Thursday, May 31, 2018


 1. What happened to Ireland?   
           Ireland had always been known as a bastion of Catholicism to the point that people think that the Celtic NBA team is made up of good Catholics. The continuous British suppression of a portion of Ireland had focused international news on the martyrdom of the Catholics there. 
           It is wrongly thought that Ireland who, once upon a time, re-evangelized Europe, will do it again. 
           People still think Portugal is keeping the Catholic Faith intact just because Mary, in her apparition in Fatima said so. But that was many years ago. It is no longer now, judging from the headlines these days. 
           Europe was Catholic once upon a time. Now, it is totally Protestant, including the Vatican. Poland and Spain is slowly becoming Faithless just like France. The Philippines was the only Catholic nation in the Far East for a time. But no longer now. 
           As the parable of the wise virgins narrate, the light of those lamps have died down; the virgins had run out of oil; it was not tended well. So,  the light of Faith  died down. Like all formerly Catholic nations, like Ireland had ceased to be Catholic. 

2. Two views on what happened.
     First view; from a management point of view. This is the hermeneutics of continuity. Management wise this is the way  Catholic nations remain and continuous to remain Catholic. At the end we will see how it loses its Catholicity due to mismanagement. 
               Let us begin by seeing how a nation becomes Catholic. A preacher goes to that nation and following the Gospel of Trinity Sunday, baptises the people, teach them everything that Christ had taught and teach them how to observe everything that Christ had taught in the New Testament. If the people learn and put into practice everything that Christ had taught, that nation becomes Catholic with a holy bishop at the head and the rest of the nation being One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic united with the bishop. 
               To simplifly the illustration, then the bishop and his priests dies. And the first Catholic converts in that nation dies, what happens next. There must be continuity. The Pope must assign another holy bishop. This bishop will instruct his priests to observe again the Gospel of Trinity Sunday in evangelising the children of the first converts by teaching them (again) 'everything I have commanded you' and to 'observe everything I have commanded you.' With the hope that they obey. If everything goes well, then there will be continuity in the Catholic Faith in that nation. 
                This should go on and on; one holy bishop observing the Gospel of Trinity Sunday and the next bishop observing the same while the congregation learning and observing 'everything Christ have commanded.'
                This mis-management is referred to as the  hermeneutics of discontinuity.
               What happened to Ireland is there was a break in the continuity. When an unholy and unwise bishop in inserted in the line of bishops who does not know the Gospel of Trinity Sunday and, thus, used another process of evangelisation propagated by post Vatican II missionary of mercy. The evangelisation does not work and the children of the first converts never attain Faith, and never entered the Catholic Church. The continuity will never continue unless another wise and holy bishop takes over.........which never took place in Ireland. 
               To understand, further,  what really happened to Ireland, let us go now and explain the ascetical aspect of what happened.

4. The second view; the ascent in virtue and the descend in vice. 
          From an ascetical point of view this is what happened to Ireland. When a nation converts to Catholicism through an application of the Gospel of Trinity Sunday, it takes the first step in entering the Catholic Church. This is the first degree of humility in imitation of Christ who said; 'learn from Me for I am meek and humble of heart. 
           There are twelve progressive degrees of humility wherewith the soul becomes a perfect Catholic. St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote that the soul must continuously grow in humility. If the soul stops even for a moment, the soul regresses back to the lower degree.
           So from the first degree of humility, i.e. 'the fear of the Lord,' the soul must immediately progress to the second degree which is 'not to love one's own will.' 
           If a soul is in the fifth degree which is 'to confess one's sin' and then stops or regresses, then he will be back to violating even the second degree, by 'doing one's own will.' or lose completely the first degree, the 'fear of God.'
           By stopping  for a long time in one's progress in the spiritual life or worse still by  regressing in the spiritual life, a soul may completely loss the virtue of humility and fall into the first degree of pride  'which is to give in to useless curiosity,' attending to what is not one's concern.
           And continuous neglect in progressing in the spiritual life can make a nation regress to the 11th and 12 degree of pride, i.e. the freedom in sinning and developing the habit of sinning. 
           This degree of pride is akin to the spiritual state of Satan. It is the highest form of pride. St. Bernard describes it as 'contempt for God.' Man has become like the devil. And this is what happened to Ireland. This is the degree of pride practiced by the whole world today, including  the Philippines.
          The entire world, from Pope Francis to the bishops down to the mere laymen are practicing the freedom to sin; from Pope Francis encouraging married people to freely commit adultery as he proposed in 'Amores Laetitia', down to the priest to practice the freedom to remain gay, to the mere layman to smoke pot. This is the 11th degree of pride, almost the bottom of hell.

          In fact, most of the bishops admit that there has been a hermeneutics of discontinuity occurring in the Catholic Church, i.e. that there has been a break in the continuity of the Catholic Church of Christ and the apostles........and the church of Pope Bergoglio today. That the church of Pope Francis is not the same as the Church of Pius IX, Pius X, Pius XI and Pius XII.
          The hermeneutics of discontinuity is a heresy condemned by Benedict XVI. It is the managerial disaster that destroyed all the churches like Ireland. It is propagated by Pope Francis, many bishops and priest. In the Philippines it was introduced by the former President of the CBCP. World wide it is propagated by almost all the theological schools, especially by Bologna of which Cardinal Tagle wrote a chapter in their book in their interpretation of Vatican II. 
           The descend in vices down to the 11th degree of pride is the consequence of the hermeneutics of discontinuity first condemned by Pius IX and later on by Benedict XVI. It is often called modernism, the synthesis of all heresies. 

5. Conclusion
     It is this discontinuity from the original Church, aggravated by Vatican II's practice of retiring bishops and priests that broke the continuity in the existence of the Catholic Church. The rejection of the virtue of humility and the practice of the different degrees of pride is the consequence of this grand mis-management. 
      The Catholic Church have long ceased to exist in the world, except in very small communities that are nearly impossible to find. The church has returned to the state of original sin where everyone believes they have a right to sin (freedom to sin), the worse kind of pride. 
     People do not have any of the 12 steps of humility; and they have all the 12 degrees of pride. They are unlike Christ. They are more like the devil. 
     It is the work of the devil that caused the near disappearance; of the Catholic Church. The four visible signs of the true Church had long been non-existent in most parishes and dioceses due to the hermeneutics of discontinuity and the descend from the life of virtue into the life of pride that made most men spiritually possessed by the devil as Judas was. It has all disappeared from the Vatican and in Rome. 
      What happened to Ireland is what is happening in the whole Catholic world. The Irish  are ecstatic in that they can now kill innocent babies; to whom Christ referred to when He said, 'whatever you do to this little ones, you did it to Me.' And they were rejoicing. It is like spiting in the face of Christ and laughing. 'I can kill you and you say you are god.' Sounds familiar?

       It was expected. The Catholic world as it was known, no longer exist; the way it was known in Europe, in Ireland and in the Philippines once upon a time. Today, they are no longer Catholic. 
       The Catholic Church still exist because of the blood of martyrs from the middle east, from Africa and around the world. It is somewhere. Nobody has to know where, it is because no one really is interested in becoming a real, true Catholic.  


Tuesday, May 29, 2018


 1. The ascent to heaven and the descend to hell.
     A person can ascend to heaven or descend to hell while still alive here on earth. God had allowed this to give man a taste of heaven and of hell so he can change the direction of his life while still alive. This ascent starts in the Philosophical, psychological or natural level and rises to the spiritual level. The descend begins one step below the natural level and descends to the unnatural and bestial level. Again, the foretaste of both is to allow man to change his mind. 

2. The moral and theological virtues.
     The ascent to heaven begins with the mid-point described as 'the life of repentance' wherein man is restored from his 'fallen nature' and rise up again to the natural nature.  From here a man rises through the moral virtues of Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance. And proceeds to the higher levels of the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.  With the theological virtues man begins to experience different degree of happiness. 

3, The descend to hell.
    The descend to hell begins with man's refusal to repent and then goes down to the different levels of unnatural sin down to bestiality in which man becomes worse than animals. While the degrees leading towards ascent to heaven are degrees of level of virtues, the descend leading to hell are degrees of vices or sins. 

