Thursday, March 29, 2018

6th Mark of the true Church. Agreement in Doctrine with the ancient Church.

 1. Agreement in Doctrine with the ancient Church. 
     Indeed, the true Church is called apostolic, as Tertullian witnesses, not only on account of the succession of bishops from the apostles, but even on account of the kinship of doctrine; in that it retains the doctrine which the apostles handed down. 
     Moreover, it is certain that the ancient Church was the true Church for the first five hundred years, and hence retained apostolic doctrine whereby Theodosius the emperor is praised by 
Sozomen because by this method he restrained the heretics of his time.
     He bid the leaders of the sects to come together, thereupon he asked whether they thought the ancient Fathers, who ruled the Church before their separation, which then had arisen from religion, to have thought rightly and truly that the apostles were saints, and when they conceded to this, enjoined them; 'Then let us examine your doctrine against their writings, and if it should agree with them, it may be retained but if not let it be thrown out.'

2. Two ways.
    Now we can prove in two ways from this Mark that the Catholic 
Church is the true Church and not that of the adversaries. First, by advancing the teachings of the Fathers. This manner is very lengthy. The second way is shorter and more certain, without a doubt by showing first from the confession of our adversaries, that our doctrine is indeed the doctrine of all the ancients. Then showing whether the dogmas of our adversaries were held in the ancient Church by exploring their heresies. The it will be certain, our doctrine agrees with the doctrine of the ancient Catholics, but their doctrine agrees with the doctrine of the ancient heretics. 

3. St. Robert Bellarmine proceeds.
     St. Bellarmine proceeds to analyse all the heresies; the Arians, the Pelagians, the Donatist, the Manichees etc..and showed how their teachings differed from the ancient teachings of the Christian Church. Then he continues in treating the sects of Calvin, Luther and the Centuriators of Magdeburg. This is followed by descriptions of the Simonians, the heresy of Florinus, the heresy of Origen, the Peputiani heresy, the heretic Proclus, Sabellius, etc..

4. Overlappings.
    The 15 Marks of the true Catholic Church as described by St. Robert Bellarmine are all overlapping. This 6th Mark overlaps with the 2nd Mark, Antiquity. If one Mark is absent, the rest of the Marks would, also, be absent. On the other hand, if one is present the probability is that the rest will be present. 

5. This 6th Mark is difficult to use as a gauge of true Catholicity for two reasons. First, knowledge of the entire ancient teachings  of the Christian Church is necessary. And secondly, knowledge of the heresies of adversaries which goes against the ancient teachings, is, also, necessary. 
     Knowledge of the ancient teachings can only be obtained through mastery of the New Testament and its correct interpretation as given by the so-called Fathers and Doctors of the Church. These doctrines are outlined in the Catechism; but the Catechism does not have the interpretation of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. Besides there are many Catechism that are filled with errors. 
     For most Catholics, it is nearly impossible to use this 6th Mark of the true Church in checking the Catholicity of one's parish, diocese or even on checking on the VaticanChurch  of Pope Francis. Much knowledge is required. Yet this is the most reliable Mark of the Church. It is a perfect Mark.  This Mark, alone, can show that a church is, indeed, the true Catholic Church. 

6. A feeble attempt.
     A life time study of the teachings of the ancient, primitive Catholic Church is needed to use this 6th Mark of the true Church. And much prayer to obtain grace to understand the teachings of Christ and the explanation of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. This is why nobody knows where the Church is. They do not have this immense knowledge necessary to discover the Church. 
     For the same reason, few know if their parish or diocese is Catholic. Few know if the Vaticanchurch of Pope Francis is Catholic. Few even know if they are Catholics. 
     But a feeble attempt to acquire the knowledge necessary to apply this 6th Mark so we can check on our parish, diocese and even on the Vatican of Pope Francis, can be attempted. Use the 'Compendium of Pope Benedict XVI.' This 'compendium' was rushed by Pope Benedict to counteract the thick CCC post Vatican II catechism that was printed and issued prematurely though filled with errors. 
     Pope Benedict's 'Compendium' is highly Scriptural and based on the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. So it gives us a close semblance to the ancient teachings of the ancient Christian Church. 

7. The Philippine experience. 
     A skill  to be able to use this 6th Mark was attempted so priests can see if their parish or diocese are Catholic. It was meant also to give everyone the skill to detect if they, the bishops, priests and laymen are Catholic. Of course, if this skill was developed it would, also, give anyone the skill to see if the Vaticanchurch and Pope Francis is Catholic.
     A newsletter was published containing the teachings of the Fathers of the Church explaining every line of the New Testament together with the four visible signs of the true Catholic Church. This contained the ancient description of the Catholic Church.
     The newsletter was published for more than 40 years and send to all priests in the archipelago (and a few priest abroad). Apparently the results were not so good. Nobody could still find the Church and most still could not see that they were not Catholic. And most still think that Pope Francis is Catholic. 
     What went wrong? The grace to understand the teachings of the New Testament and the grace to understand the writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. The grace that comes only with the supernatural and theological virtue of Faith was not there. 

8. Up to this point we can, already,  judge which is the true Church.
     This 6th Mark gives us a very clear knowledge which is the true Church. It is a very tedious process, impossible without the help of grace. Today, nobody seems to have this Mark. We know it is somewhere around. But where? Not in the Chinese Patriotic church, not in Europe, not in Ireland, not in the Philippines and not in the Vatican.  St. Bellarmine had explained this Mark. Anybody can apply it on any parish, diocese, religious order, or any person. Try it and you will be surprised at what you find. 

     The VaticanChurch of Pope Francis does not have the six signs just enumerated. In a recent interview with Spadaro, he just said that the doctrines of the church changes. That is precisely against this Mark showing Pope Francis' church is not identical with the ancient Catholic Church.
     Catholic truths are perfectly explained during the ancient times and today, too. It cannot change. A deeper understanding is possible but it cannot change. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

5th MARK of the true Church. Apostolic Succession of Bishops in the Roman Church.

 1. The Succession of Bishops deduced from the apostles even up to our present time. 
     All the Fathers of the Church used this succession as a most clear argument to who's the true Church, wrote St. Robert Bellarmine. 'Let them unfold the order of their bishops. Others fall away from that succession, others simply ceased while others are obscure. St. Cyprian specifically described it thus; 'the Church is the people united to the bishop, and the bishop is in the Church, and the Church in the bishop. 
     'The second note; only those who are within the Church have always been held to be true bishops. That is, those who were shown to descend from the apostles through a legitimate succession and ordination. All others were thieves and robbers, obviously who did not enter through the gate. 
      The case of St. Paul is unique and will illustrate the importance of the spiritual aspect of this succession. St. Robert Bellarmine continues; '.....among the people of the New Testament, they are multiplied by spiritual generation, so that none are Christians, except converted through the apostles, or their successors or those sent by them; none are bishops, unless they succeed legitimately to the same. 
     St. Bellarmine continues; some time, the people, together with the clergy, chose the bishop, and at other times only the  clergy. In either case, succession and ordination are required. 
     A bishop may be deposed if legitimately judged and condemned by legitimate judgment. 'It doesn't necessarily follow, that there is a church where there is a succession.

2. Two levels of succession.
     One level of succession might be described as 'Liturgical.' This is a true Mark of the true Catholic Church established by Christ. This Mark is when the bishop of a place is able to show that he is a direct successor of the apostles. Ordinarily very difficult to ascertain, every bishop in good standing has a published record of his direct descent from the Apostles usually available in the Internet. 
     It can happen that along the line of succession, there is the possibility of a 'break' in the succession for many reasons. Usually this defect is in the 'liturgical' line of succession, like when the line of succession is not clear, or it has disappeared. According to the above quotation from St. Bellarmine, the more common defect in succession is when the bishop has spiritually been unsuccessful in entering the Catholic Church due to lack of Faith. In which case, he will not have the four visible signs of the true Catholic Church mentioned in the Nicene Creed or the 15 Mark of the true Church mentioned by Bellarmine. 
     In other words, the bishop may have all the physical and 'Liturgical' proof that he descended from the Apostles but, spiritually, he was not able to make the Act of Faith. In such a case he will not have either the four visible signs or the 15 Marks of the Church.

