Monday, July 31, 2017


 1. God exists.
     If God exists and He is a God, He will surely intervene in human history. The idea that God created all things and left all things to develop according to the mind of Hawkins is unCatholic. This is the reason the world is in trouble. We don't believe in God. And we believe in that great heresy that man should be running the world including its climate. Pure hogwash. Most of mankind is still in the pig pen, like the prodigal son,  eating husk and refusing to stand up and return to the Father's home. A refusal to repent. 
     God had been complaining about this in the entire Old Testament. Jesus had been preaching the need for penance in the New Testament with only a handful responding. And the Blessed Virgin Mary had been repeatedly reminding the whole human race to repent since LaSallet up to Fatima, with no significant respond to her message. We don't believe in God, we don't believe in Jesus, we don't believe in Mary, in angels..........and necessarily in devils. We have no Faith. Ratzinger noted this in the 80s and in his three major Papal encyclicals. But no one believes Pope Benedict either. 

2. God intervenes in the history of man to remind him that He exists  often times through great chastisements like earthquakes, typhoons and volcanic eruptions. More often though through simple events like an election. The message is the same; 'I, God rules everything according to My Will and for the salvation of man's souls.' God always intervenes. He did so dramatically during His first coming on Christmas day. That's why the devil hates Christmas. 
     The four elements in the scenario that caused the Christmas  intervention which we should note today  that should tell us that an intervention is occurring are:  
     a. The people do not know how to repent, the first step towards salvation. The Jews in the Old Testament did not know how to repent, thus the need for Divine intervention.
     b. In such a case, God would create the natural proper atmosphere for repentance described as the 'fulness of time.' This was the 'Pax Romana,' i.e. there was peace in the entire Roman world. There were roads all over making journeys easy. And there were capable Roman emperors enforcing the Roman law. Try to focus on this most visible sign for the Divine Intervention like the result of an election.
     c. A teacher of repentance is raised by God, not by man. As the prophets and specially St. John the Baptist were raised directly by God before the first coming of Christ.  
     d. This intervention is just for a brief moment, around 3 years, the span of the life of John or Christ.   Chaos resumes as on Good Friday. 
     e. Then follows Saturday, the Sabbath rest in the tomb and afterwards Easter. 

3. Pax Romana.     Since the most visible sign is No. 2, a symbolic 'Pax Romana',  the closest sign similar to this is an election of an emperor or a president followed by a relatively peaceful time amidst gathering storms. 
     Remember that when the number of souls known to God have repented and set aside 'like the bundle set aside for the barn' then God will let loose the diabolic storm, worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, to destroy the rest of the sinful world. 

4. Let us see if these factors are present today to see if an intervention is occurring. Let us return to the second factor, a head of state chosen by God to create an atmosphere conducive to repentance. This head does not have to be a saint; he is just a head chosen by God to help create an atmosphere conducive to repentance. He could be a Nero or a Charlemagne. Both heads can serve God's purposes. So let us begin with an election of an emperor or head of state chosen by God to create the atmosphere conducive to repentance. 
     Then let us work from there and see if the  other factors exist. 

5. First; nobody knows how to repent. Is the world unrepentant? Do we have to go further to find out? Christ, the Blessed Virgin and the saints had been saying so.
    Repentance is the first step towards salvation; it is followed by the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. Without repentance, nobody can have Faith, Hope and Charity, the theological virtues needed for salvation.  To be saved  man must go through these steps. The devil knows that to destroy souls, he does not have to stop souls from going through the four virtues. He only have to prevent souls from doing the first step, repentance. The destruction would surely follow. 
    As noted by Ratzinger when he was cardinal and later on as Pope Benedict and confirmed by the International Theological Commission in 2012, most bishops do not know what is repentance. And they were consistent in their ignorance as is evident in the following Bishop's Synod. Without repentance no one can enter the Catholic Church,
    If the Bishops do not know repentance, the priests and the laymen would not know it either. So we have the whole Catholic Church headed by the Vatican, ignorant of repentance. All the rest of the pagan and Protestant world would not know it either. That makes it almost the entire world. So indeed, we have a situation that needs a Divine Intervention just like the whole world at the time of Christ's incarnation.
     Here we have the first reason for an intervention.

6. Second; God raises a secular head of state to create a conducive natural atmosphere for repentance. This atmosphere is a certain degree of peace and order. This is observable because the head does not have to be a saint. But he will create the atmosphere conducive for repentance, some degree of moral order. So this leader will definitely have a Catholic moral direction in his reign, observing the spirituality of the Old Testament.  The emperors of Rome did this at the time of Christ.
    Knowing that this head is chosen by God for this specific purpose, the whole hell will pounce on him as they did to Julius Caesar; but hell will not succeed, as in the case of Caesar Augustus because God had chosen him as His instrument of intervention. He will be protected until he had accomplished his mission. Then God having set aside the repentant,  will let all hell loose as a punishment for the remaining sinful world. 
    Aside from five known other nations, namely Poland, Scotland, Netherland and Hungary, having these signs conducive to repentance, with probably more, possible present candidates are Putin, Duterte and Trump. The election of these heads of state bogs the human mind. 
     Considering the enormous forces  against their winning, they still won with a landslide. This is a hint of the beginnings of divine intervention. Add to this the diabolical forces, including assassinations,  released against them before, during and after the elections. 

7. Third; who will teach repentance?
     The prophets did in the Old Testament. John the Baptist did it in the time of Christ. But there was none after the death of John. Christ had to do it. 
     Today, it is not the Catholic Church  just like on Good Friday, they have become unbelievers themselves, disobedient to the commands of Christ. 
     Like at the time of St. John the Baptist and like Jonah, today, God will directly chose his prophets. It won't be  Pope Francis who by this time have been prefigured as the first bishop turned traitor, Judas, for having sold the church to the Jews, the transgenders, the gays, the immigrants, the Protestants and the atheists. 
     In Russia, it is the Orthodox Church whose way of life had retained a monastic character up to now. This monastic character is precisely the life of repentance. But because of their schism, their repentance is not complete. Who will complete it? It is coming but no one had pointed its finger on it. 
     We cannot see who is teaching repentance in the US but the fact that the Americans, who, twice,  voted for immoral candidates previously, and who suddenly voted for a morally straight candidate shows that they are disposed to repentance. It will surely come and signs shows it is coming but nobody can put their finger on it yet. It is the same case in the Philippines. The Filipinos have a simple but real Faith, like the Russians and Americans but it is not perfect due to lack of competent spiritual leaders. 
     That state of soul is precisely the invitation for an intervention because nobody can lead them from repentance to Faith except by an act of God. God will intervene the moment the social and political situation is conducive for the intervention. And right now, the three mentioned nations have the proper disposition.

