Friday, June 30, 2017

Monday - 12th week in Ordinary time. JUDGE NOT.

 1. At last!
     Pope Francis, at last, quoted the words of Christ from Scriptures when he said, 'whom am I to judge?' Well, Christ said something close to it 'Do not judge that you may not be judged.' Then Pope Francis picked it up and gave the text an atrocious interpretation. Now, he encourages everyone to tolerate all sins, like being gay, and even asked all to welcome the gays and all sinners into their homes and friendship. It is opening Pandora's box right inside your room. 
     Though the words used by Pope Francis is close to the words of Christ, the interpretation of the two are worlds wide apart. While Pope Francis discourages any one to judge which is against human nature, Scriptures are filled with commands to judge one another. 'Judge, to see if they are of God.' 'God will judge both the just and the wicked.' 'He will judge among the nations.' 'God will judge both the just and the wicked.'n'The Lord will judge all nations with sword and fire.' ' I will judge you on that word of yours.' 'I will judge you according to your conduct.' ' I will judge between one sheep and another.' 'I intend to judge you on your own evidence.'
     St. Paul judged he Corinthians. St. Peter judged Ananias and Sapphira. 

2.  What is commanded.   
      Christ commands us to judge, to correct and to reprove.....but with good will, wrote St. Thomas of Aquinas. First, take off the beam before your eyes; then take out the speck in your neighbor's eye.
     If you are committing adultery, stop first your adultery, then correct the sex life of your neighbor. 
      Correct him not as an enemy seeking revenge but as a physician applying a remedy. Do not correct or judge your neighbor with a bad purpose.

3. What is forbidden.
     Don't judge by showing off your righteousness, by showing hatred of others on mere suspicion, or condemning others by pursuing private grudges, St. Thomas continues 
     Don't be a bitter judge.
     Do not judge God.
     Do not judge indifferent actions. 
    They who have committed greater evils  are forbidden to judge those with lesser evils. 
     Do not judge not knowing the mind set. Avoid hasty judgement otherwise God will treat you similarly;
      Judge hastily, God will do the same. 

     You commit mortal sin and do not forgive trivial faults. 

4. Beam in your eye. Mote in you brother's eye. 
    The command of Christ is clear. First remove the beam from your eyes; then help take off the speck in your brother's eye. First, stop your adultery and sacrilegious holy communion, then correct your neighbor who is gay. Cease committing adultery, then correct your gay friend.
     Pope Francis, by his comment, is telling adulterers to continue committing adultery and at the same time tolerate the sodomy of the neighbor. Everybody  keep all your sins. Keep the beams in your eyes and do not remove the spect in you neighbors' eye. Keep all those sins there and enjoy them. 
     This goes against the Gospel on two counts; first, it goes against the commands of Christ to repent for one's sins.  And secondly, it goes agains the command of Christ to apply fraternal correction to an errant brother. The Gospel clearly obliges on two counts; first, that all sinners remove the beams, their bigger sins, from their souls. And secondly, to help our neighbors take out the speck, lesser sins, from their souls. These are two acts; the first is an act of love of God. The second is an act of love of neighbor. These two acts are the pillar of the Catholic religions since they make up the 'great commandment.'
    And Pope Francis, with his comment wants all Catholics to disobey the two great commands that make up the pillar of the Catholic Church. 

5. To reprove a gay neighbor is the duty of the good. The good is, also, forbidden, to make light of his own sins and magnify those of others. Examine first your sins before looking at others, Remove first your sin before removing others. Remove the beam before removing the spect. But remove the speck. 
     Pope Francis' interpretation of the Gospel's 'do not judge,' is wrong.

Monday, June 26, 2017

12th Sunday in ORDINARY TIME and the 'D U B I A'

 1. The 12th Sunday in Ordinary time shows the disease plaguing the Church. The 'dubia' is the attempted remedy to the disease. Whether the cure will eliminate the disease is still a big question. 
     Let us look at the Gospel message; 'whoever acknowledges me before men I will acknowledge before my Father in heaven. Whoever disowns me before men I will disown  before my Father in heaven. 
     There are two commands of Christ here. First; 'whoever acknowledges me before men I will acknowledge before my Father in heaven.' Secondly; 'whoever disowns me before men I will disown before my Father in heaven.'
     Actually these two commands are the same; one is expressed in the positive, the other in the negative.

2. 'Whoever acknowledges me before men......'
     Let us divide this into two; first, who are those who 'acknowledges Christ?' Secondly, when do we acknowledge Christ 'before men.'
     St. Thomas writes; he who 'acknowledges Christ' is the one who expresses what  the commands of Christ are.  He is the one who says; 'these are the commands of Christ, these are not the commands of Christ. Or, this is obedience to the commands of Christ and this is disobedience to the commands of Christ. 
     The man who acknowledges Christ is the man who knows all the commands of Christ as found in the New Testament. 

3. '.......before men.'
     Who are those who acknowledges Christ before men?  Those who tell or show other men that these are the commands of Christ and those are not the commands of Christ. Or, they are those who tell other men,  these are obediences to the commands of Christ while those are disobediences to Christ's commands. 

4. 'Whoever disowns me....'
     Who are those who disowns Christ? Those who say that these are the commands of Christ but I will not obey them. Or those who see the commands of Christ and say 'those are not the commands of Christ.' Those who, also, take no effort to study the commands of Christ, disowns Christ. They do not know Christ because they do not know the commands of Christ.  Having no Faith,  they will disown Christ. 

5. Reward. 'Whoever acknowledges  me before men I will acknowledge before my Father in heaven.'  That is; if any one with knowledge of all my commands instructs other men to obey my commands because they are my commands, when he faces God in judgment  day I will acknowledge him as my disciple and claim him for heaven. 

6. Punishment. 'Whoever disowns me before men I will disown before my Father in heaven.' That is; if any one either with knowledge of my commands or being ignorant of my commands instruct other men that my commands are not my commands or a man's command are my commands, and tolerate men to be ignorant of my commands or disobey my commands......when he dies and faces the judgment seat of God, I will declare that I do not know him.

