Friday, April 27, 2018

The 15th and last Mark of the true Catholic Church - Temporal happiness.

 1. Temporal happiness, divinely conferred upon those who defend the Church, followed by everlasting happiness with God. St. Robert Bellarmine, Jesuit and Doctor of the Church, who was the main resource author used by Vatican II in making the Vatican document on the constitution of the Catholic Church, 'Lumen Gentium.' The council could not complete the document due to ignorance of ecclesiology. They finished the document years after Vatican II and yet it remains incomplete because they could not describe how the Catholic Church should look like. They based the document on the works of St. Bellarmine but they did not see that what they were looking for was in 'de controversies.' They did not see it because the treatise was still in Latin and most of the fathers of the council no longer knew latin. Fortunately it was translated recently by, seemingly, a laymen; not by a priest, bishop, cardinal or a Jesuit. No wonder priests, bishops, cardinals and Jesuits did not know they did not have any of the Marks of the true Catholic Church. 

2. The opposites.
    While the 14th Mark of the true Church is that anybody who opposes her would have a horrible death and eternal condemnation, the 15th Mark is that anybody who defends her will be divinely conferred with temporal happiness in this life and everlasting happiness in the next. 
     St. Robert wrote; catholic princes have never so adhered to God from the heart as when they easily triumph over the enemy. In the first place, the victories in the Old Testament of Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Samuel,David, Hezechiah, Josiah, and the Maccabees are known.
     In the New Testament, Constantine, who was the first among the emperors to defend the Church in that he conquered Maxentius in almost the same way as Moses did Pharaoh. Augustine adds; the emperor Constantine was filled with so many earthly rewards, that no one is heard to desire the like, not by praying to demons, but worshipping the true God. 
     One Augustus had and defended the whole Roman world and the Church. He was most victorious in administration and waging war. He succeeded above all in overthrowing tyrants. 
     On Theodosius the Elder, St. Augustine also wrote that he was truly Catholic and pious, so much so that he fortuitously succeeded in everything, even in battle, the weapons of the enemies would fall back upon their authors with God's aid.  Theodore adds that the apostles, Sts. John and Philip, appeared on white horses in the same battle fighting for the emperor Theodosius.

3. More recently.
    In the year 1531, five battles began for the Catholic faith in Switzerland with Swiss heretics, and the Catholics always conquered although they were inferior in number and arms. 

4. Today.
     We are experiencing a great battle going on; it is a battle for the Faith of man. All men are being made to make a stand; whether to fight for or against the Church. And battle lines are being drawn. No one may be neutral. No one is allowed to just stand and watch. You are either for Me or against Me, Christ said. Everyone, from Pope Francis down to the laymen are being made to choose. Sadly, Pope Francis and the Vatican bureaucracy are on the side of those opposing the Church. 
      The main problem in the world today is that the world is very unhappy for very obvious reasons. Happy persons are rare. Why? Because most are opposing the true Church while very few are fighting to defend her. It is the Church against the whole world; and most of the seeming members of the Church are on the side of the world. While a very small portion of the Church.....those who really have the Blessed Trinity abiding in them are making a brave stand. 
      The news around the world shows the overwhelming imbalance in the battle on the side of those opposing the Church. But the rewards for those who are defending the Church are, also, obvious. The battle is going on and rewards for the defenders are already being distributed and the punishment for those who are opposing are already being imposed. It is the Battle of Lepanto all over again. The out numbered Christian forces under the banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the vision of the enemies being routed and the forces of good winning. The outcome of the battle is still just in a vision and not yet in reality. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

The 14th Mark of the true Church - The Unhappy exit, end or death of those who oppose the Church.

 1. Why will those who oppose the Church have an unhappy end?
     When Saul was on his way to Damascus to persecute the Christians there, light struck him down and he heard a voice saying; ' Saul, Saul. Why does thou persecutest Me?' And when Saul asked; 'who are you, Lord. Jesus answered;' It is I whom thou persecutest.
      Whatever evil you do to the true Catholic Church, you do it to Christ. Whatever good you do to the true Catholic Church, you do it to Christ. Just by being on the side of the Church can save a soul. If you are on the side of the 'dubia' cardinals, because that is to be in the side of Christ, that, alone can save a soul. On the other hand, just to be on the side of 'amores laetitia' even if you have not committed adultery can condemn your soul. Christ said; 'you are either for Me or against Me.'

2. In an age where we do not know where is the Church.
     We have described the present situation; that most people, because they do not know how to recognise the Catholic Church is liable to go more against the Church rather than side with the Church because the possibility is greater that a man is a sinner rather than a saint, and birds of the same feather flock together. 
     To lie, to falsely accuse, to cheat, the speak ill, to bring unjustly to court, to do anything to the detriment of the Church even to expose its secret sins.....every sin that is committed against the true Church is a sin against Christ because the Church is the Mystical Body of Christ.

3. The unhappy death of those who oppose the Church.
     Although God punishes them and scourges them, nevertheless at length he cast the chaff into the fire. Thus St. Robert Bellarmine, continues in his 'de controversies' on the miserable dying moments of those who oppose Christ's community, the Church.  Pharaoh was the persecutor of the Church. Dathan and Abiron the first schismatics.  Jezebel, Antiochus and Pilate who killed himself as Eusebius writes. 
     The slaughter of the Jews, Herod the Great who died gushing out worms since he had first killed his wife and then his sons.  Herod the Tetrach, Josephus adds that he lost his kingdom and was relegated to perpetual tilt where he lived most miserably.  Nero, Domitian killed, either by themselves or by others, or certainly perished miserably.
     Trajan was struck with a dreadful paralysis and together with that died from dropsy. Diocletian gave up his empire on account of resentment, that he could not destroy Christians. Maximianus and Maximinus were struck with such dreadful sufferings that even the heathen doctors said it was a divine plaque. Maxentius perished in a river and left behind a bloodless victory to Constantine.
     Then comes  the heresiarchs and Apostates. Simon Magus., when he wished to fly, was knocked down by the prayers of St. Peter, broke his legs and shortly after died with supreme ignominy. Manes was flayed alive by the King of Persia, not on account of Faith, but because while trying to heal the son of the king he killed him.
     Montanus, Theodotus and their prophetesses killed themselves by their own snares. The Donatist indeed threw the Eucharist to dogs and were torn by the same dogs. Arius wished to enter into a Church, but after a sudden movement of his stomach he went to the public toilets, and together with excrement all his intestines and his soul poured out, 
     Julian the Apostate was killed by divine retribution and lacked even a common burial. The Arian Valens, who succeeded in the persecution of Julian was burned alive by the Goths who were also Arians. Nestorius miserably died with his impious tongue consumed by worms.  Hunericus the king of the Vandals, an Arian and persecutor of the Church, was consumed with worms gushing through his whole body. 
     The emperor Anastasius, the patron of the Monophysite H
heretics, was struck by lightning and died. Martin Luther was taken up by a sudden death. For though he was happy and healthy and took up a splendid and rich supper in the evening, challenging all to a laugh with his jokes, nevertheless he dies the same night.
     Zwingli was cut down in war against Catholics and a little after, his spiritual brother Oecolampadius of Basel, although he had gone to bed healthy in the evening, was discovered dead in his bed in the morning by his wife.

