Friday, August 31, 2018

The McCarrick SYNDROME.

 1. Introduction.
     Due to man's 'fallen nature' what happened to McCarrick and those around him was expected. Yes, the general expectation is that all priests, bishops and even Pope Francis is like him. Except for a very few, the reason of which we shall discuss later. 
     Man was not made like McCormick. Man was created to the image and likeness of God.  McCarrick is a descendant of those who lost the image and likeness of God. Pope Francis was wrong in tolerating McCarrick because he though God made him that way. 
2. Two ways.
     After the 'Fall' of Adam and Eve, there was suddenly two path ways; the wide road that leads to hell, and the narrow road that leads to everlasting life. We can describe it, also, as the ladder that Jacob saw, a way that ascends up to God, and a way that descends to hell. There is a mid-starting point for the man born with a fallen human nature. After birth, he can proceed up or go down. 
     God, in his goodness saw to it that every babe born has a bonus start, in that he is born five steps on the way up the narrow road. That is a bonus very few appreciate; but it is a very great gift from God. But due to ignorance, parents tend to cancel that mid-point           head start for the soul, which probably happened to all of us like McCarrick. I almost like to say, 'it is not his fault.' It really is not. But it was a bad start for him within the seemingly Catholic family. 

3. The problem. 
     How to descend the wide road that leads to hell. It is automatic. 
     He who does not ascend, automatically descends. Let us start at mid-point with the head-start. All children begin at five steps above mid -point, i.e. with some degree of holiness. We are given a head-start on the way up. There is the need to sustain and continue on that head -start from efforts both from the family and the god- parents after Baptism. 
     The head-start from mid-point is a state of natural holiness given by God to all men when they are born.  This spiritual asset is that children do not have any sexual orientation or attraction. They act like angels. But without the sustaining efforts from the parents and god parents to continue the push upward, the spiritual life of the child begin to descend down the wide road towards hell. 

4. The descend in the seminary.
     The seminary, or more specially the monastic life, is meant to preserve that head-start at mid-point; and from there push the soul upward ascending  through the narrow road to heaven. That is why parents, specially kings and queen during early Christianity,  placed their children in monasteries. St. Benedict has a chapter in his Holy Rule on how to receive children in the monastery. St. Basil the Great has such provisions, too, in his 'Long Rules." Maintaining that mid-point head start is only possible in a good monastery (which is hard to find today.)

     Seminaries and monasteries are no longer serving this purpose; so what happens? Everyone begin their descend through the wide road that leads to perdition. 
      The first degree in descending is that the child loses its state of  inborn innocence. Lust enters the soul towards the opposite sex.
Lust can completely be removed by praying for grace. It can partially be controlled by ascending upward in the spiritual life as we shall see below. Holy Rules of founders have provisions on how to remove or control lust. This is for seminarians. If seminarians do not follow their Holy Rule, their descend will continue.
      For those in the world, the natural medicine to control lust is through the sacrament of matrimony. The state of matrimony is still mid-point but without the head-start. It is to slow down the descend. 
     The second degree in descending is when seminarians cannot eradicate, with the grace of God, their lusting towards the opposite sex, because they are not praying unceasingly for the grace; and they cannot control their lust because they are not ascending upward in the spiritual life.......then their attraction towards the opposite sex, because females are absent there, will be re-directed towards other seminarians; towards homosexuality.  If the seminarians have contact with the opposite sex, uncontrollable lust will make them leave the seminary and marry. That, in fact, is what they should do.
     In the world, if lust is not controlled with the help of matrimony, they will proceed to their descend to adultery.
     The third degree of descend when attraction is directed towards children, i.e. pedophile. This is worsen if the seminarian has contact with schools for children or orphanages or even mere visitors. 
     In the world, the descend is towards excessive wealth and desire for honour. These are the people, actually, running countries like the US. Morally, they are near the bottom of the pit. 
    The fourth degree is bestiality. This is common among pagans. Education and high culture prevents man descending so low. Though it is still possible though it is secretively committed. Thus husbands and wives tend to choose later on younger companions.

5. THE BLAME.    
    Cardinal McCarrick cannot be totally blamed. His spiritual training was influenced by the poisonous pre-Tridentine defective and heretical curriculum that was meant to be corrected by the Council of Trent. Trent solved half of the problem, the doctrinal aspect of Faith. It could not solve the other half, the practice of that Faith in acts of Charity  (the good works, the 'oil' of the wise virgins.) Because this latter part depends upon each priest. The priests never did the latter part from that time up to the present. 
     This poison was made twice more potent by the modernist heresy of the 1900. This two dose poison was what killed the soul of McCarrick. But this twice more potent was even made three times more potent by Vatican II. This is the poison all the present priest and bishops are drinking. And they are no St. Benedict who can bless and render ineffective the poison. Today, we have an institution (which differ from the true Church) with a living-dead hierarchy, as St. Augustine would describe them. Today, worse than McCarricks preside over bishop's conferences and head dioceses. 

     Pope John Paul II repeated this continuing, deplorable state of seminary training that ruined McCarrick during his Papal address to the Philippine bishops at Radio Veritas.  The bishops, still, did nothing.  Thus continuing the descend towards a life of perversion.   Up to this point, we cannot blame the bishops who continue to descend to the bottom of the pit. 

 6. Not all, but most.    
     Clearly, some  bishops did not descend so low. How come? Prayer! Unceasing, humble prayer which should have been done by priests, bishops, and Pope Francis. Prayer enable them to receive the grace that stopped their descend to perversity.  More humble prayer could have propelled them to ascend towards perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity. And prayer with fasting and good works should have made them saints. That is how St.John Vianney did it in his limited surroundings. And most of the bishops could not do it in their palaces? 
     Yes, the bishops did not pray enough unceasingly and without enough humility. That is the reason for the disaster common among pagans but unimaginable to bishops. In this matter it is their fault; in this McCarrick and all those gay bishops holding official positions in bishop's conferences, are to blame.

     Another reason why even fewer bishops have ascended to the second and third levels of the ladder is  predestination. St. Thomas wrote; 'like St. Paul, though he was a persecutor of the Church, he was chosen by God to be a pillar of the Church and gave the necessary graces for him to ascend. 
     For the rest, they descended like a free falling steel ball. A tragedy that should not have happened because the Church knows how to stop that fall and reverse the course. 
     We can only say with St. Paul, 'if not for the grace of God, there I go.' 

7. The solution. The ascend as it corresponds to the above descend; here are the ascending steps.  This is the narrow road that leads to life everlasting. They knew this remedy but they rejected it, just as the Jews rejected Christ. 
     The descend is automatic as long as we do not ascend; the ascend is not. It needs constant effort, as is obvious in nature. St. Thomas describes the descend like a steel ball falling down. It goes faster as it reaches the ground. On the other hand, when we throw a steel ball upwards, it needs much energy to hurl it up and it slows down as it reaches its highest point. 
     No wonder Christ said that the wide road that goes down to hell is the choice of most because it is effortless.  While the narrow  ascending road is chosen by very few and even fewer makes it to everlasting life because all the powers of the body and soul is needed.  Let us go briefly through them.

