Monday, October 30, 2017


 1. The trap.
     The Pharisees and the Scribes had been trying to trap Jesus for the last few Sundays because they see the crowds going to Jesus and they were hoping that if they are able to make Jesus say something that could get Him into trouble with the Roman authorities, then the Jews might just abandon Jesus. But the opposite had been happening. Jesus had been refuting them effectively that the crowd had become more attached to Christ. 
    Again, in today's Gospel the Pharisees were again trying to trap Jesus by asking Him a double barrel question. Any answer could get Him into trouble. 'Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not? The Pharisees, like all Jews, refuse to give tribute to the Romans. And they were hoping Christ would say the same thing. If Jesus, being a Jew, said not to give tribute to the Romans, then he could get into trouble with the Roman authorities whom the Pharisees brought with them in the hope of arresting Christ. 
     On the other hand, if Jesus said that no tribute should be given to the Romans, then he would be popular with the Jews and the crowd would follow Him. Christ said neither. Instead, He said; 'Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.

2. What must be rendered unto God?
    Obedience to the commands of God as found both in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Since the New Testament is the perfection of the Old Testament, we can concentrate on the New Testament. So obedience to the commands of Christ in the New Testament is the tribute that must be rendered unto God.
     The Gospel of the Friday of the 29th Week of the year reminds us to 'pay the last penny,' i.e. to obey the least command of Christ which is to 'render to Caesar what is Caesar's.

3. What must be rendered unto Caesar?
     Everything worldly must be rendered unto Caesar in return for the security and quiet which the arms of the Roman secures peace and security in the realm. 
     Peace and security is of the utmost importance for society so everything must be obeyed pertaining to the keeping of that peace. Criminality must be prevented. Terrorist must be apprehended. Imigrants who are not obeying the rules of immigration must be deported. Drug addicts must be gathered and rehabilitated. Demonstrators must be jailed. 
     Peace and order is even more important for the practice of the Catholic religion and so everything must be done so that everything pertaining to peace and order must be observed. To do otherwise is considered a sin. So the laws and just desires of the head of state must be observed as rendering to Caesar what is Caesar.
     Rendering to Caesar what is Caesar's is a command of Christ. It is not a mere human command. It is a Divine precept disobedience of which is a serious sins. Christ and the apostles had been noted to pay their taxes in obedience to this precept. Thus going against the policies of the head of state that are just is a serious sin against God's command to render to Caesar his due. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017


 1. Whom God chooses.
      Scriptures states; 'God chooses the humble, the meek, the insignificant, the poor, the uneducated, the sinner..... in short, people who others cannot imagine can contribute to improve the world. Who would ever think that God would chose fishermen to evangelize the world instead of Jesuits. But God chose fishermen and not the beginning. 
     God, always does it, when Bishops and priests are unfaithful He chooses the nobodies as His instruments to improve the spiritual life of the Church. Not that these instruments improve the Church but that they dispose the Church so God, Himself, can improve the Church. 
     These men are raised by God as in the case of Josiah and King David. They are not chosen by men. They are chosen by God. When God uses these insignificant souls, it is a sign He cannot find any priest, bishop or pope to lead the Church. So he chooses the humble souls. He used St Benedict, a mere laymen at that time and St Francis, a mere laymen during his times. He chose St Catherine of Sienna who was not even a real nun during her time. All of them to reform the Church. Why does He do this?  Because He cannot use His usual instruments, the priests, the bishops and the pope. 
     King Josiah and King David are classical examples. These are two head of states chosen by God side by side with chosen prophets. The heads of state would dispose the nation to repentance while the chosen prophets would  lead the nation to actual repentance. It is easy to pin point the head of states since they are very visible; it is very difficult to pin point the prophets because they usually are hidden. 

2. During these days of confusion.
     Why are we looking for such heads of states? Because it is a sign that we have reached a point that most members of the hierarchy cannot lead; that we are living in an age of darkness and confusion where it is  impossible to know the truth in the usual, ordinary way.
    So during these days of confusion where the lips of those obliged by God to show the right way by giving the right sound of the trumpet are silent or are giving unclear signals, as St. Paul wrote, we tend to suspect that, indeed, we are in an age where the keepers of the vineyard are unfaithfully withholding the share of the owner, and, therefore, God might be calling the weak, the uninformed, the sinner, the scum of the earth, to shame the wise and guide the world towards the truth by, at least, disposing the nations towards making that needed act of repentance that will save it. 

