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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

NEW EVANGELIZATION and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

1. 'Evangelization.'
     The formula for Catholic evangelization is written in the Apostolic Commission given by Christ to His apostles described in the last chapter of the Gospel of Matthew. Christ said to His disciples; first, make disciples of all nations. Secondly, baptize them. Thirdly, teach them all My commands and how to observe them.
     First, make them disciples of whom? Well, disciples of God the Father. How do you make them disciples of God? By teaching them what are and how to obey the commands of God the Father as enumerated in the Old Testament. This is commonly called the Life of Repentance. This is the requirement before receiving the fullness of grace that comes with baptism.  Question; do you know of anybody who knew and have obeyed all the thousands of commands given by God the Father as listed in the Old Testament as a preparation for baptism? Nobody. No priest, bishop or even the Pope knew the commands of God in the Old Testament because they were baptized as babies and they just could not have known those commands. So most Catholics had not fulfilled the first requirement of evangelization. This life of repentance can still be done after baptism when the child had grown up. But since no one knows how this is done since the 14th century, as can still be seen during the 2012 Bishop's Synod, hardly any one could have done this first step today.  Without the first step they cannot  proceed to the second step.
     Secondly, how do you baptize? Pour water on the forehead and say; 'I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Be sure when baptizing you have the same mind the Church has in baptizing and the recipient must have the same mind the Church demands from those being baptized.  Most priest and recipients have no idea what is that mind.

     First, we are not yet disciples because we have not learned the commands of God the Father; now we do not even have the proper disposition for the sacrament. That is two strike outs with one to go.
     Thirdly, we must know and be able to have put into practice the commands of Jesus Christ as enumerated in the New Testament. It is impossible to know the commands of Christ in the New Testament without, first, knowing and obeying the natural commands of the Father and being baptized with the proper disposition. Without the first and the second we cannot have the third. Without the first, second and third.....we are not evangelized, we are not Catholics, we do not have the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity necessary to enter the kingdom of God.
     If anyone asks, how long can I learn the commands of God the Father in the Old Testament and obey them. Well, the book of proverbs have a couple of hundred commands. The book of Esdras have a little more than learn those commands and obey them, alone, could take around 30 years. And that depends how much time you spend studying them. It would probably take 50 years if you have to work for your sustenance. And 60 years if you plan to marry. If you try being a disciple at the age of 30 , you will never make it. And that is just the first step. It is called life of repentance. It was initially preached by John the Baptist. Christ picked it up and brought it to the realm of the New Testament ( the third step.)
     The 'new' evangelization really starts with John the Baptist (we are reminded of this during Advent), perfected by the Blessed Virgin who would be the figure of the future evangelized Church, taught to the apostles, continued by the Fathers of the Church, spread out to the world by the monastic movement.......and completely forgotten as early as the 14th century because of the heresy of nominalism.
     The 'new' evangelization is the same evangelization described in the Gospel of Matthew and explained perfectly as it was before by the saints! John Paul II and Benedict XVI is just reminding us how it was done before. And they described it as 'New' because, it seems, nobody remembers how it was done.

2     Having enumerated and defined the three steps, the possibility is great that there is no one is inside the Catholic Church today unless God had miraculously intervened. Which, in fact, He did. It is impossible to explain how St. Therese, co-patroness of the 'new' evangelization' could have known the 'scientia divini amoris' (the document declaring her doctor of the Church) when she read only a handful of books.

     Then comes modern times; filled with catastrophes, wars, famine, super storms, earthquakes, plane crashes, terrorists, killers and ebola. With the rapidity with which man dies, he does not have enough time to obey the three steps of evangelization before he dies. When the super storm hit the south with more than six thousand dead, how many do you think had done, at least, the first step of evangelization of having become disciples of God by learning and obeying the hundred commands of God the Father as listed in the Old Testament? Not even the priests had done that. All or most were baptized though. But without the first pre-requisite step, their baptism is not effective as it was made to be, St. Thomas wrote in his commentary to the Gospel text. They would not reach the third step where we receive the virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity....the necessary ingredients in being a Catholic.

     Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict saw this dual situation; nobody knows how to evangelize and we don't have much time to do it.  The spirit of Advent reminds us we must be prepared for death or for the second coming of Christ, whichever comes first. There is only one way of have Faith, Hope and Charity. To have these three theological virtues, we must know and obey all the commands of God in the Old Testament and  all the commands of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. In short, we must be evangelized properly. And as noted, just the first part could take from 30 to 100 years. We do not have that much time today.
3   We have seen above how John the Baptist, Mary, the Apostles and the Fathers of the Church did it. We saw how the early monastic movement spread it. We can still see how the doctors of the Church, liked St. Therese did it. In fact, today we see how Pope Emeritus Benedict is doing it. Well, what else do we need to be able to do it?

4. Let us see the first visible element of the 'new' evangelization. All those mentioned above (a.) left the world and (b.)went to the desert. And their act of evangelization consisted in leaving the desert momentarily to invite those in the world to go to the desert and similarly do the same. From John the Baptist, through St. Ignatius of Loyola, to St. Therese....they all left the world and stayed in the desert. John stayed and grew up in the desert. Ignatius of Loyola stayed in Manresa and St. Therese remained in her own desert, the Carmelite monastery. Why do we have to do that? Because friendship with the world is enmity with Christ.
     The church, today,  is encouraging friendship and involvement with the world; in fact marriage with the world and all its sin. We are creating a new Church in enmity with Christ. There is no leaving the world that is necessary to be able to obey Christ's command 'to love God with all your mind, all your heart and all your strength.'  In today's church, your mind, heart and strength are dissipated with the things of the world. And activities are not directed to invite souls to go to the desert. Remember, to hear the voice of John, the Jews had to go to the desert. To hear the Words of Christ, they had to go to far lonely places in the desert. The way to God can only be learned in the symbolical atmosphere of the desert.
     The entire direction of the Church today is contrary to the concept of true evangelization.
     Almost everybody is ignorant of these two first elements of evangelization;  the 'fuga mundo' and the going out to the world just to invite souls to go to the desert; and returning to the desert after having invited others, as St. Augustine and St. Martin of Tours always did as bishops. Today, every body, priest and laymen, are in the world and enjoying the world.

5. Where is the desert? Any place where the senses can concentrate on the things of God, exclusively. Or putting it negatively, any place where the senses are not distracted with the things of the world. In the case of John the Baptist it was in a real desert. With St. Benedict and Ignatius of Loyola it was a cave. With St. Therese it was a cell in a monastery. With Blessed Taigi it was her kitchen. With Pope Emeritus it was an abandoned monastery behind the Vatican. The place does not matter. What is important is that the senses can concentrate on the things of God alone. That's why Pope Benedict had to set aside his papacy for a while.

6. And what do you do in the desert? You learn the commands of God, both as found in the Old and New Testament directly from the best teacher, God, in a classroom called contemplation or unceasing prayer. Christ's comment on St. Peter's response was; 'It was neither theology nor seminary professors who have taught you this. But My Father in heaven;.' Now, do you see why practically all priests, bishops and cardinals are without Faith; and, therefore, not even Catholics, as St. Robert Bellarmine described them? Because they learned their theology from men, not from God. And when you learn from men you learn only heresies....because whatever is not of Faith is sin, St. Paul wrote.
     Pope Benedict had often repeated. In the 'new' evangelization' the teachers must be contemplatives. And the pupils must be trying to be contemplatives. In short, the teacher must come from the desert like John the Baptist. And the pupils must, also, go and learn in the desert like the disciples of John and  which all the first disciples of Christ, also did.

7. A summary picture.
     So, the summary picture of the 'new' evangelization is Christ in the desert (i.e. during His hidden life at home.) To evangelize His first apostles He tells them to leave all things (the world) and live with Him in the desert (in forests, mountains, etc.) In the desert He teaches them contemplation which is the classroom within which they learn the truths of Christ. From their community life in the desert they would occasionally go to the world to invite souls to go and learn in the desert. Hoping they would eventually remain in the symbolic desert.

