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Friday, May 29, 2015

Chastisement - GLOBAL WARMING !!

1. What is chastisement?
     In view of the impending encyclical of Pope Francis on global warming, here are some thoughts.
     We have seen in the past posts the Catholic concept of 'chastisements' as described by St. Alphonsus Liguori, doctor of the Church.   These are natural calamities, like earthquakes and tsunamis. They may be God's direct or permissive Will. Global warming would be a chastisement from God if there is such a thing. No one can warm up the world except God.
     But, of course, those without Faith will blame everybody else; from the smoke stacks of China to the exhaust of tricycles in India, from the smoke belching cars in the U.S. to the refrigerators of Asia. Yet none of them is to blame; though mass media, with Gore as spokesman, could easily point to them as the escape goats. If there is global warming, God is just warming the world to give man a foretaste of hell.

2. Why does God send us Chastisement.
     All chastisements are meant, firstly, for the Catholic Church, the Church God instituted. And, secondly, to all outside the Church. Through chastisements God is telling His Church, as reflected in Fatima, 'You are neglecting the first step that leads to salvation....your repentance. Thus you are going to hell. Better change your course!' And to all those outside the Church God is saying; 'Hey, I gave you an intellect to check all things, start checking your religion if it is the right one.'
     The good are usually included in chastisements. But they are not meant to chastise them. But to propel them towards perfection without them knowing it. It is, also, God's way of gently leading non-believers to the truth. Both benefit from chastisements. While the good always benefit from chastisements, the evil who are chastised can waste their chastisement.
     St. Alphonsus was emphatic in saying that chastisements is God's way of helping the evil avoid greater chastisement. Or putting it another way; God chastises the evil to prevent them from going to hell.

3. Chastisement can happen suddenly now.  It can be slow and prolonged.
     The Divinity of God is seen in His chastisements. They are as varied according to the spiritual needs of the recipient. It can be sudden and for a short duration like an earthquake. It can be slow and prolonged like the 2nd world war.
     Global warming is not a chastisement because it has not yet occurred. It is only predicted so nobody is sure if it will happen. Though some are so certain of it to be able to raise funds for whatever. Most people will die from plane crash, earthquake, train derailment and food poisoning rather than global warming. So what should we be preparing for? If we are preparing our soul then we should know how to repent. If we are concern only with our bodies then we should just watch out for our cholesterol.

4. Chastisement is primarily for the Catholic Church; a message for the Pope, the Bishops,  the priests and the laymen.
     Chastisement is when God tells the world; 'Repent.' That is what Jonah told Nineveh. That is what Mary told the world in Fatima. To whom was that directed? To the Pope, bishops and priests who are supposed to teach all men to repent. So when chastisement occurs it is because the Pope, the bishops and the priests have failed in their obligation.
     Of course, it is possible that one of them is not guilty, and that will be clear by analyzing the chastisement.
5. It is possible to know the details of a chastisement; for what it is, for whom it is, for how long it will last.
     God chastised the world during Pope Benedict's papacy for not repenting. The chastisement is the worst kind in that the world had no way of learning how to repent because most cardinals, bishops and priests did not know how to repent. But this was not a chastisement for Pope Benedict who kept on teaching the world how to repent up to the end of his papacy.  How did the same chastisement affect Pope Benedict? It broke his heart when he saw that even his very own staff in the Vatican had no idea on how to repent. Pope Benedict's chastisement is not that he did not repent. It was meant to purify him and increase his knowledge in that  he saw no one was following his teachings on repentance. He saw this during the Bishop's Synod of 2012 when the Bishops disobeyed his instruction to discuss the life of repentance, precisely the message of Jonah, the message of all chastisements and the message of Fatima.
     The reason for all chastisements today is, first,  because the Catholic Church with its head, Pope Francis, and whoever else is in charge, has not reminded the world to repent as Jonah did. This is his first obligation as Pope. Secondly, to aggravate his sinful neglect, he encouraged sinners to remain in their sin rather than repent, like telling Scalfari to remain in his unbelief. Thirdly, he adds sin unto sin by allowing remarried divorcees who are already in the state of mortal sin to receive Holy Communion thus adding sacrilege to their adultery. Fourthly, he tried to impose these sinful acts upon the whole Catholic Church. And fifthly, even if his proposals were rejected by the 2014 Synod he intends to pursue his proposals in the next 2015 Synod.  Pope Francis' acts are multiple ways by which he is, in fact, trying to prevent the whole world from repenting because both Catholics and non-Catholics are hearing his messages. And sixthly, he is preventing those who can remind the world to repent by suppressing them, firing them from their position or silencing them.
     Because God had given him so much, only he can commit such a heinous sin that could incite God to send the world the greatest chastisement. At this point global warming would be a slap on the wrist.

     While the on going chastisements is the total ignorance of the teaching of Christ among the clergy, starting with the confuse messages of Pope Francis to the immoral proposals of Cardinal Kasper and Tagle, the same confusion is forcing a few to study their religion and find the true teachings of Christ.

6. The serious situation.
    Many are dying due to the countless chastisement God had been sending the world; from wars to genocides, from plane crashes to flooding, from ebola to cancer, from abortion to martyrdom. And nobody is teaching them how to prepare themselves to face God's judgment seat, a job primarily for popes, cardinals, bishops and priests. And to crown this total neglect Pope Francis will talk on global warming which is only a hypothesis.  No. Do not expect global warming because the world will only attribute the chastisement to nature. God would want to show that the chastisements come from Him. God will end the world with fire as prophesied.  And with Ireland's approval of same sex marriage as encouraged by Pope Francis, shouldn't we expect a Sodom and Gomorrah- type chastisement?

7. What do we do?
     'Repent, repent.' For an adulterer to repent, all he has to do is stop his adultery, repent and confess and gift his offended wife with a diamond ring. For Pope Francis he will have a long way to go based on the six steps mentioned above and go backwards. First, he must announce to the world that when great chastisements come, like global warming,  it is, primarily, meant for an unrepentant Catholic Church. That the Church is unrepentant because he has not taught the Church how to repent. In fact, he taught the Church to remain in their sins. In fact, he even encouraged them to add to their sins.....etc, etc. It is too long, he will never make it on time for his own judgment.
     But wait there is a way. Like St. Ignatius who left all things and became a hermit in Manresa guided by the writings of a Benedictine monk, Cisneros......Pope Francis can leave the papacy, confess it was all a mistake, that he is the reason for all the chastisements in the world, go to the hermitage of St. Jerome in Montserrat, Spain, and meditate on the works of Pope Benedict. If he doesn't..... we have no choice but to expect those great chastisements and prepare ourselves the best we can. It , probably, won't  be anything close to global warming. After the votes in Ireland, it could probably be something closer to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The One, True and VISIBLE Catholic Church.

1. Pentecost.
    We are celebrating Pentecost, the birthday of the Catholic Church. The Church  instituted by Christ to be the vehicle of salvation. On Pentecost, the Holy Spirit enlivened the Church which is the Mystical Body of Christ. And He made  certain that it was a VISIBLE Church; it can be seen by those within it and by those outside of it.
     The apostles saw the visible signs of the Church and saw that they were inside the Church. While the Scythians, Medes, etc, who were outside the Church, also, saw the visible signs of the Church which motivated them to go and see it. This enabled them to hear the preaching of St. Peter... and be converted.
     Both believers and unbelievers can see the visible signs of the Catholic Church.

2. The one, true and VISIBLE Catholic Church....Pius XII.
     Since it is necessary to enter the Church to be saved, first, we must know which is the Catholic Church through her visible signs. And, secondly, we must know if we are inside the Church by seeing if we, ourselves, have the visible signs. While we can know the true Church without being inside the Church, we will surely know the signs if we are inside the Church.