4. Simplified degrees of ascent and descend.
    The ascent to heaven begins with the natural level and rises up to the supernatural or theological level. The descend to hell begins with the natural level and descends to the unnatural level down to bestiality.

5. A worthy diagram of the two pathways.
     A popular comparative study of the two path ways was made by 
St. Bernard of Clairvaux in his 'Steps of humility and pride.' The steps towards heaven are the steps that lead up to the perfection of the virtue of humility. This path was pointed out by Christ, Himself, when He said; 'Learn from Me for I am meek and humble of Heart.' Meekness and humility are identical virtues, in that meekness is an expression of humility. 
      Pride is invented by the devil. He started it. The devil, alone, could have committed the sin of Pride. He, alone, could make the big mistake of desiring to be like God. Adam and Eve were only tempted to imitate him. By themselves, Adam and Eve would have never thought of wanting to be like God. 
     The descend towards hell is to take the path of the degrees of pride in direct opposition to the degrees of humility. 
      St. Bernard arranged his treatise this way; there is point zero. From here the degrees of happiness rises up from point 1 to point 12. At point 12 a man will attain the height of happiness possible here on earth.....and when he dies he will attain eternal happiness in heaven. 
       Then from point zero, St. Bernard goes down from point 1 to point 12 illustrating the 12 degrees of pride that leads down to great unhappiness here on earth. And when the proud man dies, he goes down to hell to eternal unhappiness. 

        St. Bernard illustrated these two degrees of happiness and unhappiness so man can think while going through the degrees whether it is worth while going to hell. Man will see how soon his happiness and his eternal unhappiness will be; whether he has time to change course or not. Of course, the nearer a man approaches the 12th degree of humility, the more his eternal happiness will be  secured and the lesser the chances for him to be unhappy. On the contrary, the nearer a man approaches the 12th degree of pride, the greater is the certainty for him to lose his soul for all eternity and the lesser is his chances of ever being happy here on earth and in the next life. 

6. The first degree of humility.
     St. Bernard describes 12 degrees of humility. The first degree of humility is akin to the first Beatitude described by Christ in the Sermon on the Mount. The Beatitudes are, also, degrees of happiness or degrees of holiness. 
     We shall only discuss the first degree of humility which is the first degree of happiness; it is, also, the first degree of holiness and the first step that puts a soul inside the Kingdom of God, the Catholic Church.  St. Benedict, St. Gregory the Great, St. Augustine and St. Thomas of Aquinas described the first degree of humility as 'the fear of God to be constantly on the watch against sin.' We will stop here because there is no use  discussing  the 2nd degree up to the 12th degrees because in the world, hardly anyone had ever reached these higher degrees. And we shall prove this. 
     Remember that this first degree is the first level just above point zero. Point zero being  the mid-point; the first level up is the first degree of humility. No one can rise up to the second degree of happiness without passing this first degree. In the Beatitude, this is the first sign that a soul will attain the kingdom of God,  'Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of God.'

7. The state of the world.
     The state of the world is that it has no fear of God; so the world is not watchful in preventing offending God through sin. Governments of nations show no fear of God; they suppress their people, they invade other nations as the US and Nato are mercilessly attacking Syria, terrorist indiscriminately kill innocent people. Homos, lesbians, transgenders commit the sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance without fear. Israel shoot unarmed Palestinians without fear that all with face a Divine Judge for a final judgment. And see how the Chosen people crucified their own God; absolutely no fear of God. 
     The complete freedom to sin is the rule of life today. And because of this continuing sinful life, sin for most have become a habit. People are sinning as if they are merely breathing. 
      Because the world is unable to rise up to the first level of humility which is the first degree of happiness, the fear of God, the world had become very unhappy. It has become the most miserable earth. 
       The world had declared the freedom to sin. The approval of abortion, not by the courts as in the US, but by popular vote as in Ireland, with Pope Francis quiet about it has shown that abortion has become a habit in man that is impossible to stop.

8. The worst kind of pride.
     Well, when people reach a point where they consider they have the freedom to commit the worse sins like abortion, homosexuality and lesbianism.......and when this sin is committed habitually.......then man have reached the deepest level of pride, the 12th degree. He has descended to hell. And Christ described their state; 'he is already condemned.' At this level, it is almost impossible to rise up even to the first degree of pride because he has descended to the 12th degree of Pride.  As St. Bernard of Clairvaux wrote; the first degree of humility is the fear of God to be constantly on the watch against sin. But the 11th degree of pride is when people believe they have the freedom to sin. And the 12th degree of pride is when man have formed sin as a habit. His pride is identical with that of Satan, himself. 

Sunday, May 27, 2018


 1. The post-Pentecost Liturgy
      The post-Easter and post-Pentecost Liturgy had been describing Christ, perfecting the Faith of the Apostles and his disciples. This was in preparation to receiving the Holy Spirit and the virtue of Charity that will enable the apostles to love God and neighbour. The virtue of Charity is given only to those whose Faith had been perfected. And as we have mentioned, the Liturgy of this season had been a time when Christ, and nobody else, was fine tuning the Faith of the Apostles. The perfecting of Faith is an act of God and not by man. 
      When Faith had been perfected, then the Holy Spirit descends upon the apostles wherewith they are able to love God, St. Thomas of Aquinas comments. Charity cannot be perfected here on earth. It can only be perfected in heaven. But some degree of Charity is needed to enliven Faith. Without Charity, Faith is dead and good for nothing. Thus the Catholic teaching that Faith must be accompanied with good works. Good works is Charity whose life is from the Holy Spirit. 
      Thus the foundation of the Charismatic movement should be perfect Faith according to Catholic teaching. From this it can be seen that the present Charismatic movement is not Catholic. Because perfect Faith can only be acquired after a long arduous and disciplined life of asceticism. Catholic teaching states that it can only exist among those living the eremitical life and not among worldlings. 

2. The Divine Commission.
     The Divine Commission given by Christ to the apostles was given only after Pentecost. The commission to go and preach was given only after the Apostles had reached perfect Faith and have received the theological virtue of Charity, a gift from the Holy Spirit. And this is described at the end of the Gospels when Christ had finished giving all His instructions for the formation of the apostles; and not before. Preaching must only be done by graduates in the spirituality of the Liturgical life presented from Advent up to Pentecost. 
     Notice that the doctrine on the Blessed Trinity is taught only upon the perfection of Faith. The Mystery of the Blessed Trinity ceases to be a mystery upon the perfection of Faith; otherwise it remains a mystery which shows there is no perfect Faith. 
     Christ gives the Commission to the apostles on what to teach in saving souls. Of course, it is God who saves. But the apostles are supposed to teach souls how to dispose themselves to the action of God upon their souls. The souls do not save themselves; they merely dispose themselves to the saving action of God. It is God who saves. 
     Pope Francis' prohibition to proselytise is tantamount to telling preachers to disobey Christ's Divine Commission. It is to prevent souls from disposing themselves to the saving work of God. It is an invitation to damnation. 

3. The command to evangelise.
     Christ commands the apostles to go and make disciples of all the nations. The command that will enable to make disciples have three steps. First, baptise them in the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Second, teach them everything I have commanded you. And thirdly, teach them how to carry out those commandments. 

4. Baptism.
     The second step is 'to teach them everything I have commanded.' Everything Christ had commanded cannot be learned by mere human means. Grace is needed to know everything Christ had commanded as found in the New Testament. Without grace no one can know everything Christ had commanded; the dogmas and the morals.  This grace will come from the sacrament, at first from Baptism.
     Most often after Baptism, man sins and loses the baptismal grace. So he is unable to pursue knowing everything Christ had commanded. He cannot enter the Catholic Church. Then there are the other Sacraments, especially Mass and Holy Communion as the other sources of graces to enable the soul to continue knowing everything Christ had commanded. This process will go up and down where the soul will lose the grace; then regain the grace until the soul has completely known everything Christ had commanded. This can take many years, like 30-40 years, and much less depending on the generosity of the soul. 

