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ALL SAINT'S DAY. The first Beatitude - THE FEAR OF THE LORD.

 1. The two levels of truth. 
     In the Catholic Church, there're two levels of truths; the natural level that is attainable through mere human efforts, and the supernatural that is not attainable through human efforts but only with the help of Divine grace. The Old Testament is within the natural level. The New Testament and the Catholic church are within the supernatural level or the level of grace. The eight Beatitudes are the different levels in the supernatural level. The first Beatitude is the lowest level.

2. The three stages in the supernatural level.
     There are three stages wherewith a soul progresses within the Catholic Church. These are through growth in the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity; or in more detail the different stages in the life of the Beatitudes.  
     Faith, the first beatitude,  is received with the grace of God after a life of perfect repentance. Perfect repentance includes the repentance preached by St. John the Baptist in the Old Testament and its perfection as taught by Christ in the New Testament. After which the theological virtue of Faith is received. 
    The theological virtue of Faith includes the virtue of Hope and charity in some small degree. The latter virtues must grow founded on the perfection of Faith. All the beatitudes are built over the first Beatitude. 

3. The beginnings of the supernatural life or the Life within the Church is the first Beatitude.....for yours is the kingdom of God.
     We would want to know if we are within the Catholic Church. We are within the Church when we have the beginnings of Faith. The beginnings of Faith can be seen with the beginnings of humility and the beginnings of Charity. It is, also, the first Beatitude. 
     Faith and the beginnings of Charity must always be together. Without Charity. Faith is dead, St. Augustine wrote. St. James described this combination as Faith and Good works, which makes Catholicism different from Protestantism who believe in Faith alone. 

4. Faith and Charity.
    As noted by St. Augustine, without Faith, it is impossible to have Charity. Pope Francis was wrong when, in his  initial papal speech,  he said Charity is possible without dogmas that comes from Faith.
    Without Charity, there can be Faith but it will be a dead Faith that is similar to the Faith of the devil wherein he believes but trembles. This faith is useless for salvation. So the perfection of Faith and the beginnings of Charity must always be together for salvation. The beginnings of Faith and Charity is the 'fear of the Lord,' which is the beginning of wisdom which is necessary to know, understand, and obey the commandments of Christ in the New Testament.

5. The beginning of the supernatural life or the Catholic way of life.
     The 'fear of the Lord' is the beginning of the supernatural life of Faith and Charity. To understand the truths of the Catholic religion the gift of wisdom is necessary. Ordinary human knowledge is not enough because the truths of the Catholic religion are supernatural truths. 
     The beginning of wisdom is the 'fear of the Lord.' which is the first Beatitude. So this gift is necessary. This gift is a gift of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit is the author of Charity. So the 'fear of the Lord' is the beginning of the theological virtue of Charity which is needed to accompany the perfection of Faith for understanding the truths on the way of salvation and all teachings of the Catholic Church. 

6. Four division of fear.
    St.Thomas describes fear as a gift of the holy Spirit and divides it into four; worldly fear, servile fear, initial fear, and filial fear. 
    Worldly fear is not a gift of the Holy Spirit; it is, in fact, a sin. It is fear of the things in the world; fear of men, fear of objects, fear of displeasing men, fear of global warming, fear of war, etc. In general, fear of men. Ordinarily, all of men's fears are of this kind. And it is a sin. This fear is a sign a person does not have Charity, does not have the gifts of the Holy Spirit and, consequently,  does not belong to the  Catholic Church. We are explaining the fear of God from the context of Christian spirituality. We shall set aside its psychological aspect because we are describing the state of the soul here.

     Servile fear is when a person is afraid to disobey the commands of God for fear of going to hell. This is the first part of the Act of contrition; 'because I dread the lost of heaven and the pains of hell.'
     This is a work of the Holy Spirit but it is of an inferior kind. But it is good enough because it is a sign of Charity; Charity of a person towards himself, in that he loves himself enough to avoid hell. This is unique in that most people do not even have this, in that they do not love themselves enough to fear losing their souls by avoiding hell. 
      Thus this fear is a sign of Faith and Charity and a sign of the working of the Holy Spirit. This is lacking in the Charismatic movement, thus, a proof that the movement is not from the Holy Spirit.  Great wisdom on how to save one's soul and the things of God goes with this. Servile fear is the beginning of the first Beatitude and can lead a soul into the kingdom of God, 'for theirs is the kingdom of God. 

      Filial fear is the best kind of fear. It is the fear of a child in displeasing his father. So it is the fear of a soul in displeasing God by an act of disobedience. This is a greater gift of the Holy Spirit, it is a higher degree of Charity and greater wisdom is granted to such a soul. This is the third and fourth Beatitude. 
     Initial fear is something in between servile and filial fear. These three fears are essentially the same and are different, only, in degrees of Charity.

     For our purpose we will deal with worldly fear, the sinful fear. Then with servile and filial fear, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, thus showing the soul has Charity and in within the Catholic Church.

    Archbishop Vigano is the man who fears God. And Pope Francis, the man who does not fear God but fears to displease men. 
    Archbishop  Vigano wrote three letters denouncing the incompetency of Pope Francis and charitably urged him to resign lest he add sins and more sins in his soul. The letters, especially the third letter, shows Vigano showing servile and filial fear.  This shows he is moved by the Holy Spirit; that he is motivated by the theological virtue of Charity and that he is inside the Catholic Church. Thus his three letters are filled with wisdom that comes from the 'fear of God.'
     Pope Francis and the entire Jesuit Order could not answer the contents; just as in the 1600 the same order could not refute the exposee' on the errors of their order in 'Provinciales' and 'Pensees' by a mere layman, Blaise Pascal. A man of many talents but whose wisdom came from his fear of God developed as a 'gentleman hermit.' 
     The only way the Jesuit could refute him was by accusing him falsely of heresy.
     Pope Francis  shows neither servile fear, nor filial, nor initial fear. Thus he does not show wisdom that comes from 'fear of the Lord.' As a consequence, he shows he does not have Faith nor Charity nor the first Beatitude nor being inside the Catholic Church.
    He encourages remarried couples to remarry and receive Holy Communion unworthily, not fearing he is showing scandal to these people. He encourages Protestants and pagans to remain as they are not fearing the God who is offended by being rejected by these people. He tells the Chinese underground Catholic to subject themselves to the Communist regime not fearing the God who owns these souls. He plans to offer the head of theNorth Korean Catholics  on a platter in an effort to outshine Trumps very successful meeting with the head of North Korea without fearing the judgment he will receive for betraying this Catholic Church. He has exposed the just concluded Bishop's Synod on the Youth to the most vile impurities without fearing the God who said, 'whatever you do to these little ones, you did it to Me.' 
     Pope Francis claims the Holy Spirit have inspired the Synod on Youth, not knowing that having dealt with aberosexual topics, the Synod had exposed the Synod to Satan who is the spirit of fornication, according to St. Paul. Calling Satan as the Holy Spirit is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.  He hates Vigano without fearing Him who said,' he who hates one neighbour hates all his neighbours.' 
     Pope Francis does not have any of the good fears. He, only, has the evil fear, worldly fear, the fear to displease sinful men. Christ said that such people cannot be His follower. Francis fears displeasing gays, masons, Protestants, Buddhists, transvestites, pedophiles, adulterers, aberosexuals, rich men, corrupt politicians, communists, etc...
     He fears global warming, he fears that the youth do not have jobs, he fears that the old are unhappy. All his fears are worldly fears, the sinful kind of fear.
      Everything he says and writes have absolutely  no wisdom, i.e. he shows complete ignorance of Catholic Doctrine. He does not have the wisdom that comes from 'fear of God.' He does not have any of the gifts of the Holy Spirit because he does not have the Holy Spirit. He does not have a servile, an initial, nor a filial fear of God. 
8. The 'fear of the Lord,' the first Beatitude, is nowhere to be found today. It is not in most of the cardinals, nor in most of the bishops, nor in most of the priests. It is rare, too, among the laymen. Does this mean that there is hardly anyone who has entered the Catholic Church? Seeing how difficult it is to go to heaven the apostles asked Christ; 'who will go to heaven.' Christ answered, according to St.Thomas of Aquinas, 'don't mind who will go to heaven and who will not.' Concentrate on yourselves and fear God who can kill your body and send your soul to hell. 

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Saturday of 29th Weekday in Ordinary Time - Chastisements of the Galilaeans and the men from Siloam.