3. Let us look at the different combinations.
    First, a Catholic community with a Catholic bishop. This is the ideal truly Catholic Church. God will make certain the truly Catholic community will have a holy successor  to the apostles. Both will be exhibiting the four visible Marks and the 15 Marks of the true Church.
    Second, a Catholic community with a non-Catholic bishop. This will happen when God would wants to test this community. This often happens when a new young bishop replaces a retired bishop. Being young, the spirituality of the new bishop is imperfect and most often he has not entered the Catholic Church due to his inability to make a mature act of Faith. This happens every time the older bishop retires and a new young bishop takes over. So, the retirement of bishops at 75 as provided for by Vatican II was a very unwise decision. Bishops and Popes should never retire. Like Abbots they should be for prevent this image of a Catholic community with a non-believing bishop. That image will not project the true image of the Catholic Church. This often happens when the previous bishops are truly Catholic, then a replacement comes in who is not Catholic. With a non-catholic bishop, such communities will eventually cease to be Catholic.
     Thirdly, a non Catholic community with a Catholic Bishop. This happens when God sees that the community is worthy because, like the early Gentiles, they believe. This is common in mission countries. The mission country is usually non Catholic. A Catholic bishop is sent to such a country to evangelise. So we see the beginning of a mission country where we have a non-Catholic community with a Catholic bishop. Hopefully, the Catholic bishop can evangelise the community into becoming a Catholic community. 
      Fourthly, a non-Catholic community with a non-Catholic bishop. This is a chastisement to an unfaithful formerly Catholic community who have lost the faith. This is the most common situation today. We have a community that have ceased to be Catholic. Vocations come from this no longer Catholic Community. They enter the seminary remaining non-Catholic, are ordained priest and become bishop still remaining non-Catholic due to their inability to make the mature act of Faith. This is the situation of the Catholic Church today. We have parishes, Dioceses and a Vatican where most of the bishops are not Catholics ruling the world, the dioceses and parishes that are no longer Catholic. 

4. We cannot find the Catholic Church today.
     Neither in the Pope, in most bishops, priest nor the community. Neither in the Vatican, the dioceses, the parish nor the family. Though we know it is somewhere.
     This is a chastisement for an unfaithful church. This state of affairs is common in the history of the Catholic Church. The Church is filled with stories of unfaithful parishes, dioceses and nations led by unfaithful priests, bishops, cardinals and Popes. 
    An unfaithful community will definitely produce unfaithful priests, bishops and Popes since the one will come from the other. And today, we see an unfaithful community reaching since the 18th century led by struggling holy Popes like Pius VIII, doing their best to sustain the Church but almost to no avail. Suddenly we have no holy Pope; a non-Catholic Pope as head of a non-Catholic church. What we feared. 

    Using the four visible signs of the true Church as enumerated by the Nicene Creed........and using the 15 Marks of the true Church, which are the expanded version of the four visible signs, ....we cannot find the Catholic Church today. Why?  As the Book of Revelation writes; ' because God have placed the Church in the desert in a very special place prepared for her,' where the devil can do minimal harm to her.  Where she is, she exhibits most brilliantly the four visible and the 15 Marks of the true Church. Entrance is by invitation only. Here, the community is Catholic; and the spiritual heads are Catholics.....the Catholic Church par excellence. The bishop will not be as Linus, the direct successor of St. Peter. He will be like St. Paul. Direct successor of no apostle. 


Thursday, March 22, 2018

4the Mark of the true Church. Extend, Multitude and Diversity of Believers. Part IV.

1.  Robert Bellarmine  writes' 
     'Indeed, a Church that is truly Catholic ought not only to embrace all times but all places, all nations and all races of men. Therefore, St. Vincent of Lerin explains what a Catholic might be in his 'Commonitorium' where he says that they are properly Catholics, who hold to that which has been believed always, everywhere and by all. '
    ' The following must be observed. First, from St. Augustine and St. Bede namely, that for the Church to be Catholic, first, it is required that it should not exclude any times, places or races of men, whereby it is distinguished from the Synagogue, which was a particular Church, not a catholic one, because it was bound to one time, that is, even to the coming of the Messiah, likewise, in one place, that is the temple of Solomon, outside of which they could not sacrifice and to one family, that is the sons of Jacob.'
     'Secondly, as noted by St Augustine, that the Church might be catholic, it is not required that it must be in every place of the world, but merely that it  becomes conspicuous in all provinces and bears fruit in them, so that in all provinces someone should be from the Church, until this should happen, the day of the Lord will not come, as obviously is predicted in Matthew.' 
     'Thirdly, it is not required that in this it happens together so that in one tine there ought to necessarily be some faithful in all lands, it is sufficient enough if it happens successively. Whereby it follows that if only one land should retain the true faith, still truly and properly it could be called the Catholic Church, provided that it should be clearly shown that it was one and the same with that which was in some time or at different times in the whole world, in so far as now whichever diocese you like is called Catholic. 

2. Heresies are everywhere, too.
    St. Augustine teaches beautifully that, as the Church is everywhere so also heresy is everywhere. But the Church is one and the same everywhere. Heresy, however, is not the same but very different which does not know one from the other, and hence non of them can be Catholic.

3. The bishop's Synod of 2015.
     During the Bishop's Synod of 2015 where Pope Francis tried to have the outline of 'Amores Laetitia' approved, with the help of Baldiseri, Kasper and Tagle, the Vatican church no longer had this fourth Mark of the true Church. They were no longer agreeing on Catholic doctrines.

4. How do you check on the teachings of the true Church?
     As St.Augustine wrote, just as the Church teaches the same identical doctrines all over the world, heretics are, also, all over the world teaching different heretical doctrines. This is found among the pagan religious and even among the different Protestant sects. Everybody is all over the world like the true church but everybody is teaching different doctrines. 
     This is what happened after Vatican II. There were many groups that branched off from the Catholic Church, all teaching different doctrines but all of them fall under the umbrella of the ideology of discontinuity. That is, their only similarity is that they believe that the Catholic Church have ceased to exist and that they are now the continuation of the original Catholic Church. All christian sects make the same identical claims. All post-vatican sects make the same claim. And the more  popular is the FrancisChurch headed by Pope Francis. But they do not have this fourth Mark of the true Church.

5. Checking doctrines from the teachings of Christ.
    From the very beginning of the Catholic Church, her doctrines were based on Scriptures as interpreted by the Fathers of the Church; and fortified by the doctors of the Church and her saints. These are the doctrines of the Catholic Church everywhere, by Catholics in all nations, by different peoples and all races. This is not the case in the Bishop's Synod of 2015.
     Let us take one example; Pope Francis' proposal to the Synod backed up by his lieutenants Baldiseri, Kasper and Tagle, was to allow remarried Catholics living in adultery to receive Holy Communion. He even tried to include tolerating  aberosexual relationships, etc. These are, indeed, against Catholic doctrines. So the majority of the fathers in the Synod rejected and outvoted his proposal. 
     Evidently, the Synod was not a Catholic gathering since it did not have this 4th Mark of the Church. The group of Cardinal Burke, backed up by most of the bishops of Poland and Africa were acting like Catholics because they had the 4th Mark. Pope Francis, with Baldiseri, Kasper and Tagle were not acting like Catholics because they did not have the 4th Mark. There was a schism with Pope Francis and his group leaving the Catholic Church. The cry 'schism' resounded in news around the world. 