4. Whatever you do to the members of the Catholic Church you did it to Christ. If you have done evil, the punishment will be greater; if you have done good, great will be the reward. 
     Since most men are sinners and since it is impossible for most men to know which is the true Church, most men will tend to do evil to the Catholic Church. So great will be their punishment and most awful will their place be in hell. 
5. Those who oppose the Church today.
     Almost every body is opposing the Church today, exactly as prophesied on Holy Thursday. All pagan religions and Protestant sects are opposing the Church. Governments are opposing the Church. Pope Francis, many of the bishops, priests, nuns and laymen are opposing the true Church. Because they do not know the teachings of the Catholic Church, they do not know what are the visible signs of the true Church and wallowing in their ignorance they think that what they are doing is doing God a favour.....just as the Israelite of old thought when they crucified Christ
     Pope Francis' maltreatment of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, the Heralds of the Gospel, and the priestly society of the Holy Family are acts by which he is opposing what he does not realize is the Church. His firing of good bishops like Burke and Livieres, his silencing of those who remind him of his heretical tendencies  and at the closing of seminaries because they are too traditional. The closing of monasteries like Mariavald just because they are too orthodox, the closing of nunneries just because they want to return to their old religious habit, are evident acts of opposition towards what is evidently Catholic. His repudiation of Catholic doctrines like the teachings on Matrimony and the Eucharist. His encouragement of sinful teachings like homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism and heretical doctrines like liberalism, indifferentism and modernism.....shows his great opposition against the Catholic Church. It would seem that he is all out to destroy the Catholic Church the way a 'dictator' would ruin his own country. 
     Many are going to heaven because of an inadvertent good act they have done unknowingly to the Catholic Church. Many are going to hell because of an evil act they have done without knowing they had done it to the Church. Both acts are still with full knowledge and consent. But those going to hell  made the mistake in not checking before hand if their sin was done to the Catholic Church. Their sin is that they were careless; they did not check. Well we are now in the 14th sign. We should check before we think, speak or act. Pope Francis should have known that the Franciscans of the Immaculate were more Catholic than the Jesuits. Check it out using the 14 Marks. We have still one more Mark to go. 


Thursday, April 19, 2018

The 13th Mark of the Catholic Church - The Confession of the Adversaries.

 1. The Confession of our Adversaries.
     Truly, the force of truth is so great, that it even compels our adversaries to give testimony to it now and again.  Now, no Catholics have ever been found to have praised or approved the doctrine or the life of any of the heathen, or the heretics. Indeed we know there is only one true Faith, and without it, there is no true justice. Though Pope Francis had praised adulterers, Protestants, atheist, Pagans, Jews and transgenders ..showing he is an admirer who is praising errors and not an adversary that is praising the true Church. 
     The Catholic who praise or approve the doctrine or the life of heathen, pagans, heretics, homos, lesbians, transgenders, Jews, communists and heretics is not a Catholic because Catholics never do that. Catholics are hated because by their mere observance of the true teachings of the Catholic Church they condemn the errors of those who are not Catholics. 
     Justice is what impress non Catholics with regard to the Catholic Church. And while Pope Francis is the only Catholic known to praise and approve the teachings of Martin Luther and such as those theologians with heretical tendencies who preach mercy without its foundation of Justice, shows he is not a Catholic and is, obviously, on the other side of the fence. 

2. The pagans have many testimonies of the truth of the Catholic Church. 
     Pagans had always praised the Catholic community with; 'see how they love one another.' The martyrs had impressed their executioners in their willingness to die for the Faith. Pliny, the younger, noticed that Christians detest every vice and live in a most holy manner. They rise in the hours before dawn to sing praises to Christ. Tertullian noticed how pagans would condemn Christians without a hearing because they could not find any evil in them. 
     The best emperors and heads of state always favoured the Christians while those who persecute the Christians have been the worst emperors even by the heathen themselves as Nero and Domitian. Even so today. 
     Philo wrote a distinguished book on the praises of those Christians, who were living in Egypt under Mark the Evangelist. St. Bonaventure also records that the Sultan of Egypt, although  Muslim, held St. Francis in the highest honour and reverence although he knew that he was Christian and Catholic. 
     The same can be said concerning the heretics. For St Gregory writes that St. Benedict, a Catholic, was held in such great honour by Total  an Arian king, that he called him a true servant of God and a prophet.
     Even Luther when he had already become a heretic, wrote thus against the Anbabaptists, who rejected in hatred of the Pope the baptism of infants; 'We affirm, that there are many good Christians under the papacy, nay more that every good Christian even from there comes down to us. By all means we affirm in the papacy there are the true holy Scriptures, true baptism, true sacraments of the altar, true keys for the remission of sins, the true office of preaching, true catechesis, as are the Lord's prayer, the Ten commandments and articles of Faith. There is true christianity under the papacy, the true centre of Christianity.
     Calvin calls St. Bernard a pious writer. Melanchton, in his defence of the Augsburg confession, calls Bernard, Dominic and Francis saints, which Luther also did in his book on the need to abrogate the Mass, near the end. 