     The signs that we are inside the Church are identical to the signs of the Church.  If the visible sign of the Church is that it is 'Apostolic', the sign that we are inside is that the doctrines we believe is taken from the teachings of the apostles. So both the sign of the true Church is also the sign of the person who is inside the Church.
     He who recognizes the true Church of Christ will also recognize if he, himself, is inside or outside that same Church. It cannot be otherwise. As St. Paul had similarly expressed, he who has the gifts of the Holy Spirit can also define the gifts.  The person who is a Catholic should, also, know the signs of the Catholic Church of which he is a member.

3. The problem.
     Most Catholics know neither. They do not know the visible signs of the Catholic Church and do not know if they are inside or outside the Catholic Church. Or worst, they presume both; they think they know the visible signs of the Church and think that they are inside.
      This post and the following posts are meant to review all the visible signs of the True Church of Christ and  help others know if they are inside or outside the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict had been trying to do the same but it had been unsuccessful. We do not think we will be more successful than Benedict but, we are doing this because it is our obligation to teach the truth under pain of damnation.
4. The one and true Church.
     God wants men to enter the Church so he can be saved. For men to enter, he must know where the Church is. So God gave His Church countless visible signs by which men can recognize her.   We shall concentrate on the 4 visible signs; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, that we recite in the Apostles Creed. And the longer 34 Sunday Gospels in Ordinary time. That should be more than enough for us to answer both questions; which is the true Church and if I am inside that Church. Both signs were summarized and elaborated in St. Robert Bellarmine's 15 'marks of the Church' ('De notis Ecclesiae.) The Vatican II document on the Church is based of the ecclesiology of St. Augustine and St. Robert Bellarmine.

5. The audience on Pentecost.
     The apostles saw the visible signs of the Church in themselves shown in the descent of the Holy Spirit in the Church.  The apostles knew they were the Church.
     But a crowd of unbelievers, also, saw the visible Church. In fact, they went to the Church. The Acts described them; Parthians, Medes, Elamites, inhabitants of Mesopotamia, Judea and Capadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia, Pamphylia, Egypt and the districts of Libya as well as travelers from Rome, both Jews and converts to Judeaism, Cretans and Arabs. For so many varied races going to the apostles to listen to Peter.....the Church must have been very visible,  both to believers and unbelievers alike.
     Note that unbelievers can still know the visible signs of the Church even if they are outside the Church. But knowing the visible signs of the Church does not necessarily mean they are inside the Church. But not knowing the visible signs surely means we are outside the Church.
     Can we explain to ourselves and to others the visible signs of the Church? If not, then we are outside the Church.

6. On Pentecost.
     If, like the apostles we are inside the Church, we would know the signs of the true Church and we would know that we are inside. We would, also, know those who are still outside, like the Parthians, and will be able to lead them inside the church.
     Very much depend on knowing the signs of the one, true and visible signs of the Church. This will enable us to know which is the true Church, enable us to know if we are inside the Church, enable us to know if we are saved, and enable us to point the Church to others.

7. Which is the one and true Church?
      The one that is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. Defining each sign is more than enough to help us identify the true Church.  Yet the last Bishop's Synod, 2014, held in Rome did not have the four visible signs. There was no Oneness between the Bergoglio team and the Burke group. Pope Francis and the Bergoglio team did not have the sign 'Holy' because they encouraged adultery and same sex practices. And their proposals were, also, completely against the teachings of the apostles. Thus they were not 'apostolic.' Definitely that was no Catholic Church. .

     The more expansive signs developed by St. Robert Bellamine on the classical four visible signs are more interesting and will give us more signs to ascertain our analysis. These are the 15 signs of the true Church in Bellarmine's 'De notis Ecclesiae,' the visible signs of the Church,  to which the Holy Spirit descended on Pentecost. In 'ecclesia millitante' the same Bellarmine emphasized the fact that these signs are visible and palpable; not spiritual, otherwise, they are not visible signs.

8. All Catholics are obliged to show the visible signs of the Church,  from the Pope down to the littlest child. We should not wait for  anyone to approach us and demand for the visible signs.  The Church is like the sun. It does not have to be turned on. It is always lighted.
     But what if after I have mastered all the signs I still cannot find them in the hierarchy? Then I should do them a big favor and try, myself, to find out if they have the signs. I think that would be a great favor for them because their salvation depends on whether they have those signs or not. What if they do not show the signs, what if after doing them the  favor of looking for the signs for them and still the signs cannot be found.  What if they get angry because I informed them that I cannot find the visible signs of the Church in them.
 9. The Pope, cardinals, bishops, priests and all Catholics must exhibit these visible signs without being asked.
     I do not know and I do not have the signs. So I studied them from the teachings of the Church; the six marks of  St. Augustine, the two marks of St. Jerome, the three marks of St. Vincent of Lerins, three signs from Driedo and Pedro de Soto, four from Cardinal Hosius, six from Nicholas Sanders, eleven from Miguel de Medina, twelve from Gunter of Peter and fifteen from St. Robert Bellarmine, crowning it with the 'Mystici Corporis' of Pope Pius XII.
     Having studied these signs my first interest was to ask myself if I have these signs so I can find out if I am inside the Church of Christ to whom the Holy Spirit descended on Pentecost Day.
     To my surprise, checking on myself exactly one year after the golden jubilee of my ordination as a priest, I realized I did not have any of the visible signs. Fortunately the same treatises taught me how to enter the Church. The article of Pope Benedict describing Blessed John Cardinal Newman in his 'Year of Faith'  was most helpful.
     But to my greater surprise, when I applied these same signs on Pope Francis, his cardinals and bishops, they, also, did not have them. My own bishop, his vicar and the diocese do not have these signs. The lay members of Catholic communities that I have met did not have them either. Nuns, seminarians and priest that I know do not have them. I was confused. Is there no Catholic in the world today?
     And yet, returning to the descriptions of the signs in Bellarmine's  'notis de ecclesiae'  the signs are clear and simple and were shown by all Christian communities in the past. It seems to have disappeared only recently.......slowly from the time of Pius IX and X. And completely disappeared today, 50 years after Vatican II. I know the Church of Pentecost is somewhere; they have to be for Christ promised the gates of hell shall not prevail against her. But the Church of Pentecost is not in the Vatican, is not in my Diocese, not in my parish, not in the convents around me and not in me.
     It is definitely not in the Pentecostal Church at Caserta, Pope Francis' favorite; it is not in the Catholic Charismatics that is identical to the classical Pentecostal Church. Because all of them do not have the 15 'notis ecclesiar'.
     Does this mean that today, we have a catholic church ruled by Protestants if we base our analysis on Chapter II of the same  treatise entitled 'the teachings of heretics refuted.' This chapter proves  that  Pope Francis'  'Church of Compassion and mercy' is a Protestant sect. It takes a Jesuit saint and doctor of the Church,  to refute a Jesuit.

10. By the grace and mercy of God, we will try to review what are the visible signs of the true Church from the sources mentioned above. We will summarize them in the  15 signs enumerated by St. Robert Bellarmine upon which 'Lumen Gentium' was based. And find out if our 'Catholic Church' in our parish or in our Diocese or in the Vatican is still the same Church to whom the Holy Spirit once upon a time descended. ' Too late have I loved You because I should have checked these things earlier. It will be my great joy if I know that other priests have checked on themselves earlier. So that as I approach my 'sapphire' anniversary of my priestly ordination I can say; 'I saw God dwelling among men.' And I am among them. Ahh..the Catholic Church.

