Wednesday, February 24, 2021


  1. The devil. 

      The Liturgy of the Mass described the steps towards salvation. First, we must know what we have done to offend God; this was taught during Shrove Tuesday. Secondly, we must know how to repent for those past sins; the Church begun to teach us this from Ash Wednesday and forward up to Easter. This consist in living a life of repentance that consist in prayer, fasting and good works. 

      Neither, merely, knowing one's sin nor the life of prayer, fasting and good works can forgive our past sins. Thirdly, we must attain the gift of the Holy Spirit called the fear of God. 

      With the 'fear of God,' the soul, also, obtains the theological virtue of Faith and Charity. 

      The devil who, through jealousy, wants to destroy the souls of men, knows that upon reaching Faith and Charity there is nothing he can do to destroy souls. Satan knows he has to destroy souls before the souls repents or at least when they are in the process of repentance. 

       Most men don't bother repenting so the devil has nothing to do to destroy them.  They are, effectively, destroying their souls without any help from the devil. The devil loves to destroy those repenting, especially those who are approaching the virtues of Faith and Charity.

        The devil does his dirty work through temptations. 

2. God uses the devil in two ways.

    The devil cannot approach or tempt any soul without the permission of God. If God ever allows the devil the approach or tempt men it is for two reasons. First, God allows the devil to tempt men with the virtue of Faith in order to help them advance in virtue and holiness. 

      Christ in the Gospel for today was tempted by the devil. He allowed this to show those who have Faith how to use temptations to progress in the life of virtue and holiness. St. Veronica Giuliani, John Vianney, Padre Pio were some of the saints who were accosted by devil that they may overcome the devil and advance in the spiritual life. 

        The second reason why God allows the devil to tempt, especially, those who have no Faith is this. Those who have no Faith are usually in the state of moral sin, that is why they have no Faith. If these sinners do not immediately repent for their past sins, their punishment from God is that God allows them to fall further into sin. And as they fall deeper into sin more devils possess their souls. So they go from worse to worse to the point that they cannot do anything good either for themselves, for their love ones, for their country or for the whole world. In fact, God punishes them by making them do evil to themselves, their love ones, to their countrymen and to the whole world. And there is nothing they can do to stop this;.....except to stop sinning, repenting and undergo the first among three conversions. 

        However, the deeper they commit more evil, the harder it is to repent. It is still possible but considering all matters especially that the devil will do everything to prevent them, it will be near impossible to save their souls. This is clearly seen in the much publicised lives of Catholic politicians who are pubic sinners, like those proposing abortion; everything they do after their first mortal sins is a descend to greater evil according to the moral theology of their Catholic Faith. They cannot do any thing good, they can only do evil things because this is God's punishment for them for having sinned, while refusing to repent. This is a punishment from God. 

3.The world is in this descend into the bottomless pit..

    Lead by the two leading figures, the Vatican and the USA, God has allowed the devil to tempt them into greater evils because both of them have sinned, the Vatican with Idolatry, the USA with abortion and with their continuous refusal to repent, God has allowed the devil to tempt them to commit more and more sin, driving them deeper into greater evil.

     St. Thomas have written, he who sins against one command of Christ will sin against all the commands of Christ. One who go against one teaching of Christ goes against all the commands of Christ. Everybody seems to be at the bottom of sinfulness and possessed by legions of devils. 

Friday, February 19, 2021


  1. Ash Wednesday.

     Just before Ash Wednesday is Shrove Tuesday. In the Liturgy these events are greatly interconnected that one cannot be understood without the other. 

      Shrove Tuesday was the day when Catholics go to confession to confess their sins to a priest and repent, so that their sins may be forgiven by God. There are two separate activities here; one is the act of  knowing one's sins and confessing them, the other is the act of repenting for sins confessed.

      The act of knowing one's sins and confessing to a priest and being absolved does not forgive the sins. The forgiveness of sin occurs on the second part, when the penitent receives the grace of penance. The material object of confession occurs on Shrove Tuesday. The formal object, receiving of the grace of penance that forgive past sins takes place on Ash Wednesday or onwards, probably reaching up  to  the last Sunday before Ash Wednesday in the Liturgy. 

      The material object in the forgiveness of sin celebrated on Shrove Tuesday, which consist in the physical activity of the penitent confessing to a priests, refers to the  repentance preached by St. John the Baptist where he said that his baptism does not forgive sins. Then St. John points at Christ the giver of the graces of repentance and said that He is the one who takes away the sins of the world. 

      Catholics should get this doctrine right because most think that sins are forgiven when they go and confess to a priest. These acts are just the beginnings of the entire process in the forgiveness of sins. It is not yet over. The sinner must live a life of repentance after; just as Ash Wednesday comes after Shrove Tuesday. The forgiveness of sins occur sometimes during the penitent lives a life of repentance. Sins are not immediately forgiven after confessing to the priest. It usually takes some time after living the life of repentance. Sometimes weeks or months; sometime even several years depending on the generosity of the soul. 

2. Let us take it step by step.

    On Shrove Tuesday, before the penitent goes and confesses to a priest, he usually examine his conscience so he can know his mortal and venial sins. He must know his mortal sins because if one of those mortal sins are not forgiven, all his sins are not forgiven. The virtue of Penance is the forgiveness of all or none of one's sins. 

      So the penitent must reveal his mortal sins to the priests and, afterwards, repent for the forgiveness of those sins. No priest will agree that unrepentant mortal sins can be forgiven by the absolution of a priest or even a bishop. 

       St. Augustine clarified this and St. Thomas of Aquinas clearly differentiated between the confession of a penitent to a priest and the penitent living a life of repentance to acquire the virtue of Penance. There is a difference between the sacrament of Penance and the virtue of Penance though both are included in the Sacrament of Penance. 

