Wednesday, November 07, 2018

TUESDAY. 31st Weekday in Ordinary time. LAST GREAT BANQUET.

 1. Great parties.
     The kingdom of God is like a great party. This is the Catholic Church that is portrayed in many different images, like vineyards, parties, etc. 
     God had been inviting mankind to attend this feasts, from the beginning of the history of man, from Adam and Eve up to the present. But this parties cannot go on forever. 
     The party is a test for man; whether he will attend and be saved. Or refuse the invitation and be damned. All of these invitations had been laid down through the Liturgical year celebrations. But as we approach the Feast of Christ the King, the General Judgment, the Liturgy begins to portray the last party beginning with Tuesday of the 31st  Weekday in Ordinary time.

2. The 31st Weekday in Ordinary Time.
     This weekday begun to describe the participants in this last party. First, those invited must behave with great humility. They must chose the last places but if asked to go higher, they must go higher. Secondly, those assigned to hold the party must invite those who cannot invite them in return. Really, only God can invite souls to heaven. 

3. The Gospels on the last party.
     'A certain man made a great supper and bade many. And sent his servant at supper time to say to them that were bidden, come; for all things are now ready.' God, through His Son, instituted a Church and invited many. Sending His preachers before; and now that the final party is ready, at supper time describing the time of the last general judgment,  reminded those invited from the beginning to come 'for all things are now ready.' Before, only the invitation was given, but the wedding was not yet scheduled.  But now the wedding of the Church to Christ is ready and those invited before are reminded that it is time to come. 
     But those previously invited through the centuries made excuses. One, because he had bought a piece of ground and have to go and see it. St. Thomas wrote that these are people who have heard the Words of God inviting men to save their souls but excused themselves because they want to try living in and by the world; to be involved in politics, social issues, business, etc...And excused themselves from working their salvation.
     Another previously invited made excuses that he had just bought five yoke of oxen and he had to prove it. St. Thomas wrote that these five oxens are the five senses. And the excuse is that they would want to stay in the world and enjoy satisfying their five senses which is against the Act of fasting necessary in Christian living, So they excused themselves from working for the salvation of their souls. 
     Another who had been invited through hearing the teachings of Christ said, 'I have married a wife and, therefore I cannot come. There is nothing wrong with marriage. St. Augustine, in his treatise 'The Good of marriage,' wrote how marriage is one of the great helps in the sanctification of the souls of the entire family. But these people want to use marriage to enjoy sensual pleasure that is not consonant to Christian spirituality. So he declined working to save the souls of his entire family in their desire for this physical pleasures. They did not enter. 

4. The Lord received the refusals and got angry. 
     The Lord, in His anger, did two things. First, he sent his servants to go to the streets and lanes of the city and bring in hither the poor and the maimed and the halt and the blind. The servants did this and there was still room. So the Lord sent them into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in that the hall may be filled. 
     Secondly. in His anger He decided that none of those men who were bidden shall taste of His supper. The Jews who were first invited but who did not come, the Catholics who were invited after the Jews but, also, did not come. Pope Francis, the cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns, brothers and laymen who would rather live by the post Vatican II Protestant Church who did not come. The pagans and the rest of the world to whom Scriptures is available but did not study it. None of them will taste the Supper of the Lord in heaven.

5. Who will be invited.
     The evangelisation and missiology used in inviting those who have rejected the invitation will no longer be used today. The Congregation on evangelisation, what is learned in seminaries and theological schools, what is taught in cathecetics cannot be used anymore. There will only be one way of converting souls. 
     God, still using His servants, will 'compel' souls to fill the banquet hall.
     Who are those from the streets, lanes of the city, the poor, maimed, the halt and the blind. And who are those from the highways and hedges Who God 'compelled' to enter the Church?
     These are those who have never heard the words of God. Or they have heard it but never understood the words of god. Both of them, however, humbly admit that they do not know how to go to heaven in humility.  They have a great desire to know god's way and shows it in many ways.  In great humility they admit they are ignorant and show their great desire for knowledge. 
     These will be 'compelled' in that God, by His Divine intervention, will show them the attractiveness and goodness of His Church that these souls will be, as if, 'compelled' to enter and fill up the banquet hall. 
       They will not be converted in the usual way nor in the heretical way  Pope Francis have instructed his missionaries of mercy to do.
     When God sees these souls, He will directly instruct them. This is divine intervention.  There will be no other form in which god will convert souls. They will be the cream of a new catholic church; as described in the gospel. 