8. Why was Our Lady of Guadalupe the Patroness of the 'new' evangelization?
     Note that her feast together with the feast of the Immaculate Conception fall on Advent. Advent is a preparation for the first and second coming of Christ. To be saved we must be inside the Church. And her characteristic is, like Mary, she must be Immaculate. She cannot be an adulterer or a sodomist as proposed during the Synod.
     And why Our Lady of Guadalupe? Do not look at what happened at Tepeyac. That was God's diversionary tactic. Look at the fact that her image is identical to the image of the Woman of the Apocalypse. What happened? The Woman, a symbol of the Church and personified by the Blessed Virgin Mary was at first in the world. Of course. She had to show herself, establish herself and gather her first members from the world. But note what happened next. God, Himself, gives her two giant wings and tells her to fly to the desert and stay in a place there specially prepared by God for her. All attempts of the devil to drown her were futile. God, Himself, protected her by opening the earth to swallow all the worldliness the devil tried to drown her with.

     So, first; she used to be in the world. Probably in Israel, probably in the Vatican.  Then She was transferred by God, Himself, to the desert. Exactly what John the Baptist up to Ignatius of Loyola did. What is she doing there? Learning how to survive the General Judgment of God. Who is their teacher? God Himself. Because the Woman of the Apocalypse is a type of Our Lady of Guadalupe, John Paul II and Benedict proclaimed her Patroness of the 'new' evangelization. I haven't heart any body refer to this. Yet Pope Benedict had been preaching this since the time of John Paul II and all through his own papacy. 'Friendship with the world is enmity with Christ.' And this friendship is what  is being proposed for approval in the Bishop's Synod. Rightly was it repudiated by the majority of the Bishops.
     The Apocalypse states that the Church is now in the desert. That is why Pope Benedict had to go there by being a solitary. The papacy was meant for the true Church which has now been transfered to the desert by God, Himself.  Other popes are  the popez of the Church in the world which is no longer there.

 Conclusion; remember the majority in the Bishop's Synod repudiated Pope Francis. We must see why. If you study their arguments you will see that the majority was right.  And Francis was wrong. The final document shows it. It is sad that almost no one, priest or laity, know the arguments involved nor that a Synod was even held. So they find me weird analyzing what went on. I am going against those whose proposals were rejected for the same reason the majority of the cardinals and bishops went against them. I am not going against any one because I want to join the majority; but because the reasoning of the majority was right. This is a matter of right or wrong.
      The pope was, indeed, wrong because he went against the entire doctrine on evangelization. I love the man;  and am showing him the highest form of love of neighbor.......which is fraternal correction which most Catholics don't believe in.  Most believe that charity means allowing adulterers to continue in their adultery and add to their sins a sacrilegious communion. Or allowing a sodomist continue to sin if he cannot help avoiding his sin. That is not love. That is hate.

    Can a priest correct a pope? Yes. Both Scriptures and Canon Law has this provision. The majority of the Synod just did it.  All are bound to do so because it is an act of Charity.  

Sunday, December 14, 2014

NEWS they don't want to hear. Part II

1. The real main issues during the October Bishop's Synod.
     The two contending groups were; on one side the now famous Bergoglio's team made up of Pope Francis, Cardinal Kasper, Forte, Baldisseri, Marx, Tagle, etc....On the other side is Cardinal Burke's team with some French, and many Polish and African Bishops.
     The Bergoglio's team were proposing to disobey two of the commands of God (the six and ninth). Cardinal Burke's team were insisting that man cannot decide which command to obey or disobey. God had commanded men to obey all His commands, even the smallest iota.

     To dictate what is right from wrong is exclusively the right of God and that the Synod, should not even discuss it. This topic is not within speculative theology. Men cannot speculate on this. That the Synod even discussed the morality of these two cases was completely out of place.
     And Cardinal Burke's side was right.  Pope Francis was wrong.

2. And so the post Synodal questions arouse. How come it was the bishops who corrected the Pope when it should be the Pope correcting the bishops.  It should be the Pope who should be telling the Synod what is right and wrong. How  come he was quiet when it was his duty to step forward and declare that their very proposals were morally wrong? What crossed the minds of the Synodal fathers is that Francis, because he is not behaving like a Pope, is probably not the  Pope.

3. By the time the Synod ended, there was evidently a Schism. Two opposing groups holding two opposing doctrines. The Synod was no longer the Catholic Church because it did not have the four visible marks of the true Church of Christ. They were not one; what they were discussing was not holy; what they were trying to agree to was not universal; and what they wanted approved was not apostolic doctrine. There was absolutely nothing Catholic in what was being proposed. The objection of Burke's team who totally rejected the proposal by the Bergoglio team was an act of refusal to join the schism. The schismatic divide was there; it will go wider as days pass.
4. The suspicion that Francis was probably not a pope was further strengthened when Burke's team went to Pope Benedict and asked for an intervention. That gesture confirmed the existence of a schism. They were asking the Emeritus Pope to lead them.  In any definition, that gesture proved the existence of a schism. Burke's team was not the cause of the schism. They were just reacting to an existing schism.....sadly initiated by the Francis, himself. This is the first time that  a Pope is leaving the Catholic Church by an act of schism.
      Let us continue with the facts from the news and analyze the facts.
      The schism initiated by the Bergoglio team was caused by disobeying commands of  Christ as written in the New Testament, specially enumerated by St. Paul. This sin is a sin against Faith. And sins against Faith is called heresy or apostasy, which would deprive them of the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. With the absence of these virtues you are out of the Church, St. Robert Bellarmine, states.  The resultant act is described as schism. Though this schism had been hinted by some writers, no one had taken it seriously. All attempts are directed to denying it. Cardinals and bishops who have not attended the Synod known nothing that there was a schism. Those who were informed of this news refuse to believe it though they are shown all the news and arguments presented on both sides. The only radio program here reporting the happenings during the Bishop's Synod was close down by the owner, an Opus Dei member, because 'they find the news uncomfortable.'
     The news are really uncomfortable. All teachings of Christ are uncomfortable. If you want comfort you just have to relax and follow the direction of the flow of the world that leads to spiritual destruction.
      Some Synod Fathers who approached Benedict to resolve the confusion was, in fact, inviting him to assume his papacy again and lead the Church again.  Some Spanish Bishops had already suggested approaching Benedict to assume once more the papal office seeing the turmoil Francis was causing long before the Synod. But Pope Benedict declined assuring them that Francis is the Pope. Hmmmmm. Why did Benedict say that? Let us closely analyze this.  Benedict says 'I will not lead even the true Church to avoid an evident schism.' Was he admitting a spiritual schism has occurred and to pretend there is no physical schism is needed to put up a nice Catholic front?
      Spiritually we cannot avoid a schism. Whether we like it or not. It is an act of the mind and free will. None of the apostles, not even Christ could stop the apostasy of Judas. The Bergoglio team is leading the group that have sinned against Faith with their twin proposal .....and as a result, has separated from the Church.
      Burke's group rejection of Bergoglio's twin proposals was the visible sign of their fidelity to the Church.  The schism during the Synod is forcing the Burke group to go further away from them to notice that there was a schism.  Their inability to label the schism as such shows they, themselves were in the grey area. In short, the distance between the cockles and the wheat, as St. Agustine states was not evident in the minds of the Synod Father.....but it was very evident for any one to see in the doctrines they were holding. The doctrines the Bergoglio team were holding were against Catholic dogmas (like loving without Faith), morals (like communion for those living in adultery) and asceticism (like I should stay as I am and even commit the same mistakes I committed before). The doctrines of the Burke team were not published by the Synod. But their rejection of the Bergoglio proposals was sufficient reason they were not part of the schism.  

5. The fall out.
     The existence of the schism is clearly seen in the consequential fall out. As Cardinal Burke attended the US Bishop's meeting, he received a standing ovation from 200 bishops in appreciation for his stand during the Synod. That would mean that only 66 were on the side of the Bergoglio team.
     The Italian bishops did not raise their hands for a count but they rejected the candidates to the vice presidency that belong to the Bergoglio team. The same thing happened in Spain. The bishops of Ghana who were insulted by Cardinal Kasper,  Bergoglio's favorite theologian, appeared in a group picture in defense of the stand of the African Bishops who sided with Burke.