6. The separation of the different groups holding the ideologue of discontinuity have gone further away from the Catholic Church and the farthest is the FrancisChurch. All these groups do not have the 4th Mark including a big group in the Philippines Bishop's conference who are attached to the FrancisChurch. 
7. The present situation.
     We have total confusion in the Catholic Church with no one teaching the Catholic truth on salvation, with many teaching the opposite on how to go to hell. We have most of the priests, bishops and cardinals more concerned with global warming and political issues rather saving souls, we have Catholics who do not have Faith, we have parents divorcing, remarrying and receiving Holy Communion and going to hell and we have a Pope teaching no one goes to hell, souls disappear and God forgives without what do we do. Ask the Pope and most of the bishops, priests and nuns to resign, abandon our adulterous parents, impeach the President? Well, no. Let everything stay as they are. These things are happening because it is God's permissive will, as St. Thomas would say. And we must always be resigned to the unavoidable permissive will of God; as the first Christians were resigned to the rule of Emperors Domitian or Diocletian as they martyred. Did the first Christians lift a finger to change the status quo? No. They let it be in resignation of God's unavoidable permissive will. 
     It is a test God gives all men 'to see if they will continue in their Faith,' the main message of the 5th weekday of Lent. When we are given a test, we do not change the test questions that we cannot answers. We answer them as best we can. St. Thomas comments on the Gospel writing; 'God initiates Faith in us, and then test us to see if we will continue in the Faith.'
     God is testing all men to see if they will remain Catholic in this present situation. Or are we going to sacrifice to the idols of the NuChurches of post-Vatican II. This blog aims at helping souls pass the test.
     The present situation will continue. The 'dubia' will not accomplish anything. Pope Francis will not answer and will continue as Pope. But it does not matter. We all know what the answer should be. What is important is that we are on the side of the Catholic Church who knows all the answers. Let the rest of the world chose their own sides. They have their own free wills. Let Pope Francis pass his own test.

Monday, March 19, 2018

The THIRD MARK of the Catholic Church - Long duration without Interruption. Part III

 1. The debate is getting hotter.
     Writers are now calling names and showing proofs to support their stands. And public relation groups are all out protecting their clients. Recently, a letter of introduction from Pope Emeritus is in the center of the controversy; apparently, it is an introduction to the 11 little books of Pope Francis. At the centre of the maelstrom are two basic issues; which is the Catholic Church and who is the true Pope. Two issues that all Catholic must resolve because these will affect the salvation of souls. 
     These posts, summarised from the writings of St. Robert Bellarmine. will answer these two questions. Taken from the treatise 'de controversiis' and sub-titled ' the 15 Marks of the Church',  we are enumerating the 15 Marks of the true Church of Christ which is the expanded version of the four visible signs of the true Church as found in the Nicene Creed. 
      The on going issue was a letter purportedly describing that the Papacy of Pope Francis is a continuation of the Papacy of Pope Benedict. Nothing is further from the truth. The Papacy of Pope Benedict has this third Mark of the Church. The Papacy of Pope Francis does not have this Mark. 

2. Theology of discontinuity.
     The heresy that is the foundation of Pope Francis' church is called the theology of discontinuity, a post Vatican II heresy, that believes that the Old Catholic Church that up to now has all the Marks of the true Church had ceased to exist at the onset of Vatican II, and that a new church had began to exist ruled by Pope Francis. That there was a break in the existence of the Catholic Church; this occurred during Vatican II. The Catholic Church with the 15 Marks had ceased to exist and a new churches without any of the 15 signs have began to exist; among the many that sprouted one of this church is the FrancisChurch with Pope Francis as its head. 
     The theology of discontinuity shows the absence of this third Mark of the true Church because it seems to imply that the Catholic Church does not have a long duration and that there was an interruption in the existence of the Catholic Church. If this is true then the Catholic Church cannot be the true Church. But both assertions, i.e. that the Catholic Church does not have a long duration and that it has undergone interruption, is erroneous. It continues to have a long duration and has had no interruption. The new FrancisChurch is giving these lies to rationalize their new church and attract members. In fact, the ongoing strong opposition to Pope Francis and his Nuchurch comes from this 'long duration and without interruption' Catholic Church that continue to exist. 

3. Long duration without interruption.
    Pope Benedict, went against the theology of discontinuity calling it a heresy and proposed the theology of continuity which is in accordance with this third Mark of the true Church. This states that the Catholic Church before Vatican II  continues to exist today. Where? Not in the FrancisChurch in the Vatican but somewhere else. 
     This is the reason why during the 'ad lumina' visits, Pope Benedict would inquire from the bishops if any of them have seen 'the church.' And he would describe it by giving the visible signs. I do not know if any bishop ever found the 'church' Pope Benedict was describing because this church must have these 15 Marks or the 4 visible signs from the Creed. The true church must continue without interruption. 

4. The FrancisChurch and the ideology of discontinuity.
     The issue is even larger than the introduction to a book. The issue is which is the true Catholic Church and who is the true Pope, because the two churches and the two popes are being compared. The 3 Marks already mentioned and the following 12 other Marks will definitely settle the problem. 
     It all begun during Vatican II. The 'modernist, who hibernated due to the onslaught of the Popes against modernism, suddenly found an opportunity to come out in the open. They found the opportunity to resurrect and positioned themselves during Vatican II. They campaigned, they grouped together, they were funded well from outside the halls of the Vatican, they controlled the media. They were simply called 'progressives.' There were many modernist groups but they were together under the banner of the ideology of 'discontinuity'; they wanted to change the old Catholic Church completely. They will declare the Old Catholic Church passe' and present a NuChurch. 
     But they had stiff opponents from the 'conservatives' led by Ottaviani. The records of the council have all their names and the list of the arguments of each side. Seeing the stiff opposition they settled in making the declarations of Vatican II so blurred that it could be interpreted in anyway. 
     The diabolical plan was this; immediately after 
Vatican II,  they will pre-empt the Vatican with their own heretical interpretation of Vatican II, even before the Vatican can publish any official interpretation. And this they did. 

5. The ideology of 'discontinuity' grabs the limelight immediately after Vatican II.
     True enough, after Vatican II the ideologues of 'discontinuity' immediately publish their heretical interpretation of Vatican II. Their books flooded the seminaries, the theological schools and all the bookstores. While up to now, Rome does not have an official interpretation of the documents of Vatican II. Expect none because Pope Francis have already filled up the Vatican with ideologues of 'discontinuity.'
     The more popular work that pre-empted the official interpretation is the now famous work from the school of Bologna that promoted the ideology of discontinuity. Up to now it is the only attempt to interpret the works of Vatican II. The author of one of the chapters is Cardinal Tagle which explains the strong influence of the school of discontinuity in the Philippine bishop's conference. This philosophy was, in fact, proposed by president Villegas of the bishop''s conference in a 2015 opening talk at the Pius Centre which was featured in the news world wide. The Philippine Catholic Church have lost its 3rd Mark of the true Church. With the lost of the 3rd Mark, it necessarily lost all the rest of the Marks. 
      The Jesuits are in the fore front pushing for this ideology and backed with their mass communication centres they have influenced most of the Bishop's conference around the world. I was surprised to see that bishop's conference have in their portfolio copies of 'La civilta' the Jesuit publication. How come they have a periodical of the Jesuits but not the periodicals of the Dominicans or Benedictines. It is clearly an effort to influence Bishop's conferences. And it is very effective because majority of the bishops in those conferences embrace this NuChurch without knowing anything about it. 
     Recently, in the just concluded Philippine's bishop's conference in Cebu, they voted (around 30 in favour) in secret to support this heretical ideology, going against an objection to it, without knowing anything about it. Around 20 went against the heresy and 9 abstain. This shows the extend to which some bishops have embraced this entirely new church that does not have this third Mark of the true Catholic Church.  Imagine what is the state of the dioceses and the parishes of these bishops. They would be Protestants in no time. Because of the secret voting, we do not know in what diocese the 30 belong. But that is the majority of the dioceses in the Philippines whose bishops do not have the third Mark of the Church. It is no longer the only Catholic nation in the far east. 

Friday, March 16, 2018

The SECOND MARK of the Catholic Church. Part II - ANTIQUITY

 1. The aim of this blog.
      The aim of this blog is to teach souls three things, all of which are  necessary for the salvation of souls. To put it simply, we are saved if we die within the Catholic Church. Thus, we must know three things, first, how does the Church look like. Secondly, how to enter the Catholic Church. Thirdly, how to find out if we are inside the Catholic Church. 
       We are concentrating on the first, how does the true Church of Christ look like. Evidently, we must know how she looks like before we can enter the true Church. The second and third steps may be for later. 
        We know very well that Satan is the perfect imitator. He waits for God to move first. Then, he imitates God's move. God, first instituted His Church. Then Satan follows and imitates the Church 
God instituted and calls it his church. Christ selected apostles, Satan imitates and have his own apostles. Christ instituted His Mass and Satan follows and creates his own Satanic masses. 
         St. Bellarmine wrote, God existed first, then the devil. The good seed is planted first, then the devil sows his own seeds. The true Church is more ancient than the false church. 

