Saturday, September 23, 2017

Pope Benedict won't go out of mind.

 1. He won't go out  of Pope Francis' mind.
     That Pope Francis had to call a meeting of his followers to assure him that he is the Pope. He is beginning to feel  that he is not the Pope. Surveys show that more than 70% of people questioned believe that Pope Benedict is still the Pope and only 30% believe Francis is the Pope. This is getting serious. As we said in the past, this issue must be resolved because it is of the utmost importance for the life of the Church. 
     Imagine all those activities in the Vatican, the audiences, the Masses, etc. Those appointments, those firings, those suspensions, those apostolic exhortations, encyclicals , closing down of monasteries, firing of superiors and bishops...... are all invalid if Francis is not the Pope. Nobody seems to realize the importance of this issue, so nobody is touching it. 

2. Many opinions why Benedict resigned. 
But knowing Pope Benedict, his reason has to be based  on Scriptures. Everybody's opinions is worth considering but because they are mere human conjecture, Benedict will never follow such a course of action. He will follow an evangelical path. 
     He, always does God's Will  and if he does anything like what he just did, it has to be because it is God's will. And his behavior must be reflected in the Gospels. 

3. The evangelical path Benedict seems to be following. 
   First, if he is doing God's Will, Pope Benedict should have not resigned because that is God's Will.......that he is Pope for life like like all his predecessors. And by his behaviors he really did not. 
   Secondly, like St Peter, the first Pope, he was approached by his people who informed him that the Vatican bureaucracy is filled with gays. Just as St. Peter was informed of a lesser problem and that the wives of the Greek widows were not fed well. And Peter the Pope said; feeding widows is not the job of the Pope. Assign deacons to do that job. My job as Pope is to pray and master the Words of God. So Peter told them, get deacons to do that job. So Benedict, in tackling the problem of gays told them; 'that is not my job. My job is to pray and master the Word of God.' Assign Bergoglio to do that job. 
     Thirdly then God expresses His Will to Benedict to step down for a while to allow Bergoglio to take over the problem of gays. Of course Benedict did not know that instead of solving the problem Bergoglio will enjoy it. But this is still God's Will. That Benedict step aside because it was time to test mankind. His resignation will be a perfect setting for that test. 
     Fourthly, like St. Peter on another boat ride amidst a strong storm, St. Peter left the boat and went to walk on the water to plead with Christ. Afterwards, Peter returns to the boat with Christ and storm settled down. Thus Benedict left the Papacy for a while to pray and plead with Christ. And will again return with Christ into the boat for a calm trip to shore. 
     Note that all the actions of Pope Benedict are according to the actions of St. Peter as Pope. So why was it according to God's Will that Benedict seemingly resigned? To allow the test, the entering of Bergoglio into the Church and the start of the testing of the Church. 
     Isn't this a difficult test? Yes. But it is the final test so it has to be a little difficult. We can only understand what is going on today in the context of a final test for mankind. We cannot look at it otherwise. 
     As the test is still on going, we still have Benedict to support us and pass our test. And we have Bergoglio, to make us fail our test. 

Friday, September 22, 2017


1. The on going war.
     The final war is going on. The one described on Good Friday. While on Good Friday the war was limited in Jerusalem, today the war is world wide. It is a war declared by the devils against God; and God has allowed it as man's final test here on earth. Just as God allowed His Son to be crucified as a test for men on Good Friday. 

2. The devil's weapons are lies and murder, 'for the devil is a liar and a murderer. '
     LIES  To propagate his lies the devil controls all mass media, radio, television,  newspapers, magazines, etc. No mass media had been neglected by the devil. He knows this is the fastest and most effective way of disseminating lies. It is, also, the fastest way of dissemination the truth, but 'the children of darkness is cleverer than the children of light. '
     Together with control of mass media the devil also controls all people engaged in mass media, announcers, actors, actresses and newscasters. At this time in history, referred to as the post Easter-Pentecost Liturgy, it will be impossible to know the truth through mass media because of the diabolical control. But God will allow the true seekers to find the truth with much effort. There will be a glimmer of truth for the true seekers. 
     MURDER  As a murderer the devil will push all forms of killing; from abortion, to euthanasia; from terrorism to wars. Have you ever wondered why even if we should have learned our lessons from past wars, wars continue? It is intentional. It is in the devil's agenda. 

     The two opposing groups are these;  those who obey God's commands. The other are those who go against the commands of God. The good vs the bad. At this time, all men will be divided between these two groups. There is no third alternative. Everybody will present a hundred different motivation for their behaviors but all those behaviors will boil down to, one, those who obey God's command. And the other are those who disobey God's command. Other motivations were possible a 100 or 50 years ago; but not so today. Any researcher can  comfortably sit down and reduce all motives to these two basic motivations. One on the side of God, the other on the side of the devil. It is on one side is the true religion; and on the other side is everything against the true religion.
3. The Devil's human instruments.  
     The devil's instrument are all sinful people united together in their love for self and love of money. It is the very rich who in their covetousness have become the source of all evils in the world. They try to rule the world and dictate its destiny. It is not the head of nations or heads of religion who govern, it is this cabal of voraciously covetous people who, possessed by the devil, will act like devils, 'liars and murderers.' It is easy to spot them; they are all in mass media which they control. 

4. The world is a visible reflection of the Church. 
     No bishop or priest can complain about national politics because what is happening with the state is just a reflection of what is happening in the Church. Though God had seen to it that individual efforts can tone down ill effects as in the case of saints for the Church and good presidents in the case of the state. 

5. As in Good Friday, most priests and bishops will be on the other side, the side of the devil.  This is due to the prophecy of Christ that they will be pleasers of men, in which case they cannot be followers of Christ.  So we see bishops against capital punishment which is allowed by God, while the state allows it because it is a power God had given the state, which St. Paul described as the power of the sword. So if we go deep into motives, the president is in obedient to God's commands while the bishops are against God's commands. This is very clear in the case of President Duterte and Trump. All those against them are disobeying God's command including the bishops of both the US and P.I. while the presidents are, unknowingly, embracing policies that are in accordance to God's command. 

6. The difficulty.
    The commands of the New Testament are spiritual in nature and only those with Faith can know them;  only they can  know if others are disobeying or obeying God's command. With bishops not teaching the truth and, who instead are teaching errors, it becomes impossible for most people to discern who obeys God and who disobeys God. 
     This makes the bishops doubly guilty of sin because instead of committing only the sin of teaching errors, they are guilty of scandal by teaching the rest of the nation a wrong moral doctrine. With the whole world against the Church and many bishop against the teachings of the Church, the poor laity is in big trouble. Can they do something to help themselves? Yes, return to Scriptures and its proper interpretation as found in the Fathers of the Church, where St. Augustine and St. Thomas of Aquinas stated that capital punishment is a power given by God to heads of states. 
     St. Thomas wrote that for those with Faith, no proof is needed; while for those without Faith no proof is possible. So I don' expect anyone to agree with me that Trump, Putin and Duterte have inner goodness that God saw in them that made them win the election with a landslide. The common people who made them win can easily detect inner goodness as Christ, Himself said. And that is the proof they represent goodness; while all those against them are evil.  Their party members, their judges, their generals, the mass media, even the UN and EU, all pagan tribes, all pagan religions......and unfortunately some bad bishops and priests. If we analyze the other side it is clear that  they are against God's commands; including Pope Francis who have violated the 6th and 9th commandments. While the three presidents have not disobeyed any command, including capital punishment which is a Catholic doctrine used for one last chance of helping a criminal repent. With the abolition of capital punishment, the bishops are depriving the criminals a last opportunity for repentance. How cruel. See, when one goes deep into each person's motivation it is clear that either they are obeying God or disobeying God. And the whole world, today, is divided, exclusively,  into these two groups. 

