Thursday, September 27, 2018

Monday of 25th Weekday on Ordinary Time - - 'Nothing is secret.'

 1. The Gospel from St. Luke states; 'No man when he hath lighted a candle covereth it with a vessel, or putteth it under a bed but setteth it on a candlestick, that they which enter in may see the light.'
     When a soul discovers the Truth, he cannot cover it and keep it secret by hiding it under a bed. Grace forces him to preach the Truth to others. 
     The Word of Truth cannot be kept secret. It, always, comes out as a truth sooner or later. 
     Personal sins must be kept secret; they must not be divulged especially by the confessor or by any one, especially if the sinner have repented of those sins. 
     However, if the sinner is unrepentant, often, God exposes one or more of those sins to humiliate the unrepentant sinner, so that he may realise his sins and, if possible, make him repent  for his sin. 
     The recent case of a US cardinal-bishop shows how everybody is disobeying Christ's above command. Today, the Truth is nowhere to be found. It's probably under a basket or under a lot of trash. And the evils are found in the lamp stand for all to see. 
     Look at the Kavanaugh confirmation. The evils of the Democrats are in the headlines. And even the imagined evil are being forced down our throats. And where is the Truth? Not even in the Vatican. 
2.    ' For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest, neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.' The Truth, like the innocence of a person, or the injustice of a sentence and the guilty one in all the wars shall be exposed and eventually known by most if not by all.
     During the last Judgment the sins of the repentant will not be exposed. And the good works of all will be broadcast. However,  the unrepentant sins of all men will be exposed to the whole world so God can exhibit the justice of his sentence.
     The revelations of the crimes of the FBI, CIA, DOJ and Democrats will be nothing compared with the revelations at the Last Judgment. 

 3.    'Take heed therefore how ye hear; for whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and  whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have.'
     A fearful warning is for those who reject the teachings of Christ. Christ commanded His preachers to leave that house, take away 'Peace' from that house and shake the dust from their sandals. 
      When the Word or teachings of Christ is heard, we must take care when listening. If we earnestly learns the Word of God  and keep it faithfully, our knowledge of the supernatural truths will be greatly increased. 
     On the other hand, when the Words of God are listened to but the soul rejects them them, then God will take away even the little Truths that we already know. And even if we use to know many truths from the seminary, theological schools, etc,... the little that we know will be taken away from us. We will end up knowing nothing supernatural.

4. 'Abounding in sin, decay of Faith and the waxing cold of Charity.
     This prophecy of Christ is occurring today among the priests, bishops, cardinals and even in Pope Francis. Souls with the above description cannot know any teachings of Christ; neither any teachings of the Catholic Church. And as St. Paul stated, everything they do will be sinful because 'anything not from Faith is sin.' Everything we do, when we do not have the theological virtues of Faith and Charity, is sinful, wrote St. Augustine. Only acts coming from Faith and Charity are 'good.'
     Looking at the prophecy of Christ which referred to the Pope, the cardinals, bishops and priests of today.  We have to  conclude that most of them are in the state of sin and, therefore, Christ would have taken away all supernatural knowledge from them, even the little that they think they have. The above words of Christ is clear. 
     In other words, we have a situation today where Pope Francis, most of the cardinals, bishops and priest cannot teach their constituents how to enter the Catholic Church and save their souls. An example. Do you really think that the move of Pope Francis and his cardinals to force the underground Catholic Church in China to submit to communist, atheistic rule will bring souls inside the Catholic Church and everlasting life? Definitely not! We see here an example of Popes and bishops from whom God have taken away all knowledge of supernatural truths, and surely God had taken  away even the little that they think they know. Christ threatened them so as shown above. And His promise is clearly seen in their total ignorance of Catholic Truths. 
      Look at the disaster now brewing in the US episcopacy. That is the present state of all bishop's conference; except that many bishop's conference have been able to hide it by promoting and rewarding themselves for their sins. 
      This will never be solved because in their ignorance.  Most bishops do not know the cure for the spiritual malady. As what happened in the US, they will worsen the malady. How? Pope Francis have just done the unimaginable. He gave regional bishop's conferences, most of whom are ignorant of Catholic Doctrines, the extraordinary powers to make up doctrines of their own. Only God can declare doctrines. 
     In their ignorance due to their sins, Pope Francis and some bishops think that they are equal to God. Hmmmmmmmm? Does it sound familiar?

Monday, September 24, 2018


 1. Pleasers of men cannot be followers of Christ.
     This text is taken from Galatians and confirms Christ's teachings 'Your Will be done.' We are commanded to do God's Will and not our will. Why? What's wrong with our will's desires? Because of the 'fallen nature' of men, man's will are always contrary to 
God's Will. The motive man does what he wills is always sinful due to his fallen nature. 
     If ever man's will coincides with God's Will, it must done not because it is our will but because it is God's Will. 
     It is God's Will for men to pray unceasingly. And some men wants to pray too. St. Augustine writes that he must pray not because he wants to but because it is God's Will.

2. Who are the followers of Christ?
     The pleasers of God and the followers of Christ. They live by the rule of Divine Providence.
     Those who obey His commands. The statement, 'repent, take up your cross and follow Me, ' is an exhortation to obey Christ's command as listed in the New Testament. Since these commands are listed in the New Testament, all that is needed is to know those commands, knows how it is put into practice and obey them. You don't need anything else to be saved. The Pope, the bishops, the priest and even the Sacraments are great helps. But the essence of salvation is on obedience to the commands of Christ. And these are the followers of Christ, those who obey His commands. 
 3. Who are the pleasers of men.
     They please other men because that is what pleases them. It is in  fact pleasing oneself. Ordinarily we do not please other  people because, more often than not, their desires are sinful. Catholic theology teaches that we must perform the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. This consist, not in pleasing others, but in rendering good works by satisfying the need of others. 
4. The Fall of Adam and Eve.
     The test of Eve. She was placed in the garden of Eden where there was a tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This tree was a good tree. All men must have the knowledge of good and evil. And he must choose good from evil which he can only do if he knows one from the other. 
     Ignorance of good and evil makes men tend towards evil due to his fallen human nature. So there was nothing wrong with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It was a good tree, a very good tree, that is necessary for salvation. So what went wrong?
     God told Eve that that knowledge must come from God. God must give this knowledge of good and evil to Eve and eventually to all men. But Eve must not acquire this knowledge by herself and from any one else. Certainly she must not learn this from the devil.
This was going to be the rule for all men. 
     The knowledge of good and evil must come from God and from men, not from books, not from seminaries, not from theological schools, not from Bologna, not from theologians. It must come from God. And there is where Eve fell. The devil made her believe that that knowledge can come through human efforts. From Eve's human efforts. The suggestion came from the devil. 
     That is what the whole human race believe. That the knowledge of what is good and evil, the knowledge on what will make man happy or not, and whatever knowledge, how to run a government, how to run the justice department, how to wage war, can come from mere human effort. And that suggestion comes from the devil. It has been cause of all the miseries in the world.
     The biggest suggestion from the devil is that man can obtain happiness or attain everlasting life from mere human efforts, from the efforts of Eve. That was the fall of the human race. And man has been falling up to the present and there seems to be nothing that can stop it now. 
     Why has it ever entered in the minds of man that he can know for certain what is good and evil. He has absolutely no way of finding out because there is nobody who can give him this knowledge that only God possess. Only God can give it and He has reserved to Himself the only One who will give it. The devil can only offer imitations. Mankind had never learned this lesson. 
     Why did Eve do? She could not wait for God to give it to her. So she went on to get that knowledge on her own. She tried to get that knowledge on her own, which she could not do. She followed her own will rather than the Will of God who told her to wait for Him to give it. Impatience. She could not wait, so she did what pleases her, a suggestion that came from the devil. The devil, in effect, told her; hey, Eve, you don't have to wait. You have your own will. Do what you want. Do what pleases you, which really is what I, the devil wants you to do. But I won't show that it is my will. I will make it appear it is your own will so you will do it believing you have the freedom to do what you pleases you. 
      'Got you!' Eve sinned. And doing what pleases herself, she could not become a follower of Christ at that moment....until she repented. 