7. The priests and bishops led by the four cardinal had to issue the 'dubia' in obedience to Christ teaching to today's Gospel; otherwise they could go to hell because Christ threatened to disown them. On the other hand Pope Francis, with his 'Amores laetitia' had been disowned by Christ based on the definitions given above. 
     The four cardinals acknowledged Christ by putting down the command of Christ that a soul must not commit adultery. They informed Pope Francis in private (before men) of this disobedience to Christ's teaching Who commands, not only, not to commit adultery, but even to be chaste (in the New Testament.) 
     Due to Pope Francis' refusal to clarify his obvious disobedience to God's command, the act of acknowledging Christ before men was extended to the whole world by the publishing of the 'dubia' worldwide. So, with the 'dubia' the four cardinals and their followers were just trying to save their own necks and avoid being disowned by Christ in God's judgment seat. They were, at the same time, performing the highest act of Charity called fraternal correction by showing that Pope Francis is threatened by todays Gospel of being disowned by Christ. 
     With the 'dubia' the four cardinals are acknowledging Christ before men. 

8. Pope Francis. Now let us look at Pope Francis. 
     The Jesuit training of Pope Francis did not teach him all the commands of Christ as found in the New Testament. It is the case in all religious and diocesan seminaries as Pope John Paul II have noticed. But surely he knows the 10 commandments of God which is used as a text in the examination of conscience before confession. And there, it is clear that adultery is against the commands of God the Father as enumerated in the Old Testament. And trained as a religious,  Pope Francis knows that the command of Christ in the New Testament demands a more perfect observance of the 6th and 9th commandments as found in the vow of chastity that he made. One cannot commit adultery, he cannot even look with lust upon a woman. 
     'Amoris laetitia' is not only a disobedience to the command of God the Father. It is also a more serious disobedience  to the command of Christ, on chastity,  in the New Testament. And he had published it to the whole human race thus disowning Christ before men. 
     So Pope Francis disowned Christ by disobeying the command of Christ; he also disowned Christ before men by publishing it world wide. Pope Francis falls under the threat of Christ 'I will disown you before my Father in heaven.'

Sunday, June 25, 2017


  1. Everybody is going to hell.
     And nobody knows it because they do not know how to check where they are going. And nobody is teaching anyone how to check where they are going. 
     The Catholic Church is supposed to teach all men how to check where they are going when they die. It does not matter whether men accept her teachings or not. But she is the only one who can teach. Like the Jews, if men reject the teachings of Christ, at least they know they are going to hell. While if they believe in His teachings, they know they are going to heaven. 
     Early in Christianity, everybody who was going to hell knew where they were going. While those going to heaven knew where
they were going.  Everybody knew where they were going. 
     The problem, today, is that everybody who is going to hell think they are going to heaven. How do Catholics find out where they are going to go when they die. The Catholic Church has many ways by which we can ascertain if we are saved or not. Gilbert Chesterton was converted to Catholicism because he saw that the Catholic Church had the most convincing proof that she can lead souls to salvation. The proofs are philosophically and theologically sound and, therefore, very convincing. It leaves nothing to chance, just as our salvation should not be left to chance. 

2. Nobody  is teaching the way to heaven. 
    The Church today is not teaching the way to heaven. She is teaching weird teachings like encouraging adulterers to remarry and receive Holy Communion, to worship nature, to open borders, to worship all gods, to do what you want, to remain gay if you cannot help it, and that nobody goes to hell. We have a religion that combines all religions into one. It appears that all opposing ways put together lead to heaven. Naturally, if all ways lead to heaven then there is no hell. So the Vatican Church had just abolished hell. 
3. God makes provisions.
    God, in his omnipotence, knew that the Catholic Church will become what it is today, totally confused and totally ignorant of the way to salvation.  So He wrote the way of salvation, that simply consist in entering His Church,  down in Divine Revelation so that man can avail of this knowledge through history up to the end of the world. No man can excuse himself of ignorance because it is written down and played in the Liturgy throughout the year. 

4. Salvation and Corpus Christi.
     Corpus Christi is the feast that describes graphically and in depth how a soul is saved, simply by entering the Catholic Church. Of course, he will have to do a few things, fact, quiet a lot of things.
     Here are the principles. To be saved, a soul must be united to Christ. A soul can only be united with Christ when he enters the Catholic Church after a very good life of repentance. Having attained the virtue of Penance, he enters the Catholic Church and there inside he is united with  Christ, the physical body of the Church, according to ecclesiologist Journet. Though he, still, have to further enter the Church by being united with the soul of the Catholic Church, the Holy Spirit.  Union with the soul of the Church, Jesus Christ, is enough for salvation. Union with the Holy Spirit is perfection.

5. The THREE steps to salvation stressed in the Gospel of Corpus Christi. First, we must believe in the truth described in the Gospel; 'this bread is My Body. This wine is My Blood.' We must believe in this truth. Secondly; the truth is followed by a command; 'eat my flesh and drink my blood.' And thirdly, an action must follow; we must receive Holy Communion.
     The Jews could not do the first step because they could not believe that bread and wine could be the body and blood of Christ.  They could not do the second step and eat the flesh of Christ and drink His blood. So they could not do the third step; they refused to receive Holy Communion. Thus they were not able to be united with Christ in Holy Communion and as a result  be part of the Catholic Church and attain salvation.

6. Progressive steps in the Liturgy.
     These three steps must be observed from the first Sunday of Advent up to Corpus Christie. All those Sunday Gospels will have, one, a truth to be believed. Two, a command to be obeyed. And an action to be performed. If we do this from Advent up to Corpus Christi, we shall be united with Christ, be part of the Catholic Church and attain everlasting life in heaven. Better still if we do these up to the Feast of Christ the King. In which we case we can attain perfection.  Better still if we hear Mass everyday and observe these three steps that are contained in every Gospel. 
     To go to heaven, we must do three things. First we must believe in the truths found in the Gospels from Advent up to Corpus Christi. An example is the truth that the bread is the Body of Christ. Secondly, we must know the command given in the Gospels from Advent up to Corpus Christ; example, to eat the Body of Christ. And thirdly, to obey the command; so receive Holy Communion.