7. Inner goodness.
    The Phenomenon noticed in the land slide victory of Putin, Duterte and Trump  is that the common tao, who usually can detect inner goodness, begun to notice these men after choosing the wrong candidates in previous elections. It is the redeeming act of the people. 
     The election results are difficult to described, except for the fact that God, Himself, controlled the whole thing for His own purpose; this especially seen in the US. With the secret machinations going on behind the scene by the entire US administration, Trump could have not won the election. It was pure Divine Providence. And we are watching for this in other nations because God seems to be acting up for a grand finale with angels stirring up Irma, Maria, earthquakes and rumors of war. Those are not caused by climate change. These are angels on the loose like that night in  Egypt. God is making people see the inner goodness in actions while the others see nothing. This last battle is between the good and the bad. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The BEATITUDES and the WOES - Wednesday of the 23rd Week in Ordinary time.

 1. The post Easter-Pentecost Liturgy.
      Holy Mother the Church proposes the teachings of Jesus Christ through the Sacred Liturgy. The teachings of Jesus Christ is continuously taught through the Liturgy. Every time Catholics attend the Liturgy piously, they go deeper into the supernatural truths of the New Testament. There is no end into the depths of the supernatural truths of the Catholic Church; and, therefore, there should be no end in piously attending the Liturgy. 

 2. The general division of the Liturgy.
     The seasons of the Liturgy is divided into five parts wherewith the truths are taught therein. The first step towards salvation, repentance, is taught from Advent up to the Lenten Season. The first theological virtue of Faith follows repentance and is taught up to Holy Week. The second theological virtue which follows Faith, Hope, is taught during Easter. And the third theological virtue which follows Hope, which is Charity is explained from Easter up to Pentecost. 
     Then the Liturgy proceeds to the post Easter-Pentecost season referred to as the Sundays in Ordinary Time. During this season, up to Christ the King, which is the end of the Liturgical season, Holy Mother the Church summarizes in three truths the teachings of Christ answering three questions; first, how does the true Church of Christ look like. Second, how can we know if we are inside the Church. Thirdly, how can we know if we are still outside the Church. 

     These three summarized truths are necessary for salvation. First, we must know how the true Church look like so we can enter the right Church. Secondly, we can know how the Church look like but we cannot presume that we are inside, so we have to know where is the door and how to enter. Thirdly, though we know how the Church look like and believe that we are inside, it is possible that we are mistaken and are still outside. With such problems in mind, it is imperative that we ascertain that we are truly inside by doubly checking the state of our souls based on the Gospels. And the post Easter-Pentecost season gives us certainly on the state of our souls.

3. The Beatitudes and the woes.
     The Gospel of Luke for the Wednesday of the 23rd week in Ordinary Time enumerates four Beatitudes. The other Gospels mention 8 Beatitudes. St. Thomas of Aquinas writes that the four is equivalent to eight and vice versa. 
      If the first Beatitude is put into practice, the second, third, fourth, etc will effortless follow by the workings of grace. So in developing the Beatitudes develop the first and the rest will be the work of God working in the soul. 

     The same goes with the woes. Give in to the first woe and the rest will follow with the help of the devil. 
     The Beatitudes are signs of being inside the Catholic Church, while the woes are signs of being outside the Catholic Church. When a community has put into practice the first Beatitude, becoming poor in spirit, they will suddenly have the four visible signs of the Church mentioned in the Nicene Creed. And the world can see these visible signs. 
     When a community has the woes, they will not have the four visible signs of the Church and the whole world will not find the true Church in them. 

4. Pope Francis. 
    When Pope Francis said; 'we do not know who is part of the Church or not,' he was right. What he said was right in that, today, we do not know who is part of the Church or not. Laymen, nuns, brothers, priests, bishops, cardinals and even Pope Francis do not know if they are part of the Church or not. He was right in saying that. Almost all Catholics are not sure if they are true Catholics or not; because they do not know how to  check if they are inside or outside. And yet, the whole post Easter-Pentecost Liturgy, consisting several Sundays and several weekdays deal precisely on this topic on 'who is Catholic and who is not.'
     The answer is simple; he who has the first Beatitude is Catholic, 'yours is the Kingdom of God (that is the Catholic Church.) And he who has the first woe is not a Catholic. 
     Pope Francis is right. Most Catholics do not know if they are part of the Church or not. In fact, Pope Francis, himself, doesn't know if he is inside or not, as is evident in his statement. 
     But he was wrong in giving the impression that it is impossible to know if we are part of the church or not. Here is proof it is possible to know if we are part of the Church or not; we shall explain the first Beatitude.

5. 'Poor in Spirit.'
     'Blest are the poor in Spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.' The apostles had been trained in the spirituality of the Old Testament. Christ will now begin to train them in the New Testament. Remember, the Old Testament is in the natural level while the New Testament is in the supernatural level. All can understand the Old; only those with divine grace can understand the New.
     'So Christ lifted up His eyes. He does this when He will disclose a more hidden knowledge to a select  few.
     The Beatitudes are the degrees of holiness and happiness. The higher the Beatitude, the greater the holiness and happiness here on earth and in heaven.
     Thus blessed......the poor in spirit. Not the poor financially. The spirit or the soul has two faculties; the intellect and the free will. We must be poor in intellect; not poor in I,Q. but poor in worldly thoughts in our minds; and we must be filled with heavenly thoughts, says St. Paul. 
     Our free will or our hearts must be free of worldly and sinful loved sins. Instead our will must be filled with love for the things of heaven. With our minds free of all worldly and tangible things, with our hearts free of all love for worldly things, then we are 'poor in spirit.

     The utterly poor in resources can be 'rich in spirit' if they have countless worldly thoughts and worldly desires. 

6. The philosophical basis. 
     We can think with our minds of two worldly things at the same time. We can, also, think of two spiritual truths at the same time. But we cannot think of one worldly thing and one supernatural truth at the same time because they contradict each other. When we think of money, of mountains and flowers, we cannot think of the steps on how to save our souls. St. Anthony of Padua could not become a saint in the Augustinian convent because he was distracted by the well trimmed gardens of the convent. He transferred to the Franciscan and there became a great saint because the Franciscan only had weeds in their gardens. 

7. The reward.
     The reward for those whose minds are completely devoid of worldly thoughts and whose hearts are devoid of worldly loves is that they will be able to think of everything necessary to save their souls; they will be able to obey all the commands necessary to save their souls, they will be able to enter the Catholic Church and finally they will, to some  degree  be happy here on earth and eternally happy in heaven.
    A single worldly or sinful thought will make a soul rich in spirit; and this alone will prevent him from entering the Church and heaven. Instead of having the Beatitude, such rich in spirit will have the first Woe. 

8. Pope Francis and his Francis bishops are not 'poor in spirit.' What do they think about? Global warming, adulteries in marriage, infidelity to God. And worst, instead of teaching people to be 'poor in spirit' and leave all things, they are encouraging everyone to go to Europe and grab everything they can, even the young girls.  Their concern are all worldly, The American bishops are now concerned with the worldly topic DACA. Though 'rich in spirit' and deserving of the first Woe, they think Trump is less Christian. Look who is talking. Deserving of the first Woe, most US bishops are outside the Catholic Church. Pope Francis is 'rich in spirit', St. Thomas would say, just because he cannot give up his Argentinian passport. 