     T'he third step is 'to carry out everything I have commanded.' This is to put into practice 'everything Christ had commanded as found in the New Testament.' Grace is, also. needed to do this. It can come also from Baptism. And if grace from Baptism is lost due to sin, one can recourse to the other Sacraments and other means of graces, like prayer.  
     Note that graces from the Sacraments and other sources of graces are needed before instruction on 'everything Christ had taught in the New Testament' can be taught. The reason for the great ignorance of Morals and Dogma today is due to the lack of grace in the soul. It is this lack of grace that had caused priests and bishop....and even Popes to be ignorant of the teachings of Christ. Imagine writing that adulterers can receive Holy Communion. That is the biggest obstacle in knowing 'everything Christ had commanded.' Now, you see why.

5. Requirement from the apostles.
    Christ demanded from the apostles that they should first know 'everything Christ had commanded. And secondly, that they had put those commands into practice. For how can the apostles teach others how to put it into practice if they, themselves, have not put it into practice? Add to this the fact that the apostles cannot even know 'everything Christ had commanded' and they cannot even put into practice 'everything Christ had commanded' without divine grace from God. Now, do you see what is wrong in the training of priests in seminaries and theological schools? They study without the help of grace. So they learn nothing. 
     Pope Benedict reminded all priest during the 'Year of the Priest' that theology must not be studied in the classrooms of Bologna or Belgium. It must be learned kneeling down before the Blessed Sacrament, the source of grace.....prayer before God.

6. The first lesson from grace.
     The moment Faith had been perfected, the soul receives graces. With this grace the soul begin to learn 'everything Christ had taught and commanded.' And the first lesson that the soul learns with the help of grace is that there are three persons in God.....the Mystery of the Blessed Trinity. 
     Notice that during the fine-tuning of the Faith of the apostles they were not able to understand the mystery of the Blessed Trinity, until their Faith was perfected. They could not see that Christ and the Father are One. So they were not prepared to grasp the place of the Holy Spirit. 
     St. Thomas wrote that the Blessed Trinity is a mystery only for unbelievers, those who have no Faith. But it is no mystery to those with perfect Faith. Perfect Faith is the supernatural sign that a soul has truly entered the Catholic Church....because he has the Catholic Faith, the only true Faith. 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Bishop Camilo Gregorio of the Diocese of Batanes Island. R.I.P.

 1.  A guest.
      After the Bishop's conference, a few bishops spend some days as guests in a monastery for their, sort of, much deserved R. and R. Not much.  Fishing in the monastery fish pond, food and drink, ostrich steak, relaxation in their private rooms, wake up call from noisy peacocks and  leisure camaraderie amongst themselves.  
     One of those who came was the unpretentious Bishop Camilo Gregorio, bishop of the Batanes group of islands at the north end of the Philippines, a beautiful Ireland like island often buffeted by storms. 
     He has a reputation for speaking out for the truth and the good. This placed him in conflict with many of his co-bishops and often with the nuncio. In fact, his assignment to the far flung island of Batanes was an effort to silence him. However, he loved the atmosphere of his new diocese. It was perfect for his contemplative spirit, this son of St. Dominic and St. Benedict. His pectoral cross carried the symbol of the Dominican order, being a Dominican tertiary. And he propagated the exorcism medal of St. Benedict, which makes him the terror of devils. He hated confusion, conflict and spoke out his mind to settle such issues. 
     Though a fighter for truth and the good, he showed a very gentle soul, thus he was popularly known as a lover of music. He played the piano and accompanied many bishops when they sung during their programs. Bishop Carlito Censon,  emeritus bishops of Baguio, a classmate from childhood, was often his vocalist. They often belted countless songs in the monastic grand piano in the conference hall where we watch news with Raymond Arroyo. 
     It was during these casual friendly meeting that we came to know bishop Gregorio, only as a good pianist. But he was more. 
He was a fighter for the truth and the good.  Sorry is he who cross his path. His gentle front hides a strong spirit for the faith, the way we all want our bishops to be; a shepherd who will not shy from a battle for his flock. 

2. The battle for the heart of China. 
    During his partial retirement in the monastery, I joined him for suppers and we discussed the state of the Catholic Church. The topic about Pope Francis forcing the underground Church of China to submit to the communist government greatly disturbed him. Million of Catholic Chinese souls could be lost. He struggled to find valid reasons why Pope Francis would do such a thing.
     The CBCP receives La Civilta Catolica, the Jesuit magazine. Why not the Dominican magazine? Why not the Benedictine magazine? Why only the Jesuit magazine. It looked like a serious attempt at brain washing. The Jesuits are making sure the Bishops submit to the mental set of Pope Francis. The article on why the Catholic church in China should submit to the communist government, to say the least, is atrocious. It was an attempt to force the bishops to submit to Pope Francis' every caprice without using their heads. Bishop Gregorio noticed that the article said nothing. 
     Bishop tried to be charitable to Pope Francis but could not find a rationale for the proposed Vatican move.  His great disappointment at the betrayal of the Chinese Catholics showed in his face and affected him for weeks. Millions of Catholic souls lost! It was not even his diocese.  But the issue mattered; he was concerned. He was a true bishop.

3. The retirement.
     Retirements, like all professions, can trigger a crisis. And all bishops undergo a crisis when they retire. And the other bishops do not care. That is charity for you. So during supper, we discussed the crisis that surrounds retirement. And it was agreed that there can be no retirements when it comes to spirituality. 
     First, to go to heaven we must love God. And there is no such thing as retiring in 'Loving God.' You cannot retire at 75 from loving God. You retire or stop loving God and you are in the state of serious mortal sin. You don't do that when you are about to die. 
     Secondly, to go to heaven you must, also, love your neighbor. The entire Liturgy after Easter says so. Loving one's neighbour means to teach them what you have learned while loving God; teach them, also, how to love God. And you cannot retire at 75 and stop loving your neighbor, which is the greatest commandment. You stop and you sin seriously. So you cannot retire in both cases; from Loving God and your neighbour. 
     So our discussion with Bishop Camilo Gregorio ended with our conclusion that indeed you cannot retire from loving God and loving your neighbor; and these two make up the job of priests and bishops. You cannot, in fact, retire from being priest, from being bishop and from being Pope for the reasons given above. 

4. Bishop Gregorio mentioned the fact that he had read an article saying precisely that; that Popes, bishops and priest should not retire. But it was in Latin or Italian, he could not recall. But he promised to look for it and discuss the topic further. He knew that was the practice of the Catholic Church at the very beginning until Vatican I. How come it was changed after Vatican II? Because somebody wanted to destroy the Catholic Church. To do so  somebody only had to do two things; first, retire wise and holy bishops. And secondly, promote unwise and unholy priests to the hierarchy. And that is what Pope  Francis had been doing. See how he changed all the heads of the congregation choosing unwise and unholy heads. The only wise and holy head of the congregation left is Cardinal Sarah; and he seems to be going soon since Pope Benedict XVI just praised him saying that the Liturgy is in very good hands with Cardinal Sarah. 

5. After those friendly discussion most of the retired bishops who frequented the monastery continued to be very active doing their bishop's job over other dioceses not their own. Bishop Gregorio was so active he was, almost, never in his house in the monastery.... until last week. Overworked, he was hospitalised and succumbed to pneumopia aggravated by high 'creatinin' and passed away. Now, he knows he was right. We can lost millions of Chinese Catholics to a schismatic is not a communist led church.  And that priests, bishops and Popes do not retire from loving God and neighbour......... under pain of mortal sin. 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

WHO IS NOT AGAINST ME IS FOR ME. Wednesday in 7th week in ordinary time.

 1. Two kinds of people who are for Christ. One kind are those who are not against Him. The other are those who are for Christ. 
     The apostles saw some people who were exorcising; and these people were not part of Christ's disciple. Those people were like pagans who were feeding the poor and they were not Catholics.
     The disciples of Christ tried to stop them because they were not Catholics. Of course, even at this point there seems to be something wrong with the apostles of Christ. And Christ said so; 'forbid him not; for there is no man who is doing good works in my name that can lightly speak evil of Me.'
     Then Christ gave a principle of morality; 'he that is not against us is on our part.' That is to say; he who does not go against My teachings and commandments is on our side. I will consider them to be on My side. 