8. This is not the beginning of a golden age. These good times will be very short.  Only 3 years at the time of Christ. It is just a respite from evil times to allow the few weak souls to repent easily. We must take hold of this opportunity immediately lest we be caught with unlighted lamps.

9. The Church on the Sabbath. The day of rest of the Church in the tomb.
     The Fathers and doctors of the Church painted a picture of the Catholic Church during these days. It is different from the other images of the Church.
     The Catholic Church will take a different image. This is the reason nobody knows where the Church is. Not one priest or bishop and not even Pope Francis. It is for this reason that nobody knows if they are inside or outside the Church. Nobody can even prove if he is a Catholic. Challenged, Pope Francis cannot prove that he is Catholic. 'The Church is in the tomb,'  and no one seems to know what that means.  Yet it is the image of the Catholic Church today painted by the Liturgy after Easter and Pentecost  and commented by the Fathers and doctors of the Church.  A lively discussion is going on now on how she looks but all attempts to describe her have failed.

10. Where is the divine intervention?
     How come they were elected when everything was against their their moral agenda? How come they were not the viable candidates yet they were elected? How come diabolical forces seems to continue to derail their functioning? How come it is the Catholic bishops and even Pope Francis who are against them? How come there are so many traitors against them. How come plans for their assassination, impeachment or regime change hang over their heads? How come all the solutions proposed are for self destruction, like start a war anywhere.  Because this is the scenario ripe for divine intervention........a respite for the world.......for a few to be able to repent. 


Thursday, July 27, 2017


 1. Many people are dying today. I would like to concentrate on the Catholic soldier, fighting in the field and is suddenly felt dead by a bullet.  The concern is where did he go? To heaven or to hell. It is a question asked on everyone who dies but to try to answer that question is next to impossible. So let us settle down on one specific example. A Catholic soldier dying in battle.
     Let us look at a US Catholic soldier dying specifically in Syria and describe the situation where he is in. As the news reports, the rebels had been organized and financed by the US and EU to destroy and kill the population of Syria to effect a regime change of a duly elected head. This head is friendly to Catholics and Orthodox and continuous to defend both from ISIS. And the reason for regime change is to put in place a regime against both Catholics and Orthodox that will allow oil pipelines across Syria to enrich the oil tycoons in US and EU. 
     This US Catholic soldier leaves his family to help rebels massacre Catholic and Orthodox, aside from destroying Syrian cities just to help some oil tycoons increase their oil revenues. And he dies in the process. Where will he go? To heaven or to hell? This is my main concern as a priest. 

2. Wars around.
     The world today is filled with wars. These wars are initiated by the devil. The Catholic God is a God of peace. The devil wants to kill as many as he can because he knows souls are unprepared to die and as such cannot go to heaven. He, also, knows his time is short. So the devil initiates wars knowing well that most of those who would die would go to hell. Of course, he is right. But he does not know that good souls are sent to heaven. He, also, does not know that death is in the hands of God. It is God who decides who will die and who will be born; not man. 
     Though it is God who decides who die, it is each individual who decides where he will go; to heaven or to hell. The devil knows that most man have not decided to go to heaven. They prefer to have their heaven here on earth, which is a sin. 

3. A massacre.
    A general reported that when more than 40 policemen were massacred here, most of them were Catholics. They went into an ambushed spiritually unprepared, according to Catholic norms. They did not expect they were going to die. 
      To avoid another similar sad event, the general wanted to introduce a program to prepare Catholic military personnels for death. It seemed they did not have a formal instruction though the military have its own vicariate with a bishop and priests attending to the camps (the current bishop passed away when this post was written.) As of now,  there was no formal instruction given on how to prepare to die and save one's soul.
     Since 2012, Pope Benedict noted that the Bishop's Synod did not know how to prepare oneself for a holy death.  Is that possible not to know that when St. Alphonsus Liquori, founder of the Redemptorist, and St. Robert Bellarmine, Jesuit doctor of the Church have wonderful treatises on how to prepare for a holy death.  It is rather lengthy but it is very clear for anyone to study. Except that the preparation is rather lengthy and highly theological. No wonder even Bishops do not know both writings. The general was informed of this program but he was suddenly transferred. Devil's work to keep the soldiers unprepared for a holy death? 
     Though these two treatises are lengthy, as least there is St. Joan of Arc who prepared her French soldiers for death before each battle. That is the least that can be done for our Catholic soldiers. St. Joan told them to go to confession, to go to Mass and receive Holy Communion, not to commit sin before battles, especially not to curse before battle. And St. Joan would have recommended giving each soldier a Miraculous medal before battle, if she knew Our Lady's apparition at Rue de Bac.  That is very little spiritual preparation for battle. Then just leave the rest to God's mercy. 
     But in the present, new battle in Marawi City, we don't see our soldiers preparing their souls for judgment. If they are killed in battle, where will their soul go? This is the situation of our Catholic soldiers today, either in Marawi or in Syria. 

4. Negligence of the Pope and bishops.
    We have put on notice this negligence noted by Pope Benedict during the 2012 Bishop's Synod where it was clear that the Bishops, which included Mario Bergoglio and all his Vatican staff, attending the Synod that year did not know how a soul prepares for death.
    Remember that when we die we face the judgment seat of God and we have absolutely no idea how the hearing will go. St. Alphonsus Liquori, St. Robert Bellarmine and other saints have written many treatises on 'preparation for death.' It is also summarized in the Liturgy of the Mass. We have no reason to be ignorant of it, except if we are not interested on how to prepare ourselves for that judgment that follows death. 
     Reading the two above treatises, it is noticeable that most of our Catholic soldiers dying in battle are not going any where near heaven, especially those in the US and EU armies because they seems to be fighting to preserve and increase the profits of the oil tycoons and producers of war armaments. They are dying to preserve big business. No one goes to heaven for doing that. 