9. The importance of being 'poor in spirit.'
     It is the entrance into the Catholic Church.  Christ required it from all his apostles. Peter and Andrew, Jame and John were described as having left all things, their nets, boats and even their father.
     Pope John Paul II's 'Veritatis Splendor' discussed extensively the importance of being 'poor in spirit' by quoting the Gospel narrative on the young rich man. Christ commanded him to go home, sell all things, including his passport  and follow Him. And St. Peter punished Ananias and Saphirra for having kept a little of their worldly possessions. 
     It will be observed that Pope Francis and most of the Francis bishops have not explained any spiritual doctrine. They are all involved in politics and other mundane issues. Cardinal Tagle of Manila is more concerned with drug addicts. That is not their field of expertise. What they should propose is the Catholic solution to drug addiction......which unfortunately most of them do not know. As they do not know, likewise the Catholic solution to criminality. The Catholic Church has the solution to all problems, and her role is to share these solutions with the world.  How come they are ignorant of it? They are rich in their worldly useless ideas but are ignorant of Heavenly ideas. Thus, Christ had deservingly hurled at them the four woes. 

10. There is a Catholic solution to all the problems of the world; from drug addiction to gay priests, from adulterous husbands to ignorant bishops, from starving continents to warring tribes. These solutions are in the supernatural order because all problems have a spiritual origin. And today, there is total ignorance of these solutions. That is why in the world, nothing works. And rightly had Pope Benedict mentioned that the Church is like a sinking ship. Or has it hit rock bottom?

Thursday, September 14, 2017


 1. Objects can be used for multiple purposes.
     There is a psychological test for creativity where with we  find out the many ways an object can be used. The more uses the more creative a mind is. Like a toothpick; it can be used for the teeth, for scratching, for poking holes, for mixing tea, for lighting a cigaret, for picking pickles, to clean your ears and scratch your eyes. This list may show creativity, but definitely the last two shows stupidity. Creativity does not necessarily show wisdom. And this is clearer when it comes to object that have a limited use, like a pacer, which can't hardly be used for anything else than to aid the pace of the heart. Creativity may dictate a thousand use for the gadget but wisdom dictates that it can only be used for one purpose. 
      This is more so when we use worldly objects to  designate spiritual realities.  Baptism can only signify the taking away of original sin. The same goes for a bell. It has a very limited spiritual significance.
     A bell can be home for bats, for spiders, a weapon for those 'home alone.' But wisdom tells us that it should only be used for a spiritual purpose; at least in the Catholic Church. It should never be degraded by using it to make a political statement, which a few bishops and priest are always tempted to do to attract attention. 
     As St. Paul noted, the people are already confused because of the 'confusing sounds of the bugle' made by the bishops, what more when they add more confusing sounds of the bells. 
    The use of bells is governed by the rules of rubrics and tradition. These rules aim at spiritual upliftments as all Liturgical practices are meant to be. The liturgy had already been devastated by Liturgical abuses, misuse of sacred objects, omissions of gestures that cannot be understood. These were introduced by Liturgists from Sant Anselmo, the nest of the Bugnini Vatican work of Liturgical devastation. Removed by Pope Benedict, they migrated to the Diocese of Manila. There, the abuses spread like wild fire. And at present a new Liturgy made by a mere layman in the same school at the Aventine Hill is a thoroughly Protestant Liturgy ready to be approved by Pope Francis. 
     It is no surprise that this trend of Liturgical abuse is continued by the Cardinal of Manila; now by ringing church bells for ....what? We hardly ring bells today, not even the Sanctus bell; we don't even ring church bells to announce the death of bishops....and now we shall ring bells for .....whom? It is too political, too attention grabbing as if someone is campaigning for the next Conclave. Church bell are not meant for that purpose. 

2. How are bells used in the Catholic Church.
     Bells are used in Church to make a joyful noise to the Lord announcing that something supernatural is taking place. There are three elements in the right use of bells; first, it is a joyful noice. Secondly, it is made to praise the Lord. And thirdly, it announce a supernatural and spiritual happening. 
     The ringing of bells requested by Cardinal Tagle does not have any of these three requirements because it is a purely uninformed political statement. It does not have a philosophical or metaphysical argument, it does not have a theological statement. It is just an annoying statement to peeve the President. For a cardinal, it is so unbecoming, improper, uncharitable and divisive. As some journalists suspect, the cardinal is just positioning himself for the next conclave in which he is the favorite of Pope Francis, of which he is a communist clone. 

     In the Old Testament, bells are used only when entering the Holy of Holies. It is used to summon monks for worship or Divine Office. 
     In the provinces, it is a call for the faithful for Mass. It announces the most sacred moment of the Mass, the sanctus and consecration.
     It is a signal for all that something Divine and miraculous is occurring in the altar. It is an invitation to stop and adore God for a moment. 
     And there is when bells are used to announce the Angelus at 6:00 am., 12:00 noon and 6:00 pm. 

3. Bells for evangelization.
     Church bells, as mentioned, when rung, like during Angelus, is a very effective way of evangelization. The ringing of the bell during Consecration is a potent reminder of the Presence of God. And the tolling of the bell at a funeral is a great reminder of death.
      So the suggestion of the Cardinal is good? No, because  it is meant to simply object to what he is doing without giving any argument. 


 1. The first 'regime change.'
      As predicted by Christ and allowed by God, the devils will be allowed to rule the world. They did so on Good Friday. It has been repeated many times in the history of men. And they will have a grand finale these days. The diabolic signs will be very obvious. Under the influence of the devil, everybody will be liars and murderers; 'the devil is a liar and a murderer from the beginning.' These are the two signs of spiritual possession. And one of the favorite sport of the devil is 'regime change.' 
     The first attempt at regime change occurred in heaven. It was led by some angels who later on became devils. It has  been  the official foreign policy  of the devils from that time on; and will be the same policy of all the co-horts of the devil until the end of time. Today, it is  practiced by the US and EU and fully approved by the UN. 
      Elections everywhere are nothing but mere regime change. Though we are given the impression that our votes work. God, sometimes, intervenes and uses  votes, but this is rare. Did votes dictate the result of the French election? Looks more like 'regime change,' and La Pen knows it. But she can't do anything. She is going against the devil, himself. 'This kind is fought with fasting and prayer.' 

2. How did the devil try 'regime change' in heaven.
     It is narrated that God created the angels and put them to the test, as God does to everybody including us; to see if they deserve to go to heaven or not. Upon seeing God reigning in heaven and doing what He wants and deciding what is good and evil as he wants, the devil thought that that was a great idea. To have a kingdom where one rules doing what he wants and deciding what is good and evil according to one's will. Lucifer wanted to go to heaven and do the same.  
     The devil wanted to take over such a kingdom. But he could not because it was the kingdom of God. So he did the exact opposite. St. Thomas of Aquinas quoting Dionysius wrote that he went on reverse mode; this is called an act of aversion which is contrary to conversion. This is what happened. Lucifer knew how to pass his test. It consist in subjecting himself to the rules God have given him to enter heaven.  Lucifer said; 'I do not want to be subject to Your rules. I will observe rules but I want to make my own rules. If you insist that I follow the rules of heaven, I would rather not play your game at all. 
      Scriptures states that Lucifer wanted to be like God; i.e. having his own kingdom, making his own rules and deciding on his own what is good and evil.  But it will be called hell. 
      Lucifer wanted, in effect, a regime change, making himself God (his expressed sin) and got what he wanted by getting his own kingdom but he got the opposite of God's kingdom. He got hell. He reigns there, now, like a god. He does what he wants and he decides what is right or wrong there. Now he is like god.

3. Today, everybody is like Lucifer because they are spiritually possessed by him. 
     Everybody wants his own kingdom, deciding what is right and wrong, answerable to no one. And will imposed what they want on anyone who refuses to be subject to them. If they refuse, lie to them or kill them. Everybody wants to act like gods but against the rules of the true God. 