2. The six points in its 'antiquity.' 
     We have seen the first Mark of the Church. Let us look at the second Mark, 'antiquity.' There are six points that makes the Catholic Church antique; these are the same six points that makes other churches false but it will show that they do not have the quality called antiquity. 
     First, the founder is 'antique.' The founder or author of the Catholic Church is God and he existed even before the creation of the world. Its second founder is Christ, who is one with the God-founder, and who  perfected the Church during His lifetime. There was no other church before God. Thus the Catholic Church has 'antiquity'.

     Secondly, the doctrines taught are new and totally unknown to men; like the doctrine on the Trinity, the incarnation, and on grace. These were the doctrines from the beginning but slowly unveiled as the history of man progressed.  The Catholic Church  started teaching the concept of one God. Then, the the incarnation was unveiled; and later on the theology of grace. All doctrines are contained in the initial doctrines from the beginning but unveiled gradually as man became capable of higher understanding.
      Thirdly, the time in which it began. The Catholic Church was first preached to Adam and Eve. It was perfected in the 15th year of the Emperor Tiberius Caesar. And continues in its fulfilment up to Pope Benedict XVI and the Holy Spirit will continue until  the fulfilment of time. 

       Fourthly, the place where it began. The Catholic Church begun in Paradise. She was kicked out of Paradise and transferred in this world. She was perfected in Judea by Christ but it will be perfectly fulfilled at the end times......we still don't know where. 

        Fifth, who opposed it. The Church was opposed by the devil and by all the pagan tribes. The Egyptian opposed it during the time of Moses. Then the Scribes, the Pharisees and the Roman. Then by all the nations. Finally, it will be opposed by the physical member of the Church itself. 

         Sixly, the Church will begin very small amongst the greater number of other pagan religions.

3. These signs of antiquity happened only once in the history of men. It happened to the Catholic church. Seeing this happen to the true Church, the devil imitated these six signs to show that the other diabolical religions is undergoing the same thing that happened to the Catholic Church. Except that what happened to other religions shows that it is different from the sign of 'antiquity'  present in the true Church. In other words, other religions cannot show they have the characteristic 'antiquity.' That they are different from the Catholic Church.

4. Let us take two examples of what is not the Catholic Church;  a Protestant Church and the modern post Vatican II church of Pope Francis called FrancisChurch. 
     First; who is the author of the Protestant sects? Martin Luther. Who is the author of the newly established post Vatican II church? Pope Francis. Luther and Pope Francis are the authors of the doctrinal changes in the Protestant and the FrancisChurch. 
      Secondly,   Luther changed the formula of salvation to faith alone. The original Catholic doctrine is faith and good works. Pope Francis proposed that remarried persons in the state of mortal sin can receive Holy Communion. The original Catholic doctrine is that the state of sanctifying grace is necessary to receive Holy Communion worthily. There is change of doctrines.
    Thirdly, Luther' started in 1517; Bergoglio's started just 50- years ago. So Luther and Bergoglio does not have the sign antiquity. 
     Fourth. The place where it began. While the Catholic Church began in Paradise, Arianism began in Egypt, Lutheranism in Saxony, the FrancisChurch in Argentina. They are not the same church. They are different. 
     Fifth, who opposed them. The Arians were opposed by Pope Sylvester, the council of Nicea and by St. Athanasius. The Lutheran heresy was attacked by Pope Leo X, the Council of Trent. The FrancisChurch is being attacked by the four cardinals, by Bishop 
Athanasius and a long list of concerned Catholics. The true Church is opposed by evil persons. The fake church is opposed by good people and by true Catholics. 
     Sixth, they are a small community. The charismatics are a huge group. The FrancisChurch has the majority of the members of the bishop's conference on his side. The billions of members of the Catholic Church is a mere facade. Pope Benedict wrote that this cannot be the true Church. It should be very, very small. And he even showed a very small replica of St. Peter's to illustrate his point. In fact, it is so small you cannot find it.

5. Conclusion
     Just with these two Marks of the true Church,  many who claim to be Catholic will not pass, neither bishop nor cardinal, neither diocese nor parish, neither priest nor nun, neither laymen nor Pope Francis. With just these two Marks only the old Catholic Church instituted by God the Father in the Old Testament, by God the Son in the New Testament and perfected by the Holy Spirit in this our time would qualify as the true Church of Jesus Christ. The present post Vatican II church, especially the FrancisChurch does not have neither of the two above Marks. 
     The true Catholic Church today should look very, very small AND very, very old. 


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The MOTHER OF ALL PROBLEMS. The FIRST MARK of the True Catholic Church. Part I

 1. Every thing external has a spiritual cause. All human problem comes from a spiritual problem. Every external vice is due to a lack of a spiritual virtue. So Christ said; seek first the kingdom of God and everything shall be added to you besides. In other words, work on the spiritual and everything else in the physical will be alright. 
     The cause of drug addiction, homosexuality, and lesbianism is deterioration in the spiritual life; that is why it is common to men and mostly seminarians and priests. When it comes to bishops it is pedophile. 
     The cause of war is the war cause by original sin within man. There is no diplomatic solution to war. The reason why Pelosi and Cuoma is acting in that way is because their Catholicity had hit rock bottom. And there is nothing Donald Trump can do about it. The solution to these above problem is the Catholic solution; but the problem is that we cannot find any Catholic solution from whom it should be coming from.  Not from most of the bishops and not even from the Vatican. The Catholic Church was instituted by God to guide the entire world so that Union of Church and State was the ideal Divine arrangement. But the visible Church started to misguide the world. So it was for the good of the world that the two are separated. Today, it is the Church that is dragging the world down to hell. So it is best for the world to be independent from the Church. And God is doing precisely that in the choice of new leaders in Russia, the US, in Poland, in Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Hungury,  Austria;  with difficulty in Great Britain. And with no success in France and Germany.

      As Gilbert Chesterton wrote; the solution to all problems in the world is the Catholic solution which nobody had ever tried. And why has nobody tried it? Because the source of Catholic solutions is not listened to, or gone completely silent. In fact, today, the source of Catholic solutions is nowhere to be found. 
2. This blog had been encouraging Catholics to come out and be counted; or to publicly confess that they are for Christ. But nobody is coming out to be counted. Why? Are they afraid or are they ignorant on what it is to be a Catholic. There is a great feeling that the reason is the latter. There is great ignorance on who is the Catholic. The 'dubia' presented by the Cardinals to Pope Francis is a question on whether he is a Catholic or not. And he has not answered after more than 530 days. Does he plan to answer it? No way. Because he does not know the answer, just like the whole Vatican bureaucracy, the Jesuits and the entire world that calls itself Catholic. 

3. Let us confront this question. Am I a Catholic? Is my diocese  Catholic with a Catholic bishop? Is my parish Catholic with a Catholic parish priest? Is my Family Catholic? And finally, is Pope Francis Catholic. 

4. God made certain it is easy to detect Catholicity. The catechism describes Catholicity as been  One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. These  four visible signs of the true Church had always been disappearing through the history of men from the beginning up to the present time. St. Jerome woke up one day to find the world Arian and the Catholic Church could not be found anywhere. Saints, like Athanasius and Augustine had to fight the prevailing heresies to partially restore the Catholic Church. St. Benedict of Norcia had to leave Rome where the Church was nowhere to be found. He searched for the Church in the cave of Subiaco. St. Peter Damian was struggling with a Catholic Church filled with sexual perverts during his time. Pope Pius IX was struggling for the existence of the Catholic Church under the attack of modernism. 
     During those times, it was impossible to locate where the Catholic Church was. It is the same today. We cannot find the Catholic Church in the Vatican (and we will prove this momentarily). We cannot find it in dioceses, in parishes in religious orders, in secular institutes, in lay movements, and in families. It is nowhere just as on Good Friday. It can only be found in the person of Christ; while the rest were hiding. 
      As Scriptures prophesied, the Catholic Church can be found today in a very small group, hidden mystically in a desert. We have no problem in that. Our problem is the rest of the Catholic world who think they are Catholic but who in reality are not. 