 1. Introduction
     Chastisements are inconvenient or life threatening incidents that God sends as a reminder that sins are being committed and unless the person concerned repent worse things would happen.
     Chastisements are not punishments from God. They are part of God's teaching process in instructing man. Hell is God's punishment for evil doers. Chastisements are send by God to prevent men from going to hell. Man can either learn or refuse to learn from chastisements. If he does not learn he is punished to hell. 
     Chastisements have only one message; that you are taking the wrong direction, the direction to hell. When a person is going to the right direction, to life everlasting, God sends him consolations. 

2. The way God rewarded and chastised the Jewish nation is a lesson for all men, who whether they believe it or not are under the jurisdiction of the One true God. 
     This will give us a good understanding of what is happening to the world today, and adjust our way of life to conform to the Will of God and attain everlasting life in heaven. 
     Of course, everything is based on the fact that we believe in the True God and His commandments on what is right or wrong. Chastisement is given to those who do wrong; while consolations are given to those who do right. So happiness and misery in this world depend on whether we do right or wrong. It is really up to us. And eternal life will depend on how we live in this world, writes St.  Robert Bellarmine, Jesuit doctor of the Church, whose treatise 'the 15 marks of the true Church' shows that Pope Francis and most of the bishops and priests do not believe in the True God. That is why their concept of right and wrong, their sense of morality,  is in complete shambles.

3. Chastisements.
    The message; 'you are going the wrong way. You are going to hell. So, stop, repent, believe and proceed. This is the message of all chastisements. The worse chastisement is when God permits a soul to sin. Chastisements were meant to stop man from sinning. But when it does not work, it is, also, a chastisement when God allows a man to sin. The state of sin is the worse chastisement. Then chastisements are, again, used by God to make man repent. 
In short, chastisements are for the salvation of mankind. 
     Examples of chastisements. 9-11, Super cyclones, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, famine, plagues, wars, pestilence, death, sickness, etc.
     Let us see the chastisement  God gave to the Galilaeans in today's Gospel.

4. 'The Galilaeans whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices where chastised by God.' They were killed.
     The Jews had made an alliance with the powerful Romans in the hope the Romans would aid them in battles; the way NATO and Japan made an alliance with the US to defend them in war. But like the US, the Romans subjected and dominated the Jews as the US put their troops in their allies to subject them. So some Jews revolted. One group was the Galilaeans who refused to obey the Romans and continued to sacrifice in their own way. 
     Since the Jews had an alliance with the Romans, they should abide by the terms of the alliance. The Jews had two faults; first, they were going against the terms of the alliance. Secondly, they were insisting on a sacrifice that was already annulled by  Christ. Their sins were not as grievous as that of the crowds around Christ in today's Gospel. Yet the crowd thought that the sins of the Galilaeans were more serious than their sins. 
     Christ showed them that the sin of the Galilaeans were sins but the sin of the crowd was more serious. The Galilaeans have not heard the preachings of Christ nor seen His miracles. While the crowd had heard and seen Christ. To whom much is given more is expected, Christ said in the previous Gospel. So the crowd was guiltier than the Galilaeans. Imagine the guiltier accusing the less guilty. What hypocrisy.
     Christ was teaching the crowd how to learn from the chastisements given to others so they could be spared from the same chastisement. Mary in Fatima is telling the world what to do so he world may be spared from the  chastisement of the recent world wars.
     The mercy of God is shown in that He wants us to learn from the chastisements He had given other people before, that we might be spared of similar chastisements. If man does not learn from such lessons then he will receive greater punishment. 
     The Galilaeans were killed by the Romans and their blood mixed with their ancient sacrifice. But the crowd receive a much greater chastisement and punishment; their nation was destroyed by the Romans and their souls were damned because they did not repent and believe in Christ.

5. 'The 18 upon whom the tower in Siloam fell and slew them.'
     Again the crowd with Christ believed that they were better persons than the 18 killed by the falling tower because they were not being killed by any  falling tower. Since the 18 men were chastised the crowd thought that they were worse sinners. Maybe, they were sinners but not worse than the crowd.
      When God sends chastisements it could for the bad people. But since all men are sinners, St. John wrote, then God sends it to whole nations like a world war. Because all men have sinned and need to be reminded to repent. 

6. The parable. 
     Then Christ spoke a parable. A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard and he came and sought fruit thereon and found none.' The fig tree is the souls that does not produce fruits. The fruit is perfect Faith and the beginnings of the theological virtue of Charity. 
     'I come seeking fruit on this fig tree and find none; cut it down.' Christ can find no fruit of Faith and Charity in the present Vatican Church. Pope Francis and the bishops said to the Lord; 'Let it alone this year till we shall dig about it, and dung it.' We will teach discipline and humility to the Church. It will surely bear fruit; if not then cut it down. 
     It has been five years since the FrancisChurch has not produced the fruits of perfect Faith and Charity, which everybody seems to have noticed. Well, then. Christ might have already cut this present Vatican Church down. It is not longer a living part of the Mystical Body of Christ. 
     The discipline and humility needed to make the fig tree bear fruit was never applied. Instead the fertiliser used is pride and arrogance.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Thursday of the 29th Weekday in Ordinary Time. I CAME NOT TO BRING PEACE BUT DIVISION.

 1. Christ said; 'I came not to bring peace but rather division.
     There shall be five in a house, three against two, two against three.
     The Father shall be divided against the son, the son against the father.
     The mother against daughter, daughter against mother.
      Mother in law against her daughter in law,  daughter in law against mother in law.' 

2. As we approach the end of the Liturgical Year, the teachings of the Church is being completed. The Gospel is showing how the world will look like as we approach the feast of Christ the King, that reminds us of the final general judgment. 
    As we approach the final days, the Church will be perfected in preparation of her wedding to Christ the King. Thus, while the previous weekdays had been describing Faith and its perfection, the Gospel today is speaking about Charity that must come with perfect Faith. The author of Charity is the Holy Spirit and it is given only to those with perfect Faith. Both are needed for salvation. By this time the Church as a whole will attain Charity by the work of the Holy Spirit. So those worthy because they have perfected their Faith will receive the theological virtue of Charity that will enable them to love God and neighbour as Christ have loved us.

3. Two degrees of Charity.
     The Gospels show two degrees of Charity. The first was shown why Christ in the form of a breath.The second was when Christ sent the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. During these weekdays in Ordinary time, the Liturgy is showing that all good Catholics should have the first degree of Charity given by the breath of Christ. Fewer Catholics will receive Charity as sent by Christ on Pentecost. When we speak of Charity we will refer to this latter degree of Charity.
     The presence of the Holy Spirit in Pentecostals or the Charismatic Catholic movement is not the Holy Spirit. It is more the spirit of the heretic Montanus. That is why it does not conform to the theological virtue of Charity that comes with the Holy Spirit.
This Charity divides anyone with it from those without it. This spirit divides those with it from those without it. 
     It divides true Catholics from fake Catholics and all other sects. It divides Pope Benedict from Pope Francis, Archbishop Vigano from Archbishop Cupich, Cardinal Sarah from Cardinal Tagle.  

4. Christ came to divide.
    A husband with Charity will be divided from a wife without Charity. In a family of five, the three with Charity will divided from the two without Charity. 
     The mother without Charity will be divided from the daughter with Charity. The mother in law without Charity will be divided from the daughter in law with Charity. Likewise, the husband without Charity will be divided from the wife without Charity.
5. No Charity vs no Charity.
     Those without Charity cannot be united with those without Charity, because it is Charity that unites. So those without Charity cannot unite, thus all ecumenical efforts are useless.  The Protestants, due to their heresies, cannot have Charity. None of them can be united to each other because, neither will the other Protestants have Charity. The Pentecostals, because of their heresies cannot have Charity, thus they cannot be united to Catholics who have no Charity either. 

     Christ had prophesied that these days will see an abounding in sin, the decay of Faith and the waxing cold of Charity. When Christ said this, He was referring to priests, bishops, cardinals and Pope Francis. He was not referring to laypeople. For it will follow suit. However, when the priesthood has become unfaithful to Christ, history had shown that Christ would chose lay people to prop up the Church. St. Francis of Assisi was a layman. St. Catherine of Sienna was a laywoman. St. Benedict was a layman. 
     Considering the prophecy of Christ Himself, it can be safely said that majority of the priests, bishops and even Pope Francis is without Charity. The reason why they have no Charity as can be clearly seen in the news is because they have no Faith as many rightly suspect. And how come they have no Faith? Because we live in an age where, as prophesied in Good Friday, most are spiritually possessed by Satan. Just like what happened to Judas. 