5. Not only soldiers.
   Aside from the Catholic soldiers, there are Catholic priests, nuns, and civilians. What about them? Will we allow them to die unprepared? We have prepared  a rich harvest of unprepared souls for the devil. And with the devil's killers on a rampage, from abortions to murder, what have the Catholic Church done? They merely declared that there is no religious war going on. Nobody is killing anybody. This is what Pope Francis, down to the heads of Bishop conference are saying. While playing ignorance, Catholic soldiers and non-combatants are dying completely unprepared to face the judgment seat of God. 
    Pope Francis have solved that problem. He declared that for most souls there is no judgment. The bad souls are just annihilated from the face of the earth. Nothing to worry here. While the good ones got to heaven. Hey, how does that work? The good are rewarded eternally, while the bad are erased from the face of the earth.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

16th SUNDAY in ordinary time. The WHEAT and the COCKLE.

 1. The Liturgy in Ordinary time after Easter and Pentecost.
     The Liturgy in ordinary time after Easter and Pentecost deals with the state of the Catholic Church and the world. The state of the world is just a reflection of the state of the Church but in a worse state. If the church is gay, this is reflected in that the state is even more gay. 
     To understand what is going on in the world and in the church, the above principle must be kept in mind. The world is in total confusion today because the church is in total confusion. History shows that when the church is well, the world will, also, be well. It all depends on the church. The Church is the soul of the world; while the world is the body. When the soul is well the body is well and if the soul is not well, the body will not be well.

 2. The parable of the cockle and the wheat.
     The post Easter and Pentecost liturgy describes how the church and the world will be during these days. This is called eschatology. During this 16th Sunday in ordinary time the church and the world are both described as a field of the Lord. 
     At first, God sowed good seed, wheat. After the sowers had sowed the good seeds and were asleep, an enemy, the devil, came and sowed bad seeds, cockles. After sowing weeds  ' the devil made of.'

3. The sequence is important.
    God does things first for the salvation of men. Then the devil makes an imitation of what God had done to destroy souls. St. Augustine noted that when the devil deceives souls, he simply imitates what God does. The devil's fake imitation deceives and destroys souls. So, the devil waits for God to institute a religions; then the devil imitate God's religion  to deceive and destroy souls. Again, the devil waits for God to choose apostles, then he imitates God, choose his own apostles and use them to deceive and destroys souls. God establishes His community; the devil imitates God's community and makes his own to deceive men into joining his community instead.
     God creates the 'originals', the devil makes 'imitations.' God creates to save souls; the devil imitates to deceive and attract souls into his deceptions. 
     So the Gospel shows that God sows the 'originals'. Then afterwards, the devil comes to sow his fake 'imitations.' After sowing his imitation, the Gospel says that 'he made of;' i.e. the devil leaves the scene of the imitation so that nobody can notice that he is the author of the 'imitation.' It is difficult to discern the 'imitations' from the 'originals.' The imitations were made by angelic minds after all.
     St. Augustine emphasized the importance of the 'originals' being the first; while the imitations only comes after.

4. The Liturgy points out the importance of detecting the  'originals.'
     The Liturgy of the Mass have three readings; an Old Testament reading, a reading from the writings of the apostles, and lastly, the Gospel. These are reminders of what was the original seeds sowed by God. When modern things are analyzed today,  we must based our analysis on these three readings from the 'originals.' If it conforms to these readings, then it is an 'original' and, therefore, from God who sowed the good seed. If it does not conform to the 'originals,' then it has been sowed after the sowers had fallen asleep, by the enemy, the devil. It is a cockle.
5. 'While everyone was asleep, the enemy came and sowed weeds.'
     St. Thomas Aquinas wrote, when Christ, the apostles and the Fathers of the Church 'slept,' i.e. passed away, the enemy, the devil, came and sowed weeds. Weeds are identical to wheat when both are young. But when they grow, the weeds bear nothings while the wheat bear grains that can be made into bread or rice. Only when they grow that the difference is seen. 
     So it takes a little time for both to grow to notice that the teachings of Pope Francis has absolutely no similarity with the good seed sowed by God. The seeds planted by Pope Francis is akin to the weeds sowed by the enemy. The teachings of Pope Francis has no similarity to the three readings of the Mass that describes the 'originals.' Pope Francis and his teams had been planted by the 'enemy' and if this is not detectable, it is because the enemy 'made off,' so he cannot be detected. Clever. But not good enough. The wolve's tail is seen all over the sheep's clothing, St. Augustine would write. The wolves tail cannot be covered by the sheep's short tail. It is easy to see it. 

6. St. Thomas further describes the cockles from the wheat.
    The seeds sowed by God can be checked from His first 'originals', i.e. the Old Testament. It can be checked further with His second 'originals,' i.e. the New Testament which is the perfection of the Old Testament. This is amplified by the Fathers of the Church and safely kept in the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. These are the clear bases by we can check on God's 'original' good seeds.
    St. Thomas described the bad weeds as those proposed by the weeds planted by the enemy; first, the bad Catholics who combine cockles with wheat to deceive souls. Of course, souls will accept the wheat and unknowingly accept also the weeds and be destroyed in the process. Most bishops including Pope Francis belong to this group.
    The second are heretics who deny one or two truths of the Church. And thirdly, the schismatics. Most Catholics are schismatics today because they are siding with the wrong Pope, Pope Francis, who does not have any of the visible marks of the true Church of Christ as enumerated in the Nicene Creed or the 15 marks of the true Church by St Robert Bellarmine. 

     On two counts, most bishops including Pope Francis does not correspond to the sower who sowed good seed, the 'original wheat'. They correspond to the enemy who sowed bad weeds, that unfortunately looks like wheat but which is useless weeds. Check it out. We know the good seeds planted by Christ in the Church. It was the first, the original, the oldest. The seeds planted by Pope Francis is just 50 years old. He planted it long after God planted the original seeds. 'Did You not plant good seeds. How come there are weeds?' 'The enemy have done this.'   

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The BISHOPS are W R O N G, again!.