     All priests do not know this; thus most laymen do not know this. There is a danger that most confessions do not forgive sins. And that is the reason why God during this pandemic abolished the Sacrament of Penance. Because penitents do not know how to go to confession and priest do not know how to hear confessions. 

      The power of the priest to absolve sin is dependent on whether the penitent have repented for their sins. Thus the power given by Christ to the priests is to forgive if penitents have repented and not to forgive if they have not repented.

3. Know your sins, during Shrove Tuesday

     The problem is that most penitent do not know what are mortal and venial sins. The priest confessor do not know, also, what is mortal and venial sins. And priests do not know if the penitent has repented.

      Pope Benedict, during the Synod of Bishops in 2013 noticed that the Synod did not know what is 'repentance.' They mentioned the word during the Synod but they could not define or describe it. Those are bishops and theologians attending the Synod in the Vatican, the highest authority in the Catholic Church. No wonder they could not solve the Cardinal McCarrick case. And neither did the Bishop's Synod on the abuse, where they discussed the sins of the bishops and priest.  The final resolution read by Cardinal Tagle showed the Synod did not know how sins are forgiven. Don't these priest ever celebrate Ash Wednesday where for one whole year, up to the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time, the Liturgy of the Mass teaches how to repent?

       The problem of Christ whenever He preached was, 'they did not understand.'

4. 'They did not understand.'

     The usual evangelical complaint is 'they did not understand.' When Christ preached, the Gospel always end, 'and the people did not understand.' Even Christ often complained to His apostles, 'even you do not understand, ' like during the multiplication of the bread. And Pope Francis after reciting the same Gospel seems not to understand it during his homily at Casa Martha. The Fathers and doctors of the Church understood it perfectly.

      The problem is that many do not understand 'how sins are forgiven', many do not understand what is the virtue of Penance, many do not know what are the mortal sins and many do not understand those sins are forgiven. And yet, all of these are explained in the Liturgy of the Mass from Ash Wednesday up to the fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time. 

5. The Corona virus strikes. 

     God, in His goodness, was going to test mankind as He always does,  for men to see if they are for God or against God. This was Ash Wednesday last year. Seeing that mankind was failing the test in that they have sinned grievously, have not repented and could possibly die and go to hell, God sent a Corona virus saying, 'You man have sinned, you have not repented and so if you die you will go to hell. I will soon chastise you with a virus. If you know your sins and repent, I will not send the virus. But if you do not heed Me, I will send you a pandemic which nobody can stop. Your vaccines will make things worse. It may even change your DNA configuration and make you automatons. 

     After Ash Wednesday last year, mankind did not heed God and even dared Him; 'we will continue to sin. We will invent ways to stop your chastisement. Let's see what You can do in the face of our modern technology.

     And God looked at puny mankind and with an easy act of His will sent a pandemic together with a hundred different added chastisements to make mankind more miserable. Mankind continued in his stupidity. More chastisements came and will come and come. There will be no end to the chastisements because there will be no end to the grievous sins of men. 

6. Know your sins and repent for them.

    The end of chastisements is eternal fires of hell. We have to stop those chastisements as in Nineveh. So, first, we must know that practically all the things man does are mortal sins. Secondly, he must repent by living a life of prayer, fasting and good works. These three activities, still, does not forgive past sins. 

     It is through the life of repentance that consist in prayer, fasting and good works that man can obtain from the Holy Spirit the first gift  called the Fear of the Lord. It is this gift of the Spirit that forgives sins. This gift is part of Faith, Hope and Charity. All of them together is what forgives sins. These virtues are obtained through a life of Repentance where a soul develops the virtue of Penance. 

7. The fear of the Lord. 

    The life of repentance by which a soul develops the virtue of Penance attained through a life of prayer, fasting and good works is aimed at receiving from the Holy Spirit the gift of the fear of the Lord. 

     There are two kinds of fear; the fear of the Lord that saves. And the fear of men that condemns. Christ said; do not fear those who can kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Fear, instead, He who can kill both body and soul in hell. 

     The fear of God is when a soul fears he is going to hell because he is conscious that he had sin against God. He, surely,  will go to hell. So he repents for this reason. This act is an act of repentance; his past sins are forgiven. But he can only do this if he had received actual graces through a life of prayer, fasting and good works. Without these graces obtained by a life of prayer, fasting and good works, he will not be able to repent, thus he will surely lose his soul. 

      The whole world has many sinful fears; like fear of terrorists and, now, fear of a virus. By this one sins, man can go to hell. Add to this his other sins and he will, even, more surely go to hell. As man fears the virus, he grows to have other worldly fears like losing his job, not being able to eat in restaurants, etc,  thus adding more sins to his previous sins. Add to this the fact that he does not know that these are sins and that he does not know how to repent. Where do you think he is going?

8. Today is Ash Wednesday.

    Last year, due to the lock downs, no bishops or priests were preaching sin and how to acquire the virtue of Penance. Today, the same thing will happen. 

    Last year,  God, Himself, saw to it that there are lock downs and no Masses; first,  because bishops and priest do not know how to preach repentance and many of the people are not interested in having their past sins forgiven. Why should God bother. But the few who wants to repent, they have the Liturgy to recourse to; and praying, fasting and doing good works towards each other at home for their personal repentance. There is no better place to do it. 

     We are writing here how to do this based on the official teachings of the Catholic Church, through the Liturgy. 

Saturday, February 13, 2021

THE DEAF AND THE DUMB. Friday of the 5th weekday in Ordinary time.

  1. The Gospel.

       The Gospel narrates that Christ went to the region of the Decapolis and they brought to Him one who was deaf and dumb. Physically, everybody saw the disciples bring to Christ a man known to be dead and dumb. And Christ cured him. That was the physical event. But what is the spiritual event that occurred.