8. The ascending steps. 
     From the mid-point there is a head-start upwards. This is the life of innocence given by God to all that made Him say; 'unless you become likes little children, you will not enter the kingdom of God.' It is this portion in the life of children that Christ proposed for imitation. 
     The first step in ascending begins in maintaining that mid-point head start. This is possible in a truly Catholic home as done by Louis and Zelie Martin to all their children especially St. Therese of Lisieux. It used to be identical to the monastic way of life; but today, it is no longer. Monasteries are filled with McCarricks especially among the provincials and Abbot Generals. 
     Upon this mid-point must the first step be built, since grace builds on nature.  This is the life of repentance as described by St. Augustine. This way of life is mid-point and, therefore, still in the natural level. It is the goal of the beginnings of monastic life described as 'a second Baptism' and is essentially a life where the devil is exorcised from one's soul. Christ, always did this before He  preached to dispose the listeners to His preachings. The monk is, first, exorcised to prepare him to understand the evangelical life, which is the monastic life. Otherwise, he will not understand anything. 
     The second step is the life of Faith after the life of repentance had been perfected. The life of repentance takes time to be perfected; because perfection consist in repenting for all of one's past sins. That is why it is best to start this second step immediately after the mid-point because one proceeds immediately to the second step overstepping the long process of 'repentance'. The reason for Christian education and monasteries is to skip this lengthy first step and proceed to the life of Faith. This is what Louis and Zelie Martin did. Their boys, if they were alive would have been John Vianneys and not McCarricks. Let us go fast through the next steps. 
     The third step is Hope in the certainty that you are going to heaven. This must be perfect to be able to proceed to Charity which is love of God and neighbour. Faith and Hope are theological virtues. They are infused through grace. These virtues are not attainable through human means. 
     The fourth step is Charity the virtue that will enable man to love God and neighbour. In the Gospel, it will be noticed that Christ gave the Holy Spirit twice to the apostles. The first time, He merely breathed on them. The second time, when the Holy Spirit descended on them in the form of tongues of fire. 
      It must be the same for us. These two loves must be infused in us separately as we progress towards the perfection of Charity which we can attain in some degree here on earth but perfectly only in heaven. Note that both loves come from Christ. Man cannot attain it by himself nor through theological schools. It is infused.  
     Christ prophesied that these days will be such that 'sin will abound,' 'Faith will decay' and 'Charity will waxed cold.' Isn't this the prevailing state of our priest, bishops and the present Pope? Christ did not exclude the Pope. 
      Very few priest and priest have ascended these steps if their lives are compared with the definitions of those steps. 
9. Around the mid-point.
     The predestined, those who have reached perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity,  attend to confirming the Faithful in their Faith and inspiring them to the heights of Charity. 
     Those on the  upper part around the mid point are the ones asking Pope Francis to resign; and those below the mid-point follow Pope Francis like automatons.  
     A great number of priests hover up and down around the mid-point. This is when God would occasionally give them actual graces. This grace can momentarily hold the descend in the spiritual life; like when a priest marries and stays married without descending to homosexuality. 
     A bishop may defend marriage against Pope Francis' 'Amores Laetitia', so he is above the mid-point. But next moment he goes against capital punishment in support of Pope Francis' heresy; now he is below the mid-point. This up and down around the mid-point is dangerous because when a bishop is below, he can easily slide down like a steel ball to the bottom. It is very rare for anyone, who is above the mid-point, to ascend. But it can happen. 

10. The Church will continue to produce McCarricks because the the Church as an institution does not know how to evangelize the Catholic way as can be seen in all Synods on evangelisation.  This is clearly reflected in Pope Francis, who have prohibited converting souls to the Catholic Church while encouraging pagans and Protestants to remain as they are. He has the syndrome.
     For those who wish to join the Catholic Church, like the SSPX, the orthodox of Russia, the Anglicans; and for those heads of states who wish to meet Pope Francis, DON'T.  The institution called Catholic Church with office in the Vatican is just the shell; the true church which is the interior Catholic life is no longer there. It is now just a club house plaque with McCarrick syndrome. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

EPHESIANS, 21st Sunday in ordinary Time. The Synod on the Family in Ireland.

 1. General principles.
     First, St. James wrote; 'disobedience to one command of Christ is disobedience to all His commands. ' And St. Augustin added; 'to reject a teaching  of Christ is to reject all the teachings of Christ.' How come? because the dogmas and morals of Christ are interconnected and comes from one teacher and legislator. In theology it is called 'unity of Christian doctrines.' 
     To go against the commands of the legislator is an affront towards the legislator and, therefore, is equivalent to going against all His teachings and commands. 
     All New Testament commands are commandments founded on Charity. Disobey one and you go against Charity the foundation of all commands and teachings of Christ. 

     Second, if a person goes against one command or teaching, then he does not love God and neighbour, for Christ said; ' If you love Me, keep My commandments. 
      Here, the conclusion is; if one command is disobeyed or one teaching is rejected, all the commands are disobeyed and all teachings are rejected. A further conclusion is; anyone who does so, does not love God or neighbour. The end conclusion is that such a person is outside the Catholic Church and is in danger of losing his soul.

 2. Application of two above principles.
     But Pope Francis and most of the Bishop have gone against more than one moral and dogmatic teachings of Christ. They have gone against the teachings of Christ on adultery( in 'Amores Laetitia") and against the teaching on receiving Holy Communion worthily (in the case of the German bishops). They have gone against the teaching of Christ on the existence of hell and on capital punishment; on the necessity of evangelisation and on seeking the truth. They have gone against the teaching on the need to seek for holiness of religious ( in'Cor Orans") and the need of silence and solitude to pray (in 'Vultum Dei quaerere.) 

3. This ignorance shows the lack of Faith.
     The 'Plan of Salvation' entrusted by God in His Divine Revelation requires that man goes through the four general steps to attain everlasting life.  First, he must make a perfect act of repentance enlivened by Charity. Secondly he must make a perfect  act of Faith, also, enlivened by Charity inspired by God but without man's cooperation. Thirdly, he must make a perfect act of Hope. Fourthly, he must have the beginnings of Charity as inspired by God and with man's cooperation. 
     Let us return to the second step. In perfect Faith enlivened by Charity inspired by God but without man's cooperation, man receives the following from God;  a.) the forgiveness of all his past sins.  b.) the grace not to return to those past sins.  c.) the infused virtue of Faith by which he knows all the teachings of Christ and receives the power to obey those teachings. Here in letter c.) the soul may not have obeyed the commands of Christ, but he will know all the commands of Christ. In which case, ignorance of even one command, which is equivalent to ignorance of all the commands of Christ, is a sign of the absence of Faith. He does not have the Catholic Faith and, therefore, is not a Catholic.

4. One error in Catholic doctrine is a sign of the decay of Faith. 
     One error in dogma or morals is a sure sign that there is no theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. Such a person remains being a Catholic but is a spiritually dead Catholic because his three theological virtues are all dead. He is a cockle.
     If a person has Faith, there is no reason for him to be ignorant of one truth since all those truth are one; knowledge of one leads to knowledge of another. Following the same reasoning, knowledge of one truth will lead to knowledge of all others since they are all interconnected expressing the general concept of LOVE or charity.

5. Third principle. St. Paul wrote; ' Whatever does not come from Faith is sin.'
      With the two principles, one disobedience to one morals is disobedience to all ....AND.. 'he who disobeys one command of Christ does not love God, let us add one more principle from St. Paul; 'everything not of Faith is sin.' Whatever someone, without the theological virtue of Faith, does is sin. Any act that does not proceed from the virtue of Faith is devoid of goodness. And this is the definition of sin; the absence of goodness. 

6. The World Meeting of Families in Dublin, Ireland.
     The second reading of the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time describes the true Christian Family, which should have been the main topic of the meeting in Ireland. The reading deals with the commands of Christ to husbands and wives. These are supernatural commands of Christ as given in the New Testament. Grace and the virtue of Faith is needed to know these two commands. And the virtue of Charity is needed to obey these commands. Disobedience to these commands show the absence of Charity, and ignorance of the proper interpretation of these commands is a sign of the absence of Faith.
     The command for the wives is 'wives be subject to your husbands as the Church is subject to Christ.' And 'husbands love your wives as Christ loves the Church.
      The meeting in Ireland did not discuss 'how the Church is subject to Christ.' And they did not discuss 'how Christ loves the Church.' The only reason why they did not discuss these two most important aspects of family life is because they do not know the answer, just as Pope Francis, still,  does not know the answer to the 'dubia' after 700 days. That was a lot of time for Pope Francis to make a research or consult Jesuit theologians. But no answer up to now. It seems even the Jesuits do not know the answer. Not knowing the answer is the sure sign of the absence of Faith. 
      Unless I missed it, none of the speeches described 'how the Church is subject to Christ,' the model for wives.  And nothing on 'how Christ loved the Church' the model for husbands. So, how can a husband and a wife obey the commands of Christ  when there is no mention of these commands and no correct interpretation on how to put these commands into practice. Clearly this is a sign of the absence of the theological virtue of Faith. All those involved in the meeting had no Faith.
     How the 'Church is subject to Christ' is a great mystery. It's  even a greater mystery how 'Christ love the Church.' No human being knows how that is done; not Pope Francis, certainly not those who ran the World Meeting of Families.........except those with the theological virtue of Faith. No wonder no one spoke about it in Ireland. Because none of them is within the Church; no one is truly a Catholic. St. Thomas of Aquinas described how that is done. How come he knows it. 

 7. The topics. 
     What did St. Paul say about those without Faith? Everything they do is sin. Note that all the speeches lacked supernatural truths and goodness. They were merely poor sociology, poor politics, fake science and pitiful tiny bits of theology. They were actually encouraging sin. To name a few, Fr. James Martin, the Jesuit with his sexual orientation and Bishop Barron on the long time heresy of universal salvation (that there is no one in hell, bit. )
     The entire Vatican bureaucracy involved in Ireland was like the priests condemned by Christ in the Gospel of Monday of the 21st Weekday in Ordinary time. Here, Christ condemned the Pharisees for converting souls and then making them worse. The Vatican under Pope Francis invites families into the Catholic Church and to Ireland and makes them heretics. 