3. In spite of their humble qualities and evident defects, these instruments of God will have one quality invisible in the eyes of inner goodness that God saw in King David amidst his sin of adultery and the murder of his own favorite and faithful general. 'The good is interred into their bones,' as Shakespeare would say. It is a good that few can detect but is easily detected by the common man. 
     When Christ asked His disciples;'who is the Son of man?' We saw that the answer of the bishops and priests were wrong. Though the answer of the common man was, also, wrong, it was closer to the truth, 'He is a prophet.' Of course, the answer of Peter, a man of Faith was perfect. So, it is the common man that can detect inner goodness. And it is for this reason that we look for a head of state that wins with a land slide victory for no obvious reason. The reason could only be that ' people have perceived an inner goodness in the man.'

4. And we are looking for such a man because it will teach us two things. First, that we have come to that prophesied age when we cannot trust most bishops, cardinals and even the pope. Thus God chooses an insignificant laymen to help the Church. And secondly, it is a sign of a very specific time in eschatology, the beginning of the sixth day, as described by St. Bonaventure in his Haexameron. 

5. We have searched for these 'men' with inner goodness and we used the definition of St. Augustine on who is 'good'. Since the goodness of St. Augustine is a visible sign we can pin point such persons. The goodness of Christ was obvious, though most of the Pharisees and Scribes could not see it. Similarly, the goodness of these people are obvious but most men cannot see it. And like Christ, most men will consider the inner goodness as evil just as the Pharisee considered the goodness of Christ as blasphemy.

6. Putin, Trump, La Pen, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Philippines.
    Seeing goodness in King David who killed his most faithful general to commit adultery with his wife, and a king who killed many more during the rest of his kingship, no man today would consider such a person an instrument of God. But He was and he was very dear to God because of his inner goodness in his virtue of humility. Most will not agree with this because most will not see it but then most did not agree with Christ either; not even Pope Francis agree with the teachings of Christ like capital punishment. 
     This goodness must be according to the teaching of Christ Who was goodness itself. And as St. Thomas wrote; it is not necessary to debate with those with Faith because they will see what goodness is, it is useless to debate with those without Faith because no argument can convince them on what is 'goodness.' But briefly. Goodness contains goodness and badness; except that most of the badness in goodness is in the exterior and most of the goodness is in the interior. 
     As new elections are held, more and more person of the category mentioned above are rising. We are definitely progressing towards the sixth day prophesied by Good Friday. 

7. Qualification.
     The description of the above personalities can be found in the policies advanced by President Kennedy that prompted his assassination. But the US was not ready for his leadership as an instrument of God. The common men was still thrilled by the specter of evil. But afterwards the US redeemed itself by choosing someone with inner goodness. It was an act of God because it is God's time. France had a candidate who could have done the same preparation. But it seems God did not think that it was her time so she continues to go down. Today, every election are raising these kind of men and it is the only encouraging sign of the times. The Vatican is going the opposite direction.....towards Protestantism and total paganism through its policy of one religion whose god can only be the awaited anti-christ prophesied by St. John, 'he came from us but was not one of us.' Sort of 'he came from the Catholic Church and from a Catholic religious order... but was never a Catholic. So definitively, he is not a chosen of God. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Down to earth truths.

 1. Some down to earth truths. Truths in the natural level. 
     First. The highest goal of man is his spiritual goal which is to be united with God in heaven. But man can have a lower goal that is conducive in leading him to his spiritual goal. This lower goal is a natural goal attainable by all men and is called the 'common good.' This is the goal of the philosophy of politics, the 'common good,' of which there is no other higher good. And all politics should be directed towards this goal and all must be sacrificed for this 'common good.'
     Therefore, for the common good, a government may declare martial law and a revolutionary government. The government may imprisoned dissenting politicians, pick up demonstrators and defend itself by an act of war. The government may suppress rebels and arrest those planning to distabilize the government. Everything can be done for the sake of the common good.
     In fact, God had given government the moral right to execute criminals who are endangering the common good. 