       To know the Catholic Church was so important to the Church that all her saints, specially the Fathers of the Church, wrote on how to find her by enlarging knowledge of the four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed. Once and for all, let us enumerate these signs as expanded by the Jesuit Doctor of the Church, St. Robert Bellarmine and apply it on everyone, first on ourselves, on our parish, our dioceses, on everyone, especially on Pope Francis. 
        'Lumen Gentium' is the apostolic constitution on ecclesiology, i.e. it is the document that describes the Catholic church and meant to be the light for non-believers. The document is so unclear that both unbeliever and  believers cannot find the Church in the document up to now. Clearly Vatican II does not know how the Church look like. 
        Among the writings of the saints enlarging on the four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene creed, we chose the enlargement of St. Bellarmine because his treatise is very thorough one cannot miss the true Church of Christ. Instead of four visible signs, he describes 15 visible signs; if we still miss the church we must be blind. Or maybe it is not there. 

5. We will enumerate the 15 Marks of the true church described by St. Bellarmine, Jesuit saint and doctor of the Church. And then will show that the post Vatican II Church with head quarters in the Vatican and headed by Pope Francis is no longer the Catholic Church. It is up to each one to judge their own dioceses and bishops, their parishes and their parish priest. Or better still,  start to analyse one's own family and then your parish priest and the bishops of your diocese. Expect the surprise of your lives. 

6. First mark. Catholic.
    St. Bellarmine writes that the words 'Christian Catholic' was the best description of the Catholic Church. All heresiarchs tend not to use those names to describe their sects or churches because they very well know that their own invented sects or churches is neither Chriatian nor Catholic. The devil knows his limitations and would not dare cross the red line. So, they often use other terminologies to describe their sects; using names of  the founders or their beliefs, like Arians, Pelagians or Unitarians and Presbyterians. Some use novel names like Focolarini or neocatechumenal. And St. Paul even mentions the use of St. Paul's and St. Peter's names. 
     Though some uses the word Catholic, it is used as an adjective and not as a noun, like Patriotic Catholic Church or Catholic bishop of San Diego. Non-catholics seems to be allergic to the name Christian Catholic and for good reason. They know it does not refer to them. Note this in such groups as Benedictine, Jesuits, Dominicans, Franciscans or the more exotic names like Precious Blood in the Blessed Sacrament. Why don't they just call themselves Christian Catholics? Because they are not. 
7. Now to the post Vatican II church  of Pope Francis.
    Bergoglio had dreamed of starting his own church and called his new church the  'Church of mercy' basing the term on his favourite theologian Cardinal Kasper's Lutheran  book on mercy. Due to his over emphasis on the idea of mercy his church is now referred to as FrancisChurch because it is clearly a sect made by Francis with no someplace whatsoever with the Christian Catholic church. FrancisChurch does not have the first sign of the true Church mentioned by St. Bellarmine and this new church is  being imposed on all Catholics today by Pope Francis and the different Bishop's conferences.   

Sunday, March 11, 2018

THE GREATEST COMMANDMENT. - Friday of the 3rd week of Lent

 1. The greatest command.
      The Pharisees would often question Christ, not to learn but to entrap Him. The Sadducees were more sincere. They were learners of the law and there were too many laws to study. And one of them approached Christ and to simplify their learning wanted to know which is the greatest among the many commandments of God.
     Christ gave three commands. Theologians often mentions only two, the second and third, and often miss the first most important one. Christ answered;  'the first of all the commandment is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord.' Christ said that there is only one God; there is no other god but Him alone. There is only one religion; the religion of this one God. All the others are man made.
      Note that Pope Francis said that all the gods of the different religions are gods and these gods can save their souls. Or that all the gods of different religions are one and the same god. Or that all religions should unite and only have one god. He can't seem to make up his mind. 
       Thus Pope Francis discourages people to transfer from one religion to another. He discourages members of other religion to transfer to the Catholic Church as he prevented his friend Tony Parker, an Anglican, from becoming a Catholic. And Pope Francis prohibited Catholics from evangelising to convert souls to the Catholic Faith. He clearly goes against this first greatest command of God. Well, if you recall Pope Francis does not believe in obeying the commands of the Catholic God which he does not believe in. In short, Pope Francis does not believe in the mystery of the Three Persons in one God, which he calls the Catholic God which he does not believe in. 
     Not believing in this first great commandment, St. James writes, Pope Francis surely will not believe in any other Catholic truths. 

2.    Christ proceeded to the second greatest command; 'thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength.' Christ said, this is the first command; but as enumerated in the Gospel, this is the second command. You must first believe in one God before you can love this one God. If you believe that there are many gods as Pope Francis believe, you will not be able to love him with all your soul. Because you will have to divide your love to all the other gods. This second command is based on the fact that there is only one God, a Catholic God.      
     How can you love God as described above? By obeying all His commands; 'if you love Me, keep My commandments (both from the Old Testament and from the New Testament.)' Pope Francis had disobeyed the 6th and 9th command of God in the Old Testament; and disobeyed the command on family planning from the New Testament as can be clearly seen in 'Amores laetitia.' 

     Without obeying the first and second commands of God, it will be impossible for Pope Francis to obey the third greatest command, to love your neighbour. How do you love your neighbours? By teaching and encouraging them to obey God's command. Pope Francis is teaching the whole world to disobey God's commands calling these commands 'stifling.' Since love of God and neighbor consists in obeying the commands of Christ in the New Testament, Pope Francis disobedience of God's commands makes him unable to love God and neighbor. 

      He does not believe there is only one God alone. He does not love God. He does not love his neighbour. He is no Christian and certainly not a Catholic as the 'dubia' suspects. 

3. You are not far from the kingdom of God.
     The Scribe believed that there is the Lord God alone. And that God should be loved with all you mind, soul, strength and heart; and that we must love our neighbours as we love ourselves. The Scribe believed that these are the three greatest commands of God. And Christ said; 'you are not far from the kingdom of heaven.' But he was not yet inside the kingdom of God, the Catholic Church. Why? Because he had not yet put into practice what he believed; so he was not yet inside the kingdom of God. But he was not far from the kingdom; i.e. he was near because he believe correctly that the above were the greatest commands of God.
     If Pope Francis does not believe in the first command, if he is not obeying the second command and could not obey the third command.......where is he in relation to the kingdom of God? Basing it on the answer of Christ to the Scribe, Pope Francis is not yet inside the kingdom of God, i.e. the Catholic Church. He is not near the kingdom of God. And unlike the Scribe who was not far....he seems to be nowhere around the kingdom of God, the Catholic Church.

Friday, March 09, 2018

Thursday - 3rd Week of Lent. The deaf and dumb.

 1. The deaf and dumb - the devil's trade mark.
      St. Thomas of Aquinas commented that the devil had these trade marks in Scripture; he is the cause of deafness and dumbness. Thus possession by the devil had always been the cause of deafness and dumbness.
     This is not physical deafness or dumbness but something spiritual, i.e. deafness in the inability to hear and keep in mind the Words of God. And dumbness in the inability to speak, teach or preach the Words of God.

2. All are possessed. 
     Because of original sin, all are possessed by the devil and Christ described the devil as the prince of the world, i.e. people living worldly lives. This is the reason why Baptism at the earliest age is recommended.
     The Sacrament of Baptism begins with an exorcism for this reason. And during the whole Lenten season, whenever Christ went about to preach the first thing He does is to drive away the devil. Otherwise the listeners will be deaf to the Words of God.

3. Exorcism at the beginning of Baptism.
     The child is exorcised at the beginning of Baptism precisely because he could be possessed by the devil. Baptism, indeed, drives away the devil, but when the child reaches the age of reason and sins, the devil returns, usually, with 7 deadlier devils. 
      Then, there is the fact that Vatican II changed so much the Liturgy of the Sacrament so that the exorcism at the beginning of Baptism does not seem to work, the devil told some exorcists. 