       The laymen who attended the meet wasted much precious time and money, just to sit down quietly in front of heresies preached to them. Without raising their hands in objection to those who preached they had refused to confess Christ before men. They refused to take the side of Christ's truth. They have shown they had no Faith. Going all the way to Ireland just to show that?

 They could be condemned for 'not confessing Christ before men.' They should have objected or questioned those heresies. They did not  express their Faith outwardly in their mouths or raised hands. Christ said He would not confess them, either, before the Father. Faithless preachers before faithless audience. Typical in Ireland, today. 
 8.  Conclusion.
      In the 20th and  21st weekdays in Ordinary time, the Gospels had been presenting good and bad priests; good and bad husbands and wives. To be a good Pope, bishop, priest, husband and wife,... just go back to the Gospels of the Liturgy. It is all there.    

Thursday, August 23, 2018


1. A digression.
    The headlines are filled with sexual perversions among the clergy, from cardinals to bishops down to priests and seminarians. They forgot to count the countless senators and actors. But what else is new. Sexual perversion has been part of the history of mankind. The Church is filled with it during the time of St. Peter Damian. A Benedictine saint, Peter,  presented the solution to this problem to the Pope. 
     But it did not work. Not because it did not work. Because it works. But because the solution is in the sinner; not on the Pope or the saint. 
     As we have shown in one of the past posts, sexual perversion  is the sure consequence when there is deterioration in the spiritual life. 
     The only sure solution is advancement in the spiritual life; or more precisely, an improvement in the spirituality of the person. That is all there is to it.
     Every problem comes, first and foremost, from a spiritual source. And all spiritual problems can be solved merely by an act of the intellect and the free will. So, in effect, everyone can solve his own problem. And the solution to all man's problems is within him; in his mind and will. He does not have to get outside help. It is just a matter of knowing the solution and using one's own mind and will to solve it. The Catholic Church has all Christ's solution to every imaginable problem that can beset man. It is just a matter of knowing the Catholic solution. Of course, a man may apply or reject the solution. Now that is the problem. If he rejects the right solution the problem will persist. 
     And the problem of sexual perversion had been in the Catholic Church ever since. Why? Not because we do not know the medicine. We know it. We have mentioned it in some past posting. It is because we do not want to be cured. In short, the lack of Faith. 

2. The wrong solutions.
     With the headlines filled with sexual perversions among the clergy, everyone is offering a solution. So far, all solutions offered are wrong. Because none of them is going into the spiritual source of the sin. The hierarchy are committing a very serious sin. And nobody is treating it as a sin. 
      One has to know the concept of sin to solve the problem of sin.

3. Proposals that will certainly not work. 
     It is useless to report them to police authorities. This lay organisation functions only in the physical level. They have no cure for spiritual illnesses.
     Those sins should not be exposed. The seal of confession in its very essence is geared to keep sins secret. It must be just between the sinner, the confessor and God. Nobody else should know them because it is none of their business. It is, in fact, a sign of pride for anyone to see the sins of others. We must concentrate only on our own sins. Seeing the sins of others makes us unable to see our sins thus preventing us from repenting properly. Exposure will not solve those sins; it will worsen. Even Canon law forbids exposure of the sins of others. It is called slander.
     Some dioceses are trying to solve it by releasing the names of pedophiles. That, again, is against the very spirit of the Sacrament of Penance where secrecy is of the utmost importance. 
     Now, they have grand juries. Imagine, a group of people knowing nothing on how the spiritual life works judging someone with a spiritual problem. Grand juries work within a monastic context but it is very well regulated. 
     Canon Law has no solution. Pope Francis, the bishops and parish councils have no solution. So what do we do? Use the Catholic solution. It is the only solution that works. It is called the 'life of repentance.' The problem is not Cardinal McCarrick. The problem is that the institutional church and its adjacent seminaries and theological schools do not know the solution. 

4. Repentance.
     The solution is a 'life of repentance.' Now, this must be defined and explained properly. Remember how Pope Benedict instructed the Bishop's Synod of 2012 to discuss the 'life of repentance' as the first step towards the new evangelisation? And the bishops did not discuss it because, it seems, nobody knew what repentance was all about. They gave lip service to the topic but could not defined it nor discuss it. Pope Benedict and the International Theological Commission realised that the bishops did not know anything about the topic. 
     The 'life of repentance' is like a laser that completely destroys the source of the disease in the soul that causes the sin of pedophilia, being gay, homo, transgender, adulterer, fornicator......every sin imaginable committed by cardinals, bishops, priests and seminarians.
     When that spiritual laser, which is a grace, hits that spiritual cancer, it completely disappears and it never comes back. That same grace infuses upon the penitent complete knowledge about the teachings of Christ as proposed by the Catholic Church. So the penitent come to know how to avoid those sins again, how to cure them if they return and how to be holy. When they become holy, then there will no trouble henceforward. 
     This repentance can completely remove any sin from telling small lies to pedophilia, sodomy, fornication, homosexuality, heresy and stupidity. And those sins will never return.......if the 'life of repentance' is sustained. This must be sustained until death, thus psalm 50 states, 'and my sins are always before me.' That is continuous state of repentance. St. Peter and St. Paul showed repentance for their past sins of denying Christ and persecuting the Church up to the end of their very holy lives.  This is what made them holy; a sustained state of repentance. 
     After making a perfect repentance enlivened by Faith, this Faith is what will forgive all their past sins and help them by the help of God's grace not to return to those same sin. Cardinal McCarrick could have stopped his publicised sin before he even committed them or seconds after he committed the first sin. He did not know how to repent properly. If he knew he would have stopped after the first sin. 
     But this is not taught in US seminaries. No Catholic US bishop know how to live a 'life of repentance.'  No Asian bishop know how. No Filipino bishops know. It seems nobody knows.

5.There are two degrees of repentance. The repentance of John the Baptist in the Old Testament and the repentance of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Most know only the first; and John reminded us that this does not forgive sins. 
       As mentioned above, perfect repentance makes us deserving of the theological virtue of Faith by which knowledge of the teachings of Christ in the New Testament is infused in the soul. So a soul that has lived perfectly the 'life of repentance' should know all the teachings of the Catholic Church. Pope Francis and most of the bishops around the world want to abolish capital punishment and Pope Francis have even taken that teaching from the catechism. This shows ignorance of Catholic doctrine; it shows the absence of theological virtue of Faith; it shows no repentance. They still have all their past sins in their souls. If they die today, you know where they are going.

6. How do you repent? 
     The Catholic catechism has it. To be saved we must repent and believe. Christ repeatedly preached this at the beginning. We will discuss repentance and the beginnings of Faith. 
     We must know the beginnings of Faith because that is the only way we can know that we have repented. Faith is given to us the moment our repentance is perfect. That is the only time when all our sins from lying to pedophilia had been forgiven. Faith is what forgives, not repentance. So when Pope Francis says 'there is no hell,' that is a sign he has no Faith and all his past sins are not yet forgiven. Because those with the theological virtue of Faith should know all Catholic doctrines. In which case, he is not even a Catholic because he does not have the Catholic Faith. If not a Catholic, neither is he a bishop nor a Pope. Maybe, he was before he said that heresy. But not now. That is why McCarrick is like that; like father like son. Their ignorance of the Faith is a sign of an unrepentant past. 

     First step of repentance leading to Faith.  Know to whom to direct your repentance.....towards God, as He is portrayed in the Old Testament; not the god of the Aztecs, the Protestant, the Greeks, the pagans or your own man-made god. Sorrow for sins must be directed towards a clear knowledge of the God of the Old Testament. This is the beginning. It must later be directed towards the God of the New Testament, Jesus Christ. 
     Most often Catholics do not know the image of God in the Old Testament because they have not read the Old Testament. Assuming they have done so, they must fear Him because He can send them to hell; but it is better to fear Him because you have offended Him. This is the part where your repentance disposes you to  receive the grace of Faith. 
     Second step. To know your past sins. You must have a basis for the examination of conscience. Sins are violations of the 10 commandments of God as found in the Old Testament. You have disobeyed a command of God. That is the sin. What is the motive why that command was disobeyed, is the guilt that makes the act sinful. To kill with the motive of self defence is not a sin. To kill because you are a terrorist is a sin. To know your motive is essential in truly knowing your sins. If you do not know your motive for sinning, you do not know what is your sin.
     Third step. To be sorry for your sin. This is to be sorry for the motive you had for sinning; the motive was in disobedience to God's commands. You must know which command your motive have disobeyed. 
     Fourth step. To promise not to disobey God's command again. This is only possible with the grace that will be granted to the penitent at the end after he has made a perfect act of repentance. 
     Fifth step. To pay for your sins through a life of prayer, fasting and good works. These three acts of repentance accompanies the five steps just mentioned. It is, first, done in the spirit of the Old Testament, i.e. prayer is merely vocal, fasting is merely giving up of certain food, and good works is merely physical like feeding the hungry. 
     In perfecting repentance, these three acts that must accompany the five steps of repentance must rise up to the spiritual level, i.e. prayer must be contemplative, fasting must be fasting of the spiritual faculties, and good works must be the spiritual works of mercy. 