Monday, November 05, 2018


 1. The Scribes asked Jesus.
     The religious leaders in Jerusalem had memorised many commands from Moses. They were confused on which was the most important commandment obedience to which is equivalent to obeying all the commands. 
     Even in the New Testament, St. James noted that perfect obedience to the most important command of Christ is equivalent to obeying all the commands of Christ. This, of course, would assure one's salvation. 
     It, also, works the other way around. Disobedience to one command is equivalent to disobedience to all the commands of Christ and will be reason for one's damnation. The safest is to obey all the commands. Though obedience to the most important command will assure one's salvation, since the most important command will include within itself obedience to all the commands of Christ. All the commands are interconnected to one another in the spirit of Charity. So the most important command must be a command of Charity.

2. Christ's answer. 
     Christ's answer was compose of an act of the intellect and an act of the free will. The act of the intellect is; 'the Lord our God is Lord alone.' Meaning, there is no other God but the God alone as described by Divine Revelation. This is an act of Faith. 
     Those who believe that there are many other gods, like all the pagans, are sinning against this most important command. Even the Protestant are sinning because their image of God and of Jesus Christ is not as described in Scriptures. And Pope Francis disobeys this command in that he states that all religions are equal, that it is possible to have a one world religion and his god is the weird god of nature. 
     The act of the free will is; ' you shall love the Lord your God,
     with all your heart.
     with all your soul,  
     with all your mind,
     with all your strength.
     Christ enumerates here the faculties of man which he shares with the plants, the animals, his nature as man and the ability of the angels who can love a supernatural God. 

3. The second command.
     Then the second command that is akin to the first is to love your neighbour with the same kind of love you have for God and for yourself. There is only one kind of love and that is Charity. This is the love one must have for God, for oneself, for neighbour and for enemy. Christ states that this second is similar to the first in that he who loves his neighbour loves God and vice versa. 

4. St. Thomas of Aquinas states that nobody can learn nor obey this command, well advanced in the Liturgy, without the grace of God. The seminary or theological school is no help. Only grace.  This grace can only be obtained through unceasing prayer. 
     With the post conciliar reduction of all forms of prayer, it has become impossible, today, for many to engage in unceasing prayer. Obviously Pope Francis, the cardinals, bishops, priests and laymen have no time, not only for unceasing prayer; but they do not know how to pray as Christ taught. Their obedience to this greatest command becomes impossible. But this is Charity, the theological virtue needed for salvation. So we have a situation where very few are being saved. 

5. Proof of ignorance. 
    Right now, how many understand what it means to love God with all their heart, with all their soul, with all their mind and with all their strength? Add to this, to obey such a command is impossible for many. The defect is not in the inability to understand the concept. The defect is in the lack of grace which God gives only to those who have the perfection of Faith. 
     Even the apostles who were living with Christ, often could not understand His teachings due to their lack of Faith. Imagine the situation today where there is a decay or crisis of Faith. 

6. Personal remedy.
    We are living in an age where God demands that each one take care of himself. Each one must go to the sources of Faith and make their own personal act of Faith and Charity. The sources are Divine Revelation and the Tradition of the fathers and doctors of the Church coupled with unceasing prayer as taught by Jesus Christ. We have reached that age that Christ described to the Samaritan Woman; 'the time will come that true worshipper will worship in spirit and in truth.' True worshipper will worship with their intellects and free will as described above. They will fill their intellects with the teachings of Christ as taken from Divine Revelation. Then, they will obey those teachings as interpreted by the Fathers of the Church. The former is an act of Faith; the latter is the act of Charity. Both makes up obedience to the greatest command of Christ. 