6. An expected typical fallout of this schism. Let us look at Asia where I am.
     What will happen to Asia and, in particular, the Philippines, as a consequence of this schism.
     First; as chairman of the catechetical section of the CEAP (Catholic Education Association of the Phillipines) whose members are the best accredited Catholic schools in the island, I could not find a suitable catechetical syllabus. I had to settle with a poorly made catechism series from the States and be resigned to the fact that the Filipino Catholics enrolled in the best Catholic schools receive a very poor catechetical instruction. What kind of instruction would the rest of the Catholics get? That should describe the state of the Faith of the vast majority of the laymen.
     Secondly; during the Papal visit of Pope John Paul II to the Philippines, he ordered the Bishops Conference to change the defective curriculum in all seminaries and look for a better curriculum. They were given several years to work on that. After the time limit the CBCP met in Tagaytay chose and approved a new curriculum. They chose a curriculum presented by the Commission on Seminaries which I made based on Scriptures and the Fathers. Five years after its approval no seminary had implemented the new approved curriculum; and all continued with their defective curriculum that cannot teach seminarians to reach Faith. That should describe the state of Faith of seminarians.
     Thirdly; during a Bishop's conference, also, in Tagaytay, it seems that the bishops had some problems with their diocesan priests. What they were, I never knew. But I guess, like all priestly problems described by St. Thomas of Aquinas, it could have been the problem of vices......whose sole solution is virtues (as summarized in the book 'the enemies of the priesthood.' Through my bishop I suggested a newsletter which would contained in short, summary form the writings of the Fathers of the Church. It was approved by the Bishop's conference. And for the last more than 30 years our community had been summarizing, printing, and mailing copies of 'Winnowing Fan' to all Diocesan priests, free of charge, in and outside the country. Our latest issues were precisely on the 'new evangelization' of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict. But it's effect is minimal. That should describe the state of Faith of many priests.
     Fourthly, desperate that the visible fruits of repentance are not growing in the Church, I had a TV and a radio program. The latter handled topics to foster devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, another was a Saturday program where a commentary on the next Sunday Gospel from the Fathers of the Church was given, as a help for priests for the homilies the next day, Sunday.  A third was a program on the 'Compendium of the Catechesm of the Catholic Church by Pope Benedict where we distributed, also,  copies of the Catechism and books on the Fathers of the Church free of charge to the radio listeners. The followers of the program were the only encouraging sign in that it showed some were interested in the truth. But suddenly all the radio programs were suddenly terminated without notice because the owners did not like the news we were reading coming from the confusion during the recently concluded Bishop's Synod in Rome. That should describe the state of Faith of Mass media owners like the Opus Dei.
     Fifthly, behind St. Bellarmine Hall where I was taking up Psychology, was the Catechetical Center attended by most Asians which I often visited. Until the Lady head of the Center seriously informed me that the Fathers of the Church are works of the devil. That should describe the state of the Faith of our catechetical centers that was training all of Asia.
     Sixthly, then during the Bishop's Synod we read that our cardinal is part of those proposing that the Catholic Church change its code of morality. That should describe the state of Faith of some of our cardinals and bishops.
     What can I say? With the psalmist; 'help Lord, for the waters (of schism, heresy and apostasy) is up to my neck.'

6. These are the battle lines between the two contending groups, just in these tiny islands in the Pacific.
     Seeing from above the Catholic topology of the Catholic population, let us look at the positions of the combatants.
     Bergoglio's men, yielding the weapon of the hermeneutics of discontinuity (in effect starting a new protestant sect)  had been de-catechizing the seminaries, the bishops and whole dioceses through one of their champion Cardinal Tagle, a member of the Bologna group mentioned by Pope Benedict as propagator of the erroneous hermeneutic of discontinuity. Author of Chapter 6 of a book mis-interpreting Vatican II Tagle was  described by John Allen, a Vaticanist,  as 'little Francis' whose beliefs are identical with that author of 'Church of Mercy'; a totally new church different from the church of the apostles and the Fathers. A pupil of Komonchack, a Jesuit and the second head of the school of Bologna believer in discontinuity.
     Now the rest of the Bergoglio team is here preparing for a papal visit. Unfortunately, we do not have a Cardinal Burke to defend the Church. Well, if he were here he would certainly be shut up. And no media would interview him. I see the other side nowhere.
     This island is ready for what St. Paul described......'a great Apostasy.'
     Now, you have heard the news you would not want to hear. Maybe, you would rather have not heard it.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

NEWS they don't want to hear. Part I

1. Christ experienced this. He preached the doctrine of the Eucharist. People found it 'a hard saying.' And they left Him. The teachings of Christ in the New Testament are all hard sayings, St. Caesarius of Arles reminds us. Just like a prognosis of cancer or a coming super storm or the very idea of death. So men indulges in 'denials' of truth which is the beginnings of insanity. And today, there is nothing that is most hurting than to hear very bad news about the Catholic Church. Because it is like the bride of Christ going into prostitution. No Catholic wants to hear of it. Today, great efforts are exerted not to know the on-goings

2. Christ taught that the Church has two parts both belonging to His vineyard; the cockle and the wheat. St. Augustine states that the wheat is the true Church, the true bride. The cockles, though inside the Church, are not really true members of the Church; that's why they would eventually be harvested and separated from the wheat and burned. The cockles are prostitutes from the very beginning being sowed by the devil anyway. The wheat is ever virginal. But today it is difficult to find the wheat.
     The Bishop's Synod is a clear picture showing both the wheat and the cockle side by side.  Since the cockles are easier to see many see that part of the Church that is always crumbling; while the wheat is more difficult to see, being spiritual. So we cannot always see the complete picture of the Church. Those with the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity can see the whole picture. This is why Pope Benedict had been insisting that we all check if we have Faith. Without Faith we see absolutely nothing.
3. The happenings in the last October Synod was so bad. And it is going worse everyday as each side strengthen their positions. A polarization is taking place. Most newspaper do not carry any news but just repeat the unreliable and bad analysis of the international press. So most Catholics know nothing about it; all cardinals, bishops and priest who did not participate in it. The laymen are in total darkness on the happenings.
     For the majority of the participating bishops it was a trauma. They just could not believe what was happening.  They were stunned and paralyzed. It is only now, two months after the Synod that they are expressing their deeper reflection on it and giving us a clearer perception on what really happened.
     The few, outside the Synod, who are beginning to hear the news  'could not take it,' could not believe it happened;  a sign of  lack of Faith because it had all been prophesied in Scriptures.  And like those who abandoned Christ, they would rather know nothing about it rather than check out the facts. Love for the Church makes us study what is wrong  that we may remedy the situation. Let us leave behind those who cannot stomach what is happening and like Christ concentrate on the true disciple who remained, precisely, to be able to understand better what it is all about.

4. What is the Bishop' Synod of 2014? Now, the news.
     There was a meeting of around 200 Bishops, representing the whole Church,  particularly invited to discuss certain topics. The last Synod of 2012 discussed Pope John Paul II and Benedict's 'New Evangelization.' The Secretary General of the Synod was Bishop Eterovic. This year's topic was on The Family and the Secretary General was Baldisseri.

5. Preparation for the Synod.
    A consistory was held earlier in February in preparation for the Synod. Pope Francis invited only one speaker, Cardinal Kasper. And the spokesman who gave a televised report on its workings afterwards was Cardinal Tagle. All the above reported that the consistory went very well discussing the topics. Now, keep in mind that these topics that were described as well received by the consistory are the same topics that were totally rejected by the majority of the Bishops during the Synod.
    Let us look at the background of the three above; Pope Francis, Kasper and  Tagle. Bergoglio and Kasper were part of a group together with Lehmans, Martini, Madariaga, etc..who during Vatican II were pushing for a hermeutics of discontinuity. This philosophy, in short, holds that the Catholic Church as established by Christ and the Apostles are too old to cope with modern realities. So it must be totally overhauled.  In essence this is the heresy of 'modernism' condemned by Pius X in 'Pascendi.' They were out voted by the group who elected John Paul II and Benedict XVI. When Pope Benedict stepped aside as Pope, the group rejoiced 'now it is our time to do our thing,' Kasper said something to that effect. And we hope Benedict does not interfere with us, he added.
     Tagle joined the group later as part of the school of Bologna. This school is known for pushing the hermeneutics of discontinuity, a philosophy several times condemned by Pope Benedict.  This heresy states  that the Catholic Church has stopped existing before Vatican II. This is against the Words of Christ who said 'the gates of hell shall not prevail against her'. Their agenda is to start a new church different from the Catholic Church. They would work from within  by changing her dogmas and morals.
     This philosophy was made popular by Jesuit theologians, propagated mostly by Jesuits like Komonchack who was the professor of Tagle. The topics at the consistory was precisely to change the dogmas and morals of the Catholic Church and start a new 'sect.' This was the 'very good goings' referred to by Pope Francis, Kasper and Tagle after the consistory.

6. During the Bishop's Synod.
     Pope Francis hand picked all the top officers of the Synod....a move to ensure approval of the proposals for the family. Kasper, Baldiserri and Forte were in the forefront. Tagle was one of the chairman. Their proposals were backed up by most of the Austrian and German bishops. This was one group. Their names are in the news.
      On the now known opposing group were some bishops from France, Poland and Africa. These two groups will crack the Catholic Church; thus she would lose her visible sign of unity.