     On the other hand, it is a crime for anyone to subvert the common good in any way. This is obvious; it is wrong for 10 people to do anything that will attack the common good of 100. 
The common good is the priority of the philosophy of politics. Unfortunately politicians don't care for the 'common good.' They are only after personal interests. 
    It is for this reason that demonstrations are forbidden in the Catholic Church as shown in 'Mirari Vos.' Because demonstration is when the selfish agenda of a few is imposed upon the 'common good.' Thus all demonstrations directed against the common good should be prohibited.

     Second. God had made it in such a way that He created men and placed them in their proper place on earth; the Europeans in Europe, the Africans in Africa, the Asians in Asia. But man, as usual, disobedient to the Will of God and insistent on his own selfish will had gone out of where God had placed him and gone somewhere else where he does not belong.  This is called immigration. So today the Asians are in Europe, the Europeans are in Indian territories, the Africans are in white territories, etc. Men had forced their own wills upon the will of God. They are all out of where God had placed them.
     It is upon this decreed Will of God that immigration is not encouraged; it is, obviously,  contrary to the expressed Will of God. 
     OF course, God can express His Will otherwise as He commanded the Chosen People to occupy other lands. But ordinarily, God had not expressed that any other race should mix with others. So most people today are out of where God wants them to be, staying instead in where they want to be which in the eyes of God is a sin. 
     So what? So if an African or a Middle Eastern man does not want the practices in Europe, just send him back to where God had placed him in the first place, where he can practice what he wants. Returning people to where God had placed them in the first place is the solution to world peace. In fact, the problems of the world is caused by displacing peoples from the places of origin, like when the Europeans enslaved the Africans and brought them to Europe and other places. Now, they have problems. The Africans do not want to sing European songs. Send them back where they can enjoy singing African songs.

Thirdly. God created the world and nature to be used by man for the salvation of his soul. Or the natural reason we have nature is for man to benefit from it and live comfortably on earth in a manner conducive to the salvation of his soul
     So, in effect, man can use the whole of nature to benefit himself. He should not worry if what he does will cause global warming or not. If he needs it, he should use it. That is why God gave him nature.
     Man was not created to protect nature to prevent global warming. Nature was created to benefit man. God will see to it that there will be no global warming as long as man uses nature for his benefit. That is what it is for. So, as St. Augustine wrote, don't love nature nor be concerned in protecting it. Instead, use it.


Saturday, October 14, 2017


1. The destruction of the Catholic Church.
     The Catholic Church cannot be destroyed for Christ had promised that the gates of hell will not prevail against her. But much harm can be done to those who are in the periphery of the Church, i.e. those who are weak of Faith.

2. The 'weak of Faith.'
     The weak of Faith are those, strictly speaking, still outside the Catholic Church due to a defect either in their Faith or in their Charity. So they are not really inside the Catholic Church. They have not yet been united either to the soul of the Church, the Holy Spirit, nor are they united with the Body of Christ. So they can be described as in the periphery of the Church. These are the ones that are the object of spiritual destruction.
     Those who are completely outside the Church due to the total absence of Faith are not the object of destruction because they are destroyed already. But those in the periphery, because they can still be easily lost or saved are the object of destruction.

3. How do the forces of evil attack such souls?
    It begins with the watering down of dogmas, specially the important dogmas, like the teachings on the three theological virtues. With the watering of these dogmas, it will be impossible for any soul to be saved since these three theological virtues are the foundation of salvation. With this watering down, the whole structure of the Church will easily collapse by itself with no need for any further destruction.
     So, it will be noticeable that dogmas after dogmas will crumble one after another; all surrounding the virtues of Faith and Charity. Before one knows it, there will be no Faith or Charity existing anymore.

4. Together with the watering down of dogmas is the introduction of heretical doctrines to strengthen the strangle hold on Truth. Both process of watering down and adulteration of heresies side by side with a few truth is done slowly and unnoticeable. The idea is not to rock the boat as to arouse an orthodox reaction.

5. Together with the watering down of dogmas and the insertion of heresies is an attack on asceticism to prevent any soul to progress in the spiritual life. This will consist, also, in watering down ascetical practices and the introduction of worldly practices within the religious life. 'Vultum Dei' was precisely to prevent souls from seeing the Face of God. 