        The deaf and the dumb is the human race, deaf and dumb due to the original sin of Adam and Eve, mentioned in the first reading. Because of disobedience to the command of God, Adam, Eve and, as a consequence, all of their offsprings were condemned to be deaf and dumb spiritually. They will be  totally ignorant of spiritual or supernatural truths.

        Deafness and dumbness are related, in that those born deaf will surely be dumb because learning how to speak is depended on the ability to listen and learn. So those who are unable to know supernatural truths will not be able to preach spiritual truths. 

2. How was the deaf and dumb cured? Christ touched his ear and applied spittle on his tongue. The touch and the spittle were symbols of graces that comes from Christ. It is not given to all. It is given, only, to the humble who admits that they are deaf and dumb, and those who call on Christ with Faith to heal them. 

3. Every time Christ preached. The Gospel ends by saying that 'they did not understand.' It is Christ, Himself, who was preaching, and they did not understand! How can that be? Was the defect on the preacher or in the message. Neither. It was on the hearer; they were deaf and dumb. 

4. To understand spiritual matters, a soul needs the gift of the Holy Spirit called 'understanding.' This gift enables a soul to understand and put into practice the supernatural teachings of Christ. It, also, teaches souls all the teachings of Christ. But this is a gift given only to those in the state of grace, i.e. souls whose past sins have been forgiven due to a life of repentance. It is given, only, to souls who have the theological virtue of Faith that makes a soul able to enter the Catholic Church. 

     The gift of understanding enables a soul to understand most of the mysteries of the Catholic Church. The mysteries are mysteries, only, to unbelievers. Even the mystery of the Blessed Trinity is understood by those with 'understanding,' or better still with the gifts of 'knowledge' and 'wisdom.' Thus St. Augustine wrote a very lengthy treatise on the Blessed Trinity. 

5. St. John Vianney.

     Commenting on the words of Christ that these days will be characterised by 'a decay of Faith' and 'waxing cold of Charity' St. Vianney wrote that almost all bishops, priests and all religions orders will lose the Faith and, as a consequence 'Charity.' That is like saying, all religious congregations will cease being Catholic. Because none of them will be found following the holy rule of their founders. So, whose rule would they be following? Like everybody else, they will following their own will, just like Adam and Eve. All of these religious would be in the state of original sin. 

     Thus the recent celebration of the Day for Religious should be called the Day when religious rebelled against God. They are, no longer, followers of Christ. They are disobeying the teachings and commandments of Christ like hell. Or shall we say, just like the devil. A great contributor to the demise of the good religious orders are the several Apostolic Exhortations of Pope Francis that begun the dismantling of the Franciscan of the Immaculate and of the Carmelites who cried that those exhortations would destroy their way of life. But no one listened to them. Of course, by this time, most religious congregations were corrupted since the Council of Trent and hit the bottom of corruption during Vatican II. 

      Today, none of the religious congregations can prove that they are truly Catholic. And none of the existing emerging secular institutes, like the Foccolare, can be described as Catholic. Both the religious and secular institutes have become Protestant sects within the vast Catholic Protestant sect. In fact these have even ceased to be Protestant; they have become idolaters and atheists; worshipping Gaias, Pachamamas Molochs and joining atheistic one world religions. 

       All the world, seems, have never heard the supernatural teachings of the Jesus Christ as proposed by the true Catholic Church. No one knows where the Church is. 

     And the institutional Church headed by Pope Francis and the Bishop's conference with their priests, have never preached the entire Divine Revelation together with how to acquire the Holy Spirit. None of the Charismatics know this. Everybody is deaf and dumb due to their unforgiven sins. 

       No one knows how to get from the Holy Spirit the gift of understanding.   The Word of God that is easily available to the whole world through the internet and through the hundreds of preachers that are still celebrating Masses. But they won't understand those words. Why? Because everyone is in the state of sin, both preachers and listeners.  And this gift is not given to anyone in the state of sin. 

6. Lock downs a great source of blessing.

    God gave this world wide lock downs so that  everyman and woman can find out what are their sins. What they  missed last Ash Wednesday, when the pandemic begun, they can learn this coming Ash Wednesday. Learning how to repent, hopefully, they may become in the state of grace. With this they will receive from the Holy Spirit the gift of 'understanding,' where they can see a totally different world of goodness and beauty, so different from the present world filled with hatred. Because this world is a world of love, called the Kingdom of the God of Love. 

Thursday, February 11, 2021

THEY TOLD HIM ALL THEY TAUGHT AND DONE. Saturday in the 4th Weekday in Ordinary Time.

 1. The Gospel. 

         After the apostles preached and performed miracles, they returned to Christ to report to Him what they have preached and what they had done. And Christ led them to the desert to rest.

       The apostles have preached and had done some good works after which they returned to Christ to report what they preached and what they did, to find out if they did things right. Then Christ led them to desert so they can examine their consciences if they had done thing right. 

       At this time, the apostles were just beginners.  It can happen that they have preached wrongly and have done things wrongly. So they had to report to Christ so they can be corrected. Then they went on a retreat to find out what mistakes they have done and correct their mistakes.

       After Pentecost, the apostles will be doing everything right; but now, they were beginners and in humility they knew they could make a mistake so they report to Christ for correction. Then they went to the desert for their life of repentance.

2. Life of repentance

    The apostles were brought by Christ to the desert to train them how to examine their consciences so they can correct their mistakes. Nobody does that today. So we hear priests say wrong things and do wrong things and they do nothing to correct their errors. It is a total lack of repentance when  all priests are preaching wrong things and doing wrong things, all contrary to the teachings of Christ. 