5. Pope Francis refuses to give an apostolic blessings in the last Youth meeting attended by cardinals, bishops, priests and people of different faiths.......lest he displease other faiths.
     Since the beginning of his papacy, Pope Francis pleased atheists, Protestants, sexual perverts, Masons, Jews, communists, Clintons, Sanders, Chinese, migrants, and all of the enemies of the Catholic Church. He pleased all of them. That made him popular among sinners, heretics, schismatics, etc. He displeased only one person, Jesus Christ, by his disobedience to the commands of Christ, like in 'Amores Laetitia."

 6. Let us make a syllogism.
     Pope Francis has been a pleaser of men who are known to be against the teachings of Christ. He has not been a pleaser of those who obey Christ to which Christ referred to when He said; 'he who pleases you pleases Me. And he who pleases Me pleases My Father in heaven.
     Since Pope Francis is a pleaser of men who are disobedient to the commands of Christ, he is not a pleaser of God. 
     Thus being a pleaser of men who  are against Christ, it follows, therefore, that he is not a follower of Christ. If men are not followers of Christ, they are against Christ. Being against Christ, Pope Francis, by his own very public behaviour has shown that he is an anti-Christ.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Thursday of 24th Weekday in ordinary time. The woman sinner and St. Kimtaegon.

 1. The 'sinful woman.'
     The Gospel didn't say what was her name. Though many think she is Mary Magdalene. She is not. And neither is the woman caught in adultery Mary Magdalene. But at this point neither that 'sinful woman' nor Mary Magdalene care what we say. They are both happy in heaven. 
     We should be worried at ourselves because we are not sure where we are going. Though Pope Francis have assured us there is no hell and heaven is something like Twilight Zone. But what if the teachings of the Catholic Church is right up to now. I die and faces God who condemns me to hell. And I complain; 'but the Pope said there is no hell.' 
     'And, why the hell, did you believe  him. Didn't I say believe in My Son and not in any Argentinian. '
     ' But, Lord, I love South Americans. I work for open border for a fee from George Soros.'
     ' Oh. You are a Jew at heart. Do you know what they did to My only Begotten Son, the Messiah whom they were waiting for? Let me tell you a story.'

2. The Pharisee and the 'sinful woman.'
     There was a Jew, a Pharisee, who held a banquet. Having waited for the Messiah for centuries he invited Jesus to a banquet, thinking he might be the Messiah. 
     While the party was going on  a woman in the city, who was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at meat in the Pharisee's house, brought an alabaster box of ointment, and stood at His feet behind Him weeping and began to wash His feet with tears, and did wipe them with the hairs of her head, and kissed His feet, and anointed them with the ointment. 
     No words were uttered. Everything was done in silence. Everything was done by the spiritual faculties of the soul, the mind and the free will. The mind being the faculty by which she made  N act of Faith. And the free will that makes the act of Charity.
     Here is the way to go to heaven, without saying a word. The physical actions were done for our instruction so we, the hard headed, can see by her physical actions what is going on in her soul, the perfect Act of Faith in her mind and the beginnings of Charity that saved her in her heart.. 'Your Faith have  saved you.,' Christ said.

3. The Pharisee and Christ. 
     The Pharisee looked at Christ and said; 'if He were a prophet, He should have known what manner of woman she is. She is a sinner.' Yes, Christ knew what kind of woman she is. But He is not going to expose her sin. She will soon become a saint. That He will proclaim. 
      But look at the Pharisee within us. We see a bishop sin and we say, 'you should know what a sinner he is.' Now, everyone knows he is a sinner. But Christ-like people don't say anything about his sinfulness. They will only speak when he becomes a saint. But unfortunately, Pope Francis encouraged him to continue sinning and gave him more occasions to sin more. Very un-Christ like Pope. 
     Unaided by a Christ-like Pope, that poor bishop might never become a saint and go to hell.

     Christ, on the other hand, said nothing and waited for her to go through her act of Faith and act of Charity. Then praised her. 

4. The 'sinful woman.'
    She did not say a word.  However, she showed her great humility, a sign of the first Beatitude, by shamelessly entering the banquet without an invitation Then she acknowledged her Faith by believing Christ as man she can touch and a God who can forgive her sins. That is Faith. 
     She showed the beginnings of Charity in that she washed His feet with her tears, dry it with her hair and pour ointment on Him. This is good works done to Christ and as such is Charity, par excellence. She was a true  Catholic  and  a holy person. Remember the second sign of a true Catholic from the Nicene Creed is 'Holy.'
     Again the steps done by the 'sinful woman.'
     First; she showed her perfect Faith. She believed Christ was man whom she can touch, wash the feet and pour oil on.
     Second; she believed Christ was God who could forgive her sins.
     Third; she performed acts of Charity by giving Christ the normal acts of courtesy like washing his feet and giving him the customary welcome kiss. 
     Perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity is the way to enter the Church and attain everlasting life. The Pharisees did not lift a finger to give Christ the usual courtesies. For sure, Pope Francis and the bishops will neither show you poor 'sinner' the usual courtesies. 

5. Sinners and non-sinners must follow the Gospel example of the 'sinful woman.' This is the simple formula on how to enter the Catholic Church and how to attain everlasting life. 
    This is how Catholics in Japan and Korea maintained and continued keeping their Catholic  Faith for many years without the guidance of a Pope, bishops and priests. The Pharisee was no help to the 'sinful woman.' She did not need him.
     With the cultural characteristic of the women observing silence but whose intellect and free will actively working, all can easily imitate the 'sinful woman,' who became an instant saint.
     When the 'Curcillo Movement' was brought to Korea by a Philippine team, the Korean, especially the women, were still like the 'sinful woman,' not in that they were sinful, but that they have Faith and the lots of Charity. They did not have to wash feet. Their very faces were beaming with Catholicism. 
     But highly westernised with American Democracy which is a Jewish financial experiment  on how to earn money by enslaving the people but keeping them entertained to stall any revolt, the latest videos on Catholic Korea sees them veering towards Protestantism, just  like all former Catholic nations. 

6. Today is, also, the feast of Saint Andrew Kimtaegon. A Korean priest - martyr. He showed the intensity of his Catholicism early in his spiritual life. Korean culture is conducive to deep Catholic spirituality. But the devil is beginning to gain ground. And it is best for those  people with a culture similar to that silent 'sinful woman,' like Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, etc., to imbibe the simple and quiet spirit of Catholicism certain that when they die Christ would, also, address them, ' Thy Faith hath saved thee. Go in peace.' 

7. The Catholic Faith.
     The Catholic Faith used to shine in the Vatican, in Europe, in the Middle East, in the Philippines, Japan and Korea. Today, it is gone everywhere, from Europe to the Philippines. And with the last Papal visits where Pope Francis introduced the outline of 'Amores Laetitia,' the Catholics in the Philippines, Japan and Korea are slowly slipping down to Protestantism. The rest of the Catholic world had already done the same. I was with the team that brought the 'cursillo' to Korea when Catholicism there was vibrant. 
     The 'sinful' bishop in the news could have easily been transformed from a well known sinner to a saint in the span of a dinner party, if Pope Francis did not stop his imitating the 'sinful woman' through a life of prayer and fasting. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Monday, 24th Weekday in Ordinary Time. PERFECT FAITH and St. Robert Bellarmine.

 1. The Liturgy, especially the last Sundays in Ordinary time,  reminds us of many of the parables on the Kingdom of God, which is the Catholic Church. There were so many parables on the topic that it should be very clear to all, how the Church, instituted by Christ, should look like. 
     There is Unity in the Liturgy , in that everything in it, from the collect to the last blessing,  must enhance the single main message of the Mass of the day. Today every part of the mass has no message, from the collect which no one knows what it is asking for, to what the faithful must do after the Mass..

2. The Mass is the only venue through which Holy Mother the Church can preach and  instill the theological virtue of Faith in the minds of the  people.
     The human aspect of Faith is proposed by the Scripture readings and the homily. The supernatural aspect of Faith is proposed by the presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. There is no other place where these two aspects of the virtue of Faith can be proposed except in the Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated according to the Liturgy of the day. 