7. The devil knows the Liturgy is our last chance to know how to enter the Church and be saved, so he will destroy it. Using the experts in the Liturgy, the Benedictines, who used to be the most zealous protector of the ancient Liturgy, precisely for the above reason, the devil got hold of Odo Casel OSB who begun to experiment with the Liturgy. Sant' Anselmo at the Aventine became the center of liturgical experiment and most Liturgist  are influenced by this group. The group control the liturgical movement of the CBCP and introduced monstrous liturgical abuses. It has  branches in the Philippines. Gillo a lay liturgist in Sant' Anselmo has a proposed Mass that makes it totally Protestant to please the Protestants that will soon be approved by Pope Francis. 
     With this new Mass, no one will be able to enter the Catholic Church and heaven.  

8. Nihilism and the destruction of Corpus Christi. 
    De Centraux is Pope Francis' favorite theologian. He is guilty of the heresy of nihilism. This is a heresy that does not believe in absolutes. But the doctrines of the Catholic Church are absolutes, so it is heretical. Nihilism does not believe that Christ is in the Holy   Eucharist; this goes against the Gospel of Corpus Christi where Christ repeatedly said that the host is His real body and blood. 
    Jesuit theologians spread this heresy. Its spread is aided by most bishops, theologians and priests. In a recent Eucharistic Congress in Cebu, the main speaker, a Dominican Provincial  is a better known preacher of transignification, which is the nihilistic heresy that deny Christ's presence in the Eucharist. He was invited by the CBCP. And nobody objected to his presence. Is the entire bishops conference of the Philippines together with the priests and laymen present in that Congress guilty of rejecting the true Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Apparently, yes. Are they following Pope Francis who does not genuflect during consecration, does not kneel when the Blessed sacrament is exposed as shown during Corpus Christi...but will kneel to wash the feet of a young pregnant woman. 
    Add to this the irreverent way lay ministers handle the consecrated host shows that everybody does not believe that that tiny bread is the Body and Blood of Christ. The Gospel lied. 

9. He who does not believe, even in just one truth expressed in the Gospels from Advent to Corpus Cristi, and receives Holy Communion on Corpus Cristi, has received Holy Communion unto his condemnation. He who does not accept in obedience just one commandment as expressed in the Gospel from Advent to Corpus Cristi, and receives Holy Communion receives the Body and Blood of Christ unto his condemnation. 
     To receive Holy Communion worthily all truths from Advent to Corpus Cristi must be believed and all commands from Advent to Corpus Cristi must be obeyed. When done this way, the soul is united to Christ, is inside the Catholic Church as a result of his union with Christ and his salvation is assured. 
     If Pope Francis has not done the above three steps, if the Philippines Bishop Conference seems not to have done these either; the possibility is that  the entire laity have not done these. Nobody is exemplifying in his/her life the Mystery of Corpus Cristi. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017


  1. Who is the true God?
      Pope Francis, himself, will give several gods and the probability is high that they are all wrong. Because he, himself, said there is no Catholic God. But I believe in the Catholic God inspite of the fact that I studied comparative  religions. 
     We start with the basic. The true God is the one who created man. No one can create man except God. And God created man by giving him life. He is the God of life and He said so; 'I am the Life.' So any religion which destroys life cannot be the true religion. The Catholic who pushes abortion and euthanasia is not a Catholic; he is a pagan.
     From the above, everything about God cannot be man-made because everything else is beyond man's capability. Man cannot make it up. He cannot even imagine it; like the concept of the Blessed Trinity. 
      All other religions can easily be man - made because its gods can be easily be made by man with a little imagination or even a little neurosis. The Psalm says; 'all other gods are idols.'

2. All must check if their god is the true god. 
    God gave men an intellect that will enable him to reason out who is the true God. But due to original sin man's reasoning became defective. However if he tries hard enough, even with a defective intellect he can find the true God. That is man's test from God. Will he exert efforts and try hard enough to find the true God?
    The extra effort to find the true God is man's guarantee that he has found the true God. The indolent will never know the true God. And because man is an indolent creature due to original sin, he tends to end up being a pagan. Thus the majority of men are pagans; even Christians and Catholics are pagans. Why?
     Being born Catholics or Christians, make people believe that they do not have to exert efforts to know the true God. That who they believe is God is the true God. They do not realize that all adults must make a mature act of Faith on who is the true God. We cannot assume that the God we believe in is the true God.
     Proofs abound, in fact, that if we ask many Catholics to describe the true God, their description will be either wrong or insufficient. That is not the theological virtue of Faith necessary for salvation. There is great danger, in fact,  that most Catholics, including bishops and priest, for the above same reason, think they have Faith in God but in reality believe in a wrong God thus they will end up in hell without knowing it.
     And yet God has given us the faculty to know Him in His mystery......but, of course, with a little extra effort, which most men would not want to exert even in the seminaries. 

3. Man does not know the true God.
    Considering that knowing God is an act of supernatural Faith, not to know the true God is tantamount to saying that there is no god. Man, therefore, does not really believe that there is a god. 
     Our real concern is that most Catholics do not know that they must make a mature act of Faith and believe in the true God of Divine Revelation to be a Catholic and to be saved. Everything else fill follow after the mature act of Faith, specially the receiving of the Holy Spirit that enables us to love God and neighbor, obedience to which is impossible unless Charity is given to us by the Spirit.
     Impediments to know the true God had been cited in Scriptures, the Fathers of the Church and the saintly Popes. First, the basic cause is original sin. With this sin, it has become difficult to know the true God. But with extra ordinary human effort, it is possible. That is why we have many saints in the Old Testament who knew the true God. Secondly; God had intentionally made it difficult to know Him, to test the resolve of men if he  deserve Heaven. Thus God veiled His teachings so that only the humble can know Him.
Thirdly, the devil will try everything to make man worship him, instead. The devil's dream  is to be like god; worshipped like god. And he will do everything, especially he will use the world as a reward for those who worship him. 

     Add to these three impediments that prevents men in knowing the true god is the continuous persecution  from civil powers. The negligence of her teachers, namely the bishops and priests in strengthen the faith. The attractiveness of the world that destructs the soul from god. All the impediments can be summarized in man's going down below his human nature expressed in the phenomenon of sodomy, same sex, tranny, lesbianism, etc. 
     If man remained in the natural level, the mind can, at least start with the concept of the natural god and rise up to the idea of a supernatural god. But due to a continuous state of sin that depreciates human nature to the unnatural level, the mind of man have become completely incapable of forming the concept of God. This has happened especially in non-Catholic sects. But it is very common among Catholics for the same reason. 