      If all our bishops and priests go to Christ and report on what they have taught and done, they would be getting a stern scolding. Nobody is doing this today, that is why we are in such as mess. Yet the Liturgy reminds all priests and bishops to do this, if they must remain the good teachers of the Faith. We are having very bad teachers. Thus one of the five elements of perfect atmosphere for the salvation of souls is lacking. When one is lacking, all the five are lacking. Again the five elements are, first, souls must know the complete plan of salvation. Secondly, they must have good teachers, i.e. Christ, the apostles, the Fathers and the doctors of the Church. Thirdly, the souls must be fertile soil. Fourthly, they must be in the ideal classroom, i.e. the Community where all have Faith. And fifty, they must know what test they will have and what is the right answer to their tests. All of these are found in the Liturgy of the Mass. 

     Today's Gospel describes good teachers as those, who being beginners, should, always, check with Christ, it they are teaching and doing the right things when teaching. 

3. Bishops conference on the Corona virus and the vaccines. 

     The Philippines Bishop's conference on the Corona virus and the vaccines was on line for all to see and hear. They had a Dominican friar as resource person. They were expected to discuss the Catholic response to the Corona virus and the vaccines. 

      They should be discussing the Doctrine of Divine Providence and the theology of Chastisements as the proper backdrop of their discussion on the virus and the vaccines. They discussed the virus and the vaccines but, absolutely, nothing on the Catholic doctrines on Divine Providence and Chastisements. So they all looked like Pharmaciutical agents selling drugs, rather than clergy saving souls. Not one drop of advice on how to save one's soul before the onslaught of a pandemic where the very vaccine can kill. The Catholic faithful are left completely in the dark. 

       Even the Dominican friar did not mention St. Thomas' treatise on Divine Providence and Divine Chastisement. He sounded more like a stock holder of a medical company. So what about the souls, reverend father bishops? Absolutely nothing for the salvation of souls. 

4. What did they say?

     They were going on, publicly, on TV. They should have checked on what they were going to say and what they were going to do. In fact, St. Francis de Sales developed the above principle into this; they should check what they were going to say and do before they talk and do things. They should check what they were going to say and do during their talk. They should check on what they were going to say and do after they say and do them. This is the better way. 

     Yet, the bishop's conference did neither what the Gospel said and what St. Francis de Sales wrote. So everything they said and did were purely in the pharmaceutical level. Not a single word on the benefits for the soul. 

5. What they should have said?

     It must be a description of the Doctrine of Divine Providence and the teachings on Chastisement, i.e, the corona virus, like all creatures, are all under God's direct control. God controls them for men to see if they are for God or against God. 

     The present pandemic is a reminder that men have sinned. They have not repented. Through justice God will have to punish them to the eternal fires of hell. If man does not still repent,  then God will send them greater chastisements. Their worse chastisement is that God will allow them to commit more serious sins, they will be unable to do anything good and right. And the devil will possess their souls. At this latter worse state, repentance will be more difficult or even be impossible.  And yet they must repent or else.......

     The lock downs, social distancing,  face mask and face shield cannot stop God's action of testing men. If they obey God's message, they can set aside all those useless purely social practices. Because God decides who will live and who will die, and nobody can stop that.

      The vaccine will not make you live longer or shorter. For your lack of Faith by not believing the doctrines of Divine Providence and chastisement, it can even kill you as God's punishment. If the vaccine is imposed on you, as most states will do because they are faithless, take it but don't believe it can save you physically.  

       God is in full control. The only thing man must do is pass his test by showing Faith in God. And the pandemic has been the perfect set up in making an act of Faith.  


Saturday, February 06, 2021

MY NAME IS LEGIONS. Monday of the 4th Weekday in Ordinary Time.

 1. Keep these ascetical rules in mind to pass God's  final test.

     On Good Friday, Jesus prophesied that the diabolical atmosphere that surrounded that day will be repeated to announce General Judgment day.   

      Rule no. 1. He who sins and does not repent is punished by God by allowing him to fall into deeper and more serious sins. And as a further punishment, allows the devil to possess the sinner spiritually, like Judas. 

     Judas sinned by being covetous. Refusing to repent, Satan entered him and he went down the slippery slope towards the greater sin of being a traitor, and further down into selling his own Saviour, Jesus Christ. 

     The punishment for unrepentant sinner is that he will continue to fall into deeper and more serious sins, unless he repents. That is his punishment. There is nothing anyone can do to reverse that tendency except a sincere and perfect repentance. 

      Rule no. 2. The more a person sins the more proud he becomes. The more proud, the more he is devoid of  wisdom and knowledge, i.e. he becomes more and more stupid. For wisdom is given only to the humble. Repentance is what makes a person humble. A continuous unrepentant life is a life towards greater pride with the accompanying diabolical desire 'to be like gods,' the sin of Lucifer. 

       Rule no. 3. The common sin today is that everybody wants to be like god, doing what pleases them and forcing others to do what they please.  With everybody as gods, we have total warfare among the gods as in Greek mythology. 

       In truth, there is only one God. This was proven beyond doubt by St. Thomas of Aquinas. The rest, St. Paul wrote, are devils.  

     Rule no. 4.  God rewards the good, and chastises the sinners. He punishes sinners less He shows He approves sin.  He chastises sinners to make them repent for their sins. Sinners, like abortionist, must expect total failure in everything they do. Unrepentant, they are totally unable to do any good, either for themselves or for others. 

       Rule no. 5. The more a person sins, the more he opens himself to possession of the devil who loves to dwell in the souls of sinful men. The deeper a person descends into a life of sin, the more devils posses his soul. This is part of his punishment from God. It can happen that most souls, due to their numerous sins, have legions of devil in them. 

       Rule no. 6. The deeper a person descends into a life of sin or disobedience to God's command, the harder for him to repent and be saved. Thus God could punish him by withdrawing His grace of repentance thus forgiveness of his sins becomes impossible, i.e. he would be approaching the borders of sinning against the Holy Spirit, the unforgivable sin. 

2. Why mankind is possessed by legions of devils. 

     The above ascetical principles are observed by all Christian in preparing themselves to face the Divine Judgment of God.