3. The Mass of Monday in the 24th Weekday in Ordinary time is part of the  process in which Holy Mother the Church teaches people how to enter the Catholic Church, the Kingdom of God, and save their souls. 
    In summary, Holy Mother the Church, during the entire Liturgy year, is teaching us that the way to save one's soul is by entering the true Church instituted by Christ. This is done by a life of perfect repentance, followed by a life of perfect Faith and a life that shows the beginnings of the life of Charity.
     The Gospel today shows a centurion with perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity. Because he had both, Christ healed his servant and praised his perfect Faith 'I have not found so great Faith, no, not in Israel.

4. Observations on the words of Christ showing the centurion has entered the  Catholic Church.
    a. He had Faith. He believed that Christ was a man; but that He was, also, a God who could heal his servant. He, also, had the beginnings of Charity in that he was building synagogues though he was not a Jew. So he was a true disciple of Christ that early. 
    b. He had never heard Christ preached. How did he get his Faith?
        By the grace of God. Faith comes through grace, not by studying in Bologna or the Gregoriana. Faith is given to the humble, to those who have the first beatitude. The centurion showed humility in that he did not approach Christ personally but through the elders being conscious of his unworthiness, repeated by his prayer, 'I am no worthy that thou should enter under my roof.'
    c. How did he show his Charity? It comes with perfect Faith. 
 He is a true member of the Catholic Church, a man with perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity. (Faith, belief that Christ is man and God. Plus charity towards the Jewish people having  built synagogues). 
     In today's Mass the centurion shows a spiritual sign of one who is inside the Catholic Church. He has perfect Faith, as defined by St. Thomas of Aquinas. He has the beginnings of Charity as defined by same saint. This sign is rare even among the hierarchy; much more so among the laity. 
     The centurion, also, showed the first Beatitude, 'poor in spirit' another spiritual sign of membership inside the kingdom of God. Rare in the institutional church. 

       The above  are spiritual characteristics showing a soul is inside the kingdom of God, the Catholic Church. 
       There are common visible signs of the true Church- One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. These visible signs are usually applicable as a sign for the entire community when they are Catholic.
     Robert Bellarmine, whose feast, by no coincident, is celebrated today, and his 15 Marks of the true Church complimenting the above Gospel message. These Marks can used in checking if the parish, diocese or even the entire Vatican is Catholic or not. It can, also, be used if an individual would like to check on himself if he is Catholic or not. 
     However, for individuals who would like to find out if he is inside the kingdom of God or not, the perfection of Faith and the beginnings of Charity is the easiest way. He just have to have to correct definition of Faith and  Charity. The simpler definition of the two theological virtues is available in the work of St. Augustine, the more complex and more complete definition is given by St. Thomas of Aquinas.           

5. The Problem.
    The Vatican as a community does not have the four visible signs. Pope Francis and other individuals do not have the 15 marks of Bellarmine. 
     Most diocese and parishes do not have the visible signs. Anyone and every one can pick up those spiritual and visible signs enumerate above and apply it to their own parishes, dioceses and even on the Vatican and will see that they do not have it.
     Bishops perceived as good and holy, also, do not have these signs in their diocese; not the sign of the centurion,  not the four visible signs from the Nicene Creed, nor the 15 Marks of Bellarmine.

6. How to establish the Kingdom of God in the family, in the parish, in the diocese and in the Vatican. 
     As a Benedictine priest -monk, that was my job. The formula on how to do it is easy. But in actual practice, it is very difficult but not impossible. 
     Here is the simple centurion formula on how to enter the kingdom of God, the Catholic Church; repent, attain perfect Faith and reach the beginnings of Charity.
     A. Repentance is humanly easy. It is purely an act of the intellect. Use your memory,  find out your past sins based on the 10 commandments of God from the Old Testament. Use again your mind and judge yourself as guilty of your sins. Be sorry for them and resolve not to commit them again. These are all done by one's own personal intellect and can be done anywhere, like in the privacy of your room. Whether in the US, in China, in Syria, in Ireland, in prison......but best done in some place of silence and solitude.
     B. Faith is belief that Christ is man and God. Again, using your intellect, you can know Christ is man from the New Testament. This is easy and humanly possible because He was a man, son of Joseph and Mary, etc. But He is, also, a God. We cannot know perfectly, Christ as God. But we are obliged only to know Him partially,  as who He is as taught in the New Testament. That is enough. We can know Him more through contemplation but the 'more' is not needed for salvation; only what is taught in the New Testament. As long as we know Christ as man and God as taught in the New Testament, then we have perfect Faith. 
     The moment we have perfect Faith, God, Himself, gives us the theological virtue of Charity as described by St. Paul in Corinthians. Then we have become like the centurion and Christ will, also, praise us, ' I have not found so great Faith, no, not in the world.'

7. Impediment.
    I have enough time to teach a group how to enter the Church, like my pupils who remain with me for at least one year, who Christ is as a Man. But one year is not enough for me to teach them who Christ is as a God. Because who Christ is as a God can be taught, only, by the Father in Heaven, Christ said to Peter; 'no man has taught you this but My Father in Heaven.' 
    It is the problem of parish priest who remain only for three years or so. It is, also, the problem of bishops who must retire at 75. And a greater   problem for the Pope. They have too short a time to help develop Faith in souls. Without Faith, there can be no Charity. And no one can enter the Church. 
     Add to the fact that they do not know how to teach  the Faith because they, themselves, do not have Faith. Remember Christ had described this age as 'abounding in sin, with decaying Faith and with no Charity.'
     If the Vatican, the diocese, the parish and the family do not have perfect Faith and the beginnings of Charity they will surely not have the four visible signs of the true Catholic Church as enumerated in the Nicene Creed; and surely, they will not have the 15 Marks of the true Church described by St. Robert Bellarmine, Jesuit priest, doctor of the Church and canonised saint whose feast we, also, celebrate today. Surely we are not inside the kingdom of God, the Catholic Church on earth. And we shall not enter the Kingdom of God in heaven. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


 1. Sacred Scriptures.
     Scripture is filled with mysteries. Mysterious only to unbelievers, not to those with the theological virtue of Faith, Hope and Charity.
     Among the mysteries are the deeper meaning and interpretation of Scriptural prophesies to be fully understood, only, when fulfilled.
     These prophecies were given to the true Church that she may be prepared for future eventualities. It is sharing the omnipotent power of God who have the past, present and future before Him at the same time. For us, it is not so but God can share this with His chosen ones. 

2. These days of total confusion are fully described in prophetic language. To correctly interpret present events,  it is only needed to connect present events to past prophecies especially those pertaining to Christ. 

3. Let us describe some present events and try to understand the actions of Pope Benedict XVI.
    Of course, there is no prophecy about Pope Benedict; but his papal actions shows perfect knowledge of these prophecies and he is reacting to it accordingly.
     The prophetic picture of the past as fulfilled in the future is described in Gospel events and parables  which have prophetic significance. St. Thomas of Aquinas described it as 'mystical meaning of the Gospels.'
     Most of these are found in St. Paul's letter to the Thesalonians with the commentary of St. Thomas of Aquinas. 

4. The 6th day scenario.
     The total confusion of these past weeks is described in the Haexameron particularly the sixth day or Good Friday. St. Bonaventure, the Seraphic Doctor have dealt with it lengthily and John Henry Newman touched some specifics in his 'A confederacy of Evil.'

5. The evident Evil.
     Called the sixth day, the world in general and the institutional Church specifically will look like this. It was impossible to know how to save one's soul that Friday. No one was teaching. Darkness covered the earth. The Jews will commit the greatest sin, deicide. Lies will be in everyman's lips. Treason will be the air breathed. Murder will be the crown of the day. The noblest will be cowards. Everything is going wrong. 
     Evil was all around before human eyes. But the greatest Divine Act of Redemption was occurring before the eyes of Faith of believers. 