6. The beginning of the suppression.
     Then follows the suppression of visible signposts towards our final goals. The very visible signs of the true Church will disappear all around the world. All souls will be going around like lost souls and that is what they will be. Religious and monastic life will be modified that they will practically be just like clubs. Lay Catholic organizations meant for the salvation of laymen will just be social gatherings. And the Mass will just be a show. 
     While the visible signs towards heaven which is the goal of religious life is suppressed, speakers who guide souls towards their final goals will be silenced under the weirdest pretext. 
     The bad will be promoted while the good will be fired in the bureaucracy of the Church. So the Vatican which is supposed to remind all men that our goal is in heaven, will just be a decadent sign no one will take seriously. 

7. The approval of the worst sins that cry out to heaven; and the condemnation of virtues. 
     Fidelity to marriage vows, fidelity to religious vows, fidelity to the Holy Mother the Church will be laughed at and derided. While sins of perversion will be praised to the high heavens and given priority in papal audiences. 
     With all these moves mentioned above, all entrances into the Catholic Church is blocked. Nobody will find where  the entrance into the Church is; thus nobody will be able to enter the Church. This is what Pope Francis is doing to souls. 

Monday, October 09, 2017


  1. The parables on the kingdom of God.
      These last Sundays in Ordinary Times deals about the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is the Catholic Church. And these Sundays after Easter and Pentecost had been describing all aspects of the Catholic church; how does the Church look like, how will the bishops and priests look like, how will those inside and outside the church look like and how does the inside of the church look like. 
     At this point in the Liturgy, it has become easy to detect the true Church of Christ, to know who are inside and who are outside. But the Liturgy can only be fully understood by those with the theological virtue of Faith. For the rest, it will just sound like a parable that is little understood. And that is where we are at present....nobody knows where is the true Church.

2. Mostly bad priests and bishops. 
    The ancient prophecies had always described these days as filled with bad priests and bishops, among other things. Let us look at these biblical prophecies.
     The Church of Christ had always been under attacked by the devil; it all started in the garden of Eden. There Adam and Eve, the first members of the Church fell. In the New Testament, on Christmas day, the early Church, in the persons of Joseph, Mary and Jesus was under attack, too, by the devil that they had to flee to Egypt. The devil used Herod and who? The priests and Pharisees. There we have the pattern. On Good Friday, practically the whole priesthood, from the High priest down to the Scribes were used by the devil to have Christ crucified. Of course with the direct Will of the Father. But imagine the whole priesthood organized to destroy the Church; except for a handful, like Joseph and Nicodemus. 
     That pattern will be followed through the history of mankind up to the present. 

3. The punishment of God.
     God had punished men for his sins in various ways. As shown with the Jews, God would remove from them the tabernacle of God's presence. God would remove from them the priesthood as on Good Friday where the priests were no longer chosen by God but by the Roman authorities. But the most serious punishment is when God would not send them prophets. Prophets are God's instrument in  teaching the people how to save their souls. Without prophets, no one knows how to save their soul. All of these happened during the time of Christ prophesying precisely what will happen today if we are unfaithful to God. God will punish the church. 
     What would be the most devastating punishment? There will be very few bishops and priests who can teach people how to save their souls. And the few blessed to teach well,  will be suppressed by the many unfaithful bishops and cardinals. 

4. This punishment is shown in the Liturgy.
    In all the description of the kingdom of God in the Liturgy, the priests and bishops had been described as bad. Let us take a few examples; the older son who said he will work in the vineyard but later on did not go to work in the vineyard, according to St. Thomas of Aquinas, are the priests and bishops who learned in the seminary that they should work in the vineyard and said 'yes,' but after becoming bishops did not go to work in the vineyard of the Lord. These are the bishops and priests. 
     In the parable of the Good Samaritan, when the man fell into thieves was beaten and robbed, the first who saw him were priests and Levites. And they did not do anything but just went on.
     The priests and bishops were not the Good Samaritan since the Gospel clearly said, 'they did not mind him and just went on.' The modern priests and bishops will just go by doing nothing when they see sinners beaten up by the devil. Maybe they will stop for a while and criticize the government then just go on in their journey to attend to global warming. The bishops and priest were not the ones who tended to the wounds of the man beaten and robbed by thieves; they were not the one who brought the wounded man to the inn and they were not the ones who left two denarii for his recovery. The bishops and priests did nothing. 
     And the priests, bishops and even possibly the present Pope is the one described in the parables of the kingdom of God as the ones who were so unfaithful that God took away the vineyard from them and gave it to others. 
    Is it possible for God to take away the true Church from the Vatican and give it to others as He had threatened? Well, He did it before with the Synagogue. He can do it again today; take away the vineyard from the Vatican and give it to another. 