Sunday, November 04, 2018


 1. What is happening to our bishops and to Pope Francis?
      The news tell it all. Now it is Malone's turn. The headlines on the US bishops shows a church that has totally collapsed. A church with bishops like that cannot stand. More so against the onslaught of Satan. Of course there are a handful of good ones; but their influence had been suppressed by Pope Francis himself. 
        These problem bishops, that make up the majority today,  are even officers of the bishops conference all over the world. And they are well treated, they hold high offices, rewarded, protected, defended, widely looked up to. They even lead  Bishop's Synod on the Family, the Youth and appointed to reform the Curia. Talking about destroying the Catholic Church, we have it all now. We are just waiting for her last breath. 
        They are even assigned to suppress the Catholic religion under communist rule, like the underground Church in China and assuredly next in North Korea,  after suppressing good religious orders.  
       Canon Law states that these bishops should not be running dioceses. They must be removed from all canonical offices and functions and sent to a monastery to pray and repent in secret. But no. They are all around leading souls astray.

      Hey, how come all good Catholics are discussing the fall of many bishops only now? Because they never suspected this could ever happen to the Catholic Church. But who said so? Scriptures is filled with Gospel statements saying that this is going to happen today. 
      We are celebrating All Saint's day. Who ever thought that we will canonise saints today that cannot be proven to be saints. Yes, not one canonised by Pope Francis can be proven to be saints. Check it yourself.   Prove that those saints are in heaven. Don't try, because you are not even sure that you are going to heaven. Why? We are totally ignorant on how to be saints or how to go to heaven. And most bishops and priest are in the same boat. 
      How did we ever reach this point? It all begun in Paradise. Nothing have changed. Satan told Eve; 'do what you want. Eat that forbidden fruit. Don't do God's Will. He is lying. You will not die.' 
     We are surrounded with death. And God was lying? The world still believes God is lying and is obeying Satan. What did you expect the bishops to be? Harvingers of death who lead other souls to death. And one of them could be your bishop. 

2. Joseph Ratzinger and 'The Ratzinger Report.'
     Ratzinger was a good theologian and Liturgist. He knew what went wrong with Adam and Eve. And in his best selling book 'The Ratzinger Report' he described the crisis in the Church as no different from what happened to Adam and Eve. They knew God's Will but chose their own will thus disobeying God's Will. They thought they could know good from evil by themselves without the grace of God. That is the root of the crisis, which he described as a crisis in the priesthood. 
      What is the root of this crisis? Priests, bishops and Pope Francis think they can know the truth all by themselves without the help of the grace of God.  Their teachings are man-made and from themselves and not the Word of God. They think  they can control  global warming when they cannot even control a tropical depression.  
       Ratzinger got it right. It is a crisis of Faith. The sin of Adam and Eve was against Faith. And Ratzinger noted that the great source of this crisis will come from the Bishop's conference, the most useless structure in the Church,  where they will begin to act like Protestants, doing what they want in disobedience to what God commanded. Did you notice this in the last bishop's synod on the family and theYouth?  So much effort to destroy the chastity of the youth. Are you wondering who was in charge? Of course, the same creature in Paradise. 