     There are many non-Catholics who are good by nature. They do not know the dogmas and morals taught by Christ but in some way believe and obey them. They could be completely ignorant of the teachings of the Catholic church but they observe those teachings unconsciously. They put them into practice without knowing that those are teachings of the Catholic church. 
      Or it is possible, too, that they do not go against those teachings. Not consciously, not intentionally; but just following their natural tendencies. And because they do not go against the teaching of Christ, they are considered to be on the side of Christ. 

2. This is one way of saving souls.
     Souls are saved by guiding them towards perfect Faith. Through this Faith they enter the Church and are saved. But there are many pagans who never even reach the beginnings of Faith. How are they saved? Through this statement of Christ; 'as long as they, at least, do not go against Christ, they are for Christ and can be saved as such. They might not know any of the teachings of Christ but in some way they do not go against His teachings, they are considered on the side of Christ. When this happens it is because they follow their natural tendency or their conscience. 
     An evangeliser does this simply by showing extreme  kindness and gracious hospitality. And out of gratitude a pagan may do nothing contrary to the Catholic who is kind to him. Every Catholic should be doing this because he cannot preach to everybody. 
     This is the basis of the Benedictine practice of hospitality in the tradition of Abraham. The Benedictines believe that they cannot preach to all who come to visit their monasteries. Most do not come to hear a preaching or anything of that sort.  So they simply show the most gracious acts of hospitality knowing full well, that just because of this hospitality, their guests will never do anything against them or their way of life because of the kindness they have receive.
       Most Benedictine believe they can save more souls this way without having to preach. They save by seeing to it that these guests never go against the Benedictines and their way of life due to the hospitality they have received. And they are right. In Moroco, the Benedictines had converted in spirit many through hospitality rather than in preaching; they could not preach because it was forbidden there.But the show of hospitality is not forbidden.
       This way of saving souls is applicable only for beginners, the initiates. 

3. Those who are not for Me are against Me. 
     The second saying of Christ is more applicable to the advanced; these are the people like us who have received more knowledge about the Catholic Faith. To whom much is given, much more is expected. The saying goes; 'he who is not for Me is against Me.' This is more serious. It is for the advanced. 
     We are told to be, not only 'not to be against Christ.' We are told to be 'for Christ.' We are forbidden 'not to be for Christ.'  Who are 'for Christ?' Those who know the dogmas and morals taught by Christ. Anyone who has knowledge of the dogmas and morals of Christ as taught in the New Testament are bound to master them, teach them to others and defend them when attacked. This is to be 'for Christ.' Not to do these is 'not to be for Christ',  and as such are against Christ. 
     For Catholics to go to heaven, they must be 'for Christ.' They must learn, teach and defend the dogmas and morals Christ taught in the New Testament. For non-Catholics, 'not to go against Christ' is sufficient for salvation. So, all men must try hard to make sure they  do not do anything that will make them go against the Christian way of life. Better still inspire them to defend the Christian way of life by being very kind to them. They will repay your kindness but seeing to it that they do not go against the Christian way of life. 
     But for Catholic, to whom much is given, more is required; they must be 'for Christ.' Otherwise, they are against Christ. And that is sadly the state of affairs today. Most of the bishops in the bishop's conferences and most of the priest, because they are led by the bad example of Pope Francis are, not only 'not for Christ' and, therefore, against Christ; they are not even 'not against Christ.' Pope Francis is clearly against Christ' s teaching on adultery, on the worthy reception of Holy Communion as he had written in 'Amores Laetitia,' he is against the teaching of Christ on hell, on atheism, on homosexuality, on lesbianism, on religious freedom, on capital punishment, on Charity, on ecumenism, on conscience.... he is against practically every teachings of Christ. And most bishops and priest blindly echoes his heresies without thinking. So we have the majority of the so-called VaticanChurch going against the teaching of Christ........and definitely they are not 'for Christ.'
     If they are not for Christ, they are against Christ. Christ had said so in today's Gospel, Wednesday of the 7th week in ordinary time. We have a VaticanChurch that is an anti-church, the majority of the bishops and priests are anti-church and Pope Francis as shown above,  is an anti-Christ, based on St. Thomas of Aquinas' explanation on who is 'not against Me is for Me.'

Monday, May 21, 2018

Why in LATIN?

 1. The realm of the supernatural
      Catholic doctrines, unlike the Old Testament, are in the supernatural. While the teachings in the Old Testament can be learned by anyone, the teachings of the New Testament can only be understood by those with the supernatural and theological virtue of Faith. For those without Faith they will not understand anything. For those with Faith they will understand everything. 
     Thus those with Faith can understand the mystery of the Mass even if it is in Latin. While those without Faith will not understand the mysteries of the Mass even if it is in the vernacular. It is not the language. It is the mind; whether it is fortified by grace or not.
     So what happened in Vatican II where, in order that all may understand the Mass, it was translated to the vernacular according to where it is celebrated is this.......the people still did not understand the mysteries occurring in the Mass. The problem was not in the language; it was the state of the soul. The soul did not have Faith; the soul was not Catholic. 
2. Today, we have the Novus Ordo which is designed for unbelievers who remain unbelievers during the Mass and does not understand the supernatural realities going on in the Mass and so spend their time blabbering to God about things God already knows. Their Faith, if there is, never improves because they remain in the natural order of infidelity; a state that makes it impossible for them to have Faith or increase their Faith. The Novus Ordo is an exercise in futility. 

3. The 'Extraordinary form.'
     In the 'immemorial Mass,' the man of Faith is fortified with grace. He understands the entire mystery unfolding in the Sacrifice of the Mass. He knows what God is telling him through the mysteries. He knows what the Holy Spirit is praying through the Catholic Church to which he is a part of and recited by the primary celebrant who is Christ, Himself, of which the priest is only the instrument. Everything occurs in the mind and heart. There is no need for words or translations. These are like angels speaking to one another. Christ as the Head commemorating His Sacrifice with the whole Church, Militant, suffering and triumphant participating. Here, there is no language involved. It is unity of mind and heart. There are no secrets withheld. 

4. In olden times.
    Two groups attended Mass; the catechumens and the Faithful. The catechumens attend the Mass up to just before the offertory. While the Faithful participate from the offertory up to the end. In fact, just before the offertory, the catechumens were told to leave. And they are addressed as 'dogs.' This is done for the reason we have given above; the catechumens will not understand the Liturgy of the Eucharist because the mysteries that occur there are supernatural. It is over and above the capabilities of those without Faith. They attend only the Liturgy of the Word where they can understand the readings. They will not understand the mystery of the Eucharist without the grace of Faith. 
     Those with Faith, however, are the ones who participate in the Liturgy of the Faithful because, with the grace of Faith, they can understand the great mysteries that unfold in the Mass though they were in Latin. 

5. An age of infidelity
    Christ had described our age today as faithless; 'when I come, will I ever find Faith on the earth?' Christ asked. And He knew the answer; not only will there be no Faith. There will, also, be the waxing of Charity.  There will be no Faith and there will be no Charity. For such an age, the Novus Ordo is just right. They do not come to Mass for a contemplative and mystical experience. They come to Mass to be entertained; so a tango Mass or a clown mass is sufficient. Or better still some dancing nymphets so the crowd will come back next Sunday to revive their lustful desires.

6. The Faithful
     Fortified with the theological virtue of Faith, these men and women can continue to quietly truly worship the Father as Church in community where the Holy Spirit teaches them all things, as Christ promised......and from whom they receive the solutions and answers to all the problems in life in a contemplative atmosphere.

     With Faith, those who attend the 'immemorial Mass' understands all the unveiling mysteries of the Mass without having to know the words. It is the family of God enjoying an 'agape' here on earth prelude to the coming 'grand agape' in heaven.

     The unbelievers will continue to attend the 'Novus Ordo' where they do not see any mysteries but only a vaudeville to entertain them. The 'immemorial Mass' is the unveiling of the face of God before the face of man where a sacrifice is re-enacted in an unbloodly manner. There are no words in this encounter. 
     The unbeliever's Mass is just a man watching a show. It has to be in the local dialect with some local dances.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

RETIREMENT of Hierarchy - A mortal wound in the Church.