4. A strong man.
    Christ said that if a strong man enters a house, the house owner will not be able to stop him from taking away his resources. So it goes when the devil enters a soul devoid of the theological virtue of Faith, Hope and Charity. The devil can ransack the house. An exorcist, too,  must have these three virtues otherwise he  cannot exorcise. He will be a play thing of the devil.
     If the exorcist or the possessed person has Christ in him, they will be the stronger man who can take away all the possession of the devil, the vices and the devil himself.
      Catholics are supposed to have Faith, Hope and Charity. Candidates to the priesthood ought to be truly Catholic. The Pope must have these three virtues.

5. What is Faith.
     Faith is knowing all the commands of Christ as found in the New Testament. The cured deaf man is the man of Faith. Many exorcists do not know all the commands of Christ. Even Pope Francis showed deafness in that he has gone against both the commands of God in the Old Testament and of Christ in the New Testament. So Pope Francis and many exorcists are considered deaf in that they seem not to have heard the commands of God. They would not have Faith, the first theological virtue that makes us Catholic. They do not have the Catholic Faith. So many exorcisms are mere vaudevilles wherein the devil pretends to be exorcised but in truth he remains in the possessed person. Pope Francis' reported exorcism in St. Peter's square looks like a pubic relation stunt authored by the devil. Proof? His great ignorance of the commands of Christ which he repeatedly disobey proven by the 'dubia.'

6. What is Charity.
     While Faith is knowledge of the commands of Christ, Charity is obedience to the commands of Christ. If we are ignorant of the commands of Christ, we would surely not be able to obey them. Pope Francis had verbally preached to disregard the commands of God. He had even preached that evangelising is a lot of nonsense. He is behaving like a dumb man for not having preached the supernatural truths of Christ and had even preached for others to disregard preaching the commands of Christ. That is perfect dumbness. 

7. Christ exorcised the deaf and the dumb.
    Christ, Himself, had described these days as an era without Faith and the waxing of Charity. No Faith and no Charity. That is like saying 'no Catholics,' because the spiritual sign of a true Catholic is the presence of the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. 
    Catholics that have Faith, Hope and Charity have the Blessed Trinity in their soul. It is the Blessed Trinity in the soul of a Catholic that makes a man possess a stronger man within his soul that will enable him to drive the devil out. 
8. The four visible sign and the three invisible sign. 
     The four visible sign of true Catholicity are One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. The three invisible sign of Catholicity are Faith, Hope and Charity. Most Catholics have neither. And a thorough study of Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church will show that Pope Francis does not have the visible and invisible signs of Catholicity. Thus the 'dubia' have reasons to doubt his Catholicity and even the validity of his Papacy. And we should, also, because of the proofs....the signs of Catholicity are absent. But.......we, also do not have those signs. So we should worry more that we do not have those signs than worry about Pope Francis. Anyway, he has the whole Jesuit order to help him. We do not have that help; not our parish priest, not our bishops. 

9. True Catholic Church.....please help!
     The news are filled with  Catholics being martyred; in the continent of Africa where many have returned to the diabolical religions; in the middle east where the US and Nato soldiers are helping revolutionaries  kill Catholics; in China where the Vatican had exposed the underground Church to communist persecution. Where are the martyrs blood going? To the establishment of the Church today. The Church today is not being constructed by human missionaries nor by bishops. It is being constructed by the blood of martyrs. It will be made up, not by ignorant or imperfect Catholics . The Gospel states that it will be made up with perfect Catholics. No one can built a Church like that except God Himself. 
     The Church today seems to be deaf and dumb. Rightly had Pope Paul VI announced that Satan had entered the Church. It should had been described more properly that Satan had possessed the church. Or the gates of hell have prevailed against it. But that is impossible. The gates of hell cannot prevail against it. Maybe, the gates of hell prevailed agains it because that church is no longer the Catholic Church. It has become the church of the deaf and the dumb where most are not listening to the Words of God and no one is preaching the Words of God. All you hear is global warming and  about accepting immigrants. 


Thursday, March 08, 2018

The 'DUBIA', a test of Catholicity.

  1.  The 'dubia' is a test of Catholicity.
       The  'dubia' is a fraternal correction informing someone that he is diverting away from the Catholic Faith and heading towards heresy. Depending, therefore, on the answer of the addressee, in this case Pope Francis, his reply will show if he is a Catholic or not.
        If it is proven that he is not a Catholic, then he cannot continue sitting in the seat of St. Peter because to be Pope one must be a Catholic. The 'dubia' is raising doubts as to the Catholicity and to the very Papacy of Pope Francis. Many do not seem to realise that the purpose of the 'dubia' is either to legitimise the Papacy of Pope Francis or to depose him as an anti-Pope, depending on his answer. 
         His refusal to answer is already a strong hint that his statement noted from 'Amores laetitia' is against the official teachings of the Catholic Church. However, with his refusal to answer, the formal judgment cannot be given because his formal response is awaited. But even at this very moment, Pope Francis stands over heretical grounds. His statement on the 'Holy Communion of remarried Catholics'  is against Catholic teachings. His statement cannot be found  in the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. And his act wherein he surreptitiously included the Apostolic Exhortation in the 'Acta Apostolici Sedis' is clearly an effort to include heresy into the Magisterium. He cannot do this, precisely, because there is a 'dubium' raised by the Cardinals. The 'dubium' is, in effect, a demand for Pope Francis to prove that his statement is in accordance with Catholic teachings and, therefore, he is a Catholic.

2. Pope Francis must prove that he is a Catholic by proving that his teaching, especially in 'amores laetitia' regarding Holy Communion for the remarried is official Catholic teaching. He must quote accepted Catholic authorities like the New Testament and the writings of the Fathers of the Church. As far as I can recall my theology, Pope Francis' statement allowing adulterers to receive Holy Communion cannot be found either in Scriptures nor in the writings of the Fathers of the Church. In fact, Scriptures and the Fathers says the opposite. So the 'dubia' is a request for Pope Francis to prove that he is a Catholic. Now, there is a doubt that he is,  due to his statement that seems to go against Catholic teachings. 

3. If there is a doubt on the Catholicity of a Pope.....
    we should also doubt the Catholicity of bishops, priests and laymen who side with the statement of the Pope. If a Pope can erroneously believe that he is a Catholic when he is not, then bishops, priests, nuns and laymen can commit the same mistake of erroneously believing that they are Catholics when they are not.

4. Fortunately...
    There is a way by which Catholics can know if they are Catholic. In the Catechism it is described as the 'four visible signs of the true Church,' enumerated in the Nicene Creed; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. These are visible signs which all men can see. It is precisely meant for all men to see so all men can know which is the true Church. 
      All Catholics are obliged to show these visible signs to all men. This is the way Catholics confess Christ before men. The Pope should be the first to show these signs. 
       All men are obliged to know what are these signs so they can know which is the true Church and who are the members of this Church. The members make up the Church so these signs should be seen in the members. It must appear in the Pope who is the head of the Church. 
       What if it cannot be found in Pope Francis? And this is the reason for the 'dubia.' The Catholic Church cannot find the four visible signs of Catholicity in the Pope. The 'dubia' is the Church's notice to Pope Francis that the four signs cannot be found in him. 
        The problem is even bigger. These four visible signs cannot be found in many seemingly Catholic dioceses, parishes, religious orders, religious communities.....and even in Catholic Families. 
         These signs are visible signs. If you cannot find it, it is because it is not there. That simple. It is certain that Pope Francis does not have the four visible signs. Everybody has the instrument to check this for themselves. Therefore, the 'dubium' is a doubt raised that he is not even a Catholic. And since non-Catholics cannot be Pope, the doubt insinuates that he is not the Pope. 