3. The crisis of Faith.
     Among many other things, Faith is the entrance to the Catholic Church and to the life in grace. It is eventually the way to salvation. When there is a crisis of Faith, nobody gets grace from God, does not learn the plan of salvation, cannot enter the Catholic Church and will not go to heaven. Thus the word 'believe' is the most important exhortation of Christ. 
     The crisis of Faith occurs when a soul prefers his own selfish will and knowingly reject the Will of God. This often happens, according to St. Thomas of Aquinas, when, like Eve, a soul wilfully becomes ignorant of God's Will and sins against Faith. St. Augustine wrote; 'hoc est peccatum quo tenentur cuncta peccata. "This is the sin which comprehends all other sins."
     The bishops know God's Will. It is imprinted in their minds. But they pretend they are ignorant of it. Ignorant? Doesn't Pope Francis, Bishop Barron and Bishop David know that there is a hell. Of course, they know it. But suddenly they seem to be ignorant that hell exist. They said so.
     The crisis in the Church is a crisis in the priesthood, Ratzinger wrote. The priest do not have the Catholic Faith. They are not Catholic. They are infidels.  
4. Reason for the crisis of Faith.
     The problem is in the mind and free- will. Their minds never assented to the truths of Christ. And their free- will never consented to the goodness of the truths of Christ, as St. Augustine would say it.  
     This is a sin of the Catholic hierarchy that is with full knowledge and full consent. Because all the knowledge is available, therefore, there isfull knowledge. If there is ignorance, which is rampant, it is willful ignorance, which is the greatest of all sin, says St. Thomas of Aquinas.  And they had full control of their free- will to consent because they had full freedom to do so. This sin against Faith committed by the Catholic priesthood is a condemnable sin. 
     And no one is helping them; neither their co-bishops in the bishops conference nor Pope Francis. In fact, they are covering for each other, tolerating each other and rewarding each other for their sins. It is a situation only the Blessed Virgin can disentangle and only God can solve. It is exactly the same problem that the Jews had at the time of Christ. Unbelief. 

5. Consequence of the crisis of Faith.
     What happens when a priest has no Faith? He cannot know the way to the Catholic Church. He does not know the way to salvation and cannot teach anyone how to save their souls. The whole diocese is lost. This is the consequence of the present scandal in the US church. We do not know the state of the souls in several dioceses in the US because their bishops are without Faith. But this is the state of most dioceses around the world. And it could be the state of our own diocese. We don't know it because no one has Faith to tell us. 
    Even if a saint come preaching, a man with no Faith will not believe him, as the Jews did not believe Christ. 

6. Made worse.
    The situation is made worse by the fact that bishops are too busy in their work, usually nothing pastoral or salvific in nature. They retire with an uncertain future so they have to continue earning for their sustenance rather than saving their souls.

7. All saints day.
     We are living in a situation where knowledge on how to save one's soul is non-existent. All those whose role is to teach are completely ignorant of the way to salvation. Now, Christ, Himself, had prophesied on Holy Week that this day would arrive sometimes today. And the Feast of All saints day described this day as the 'time of great distress.'
    It is God's last test for the human race. It is a big test for the Christians in the Middle East, in Africa, in China, in Korea. Where Pope Francis will encourage nations to join the one world religion that does not worship the true God. 
     Those who will remain with the truth are  the ones who 'survive the time of great distress,' described in the Mass of All Saints Day.  

Thursday, November 01, 2018

30th Weekday in Ordinary Time - ARE ONLY FEW TO BE SAVED?