7. Again.
    The Catholic way to cure drug addiction, heresy, pedophilia, sodomy, homosexuality, lesbianism, adultery, fornication, murder, exactly the same way in which small lying is cured. And that is through perfect repentance that leads to the beginnings of Faith.  
     If Cardinal McCarrick continued to live the life of repentance he was supposed to do after baptism, he would have never fallen into those much publicised sin. If he immediately repented after the first sin, he would have not been in the present state he is in. A spiritual state in which most of the US hierarchy are in, just because they do not know how to repent perfectly. How can this happen when the Catholic church has a treasure of literature on the subject beginning with St. Augustine. 
     There was a time when Christ, Himself, was preaching, most of the crowd did not understand His teachings specially on repentance. And their teacher was Christ Himself. How come the whole Jewish Nation did not understand what He was teaching. Christ was teaching the Jews that He was the awaited Messiah. The Jews up to now are waiting for Him. How come they missed Him? Because they did not understand His teachings. Why? Because they did not repent on the fact that they crucified Him.  Worse than  being a pedophile, but can still be easily be forgiven through perfect repentance that leads to the beginnings of the Faith that forgives all sins. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


  1. Total ignorance of the New Testament teachings.
      We live in an era where there is an explosion of knowledge. Yet there seems to be total ignorance of the teachings of Christ as contained in the New Testament and as proposed by the Catholic Church. The teachings of Christ are verbalised and quoted but there is no understanding of those teachings. 
      A word has two elements; the sound and the meaning, just like John the Baptist and Christ. John was the sound of the Word. Christ was the meaning of the words. Likewise every word has a sound and has a meaning. The sound can be heard but not necessarily the meaning. 
     Christ's problem when preaching was precisely that, in that the crowd heard the sound of the words of the parable but could not understand the meaning of the parable. Christ had to explain the meaning even to His own apostles. That is the state of the Catholic Church today. The Pope, bishops and priests verbalize the sounds of Scriptures but are totally ignorant of the meaning of the New Testament teachings of Christ. And since the Catholic Church is founded on New Testament teachings, many are totally ignorant of the Catholic Church. They do not even know where the Church is.
     They do not even know the sound of the words of the teachings of Christ. Worse, they do not even know the Old Testament. Isn't Pope Francis preaching to disobey the 6th and 9th commandments of the Old Testament? And this is echoed by entire bishop's conferences? Isn't Pope Francis and many bishops and priest in the US encouraging and committing sexual perversions condemned in the Old Testament? If they are ignorant of the Old Testament, how can they understand the more difficult New Testament.

2. Learning the Old Testament.
    Knowledge of the teachings of the Old Testament is natural knowledge. It is in the level of the natural available to all men who have normal brains and senses to learn. Ignorance of the Old Testament teachings is a sign of unnatural perversion. 
    Those in the level of unnatural perversion cannot learn the Old Testament; and all the more cannot learn the New Testament. Keeping in mind that grace is needed to know and obey the New Testament teachings and grace builds up on nature. To know and understand the New Testament,  the souls has to be at least in the natural level, not in the unnatural level.
     Since the headlines in the news show cardinals, bishops and priest in the unnatural level, guilty of sexual perversion, such people surely are ignorant of the Old Testament spirituality and, more surely, ignorant of New Testament spirituality.  Since Catholicism is in the supernatural level, these cardinals, bishops and priest are completely ignorant of the Catholic Church. And this can include Pope Francis who is tolerating and even is showing preferences to these aberosexual beings. 

3. Learning the New Testament.
    The teachings of Christ are in the supernatural level. Neither can it be learned nor be obeyed without the grace of God. The theology of the New Testament cannot be learned from seminaries or theological schools. It is infused by God to those who deserve it. And only God decides who deserves it. Nobody can qualify himself to deserve it. It is for this reason why, though many can verbalise the New Testament, nobody really can define or interpret it well. 
    Knowledge of the doctrines of the New Testament is given together with grace to those with Faith. Grace, knowledge and Faith go together. They are give to those who have lived the life of repentance with Charity. This repentance is the repentance of the New Testament and not the repentance of St. John the Baptist. 
     This repentance is perfect repentance that is accompanied with Charity that comes from God without our cooperation. The next acts of Charity will be coming from God but must be with man's cooperation. St. Francis de Sales describes this process in his 'Treatise on the Love of God.'
     Note the three things that come together;  perfect repentance with Charity, sanctifying grace and the theological virtue of Faith.
      With this theological virtue of Faith comes the infused knowledge of the Catholic Faith. Nobody can know the truths of the Catholic Church without the above  three together. 

4. Ignorance of Catholic Truths.  
    As we have seen above, the theological virtue of Faith is received from God by those who have perfected their life of repentance, i.e. they have repented and have received from God without our co-operation the beginnings of the theological virtue of Charity.
     Together with this gift of Faith, God grants the soul the infused virtue of knowledge and wisdom by which the souls come to know all the teachings of Christ in the New Testament. So, following the syllogism; he who 'knows' (i.e. he knows the commands of Christ and how to obey them) the teachings of Christ, it is he who has the Catholic Faith. While those who do not know the teachings of Christ do not have the Catholic Faith. 
     St. Augustine, commenting on St. James wrote; ' and he who is ignorant of one teaching of Christ is surely ignorant of all the teachings of Christ. Why that? Because the teachings of Christ are part of a whole; reject one and you reject all. St. James wrote something similar; 'disobedience to one command of Christ is disobedience to all the commands of Christ. Why? Because disobedience is directed towards the one who gave the command. Therefore, to disobey the giver of the command is to disobey all his commands. You are disobeying the person and not, merely, the command. 

5. Example; capital punishment. 
     God's reason for granting head of states the 'power of the sword.' to impose capital punishment, is Charity. It is an act of Charity, i.e. an act of love of God and neighbor, for heads of states to impose capital punishment to certain criminals. 
     The act of Charity is that it helps the criminal fear men (the state). This, will in turn, help him rise up to the imperfect fear of God, called imperfect contrition, which will make him avoid hell and, at least, go to purgatory. And if he has a good prison chaplain, he might be able to rise up higher to a more perfect fear of God, called perfect contrition, that will make him go to heaven. This is the classical saying; sacrifice the mortal body to save the immortal soul. 
     This is very evangelical. Christ said; he who loves his physical life and are helped by those against capital punishment, will lose it (by going to hell.) And he who hates his life by undergoing God's provision called capital punishment, will save it (by going to heaven.) This reason for capital punishment cannot be made clearer than this. 
     Now, Charity from all those around towards the criminal is the real reason for capital punishment. Evidently, Pope Francis, the bishops, like bishop Pabillo and those nuns and laymen who demonstrated against capital punishment, do not know the New Testament reason for capital punishment. Their ignorance is a sign they do not have Faith. Therefore, they are not within the Catholic Church because they do not have the Catholic Faith. 
     Pope Francis, the bishops and laymen who are all against capital punishment do not even know that there is, also,  a provision in the Old Testament to impose capital punishment. So, not only do they  exhbit lack of Faith but that they have not completed their repentance. In which case they are still in the state of mortal sin due to past sins. Imagine Pope and bishops who have no Faith and have not even repented leading Catholics. To where? 
     Ignorance of the charitable reason for capital punishment shows their lack of Faith. Ignorance of an Old Testament provision for capital punishment shows their lack of repentance. In effect, the Pope, bishops like Pabillo and his nuns and lay demonstrators are not Catholics; they are not even catechumens, in the strict sense of the word. If they die now, guess where they are going. 