Friday, May 15, 2015


1. Calamities.
     St. Alphonsus Liguori had written a book on chastisements. It is entitled 'Several short discourses by St. Alphonsus Liguori on Natural calamities, Divine threats, and the Four Gates of hell.'  God uses natural calamities such as floods, storms, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, warn people to change their ways. They are reminders and not punishments.
     God, also, uses man made calamities for the same purpose; like wars, demonstrations, plane crashes, sinking luxury ships, train derailments, etc.  And finally, God allows man to fall into all kinds of sin for the same purpose.
     Not to complicate the ideas just mentioned, let us concentrate on natural calamities like climate change which, like earthquakes, super storms, tornadoes and floods, are natural calamities that are at the same time 'acts of God.'

 2. Why God sends calamities.  
     God is merciful for a season tolerating man's evil. But when man does not change, He chastises them to save them from greater chastisements and eventual eternal punishment.  Men often refuse to believe God's Divine threats, and even the last Great Chastisement prior to Divine condemnation.
     So why are writing this post? For the few who will believe.

3. Superficial gestures of devotion.
     External devotions and acts of piety are ineffective to prevent the ' chastisement.' Only repentance or cleansing of the soul can stop the especially 'great chastisement.' God chastises us for our own good and not for our destruction. But if we insist on our sins, He will destroy us.

     In His mercy and goodness, God had given all men, christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindi, pagans...... His teachings in the Old Testament. No one can excuse himself for not knowing God's Will expressed in the natural and human level. While Catholics have no excuse to be ignorant of the supernatural truths taught by Christ in the New Testament. Chastisements are God's way of saying 'you are not doing My Will which is the salvation of your soul. '
4. God chastises us to prevent us from being condemned. And He protects His own. God loved Jacob and hateth Esau; He chastises one,  and takes care of the other. Thus stories of rain in one village while drought in the next village is common occurrence in hagiography. Jonah succeeded in forestalling the chastisement of Nineveh; thus the purpose of preaching is, first, to teach man the way of salvation and second, the prevention of chastisements.
     God threatens us with chastisements not from hatred but from love. So His threats are acts of tenderness and amorous calls of His goodness.

5. Man refuses to believe. The purpose of threats and subsequent chastisements is to help man believe. The devil's work is to  prevent man from fearing and believing in God.
    The world is being chastised every day like the birth pangs of a mother about to give birth. When men reaches his quota of chastisement, then God abandon's him to his sin and denies him the grace of repentance.

6. God is merciful only for a Season and then judges with His Justice. Pharoah was given enough time and so was Jerusalem. The world have been given enough time. The world's time is up; the day of mercy of over. Now is the time for justice. Pope Francis' Holy Year of Mercy is too late. The Blessed Virgin said so in Fatima.

7. The four gates of hell enumerated by St. Alphonsus Liguori are opened for business.
     Today, chastisements are still meant to remind men that he is not repentant and, therefore, guilty of infidelity to God; but it has the added function of separating the cockles from the wheat.
     Chastisements like wars and super storms cause countless deaths. This is the separation of souls; a few go to heaven. The others go to the four gates of hell.
     Hatred, the predominant sin wherein people hate others for no reason at all; or kill others who they do not even know, who have done them no wrong. That is from abortion to terrorism, from genocide to refusal to feed the hungry. Hatred is due to the 'waxing cold of Charity' prophesied by Christ. Hatred includes the negation of all human and natural affection which is the reason for divorce and destruction of the family which was attempted by Pope Francis and his Bergoglio team during the 2014 Bishop's Synod. With the 'waxing cold of Charity' it follows that everybody hates everybody.              
     Blasphemy. The nation that blasphemes will never progress. It is a fore taste of hell; the whole of hell blasphemes.  Head of nations who in their pride blasphemes God is the reflection of the state of the whole nation. Blasphemy comes from infidelity or the absence of Faith. Because of the 'decay of Faith' that Christ prophesied, it follows that everybody is blaspheming.

     Theft. Everybody is stealing from everybody, either by theft or robbery. This against the virtue of Justice and is always a mortal sin except in one exception; when property becomes common in case of emergencies. While men can steal through corruption, overpricing, or false advertisements; others can steal the good names or reputation of others. Priests can misuse funds. Every body is stealing in that they are denying what is due to others, specially what is due to God.

     Impurity. Everyone is impure. Impurity is the mixture with more based materials. St. Thomas gave the example; silver is silver. If mixed with something superior like gold, it does not become impure. In fact silver is enhanced by good. Silver is impure when mixed with a baser material like tin or copper. The same goes with man. Man has a human nature. If his nature is mixed with Godliness, it is enhanced. But if human nature is mixed with based mixture like love of money or love of sex, then it becomes impure. If it is mixed with even lower like same sex tendencies, then it becomes even more impure. And man because of his love of lower things had become impure. The act of purifying the human nature of man is called Faith wherein he is mixed with the gold of Divinity. But if mixed with worldliness and even unnatural perversions, then man becomes impure.....a sin against Faith.

8. In summary, if someone does not have the three theological virtues, he will surely have the above 4 sins described by St. Alphonsus as the 4 Gates of Hell. In our past posts we have presented proofs both from Scriptures and the writings of the Fathers of the Church that the prophesies of Christ are being fulfilled today. This is the 'decay of Faith' and the 'waxing cold of Charity'. As a consequence of this lack of the theological virtues, the sins representing the 4 gates of hell will cover the face of the earth. With this modern deluge, what scenario can we see? A spiritually devastated Church in the midst of a desert of the world, ......a world that has just undergone 'the great chastisement' prophesied in Fatima.

9.  The order of chastisements.
     God sends His chastisements first and primarily for His misbehaving Church telling them; 'you are doing your own will and not My Will or you are going to hell rather than to heaven. ' This message is sent to the Bishop and priests of the place being chastised; and subsequently to the lay men.
     For example; a super storm hitting Tacloban (a small province) is a chastisement to the entire Catholic Church in the Philippines with God warning them; 'you are becoming more protestant that Catholic.  But there is an emphasis on the Church of Tacloban with a specific message for the  Bishop and priests of Tacloban; 'I am unhappy with you.' This is similar to when God used to chastise the Chosen people in the Old Testament. Both the good and the bad undergo the chastisement. The good for their perfection and the bad for their correction.
      Priests and graduates from the seminaries are, specifically,  chastised for not knowing the complete teachings of Christ that they are obliged to teach. This is due to a defective curriculum already noted but never corrected since the 15th century. So the chastisement is telling them; 'perfect your knowledge of the Catholic religions because what you know is not sufficient even for your own salvation.'
      This defect became more pronounced during the Bishop's Synod in 2012 when the important doctrine on 'repentance' was eliminated for discussion. More heresies were, in fact, proposed in the 2014 Synod. It seems the Filipino bishops did not learn from their chastisements.
     God's message for the good Catholics is; 'I still have to perfect you.'  For the bad Catholics; 'you better repent or you will go to hell.'
     The chastisement is also sending a message  to the civil head of the nation if he is a Catholic; 'you are not a good Catholic and probably won't go to heaven. Like King David, I am punishing you for your sins and your countrymen who have not sinned, in the hope that by pitying them you repent.
     Non- Catholics are also affected by the super storm. God's chastisement is telling them; 'why are you in the wrong religion?' Note that everybody is learning different lessons from a chastisement.
     The storm in Tacloban was an ordinary chastisement. The 'great' chastisement is that the Catholic Church in the Philippines did not get what God was trying to tell them through the chastisement. Maybe they have not read St. Alphonsus Liguori's book on chastisement. But this doctrine is found all over Scriptures! It is a Catholic teaching. How come the Catholic priests and bishops did not know it. That they did not know the reason for the chastisement and couldn't teach their parishioners the reason for it; and as a consequence they could correct the defect God was correcting them and would not be able to avoid future chastisement........this is called the 'great' chastisement referred to in Fatima.
10. The Great Chastisement occurring today.
      The general view of the 'great' chastisement as it is happening  today consist in God punishing the infidelity of the withdrawing from the world the knowledge on how to repent, how to believe and how to attain eternal life. The voice of truth has become silent, like the voice of Pope Benedict and all of those who know the truth.
     Because the world had refused to believe, the gift to believe was withdrawn from the world.   It has become impossible for anyone who wishes to save his soul to find the knowledge how to do so.  It is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Pope Benedict, as a last voice crying in the wilderness, told us how and where to find it ; and it is, indeed,  literally looking for a needle in a haystack. It can be found in the writing of Blessed John Cardinal Newman whom Benedict quoted.
      The main star in this great chastisement is  Pope Francis, who up to now has not taught the Church how to go to heaven. And instead have preached how we can wallow in the mud of worldliness especially in his 'Year of Mercy.' This kind of pope had happened more than 40 times before in the Church.
     He is followed by countless cardinals and bishops all over the world......and numbers are increasing,  who are men pleasers and, therefore, cannot be followers of Christ. If we follow them we will end up with them.
     All followers of the hierarchy, like the ecclesial communities, religious communities, religious organizations, etc....because they have not been fed well by their supposed shepherds are malnourished and clearly shows they do not believe in all the teachings of the Catholic Church. In short, they do not have Faith and, therefore, cannot be saved.
     This trend goes down to the youngest child just born.....there is no prospect for the child to know the way to heaven. Neither from his parents , nor his bishop, nor the Pope.
     The traditional source of knowledge, Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church, are still available and, today, the only dependable source of learning on how to attain eternal life. But nobody is reading them.