 1. The Catholic spirituality.
     The entire Catholic spirituality contains the teachings of both the Old and the New Testament; but with concentration on the New Testament. The Old Testament had been perfected in the New Testament, so Catholics can concentrate on the New Testament alone. The Old Testament repentance of John the Baptist which is mainly physical, had been perfected in the repentance of the New Testament, which is more spiritual. For example, the fasting of the O.T. is fasting from food; while the fasting of the N.T. is from the desires of the spiritual faculties. 
     The spirituality of the New Testament is laid down in the Liturgy of the Mass, starting in Advent and ending with the Feast of Christ the King. The presentation of this spirituality is repeated every year in three different cycles. 
     Just like in school, the teachings of Christ is presented beginning in the form of milk, St. Paul wrote, and progressing with more solid food. The teachings begin with the easy commandments and progresses with the more difficult. And as we approach the end of the course in spirituality, the most difficult teachings are presented. 
     So in Wednesday of the 30th Weekday in Ordinary time, we find the apostles feeling hopeless finding the teachings of Christ as nearly impossible to be followed asking; 'if these are your final teachings on how to be saved, which look impossible, who can be saved? 
2. The teachings of Christ on how to save one's soul becomes more difficult as it progresses as experienced by the apostles that they asked Christ; 'who can be saved?' Most Catholic do not realise how difficult it becomes as one progresses because most Catholics do not progress. They are stagnant in the first easy steps. In fact, most Catholics have not even taken the first step that introduces them inside the Catholic Church. 
     This first command of the New Testament which is the beginning of the narrow road, was emphasised by Pope John Paul II in his 'Veritatis Splendor'.  It is so difficult that nobody is doing it. This first step is what Christ told the first apostles, the young rich man, Ananias and Sapphire which He had commanded  everyone who wished to attain everlasting life; 'Go home, sell all your things. Give it to the poor and come follow Me. '
     And this is, only, the first command of the New Testament. See how difficult it is. Imagine what those middle and last commands are. So rightly did the apostles say; 'Lord, these last commands are so difficult. Who can be saved?'

3. The narrow and the wide road.
     With man it is impossible to be saved. But with God, nothing is impossible. It is impossible to save one's soul if you will depend on yourselves and on human efforts. But with the grace of God, nothing is impossible. So concentrate in getting these graces through unceasing prayer.There is no other way to getting these.
     The narrow road is a way of life where commands of Christ must be obeyed that gradually becomes more and more difficult. If the first step which is to leave all things is quite impossible for most, imagine the next commands. It would, really, be impossible unless one gets the graces to be able to obey through unceasing prayer. The more difficult it becomes, the more unceasing contemplative prayer is needed. This form of prayer is described well by St. Francis de Sales; how the spiritual life is perfected through prayer (Treatise on the Love of God.)
     The moment the soul reaches Charity, the narrow road suddenly becomes wide, pleasant, easy and light.

4. St. John Chrysostom
    Chrysostom described this narrow road as an austere monastic life. And reminds us that among those who take this narrow road, few will enter the Kingdom of God. Few will enter heaven. 
     The wide road leads to hell. It is the worldly life in the world where all have a wide choice of desires that can be satisfied. Here the rule is do what you want and impose on others what you want. It almost describes the atmosphere in the world especially in the US. 
     Pope Francis is the proponent of this wide road. The road with a wide choice. He tells every sinner to do what they want. He tells the youth to go where they want. He tells the perverts to remain as they are, the Protestants to remain as they are, the pagans to continue as they are, the communist to subdue the Catholic Church. And he wants all migrants to impose their will on their host countries. All of his teachings  are for all men to take the wide road. Of course, it is natural. Everybody would rather choose to travel in a wide road. Who doesn't?  His preaching is what makes him popular, preaching that all take the wide road. 
     But St. John Bosco wrote that the wide road starts wide with flowers on both side. But it gradually descends and becomes narrow. Further down, the wide road begins to choke the traveler and the road becomes steeper going down.  The soul cannot stop its descend....towards hell. Everybody is in this road, including many from the narrow road who, finding the commands become more difficult as they progressed in the Catholic way of life, abandon the narrow road. 
     Christ exhorts all to take the narrow road because the wide road leads to hell. But Christ warned those taking the narrow road. Though they are taking the right road, few will be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. The first step within the Church being very difficult, many will tend to give up when they progressed towards the more difficult commands of Christ in the New Testament. 
     The last Bishop's Synod on the Youth shows Pope Francis and many of the bishops participating in the Synod are leading the Youth towards an extraordinary wide, wide road. Check it out in the commentary of St.Thomas on the Gospel of St. Luke 13: 22-30.