Wednesday, August 30, 2017


  1. Life and death are in the hands of God. 
     Nobody is born unless it is the direct Will of God and nobody dies unless it is the direct Will of God. Conception is a direct act of God. Conception is not an act of men or the parents. The conception of a child is purely an act of God. Neither the parents nor the in vitro laboratory is responsible for conception. They are, merely,  God's instruments but God alone decides when a child should be conceived. Any attempt to interfere with this act of God is intrinsically a sin; thus family planning and even natural family planning as practiced by many Catholics is an interference at God's act of creation of life, and this is not allowed.
      Death is, also, a direct act of God. Nobody can die unless God has willed it. Everything else, like the manner you die, is God's permissive will. Let us concentrate on death as a direct will of God.  

2. Why do people die?
      Because their time is up. They have reached their quota of good deeds  or bad deeds.  It is time for them to be rewarded in heaven or punished in hell. And even before we are born, God had already decreed when we are going to die, which is His direct will. And how we are going to die, which is His permissive will.
      God's direct Will is completely His own. His permissive Will is His own Will adjusted to our own will. 
       God, in all His wisdom, had decided when we are going to die and He has chosen the time when we are most qualified to go to heaven. Or when we are most qualified to go to the coolest part of hell. So God wants us to go to heaven, but at the same time does not want us to go to the hottest portion of hell if we go there. In that we see the mercy of God. 

3. St. Augustine answers; 'why do children die?'
    He answers; 'because God knows that if the child grows older, he will sin more grievously and go to hell. So God calls the child early in death to avoid his going to hell.
     Less flatteringly, St. Augustine wrote; 'children die early because He  knows that the parents are so incompetent in up bringing their children that they will just go to hell. So God gets the child early while their chances to go to heaven are greater.  
     Let us expand this above reasoning further. Why do children die early? Because God knows that their parents, their god parents, their parish priests and their bishops are so incompetent that if this child grow older, he will sin more grievously and go to hell. To avoid that, God in his Divine Providence, gets the child early when his chances to go to heaven are greater. 

4. Let's take an example of a young drug addict who is killed by law enforcement.
    Why did that boy die young in such a brutal way?
     First, let us find the reason why he died.  Because his time was up; it is time for him to make an account of his life before the judgment seat of God. God decides on this.
     Second, why did he die young? Because his parents, god-parents, parish priest, bishop and other people responsible for his development are so incompetent that when the boy grows older, he will commit more grievous mortal sins and surely go to the everlasting fires of hell.  Growing up during these times, he could become a drug addict, a drug courier, maybe a drug lord and destroy many young souls thus making his eternal punishment in hell more grievous because he will destroy many souls.
      Seeing this God will pity this child. In His Mercy, He will decide to end the child's life while his chances in going to heaven  are possible. Maybe, in two or three months more, the salvation of his soul could be impossible. So it is better for him to go now.
     Thirdly. Why did he have to go in such a brutal way? Because it is possible that in his age he had already committed many sins. Just watching TV can cause him to sin grievously. And so in his tender age, the  possibility is great that he was already ready for hell. It becomes necessary that he repents and pay for his sins before he dies. He cannot escape the need for repentance.
     Fourth. Then God, in His Divine Providence moves with His mercy. He puts the child in a situation that he may repent. Repentance will only take a few minutes and the grace will help him as a gift from God. So the boy will surely repent. But aside from repentance, he has to pay for his past sins. God permitted his  brutal death  as his way for paying for his  past sins. All men must pay for their sins. No one is exempted. 
     So having repented by the grace of God, having paid for his past sins through his brutal death, the young boy is disposed to go to heaven. Because of the faulty training he got from his parents, his god-parents, his parish priest and his bishop that put him in the direction of growing up committing more serious mortal sins, God found it necessary to get him now while he is still savable. 

     This is the theology of St. Augustine where he showed who is to blame. Every other issue being raised are just finding fault where there is none. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Monday. 21st Sunday in Ordinary time. How the bishops and priest will look today.

 1. Scriptures as a prophetic book.
     Scriptures is a prophetic book; written by God, it tells us of the past, the present and the future which only God can know. The three coincides because the future is just a fulfillment of the past prophecy. The past is referred to as the type. The present is a partial fulfillment of the past. And the future is the fulfillment of the type.
     An example is; in the Old Testament, most of the personalities, like Adam, is a type of the Messiah. In the New Testament the Messiah became present on Christmas day. And in the future the Messiah will come again to judge the living and the dead. 
     The identity of the Messiah is identical in those three occasions. The same with the teachings of Christ. Christ described how the end time will look like before Passion Week. A dry run of the end time actually occurred on Good Friday. And it will, again, be fulfilled as described in the post Easter and Pentecost Liturgical on the Gospel of Monday of the 21st Sunday in Ordinary time, which commemorates, also, the Feast of St. Augustine. 

 2. The Gospel describes the bishops and the priest.
      The Old Testament had described how the priests that time were unfaithful to God, starting with Aaron. Christ in today's Gospel described how the priest looked during His time. He also described how priest will be today, after the Council of Trent. 
      This analysis is not based on research work or on polls. It is based on the prophetic words of Jesus Christ as found in the Gospel.

3. The Gospels for the last two months had been teaching us who will go to heaven. The road is very clear, like the demands Christ gave the young rich man. Or what kind of soil we must be. But suddenly, Holy Mother the Church dumped on the Liturgy a long list describing those who will go to hell. 
     It was the description of priest, bishops......and even of Pope Francis. The list of signs that will bring us to hell is rather long. We may read it from the Gospel of Monday of the 21st Week in Ordinary time. And the lengthier commentary can be found in the 'Catena Area' of St. Thomas of Aquinas.
     Let us take the first sentence uttered by Christ."Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.'
     Christ describes all the priests and necessarily describes all their parishioners. This includes  the cardinals, the bishops, the priest and necessarily the laymen. We can include a few anti-popes. It is a description of everybody as seen on Good Friday, with a very few exception. And it is the state of the world today with a very few exception.

4. Let us take the words of Christ step by step.
    Christ said; 'Woe to you.' That means you, whom I am talking to will go to hell.' Christ was addressing the Chosen People of God. In the N.T. that is like talking to the Catholic Church. 
    Who is 'you?' Scribes and Pharisees. They make up the entire priestly order of priest and lawyers working in the temple. Christ referred to them during His time. But when He said it,  he was referring to His future bishops and priests and probably anti-popes. 
     Christ insults them and calls them, 'hypocrites.' A hypocrite is someone who tries to pretend what he is not; like someone who is not a follower of Christ yet calls himself a Catholic. That is a hypocrite. 
     Christ accuses them of what? 'They do not enter the kingdom of God, the Catholic Church,' for whatever reason. The more common reason is culpable ignorance; they, out of sloth, did not study the way to enter the kingdom of God, the Catholic Church. As a consequence, they do not have the four visible signs of the true Church of Christ as mentioned in the Nicene Creed or any other reliable signs of being inside the Catholic Church, like the theological virtues or the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 
     And what is the effect of their culpable ignorance? They shut up the kingdom of heaven against men. How can they lead others into the Catholic church, the kingdom of heaven here one earth,  when they, themselves are not inside? Make sense? Well try to find the visible signs that our cardinals, bishops and priest are inside the Catholic Church and you will find none. Most of them are not, and almost all of the laymen, likewise. 

5. Christ repeats His description of modern day bishops and priests.
    'For ye neither go in (the Catholic Church) yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.' They are outside; proof, they do not have the four visible signs.  Thus they cannot lead others inside the Catholic Church; proof, most laymen do not have, either, the four visible signs found in the Nicene Creed. 

6. So where is the Catholic Church?
     Like the Chosen people, God had abandoned the former Chosen Catholic Church because Christ had said  WOE to the hierarchy and He had gone to chose another gentile nation to be His Church. He did it before, He can do it again, since the sins of the Catholic hierarchy is identical to the sins  the former chosen people committed on Good Friday.  

Sunday, August 27, 2017

21st Sunday in ordinary time. WHO DO PEOPLE SAY I AM ?