 1. The Liturgy states that during these days, Bishops will more often be wrong in what they say. This was earlier prophesied on Good Friday in that the High priest, the Pharisees and the Scribes were all wrong about Christ. These were the priests and the bishops in Christ's time. Judas, one of the first bishops was wrong. And St. Paul had to correct St. Peter, the first Pope. 
     St. John Chrysostom quipped as early as 349 AD that 'the floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.' How did that happen? Many bishops were already teaching wrong doctrines.  
     This state of affairs is again described by Christ and incorporated in the Liturgy during the season after Easter and Pentecost; when speaking to His apostles Christ warned  them to have courage because of the coming persecution. Christ was referring to persecution of His Church from the modern Pharisees and Judases, from some of the bishops, cardinals and even from Popes, 'whose skulls pave the floor of hell' due to their  errors which they  deceitfully claim to be teachings of the  Church. 
     One does not persecute the Church by telling the truth but by telling lies or heresies. Though these prophesies of bishops teaching erroneous doctrines are occurring all over the world, we would like to present this prophesied phenomenon in the Philippines where the former president of the Bishop's conference keeps on teaching wrong doctrines while giving the impression that these errors are Catholic teachings. 

2. The bishops are wrong again.
     There is a new president of the Bishop's conference (elected during their last June meeting at Pius center) and we hope he is more Catholic. The previous president was un-Catholic  in three previous occasion while giving the impression that he was teaching Catholic doctrines, the bishop's declaration went against Catholic teachings.  (The other bishops clarified that the statements were made without the consent of the bishop's conference but was only a personal opinion of the former president.)  Ayyyy... some bishops insist on continuing to pave the floor of hell with their skulls. 
     The first error of the bishop's statement was on Capital punishment.  Capital punishment is not against Catholic doctrine. In fact, capital punishment is a Catholic teaching. St. Paul described this as the 'power of the sword,' given by God directly to the heads of state when bishops are totally incapable of helping the criminal  to repent for their sins. 
     So, evidently, capital punishment is a power given by God to heads of state due to the ignorance and incompetence of priests and bishops in teaching the populace to repent. If the bishops are competent to teach the populace to repent, there will be no need for capital punishment. In fact, there will be no need for jails and prisons. But many of them are ignorant and impotent; so God is left with no other alternative  to solve the problem except to grant the head of state the power to impose capital punishment as a last resort to encourage the criminal to repent. So the head of state is given an alternative to do what bishops and priest are supposed to do but which they are not doing. 
     The need for capital punishment given by God to heads of state is due to the incompetence and ignorance of the Church leaders. Then when the head of state use their God-given alternative, they are criticized by the ignorant bishop.

     The second error of the bishop is encouraging political groups to bring the president to the world court. St. Paul, again, prohibits Catholics to be brought to pagan or protestant courts because these courts will never render a fair judgment due to their corrupt bases for judgments. St. Paul specifically state what must be done. And the bishops had violated this Catholic  provision of Scriptures by encouraging political groups in bringing a Catholic president before a pagan court.  This is against Catholic teachings explicitly condemned by St. Paul and confirmed by tradition. Why are the bishops giving unCatholic suggestions while giving the impression that these are Catholic teachings? They are not Catholic teachings. Ok. Maybe they forgot their theology. Then let them keep quiet first and return to their text books.

3. Thirdly, the former president bishop said that there is no religious war. All conflicts are religious wars.
    There is a war  from the beginning of creation and all wars  are  just an extension of that war. It was a religious war; not really a war..... but a rebellion which is the beginnings of all wars. The war is a rebellion of evil against the good. This element is present in all conflicts.
     It was the rebellion of some angels against God. The rebellious angels eventually turned into devils. There is really no contest between the angels and God. It was a hopeless rebellion of the weak and inferior devils against Almighty God. There was no contest. So we cannot really call it a war, but a rebellion. 
     We understand why the bishop does not realize the existence of this continuous religious war that is going on between evil and good. Even St. Thomas described it as the 'the mystery of iniquity .' Many cannot understand why evil, by nature, must always wage war against the good. It is simple really. Evil must always wage war against  the good because it is evil. And why should evil wage war against the good? Because the good is good. There is no other reason.

     And so in every conflict, there is an element of good and an element of evil wherein the evil attacks the good for no other reason than because evil is evil and because good is good. The good never attacks the evil; it is against the nature of the good. The evil attacks the good and, also, attacks other evils. Because being evil, it will always attack everybody. 
     The news had shown men breaking down statues of Mary and Jesus and burning churches. What wrong had those statues and buildings done? Nothing, except that they are symbols of good. And evil must destroy them. St. John wrote; 'darkness can ever stand the light.'
     What if when those vandals die they see that the statues they broke are symbols of the real God who will judge them.  

4. More specifically, the real battle is between the minds of men and the minds of the devil, with God and the angels watching on the sidelines ready to aid men if he prays. The devil tempts men to do his own will,  while God and the good angels inspire men to do God's Will. It is more more about making a choice rather than a battle; a choice each man must make upon which the salvation of his will depend on. With God rewarding those who make the right choices while punishing those who make the wrong choices. 
     So it is not a religious war between God and the devil. It is not a war between evil and good. It is ultimately a choice made by each man between the Will of God and the will of man. If God's Will is chosen, God rewards the man. If man chooses his own will God will punish him. It is when the choice is being made that evil attacks all men to tempt, to force him, to terrorize him to chose what is evil. God watches. It is a test for each man of what he will chose and for which he will be rewarded or punished accordingly. 
     It is, in fact, a very private war within  each man between his heart and his mind. All others are mere spectators and cheer leaders with God alone as the one and only judge of the outcome.
5. But it can still be described as a war between religions because it is a war between good and evil within each man.

6. How come the bishops does not know this?  Because it is a 'mystery of iniquity,' St. Paul described it. Most do not understand it because most men do not know what is sin and what is evil. It is a mystery. 
     The previous Popes had described modern men as ignorant of sin and evil. That is the reason the bishops cannot see the war of religions that is going on. Because to see that, one must know what is good and evil. Many bishops do not know what is evil. Not even Pope Francis who have blessed adulterers, atheists, unbelievers, pagans, Jews, gays, transgenders and even deified nature. He had abolished hell and canonized non-catholics. Pope Francis is on the side of evil against the good. God had described what is evil and what is good.