 1. The attacks on the Catholic Church.
     The Catholic Church had been under attack by the devil the moment the devil existed, and in the very first moment of the Church's existence in the garden of Paradise. That first attack was so violent that Paradise had to close shop and the Church had to be thrown down on earth for general repairs.
     The history of the Catholic Church had always been the continuous attack of the devils against her with God's permissive will to test her children.
     The Son of God became man to teach mankind how to pass these tests. In doing so we have to know our enemy while making sure we are on the winning side. 

2. Modernism
    The devil had begun attacking the Church from the outside, through threats of martyrdom. A few succumbed to the fear of martyrdom and apostatised. Many were martyred and their blood watered the Church to bloom.
     Later on, the devil learned a more effective way of destroying the Church; the attack is from the inside, through heresies. It was subtle, it was more effective, it came in the guise of fake truth and fake good. It had been the devil's s.o.p. up to the present. 
     As of recent times, the most dangerous heresy is 'modernism.' It takes the form of fake 'Charity.' But it was a cocktail of the most poisonous heresies. It is colourless, tasteless and odourless. It crawls slowly into the mind and heart. No one can notice or sense it until it is too late; souls had fallen victim into its embrace. The embrace of an octopus, the synthesis of errors. A cocktail of heresies. 
     The guardians of Catholic doctrines, the holy Popes, watchful during their papacy, had successfully controlled the rise of heresies, especially modernism ( during the papacies of Pope Gregory XVI, Pius IX and Pius X.)  The devil, the inventor of guerrilla warfare, went into hiding together with his co-horts, the modernist. That was for so many years, to the credit of the great Popes. 

3. Modernism went into hiding due to watchfulness of holy Popes.
    When there is seeming peace, souls tend to be complacent while the devil prepares for his surprise attacks.  Satan saw an opportunity during Vatican I. But during Vatican II Satan made his move. His co-horts were inside St. Peter's. They were heads and members of the commissions. They were among the 'periti.' And they controled the mass media. They were positioned in the seminaries and schools of theology. They had their theology books printed to disperse their heresies. It looked like preparation for the last battle. Their generals were all in the fore-fronts. 
     The first assault of the modernist was clear during the Papacy of John XXIII. They tried to replace the Papal appointees of the heads of the commission on the topics for Vatican II. At the death of Pope John, they practically  headed most of the commissions of the different topics for discussion. Though during the discussions the orthodox doctrines prevailed, when the minutes of the discussion were written down, the orthodox doctrines were watered down and the modernist heresies crept into the documents. At the end of Vatican II the documents that came out were so unclear that it could be interpreted in anyway. But those were only documents; it still could not be put into practice. A machinery is needed to put the heresies into practice. Only the Vatican bureaucracy can do that. The citadel must be conquered.
4. Modernism found an opportunity in Vatican II
    The slow but deep penetration for the destruction of the Catholic Church continues.  The two-prong attack was going to be aimed at the priesthood and the Mass. Vatican was the opportune time. Let us concentrate assault on the priesthood. 
     A. Vatican II made a provision to retire priests and bishops at 75. 
     Priests and bishops don't become saints upon graduating in the seminary. As Pope John Paul remarked;  most seminarians graduate without knowing the way to heaven and without knowing how to enter the Catholic Church. So they can teach neither to their parishioners. It is only after deep personal study aided by grace that they learn how to be holy; thus learning how to enter the Church and teach other souls how to enter the Catholic Church. And that does not happen on their first year in the parish. They learn these things 30 - 40 years after graduating in the seminary, i.e. almost after the retirement age of 75  when they have gained wisdom and holiness and are able to lead a parish or diocese to being Catholic, they are retired. So all  the souls entrusted to them are left hanging......outside the Catholic Church. The wisdom and holiness attained is left unused.         
     B. Then they introduce  badly trained seminarians into the priesthood that will become bishops. The retirement plan will remove old but holy bishops from benefiting the Church while introducing new, young bishops without wisdom and holiness who will destroy the Church was the aim of Vatican II.
     Souls are dragged back to the abyss of infidelity with very little hope for recovering and re-converting. That retirement plan does not surely come from God. With such deadly consequence it can only come from the devil. 

5. Came out openly in Vatican II
    The attack came clearly with the age 75 for retirement for priests and bishops. And now the proposal for Popes for retire. Let us put this rule in context to realise the great damage it will do to the Church. 

     A. The need for wise and holy bishops.
          a.) Firstly, wise and holy bishops are not easily available in seminaries and schools of theology. Wisdom in theology and holiness are not up to the person. It is up to God. A person can only become wise and holy depending on God. God can make us wise and holy sooner or later according to His Will. Ordinarily, bishops become wise and holy late in life. Maybe at 80 or over, unless prostrate cancer does not kill them earlier (which also depends on God.)
          b.) Secondly,  it is not easy to make a Diocese or parish Catholic, having the four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed. People are usually to busy earning money and providing for the daily needs of the family. They do not have time to learn how to become a Catholic and save their souls. Unfortunately, bishops are also so busy managing the diocese that they do not have time to grow in wisdom and holiness. This is sad because he can be wise and holy in spiritually managing his diocese. But he usually stays only in the natural level and is unable to convert his diocese to Catholicism. A bishop or parish priest busy in the natural level and parishioner too busy in worldly affairs is a very bad combination. Neither enters the Catholic Church. 

       This is getting a little complicated. But let us remain in the fact that it takes time for a bishop to be wise and holy and it takes time to convert a parish or diocese to Catholicism. Ordinarily, it will take them a minimum of 30 years as shown in the 30 years of hidden life of Christ. By that time most bishops and parish priests are old, retired, or dead; and the parish or diocese is not yet Catholic. 
       The parish or diocese can only become Catholic if the bishop is already wise and holy. Two things must blend here; the bishop must be wise and holy and the subjects must have time to work for the salvation of their souls.  If the two do not coincide, we got a big problem. And this is a problem that is plaguing the whole world made worse by the provision to retire bishops, and priests at 75. Much work is left undone. The salvation of soul is left unfinished. Guess where will souls go. 

6. Summary
     Here are the summary of the facts. Bishops become wise and holy late in age, like 80. Parishes and dioceses can only be made Catholic with the four visible signs of the true Church after labouring in her for  50 years (from experience). Newly appointed bishops are neither wise nor holy. Parishioners cannot set aside time to learn  the lessons on how to be Catholic. Bishops and priest are prematurely retired while the parishes and dioceses remain pagan. 
     So what we have in the entire world are parishes and dioceses with bishops and priests who do not have any of the four visible signs of the true Church enumerated in the Nicene Creed nor the 15 Marks of the true Church enumerated by St. Robert Bellarmine. 
     If this is the case in parishes and diocese, it is the case in the Papacy. Popes are pope too short to be wise and holy. Popes do not have enough time to Catholicize the world during his term. He is easily succeeded by another pope that is not wise and holy. And the world does not have the luxury of time to be wise and holy. So what?  We have a pagan world. 

7. Partial solution.  Priests, bishops and Popes should never retire. They should die serving the people until they are Church. Most Church do not become Church during the lifetime of the parish priest, bishop or Pope. 
     Instead we should follow this pattern; Pope should not retire. The next Pope should be a mere vicar Pope until the real Pope dies. The same with parish priests and bishops. They should remain in office until they die. Their successors working as their vicar until they die; only then will their successor can take over. 
     That had been the practice of the Church. It is the practice in Benedictine Abbeys.  Changing it had been a disaster for the Church. 
8. Retirement in the spiritual life is non existent in the Catholic Church and it is not in the language of Christ. 
    Retirements have bled the Church to death. Look what happened to the Papacy when an old Bavarian holy cardinal retires and untrained Jesuits take over. This is the case all over the world. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

CHARITY and Pope Francis' migrant policy. Part II

 1. Charity.
     Everything in the Catholic Church is Charity. It is what binds all the teachings of the Church. It is the most important commandment because all the teachings of the Catholic Church is founded on Charity. 
     Charity is a theological virtue, i.e. it is a supernatural and spiritual virtue that is absolutely unattainable by men. It is a gift from God given only to those who have perfected their Faith. Christ, Himself, prophesied that Faith will be nowhere when He comes in His Second coming. And together with the non-existent of Faith will be the 'waxing cold of Charity.' He was describing this our times. Anyone who has a working knowledge of Faith and Charity will not find these two theological virtues today. Pope Francis in fact denied it's existence in his first papal, well publicised, speech on ' no dogmas necessary to love.' No wonder his papacy and policy on migrants is completely devoid of Charity. And his erroneous stand is followed by many bishops; with Cardinal Tagle of Manila expressing the same error in a recent speech in the UN. Most members of the  hierarchy seems to be living up to the prophecy 'the waxing cold of Charity,' caused by the lost of Faith as mentioned by Christ and as described by John Newman in his 'Infidelity of the Church.'