6. What unites.  Only the Holy spirit can unite souls through charity.
       The spirit unites. No human can unite. Not the UN.  Not ecumenism.  Charity is best described by St. Francis de Sales in his 'Treatise on the Love of God,' in two volumes. It is an infused virtue and a gift from God, completely unattainable through human efforts. But it is given by God to whoever has repented perfectly and who has perfect Faith. 
     It is charity that really unites husbands and wives which no man can put asunder. It is what unites and sanctifies parents and children. It is what perfects and sanctifies the beloved. 
     It is Charity that unites charitable people together to make up the Catholic Church. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


 1. The Jews at the time of Christ.
     The  Jews did not  believe the prophets God sent them. The prophets preached well. They heard the prophets. They knew what they were saying. But they acted as if they never heard them. They remained ignorant of the prophet's message. This is willful ignorance. 
     Their punishment was that God stopped sending them prophets. Without prophets they could not know God's will. So they did as they willed, which was the essence of original sin, the sin of Adam and Eve.
     At the fulness of time God sent His only Son, the Messiah. The very Son of God, the instructor par excellence. He  preached to the Jews. And, still, they remained ignorant of His message because of their unbelief.  Instead they crucified Him.
     Evidently, the root sin of the Jews is 'wilful ignorance.' Ignorance prevented them from repenting and receiving the gift of Faith, which is necessary to be saved as Christ preached. The first early message of the preaching of Christ is to 'repent and believe.' To believe is impossible without first repenting. So the Gospels is preceded by the preaching of John the Baptist who preached repentance in the desert. Then Christ followed preaching Faith.
     Faith is belief in all that pertains to the humanity and divinity of Christ, the knowledge of which can only be attained by obeying His commands as taught in the New Testament. 
     To be saved it is necessary, first, to know what to repent for. And secondly, to know what to believe in. The former is found in the Old Testament. The latter is found in the New Testament and in the interpretation of the Fathers of the Church. 

2. The devil.
    The devil had been waring against the souls of men to drag them to hell. He is endowed with an angelic mind. He knows that the simpler way of destroying souls is to prevent man from having the knowledge necessary to repent and believe. Without this knowledge man can neither repent and believe, therefore, cannot go to heaven. 
    The devil uses the world and the flesh, according to the catechism, to make men ignorant on how to repent and believe. And his diabolical work is done. He has nothing more to do to damn souls. 

3. Ignorance.
     Ignorance is always a defect; but not all ignorance is sin. Ignorance of the capital of Holland, ignorance of whether there are people in Pluto or not, ignorance of the weather tomorrow, ignorance of your name or the time right now......are no sins. 
     The only sinful ignorance is ignorance on the teachings of Christ on how to save our souls. St. Thomas adds that  ignorance which removes the knowledge which would prevent sinful acts; i.e. ignorance of the teachings of Christ is the gravest of all sins. 
     St. Thomas calls it 'willful ignorance'. Or omission of due diligence concerning imperative matters of the Faith. This is the greatest of all sins. 

4. The dynamics of willful ignorance.
     A person hears a truth. That truth is imprinted in his intellect. The intellect judges if the truth is really a truth. If so, it informs the free will that it is, indeed, a truth. The freewill will judge that the perceived truth is a good and informs the intellect to assent to it. Having assented to the truth the free will consents to the truth. 
    The truth perceived is believed and loved. Thus there is knowledge of the truth. 
     Willful ignorance occur this way. A person hears a truth and informs the free will that the truth is a good to be desires. BUT the free will refuse to accept the truth as a good. So the free will rejects the good by considering it as evil. Then the free will informs the intellect not to consent to the truth perceived. 
     Since the free will rejected the truth, the intellect will not consent to it.  The truth will be rejected by the intellect thus it becomes ignorant of the rejected truth. Because the rejection of the truth is done by the free will, we say the reason why a certain truth of the Gospel is not believed is because of wilful ignorance. It was the sin of the Pharisees. 
     The Pharisees knew everything about Christ from the Old 
Testament. They heard everything about Christ from Christ. How come they ended up knowing nothing about Christ? Because they wilfully rejected the truths about Christ. And as a punishment God removed their little knowledge. Thus they became ignorant. This ignorance was due to their willful rejection of the truths. Thus 'willful ignorance.'
     The sins of Pope Francis, many bishops and priests is what St.Thomas of Aquinas described as the greatest of all sins, willful ignorance. It is a sin that comes from full knowledge and full consent.

5. Examples.
    The canonisations during the papacy of Pope Francis. The Catholic Church had been canonising saints for 2000 years based on the plan given by Christ on how to go to heaven. This plan is laid down in the year long Liturgy of the Church. The life of the candidate for canonization must conform to this Divine Plan. If it conforms, then it is certain that that soul is a saint in heaven. The Vatican knows this. All priests know this from their theology classes. All Catholic laymen know that saints in heaven followed the way to heaven established by Christ and taught by Holy Mother the Church, that is why we follow the example of the saints in going to heaven  
     How come the canonizations in the papacy of Pope Francis is not based on this century long formula? Up to now we do not know the basis of the canonisations in the papacy of Pope Francis.  Pope Francis and the Vatican seems to be ignorant of the long tradition of the Church on canonisation. How can they be ignorant when it has been used for 2000 years. 
     Documents on the canonization of St. Therese show the original process. How come it is not followed? Their actions show they seem to be ignorant of the original process. Evidently,  the ignorance is willful. They did not will to use it. They willed to use their own private will. They are willful. As such God usually punish the willful by taking away even the little spiritual knowledge that they know, thus making them totally ignorant of Divine truths. 

     In 'Amoris laetitia.' adultery is tolerated and couples are assured they can even go to communion and still go to heaven. Every catechism shows this is not true. Why is Pope Francis encouraging this? His theology course taught him adultery is a mortal sin. And 'Amoris laetitia' goes against the articles of the Catholic catechism. Why is Pope Francis ignorant that adultery is a sin so that he had not answered the 'dubia'. Because he cannot answer the questions sent to him more than 700 days ago,  it is evident he is ignorant of the answer. Why does he not look for the answer in Google. This shows that his ignorance is willful. 
     The Catholic church teaches there is a hell. How come a US bishop, Pope Francis and the vice president of the Bishops conference of the Philippines say there is no hell. How come they are ignorant about hell. Because being willful,  they refused to submit to God's will. And as a consequence, God had punished them by removing the little spiritual knowledge they had. So now they are totally ignorant of supernatural truths. 

6. Conclusions.
     As early as the 80's Cardinal Ratzinger declared that the crisis in the Church is a crisis of Faith among the priests and bishops. When priests have no Faith, God deprives them of all supernatural knowledge. Since all the truths of the Catholic Church are in the supernatural level, priests and bishops become ignorant of everything pertaining the Catholic Church. They do not know where is the Catholic Church; they do not know how to make their parishes and dioceses Catholic, they cannot prove that they are Catholics. Pope Francis cannot prove that he is Catholic using either the four visible marks of the true Church as declared in the Nicene Creed. And he cannot prove himself Catholic using the 15 Marks of the Church enumerated by the Jesuit doctor of the Church, St. Robert Bellarmine. And all the Jesuits cannot help Pope Francis prove he is a Catholic. 
      Their ignorance is purely due to their willfulness to suppress the religion established by Christ on the apostles; and their willful desire to start an absolutely new religion made by men......of doubtful orthodoxy. 

     This ignorance based on wilfulness is the greatest of all sin, St. Thomas of Aquinas writes. Imagine the head of the Catholic Church, the heads of dioceses and the head of parishes are the greatest sinners in this world due to their willful ignorance. What do you expect will happen to the ordinary parishioners? Leave that vineyard which God, Himself, had abandoned. Look for the vineyard where Christ had transferred. It will look like the vineyard where the Woman of the Apocalypse, the Catholic Church, had transferred. 

Sunday, October 21, 2018

THE GREAT DIVIDE - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

 1. The approach of the feast of Christ the King.
     In five weeks, the Liturgical year, cycle B, is ending with the Feast of Christ the King. Holy Mother the Church ends teaching her children the complete teachings of Christ on how to go to heaven and be with God for all eternity. 
     Thus, the Church, these lastSundays in Ordinary Time,  is now teachings us the two great division of the human race.