4. Who is orchestrating regime change. 
     Men who are possessed by the highest angels, the seraphims, who were turned into devils. The devils entered these men because of their love of money (covetousness). They love money the root of all evil, so they are evil par excellence. Possessed by Lucifer due to their love of money, they propagate the love of money so other men might equally be possessed. These devils created this modern society where all men think of money which is totally against the advice of the Beatitudes.  Today, all men has a price. Pay the price and they will do anything, even go to hell. Scriptures had described these days, 'where men will be lovers of self and money.'That is what enabled Satan to enter Judas.
     These men and women rule the world, not the elected officials. And they only take orders from Lucifer. This state of affairs is allowed by God as a test for all men on who they will follow; God or these men. These men, like Lucifer, offers a kingdom here on earth. This kingdom is nothing but the prelude to hell. 

5. Examples of 'regime change.'
    Some Americans with order from this group assassinated the President of Ecuador Oscar Moreno; because he was too Catholic. More recently, the President of Vietnams was shot by CIA American agents in a CIA van and gradually gave Vietnam to the communist. This covetous group will work and use every evil person for their purpose.
     This diabolic group always remove good Catholics and replaces them with anyone who is evil. But the goal is identical; suppression of the true Church of Christ and installation of an evil replacement. 
     Saddam Hussein and Kaddafy had transformed their respective nation into prosperous cultures. But they were too kind to Christianity. The same with Assad who is very kind to the Orthodox Christians. No, the devil wants heads of states who are cruel towards Christianity. 
     Unsuccessful attempts have been tried on Putin because he is too Christian. Now, they are even under sanction by the US. For what? Because these covetous group said so. The recent useless bombing of a Syrian airport was because these diabolic group asked Ivanka to influence her father Trump to do it. Ivanka should listen more to her staunch Catholic mother than these devils. 
     The 'regime change' of Marcos before his planned transformation of the country into a first class nation was 'regime changed.' He and his wife were too Catholic. This head of a  sovereign nation was  practically kidnapped by the US. And the bishop of Manila erects a state in honor of the CIA and calls it Mary.  Mary had absolutely nothing to do with it. It was this lovers of self and money who did it because Marcos was going to dismantle their control over the Philippine economy. 
      Erap was convinced it was the US  CIA who had him removed. 
      President Kennedy, Robert and John John were disposed of by the same group. Newspapers had even published the name of those involved.  Kennedy because he was too Catholic. His last speech before his assassination was a program to eliminate the power of this group that even controls the Federal Reserve. Robert was stopped because he was going to run for President to continue dismantling this group. John John was killed because he was going to run for office and do the same. They were not fast enough. Scalia was too Catholic and this group needs to control the Justice Department for their nefarious activities. 
       This same group is after Trump because this president delivered a speech identical to the Kennedy speech before his assassination, promising to dismantle the group.   Now they want to assassinate Trump for the same reason. But we have here God's direct intervention saying 'enough is enough.' Let the Americans think of their soul for a while instead of mere material prosperity. So the last election and a chastisement, a cyclone to put them in the right mood. The Americans suddenly were forced to pray, fast and perform good works. It shows in all TV programs. That is called repentance. Of course, pure evil were still around; the looting, the paid demonstrations, the lies, the fake news. But the atmosphere of repentance is there. Most of the bishop were not helping and a few were even demonizing the President. Most uncharitable. Probably, also, possessed as the Pharisees on Good Friday?
6. Regime change in the Vatican. 
     'Regime change' had been planned by Lucifer since creation.  The first 'regime change' was with Adam and it worked. History is filled with it.  Pope Pius X added a cryptic note to it. He warned the Catholic world that they will try it in the Catholic Church. Anyone who can follow diabolic thinking should come to same conclusion; they will surely try it in the Vatican. In fact, they have been trying it on the Catholic Church. That's why there are more than 40 anti-popes. Pope Pius X warned the Catholic world that a very concrete plan was on to try to put a mole on the Papal throne. The Catholic Church had been waiting for it. And it had not happened until Pope Francis. The setting around his election, his background but more so in his papal conduct, suspicion is high that he was put there not by the Holy Spirit but by another spirit. 

7. And he himself said it.
     All reliable proofs of true Catholicity had been applied on him; the four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed and the Patristic versions were applied on him. He does not have any of them. The spiritual and supernatural signs not available for  most had been applied to him and it could not be applied. Aside from these two ways of checking true Catholicity there is no other way.
     Then last week he said it himself. He said; 'we do not know who is part of the Church or not.' He said it, himself. He does not have any way by which he can know if he is a Catholic or not. And anybody for that matter. It has been what we have been writing in the past posts. We mentioned the fact that most cardinals, bishops, priests and laymen are not sure if they are Catholics or not because they do not know how to check if they are in or out. 
     Most do not know if they are in or out of the Church, including Pope Francis; he said it. But the fact of the matter is that you can know who is part  of the Church or not. Use the four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed. And Pope Francis did not know that? A true Pope should know that because he is the first and most important man inside the Church. Unless we had a 'regime change' in the Vatican and we do not know it. Those attending the audiences of Pope Francis certainly do not know it. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

23 rd SUNDAY IN Ordinary Time. Fraternal correction and the 'DUBIA'

 1. The Liturgy.
     In the 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Times, the training of the apostles had reached its finale. The apostles are close to graduation. Their knowledge is almost perfect except for a few loose ends. So the lessons taught during this time in the Liturgical season are finishing lessons and speaks about the highest virtue of Charity. 
     The highest expression of Charity is fraternal correction. In the first reading God, Himself, warns all that if a brother sins and he is not corrected, this negligence will be gravely punished. Parents who do not correct the sins of their children will be punished by God. 
     Then the second reading reminds us that obedience to all the commands of Christ is observed by loving one's neighbor, which is Charity. And the Gospel proceeds to state that fraternal correction is the highest form of love of neighbor.

2. Fraternal correction.
    Fraternal correction is the highest expression of Charity so it is difficult or impossible for most to do so. It is very complex to do so thus  correction is reserved to a few select Charitable person. 
    The necessary requirement for anyone to correct is , first, knowledge of all the commands of Christ; because correction is done by telling the person concerned the commandment of Christ he has disobeyed. So it implies knowledge of all the commands of Christ and this, precisely, is Faith. The person correcting must have great Faith in preparation for the act of Charity. 
      Secondly, the accompanying requirement to knowledge of the commandments is knowledge on how the commandments are put into practice; because fraternal correction means teaching the person concerned what commandment he had disobeyed and how to amend. Teach him how to obey the command of Christ. 

3. The main thing in fraternal correction is to enable the erring person to amend or repent. The erring person should, therefore, know what command of Christ he violated and how he disobeyed such a command. And he must know how to amend or obey correctly the command he violated. 
    For the correcting person to be able to do this, he must have a mature supernatural Faith. Otherwise he cannot give fraternal correction. And so, fraternal correction is only done by bishops. Parents or guardians can give fraternal correction if they have mature theological Faith. But since we live in a faithless age, there is a big problem. 
     Note that this command, to give fraternal correction can only be obeyed by those advanced in spirituality. That is why this exhortation is given after Easter and Pentecost because at this stage all the apostles were almost perfect in their knowledge of the teachings of Christ. 