   The evil TODAY.
      Pope Francis and the left leaning forces, from the US, Spain, France, Canada, England, China, Germany, Australia,  etc..., are acting as a  'Confederacy of evil'  described by Blessed John Newman.  They have identical anti-catholic policies. Different politicians but the same devil. Leftists  do not care for the common good; Pope Francis and the institutional church do not care for the souls of men. Just like on Good Friday.
    Like the Pharisees, most bishops, today,  know nothing on how to save souls nor how to bring souls into the Catholic Church because they do not know where is the Church.   
    Like the unbelieving Jews since Good Friday until now, the populace will believe every lie they hear. 

6. The evident and hidden good.
      Evil is evident. Just as evil was overwhelmingly present on Good Friday, just as good was overwhelmingly the victor, it is the same case today, 2018 AD. Evil is overwhelmingly present in the world, from the Vatican to every nook of the world;   while the good can be noted in small spots in the Kremlin, in Washington, Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina, Hungary, Sweden, Romania, Poland and Italy. And they are all in constant danger of being killed as on Good Friday.      
     The  HIDDEN good is in the reaction of the first apostles which should be the reaction of the true Church. They had separated themselves from the world that seems to overwhelmed with evil. They saw how Satan, indeed, is the prince of this world and they should have nothing to do with it. So they lived in community and in secret. Praying and awaiting the Hope of the Day of Rest in the Lord, the spiritual Sabbath. 

7. The present question. 
     How can you save yourself in the present evil environment as described above; where most of the hierarchy preach the way to hell; where good preachers are not available because they are hiding, where the entire government and church institution are ready to pounce on you for preaching Christ.  Where there is even a price on your head?
8. St. Benedict of Nursia. 
     For the sake of the Church, God had written down its history from the beginning up to the end of the world. It follows a pattern of 7; 7 days of creation, 7 Churches, etc. So the Faithful knows its past, present and future. The Church is never caught by surprise by current events. What is happening in the Church and in the world today has already been written down. What happened on Good Friday have happened again in the time of St. Benedict and is happening again today.
    What is happening today is just a continuing worsening of what happened in the time of St. Benedict.
9. This is what is happening today.
    As during the time of St. Benedict, 'sins abound, there is a decay of Faith and the waxing cold of Charity. This is described in the 7 days of creation and the 7 Churches.  There will be an anti-Christ. Thought of as a Jew, the anti-Christ could be a Jew in spirit. But St. John the Evangelist described the anti-Christ as 'he came from us but is not one of us.' He is a pope, as at St. Benedict's time. Today Pope Francis fits John's description. He calls himself a Catholic priest, bishop and Catholic Pope. But he does not have a single visible sign of being a Catholic as described by St. Robert Bellarmine. Truly, 'he comes from us but is not one of us.' He comes from the Catholic Church but he is not a Catholic because his teachings go against the teachings of the Catholic Church. The latest of which he added in the catechism on capital punishment. 
      Today the institutional church will be conniving with leftist and pagan states in going against the Church. Nobody  will be  teaching the Catholic truths, nobody will be leading souls to salvation, neither the priests nor the bishops, nor the pope. It is total darkness in that the mind cannot find the TRUTH and the will cannot find the GOOD. It has become sure damnation in this world whose prince is Satan. 

10. The first step towards salvation is 'fugue mundo,' to leave the world where salvation is near impossible. This was observed at the very beginnings of the Catholic Church. The Church was first founded in deserts, mountain tops, islands, forests or at least far away from cities. 
     Pope Francis is not teaching the truth that leads to heaven. He is teaching heresies that leads to hell. Most of his collaborating bishops are doing the same thing aside from being gays. Communist leaning governments like the Democrats in the US, the government of Germany, Canada, Australis, Ireland, Spain are conniving with him explicitly in going against the teachings of Christ.
    Pope Francis is meeting with new appointed bishops to force them to tow the line, otherwise.....His papal visits to far countries  are meant to threaten the bishops to obey his caprices. He fires those who, in obedience to God, opposes him; he suppresses communities who will follow the charisma of their founders. He threatens with death the Viganos. All of these is expected to happen today.
     They beheaded John, stone Stephen, crucified Christ, boiled John. What else is new? So the need to flee or hide.
   The quiet ones, like the apostles, know that God is in complete control. They just have to pray and wait for the 8th day.

11. Christ prophesied this era.
    With all the ordinary aids to salvation missing, how can souls be saved?
     Christ told the Samaritan Woman; 'the time will come when true worshippers will worship in spirit and in truth.' Ummmmm? That is purely an act of the mind and the will, i.e. an act of Faith and Charity. All you need to be saved is your intellect and your free will. Both faculties are inside each soul and completely under one's control. To be saved we must be true worshippers. To be so, our intellect and free will must know the truth and love the truth. Period. And that time, dear Samaritan woman, has come. 
     The Pope, the cardinals, the bishops and the priests are not in that picture. Examine those words of Christ. It is describing an era when Pope, cardinals, bishops and priest will  be so ignorant of the truth, that God, Himself, will intervene with His grace. Because the spirit and the truth are works of God's grace. And this is the way God will save souls 'during these days.'

12. Pope Benedict and the boat in Tiberias.
    Another parable that completes the picture of Good Friday as a type of the present day situation is the storm at sea that became violent as it is today, St. Peter, as seen in the Gospel narrative, leaves the boat (the institutional Church) to go to Christ walking on the waters, to pray and beg for help. St. Peter, the Pope, will return with Christ into the boat and there will be peace as they re-enter the Church. 
     As in the days of St. Benedict, the Pope will leave the Church for a while  and   pray to beg Christ to re-enter the boat He had temporarily abandoned. Today, expect the true Pope to leave the boat temporarily to pray that Christ may return to the vineyard He had left due to the infidelity of the husbandmen. 
     The Church during these times will be transformed into an unrecognizable Church as portrayed by the same boat in the sea of Tiberias. There were no 12 apostles. There were only seven which many cannot interpret thus preventing most bishops from recognising  the true Church. It looks different but well described in the Gospels so we cannot commit any mistake.
     The Vatican, today, is identical to the palace of the High priest. Caiaphas, who was master minding the destruction of the  Mystical Body of Christ. But the person prominent in the destruction is he who represents Judas,  one of the first bishop who would betray the Church. He was not Peter, the Pope. He was just a bishop dressing like a pope. No Pope is destined to be a traitor. Just a bishop that looks like a Pope.


Friday, September 14, 2018

LOVE YOUR ENEMIES - Thursday of the 23rd Weekday in Ordinary Time.

 1. The more difficult commands of Christ.
      St.Paul reminded us that the commands and teachings of Christ begins easy and progresses to become more difficult. He compares it to feeding a baby. You begin with milk and progress to more solid food. The teachings of Christ must be taught in the same way, gradually so it can easily be taken in. 
     The easy teachings begin with Advent in the Liturgy and ends with the most difficult commands towards the end of the Liturgical Year, the Feast of Christ the King. 
     Example; the teachings begin with the Old Testament and progresses to the New Testament. The Old Testament teachings is naturally knowable. The New is impossible to know without grace from God. 
     The Gospel presents first the example of Martha then proceeds to the example of Mary' The New Testament begins with  the repentance of Jesus Christ and then proceeds to the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity; in that order. 
2. Today's Gospel Thursday of the 23rd Weekday in Ordinary Time we are approaching the end of the Liturgical Year. Thus the Liturgy is teaching us the most difficult commands of Christ.
     The easier commands which are the corporal works of mercy had been taught to us earlier. Now, as Holy Mother the Church is about to complete her instructions we are taught two of the most difficult commands of Christ, i.e. fraternal correction and loving one's enemies.

 3.  Fraternal correction.
     Fraternal correction consists of the spiritual works of mercy. From its very description, it is spiritual in nature and, therefore, needs the help of God's grace. No one can give fraternal correction without graces from God especially the grace of Faith.
     To be able to give fraternal correction, one must know perfectly all the teaching of Christ from which the correction must be based. Correction is not made because somebody did what you do not want. Corrections are done because someone had gone against the teachings of Christ.
     So fraternal correction can only be done by someone with perfect Faith and with the beginnings of Charity; the beginnings of Charity is shown in the act of fraternal correction. 
     Again, fraternal correction can only be done by one with the perfection of the theological virtue of Faith and who has the beginnings of the theological virtue of Charity, which is practically describing a saint.