11. God's Providence.
     Of course God loves the Church.......the wheat!!! So God continues to supply His sheep with prophets who are constantly reminding them to seek God unceasingly.  The true sheep know their voice and listen to them. But the rest of the world does not recognize their voice and so it is suppressed and stifled. Only the true sheep hears them. So what about those who are not yet sheep and wants to become sheep? God had promised to guide them personally; 'I have other sheeps.......'

     The rest of the world will just slide down the mouth of the 4 gates of hell; except the humble and clean of  heart who will find the true Church. And seeing that this is the true Church  will desire to join it. And that baptism of desire is enough for the salvation of non-Catholics.

      This is the 'Great Chastisement'  outside of which there can be no greater chastisement possible.. It is what was prophesied by Christ in the Gospel and repeated in Fatima.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015


1. There is a spiritual reason for all ills and evils, and that is the absence of good.  The solution to all the problems in the world is spiritual. The solution is to restore the good that is essentially a spiritual good.
     The cause of all evils, pschological, social, political, environmental, etc..... is vices, or the absence of good. Every thing, including evil,  has an element of good. What makes it evil is the absence of good; what makes it attractive is the presence of good, mixed with the evil.   Everything is either good or partly evil. We decide what direction we take.

 2. Human life may be divided into three general categories;  the supernatural life, the natural life and the unnatural life. Let us concentrate on man. All men are born in the natural level. If he develops the virtues specially the virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity, God raises him up to the supernatural level. Here he becomes co-natural to God and the angels. Man cannot rise to the supernatural level without the help of God.
      When man is born, though he is born in the natural level but due to original sin he slowly descends to the lower degrees of the natural level until he passes the demarcation line of the natural level and descends to the unnatural level.

 3. As long as man continuously aim at the higher level he will continuously rise up to the supernatural level. The moment he ceases to aim higher he automatically descends to the unnatural level. If he gives in to vices, all the more will he descend to the unnatural level.  Note that the mere fact that man does not progress to the supernatural level, he will surely descend to the unnatural level. We either progress or regress. If we halt, we regress.
4. All men are born in the natural level; but because of 'original sin' he has a strong tendency to descend to the unnatural level. To avoid this, he must progress. To progress means to go upwards either within a level in the natural to a higher level within the same natural level. Or better still. he should progress from the natural level to the higher supernatural level. Within the supernatural level there are also different levels. But all the levels in the supernatural level are works of grace.
5. All those born in the natural level must rise up to the perfection of the natural level, i.e. to become perfect, mature human beings. This is attained by using perfectly his mind and free will. Upon reaching the perfection of the natural level, God takes over and leads man to the supernatural level through the virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.

6. On the other hand, if a man born in the natural level, gives in to the vice of sloth and other sins he will actually descend to the level of original sin which we were trying to avoid through baptism. If he goes lower than that, then he has descended into the realm of the unnatural like being a homosexual or a lesbian.

7. To be gay, or homo or lesbian is nothing else but the story of a soul's gradual deterioration in the spiritual life; its descend to the realm of the unnatural.  It is the gradual self-destruction of a soul. It is, in fact, the descend to hell that begins in this life but which the body does not feel  due to the physical pleasures  it enjoys.

8. The Catholic Church had always known the solution to this problem. It is in Scriptures, interpreted by the Fathers of the Church and popularized by St. Peter Damien, the Benedictine. It simply consist in raising the spirituality of the person, first, by going back to the natural level. And eventually to the supernatural level. It is the exactly the same spiritual journey that leads to holiness. But, today, nobody seems to know this though it can be found in the treasury of Catholic teachings; just as nobody is teaching Catholic doctrines anymore.  Everybody wants modern solutions; but modern solutions don't work because all problems are spiritual. While modern solutions are purely physical.

9, The formula for curing being 'gay.'
     No special formula is needed. It is the old formula on how to be a saint which consists in ascending from being natural to becoming perfectly, mature naturally. Then to pray to God to raise us up to the supernatural level. That's it! The problems is that nobody seems knows how to be saint. The very few who knows are silenced for being too old fashion. Even up to now, the Pope had not given us the formula on how to go to heaven, that's why he is probably not the true Pope. Not the cardinals and not the bishops since some of them are gay. Thus they are still at the bottom of the barrel, totally unable to rise up not even to the natural level.
     He who has the highest virtue, Caritas, has all the virtues, too. He who has the lowest virtue, humility, has less virtues. In the case of the vices, it is the other way around. He who has the vice on top of the list has lesser vices. But he who is at the bottom of the list has all the vices; thus he has all the evils possible in this world.

10, It is helpful for a psychologist  to raise a soul from the unnatural to the natural level. That is the role of psychology.  However,  much asceticism is needed to raise a soul from the natural level weighed down by original sin and raise him up to be a perfectly mature natural human being; this is the goal of monasticism. Both monasticism and asceticism are outside the competency of psycology. So science cannot cure 'gays.'
     It is necessary for 'gays' to reached contemplation to jump from the natural to the supernatural level. Now, here is a neat trick. Skip the psychology and asceticism. Many saints had proven that one can jump directly to being a contemplative. In fact, Pope Benedict kept on repeating this in the 'new' evangelization' where he, actually, gave all the solution to all the problems one can face in the salvation of his soul.  This neat trick is what St. Peter Damian used during his time when the whole church was infested with 'gays.' Most of the cardinals, bishops, priests, brothers and lay people were gay. The church that time was referred to as 'Sodom.' St. Peter Damian skipped psychology but combined asceticism with contemplation. Asceticism, to cure the poison of modern culture; and contemplation, to raise man's mind and heart to God. Application of this medicine, which is commonly referred to as 'new' monasticism by Pope Benedict, had been the only medication that can cure homosexuslity, lesbianism and other aberrosexual tendencies. Again, the sad thing is that nobody is using this neat trick because nobody knows the general plan of salvation.  Though St. Peter Damian had used it very successfully around the year 1000 when the Catholic Church was flooded with gays.