2. God will make two great divisions. 
     The first division will separate believers from unbelievers. The second division will separate unbelievers  who have done good works from unbelievers who have not done good works.
     This first division will occur much ahead of the last general judgment. While the second division will occur during the General Judgment (celebrated liturgically on Christ the King.)
3. The Gospel texts deal with each division.
     The first division; St. John's Gospel states that those who believe will not be condemned but whoever  does not believe stands condemned unless he repents and begins to believe.  This stands while a person is still alive and long before the Last Judgment.

     The second division; St. Matthew's Gospel states that all the nations will be assembled before Him. Then he will separate them into two groups. The sheep on his right hand, the goats on his left. 
      Let us describe each group in these two great divisions. 

4.  The first division  are those who will not be judged and those who are already judged. 
     Those who believe will not be judged. These are those who when they die will no longer face the judgment seat of Christ, which all fear because no one knows what judgment they will receive, because they have been judged already as being worthy to go to heaven.
     These are the  ones who will not be judged and are worthy to go to heaven even while they are still alive, and long before the General Judgment. These are, sort of, the living saints. All Catholics are supposed to be like this, having the four visible signs of the true Church of Christ; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.
      'They are already saved,' because they have believed and they have the beginnings of Charity. They believe all the teachings of Christ and have obeyed all the commands of Christ as enumerated in the New Testament. 
     Their salvation is assured unless they fall into mortal sin again. But, as stated, if their Faith is perfect and they have the beginnings of Charity it is nearly impossible for them to fall into mortal sin. They may sin venially. Or if they fall into mortal sin, which is improbable, it will be very easy for them to recover, repent and return to their former spiritual state. Like St. Peter when he denied Christ. He immediately repented and even surpassed his former  spiritual state. 
     Those who are already judged as those judged as deserving to be condemned because of their unbelief. They will no longer be judged during the General Judgement. They will not line up to be separated as goats and sheeps. They are already judged while still alive. Of course, they can still repent. And they should do so that they may belong to those who will not be judged. They must repent before they die. 

      Note that those who have heard the words of God will be judged long before the General last Judgment. Those who have not heard the Word of God will be judged on the General judgment, as celebrated on Christ the King.
      Those who are already judged are those who had the chance to learn the teachings of Christ but rejected them in part or in whole. The pagans would be the ones with the opportunity to know the teachings of Christ but had utterly rejected them. The Protestants, other Christians and lazy Catholics will make up those who had the opportunity to hear the teachings of Christ and had partially or completely rejected them. 
     The Gospel describes them as 'already condemned.' They will not face the judgment seat of Christ because they are already judged. On the Day of Christ the King, they will not line up before the throne of Christ. They will go straight to hell. 
     Those who have partially obeyed the Christ's command will go to hell because at this time there will be no purgatory. So before dying they should repent and perfect their Faith.
 5.  Those on the right, the sheep. And those on the left, the goats.
     The second division will occur during the General Judgment at the end of the Liturgical Year.
       The sheeps are those who have never heard the Words of Christ but have good works.
      Then there are whose who have never heard the Words of Christ and does not have good works.
      The Gospel have a list described as 'Good Works.' These are often referred to as Works of mercy. There are the inferior corporal works of mercy and the superior spiritual works of mercy. Evidently the good done to the body of your neighbour, though it is good works, is inferior to the good done to the soul of your neighbour.
      A person who have never heard the Word of God would not know what those good works are. But if there is even a little goodness in them, usually in the form of humility, God would grant them actual grace to enable them to do a good work without knowing it. That is why when told to go to the right to join the sheep because they had done good works, they would ask, 'when did we do that? They had absolutely no idea how they did it, because they did it due to the grace God gave them that enable them to know and do the good works. 
     What made the other side goats? Seeing that they were proud, God will not give them graces, thus they would not know and could not do good works. And that was the accusation Christ gave them, 'I was hungry and you did not give me to eat.'
     Grace is needed to be able to do good works because it is a spiritual act, not a mere human act. But because it is a spiritual act pagans cannot understand what they did to be saved so they asked, ' when did we do it.' The sheep of unbelievers who have done christian good works will go to heaven. The goats of unbelievers who failed to do christian good works will go to hell.

6. During the Division between believers and unbelievers.
      Today, God is dividing the first group of humans, the believers from the unbelievers, by giving them  tests, wherewith each one must decide whether they will be on the side of God or on the side of Satan.
      Those who are destined to be believers will gradually perfect their Faith and proceed towards the beginnings of Charity. 
      Those who will make up the unbelievers will gradually lose even the little Faith they have, the Gospel says, and descend to a life of sin.
      At this time, there will be no one who is neither hot nor cold. 
       This division is occurring in the whole world but it is clearer in the US because of their vast exposure in the media. Because of Vatican news, the Catholic church is, also, undergoing such a division, which should not be happening to the Catholic Church because the Church should be one, not divided. 
      Because the first division between believers and unbelievers is occurring in the institutional Church, it cannot be called Catholic. Only the believers can be called Catholic Church. This division is so clear in that some hold pure doctrines taken from Divine Revelation as interpreted by the Fathers of the Church headed by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, while some hold teachings completely adversed to Divine Revelation and the Tradition of the Catholic Church headed by Pope Francis.  Today, we have a Church and an anti-Church, a Christ and an anti-Christ, a Pope and an anti-pope. 
     The Great Divide is occurring today. Each one of us must find out in which side we are. And if we want to go to heaven, we must be on the side of Christ as delineated by Divine Revelations and the Catholic Tradition of the Fathers of the Church. Otherwise, we would be among those spiritually possessed by Satan as Judas was on Good Friday; where not even the apostles, nor Christ nor the Blessed Virgin could help him due to the wilful state of his soul. Where an austere monastic life according to the Rule of Pachomius can help him, but there won't be enough time for him. 

Thursday, October 18, 2018


 1. Declaring a person is in heaven.
     To believe that a person is in heaven is an act of Faith. Faith is an act of believing what cannot seen. There is no empirical proof to show that a soul is in heaven. So clearly to believe that a soul is in heaven is a pure act of Faith. Thus it must follow the rules of Faith; meaning to say, that the basis of belief must be the fact that the person has obeyed the commands of Christ necessary to go to heaven. Thus a canonisation is a declaration that a soul is in heaven, can be a model for all Catholics and can intercede for men before the throne of God. 
     Since the process is lengthy, let us consider a down to earth procedure based on the essence of canonisation. Anybody can use this that he may be aided in making an act of Faith.
     Canonisation is not a popularity contest wherein human judges can decide who is in heaven. It is not a political process used to gain votes. It is not a gimmick used to be popular. It is an act of 
Faith.  Making such an act increases our Faith and increases our chances of going to heaven ourselves. 

2. FIRST. Going to heaven according to Christ and the Fathers.
    Only One knows the way to heaven because He came from there through the incarnation and returned back there with His Ascension. And He proved it. 
     He came down to earth precisely to teach us how to go to heaven. And His teachings are found in Divine Revelation and interpreted by the Fathers of the Church. 
     These teachings are taught to the faithful in the Liturgy of the Mass spread over three years, divided in three Cycles, A, B and C. These teachings found in Divine Revelation show the general way to heaven but the specifics can only be found in the Fathers of the Church.  The Catholic Church had always taught that the sources of knowledge on how to go to heaven are Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church. 
     The teachings on how to go to heaven is clearly found in detail in Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church. For Catholics, there is no other source of knowledge on how to go to heaven. All Catholics should know this because they cannot go to heaven unless they, themselves,  follow this path. The people in the Vatican should know this, also, because they are supposed to guide the Catholics to heaven. 
     If the Vatican is ignorant of Divine Revelations and if the Catholics do not know this way to heaven taught in the Liturgy, then we have a very big problem. This is the first thing all Catholics should know in the process of canonisation.
3. The way to heaven in simplified and in summary form.
    The way to heaven that is explained by Divine Revelation and interpreted by the Fathers can be summarised this way; perfect life of repentance, perfect act of Faith, Hope and the beginnings of Charity. Anyone who does these will surely be in heaven and can be canonised or declared a saint by the Church. 

4. SECONDLY.  Anybody who follow the way to heaven described above will surely be in heaven after he dies. Thus he can be declared a saint. Now the question is this; knowing the way to heaven as taught by Christ in Divine Revelation, did this candidate fulfill all the requirements Christ had taught? This can be an arduous task. It is here where a thorough study is done in the life of the candidate. It must be very clear that he had obeyed all the commands of Christ required to go to heaven as found in Divine Revelation and explained by the Fathers. To do this many witnesses are summoned to give testimonies because many requirements must be fulfilled to see that the candidate's life conformed completely to the requirements given by Christ to go to heaven. Not only must the candidate possess the above four virtues. He must show that he practiced them in a heroic degree. 