4. The result is all religions are equal.
     The natural result of this world wide phenomenon is the popularity of the belief that all religions are equal, i.e.   the heresy of indifferentism. Many bishops and cardinals have embraced this error. Even Pope Francis holds this heresy.
     The ecumenism of Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI is different from the ecumenism of Pope Francis. With the former, they invite other religions to see, apprecite and experience the Catholic religion in the hope of planting the seed of conversion in these other religions. In the latter, they invite other religions in the erroneous belief that the seed of salvation can be found in all religions, which is a heresy and discouraged in the Catholic Church.

5. They do not know to whom they are praying. 
     Thus the Psalm says; 'they are praying to idols.'
     St. Paul mentioned the importance of prayer that can solve all problems of the world. But he continued to remind us that people must pray to the right God. To do so they must have Faith in God, which is a supernatural act that need grace. And this grace is attained by souls to whom God had personally sent preachers called 'sent of God' or apostles. To be effective, these 'sent of God' should have reached the spirituality of Easter and Pentecost. This way, their hearers, can easily made the natural act of Faith that will be followed by the supernatural act of Faith that will enable them to recognize the true God and enable them to pray with Faith to the true God. These requirements does not seem to exist in most so-called Catholics. So there is a valid suspicion that Catholics do not know the true god. 

6. Catholics easily become Protestants.
    In the Philippines, most Protestant sects are made up of former Catholics. I have asked some bishops why is this so? They have not figured out why. What a waste of time.  Catholics oing to all nations, baptizing them, teaching them.  And then seeing them transfer to other Protestant sects. Gilbert Chesterton saw very clearly the difference between the Catholic Church and the non-catholic sects. How come Catholics today does not see this difference. 
     Because the god preached in the Catholic Church is a Protestant god. Add to this the many goodies offered by the Protestants, these easily attract Catholics to the other side. So today we see graduates of the best Catholic schools as Protestant pastors and even Benedictine monks as Protestant pastors. The Catholic Church has ceased to be Catholic so there is no choice; they are all the same. 

7. The crux of the matter.
     Everything can be brought down to the right concept on the true God. The longest treatise in theology is 'De Deo Uno,' the idea of God. It is the longest and the most boring treatise because no  one understands the treatise, because it is so supernatural  and above human comprehension. It needs some degree of holiness to even persevere in reading those treatises, like St. Augustine's idea of God. 
     So it is God's fault that He made it so difficult to know who He is? No. The beginnings of the knowledge of the true God is in the natural level. St. Thomas had described Him in his five proofs. From there we can rise up to a greater knowledge of Him through contemplation and eventually through the mystical life. 
     So why is it that the world does not know the true God and have a thousand idols even among Catholics? Because of man's indolence that makes him deserving of hell. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017


   1. The age of the Church and the age of Satan.
       Considering God is good, it is difficult to imagine that there can be an age of Satan where Lucifer would rule every corner of the earth. Well, there is. And it was God who declared that such an era would exist for the final testing of the Church. To warn us in the future He pre-figured it on Good Friday. That era has arrived.
     Since the Fall, Satan had retained some dominion over men. As years progressed, Satan's dominion became greater. St. Thomas wrote that that is the consequence in remaining in sin. 
     Most Catholics are not conscious of this and are caught by surprise. But even this is part of that era in that this age will be introduced by a total lack of knowledge and love in the Church itself. This lack is Satan's preparation for the incoming great and final battle the final raising of his fist at the throne of God, Scriptures has it. Most Catholics and the rest of mankind will be caught flat footed. 
     At the same time, it will be the final exhibition of the glory of a very small Church when God will show how glorious the world would have looked like if it were totally Catholic. A glorious small Church, as Pope Benedict loved to described it,  and a totally ruined world will be the picture of these times. 

2. The Good Friday scenario repeated world wide. A world possessed by Satan. A handful of good people. The covetousness of the people and how Satan enters humans. 
     The secret of Fatima is this; that Good Friday will occur today again. This is Ratzinger's interpretation of the secret and is nothing new. It is in Scriptures and the Church reminds us of this every year during the Lenten Liturgy. What happened to Christ on Good Friday will happen again today world wide. 
      Among the so many things that happened on Good Friday, one that stands out is that Judas was possessed by Satan and why it happened. Scriptures wrote what happened; 'that Satan entered Judas because he loved money, the root of all evil.' Thus he committed the greatest evil, deicide.   
     We shall concentrate on this one point and show that the pervading state of the world today is that most people are possessed by Satan, like Judas, because of their love for riches. 

 3.  The love for money.
     The foundational sin is 'the love to do one's will.' This is the sin of Adam and Eve. They ate the fruit they wanted and not the fruit that God allowed. It is 'my will be done.' And not 'God's Will be done.' All sin fall under this category. St. Augustine wrote; 'if you pray because you like to pray.' that is a sin because it is doing what you like. You must pray because it is Christ's command to pray unceasingly. If the wishes of men are listed down, it will be noticed that one will need a lot of money to acquire what he wants. So the selfish wish is adjusted to love of money, which Scriptures know is the root of all evil. So everything that a lover of money will do will be sinful because  his goal in loving money is to do what he wants, irregardless of what God wants; and this is a sin.

4. To earn money. 
     Since the basic desire of man's fallen nature is to do his will, and this can only be accomplished by being rich, everything done to attain this goal is sinful. And as they proceed towards this sinful goal, they will descend into greater sins. When they hit the bottom they will be committing all sins. 
      Just as the Catholic Church is a community with one heart and one mind in attaining the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity, the church of Satan will imitate the Church and build its own church, with one heart and one mind in enriching themselves due to their great love for money. This makes them the giant root from which all the evils in the world would grow from, because the love of money is the root of all evil and is the favorite abode of Satan as Judas was. 

 5. Satan will influence their minds and hearts. 
     This would be a spiritual possession by Satan; not a mere physical possession as we see in the movie.  This diabolical possession will enable Satan to put diabolical thoughts in man's mind and diabolical desires in man's heart. And man will assent and consent to them; this will give the possessed preternatural intellectual powers. Satan's signature is everywhere. 
     A possessed scientist will be superior to an ordinary scientist. A  possessed businessman will be a better financial genius than an ordinary businessman. A possessed bishop will look holier than an ordinary bishop. A possessed soldier will be more cruel than an ordinary soldier. 
     The possessed will only be superior in their evil activities, in knowing better ways in earninng money than the ordinary businessman.
     The possessed will be richer, more cruel, more talented, more popular. He will be the classical man 'who sold his soul to the devil.' This is the reason the possessed will always be one step ahead of all the intelligence community combined together.
     What more if the members of the same intelligence service are possessed? 