2. Most Catholics do not have Charity.
    All non-Catholics have no Charity. The most they can have is the beginnings of Faith attained through meditation on nature. Most Catholics do not have Charity because it is a supernatural, spiritual and theological virtue.  Such man cannot have a knowledge on what it is. And man cannot practice it. God has to, personally, teach man Charity. And only God can help man put it into practice. 
    Pope Benedict in his 'Deus Caritas Est.' expressed the fact that most Catholics do their charitable works wrongly. He mentions St. Vincent de Paul as among the few who did his Charity right. That was a very serious statement but nobody noticed it; because most Catholics do not know what is Charity and most do not practice it rightly. And Pope Francis and Cardinal Tagle are examples.

3. Dynamics of Charity. How does it work.
     The whole Liturgy surrounding Ascension and Pentecost describes Charity. For man to have Charity, God must love man first. Then man must 'remain in the love of God' by keeping His commandments. Only then can man love God and neighbor.
     God loved man. But most men have not remained in the love of God by their disobedience to the commands of God. Not having remained in the love of God through disobedience to His command, man is unable to love God and neighbor; he became devoid of Charity incapable of doing acts of Charity. 
     Pope Francis, Cardinal Tagle and most of the bishops, because they have disobeyed God's command as clearly shown in 'Amores Laetitia' were unable to make an act of Faith and as a consequence are devoid of Charity. Their proposal for open borders is completely devoid of Charity. Their reasoning for it is pure emotional. Let us further explain Charity and see how Pope Francis and Cardinal Tagle went against the Catholic teaching on Charity.

4. The sequence in the love of God and neighbour. 
     Sequence is of the essence in Catholic Doctrine. For instance, you cannot have Charity unless you first have Faith and Hope. In the Beatitudes, you cannot be 'clean of heart' unless you first be 'poor in spirit.' And you cannot observe the New Testament unless you have put into practice the Old Testament. 
     So you cannot love your neighbor, like your wife, husband and children, unless you first love God. It is your love for God that you will use to love your husband, wife and children. In this way,  you love your family with a Divine love and not with mere human, emotional love that is entirely useless. With Divine Love you sanctify your family. 

5. The sequence in the love of neighbour.
    St. Thomas of Aquinas clearly shows the sequence in the love of neighbor. Starting from the beginning. 
     First, God must love us. Then we must love God in return. And after having loved God, we can refocus that love we have for God towards our loved ones, like our husband, wife and children. 
     In loving your neighbour, we must first love our loved ones, like the husband, wife and children. Then our relatives. Then our townsfolks  and our countrymen. Patriotism is good but must follow the proper order. 
     Then the next adjacent nation, obedience 'to love all men.'
     In Charity, we must observe the proper order on whom to love. It is unCatholic for one to love one's countrymen before loving one's family and relatives. It is wrong to show Charity towards migrants before we have shown Charity towards our family. relatives and own countrymen. The sin is not in the loving but in the wrong order of those loved. To love your neighbor before loving God is a sin because the order is wrong.  We must love God first and then one's neighbor. The proper order on who is our neighbor is important.

6. Love of neighbour as practiced by statesmen.
    The president of a nation must first love his family before he can love his nation. And he must first love his own countrymen before he loves his neighbouring other nations.
     Pope Francis and Cardinal Tagle had influenced many nations with their erroneous practice of Charity, which is not Charity at all, but a sin of pride in showing off pretence of Charity that can cause the destruction of countless  souls.....the open borders politics. 
     Heads of countless nations like France, Canada, Germany, Britain, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, etc....had been practicing the politics of open borders inviting countless migrants into their nation. The wiser nations like Poland, Hungary, etc. refuse to follow the EU though being forced to do so. They should remain wise since after all they were formerly Christian nations and should continue to practice their Christian roots. 
     St. Thomas applied the rule of Charity to heads of states and wrote; that Presidents of nations should show Charity, first, to their own people, before showing it to people of other nations. In the Philippines, the Filipino victims of natural disasters, from the landslide in Bohol to the victims of the super storm are still languishing due to lack of government support. The housing projects for them were, recently shown on TV, were unlivable. The cities are clogged with squatters. living in squalor.  The farms are without irrigations. Marawi is in ruins. And we are going to accept migrants. Without the migrants the government cannot help its own people and they are going to accept outsiders. If up to the present many Filipino who need help are neglected, what will happen if migrants come and they have to be helped to please the UN. The Filipino people who must be the first object of Charity will all the more be neglected. 
     Maybe the President is influenced by the erroneous charity which the Philippine Bishops's conference, whose president is a close friend of the President had advised him through the influence of Cardinal Tagle, the spokesman on open borders in the UN.  But the advice, if ever given, was an erroneous advice that goes contrary to the main teaching of the Catholic Church. It is similar to the heretical advice Pope Francis had been repetitiously imposing on the whole world. And it must have come from Cardinal Tagle who proposed this wrong unCatholic policy in his recent UN address. 
     This will not invite God's blessing upon the government and upon this nation that pretends to be Catholic. It will invite God's chastisement instead, because it goes against Catholic teaching.  
7. Reason for 'open door' policy on migrants.
    Up to now Pope Francis and the bishops who support this uncharitable policy have not presented any rational or intelligent reason for this proposal.  Definitely, they have not presented any theological reason, which they should since they pretend to be Catholic bishops. 
     Their reason is purely emotional and sentimental. It is not even psychological or sociological. It is pure public effort to be popular in the world, whose prince is Satan. It all sounds charitable. But since no one knows what is charity today, everyone falls for it. For those in the know, Pope Francis and the bishop's proposal for open door towards migrant is against the Catholic doctrine on Divine Providence and the doctrine on the theological virtue of Charity. As St. Augustine would say it; it is pure hatred of God and neighbor. It is pure hatred of migrants. 
     Maybe President Duterte should be told that the planned reception of migrants is intervention in other countries affairs, it is an insult to that government in that it is insinuated that they do not know how to solve their national problem and that we are better and holier than them. That insult should be a declaration of war because it is no Christian Charity. It is no love for God and no love for anyone, according to St. Augustine.

8. The Catholic solution.
     The Catholic Church has a solution for sodomy, homosexuality, lesbianism and other sexual perversions. St Peter Damian preached this solution during his time because the Pope and bishops during his time did not know the solution. 
     Today the Catholic Church is filled with sexual deviants from the highest office down to the seminarian. And no Catholic solution has been proposed. And yet the solution is there in the teachings of the Church.
     The bishops conference together with Pope Francis had been condemning Capital punishment. Of course, the Catholic Church has a solution to the worst case of criminality. But absolutely no one is presenting the Catholic solution. They simply make the irrational stand of condemning presidents. 
     Drug addiction is rampant around the world, from the US to the Philippines. There is a Catholic solution to drug addiction. It is easy and simple and takes only a short time. But no Catholic bishop, not even the Pope is presenting the Catholic solution. 
      Nobody seems to know the Catholic solution to human problems and yet this is the reason Christ became man; to give the world the solution to all the problems that will beset fallen human nature. Sadly, most men do not like the Catholic solution; not even Popes and bishops. 
      What worse chastisement can befall the world; with a Pope and most of the bishops ignorant of Catholic Doctrines. And a world population that do not want to hear Catholic solutions. Nothing worse can happen. Accepting migrants when local national problems have not been solved is an invitation  for  Divine Chastisement. A disaster. Anyone who do not obey Catholic not a Catholic. The Gospel on Monday after the Ascension reads; 'I have loved you. Continue in My love. If you keep My commandments, ye shall abide in My love.....and this is my commandment, that you love one another.' St. Thomas of Aquinas describe how we must love our neighbour. From his description, Pope Francis, Cardinal Tagle and most of the bishops love no one. Not even themselves. It is all hatred under the guise of false charity. This is no Catholicism.

