Friday, February 23, 2018


 1. Pope Benedict XVI once again.
     Topics on Pope Benedict will never end, most especially on whether he really resigned or not. 
     Let us briefly discuss how Pope Benedict acts to understand how he acted on the day of his supposed resignation. 
     Benedict is the model of a man of Faith. His actions are mature human acts enlightened by grace. His actions come from a full mature act of his intellect devoid of error and fortified with wisdom and enlightened by grace. In short, his reasons are always on the supernatural level and not in the level of mere philosophy or metaphysics. He always makes sense even in the natural level; but more so in the spiritual level. That is why it is a joy reading his works or listening to him. And that is why few can understand him. 

2. Pope Benedict's reasoning.
    Morality is based on the reason why a person acts. It is a product of the intellect and not of the feelings. To understand Pope Benedict we must know the reasons why he acted thus. The flimsiest reason Pope Benedict had ever  given in his life is the reason why he seemingly resigned. It was so flimsy that most Catholics did not believe him. thus the reason for the continuous debate on his resignation.
     The reason he gave was so flimsy but it was reasonable, it was sensible, it was sound, it was convincing......but it was unbelievable. He said; 'due to incoming weakness of health.'

3. It is unCatholic for anyone to retire.
    Can you retire at 75 from loving God and neighbor? Can you retire at 80 from being patient and kind? Can you retire from repenting for your past sins at 85? Can you retire from praying and saving souls at 90? No! All of these should be done up to the last second of one's life. There is no retirement from putting into practice the teachings of the Catholic Church. So Pope Benedict gave a very reasonable reason for retirement; but that reason is totally unacceptable in the Catholic Church. Benedict will not resign for any of the above reasons. 
     The reason Pope Benedict gave goes against Catholic doctrines. It goes against theology  and even against philosophy. Pope Benedict is not acting like Pope Benedict who is usually sharp, reasonable, philosophically and theologically sound. He must be hidding something as Christ used to keep certain truths from the multitude especially from the devil,  but revealing the other truths to His disciples. 
     Like Christ, all men must hide some of their good deeds to prevent the devil from thwarting those deeds. To hide his real motive for resigning he announced his resignation in Latin, that language that fills the devil with fear. We would like to find out this hidden theological intention that prompted him to pretend to resign and why he pretended. 

4. Christ kept His intentions from the devil.
     We must always keep our good intentions unknown to the devil. Otherwise he will know how to thwart our good intentions. We must know how to fool the devil as Christ did. Christ saw to it that the devil will not know that He was the Messiah until the last moment when it was too late for the devil to thwart Christ's plan to redeem the world. 
     Christ kept the knowledge of Him being the Messiah from the devil. Because if the devil knew He was the Messiah, he would have prevented Him from being crucified and thus redeem the world. That is the devil's intention in everything he does; to prevent souls from being saved. 
     So why did Pope Benedict pretend to resign. To fool the devil into believing he is still Pope; this way he can save more souls.  

5. What Pope Benedict knows. 
    Benedict knows many things. But let us concentrate on the things  he knew that surrounded his decision to seemingly step down from the Papacy, a pretention in order to fool the devil into believing that he was no longer Pope, as Christ pretended to fool the devil into no knowing that He was the Christ (Note how Christ always silenced the devil every time would declare that He was the Son of God?). 
6. The  first broad picture surrounding Benedict's seeming resignation is Good Friday in Lent. 
     Here Christ fooled the devil. Christ did not want the devil to know that He was the Saviour. If the devil knew it,  he would prevent the Romans and the Jews from killing Christ; thus preventing the redemption of  the human race. Fooled by Christ, the devil had the Romans and Jews kill Christ. Thus unwittingly cooperating in the redemption of the world. 
     Like all good Catholics, Benedict knew that Good Friday and Lent has to be fulfilled all the time in the history of men; but there will be one final fulfilment of this prophetic event one day. Benedict wanted to know if that day is today. 
     Since both the Fathers of the Church and many saints are conscious and wrote about this day, Benedict studied these writings. Having read St. Augustine, St. Bonaventure and St. Hildegard, a Benedictine mystic whom he raised as doctor of the Church, Benedict discovered that this final fulfilment of Good Friday could happen today during his papacy. So he checked these writings; and he double checked and was convinced it is today. 
     If Benedict wanted to keep this secret from the devil why are we revealing it now? Because the prophetic Good Friday is already being fulfilled and there is no way anyone can stop it, not even the devil. Good Friday is fulfilled today with the whole world as its stage. 
     In this stage we have the Romans representing  all pagan secular powers going against Christ. We have the Gentiles represented by some Roman soldiers siding with Christ, 'truly this is the Son of God.' All the Pharisee and Scribes, represent most of the Cardinals, bishops and priests going against the teachings of Christ. 