3. On the other hand, Pope Francis is not praised by any theologian in good standing. And neither is he praised for the orthodoxy of his teachings. He is praised for his heresies. 
     Pope Francis, who does not have the four visible signs and the 15 Marks of the true Church is praised exclusively by those who, also, do not have the four visible signs nor the 15 Marks of the true Church.  The adversaries of the true Catholic Church are all praises for for the heresies of Pope Francis; the homos, the lesbians, the sodomists, the communist, the atheists, the transgenders, the deniers of the true presence in the Holy Eucharist, the Jews and the worldly world whose prince is Satan.....and many of the Jesuits. Because Pope Francis is encouraging them to continue in their sins. They praise the errors of Pope Francis which proves the FrancisChurch is not the Church.  The adversaries are not praising the goodness in the true Church. The adversaries are praising the evil in what is not the true Church.
     The VaticanChurch under the Papacy of Pope Francis does not have the 15 Marks of the true Church of Christ, according to the Doctor of the Church, St. Robert Bellarmine, Jesuit. And the FrancisChurch is loved by the adversaries of the Church while they  hate the teachings of the true Church as taught in the Council of Trent.  

4. Therefore,
     We do not see the true Church confessing the true doctrines of the true Church nor the adversaries confessing the true Church. What we see is the true Church defending its truth against the FrancisChurch and the enemies of the Church praising the errors of the FrancisChurch. Definitely the  post Vatican II FrancisChurch, because no heretic is praising its truths and no decent Catholic is praising its truths is probably because the FrancisChurch is not the true Church. What we have are good Catholics refuting the erroneous teachings of the Francis and the adversaries of the true Church embracing and preaching the errors of the FrancisChurch. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The 12th Mark of the true Catholic Church. The light of Prophecy.

 1. Proofs of authenticity.
     The Catholic Church alone can prove that she is the true religion believing in the only one true God. The proofs are from natural and supernatural proofs. The natural proofs are available to everyone. The supernatural proofs are available only to Catholics who have Faith. Catholics without Faith cannot prove anything; in fact, they are not even Catholics. 
     All others, Protestants, pagans and bad Catholics, have no proofs that they belong to the true religion or Church; not natural nor scientific proofs, and definitely no supernatural proofs.
     Protestants, pagans and bad Catholics should at least present natural proofs, like Philosophy, to try and  prove that they have the true religion. Except that Philosophy, instead, proves that theirs is a false religion. Up to the present, no Protestant sect, pagan sect or bad Catholic had even attempted to prove that they have the true religion, the true Church and the true God. 
     The problem is that neither can the VaticanChurch headed by Pope Francis can prove that their church, their god and their religion is the true one. 
      We have been using the infallible visible signs of the true Church, true God and true religion as taken from the primitive Nicene-Constantinople Creed stating that she should be One, Holy, Catholic and  Apostolic. The 15 Marks mentioned by St. Robert Belarmine is an expanded version of these four visible Marks. 

2. The 12th Mark is the Light of Prophecy.
     Just as Christ promised in the last chapter of Mark the gift of miracles, so also does He promise the gift of prophecy, by means of Peter  in acts explaining the second chapter of Joel, which certainly is the greatest. Since it is certain, that no man can know the contingencies of things to come except for God; 'Announce what is coming in the future, and we will know that you are gods.'

3. No prophecies among the heathen and the heretics. 
     The world is filled with prophets uttering prophecies, because there will be many false prophets. 
     There are no true prophets and prophecies but many false ones among the heathen and the heretics. Unless by chance it came about in testimony of the true Faith as were the prophecies of the Sybills and Balaam.
      The prophecies of the heathen and heretics are ambiguous when Apollo in reality didn't know what might happen or they preached what the demons were about to do; or those things which were beginning to come about they announced to the ignorant as things to come; or at length they preached those things which happen from natural causes unknown to us; that is by those things according to a greater subtlety of nature. 
     In the New Testament period, at one time there was a man named Montanus, who wanted to be viewed as a prophet with two prophetesses Prisca and Maximilla, and they preached wars, and I do not know what other things to come; but the contrary happened as the historian Eusebius records. 
     Luther, whom the Lutherans resolutely call the apostle of Germany, predicted it would come to pass that if he preached his doctrine for another two years, the Pope, cardinals, bishops, monks, nuns, bell towers, the Mass, etc. would all vanish, and nevertheless he preached after that not two, but nearly twenty two year; he died in the year 1546, and nevertheless the Pope, cardinals, bishops, monks, etc. did not vanish. 
     Cochleaus relates further that Lutheran prophets constantly asserted, that every  year the day of the last judgment was coming. Nevertheless these were discovered to be lies. 

4. In the Catholic Church. 
     Besides the prophets of the old testament and those who were in the first five centuries from the coming of Christ, there were even true prophets and monks attached to the Catholic Church in latter ages when, according to the Lutherans, the Church had perished, St. Gregory writes thus about St. Benedict; 'Benedict reproved the king for his conduct, and he also foretold in a few words all the things which were going to happen; 'You do many wicked things, you have done many wicked things, now you rest for a time from iniquity. Indeed you will go to Rome, going across the sea, reigning for nine years, then you will die in the tenth.'
     St. Bernard told a nobleman regarding his son; ' Fear not, I will bury him a real monk here in Clairvaux.' That was many prophecies in just one statement. Indeed, the son became a monk, he persevered in the monastic order until death and piously and uprightly was going to finish his last day before Bernard himself, and in Clairvaux, as well as that he would be buried by the hands of Bernard himself. All prophecies were fulfilled. 
     St Bonaventure wrote that St. Francis warned a Christian army not to go into battle on a certain day. But they did and were completely slaughtered. 

5. Miracles and prophecies.
     Just as miracles must be those that God alone can do; prophecies must be knowledge on Divine Providence that can come from God alone. First, the knowledge is such that it can come from God alone. And secondly, the knowledge is part of Divine Providence, i.e. it must be part of the plan of salvation and not just any arbitrary piece of knowledge. 
     The main body of Catholic prophecies are statements regarding the 'Will of God.' This will often come in the form of the commandments of Christ and dogmas of the Faith. Prophets foretold future events as 'Wills of God.' So a true prophecy must be in accordance to the 'Will of God' as expressed in Scriptures and interpreted by the Fathers of the Church. 
     The entire Old and New Testament are books of prophecies. Each line have an eschatological meaning foretelling the future. This our present time under the Papacy of Pope Francis had been prophesied on Good Friday. All can be read in Scriptures and interpreted by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. 
      St.Thomas of Aquinas has many descriptions of future events (prophecies) concerning both the state of the Church and the Papacy in his commentary on the Gospel (Catena Aurea.) They are future events and yet they are commentaries on the words of the Gospel, showing that all prophecies must conform to the Gospel. 
     When Pope Benedict was asked what was the content of the secret of Fatima, he answered; 'all of it is found in Scriptures.' Any prophecy that does not conform with Scriptures is a false prophecy from a false prophet. 