5. How did things come to this  state?
     It all begins with the work of the Devil, the destroyer of souls; a liar and a murderer from the beginning. It is followed by the cooperation of priests and bishops by giving in to worldly desires, specially, for worldly ambitions like choice positions in the Vatican.  And the agreeing of the lay people to things said by these bishops that tickle their ears. 
     Seeing that most Catholics are like just like the Jews, unfaithful to Christ and slaves to their lustful desires, God punished them by removing prophets, good priest, good bishops and true Popes. God will always give you the leaders you like, as God gave King Saul to the Jews because they would rather have a human king than have God as their only King. 

6. It has been prophesied that as people become unfaithful, God would punish them by not sending them holy priests, holy bishops, holy cardinals and ......probably, even,  give them an anti-pope. It is the same message for next Sunday's Gospel.
    The priest, bishops and present pope had been invited to the banquet during their early priesthood. But they did not go with the excuse they are busy fixing the climate and welcoming migrants. And the few who came did not have a wedding dress. Aren't the bishops and the pope the first invited? The parables on the kingdom of God shows that most bishops and priests......and probably the present pope is just like the high priests and the pharisees at the time of Christ on Good Friday. With only two or three good priests and you cannot even find them. 

Saturday, October 07, 2017


1. Mankind is divided into two.
     Today, the whole human race is divided into two. It was not so before, but, today, in a very specific time in history described by the Fathers as the 'sixth day,' mankind is divided into two groups. There is no third alternative.
     The first groups are those who do good; the word 'good' as defined by St. Augustine as 'the absence of evil.' Good and evil exist together but in 'good' there is less presence of evil. 
    The second group are those who do evil; the word 'evil' as defined by St. Augustine as there is absence of good in them. So it is pure evil.

     This good is a supernatural spiritual good the knowledge of which is not available to all; it is only available to those who have Faith. It is a good that comes from God, alone. It is unattainable for all because it comes from God alone. 
     The evil is a preternatural evil. Knowledge of which is available to those who have Faith but not available to those who are evil. The evil cannot know the good; neither can it know the preternatural evil. Lucifer would fall under this category that is why most people do not believe in the devil because their intellectual capacity is below the preternatural level. 

2. So here the problem arises.
    If we ask the question; 'why did the shooter fire on so many people whom he does not know and who has done him no wrong?' The answer is identical to the answer to the question; 'why do people abort babies,' and why do men  attack Syria and blow up the twin towers. And why do people want to assassinate Trump, Putin and old  people. Why do people blow up planes and run over people on the street. 
     The reason is the basic rule given above; 'because they are possessed by an evil spirit that has possessed their minds. The devil thinks for them 

3. The Spirit of the devil. 
     And Scriptures has it; the devil is a liar and a murderer. He lies all the time, just like all mass media, most politicians, actors and comedians and unfortunately like most bishops who love grand standing. 
     The shooting at Las Vegas had lengthy press releases on TV and until now they are asking the question; 'what was the motive?' And they only give a shallow, inarticulate, human reason that is not convincing.
     The theological reason, simply said,  why he did that is because he was possessed by the devil and he, merely, obeyed the devil. Period. No one will believe that reason because we will have to explain the whole theology of evil and the workings of Satan. And without Faith, no one can understand this. 