     It is part of ascetical  theology i.e. the practical aspect of what a soul must do to be saved. The above rules explains why the human race are possessed, not only by one or seven devils, but by legions of devils. 

     Man had been sinning since the beginning of time. Unless they repent they will slide down the slippery slope of sin into more and greater sins. Finding souls in this way the devil who roam the earth will enter human souls to possess them. The more sin man commit, the more devils will possess them. 

     The more money is loved the more devils enter the soul. Because 'the love of money is the root of all evils.' 

3. The present state of the world. 

    We are following St. John Chrysostom who wrote that just by analysing one Church and one nation, we can know the state of the whole world. And we have chosen the nation, theUSA that seems to be representative of the whole world, and the Vatican as representative of the institutional Church. Their moral state is compared to the Moral theology of St. Alphonsus Liguori, Doctor of the Church. 

     Both are in the slippery slope descending towards greater evil that they cannot seem to control anymore their descend. Every act they do is evil. Not one act can be considered a 'good work.' 

     Of course, this has been happening since the beginning of time. But every generation is a start and has its ending. Our analysis begins with our present generation. We are faced with a phenomenon unlike previous ages in history. The phenomenon is that both the US, that represents the rest of the world and the Vatican, that represent the institutional Church around the world, are both rushing with great speed towards greater and deeper evil, unlike other ages in history. 

4. The institutional Church.

     The institutional Church, the Vatican,  is different from the true Catholic Church. The true Church are the souls with the Theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity; they have the gifts of the Holy Spirit the fear of the Lord, knowledge and wisdom. They have a perfect knowledge of the Dogmas and Morals taught by Christ and preaches them accordingly. 

     It is easy to know who is Catholic, which is the Catholic parish, the Catholic diocese and the Catholic Pope. It is very easy. There is the four visible signs of the Church mentioned in the Nicene Creed, which nobody seems to understand. There is the 15 Marks of the true Church by St, Robert Bellarmine, which is the four visible signs expanded. There are the three theological virtues and the gifts of the Holy Spirit which is impossible for most to understand and used for analysis. 

     But let us use a test commonly used by Christ on the Jews........the knowledge of spiritual truths. Every time Christ preached, the Gospel would say, 'and they did not understand.' Why because Christ preached in the supernatural level, while His hearers remained in the natural level. So they could not understand. 

     The sign that the institutional Church, the Vatican and most of the dioceses and parishes, has no Faith is that they have remained in the natural level. And sometimes in the unnatural level as seen in their sins, like pedophilia, transvestitism and being gay. All these sins can easily be forgiven and gotten rid of by simply living a life of repentance that leads to Faith.

      In fact the Corona virus pandemic is God's way of telling the world that man have sinned, they have not repented and, therefore, they are in danger of going to hell.  

      The state of the institutional church is, visibly, this.  That Priests, bishops, cardinals and even Pope Francis, seems to be totally ignorant of God's commands shown in their continuous disobediences to His commands, like lately the Vatican had just discouraged the Old Latin Mass highly praised by the previous Pope and he and many bishops had encouraged abortion by approving the 'sustainable program' of the UN that includes abortion. Nations like the US, Europe, South America, Asia, etc are approving laws contrary to God's Divine Laws. Crowds everywhere are clamouring to disobey the God's laws. And personalities chosen by God to lead others to obedience to His commands are under attack; like Trump, Putin, Belosario, nations like Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland.  And political good leaders like Le Pen and Salvini are all under pressure to do evil. 

       The latest scene in Argentina where there was a cheering crowd of mothers rejoicing in the streets as if they won the lotto. But no, they are rejoicing because the state just approved a law allowing mothers to abort their babies. Evidently they look like they were possessed by legions of devils. 

           We are, also, working on the fact that the state, only, reflects the state of the institutional Church and not vice versa because the Church is the one who influences the state. 

       So today we see that the institutional church had corrupted the state. It cannot be helped, there is union of church and state. The church being the soul of the body, the state. And both will  either be rewarded for being good or punished for being evil. 

       Majority of the institutional church is showing lack of Faith and majority of the states in the world is showing descending everyday to greater evil. 

       There are a few churches who show Faith and the corresponding states are showing stability in their morality, like Poland, Hungary and Russia. The rest are like the US and the Vatican. Every step they take leads to deeper evil. A review of the Moral theology of St. Alphonsus will illustrate clearly this descend and its consequence. Greater immorality leads to greater pride; greater pride by doing one's will and imposing ones will on the nation. The greater the pride  the greater the absence of knowledge and wisdom, wrote St. Thomas on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  

 5. There is one God.

      The above ascetical practice is based on the fact that there is only one true God, and the rest are legions of devils. 

     This one true God will judge every word, thought and deed of each man according to obedience or disobedience to His laws imprinted in the hearts of all men, i.e. the Golden rule, 'not to do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.' The ascetical rule above is the practical basis for every man's acts. 

     This generation have piled up the most serious sins found in Scriptures. These sins are found in Pope Francis, cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns and the laity. Like sins of heresy, apostasy, 

      This moral decay is occurring in the institutional church and  in the US,  which embodies  the whole world. What is happening in the Vatican and in the US is exactly what is happening in the institutional Church around the world  and in the states of  Argentina, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Africa. Korea, Japan, Philippines, egc. 

6. Many people are exhibiting the presence of legions of devils in them, because of an unfaithful institutional Church. The Vatican shows this by subjecting the church to atheistic communism both in China and in the US.  All papal visits had aimed at forcing the local churches to submit to communist leaning governments starting with an attack on the family. Filipina mothers were attacked for breeding like rabbits, Pope Francis described the Filipinos after his visit, insinuating that Filipinas should practice family planning if not outright abortion which some anti-catholic legislators are already proposing thus submission to the world wide US, UN, Vatican union in fostering the 'sustainable development' which includes abortion. As St. Teresa of Calcutta reminded the UN, 'anyone who kills a baby can kill anybody,' and everybody for that matter.