      Then there is a very small groups made up of the apostles, Mary and the ladies with Joseph and Nicodemus making up a very small Catholic Church, all of them were hiding. 

 6. The picture of Judas.     
      Then there is a very specific picture upon which Benedict based his pretended resignation. The image of  Judas, a Bishop appointed by Christ, Himself, who would betray Him and will facilitate His crucifixion. Take notice of this last point. A man to be totally possessed by Satan who will be used in an attempt to destroy the Catholic Church. Prophecies show that he will a Pope and will live at this time in man's history. 
     Benedict studied when this would occur. About this time. He would not want to be that person. He knew the prophecy was not referring to him. It was referring to someone else. He did not know who was this. But he would be existing about the same time with him. He wanted to know who this person would be. 
7. The man of evil. 
    Good Friday prophesied a bishop upon whom Satan will possess for the destruction of the nascent Catholic Church. At that time, everything would seem to be under the control of Satan. Evil will reign. There will be total darkness. There will be not a single ray of light. Satan will seem to be victorious; the Church of Christ seems to be in total defeat. Everything will be centered on Judas. 
     This bishop will be the object of total diabolical possession in an attempt to destroy the Church. It is destruction of the Church from within, through possession. Benedict would not want to be the object of this possession. He wants to know who this person is. So he will have to do something to be able to see how this will be fulfilled. 
     Since he is not the Pope referred to, it would be another person..... he will have to move over to give place to this object of this diabolical possession personified by Judas. 

8. Why did Benedict pretend to resign.
     For the image of the one possessed by the devil to come to the fore, Benedict had to pretend to resign for such a person to be able to enter into the picture.  So Benedict have a dilemma. He knows he is not the one. It will be another. So he,  as Pope and the other must exist at the same time just as St. Peter and Judas existed together.  Peter would see how the Church would go with Judas destroying it and, therefore, will be able to aid the Church while Judas was being possessed by Satan. Peter and Judas were both bishops and most people will find it difficult to distinguish between the two.  Today, two will be Popes and it is be difficult to distinguish between the two. But those with Faith will be able to distinguish one from the other. 
     Since it will be difficult to distinguish between the two Popes, Benedict seemingly resigned. And suddenly the other pope personified by Judas came clearly to the fore. It has become slightly easier to distinguish between the two. So it will be easier for most of those weak in Faith to distinguish between Peter and Judas, Benedict seemingly stepped down clearing the picture for all to see, the fulfilment of Judas today. 

9. One of the first bishops personally chosen by Christ would be the traitor. In prophecy, he will be a future Pope who will be possessed by the devil as Judas was. The devil will pour all his evil on him in an attempt to destroy the Church. Benedict knew the devil would concentrate all evil in this Pope to destroy the Church. He would not want to be this Pope. He will fool the devil into entering into another whom the devil will mistake to be the Pope while he safely navigate the church into its heavenly harbour.
     But Benedict will not move unless he consults Scriptures, the Fathers of the Church and the writings of the saints. His readings did not help him find the answer on what he must do. Instead he prayed. The suspicion is strong that he had a private revelation to faint resignation. His whole demeanour which shows great certainty is making his move shows he received a revelation. The revelation plus the above given facts is what make him seemingly resign. From the above given facts, he did not resign but merely move aside to help fulfil the prophecies.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


 1. The wounds of the Catholic Church.
     Every morning, I open my computer and read all the news world wide about the state of the Catholic Church. Fortunately there are portals in the internet that publishes news about the Catholic Church world wide. In it anyone can see the state of the Church; its wellness or its illnesses. 
      Every Catholic should do this because he is a part of the Church and the state of the Church will reflect his own state of soul. This way all can contribute either to the wellness or to the cure of any illness in the Church. This love  for the Church is lacking within the Church itself. It is a sign of lack of love for Christ, Himself. 
      The state of the Church in China  where she is being forced by the Vatican to integrate with the government sponsored schismatic patriotic church is a very serious illness comparable to lung cancer. And Catholics in other parts of the world do not seem to care. The very fact that the Vatican is initiating the integration is akin to injecting poison into the arteries of the Catholic Church, and nobody seems to care. Indeed, there seems to be no love for the Church. 
     A person who loves himself will be solicitous with his health and will attend immediately to any illness in his body. And this person's love for himself will even be greater if he is attentive to the state of his soul seeing to it that it is in a state pleasing to God. In the Catholic Church, the most important thing is the four visible signs of the Catholic Church enumerated in the Nicene Creed. How bright and visible are those four signs. The brighter and more visible the signs the better. Dimmer signs are bad signs. And sadly, these four visible signs are practically non existent in many parts of Catholic Church especially in the Vatican. And that is a grievous wound.