4. An effort to explain.
    Nevertheless let us try to explain why the shooter did what he did. Due to a life of vice, lived in secret, the devil possessed him spiritually and then commanded him to shoot at the crowd. Like, Judas, who could not do otherwise than sell Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. 
    Why would the devil do that? To sow fear; the fear of man. The fear of God is very good and can save a soul; but the fear of man cannot save. The fear of man is a good preparation to develop the superior fear of God  but the fear or man is insufficient for the salvation of man. Thus Christ said; 'do not fear man who can kill the body but not the soul. Rather fear God who can kill both and bring both to hell. 
    So the devil terrorizes to develop the fear or man, which is a good preparation for the development of the fear of God. But in itself, the fear of man cannot save. So the devil through terrorism fosters the fear of man but seeing to it it does not rise up to the fear of God. So the devil terrorizes those in a concert who are not there to advance in spirituality but simply to enjoy. Such people are not there to dispose themselves to the fear of God but to enjoy; a perfect scenario for terrorizing them and destroying their souls.
     The devil knows the crowd did not go there to learn how to become saints but to enjoy. They were not ready to die. The devil needs only a possessed soul to start killing these unprepared souls.
He knew whom to chose. And as the devil had planned hundreds of souls unprepared to die many of these suddenly dies. That is how the devil wanted it and that is how he got it. Though the devil cannot kill without God's permission, obviously, God allowed the devil to do what he wants. 

5. On Good Friday, it seems that the devil was in complete control; but still God got some good from a great evil. Well, on Good Friday, Christ redeemed the human race and the good thief went to heaven. In spite of the diabolical scenario in Las Vegas, some good came out from it. The heroic acts of charity with people laying their lives for strangers is an evangelical act pleasing to God. 
     But the main lesson given by God is that we must be spiritually prepared for death by having lived a life of repentance before going to Las Vegas. Because, today, anything like that can happen anywhere whether it is Las Vegas, France, Britain or Russia. There is no other way of preparing oneself than by a life of repentance. If we get killed at least we go to heaven. 

6. Again, how does the devil do it?
    He terrorizes people who are enjoying life and  unprepared to die. People prepared to die are not terrorized. 
     Satan  knows that even if someone will shoot at a crowd in Las Vegas, those crowds will come back and enjoy themselves. They will not be stopped in enjoying life. This is original sin. They will continue to come, continue to be shot at and continue to go to hell. That is what the devil wants. So the suggestion to the crowd not to be intimidated and go with their normal tours of Las Vegas should continue,  is a suggestion against all normal sound thinking. 
     The sound suggestion must be, stay home and repent before going anywhere. Oh....but this is a suggestion for Catholics. Since even Catholics will not follow it how much more the non-Catholics. 

7. Understanding the man who shot.
    Up to now, attempts are doing done to try to understand why he did it. The theological reason is; he had lived a life of vice unseen by men. Due to these vices he was spiritually possessed by the devil. And the devil commanded him to kill people who are the least prepared to die, a crowd watching a concert. Satan would not chose a crowd in church or at least a crowd in a grocery But a crowd who is not thinking of death at all. The acts performed by the man were acts of the spiritual faculties so no one can see them. No one can stop them. No one can see them coming. Everybody will be caught by surprise. That is how the devil wants it. 
     Abortion, drug addiction, terrorism, regime change, wars, etc are diabolical acts and Christ said that these things must be met with prayer and fasting. It is a spiritual war going on and the leaders assigned to lead the world in this war, the bishops, are unprepared. The casualty will be great.

There is, seemingly,   another war going on where angels are reducing the inhabitants of he world, Those who die in accidents, catastrophes and other natural disasters. They do not necessarily go to heaven; it all depends on the state of the souls. And so we have to return to the necessity of every soul being repentant so that when death unexpectedly come they would be ready.
     It is the old message; prepare yourself for death because you do not know the time of God's visitation. Since these days are days in which there seems to be a hurrying up and where, as the Apocalypse remind us, God will greatly reduce the population of the world, then we have no choice than to prepare right now for death. How do you do that? By becoming good Catholics. And how do you do that? Our problem is that hardly any bishop  is teaching us the way to do it. 
     So what do we do ? Return immediately to the teachings of the New Testament and its interpretation as written down in the writings of the Fathers of the Church. Pray for the grace to understand what you study. And you could be in the right direction.....and safe to return to Las Vegas. 