6. False prophecies.
    St. Thomas reminds us that Scriptures warned us of false prophets and there are many today. The Charismatic movement is filled with false prophets and St. Thomas enumerates the many sources of false prophecies in Secunda secundae. Humans used by the devil are the most common. The anti-christ will prophecy. Humans can give vague statements that whatever happens seems to refer to prophecies like most of the documents of Vatican II. False teachers and false prophets will abound these days. 
     False prophets might even say true prophecies as in the case of Balaam who prophesied the virgin birth. Only the true Church of Christ with the visible signs have the light of prophecy, i.e. they are filled with prophecies and all their prophecies are true as described by St. Thomas in his IIa-IIae. 

7. Aid to discerning prophecies. 
     A good knowledge of the teachings of Christ, the Fathers and the Doctors of the Church  is the only guarantee we need to discern true from false prophets. After all Balaam gave true prophecies about the virgin birth. But he could not incorporate the virgin birth prophecy to Divine Providence. 

8 The present VaticanChurch and prophecies. 
     The VaticanChurch under Pope Francis blurts out statements from Chinese fortune cookies and calls it prophesies. Well, they are just cookies.
      The VaticanChurch of Pope Francis has had no true prophecy; even in the general sense of proposing the 'will of God' in the form of dogmas and morals. The present preachings of VaticanChurch are in fact mostly against the dogmas and morals of Scriptures. It cannot give hints on future events called eschatology. The Vatican bureaucracy does not even know that the evil prophecies in Scriptures refer to them today. 
     They cannot explain what is happening today nor described future events regarding the Church and the Papacy. While St. Thomas of Aquinas, in his Gospel commentary, had already described everything that is going on in the Church and in the Papacy today. He described how the Church looks like in these difficult times. He described how the true Pope would look like today, who will persecute the true Church, how the bishop will be acting and how the Catholic Church will look like in these trying days, and what will be the state of the Papacy. 
     That is true Catholic is a light for the Church to see what is going to happen ahead, so Catholics  can prepare themselves for what is to come. Prophecies about future events is in order for souls to prepare themselves for the coming judgment of God by preparing themselves to 'do the will of God.'


Friday, April 13, 2018

11th Mark of the true Church - The Glory of Miracles.

 1. The glory of Miracles.
     True miracles are present, only in the true Catholic Church. It cannot be present in other sects. Here, we speak of true miracles. A miracle is so called because it is above the strength of every creature and therefore is miraculous to all creatures and they are called the testimonies of God. God, cannot be a witness to a lie therefore what is confirmed by a miracle must be true.
     As used to confirm the holiness of a saint, miracles happen to show the glory of some saint. Those miracles how that such a man was truly holy. And no man may be truly be holy without true Faith. Thus the presence of Faith and miracles must go together. No Faith, no miracles and vice versa. 
     Thus true Faith and miracles are not found among the heathen, Turks, Jews and heretics writes St. Robert Bellarmine. True miracles are signs of the true Church because only the true God can perform miracles, usually to confirm the holiness of a church or a saint. And the miracles and the saint must both be within the Church, thus true miracles are possible only in the true Catholic Church. 
      The only characteristic of a miracles is that it can only be done by God within the true Church and, therefore, the miracle must confirm the teachings of the Gospel. Anything that is not according to this teaching is not a miracle.

2. St. Robert Bellarmine describes all other sects and those who pretend to be religions as completely without miracles as so defined. These religions, by false prophets and heretics,  cannot present any miracle as defined above. St. Bellarmine mentioned Simon Magus, the Manichees, Cyrol, Eunomisnus, the Monothelite Plychronius, the Donatist, Martin Luther, and other pretenders. 
     Then St. Robert Bellarmine presented the miracles performed by God within the Catholic Church every century up to his times;  like the miracles of St. Francis of Paul and Francis Xavier.

3. St. Augustine wrote;
    'he is maintained in the Church by the bonds of miracles.' Even Richard of St. Victor dares to say; 'O Lord, if we believe something that is an error, we are deceived by you; for these have been confirmed among us by signs and miracles, which could not be done except by you.' True miracles confirm the Gospels. On the other hand those who overturn the gospel confirm idolatry. 

4. Who can fake miracles.
     First, the devil. The  devil can imitate miracles. He imitates the healing of sickness by producing symptoms of certain illnesses and then by simply removing the symptoms to fake cure. The devil can pretend possession and then pretend he has left the soul to make his own cohort popular as an exorcist. The devil knows the past and can pretend knowledge of a person's past. He can guess the future through natural signs and pretend he knows the future like God. The devil can almost imitate all of God's qualities but they are not God's qualities. 
     Second, the anti-christ can perform signs and great wonders. The anti-christ works hand in hand with the devil; but since he is a man his showing of devilish powers makes him work apparent wonders. But all his works are lies, says the apostle. So we can see the anti-christ bring down fire from heaven and make the image of a beast speak.  But they are illusions.
     Thirdly, there are magicians who with tricks can seem to work wonders. 

5. The City of God.
    St. Augustine makes the most of the true miracles as is clear from the City of God, where he brings in great miracles against the pagans, made by relics of the saints, especially of Stephen the first Martyr. He showed how the Manichees admitted miracles but denied Scriptures. 
     Miracles make Faith credible; but  the true Church must declare that a miracle happened. So the Church must first prove it is the true Church before we can believe that its declaration of a miracle is valid. 

6. The miracles of post Vatican II saints.
     There is a great suspicion that the VaticanChurch headed by Pope Francis is not the true Church. If it is not, then it cannot have Faith; and this is, also, the great suspicion basing all things on the right definitions of the true Church and the definition of Faith. The unanswered 'dubia' is just one proof of this existing situation. Therefore, the canonisations of the present VaticanChurch is invalid because the miracles required for canonisation are not fulfilled; because true miracles cannot exist in a church that cannot prove itself to have Faith. 
      Thus, it all comes down to this; that the present VaticanChurch of Pope Francis does not have the 'Glory of Miracles.' Because the purported miracles attributed to Pope Francis and most of the candidates for canonisation, either, can easily be duplicated by the devil as shown above or not accompanied by the proven presence of the theological virtue of Faith. 