5. Act of Faith based on personal knowledge.
    As an individual, can I know that a candidate is surely a saint in heaven?  Yes. If I know both; first, the way to go to heaven as taught by Christ and secondly, if I thoroughly know the life of the candidate. Thirdly, I should see that the two coincide.  The candidate is surely in heaven  and is a saint. The early Christians did it this way. 
  My Act of Faith will be based on that fact that the life of the candidate conforms to the teaching of Christ on how to go to heaven. So the basis of my Faith is the fact that Christ said, if you do this you will be in heaven. 
     My faith is not based on my personal research or study. It is based on the result of my study that taught me that Christ said that if you obey His commandments you will go to heaven;  and I believed what He said. This is an act of Faith in Christ.

6. An example in the case of Pope Paul VI.
    This is a difficult case because there are so many complains about him that he is described as the patron saint of apostates. 
     I know the way to heaven from the Sacred Liturgy and from Ascetical theology.  I, also, have a few books on the life of Pope Paul VI. And I see that his life conforms to what I learned from the Liturgy and from Ascetical theology. So basing it from my own personal knowledge I believe that Pope Paul VI is a saint in heaven. 
     Because my belief is based on my own personal knowledge, my believing that he is a saint in heaven is not an Act of Faith. It is pure human knowledge. But if I say that my belief is based on the fact that I see that his life conforms with the teachings of Christ, then my belief that Pope Paul VI is a saint in heaven, is an Act of Faith. I can safely pray to him to intercede for me to God. 

7. Act of Faith based on Vatican pronouncements. 
    Not everybody can do what I did above. Few know the way to heaven as found in Divine Revelation, the Fathers and Ascetical theology.  Many bishops and priest do not know these. They have not learned this, either, from the Liturgy of the Mass or from the Fathers of the Church since this is not taught in the seminary nor in theological schools, like Bologna. But the Church should know this and use this as the criterion in judging whether a candidate deserves to be canonised. 
     Unfortunately, the Vatican Office shows it does not know the way to heaven, since they intentionally did not use this criterion in the process of canonisation. Neither had Pope Francis  explained to the Church the way to heaven since his installation up to the present. Neither was this used to judge the worthiness of the candidates for canonisation. 
     They changed the rules for judgment the worthiness of candidates. It is no longer based on the way to heaven taught by Christ and explained by the Fathers.  
     And the Vatican had not studied the lives of the candidates thoroughly. So there are no documents comparing the life of the candidates to the way to heaven described by Christ. This comparative study is essential to the canonisation process. This comparative study is so exhaustive in the case of former saints, like Joan of Arc and  Therese of Lisieux. None was done in all the candidates canonised by Pope Francis. So nobody can be certain in making the necessary Act of Faith in believing that those saints are in heaven. Pope Francis' declaration is just like news item saying that Mickey Mouse is in Disneyland. You don't need an Act of faith to believe that. To believe that a person is a saint in heaven needs an Act of Faith. But it is impossible to believe Pope Francis because the elements of Faith are lacking in the present Vatican process of canonisation. 
     So the canonisation celebration at the Vatican was not canonising anybody. It was just a political victory celebration for some candidates. 
8. Model for all Catholics who want to go to heaven. 
    The old process mentioned above is the model for all Catholics who want to go to heaven. All they had to do was follow the way to heaven Christ taught in Divine Revelation and explained by the Fathers; and which is laid down in proper order in the Liturgy of the Mass. And the lives of the saints, like St. Therese, is presented as an example of how an ordinary young girl practiced what Christ taught. Thus she was worthy to be canonised as an example for all Catholics. 
     But those canonised by Pope Francis were not proven to have followed the way Christ taught. So why should we believe that they are in heaven? Some of them have even gone against the very teachings of Christ. Shouldn't they be somewhere else?
     Of course, we should all celebrate when a soul is canonised. This is a declaration that they are where all of us would want to go. But are they really there?  The answer is  of paramount importance and we cannot leave the answer to unreliable sources. We must go back to the dependable sources, Divine Revelation and the Fathers of the Church. Which sadly, the Vatican bureaucracy is not following. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

ST. MICHAEL and the devils.

 1. Angels and devils
     Angels are not so well known except what is known about them from pictures. To know them well, man needs the infused supernatural gift of Faith, that is given to few. So few really know them for what they really are. 
     Devils are better known because no supernatural infused gift is needed to know them. All men know them and most primitive tribes even worship them.

2. Angels aid men in the salvation of their souls. Since the act of saving souls is a supernatural activity, only the men of Faith can understand the functioning of angels. 
     Devils work for the damnation of souls. This is within the scope of the natural so man can know how the devil does this. 
     We will not talk of Angels since this is a topic for those advance in spirituality, those with perfect Faith. For this reason St. Michael is not well known. And most priests had even abolished the prayer to him at the end of the Mass. They find him a waste of time that will only prolong the Mass. 
      But most men do not know the devil who is just like them. The ignorance is inexcusable. Because modern man is in constant touch with devils. 

 3. Two kinds of possessions by the devil. 
     First, is physical possession, as in the movies. The presence of the devil can be easily detected externally, like in levitation, guttural speaking voice, etc. This is the ordinary subject of exorcism by exorcists.  Today this is still common.
     The second is what is prevalent today; the spiritual possession of the devil as what happened to Judas. The devil possess the mind and heart of a person. This possession has hardly any extraordinary scary visible signs, though there are visible signs. These visible signs is what St. Paul described as 'coming out of the man,' i.e. from the intellect and free will of the man. They are more subtle that  none of the apostles noticed that Judas was possessed. Everything seems normal in the possessed. They even exhibit extraordinary skills, like skills in business, the sciences, in the arts, and money matters. They are noticeable in the words and actions of the possessed and in the entertaining skills of Oriental magicians. The signs are entertaining to remove all suspicions that they are from the devil. 
4.    The second is possession of the soul like Judas. 
       The spiritual possession of Judas is such that none of the apostles noticed it; as today even exorcist would not notice signs of this possession. And like the apostles, exorcist would not be able to exorcise this kind. Even if Christ could really do it, but because the possessed had freely agreed to his being possessed by the devil, Chris would not exorcise such a person.
        In this second type of possession, Judas allowed himself to be open to the possession and the devil just entered into him without his permission, St. Thomas writes. How did he open himself, by being covetous, the defect of all men today especially the very rich. The rich that loves to increase their riches even at causing wars among nation, in being the proponents of abortion, the brains behind regime change and assassinations of Presidents are such because in their covetousness, they have opened themselves to the devil, thus the devil had possessed them spiritually. They become open to all things diabolical, even the killing of a God. 
         If in their covetousness they can kill a God, imaging what other evil things they can do. The scene portrayed by the US in going against their own President and against the appointment of Kavanaugh is typical diabolical spiritual possession. Even untrained journalists call it so. Using the word diabolical but not using the word 'spiritual possession.'

5. The monastic life, as envisaged by Christ, is the first step towards salvation. And it contain within itself provisions in preparation for doing battle against the devil by avoiding both possessions but more in avoiding and overcoming the spiritual possession of the devil. Exorcists can easily drive away the devil from those merely physically possessed. But, as we saw, not even the apostles can exorcise Judas. And Christ would not violate Judas' free will. 
     Today, monks are totally incompetent in doing so and are,      themselves, possessed as news coming out from St. John's Abbey in the US.
     The apostles did not even suspect that Judas was possessed. If they knew, they would not have been able to exorcise him. Christ knew Judas was possessed but He did not drive the devil out of him as He used to do because it would need the cooperation of the free will of Judas to do so. Today, no exorcist could have exorcised Judas since no apostle could have done it that time. 
     Was it impossible to exorcise Judas? No. He could have been exorcised but it could have taken a very long monastic process for him to be exorcised and he had to do it himself with the help of the grace of God. So, eventually, a spiritually possessed person can only free himself from the devil by a very serious monastic way of life like the monasticism of St. John Climacus. That is a lot of work and will take a lot of time......which Judas did not have. So he died possessed by Satan. 
      That is the situation in the world today. Most men are spiritually possessed by Satan, nobody is noticing it and there is no exorcist can free them from it. Only the monasticism of St. John Climacus can free them from it. And nobody knows how that kind of monasticism looks like. In fact, it seems that this way of monastic life is non-existent today. But a description of this way of life is written in books. I got a copy from the Jesuit library. The library card shows nobody read it. Not even the Jesuits. 
       So we are living in a age where nobody can analyse or help us if we are spiritually possessed by Satan. The prayer during Compline reminds us the devil can be driven away if we are strengthen in Faith. There, we have it. This Faith can be strengthen through a very serious monastic way of life. Archbishop Ganswain and Pope  Benedict seems to agree with it. That is why Vatican II had been watering down the monastic life; to help the devil continue possessing souls.