2. The Leper.
     The world is a leper due to original sin, the Gospel states. It has to call on Christ to be healed with the prayer of Faith. In some portions of the Catholic Church, the Faith is weak. Its call to Christ to be healed is weak and so that portion of the Church is not immediately healed. It is like when the left arm is sick. It affects the whole Church even though only a part is sick. When there is something wrong in the Church in China, the whole Church should feel it. It there is something wrong in the Vatican, that is like cancer in the brains since the Vatican is the head. The more so will the entire body feel it. When we  read the news about the Catholic Church, the serious illnesses of the Church is in the left arm, in the lungs, in the liver, in the pancreas and in the brains. And half of the body is covered with leprosy. 
     And we are a part of that body. And most of us do not care even to know the state of this body. 

3. He who cares.
    He who loves the Church when he wakes up in morning, will first check the state of the whole Church, i.e. if he loves the Church,  from China to the Middle East, from Egypt to Asia, from Europe to Australia, from Ethiopia to Congo. And he will see that it is in a  deplorable state, i.e. its physical state. 
     The true Catholic Church is not in this state because the true Church is spiritual, always young, beautiful and a most pleasant bride for the bridegroom. The deplorable sight is the Church to which we physically belong.....the church of Rome, of Galatia, of Franc, of  the Philippines. 

4.What is worse.
    It is bad enough for the Church to be in such a deplorable state. But those responsible to keep her healthy, the bishops and the Pope, are not interested in finding out the condition of its health. When one radio program broadcasting in an Opus Dei owned station was merely reading news about the state of the Catholic Church around the world, the bishop's conference forced to close it down because the news about the Church were not pleasant. Though they were mere news around the world. The entire Catholic population of most countries with its hierarchy are totally ignorant with what is going on in the Catholic Church around the world. Totally ignorant even up to now. 
     They just don't care to know the state of the Mystical Body of Christ when this state greatly affects the soul of every Catholic just as brain cancer affects the entire human body. There, indeed, is no love for the Church, a sign that there is no love for Christ. 

5. Pope John XXIII and the 'wounds of the Church.'
    It is said that Pope John XXIII called Vatican II after reading the short treatise 'the wounds of the Church' where the author described that these wounds is draining the life of the Catholic Church. Vatican II was meant by the Pope to heal the wounds and save the physical aspect of the Church (keeping in mind that the spiritual aspect of the Church is Divine and is always all right.)
     But within Vatican II were killer nurses who believed that Euthanasia is the solution for an old, weak, sick and wounded Church. So they kill the old Church in China, in South America, in Japan, in Korea and in the Philippines where the Pope said, women give birth like rabbits. 
     In this treatise Pope John XXII studied the five wounds of the Catholic Church. Today the Church is covered with wounds and leprosy and is bleeding from head to toe. The way she is bleeding, the physical aspect of the church won't last very long. The fact that most Catholics, especially bishops do not know what is going on around the world to the Mystical Body of Christ is a sure sign that they, themselves, do not belong to the true Church. If they belong to the Mystical Body, they will feel the wounds of the Church and will do something about it. 

6. Pope Francis had been described in the news in that he does not read blogs that criticises him or calls him heretic. Well, the internet and especially You Tube had been calling him names. Most of these name calling are shallow and should not be dignified even with  a comment. But there are many very serious blogs that point out his defects and heresies. And they call them out for what they are; heresies and against the commands of Christ. 
     With the head of the Church blurting out heresies we are in a very serious situation. We have a Mystical Body whose head had gone insane. He should be in a asylum not in St. Peters. His own former General said so. We do not have mere wounds in the Church. The Church had been beheaded.  
     Anyone who reads this news and calls it for what it is is the one who loves the Church; he loves Jesus Christ.......and he truly loves Pope Francis. Just like a good doctor who analyses and gives  a frank diagnosis. That doctor is a big help. Everyone else around Pope Francis are just lap dogs. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Teen Parkland school shooter VS cop killer

 1. Here is a comparative study from the Catholic moral view between the young Parkland school shooter in Florida and the cop killer in court. Both are in the news at the same time thus giving us a case study for comparison.

2. The young Parkland school shooter that killed several children in school and several adults came from a unstable family situation and much left to himself. The cop killer had killed less cops. He is an adult and expressed the desire to have killed more cops. 

3. The teen school shooter was immersed in his sin of murder and similarly the cop killer. But the teen school shooter is forced into the situation by a very poor life during childhood, deprived of a loving family's direction and training. Thus the teen boy grew up completely devoid of morality not knowing good from evil. His choice of evil is forced on him by a passion uninformed by the intellect. 
    On the other hand, the grown  up cop killer probably was also deprived of a loving family who could have given him a good moral training. But he shows an adult man that has known good and evil and had wilfully and knowingly chosen evil and delighting in it. While the cop killer's sin is consented and willed for, the teen school shooter's sin is forced on him by his ignorance and lack of a discipline life that good parents could have provided him with. 