7. The persons canonized by the VaticanChurch of Pope Francis could really be saints through whom God had performed miracles for their glorification.  But, since the present VaticanChurch of Pope Francis had abolished the former valid way of canonisation which uses the right definition of miracle, the Catholic world have no proofs that the miracles are genuine and, therefore, no proof that the canonized saints are truly holy people. We believe that John Paul II is a saint through our personal efforts and not because it was officially declared by the VaticanChurch because the Congregation has not given convincing proofs of their Faith and their miracles. 
     Even the requirement that accompanies miracles, i.e. the presence of Faith has remained unproven. In fact, most of the present VaticanChurch cannot prove that they have the four visible signs of the true Catholic Church, in which case they cannot prove that they have the theological virtue of Faith that should accompany true miracles. So we have a situation where the eleventh Mark of the true Church is not present in the present VaticanChurch of Pope Francis. The burden of proof should come from the Vatican since they are the ones who are referring to themselves to be the true Church. 


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

10th Mark of the true Catholic Church - The Holiness of Authors.

 1. The 10th Mark of the true Church according to St. Robert Bellarmine is the Holiness of the Authors.
     As we have mentioned before, there are many ways by which we can discern the true Church established by Christ. Some ways are spiritual; these are not available to all but only to those who have Faith. But God saw to it that there are visible says by which the true Church can be recognised; and the Nicene Creed enumerates these four visible signs as One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. There are no other visible ways of recognising the true Church and the true members of that Church. 
2. To recognise the true Church through these signs is so important that almost all the Fathers and Doctors of the Church wrote on them. The constitution on Ecclesiology 'Lumen Gentium' was totally  based on the ecclesiology of the Jesuit Doctor of the Church, St. Robert Bellarmine. But the document missed the most important writing of St. Robert 'de controversies' which contained the treatise on the 15 Marks of the true Church.
     This treatise is an expansion of the four visible signs of the true Church mentioned in the Nicene Creed. It is the only official way by which the true Catholic Church and a true Catholic can be recognised. 
     And this blog had been encouraging all Catholics to check and ascertain if they are truly Catholics by applying these 15 Marks on themselves, on their parish, on their diocese and on the Pope and find out if we are truly inside the Catholic Church. 

3. Who are inside the Catholic Church.
     There are souls that are just inside the door step of the Catholic Church. These are described by Scriptures as 'weak of Faith.' And there are those with strong Faith, like the Syro-Phoenician woman. Christ would describe such as 'your faith has saved you. That is the Faith that saves. 
     Those who have Faith are inside the Catholic Church. But you can go more inside the Church by having the virtue of Hope. And you are completely inside the Church when you have the virtue of Charity. 

4. Canonization of saints.
    To canonize a person it must be proven beyond doubt that he possesses the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. It must be proven that he is very much inside the Catholic Church and not only at the door steps. It must be proven that he has the eight Beatitudes or the twelve degrees of humility according to St. Augustine and Thomas of Aquinas. It must be proven that he has the Blessed Trinity abiding in him. He must have put into practice the entire spirituality of the entire Liturgical Year. 
     All these necessary proofs are absent in the ones canonized by Pope Francis. Though some of them are evidently saints, the Congregation had not proven their case. Pope John Paul II is evidently a saint, using one's personal criterion. But the Vatican Congregation on Canonization had not proven exhaustively that he is a saint; and this goes with the rest of the other saints canonized by Pope Francis. The Congregation had not presented convincing proofs of their holiness. 

5. The 10th  Mark is the Holiness of the authors who explained or interpreted the teaching of Christ. Remember, these authors had not presented any new or additional doctrines. They, merely, interpreted the very teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the New Testament. 
     St. Robert Bellarmine described these authors as the first Fathers of our religion. These first Fathers are the first bishops and first theologians of the primitive Catholic Church that lived up to the year 600 AD. After that era, writers similar to them were referred to as Doctors of the Church, like St. Thomas of Aquinas, St. Alphonsus Liguori and St. Robert Bellarmine. 
     St. Robert enumerates the writers that explained the teachings of the Catholic Church and, though there was no Congregation for the Canonization of saints during their time, they fulfilled the necessary norms for sanctity; namely, they are proven Catholics, they had the moral virtues, the three theological virtues, they practiced the Beatitudes, the 12 degrees of humility and their cult is supported by the 'sensus fidelium.' 
     The saints canonised by the bureaucracy of Pope Francis do not have any of the above. Their canonisation is because of the caprice of the Vatican. 

6. Post Vatican II authors
    The truths presented by the present VaticanChurch are taken from such authors as Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawkings, Teilhard de Chardin, Karl Rahner, Cardinal Kasper, Jorge Bergoglio, Cardinal Maradiaga, Hunnerman, Liberation theology, Che Guevara, Karl Marx, Martin Luther, the school of Bologna.....etc. All are heretics. So evidently the present post -Vatican II church propagated by Pope Francis,  many Synod of Bishops, and many, many priest,  propagated by the Jesuits and  many ecclesial communities is not the true Catholic Church because they do not have this 10th Mark of the true Catholic Church. 

Saturday, April 07, 2018

9th Mark of the true Church. Efficacy of doctrine.

 1. It works.
      The teachings of the Catholic Church works. It is the only thing in the world that works. Everything else does not work, except that men often deceive themselves into believing that man-made solution works. Catholic teachings are God's solution to human problems. It always work. 
     St. Robert Bellarmine expanded the four visible Marks of the Church mentioned in the Creed, into 15 which gives us, more specifically, a true picture of the true Church.

2. The doctrines and teachings of the true Catholic Church answers very clearly all questions, it solves all problems, it analyses all situations, it resolves conflicts.....there is nothing that the teachings of the Catholic Church cannot answer. Christ, precisely, instituted this Church to help man get all the answers to his questions. 
     The world would have been a better place if it used the Catholic Church's answer to all questions and problems. Gilbert Chesterton, fame British writer and an Anglican convert to Catholicism mentioned the fact that the reason he became a Catholic is because the Catholic Church has the most convincing procedure in the process of having our past sins forgiven. The procedures of other groups are not convincing at all. 