     And St. James wrote that this interior battle is the cause of all external wars. 
     Essentially, all wars is between what you want versus what I want. It could be a war between husband and wife or a war between Germany and Great Britain; it could be a war between Pope Francis and Cardinal Burke;  a war between Benedictine Liturgist against Summorum Pontificum. It is a war between what is God's Will which is always good; versus what I want which is always evil.  And nobody knows why doing what I want is evil. Not even the bishops. Wasn't this the sin of Adam and Even?

7. Rebellion is always evil against the good. 
    The good will not rebel against the good. The evil will always rebel against the good. Though the evil can, also,  rebel against the evil. Thus all devils are against the good. While all devils are against other devils because there is no charity among them which is the unifying force in the world. While the good can be unified thus Unity is one of the visible signs of the true Church, that is Unity or Oneness. Following St. Paul's words that there is only one true God while the others are all devils, we can see all the devils rebelling against God while, also, fighting among themselves. In either case, the war is a religious war whether it is between good and evil or between evil against evil. Because morality is involved. 
8. Analysis of this war between good and evil.
    All world and national wars have the element of the evil warring against God. All revolutions, like the French Revolution, is a rebellion against the true religion of God.
     The war of the roses were essentially insisting on one's will than doing God's Will. A quarrel between husband and wife is a religious war if the cause is analyzed.
     All athletic games are minuscule rebellions against the good God. 

     The democrats, the courts and almost the entire American bureaucracy going against President elect Trump is a rebellion against God. If the bishops cannot see this, how can the ordinary Americans. 
     Pope Francis  is now waging a very religious war against 'Humanae Vitae' and 'Summorum Pontificum , against the Franciscans of the Immaculate, against the Knights of Malta, against the Heralds of the Gospel,  etc. And he does not see it as a religious war; that is why the Phillipine bishops had embraced the same errors of Pope Francis.  
     How many bishops are waging a religious war against their own parish priests?

9. Describing these days, Christ said; 'there will be wars and rumors of wars. There will be no peace on the earth. Nations will rise against nations. The devils, out of envy, will constantly attack men for the destruction of his soul. All these will be in the level of morality. And there is no religious war?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Saturday, 14th Week, ordinary time. 'He who acknowledges me before others....'

 1. He who acknowledges me  before others I will acknowledge  before my heavenly Father.  But whoever denies me before others, I will deny before my heavenly Father.

2. The command to acknowledge Christ before men consist is having a mind that assents to the truths and commands taught by Christ and in consenting to the truths and commands taught by Christ. This is the interior aspect of this command that all must have to be able to acknowledge Christ before men. And an added element is that we must express this assent and consent through words of our mouth before men. 
     There are three elements here; first, an act of the mind; secondly,  an act of the will; and thirdly, an outward bodily expression that conforms to the mind and will.
     Let's take an example; the Holy Eucharist. First, the mind must assent to the presence of Christ in the holy Eucharist; Christ being a God can do that and had done it for the salvation of men. Secondly, the will must love and rejoice in this truth because it is an expression of God's Divine Love for man that man must reciprocate. Thirdly, man must acknowledge this truth by saying in in words from one's mouth to those who inquire or defend this truth to those who deny it. And he may, also, show bodily reverence towards the Eucharist by geneflecting or kneeling before It. 
     The above three elements make up the act of confessing the truth before men that will, in turn, oblige Christ to confess that man before His Father in Heaven. That act of man will make him deserve everlasting life before God's throne. 
     If any of those three elements is lacking that man will not be able to confess Christ before men; and as a consequence, Christ will reject him before His Father saying,' I do not know this man,' the sentence of perdition. 

3. The three elements.
     The act of the mind and the act of the will is done through the help of grace from above, writes St. Thomas of Aquinas. The 'confession with the mouth'  made unto salvation before men is the mature human act resulting from the help of grace from above. 
     St. Thomas noted that the reward of man confessing Christ before men is greater than the good done; by a simple act of the mind, the will and the mouth, one can attain everlasting life with God. 
     While the punishment for not acknowledging Christ before men is more than the evil act itself. By a simple act of the mind and will and keeping quiet, man can go to hell. 

4. In short.
     Who is he who confesses Christ before men? He who obeys the commands of Christ as enumerated in the New Testament. The obedience to the command shows the three elements; first, the assent of the mind, the consent of the will and the outward confession of the interior through outward physical acts. 
    And who is he who does not acknowledge Christ before men? He who disobeys the commands of Christ. 

5. The 'Dubia.'
     The 'dubia' sent to Pope Francis is a demand made by the cardinals for Pope Francis to confess before men if Christ, indeed, taught that matrimony before God is indissoluble. Whether Christ taught that adultery is a mortal sin. That this state of mortal sin disqualifies anyone to receive Holy Communion. That Pope Francis express what is in his mind and will. More than 300 days by now and Pope Francis is silent. He refuses to acknowledge before the Catholic world what is the teaching of Christ on the matter. According to St. Thomas of Aquinas, he is refusing to acknowledge the teachings of Christ before men. What do you think is Christ doing right now? Most of the bishops and many priests are in this same state. Do you still think they are inside the Church? Their disobedience to the commands of Christ is their denial of Christ before men all over the world. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Friday 14th Wk in Ordinary Time - CONFUSING TIMES.

 1. The MOST confusing times. 
      There are many confusing times in the history of the Church. But could there be the 'most confusing times?' Yes......when all the sources of Divine Revelation are not available. 
     The sources of Divine Revelation had always been available to men; Sacred Scriptures, Tradition, the Fathers of the Church, the documents of the Pope and the Magisterium, from the homilies of good priests and bishops, from the Sacred Liturgy, from retreats, from schools of theology and seminaries, etc. And of course, through the direct intervention from God.
      Can all the above sources of Revelation become unavailable except for the last, Divine intervention? 

2. Yes! It happened before as a figure for the future. This was on Good Friday where suddenly all sources of Divine Revelation were not available except a direct intervention from God. So this has occurred  before and God, Himself, had provided an intervention for it for the welfare of poor man.

3. How confusing can it be?
     It will be so bad that no one can know the truth that leads to everlasting life because the world is  filled with lies and  false informations. And like on Good Friday theophanies were the only source of truth.
    Christ, in todays Gospel foretells the evils which will befall the apostles which enabled the apostles to see that Christ knew the future.  They saw a picture of the things that would befall the church not because of a want of power in Christ but as a foreshadowing so that they would not be dismayed. Christ was presenting to them a 'new strategy' in warfare. 