4. Steps described in the Gospel. 
    Let us first go to the general steps the giver of fraternal correction  must take. First, there must be a serious sin that has been committed. The sinner must now be saved. Secondly, whoever knows of this sin must approach him and, in secret, just between them, show the sinner what command of Christ he disobeyed and how he disobeyed that command. The aim is for the sinner to amend his ways. In which case the sinner must know two things; a.) what commandment did he disobey and b.) how he disobeyed that command. 
     Secondly, if the one-on-one fraternal correction does not move the sinner to amend, then call another capable corrector in the hope that he can do a better job. If this still does not make the sinner amend then call on the Church. We have a problem with this last point; what if you cannot find the Church. Anyway, if you find the church and ask the Church to fraternally correct the sinner, what if it still does not work. Christ said; 'treat him like a Gentile or a tax collector. Let's stop here for a while and answer the question; 'did the four cardinals (now, only two left because Meisner and Carrafa just past away) follow proper procedure? If they did, did Pope Francis respond well.

5. The 'dubia.'
     The 'Dubia' works on the fact that something sinful is being propagated by Pope Francis that could bring million of souls to hell. That is very bad. The proposed exhortation encourages the diabolical sin of adultery. To encourage others to sin  is the most condemned sin in Scriptures called scandal; the sin when other people are encouraged to sin. The famed four cardinals worked on the assumption that Pope Francis forgot his Moral theology and committed a mistake in his Apostolic Exhortation 'Amores laetitia.' So the cardinals, doing their Christian obligation of fraternal correction politely presented a universal doubt that Pope Francis' 'Amores laetitia' will lead souls to hell. And so they asked the Pope whether he knows that. 
     As the Gospel demands, the letter was sent privately to Pope Francis. They were obliged  to do this under pain of their own damnation, as read in the first reading of this same Mass.  Upon receiving the very personal 'dubia' the Vatican office ridiculed the 'dubia' and made it public. It begun as a one on one clarification, but the Vatican made it public. So by force of circumstance, it became a public fraternal correction where the whole church was involved.....and the whole church expressed their own minds regarding the exhortation. 
     So, the four authors of the 'dubia' suddenly reached the end of the evangelical procedure and waited for the hoped for response of Pope Francis, either in the form of a clarification or an act of amendment. 
     Frankly, there was no need for clarification because the document 'amores laetitia' is very clear. An act of repentance should have been the response. Neither came up to now. 
     But as St. Augustine wrote; 'but sometimes, the correction makes the guilty harden their hearts further. In which case, the Gospel states, he must be treated as a Gentile or a tax collector. St. Thomas of Aquinas writes; 'to treat him as a Gentile and tax collector' means to remove him from the unity of the community.' In short, Pope Francis ceases to be a pope, a bishop......he ceases to be a Catholic. 

6. The 4 authors of the 'dubia,' and the response of Pope Francis.
     A detailed study of the commentary of this Gospel from St. Augustine and St. Thomas of Aquinas shows that the authors of the 'dubia. ' followed the proper procedure described in todays Gospel. They missed just one point. They have not declared Pope Francis as a Gentile and tax collector, i.e. that he is out of the Catholic Church. Pope Francis was slow in answering; the four cardinals is even slower in taking the next step so as to force an amendment of life. 
     As for Pope Francis, he did not give the desired response to the fraternal amend his thinking and his actions. He did not even answer the questions in the dubia' that should take a first year philosophy seminarian an hour to answer. 
     In fact, he became more belligerent, punishing those who contradicted his 'amores laetitia.' If Christ said; he should not be treated like a Catholic, why do we call him pope Francis?

7. If all the above does not work, what?
    Christ said; 'let two or three gather in My name, the will I be and grant them anything whatever they ask, including the final conversion of Pope Francis. 
     Who are the two or three? When do they gather in the name of Christ? What will happen when they do the above? What else will happen?
     Answers. The two or three are two or three individuals who know all the commandments of Christ in the New Testament and have obeyed all of them. They gather when they get together and agree to pray on a very specific intention. Christ promised to be in their midst. With this arrangement, Christ will grant them whatever they pray for. 
     What a powerful sight! True Catholics praying together. With them nothing is impossible......even the conversion of an anti-pope. Well, it happened to St. Hypolitus, the anti-pope who became a saint. 

Saturday, September 09, 2017

The TWO APOSTOLIC BOAT RIDES - - - The Catholic Church Yesterday and Today.

 1. The Church is alive.
     The Catholic Church is a living spiritual being. And like all living beings she grows spiritually; just as all those who wishes to grow in the spiritual life show signs of growth. Treatises on the spiritual life points out stages and signs of this growth.
     The Catholic Church does not look today the way she looked like 500 years ago or even just 100 years ago. 
      The Gospel for the Thursday on the 22nd weekday in Ordinary time shows us one picture of the Church. This is the boat ride in Gennesaret. And St. Thomas of Aquinas compares it with the futuristic picture of the Church as shown in the boat ride in Tiberias; as it looks today. 
     In both incidences the boat is the same, i.e. the Catholic Church.  However, the passengers are different, the net is different and the fishes caught are different. There is so much differences so that most Catholic cannot recognize the Catholic Church today because it is the Church in Tiberias and not the boat in Gennesaret. Though many, also, do not recognize the boat in Gennesaret. Ignorance of ecclesiology is too common. 

2. The Catholic Church today has out -grown her image in Gennesaret. She is beginning to bloom into the beautiful 
Church in Tiberias. She is not quite in the fulness of her bloom but she has lost her Gennesaret image and is beginning to have her Tiberias image. Because many do not know this new image as described in the Gospel of St. John, many cannot find the Catholic Church today. The reason is because, if they do not even know the image of the Catholic Church in Gennesaret, they surely will have absolutely no idea how the Church in Tiberias will look like.
     Our great concern is that the Vatican Church of Pope Francis is neither the Church in Gennesaret nor the Church in Tiberias. Where is this boat? Maybe it sank.

3. The three goals of the post Easter-Pentecost Liturgy.
     The post Easter-Pentecost Liturgy is a summing up and a tying up of a few loose ends of the entire Good News of salvation. At this time the apostles have an almost  perfect knowledge of how to save one's soul. And we who are attentive to the Liturgy should know the same thing perfectly.  By now we should know three things. First, how does the Catholic Church look like before and how should she look like right now. Secondly, We should know who are inside the Catholic Church and if we are inside. Thirdly, who are outside and whether we are outside. The 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time will answer these questions; then, what must be done if we find out that our loved ones are outside. Answer. Fraternal correction. Or if we are, still,  outside?  If we are outside we can start from the beginning all over again; Advent, Christmas, Lent, up to Easter and Pentecost. Ending up with the Feast of Christ the King.  And live up the spirituality of these Liturgical seasons. 
     Here is an example on how the Liturgical instructions go; first, the Gospels describes the Kingdom of God. This is the description of the Catholic Church. Second, the Gospels describes a fertile soil. These are the one's inside the Church. Thirdly, the Gospel describes the hard and stony soil. These are those outside the Church. 
     The Masses during this post Easter-Pentecost Liturgical season gives us a complete description of the three points above. So every one can be very certain that they are entering the right Church; that they are truly inside the Church; and that there is no fear that they might be outside the Church. How lucky we Catholics are. 

4. The characteristics of the Gennesaret boat ride. Today's Gospel.
     Today"s Gospel, the Gennesaret boat ride describes the beginnings of the Catholic Church. St. Thomas of Aquinas compares it with the Tiberias boat ride which describes the Catholic Church, today, in its perfection.

     Christ was preaching. The people were pressing in on Him. So He climbs in one of the two boats by the shore and tells Simon to move further away from the shore. These two boats are in the shore of Gennesaret; both boats are symbols of the church of the jews and the church of the gentiles, both are the old and imperfect Catholic Church. 
     St. Thomas briefly comments on the two boat rides, in Gennesaret and in Tiberias. Note, that both boat rides alternately occur in the history of the Church. It goes this way; the Church begins like Gennesaret. Then it grows to perfection towards Tiberias. Then the church recedes back to Gennesaret. Then goes forward to Tiberias but without reaching perfection. It is expected to reach perfection today as the Liturgy shows for reasons expressed in the conclusion. 