5. The four visible signs is the only easy way anyone can prove that he is a Catholic. There are many other ways but they are spiritual signs and not available to all but only to those who have Faith. 
      If there is reason to doubt the Catholicity of Pope Francis, for more reason is there reason to doubt the Catholicity of all Catholics. So????? Well, then all Catholics should check if they are Catholic. And don't do anything else until we have checked on this. SSPX, don't join Rome until it is proven that Rome is Catholic. Underground Church in China, don't join the Patriotic Church until it is proven that they are Catholic and that the Vatican who is ordering you to integrate with the Patriotic church is truly Catholic. Orthodox and Anglicans, don't convert to Catholicism until you have proven that they are Catholic.  Catholics, do not be complacent into believing that you are Catholic just because you have a certificate saying so. 

6. Pick up the proof
     Pick up your catechism and read that the true Church is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. Study these four signs using the Fathers of the Church because these four signs are difficult to understand and even more difficult to apply to any entity. It is for this reason that Pope Francis and the Jesuits find it difficult to prove Pope Francis is Catholic. It is for the same reason that most bishops will find it impossible to prove that they are Catholic. And, of course, the same goes for the poor layman.

7. Everything is on hold. 
     We cannot consider Pope Francis as Pope until he gives his answer to the 'dubium' and prove that he is Catholic. But he had given his answer as early as  the Synod of Bishop of 2015. In that Synod, Pope Francis, himself, sponsored this questionable statement to the Synod and the majority of the Synod Fathers disapproved it precisely because it was not Catholic doctrine. 
      The Synod Fathers who rejected Pope Francis' proposal are the same ones who presented the 'dubia' for the same reason in that what is written in 'amores laetitia'  is not Catholic doctrine. Remember, majority of the Synod Fathers rejected this same proposal, i.e. to allow the remarried receive Holy Communion. Sadly,  the minority pushed for this heretical proposal among them are Cardinal Kasper, Baldisseri, and Tagle. 
      So in effect there was already a schism with Pope Francis and his gang leaving the Catholic Church with their erroneous proposal. While Cardinal Burke with the Polish and African bishops sticking to their Catholic Faith. 
      Since then, Pope Francis has insisted on this proposal until he simply promulgated it through an Apostolic exhortation 'amores laetitia.' Pope Francis' proposal is evidently heretical during the Synod of Bishop. It seems to be heretical even now. 
     So everything is on hold. But a great explosion is expected and millions of souls will be affected. 

8. So what do we do?
    Put on hold our belief on the present papacy because there a standing unanswered 'dubium'.  Concentrate on learning two things. First, find out what are the signs of true Catholicity. Secondly, find out if you are inside the Catholic Church; these are the same two things the 'dubia' is checking on the Pope; does Pope Francis have the four visible signs of Catholicity? And is he inside the Catholic Church?
      We should, first, ask ourselves these same questions. Because many bishops, priest, religious and laymen have not asked themselves and, therefore, they do not know the answer. Thus many bishops cannot prove that they are Catholic. 

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The 'DUBIA.'

 1. The 'dubia.'
      The news on the 'dubia' is the center of Catholic  news today. With it falls the Papacy and the entire image of the Catholic Church. But not the Catholic Church. Yet Catholics, specially bishops around the world, are not minding it. The 'dubia' could mean the salvation or damnation of many souls.

2. What is the 'dubia?'
     The 'dubia' is a note containing a canonical fraternal correction to a man sitting in the seat of St. Peter. It is a notice to him that he has made a statement that most Catholics think is contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church. The papal statement, therefore, is  perceived as a heresy showing that the man seated in the seat of Peter is not a Catholic and, therefore, disqualifies him from the Papacy. The 'dubia' is requesting for a clarification so the Church may judge if it is according to Catholic doctrine or not. For such a person to insist on his error, if there is,  will make him an anti-pope. And to follow him and even render him any recognition makes others an accomplice to his heresy.

3. Why is the 'dubia' concentrating on only one error?
     St. James had written, disobedience to one command of Christ is disobedience to all the commands of Christ. And St. Augustine added, error in one doctrine is error in all doctrine. 
     It is the very essence of the theological virtue of Faith that it gives a soul perfect knowledge of the teachings of Christ.  Based on the teaching on the 'unity of doctrine,' which states that if a soul has a perfect knowledge of one truth, he will certainly have perfect knowledge of all truths because all truths are interconnected with each other. An error in one truth will affect the rest of the truths.
      This theological principle is one of the proofs that most Catholics do not really have the Catholic Faith because they do not know many truths. And ignorance of one truth is ignorance of all truths. 

4. The 'dubia' centres on one truth. 
      In the 'dubia' the authors were questioning Pope Francis on only one truth. If he is wrong in this one truth, he will be wrong on all the rest of the truths he is teaching. 
      It, also, works the other way around. Because Pope Francis is committing many errors, like hell is empty, pagans go to heaven, repentance is not needed, ....etc. then his one teaching in 'Amores laetitia' on the morality of the remarried receiving Holy Communion will certainly be wrong. 

5. The authors of the 'dubia.'
     Cardinals are the ones who elect the Pope. Only the cardinals can nullify the election of a Pope or depose a Pope.  The author of the 'dubia' are cardinals. Bishops and priests and laymen had also signed the 'dubia' to show that the question involved is truly a Catholic issue and not a mere opinion or personal issue of one person.

6. The 'dubia' deals with a principle of Faith.
     The 'dubia' deals with Catholic morals and/or dogmas. The question is directed to all Catholics, from Pope to layman. So it must be answered by all. It is as basic as the question, 'is there a Catholic God?' All Catholics must answer that question. Yes or no. And depending on one's answer one is a Catholic or not. Pope Francis had answered that there is no Catholic God which gives us a hint that his teachings in 'amores laetitia' will certainly be wrong. 
     The 'dubia' is asking Pope Francis a question written in his Apostolic exhortation; 'can Catholics who had been separated from their spouse, and have remarried while the spouse is still living, received worthily Holy Communion? What is the Catholic teaching? The 'dubia' has been given more than 500 days ago and he has not given an answer. If Pope Francis is a Catholic he should know the answer and should have given his answer immediately.
     I asked the same question to three teen agers and they answered the same question within two minutes. How come Pope Francis has not answered it after more than 500 days? Why hasn't the Jesuit order to whom Pope Francis belong, who have many theologians, many colleges, many periodicals and many priests have not answered it for his sake all this time, while teen agers can answer it in two minutes?
     As long as Pope Francis has not answered the canonical clarification officially presented to him by the 'dubia' he cannot be considered as the valid Pope. Because if his answer is that the statement in 'amores laetitia' is a Catholic doctrine, the entire Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church says that he is wrong; his statement in his 'amores laetitia' is not Catholic doctrine. 
     For Pope Francis to hold a teaching contrary to Catholic doctrine disqualifies him from the Papal office. He should resign. If he insists on staying in the papal throne he would, in effect, be an anti-pope.

7. Did Pope Francis answer the 'dubia?'
     Officially, no. Why hasn't he answered it? Because he knows that his answer, that it is Catholic doctrine, is wrong. But he answered it unofficially by surreptitiously including the document into the 'Acta apostolici Sedis' or the AAS. The AAS is a book that contains all the official teachings of the Catholic Church. By surreptitiously including 'amores laetitia' into the AAS he had deceitfully included his error as part of the doctrine of Catholic 
Church. That does not make his error a doctrine of the Catholic Church. It is still an error. It is still a heresy which makes him now a heretic, disqualified from the Papal office and, therefore, makes him an anti-pope. Nobody made him like that but he himself. 