4, Christ described it this way; 'you will be like sheep amidst raging wolves. But do not worry because you will be able to convert  the wolves because I will speak through you.'
     Governments and the bishops and priests of the Church will go against you.  Those around you will make you  feel their cruel authority.  Everyone around will display the terms of authorities in their desire to be thought as lords. Everyone will hate their neighbor.
     But do not worry you won't be hurt. You shall prevail against the wolves. But to do so you must be 'wise as serpents and simple as doves.' St. Thomas expressed the need to be 'wise as serpents' to escape all the snares that will surround the Church these days; and to be 'simple as doves' to avoid doing evils to others. 
     St. Thomas continues to describe the evils that will surround the Church; they will deliver you to courts and forbid you to preach in My Name. But when you go to battle, it is I who will fight for you. You utter the words but it is I who will speak. In effect you will be modern day prophets. During these days you will not be answering friends but a raging crowd. 
     In these days there can be no affection between those with different Faith. All men will hate you, and will exterminate you as an enemy of the world.

5. Your weapon.
    Your weapon is be as 'wise as a serpent' and as 'simple as a dove.' These wisdom and simplicity are not natural but supernatural virtues and will be God-given. Without these God-given traits no one can survive these times, which is a description of the Church today. The persecution will be so intense that there will be a need to keep on moving to be able to practice the Faith. But this will not take long because, he adds, that the apostles will not have to keep on transferring to the towns of Israel when He will suddenly come and end the world. 

6. How will the Catholic Church look like? Aside from the four visible signs found in the Nicene creed, the Church must show extraordinary Wisdom of serpents and meekness of doves. 

7. St. Thomas of Aquinas, in his commentary on today's Gospel, describes it as 'a new way of warfare' in extraordinary times that must be waged against our own Church and the whole world both of whom has turned against Jesus Christ.  

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

THE PARALYTIC - Thursday in 13th Week in Ordinary Time.

 1. The paralytic is the sinner.
     Because of his sins, he cannot go to Christ. He needs help from men with Faith who can bring him to Christ. Only those with Faith can go to Christ. Those without Faith cannot. So some friends with Faith carries him to Christ. There were four of them; it is a community that bring him to Christ, the Church.
     This shows the need for community life among those with Faith. The community, the Church is needed to bring those without Faith to Christ. This is evangelization. Except that today evangelizers have no Faith. They do not form the Church, and are unable to bring anybody to Christ. The lost of community life of the Church had made it impossible for anybody to reach Christ. 

2. When the men of Faith had brought the paralytic to Christ, Christ demands that the paralytic, the sinner repents so he can reach Faith that will enable him to walk and bring others to Christ. 
     Christ tells him; 'rise up.' This is exactly the same thing that the Prodigal Son did, 'he rose up.' That is equivalent to stand up from his state of sin by being sorry for them and abandoning them. Then Christ tells him to 'roll up his mat.' A sign that he had accomplished his repentance, i.e. he no longer lies down on his sins but is free from them. 

3. The need for community life.
     The need for four men to carry, i.e. to give admonitions. So the four men are men of Faith that teaches the paralytic what are the commands of Christ, how to be contrite for his sins, the need to stop his past sins and the need to make satisfaction for past sins. The four men further reminds him of the commands of Christ as he forgets them or violates them. They encourage him in obeying the commands as he finds them difficult to obey and supports him in his weaknesses. The four men is literally evangelizing the paralytic and this essentially is a work of the whole Church. An unbeliever receives Faith, i.e. is carried to Christ, within the Church. This process is what it means for the four men to carry the paralytic to Christ. It is not just a mere physical carrying of the man. St. Thomas describes the process of carrying the paralytic as 'admonishing the sinner through a life of repentance.'     
     Thus the paralytic was lastly commanded to 'go home,' i,e. to enter the Church that makes him worthy, also, to enter the kingdom of heaven.
     The four men cannot bring the paralytic inside the Church. The paralytic enter the Church by the command of Christ and with his cooperation. Christ told him 'go home.' The four men can only lower the paralytic before Christ. Christ had to command the paralytic to stand and come to Him. The paralytic's contact with Christ is his exposure to the Word of God from he heard the words, 'stand up, take up your bed and go home. 

4. Today, no one carries paralytics to Christ. 
     It is difficult to find a community with four men with Faith. That means truly four Catholic men. It is difficult to find four faithful men who will spend great efforts to teach and admonish a soul step by step on how to undergo the entire life of repentance. This could take many years, like thirty years as shown in the hidden life of Christ. And since no one carries paralytics to Christ, no one hears the Words of Christ to 'stand up,' take up your bed,' and 'enter the Church.'
     The words we hear are; there is no hell, all religions can bring us to heaven, adulterers can receive Holy Communion and save the environment. Never mind the soul; they die anyway.  These words of Pope Francis do not seem to be the words of Christ to the paralytic.  As a result no one is entering the Church. The proof? You cannot find a parish or a diocese with four men of Faith who can carry sinners to Christ. In other words, it is next to impossible to find any parish or diocese that has the four visible signs of Faith enumerated in the Nicene Creed; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. Not even the Vatican has these four visible signs. Yet these are described as visible signs. Everybody can see them. How come nobody can see them? 

5. Has the Church become one whole paralytic unable to 'stand up,' 'role up its mat,' and 'go home?' Then it is not the Catholic Church. It is just a very sick man, without Redemption and without salvation. But the Church continues to exist; it is the indwelling of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. It must still  be here on  earth. 
     Has the Church changed her residence? The Apocalypse answers 'Yes.' Portrayed by the Woman, the Great Sign in the Heaven, she has transferred her residence. She is clearly no longer in the Vatican because the description of her new residence has absolutely no similarity with that of the Vatican. 

Thursday, July 06, 2017

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time. DAYS OF DARKNESS.

 1. Day of darkness in Holy Week.
     The 'days of darkness' had been mentioned quite often these days. The most popular quote is from Padre Pio. As a young boy I remember a man announcing three days of darkness and selling blessed candles, the only thing that will light during those days. Of course, the date came and went and there was no day of darkness. 