 1. Who do people say that the Son of Man is?
      Christ knew who He was. And Christ, also, knew what people say who the Son of Man is. Why did He inquire from His apostles who people say about Him? St. Thomas of Aquinas commented; 'to teach His apostles to find out what other people say about them so that if people say nice things about them, they may enhance their good qualities and even multiply these qualities. While on the other hand if they receive bad reports they may cease doing them and correct these faults. 
      Man's opinion of himself is always an over estimation giving him a false image of himself. This lack of self knowledge is detrimental to having a good spirituality. So counter checks are useful.
      St. Thomas, however, noted that Christ asked the opinions only of two kinds of people. First, the ordinary people who are naturally good. And secondly, the opinion of His own apostles. He did not ask the opinion of the Pharisees and Scribes for obvious reasons. The Pharisees and the Scribes would have a wrong opinion of Him and this will not help in acquiring self knowledge. The ordinary people would have a wrong opinion but it would be closer to the truth. While His faithful apostles would have the more correct answer since they have been taught and have graces to know exactly who He was.
     So, if we wish to have self knowledge that is necessary for a sound spirituality, we must find out what others think about ourselves; but asking those who can know us and avoiding those who probably hate us. Again, the reason for this is to gain a more exact knowledge of ourselves for the purpose of spiritual advancement. 

2. The responses.
     If the Pharisees and Scribes were asked they would have answered, 'Jesus is a blasphemer and a devil.' The better answer came from the ordinary men who answered, ' he is the son of Joseph.' A better answer came, 'he is John the Baptist. Other good responses were, 'he is Elijah or Jeremiah or one of the Prophets.' 
     These responses were closer to the truth but not exactly the truth. So Christ asked Peter, 'and you, who do you say that I am?
      'You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.' Jesus replied, 'Blest are you, Simon son of John! no more man has revealed this to you, but my heavenly Father.'

3. First lesson.
    St. Thomas commented that the first lesson we learn from the example of Christ is that we must find out what other decent people say who we are. Of course, it is difficult to be going around and asking people out of the blue, 'hey, what do you think of me.' We must do this discretely to avoid embarrassing other people. I would not tell you what I think of you if it is not very flattering. It needs some great skill to gather this kind of information. But we can know what others think especially if they write about us in the news, for example. 
     Pope Francis can know a lot on what people think about him because there is so much news and articles written about him. Many good and kind people had expressed humbly what they thought about him. But his reaction is so un-Christ like. His 300 days silent reaction to the 'dubia' is so un-Christ like. He is missing the occasions to correct his defects and even his serious shortcoming because of this. 

4. The second lesson.
     There are two levels of knowledge. The natural and the supernatural. The natural level is common to all men. We use this level in learning from men in schools, including in seminaries and theological schools. As long as it can be learned from men the knowledge is in the natural level.
      There is a second level of knowledge; this is the supernatural level. This cannot be learned from men and cannot be taught by men. It can only be learned directly from God through grace that comes with Faith.
      The Gospel exhibits these two kinds of knowledge. To the question of Christ, 'who do people say that the Son of Man is? the first responses came from natural knowledge available to all; it came from prophets, from judges, from patriarchs, etc. All priests get this natural knowledge from men professors, retreat masters and from homilies given by men-priests. 
       Supernatural knowledge, like all the truths of the New Testament as proposed by the Catholic Church should come directly from God. Did our priests and now bishops, cardinals and Pope Francis learn Jesus is God and man directly from God?
      When seminarians learn theology from men they should compliment this human knowledge with a life of disciplined life of prayer from which they can learn directly from God that Christ is God and Man. Without this life of prayer they will only know Christ as man.
       Because seminary life lacks this disciplined life of unceasing prayer, seminarians learn the lessons of theology that comes from men but knows no theology that comes from God. They say in their lips that Christ is God and man; but they do not believe that Christ is God. Like Protestants, most Catholic priests pray to Christ as if He is a mere man. 
       Unlike St. Peter, Christ cannot say to our priests, ' no mere man has revealed this to you, but my heavenly Father.' This anomaly in the training of priests had been noticed by the Church as early as the 19th century. They have noted it, discussed it, gave solutions to it......but , as usual, the solution was not implemented. Practically most of the priests look at Christ as man but not as God because they were never taught directly by the Father in Heaven. This includes Pope Francis who underwent this same defective training. So Christ cannot call him 'rock.' And cannot build His Church on him. And the jaws of death will easily prevail against his Vatican church. 


TREASON !!! Who can be saved.

 1. Holy Mother the Church and her Liturgy.
      We have been trying to explain what is going on these days in our own era by showing how present events had been  prophesied in Sacred Scriptures, specifically as laid down in the Liturgy of the Mass. Imagine, the future of the world had been pre-figured for us in the Liturgy of the Mass, which is the official teaching arm of the Catholic Church. Everything that needs to be known as a Catholic is taught in the Liturgy; together with an interpretation of world events to enable us to see the obstacles we are going to face in the future.
     The Gospel of the Queenship of Mary, Tuesday, 20th week in Ordinary time, gives the answer. 

2. Treason.
    Present days event had been pre-figured on Good Friday. And the treason of Judas would be the most striking human event. Let us see the genesis of Judas' treason and how this pre-figures the most potent evil force today.
     The treason of Judas was a combination of several vices.  First is the love of money, covetousness. This is the root of all evil. All evil today are committed by souls who love money. Secondly, St. Paul wrote; 'whatever is not of Faith is sin.' If a person has no Faith, every thing he does is sinful. So add these two, love of money and lack of faith, and we have great evil souls. 
     Thirdly, because Judas was evil due to his covetousness and lack of Faith, Satan entered into him. These souls are possessed by Satan. 

3. The rulers of the world.
     The rulers of the world today are not the presidents, dictators, kings, prime ministers or kings. The hidden rulers of the entire world are the great lovers of money who have no Faith. They do not even want to be known, just as the devil does not want people to know it is them, to all the more deceive souls. 
     The world, today, is ruled by the richest men who became rich because of their great love for money but at the same time has no Faith and, as a consequence, are possessed by Satan giving them some intellectual superiority over the ordinary men. So they are richer than the ordinary rich man, more faithless than the ordinary unfaithful man but more intelligent, because they are possessed by the devil, than ordinary intelligent man.
     It is due to these characteristics that they are able to join together to rule the whole world. All those presidents, kings, prime ministers, dictators, etc... are just their stooges and puppets....including the entire government bureaucracy, namely, the military, the intelligence services, the courts, the federal reserve, the UN, the Boy's Scouts, the school system, the Red cross ....and all other organizations. All are possessed by the devil through these gentlemen and gentlewomen. How come? Due to lack of Faith, the world can be bought. Just pay them and they will demonstrate for anything. Until they are interviewed and they don's know why they are in  the streets. Covetousness, the love of money. Pay them and they will do anything even go to hell. 

4. Christ said so in the Gospel of the Queenship of Mary. 
    Christ had given the first command of the New Testament obedience to this is the sign one is inside the Church; 'Go home, sell all your things, give it to the poor and come follow Me. No money for me? None. Remember Ananias and Sapphira, laymen, who kept a little. It was not for a sinful purpose and yet they fell dead at the foot of St. Peter?
     St. Peter  clearly said that there is nothing wrong with riches
as long as it is used well, like for the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. What is wrong is the love of money; this is the root of all evil. St. Augustine wrote; 'money should be used and not loved.' It produces traitors guilty of the greatest crime including deicide, the sin of the Jews. 
    Though Christ said there was nothing wrong with money since it can be used even for the salvation of souls, but St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote saying that because money is so attractive to satisfying our desires especially our sinful desires, it is easy to love it. So Christ added; 'well, there is nothing wrong with using money, but it is so easy to fall in love with it which makes it very difficult for you to go to heaven if you possess money. 
     Guides of souls should make it as easy as possible for souls to work for the salvation of their souls. It would be crazy for anyone to chose the difficult way to salvation. And Christ said; for those who have much money, it is difficult for them to enter the kingdom of heaven. It will be easier for a camel to pass through a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. So, Christ continues, if you want an  easy to go to heaven, follow what I told the young man; 'go home, sell all your things, give the proceed to the poor and come follow Me. No money involved. 
     The news had published the names of this invisible government of covetous and faithless men who rule the world; and who are the cause of all the great evils in the world today. At first sight, none of them is a candidate for the kingdom of heaven, since most of them are Jews, who first crucified Jesus Christ. Having killed a God, they will kill anybody to earn money. Like their predecessor, Judas, they are guilty of treason. 