     In this our life time, at least in my life time, the Gennesaret  boat ride of the early Catholic Church was evident in the papacy of Pope Pius XII. The Church that time had the characteristics of Gennesaret but these characteristics were slowly disappearing while the signs of the Church of Tiberias were beginning to appear. during the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI. The Tiberias boat ride is the eschatological Catholic Church today.
     The two Churches are essentially identical with a few differences depending on the growth of the latter to perfection. The change from Gennesaret to Tiberias is gradual. As the Church in Gennesaret gradually disappear, the Church of Tiberias gradually appears; not in its perfection right away but gradually. The transition is so gradual that nobody is expected to notice it unless one is super sensitive to the spiritual realities of ecclesiology. 

5. The end of Gennesaret and the beginnings of Tiberias. 
     The Gennesaret Catholic Church was obvious from the time of Pius XII (for those who are already alive.) It suddenly disappeared during the Papacy of Pope Francis. During the Papacy of Pope Francis, the Tiberias Church should have begun to exist. The problem is after a few years in Francis' papacy, the Tiberias Church has not yet appeared. It is not in the Vatican. It is not in the Catholic world. It should be somewhere; but where? Many are trying to ask this question. And it should be asked because to be saved  we must be inside that Church. What if we cannot find it.

     The Gennesaret Catholic Church. Simon's boat is not yet the Church because Christ had not gotten into it. And the apostles had not left all things and followed Christ. So the qualities of the true Catholic Church is not yet there.

6. Let's look now at the similarities and differences between the two states of the Catholic Church; the Church yesterday and today, in Gennesaret and in Tiberias.
     First, in the former, the church was in troubled waters; and it was always so in Gennesaret. In Tiberias, the sea was perfectly calm. The Gospel of John said so. But you might object and say; the Church today  is not calm. It is in the midst of a category 9 cyclone! We see devastation all around.
     What you are seeing is not the true Church.  Rightly, it is the ruins of a devastated former church which Christ have abandoned. If you can find the true Church, you will see, indeed, that it is most calm. Our problem is, most cannot find the true Church.
     Secondly, Judas was in the Church of Gennesaret. He was not in Tiberias. 
     Thirdly, the apostles have not left all things. Only after Gennesaret did they leave all things. In Tiberias, they had left all things. 
     Fourthly, the nets lowered, St. Thomas wrote,  is the symbol of Scriptures, the Fathers and the Doctors of the Church. These were the ones used to catch souls. Souls caught by Scriptures, the Fathers and the Doctors are very good catches. 
     Fifthly, in Gennesaret, the nets broke into schisms and heresies. In Tiberias, the net did not break. Today, there is no net at all. Pope Francis' church is neither Gennesaret nor Tiberias. It is not Catholic at all; neither yesterday nor today. 
     Scriptures, the Fathers and the doctors were no longer used as nets for catching fish  at the time of Pius XII. The last attempt to use them is Leo XIII where the Jesuit general objected and ordered the Jesuits not to follow the directive of the Pope. Benedict tried to revive it. But with Pope Francis Scriptures, the Fathers and the doctors are a no, no. Nostalgic past, he calls them. 
     Sixth, in Gennesaret they caught both small and big fishes, good and bad fishes. They had to sort it out in the beach. In Tiberias they caught 153 large and good fishes. There was no need to sort it out. The fishes were no longer carried on board the boat. They were directly presented to Christ. for thought isn't it. They did not have to enter the Church but were directly brought to heaven ? That's what the Gospel says.
     Seventh, in Gennesaret, the nets were lowered anywhere; and they caught fishes anywhere they lowered the net. In Tiberias, the net was lowered only  on the right side; and it caught a bountiful amount of large fishes. In the Gennesaret Church they preached everywhere and caught souls everywhere. In Tiberias, the preachers will go only 'on the right side,' places where God, Himself, will, personally show. Pope Francis can forget his 1,000 missionaries he plans to send everywhere. Nothing to catch everywhere; 'only on the right side.'

     How do we know that it is time to look for the Tiberias Church. First, because we cannot find the Gennesaret Church anymore. And that is for more than several hundred years already. The Church of Bennesaret was in  Pope Benedict, alone. The rest could not be found.  But when he, seemingly, retired and Pope Francis took over, the Gennesaret Church completely disappeared.  The Tiberias Church is absolutely nowhere around the Vatican. There is only one conclusion from the last chapter of the Gospel of John. John wrote; 'this is the last chapter, because I am describing the last things that will happen here on earth. That the 153 fishes caught in the sea of the world will no longer be hauled inside the Church but will be brought directly to Christ in the shore. And how do we know this is what is happening right now? Because the number of the fishes caught, 153, is complete. 
      We are waiting for no one else. 

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Tuesday of the 22nd Week in Ordinary time. A MAN WITH A SPIRIT OF UNCLEAN DEVIL.

 1. The Gospel describes a 'man with a spirit of unclean devil.'
     In short, the man was possessed by the devil. This post Easter and Pentecost Liturgical season tells us portions of the life of Christ that has important eschatological significance. Significant, because it explains what is happening today in the world and in the Catholic Church.
     The Gospel describes Christ coming down to Capernaum and was teaching on the Sabbath. The people were astonished at His wisdom. And there was a man which had a spirit of an unclean devil who cried out; 'I know thee who thou art; the Holy One of God.' And Christ silenced the devil and drove him away. Now, let's stop there and look at the eschatological meaning of this scene,

2. St. Thomas wrote.
   The man who obeys the Will of God will be possessed by God; and the man who obeys the will of the devil, who commands us to disobey God, will be possessed by the devil. 
    He continues; 'in a mystery, the man in the synagogue with the unclean spirit is the Jewish people, which being fast bound in the wiles of the devil, defiled its vaunted cleanliness of body by the pollution of the heart. And truly it had an unclean spirit because it had lost the Holy Spirit. For the devil entered whence Christ had gone out.' 
     'Today, many have devils because they fulfill the desires of devils,'  St. Thomas continues. It is the state of the whole world; the Jews first, and the rest of the world, too. The image the Gospel portrays is the Jewish people, first, being possessed by the devil because they kept on disobeying the Will of God. Because of their continuous disobedience and infidelity, the Jews will be rejected by God. And God will chose the Gentiles to be His New Chosen People or His Church. 
     But the infidelity of the Jews that caused them to be rejected by Christ and possessed by the devil, is just a portrait of what will happen in the future in the Catholic Church. And that is, the Catholic Church will be exactly like the Jewish people, unfaithful and disobedient to God's Will and, therefore, will be possessed by the devil. 
     However, just as a portion of the Jews remained faithful to God by being the first members of the Catholic Church, when the Catholic church becomes like the Jews, possessed by the devil, a portion will, also, remain faithful and make up the true Church.

3. Satan had entered the Catholic Church.
     Since Catholics know this Gospel, she had been expecting this to happen any time today. And the ones worthy of the name Catholic has heard Pope Paul VI proclaim that Satan, indeed, had possessed many Catholics. The Blessed Mother, likewise, had announced this in her apparitions. The Church had been waiting for this for no other reason except that today's Gospel had warned us of this. 

4. Take the middle course.
     The Gospel states that the possessed man 'fell in their midst.' After which the devil left him. St. Thomas wrote that falling in the middle is man's return to a life of virtue; since virtue is a life in the middle of two extremes. A life of virtue, as defined by St. Thomas, is more than sufficient to drive out devils. This is the reason why mere entrance into an austere monastic life is in itself an exorcism. Mere entrance can drive out the devil because monastic life is considered a second Baptism, the beginning of which is an act of exorcism. The primary goal of monasticism is the development of the virtues, especially humility which is feared most by the devils. 