6. Can spiritual possession be detected?
    'But the things that comes out of the mouth come from the heart and these things defile a man. For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony and slander....' These are the signs of spiritual possession by the devil. These are all in the headlines in todays news and in all the secret dealings in board rooms. Just to show that almost all men are spiritually possessed...except those who have perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity.
     The following sins are the trademark of spiritual possession. There is no way anyone can solve these problems and sins except through what was mentioned above, the medication of the monastic life according to St. John Climacus. 
     The sins below are aroused by the devil to which the person guilty of the sin had completely agreed to. So not even Christ will stop it because He had decreed to respect the free will of man. 
     The sin of murder except in self defence and in a just war is from the devil. The act and the desire to commit murder from abortionist, terrorists, and as an accompanying sin to those written below, like murder that accompanies stealing. Wars, threats of wars, 9-11, revolutions, demonstrations for regime change. The move to assassinate Putin or Trump and other good leaders like Salvini, Orban, and prominent good politicians in Brazil, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc.....precisely because they work for the common good, have become targets for assassination by the devil. Murder that accompanies other sins, like drug addiction, are from the devil. That is why drug addiction is incurable except through that way of life already mentioned above. 
     But nothing will happen without God's permission. These well -intentioned leaders should recourse for Divine Protection from the true God and true religion. 
     Because adultery destroys many souls like the entire family, it can only come from the devil. Adultery, based on impurity, is the devils most potent weapon for the destruction of souls specially for the young. That is why Pope Francis had used the Youth Meets as vehicle to promote impurity as shown in the latest Bishop's Synod.
Some bishops heading the Synod are known perverts suggesting there are other forms of marriage than between man and woman. 
    True Popes cannot be possessed, but anti-popes are possessed by that very fact. "Amoris Laetitia" promotes adultery, sexual immorality and evil thoughts. 
     Just as murder is often connected with drug addiction, it is often connected, also, with theft. Thus the complex of sins have a diabolical source. 
     The devil is the father of liars. So false testimony and slander are diabolical acts. The scene of the confirmation of Kavanaugh is as if he was surrounded by devils wanting to devour him. 
     The whole scene, if all the sins are put together is a refusal to accept God and, therefore, an act of blasphemy. This is blasphemy of the heart. It is worse than murder; but murder added to blasphemy is hell. 

7. All these sins are visibly detectable. But those without Faith will not be able to detect them as sin. They may even consider them as achievements to be praised. And so the confusion today is total. And there will be no one to correct them because those whose goal it is to correct are possessed themselves. 
     Pope Paul VI, recently canonised, declared Satan has entered the Church. Certainly, not the buildings nor the physical body of the Church but the souls of the institutional church, the cockles. Like Judas, because he had no Faith, Satan entered into him. Today the world is without Faith, without the Catholic Faith, Satan has entered the soul of most. Apparently from the sins mentioned above, signs of spiritual possession is in Pope Francis, a few cardinal, most of the bishops, and most of mankind. 
     Only a small portion of mankind, who now lived the monasticism of St. Basil patterned after his Basiliades are free from this possession. And if some of them are possessed, the devil will soon be driven away. 

8. St. Michael is assigned to throw Satan back to hell.
    But St. Michael will only aid those who are marked by God. Not anyone who calls on him. He will take orders only from God. And God will  only point on the righteous. Those who have, at least, begun what Pope John Paul II wrote in his encyclical 'Veritatis Splendor;' those 'went home, sold all their possessions, left father, mother, brothers, sisters, lands for My sake, and who took up their crosses and followed Christ.' It must be complete and all the way. 
     These are the men and women who became free from being possessed by the devil. And, thereby, followed Christ. 
     Christ said; 'and they were few.' 

9. Conclusion.
     We are living in an age where most men are spiritually possessed by the devil. This includes Pope Francis, most of the bishops and priests and, sadly, many laymen. This is an eschatological fulfilment of Good Friday. John Newman describes it as God' s last test for mankind to see on whose side he is; God's side or the devil's. The signs are all present.
     No exorcist can drive this devil away. Not even Pope Francis because he is a suspect. 'This kind can only be driven away through prayer and fasting,' said Jesus Christ. The person possessed should pray and fast. Where? In a monastery following the spirit of St. John Climacus. Which St. John Chrysostom wrote can be lived in one's own room. 



Thursday, October 11, 2018

Monday, 27th Weekday in Ordinary Time - THE GOOD SAMARITAN

 1. Ending instructions on the Catholic Faith.
     In today's Gospel  we are beginning to receive the last instruction on the Catholic Faith as presented in the Liturgy of the Mass  seven Sundays  to go, with All Saints day in the middle. During these last Sundays, a summary of what we must do to attain eternal life is presented to us in several different views so we can imagine its entirety, the way we appreciate a diamond by viewing it from different angles. It is the same diamond but from different views. It is the same summary on how to attain everlasting life but from different views.
     Let us see two Gospels presenting two different views; from the Tuesday and Wednesday Gospels of the 27th weekday in Ordinary Time. The former describes the Parable of the Good Samaritan; the latter describes Martha and Mary. 

2. The General Summary.
    Based on Scriptures, there are three steps we must take to attain eternal life. First, to live a life of repentance. Secondly, to attain  the theological virtue of Faith. Thirdly, to show the beginnings of the theological virtue of Charity. The first is Old Testament spirituality. The second and third are New Testament spirituality.That is why the first is not enumerated in the New  Testament; only the second and third are described in the Tuesday and Wednesday Gospels of the 27th Weekday in Ordinary time. Both the second and third steps are described in the Parable of the Good Samaritan and the story on Martha and  Mary.
     The first step, which is described in the Old Testament is, now, included in the second step in the New Testament. Let us look at this.

3. The Good Samaritan.
     Wednesday in 27th Weekday is on prayer that must accompany the second step, curing of the sins of the wounded man in the Gospel on the Good Samaritan. 
     The Gospel narrates that there was a man journeying from Jerusalem to Jericho. He fell among thieves, which stripped him of his raiment and wounded him and departed leaving him half dead.
     This signifies mankind coming from Paradise and falling into sin; also a journey from the Church and down to a life of sin, says St. Thomas. 
     When he leaves the Church, he is ambushed by thieves who beat him up. This occurs when man leaving Paradise is waylaid by the devil, beaten up and deprived of grace. He is left half dead, i.e. physically alive but spiritually dead. St. Thomas wrote that this is what happens to everyman who is outside the Church and as a result falls into sin.
     This is what happened to the US bishop. Note how Pope 
Francis and the US bishops reacted to him.
      The Gospel continues. There came down a certain priest and , likewise, a Levite. They saw the spiritually wounded man, looked on him  and passed by on the other side without helping him. 
      The US bishop was beaten down spiritually filled with spiritual wounds. Pope Francis and most of the US bishops passed by him, look at him and pass by him doing nothing to help him. Worse , they aggravated his spiritual wounds by giving him more occasions for sin by giving him privileges and promotions. These are men of the Gospel. 
      Who is neighbour to this wounded man. Not Pope Francis nor the US Bishops. They don't love their neighbour. 

4. Who is neighbour to the wounded man?
     The Gospel continues. A certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where the wounded man was. And when he saw him, he had compassion on him. And went to him and bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine, and set him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn, and took care of him. St. Thomas' interpretation of the above.
     The Samaritan is any good soul. He is, also, journeying, i.e. walking in this life. He saw the spiritually wounded man. And when he saw him he went to him and bound his sins with the discipline of God's commandments. Pouring the oil of prayer and good works. And wine, the more painful commands of the New Testament. 
     Then he set him on the way of life Christ taught us and brought him inside the Catholic Church and there took care in healing his wounded soul. Pope Francis and the US bishops did nothing of the above to the poor US bishop. Pope Benedict did this to the Bishop. And when Pope Francis saw the US bishop safe and sound in the Inn, they dragged him out and returned him to the wayside where he laid, again, with open wounds. 