2. Popular concept of days of darkness.
     This had been the popular notion of these 'days of darkness' ever since. But it is difficult to find Padre Pio's interpretation of these 'days of darkness.' Catholic tradition, however, mentions  this incident. It is in today's Introit. It is, also,  part of Good Friday, which eschatologically is the figure of these, our present days. 
3. True concept of 'days of darkness' is from John's Gospel
     The days of darkness was first described at the beginning of John's Gospel that was read, before,  as the last Gospel of all Masses but which had been abolished since the great abuses entered the Liturgy of the Mass. It states; 'He was the light and the darkness did not accept Him.' The darkness was so great that when the light came, It could not be seen because the darkness was so great. 
     This could happen, only, on Good Friday; which is a prophecy of the present day.

4. True darkness; causes of darkness. Why is it dark today.
     When the Light came it came in different forms to enlighten the minds of men. First; it came in the form of Divine Revelation. Secondly; it came through the words of the prophets. Thirdly, it came through the Words of Christ as part of Divine Revelation. Fourthly, it came through the apostolic preachers. Fifthly, it was explained by the Fathers of the Church. And sixthly, it remained in the Magisterium of the Church that conformed with Divine Revelation. These were the sources of light. They all proclaimed the same thing - the contents of Divine Revelation.

5. How did these lights go off?
    It did not. John's Gospel wrote, that the Light came, but men preferring their sins chose to stay in darkness. Specifically this is what happened. First, Divine Revelation could not be understood because men did not know how to study it. As Christ, Himself, told Peter, just a few masses ago when He asked His disciples 'who the Son of Man' is; 'your answers came from men.' But Peter's answer cannot be learned from men; it is taught by My Father in heaven. All priests today, from Pope Francis to the youngest priest learned their theology from men and not from the Father in Heaven. 
     Secondly, the teachings of the Old Testament prophets cannot be interpreted properly. And much more the prophets of the New Testament. 
     Thirdly, the Words of Christ which are the perfection of the Old Testament is even impossible to interpret because the truths are supernatural needing the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity to interpret them. Most lack these virtues. 
     Fourthly, the apostles were people 'sent by God,' thus the word apostles. Most of our preachers today are not 'sent by God.' They are merely sent by their bishops, who are men,  or self sent by  themselves, neither of which is God. 
    Fifthly, the Fathers of the Church are no longer quoted from the time of Pope Francis. If quoted at all, it is misquoted. Most of these literature are difficult to find or are very expensive and are more beautifully and more colorful modern theology books. 
    Sixthly, the Magisterium since the time of Pope Francis had been saying the opposite of what the previous Magisterium had been saying. 

6. There is a last source God's light; and it is going out, the Mass.
     From the beginning, the Mass had been the primary source of Divine Revelation for believers. There everything is done right. So for many centuries it had been the purest source of Divine Revelation. During Vatican II the shadow of darkness begun to envelop it with Liturgical abuses. Everything went wrong so that now it is nearly impossible to learn Divine Revelation from it.
    The destruction of this last source of Divine Revelation started with the experimentation of Odo Casel, a  Benedictine liturgist. It was introduced in Vatican II by Bugnini, a follower of Casel and carried over by the theology school of Sant' Anselmo, the Benedictine school at the Aventine Hill in Rome. The Liturgical abuses was scattered around the world by the liturgists of this Benedictine school.
     Today, a lay liturgist from the same Benedictine school,  Grillo, had devised a new Mass to please the Protestants and is now under approval by Pope Francis. It has completely taken away the last vestiges of Catholicity from the Mass. The last source of God's light under Pope Francis, it  will be gone soon. The Catholic Mass as I used to celebrate it as a young priest will be gone soon. And with it the last chance for men to know the way to heaven as taught by Christ in Divine Revelation. 
     Now, in the desk of Pope Francis for approval, we shall all be soon attending a Protestant service on Sundays. 
     The prophecy from the Old Testament will be fulfilled; the mass shall ceased to be celebrated, there will be no consecration so there will be no sacred species in the tabernacles, the ordination of priests and bishops will be invalid or as pre-figured in the Temple.....the Holy of Holies will be on Good Friday, it will be so today. Congratulations Catholic Church. You have become just like the Jewish people. Your churches had become like the synagogues .......of Satan.

7. Before that mass from the Liturgical School of Sant' Anselmo is approved, here is a last chance to know the way to heaven as can still be appreciated in today's Liturgy, the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time.
    To go to heaven we must have accomplished the following. First, we must love husband, wife and children. But we must love God more than them. Otherwise we are worthy of Him. Second, we must take up His cross, i.e. obey His commandments as found in the New Testament. He who does what he likes  will bring himself to ruin; but he does what God likes will discover who he is. These above commands assumes that we know all the commands of Christ as found in the New Testament.
     Now, let us look at some good works that differentiates Catholics from Protestant. 'He who welcomes you welcomes Me. Who are 'you?' The apostles who know and have obeyed the commands of Christ. With 'Amores laetitia' Pope Francis shows ignorance and disobedience to the commands of God the Father in the Old Testament. He is not even a good Jew. Those who welcome immigrant do not welcome Christ either because they do not know and they do not obey the commands of Christ. 
      Next, he who welcomes a prophet....will receive a prophets rewards. Who is a 'prophet?' One who preaches the commands of Christ. Neither Pope Francis nor the immigrants fall under this. No good works here either. 
     Next, he who welcomes a holy man.....will receive a holy man's reward. Who is a holy man?  One who has the three theological virtues and as a consequence, have the four visible signs of the Catholic Church, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. Or he should have the 15 Marks of the true Church according to St. Robert Bellarmine. Pope Francis and most of the bishops and priest cannot show any of these signs. 
     Last, he who gives a cup of cold one of these lowly ones. Who are the 'lowly ones? 'Those with the first Beatitudes, the first degree of holiness. This is the virtue described by St. Ignatius of Loyola and most Jesuits, Benedictines, etc. do not have it either because they cannot describe it properly. 

8. Based on the definitions of St. Thomas of Aquinas mentioned above, Pope Francis is no prophet, is no holy man, and is no disciple of Christ. Probably he is no Pope. 