8. Guilty as accomplishes.
     Remarried Catholics who has no annulment or are not living as brothers and sisters cannot receive Holy Communion worthily; this is the moral and dogmatic teaching of the Catholic church. In his 'amores laetitia' Pope Francis went against this Catholic teaching. But since this is Catholic doctrine, every bishop, priest or layman who agrees with Pope Francis is equally guilty of sin against Faith called heresy. No one can be indifferent to this statement. It is an article of Faith; all must take side, for or against it.
     Pope Francis has not officially answered the 'dubia.' So he cannot be judged. But many bishops, priest and laymen had embraced the heretical interpretation of 'amores laetitia.' Thus have become heretics even ahead of Pope Francis, its author. 
     The Catholic  Bishop's conference of the Philippines in their recent Cebu meeting had voted secretly and the majority approved the suspected heresy in 'amores laetitia.' Many bishops from the US, Europe and South America had already approved the heretical statement and had implemented it in their dioceses, like in Germany. These bishops are leading their dioceses into heresy thus becoming Protestants. 
     Everyone must check on the Catholicity of their bishops  and priests because many bishops, like Pope Francis, finds it impossible to prove that they are Catholics, though there are many ways written in Scriptures and discussed by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church on how to prove oneself to be truly Catholic. 
     Remember that the status of the 'dubia' is this; that the legitimacy of the Papacy of Pope Francis is on hold until he answers the 'dubia.' Sadly, however, he had already informally answered the 'dubia,' during the Bishop's Synod of 2015 and recently by including the document in the AAS. We have a Catholic Church where the Pope and many of the bishops supporting his stand cannot prove that they are  Catholics. 
     By supporting Pope Francis' stand even before he responds make these bishops go against Catholic teaching.  We have a catholic church that has turned Protestant, just like in Europe during the time of Martin Luther. Bishops, priest and laymen became Protestants without knowing it. It is happening again today, as prophesied by Christ during this Lenten Season. Lent is happening again and nobody knows it.  All the priest of that era, the Pharisees, Scribes and the high priest were all against Christ. Disobedience to one command of Christ (like Thou shall not commit adultery) is disobedience to all the commands of God. Disbelief in one dogma is disbelief in all the dogmas. The Catholic Church has not only become Protestant. It has become pagan by the  very acts of our own bishops and Pope. 

Monday, March 05, 2018

An Unfaithful Hierarchy - 2nd week of Lent.

 1. An unfaithful hierarchy.
     How can we analyse the hierarchy in the world today? It is impossible to study the state of the hierarchy in the world today using human instruments, like psychology and sociology. The research would be too extensive and conclusions will be impossible. How do we study states of affairs in the Catholic Church? By studying prophecies. In other words, what will happen in the future, i.e. today, had been written down already in the prophecies in Scriptures. Knowledge of what will happen today and tomorrow had been given by the good God to the Church so His Church can make preparations. There is much of what is happening today that is found in Scriptures specially during the season of Lent. And we can only understand what is happening today by understanding the lesson of the Liturgy of Lent.

2. The Liturgy of Lent gives an understanding of what is happening today in the whole world. And like all things that happen in the world, what is happening can only be understood in the context of the Catholic Church as the center. It has been like this since the beginning of history. The history of man can only be understood as surrounding the Church as its center. Without the Catholic Church as a center, the history of man cannot be understood and explained. The history of Europe is easier to understand because it has the Catholic Church as its center. While oriental history is impossible to understand because it does not have the Catholic Church as its center; it began to make a little sense when Catholicism entered the Orient. 

3. The Liturgy of Lent describes many things that should give man understanding of what is happening today but let us only take one topic; i.e. the state of the hierarchy. Of course, we are not saying that this is the state of all the members of the hierarchy. Like Scriptures, when it states 'the hierarchy' it usually refers to majority and not exactly to all and every member of the hierarchy. 

4. The state of the hierarchy always reflect the state of the Catholic Church. During the first and second week of Lent, Christ had been describing the hopelessness of the hierarchy during His time. They were proud, hard-headed, impossible to teach and Christ had decided to abandon this hierarchy and give the Church to another who would tend to the vineyard. 
     It is the hierarchy who teaches and forms the Catholic Church. If the hierarchy is unfaithful, the Church will be unfaithful. When this happens, Christ tend to abandon that Church and transfers His Church to another people who will believe. This is very clear in the parables in Scriptures. So what is the state of the hierarchy in the US, in the Philippines, in South America, in Europe, etc.

5. Starting in Paradise.
    Starting in Paradise, the events in Genesis tells us that the Hierarchy, through the history of man, will be unfaithful to God as Adam and Eve were unfaithful. This is further shown in the story of Joseph and his many coloured coat. Joseph was the type of the Church. His own brothers planned to kill him; a type that the killers of the Catholic Church will be its own Catholic members. This is clearer on Good Friday when the Pharisees, Scribes, High priest and Judas would betray and deliver Christ to the Gentiles for crucifixion; a type that today, it is the Pope, the cardinals, bishops and priest who would deliver the Church to the pagans for crucifixion. And led by the high  priest with the help of Judas, we have the type of someone in the  papal throne who will betray the Catholic Church. He is portrayed in the Apocalypse as the Second Beast and identical to the anti-Christ. Christ was crucified by the very people he came to save. The Catholic Church will be crucified by the Catholics she came to save. The persecutors will be led by the hierarchy because they alone have the dictatorial power to do so. 

6. The exceptions
    Of course, not all members of the hierarchy will be unfaithful. Holy Week showed us the fidelity of the 11 apostles, the holy women, Nicodemus, and Longinus. So there were a handful of believers during Good Friday. Very few, as Pope Benedict XVI liked to  emphasise. There are too many Catholics today; the number does not fit the prophecy. But all signs show that most Catholic, especially among the hierarchy are not Catholics at all. 

7. Checking up on the Hierarchy. 
    The Pope and the bishops should present their credentials to their constituents proving that they are the duly constituted spiritual head of the parish, the Dioceses and the Church. The credentials are the four visible signs of the true Church as enumerated in the Nicene Creed; one, holy, Catholic and apostolic. These signs prove that they are Catholics but not necessarily the duly appointed Pope or bishop of the Diocese. But if they can prove that they are Catholics, that is enough for all to believe that they are the duly elected Pope and the duly appointed bishop of the Diocese. True Catholics do not lie. So a true Catholic who says he is Pope is most probably the Pope. 

8. We do not usually check for Catholicity.  
     In our present situation Popes never prove that they are Catholics. Neither do cardinals, bishops and priests. And the constituents never demand from their Pope, bishops and priest proofs that they are Catholics. Everybody takes it for granted that everyone is a Catholic. This is very bad practice because Christ, Himself, warned us 'to judge all things if they are of God,' contrary to what Pope Francis enjoined.  When Popes and bishops commit mistakes just like Pope Francis, then we have to check if he is a Catholic. It is hard to check if he is the true Pope. But if he is a Catholic, the probability is great that he is also the true Pope.  We should, also, check the rest of the hierarchy because they follow the Pope.  

9. The 'dubia.'
     Pope Francis seems to be teaching  lots of errors. His first published address 'Charity without dogma' was totally against the entire teaching of the Catholic Church. 
     St. James quoted by St. Augustine wrote; 'go against one teaching an you go against all the teachings of Christ.' After his first grievous error, it was expected that all the next teachings of Pope Francis will be erroneous. And he did not disappoint us. 
      With so many errors that go against the teachings of the Catholic, it became necessary to check if he is a Catholic. For this the cardinals who have noticed his errors issued a 'dubium.'

10 A fraternal correction.
     The 'dubium' is the highest form of Charity; a form of fraternal correction made by cardinals to an erring Pope. It is a very polite request to clarify a teaching that is suspected of going against the teaching of the Catholic Church. The Pope must clarify his words and prove that his statement is according to Catholic teaching. If he is not able to clarify his teaching and it appears that his teaching is against the official teachings of the Catholic Church, then he is declared to be in error. And, therefore, he cannot remain as the Pope. He must resign if he insists to remain in  his error. 
     The 'dubium' is an effort to find out if the Pope is Catholic. Because the 'dubium' requires a statement of Faith, this test must be applied to all, cardinals, bishops and priests and laymen. They must answer the 'dubium.' Because, they might be like Pope Francis whose Catholicity is, now, under suspicion. Imagine believing that you are a Catholic when in fact you are following a Protestant leader. 
      The 'dubium' can easily be answered. Reading it to children, they answered it immediately. How come the Pope has not answered it, more than 500 days since he received it. Because he knows his answer is against Catholic teaching. He is trying to postpone the coming consequence.  
      In effect, however, he is already in the state of heresy, he is not a Catholic and, therefore, cannot be Pope. Unless he answers the 'dubium' correctly, it would be a big mistake for anyone to consider him as Pope.