5. Treason in the catholic church.
     St. Augustine's definition of 'treason' is stricter than its legal definition. With this definition most of the hierarchy are guilty of treason, from Pope Francis down to most of the bishops and priests. Like that Catholic priest who appeared at BBC. 
     He was guilty of treason against the state and against the Catholic Church. Against the state because he accused the President of an unproven crime that is still being decided in court. Who gave him the right to judge?  Does he know the evidences? Is he a lawyer? He did not give a theological reason, nor a philosophical reason. The only reason he gave was a useless, shallow, emotional reason. 
     In the two acts of treason he went against the common good which is the foundation of good politics. He disturb the president from attending from the enemy of the common good, an ongoing rebellion. If he cared for the common good he should have first help the president solve this on going problem. But without Faith, he would not care for the common good. Charity is too much for him.
     His treason against the Catholic Church is in instigating a demonstration which is considered a devilish provocation condemned by Pope Gregory XVI in 'Mirari Vos.". Being on the side of the devil, he is a traitor to God. 
     The stricter definition of St. Augustine is; treason is anything you say that can be used against God. He gave the example of Judas saying where Jesus prayed.What is wrong with that; Jesus is praying in Gethsemane?  The devil used that information to have Jesus arrested. St. Augustine wrote, whoever said that, was guilty of treason because the devil used that harmless information to arrest Jesus. The poor priest in BBC said more to aggravate his treason to both state and God. 
     With St. Augustine's definition almost all priest, bishops and cardinals...up to Pope Francis is guilty of treason to God.....just like Judas. How come? Because they can easily be paid with money having themselves become lovers of money. They often do things for the applause of men, for public relations, for popularity, to attract attention. And for no theological or philosophical reason.
     Pope Francis had become popular in giving private audiences to whoever can offer a check. Remember the photo with DiCarpio. Look at the smile when the check was handed in support of Global warming. A reward for  composing 'Laudato si?'
6. Treason in politics is just a reflection of treason within the Church.
     President Trump is surrounded by traitors. The church is filled with traitors; both are the kind that is 'giving aid and comfort to the enemies,' the devil. Note the prevalence of disobediences to God's command among the clergy. 

      Pope Francis is a traitor.  He surrendered the Church to the enemies of the One world religion, the religion of many devils to the exclusion of the one true God. The world is led by a covetous cabal that loves money into whom Satan had entered. And they are enslaving the rest of the world that also loves money and, therefore, have been possessed by Satan. Christ taught, even if you use your money well, as long as you possess money, it is very easy to fall in love with it and disobey God. Then it becomes  difficult for you to enter the kingdom of heaven. Today, we misuse it. So, give it up. Nobody will do that, but we have to say it. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

WHO CAN BE SAVED? Monday of the 20th week in Ordinary Time.

 1. Who can be saved.
     The Liturgical season after Easter and Pentecost answers the question, 'who can be saved.' Or who will go to heaven? So most of the Gospels deal with the Kingdom of God, which is the Catholic Church and/ or heaven. The post Easter and Pentecost season answers very clearly who are inside the Catholic Church and who will go to heaven. According to the Gospels, it is certainly not Pope Francis.

2. Monday, feast of St. Pius X, Monday of the 20th Sunday in Ordinary time. The story of the young man who went to Christ and asked Him, 'what must I do to have eternal life.'
     Christ gave two answers. First, Christ said; 'keep the commandments,' referring to the commandments of God the Father in the Old Testament. And the young man answered that he had kept all those commandments of the Old Testament. And Christ clearly said that that was not enough. And He added a command of the New Testament.
     Secondly, Christ said; then keep the commandments of the New Testament beginning with the first command; 'go, sell what thy hast and give to the poor...... and come follow Me and thou shalt have treasures in heaven. 
     This second command is the beginning of the New Testament. Obedience to this command is the beginning of a soul's entrance into the Catholic Church and the Kingdom of God. 
     This command was imposed by Christ to all the apostles since they will lead the Catholic Church of which this command is the first that they must observe.  This is imposed on all laymen, like Ananias and Sapphira. No Catholic is excused from this command. It is the first command of the New Testament. All Catholics must first obey this before obeying the rest of the commands of the New Testament. Obedience to this command is the beginning of a soul becoming a Catholic. 

3. This command is so important Pope John Paul II made it the central message of his great encyclical 'Veritatis Splendor.' This encyclical was not addressed to the whole Catholic Church as encyclicals are usually addressed to. It was addressed only to Bishops. Pope John Paul wanted the Bishops to, personally, explain it to all the parish priests.  And for the parish priests to explain it to the laity. It was the entire process of building the Church Catholic by initiating souls into the New Testament.
     But this did not happen. Very few bishops read it; and fewer bishops explained it to their parish priests. And hardly any priest explained it to the laity. The reason is obvious. Nobody will obey that command. Go home, sell all your things and give it to the poor? Are you crazy? Yeah, I am crazy even just mentioning it. No Catholic will ever do that. They will do the opposite; they will go home, earn more, save more, buy more lands, keep more properties,  beautify and enlarge your house and  give them all to their children. 
As St. Augustine wondered; how come Christ keeps on saying; 'sell, sell, sell. How come everybody keeps on buying, buying and buying. They even go abroad to buy more, accumulate more, keep more and enrich their children. That's the opposite. Is it any wonder that there is no one inside the Catholic Church.

4. Nobody had obeyed this first command of the New Testament.
    Since Pope John Paul II, nobody had obeyed this first command of the New Testament and that includes most of the cardinals, bishops and priests of Vatican II; therefore, nobody in that group entered the New Testament, nobody entered the Catholic Church. Everybody is outside the Church or are still in the Old Testament and part of the Synagogue of Satan, St. Paul wrote. Pope Francis had not gone home to sell all his things. He did not even want to give up his Argentinian passport. How can he give up all things.
5. The giving up is to enable souls to follow Christ.
     The issue here is not the giving up.  The giving up of all one's possession is to enable the soul to follow Christ. To follow Christ means to love Him and one's neighbor. But how can they love Christ when their hearts are filled with a thousand worldly love objects that are more attractive and more pleasurable than that pure spiritual concept called God.
     How can Pope Francis love God when he loves the immigrants so much. Didn't he know that Christ, after telling the young man to go home, sell all his things and give it to the poor, added that he must not love father, mother, brothers, sisters and even lands. And here Pope Francis wants us to love total strangers, foreign middle east lands, brothers and sisters not related to us. 
     But you might say, Christ commanded us to love all men and even our enemies.  Yes, but, only, after we have loved Him first. Which Pope Francis cannot do because he had love adulterer, transgenders, gays, Protestants, Jewish deicides, etc, first. God has no  place in the heart of Pope Francis. 

6. Pope Francis is worse than the young man in the Gospel.
    Clearly the young man in the Gospel had obeyed all the commands of God the Father in the Old Testament. He just could not obey the commands of Christ in the New Testament because.....he had much possession, just like those wealthy elites in the world who are destroying the whole world with wars, abortions,  and heresies. 
     Pope Francis have not obeyed any of the commands of Christ in the New Testament. He could not because he had not yet obeyed the commands of God in the Old Testament. In fact, he could not obey the commands of God in the Old Testament. He had disobeyed the first three commands of God by teaching that atheist can go to heaven; and propagating the one world religion where Christ is excluded.  He had disobeyed the 6 and 9 commandments with his 'amores laetitia.' He had disobeyed the 5th commandments by suggesting that offsprings with 'wicka' can be aborted. He had disobeyed the 7th commandment by encouraging immigrants to steal what belong to others. He had disobeyed the eight commandment by accusing the Immaculate and the Knights of Malta of lies. And he had disobeyed the 10th commandment by confiscating possessions of the Franciscans, Knights of Malta, etc. Pope Francis cannot brag like the young man and say; 'I have kept them from my youth. Francis disobeyed them all as Pope. How do you expect him to obey the commands of the New Testament and follow Christ that makes one a Catholic and inside the kingdom of God? Impossible. He is not a Christian. He is not even a good Jew, who were rejected by Christ for being guilty of deicide. So what is he?  Definitely, he is not a Pope, not a bishop because he is not even a Christian and he is not even a good man according to the norns of the Gospel. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The CHANANITE WOMAN ...20th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

 1. Jesus withdrew to the district of Tyre and Sidon. 
     By now, Jesus left the Scribes and Pharisees and those cavilers, St. Thomas commented. The Chosen people were no longer chosen. Christ had left them and have gone to the Gentiles. Tyre and Sidon were Gentile towns. Though He had told His apostles not to go to the Gentiles but concentrate on the people of Israel, Christ went against His own instruction and went to the Gentiles.
     If Christ can abandon His Chosen People and go to the Gentiles, instead, He can very easily abandon His Catholic Church and go to another Gentile nation. And the present state of the Catholic Church shows that though we were once upon as time the new Chosen People, because of our infidelity, it is evident that Christ had abandoned the Catholic Church and have gone to another Gentile nation. And there are many to chose from. 