6. We were expecting this.
     Christ said so during His time. This day will arrive where people will be abounding of sins (just read the newspapers about cardinals and bishops), the decay of Faith (listen to what Pope Francis and the bishop's conferences are saying) and the waxing cold of Charity (those against capital punishment want to save the body for a few years more and condemn the soul for all eternity).

7. The sin in abolishing capital punishment.
     Because they do not know the New Testament reason and the Old Testament reason for capital punishment, they are committing the most grievous sin, mortal sin, because they are preventing a soul from being saved. That is a sin exclusively diabolical because only the devil is desirous to prevent a soul from being saved. Why are they doing the same? Yet they think they are doing good in abolishing capital punishment. Yet there is no 'good' reason presented in its favour; only shallow, emotional reason. 
      Because they are actively preventing a soul to be saved by giving him a last opportunity to repent by rising from the fear of man to the more perfect fear of God, a proponent for the abolition of capital punishment is guilty of a very serious mortal sin. Well, if you protect the body of a man and as a result he goes to hell unrepentant, well, you should go where he ended up because of your ignorance. 

8. In the Catholic Church everything must be done out of Charity, i.e. love of God and neighbor. Everything! Catholicism is a religion of love. 'See, how they love one another.' Those proposing the abolition of capital punishment, in the eyes of Charity, hate God and neighbor.......and hate criminals. And that is a serious sin that puts a soul outside the Catholic Church. The ones guilty are Pope Francis, bishop's conference, nuns and the laity who are blind following the blind. This sin is worse than the sins of Cardinal Bishop McCarrick.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Saturday of the 19th Weekday in Ordinary Time. ' Forbid them not, to come to Me.'

 1. Little children.
     St. Thomas comments that when Scriptures refers to 'little children', it always refers to very young children before the age of reason who still have natural holiness,  and to grown ups who have the beginnings of the theological virtue of Faith, the beginnings of supernatural holiness. 
     In the last two  Gospels, Christ gave two commandments regarding children. First, for all men to be like children in their natural virtues of humility and chastity. And secondly, not to hinder children from going to Christ. 
     The natural holiness of children makes it much easier to raise them up to the supernatural holiness necessary for salvation. This raising up is God's work. 
     Christian education is precisely in maintaining the natural holiness of children to make it easier for them to rise up to the supernatural level of holiness wherein salvation is assured. No Catholic school does that anymore. This is meant to be done at home, but there are no Christian homes anymore. 
     A christian home may be described as one where the entire family work in learning (Faith) and obeying the commandments of Christ (Charity) as He had taught them in the New Testament. No bishops or priest are helping parents in this. 
     Parents and god - parents can learn the commandments of Christ and how to obey them from the Fathers of the Church. But no parents or god father are doing this either. Of course, in this universal neglect in teaching the Catholic Faith, the child by himself can learn the teachings of Christ from the Internet. But they are so distracted by You Tube. So there you are, we are raising up a world without the natural holiness which is pre-requisite for supernatural holiness. 
     Fortunately, we still have young children with natural holiness. God have decreed that this will be so. And nobody can stop this, even by Planned Parenthood with funding from George Soros, Bill Gates and some Pharmaceuticals. 

2. 'Do not forbid them to come to Me.'
     'Do not hinder them,' Christ rebukes His apostles. Christ warned His apostles not to hinder young children. To hinder children to come to Christ is a sin that deserves condemnation. It is hindering children from exercising their natural holiness and allowing Christ to raise them up to supernatural holiness. This is in effect, preventing them from going to heaven, which makes it a serious sins. 
     It is identical to preventing criminals from developing their fear of man into the fear of God that will save their souls. Both are acts by which both are prevented from being saved. Thus, abolishing capital punishment  is a very serious mortal sin against Charity that deserves condemnation for its proponents, i.e. Pope Francis, the CBCP, the USCBC and those poor demonstrators against capital punishment.  Do those demonstrators not sin for lack of knowledge? They lack knowledge, alright. But their sin its for being dumb in not checking their catechism where it clearly shows that capital punishment is a right given by God, Himself, to heads of states. Because society have been hindering children from coming to Christ, now the blind bishops leading their blind parishioners are hindering criminals from growing from servile fear to the fear of God that can bring them to Christ.

3. How do children come to Christ. 
    And how are they hindered from coming to Christ. St. Francis de Sales in his 'Treatise on the Love of God,' writes that God has granted all men, specially children, the natural love for God. This natural love is towards all things good; and since God is good, all men have a natural tendency to love God with all their minds, all their hearts, and all their strength. This is God's command and God have given man, specially children, this natural tendency. This is what makes young children have natural holiness. All young children have a natural tendency to love God and this is natural holiness because grace is not involved yet. 
     This natural holiness or natural tendency to love God is lost at the age of reason when the child chooses love for the world over and above the love of God. Because the world is tangible while God is spiritual. 
     Upon losing his natural love for God, he begins to love the world more than God. He has become an adult, since original sin has now taken its effect on him. So what hinders children from love of God; from coming to Christ? The love of the world. 

4. Child prodigies are signs of the presence of natural holiness.
     The proof of natural holiness in children is their propensity to be prodigies or geniuses. Natural holiness is a higher degree of knowledge than the arts or sciences. If you know the higher it is easy to know the lower. 
     Note that prodigies are young children around the age before the age of reason. Those who are above the age of reason are those who have retained their childlikeness. That is why prodigies are more common among Asians since their way of life is more conducive to keeping their child-likeness than US and Europeans whose way of life easily destroys child-likeness. 

5. The world, the greatest impediment.
     'St. Augustine describes two 'worlds.' One is the good 'world' created by God. This is nature. And there is the 'evil' world made by men of which Satan is the prince. The good 'world' will not be detrimental to children from coming to Christ. It can, in fact, help.
     But he evil 'world' of which Satan is the prince will hinder children from coming to Christ. Since man cannot effectively think of two things at the same time, when children's minds are filled with 'worldly' thoughts, their natural love of God disappears. Losing their natural love of God, they become incapable to rising up to the supernatural love of God that is required to go to heaven. Unless, they correct this situation, they cannot go to heaven. 
     To impede children from going to God is to expose them to television, cell phones, movies, mass and social media, world news,  crimes and heresies. The greatest impediment in allowing children  to come to Christ is a secular education, including so-called Catholic education which is not Catholic at all. 
     Ordinarily, children are prevented from coming to Christ at the age of reason when they chose between God and the world. God being spiritual and the world being concrete, they always chose the world, even without any stimuli. How much more when there are stimuli, like TV with all its evil worldliness and sins. Today, children no longer come to Christ as early as two years, due to the world's influence. And they are not able to rise up to supernatural holiness because most priest, bishops and even Pope Francis do not know how to do it, as clearly shown in all the seminars in 'new evangelisation,' where the topics are those that impede souls from coming to Christ, like crimes. Violent scenes are forbidden for children, isn't. So why make it a topic for such seminars. You should see the topics in the last 'new evengelization ' in Manila.  

6. Abortion is nothing compare to 'forbidding them to come to me.' 
     Abortion kills the body. 'Forbidding children to come to Christ kills the soul. Shooting drug cartels is killing the body. Abolishing capital punishment is killing the soul. 
     We live in an era where Pope Francis and most of the bishops are concerned with the body and with climate change. All words and actions from the Vatican shows there is no interest in saving souls. It even shows fomenting and encouraging perverted sins. The new document 'Cor Orans,' though it sounds charitable, is not only killing the soul but sending souls with certainty to hell by going against every rule of ascetical theology. 
     Hardly anyone know their ascetical theology, that is why, nobody is noticing the grave danger to the soul of this document. It fortifies the heresies of 'Vultum Dei quaerere' and 'Sponsa Ecclesiae imago.' So, it is even useless to discuss these here because most would not have any basis for discussion. The basis is ascetical theology, the queen of Dogmatic and moral theology. 

7. Problems with children.
     If there is any problem with children who have reached the age of reason, the cause is simply because they did not come to Christ. In the history of the Catholic Church, all children who came to Christ, in which their natural holiness was preserved and eventually raised to supernatural holiness, were never problems. They became the pride of their families and the glory of the Catholic Church. 
     On the other hand, children who became problems simply never came to Christ due to the present state of the world where everything in it is geared to bringing them to Satan, the prince of the world and to the carelessness of parents who were totally ignorant on how 'not to forbid them to come unto Christ'. Because they were in a parish or diocese whose priest and bishop, also, were ignorant on how 'not to forbid children to come unto Christ. 
     Or as the headlines are showing, their bishops and priest even aided the children in coming to Satan with perversities. 
     The Gospel teaches us the problem and the solution. The problem does not have to continue. The problem can stop right here, if we obey the commands of Christ as enumerated in the New todays Gospel, it says;  'Do not hinder the little children to come to Me.'