4. The cause of the teen's sin is the lack of a loving family that should have given him the formation of a well discipline Catholic moral life. The cop killer could have had a good family but he had wilfully assented and consented to killing cops, a desire that continue though he was being condemned in court already. 
     The teen school shooter is evidently a child in an adult body. The mind and heart is that of a child completely abandoned by parents who are completely devoid of love for the child. The boy is to be pitied and not condemned. The cop killer should undergo capital punishment as a punishment from God. The child shooter should be kindly rehabilitated and evangelised. The cop killer is definitely an adult in an adult body. 

5. The young school shooter looks like a boy who is completely confused on what is right and wrong and forced to do the vile deed due to ignorance. While the cop killer is not confused; he clearly knows what he had done and had freely chosen to do it. He knows what he had done is wrong, he had enjoyed doing it and given the chance will do it again. He said so. 

6. In the early Christian times, the young school shooter would be sent to a monastery to fix the operation of his conscience. The cop killer would be burned in the stake; because reform would be impossible for such soul, distorted on its own accord.

7. The US media had completely got everything wrong, Gun ban and arming teachers is not the solution because that is not the problem. Every politician and student group are using the incident to grand stand and proclaim their hidden agendas. The defect in the young school shooter is the lack of loving parents who would have directed him towards a sound knowledge of what is right or wrong. The defect in the cop killer is that evil is so entrench in his soul through his own fault that he had invited the devil into his own soul. 

8. While we cry for justice for the cop killer, we beg for mercy for the teen shooter. We can almost say, it was not his fault. He would have never wanted to do it if he had a good family behind him. The whole thing have absolutely nothing to do with guns. 


 1. China in the headlines.
     China is in the headlines of Catholic News. The Vatican is making a move to convince the underground Catholic Church to incorporate to the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Church. The underground Catholic Church is used to refer to the Church that was formerly connected with the pre-Vatican I Church of Rome. While the Chinese Catholic Church is the Church ruled and moderated by the Chinese communist state. 

2. The underground Catholic Church in China had been living in unideal conditions. Persecuted by the communist government, the Church is unable to grow to perfection. It has a stunted growth. But precisely due to the persecution, there is a portion of the Church that had grown spiritually. Like in most cases there are fervent Christians who really make up the Catholic Church. These are the true Catholics. And there are the weak of Faith whose Faith can easily be lost just by a stormy weather. 

3. The Vatican move to force the underground Church to integrate with the Communist Church will greatly harm the weak of Faith. But it will not harm the truly fervent Catholics. History has it that the fervent one might easily be led to the arena and be eaten by lions, But how about the weak of Faith that should be in the hundreds of thousand if not millions souls. 

4. The communist Catholic church is made by man and not the true church. It is a church excommunicated by canon law. It will only lead souls  to hell.  For all purposes it is a schismatic or heretical church. And the Vatican is ordering the Catholics of China to integrate with it? That is equivalent to ordering the Faithful Chinese to go to hell. And the order is coming from the Vatican? Yes. From the Vatican. This is a very clear pattern coming from the Vatican. From the beginning of the papacy of Pope Francis, all Vatican move is to bring souls to hell. From the very first speech of Pope Francis titled 'Love without dogma' which destroys all the pillars of Catholic dogma and morals, to his 'hell does not exist.'
     His ecumenical move to integrate the SSPX and Orthodox Church to the church of Rome is a move to drag them down further into deeper heresies. His move in convincing pagan religions to remain in their pagan beliefs is to confirm them in their error. His move to suppress very good religious orders is to remove traces of the Catholic religion from the face of the earth. Pope Francis is following a consistent pattern of destruction. 

5. No doctrinal basis
    The Vatican has no sound dogmatic reason for the move but mere convenience. Convenience is the devil's easy way out of problems. It would be more Catholic if the Vatican instructs them to act like the first Christians of old and join the millions of Catholic dying for the Faith in the Middle East and in Africa which is the only other choice. 

6. No longer the salvation of souls
    The Vatican under Pope Francis has been concerned with purely worldly concerns; from jobs for the youth, to the loneliness of the old ones and the global warming of the planet. Up to the present he has not taught anything about the salvation of souls. 
     His speeches in his trips to different nations showed no concern for the salvation of souls. In the Philippines he was more concerned in the fact that Filipino mothers give birth like rabbits. An insult to our women when they should have been praised in giving birth to citizens of heaven. 

7. Testing time.
    From the beginning of creation, God had been testing mankind. Man must decide on whose side he is. Will he do God's Will or his own will (as the devil tempts him.) According to the choice we make, God will put us either on His right or on his left. The right goes to heaven and the left goes to hell. Since all men is going to be tested, the people of the US, of Europe, of South American. China must also be tested. The true Catholic Church must teach China how to pass that test; not how to fail that test. It is exactly the same test given by God to Adam and Eve. Will China do God's Will or the dictate of the serpent whispered by the Vatican. Cardinal Zen has a sincere love for China. His is the voice of an angel. 