3. St. Robert Bellarmine described the 9th Mark as the efficacy of Doctrine. Only the true Church has doctrine that is not only immaculate, but even convert souls, as is said. A living sermon penetrating even to the divisions of the soul and spirit. 
      The voice of true Catholic preachers are living words. Other speakers do not have living words but mere the spirit of men. Thus only the words of the true Catholic move souls to conversion. While others use  terror and war to force others to convert. 

4. The Catholic Church converts in preaching its teachings. Pagans convert by force or war. While Protestant convert, not pagans to their sect but Catholics into Protestantism. Tertulian wrote; 'why should I speak on the chat of their ministry? Since it is their business not to convert the heathen, but overturn Catholics, they undermine our side and build up their own from the conversion of our own members to their own. 
    The Arian emperor did not convert pagans to Arianism but miserably deceived Catholics into becoming Arians. 

5. A few examples.
    The Catholic Church, alone, has the formula to happiness. It is described in the 8 Beatitudes and explained in detail by the Fathers of the Church. Nobody, no religion, no christian sect have the formula to happiness. The so-called christian denomination know Scriptures but they cannot explain properly the 8 Beatitudes and, therefore, are unable to attain the beginnings of happiness here on earth. The saints were happy here on earth. Every full pledge Catholic should be happy; so there should be no broken families in the Church because the beginnings of happiness here on earth begins in the family. But many Catholic families are unhappy. Why? We shall answer it momentarily. 
     The Catholic Church alone has the answer to the problem of drug addiction. Even the US which is the riches nation, cannot discover a solution to drug addiction. The solution is in the spirituality of repentance according to the New Testament. How come a Catholic nation like the Philippines cannot solve its drug problem? The answer in a moment. 
     The Catholic Church, alone, knows the way  to heaven. It is clearly described in the one year celebration of the Liturgy of the Mass. Anyone who puts into practice the way to save one's soul as described in the Liturgy, he can be assured that even before he dies he can be certain he is saved. How come most Catholic are panicking when they are about to die? Because they do not know where they are going when they expire. 

6. So why?
    Though the Catholic Church alone has the efficacious way to be happy here on earth, bishops, priests, nuns and many lay men are unhappy. Why? Because the Pope, the bishops and the priests who are supposed to teach the way to happiness do not know the way. They are ignorant of the teachings of the Catholic Church.
     Why can't Catholic nations like the Philippines solve its drug problem in the Catholic way? Because the Catholic bishops and priest do not know the Catholic solution to the drug problem. In their ignorance, they have to settle in criticising the natural but sound solutions of the President of the country in the only way he knows how to solve it. 
     Why did the apparition in Fatima say that many bishops and priests are going to hell? Because many priests, bishops and probably Pope Francis do not know the way to heaven which is described in the New Testament and clearly explained by the Fathers of the Church. 

7. Non-efficacious teaching vs efficacious Catholic doctrine.
    A big debate is occurring right now with regards with 'Amores laetitia,' where Pope Francis is allowing husbands who have left their wives and children, to remarry another wife, bring up new children and receive Holy Communion. That is not the right solution to the problem of marriage. That is the way to hell........for those who want to go there. This solution does not lead to happiness nor to salvation. It leads to damnation and great unhappiness
     The Catholic solution to such family problem is chastity. It does not work? No. It works. Except nobody wants to try it. This efficacious solution to the problem of marriage is still the teaching of the true Catholic Church except that we cannot find the Church because we do not know the 15 Marks by which we can recognise the true Church of Jesus Christ. So, now we have the 9th Mark of the true Catholic Church. With these 9 Marks we can already find the true Church. Definitely it is not in the VaticanChurch of Pope Francis who had just given this non-efficacious solution to family problems. 

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

8th Mark of the Catholic Church - Holiness of Doctrine.

 1. Holiness of Doctrine.
     What makes doctrines holy? Of course, those doctrines that can make someone a saint. No one can discern holiness in doctrine except those who have the supernatural and theological virtue of Faith. So most Catholics cannot detect if doctrines are holy or if some doctrines can make a person a saint. We are treading in the supernatural level, a level exclusively the territory of those who are truly Catholic having the theological virtue of Faith.
     But it is possible to detect some signs of holiness. Even in everyday life we can feel if a person is very good or if he is evil. There is, in fact, what we call natural theology. This is the aspect of supernatural theology that can be discerned in the natural level. Miracles belong to this category. It is a supernatural event but it falls within the scope of the senses. 

2. Indeed, the true Church is not only Catholic, Apostolic and one; but also Holy, as the creed of the first council of Constantinople holds. It is certain that the Church is called 'holy' because her profession is holy, containing nothing false with respect to doctrine, and nothing unjust with respect to  doctrine of morals. 
     Indeed, there is no sect of the pagans, or of the Philosophers, or of the Jews or Turks, or Heretics which will not contain some errors, tried and manifestly contrary to right reason. 

3. St. Bellarmine and non-Catholic sects.
    Then St. Bellarmine gives examples of non-Catholic sects showing that they go against common sense, against Philosophy, against good manners, against nature.These religions and sects cannot go against the theology of Catholicism because they cannot even rise up to the supernatural level. Note the unholiness of such groups. 
     Lycurgus,  permitted adultery to be legal in the laws of the Persians. Likewise they allow incentuous marriages between mothers, sons and sisters. 
     In the laws of the Massagetae, those who were going to die or were old could be eaten by their neighbours. Among the Armenians, dead bodies of men were thrown to the dogs.
     In the laws of the Scythians, the living who had offended them were buried with the dead. In the law of Plato, which appeared to be the best of all, the most outrageous vices were prescribed or praised, as the sharing of wives, wicked lust, abortion, infanticide and like things. 
     Other sects are filled with heresies. The Gnostics taught, among other things, that they ought to practice orgies and that every lust should be exercised, nevertheless they shunned conception. If by chance conception should follow, they would extract from the womb of the pregnant woman, and grind it in a mortar, and devour it as a condiment like honey and pepper. 
     The Carpocratiani taught that everyone was helped to perpetrate every kind of wickedness, and if or when they die, they had not perpetrated everything, they said their souls would be sent back to their bodies, and this as often as it took to fill the measures of crimes, and in this way they explained that part of the Gospel; 'You will not go from there, until you will have paid the last farthing.'
     The Montanist made sacrifice from the blood of year old infants whom they wounded with small copper pins, the blood of which they squeezed out with incredible cruelty. 
     The Manicheans taught it was just as much a sin to pluck a leaf from a tree and murder a man. 
     The sects of our time teach that every man is justified by means of individual faith alone, whereby each believes for certain that he is just in the sight of God on account of Christ, which can be compared with any paradox you like.