     The Gospel continues. And in the morrow when he departed, he took out two pence, and gave them to the host and said unto him, Take care of him; and whatsoever thou spends more, when I come again, I will repay thee. 
     The Good Samaritan, who we must imitate, took care of the spiritual wounds of the man in the Inn, i.e. the Catholic Church. That is, the Good Samaritan bought the sinner inside the Catholic Church and personally taught him how to be a better Catholic. Then when he has to leave, he left the two commandments of Charity, love of God and love of neighbour, the two pence, so the Church can continue healing the wounded man. 
     When Christ comes in His second coming, He promised to repay the Good Samaritan for whatever extra efforts he used to make the wounded man a better Catholic. 
     Looks like Pope Francis and most of the members of the US bishops conference did nothing of the above to the poor bishop. None of them love their neighbour. None of them had Charity. Truly, we are in the days described in Scriptures wherewith there would be priests and bishops abounding in sin, decaying Faith and waxing cold of Charity. It is very bad times. Nothing can be worse. 
     These two steps will be explained again in the Gospel of Martha and Mary.  


Tuesday, October 09, 2018


 1. The question of the Pharisees.
     The 'Amores laetitia' of Pope Francis is against the teachings of Moses in the the Old Testament and against the teachings of Christ in the New Testament. The Gospel for today proves it. So what does that make out of Pope Francis? He is not even Jewish; he is not even a Catholic. He is a pagan. 
     The Jewish people practice adultery as much as today's people. It is part of the fallen nature of man. His passions are out of control. He has no love for husband, wife, children or any other human being for that matter. Thus adultery is natural to him. It was so common among the Jews that they were interested what Jesus Christ had to say about it. 'Is it permitted for a husband to divorce his wife?' Christ said neither 'yes' nor 'no.' Instead He asked. 'What did Moses say?' 
     Of course, Moses said NO. And when asked again by His own apostles privately, Christ repeated Moses' answer making it the command, also, of the New Testament. 'Whatever God put together, let no man put asunder.' So twice Christ said that adultery is not permissible; a husband is not permitted to divorce his wife. 
     And Christ added; 'and any one who divorces his wife or husband and remarries is guilty of adultery. Clearly Pope Francis in his 'Amores laetitia' is encouraging adultery.  St. Paul declares that adultery is one of the mortal sins that leads to hell. So is Pope Francis sending us all to hell? No. Only those who follow his teachings. 

2. The answer of Jesus Christ.
     Pope Francis violated both the Old and New Testament in his 'Amores laetitia,' because he tolerates divorce, remarrying with Vatican annulment and receiving Holy Communion in the state of mortal sin. He probably got a wrong idea from  Moses allowing divorce and the writing of a document of divorce. He got his exegesis all wrong.
     Moses never allowed divorce. If he seemingly allowed it, he said, it is 'because of your stubbornness or hardheartedness.' Moses was giving up on the Jews; sort of saying, 'if you want to go to hell, go ahead.'

3. What was the stand of Moses.
     Moses seemed to have contradicted himself. Evidently Moses did not permit divorce. But Christ, Himself, said that Moses allowed divorce and the making of a document of divorce.
     The Fathers of the Church explained this seemingly contradicting stand of Moses. They said that at that time when a husband and wife is applying for divorce,  their hate for one another have gotten out of control. The wife was in danger of being killed by the husband out of hatred. To protest the wife, Moses allowed them to separate to save the intended victim.
     During the process, a secretary was assigned to write a document of divorce. Considering the great effort and time writing the document, the secretaries were instructed to take their sweet time writing the document. While doing so, they try to talk the husband and wife to forego the divorce.  This delaying tactic often worked.
     The reasoning behind the attempt at reconciliation is this; if they loved one another once upon a time, they can probably relearn how to love one another again when their heads are cooler .....because of the too slow process of making the document of divorce. 
     So Moses was really against divorce. And while he allowed it when the wife is in danger of being killed, all efforts were exerted to reconcile the parties. Only when everything is impossible that he allowed it to protect the wife from being murderred.
     Moses did not really contradict himself. He held the same doctrine but allowed it to preserve a life and prevent a crime. 

4. The root of hatred according to St. James. 
     The root of all hatred and all other vices is the raging battle going on between the intellect and the free will, the punishment God imposed on Adam and Eve and all their children. This battle will only cease after a soul live the life of perfect repentance and receive the theological virtue of Faith from God. Then, the soul receives the peace of Christ which the world cannot give. Not even by the UN. 
     This ongoing internal battle comes out externally in the form of wars, impatience, lies, murder, abortion, same sex perversities, adultery, fornication, same sex marriage, lesbianism, homosexuality, communism, Nazism, democracy, liberalism, secularism, paganism, etc, etc, etc. All evil come from this conflict going on within man himself. 'It is not what comes in which is evil but what comes out,' Matthew wrote. What comes out, comes out from the intellect and free will. 

5. The law of love.
     Christ gave the Catholic solution to all these evils that came out of Pandora's box.....Charity. The love of God and neighbor. This is the higher theological virtue which is unattainable without, first, having the theological virtue of Faith and Hope. It is the highest degree in the spiritual life which is further perfected in heaven. 
     Charity begins to be given to the soul together with Faith. Faith has to be perfected for Charity to grow. Faith and Charity cures all spiritual defects like hatred. A soul that is Catholic ought to have Charity. And Charity removes all possibility of divorce. 
     When Christ said; 'whatever God had joined together let no man put asunder. Not all married persons are joined together by God even if officiated by a bishop or cardinal. Those, truly, joined together by God are those with the perfect theological virtue of Faith and the beginnings of Charity. It is the Holy Spirit that joined two together. And the Holy Spirit work only on those with perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of love. 
     When husband and wives plan on a divorce, it is clear that they never loved each other, or as St. Augustine wrote, they never loved anybody for that matter. 'For he who truly loves one, loves all. He who hates one, hates all.' Charity is a supernatural virtue. It does not exclude anyone, it never ends. 
     So those who even think of divorce have never loved anyone in their lives. And will never love anybody else for the rest of their lives unless they receive from God the supernatural and theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. In short, they have to be truly Catholic. 'Amores Laetitia,' is a document for pagans, not for Catholics. 
6. State of the world today; abounding in sin, decay of Faith and waxing cold of Charity, Scriptures has it. 
    Every child is born with natural holiness. It is what makes them cute no matter how they look or what color they are. It is holiness; but his is temporary. It is a gift of God that will last until the child reaches the age of reason. With his first free will act, he becomes a murderer, a blasphemer, a homo, a lesbian, a pervert, a liar, a fornicator, a divorcee and a candidate for hell......unless he becomes a good Catholic which, today,  nobody knows how to do, including Pope Francis and his FrancisBishops. See what is happening with the US bishops? And this is world wide. 
     Man, having a sinful nature, will find it near impossible to have Faith. And anyone without Faith will have no Charity. So, today, all marriages are bound to end in divorce, separation, or one of them cheating on the other. A couple like Louis and Zelie, parents of St. Therese was only possible in the 1900, not today. 
     And Pope Francis knows that. So what? Well, go with the tide. A most modernist solution. Truly a modern solution; but an immoral and heretical solution.. The Catholic Church has Christ's solution, Charity, why didn't he give that Catholic solution. It is a solution that will give the couple a taste of heaven here on earth and everlasting life. Pope Francis' solution in 'Amores laetitia' will just give the couple hell. 

7. The Gospel deals with divorce but ends up with giving a child as an example for imitation. 
     St. Thomas gives the spiritual description of a child as one with natural holiness, thus having the natural virtues needed for salvation. A child loves even those who mistreat him. It is what adult husbands and wives do not have when they plan for a divorce. So the Gospel states; if a child can love their most cruel parents, how come husbands and wives can hate each other to the point of divorcing. If you are Catholics, you should know how to believe and how to love. So darn it. Act like Catholics and love one another and throw that document of divorce including 'Amores laetitia' in the garbage. 

Saturday, October 06, 2018


 1. The suppressions.
     Countless suppressions are going on right now. Supressions by the Vatican Office of communities, fraternities, dioceses, parishes, churches, monasteries, etc.....The reason for the suppressions are unknown. But that does not matter for the purpose of analysis. Basing it on the doctrine of Divine Providence, we can only say that God, Himself, suppressed  them  for one reason; it is chastisement for the suppressed entity for not being Catholic enough, i.e. because they are not going towards the right direction, the salvation of their souls.  It's God's way of saying; 'pipe down, think and pray. You are going the wrong direction. Find your way back, then proceed.'