7. A noticeable phenomenon. Man used to sin. But the extend to which mankind today is sinning is identical to the rampaging waters that can be seen in many flooded cities. This is a strange phenomenon which Christ, on Good Friday, mentioned as prelude to the day when God will say 'enough is enough', and will judge mankind according to His commands.

       A clear sign is that mankind does not know that they are disobeying all the commands of God. And they are running out of time to repent and be saved. The continuing Corona pandemic is the sure sign mankind is not repenting and that he has run out of time. A sign, legions of devils seem to possess men and women that only Christ can drive away. Bishops, priests, nuns, religious orders show total disregard to the Divine Law, to their religious rules and even to good manners. 

     The prayer during Compline reminds Catholics of these days; to resist the devil, firm in your Faith. Ratzinger had already noticed the crisis of Faith in the 1980s. Christ noted the decay of Faith and waxing cold of Charity due to lack of Faith. Total ignorance of Catholic doctrines is the visible sign of No Faith. Ignorance of why there is a Corona pandemic. 

8. The Philippine Bishops conference met with a Dominican presiding on how to confront the pandemic with the vaccine. We expected the conference to teach the Filipino people what is Christ's teaching on how to confront chastisements that come from God, as Jonah prepared Nineveh, i.e. what must be our spiritual response to God's chastisement, the pandemic. 

      What was seen was a pharmaciutical advertisement. There was absolutely no spiritual teaching, no spiritual response, no spiritual dogma, nothing on what to do to save one's soul if during the pandemic one dies. Or how to prepare the soul if one dies while getting the vaccine as what is, indeed, happening. Nothing. The Dominican presider did not even mention what was St. Thomas' explanation on Divine Providence as the background to understand the pandemic. The bishop's meeting just talked about pharmacy, and nothing about the soul. 

      The inability to talk about anything spiritual is the reason why Christ, before, preaching, would drive the devil out of the listeners. Because legions of devils in the souls of men prevent them from understanding the teaching of Christ on how to save one's soul. 

      'They did not understand,' was always what the Gospel wrote after Christ taught. The Bishops did not understand why there is a pandemic. 


Monday, February 01, 2021

THE YEAR THE WORLD BECAME DUMB. Friday of the 3rd Week of the Year.

  1. Last Ash Wednesday.

     A perfect setting for learning includes five elements; a good curriculum, very good teachers, excellent pupils, a classroom with ideal surroundings and, of course, the usual tests that will note the progress of each pupil. 

      The Church, also, has that perfect setting for each soul to learn and work out God's 'Plan of Salvation.'  This is laid down in the Liturgy of the Mass from Ash Wednesday to today, 3rd Week of the year. The Liturgy teaches , first, the topic on the 'Plan of Salvation'. Secondly, it teaches who are the best teachers of this subject; thirdly,  it describes who are the best pupils who will benefit most and who are the worse pupils who will not benefit much.  Fourthly, it describes the school where this education of the soul should take place and, fifthly,  the kind of test that will be given (with the correct answers to the tests.) What more would you like?

       Last year  no one was in this ideal situation, no one learned these five elements for a perfect education in the spiritual life......because of the Corona virus. With the pandemic and consequent lockdowns there was no subject taught, there were no teachers, there were no pupils, no classrooms and no one could point out what was the test and the answers. This year, 2021, no one will be in this best situation for learning, again, because of the continuing pandemic. 

2. For those who missed the Liturgical lessons.

    Here is the summary of the different elements describing the ideal situation in learning the 'Plan of Salvation,' taught by Holy Mother the Church through her Liturgy. 

     First, the curriculum in teaching the 'Plan of Salvation,' consist in living a way of life that enables a soul to receive from God the grace of the virtue of Penance that leads to the soul receiving from God the theological virtue of Faith. Christ said; 'Repent and believe.' That is the curriculum. Faith, in turns enables a soul to receive the supernatural virtue of Charity which makes a soul deserving of everlasting life. This curriculum is spiritual in nature; it cannot be learned nor taught by ordinary men without the help of Divine grace.  Repentance enables the soul to dispose itself for the learning process of believing

     Second, good teachers. Since the curriculum is spiritual, i.e. can only be taught and learned by souls in the spiritual level, the teachers must be in supernatural level, like Christ, the apostles, the Fathers and the doctors of the Church. Nobody else, like theologians, are qualified to teach.

     Thirdly, the pupils. Qualified pupils are fertile soils, i.e. souls with humility, the higher the degree the better. Hard soils, soils with stones and soils with thorny bushes cannot learn these curriculum. 

     Fourthly, they must all be within the school house, the Kingdom of God, the Catholic Church, to do the three above. The three above cannot be done outside the kingdom of God, which is the Catholic Church or specifically, the Christian community. The Catholic Church is not the building nor the organisation of men; it is souls who have finished their repentance and, therefore, have received the gift of Faith, Hope and Charity. 

     Fifthly, the learning souls must know and pass the tests given by God.  The Saturday of the 3rd week in ordinary time and the 4th Sunday describes two tests; one given by god in the form of a storm at sea and the other a test allowed by god wherein the devil is used to test man. unlike in the world, tests are given without answers.  With God he gives the test and, also, the right answers to the test. So man has no reason to fail the test. 

       In the test with the storm at sea, the disciples feared they would drown; this was the wrong answer to the test. Christ reminded them that the right answer is to wake Him up through prayer and pray to calm the storm.  

     In the 4th Sunday Gospel, the test is when the devil preaches the truth, he follows it up with an error to deceive souls. The right answer to the test according to St. Thomas of Aquinas is, 'never listen to the devil' even if he preaches the truth.' The real teachers had been described above. 