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Tuesday of the 19th Weekday in Ordinary Time. UNLESS YOU BECOME LIKE CHILDREN.

 1. Children. 
     'Except ye be converted and become as little children, he shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.' To be saved, be like children.
     'Whosoever shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth Me.' To be saved,  receive those children in my Name. Don't abort them.
     'But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck....' Sin against children or those who are like children, abort them, kill them, euthanise them or practice family planning; it would be better for you to tie a mill stone around your neck and jump into a lake because you won't know what you will get when you die.
     'Woe unto the world because of offences. For it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh. ' Sin will surely exists in this world. But be sure it does not come from you. 

2. Children as models.
    Christ showed the necessity of conversion to deserve Heaven. The Divine Commission demands the need for repentance, Faith, Hope and Charity to convert and deserve to go to heaven. The first two steps were emphasised by Christ at the beginning of His preaching; 'Repent, believe.' To learn how to do these two first steps Christ presents a child as a exemplar. A child as a teacher!  Not an adult as a teacher; but a child teaching adults.
     Wasn't this what happened to the Holy Family. It was a child who was teaching two of the holiest persons in the world, Joseph and Mary. A babe was the teacher. It was like that at the beginning it will be like this today and forever more. 
     To impress the importance of a child's role in the Plan of Salvation, Christ promised to reward anyone who treats them well or those who are like children.

    Christ warns us that sin will certainly be committed in this world. But be sure you are not the source of sin. To be the source of sin is the sin of scandal. And Christ had very strong woes for those who commit the sin of scandal i.e. when Pope and bishops encourage you to sin, like receiving Holy Communion in the state of sin.

3. The role of very young children in God's plan.
    Its was God's plan described as Divine Providence that it should be this way. That very young children should be the first teachers on the first most important steps in the salvation of soul. 
     Since it was God's Divine Providence that the world should learn the first steps of salvation, He decreed that it should be learned from very young children. To this end God saw to it that babies are born.  That they are  born holy; with natural holiness, with natural virtues, with natural inborn knowledge on the first step towards holiness.
     St.Thomas of Aquinas described them thus; they are devoid of passions, they are innocent. They are made pattern of holiness. they have no malice in their  understanding. They are not obstinate in their anger. When injured they do not bear it in mind. They have no emotion in the sight of the opposite sex. They do not think of one thing while speaking of another. They are pure in mind. They believe whatever they hear in faith to be true.
     St. Thomas described a child as a holy person and wrote that nobody goes to heaven unless they become like this child. But if people have become adults, they will enter the kingdom of God, only, if they imitate this very young child.

4. For these reasons.
     It is for these reasons that babies will always be born. To teach grown ups how to become like little children again. And it is for these same reasons why the devil want to kill all babies through abortion and through wars. 
     How about bishops and priest who have no children? Well, there are still many children around. That is why the devil tempts priests and bishops to look at them more as objects of sexual abuse than teachers of holiness. Aside from very young children, holiness can be learned from Christ, the Fathers of the Church and the lives of saints. The advantage of young children is that they teach in theory and practice. 
     But priests and bishops can be McCarricks, the destroyer of children. If so, woe to them. 

5. St. Benedict's rule.
     For this same reason St. Benedict received children as monks in the monastery. He has an entire chapter on 'How to receive children in the monastery.' So they can learn from them how to become children again while caring for them in return. Sts. Maurus and Placid were offered as young babies in the monastery. 

  6. Maintaining their being like children.
      Christian education consist in keeping children as 'children in malice' but mature adults in mind and body. The devil's motto is 'grow up.' The Christian motto is , grow up in intellect and will but 'remain children in innocence and in virtue.' 
     That children remain children and, therefore, the pattern of natural holiness, is beneficial to both the children and the entire world. That is enough to make the world a happy place. The absence of this is what makes the world a miserable to live in. Happiness is a state of the soul and not the state of the technology.

7. The war on children. 
      Satan's first assault in on children. St. Augustine had noted that secular education is the greatest destroyer of the childlikeness of children. Education was what destroyed him and made him a heretic. The devil had always used the state's educational system to destroy the innocence of children. Home schooling had lessened the evil effects of schooling. 
     The entire worldly environment is geared to destroy children. That parents have to leave their homes and work or study. All those fake 'freedoms' corrupt the free will. All of mass media fill the innocent minds of children with garbage. And the philosophy 'to grow up,' is a diabolical tendency. 
      There is the physical attack on children; abortion, 'Amores Laetitia' is destructive of the child's innocence. Imagine seeing your parents divorce and remarrying....and receiving Holy Communion when these children very well know from their catechism that that is a mortal sin. Wars are diabolical means to obliterate these first teachers of natural holiness. TV, movies, magazines and all mass media are outlets of evil that corrupt the minds and hearts of children. 
8.   Baptism gives the soul the grace that makes children receive the power to raise their natural holiness up to the supernatural level. Parish priest, parents and god-parents are supposed to cooperate in this process. But they all fail the child. So upon reaching the age of reason, with the unfavourable spiritual atmosphere surrounding the child, he losses his innocence and become a sinful adult due to  the effects of original sin 

9. Prolonging this natural holiness.
    The children's natural pattern of holiness can be prolonged beyond the age of reason. This natural holiness must be raised immediately to the supernatural level through a life of asceticism or through a good monastic life. St. Therese of Lisieux was able to prolong her natural holiness beyond the age of reason. But it cannot be prolonged permanently. It can easily be lost after the age of reason. So the only alternative is to raise it up, while it can still be easily done,  to the supernatural level. 
     A soul with natural holiness can easily be raised to the supernatural level, i.e. he can easily become a saint. If the soul losses its natural holiness, it will be very difficult to raise his soul to the supernatural level. It is possible, but it will be difficult. 
     Today, it is almost impossible to maintain the natural holiness of children. Everything in the world is working against it. When a child losses its natural holiness, it is almost impossible for that adult to become a child again, as Christ told Nicodemus. 
     So we are left with what? We are left with  saving our souls the ordinary evangelical way. But no one is teaching the apostolic way of evangelisation as Pope Benedict, himself,  have noticed. Then we are left with one last choice.

10. God will not save us if we disobey His commandments.
      Only God can save souls. He saves by granting us graces.This grace can be obtained through obedience to His commands. There is no other way. 
      Today, we disobey the command to become like children again; we disobey the 6th and 9th commands as proposed in 'Amores laetitia;' we disobey all of Christ's command as found in the New Testament (in fact, most priest, bishops and even Pope Francis does not know the commands of Christ as found in the New Testament, (as the need for silence and solitude.) We disobey the interpretation of the commands of Christ as found in the writings of the Fathers of the Church. We do not obey the provisions of past Ecumenical Councils, like the Council of Trent. We do not obey the Magisterium as led by Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI.
     We find it difficult to obey Pope Francis because all his teachings are contrary to Scriptures, Tradition, the Doctors and the Magisterium. And even against the chapter of St. Ignatius on humility. 
      In this situation, is there anything left for us to do? Many well- intentioned writers have forwarded their suggestion. But the Fathers of the Church have had a provision for such an expected scenario....St. John Climacus.