2. And behold a woman, a Chananite.....
    The woman was a figure of the Gentile Church that would replace the Jewish nation. The Chosen people were no longer to be Chosen; it would be a rejected nation until the return of Enoch and Elijah.
     At that time, the woman was a figure of the Catholic Church headed by St. Peter and the apostles. But we cannot say the same thing today. So the woman becomes again the eschatological image of the Catholic Church today, keeping in mind that the Catholic Church 10 to 50 years ago is different from the Catholic Church today. 
     Today, the Catholic Church is the Chosen people rejected by Christ. And the Chananite woman is some else. The Chosen people had just been rejected by Christ due to their continuous infidelity. The woman was chosen because, inspite of her being a Gentile, her faith was great. Christ is looking for a small nation with great faith,
     Great Faith is possible for outsiders because Faith is an act initiated by God with the human cooperation of the recipient. So anyone can be a candidate to have great Faith. But because she was an outsider, her daughter was possessed by demons. This should be the portrait of an outsider moved by God to believe. Her offsprings would normally be possessed by demons; she will need her newly acquired Faith to drive the demons away, which the Chananite woman did by going to Christ.

3. The apostles were around but were unable to help her.
     The apostles could have easily exorcised the daughter but they could not. The most that they could do is plead on behalf of the woman. And Christ was precisely teaching them to do that. Here we are seeing the picture of the Catholic Church at an era when Christ in turn rejects the Catholic Church as He once rejected the Chosen People, to chose another people. During these time even the apostles will find it difficult to exorcise; all the more exorcists will be helpless. Why? Because it will be the communal prayer of the newly Chosen Catholic Church  to Christ for the cure of their possessed members. Let us describe the prayer of this Church as portrayed by this woman.
4. The Church.
     St. Thomas described the three things she did that earned her the praise of Christ, 'woman, you have great faith.' Christ would not say that to the Vatican Church today. 
     St. Thomas wrote; first; she showed piety by approaching Christ with great reverential and prayerful attitude. The Novus Ordo does not have this pious Liturgical approach to worship. That preparatory prayer at the foot of the altar before ascending up to the altar would have been a pious approach to the mystery. But everybody is in a hurry. 

      Secondly; she showed great Faith by addressing Christ as God and Man; 'Lord (as God), Son of David (as man).' She addressed Christ as God and Man. That had been a great debate in the Church before. Many Protestants, still, do not believe that Christ is God and Man. Pope Francis never mentioned the name of Christ in the UN nor mentioned His name in his list of sources of happiness. He does not even kneel before the Blessed Sacrament exposed as in Milan. It seems he has not yet decided if Christ is either God or man. Christ is more like a non-entity. No Faith?
     It should not bother me what he thinks. But he claims to be my Pope and an unbelieving Pope is completely unacceptable. 

     And thirdly, she showed great humility when Christ hinted that compared to the Chosen People, she was just a dog. And she agreed; 'yes, Lord.' And even lower than a dog, a whelp. Great humility was what moved Christ to say; 'woman, you have great faith.' Pope Francis does not even have the humility that St. Ignatius was describing in his Rule.

5. The prayer of the Chananite woman.
     Her prayer was contemplative. When Christ rejects the Vatican Church and chose another people, He will chose a people that He had personally disposed to contemplation. Christ will lead them towards contemplation and announce to the world. 'The world should have looked like this if the world followed Me. But you did not.' 
     The world will see the glory of the Catholic Church, the way it should look like if the world followed the words of Christ in the new Testament and as interpreted by the Fathers of the Church. But no. It followed Pope Francis instead, so the Catholic Church looks like the vineyard prophesied in the Psalms that has been devastated by pigs because the protective fence was removed.....just like the unlimited immigration of Pope Francis. 

6. The daughter possessed by demons.
     At this age, everybody is possessed by demons. Because everybody is possessed, it has become the normal thing to be possessed. As the father of another  possessed thought, 'it was just because of the moon.'
      Due to lack of Faith, everybody, even Catholics do not believe in Demons. Nobody will agree that drug addiction is a form of possession. See, what I mean? And yet nothing can cure drug addiction. Try exorcism. But then exorcism will not work these days. Only the contemplative prayer of the new Catholic Church can exorcise. Remember, the apostles could not drive the devil away. 
     Only the collective contemplative prayer of the Chananite Woman; this can only be driven away through fasting and prayer of a contemplative community,  the symbol of the new Gentile Church. This Church alone can free the troubled soul from demons. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017


 1. Satan.
     God created man to be in heaven with Him for all eternity. But God's Will just didn't happen through the jealousy of the devil, who just previously failed his own test and want all men to fail their own tests. 
     God created man, also, to be with Him for all eternity.  But that, also, just didn't happen because man chose to obey the devil rather than obey God. 
     The test of the angels is over. Some have passed while others have failed. While the good angels are busy praising and giving thanks to God, God had to keep the devils busy and so assigned them to test mankind; whether man would chose to obey God or obey the devil. 

2. The essential test.
     Do we know and are we obeying God's commands? If yes, then we are passing our tests; we shall attain everlasting life and enjoy bountiful rewards besides. If we are disobeying, then we are failing our tests; we will not share God's everlasting life and experience, instead, many chastisements while we are alive. 
      Those who pass the tests are given spiritual rewards that makes them know that they are in the right track while at the same time receiving spiritual gifts like peace, tranquility, knowledge, etc.  that gives them a foretaste of heaven here on earth. This is the way they know they will eventually have everlasting life and gives them inner happiness here on earth. This spiritual road and rewards are spiritual and are not visible to unbelievers. The 'good guys' look pitiful to the ordinary guys. The sinners are the ones who look as if they are enjoying themselves to the upmost.
     Those who fail their test, on the other hand, are chastised by God with wars, revolutions, demonstrations, diseases, famine, economic depressions, etc, in an effort to convert them. While at the same time giving them a foretaste of hell here on earth in the hope that they will avoid going there.

     And with these two norms, we can understand what is going on in the world today because it has happened first in the Catholic Church. The world is just a reflection of what is going on in the Church. In effect, the solution to all the problems is the classic advice to doctors; 'cure yourself.' If the Church solves her problem the world will solve its problem. 
    But the church does not know what is her problem. The church does not know that its problem is that she cannot even answer two simple questions advanced by the 'dubia.' And she cannot answer the questions because Pope Francis does not know the answer. So why does he not simply say 'I don't know the answer.' Because if he says that, it would mean he is not the Pope. A Pope cannot say he does not know the answer to a question pertaining to Catholic doctrine. 
     The whole world is in an unsolvable decline because the Catholic Church is in complete decline. Because the problem of the Catholic Church today is unsolvable, the problem of the world has become unsolvable. It is Good Friday again. The Jewish revolution against the Romans was unsolvable, the spiritual unbelief of the Jewish people was unsolvable,  it seems everything is in complete decline. Rome's solution to the Jewish problem was simply to destroy Jerusalem so that no stone stands over another stone (hmmm..they forgot to bring down the wailing wall.) And the Jewish religion disappeared to become the Synagogue of Satan.  

3. This is Satan's glorious hour.
     The Liturgy of post-Easter and Pentecost describes our era was noted by St. Bonaventure as the 6th hour, the type of which is Good Friday. Satan seems to be in-charge of the world. So the Gospels speaks about possessions by demons, like the daughter of the Canaanite Woman. It, also, speaks about Christ abandoning the Jewish people and going to the Gentiles of Tyre and Sidon. 
     There are two things here. First, that most of the  people today, especially the covetous (the rich elite) will all be possessed by the devil just as Satan entered Judas because he was covetous. And secondly, that Christ left the Jewish people and went to the Gentiles; which shows that Christ can abandon the Catholic Church and go somewhere else. The Gospel of the Assumption tells us where He went.
      During this era we shall see the complete destruction of the political and social world, just as the Jewish state was destroyed by Rome.... and the disappearance of the religion that falsely claims to be Catholic, just as the Jewish Synagogue disappeared because the devils that occupied Sodom and Gomorrah had transferred into her. It is Satan's last glorious hour. How do we know it is the last hour? It is, also, described in the Gospel of the Assumption.
     Christ prophesied the destruction of the city of Jerusalem which symbolized the world. And the Apocalypse described the abandonment of the Catholic Church by Christ shown in Christ's abandoning the Jewish Synagogue to transfer to the Gentiles of Tyre and Sidon.