7. The Doctrinal Divide.
     There are around 60 proposals but let us concentrate on the two proposals that caused the lost of the Church's visible sign, Unity. At first sight they look harmless like wolves in sheep clothing. But they were cracks that could spell the total collapse of the entire building of the Church. The first was the allowing of those living in adultery to receive holy communion. The other is welcoming the idea of same sex relationships. Seemingly innocent. Adulterers, like cockles, are not kicked out of the Church. They are inside the vineyard of the Lord. And the Church had always taught to treat them with great Charity as she must treat all men. People with same sex attractions are also taught to be treated with great Charity and the Church had never changed her teachings since the time of Christ. So why discuss immemorial teachings of the Church? Ohhhh.... because they want to change it.
     The teachings of the Church is that those with mortal sins cannot receive holy communion unless the repent and undergo a conversion of life. Receiving  holy communion will worsen the state of their soul and increase their chances of going to hell. Who in their right mind would do that to their neighbor?  It is bad enough for terrorist to kill a neighbor whom they do not know and have done them no wrong. How much more to condemn  souls to hell by encouraging them to add sacrilege to their already existing sins?
      The debate was evidently a great doctrinal and moral divide. There was no grey area. The discussion must have been violent. But the Vatican News, controlled by Pope Francis released rosy pictures while clamping down on oppositions. Dirty tactics, uncharitable comments, demotions, threats were flying around the aula but no news. But, thanks to the internet, the underdogs led by Cardinal Burke leaked news to the world. The news were sickening. It was happening within the Vatican and it was led by Pope Francis, himself. A schism was occurring. A schism in the true sense of the word. A group was  going against the teachings of the Catholic Church led by Pope Francis with Cardinal Kasper, Baldiserri, Forte, Tagle, etc. And an opposing group clinging to a sinking boat, the Catholic Church,  led by Cardinal Burke. He was suddenly demoted to a non-entity for doing so.

8. Pope Francis's proposal.
    The Pope's proposal was to disobey the commands of Christ. The commands of Christ states; you must be in the state of grace to receive holy Communion. And marriage must be between an unmarried man and unmarried woman, simply stated. Pope Francis and his group of cardinals and bishops wanted the Synod to approve disobedience to Christ's commands. In Scriptures, if we disobey ONE command of Christ, we disobey ALL. Because to disobey one command is an affront to the giver of the command and, therefore, is like disobeying all.
     To approve Pope Francis proposal is to cause the collapse of the whole Church; its theology of the sacraments, the doctrine of the Papacy, the theology of grace, the nature of man, the nature of sin, the need for repentance........everything. Which is precisely the intention of these followers of the hermeneutics of discontinuity. They want the Catholic Church to be discontinued by human means and erect a new man made church according to their whims.

9. An attempt to prevent the collapse of the Church.
     This was done by the majority of the members of the Synod led by Card. Burke. an American. Burke argued that Synods and even Ecumenical Council are supposed to clarify Dogmas and Morals and not to make up new dogmas and Morals. The role of the Church is to clarify teachings for the purpose of evangelization and not adjust  teachings to suit the likings of the people. The job of the Church is prophetically teaching the Will of God as taught by Christ and not imposing the will of a man-pope, a man-cardinal or a man-bishop. So they rejected the Pope's proposal. It was the first time ever that bishops rejected a Pope's proposal, the first time bishops corrected a Pope, the first time a Synod gave a no-confidence vote to a Pope, the first time bishops told the Pope 'he is wrong'.
But it was not the first time the Vatican had an anti-pope.

10. A Schism is born.
     It happened before between the Church and the orthodox, between the Church and the protestants. And it can happen today. In fact, it did happen last October. One third of the Bishop's Synod led by Pope Francis led a group of Cardinals and Bishops to start a new 'sect' named after a book written by Bergoglio himself as a bishop in Argentina. The title is 'Church of Mercy;' fancy name like protestant names.  It was identical to Cardinal Kasper's book on 'Mercy'; which was neither the essence of the Gospel nor the key to christian life.  And recently Cardinal Tagle gave a long lecture in Manila praising the 'Church of Mercy' of Pope Francis with its evident deviation from Catholic theology by omitting every important truths of the Catholic Church like the life of repentance, conversion and Faith.  The schism is there and complete; it is permanent. There is no impact in the mind. It is just going around in whispers. Is is a supernatural act to see the schism. Not even the bishop participants have detected it. But if anyone comes down to the definition of schism; it is clear we have a schism, a heresy and apostasy......all in one bundle according to St. Thomas of Aquinas (IIaIIae). And  the problem is....nobody has noticed it. Confirming the fact that there is no Faith anywhere. You need Faith to notice a schism. The bishop's Synod ended on that note....a complete rejection of the Pope.

In next part II of the news we shall see how the gap is widening..
     The tragedy is that the 'good guys' who tried to preserve the Catholic Church are spread all over the world and do not have the advantage of media. While the new 'sect' led by Bergoglio and his men are all entrenched in the Vatican with both the Vatican and secular media on their side. The poor victim is the entire world, ripe for the picking for this 'new' sect.

Friday, December 05, 2014

ADVENT - the Bishop's Synod and Bergoglio.

1. We have shown the teachings of Christ taken, first, from the New Testament; then interpreted by the Fathers of the Church from a collection by St. Thomas of Aquinas in his 'Catena Aurea.' And as proposed by the Popes especially from Pope Pius IX up to Pope Benedict XVI and, occassionally confirmed by the Blessed Virgin in her approved apparitions.
     Then we gathered this knowledge and painted a picture of the eschatology of the Catholic Church, the way she looks today. Let us recall briefly the tid bit informations and then the total picture as described in the season of Advent.

     The scattered information portraying the eschatological picture of the Catholic Church are these, again; there will be a decay of Faith, there will be a waxing cold of Charity (these are words of Christ), there will be a lost of the power to forgive sins and the power to consecrate the Blessed Sacrament (mentioned by prophets in the Old Testament and mentioned by Christ before His crucifixion), there will be a last anti-pope side by side with a true Pope (specifically mentioned in a vision of St. Hildegard of Bingen recently raised as Doctor of the Church), there will be no prophet to teach God's Will (from both the prophets and the psalms), there will be schisms and apostasies (as St. Paul wrote) and finally the Catholic Church will be small, perfect, one, holy, catholic, apostolic and prepared for her wedding with her Spouse (as foretold by the Gospel on the boat ride in Lake Tiberias).
2. We have discussed all the prophecies from both the Old and New Testament....except the last, the image of the Catholic Church which we will present as described by Pope John Paul II in his 'new evangelization and Pope Benedict in his 'Year of Faith'. Though the Church is an image clearly pointed out in 'Lumen Gentium' quoting St. Augustine and Blessed Cardinal Newman her description is not heard from any priests, bishop or cardinal. In fact, no priest can explain why Our Lady of Guadalupe was chosen by Pope John Paul II as the Patroness of the 'new' evangelization together with St. Therese. We shall explain this when we describe the Catholic Church later.

3. Now let us look at the Church today as foretold during the Sundays of Advent. The Gospel of the First Sunday talks about a man traveling abroad. That is Christ ascending to heaven. He leaves his servants in charge. These are the laymen. Then he orders a man at the gate to watch. These are the priests, bishops, cardinals and Pope. The job of this porter was to watch with a sharp eye to know when the master is coming.

4. Let us concentrate on the porter assigned at the gate to watch. The scenario is the end times just recalled on the Feast of Christ the King. And Advent is preparation, not for the first coming of Christ which is finish, but for the second coming Christ. The porter at the gate has two roles; to watch with a sharp eye for the coming of the master. And secondly, to wake up the workers when the master is coming.

5. Firstly, the role of priests, bishops and Popes is to evangelize all nations. But when the end is near their job is, first, to watch with a sharp eye for the coming of the master. And when he sees the master coming, he should wake up his co-workers. To wake up is slightly different from evangelization. Essentially they are the same but there are many things you must set aside when you are hurrying up; things you do not have to set aside when evangelizing.  But Christ said nobody knows the time of the end but His Father in heaven only. Well, you really cannot know the exact time the owner will arrive at the house. But if you have a sharp mind you can see from afar the Second coming of Christ with ample time to wake up your co-workers. The Gospel with the porter with sharp eyes is how things should be. But that will not be the eschatological  picture of the Church today.