Sunday, May 13, 2018


1. The important doctrine on Divine Providence. 
    The practice of unrestrained entrance of migrants into countries as proposed by Pope Francis and Cardinal Tagle in his recent address in the UN is against Catholic teachings. First, it goes against the very important dogma on Divine Providence. And secondly, it goes against the very important teaching on the theological virtue of Charity. 
     It is a rejection of the existence of God and a rejection of true love for neighbours. It is very bad attempt in promoting one's image and a serious double sin deserving of eternal damnation. 

2. The doctrine on Divine Providence.
     This doctrine is one of the basic foundational teaching of Christ upon which  the entire theology of the Catholic Church is built on. It is a long treatise explained by St. Thomas of Aquinas in Summa contra Gentiles and in the Summa 2a-2ae Prima Pars Q. 22. The explanation of Garrigou Lagrange is two inches thick. We will try to summarise it in a few line; anyway those who believe in open borders and unrestrained entrance of migrants are not really interested in Divine Providence nor in Charity. They are only interested in promoting themselves and destroying Christian civilisation.....or Christian souls to be more precise.

3. Divine Providence explained.
    Divine Providence is the belief that God created all things, controls all things  and directs all things towards their goal, the glory of God. Man cannot create anything, cannot control anything and cannot direct anything. He can only misdirect his goal to his own glory; which God permits for the damnation of his soul. 

     When God creates man, He places him in a perfect situation where everything around him is geared  towards the salvation of his soul. This is the Divine Providence of God. 
     Let's take an example. When God creates a Syrian, that man was created a Syrian because being such. increases his possibility of eternal salvation. If that Syrian would have a greater possibility of being saved as an American in New York, God would not create him a Syrian but instead an American in New York.  He is a Syrian because Divine Providence foresaw that his being saved is greatest as a Syrian rather than an American or a European. 
     If that Syrian migrates to Europe, he would be going against the Divine Providence of God and probably will lose his soul, because being a Syrian in Europe is not the ideal atmosphere for the salvation of his soul. But most migrants are not after the salvation of their souls so this would not make sense. We shall see the singular exception to his rule later.

4. How Divine Providence works.
    God wanted mankind to know how Divine Providence works and how we should flow with Divine Providence, the way a cork would follow with the flow of a stream. 
     To show how it works, first, He chose a people and called it His 'Chosen people.' Those who follow the flow of Divine Providence can truly be described as the 'Chosen People' of God because they are destined to be with God for all eternity in Heaven. 
     Secondly, after choosing a people, He puts them in the most ideal situation wherewith the souls of the 'chosen people' can easily be saved. 
     Thirdly,  God  separated his 'chosen' from the rest of their tribes. And ordered them not to associate with other tribes different from them since they were being ruled by Divine Providence. The rest of the world would be going against Divine Providence due to the 'fallen nature' of the human race. 
    Fourthly, He told them to stay in a particular place  and never to leave that place. There, in that ambiance, God would teach them how to swim with the flow of Divine Providence that will lead them to everlasting life in heaven. 
     It is only when they are in that ambiance will they be taught the details on how to save their souls. If they leave that specific place and go somewhere else, God will not teach them anything because they are out of the place which God had chosen to be the most conducive place to save their souls. 
     Remember, we are talking here about the salvation of souls and not about economic prosperity or physical enjoyments. 

5. Going to all places to preach.
     There is only one valid reason for migration, i.e. when the apostle have to go to all places in order to preach the Gospel, which is never the reason for most migrants. They migrate to do their own will not to abide with God's Will expressed in Divine Providence.
     The political move in encouraging migration proposed by Pope Francis and Cardinal Tagle goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church on Divine Providence. It is encouraging others to sin and, therefore, is likewise a sinful act for those who encourage it. Since it goes against a doctrine of the Catholic Church, both Pope Francis, Cardinal Tagle and others who hold the same error are guilty of heresy and, therefore, are not Catholics. 
       Many are proposing open borders. Soros, Macron, Trudeau, many bishops in imitation of Pope Francis, etc...Whether they are Catholics or not, they are obliged to obey the Divine Providence of God; and they are disobeying God thus are liable to condemnation. 
       On the other hand, one may migrate to another country where he feels he can be a better Catholic, like a Filipino may migrate to Meteora, Greece, if he feels he can be a better Catholic there. We have seen the only two valid reasons for immigration; both are for spiritual benefits for the soul. 

6. Pope Francis and Cardinal Tagle.
    Pope Francis had been pushing for open borders and unlimited reception of immigrants. It is an encouragement for people of one nation to leave the countries where God had placed them because their chances of being saved is greater there than anywhere else. For them to transfer to another nation minimises their chances to be saved because that is not God's Will but the following of their own will. 
     We have seen the two exceptions; for preachers to teach the Catholic Faith. And for souls to learn better the Catholic Faith.  
     Next, we shall show how this false philosophy is, also, against the great Catholic doctrine on love of neighbor, Charity.


Monday, May 07, 2018


 1. The five weeks after Easter.
     During the five weeks after Easter, Holy Mother the Church is fine-tuning the Life of Faith. She is perfecting our Faith. And Christ alone can do that as the Gospels show. He perfected the Faith of Thomas, of the apostles, the two disciples from Emmaus and at the end of Phillip and Andrew. 

     To attain everlasting life we must have the theological virtues, Faith, Hope and Charity. The theological virtues are the main structures of the Catholic Church. Everything else is built around and in between them.
     But before God bestows the theological virtues, keeping in mind that these virtues are gifts of God which no man can attain on his own, the person concerned must completely finish his Life of Repentance.
2. The Life of repentance.
     The life of repentance is for life. Even if a soul has finished his life of repentance by which he works for the forgiveness of all his past sins, though he has received from God the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity, he must continue his life of repentance overlapping with these virtues. Why? Because this is the only way he can sustain his spiritual journey through Faith, Hope and Charity. The life of repentance is his safeguard to maintain his momentum through the three theological virtues. 

3. Perfect Faith prerequisite for Charity.
     Perfect life of repentance must be attained before God bestows the theological virtue of Faith. Faith must be perfect before God bestows the theological virtue of Charity to the soul.
     How do we know that the Life of repentance has reached some degree of perfection? We do not commit our past sins again.  Though we may still commit many imperfections, for a just man still falls seven times a day.

4. Charity is needed for salvation.
     Faith is not enough for salvation. St. Thomas wrote that the devil has Faith but he trembles. Faith must be accompanied with good works. Martin Luther's heresy is that he believes one can be saved by Faith without good works. Good works is Charity. Faith and Charity must co-exist for a soul to be saved. 
     If Faith is not perfect, like if it is weak, it can still be easily lost due to a slight storm as what happened to the apostles in the boat. The danger of losing Faith is remote if it is accompanied by Charity. St Thomas wrote that though Faith must be perfected, Charity cannot be perfected here on earth; but only in heaven. 

5. The fine-tuning of Faith or the perfection of Faith.
    Though man can work in perfecting his life of repentance and this can be done in a very good monastic environment, Faith can only be perfect by Christ, Himself. This is clearly shown in all the Gospels of the five weeks after Easter preceding Ascension and Pentecost. No one can ascend to heaven and no one can receive the Holy Spirit and no one can be completely inside the Catholic Church without the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit will not descend on anyone whose Faith is not perfect. That is why Christ, Himself, is very intense in personally perfecting the Faith of the apostles. Nobody else can do this. 
     When Phillip asked Christ where He was going to go and what is the way, Christ showed that Phillip knew everything he has been taught but for a slight defect in his memory his Faith remained imperfect. Thus Christ corrects him, and teaches him to enable him to perfect his Faith. 
     Christ said; 'I am going to God and I am the Way.' I, Christ is God to whom I am going and I, Christ,  am, also, the way. And since you are seeing Me, therefore, you really know where I am going and you, also, know the say. So Phillip, you have no problem. You know the goal and the way but your Faith was imperfect so you forgot what you already know. Forgetfulness was what made Phillip's Faith imperfect. Forgetfulness was also the defect of the Faith of the two disciples from Emmaus and the defect of Thomas. And all they needed was a reminder to perfect their Faith.