4. Pope Paul VI reminded us.
    Actually Pope Leo made us aware of Satan with his prayer to St. Michael for his protection. Catholic theology had always reminded us of Satan in a prayer we recite daily during Compline. We monks don't forget that. We, old fashion monks, also have a course in demonology wherein we are prepared to do battle with the devil in the desert as Christ did. Monks, especially hermits, can smell a rat anywhere. And the world today is filled with demons. 
     Because of the wide news coverage of post-election in the US, it is clear the newly elected President is surrounded with demons; from both parties, from all intelligence agency, from all the courts, from communists, from bankers, from family members and from in-laws. Clearly he is surrounded with traitors like Judas, in whom Satan had entered. The stench of hell is there. And all the good guys are surrounded with this 'roaring lions seeking whom they might devour,' as the Compline daily night prayer remind us. The Liturgy of the Divine Hours remind us of all these so we can prepare ourselves. But how many are really prepared? How many knows what is going on? How come many bishops and Pope Francis are even part of these 'roaring lions seeking whom they might devour.' The Franciscan had been half devoured. They are now chewing on the Heralds of the Gospel. They are tasting the Pius X and Orthodox. While the Knights of Malta are half inside the Vatican boa.  

5. The Good News.
     The good will triumph at the end. Church tradition narrates that at these times God will raise leaders who will create the proper atmosphere conducive for repentance, called the Joshiah phenomenon. Joshiah was a king raised by God from bad roots and who will bear bad offsprings. But he, himself, was chosen and raised  by God to give the Chosen People a respite from their sins and trials to be able to repent properly........for one last time. 
       During this short respite, God, Himself, will pour graces on the humble to aid them in their repentance. Then God, Himself, will send them 'men of God' to instruct them on how to proceed towards Faith, Hope and Charity. God, Himself, will appoint the last Pope just as He, Himself, appointed the first Pope. Then God, Himself, will finally show His face upon those who have obeyed His commands thus assuring them of their salvation.
     And Pope Francis and his co-horts won't be with this group because they had spend more of their time in disobeying God's commands and instructing others to disobey the same Commands. 
     When the short respite is over, the decline of the world will resume. So it will be today. The leaders chosen by God, from Poland, Belgium, Russia, Hungary, etc. is a respite for fertile souls to repent. When they have done so, the decline to the bottom will resume. And then, as the Gospels ends in these last two weeks, those who passed the test will be gathered to be brought to heaven while those who fail the test will be bundled up and burn in hell. 
6. How come we could not drive out this one.
    Not even the apostles could drive this devil away. Not even the apostles? Are they inferior to the exorcists of today? No. Not even exorcist can drive this devil away. The devil that troubled the daughter of the Canaanite Woman (20th Sunday in Ordinary time) could not be driven even by the apostles. The woman had to go directly to Christ. Just as Peter could not get the help of the other apostles during the storm. He had to go directly to Christ who was walking on water. During this time, exorcist will be powerless against the devil.
     What is needed, Christ said, is a Catholic Church that has been transformed into a community in unceasing prayer and fasting. This community is better described in the Feast of the Assumption. 
     This community will be ruled directly by God, taught by souls directly chosen by God, living in a place appointed by God (as the Apocalypse described), .....and with a recently seemingly retired Pope re- appointed directly by God. And as God often does in Scriptures, God had given him another name. Not Petrus, as St. Peter, but .................    

Thursday, August 17, 2017


 1. We see the whole world going insane. But the world is only a reflection of the Catholic Church. So in effect, the Catholic Church must be at least confused.  We see and hear the confusion within the Church. We hear the cries of schism, heresy, anti-Christ, anti-popes. And there is no clear bugle call, St. Paul noted, from the hierarchy. The call to arms is utterly confusing. Catholics do not know what to do. 
     Let us untie the knots with the help of Our Lady and start with one knot. The knot of the commands of God.  To be saved we must obey all the commands of God; 'if you love Me, keep My commandments. And St. James mentioned the fact that disobedience to one command of Christ is disobedience to all the commands of Christ. 
     Let us start with that principle. We must obey the commands of God, otherwise we go to hell.

2. But Pope Bergoglio and his co-horts are commanding the Church to disobey the commands of Christ. One such command is found in Bergoglio's 'amoris laetitia.' And there are countless other commands Bergoglio is encouraging the world to disobey; in fact, Bergoglio had generalized the fact that obedience to the commands of Christ is for weaklings and cowards.
      In effect, Bergoglio, because he is disobeying the commands of Christ, is leading the Catholic Church and its members to hell. There is no other conclusion. What do we do in such a situation, since it is occurring right now.

3. Leave Bergoglio's boat because it is sinking fast. Leave Bergoglio's religion and his church. Have nothing to do with him. He is no good according to the old teachings of the so-called Catholic Church. Review of our old time religion tells us that we are surely going to lose our souls if we stay in his church. We cannot have anything to do with one who is disobeying the commandments of God the Father, the commands of God the Son and commands of God the Holy Spirit. 
     It is easy to do this. Just dump him and everything that has to do with him like a plaque. 

4. Then, what?
     Then, enter the true Catholic Church. But it cannot be found anywhere because the four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed is missing in most parishes, Dioceses and even in the Vatican. So what do we do?
     Establish the Catholic Church in your family, in your parish, in your Diocese.......just any two of you, the Gospel says. 'Whenever two or three of you gather in my Name, I am in the midst of you.' What? Whenever two or three are gathered in the name of Christ (if correctly defined ) Christ is in your boat? That's what we are trying to do, isn't it because nobody can find Christ in the Vatican church of Pope Francis. Nowhere!
     We can have Christ in our boat  even in our own families? Which is the first place to start with, in the first place. 
5. This is the very essence of evangelization. 
     To go to places and start the Catholic Church in one's family, in one's neighborhood, in one's locality and if possible in one's nation. So, the Catholic Church can begin to exist anywhere as long as we do it right. That is the goal of the Church. If it can be done before in Galatia, in Rome, in can be started in Manila, in London, in Kiev, in Petersburg, in St. Louis. So leave the church and religion of Bergoglio who is leading us to disaster and start the Catholic Church again in your family, your parish and your Diocese.
     But nobody knows how to do it. Well, here is a short course describing how to acquire the four visible signs of the true Church of Christ and be a true Catholic.

6. One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.
     These are the four visible signs of the true Church of Christ as found in the Nicene Creed. There is absolute no other visible way to recognize the Catholic Church. There are other spiritual ways of recognizing the Church but no other way to recognize her visible signs. If you have the four signs you are a Catholic. If you do not have the signs, you are not a Catholic. 
     If these four visible signs are not present in most parishes, dioceses and even in the Vatican, who will help you develop and make these signs visible in your family, parish or dioceses. YOU can do it!
     Let us say you have a community made up of 100 people, mostly your relatives.  The first step is gather them together 'in the name of Christ.' Your goal is to make Christ live in your midst. 
Your proximate goal is to gather them. Your ultimate goal is to bring Christ in the midst of you. 
     First step; You must begin with the fourth visible sign, APOSTOLIC. Teach your 100 members all the commands of Christ as taught by the Apostles. These are enumerated in the writings of the Apostolic Fathers of the Church. These teachings are the more perfect version of the Old Testament commands. 
     You must, also, teach your 100 members the Apostolic interpretation of those commands. Just by teaching your 100 members all the commands of God as taught by the Apostolic Fathers and their correct interpretation, they will have the fourth visible signs of the true Church of Christ. But you still will have three visible signs to go, One, Holy and Catholic.  Even at this point Pope Francis and most of his retinue of cardinals and bishops are excluded because none of them have this visible sign; they do not know the more perfect interpretation of the New Testament. They do not even know the Old Testament as 'amores laetitia' shows. That is the reason we must abandon Pope Francis church and religions because it does not have this and the other three visible signs of the true Church of Christ. 
     Second step. So, first, teach the 100 people the more perfect commands of the O.T. as found, now, in the New Testament. Then, secondly, encouraged the 100 people to put these commands into practice. 
    If they put, let's say, half of the commands of Christ  into practice, they begin to exhibit the visible sign of Catholicity. All those 100 people will be one heart and one mind as they disperse all around the globe. We, now, have the third visible sign of the true Church, Catholicity. 
      As they put, let's say, three fourths of the commands of Christ into practice, they will begin to exhibit the visible sign of Holiness.
     And as they put all the commands of Christ into practice, they will begin to exhibit the visible sign of Oneness.  They now have all the four visible signs of the true Church of Christ as enumerated in the Nicene Creed. Christ will surely be amidst them. 