8. Pope Francis and liberation theology
    Pope Francis had been exposed to liberation theology, a communist leaning philosophy that had infiltrated theology in South America. Like most of the US bureaucracy, the Vatican today is left leaning, like  many South American, European and  African nations. It is a big joke that, today,  Russia is the only Christian nation that has completely ceased being communist. We must now pray, not for the conversion of Russia which is now more Christian than the Vatican; instead pray for China. 

9. Pray for the Vatican.
     The Vatican had become like the hard headed and hard hearted Jews. Praying for it is not enough. Chastisement is needed to convert such; and seeing the gravity of its faults, an ordinary chastisement will not be enough. It needs a final chastisement. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


 1. Faith
     Faith is a mature human act of the mind assenting and the free will consenting with the help of grace on the truths of Divine Revelation. 
     All men have minds. They just have to assent to the truths of Divine Revelation. All men have free wills. They just have to consent to the truths of Divine Revelation. The acts of assenting and consenting to Divine truths are possible to all men. 
     But man do not know the contents of Divine Revelation. Though the contents of Divine Revelation are found in Sacred Scriptures and interpreted by the Fathers of the Church, these truths cannot be understood without the help of grace.  Without grace men can hear the sound of the words expressing these truths but they cannot understand the meaning of the sounds of the words. This is like the Jews seeing the miracles Christ but could not see that these miracles can only be done by a God. 

     These three above elements must be present for a nation to be truly Catholic. Take out one,  and the nation loses its Faith. Much more so when all the three elements are lacking. Now, let us review three rules that can take away Faith from souls. 

2. Three Principles of the spiritual life. 
     a. St. Thomas wrote; one who does not progress in the spiritual life will automatically regress. One regresses into a life of sin. When one sins, he loses his Faith. 
     b. St. James wrote;  a disobedience to one command is disobedience to all the commands.  If disobedience to one command of Christ causes one to lose his Faith, how much more disobedience to all the commands of Christ. 
     St Augustine adds;  disbelief in one truth is disbelief in all the truths. Disbelief is the opposite of belief. So if one disbeliefs one truth and as a consequence disbeliefs all truths, then he is completely devoid of Faith. 
     c. Since the act of Faith is depended on the grace of God, if God does not give a soul the gift of Faith, he cannot have Faith. 

3. Now, let us look at Europe, the center of Catholicism in the world. 
     Catholicism came from the Jewish nation but because the Jews did not believe, It left the Jewish nation, travelled through the middle east and entered Europe. Though Catholicism became present all over the world, it grew to near perfection in Europe with Rome as its center. The 14th century was its highest point wherein a religion influenced a world to what it should be, a foretaste of heaven on earth. Of course, it was not quite the case but it was the closest mankind could do in its entire history. From there everything just went down up to where we are right now.....a world possessed by the devil. What happened. Mankind violated the three laws of Faith mentioned above. 

4. How did Europe lose its Faith?
    Through the work of the devil, the industrial revolution begun in Europe. Nations progressed in all human spheres. And the mind was taken away from the truths of Divine Revelation and focused on the progress in the human sphere. Since the spiritual cannot co-exist with the human in the mind, and since the human is more attractive than the spiritual because it appeals to the senses, mankind took away its mind from the truths of Divine Revelation and focused itself on the human. That was more than enough for mankind to lose all of its Faith. And it did lose its Faith. 
     Having lost its Faith, Europe could not progress spiritually. Instead it deteriorated or regressed deeper into infidelity. This is the second step in the lost of Faith in Europe. 
     Lastly, having lost its Faith, Europe, also, lost its right to receive graces from God. So their return to the life of Faith became impossible. From here everything is just on the way down. 
     Europe have lost its Catholic Faith and a return to its Catholic roots have become impossible because the way down is led by the Vatican in Rome. 

5. Ireland.
     The Irish had been staunch Catholics. After all, they were the ones who re-evangelized Europe. The fact that they were in an island was a great help in keeping their Catholic Faith. In fact, monasteries were usually found in islands in an effort to keep the Faith from being contaminated by outsiders. 
      But Ireland was colonised and occupied by Britain which had completely lost their Faith. Britain, in turn, suppressed the Faith of the Irish thus Ireland completely lost their Catholic Faith. Though there are spots of intense Catholicism in Ireland, these have little influence. Today the Catholic Faith is nowhere to be found in Ireland as it is in the entire Europe.
      Just as there are small spots of Catholicism in Ireland, there are also in Spain, Portugal. Main Europe had lost its Faith because of the easy influx of non-Catholics encouraged even by Pope Francis. This influx is the most destructive force in the disappearance of the Catholic Faith. That is why the early Jews observed the very strict tradition of not mixing with other peoples, like the Samaritans. Strictly speaking the Catholic Church as instituted by Christ cannot be found in Europe anymore.