4.  Loving one's enemies.
     Love of enemies and fraternal correction are identical. You show your love for your enemies by correcting him fraternally.  What must we do to love one's enemies. Christ said; 
     'Do good to those who hate you.'
     'Bless them that curse you.'
     'Pray for them.' 
     'Give to every man what asketh of you.'
     'What you would men should do to you, do ye all to them, likewise.'
Christ enumerates five acts of love towards one's enemies. 
     Before doing these to your enemies, you must first do these to your loved ones and other people who are not your enemies, like to your countrymen. You must do the above to all men and lastly to your enemies. St. Thomas of Aquinas reminds us not to change the order of the object of your charity.

5. It is good to go over this Gospel in the midst of the McCarrick incident, because the knowledgeable are obeying two of the  most profound commands of Christ and precisely because it is profound, it is being disobeyed by most Catholic. Let us see first those who obeyed this difficult command of Christ.
    Pope Benedict did did it right. He did the five things Christ enumerated to Archbishop McCarrick. Thus Pope Benedict obeyed the evangelical command of Christ on fraternal correction. 
    Archbishop Vigano did it right, too. he issued his eleven page letter, not to McCarrick seeing that Pope Benedict had already done the proper evangelical procedure on fraternal correction.  Vigano's letter was addressed to everybody outside of Pope Benedict and Archbishop McCarrick. 
     Pope Benedict had already observed the fraternal correction of the erring bishop by keeping the sin secret and encouraging a life of prayer and repentance (prayer being included already in repentance.) Vigano was, now, observing fraternal correction for everyone else outside of Benedict and McCarrick.
    How come Benedict kept the process secret? How cone Vigano made  them public? Because Vigano was addressing his letter to people who did not know that they were sinning and, therefore, they had to be fraternally corrected. It was impossible to do it the evangelical way. It had to be done publicly because there were so many people involved. Vigano had to do it the way an ordinary preacher does it, by speaking in public. 

       Vigano was addressing a vast group who have disobeyed Christ's command and are sinning without knowing it; they had to be fraternally corrected so they can repent and save their souls. 
      Who are these? The abuse victims who disobeyed the five above commands of Christ to love their enemy, the Archbishop. 
       Those who sided with the victims, the prosecutors, mass media, the commentators, the canonical court. The Archbishop is not their enemies but a mere neighbor and yet they cannot love him. They have not shown the five above acts of love of enemy and they have not shown love of neighbour by rendering true fraternal correction. They merely criticised the sin of the Archbishop and the process taken by the Vatican. Vigano showed them their sin but did not encouraged to repent because they have not shown realisation of their errors and sin.
       The reactions of some bishop's conferences are also in disobedience to both love for enemies and fraternal correction. None of the bishop's conferences issued any fraternal correction which is an act of Charity and which is supposed to be done secretly. Neither did they show true love of enemy as described by Christ above. They, merely, tried to save their reputations by distancing themselves to the scandalous situation. 
       The reaction of Pope Francis was the worse. He did not give fraternal correction thus showing no love for neighbor.  Instead he lifted up the fraternal correction that would save McCarrick;  he encouraged the sin of the Archbishop and even rewarded him and promoted him. Realising his mistake he uncharitably took away his cardinalate which was unnecessary because McCarrick can continue his repentance as a cardinal. He did not have to be demoted which Pope Francis love to do when he is embarrassed as he did to Cardinal Burke. 
        He did not love McCarrick who is not even his enemy but a close friend and associate. If Pope Francis can treat his own personal friend this way, how will he treat those he dislike, like that bishop in Argentina he disliked. You are not supposed to dislike your friends and even your enemies. 
        Pope Francis wants to punish Vigano for doing his obligation to God. He will punish Vigano while rewarding McCarrick. Vigano is now in hiding knowing Pope Francis' order to the Vatican to hunt him down, to punish him who have done no wrong, when Vigano is not even one of Pope Francis' enemy.  Are you, now, totally confused? Yes, that is the state of the institutional Church today. Confused! Because those leading the institutional Church are, themselves, confusing the world. Or, maybe, because the Vatican institutional church, like the Synagogue, is the vineyard that the husbandman abandoned having found its labourers unfaithful. 

6. The morality     
     Beware, Christ had warned us, GOD'S WAYS ARE NOT MAN'S WAYS. McCarrick case is not being handled God's way. It is too much man's ways. And very much 'fallen' man's way. 
     The world had completely abandoned God's way and doing everything man's ways. The institutional church has fallen, also, into the same diabolical trap. However, the true Church instituted of Christ is still in the boat, with Christ and Peter, amidst a terrible storm. But sailing safely towards the harbour. We must have to make sure we have Christ, true man and God with us. And we have to make sure we have someone who is exactly like Saint Peter.  For we are living in an era of fakes manufactured in hell.   
      The probability is great that the way we love our loved ones is wrong. And the way we love our enemies is wrong. Look at Pope francis. See how he shows his love for the most privileged members of the Church, the contemplatives. Cor Orans, Vultum Dei quaerere, his apostolic exhortations are meant decimate  the contemplative orders.
     On the contrary see how he treats the transgenders, those who crucified Christ, the atheists, the adulterers, the same sex perverts and those heretical bishops and priests. They are Pope Francis' most privileged guest at the Vatican. Pope Francis' ways is, definitely, not God's ways.  


Thursday, September 13, 2018

BEATITUDES vs WOES - Wednesday on 23rd Week in Ordinary Time.

 1. The plains and the mountains.
     Christ preached in two places, in the plains and in the mountains. He preached to the crowds in the plains and to His disciples on the mountains. 
     The two places represents the two kinds of people He preached to. In  the plains Christ preached to beginners. In the mountains He preached to the proficient.
     To the beginners He preached the 'life of repentance.' To the proficients He preached the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. This was the lesson on the Monday and Tuesday Gospels of the 23rd Week in Ordinary time. 
     The Gospel for Wednesday of the 23rd Weekday continues in the same vein. This is the Gospel of the Beatitude and the Woes. The Woes were  addressed to beginners who did not persevere, while the Beatitude was addressed to the proficient. The Woes are based on 'fear' because 'fear' of God is the beginning of wisdom. While the Beatitude is based of receiving 'rewards' which attracts the proficient to the heights of sanctity. 
     Without 'fear of God,' man is not attracted by 'rewards.' In the world, everybody wants to go to heaven as a 'reward.' But the idea of a 'reward' does not motivate them to live a holy life. On the other hand, for sinners the fear of punishment motivates them to repent that eventually motivate them to work for the higher rewards. 
     Thus, the Beatitudes motivate the soul to work for rewards. The woes are meant to scare souls and motivate them to avoid sins. 

2. The woes.
     The woes are especially addressed to modern man; first, those who are rich and run after riches. Second, those who are able to do whatever they want. Third, those who laugh. And fourthly, those who want men to speak well of them. When Christ referred the woes to them, it means they are not going to heaven; in short, they are going to hell. 
3. The rich.
     Riches can be used either for good or for evil. As it is, there is nothing wrong with riches. The evil is in the heart in which riches become allurement to crime and the giving in to human passions and vices. The sins in the world are committed by the rich who wants to be richer; wars, abortion, regime change, impeachment, false news, adulteries, one world government, suppressions of good religious communities are motivated by the desire for riches.
     This woe is the opposite of the first Beatitude. The first Beatitude is the first degree of holiness that makes the soul deserving of the kingdom of God. This is 'poverty of spirit,' in which the soul practices poverty in the faculties of the soul; poverty in the mind wherein the soul's only thought is how to save his soul. And poverty of the free will, in which the soul's only desire are the things of heaven.
      Financial progress had been the goal of all societies. Whether they attain this or not, they fall under this first woe due to their great desire to be rich over and above their desire to save their souls if there is even a slight sign of it. 
      There is nothing wrong with money and there is nothing wrong to be rich. It is the 'love of money' that is sinful. Loving it for its own sake. The rich man can be saved if he is thankful to God for what he posses and use his resources for the common good, mindful that God made him rich for this purpose. His riches can be a great help for the salvation of his soul and that of his family as in the case of St. Matthew the tax collector. 
      Since the rich are already consoled here on earth, by that very fact, they will not be consoled in heaven.