6. The promise of the Holy Spirit.
    Christ did the reminding to the apostles who often forgot the teaching of Christ. Whenever the teachings of Christ are forgotten, this makes the Faith imperfect. In the 5 weeks after Easter, Christ did all the recalling and reminding to cure the forgetfulness. After the Ascension, Christ would send the Holy Spirit to keep the Faith of the Catholic Church perfect, as the Gospels wrote, ' the Holy Spirit will remind you of all that I have taught you.' Remind you.....!

     The perfecting or fine-tuning of one's Faith is the work of Christ and today is still the work of Christ but with the help of the Holy Spirit. Our cooperation is needed. Christ, during the 6th weekday of Easter reminds us that 'we must remain in the Love of God.' For Christ and the Holy Spirit to be able to continue to perfect our Faith we must, in our turn, continue to obey the commands of Christ as found in the New Testament. That is how we remain 'in the Love of God.'  Otherwise, God will not perfect our Faith. Without perfect Faith we cannot have Charity. Without Charity that Faith can easily be lost. And as a consequence we are still in danger of going to hell. 

7. State of the world - there is no Faith to perfect. 
    The person without Faith is open to the devil. Judas had no Faith. Up to the end he did not believe that Christ was the Messiah. Because of this Satan entered into him
     The world, especially most Catholics, do not have perfect Faith. They may have a little Faith; but that makes the devil having more Faith than most Catholics. Their Faith is so little that they can lose it just by the mere fact that the stock market goes down. Beside Christ prophesied that the world today will have no Faith because of the 'waxing of charity.' No Charity and one's Faith can easily be lost  very easily with the slightest temptation. And the world today is filled with temptations. 
     The sign of this weak Faith or even the absence of Faith is the prevailing ignorance of the teachings and commandments of Christ. Even Pope Francis does not know that adultery is a sin. He does not even know that receiving Holy Communion in mortal sin is not allowed because it is sacrilege. He does not even know that atheist go to hell precisely because they have no Faith. He does not even know that there is a hell. There is nothing to perfect or fine tune in the Faith of Pope Francis because there is nothing to perfect. And most of his close bishop and cardinal associates are in the same spiritual state. Like father like son.  
     And many bishops and priests are subscribing to this infidelity  prophesied by Blessed John Cardinal Newman in his article 'infidelity of the future.'

 8.  The theological virtues are the work of God.
     As the Liturgy showed, this perfecting and fine-tuning of Faith is the work of Christ and the Holy Spirit not by men in seminaries or theological schools. From the previous post where we described the signs and Marks of the true Catholic Church, we showed that most catholics, specially bishops and priests do not have perfect Faith by which we enter the Catholic Church. How do we know? They do not have the four visible signs and the 15 Marks of the true Catholic Church. These signs and Marks should appear if we have perfect Faith. 
     So what do we do. As we have suggested; as Christ said, go to your room and shut the door. Then study the teachings and commands of Christ as found in the New Testament and as interpreted by the Fathers of the Church. 
     Or to put it simply; go to your room within your soul. Lock the door of your mind to prevent distraction. Have a good table with a lamp and a comfortable chair (no mystical meaning here). Have a highlighting  pen made in Korea (it is easier to erase). Then get St. Thomas Aquinas'  'Catana Aurea's' commentary on the Gospel of St. Matthew (one Gospel is enough). Highlight especially the commandments of Christ.........and by the end of the Gospel of Matthew you will be very well on the way  to having Christ and the Holy Spirit perfecting your Faith. Now, you are ready  to receive the Holy Spirit. You do not have to attend those charismatic sessions where they do not even attain Faith. In you room, Christ will show you the why to all these because He promised; 'He will teach you all things and remind you of all I have taught you.' You will need nothing else. 
     This command of Christ is perfect for the Orthodox who still treasure the eremitical life and for the Chinese underground Catholics who must chose to disobey Pope Francis to be able to obey God. Go to your room, lock the door and perfect your Faith there. After all Christ said so. 

Saturday, May 05, 2018


 1. Entering the Catholic Church.
     There is no salvation outside the Church. So it becomes very important for us to know which is the true Church; and we must know the door through which we can enter the Church. 
     Here we see the importance of our past posts on the visible signs and the 15 Marks of the true Church. We have to be sure which is the true Church before we enter it. Have you wondered why there are so many souls in the wrong churches. 20,000 when we last counted the Protestant denomination. How could so many souls enter the wrong church. Because they did not ascertain that they were entering the true Church when they entered. 99% of the human race had committed that mistake. Even Catholics never checked if they entered the true Church when they entered, because they did not know how to check. Until now most bishops and priest do no know how to check which is the true Church shown by the fact that most bishops cannot prove that their diocese is Catholic and most priest cannot prove that their parish is Catholic. So most laymen cannot prove that they, themselves, are Catholics. 
      Everyone is just entering whatever open door they see. Even in the matter of immigration. Pope Francis is encouraging all nations to keep their doors open for all. No. The Catholic Church is very strict. The door of the Catholic Church is lock for everyone. Nobody entered unless they are led by the Good Shepherd who is Christ. And unless they enter through the only one gate and that is Christ, too. Anybody who tries to enter without following the Good Shepherd and without entering the only one approved door is condemned. 
     While the US, Poland, Hungary, Austria, etc are following this evangelical procedure knowing it is the best arrangement, Germany, Canada, France, Australia, the Philippines, etc are not following this wise evangelical procedure in governing the rules of entry. This is the strict rule of entry into the Catholic Church. That is why the Catholic Church has members who are only the best; the most Charitable, those who truly love God and neighbor. 

2. The Good Shepherd.
     Christ said; 'I am the Good Shepherd.'  Christ alone is the Good Shepherd. The Pope, the bishops and the priests are shepherds only if they are united to the Good Shepherd, Christ, and are commissioned by Christ to be shepherds. In spirituality, therefore, priests, bishops and the Pope must teach exactly the teachings of Christ with no changes. 
      St. Thomas commends; other persons must be one heart and one mind with Christ for them to qualify as other Good Shepherd. Otherwise, they are bad shepherds or thieves. 
      The Church  described this Gospel as Good Shepherd to differentiate it from bad shepherds. And Christ, precisely showed that there are Good Shepherds and there are bad shepherds; so of which thieves. 
       The Good Shepherd is distinguished by the fact that he will lay down his life for the sheep. While the hired hand will run away when the wolf comes;  while the thief is there to steal the sheep. 
       The Good Shepherd will continue to watch over the sheep, keeping the doctrines and moral of the sheepfold intact amidst persecutions, 
        The hired hand watches over the sheep fold but when heresies attack the sheepfold, the hired hand does not defend the fold but abandons it to heretical teachings. 
         The thief steals. Like Pope Francis who is getting the sheeps to join a left leaning philosophy of communism he has learned from being involved in liberation theology which is a communist leaning South American tendency. The catholics are being scattered due to the confusing errors of Pope Francis thus exposing them to be killed by the wolves. The bishops are even more pronouncedly scattered. 

3.My sheep knows me. 
   The sheep knows the voice of the shepherd. Many Catholics know the doctrines the shepherd was teaching before Vatican II. Now, they cannot recognise the voice of Pope Francis. His voice does not sound like the voice of past Popes; definitely it is not like the voice of Christ as heard from Scriptures and the writings of the Fathers. St.Thomas wrote that the voice of the shepherd must be identical to the sound of the voice of Christ as it sounds in Scriptures and the writings of the Fathers. It must be the same doctrines and morals. But it is not. It sounds more like the voice of a bad shepherd, the voice of a thief who wants to steal and kill souls.