6. South America.
    South America, because of Spain was nominally Catholic in that South America was evangelised by priest who have lost their Faith due to the revolt of Martin Luther. So though Catholic, South Americans were not really Catholic. They were more Protestant as most Catholics are today. Even the Vatican is Protestant as seen by their  abnormal attraction towards Martin Luther. 

7. Most religious order.
     Most religious order have lost their Faith for the same reasons mentioned above in that material progress have affected all religious order that no order today is following the original charism of their founder. The lost of Faith is total. 

8. Ecclesial communities.
    All of the ecclesial communities that are blooming today; Foccolare, Neo-cathecumenical, Sant Egidio, etc. were all founded by laymen with insufficient theological training and greatly influenced by the world and, therefore, did not have the theological virtue of Faith. The sign of which is that none of them have the four visible signs of the true Church of Christ as enumerated in the Nicene Creed. 

9. The Philippines.
     Like Ireland, the Philippines was ideal to be a model of Catholicism. They were like Mont Sant'Michael in France; away from the mainland, away from the world, secluded and alone in the sea, in solitude and in silence. 
     But as the text book in History of the Catholic Church stated; the Philippines was poorly evangelised by missionaries tainted with Modernism from Europe and never progressed in their knowledge of the Catholic Faith. The Hierarchy who took over the Spaniards, though some showed holiness, were not able to improve the Faith of the Filipino people. It should not have deteriorated but due to the Protestant American occupation and the priests trained in faithless Europe like Belgium, France and Rome......and add to this the countless groups started with mere laymen (just like the ecclesial communities) who are talkative but had no Faith, the Filipino completely lost their Faith. The Philippines known before as the only Catholic nation in the far East is just another Protestant nation like the U.S. and the Nato countries. And like Europe there is no hope for it to be Catholic again.......except for a Divine Intervention. 

10. The US
     The US was never Catholic because it was a country that was occupied by Europeans who were no longer Catholics and by South Americans who were no longer Catholics. And now that it is flooded by pagans then it has become impossible to evangelise the US at all. 

11. The pockets of true Christians.
     Of course, there will be small pockets of true Christians everywhere. Pope Benedict, himself said so. But he emphasised that they will be very small pockets. And these small groups will be the one to call on God's intervention for their countries. They are priceless for mankind. But they cannot save the human race at this point. 
12. There is no Faith in the world today.
      Not because I have analysed it; but because Christ, Himself, had prophesied it; when I come, will there be Faith in the world? Christ answer it. No!  And this is how it will lose its Faith. The mind of human race will be focused on worldly matters specially with money. This love of money is the root of all evil, so men will commit great evils. These evils are sins that will cause God to deny the human race His grace. Without God's grace no one can have Faith; mankind is doom. 
       To the question; what is happening to the world today? The world is going to hell because it has lost its Faith and cannot regain it because they have become unworthy of the grace of God that is badly needed to have Faith. What happened? The Catholic world have lost the Faith that can save it; because the Vatican that has the duty of confirming the brethren in their Faith had connived with the enemies of the Catholic Faith to destroy the little Faith that it had, like what the Vatican is doing with the underground Catholics of China. With the present office in the Vatican, the Church does not need enemies. 

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

The GOOD vs the BAD.

 1. The battle of the minds and hearts. 
      What makes man different from animals? The answer in Philosophy is the soul. And existence of the soul is shown by its two faculties, the mind and the free will; commonly referred to as the mind and the heart. Both faculties are spiritual so the on going battle is not visible to the senses though its effects are visible, effects like wars, abortion, terrorism, killings, heresies, euthanasia, love of money, etc. 
      To understand everything in the world, from economics to politics, from religious wars to heresies, we must look at the cause of the conflict. The conflict is between good and evil fighting for the souls of man. It is a story that looks back at the Garden of Eden; it is man undergoing his God-given test to chose between good and evil.

2. Three elements in the conflict.
     The center of the conflict is man who is being attracted towards a choice. On one side is God with His revealed commands. On the other side is the devil,  tempting man to disobey God. 

3. The man.
     Let us look again at man at the center of the picture. He is a man; but a very special man. He has 'good ' interred into his bones as Shakespeare would put it. If he did not have any 'good' nobody would be fighting over him.  If he is evil he e would be belonging to the devil and that is it; for this man, the battle is over. If he is good he becomes an object of choice. 
     The object of the battle between good and evil is the 'goodness' that is interred into man's bones. The devil wants this 'goodness' killed in this man just as they wanted to kill Julius Caesar because 'good' is interred into his bones. Shakespeare described the 'good' as interred into his bones because it is not obvious to ordinary men. So Brutus could not see it. Such 'goodness' because it is spiritual is undetected in men. It cannot be seen by most men. So it is impossible to argue about it. 

