fall of Jerusalem was used by Christ as prophecies for these days, the papacy of Pope Francis. One of this Gospel is about Christ driving away the sellers from the Temple. 

2. The kingdom of God, the Catholic Church, must be a house of prayer. 
     The Gospel of Friday, the 33rd Weekday in Ordinary Time describes Christ entering the temple and, seeing sellers of objects for the temple sacrifice, drove them out saying; 'My house is a house of prayer.'
     The temple is the Catholic Church and, St. Thomas wrote, that this should be a house of prayer. By prayer, Christ meant a place where there is unceasing prayer, i.e the prayer of contemplation. Christ was confirming what He said to the Samaritan Woman by the well, ' the day will come when true worshippers will worship in spirit and in truth.'  The Catholic Church, will one day in the future, be a community of contemplatives worshipping God with all their mind and heart.

3. The Church, today, is not a house of prayer.
     Prophetically, Christ saw that the Church in Jerusalem was not a house of prayer. When He entered the temple, He saw that everybody inside were involved in worldly business. All. 
     Prophetically, the institutional Church will be the same today. He will find corrupt and covetous bishops and priests, selling victims for the sacrifice; involved only in worldly concerns and making money out of it. Just like the Pharisees who were selling victims for the sacrifice. And after the victims were given to to the priests, the victims were resold to the pilgrims for a sizeable amount. 
      St. Thomas describes this as the sin of covetousness, the root of all evil, thus the priesthood, from Pope Francis down to the priests, will be so covetous and that will be the root of all the evil they will commit which is now slowly coming out in the news. What happened when Christ went to the temple, is happening today. 
     Pope Francis, the cardinals, bishops and priests are more interested in worldly affairs like global warming, open borders for immigrants, acceptance of sexual perversions, proposing communism over democracy and worshipping of mother nature over the Blessed Trinity. The Church today is worse than the state of the temple when Christ went there. 
      Then Christ described how His temple, His Mystical Body should be; 'My house is a house of prayer,' where unceasing contemplative prayer is rising up in worship of God.

4. Let us look at the definition of St. Thomas of Aquinas of 'the house of prayer' or 'contemplation,' which the Catholic church should be today, as the Gospel says. He writes; the Church must be made up of souls that are of one mind and one heart. Their minds must be united in entertaining knowledge and wisdom about God . And their hearts must be raised in loving God above all things. St. Francis de Sales describes this in detail in his 'Treatise on the Love of God,' in great detail. It seems Pope Francis and the FrancisBishops are not doing it. Not even by most of the  Salesians, like Cardinal Bertone. 
     The entire Catholic Church must be a house of prayer; from the Pope down to the youngest child. St. Peter demonstrated this when he stayed at the roof top and continued praying while refusing to come down to solve some managerial institutional problem, the feeding of the widows, saying, 'Our work is on mastering the teachings of Christ through the perfection of our prayer life.' Let somebody else solve the problem of global warming, borders for immigrants, same sex marriage, drug addiction, communist and democratic philosophies, etc. These non-papal jobs is what Pope Francis and his FrancisBishops are so concerned with while neglecting praying contemplatively. By concentrating on pure worldly affairs, especially in encouraging all forms of sins, it is impossible for Pope Francis and his  FrancisBishops to be a house of prayer. So they are behaving exactly like the Pharisee that Jesus drove out of the temple.

     Not being a house of prayer, they do not have the description of the Catholic Church, which Christ said is a house of prayer. They are more like the Pharisees and sellers condemned by Christ, making a lot of money by suppressing the Franciscan, the Knights of Malta and closing their  eyes to the  unexplained spending activities of the Vatican Bank. Never mind the love for money and worldly concerns like Global Warming. The serious issue is that the Vatican Church is not a house of prayer.
      St. Peter, acting like a Pope said; 'We must not do anything that will prevent us from praying and mastering the Words of Christ.' Because we cannot think of supernatural truths together with worldly and sinful thoughts. Somebody is not acting like a St. Peter. Probably he is not the successor of St. Peter. 

5. The image of the Church - a house of prayer. Pope Clement I, whose feast we just celebrated on this day, Friday of the 33rd Weekday in Ordinary Time,  was a man of prayer, a true Pope. He had knowledge and love that brings happiness and contentment here on earth in preparation for heaven.

 6. The Catholic Church, today, is no house of prayer shown by the way she prays. Three divine offices in a day from eight times before Vatican II. From a two hour solemn Mass to a fifteen minute rush mass. And look what is in the minds and hearts of men; they are filled with worldly concerns and sinfulness which are impediments to supernatural truths. 
     Christ drove away the seller. Why? The Priest were behind a lucrative business making money on the temple worship. The priests were corrupt, worldly, lovers of money, concerned only about the things of the world and outright sinful. 
     There is no interest on spiritual matters like prayer. Prayer is the raising up of one's mind and heart to God as fortified by grace. So it is the raising of the mind on theological truths. And the heart delighting on heavenly realities. This must  be unceasing. So absolutely nothing about earthly or worldly business must enter the mind and hearts. 
       Pope Francis and the bishops are concerned not only on worldly matters like global warming, mother earth, jobs for the youth, and worldly consolation for the aged. 
      They are even concerned with covering up for sins  of perversion. They have changed the Lord's prayer, reduced the prayers of religious, condemned religious for praying too much and pratically suppressing religious contemplatives with his 'Cor Orans' deceiving souls with a seemingly theologically sound title but with heretical contents.  
     BOTH PRIESTS AND LAYMEN must make up this house of prayer. 

7. Pope Francis, the cardinals, bishops and all laymen must make up a house of prayer, praying contemplatively and unceasingly. Where is that Church today? It is somewhere but one cannot find it because prayer is a purely spiritual activity of the spiritual faculties of man. And that cannot be seen by the eyes of men. It can only be seen with the eyes of Faith. 
      This is proof of what Cardinal Ratzinger wrote in his best selling book 'The Ratzinger Report.' The institutional Church is suffering a crisis of Faith. It's Faith has decayed and, therefore, there is no Charity. Why? Because the institutional Church is not praying. "My house is a house of prayer." A house of unceasing contemplative prayer where the spiritual faculties of man is raised up to God in true worship.

8. It can be done anywhere.
    How can you pray unceasingly and contemplatively? Christ said'; raise your intellect and free will to the supernatural truths that  I taught,  then enter your room and lock the door. 
     Anybody and everybody  can do that; whether you are a persecuted Catholic in China, a poor man in Ethiopia, a rich man in New York, a cardinal in an office of a Congregation, or a man in the Papal throne. So why can't we find the true Church today? Because most of those guys are not praying. Praying unceasingly and contemplatively is what unites souls and makes them a Church.