6. It is impossible to talk to the possessed.
    They have a neurotic one track mind. They are just out to drag souls to hell. No one can talk to them about anything. It is impossible to convince them on anything, which makes ecumenism, treatises,  negotiations, etc, impossible. This is clearly seen in interviews held among student demonstrators in US schools. 

7. Treason will be pervasive.
     The sin of Judas was treason.  In a possessed world, everyone is a traitor. FBI, CIA, the police, the courts, the Federal reserve, most of the banks.......and as the Gospel showed, even members of one's family will be traitors. Even the priests, bishops and one's own countrymen will be traitors, just like on Good Friday. Just look at the traitors who gathered together to plan the assassination of Christ. It was made up of a cross section of society. Exactly the same condition exist in the world today  including the USA where this situation is well publishcized.  The assassination of President Trump and Putin, like Julius Caesar and President Kennedy, is being  planned in the corridors of hell. 

8. Union of the possessed.
     Thieves are united in the execution  of the crime. But they are divided in dividing the spoils. So the people possessed by the devil are united. So beware of fake unions; the United Nations, the United State of America, the European Union, etc. Fortunately the USSR had been dismantled. Satan is weakened by individuality. 
     The life of the monk is described as 'alone, together.' They live together but each one alone by himself. This is the basis by which the Church is made one; each soul is, separately,  united to Christ, then the Holy Spirit unites all those individually united to Christ. The union is made by God and not by man (as the U.N.) States must be individually united to Christ before they can be united to one another. That is not the case in the unions of the United States nor in the European Union. Unions today are that of the possessed.        

9. Who can fight the possessed. 
     A combination of two forces; one supernatural and one civil.One force is the Church in a person with Faith and the other is the  president of a nation. A good example is Ecuador, with Mother Mariana leading for the Church and Garcia Moreno leading for the State. God follows this pattern through history. The Church provide the supernatural aspect of repentance and Faith; while the state provides the natural ambiance, like peace and order,  for the development of Faith. 
     This is what we see today going on in Russia with Putin, and in the US with Trump. Not perfect but the best in the present situation. 

10. The diabolical aspect. 
     'What is going on,' the TV anchor asked at a shooting incident of politicians in a baseball field.  It was the same question asked of Adam and Eve. And there was plenty of finger pointing. But the ultimate answer was 'it was the devil.' The world is full of questions today and we can give a thousand answers, mostly the wrong ones. But the ultimate answer is; 'it was the devil who did it...'  'using so and so'....and we can give a hundred names,......... all possessed by the devil. 
     But who are on the other side? Only those with the supernatural and theological virtue of Faith. And only God knows who they are.  Pope Francis is not one of them. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

T R I N I T Y Sunday.

   1. Trinity Sunday. 'Whom am I to judge?'
       Today's Gospel states that God does not judge; but man must judge all the time.  God does not judge. 'I came not to judge.' But the same Gospels tell us that man must always judge. So Pope Francis, by his famous saying, is wrong. He must judge. For him to say 'whom am I to judge' means he thinks he is god who does not judge. He is only a man, so he must always judge to better inform  the church. We are not through explaining the Gospel. 
     St. Thomas reminds us, however, that God does not judge in His first coming but will judge in His second coming. When Christ came on Christmas day, he came to save; not to judge. But in His second coming, he does not come to save but to judge. The judgment of God on souls will just be a confirmation of the previous judgment. 
     Sounds's confusing? Well, St. Augustine says that Christ really made Scriptures a little confusing so that those who are not sincerely seeking God may not get the true message of Scriptures. True and correct understanding of Scriptures is reserved for those who are truly seeking God. 

2. God came to save the world (i.e. men), not to condemned the world. Who are those who are saved? Christ came to save; and He saves by teaching man to repent. Upon repentance, man receives grace and with grace, man receives the supernatural virtue of Faith. And the Gospel says that with Faith, man will not die (spiritually) but will have eternal life,  i.e. he is already saved though he is still alive on earth. When he dies he avoids condemnation.
     And what is he supposed to believe? A first truth of the Catholic Church; i.e. that God so loved the world (i.e. man) that he gave his only son. He did not give up a second or third son. He did not give up an angel. He gave up His only beloved son. That is the proof of His great love for man. 

3. Man's expected reaction. 
    Man's reaction should be to reciprocate by loving God equally. Faith must have a response; and the response for faith is Charity. If you believe God so loved mankind that he gave up His only Son, then, man must love God and give up valuable things like father, mother, brother, sisters and lands. And Christ said that this is the way to react to Faith. By loving God in return; and this is called Charity. Charity completes the ides of Faith. If there is no Charity, there is no Faith. The Gospel of Trinity Sunday shows the necessity of Faith but does not show the necessary response which is Charity which is shown elsewhere.
     The man who believes, as shown above, avoids condemnation and  will surely be saved. This is the best preparation for death; to know that we have believed and that when we die we will surely avoid condemnation to hell. 
     Why will they avoid condemnation? Because they have believed. In believing they receive the gift of Faith and graces. The graces is what enables them to avoid condemnation and attain salvation.

4. They are already condemned.
     Young lovers believe that they love each other above all things. This is a sin against Faith, because they do not think that God loves them more. Because they have no Faith they are already condemned as the Gospel says. Why? Because they have not believed that 'God love them so much as to give his only son.' For not believing, God withholds the gift of the virtue of Faith and its accompanying grace from them. Withholding the grace is what makes them condemnable. God does not have to judge and condemn them because they are already condemned, the Gospel states. 
     Putting it another way; God send His son not to condemn the world, but the world condemned itself. Or, God send His son to save the world by granting it graces. But most rejected the graces 'by not believing in the name of God's only Son' they condemned themselves. So God did not have to condemn them because they have already condemned themselves by their unbelief. 