11. The Rule of John Climacus.
    During my younger days as a Benedictine monk studying in a Jesuit school, I found a book in the school library, which nobody, apparently, is reading. It was old and there are no names signed in the library card. It is just about the evangelical life as lived in a monastery. I had it xeroxed so it can be read more leisurely. Being a Benedictine monk studying in a Jesuit school, I wondered why it was there aside from just being another book in the library. Of course, it is a fact that St. Ignatius of Loyola lived as a hermit in Manresa under the tutelage of Cisneros, a Benedictine Abbot. 
     But this evangelical, monastic life according to St. John Climacus was a thriller. It was a way of life showing a championship battle between life and death with the devil. It was so intense  I wondered if it could be lived. It turned out that this way of life must be lived in an environment where 'sin abound, Faith has decayed and Charity waxed cold,'  like today. It was a way of life on how to save a soul whose both feet are already in hell.
     We live in such an age. Children, the first teachers on natural holiness had been thoroughly corrupted they have horns at age 2. Bishops, priests and nuns do not know the way to heaven. Where souls are at the edge of Victoria Falls with absolutely nothing to cling to save themselves. Where, considering everything, there is no way man can save his soul.........except a miracle of God's Mercy. 
     John Climacus described this saving scenario. He wrote; pray unceasingly (which Christ already commanded), pray with tears and groaning (St. Paul commanded this), be humble in spirit, look pitiful in body by avoiding all bodily leisure and comfort, be in silence and solitude (which Pope Francis forbade), be in contact with no one, be away from loved ones and friends, have none of your personal thoughts, dispel all personal desires, be pure in spirit (i.e. in intellect and will), and flee away from the world. Never be a  pleaser of man for you cannot be a follower of Christ (Christ said so.) Be obedient only to God and not to man. Have your sins constantly before your eyes (Psalm 50). 
     When God sees you in such a miserable state (physically and spiritually), then He might just take pity on you and save you. 
     The world of Satan will not encourage this way of life; he will do everything to prevent you in living this life. He will use the whole world to forbid you to follow this way of life. He will punish you and kill you to prevent you from living this life. No one in this world, not even Pope Francis, will tell you to live this way of life. Neither will I suggest that you live this life. But if your two legs are already in hell and you, still, want to save your soul.....then, this will be your last chance.  Be and look pitiful in body and soul......and God might pity you, perform a miracle and save you.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

MONDAY of the 19th weekday in Ordinary Time - St. Pontian and St. Hippolytus

 1. Prophetic book.
     The whole Scriptures is prophetic in that it expresses God's Will, not only now but, also, for the future. The Passion of Christ occurred in the past. Prophetically, it will occur again in the future in the Passion of His Mystical Body, the Catholic Church. 
     Good Friday, St. Bonaventure reminds us, will happen many times again in the future; in the beginning, at the middle and at the end of the history of men. And indeed, we see it at the beginning of the history of the Church in today's feast, St. Pontian and St. Hippolytus, one of the first Popes and one of the first anti-Popes. 
     Anti-Popes will appear many more times, in fact more than 40 more times in the history of the Catholic Church. And the possibility is even greater that it will happen today because this age will be 'abounding in sin, will see the decay of Faith and the total waxing cold of Charity,' the perfect condition to have an anti-Pope and even an anti-Christ. And funny, it was  St.Hippolytus, the first anti-Pope who will describe this condition as it will happen today. 
      How can St. Hippolytus, anti-Pope, prophesy this when he is a fake? Well, he prophesied this when he became a saint. Sinners can become a saint, you know. He even became, by the Will of God, a martyr with the true Pope, Pontian. 
     Since to have a Pope and an anti-Pope is a possibility, and, in fact has happened in the Catholic Church more than 40 times, isn't it more possible today, an age Christ prophesied to be 'abounding in sin, decaying in Faith and going cold in Charity? Of course, today is the perfect time for the evil one to fulfil what he had been practicing for  since the beginning of time. 
     Satan begun practicing his strategy in Eden by establishing there the first false church, the first Protestant church, in Adam and Eve; two people who did what they liked instead of doing God's Will. Today, we have an entire world and an entire institutional church doing what it likes; allowing Protestants to receive Holy Communion, which was done by Judas during the Last Supper. It is continued by those receiving Holy Communion with their hands. All these against the Will of God that Holy Communion be received in the 'state of grace.' But nobody knows what 'state of grace' is. 
     And Pope Francis and the institutional Vatican Church has just abolished capital punishment which is contrary to the Law of Charity by which criminals are given a last chance to fear God, repent and save their souls. 
2. Prophecy fulfilled today.
     Christ prophesied that this age will 'abound in sin, will experience a decay in Faith and waxing cold of Charity.' Isn't this age exhibiting Popes, bishops, priests, nuns and laymen abounding in sin, who are totally ignorant of their Catholic Faith (decay of Faith); and no one caring if anyone go to hell, whether they are friends, neighbours or criminals (waxing cold of Charity)?  Isn't this  what is happening today?
     Pope adding heresies in the catechism, and not answering questions regarding the salvation of soul given to him more then 691 days ago.  Cardinals like McCarrick, priests like Fr. James Martin, nuns like Sister Fox, layman like Geli. And those who do not care for the Catholics of the Middle East, Nigeria and China? Christ's prophecy is headline today. 

3. St.Pontian and St. Hippolytus.
    St. Augustine, writing in 'The City of God,' stated that the devil is not really a bright guy. To destroy souls he merely imitates the deeds of God.  He imitates it and makes souls believe that his evil deeds are the work of God.
     St. Augutine continues, God establishes a Church, the devil establishes his own church. In fact, thousands of them, to suit every selfish taste. God appointed apostles, the devil appoints his apostles who would tolerate all kinds of sins. God has his own Liturgy to teach souls the contents of Divine Revelation; Satan has his own liturgy where people receive unconsecrated host with their hands.
     But Satan's greatest imitation job is the raising of a false church and a false pope. With these, he does not need any other weapon to destroy souls.  
     At the beginning God established the true Church in Eden where it first collapse; then God re-established it again with Christ through His Son Jesus Christ with its foundation of the apostles. Satan was fast in imitating. Immediately he established the Synagogue of Satan. These were the Jews who crucified Christ and called Divine condemnation upon themselves and their children. God took them on their words. There was the Judaizers and hosts of pagan religions who were not far behind. The schism in Corinth, the cradle of the Pentecostal heresy. Gnosticism was an attractive church at the beginning. These were the first imitations of the devil. 
     The resulting confusion in this battle with the devil was so bad that the First Council of Jerusalem had to be called. After the Council, a flood followed from the thousands of churches of Satan; Valentinus, Basilides, Carpocrates, Marcion, Montanism.  We know, today,  the churches of Martin Luther, Calvin and  Zwingli. More recently,  we have the hermeneutic of discontinuity.

4. The hermeneutics of discontinuity. 
     The devil has established his own church imitating the Catholic Church. Maybe, its building is like St. Peter's Basilica or St. John the Lateran. It has something like a sacrifice but they call it a meal. And it is in the vernacular. They also have saints but their saints did not go through the process I know 80 years ago. They even plan to canonise Martin Luther, a Catholic Augustinian priest to show they are Catholics. 
     They claim to teach Catholic Doctrines before Vatican II but this discontinued because that old and sick Church ceased to exist because it self-destructed. It is revitalised now; it has a new look. It has abolished capital punishment, the state of grace, the indissolubility of marriage and the need of conversion. It now allows man to satisfy their long yearning for same sex marriage, adultery, homosexual and lesbian relationships.
     And the visible signs of this imitation Church of Christ is; faith in oneself, hope in oneself and love of oneself. 

     Of course, with the devil having his own church, his own liturgy, his own exegesis and his own should, also,  have its own imitation Pope; still in white, with white scull cap, pectoral cross, gentle smile and voice. But without that feeling of holiness everybody experiences when they saw Benedict XVI, John Paul II and Pius XII.      

Sunday, August 12, 2018

BOLLETINO - Sala stampa della santa sede.

 1. "Letter to the Bishops regarding the new revision of number 2267 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on the death penalty, from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, 02.08.2018"

2. Suddenly all hell broke loose.
     This was an official document from the Vatican approved by Pope Francis.  
     The unimaginable had just happened. A change was made in the  content of the official catechism of the Catholic Church.  With a formal document directly from the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, signed by Cardinal Ladaria, S.J., approved and ordered  for publication by Pope Francis on June 28, 2018.  The institutional church with office at the Vatican had just declared itself as no longer Catholic; having lost the fourth visible sign of the Catholic Church, 'Apostolic,' it had lost all the other three visible signs of the true Church of Christ. Pope Francis had abolished capital punishment which is an 'apostolic' doctrine taught by St. Paul.

     It is official. Souls cannot be saved within this institutional Vatican Church under Pope Francis because the way of salvation as taught in Divine Revelation has been modified without any approval from its creator, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Sprit. 
     What happened? It is not so much that Pope Francis and the Vatican made changes in the Catholic Catechism and, as a consequence, lost its Catholicity. It is the other way around. For a long time now, the institutional church have lost its Catholicity, therefore, it changed the catechism to suit its new erroneous beliefs.  
     Today, we have to get hold of these four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed and look for the true Church of Christ somewhere else. 

3. What was changed and the resulting chaos.
     Capital punishment that was allowed by God and described by St. Paul,  to be imposed by the state, from the beginning of the Church's  existence up to Pope Benedict XVI, is now considered inadmissible and forbidden; not by the God of the Catholic religion but merely by a man who thought he was god. The chaos intended is total. Heretics are accusing Pope Francis and the Vatican as heretics; and they are probably right. Those who claim to be Catholics erroneously think the Pope can act like a god; he is not and he cannot.  The Italians are demanding Pope Francis  resign; a suggestion earlier proposed by Bishop Gracida. Which Francis should do if he does not want to multiply his sins. The lovers of sin are rejoicing, their sin can now go unpunished. That's what they think. And the true believers who think that capital punishment is God's decree are sorry 'that Charity in the world have completely waxed cold.' And they are right Charity is gone, as Pope 
Benedict had earlier noticed, that is why he wrote 'Deus Caritas est.'