2. God treats the three different kinds of communities in three different ways.
     The first community is the true Catholic Church, who, being under the guidance of Divine Grace and, ruled by the three theological virtues, is continuously in the right direction. God continuously direct such a community, fill up their lives with blessings and guide them to the perfection of the Christian Life. This community, called the Catholic Church, can never be suppressed. God sustains it and the gates of hell can never  prevail against it.
     God takes care of this community because He puts them forward as an example for the world to imitate. 
     This is the Mytical Body of Christ and they have the visible signs of the true Church described in the Nicene Creed. They are deserving of  everlasting life. 
     They make up a community, many souls with one mind and one heart. God directs them, thus they do not commit errors. They do not need reminders.

     The second group is not yet a community thus they are not yet Catholic.  But they are in the right direction. They know their way but they are committing errors. In which case, God have to correct them. God does this through chastisements; sort of telling them, 'slow down or stop for a moment because you are in the wrong direction.' For you to proceed, will make you go deeper into error. So stop completely. Think, pray, review, study, get your bearings, consult your maps. And when you are sure of the right direction, proceed. 
     God does this to the institutional Church. Whenever His external Church is committing errors (His true Church does not commit errors,) God, Himself, suppresses it through persecution from emperors and other heads of state and even from Popes.  This attempts at suppression makes His external Church that still lacks grace, think and pray, so it may obtain more graces to avoid errors. 
     This is what happened with the Franciscans of the Immaculate. They were suppressed by Pope Francis because, even though they were more evangelical than the Jesuits, their male group were suppressed. Why the Franciscans? Because they were more in the right direction than the Jesuits; but they were committing some errors in the spiritual life that could prevent them from going to heaven. 
     So like the wise man lost in the forest, the rule is, 'stop immediately. Don't proceed because you might get more lost. Stop and get your bearings right. Consult the Rule of St. Francis and see where you went wrong. Then proceed. 
      This is the same message to all those suppressed by Pope Francis like the Priestly Fraternity of the Holy Apostles in Brussels, the Mariavald monastery and the countless groups suppressed by Bishops, 'you are doing well, but you are committing a serious mistake that can bring you to hell. So stop. For your good, God will use Pope Francis and other evil bishops, like God used Judas, to force you to stop and drop everything. Pray, review, check your spiritual map, consult the Fathers and doctors of the Church, find out your errors, correct them and then proceed. 
     More wonderfully God sends them 'renewal saints' to direct them in the right path. When God 'suppresses' them, it is God who would eventually renew them. In either case, the group must cooperate with the action of the 'renewal saint'  and the action of God by being 'poor in spirit,' the first Beatitude.

     The third group is completely outside the Catholic Church and are in no way leading towards it. They are leading towards the wide road that leads to destruction. God, still, chastises them in the hope to convert them. But they do not benefit from the chastisement. God leaves them by themselves as they go down the steep wide road that leads to destruction. 

     The second group are chastised or suppressed by a third party unjustly. The third group, as the wise Gamaliel said, 'if this work is from man, don't bother, they will disappear soon, just like the 'new' church of Pope Francis which is just made by an Argentinian man. 
     But if this is the work of God, no one should touch it because you would be going against  God's work. Just as Pope Francis together with Volpi and countless cardinals are going against God's work by suppressing countless second group communities. Imagine how many church officials are going to hell for going against the under ground church of China; Pope Francis, Cardinal Parolin.....and McCarrick. Not so much for his, now, publicised sin, but because he helped suppressed a Church that is a work of God.
     The Ursulines in the  US were not suppressed. They just  disappeared by themselves. Have they become just made by mere men, like the Benedictines, Jesuits, Franciscans, Opus Dei, Pentecostals, etc... today. 
     They used to be founded by Saints; but after centuries of provincial  meetings they have become man-made destined to cease to exist, according to Gamaliel. Like the Synod meetings these days held by Pope Francis. These Synods  are  transforming the institutional church inspired by God to a mere Argentinian man-made work destined to disappear soon by itself.

3. The suppression does not necessarily benefit the subject..
     A suppression is only God's way of saying, 'you are going the wrong way, stop and recheck before proceeding.' Man is still free. He can obey or disobey. And history shows man made both choices, the wrong and the right.
     Like the suppression to correct an error does not necessarily correct the error. It needs the cooperation of those being corrected. Judas was corrected but he did not correct himself. The Jesuits were suppressed but most of them still embrace the error of 'laxism.'. 
     The Franciscans of the Immaculate were suppressed.  Do they know why? It has nothing to do with the Vatican or Fr. Volpi. God is telling them they are doing something against the teaching of the Church; which neither Pope Francis nor Fr. Volpi know. But the Franciscans, themselves, do not know. So they tend to defend themselves against the unjust actions of Pope Francis but without going deeper into finding out what errors they have in the spiritual life that made God use the Pope to suppress them. 
     For the third group, teaching them, today, is almost hopeless, just like the Democrats. Just like Pope Francis who cannot be corrected by the 'Dubia.' The raising of 'renewal saints' is more effective than mere suppression. So why suppress rather than send 'renewal saints?' Because, today, no one listen to saints. They ridicule saints.  
     The Jews were suppressed by the Romans but they did not learn their lesson. Though suppressed everywhere for centuries, Feinstein and Schumer are still acting like the Jews two thousand years ago; treating Kavanaugh the way Christ was treated. They have not learned their lessons. The institutional Catholic Church have not learned the lesson of the Reformation. So the church is being suppressed by Pope Francis, himself. Because the Catholic Church is in the right direction but filled with errors. God is using someone outside the Church, Pope Francis, to suppress it so the Church can stop, think, pray, check her maps, see where it went wrong. And when the right direction is clear, then, to proceed. 
     The suppression, like the suppression of the Jesuits, is temporary. When the error is detected and corrected, God, Himself, resurrects the group. Why would God allow a group to continue in error and go deeper into greater error?

4.  Pope Francis is suppressing the institutional church. 
      He said it himself.  He does not like the apostolic church. He wants a 'new' man - made church that is merciful to all unrepentant sinners.  The institutional Church has so many errors as shown in Vatican II. Pope Francis is a product of this error-filled church. And God had chosen him to suppress this church to notify her that she is filled with errors. Just like she was before the Council of Trent wherewith she was filled with Lutheran heresies. 
     Today, Pope Francis is suppressing  the Catholic church in China; long time a spiritual babe because of communist repression. To prevent them from reaching their goal, inclusion inside the Catholic Church.     

     Pope  Francis is suppressing those outside the Church but are aiming to enter the Church, to prevent them from entering the true Church. Like the fledgling church in China. His papal visit to fledging Catholic nations is for the same purpose; like the Slaves,  Japan, South America, Poland, Ireland, Korea, Philippines, etc. The Churches here are not fully Catholic. Due to the crisis in the Church, these church are fledgling that are breathing their last death breath. Pope Francis is nipping them in the bud. Now, who is he who should be doing something as diabolical as this? 

     He is encouraging all non-Catholic and pagan religions to remain as they are. He is telling all Protestant and Schismatic sects  to remain as they are. He is praising the communist showing that he is a communist himself. Imagine seeing him cry when the communists bishop delegates arrived in the last Synod of the Youth in the Vatican. 
     He is telling every non-Catholic sect to join the institutional church without setting aside their heresies. Yes, like the SPPX, the, Orthodox, the communist, etc, you can join the cockles of the vineyard, without turning into wheat. What happened to the cockle?

5. Gamaliel.  
    The wise Pharisee Gamaliel, believed to be teacher of St. Paul, seeing that the apostles were being persecuted and suppressed in Jerusalem spoke out saying;
    'Theudas appeared, claiming to be someone important and about four hundred men joined him, but he was killed and all those who were loyal to him were disbanded and came to nothing. After him came Judas the  Galilean at the time of the census. He also drew people after him, but he too perished and all who were loyal to him were scattered. So now I tell you, have nothing to do with these men, and let them go. For if this endeavour or this activity is of human origin, it will destroy itself. But if it comes from God, you will not be able to destroy them, you may even find yourselves fighting against God.'
     Pope Francis appeared claiming to be Pope and about a few hundred FrancisBishops. But they died and the FrancisChurch was disbanded and came to nothing. After him came pope Tagle or Parolin. He also drew people after him, like some Filipino bishops. And they, too, perished and all who were loyal to him were scattered having no love for one another. So now I tell you, have nothing to do with the Franciscans and the Chinese Catholic. If you cannot help them leave them alone. For if their endeavour is of human origin like the FrancisChurch, it will destroy itself. But if it comes from God, like the Franciscans and the Chinese Catholics, you will not be able to destroy them; you may even find yourselves fighting against God. 
      And those who fight against God; where do they go?