4. The 'full.'
     These are the people who satisfies everything they want. They do what they want and impose on others what they want. It is classical 'original sin' out of control. They love communism and they want the entire country to be communist. They love same sex marriage and they want all bakeries to have same sex images in all their cakes. And they want all parents to be of the same sex. 
      They want to satisfy every vice, every passion of the body  and every whim. And they want the whole world to be their servant.
      Christ warned such people that they shall be hungry. Their punishment is that they will not get what they want in the life after. 
It is necessary to abstain, to subject the unruly passion of the body that rebelled against the soul after the fall of man. Self-control through a life of discipline is the beginning of the spiritual life and help blunt temptations from the devil. 
     St. Thomas explains; stick to the necessities of life, abstain from those things that leads to pleasures, never fill up the stomach because this makes the body unfit for spiritual battles, makes the soul sleepy and inclines the soul to what is hurtful. 

5. When men speak well of you.
     Woe to you when men speak well of you. The chances is that you are a 'pleaser of men,' and such person cannot be a follower of Christ, Christ said. A true Christian must do and say things for the Glory of God. That phrase 'for the glory of God' is adapted by many religious orders but is not practiced in the religious life. It is the slogan of the Jesuits but Pope Francis has a whole office of public relation men to guide him in pleasing the world that is at enmity with Christ. 
     To work so the world will speak well of you is vainglory that leads to avarice, the first woe. 

6. The Beatitudes and the woes are opposites. If the first Beatitude is lacking, it is certain that the soul is destined for the first woe. While those with the first Beatitude are to possess the kingdom of God, the first woe will end up in hell. If a soul reaches the first Beatitude he will certainly avoid all the woes. If a soul has the first woe, he certainly does not have any of the Beatitudes. So just concentrate on the first Beatitude and everything will be all right. 
     But Pope Francis and most of the bishops, priests and nuns do not have the first Beatitude. The probability is great that they have these three woes. Three times they are destined to hell. 

7. Pope Francis is the exemplar for most of the bishops and priest. 
    St. John Chrysostom reminded us that it is impossible to find out the state of the Catholic Church by actually studying the Church far and wide. All that is needed is to study just a diocese, or a parish or just a monastery (which is more reliable) and this will show the state of the entire Catholic Church. This is imitated, too, in all research work in Psychology. Just study a significant number and that is the state of the entire subject for study. 
     To study the state of the priesthood and bishop, which is the same because both are priests, only study the state of the Papacy. Dom Chautard in his spiritual book 'The Soul of the Apostolte' wrote that the state of the laymen is one degree lower than the spiritual state of the priest or bishop. St. Thomas holds the same in his treatise on the 'perfection in the life of a bishop.'
     So let us just look at the state of the Papacy. We cannot find  in Pope Francis any of the Beatitudes as described by St. Augustine and St. Thomas of Aquinas. In the canonisation of saints, it must be proven that they have practiced the Beatitudes in a heroic degree. Most of the saints canonised by Pope Francis do not even have the Beatitudes. Maybe they are saints. But the proofs necessary for beatification or canonisation is not there. So we have to look at the woes. 
     Woe to you who are rich. And Pope Francis fall under this category is that in his audiences, he gives priority to those who hands him checks while rejecting good bishops. The problem of the Vatican bank was unexplained expenses. Pope Francis suppresses groups and get their resources; he tried it to the Franciscans but because he was brought to court and lost, he was not able to get their resources. The case of the donation to the Knights of Malta is a shameful scandal. Though he pretends poverty by taking the name of St. Francis, he actually tried to get the resources of the followers of St. Francis. 
     Pope Francis is in the pocket of George Soros. Following the gospel of the open society foundation rather than the Gospel of Christ. 
     The full functioning of the public relation office in the Vatican, which Benedict did not use, makes it sure that men speak well of him. A junior magazine on Pope Francs printed here in the Philippines is purely advertising him as a product. 

     It is enough to have one woe to go to hell. What if you have two or three. Imagine the state of your constituents if they are one degree lower. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

THE DEAF AND THE DUMB - 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time.

 1. The spiritual meaning of the Gospels.
     A word has a sound and a meaning. A Greek word can be heard, but if the listener does not know Greek, he cannot understand the meaning of the sound he heard. 
     All words have a sound and a corresponding meaning. It is possible for someone to hear the sound but not understand the meaning. For those who know English, the words 'deaf and dumb' have sounds. And all English speaking can hear the sound and know the meaning of the sound.
      But when we hear the Gospel reading, the words, also, have sounds that even comes out of a loudspeaker. And most listeners, unless there is something wrong in the sound system, know the meaning of the sound. The sound 'deaf' means that a person cannot physically hear. While the sound 'dumb' or 'mute' means a person cannot speak clearly.
     The Gospel words have a sound; the sound, also, has a dictionary meaning. And it has third element, a mystical or spiritual meaning. 
2. Spiritually, deafness is the inability to understand the mystical meaning of the Gospel. This is due to the 'fallen nature' of man. It  applies to all men. No man can know the spiritual meaning of the New Testament without  the grace of God. This grace is given to all men who have perfectly repented on their past sins and have acquired the beginnings of the theological virtue of Faith. Then and only then can man understand a few mystical meaning of a few of the teachings of Christ as found in the New Testament.
     As man perfects his Faith, he will understand the mystical meaning of all the teachings of Christ in the New Testament. And when he attains the beginnings of Charity, he will develop a deeper knowledge of the mystical teachings of Christ. 
     This deafness applies to the first listeners of Christ's doctrines. First listeners to the teachings of Christ are usually 'deaf.' So Christ has to heal them first. That is why Catholics go to Mass. So Christ in the Eucharist can first heal their 'deafness' before they hear the Gospel and get the mystical meaning of Christ's message. Though this does not happen all the time because of the 'hardness of their hearts.'
     The next, 'dumbness' applies to the preachers.

3. Dumbness is the inability to preach the mystical meaning of the Gospel.
     Physical deafness and dumbness, usually, go together. In the spiritual level, the 'deaf' who cannot get the spiritual meaning of the words of the Gospel will not be able to preach the spiritual message of the Gospel that is explained usually in the Homily. Observe that most of the videos of Homilies speaks the sound of the words, words that most understand, but no preacher have ever explained the mystical meaning of the Gospel. The reason is obvious, the preacher have never gotten the mystical meaning of the Gospel because they did not pray to Christ to, first, heal their deafness. 
     Everybody who go to Mass must first ask Christ in the Eucharist to heal their deafness for them to understand the mystical meaning of the Gospel. That is why Christ is there in the tabernacle. 
     Pope Francis' homilies at Casa Marta have no 'mystical' interpretation. If there is ever an interpretation it comes from his own and they are wrong, like his famous interpretation of the multiplication of the bread and the new wine in new wineskin. It shows he is still 'deaf' and 'dumb.' He has never preached the mystical meaning of the Gospel because he has never heard it. And this is the case in many priest and bishops' homilies. 
     How do we know this? Because the Fathers and Doctors of the Church have written down the mystical meaning of every word of the Gospels. So everyone can check what their parish priest, their diocesan bishop and what Pope Francis is teaching. Most of them are 'deaf' and 'dumb.' Because they have not begged Christ in the Eucharist to heal their 'deafness' and 'dumbness.' 
     Maybe Christ is not present in their Eucharist due to great liturgical abuses or because they do not pray with humility. 

4. Even if we read the Fathers and the Doctors of the Church where the mystical meaning of every line of the Gospels are clearly written, no one will understand the mystical meaning unless he, first, prays humbly for healing, accepting the fact that he is 'deaf' and'dumb.'
      Any wise guy who thinks his degree from the school of Bologna will enable him to know the mystical meaning of the Gospel is greatly mistaken. He will not understand because his pride had kept him 'deaf.' And if he thinks he can preach to others, he will teach no one because he is still 'dumb'. Praying with humility, in silence and solitude 'in the mountain' is the way to be healed of one's 'deafness' and 'dumbness.' The silence that is prevalent in the Vatican today amidst the scandal, is nothing else but the silence of a 'deaf' and 'dumb' soul. 