4. But our Church, the Catholic Church teachers no error, no foul thing, nothing contrary to reason , although many things are above reason. Hence it alone is absolutely holy and to her alone corresponds what we say in the Creed; I believe in the Holy Church. This matter the Fathers showed against not only the pagans but also the heretics, as St.Thomas most accurately shows in the Summa Contra Gentiles.
     Therefore, we conclude with St. Augustine; 'Nothing filthy and wicked is set forth to be gazed at or imitated in Christian Churches, but either precepts of the true God are recommended, his miracles narrated, his gifts praised, or his benefits implored...truth was sense to be not contradictory to reason, but only different from custom. 

5. In detail.
    Catholic truths are in the spiritual level. They make the soul, not the body, holy. Though indirectly the good of the soul benefits the body. All the rest, like philosophy and the sciences, though in the natural level were created by the same God so it cannot go against the spiritual holy truths by which God make the human soul holy.

     Therefore, Catholic teachings do not go against sound 'common sense.' It does not go against good manners. It does not go against the nature of man. It does not go against the laws of the sound principles of the science of physics, psychology, sociology and philosophy. And we say 'sound' because anything natural falls under the curse of original sin and will always have something unsound in them. But Catholic doctrines have nothing unsound because it is precisely the medicine for fallen human nature.  
    Catholic doctrines remain alone in the spiritual and supernatural level because it is over and above all religions, above all philosophy, above all sciences. The Catholic religions stands alone in the spiritual level above everything man made because it is made by God. Coming from God who is all holy, the Catholic Religion can only made its members holy. 

6. The NuChurch of Pope Francis.
     The NuChurch of Pope Francis is filled with sins against good manners (like the way he treated Bishop Livieres and Cardinal Zen); sins against Philosophy (like when he teaches all to be open but he is not open himself). Transforming the underground Church of China into a communist sect is the worst.  Bogged down in the natural and, sometimes, even in the unnatural, Pope Francis is unable to rise up to the supernatural level. Pope Francis is totally unable to explain supernatural truths ending up misinterpreting Catholic Doctrines common in his homilies at Case Martha. Remember how he interpreted the parable 'On the multiplication of the bread.'  And remember what he said was better? The old wine or the new wine. Why, he contradicted the Gospel almost immediately reading the text of the Gospel which states that old wine is better. He said, it was the new wine.....referring to his new religion, the FrancisChurch. 
     Let us look at the unholiness of his teachings. He encourages husband to abandon an intolerable wife, abandon perfectly normal children, remarry his mistress and receive Holy Communion. All unholy teachings. He discourages non-catholics to convert to the true religion, believes all devils as true gods, wants devils to displace the true god, and does not believe in hell. Again very unholy doctrines. He does not mention the name of Jesus at the UN, preaches the heretical one world religion in the UN and preaches that all men should revert to committing original sin. 
     Well, as St. James wrote, if you have one unholy teaching in your preaching, then it is certain that all you teachings are unholy. 

7. Definitely, the NuChurch with headquarters in the Vatican and headed by Pope Francis does not have this 8th Mark of the true Church defined by St. Robert Bellarmine. 'Amores Letitia' alone is sufficient proof. His off the cuff remarks in the planes are countless further proofs. 

Monday, April 02, 2018

7th Mark of the true Church. The Union of members among themselves and with the head.

1. For the Church is one body, one spouse, one flock, as Scripture teaches everywhere, as well as in the creed of the Council of Constantinople, where we say 'one Church'.
     Moreover, the particular union of the body consists in the union of the members with the head, and among themselves. We must speak on each union, even in the first place on the foremost, that of the Roman Pontiff. However, since we have already given a treatise in another place on the Head of the Church, here we merely bring a few testimonies of the Fathers to the fore, whereby we will show that union with the Roman Pontiff was always held as a mark of the true Church among the ancient Fathers. 
     St. Irenaeus clearly says, ' it is necessary for every Church  (that is, those who are, in all respect, faithful) to agree with the Roman Church on account of a mightier pre-eminence.
     Whoever shall eat the lamb outside this house, is profane; if anyone was not in the ark of Noah, he perished while the flood was master. Whoever does not gather with you scatters that is, who is not of Christ is of Anti-Christ. 
     Pope Leo the Great in his epistle to the bishops of Vienna; 'The Lord so wished the oath of preaching the gopel to pertain to the duty of all apostles, that he principally placed it in the most blessed Peter, chief of all the apostles, the his gift might defuse from that head as into every head, so that I would exhort anyone who had dared to recede from the solidity of Peter, to understand this is itself a divine mystery. 
     Add to these testimonies experience, we see indeed all those Churches, which divided themselves from that head, just as branches cut away from the root, immediately wither. 

2. The members.
     Let us now come to the agreement of the members among themselves. It is certain, concord is a sign of the kingdom of God, which ought to stand in eternity. Discord, however, is of the kingdom of the devil because, at length, it ought to come to ruin. Every kingdom divided against itself will be despoiled.
     St. Augustine says; 'the devil desired to effect through heretics that in the Church of Christ there might be free dissensions, just as there were in the academies of philosophers; that as these through many divisions at length died out, and were consumed by each other, so it will be in the Church. 
     Accordingly, in the first place, all the holy writers in our Church wonderfully agreed among themselves, although there were different men in different places, times and languages who wrote, which St. Augustine observes on the matter. 
     Thereupon all decrees of legitimate councils and popes agreed among themselve, even in all dogmas, although they were promulgated by different men, in different places, times, occasions and against very different, nay more, contrary heresies., 
     This is an obvious sign of one and the same Holy Spirit, governing the Church. The diligence of heretics shows this is true, that although they laboriously pursue all things, nevertheless, they have not discovered anything of any importance which they could condemn as we showed in the disputation on Councils.

     Thereupon, now all Catholics, dispersed throughout the whole world believe the same things on all dogmas of faith. Nor can they think otherwise, since all subject their sense to the sense of one and of the same supreme pastor from the chair of Peter with the counsel of other pastors directing the Church. 
     There was never any sect of heathen, or of heretics, in which there was such a consensus, and this can easily be shown. First, on the pagan sects, St. Augustine teaches that both Juno and Hercules, and other gods disagreeing with themselves belonged to the same religion, and even waged war among each other. Concerning all philosophers it was known, as St. Basil says, 'it is not fitting that we should fight against the philosophers, since these suffice in their mutual dissensions to overturn the other's doctrine. 
     At the time of St. Bellarmine, Luther's sect had already been divided into 100 different sects. 