7. Saints must first be Catholic before being  proclaimed saints. So it must be proven that they have the four visible signs of the Catholic Church and then, afterwards, they must be proven to have practiced the theological virtues in a heroic degree.
     Since Pope Francis have neither the four visible signs nor any virtue in a heroic degree, he had excused candidate for canonization from these two norms. With this new procedure, we can end up praying and venerating a devil. So what again?
     Leave Pope Francis church that disobeys God's commands and begin forming the Catholic Church in your family, etc. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


 1. One more time.
    We saw the two apostolic boat trip through a stormy sea. In the first, Christ was sleeping in the boat. In the second, Christ was not in the boat. Christ was not in the boat because Pentecost had not yet occurred. His presence is temporary.
     The problem in the Catholic Church today is that Christ is not in the boat. God used to be in the Catholic Church since Pentecost. But He is gone now. Proof is that the Vatican church with most of its dioceses and parishes do not have the four visible signs of the true Church we learn in the catechism. The Church is not a boat with Christ sleeping in it. It is a Church with Christ who is not in it.  Now, it is not even a boat. 
    This is equivalent to saying that the Vatican church of Pope Francis is not the Catholic Church. Without Christ in the boat, the church will not have the four visible signs. And this is the state of the Church today, so the Gospel for the 19th Sunday in ordinary time appropriately applies to the Church today that claims to be Catholic. All boats without Christ will necessarily sink. 
     And the Vatican church under Pope Francis should have sunk by now......unless something like what happened in the Gospel happen to her before the boat completely sinks.

2. God is not in the boat?
     Many cannot imagine God leaving the Catholic Church. Why not?
    God left the Ark of the Covenant and Holy of Holies of the Jews. He is no longer there today. God had threatened the workers in the vineyard He would take away the vineyard from them and give it to others. Why won't He leave the Catholic Church that has been more unfaithful than the Jewish people?
     The crisis in the Catholic Church today, again, is Christ is no longer in the so called catholic or Vatican church. The ship is fast sinking and the successor of St. Peter must do a Saint Peter again.

3. What did  St. Peter do? The Gospel says; He had to leave the boat, to go and pray to Christ who was walking at some distance on the waters, hold the hands of Christ because he was in danger of sinking and return with Him to the boat. Then the waves and the wind died down.  And the Church peacefully reached the shore. 
     God had done this before to the Israelites. He used to appear and talk to Moses in the form of a cloud and fire over the tabernacle. But due to their infidelity, God stopped appearing as a cloud and fire over the tabernacle. Even the tabernacle was lost and the Jews have only an empty Holy of Holies. 
     Christ used to be in the Catholic Church with the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. But because of the infidelity of the Catholic Church, described and prophesied by Blessed John Newman in his article 'The infidelity of the Church,' they have left the Church. Of course, God can do that. And now, we find the Catholic Church in a situation similar to the empty Jewish Holy of Holies where the Ark of the Covenant is gone. The Catholic Church is like the boat at sea without Christ on board.

     There is a great need for a Pope who heads the boat in peril to call on Christ. He must call on Christ in prayer and in so doing he must first temporarily abandon his Papal seat because he cannot pray well and entertain diplomats at the same time. And he must pray unceasingly and long enough until Christ hears his prayer and command him to 'come.' The Pope should not expect Christ to come as soon as he prays. It just does not work that way. Christ does not appear walking on the sea until the apostles were frightened to death. 
     The Pope must see the face of Christ before he can hear the command 'come.' It was this command that Pope Benedict heard and made him, with great peace and confidence, to temporarily set aside his papacy to walk on water towards Christ. 

     Again, the Catholic Church used to have Christ and the Holy Spirit. But like the Jews, Christ and the Spirit had left her due to her infidelity clearly shown in her history especially from the 19 hundreds onwards reaching its height in Vatican II and onwards.
The Catholic Church have lost contact with God through the Ark of the Covenant due to its numerous liturgical abuses. Daniel had prophesied the lost of the Blessed Sacrament and the Sacrifice of the Mass. So much so that some have asked; 'is your Mass valid?'
     The Pope must do a Saint Peter. First, he must leave the papal boat. Second, he must walk on that turbulent sea amidst the strong winds of diabolical attacks that was the gay lobby in the Vatican. Thirdly, he must pray unceasingly to Christ 'lord, save me.' Fourthly, he must take the hand of Christ and return with Him to the papal boat; and there resume being Pope of the boat as head of the Catholic Church ruling with Christ. Pope Benedict must return as Pope as St. Peter returned with Christ as pilot of the boat. Unless Judas had taken over, since he has not yet hanged himself. 
       Without doing a Saint Peter today, Christ  will not be in the Catholic Church and the boat is in great peril of sinking. Without Christ on board, the Catholic Church does  not look like the barge of St. Peter. In fact it is not. It is still in the midst of the storm and the strong head winds, isn't it? Why?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time. The Church amidst a storm.

 1. Stormy weather.
     The Catholic Church had been through stormy weathers. It is part of God's way of testing men, wherein God allows the devil to use the world and the flesh to temp men. But there are different degrees of tests based on man's ability to overcome them. The more difficult tests are expected near the end times, close to graduation when God is about to bring the virgin Church to its wedding with Christ in heaven.

2. Two stormy incidents. 
      First, there is the story of the boat of Peter during a storm at sea wherein Christ was in the boat and was sleeping at the bow of the boat. 
     There is a second storm at sea, narrated on the 19th Sunday in Ordinary time, where Christ was not with them in the boat. We will discuss this second incident.
     Needless to say, the former incident is what ordinarily happens when the Catholic Church has problems. There is a feeling that Christ is within the Church and that He is only sleeping and needs to be waken up only. And the storm ceases.
     The latter is more serious. Christ was not in the boat. The waves were big and the head winds were strong. The apostles were just glad in seeing Christ walking on water and in their eagerness for His help, Peter left the boat and walked on water towards Christ. 

3. The Catholic Church is the boat.
     The sea is the world and the waves are the sinful tendencies emanating from the fallen nature of the human race. The wind, according to St. Thomas of Aquinas, are the attacks of the devil. The people in the boat, mostly the apostles, are the members of the Catholic Church. 
     The first important lesson is that to be saved we must be in  the boat. Being in the world with its waves is enough to drown our souls, how much more with the strong attacks of the devil. We have no chance. Peter, the first Pope, chosen and trained by Christ was drowning, what is our chances? Nothing. We really have to be inside the boat. Even Peter was inside. And so the repeated exhortation to check well if we are inside the Catholic Church. 

4. Let us look, further,  at the second boat ride in the storm that is the subject of todays Gospel and look at its eschatological fulfillment today.
     First, we see that at three in the morning, Jesus came walking on the water toward the boat on the stormy lake. Three in the morning is about the fourth and last watch of the night. It is almost dawn; this is a symbol that the Church is experiencing its last travail and is about to reach the shore, heaven. 
     Secondly, Christ appeared walking on the water. The apostles were terrified saying, 'it is a ghost.' So Christ was not with them in the boat. Instead they saw Him approaching the boat in the middle of a storm with head winds. 
     Thirdly, St. Peter spoke up and said;"Lord if it is really you, tell me to come to you across the water." So Peter was in the boat. Christ was outside the boat and in  the water, and Peter asked Christ to allow him to leave the boat and walk on the water towards Him.
     Fourthly, St. Thomas wrote, 'Peter left the boat and went down to the sea. When this happened, the wind died down and the waves calmed. So Peter was able to walk confidently towards Christ.
     Fifthly, while calmly walking towards Christ, the wind begun blowing again and the waves rose. Peter became afraid and begun so sink.
     Sixthly, Peter cries out "Lord save me.' Jesus caught him. And they both climbed into the boat. As they returned the wind died down.