4. Many reason for and against capital punishment.     
     So many reasons have been given in favour of capital punishment; some taken from the Old Testament, New Testament, from the writing of the Fathers and doctors of the Church. There is a long list of saints describing the good, wisdom and benefit of capital punishment. Their reasonings  are sound because they are according to the Will of God.
      So many reasons have been given, especially in the 'Bollettino', for the abolition of capital punishment. They are all romantic, emotional, unphilosophical, not theological and a complete misinterpretation of Blessed John Newman's 'Development of Christian Doctrine.' Meanwhile, Catholics and the whole world are confused. 
     What is God's teaching on 'capital punishment?' We are not interested in what the Pope, nor what the bishops and priest nor what certain laymen who do not know their theology, say.  We are, only, interested in what God has to say,  as proposed by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Nobody seems to know; not the priest, not most of the bishops, and, definitely, not Pope Francis. How do we know this? Because nobody has mentioned the true reason why God decreed the need for capital punishment.  Though we hear both sides.  Thus no one has, really, refuted or defended the reason for it. And no one, including the CDF and Pope Francis have given  a decent reason why it should be abolished. Again, their only main reason is a total misinterpretation of Blessed John Newman's treatise on 'The development of Christian Doctrine.' A total misinterpretation, which many had been doing since it was written. 
     John Newman wrote that understanding of Catholic doctrines  can grow because these truths are eternal and man can go deeper into understanding them 'ad infinitum.' But doctrines cannot change. Its growth and development takes place in the intellectual understanding of the mind; not in the essence of the truth. It is a form of limited evolution, like when a man evolves into an angel, which is possible.  In fact, St. Augustine describes the monastic life as when men live angelic lives; when men are transformed into angels 
      The development of Christian doctrine is not like the evolution of Darwin, where monkeys evolve into men. The Jesuits are known to apply this latter misinterpretation to John Newman's treatise.
      It would be tedious and useless to take up and refute every argument on either side. The reasonings of men are often erroneous in spiritual matters, so let us not waste time there. Let us just look at the true reason why God gave the legitimate head of states the power to impose capital punishment. First, because God, Himself, did it  as an example for all men. Secondly, because He told us that He has given the state this option to be able to have peace and order for the common good.This was repeated by St. Paul; he calls it 'the power of the sword.'

5. Capital punishment is a last chance.
     All commands of Christ are acts of Charity. Capital punishment is God's last recourse in saving the soul of the criminal; to threaten the body to save the soul. For the rest of mankind, it is their last effort to save the soul of the criminal by threatening the body. Let us explain how this is the criminal's last chance to save his soul. Dimas, the good thief, is an example. If Dimas was not hanging on the cross dying, he would have not repented. Yet his chances was 50-50. Because his companion was in the same situation, sentenced to death and he did not make it. 
     So Capital punishment is a last 50-50 chance to save the soul of a criminal. His chances of saving his soul have been greatly reduced. Still, we must give him that slim chance.

6. Briefly, how is a soul saved.
     The reason for the debate about capital punishment is that both sides are completely ignorant on the Catholic doctrine on the subject, specially those in favour of abolishing it like Bishop Pabillo of the CBCPhilippines as seen in the news. If all know their Catholic religion, there will be no contradiction or debate.
     To see God's reason for it, which is impossible for most without grace, we must review the plan of salvation minutely. Most, if not all, involved in this issue, are ignorant of this ascetical steps necessary for salvation. It is found in 'Treatise on the Love of God by St. Francis de Sales, the patron of Bishop Pabillo's order, the 
Salesians And he does not know why God allows capital punishment? Bishop, it is the highest expression of Christian charity! The news was accompanied by  a picture of laymen and nuns demonstrating; well, if the bishop does not know his theology, how much more the nuns and the lay.     
      First, let us take the four big steps towards salvation in proper order; first, repentance. Second, Faith. Thirdly, Hope and fourthly, Charity. 
     Now let us take the it more minutely and be more specific; but let us start from the last, Charity, and go backwards. The final goal is Charity before which we must have Hope. Before Hope must come Faith. Now, let us stop at Faith and minutely look at the tiny steps leading to Faith; keeping in mind that to be saved we must have perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity. Let us go now into the more complicated process leading to Faith. 

7. We are still going backwards.    
     Before we receive the theological virtue of Faith from God, He will inspire the human soul to aspire for Him, according to St. Francis de Sales. 
     Before God inspires us we must enter into the realm of the 'Fear of God.' This 'fear of God' has several levels. The lowest level is 'fear of men.' This fear is diabolical and brings the soul to hell. Christ warned us; 'do not fear them who can only kill the body but not the soul, etc.' The devil uses terrorists to instill this 'fear of men' thus destroying souls. 
     The next level of fear is servile fear. This is the first part of the 
Act of contrition when we say; ' because I fear the lost of heaven and the pains of hell.' This servile fear of God cannot save, either. But it is better than the first. We can use the 'fear of men' to rise up to 'servile fear of God.' 
     The next level of fear is fear in offending God, 'but most of all because my sins have offended Thee, My God, who art all good and deserving of all my love.' This 'fear of God' saves.

 8. A criminal has no fear of God.
     A criminal deserving of capital punishment has no fear for anything. He does not fear God, nor men. He does not fear to steal nor kill or commit any sin. He has absolutely no fear of anyone. In such state there is no way whatsoever that he can be saved; because without any fear he does not deserve any grace from God;  either the grace of repentance, the theogical virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. Catholic wise, there is, absolutely, no possibility for him to be saved nor even pass purgatory. It is sure hell. What can be done to save him? Find a way to install fear in him. Definitely, not the fear of God or hell because he has no Faith. Not the loss of material goods. Not the loss of loved ones because he does not care for any of them. Naturally, there is only one thing left for him to fear......the lost of his life. This is basic. It is ingrained in all men. Everyone love his life. The loss of this life is the only fear left; the fear that another man can take away his life. That the government can take away his life. This kind of fear cannot save his soul. But if this fear is instilled in the criminal, a little more effort and he might be able to rise up to the servile 'fear of God', i.e. the loss of heaven and going to hell. That is not good enough to bring him to heaven. But with this fear, he might go to purgatory instead of hell. And that is very good enough for a criminal. Better still, if he has a good Catholic prison chaplain, he night even rise up to the 'fear of God' for having offended Him. And that can bring him to heaven. The criminal can be another Dimas. 
     But not with Pope Francis, Bishop Pabillo, bishop's conferences and nuns and laymen who are ignorant of their Catholic religion and campaigning to abolish capital punishment, the last chance to help criminals acquire the 'fear of God,' and earn for them the beginning of wisdom.
9. Capital punishment is  needed by the State because that is their level of capability, not the spiritual level. God gave the state a human solution, capital punishment.
       The C'hurch has the spiritual solution to prevent criminality. 
        But the bishops and their followers don't know it. The bishop's ignorance of the Catholic solution to ciminality is what forces the state to use what they know. So the bishops are at fault that the state does not know a better solution. Then the bishops conference complain. Teach us! the State cries. And the bishops are tight lip. 

10. Conclusion.
      Pope Francis and the bishop's conference going against capital punishment are going against the apostolic teaching of St. Paul who preached it and calls it the 'power of the sword.' Because they have gone against apostolic teaching, they have lost the four visible mark of the true Church mentioned in the Nicene Creed. Losing one visible mark, they loss the other three. Pope Francis, the bishop's conference with its spokesman Bishop Pabillo, those laymen  and nuns demonstrating against capital punishment with the bishop have just lost the fourth visible mark of the true Church. They have ceased to be Catholics. They have absolute nothing to prove that they are Catholics. 
     In short, because they are pushing for the abolition of capital punishment, they have denied criminals the only last chance for them to develop the 'fear of God' that could be the beginning of the salvation of their souls. Having denied the criminal this act of Charity, they are guilty of the sin of scandal and total lack of charity, for which there is no salvation. Because the sin of scandal puts a soul outside the Catholic Church. The sin of scandal and the loss of the fourth visible mark of the true Church, 'Apostolic', puts one outside the true Church of Christ.