3. These five elements of a perfect atmosphere in educating a soul for salvation had been taught from Ash Wednesday last year up to today, the 4th Sunday in Ordinary time. But nobody heard it because there was no Liturgy; there was no Mass because of the lockdowns. And the few priests who celebrated Masses did not explain these five elements because they, themselves, did not know them due to a crisis of Faith that has befallen the priesthood, as Cardinal Ratzinger noted in the nineteen eighties. 

     Cardinal Ratzinger noted that the priesthood did not have Faith; i.e. they did not know these five elements celebrated in the Liturgy, just as the Jews did not understand the preaching of Christ, Himself. The priests did not understand the lessons of the Liturgy. Grace is needed to understand these; grace attained only through unceasing prayer. And the priests were no longer praying unceasingly. Occasionally yes, but not unceasingly as Christ commanded. 

      So since Ash Wednesday last year up to the present, 4th Sunday in Ordinary time, the whole world did not know the five elements necessary to save their souls due to the cancellation of the entire Liturgy. The pagans, the animist, the communist, the Protestants.......and most of the so-described Catholics did not know these five element that makes up a perfect atmosphere in the education of the human soul. 

4. We are about to be taught again.

     In three weeks it will be Ash Wednesday again. The anniversary of the pandemic. The Liturgy will begin to teach the five elements for a perfect atmosphere to learn and save one's soul. But the pandemic and lockdowns will continue. There will be no Masses. The few priests who will say Mass will not explain these five elements because it was not taught in the seminaries since before the Council of Trent. 

     And so mankind will not learn this important lesson again due to the continued lockdowns and pandemic. But what if we die tomorrow or next week and having done nothing to save our souls. I don't want to think where these souls will go. 

5. The Corona virus comes to the rescue.

     God sends a pandemic. This is a chastisement from God telling the world; 'you have sinned, you have not repented. Therefore, if you die you will surely go to hell. So repent and believe now. Or else. 

     In Nineveh, the populace wore sack clothe,  put ash on their heads and repented. God withdrew the chastisement. On the other hand, Sodom and Gomorrah did not heed God's warning,  continued to sin and was destroyed with fire and brimstone. 

      The world today is like Sodom. The human race have sinned, were warned but they continued to sin and even descended to worse sins. What do we expect? A punishment for our unrepentant sins. But one last chance. A grace.

6. God's goodness sent a virus to give mankind an opportunity to have the five elements necessary to have a perfect atmosphere to work out preparing their souls for judgment before God, whether it take place tomorrow or next month. 

7. The lockdowns, a blessing from God.  

     God is so powerful and wise that He can get something good from what mankind considers as a world wide disaster. See how the present lockdown and other protocols due to the pandemic, greatly benefit the souls of entire families. 

     First, the entire family is locked down at home and so they can learn how to repent and believe. This is the curriculum. Where can you find this? Type repentance and Faith (or believe) by St. Thomas of Aquinas in your computer. And there you will find the curriculum. It can be learned in two hours.

     Second, you must have the best teachers. St. Thomas of Aquinas' writings are a compilation of the teachings of Christ, the teachings of the apostles and the interpretation of the Fathers and the doctors of the Church. There you have the best teachers.

     Thirdly, when you read the treatise on Repentance and Faith from St. Thomas of Aquinas, you will learn there how to be humble. Humility is what makes a soul fertile for the Word of God. There you have the description of a good pupil.

     Fourthly, if the father of the family reads the treatise on repentance and Faith to his wife, children, maids, drivers, etc. There you will have the kingdom of God. The home becomes the Catholic Church.

     Fifth. By doing the above steps, the entire family will learn what are the usual tests God sends and what are the right answers to the test questions. 

     There you have a perfect atmosphere by which a soul can learn and put into practice what is necessary to save one's soul. He will not fear the judgment of God but will face it with great confidence. 

8. See how in two hours, a lock down can do what the entire Vatican institutional church cannot do in 500 years; to evangelise and save a family. Few are doing this because few know how it is done. Well, how to do it is found in the curriculum; the grace of repentance and the theological virtue of Faith by St . Thomas of Aquinas who compiled the teachings of Christ, as explained by the apostles and interpreted by the Fathers and the doctors of the Church. It is all there as St. Thomas explains the Liturgy of the Mass, from Ash Wednesday up to the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time. 

9. The Year the world went dumb.

     The world learned nothing spiritual from 2021-2022. Not a single word of a spiritual nature ever came out of the institutional Church starting with Pope Francis down to every cardinal, bishops, priests or nun, Except for a very few. 

     Since the spiritual level guides knowledge of the natural level, nobody learned anything in the natural level, either, i.e. in the political, psychological, social or scientific levels. Man's tendency was to wallow in the unnatural level thus the different perversions. And mankind has no way out of unnatural level because all opportunities to rise up to the natural and supernatural level is gone with the self cancellation of the spiritual sphere. 

     Without the spiritual gifts of knowledge and wisdom, mankind had become dumb this century. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021


 1. The Liturgy

      The feast of the day illustrates three things; first the teaching of Christ for the day. Secondly, an example on how that teaching is applied. And thirdly, a description on how Christ's teaching is being fulfilled today; this is called eschatology because the past teachings of Christ has a present day application. 

      The past Liturgy, from the feast of the Magi up to the present, had been teaching the three important things we must have or do. First, we must know what is the 'plan of salvation,' which consist is 'repentance and believing.' Christ had said so, 'Repent, believe.' That is the subject matter in the school of salvation.

     The second important  element is, we must have  the right teacher. The teacher must be Christ and those, personally, trained by Christ, the apostles and the Fathers and doctors of the Church. 

     The third important element is the soil in which the seed of the Word of God is planted as found in the Gospel of Wednesday of the 3rd week of the year, we must be fertile soil. 

     The curriculum, Word of God; the official teacher who plants the Word of God, and the soil in which the Word of God is planted. All of these three must conform to the descriptions given by the Gospels from the Feast of the Three Kings up to today, Wednesday, in the Gospel of the Seeds. 