Saturday, September 08, 2018

The Mystery of DIVINE PROVIDENCE. - A model for rulers.

 1. The New Testament.
     No one can know and obey the teachings of the New Testament without the help of the grace of God. So praying for this grace is the very life of the New Testament. The more we pray well the more we can learn the teachings of the New Testament. The less we pray and worse if we pray badly, the more we become ignorant of the teachings of the New Testament. The New Testament is the teachings of the Catholic Church. 

2. The world today.
     People, today, are ignorant both of the Old and New Testament teachings. In the Friday of the 22nd week in Ordinary Time, the Old Testament is portrayed as old wine. The New Testament is new wine. Those whose way of life is still Old Testament is old wine skin. Those living the life of grace is new wine skin. Christ said; 'if you put old wine in new wineskin, it will burst and both will go to waste. That is what is causing the big mess today in the Church. 
     By preaching the New Testament, we are putting new wine into old wine skin, the state of the souls of most people. So the entire world is bursting asunder. 

3. Learning gradually.
     The teachings of the Catholic church begins with easy lessons like milk given to babies. It progresses to meat for toddlers and to a big feast for adults. But all these teachings, from the simplest to the more complex can only be learned and obeyed with the help of grace. It cannot be learned or obeyed using pure human efforts. 
     The problem in the Church today is that souls do not know how to get that grace necessary to know and understand the teachings of the New Testament. Remember, these truths cannot be learned from seminaries and theological schools. From these schools you only get the impression that you are intelligent. But you are not. It only makes you proud and, therefore, more ignorant, says the Book of Wisdom.

4. The problem of ignorance. 
     All the problems of the Church, today, is due to ignorance.  It is not invincible ignorance but ignorance due to laziness. The sources of knowledge is there but we are indolent. So, it is our fault and, therefore, is a sin of omission. 
     Since the defect is merely ignorance, then it is easy to solve. Just teach them! And the Catholic Church have a solution ever since. It is called 'evangelisation,' which Pope Francis has forbidden. So all bishops are not doing it and not teaching it even in their evangelisation seminars. The last evangelisation seminar at the Pontifical University in Manila made absolutely no mention on how to evangelise as described in the Gospel of Matthew. Only tear jerking emotional stories. 
     Pope Francis was handed a 'dubia' 700 days ago. These are questions a grade IV student in catechism can easily answer. And he has not answered it up to now. Some bishops do not know that there is a hell. And some Jesuits do not know that God 'created them man and woman.' 

5. If they do not know the simple truths, imagine the more difficult truths like the theology of grace, justification, predestination, the problem of evil, the life of contemplation and the way that leads to the Catholic Church. 
     We would like to take up just one truth, the mystery of Divine Providence. Keeping in mind that the mysteries of the Catholic Religion are mysteries only to unbelievers. They are not mysteries to those who have Faith, Hope and Charity, St. Thomas of Aquinas reminds us. 
     This mystery contains all the teachings of Christ as proposed by the Magisterium for belief. If we live our lives according to Divine Providence, we have obeyed all the commands of Christ; we will have the theological virtues and our salvation is assured. If we do not live by this mystery, we disobey all the commands of Christ and reject all His teachings. Christ said, 'even if you are still alive, you are already condemned.'  but still with the possibility of reversing that sentence if we repent. 

6. Divine Providence.
     Divine Providence is the doctrine that states that God, who is eternal and is perfect knowledge is governing the world. He has arranged everything in great adversity in such a way as to give all of His creatures (mankind) the greatest opportunity to be saved.
     God created all creatures in proper order, all serving one another. Horses carry men, men feed horses, the hand help the foot, the foot carry the hand.
      Fortuitous events, health and sickness, tragedies and joys are part of Divine Providence. Joseph being sold in Egypt turned out for good because it was part of Divine Providence. Hold an election, campaign as you like, bribe voters...but it is Divine Providence who decides the outcome. Hold those international meetings of climate change but Divine Providence decides if it will be cold or hot. Go to a fertility clinic or an abortion clinic but it is Divine Providence who will decide if you will have a child or not. 
     Divine Providence does not take away the freedom of man.  It did not stop Judas, but Divine Providence directed his act to the redemption of souls. Divine Providence uses good and evil for the salvation of souls. It sees to it that everything turns out alright for the good. So it is a model for rulers, ecclesiastical or civil. 
     Knowing the mystery of Divine Providence will enable people to see who is the best president, the best bishop, the best priest and the best parents. 
     Divine Providence is described in Scriptures. To attain happiness her on earth and eternal life in heaven, we must conform to Divine Providence. This is equivalent to saying 'we must  obey all of God's commands.
     To go against Divine Providence will not change the directions of Divine Providence. But will be the reason for the damnation of those who oppose it.

7. The model for all leaders.
     Since Divine Providence is God's perfect way of governing the world,  it becomes the model for civil and ecclesiastical leaders. Garcia Moreno, President of Ecuador,  was such a leader. His rule shows perfect conformity to Divine Providence. So the US, who practice regime change, had him assassinated. That was the end of Ecuador living in accordance to Divine Providence. They deteriorated as a nation, yet that was still a part of Providence. 
     The first rule of Divine Providence is the establishment of a Church to be the soul of the body, the state. Then the soul must influence, the DILG, the army - police forces and the Justice system. With these in place, everything else will fall into place. Everything will be fine with very little problem. 
     The trouble will alway come from those who chose to go against Divine providence, the evil ones, who are disobedient to Divine Providence. But all evil efforts cannot stop Divine providence guiding the events towards the salvation of those destined to be saved. 
     Anyone can start a war and Divine Providence may allow the war but Providence decides who will win the war, rewarding the selfless heroes and punishing to hell the culprits, the deep state and those who earn from the wars, the arm dealers. 

8. The hands of Divine Providence in civil leaders.
     When God's Providence uses civil leaders to conform to His Providence, that means that most of the bishops and even the Pope is not conforming to Divine Providence, i.e. they are going against God's will. 
    The hands of Divine Providence can be found everywhere in every age. It is very clear today, which should make us believe in this Great Mystery. But nobody is noticing it and is, attributing the works of Divine Providence, to the false ingenuity of men. 
      Divine Providence can be seen, lately, in the victories in elections of candidates that conform to Providence. Their platforms are similar to Oscar Moreno of Quito. And like him they are in danger of impeachment and threats of assassination. They are at odds with the devil and in some degree chosen by the Providence of God. 
     Donald Trump, Duterte, Orban, Salvini are example. Many nation are following suit. Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and, lately, Guatemala. They are, in different degrees conforming to Divine Providence. So far the closest to the model is Vladimir Putin of Russia who have observed the first step of Divine Providence, i.e. the union of Church and State. That is why majority of those nations who oppose Divine Providence are against him.

9. The institutional Church is going against Divine Providence.
     The institutional Church (which is different from the true Catholic Church) is pitifully going against Divine Providence when it should be the exemplar since it is supposed to be the soul of the states. Now, the Vatican church is a dead soul and cannot invigorate any state. So it will be useless for heads of nations to do business with the Vatican because it will not benefit them at all. These nations that are now, on their own, conforming to Divine Providence is, directly, being led by God. But it is not known for how long because this is a grace period. Some nations, like Germany, France, Spain, Canada, most of South America and Asia do not seem to be having this grace period. At least it does not show in the news. Even while this grace period is part of Divine Providence, it is only a respite. It is only for a short time. It is still Divine Providence that this respite will cease and take a turn for the worse. 
     It will turn for the worse because Divine Providence dictates that all  man must be tested up to the end of time to see who deserve to be rewarded and who will be punished for all eternity. 


Wednesday, September 05, 2018

ASCETICAL THEOLOGY - The Queen of Theology.

 1. Our approach.
     Though we use both dogmatic and moral theology as basis for our articles, our main focus is on Ascetical theology, the queen of theology. Ascetical theology is the practical application of Dogma and Morals in daily life. Holy Mother the Church teaches ascetical theology through the year long Liturgical celebration showing that it is based on Divine Revelation as found in the readings.....and hopefully in a good homily based on the Fathers of the Church. 