11. Why are gays excluded from being priests?
     To be gay is to commit the sin that cries out to heaven. The tendency that is in the desire,  is a sin, like other sins. So why are gays excluded from being seminarians while liars are not? Because gays are at the bottom of the barrel and has all the vices attached to it. Liars have only a few vices. It is easier for liars to repent. It is more difficult for gays to repent.
     Repentance is possible to all sinners. It becomes more difficult depending on how many vices you have attached to your sin. To rehabilitate a gay within an ideal atmosphere, which is to raise him from the unnatural level to the natural level can take 30-40 years. And this can only raise him up to the level of being able to control his sexual orientation but does not remove the tendency. Only God can rise him up to the supernatural level and completely remove the sinful tendency.
     In the unnatural level he will be a very evil person.  In the natural state, he will be able to control his disfunctional orientation but  he cannot be a holy priest since he is still without the theological virtues that makes a person holy.  For him to be a worthy candidate for the priesthood, God have to raise him through a life of grace that could easily be another 30 years. Because it takes that long to rehabilitate a gay.....though he can be rehabilitated..... by the time he is spiritually prepared to be a priest he would be 90 years old.  So Pope Benedict encourages them to remain as lay men where the requirements for holiness; than to be a priest where the requirements are more stringent. Without a very good spiritual director, a gay seminarian will never qualify as a priest on time for his 90th birthday.
     There are no seminary or religious house that has provisions to cure such sin-illness. No cardinal or bishop know how to cure this malady. And nobody understands how St. Peter Damian's book can be put into practice. How do I know this? Because this problem is most serious and yet no solution can be found in the Internet. So the 'gay' seminarian is left alone in the prison of his a thousand vices.That is a foretaste of hell. His consolation is the sensual pleasure of his sin that drags him lower to perdition.
     So,  most gay seminarian remain as they are  or even get worse when they become bishops and cardinals.

12. Because of the erroneous training in seminaries, first traced before the Council of Trent, all seminarians had descended from the natural level to the unnatural level. Because everybody forgot Peter Damian's solution, nobody could stop the descend and raise them up back to the natural level.  Today, because of three things; first, ignorance of classical evangelization in all levels. Secondly, defect in the seminary curriculum. And thirdly, the entrance of the heresy of 'modernism', ....  we have a gay priesthood as bad, if not worse, than the 10th century, the time of St. Peter Damian.   Fortunately, I had holy prefects or superiors. Some were even incorrupt years after their death.

13. Gay bishops are the most evil of men.  First, because of the state of their soul that is filled with all the vices possible in this world; and because of the authority they have. They become the devil's most potent weapon for the destruction of souls. We are not referring to all bishops mindful of the fact that God will always set aside bishops for His own purposes. But these bishops have no problem. So let us concentrate of those with problems; the greatest of which is that they are going straight to hell......which is not the big problem. But more because they will be dragging thousands of souls in their dioceses down to hell with them.

They are the most destructive forces against the Church; their state sinful state obliges to destroy the Church, St. Thomas of Aquinas writes. In that state their rage against the Church is as ferocious as Lucifer. Their zeal for the loss of soul should put the devils to shame. They, emotionally, enjoy destroying souls. They have a voracious appetite for the damnation of souls. And their preference are the destruction of life in general and of children in particular.
     They are images of Judas. For a price, in fact, for any price, they offer to destroy the Mystical Body of Christ .They go straight at the jugular of the true church. What is specially reserve for them? 'An unhappy end' wrote St. Robert Bellarmine in his 'De controversiis.'


Tuesday, May 05, 2015

St. John's 'LOVE OF GOD' and Pope Francis' "love."

     1. The 6th Sunday of Easter has Chapter 15 of the Gospel of John. The chapter begins with the parable of the Vine and the branches and continues with the description of 'Charity',  which attaches the branch to the vine.
     The interpretation of the chapter on love is from the Fathers of the Church as compiled by St. Thomas of Aquinas. We would like to find out two things; first, if the Catholics  of today are branches attached to the vine. And secondly, do they have the 'Charity' defined by St. John that attaches the branch to the Vine. These two questions are identical; those who have charity are branches attached to the vine.
     Why would we like to find this out? Because St. Paul wrote; 'to test all things so we can retain what is good.' If the Church corresponds to the branches attached to the vine and if the doctrines of the church corresponds to the definition of 'Charity' described in Chapter 15, then we should retain all these goods. If, on the other hand, they do not correspond to the description of both the Vine-branch parable and the description of 'Charity' then we should abandon it immediately.

     2. We have seen in the last post what it means to be attached to the Vine. Now, let us see the steps that lead to Love of God. Both are found in Chapter 15 in the Gospel of St. John. Charity is what makes a branch attached to the Vine; and the following steps is how God leads us to Charity.

     First step. From all eternity God chose his elect for His own purposes and have already loved them. St. Augustine was clear when he wrote that God loved us not because He foresaw that we will be good in the future. No.  God loved us first, that is why we become good in the future. So our being good is a work of God from the beginning of creation.
     Second step. When we began existing, God's love for us begins to make us good.  This goodness begins to make us know and obey His commandments.
     Third step. By knowing and obeying the commands of Christ we remain in God's love, i.e. God continues to love us.
     Fourth step. When we obey God's commandments thus remaining in His love, we begin to love God in return.
     Fifth step. With God loving us and we loving God, we are attach to the Vine and we bear much fruits. Thus we become pleasing to God and glorify God.
        The circle of love is now complete; God had loved us first. And by obeying His commands made possible by His first loving us first, we are able to know and obey His commands which enable us to love  God in return. God have loved us and we have loved God in return.
     Sixth step.  Now that we are attached to the Vine through charity, we will bear fruit. And that fruit is love of neighbor.  We should love our neighbor in the same way that God had loved us . We love our neighbor by inspiring him to know and obey His commandments.
     Loving our enemies consists in helping him to know and obey the commands of Christ. When the enemy, in turn, loves God he has become a neighbor to us; he ceases to be an enemy.

     3. Analysis from St. Augustine.  All the commands of God are based on Love as its root. With love as its root good comes from it. And evil comes out from the absence of Love.
     The crux is step 3, 'obedience' to the commands of Christ.' From there we can go backwards or go forward. Backwards;  disobedience to the commands of Christ means God did not love that person from the beginning; that is why the person could not know and obey the commands of  Christ. Going forwards;  if a person disobeys the commands of Christ that would mean he does not love God and as a consequence he does not love his neighbor.  As such, absolutely no good can come from such a person.
     Love makes us proceed to 'observance of the commandments.' He who loves not, has not whereby to keep the commandments.  Do not deceive yourself into thinking that you love the Lord, when you keep not his commandments.
     God have loved you. Do something so  He  will continue to love you.  If by your obedience  He continues to love you, you will also continue receiving His graces.
     Your continuous keeping of God's  commandments is evidence that you remain abiding in His Love.
      It is not by keeping God's commandments that He love you. First, He loves you so you are able to keep His commandments.
     St. Augustine writes; where there is love, there is nothing wanting. Where there is no love, there is no profit.
     From one and the same love, we love God and neighbor.

     4. The fruit of Charity is conversion of others to the Faith;  others subject themselves to God, they give glory to God.
     This good works come from Faith that worketh by love. Upon these two precepts of love hangs all the law and the prophets. If a person loves God, he will obey His commands.  If he obeys God's command he will love his neighbors.  If he loves his neighbor he is God's friend. So he who keeps His commands is His friend.