5. First, the Catholic Church is undergoing its last test from God that will sort out for the last time the good from the bad. Thus it was approaching the shore, its goal, heaven. 
     Secondly, Christ was, physically out of the Church with the apostles alone in the boat, because Pentecost had not yet occurred.
     The Church is suddenly in the midst of a storm at sea, which is a symbol of the Church enmeshed in the evils of the world and at the same time being attacked by Satan on all sides. This is like Pope Francis being involved in global warming while Satan attacks the family with adultery and abortion. 
     She was, indeed, in great danger of sinking. In this last crisis of the Church, Christ appears returning in His humanity and Divinity back to the Church walking amidst all evil (spiritually He never left the Church, thus the Church is referred to as the Mystical Body of Christ.) Christ was outside the boat because the Church was not yet Church until Pentecost.  Today, the Church is not the church again because the Holy Spirit had left the Catholic Church due to her infidelity.  So Christ is not in the Vatican church. 
     Thirdly, the Pope, at this time, sees Christ outside the boat but returning to the Church; so Peter 'leaves the boat' without leaving the Church and walks towards Christ to pray and beg Him for help. He, sort  of, left the papal throne for a while to walk towards Christ to ask Him to enter the boat again. 
     St. Thomas wrote that Christ makes Popes leave the boat to strengthen their Faith and then return to the boat so Christ can strengthen the Faith of those in the boat. That is what Christ did that night. He strengthened the Faith of Peter to overcome the great crisis in the Church, then bring him back to the boat so he, in turn can confirm the Faith of those in the boat, St. Thomas commented.
     Fourthly, when the Pope leaves the boat, the Papacy , and goes down to the waters for his test, all confusion in the Church ceases for a short while, St. Augustine noted. This enables the Pope to walk out of the boat (the Church) and walk on the waters. But suddenly, the winds (the attacks of the devil) suddenly resumes and the Pope worries and begin to sink. 
     When Pope Benedict seemingly resigned, the crisis, the waves seem to taper down. But when Pope Francis was elected, all the waves and strong winds resume so that Peter begun to sink. 
     Peter sinks because he realized his fears in the face of diabolical onslaught that accompanied the next papacy. But he does not doubt the help that will come from Christ. Peter knows the other apostles in the boat were fearful so he returns with Christ to the boat to confirm the Faith of the Church.
     Fifthly, Christ  grants Peter's prayer to enter the boat, holds him up and both climb into the boat. Christ is back inside the Church with Peter, who left the boat for a while, and restores him back in the boat to confirm his brethren in the Faith. This is the eschatological scenario of this Gospel.
       Thus Christ returned with Peter, the Pope back to his papal throne and the storm and winds dies down. 

6. The Gospel applied today.
    The Gospel of Christ sleeping in the boat is the way the Church solves her crisis in the time of Pope Pontian up to John XXIII. The Gospel of Christ walking and meeting Peter on water is the way the Church will solve a grievous crisis today, year 2000.
     Ratzinger had noted that the boat was in turbulent waters. He wrote in his Ratzinger Report whose sub-title is Crisis in the Church. But when he became Pope, he saw that the head winds, the attacks of the devil,  were very strong. The gay lobby and modernism were diabolically attacking the Church. Both waves and wind can capsize the boat. He, also, saw that Christ was not in the boat because the Catholic dioceses, parishes, orders and congregations did not have the four visible signs of the true Church of Christ. Without those signs Christ cannot be in this or that Church. He saw he had to pray and call Christ back to the boat. Then he sees Christ out of the Vatican Church afar and calls out to Him for help. Christ says; 'come.' So he had to leave his papal throne, using his own words, 'in order to pray' to Christ to return to the boat. 
     We still are awaiting Christ's answer. But as the Gospel prophesied, Christ will surely agree to return. Christ will pick up the seemingly retired Pope, bring him back aboard the boat with Him. Then Christ will calm the storm and the wind. And with the help of the Pope who left the papacy temporarily to pray, Christ will strengthen the Faith of those inside the boat. Only those inside the boat; the rest outside the boat, Pope Francis and most of his bishop appointee will be left in the stormy sea and strong head what?

7. Conclusion
     There is absolutely no other Evangelical reason why Pope Benedict seemingly resigned. His only valid reason was that he imitated St. Peter and fulfilled the prophecy of this Gospel. And all the details prove that he did the will of God in accordance to the Gospel. 
     We still have to wait for Christ's returning to the Church and the restoration of her four visible signs found in the Nicene Creed; which up to this very moment is still non-existent. We are still awaiting for Pope Benedict to be returned by Christ Himself, back into the boat. We are still awaiting the calm and peace, exclusively for those inside the boat, which will follow the return of Christ and the successor of Peter back in the boat. 
     And we are still awaiting what will happen to each one of us when the boat reach the shore. 


TWO PARABLES.......compared.

 1. The parables of the cockle and the wheat vs the parable of the dragnet. 
     These two parables have similarities and differences. Both describes the Catholic Church, referred to in the Gospels as the kingdom of God. Both of them contains the good and the bad;  the first parable had cockles and wheat while the second had good and bad fishes. The good and the bad were eventually separated and given their just deserts.

2. The differences.
     First, Christ prevented the apostles  from  removing the cockle lest the wheats be unrooted, too. While the bad fishes were separated, removed and thrown away. 
     Second, the reason for the above, St. Augustine noted, was that the Jews believed that if the cockles were left together with the wheat, the cockles could turn into wheat. So they were left together in the hope that the cockles turn into wheat. The possibility of conversion.
     Thirdly, the time setting. The cockle had plenty of time to convert to wheat. While in the dragnet, the boat was approaching the shore, for the grand heavenly wedding, already; thus clearly, the Gospel showed that the bad fishes could not convert into good fishes. 

3.How come the cockles can still turn into wheat?
    As long as man is alive and has complete control of his mind and free will, he can repent and make a mature human act of Faith thus turning from being a cockle into wheat. As long as the opportunity to do so is there. In the case of the fishes in the dragnet, they ran out of time. So, it became impossible for the bad fishes to turn into good fishes. Why impossible? Because it takes time to repent and make a mature human act of Faith. From the hidden life of Christ and the life of St. John the Baptist, it can take around 30 years to do so, if we know what must be done to repent and believe. In fact, this is the only thing that monks do in the monastery; to repent leading to Faith. Nothing more. And yet for most monks it takes a lifetime. 

4. How come the bad fishes cannot turn into a good fish?

    We must take note of the difference between those two parables. The cockle and wheat was the parable from Christmas day to Vatican II. After Vatican II, the parable of the dragnet is in effect. 
     St. Thomas described the bad fishes as souls who have learned the commandments of Christ as enumerated in the New Testament. That is why they are inside the dragnet, the Catholic Church. But they did not put into practice the commandments that they have learned; so they became bad fishes and for such souls, if they lose their Faith due to careless, it is almost impossible to regain it. As St. Thomas wrote, if we unroot a young plant and try to transplant it, it will be difficult for it to grow. If the soul learns the teaching of the Catholic Church but does not put it immediately into practice, that Faith will be uprooted. And it will be difficult to transplant it again.