2. Applications. 
    Ascetical theology applies dogma and morals as interpreted by Tradition on current events in a human effort to discern the course of Divine Providence that leads to Eternal Life. So we are not focusing on the events, like the McCarrick affair, but on the direction that Divine Providence is leading us, which leads to everlasting life. In this affair we are primarily focusing on the sin involved that will bring souls to hell, i.e. the sin of the bishop and the sins of those abused and critics of the bishops who are unforgiving that is leading them, likewise, to hell. We are looking for the good that is coming out of it because that will be the direction of Divine Providence. 

3. The aim of this blog is to show the way to the door of the Catholic Church by teaching the truths taught by Christ interpreted by the Fathers of the Church and proposed by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
     Along the way we try to clarify confusions. That is why we put side by side current events along side with the Gospel message of the Liturgical of the day. 
    At present we are overwhelmed by the rush of events we cannot catch up with the Liturgy. We have to occupy ourselves, first , with clarifying events by focusing our attention to what lesson we can learn for the benefit and advancement of our spiritual life. 
      An example, the McCarrick case. We pointed out that objectively, the bishop disobeyed God's command and that is a sin. He should repent and there is nothing else we can do about it.
      Then we focused on the abused victims. They should forgive and that is it.  We dealt with the outcries and we warned them to check on their motive; that their outcry must not be a refusal to forgive but a cry for fraternal correction which is an act of Charity.
      Then we invited all to  concentrate on repenting and forgiving which is our personal obligation for our salvation and help all correct their errors. 
     The news continue to be hotly pursued and this is still part of Divine Providence because it continues to reveal what God wants to reveal. Who is on the side of God and who is not; an on-going test God had been giving mankind. And the result clearly appear in the daily news. During this test, the confusion continues, the accusations and defenses continues, the taking of sides continues, the lies and truths continues and soul continue to go to heaven and hell. 
       We have pointed out that repentance is the direction the bishop must take to flow with the forward movement of Divine Providence which leads to heaven. We have pointed out that forgiveness must be the direction the abused victims and other critics of the bishop must take to live by Divine Providence. We have pointed out that fraternal correction is perfect obedience to Divine Providence.That is all that we are obliged to do as member of the Mystical Body.
     Whether the bishop will obey or not, whether the rest will obey the direction of Divine Providence, is another story to which we have no control. We, only, point the direction of Divine Providence. Each one must choose by themselves and that is the test God had given each one of us which we must pass. 
     Now, let us see a whole bishop's conference that is wobbly in their decision to chose the direction of Divine Providence......the Catholic bishop's conference of the Philippines.

4. Philippine bishop' conference.
     The news show the divisiveness in the US bishop's conference. Their focus is not on the fraternal correction of their confrer but on the statements of Archbishop Vigano and the stand on Pope Francis.
     We must not confuse the issues. The real issue is; who disobeyed the commands of Christ and who is obeying the commands of Christ. We must see who stand where and we must side with the ones who obey the commands of Christ. 
    What happened in the US is world wide because the cause is due to a very secular seminary training, that contaminated all priests. And the guess that half of the bishops are like that is very conservative. How many are true Catholics will get a more chilling answer.
     We cannot set aside Bishop Vigano and Pope Francis because they are in the middle of it all with Vigano obeying Christ's command while Pope Francis and his defenders going against the commands of Christ. 
     After quoting two commands of Christ, to be pure and to forgive, the case of Bishop Vigano and Pope Francis will involve more commands of Christ, which we must put aside for the moment.  Analysis of the two groups of US bishops will be too lengthy, too. Let us take up the simpler case of the Philippine bishop's conference and see their confusion and as a result their inability to take the right side and fall under the Divine Providence of God, i.e. they are not going to heaven because they are outside the realm of Divine Providence. 

 5. 'Urgent answers that show us the truth.'
     We are getting a few lines from their statement.
     The present problem is the problem of the Church in the US. Why do they want to know the truths? What are their questions. This look like 'curiositas' that St. Augustine considers sinful. The Filipino bishops must concern themselves with two things; to teach the Filipinos how to become true Catholics. They were more Catholic in 1521. Today, they are mostly soft Protestants and the Bishops do not know this because they are like that, too. It is impossible to find a Diocese or parish that has the visible signs of true Catholicity as described in the Nicene Creed or the 15 Marks of the true Church by St. Bellarmine. 
     'What is the truth?'The truth is this. A bishop sinned and Pope Benedict gave him the occasion to repent. The Pope, also, encouraged the victims to forgive. This was a problem for the US bishop's conference and the Pope. We do not know what the US bishop's conference did but Pope Benedict was in the right direction and everything was under control. 
      Then Pope Francis took over, he lifted up the penance of the bishop even before he finished it and did the opposite of repentance, since he is encouraging this kind of sins.  He retained the bishop that enabled him to continue his sins, rewarded him by promoting him and gave him authority to choose bishops similar to him for juicy assignments. Truly, it is God's intervention for the salvation of his soul that this exploded. Otherwise the sin would have continued unabated. Considering the people involved, it was a disaster for the church. 
     The Filipino bishops should leave the above problem to the US bishops and the Pope. Pope Francis mess it up, following his own advise to the World Youth day to mess things up.  Out of fraternal Charity, the Filipino bishops should attend to their own Bishop McCarricks in their midst who can easily be identified by the seminarians; as McCarrick was identified by his seminarians who are now bishops who are speaking out loud. Like the US bishops their tendency is to cover up such bishops, 
      Since the guess is half of the bishops are like McCarrick, some Filipino bishops must be like him. Probably they are, now, receiving the Pope Francis treatment. They are tolerated, they are encourage to give speeches in evangelization and family seminars, to travel around other dioceses, elected to officers of the CBCP, retained in their dioceses and influential in church affairs. That is nurturing a time bomb and allowing the destruction of countless souls, at a minimum, an entire diocese. They could be committing the same mistake that will ruin souls. 
    And, maybe, to correct all the bad advises they gave President Duterte. 

6. Further bishop's mistakes. 
     A few quotes from them from the news. 
    "We are a church of sinners, called to conversion and to holiness at the same time." That is not the Church I want to belong to! The Church I want is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. It is not a church of sinners. All the rest are. Christ's Church is not. 
     Truly the Church is composed of cockles and wheat. St. Augustine wrote that the true Church is the wheat. The cockles is not the Church. It was planted by the devil. Remember? So it cannot be the Church of Christ.
     'Called to conversion,' if they are not yet converted then they cannot be the Church. One is converted to the Catholic Church. And as long as we are not 'holy' we do not belong to the Church whose sign is 'Holy.'
     'And following Pope Francis,' who in reversing the whole process of repentance for the poor bishop worsened the evil state of his soul.........don't follow him! Catholics are invited to prayer and fasting. Catholics who should have the theological virtue of Faith are praying and fasting unceasingly, already. They do not have to be told to do so. This advice is given to non-Catholics or unbelievers whose prayers and fasting are not very effective in helping others. 

7. The above is an example how current events are treated using Ascentical theology. 
     We have shown how the erring bishops and the rest should be guided by Divine Providence that leads them to everlasting life. To lead an entire ill-informed bishop's conference, we will need a miracle, which is still possible. 

8. An after thought.
    Archbishop Vigano wrote the thesis he knew would get him into trouble at such advanced age because he knew he could die soon and he was not prepared. Hmmmm. Nobody thinks that way anymore. Not Pope Francis anyway. 
     Vigano knew he was not prepared because he had vast information  about souls disobeying the commands of Christ who would, therefore, surely go to hell. He knew he was not obliged to save them because only God can save souls. But he knew from his seminary days that he was obliged, under pain of mortal sin,  to remind them that they should live in accordance to Divine Providence. He knew that he could not go to heaven while guilty of seeing other souls in  danger of hell. He knew that he was obliged to raise the red danger flag, at least, otherwise he would go to hell. 
     Vigano had a hard choice. It was hell here on earth or hell in the after life. He made the wise choice; hell here on earth at the hands of the Vatican and some Jewish assassins sent by Pope Francis........ but heaven if he obeyed the commands of Christ.