6. Advent shows us two groups; the shepherds and the magi. Both were seeking God. Did any priest or bishop of the Chosen people point to the new born child? None. But to the shepherd angels sung. Did any priest or bishop point the child to the Magi? None. No one. But a star in the sky.  And at least the priests gave directions taken from the prophets....'in Bethlehem of Juda'. They only gave directions but they could not personally point to the child.

7. That is what is happened during the October Bishop's Synod.There was a schism; a group led by Pope Francis seceded from the Church. While the group of Cardinal Burke remained within the Church. While the former left the Church by disobeying the command of God found both in the Old and New Testament, the latter obeyed the Old and New Testament but did not give sufficient proof of entering into the perfection of Faith in the New Testament. Proof? They did not condemn the great Schism that was taking place.

     While the former showed the way to hell; the latter, at least, showed the way to Old Testament spirituality......'in Bethlehem of Judea' but did not point to the Child and the Mother of the New Testament. And understandably because Christ had not yet preached the Good News.

8. The sin committed during the Synod was against Faith; described by St. Thomas as heresy or apostasy coming from pride and/or vainglory. Being sins against faith Pope Francis, Kasper et al. would have no Faith, Hope nor Charity. Without Faith, Pope Francis cannot be pope because he is guilty of sin against Faith which are heresy and apostasy. St. Thomas continues saying that no one should have anything to do with him because he will tend to cause others to lose Faith, too.

9. We have Advent foretelling right on schedule what happened during the just concluded Bishop's Synod in Rome. No one was there to welcome Christ....while the rest do not have sharp eyes to see from afar the coming of the master. And so up to now no one is sounding the alarm to wake up. The sign that the master can be seen arriving from afar had been announced by Pope Benedict when quoting St. Bonaventure, he declared that we are now in the sixth day of creation in the history of the Church. The sign that the master is at the door is what happened during the Bishop's Synod....we have a pope who led a schism by going against the teachings of Christ. This is clear in the documents of the Synod. And this was the reason his proposals were rejected by the majority of the members of the Synod; the first time it ever happened. Suddenly, we have a situation a Catholic would hate to think.....that we have schismatic or an anti-pope. But that is not under our control.

      The presence of the last anti-pope in the chair of Peter as Robert Benson wrote in his 'Lord of the World'. A Bishop commented; Pope Francis read the book. He even gave a homily on it. But it seems he learned nothing about the arrival of the master. He did not even notice that the anti-pope in the apocalyptic novel befriended the anti-Christ, the head of the U.S., and his name was Francis. And that there was a true Pope in hiding. We cannot know the exact time. But basing it from Scriptures and the Fathers, Robert Benson (an Anglican convert and great writer on Catholic spirituality) traced the exact event that will happen from three years before the end and his narration is exactly what is happening today. He portrayed what happened in the Bishop's Synod in a conversation between an old priest and the future hidden Pope at the beginning of the book.

10. Returning to the discussion in Rome on the two Popes. There is only one Pope. The other one because of his sin against Faith committed during the Bishop's Synod that is much publicized cannot be pope because he is not even a Catholic. By defintion from St. Thomas' Secunda secundae; with sin against Faith he would be a heretic or apostate. In fact, Pope Francis' own curial staff  Muller called him a heretic for separating dogma from praxis. The newspapers call it Schism. A very serious matter that we cannot take lightly. A schism occurred during the Bishop's Synod. That was no mere innocent discussion. It was two opposing doctrines of morality. One side in complete disobedience to the commands of Christ.

11. So Pope Benedict, stepped aside to intentionally give way for the uncanonical election of the long awaited prophesied anti-pope. In the hope he can continue to guide the Church in such difficult times and hopefully convert the anti-pope. Look at these two Acts of Divine Providence. First, Vatican I made provisions that in case an anti-pope is elected nothing should be done about it. Why? Were they able to stop the prophecy that Judas would betray Christ? No. And yet Pope John Paul II made a provision the violation of which would render an election of the a Pope uncanonical. Which was violated during the election of Bergoglio as published in a book on the life of Bergoglio. The violation was concocted by four cardinals whose names were mentioned.
     Recently, Pope Emeritus Benedict gave three talks in which he corrected all the errors of Pope Francis. In the first two talks, Benedict showed how Francis went against the teachings of John Paul's 'Veritatis Splendor', 'Redemptor homines', 'Redemptor Missio', 'Evangelium Vitae', 'Fides et Ratio' and 'Dominus Jesus'. In his third talk he showed how Francis went against his Motu Proprio 'Summorum Pontificum.' Going against a Pope's teachings that are based on the teachings of Christ and the Fathers makes him an anti-pope by the very definition of the word.

12. So the  porter had sounded the alarm 'the master is returning' when Benedict declared we are in Good Friday in the History of the Church.  The Bishop's Synod is the evident sign that the master, is not only approaching from far away but is now at the door because of the Schism wherein a group of cardinals and bishops left the Church; and it was led by Pope Francis. The Cardinals and Bishops who opposed Pope Francis and the Kasperites were the majority in the Bishop's Synod. But in the whole world those who would side with Pope Francis and the Kasperites will be the majority. It is for this reason that Bishop Marx was confident their minority group will get what they want, their disobedience to the commands of Christ, next Bishop's Synod 2015.
     Lord, have mercy. What will those who are serious in saving their souls do? The 2nd Sunday of Advent  Gospel will teach us.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

TWO POPES ????? No!!!

PART I. Pope Benedict and the realm of the supernatural.

     There are two testaments.
     The Old Testament is in the natural level. It was meant for all men. All men are endowed by God with minds and free will to be able to know those commands and to obey them. And in the Feast of Christ the King, Christ separated the sheep and the goats. These are those who have never heard the teachings of Christ. Thus the judgment they received was based on the Old Testament commands, as is evident in the words of the Gospel; I was hungry, I was thirsty, etc.
     Strange, the discussion during the 2013 Bishop's Synod on the two items rejected by the majority was on Old Testament commands; adultery and sodomy. Why were  cardinals and bishops living in the New Testament discussing and fighting over Old Testament commands? Because they could not rise up to the level of the New Testament?

     The New Testament is in the supernatural level. Christ, Himself, said that no one can learn these unless My Father in heaven teaches them these truths. This is infused knowledge. You learn this, not in seminaries nor in schools of theology. You learn this, Pope Benedict states in the 'new evangelization,' kneeling on your knees. The complain of the bishops in the Synod was that nobody ever mentioned supernatural doctrines as the bases of their discussions. No one quoted Christ nor the Fathers of the Church.
1. A brilliant discussion was going on in Rome some months ago amongst capable authors. On the possibility that there are two Popes. The arguments on both sides, that Pope Benedict continues to be Pope and Pope Francis is also Pope were convincing, but they were faced with the reality that there can only be one Pope. Up to now, the idea of having two popes is still floating in the air. Occasionally there is a desire to proclaim Pope Benedict as the only Pope but without solid arguments.
      Both sides gave good arguments but both arguments were in the natural level. The side who held that Pope Benedict is still Pope argues from an analysis of Pope Benedict's resignation announcement. That was splendid because they distinguished the difference between the Petrine office of the Pope and his administrative role as head of the Vatican State.  The side who held that Pope Francis is, also, Pope presents the simple argument that he had been elected by a conclave. The argument is good enough but inferior to the other side; in that most of the anti-popes were elected by conclaves.
     The papal office is a supernatural reality and can only be understood and appreciated if we, ourselves, rise up to the supernatural level and argue on that higher level.

2. Let us present some general theological principles and see if a conclusion to the debate can be reached.
     A person in the supernatural level exist in the level of the New Testament. This is the life in grace. He has the supernatural, theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. This is, in brief, the characteristic of a true Catholic, a disciple of Christ. At least he must have Faith.
     The burden of proof that one is in the supernatural level lies on the person, himself. We, Catholics, must prove that ours is the true Church and that we are inside the Church. No one else can prove this. St. Thomas of Aquinas states that Faith can be explicitly expressed through the three confessions; confession of Faith, confession of worship and confession of sins.
      Faith is further visible through the four visible signs of the Church, one, holy, catholic and apostolic, proofs that our church is the one established by Christ. And we have the more than 30 liturgical signs (celebrated during Sundays in Ordinary time) that can show if we have, at least, Faith, and, therefore, are inside the Church.
     Priests, bishops, cardinals and the Pope have the burden of proof that they are Catholics. And they must do so before they can earn the respect and obedience of the Faithful. But Faith, Hope and Charity are supernatural virtues; they are spiritual entities that cannot be known by ordinary men.
     There are countless ways by which a Catholic can exhibit his Faith so he, himself, and others can view it.
     Faith can be known by those without Faith  through their visible expressions only; like the supernatural love of God can be known by pagans through one's love of neighbor. Like the spiritual realities of the Mass can be learned through its visible liturgical signs. So let us try to find out if the two Popes have the three theological virtues; or at least if they have Faith.