     As reward for remaining in God's love through your continuous obedience to His commands, He will give you joy by having fellowship with Him. That joy begins when He calls us. To be friend of God is an act of God. It is a super human act.
     5.  Let us analyze  Pope Francis' concept of 'love,'  which is shared by many cardinals, bishops and priests. But let us concentrate on the definition given by Pope Francis and compare it with the definition from the Gospel of St. John. This  analysis can be applied to all cardinals, bishops, priest and even lay people.
     Pope Francis gave his erroneous concept of 'love' as the beginning of his pontificate. But it really blew up when it was proposed in the 2014  Bishop's Synod by the Pope and the Bergoglian team. Though his erroneous concept was not detected when he, first,  gave the talk on 'love without dogma,' his disobedience to the commands of God became very clear in the rejected proposals during the Synod. The disobedience of the Pope and his team is 'on record.'
      Pope Francis' concept of love was well publicized and cannot be denied. It was headlined in most newspaper; the headline read, 'Love without dogma.'

     6. Naturalist and relativistic concept of love. The Pope's concept of love, like most cardinals and bishops, is merely human love or puppy love, not Christian love which is 'Caritas.'  They were unable to rise up to the supernatural level. And that is a bad sign.
      It is impossible to love someone you do not know. You must first know with your intellect before you can love with your free will. Loving someone without first knowing the same is typical irrational teenager behaviour. It is puppy love common among dogs; but definitely not a human act.
      Human love is made up of a mature act of the intellect that tends to influence the free will. A perfect mature human act is when a person loves after knowing the person loved. This is in the natural level. Puppy love is below the natural level because it is not human.

     No one can love God unless he first knows God. And since knowledge of God is in the supernatural level, a person can only know God if he believes in supernatural dogmatic truths.
     And God can only be loved after believing dogmas about Him; because everything about God is from Divine Revelations and is given to us through dogmas. Without dogmas, it is impossible to know God and consequently to love Him.
      So Pope Francis' definition of love without dogmas cannot raise anyone in the supernatural level; cannot raise the same soul to the level of Faith wherein the soul knows God. And as a consequence, the soul cannot love God with 'Caritas."  With Pope Francis' formula of 'love' it is impossible for souls today  to enter either the Church or heaven. Because both knowing God through Faith and loving God through Charity are essential to entering the Church and meriting heaven. Pope Francis just made it impossible for all to enter the Catholic Church and to attain eternal life..

      Pope Francis, in his first grand speech,  disobeyed the command 'to know, to love and to serve God.' Because his definition of love is different from St. John's. As it is turning out, Pope Francis is embracing a heretical doctrine on Love. Because his concept of 'love', which is the foundational structure of the Catholic truths, is defective. By saying one can love without dogmas, he is believing in the heresy that 'Caritas' is possible without Faith. In Catholic theology that is completely wrong. 'Caritas' is the foundation of Catholic theology.  Because of his defective description of love, every thing he says is erroneous. 'If it does not come from love, it is evil,' wrote St. Augustine.  The Pope cannot seem to say anything right.
      As we have seen above, the commands of Christ are so intertwined that disobedience to one is disobedience to all. Love is the root. If your concept of love is wrong all that will grow out from it will be wrong.  Pope Francis and most of the cardinals, bishops and priest have an erroneous naturalistic, relativistic concept of charity. Their concept of love is purely pagan love ('eros'), not even natural love ('amor'.) Catholic love is 'Caritas.'

      Even Cardinal Burke's group who rejected the proposals in the Bishop's Synod, though they had heroically fought the Pope, himself, and his team....did not appear in the news to have a correct Johanine definition of 'love.' Maybe they have, but we have not read it in the news. The only thing we are certain about those good guys is that they did not join the evident disobedience of Pope Francis and the Bergoglian team.

     7. Let us now apply the Johanine definition of love to the actions of the Pope. And on the side we can, also, apply it on the actions of many cardinals and bishops.
          Concentrate on the fact that God must love us first. And God's love will enable us to know and obey His commands. Concentrate, also, on the fact that in 'Caritas' obedience to the commands of Christ is 'not loving God'.
          Now.....if Pope Francis and his team disobeyed the commands of God as clearly shown in the document of the Bishop's Synod, the conclusion is; first, God does not love Pope Francis and his team. This is shown in their ignorance and disobedience to the commands of God. Secondly, their disobedience to the two commands of God is a sure sign that they were unable to remain in the love of God and, therefore, they do not love God. God does not love them; and they do not love God. The reasoning is very easy and very clear. If this is so, following what St. Robert Bellarmine, Jesuit doctor of the church wrote; Francis and his cardinal-bishop team are neither pope, nor cardinal, nor bishop......because they are not even Catholics since they do not have the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity that make one a Catholic.  St. Augustine wrote; no charity, surely no Faith. Pope Francis definition of love is wrong, this means he has no charity and, also, no Faith.

          So what do we have? An anti-pope, a schismatic group of cardinals and bishops, a new protestant denomination and even a world wide spiritual possession of the devil as what happened to Judas.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The branch and the Vine - 5th Sunday after Easter.

1. Holy Mother the Church teaches us the way to salvation, not through seminaries nor theological schools, nor through books, nor through preachers......but through the Mass. We saw this in the story of the two disciples on the way to Emmaus. They did not recognize Christ from an exposition of the Old Testament. They did not learn from the preaching of Christ, Himself. They learned, only, when Christ 'broke the bread,' when He said Mass.  A good seminary teaches seminarians how to learn their theology through the Mass and not through the theology teachers.

2.Today, the Church continues to teach us through the Liturgy of the Mass, if celebrated perfectly; as close as possible to 'Summorum Pontificum.'  Every Sunday, she teaches us every step that leads to eternal life. We just have to check if we are taking the right steps taught every Sunday.
     All the steps taught every Sunday must be organized together before we can understand the next Mass. For example; we must put together all the lessons learned from Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter.....up to the Third Sunday after Easter to understand fully the Gospel on the Good Shepherd, the 4th Sunday after Easter. Otherwise, the Good shepherd will just be a romantic image. No! By the Fourth Sunday after Easter all Catholics should know if their bishop is a 'good' shepherd, if the present Pope is a 'good' shepherd, and if they belong to the fold of the 'good' shepherd. Or the other way around.  All Catholics should know by now,  if their bishop or pope are hirelings, thieves or wolves and how to  search for the 'good' shepherd under pain of being snatched and scattered by the wolves in sheep's clothing.

3. Good Friday was a prophetic image of today.
    The following Sunday Masses after Good Friday continues to describe the details of Good Friday. Easter Sunday described those with Faith; they did not see but believed. That is Faith. The 2nd Sunday continues to describe those who believe; they believed even if they do not see and they showed their love for God by obeying His commandments. The 3rd Sunday continues to teach how to have Faith; not through lectures but through the Mass. In the 4th Sunday onward the Gospels describes both those with Faith and those without Faith; thus we began to describe the 'good ' shepherd who has Faith. And the hireling, thief, mercenary and wolf who have no Faith. Today, the 5th Sunday, the Liturgy describes those with Faith; the branches attached to the Vine. And those without Faith, the branches cut off from the Vine.

     On Good Friday, we have on one side the Roman civil authority going against Christ. The Chosen people of God was against Christ.  At that time they were led by the priests, the Pharisees and Scribes. And Satan entered into one of the hand-picked apostle of Christ.
     On the other side, the true disciples had been silenced, were in hiding and totally unable to help and defend Him. They were totally resigned to what was happening on that fateful day. The shepherd had been struck and the sheep had been scattered. Only Easter, the 8th day, will unite them again into a veritable spiritual force. Pope Benedict had described our present day as late afternoon of the 6th day which is evidently not quite the 8th day. So we should not expect the Church to be a veritable spiritual force. Like on Good Friday, she seems to be dying; i.e. that part of her which is made up of cockles. The wheat had been temporarily suppressed and in hiding.
4. Studying the 2nd reading on the branch and the Vine Sunday and its interpretation by the Fathers compiled by St. Thomas of Aquinas in 'Catena Aurea,' the steps towards the perfection of Charity are; first, there must be a natural desire to know and love the true God. If this desire exist, secondly, God will love this soul. Loving this soul will, thirdly, enable this soul to know and obey the commands of God. If and when this soul know and obey the commands of God, fourthly, God's love for this soul will remain. If God's love for this soul remains then, fifthly, the soul will be pleasing in the sight of God. Being pleasing in the sight of God, sixthly, God will remain in the soul; and the soul will remain always in God, i.e. the branche is a live branch enliven by the vine.