4. Evil
    Evil is visible to all men because it is not spiritual; no one fights over an evil man because he belongs to evil.  Evil is a spiritual deprivation of 'goodness.' Evil has been described as the absence of 'good.' Being an absence, it is not visible; but its absence is visible. I cannot see an absent red color but I can see the absence of a red color in a wall. So the ongoing battle between good and evil is difficult to see because we cannot see the good; but we can see the evil and most get the impression that evil seems to be  winning because we can perceive it. 

5, Understanding today's happenings.
    It will be easy to understand all the news today if we reduce it to a battle between good and evil because that is all there is to it. Everyman should be working for the salvation of his soul; and the devil is preventing him and wants to drag him, instead, to hell. 
     Whenever there is goodness, there will be evil trying to nullify that goodness.   Consequently all good men  are placed in a position to chose between good and evil. And there is a God who will reward those who chose good and punish those who chose evil. 

6. The good.
    The good starts with a bonus. Everyman who is good is good because God had made him good. The good is interred into his bones. Good is a supernatural spiritual good; so it is difficult to detect a good man. He is good not because of anything he has done. He is good because God made him good. 
     The moment the devil sees a good man, he attacks him to make him evil so that the devil can possess him having made him his own property. 

7. An example. The good men.
    Whenever the human race reaches the minimum of spiritual goodness, ie. when the number of holy bishops and priest hits the bottom of the barrel, God's Providence automatically goes to work. 
God raises the weak, the humble, mere laymen in His work of salvation. This. always, happens when all the members of His hierarchy had become faithless as happened during the time of Israelites and many times these days. 
    These chosen few men are usually men of influence, like head of states or kings. These men are not necessarily perfect saints. But God raises them up to help the rest of men accomplish the first stage of the spiritual life which is the life of repentance. These men are raised by God to create an environment conducive to the developing of the life of repentance. They retain many defects but God is able to use them for His purposes. 
     It is good to recognise these men to understand the times and adjust accordingly. Because God raised them up to create an atmosphere for the life of repentance, every serious Catholic should watch this occasion to jump on the train and work on this first important spiritual act of repentance. It would be a great tragedy to miss such an opportunity. Even the Catholic Church announces such times calling it Jubilee Years. But unfortunately, the Church's calendar often does not coincide with God's Act of Providence. 
     Examples of such men imbued with supernatural goodness noticeable these days are Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump. Rodrigo Duterte and known other personages from Austria, Poland, Sweden, Italy. And their number is increasing every day as of late.
     Their elections, that boggle human logic and imagination, is one of the signs of their predilection. Which means that their nations had been recipient of God's Divine intervention for a brief moment that will make the initial Act of Repentance necessary for salvation easily available to them.

8. On the other hand.
    To those nations which were not given this Divine intervention, it is a sign that those nations are not desirous to take the first step necessary for salvation, i.e. the life of repentance. Such nations like France, Germany, Canada. The leaders that they had elected, by the  permissive will of God, do not have that supernatural goodness, showing that the people of those nations are not desirous to live the life of repentance and, therefore, do not deserve to have 'good' leaders. 
     Again, why does God use mere laymen as His instruments for the attainment of this first step towards salvation? Because most of their Catholic bishops and priests are totally ignorant of the life of repentance and cannot teach the populace this important first step. 
     Another sign that they are God's chosen 'good?' The whole world and their own whole government are against them. Why? Because they are 'good' while the rest are bad. 
     Why is the whole world against Putin? Why are the Democrats and the entire US Intelligence Agency, the courts and sanctuary cities against their own President? Because these heads have 'good' interred into their bones. And their enemies are diabolically bad. The devil is the sole author of 'bad.'
     If we use the science of politics to understand politics in the US and around the world, we would be totally confused. Try to understand this. The US supplies arms and money to ISIS but sends US soldiers to fight ISIS, while it attacks Assad who fights ISIS. Why does Turkey fight ISIS but fights the Kurds that fight ISIS.  Well, try to understand such a confusion. 
     But when we see Assad protect the Catholics in Syria while the rest of those rebel groups against Assad backed by the US and Nato kill Catholics, we can easily see who are the 'good' guys and who are the bad  guys. Assad is the good guy. I know nobody agrees with me as no Democrat or FBI agrees with Trump. Fortunately, there is an Almighty God who will finally judge who is 'good' and who is bad. And He will base His judgment on Divine Revelation as interpreted by the Fathers of the Church. 

Thursday, February 01, 2018

The gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.