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

A FATHER HAD TWO SONS. 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

1. A certain man had two sons; he came to the first and said, son, go work to day in my vineyard. He answered and said, I will not; but afterward he repented and went. 
     And he came to the second, and said likewise. And he answered and said, I go sir; and went not. Whither of them twain did the will of his father? They said unto  him, the first. 
     St. Thomas wrote that there are two kinds of bishops whom Christ commanded to work in the vineyard of the Lord saving souls. The first are those commanded by Christ to save their own souls and the souls of others. At first they said 'no.' But later on repented and went to save their own souls and the souls of others. 
     This first are bishops who as early prelates were commanded by Christ to become saints and save the souls of others. But as bishops were so engrossed in purely human management of their diocese, practically doing nothing spiritual in their diocese. But as they approach retirement age, they stood up and thought that they had missed the most important point in their priesthood, the salvation of their personal souls and the salvation of those in their diocese. They repent for this neglect and want to do things right, just like the first son. But they cannot because they are retired and deprived of any authority. So, in their own small way, they guide their former diocesan priests and indirectly the diocese into the way of sanctity.
     They are doing the right thing now, just like the first son that was praised by Christ. But they become a pain in the ass of the new bishop who is behaving like the second son.
     The new bishop is usually a man who during his training in the seminary have learned that he must be holy and he must save the souls of his parishioners. But the thrill of being a bishop blinds his eyes and he becomes a society boy trying to grow in social status and completely forgetting to be holy and save the souls of his parishes. He approves 'amores laetitia' knowing full well that it will make him popular with the vocal perverted members of the diocese.  So he never teach people how to work in the vineyard of the Lord. Most priest and bishops are like the second son, St. Thomas wrote.  In fact, the higher they hold post in the Vatican, the more they go against the rules of the vineyard of the Lord.  

2. St. Thomas reminds us.
    That when priests and especially bishops are commanded to work in the vineyard of the the Lord, it is for the sake of the people. He is commanded to work in the vineyard of the Lord for the salvation of his own soul, but more so for the salvation of other souls. This is the goal of the diocesan priests; this is unlike the religious priests whose personal goal is perfection. 

3. The Gospel of the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time.
    This post Easter- Pentecost Liturgy reminds us of the state of the kingdom of God, the Catholic Church. Today, expect most of the bishops to be like the second son who said I will go and work in the vineyard but did not go. And do not expect many of them who like the first son said 'I will not go' but repented and went. 
     IF you see a bishop like the first son, stick to him even if he is retired and have no canonical office. Because as Christ said; he is the one who is doing the will of the Father. 

Monday, October 02, 2017


 1. Pre-Papal visit.
     Before the Papal visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines, he made a worldwide statement headlined in most local newspaper that 'dogmas are not necessary.' That was a very destructive theological statement because it destroys the very foundation of the Catholic Church that is based on dogmas and morals. 
     What is worse is that no bishop or priest made any comment to that statement. The Papal visit proceeded well in a purely humanly advertised visit of a man with absolutely no spiritual significance. It was pure papalotry which was unnecessary because the person of the Holy Father is enough to excite spiritual renewal in a nation visited by him.There was no need for man made public relation gimmicks. 
     The statement of Pope Francis that dogmas are unnecessary destroys the very structure of the Catholic Church since the very idea of the Catholic Church as the true Church, is a dogma found in the Creed. This raised doubts that Pope Francis is a true pope. This doubt was raised before the papal visit but it was squashed down by the Bishop's  conference.
     Things went worse when Pope Francis described Filipino women as producing babies like rabbits. Filipinos always believed that babies are blessings from God and a way of multiplying citizens for heaven. What can be bad in that? Isn't the role of the Catholic Church to multiply inhabitants for heaven?
     Since that papal visit up to the present, Pope Francis himself, had provided daily proof that he is not the true Pope. 

2. Proofs of being the true Pope. 
    The statement that there is no dogmas is a heresy and Pope Francis could be guilty of this but it does not prove he is not the true Pope. Many articles had been written showing Pope Francis guilty of many other things but they were not proofs that he is not the true Pope. 