 5. Now, let us see if the Pope, cardinals and bishops are branches united to the vine. But first,  I must find out if I am a branch attached to the vine. I must answer this latter question before I can answer the former. Let us presume I have answered the latter question, let us proceed to the former.
     As evidently seen in the last Bishop's Synod, 2014, Pope Francis and the Bergoglian team made up, among others, by Cardinals Kasper, Bagnasco, McCarrick, Daneels, Marini, Forte, Marx, Tagle, Bishop Villegas and a few more described in the news, are branches not attached to the vine.Why? because their infamous two proposals during the Synod is against the commands of Christ. Thus they do not have the third element, knowledge and obedience to the commands of Christ. Without one element they would not have all the elements.
     The one third who made the infamous proposal during the Synod headed by Pope Francis and backed up by those mentioned above; firstly, do not even have a natural desire to know and love God. Secondly, they are not loved by God. Thirdly, They are unable to know and obey the commands of Christ. Fourthly, God's love for them does not remain. Fifthly, they are not pleasing to God. And sixthly, they do not remain in God and God does not remain in them. In short, Pope Francis and his Bergoglian team, now known as such in the news,  are branches not attached to the vine. They will not produce fruits (which is the salvation of souls). And unable to do anything without being attached to the Vine,  they will soon be gathered and burnt, Christ said.

6. The submerged schism. The previous Sunday warned us about a future submerged schism headed by thieves, mercenaries and wolves; which Christ referred to as wolves in sheep's clothing and exposed during the last October Synod by two thirds of the Synod Fathers.
     What occurred during the 2014 Bishop's Synod was a submerged schism. The pope and his Bergoglion team cut themselves away from the Catholic Church but continue to wear the external symbolism of cardinals and bishops. These are branches broken from the vine but still wearing the clothes of cardinals and bishops. There was no evident external schism; the schism was submerged in that it cannot be seen, making it all the more insidious. They have gone against the third step by disobeying the 6th and 9th commandments of God. This is proof they have not done all the six steps that makes a soul a branch attached to the Vine.
     Every week more and more branches are detached from the Vine. As a consequence whole parishes and dioceses are being lost from the Vine, the Mystical Body of Christ.. Whole religious congregations and ecclesial communities are also being lost. The newspapers show their pictures still in complete cardinal, bishop's and religious regalia; but at the same time the news is showing the commands they are disobeying.....'because they are not committing His commandments and not doing what is pleasing in His sight.' Proof?  Aside from the two infamous disobedience, they are adding disobediences unto disobediences. Summarized, their disobedience consists in 'not believing in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ and not loving one another as He had commanded. Therefore, they have not remained in Him and He has not remained in them.'

7. The root of this great schism.
     The root of the schism or separation of the branch from the Vine is a return to 'original sin.'  This sin is returning to the world with a vengeance. As before, it is instigated by Lucifer and first used to destroy our First Parents. But this time we are committing it with full knowledge and full consent.
     This sin consists in choosing our own will in disobedience to the known Will of God. Sort of 'Do what you like."
     This is what Pope Francis,  many cardinals and even more bishops are doing;  and blindly followed by vast numbers of lay men. The two infamous proposal during the Bishop's Synod was just two proposals to be approved and embraced as an accepted moral practice in the Catholic Church. Both proposals were blatant acts of disobediences to the commands of God. Though rejected by the majority of the Synod Fathers, those rejected proposals are being implemented in Germany and Italy with many others following. In allowing these vices they are allowing the other vices attached to them. Like allowing family planning and abortion, divorce and euthanasia will surely follow. Allow one disobedience to a command of God and disobedience to all the commands of God will follow. Didn't St. James say; 'disobedience to one command is disobedience to all the commands?' With two commands disobeyed by Pope Francis and his team, they would have disobeyed all the commands of God. And they are leading the Catholic Church?

 8. A trend during Vatican II. 'Let's do what we want,' is pure 'original sin.'
     In his 'Highlights of Vatican II' Cardinal Ratzinger noted a tendency towards discontinuity. A contentious tendency to abandon the Church established by Christ, preached by the Apostles and enriched by the Fathers of the Church.......and the creation of a 'new' church' adapted to desires of modern men. It  was the heresy of modernism condemned by Pius IX and X. But the Holy Spirit intervened and the so called 'spirit of Vatican II,' which is not the Holy Spirit but the spirit of original sin, did not prevail. This vile spirit had to work outside the council that is guided by the Spirit. Maybe after the Council; probably best during a Bishop's Synod, which Cardinal Ratzinger considered as a useless ecclesiastical mechanism in the Church in his 'Ratzinger Report.'
     This vile spirit was just waiting for the removal of a restricting force  prophesied by St. Paul, in the person of the Popes from Paul VI to Benedict the XVI. Without this restricting force, Pandora's box was opened and every devil entered the Catholic Church. The devils had already possessed all non-Catholics as any exorcist can see; but it had entered cardinals, bishops and even a pope just as he had entered Judas. If Judas, why not Francis, Kasper, Forte, etc..etc. Since their common denominator is to 'do what we want,' anything and whatever we want, they are willing to join a umbrella church that will tolerate anything and everything they wanted. And Mario Bergoglio came up with a new church first thought of in Argentina; .the Church of Compassion and Mercy.' Compassions and mercy.... perfect words chosen to allow anything and every sin desired by the passion and concupiscence of men. The two infamous proposals is just part of this 'new' church.
     The tendency was to cut oneself off from the vine and attach oneself to the pile for burning.  St. Paul wrote;  the Catholic Church is the only Church of Christ.  All the others are of the devil.
     Before Bergoglio's election to the papacy he already suggested to found a new church and junk the one instituted by Christ, preached by the apostles and enriched by the Fathers .....because it is a 'dogmatic, self engrossed and authoritative sick institution.'  This insult to the Catholic Church, was repeated by Bishop Villegas, President of the Catholic Bishops conference of the Philippines, in their CBCP website news. Adding phrases for Pope Francis for being a 'Good' Shepherd,' an endorsement of the new protestant denomination.    The rest of the laymen are fooled into doing what they want; having their cake and eating it,  like committing mortal sins and going to heaven, too, which is a papal favorite topic these days.
     It is original sin all over again. And guess who is behind it? The snake!!  Man had never been made wise by history. This sin begun in creation and it will be the last sin committed on this earth.

9. The beginning of the submerged schism.
    Most news agree; a schism had occurred during the 2014 Bishop's Synod. Branches were detached from the Vine. A huge branch broke of headed by Pope Francis. And many branches, cardinals and bishops are attached to this big branch which are now detached from the vine. The parishes and dioceses of these detached branches are drying up because they are not nourished by the Vine.
     What happened to Europe in the middle age was that cardinals and bishops were, likewise, detached from the vine. Half of Europe dried up. And they did not even know it. The same thing is happening in the Far East. The Catholic Church in Malaysia, Indonesia, Formosa, Japan and the Philippines is drying up like dried twigs.....and nobody knows it.......'because they are not keeping His commands and not doing what is pleasing in his sight. Thus He is not remaining in them and them in Him.
     The vine is vibrant, green and healthy. But where are the branches? Am I so repetitious if I say again; 'Check if you have Faith; if you are a branch attached to the Vine.'