5. Faith.
     The Gospel of Trinity Sunday states that belief in one truth, i.e. that God so loved the world that he gave his only Son and whoever believes in Him may not die,' is enough to avoid condemnation and thus be saved. Because belief in one truth is belief in all truths; while denying one truth is denial of all truths.

6. Pope Francis' problem.
    Since Pope Francis. himself. said that he does not believe in a Catholic God who 'loved the world that he gave his only Son.' who is Pope Francis' god? The Catholic God has a son whose name Pope Francis never mentions, even when speaking in the U.N. understandably so because he does not believe in the Father, anyway. Pope Francis had praised many other gods but none of them 'loved the world so much' as to give their only sons, since most do not have beloved sons but only illegitimate sons. Besides he promotes the one world religion where Christ has to be dispensed with to give way  to the pagan gods. Pope Francis highly praises the Charismatics' spirit. But this spirit is not holy, since it came from paganism brought into the Catholic Church by the priest Montanus a pagan convert. 
     Imagine having for a Pope a man who has no Faith because he does not believe that the Catholic God so loved mankind that He gave His beloved Son, that whoever believes.....' Then, is he already condemned? The Gospel says, 'yes.' Imagine a Pope that is already condemned. Can he be a Pope?

Saturday, June 10, 2017


 1. The spiritual battle.
     Scriptures says that the battles on going in the world today are just externalization of the interior battle taking place within the hearts of men. This is a battle between the mind and the free will within each man. The mind tells man one thing while the free will tells him another thing.  As long as man does not resolve this conflict within himself, he becomes a neurotic and even a psychotic. 
     It is difficult and even impossible for most men to resolve this conflict because it is a spiritual conflict. It is not visible. It is not in the realm of the human. Like all civilians caught in a war, since they are not part of it,  men  easily become part of the collateral damage.
     This is what is happening in the world today. There is a great spiritual war going on; a rebellion by the forces of evil against the kingdom of Christ. And the rest of the world is part of the collateral damage; souls are being lost as collateral damage. Not because they are fighting for one side or the other. But because they are being spiritually killed by stray bullets. And the devil knows that. 
     The devil knows he can kill only very few of God's soldiers and that is only when God allows it. Satan knows that most souls are unprepared to face the judgment seat of God. So this is the best time to kill them......but not without God's permission.  

2. The battle for souls.
     The battle between the Church and the devil is for souls outside the Church. 
     The birth and death of man is, completely,  in the hands of God. If God does not will a man to be born he will not be born. If God does not will a man to die, he will not die. And vice versa. God has, also, given man a deadline for his span of life while having given him the way to prepare for death. So birth and death is in the hands of God; and the span of his life is, also, in the hands of God. 
     But whether man is prepared to be judged by God or not is in the hands of man alone. God has set down the basis for His favorable judgment; the soul must have Charity to be saved, and that is the Easter and Pentecost spirituality. 

     Again, the spiritual battle is between God and His Church on one side, and the devil and the City of man on the other side. God and His Church are predestined to heaven......and so there is no problem there. The problem is those who are outside the Church. 
     Those who are inside the church are filled with Charity, i.e. they are filled with love for God and love for their neighbor. Those who are outside the church are ruled by the devil. So all men can only be divided between those who belong to the true Church and those who  belong to the church of the devil.
     While the battle cry of the true Church is 'Charity, charity, charity.' The motto of the other group outside is 'kill, kill, kill.' God gives life; the devil kills. 
     In effect, mankind can be divided into two; first, the lovers of God and men. And the killers of God and men. Just like Good Friday. 

3. The lovers of God and men - Easter and Pentecost. St. Thomas of Aquinas. The lovers of God and men are those who have received the breath of Christ that enabled them to love men, their neighbors; and those who have received the Holy Spirit that enabled them to love God. 
    Who killers of God and men are the Jews who crucified Christ and the two thieves. They are the ones who try to kill God by destroying the statues of Christ and burning down His churches; and they kill people who have done them no wrong, people who they do not know, women and children that are minding their own business, citizens of other country. In short, they kill other people for no reason at all but because the devil  have ordered them to kill others in the hope that those others are not spiritually prepared to die.
     The lovers of God and men are those who try to bring inside those who are outside the church; the killers of God and men are those who try to drag those outside the church to hell. By the grace of God they cannot touch those inside the church. 
     So the demarcation line between the two protagonists is clear. 

4. The recognizable lovers and haters of God and men.
     The lovers of God and men are easily recognizable. They do good to their neighbors; things good for the body and for the soul. They have faith that enables them to see what is good for the soul. 
     The haters of God and men do not have Faith; so they cannot see the soul which is more important than the body. Unable to see the soul they, irrationally, kill the body. The abortionist, the euthanasia killer, the murderer, the terrorists, the drug addict who kills himself. Killing is the trademark of Lucifer because he is the anti-thesis of God who gives life. How can the giver of life demand the taking away of life? Love gives, while hate takes away; these are the two forces locked in battle for the souls of men. 
     What about the soldiers locked in today's never ending battle? They must discern whether they are ultimately preserving the lives of the innocent or taking away the lives of the innocent. Aside from capital punishment, God allows the killing of another human being in the defense of innocent lives. Because in such a case the ultimate goal of killing is the defense of lives before the unjust killers. The defense of lives and not the taking away is the goal of a defense. 

5. At the end of the day, the whole world can be divided into two groups; one, the lovers of God and men. These are those who have reached the spirituality of Easter and Pentecost. They do not need evangelization nor conversion because they are 'the Church. 'And there is the haters of God and men who have not reached the spirituality of Easter and Pentecost. These are the ones who need evangelization and conversion. But it seems that as of today, there is a need to hurry up the process of conversion the hatters because signs show that they are running out of time. We know  that; and Satan knows it. Herein is the present on going battle. The battle for the souls of the haters. 
     These haters are the ones who need evangelization and conversion. The lovers of God and men do not need conversion. The lovers shall not be judged at the end time because they are already judged, Christ said. They are destined to go to heaven.
     The haters of God and men will, also, not be judged by God at the general judgment because they have already been judged; they will not go to heaven. 