 1. The gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
     Then, how come, the attacks on the Catholic Church today is so intense so that her gates seem to be collapsing. All her dogmas and morals had been crushed into smittens that none have remained intact. All her liturgical practices had been ruined. And the name of her God is rarely mentioned. Because that ruined structure under Pope Francis is not the Catholic Church. 
     Not only has the gates of hell prevailed it. The present Vatican Church of Pope Francis have become the dwelling place of the devil. Remember Pope Paul VI had said something about this. Pope Benedict had, also, described the Vatican Church of Pope Francis as a sinking boat. The Catholic Church does not sink nor is she in any danger of sinking. Maybe toss by huge waves but never sinking. 
     2. The Catholic Church. 
          As a Catholic monk-priest I have to know which is the Catholic Church  and which is not. Because, as St. Paul had written, I must go and preach where there is no Church and I must not preach where the Church had been established. For obvious reasons. So I must first check if the Church is there or not. 
          Before I preach to religious communities like the Benedictines, Dominican, Jesuit where I have stayed for more than 10 years, if I see that they are Catholics then I do not preach to them any more in obedience to St. Paul. When I give talks to nuns like the Carmelites, Pink Sisters etc, I follow the same rule.  When I give seminars to lay organisations like Focolare, Couples for Christ, etc....I follow the same rule. I do not address them if they are Catholics.
          How do I know if they are Catholics? Through the four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed. And I double check if they are Catholics from the expanded interpretation of the Fathers of the Church on the four visible signs, like St. Robert Bellarmine's 15 Marks of the Church. 
          And in all my work as a priest, I have never met any Catholic group that had the four visible signs of the true Church nor the 15 Marks described by St. Robert Bellarmine. All the Catholics I have met were indeed called Catholics but they did not have the reliable four visible signs that they are truly Catholics. So I ended up reviewing with them how to become a Catholic. And during the teach ins, I saw that they really did not know how to become Catholics. 
         So all my lectures and retreats ended up teaching people what are the four visible signs of the true Church of Christ and how to enter that Church. Fortunately, that is  what the Liturgical Year is teaching from Advent up to the Feast of Christ the King. I did not have to do any further researches. Everything was in the Gospels of the daily least for one whole liturgical year, like Year A. Year B and C are worthy repetition of the lessons just in case the people had forgotten some point or just in case had wrongly misinterpreted some teachings. 

3. This was shocking. 
     Having said Masses in other parishes and dioceses, I saw that none of the Parish or Diocese where I went had the four visible signs of the true Church; and neither did their priests nor faithful showed signs of being Catholic. 
     With the coming of the internet, we were exposed with so many Catholic writings. And it was clear that the Catholic writers wrote sound Catholic teachings but the writers themselves did not have the four visible signs of the true Church. Observing Cardinals and bishops all around the world, it was also clear that they held sound Catholic doctrines but did not have the four visible signs of the true Church. The four visible signs are different from one's natural knowledge of Catholic Doctrine, in which case, their knowledge of doctrine is merely in the form of Natural Theology and not spiritual theology which is a wisdom for those truly inside the Catholic Church.

4. Furthermore.
     We have Popes and bishops to whom we owe filial obedience. My obedience to the Popes, from Pius XII to Pope Benedict was based on the teaching of Blessed John Newman. Newman teaches extraordinary obedience even to the whims of the Pope. And I followed that. But under one condition. The Pope must prove that he is a Catholic Pope. Why obey a fake?
      And how can you know that a Pope is the true Pope of the Catholic Church? No other way than the four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed; and better still as expanded by St. Robert Bellarmine. And for me, Pope Pius XII up Benedict XVI were true Popes. Anyone can test the Popes through their writings, audiences and behaviours.

5. Pope Francis is a problem. 
    But when it came to Pope Francis, no amount of study, praying and research could show that he had the four visible signs of the true Catholic as found in the Nicene Creed. The 15 Marks of a true Catholic by St. Robert Bellarmine  the Jesuit Doctor of the Church could not show that Pope Francis is Catholic. In fact Bellarmine's work shows that Pope Francis is NOT Catholic but a Protestant. And the Vatican Church under Pope Francis is similarly seen as not Catholic. 

6. Dangerous move.
     Then I saw the dangerous moves of groups like the Lefebvre, the Orthodox and other denomination trying to enter the Vatican Church that is NOT Catholic. That is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Then there is the World Youth Day coming under the influence of the highly sexualised Vatican Church, the Catholic Church being run by Dicasteries held by sexual perverts and thousands of ignorant Catholics drinking poison from a non-Catholic papal audience, etc, etc. makes one's heart sink in deep depression. 
       But then the though arises; but this cannot be the Catholic Church. It does not have the four visible signs of the true Church. Well, that is true. But where is the Church? How can I know if I am a part of that Church.

     7. Many are insulted.
         Many are hurt by our constant call to all Catholics to look for the true Church and make sure that we are inside the Church. Because of our past experience we are afraid that the Church is not around us; and that we are outside the Church in which there is no salvation. Can't we do ourselves a favour? Can't all Catholics look for the true Church using the four visible signs mentioned in the Creed that we recite every Sunday or using the 15 Marks of the true Church according to St. Robert Bellarmine.
         Is it too much for me to encourage everyone to check if they are inside that church described in the Creed. And if they are inside, for all to teach their love ones the same?