3. We will try to resolve the debate based on the theological virtue of Faith. Most Catholics, even priests, bishops and cardinals do not have Faith. And sometimes a few popes, often referred to as anti-popes. But a true Pope  by the mere fact that he is chosen by God to be Pope is immediately given the virtue of Faith without passing the normal process of evangelization....because Christ promised it. That he may do his job of confirming the Faithful in their Faith. A true Pope always have Faith.
    Let us pause here for a while and look at the elements just mentioned. First; that a Pope is a Pope by the will of God; not by the will of men. Nobody can know the will of God unless one has the theological virtue of Faith. The Pope can only know that it is God's will that he be Pope after he had received 'gratis' the virtue of Faith from God. The Faithful can know God's will for themselves but can have, only, an educated guess of God's will for others. If I have Faith I can know for sure what is
God's Will for me; and with the same Faith I can have a well informed knowledge of God's will for others. So I can know God's will for Benedict or Francis by studying the pattern of God's Will as found in Scriptures.
 4.  When God's will is the salvation of souls, which is always the case, there can be no time out, no rest, no resignations in between until His Will is accomplished. In fact, it is a sin to have a break in the process of salvation. St.Thomas says; that sin is  punished by you regressing. Imagine a soul working for his salvation asking to pause for a vacation or resign when he is 80. Though we have the unorthodox practice of bishops retiring at 75  this goes against the teachings of the Fathers. They should lead their flocks to perfection. And that means up to death.
      If a missionary-monk had accomplished God's Will in converting Germany then God rewards him and takes him to heaven.  He dies.  Thus when St. Boniface and his group of missionary monks had accomplished God's will in evangelizing Germany, they were martyred. You don't stop saving souls until you are dead. This is clear in the example of Pope John Paul II. He was saving souls up to his last breath. And we should do the same because that is the clear pattern of God's Will.

5.   Pope Benedict showed signs of Faith even as a Cardinal. We cannot see the virtue but can sense what St. Paul described as what comes out of the mouth which is the outpouring of what is in the heart and mind. Faith comes out of the mind; Charity comes out from the heart. St. Thomas describes this as 'practicing Faith explicitly'. And both confessions showed in Benedict's numerous writings. When compared with Divine Revelation as interpreted by the Fathers, his writings are excellent proofs he had the virtues.Which made his election to the papacy an occasion for great excitement. With Faith, Benedict knew his election was God's Will to use him to guide the Church and save souls.
6.   Will God suddenly change His mind, tell Benedict to resign while the Church is in the midst of a storm and souls are in the brink of hell as is happening today? Definitely not. It would militate against the immutability  and providence of God. I repeat; No one may resign from the job of saving souls; one's own or others. It's a sin. All the more one cannot resign saving the soul of the whole Church. Benedict, knowing well his theology would never resign. It is unthinkable for a man of Faith to resign. That would be against Faith.

7.  But Pope Benedict seemed to have resigned due to old age and poor health. Souls with the theological virtues do not spiritually grow old nor spiritually grow weak. Faith keeps them sharp in mind and heart sustaining them with the help of grace to accomplish His Will. Thus resigning is not in their vocabulary. So, why did he resign? He did not. Though he gave reasons of age and health. Did'nt St. Paul say that when you talk to children you should give them mere milk and not solid food? People without Faith will not understand if he gave his real reason. So until now. nobody have been able to guess his real reason. But we can guess what is his real reason from his writings.

      We can understand Benedict's moves easier if we compare him to St. Peter, the first Pope.  When faced with an administrative problem,  he chose to remain praying on the roof. Peter could not attend to small details. He must concentrate on the big things. This was the very reason Benedict gave for stepping aside. To attend to the crisis of Faith in the Church and not in the insignificant 'gay lobby' in the Vatican. Did St. Peter resign when he stayed on the roof rather than feed the Greek widows?  No. He continued to be Pope while disappearing from the administrative function for a while. Benedict seems to disappear from the problem of the 'gay lobby' to attend to the crisis of Faith besetting cardinals, bishops, priest and which is causing chaos among the faithful. Christ said; 'this can only be solve through prayer and fasting.  Benedict was doing battle against Lucifer. He could not tackle him with Ecumenical Councils and Bishop's Synod. Like Judas, Satan had entered many cardinals, bishops and priest. Not even Christ could drive Satan out of Judas (He chose not to do so).
     Benedict, as Pope, is just following his mentor, proceeding to the Cross through contemplation. Did Christ resign? No, He continue the battle until he died, leading the Church to perfection.

8.  How many times did Christ tell his Apostles to be more like Mary than Martha to emphasize the necessity for Popes to be contemplatives rather than being  liberation theologians? St. Peter simply went to high gear when he went up the roof. Benedict just went to high gear when he chose to pray rather than solve the 'gay lobby.' St. Peter repeated this high gear stuff on another occasion on another boat trip amidst a very bad storm similar to what is happening today. Peter left the boat and went directly to Christ in prayer to beg Him to save the Church. Saving the boat was beyond Peter's capability. The Church was being swamped with devils, adulterers, atheist and gays; aside from priests, bishops, cardinals and probably an anti-pope without Faith.

9.      It is still difficult to understand why Benedict resigned. No. He went to high gear. Let us look at the video on his announcement to resign.
      The 'announcement' scenario explained his singular act. The urgency of the announcement with  fixed dates. The total absence of emotion on his part (because an act of Faith is an act of the mind) while the cardinals and bishops were emotionally stunned. The resolute gait proved God had spoken to him through Faith to proceed with his papacy with 'new'  urgent supernatural instructions nobody will understand. So he should keep quiet about it. Benedict hinted he had a supernatural message.What could it be?  It will show in his actions.

      Through Faith, God could have revealed to Benedict that his thesis on St. Bonaventure is being accomplished today. That the Church is no longer in her former location; neither in the parish, nor in the diocese, nor in St. Christ threatened in the Gospel of the vineyard. So Benedict was in the wrong place. St. Bonaventure described where she is,  thus Benedict wrote in his 'new' evangelization where to look for her. Pope John Paul II described the place and symbolically declared the place as the Patroness of the 'new' evangelization; Our Lady of Guadalupe. He read it in a book by St. Grignon de Montfort as a young priest. Benedict realized that to continue being Pope of the Catholic Church he had to go to where the Church had been transferred by God as described in the Book of Revelation. Not in the Vatican.
      But an ominous picture appeared; described by the Popes, like John XXIII's comment why he took the name John.  And there was the vision of  St. Hildegard of Bingen in her 'Scivias' whom he raised to the honor of 'Doctor of the Church.'  In Vision 10 Hildegard saw the rise of an anti-pope as Lucifer's last attempt to destroy the Catholic Church. This was God's permissive will, like Judas' betrayal. What is  God's direct Will for Benedict? What should his move be? Only Faith can tell him. Benedict, the man of Faith, moved with prophetic precision as a Pope should, putting into motion the prophetic role of the Church thought.
 10.  If I continue to be Pope until death and the anti-pope followed me, the Church would be in total confusion with an enemy at the helms and no true Pope guiding her. A Church without a true pope is unimaginable. Why don't I pretend to resign. Cause a conclave to uncanonically elect a pope and continue to guide the Church in the supernatural level while the anti-pope rule in the lower level made up of atheist, adulterer, fornicators, baby killers, pagans and unfaithful priest, bishops and cardinals. Such can just have an anti-pope, just like before. Anyway they don't care saving their souls. Hmmmm...,I think that's a good idea. It must have come from God, Himself. I could not think of that by myself. So here goes.
     Pope Benedict, as things are going on right now, conforms to the evangelical description of St. Peter continually guiding the bark....until his own crucifixion. Benedict mentioned about his going there too and was inviting us to join him. He rules the true Church described as the boat in Lake Tiberias, while allowing the prophesied anti-pope to rule Tolkien's lower world. And while fully alive and capable, he takes a view from his box  the on-goings in the Church today while still guiding the bark of Peter. That is why he fooled every body pretending he resigned. Just like when Christ pretended He was not going to Jerusalem. A good joke for a good get one over the devil.