5. Learning the truth.
    St. Thomas reminds us that the truth must be learned from holy lips. The truth must not be learned from the devil. In the Gospel, the devil describes Christ correctly; the devil had described Christ better than most Protestants and sadly better than many Catholics. Even so, we must never learn our truths from unclean lips and from any one who takes upon himself, without permission from God,  the apostolic role of preaching. We must not believe Christ is the Son of God from the devil's lips or from any other unclean lips. Thus Christ commands the devil to stop lecturing that He was the 'the Holy One of God.' And commanded His disciples to stop listening to the devil.

6. Conclusion
    Keeping in mind the rule; that he who does the Will of God will be possessed by God, and he who does the will of the devil, which is to disobey God's Will, he will, in turn,  be possessed by the devil.
Sexual sins and perversity are from the devil, St. Paul wrote; they are the devil's most effective instrument of damnation. And someone is encouraging the whole world to do this will of the devil in 'Amoris laetitia?' And many bishops are tolerating and encouraging sexual perversities. And Jesuits are celebrating perversities in their schools. And many priests are quiet about it. Isn't this doing the will of the devil? Then, aren't they possessed by the devil?  Just like what Jesus prophesied; just like what St. Thomas of Aquinas commented on; 'most are possessed by the devil.'

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Monday of the 22nd Week in Ordinary time. 'SENT OF GOD.'

 1. Three steps on evangelization.
     Christ was going to preach in Nazareth. And He was going to teach His apostles how to do it properly. He had been teaching His apostles how to do it even before but He was fine tuning His lessons. And He was going to show it in Nazareth, his home town. 
     Christ gives three general steps on how to evangelize properly. First, the preacher must be well prepared. Christ showed this by undergoing 30 years of hidden life. Why did He waste so much time hidden when at 12 He had showed great wisdom and fully prepared to teach even the teachers of the temple. He should have begun preaching at 12. But He was teaching His apostles and all of us today that we are not gods and thus cannot preach at 12. We have to undergo the first step which is a 30 years of hidden life. And the emphasis is on '30 years.' Not 28. It is from this fact that the monastic life was patterned. The monastic movement is the replication of the 30 years of hidden life spent by Christ. And because we are not gods, it can really take more than 30; it can take a lifetime to be prepared to preach. 
     The second step is that the preacher must be sent by God; not by men, not even by one's own  bishop. To know where and where to send a preacher, a bishop must have the theological virtue of Faith. And to know that he is being sent by God through the bishop, the preacher must, also, have the theological virtue of Faith. However, if the preacher had not reached Faith, it is enough for the sending bishop to have Faith to fulfill this second requirement. When both do not have Faith, they will just be going uselessly around converting no one.
     So Christ, very clearly, sent His disciples to preach. And after His Ascension, the Holy Spirit told the disciples where and when to preach. This is even clearer in the case of St. Paul. He did not move unless sent by the Holy Spirit. He just remained put and made tents. 
The word 'sent' was always used by Christ when telling his apostles to preach. Thus the word apostle means 'the sent.'
     With the lost of Faith in the modern church, everybody is just sending themselves everywhere without visible conversions.
     The third step is that the people to whom the preacher is sent must be disposed to receive the Word of God. A good example is the people of Samaria where Philip was. When Peter was sent there there were many conversions. 
     In today's Gospel, Christ is showing that if this third requirement is not fulfilled the trip will be useless. The Nazareans were not converted. And Christ, Himself said, that He just did this knowing He will be rejected, to show that he did not fail to fulfill the fourth requirement that preachers must always begin with his own relatives. 
     See, no matter who is the preacher, even if it were Christ, but if this requirement is not fulfilled, no one will be converted by a preaching. The preacher is sent to a place even if there is only one soul that is disposed to be converted by the preaching. 

2. What's wrong with our preaching today? First; preachers had not lived their 30 years of hidden life. Secondly; they are not sure that they are sent by God. But surely they are sent by mere men. Thirdly; they have no way of knowing that their listeners are disposed because only those with Faith can know if their intended listeners are disposed. And fourthly; they do not preach to their loved one first. They go, first, to foreign missions. Violating the example of Christ in today's Gospel, how can they convert?

Monday, September 04, 2017

22nd Sunday in Ordinary time. GET OUT OF MY SIGHT, YOU SATAN !!!

1. The Liturgy of the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time.
     This Sunday is part of the post Easter-Pentecost season that describes St. Bonaventure's sixth  day of creation. The seven days of creation as described in the Haexameron are seven patterns that repeats itself in history. The sixth day happened in the time of the Maccabees, on Christmas night, on Good Friday, on the era of Martyrdom, in the age of St. Benedict, St. Francis........and it is happening exactly today.
     We know it is happening today because Divine Revelation had been describing it.  Current events had been confirming it. And celebrated in the Liturgy,  we can see it happening today. With this knowledge as our back drop, we can look at what is happening in the world and in the Catholic Church  today  and say; this is what had been prophesied in the past and preserved in the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. We have been expecting it. 
     In the present scenario Satan, as on Good Friday,  plays a prominent role. 

2. The sixth day.
    The sixth day is the last test God gives the human race; to see if they deserve to go to heaven or go to hell. It is a test to see whether man will do God's Will or go against God's Will. This is identical to the test given to Adam and Eve. Scriptures narrates this event in paradise precisely so all men can learn from it; God gave Adam and Eve a command. They went against God's Will. They did not do God's Will. They failed their test. They should have gone to hell. But God in His goodness gave them a second chance; a second chance that is given to all men on the 6th day and consist on the knowledge on how to repent. This repentance is meant to cancel their past failed test and eventually pass a new test.
     The old failed test, called original sin,  is first repeated and given to all, and this test is contained in the Old Testament. But a second new test is given and this is contained in the New Testament. This  second new test is often referred to as the 6th day test. And its most prominent scenario is Good Friday.
     Many Good Fridays had occurred in history. A popular era when it happened was during the time of St. Benedict of Norcia. The first chapter on his life is entitled 'Rome is finish.' It is just a repetition of Good Friday when 'Jerusalem is finish.'
     Everything that is happening today can be described with the same words; 'Europe, the US. the Middle East and finish.' And the Liturgy of post Easter-Pentecost describes this in detail; how the 'Vatican church under Pope Francis is finish.' 

3. The Gospel of the 22nd in Ordinary time.
     The Gospel describes Christ going to Jerusalem to die. This was one of the last lessons of the apostles. St. Thomas of Aquinas comments that Christ is here preparing the Apostles for his death and the mystical death of the Catholic Church in the future. The apostles needed a few small things to learn which we Catholics must, also, learn. 
     Christ mentioned He was going to Jerusalem to die and Peter remonstrates and begs Him not to go to Jerusalem to die. And Christ says that now famous phrase to St. Peter, the first Pope. 'You Satan. You are not judging  by God/s standard but by man's.'