2. Nexus

    The Word of God as given by Christ and the Apostles is, always, alright. The official teachers, Christ, the Apostles and the Fathers and Doctors of the Church is, always, alright.  But many times, the soil is infertile, full of rocks and thorny weeds.  So the Plan of salvation doesn't work. The three elements must be alright as taught by the Gospels from the Feast of the Magi up to now, Wednesday. 

      Today, Wednesday of the 3rd week, we commemorate the Feast of St. Angela. 

       If these three elements are in place, we call this the First Conversion. To be perfect as the Heavenly Father is perfect a soul must undergo three conversions. 

       If, first, we know the Plan of Salvation, Repent and believe. Secondly, if we have good teachers, and thirdly, if we are fertile soil, then, having these three elements,  we have undergone the first conversion in the spiritual life. This is what St. Paul underwent as recalled during his feast, 'the Conversion of St. Paul.'

         In the case of St. Paul, the three elements of the First Conversion were by an act of grace directly given to him by God. All conversions are really graces from God. They are not human acts. It is just more complicated in our case, while it was simpler and immediate in the case of St. Paul. 

3. St. Paul and St. Angela Mercy lived in abnormal times. 

    St. Paul did not know the 'Plan of Salvation.' Repent and believe, had not been preached to him. He had no good teacher. He had not heard the apostles preaching to him. Fortunately he was fertile soil. God, through His grace provided the first two.

    St. Angela was in the same situation. Nobody was preaching to her as an orphan. She had no known good preacher. Fortunately she was fertile soil. God, through His grace provided the first two. 

    Thus God, directly, guided St. Paul through the first conversion, as celebrated a few days ago, and God, directly, guided St. Angela through her first conversion. Both of them were later guided by God directly through the second and third conversions. Thus they are saints. 

     St. Paul, being chosen by God, taught the Gentiles. St. Angela, being a woman, taught women and mothers. Paul and Angela provided the second element, good teachers. There is still the existing Word of God from the Gospels, they were the teachers and Paul and Angela had fertile souls. The three elements were present.

4. Today, we do not have the three elements.

    The Word of God had not been preached since Ash Wednesday up to the present. And we do not know when it will be taught again because of the lockdowns. First, the few Word of God being heard, today,  are not teaching how to repent and believe. Proof. The pandemic is God's way of telling the human race, 'you are not repenting.' So you will not be able to believe. Thus My chastisement for the human race, the pandemic, will continue. No vaccine can stop it. And if you continue to sin, the chastisement will become worse, until I get angry and destroy you body and soul. 

       Secondly, there are no preachers identical to St. Peter, Paul, Andrew, James and John, teachers presented by the Liturgy as the model of good teachers. They have undergone the first conversion when Christ called them. 

        Thirdly, there are very few fertile soil. Most are filled with stones, i.e. worldly concerns on what to eat, where to get money and what vaccine to take, how to prevent global warming and save the planet. Uuuh, uh. The soul must be fertile, not the planet. Many, especially politicians and White House staff are filled with thorns. A little trial and they become traitors to the pro-life command of God. Suddenly they are pro-abortion, like the Vatican and most Catholic bishops. 

          We have a mankind that, first, do not know the 'Plan of Salvation.' Secondly, that do not have good teachers because of them are heretics and traitors to the Faith. Thirdly, most souls are infertile, full of stones and full of thorns. 

5. What is happening today is identical to St. Paul and St. Angela.

     What is happening today is identical to St. Paul and St. Angela; God, by His great wisdom and kindness, grants certain souls with graces that, first, fertilises their souls, secondly, teaches them the 'plan of salvation' and thirdly God, Himself becomes their teacher. The news are filled with such miracles but they are few considering the population of the world. 

      This is called the first conversion which all must undergo to become beginners within the Catholic Church. Bishops and preachers are obliged to go through the second conversion called the 'Proficient' and third conversion called, 'the perfect',  as Christ commanded, 'Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect. Most institutional catholics, priests, bishops and Pope Francis has not undergone the three conversions. They, themselves, proved it. We don't have to look for other proofs.  

     Even most of the recently canonised saints have not undergone the first conversion, so they can not be saints at all because they would not be Catholics at all. 

6. St. John warns us of such.

    St. John warns us of evil persons identical with the anti-Christ who will appear these days as we approach the dreadful day when God will judge everyman according to His Divine Law. Not according to the private laws of judges and justices. By God's Divine Laws. John said; many of them will come from us but they never belong to us. These evil souls will, seemingly, come from the Catholic Church, because they are labelled Catholics, but they never, really, belonged to us. Sounds like many political figures and bishops with Miters and some in the Vatican who are outright communists. Clearly Catholics but, really, never belonged to the Church because they have never undergone the first conversion. 

7. The Church and the State.

    As St. John Chrysostom wrote, we can know the state of the world by, merely, looking at the state of one church, like the Vatican; and looking at one nation like the US. Today both are ruled by heads who are catholics but never belonged to the Catholic Church because they show, absolutely, no sign of having undergone the first conversion.

     Their position as Pope, due to an anomaly during the Conclave, is in doubt. While the position of the other as President is, also, in doubt due to the unresolved visible frauds during the election. And both are leading the world to deeper, greater evil in complete rebellion against God. The picture is God allowing Lucifer to fulfil his dream to rule his own kingdom for a while on earth as a last test for mankind. Will man be for God or be against God. 

     The present Pope and bishops have never preached nor practiced what the Liturgy taught from Ash Wednesday up to today, Wednesday of the 3rd week. And the pandemic continues and will worsen, precisely, because God is telling mankind that they have not repented and believed, the first conversion.  If they die, they will be judged by God severely. The dreadful day is that fear that God might say to sinful men; 'Enough is enough.'