Sunday, July 02, 2017


 1. This important feast had just been abolished, just like many important feast that has something to do with the salvation of our souls. These abolitions are meant to make man forget the essentials acts needed for the salvation of his soul. 
     This feast was celebrated in the early Christian times because the very salvation of man depends in the shedding of Christ blood on the cross. Christ shed His blood on the cross for the redemption of mankind. But this act cannot be applied for the salvation of man unless man is united to the Mystical Body of Christ as symbolized in the consecration of the wine during Mass.
     At the beginning of the Mass, the wine and bread are the symbols of the human soul. These are consecrated to become the Body and Blood of Christ, thus man, symbolized by the unconsecrated wine and host at the offertory,  are suddenly united to the Mystical Body of Christ during consecration. This mystery of the union of man with the Mystical Body of Christ is presented in the feast of the Precious Blood. 

2. The two drinks of Christ on Good Friday- wine and vinegar. 
     In celebrating the Precious Blood of Christ, we will momentarily separate the host from the wine and look only at the wine.
     At the last Supper Christ drank wine and consecrated it to become His Body and Blood. So, the consecrated Wine is the Body and Blood of Christ. This is what the apostles drank that symbolized their intense union with the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church. This is a guarantee of salvation; that the apostles had worthily and voluntarily received the Body and Blood of Christ in Holy Communion, the Liturgical sign of their intense union with the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church. 
     Christ was, also, given vinegar to drink. He did not drink the vinegar voluntarily. It was forced on Him. The wine is the symbol of the true Church; the vinegar is the symbol of the fake church. Good wine is wine. Bad and sour vine is vinegar. 

3. Grape fruit, grape juice, wine, vinegar.
    It all begins with a bunch of grape fruit. This is not wine. The grape fruit is crushed into juice. It is not yet wine. The juice is fermented and it becomes wine. Then it must be preserved to remain wine, otherwise, it will turn to vinegar. That is the journey of a soul.

4. Production of wine.
    The Feast of the Precious Blood reminds us of the ascetical process needed for the soul to become wine. First, the pride and selfish ego of the souls of the member of the community must be crushed with Christ's command 'to deny oneself, carry one's cross and follow Christ.' Then the resultant united one grape juice that has become united in mind and heart must be fermented by the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. Now, it is wine. Only now can it be consecrated into the Body and Blood of Christ. Only now can it be worthily united to the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church as symbolized by the Precious Blood of Christ. The Precious Blood of Christ is the symbol of the union of the true Christian soul with the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church. It occurs during the consecration when the Christian soul has been mystically transformed into wine and the consecration of the Mass had been done according to the instructions of Christ.

5. Juice and Vinegar.
    The union of the christian soul with the Mystical Body of Christ cannot occur if the soul is only a grape juice or if it has been carelessly changed into vinegar. When is a soul a mere grape juice? When he has not progressed properly in the Spiritual life; when he has not finished his life of repentance and, therefore, has not reached the life of Faith. 
     When does a soul turn into vinegar? Wine that is constantly exposed to the air turns into vinegar. A soul that is constantly exposed to the pleasures of the world tend to turn to vinegar. Just as wine is preserved by sucking out air from the bottle with a pump to minimize its exposure to outside air, the ascetical practice of running away from the world is the way to preserve the soul that has mystically become wine ready for consecration or union with with the Church.

     What are the two common defects of souls? They remain as grape juice invalid for consecration. This is when they do not complete their life of repentance. And when do they become vinegar? When they are overly exposed to the pleasures of the world. Either way Christ rejects them.
     Both juice and vinegar cannot be  consecrated; they cannot be united to the true Church, the Mystical Body of Christ 

6. The Feast of the Precious Blood.
     This Liturgical Feast tells us to check if we are good wine ready for consecration  or vinegar ready to be spewed by Christ. 

Saturday, July 01, 2017

ST. PETER AND ST. PAUL. 'Who do people say I am.'

 1. 'Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?'
     Christ was asking a question. Of course, He knew the answer to His own question but He was teaching his disciples on how to get the right answers. 
     Christ's question was directed towards two groups; first, to the ordinary men. And secondly, it was directed towards the apostles. Note that Christ did not direct His question to the Pharisees and the Scribes who were the learned men then. St. Thomas of Aquinas gave this reason. The ordinary men were without malice and so their answers would be closer to the truth. The apostles were holy men so their answer would be the truth. On the other hand the Scribe and the Pharisees were proud so their answer would be way off the truth.

2. The lesson.
     The lesson Christ was teaching is this; when you ask a spiritual question, don't depend on yourself to find the truth. You are filled with private opinions and these will color your answers. Get some external, objective opinions to adjust your own personal answer.
     In such case, never consult the Scribes and Pharisees, proud bishops and priests. Due to their pride they cannot know spiritual truths. Christ's question is a spiritual question. So when Christ asked what the ordinary men thought who He was, they gave very good answers but it was not exact. They said 'you are John the Baptizer,' some, 'Elias,' other 'Jeremias or one of the prophets.' Their answers were on the natural level; they thought Christ was prophet but not the Son of God. Their answer, 'you are a prophet', was closer to the truth than the answer of the Pharisees who called Christ a blasphemer and the devil. 
     After asking the apostles what the common man thought who He was, Christ asked the apostles who knew Him more intimately who he was. St. Peter answered; ' You are the Son of the Living God. '
     We must imitate Christ, who when we ask  questions, first,  consult the common man who is without malice, or better still a learned saint.

3. Who is the learned saint.
     St. Peter was a learned saint. He is the one with the infused knowledge and he had  the virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. He will, always, have the right theological answer because 'he learns directly from God the Father. '  
     Supernatural truths, like the teachings of Christ, must be learned directly from God. No man can teach supernatural truths because it is over and above man's capability. Christ  clearly said  that such things can only be learned directly from God. This is the reason why seminarians, priests and bishops do not know supernatural, Catholic truths; because the truths are taught to them by men and not by God. This is why Pope Bergoglio does not know the Catholic God as he himself admitted; because his god was taught by men in a Jesuit seminary and not by God. 
     If you do not know a spiritual truth, you do not know all spiritual truths, St. Augustine wrote. No wonder practically everything Pope Bergoglio teach is erroneous. In England, a book just came out describing everything Pope Bergoglio said, a joke.
     His defect is that he seldom ask an advice from the common man; and if ever he asked for an advice, he asked it from Scribes and Pharisees like him. So he is confirmed in his errors. He should really look for a common man with common sense. Both are rare. It would be too much if we suggest that he consults a saint, like St. Peter. It seems we have just run out of saints or they are usually in exile in Mater Ecclesia.