     In part II we shall examine the arguments supporting Mario Bergoglio's papacy.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

GENERAL JUDGMENT - And the two groups.

1. The Feast of Christ the King.
     This is the last Sunday in Ordinary Time. Holy Mother the Church ends teaching her children the Catholic Faith today. By now everyone following the Liturgy that is well and properly celebrated should know all the teachings of Jesus Christ as proposed by the Church. At least that....that they should know all the teachings of Jesus Christ. Whether they have put it into practice or not is another thing.
     By now any Catholic should know if they have Faith or not; thus they should know if they can hope to go to heaven or not. Though some can know more about their chances through obedience to the commands of Christ which they should have learned through the year; some can know less through neglect, distraction or whatever reason.  The former could have grown from Faith to Hope and Charity. While the latter could have even lose the little Faith they had.
      Because by now our instruction on the Faith is complete, at least we should know how each one of us will be judged when Christ comes basing it on the norms He gave in today's Gospel.
2. In the Gospel there are two groups that were judged.
    The first are those who were evangelized. They are divided into two. Call them the good and the bad. Both have heard the Word of God.  The good  heard the Word of God and gave their assent to it. Thus they have supernatural Faith. This Faith is shown by their knowledge and obedience to the commands of Christ as taught in the New Testament. The bad, likewise, heard the Word of God. The word entered their ears and went into their minds but they did not give their assent to it. Thus they do not have supernatural Faith shown by their ignorance and disobedience to one or more commands of Christ as enumerated in the New Testament.

   Both the good and the bad mentioned above will not join the line on earth that will be separated into the sheep and the goat.The good will not join the line on earth that will be judged because they will rise and meet Christ in the heavens as He descends on the earth. The Gospel states, 'they are already saved' so there is no need to judge them. The bad is described in the Gospel as 'they are already condemned' because they did not believe. Therefore neither the good nor the bad will line up because they had already been judged.
     For puposes of analysis, Pope Benedict, Cardinal Burke, Pope Francis and Cardinal Kasper would fall under this  first category. We shall put them in their proper places later.

     The second are those who have not heard the teachings of Christ in the New Testament. But they know the law of nature as God had imprinted it in their hearts; i.e. the natural law that is detailed in the Old Testament and known by all men. These will be divided into two; the line on the right side will be the sheep (those who have observed the spirituality of the Old Testament which is the life of repentance)  while the line on the left side will be the goats (those who could have repented but did not.)
     The sheep on the right side are souls who have not heard the Words of Christ in the New Testament but who knows and have obeyed the commands of God the Father in the Old Testament which is written in the hearts of men. Actual grace enabled them to know in a clearer way the commands in the O.T. and enabled them to obey those commands. This is repentance that leads to natural Faith. It is not yet the supernatural Faith of the New Testament.  It is clear that all the commands they obeyed as enumerated by Christ the King in His judgment are all Old Testament commands; feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and the imprisoned, etc. And they showed ignorance of Faith in Christ thus asking; 'when did we see you hungry?'
     The goats lined up on the left also knew the commands of the Old Testament as written in their hearts. Though given actual grace to know and obey those commands, they neglected to learn and obey those commands.

3. Note that the first group who were already judged and, therefore, will no longer line up with the sheeps and the goats because they are already saved or condemned were judged on the basis of supernatural Faith as the Gospel states. And this Faith is visible as acts of obedience to the commands of  Christ as enumerated in the New Testament.
    Note that the second group who were judged as sheep and goats were saved or condemned based on obedience to the command of God in the Old Testament on 'love of neighbor.' And Christ who will judge them precisely said; 'because you did it to the least of my brethren you did it to me.

4. But who is the least of the brethren of Christ? It is not anyone. It is not necessarily your wife, your husband or your children. 'He who obeys my commands' in the New Testament, he is my mother, my brethren, the least of my brethren. For those to be deserving to be sheep, they should have performed the act of love of neighbor to a person 'with Faith." Not to any person. How can this happen? As St. Paul wrote; when God sees one who has not heard the word of God obeying the law of 'love of neighbor in the Old Testament, God will send him a man of Faith or even an angel so he can do the good work to the 'least of the brethren of Christ,' i.e. a man of Faith or an angel thus making him worthy to be among the sheep.

5. The Bishop's Synod.
     When the group of Cardinal Kasper headed by Pope Francis, himself, proposed to abolish the sins of adultery and sodomy,  that is in effect telling souls to do evil in disobedience to Christ's command to repent of one's sin. To do so is the greatest sin against Faith.
     St. Thomas described three sins against Faith, which will show one has no Faith and, therefore, is not a member of the Catholic Church. The first is the sin of pagans who have never heard the Word of God, and this is the least serious. But it is still a sin. The second is the sin of the Jews who heard the Word of God and rejected it. This is more serious. The third is the sin committed by Pope Francis, Cardinal Kasper and their group wherein they have learned the Word of God in the seminary, in their masses and in seminars and they refused to be subject to the command of God that states that their proposal was against the commands of God. That is the worst sin against Faith that shows one has no Faith, is not a Catholic and cannot be a valid Pope. St. Thomas continued to say how to treat people such as Francis, Kasper, Marx, Tagle, Eterovic, Volpi, etc. etc. Have absolutely nothing to do with them and never submit yourself to them less you lose your own Faith. St. Thomas continued saying that people like them who refuse to subject themselves to the Law of God will convince others to do likewise.....thus dragging others to unbelief and to condemnation. That is why they go around making papal visits with those kind of cardinals.
     Because of their refusal to subject themselves to the commands of Christ as stated in the New Testament, they definitely do not even fall under the category of sheep, not even goat. Because they do not fall under that category,  having heard the Word of God.  They fall under the category of those already condemned because they did not believe. Well, at least they do not have to line up with the sheeps and the goats because they will go ahead...........

Monday, November 17, 2014


Introduction. The first reading describes the natural talents of a wife and how she doubles her talent by developing supernatural talents that will save her husband. Her natural talents were cooking and sawing. From these she develops the fear of the Lord that will enable her to help her husband spiritually. The supernatural talents are built over the natural talents. What doubles the talents is when the supernatural talent that benefits the neighbor is added to the natural talent.
     The second reading connects this first reading with next Sunday's Mass which is the Feast of Christ the King which reminds us of the judgment that follows after death wherein each soul has to give an accounting of all the natural talents God have given him; if the talents were used to raise him up to the supernatural level.

1. There were three servants.
     The master gave 5 talents to one; 2 talents to another; and 1 talent to a third. The servant with 5 talents doubled his talents and ended up with 10 talents. The second, also, doubled his 2 talents and ended up with 4 talents. And the third buried his 1 talent, was unable to double it, thus was deprived of the talent ending up with nothing.
     The first servant with 5 talents who doubled his talents thus ending up with 10 talents are persons who used their 5 senses  to study all of God's visible creation and raised themselves up to the knowledge of the Creator. St. Thomas of Aquinas continued describing these souls as those who used earthly things to learn unearthly realities; these are souls who are able to think of temporal things and rise up to the thoughts of the eternal; these are souls who are able to go into their interior and progress to the mystical; from knowledge of the O.T. to the N.T.....and finally these are souls who are able to learn for themselves the way to salvation and are able, also, to teach others the way to salvation. Their ability to teach others the way of salvation is what enabled them to double their talents. These 5 talents is usually doubled in the monastic life and benefits others through evangelization. This is more perfect than the next.

     The servant with 2 talents who doubled his talents thus ending with 4 talents are persons who used the two faculties of their souls, namely their understanding and free will, to learn and put into action the commands of God in the O.T., referred to as the life of repentance. Here the soul, first learns with his mind ; then he uses his free will to put it into action. Using the same two faculties he teaches others what he had learned. His ability to teach others what he had learned with his two faculties is what doubled his talents. This is accomplish by people in the world and they benefit others through evangelization, too.
     The third servant neither used his talent for himself nor for others.
     The third servant who was given one talent went and buried his talent. St. Thomas comments that this one talent was meant to raise him up to the supernatural level for the attainment of his salvation. His guilt was not so much that he did not use it. He used it;  but for the wrong purpose. He did not use it to attain his supernatural end. He used it for worldly ends, thus the meaning of 'burying it in the ground.' Since he did not use the talent for his own spiritual good and he did not use it for the good of others..... he was not able to double his talent. It remained the talent, which is his mind.  He did not use his intellect to know the way to salvation  but used it, merely, to get in the front pages of magazines, get the praises of head of states and probably win a nobel award.