Wednesday, June 07, 2017


 1. Curriculum.
      The entire curriculum describing the way to everlasting life is found in the Liturgy of the Mass. It is expressed in three identical ways as described by the four Gospels and celebrated in three Cycles; A, B and C. It begins with Advent, goes through Lent and 
Easter and ends with Pentecost. 
      In the Gospels, the Liturgy  describes the complete training of the apostles, thus the training to be undergone by priests and bishops. At the same time, it describes the spirituality souls must undergo, both of the laity and the clergy. The liturgy described it progressively starting with the life of repentance during Advent, going through Faith during Lent, to Hope in Holy Week, and ends up with Charity during Easter. 

2. The ultimate goal.
     To be saved we must obey the command of Christ 'to love God and neighbor.' This is attained during Easter and Pentecost. The priest and bishop must first attain this spirituality of Easter and Pentecost before they can teach this to others. Thus it is only after Easter and Pentecost where the Apostles were given the power to forgive sins and to preach to all nations. Note that the apostles could not forgive sins until Easter and could not preach until after Pentecost. 
     Today, priest and bishops are absolving sins even without reaching the spirituality of Easter; and they are preaching without reaching the spirituality of Pentecost. There is, therefore, the great possibility that sins are not forgiven and no one is being evangelized. We are producing a catholic church where sins are not forgiven and souls are not Catholics......because priests and bishops have not attained the spirituality of Easter and Pentecost. There is no greater tragedy that can occur in the church than this; the tragedy that Easter and Pentecost have not taken place in the Vatican Church. It certainly happened in the true Church of Christ. But it seems it have not happened in the Vatican church of Pope Francis; and that includes all of us. 

3. Easter and Pentecost had already occurred in the true Church.
    For individuals to share in these mysteries and receive the gift of Charity, which is the love of God and neighbor, all they have to do is to enter the true Church of Christ. Even the beginnings of spirituality, namely, the forgiveness of sins and the acquiring of Faith and Hope can be possessed simply by entering the true Church. So Easter and Pentecost can be experienced simply by entering the Church; because the Holy Spirit is already in the Church. There is no need to be shouting and calling down the Spirit again. They should just enter the true Church.
   But here is the problem. Nobody knows where the true Church is and they do not know how to enter the true Church. So most Catholics are not experiencing Easter; the mystery that enables priest to forgive sins and love their neighbor. And they do not experience Pentecost; the mystery that enables priest to preach effectively and love God. The result is that the laymen do not know how to love neighbor and God; the two necessary commands needed for the salvation of souls according to the Words of Christ. 

4. See what we are missing.
    For priests and bishops, note these steps. On Easter, Christ breathed on His apostles and gave them the power to love their neighbor and forgive sins. Without living the asceticism of Easter, priests and bishops and Popes cannot love their neighbor and cannot forgive sins. 
     On Pentecost, Christ gave the apostles the Holy Spirit that enabled them to love God and to preach to all nations. These two actions of Christ can be read in the Gospels of the day. So without living the asceticism of Pentecost, priests, bishops and the Pope cannot love God and cannot evangelize people by teaching them how to love God. 
     With these two above happening today, there can be no Catholic church today. And there are no sins forgiven.

5. The problem.
     The problem is not in the Sacraments of Penance nor in ordinations. The problem is the lack of spirituality. God works in the soul depending on their spirituality. God save souls if they have lived the spirituality of Easter. God sends preachers who have lived the spirituality of Pentecost. God cannot do anything in a soul that has no spirituality. Judas, the bishop, could not forgive sins and could not preach because he did not have the needed spirituality. neither can Pope Francis lead the catholic church without the needed spirituality. Note how the Liturgy of Easter and Pentecost, precisely, showed St. Peter undergoing the spirituality of Easter and Pentecost. 

6. Love of God and neighbor.
    Charity is love of God and neighbor. The very act of Charity forgives all past sins without the need for confession because 'Love of God covers a multitude of sins.' In the Catechism it is called 'perfect act of contrition.' Charity is, also,  obedience to all the commands of Christ. So Charity forgives all sin and enables us to obey all the commands of Christ which is a sign of love of God; 'if you love Me, keep My commandments.' So Charity is what saves our soul. 
    But Charity is a virtue that can come only from the Holy Spirit. It is humanly impossible to love God and neighbor, properly defined. No one receives the Holy Spirit unless he had repented, and received the gift of Faith, Christ said so. Faith is what brings us inside the Church. And the Spirit is received only within the Church. And who is within the Church? Those who can give the 15 Marks of the Church described by St. Robert Bellarmine. If you are inside you should have these 15 signs and know what they are. If you do not know what these signs are, you are nowhere inside. And you just don't have it. 

7.  The catholic charismatics  are mere Montanists or Corinthians and are mostly close to the Protestant classical Pentecostals. They are not catholics. 
     The truly Catholic Pentecostals are those who have reached the spirituality of Easter and Pentecost. These are almost the highest degrees of spirituality and fall under the Mystical life common among hermits. Yes, the truly Catholic Charismatics are mostly hermits. 
     The manifestations in the charismatic catholic movement are similar to the Montanists sect, a sect started by a pagan priest who converted into Catholicism and brought with him into the Church some pagan practices. So the manifestations commonly called charismatic gifts are mere pagan practices incorporated into the church. 
     These are similar to the manifestations amongst the Corinthians; they wrongly described the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in them so much so that St. Paul had to correct them saying; 'if you truly have the Spirit you would not make a mistake in defining them. But since your description is wrong I have to correct you and describe them in the right way. The Corinthians were eventually lost from the Church. They would have never been lost if they truly had the Spirit. 
     The catholic charismatic movement as featured with Pope Francis is purely classical Protestant Pentecostalism. Even Pope Francis had been described by Protestants as mainline Protestant. And the pictures of Pope Francis with the charismatics looks like a bunch of college students in a campus demonstration rather than a community of hermits. 
     The spirituality of Easter and Pentecost is described by Garrigou-Lagrange in his 'three stages of the spiritual life.' The third state is the true charismatic. In summary, true charismatics must have all the 15 marks of the true Church as described by St. Robert Bellarmine, Jesuit saint and doctor of the Church. 

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

CLIMATE CHANGE- High Pelagian Heresy.

 1. The idea behind the Climate change agreement in France is the highest degree of Pelagian Heresy. France is no stranger to heresies.  From France came the great heresies of modernism and the French revolution whose two favorite daughters are Secular democracy and militant communism. The heretical basis of Global warming and climate change agreed on in France is the synthesis of the worst heresies from the Catholic point of view. And it is a moral act for nations to abandon that group for the sake of their souls.  