5. The bad fishes.
    St. Thomas defined the bad fishes as those who have learned both the commands of God as enumerated in the Old and New Testament. That can only be seminarians studying for the priesthood. In fact, even seminarians for the priesthood do not know all the commands of God in the Old Testament, like Bergoglio as seen in his 'amores laetitia.' All the more they would not know the commands of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.
As noted Pope John Paul II had expressed this concern in many of his talks to bishops; that the seminarians do not know the way that leads to the Catholic Church and to heaven. Much less is expected of the laity. They would not know anything. 
     So we have a whole world that is a bad fish due to their disobedience to the commands of God due to their ignorance. How can they obey the commands of Christ and be good fishes if they do not know the commands of Christ?
     The bishops should know more; but their knowledge is evidently, still, incomplete. Either God through His mercy aids such bishops to reach the perfection of Faith thus making them good fishes, if not they could regress, lose their Faith and become bad fishes. 
     And if they are caught by the Catholic Church as a dragnet together with the bad fishes, they will be counted among the bad fishes because of their ignorance and disobedience to the commands of God. Due to his disobedience to God's command in the Old Testament and seen in his 'amores laetitia,' Pope Francis, due to his continuous disobedience to God's command is a bad fishe inside the dragnet. 
     And as St. John wrote, 'because he came from  us but not of us' then he is an anti-Christ. Because he came from the Catholic Church   and came from the Jesuit ; but does not act like a Catholic nor a good Jesuit, St. John from his letter, would label Pope Francis as an anti-Christ. With the state of his unbelief and his age......he has run out of time; he is a  perfect example of the bad fish in the be separated and thrown. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017


   1. The Church in crisis. 
       Is there a situation where the Church was in a very grave crisis and she was able to get out of it?  Yes. If there was ever a time the Church was in so deep a crisis  it could not be in  any other time than on Good Friday. It was a day when evil men were able to gather together and murder their own God. The devil was in charge.
     God had foreseen the present crisis. In His wisdom He had given the Church provisions to handle it on Good Friday. And had given the Church occasions for dry runs several times in history. So she is ready for today. Her provisions are ingrained deeply in the Liturgy. Satan knows the solution is in the Liturgy and so his primary efforts are directed towards the destruction of the Liturgy. 
      Good Friday was not a crisis in the Church. It was the day of redemption of the Church. Because God, in his great power, can get a great good out of a great evil. But at first sight it seems like a great crisis.
       Everybody is describing what is happening today in Bergoglio's papacy as a great crisis. Even Pope Emeritus Benedict gave a sober description of what is happening; that the Church is like a capsized boat in a storm. If the Church is loaded with passengers and that happens, the tragic consequence is unimaginable.

2. What do you do in such a great crisis?
     Many good intentioned men had presented solutions and many more are added daily. But they all fall short because, though they are all in the right direction, the solution is not complete. They should have based their solutions on the Liturgy because God provided a ready solution to all problems and left it in the sacramental life of the Liturgy precisely for men to know and apply. 

3. Where can you find the whole picture. 
    It is found in the Gospels after Easter and Pentecost (specifically starting at the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time). The instruction continues up to the Feast of Christ the King. The complete picture of what is happening today that is causing great confusion in the Catholic Church, can be found in the  Gospels both of the Sunday and weekday Masses.

4. What can we find?
     The Liturgy explains everything that is happening today. First, why is the Catholic so confused from Pope Francis down to the layman. Secondly, what is the state of the world? Thirdly, what is the state of the Catholic Church. Fourthly, how  does the true Church of Christ look? Fifthly, why is this happening today?
      Let us give some general answers and show from what Gospels we can find the answer . 
      First, why is there total confusion from Pope Francis down to the simplest layman? Because as the Gospel on the seed states, most souls are infertile soil. They lack knowledge, they do not understand so they are confused, specially many of the bishops. 
      Secondly, what is the state of the world? It is a stormy sea because everybody is at war with everybody. Plus the fact that the wind is causing the sea to be turbulent; the winds being the devil, St. Thomas wrote. The devil is everywhere.
       Thirdly, what is the state of the Catholic Church. As Pope Emeritus quoted, it is like a boat in danger of sinking (19th Sunday)
        Fourthly, how should the true Church look like? Like the crowd attending the miracle of the multiplication of the bread and fishes. 
        Fifthly, why is this happening today? Because as St. Jerome wrote commenting on the boat at sea, it is the fourth hour. 

        Note that here, we have the problem, the cause of the problem and the solution to the problem. We shall get all of them from the Liturgy after Easter and Pentecost. 

5. Why is there confusion?
    The parable of the seeds tells us that the world is filled with souls wherein the seed of God's Word is not planted, like the pagan and the Protestants. That is a host of infertile souls. 
    Then Christ sows seeds. Some become Catholics. But 3/4 fall on infertile Catholic soil; the roadside, the rocky ground and the thorny soil. 3/4 of seeds falling on Catholic souls fall on infertile ground according to the Gospel. Only 1/4 falls on fertile ground. Imagine a group of Catholics where only one knows the truth and the other 3 are teaching errors. Multiply that exponentially and you have a confusion. Add to the 3 infertile Catholic souls the thousands of pagans and Protestants, you won't hear the voice of the one speaking the truth. 
     Most of the cardinals, bishops and priests make up the infertile soil due to their way of life before and during seminary training. Bergoglio would be one of them. Even as Pope he is like the thorny soil with his unnecessary interests in global warming, nature worship and immigrants, all thorny topics. 

6. State of the world.
     The Gospel describes the state of the world as a stormy sea. Without Faith, everything done is evil. The world is faithless so it is expected that everything they do is evil and that makes the world  confused. Add to this the strong wind which St.Thomas described as the work of the devil. Today we have cyclones because the devil knows his time is short. 
     Every man is surrounded by evil and the devil. Just look at the news on Trump. The devils can practically be seen stopping him in every turn. It happens to every man but it is not in the news. 

7. The state of the Church.
     The Vatican Church, from Pope Francis down, is guilty of the sin of scandal, specifically condemned by Christ. Scandals will come into the Church but woe to you though whom it comes. 
     Scandal is when one disobeys the command of God and influence others to do likewise. Pope Francis disobeys God's command on Adultery and tells married people to do likewise. This is scandal. And he had committed  more scandals. Pope Francis does not believe he must be a Catholic and tells his Anglican friend Tony Palmer who wanted to be Catholic, not to do so. This is scandal. Woe to him. Some Jesuits should tell him to tie a mill stone somewhere. 
     What do you expect in a Church where all the priest, for lack of proper discipline and theological education are infertile soil?
      We have a Vatican Church with its subordinate dioceses and parishes, with its religious orders and organizations,  that does not have the four visible signs of the true Church described in the Nicene Creed (Remember that these are the only reliable signs by which the true Catholic church can be recognized). 
     The Vatican puts Sodom and Gomorrah to shame with its gay lobby. Did you hear what they found in the latest raid in the Vatican and which the mass media, under secularist control, is trying to suppress?
     The Gospel described the Church as toss about by the sins of the world and being sunk by the diabolical cyclones from hell. With the eye of the storm being in the Vatican.

8. How does the Church look like?
    From the outside, it looked like a boat tossed by huge waves and being sunk by strong winds. But how does the Church look from within? Like the calm multitude, sitting down quietly in the solitude of the desert and feasting from five loaves of bread and two fishes. 
     St.Thomas described this as a mystical scene. And together with his contemporary Seraphic doctor St. Bonaventure described it in detail; it is the Catholic Church as it should look like today with its four visible signs intertwined with the desert scene of thousands feeding on 5 loaves and 2 fishes. It will be too lengthy to describe it now. 
     It is a picture that cannot be found today; either in the Vatican, in dioceses, parishes, in religious orders, catholic organizations.....and sadly even among Catholic families. But St. John Chrysostom wrote that this church can be established even in any family at home. AT HOME.

9. So what is really happening?
     The beginning of the Gospel on the storm at sea states that it was the fourth hour, i.e. when Christ appeared walking on the water and St. Peter left the boat, walked on water and sank. Christ had to take Peter's hand and brings him back into the boat. And the boat sails calmly into shore, i.e. to everlasting life.
     St. Jerome wrote that the fourth hour is almost the end of the reign of darkness in the history of man and the beginning of the dawn of eternal life....for the predestined. 
     It is the last watch. So it is the last big storm or the last test  for  the Church prelude to the separation of the cockles and the wheat. The wind joining the tidal waves. Don't forget the devils. They will do the greater evil. 
     Christ appears walking on water. Does this mean that Christ will come down prior to General Judgment Day? No. Christ will come in his Mystical Body, completely rejuvenated by the multiplication miracle in the desert. Remember, He was there. He performed the miracle and taught the people. He entered the boat with wet Peter. 
     Christ, as man and God will be in the Church again? The Fathers did not say; or maybe, I did not get it. 
     But watch this. Peter left the boat to go to Christ and pray. Peter left the boat and  sank. And then Christ brings him back into the boat. Did somebody leave the Papacy to pray? And did Christ bring him back to the boat to resume being Pope? This is suppose to happen right now according to the Liturgy. It tells us who is the true Pope and takes away all confusion, isn't it.  
     It is the fourth  watch. This last storm was not a crisis. It was a last test leading to landing ashore. 
     All of these are found in the Liturgy, the official teaching arm of the Catholic Church. As Christ would ask;' do you understand?' Did you get it?