2. This Gospel is accounting time.
     This Gospel is the last Sunday in Ordinary time just before the feast of Christ the King. It is a reminder, not so much of death but of the judgment that follows death. Christians do not prepare for death but for the judgment that follows after death. We should know how God will demand an accounting. The accounting is based on how we used the talents God has given us, both material and spiritual. Did we use it for the Glory of God and the good of our neighbors, as the first two servants or did we use it just to get in magazine covers as the third servant did?

3. As the first reading states, when we choose a wife she must have talents. Natural and preferably. supernatural. The same way when a wife chooses a husband. This way they can help each other attain the kingdom of heaven. But this is rare nowadays. So from where shall we get our instructors? From talented priests, bishops and cardinals.

     So let us use these three descriptions of the servants to analyze ourselves , others, and especially our priests, bishops and cardinals and  see what kind of servants they are.  Let us leave the analysis of husbands and wives to the privacy of our thoughts and go to the priests, bishops, and even the Pope. We cannot afford to be led by one without any talent.
     Pope Benedict XVI is presently the exemplar of the first servant. Certainly there are a few others around. But Benedict had clearly used his five senses to study natural truths which in turn raised him up to knowledge of supernatural truths.  This is evident in all his writings and expertise; especially in Liturgical knowledge which consist, precisely, of knowing visible signs and their spiritual meanings. Ask any question or present any problem and Pope Benedict had answered it in his writings.  A few weeks ago, in a very short talk,  he just gave the answer to the year old problem called Pope Francis.
     The majority in the just concluded Bishop's Synod, led by Cardinal Burke, clearly represents those who have doubled their 2 talents as can be seen in their arguments raising the discussions up, at least, to the moral level, though not entirely to the supernatural and theological level. Their arguments show that they are using their minds. And they benefited their neighbors by rejecting Pope Francis' proposal thus warning others that adultery and sex perversion were sinful.
      The minority in the Synod led by Pope Francis and his top men, like Kasper, Baldisseri, Forte, Tagle, etc... represent the servant who buried their talent under the ground. Firstly, they did not use their talents (their minds, their study of theology, their readings of the O.T and N.T.) to benefit themselves by thinking right on matters of dogma and morality. And secondly, instead of doing their ecclesiastical job of teaching the people right from wrong, they are proposing that people destroy their consciences, throw away the concept of sin, personally decide what is right and wrong and go straight to hell. They are going straight to hell and they have no talent to detect it. Because as the Gospel states, God took away the one talent (their theology training) from them. They ended up with nothing and thrown to hell.

4. In the Gospel, the amount of talents is immaterial. God looks at the dispositions; whether the servants used the talents according to the instructions of the master to benefit themselves spiritually and benefit their neighbors. Benefiting their neighbors is what doubled their talents. Christ rebuked the bad disposition of the third servant in that, not only did he fail to use the talents to benefit himself. He did not benefit his neighbors. Christ gave another alternative aside from doubling one's talent; and that is to lend it to bankers. They can benefit from it themselves and lend it to others.  This is a suggestion that will make bankers benefit from the talent and benefit others, likewise.
     Pope Francis and his minority group fall under this third category of servants.  God gave them talents; a mind and a free will, a course in theology, a library of knowledge from the Jesuits, the treasures of the Magisterium. They, also, have the occassion to help the world and especially  the participants of the Bishop's Synod. They did neither. Lazy lout, Christ described them. During the Synod they behaved like one who have been deprived even of that one talent. There was not an iota of any semblance of Catholicism in them. Their proposal on the remarried showed ignorance of the New Testament and their proposal on Sodomites is against the Old Testament. St. James noted that their ignorance of those two commands shows their ignorance of the entire commands of God. Thus the twice rejection of their proposal by the majority who acted with 4 talents was an affront to Pope Francis and his group in their attempt to start an entirely  new religion based on the hermeneutics of discontinuity earlier proposed by the school of Bologna of which Cardinal Tagle is a member.

5. The reward.
     'Well done' is a greeting of joy from the master at his great satisfaction for the servant's work.
     'Good servant' in that they had done good things;  for themselves and for their neighbors.
     'Faithful' in that they did not use their talents  to benefit himself, alone.
     'In small thing.' in that what they had done of doubling their talents is nothing compared to the reward they will receive for doing it.

6. The punishment.
     The first sin of the servant who received the one talent is sloth. God gave him talents by which he can attain eternal life and help countless souls attain eternal life. He utterly wasted the gift by not using it even for giving Glory to God. And he did not use the talent to teach others the way to heaven.
     The punishment .... God took away his one and only talent. And sent him to hell in the after life.
     More than one year being Pope, Francis had not taught the world anything spiritual. His 'Evangelii Gaudium' was pure spiritual poison where he denied the theology of grace, rejected the existence of sin, took away the Supremacy of God and presented himself as the creator of the new religion with a new evangelization (akin to protestant revival meetings). As a bishop he wrote a book "Church of Mercy" introducing a new protestant sect with no objective norm of morality.  His proposal in the Synod which majority of the bishops rejected is an off shoot from this book. He already had heretical tendencies even before he was Pope that could invalidate his election as Pope. Except he is saved by a provision in Vatican I stating; that we should not bother about anti-popes at this time because......
     The Synod Fathers had remarked that he is not acting like a Pope.  Maybe, because he is not the Pope?
     Pope Francis and his group of Cardinals and Bishops acting, absolutely, without talent had made proposals during the Bishop's Synod; to do away with sin, morality, with the Catholic God and the sacraments. Which was rejected by the majority led by Cardinal Burke. The proponents of the objectionable proposals were Cardinal Kasper, Baldiserri, Eterovic, Tagle, etc, who were proposing an entirely new protestant sect. Apparently they have been propagating this sect years earlier. This tendency is taught by some Jesuits and we should know who they are (and their names are in the news) lest we unknowingly follow them towards Protestantism. Tagle, being a part of the Bologna group that believe in the hermeutic of discontinuity believes that the Catholic Church had ceased to exist before Vatican II. And that Pope Francis is assigned to establish the new Catholic Church totally different from that instituted by Christ, the apostles and the Fathers of the Church.
      Schism was obviously present during the Synod and strangely enough, the departure from the teachings of Christ, the apostles and the Fathers is led by Pope Francis, himself.
      But now that the Synod is over, the schism is beginning to spread wider and wider in the world as each Synod participant returns to their respective Dioceses and recount how Pope Francis was proposing to abolish all sins. Cardinal Burke, defending orthodoxy,  was welcomed by 200 Bishops with a standing ovation. Forte, Pope Francis' point man in the Synod was defeated in an election in Italy. What is fearful is that while one side insists in their orthodoxy, the introducers of novelty and schism on the other had expressed their plans to campaign and expand their foothold on the Synod by recruiting bishops in preparation for the Synod next 2015 when they plan to have the rejected proposals to be eventually approved.
      Pope Francis and his group will have the advantage during papal trips. Francis and Tagle will join forces in the impending Philippine papal trip. and gather adherents to their new protestant sect. Considering that Catholics here are poorly catechized, imagine Francis and Tagle selling their rejected Synodal ideas to the Bishops. The Bishops practically know nothing about what happened during the recent Synod and most Catholics have no Faith and will believe anything.......the  Catholic Church  in this country is in to become the only 'new' protestant church in the Far East.

      The lazy lout adds another sin to his sloth. He insults God and calls him  a 'hard man.' St. Thomas states that the punishment for sin is that one more easily falls into the next sin. The lazy lout sins and fall easily into the next sin of insulting God. The adulterer is encouraged to fall into the next sin of receiving Holy Communion sacrilegiously.
      Pope Francis had been insulting everything Catholic so much so that in England they are planning to write a book on 'Papal insults' towards Catholics. He has never insulted other religions. He has insulted God and Christ by describing the Church  as demeaning, stiffling, possessed by the devil, destructive of freedom, the impression that Christ is a hard man, indeed,  while  Pope Francis is merciful and compassionate. This is the woeful sin of scandal wherein it is better for him to tie a stone around his neck and jump into a lake than commit this sin. He intends to go further and campaign for the eventual approval of these rejected sins in the next Synod 2015. Cardinal Marx promised so.
      Listen to how God Who is merciful but is a hard man when he judges; 'take away the one talent from him and throw him into the darkness outside. What is a man with one buried talent doing in a papal chair that requires 10 talents?

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