     One of the best treatise on obedience to the Pope was written by Blessed John Cardinal Newman, the text used by my generation in the priesthood. It is total, heroic obedience to the Vicar of Christ. The Pope was someone with whom we related everyday. We studied his words and obeyed his every hint. 
     But as Blessed John Newman wrote, the Pope must first be able to present his credentials before we render him that unquestionable obedience. And what is this credentials? He must prove he is a Catholic. After this everything will follow; is he a Catholic Pope, etc.

3. Proof of Catholicity
    As early as the 60s we always demanded from the Popes that he present his credentials, then we obeyed him with heroic obedience. All previous Popes had  presented their credentials as Catholics until Pope Francis who sounds and acts like a Protestant. In fact, Pope Francis' favorite theologian, Cardinal Kasper just mentioned that there is no difference between the Church of Pope Francis and the Protestant sect. 
     In the Catholic Church there is only one proof by which all men can know that the Catholic Church is the true Church of Christ; these are the four visible signs enumerated in the Nicene Creed. There are many other ways of proving that the Catholic religion is the only true religion but they are not available to everyone since supernatural grace is needed to know and use these proofs.
     God in His mercy had given these four visible signs for all men to know the true religions from all false religion. This proof had been expanded by many of the Fathers of the Church for the better understanding. A favorite expanded version of the four visible signs is St. Robert Bellarmines 15 Marks of the true Church which is a more detailed exposition of the four visible marks. For the vast majority of people, these four visible marks and its expanded version is the only visible signs God gave men to be able to know who is Catholic and who is not. 
     Though these visible signs are signs of a community, it can be applied to individuals. These signs are the first step applied to all candidates for canonization; the candidate must be first and foremost a Catholic. However, Pope Francis skipped this step and so non-Catholics can be canonized, which puts the whole process in doubt. It is doubtful that the next candidates for canonization are saints in heaven. 

4. Present your credentials.
    Blessed John Cardinal Newman's treatise on obedience to the Pope is true papal obedience. It was obedience to a man whose infallibility John Newman worked for so hard to be approved during Vatican I. 
     While Vatican I was working for the approval of the infallibility of the Pope, John Newman begun to have some reservations. Not that the Pope is not infallible  but what if an anti-pope sits on the throne of Peter. How do you warn the people. Before Newman could make provisions for such happening, the doctrine was approved and Newman was silent. But he raised the necessity that Catholics demand from their Pope and bishops credentials that they are, at least, Catholics by presenting the universal visible signs of one, holy, Catholic and apostolic. That was a fair bargain. 

5. During John Newman's time. 
    Bishops and priest were no longer showing signs that they were Catholics. The bishops and priest even went against Newman's move to approve the doctrine of the infallibility of the Pope. They went against him in Ireland in starting schools based on the  spiritual formation of St. Benedict. Stunted in his efforts to reform the Church, he went back to live a quiet life in the Oratory. 
     Newman would describe the state of the Church in the world in his treatise 'The infidelity of the Church.' Here he described those whose office was to instruct the faithful as ignorant of Catholic truths. And being so, they forbid the teaching of the truths. 

6. Newman's article is connected to his several treatises on the anti-Christ. Like all tradition, Newman knew that a time is coming in the Church that Good Friday will be repeated. Where most of the priest, scribes and pharisees will be against Christ. Newman knew it could happen again in his era and so did his contemporary Robert Benson. And the center of this hierarchical infidelity will be centered on an anti-pope whom Benson named Francis. 

7.He was expected.
   Tradition had it and the Catholic world had been waiting for him. The signs will be very clear. He will not have one of the four visible signs of the True Church. He will not have any of the 15 Marks of the true Church St. Bellarmine mentioned. He will be disobedient to the commands of Christ as evident in 'Amores Laetitia,' every statement, deed and actions he performs is contrary to Catholic teaching or Catholic behavior. His own favorite theologian, Cardinal Kasper, had observed that Francis' church is no different from the Protestant sect.
     The Church had been expecting him based on the prophecies read during the post-Easter and Pentecost Liturgy as the Liturgy continuously describe the 'kingdom of God' and what kind of priests and bishops will be within her. St. Thomas described them as likened to the elder son who said he will work in the vineyard but did not go. 
     We cannot miss him. He is the last anti - pope who will exist side by side with the last true Pope. 

8. We based the analysis of Pope Francis on a well known doctrine of the Catholic Church that is known to all and can be used by all .