Saturday, April 25, 2015


1. There is only one Good Shepherd.
     'I am the Good Shepherd.' There are not two or three Good Shepherds. Only one! The bishops and the Pope,  though called also Shepherds, are just the extensions of Christ, the Good Shepherd. To be worthy extensions they must be children of God or brothers of Christ. Or like Christ, they must have the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.
      Christ had two titles among others. One is Shepherd, the other is Door. The Good shepherd is also the door. He, alone,  can enter through the door. And He, alone, can bring the sheep through the door into the fold. The other shepherds, the bishops and the pope, are not doors; they cannot bring in the sheep through the door.  They can, only, go in with Him. The Good Shepherd is both the Shepherd and owner of the sheep. The Bishops, though extensions, are shepherds, but not the owner of the sheep. The bishop does not own his diocese nor the pope the Church. They are mere extensions or stewards. Thus they must act as stewards and not as owners.

2. Christ called Himself the 'Good Shepherd,' because there are bad shepherds called hirelings.
     We must all know the difference between the good shepherd and the bad shepherd.  Hirelings are shepherds for rent.  And there are some who pretend to be shepherds but are in truth thieves, murderers, mercenaries and even wolves.

3. In the past posts we have described St. Thomas' commentaries on the Gospels where we saw the importance of Faith. We saw through the Liturgy the way by which we can distinguish those who have Faith and those who do not have Faith. And we reiterated Pope Benedict's call for all priests and bishops to check if they have Faith.
     In today's Gospel, the Liturgy presents to us, again, one who have Faith, the Good Shepherd..... and the other who does not have Faith, the hireling, the thief, the murderer and the wolf.
4. Who are the 'good' shepherds.
     Since Christ is the only Good Shepherd, only bishops and popes who are like Him can be considered His extensions as 'good' shepherd. These extensions should know and be obedient to all the commands of Christ the Good Shepherd. They must say like Christ, 'I came, not to do my will, but the Will of My Father in heaven.' And the Will of the Father had been expressed in Divine Revelations.   He must teach the same to his flock.
     St. Thomas adds that; he consoles his flock in times of persecution and martyrdom. The prevalence of persecution and martyrdom today will surely test the mettle of our bishops and pope.
     The Gospel gave the unique description of those worthy to be the extensions of the Good Shepherd; 'he gives his life for his sheep.'

     Before a 'good' shepherd can give up his life for his sheep, he must undergo three degrees of 'giving up.' First, he must be able to give up his outward possessions and use them for the spiritual benefit of his sheep. This is the easiest.  He cannot give up his life unless this first is given up.  Secondly, he must be able to give up the external expression of affections to be able to concentrate saving his sheep. This means giving up one's emotional attachments to his loved ones after giving up his human affections towards his charismatic friends, Jewish friends, lesbian friends and protestant friends. Thirdly, he must be able to give us his personal, individual ideas, opinions and specially his private desire to establish an alternative protestant sect in place of the Apostolic, Catholic Church. The inability to give up this third is a sign that the two previous one had not been given up; in short,  he had given up nothing.
     If he cannot give these up how can he give up his life for his sheep....without which he cannot be a 'good' shepherd.

      Pope Benedict proved himself to be a true extension of Christ thus he is a Good Shepherd. As a theologian with many ideas he used all his learning to clarify the Will of God. He only taught the teachings of Christ and interpreted it exclusively from the Fathers of the Church which he gave during his audiences. He repeated these teachings many times while at the same time warning us of hirelings, thieves, mercenaries and wolves.
     And he consoled the persecuted Church by teaching them how to use their sufferings to reach the perfection of Charity wherever they were, quoting Origen's 'Exhortation on Martyrdom.'

5. Who are the hirelings.
     They are shepherds for hire; like the Pharisees who taught the commands of God but, themselves, did not obey them. There is an advantage in this in that teaching listeners all the commands of God is enough for the hearers to be able to make an act of Faith. The hirelings do the shepherd's external job by just watching the sheep as watching a ball game. And this for money or other compensations or to enjoy the privileges of their positions as bishops and cardinals. This is not good enough, for Christ demanded that the righteousness of bishops, cardinals and popes should surpass that of the Pharisees. Most of our bishops, cardinals and sad to say, the present pope, are not even teaching the complete commands of God; so they are inferior to the Pharisees.   Even hirelings are a rare find these days.

 6.  Then there are the thieves. They, first,  steal souls from the Catholic Church. Then, they steal properties from communities like ordinary thieves. Though other religions try to steal from the Catholic Church, the protestants are the biggest thieves because there is some similarities between their church and the Catholic Church so it is easy to attract prospective victims. These thieves pose like bishops, cardinals and popes with all the liturgical regalia to easier deceive the sheep. They are not pagans but protestant oriented heretics. They are a conglomeration of a new protestant denomination being propagated within the church; combining Pelagian, modernist and pagan religion thus having some semblance to Catholicism but definitely not Catholic. Their common denominator is 'do what you want,' the primordial 'original sin,' brought back to life in its fullness.
     They have joined together with one slogan; the old Catholic Church is dead and is unable to handle the vicissitudes of modern times. Bury her and build a new church that is acceptable to every man and race.

     We saw this during the last Bishop's Synod 2014. The one third who proposed adultery and sodomy are neither shepherds nor hirelings. They were thieves stealing Catholic souls to join the new protestant denomination started in Argentina by Pope Francis and being introduced by one third of the Bishops and cardinals in the Synod. The new denomination's name is church of compassion and mercy.
       Whole nations, orders of priests, entire bishop's conferences and cardinals are being stolen from the Church and introduced into this new sect. Because of the present existing crisis of Faith, everyone is transferring to this new man- made church.  Both Cardinal Tagle of Manila as part of the School of Bologna and Bishop Soc Villegas, president of the Bishop's conference, as featured in the website news of the CBCP,  believe that the Catholic Church before Vatican II is 'an authoritative sick institution' and  the new man-made church of Bergoglio should be the new church. And presenting Bergoglio as an example of a good shepherd.
     None of these bishops have proven that this new protestant denomination is superior to the old Catholic Church; they could not make a comparison because most of them know nothing about the Catholic Church.

7. The wolves.
     And finally, Christ describes those who are wolves. St. Thomas described this bishops, cardinal and possible anti-pope as those who grab the sheep by the neck, a symbol of those who tempt others  to commit adultery.  This was what was, precisely,  proposed during the last Bishop's Synod whence Pope Francis with one third of the cardinals and bishops proposed that Catholics be allowed to commit adultery with free easy annulment of previous marriages; i.e., like allowing the devil (the wolf) to grab the sheep by the neck, as described by St.Thomas of Aquinas.

8. On this Good Shepherd Sunday, Holy Mother the Church is reminding us that Christ warned us that there is a good shepherd who knows his sheep and whose sheep knows his voice. He will lead the sheep to the door of Faith and eternal life.
     But that there is also a hireling, a thief and a wolf pretending to be shepherd who cannot lead anyone inside the door and eternal life. We must find out if our pastors or shepherds are good or bad. Our eternal life could depend on it.
     But what if we see our shepherds are not even hirelings but thieves and wolves. What do we do? Transfer to the true shepherds or at least to the hirelings. If you cannot do this, just go back to the commandments of Christ and its correct interpretation from the Fathers of the Church.....because those were your previous good shepherds. Or recall the lessons taught by one proven faithful extension of the Good Shepherd, Pope Benedict. And you will be in good hands.

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