4. Satan.
    St. Thomas wrote that the word 'Satan' had two meanings. The ordinary meaning of the word 'satan' with small 's' is 'to go against God's Will.' There is no evil implication here. The other meaning is 'Satan.' This is the real devil Lucifer who intentionally and maliciously go against God's Will for the destruction of souls.
    When Christ called St. Peter 'satan.' He meant the first meaning. That Peter was committing a mistake by going against God's Will. St. Peter never meant to go against God's Will. In fact, he loves Christ very much. And his request for Christ not to go to Jerusalem was due to his great love for Christ. What he told Christ was out of love for Christ. And Christ did not correct him for this. 
     But Peter expressed his love in the wrong way. It can happen to all of us. All men can express their great love for another in a wrong way. There is nothing wrong with the loving; the wrong things is in the expression of that love. So Christ did not correct what is right, Peter's love for Him. But He corrects where Peter made a going against the Will of God. Christ said; 'I will go to Jerusalem to die because that is My Father's Will.' And St. Peter said; 'don't do your Father's Will. 
     But surely, no one will naturally tell a loved one to go and get crucified anywhere. But it is God's Will that we all be crucified! So Christ continuous and tells Peter. Look Peter, unless you go behind Me, deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Me in the cross you will not enter the Catholic Church and you will not go to heaven. Very clear. And it was addressed to all men. That was the complete way on how to become a Catholic and how to go to heaven, summarized in one short sentence. And the Liturgy reminds us of this in preparation for Christ the King, when all men will undergo General Judgment. 
     Realizing his mistake, St. Peter retracted his request and conformed himself to Father's Will for Christ. Then he followed Christ to his own personal cross.......crucified upside down.

     Christ called St. Peter using the etymological definition of satan and not with the personal description of the evil Lucifer. The etymological definition is 'opposed to God's Will.' The personal Satan is the real great evil person of Lucifer, the fallen angel. Christ used the former and not the latter.

5. Christ would suffer greatly.
     The Gospel continues that Christ would suffer greatly on the hands of the elders, the chief priest and the scribes. Eschatologically, this will happen again today. And in the Liturgy, the Church reminds her children to expect this. That one day, today, the elders, the chief priest and the scribes will make the Church suffer. Who are the elders? The cardinals and the bishops. Who are the scribes? The priest, the cannon lawyers, the theologians. And who is the chief priest? At that time,  it was not Caiaphas' turn to be high priest. But through machinations and political maneuverings he was able to sit as high priest that year. Machinations and maneuvering by cardinals as forbidden by the rules of the conclave. It was not his turn and yet he was able to grab the position of high priest. Does it sound familiar?
     Pope Francis, many of his congregation heads, many of his bishops especially the newly appointed ones, and many of his Jesuits confreres are going against the Will of God shown by their disobedience to the commands of God. Read all those drag festivities in Jesuit schools; never mind the Jesuit involvement in the one world religion.
     Pope Francis had even verbally stated that obedience to the commands of God are for weaklings and nostalgics. Unlike St. Peter whose attempt to stop Christ from suffering was out of great love for Christ, Pope Francis and his elder's attempts are to crucify Christ again, as St. Paul would describe it. 
     While St. Peter was described by Christ as 'satan' with a small 's.' Pope Francis and his buddies can be described with the same word but with capital 'S.'


Saturday, September 02, 2017

Thursday of the 21st Week in Ordinary Time - GOOD and BAD PRELATES.

 1. The Gospel begins; 'Watch, therefore, because you do not know what hour your Lord will come.' Then Christ describes, first, the Church. Secondly, the faithful and wise servant. And thirdly, the evil servant. The faithful and wise servant is a good bishop or Pope. St. Thomas will describe this servant in his commentary. 
     Then Christ described the evil servant who, because the coming of the Lord is delayed,  started to mistreat his fellow servants striking them and eating and drinking with drunkards. 
    Then let us find out where Pope Francis, our bishops and our parish priest fall under. Are they faithful and wise  or are they evil servants. We must find out because no one would like to be under an evil servant. 

2. The ultimate end.
     Before we start a journey we must know our ultimate destination. After deciding on that, then we must figure out our intermediary steps leading to that ultimate end. 
     Our goal is to be prepared on judgment day.  And the notable intermediary steps are repentance, Faith, Hope and Charity. 

3. The whole Church.
     The Church is told to 'watch' because you do not know what hour your Lord will come. St. Thomas wrote that 'watch' means that your senses be elevated to heavenly things through contemplation. To watch is to  exercises himself in good works to keep awake. To 'watch'  means not to lie down in negligence. Because you do not know what hour your Lord will come. 
     For us living in these last days, it is wise that we be watchful. But why, also,  the apostles who are far off from general judgment day? The Lord comes in two ways;  at the end of the world he will come to all generally. Likewise, he comes to each man at his own death. St. Augustine wrote; a man is found at the second as he was at the first. The last day finds that man unprepared whom it finds unprepared at his own last day.
     Can we find a parish, diocese.  a religious order  or even Pope Francis 'watching?' Maybe, sports, beauty pageants, global warming,.....but watching because we do not know when He is coming?

4. The master of the  house  is 'APPOINTED BY GOD TO WATCH OVER HIS FAMILY. ' He is not elected by a conclave or appointed by another man. This is the post Easter-Pentecost scenario. 
    The master  must be prepared the whole night for the thief to come, usually at midnight; thus the Patristic fathers think the end of the world would occur at midnight.
     The thief is the persuasion of some false teaching or a temptation. And it is called a thief as is said, he who enter not by the door into the sheepfold, but climb up another way, the same is a thief and a robber.
     The door properly is natural knowledge, or the natural law. So whoever enters in through reason, enters through the door; but he who enters through the door of concupiscence or of anger or of any such thing, is a thief
     A man 'watching' is in contemplation of divine things, then temptation does not come but when he carries himself carelessly, he ceases to watch.  We should watch because we do not know when the Lord will come, gamely for judgment. He is prepared to die he who is found watching. 

5. The worldly man.
     St. John Chrysostome says that men who are solicitous about temporal things keep watch at night, how much more should we  keep watch over  spiritual things. 

 6. The Good Prelate. Who is the faithful and wise servant, whom his lord has appointed over his family.....referring to the parish priest or better still, the bishop. St. Thomas wrote; He warns the prelates in particular to keep watch by enticing his people with rewards, and by frightening them with punishment.
     The proper quality of a bishop, St. Thomas writes,  is that he is faithful and prudent. 
     To be faithful means the bishop's intention must be settled on the due end, to be prepared for judgment;  and one take the due path to that end, i.e. through the virtues of penance, Faith, Hope and Charity. First, 
     Some times the bishop aims at his personal satisfaction, personal opinions, personal desires and private interpretations.  This would be wrong. The one who fixes his intention on a right end does not intend to be useful to himself but to many, that they may be saved, all worked out for the sake of God's glory. He who seeks what is his own does not work rightly. 
     Likewise he should be prudent because it could be that someone would seek the glory of God but not in accordance with knowledge. A bishop must correct vices so he must correct in a way that will not lead men to sin. 
     Faithful and wise servant. St Thomas wrote that few are faithful because all seek the things that are their own and not the things that are of Christ. And if there are few who are faithful, there are even fewer who are prudent. The Lord describes the scarcity of such bishops, adds St. Thomas.  

7. Whom the Lord has appointed over his family. 
     First, God establishes the good prelate in his office, not that the bishop or pope himself obtains it by bribing or by requests, not by campaigning led by the St. Galen mafia. Not by granting worldly request as favor for his election. Not by offering juicy position in the Vatican. The prelate must remember  he is not set over temporal things like global warming and migrations. He is set over spiritual  matters. 
      The Gospel points out an important element that was noticed by the Fathers and by St. Montfort; that the last Pope, like St. Peter will be appointed, personally,  by Christ. He will not be elected by the conclave. The evangelizers of these days will, also, be chosen by God, just like in the beginning. . They will not come from the existing hierarchy. The Gospel says so; 'the LORD has appointed over his family. '

     He must keep watch around the Church, not around other things which are outside the Church (St.Paul). And to give them meat in due season; this is the food of apostolic teachings and good example. Feed, feed, feed, Christ told St. Peter. He who speak words when it is unsuitable wreaks destruction. .

8. The reward for both the Church and the master is Beatitude. Blessed at death or at the end of the world, whom when his Lord will come he will find doing so, namely administering; he will place him over all his goods.