3. Objections against the Catholic Church.
     Calvin says, from this 7th mark can be gathered that the Catholic church is not the true Church since there are as many assemblies of schismatics and divisions as there are monasteries. Some are called Benedictines, other Franciscans and other Dominicans, Thirdly, some add more sects, Thomas, Scotists and the like which are among us. 
     The doctrine of the Church in itself gives birth to union and association of souls but heresy in itself and from its own nature, blossoms forth into divisions and schisms. 

4. The elements that make up the Catholic Church.
     St. Bellarmine enumerated the elements that make up the Catholic Church; namely, Jesus Christ as its head. The Pope, who is the vicar of Christ. The bishops who assists the Pope in his role. Then we have the priests who assist the bishops in their territories. Below the pyramid are the faithful who will guided to enter the Catholic Church through an act of Faith. 
     The most important thing in this pyramid is that all of them must be liken to branches attached to the vine as Christ, Himself, described the Catholic Church. Anyone who is cut off from the vine will wilt and will be good for nothing except to be thrown away and burnt. The sap from the main vine must flow without impediment and without contamination to all the branches that are attached to the vine. 
     The worst thing that can happen to any of the branches is to be cut off.

5. Keeping the line open.
    The flow of life from Christ down to the laypeople must be without any impediment or cut off. The impediment or cut off is heresy,  schism or sins. 

6. How a free flowing pipeline should look like.
    A free flowing pipeline that portrays the image of the Catholic Church should look something like this. 
    First, Jesus Christ is on the top with His Divine Revelation. The Divine Revelation contains God's plan of salvation for man. 
    Secondly, the Son of God became man and came down to earth to teach men this Divine Plan. Jesus Christ, the Son of God made man chose 12 apostles and taught them the complete Divine Plan.
And gave them the grace to know the complete plan, to know how to explain perfectly the Divine Plan and to know how to put that Divine Plan into practice. 
     Thirdly, seeing how the apostles were always discussing things He decided that only one should be in charge of teaching the complete Divine Plan, to avoid lengthy group discussions. Christ appointed St. Peter and his successors to be imbued by the Holy Spirit with the knowledge and wisdom to understand and implement the Divine Plan that Christ had revealed to the first apostles. Christ and the apostles made up the first Church and comforted to the fact that the apostles were branches attached to the vine Jesus Christ. Though one branch, Judas, was cut off; a tragedy we want to avoid. 
     At this point we have a picture of the Catholic Church; with Christ as the head and His Divine Revelation. St. Peter, a branch attached to Christ, as the first Pope. And the rest of the apostles, also, attached to the vine Jesus Christ (except Judas). So far the pipeline through which the Divine Revelation flows from Christ, down to the apostles is free flowing. All are attached to the vine excepting Judas who was cut off. He was not part of the Church. 

7. After St. Peter. 
    After St. Peter, the message of salvation contained in Divine Revelation continued to come from its head Jesus Christ. And the pipeline is now transferred and connected to the next Pope and the next Pope ......and of late to Pope Benedict XVI. The plan of salvation contained in Divine Revelation is still in Christ and it is connected to Pope Benedict who must, under pain of damnation, must see to it that he receives this plan in all its purity; as God liked to say 'without adding and without subtracting. Without modifying and changing. Without contamination.
     So the Pope should imitate Christ in transmitting the plan of salvation contained in Divine Revelation. Christ reveals it to the Pope and watches over him to see that he obeys the Plan in exactly the way He gave it......every second of the Pope's life until his death that he does not commit any mistake. Thus the infallibility that is given to the St. Peter alone and his successors. So, it is important to know who is the true Pope. And no Pope is allowed to retire and shut down the valve of the pipeline from head down to the bishops.

8. Bishops and priests.
    Then from Christ to the Pope, the pipeline must continue down to the bishops. And from the bishops, down to the priests and to the laymen. Divine revelations should flow down from the Pope down to each laymen in all its purity without any contamination. And while the Pope, during his entire lifetime, must see to it that the bishops get Divine Revelation perfectly and observed in exactly as it was given from the beginning, the bishops and priest must continue this transfer down to each laymen and maintain its observance in exactly the same way as it was given from Christ without any alteration. 
      The purity of morals and doctrines must be pure from Christ down to the laymen. This transfer of doctrine and morals is kept pure by the work of the Holy Spirit. And this is the only way the union among the members of the Catholic Church and its head can be realised. This is not a human endeavour. It is a Divine action. Thus Christ reminds us that this peace and unity can only come from God and not from men. Thus this 7th Mark is a true sign of the true Catholic Church.

9. This pipeline does not exist in the present church headed by Pope Francis.
     Obviously, the pipeline from Christ to the Popes was open and active, up to Pope Benedict XVI. But the pipeline from the Popes down to the Bishops were shut down even from the time of Pope Pius IX; there were only drops coming from the Pope down to a few handful of bishops and priests.....and down to the faithful. All those centuries, it was only drops.
     But with Pope Francis, the pipeline from Christ to Pope Francis is complete cut off. As a priest, I have learned the contents of Divine Revelation which is available from the New Testament and explained by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. And I can see that not a drop is passing from Christ to Pope Francis, none from Pope Francis down to the bishops, priests and laymen. The Catholic Church, as we know it, is a vine with completely dry branches. The entire vine is dry, completely without fruits and completely dead ready for the fire.

10. Is there something that can be done?
     Ordinarily, when the branches of a tree is completely dead and dried up, an attempt to revive it is to chop down all the dried branches even down to the roots and hope that there is a little life left in the roots. With all the burden of the dried branches sawed off down to the little life by the roots, shoots may begin to sprout and a completely new tree may grow. 
     Do you recall the emblem of the Benedictine monastery of Monte Casino established by St. Benedict? It is a cut down tree that is bearing new shoots. Pope Benedict reminded us of this.
     In the church today that does not have this 7th Mark of the true Church, the only thing left to do is to completely chop it down to the root base and hope that new shoots sprouts.......only a new brand of monasticism can restore the Catholic Church today.