2. Pelagian heresy.
     The Pelagian heresy states that humans do not need the help of God in all his activities; that they can do everything by themselves.They believe they can control the climate from deteriorating so they can continue to enjoy the world.  There are two errors in this; one, that man can control the climate and, secondly, that man can continue enjoying the world as he pleases 
     St. Thomas wrote that man cannot even prevent a bird from falling dead nor prevent his hair from falling.  And man cannot even move a finger without God's help. Three teachings of the Church are violated here; first, the teaching that God controls the entire creation wherewith not a single bird can fall without His permission. Secondly, the teaching that God directly controls human affairs, directly or permissively. And thirdly, that no one knows the future unless God reveals it through a prophet, like Padre Pio. 
     In short, man cannot cause nor prevent climate change. God decides that. If God decides to change the climate, there is absolute nothing man can do about it. 
      God, also,  decides the course of human affairs. St. Thomas wrote; 'man does but God decides the outcome,' i.e. man use coal but God decides whether it will cause global warming or begin a second ice age.  
     This is the most basic truth of the Catholic Church. It is called Divine Providence.  The issues in climate change are denials of the existence of God and the Providence of God.  Both denials are heresies. And there is a third error here; i.e. that no one can know the future unless revealed by God, who knows all thing, through a prophet as He had always done in the past. 
    If we cannot predict the weather tomorrow what makes us think we can know the future that is based on a thousand variables like climate change. Simply presented, climate change is based on three errors.

3. The heresies are politicized. President Trump's stand is right.
    Pope Francis is wrong. 
     As usual the heresies were used to suppress the truths so the 'covetous man' can earn more money by suppressing others. It is the classical move of the rich surpressing the lower and middle class to get richer. 
     A fourth truth is being suppressed by proponents of climate change. And that is.....that the world was created by God so man can use it for the salvation of his soul; to provide for his human and bodily needs while the Church provides for his spiritual needs. 

4. A wrong idea.      
     It is a wrong idea that man was placed in this world to take care of it. The primitive tribes got it right. They believed that the world was created for their use and they must take care of it so they can get the greatest benefit from it. The world was, first, for the benefit of man. And only afterwards must he take care of it so he can continuously benefit from it. The benefit of man cannot be sacrificed to preserve the climate. 
     The primary reason for creation is to provide men his bodily needs to be able to repent. These needs, according to St. Paul are food, shelter and clothing. Today that would mean holding a job. So President Trump's idea of withdrawing from the Parish climate change agreement so that men can have jobs and provide for their food, shelter and clothing is very wise because it is according to God's purpose for creation.
     What will happen in the future as a consequence of this withdrawal is in the hands of God and not in the hands of these unbelievers in France. If the jobs in coal mines help men repent then this is a good work and God will reward such a nation with abundant blessings. It is when creation is misused to further one's perverted passions like building resorts for Sodomists, gays and lesbians, then God will not only send global warming but fire and brimstone. Everything can be reduced to this; do good and God  will reward you. Go against God's teachings and He will punish you. 

 5. Using creation for man's salvation is a work pleasing to God.    
     Helping men with jobs so they can more easily repent is a very good work. God will reward such an act with spiritual blessings and material resources. Even a fine weather. 
      To go against God's teachings, like denying His existence and His Divine Providence is a great evil. God punishes such with tsunamis, earthquake, wars, droughts, etc.., global warming and even rain of fire and brimstones. The French agreement on climate change and Pope Francis' "Laudato si' is an invitation for Divine Punishment. 
    It is no wonder that there is a prophecy that the world will end up being burned by fire. It is because of the heresies of these people in France......and in the Vatican. So while there is time, leave that climate change and global warming nonsense. 

Sunday, June 04, 2017


 1. Ascension is almost graduation. 
    Journey into the Catholic Church starts with the virtue of Penance. One is inside the Catholic Church with the virtue of Faith. And one is completely inside the Church on Easter with the virtue of Charity. 
     Then on Pentecost, one is ready to go to preach to all nations. The true preacher is one who is 'sent by God.' Not one who goes out on his own or sent by men.

2. When to preach to all nations. 
     Christ had been telling the apostles to preach to all nations. In a few attempts to preach, the apostles could see that they were having problems, like the inability to drive away devils. 
     Those few times wherein Christ told His apostles to preach can be considered as dry runs to show the apostles the problems they should expect.
     Strictly speaking Christ told His apostles to preach to all nations, only. after Pentecost because that was the only time that they were fully prepared. 

 3. Before Pentecost, the apostles were not yet ready to teach souls how to love their neighbors and how to love God. He had not yet breathed on them that they may receive the Holy Spirit. St. Augustine wrote that during that time when Christ breathed on them, they did not really receive the Holy Spirit. They only received the power to love one's neighbor, a power they needed to be able to teach their listeners to love one's neighbor as the Gospel of John on Pentecost showed. And they have not yet receive the Holy Spirit in the form of fire, the first reading on Pentecost, that will give them the power to love God. They needed these powers to teach others how to love God and neighbor, both necessary for salvation. 
     Before Pentecost, Christ had not breathed on them to receive the power to forgive sins as noted on the Gospel of Pentecost. The power to forgive sins is given to those who have reached the spirituality of Pentecost. It comes along with the power to be able to love God and one's neighbor which is a supernatural act. 

4. To preach to all nations on Ascension.
     The Gospel of Ascension shows Christ commanding His apostles 'to go therefore and make disciples of all nations, etc. ' At this time the apostles could not do this because they were not yet ready to do this. They were still undergoing training. And in fact, though they were told to go 'to make disciples of all nations,' they did not do so because they knew they were not yet prepared and that was not yet the final signal to go ahead. 
     Christ gave the instruction on how to evangelize. But notice that at that point they were unable to do so because they have not reached the spirituality of Easter and Pentecost. Note the command of Christ; first, 'make disciples of all nations. Secondly,  'baptize them in the name of the Father......' Thirdly, 'teach them to carry out everything I have commanded.' Fourthly, 'and know that I am with you always.'

5. Its impossible!
    The apostles could 'make disciples' because this consist simply in teaching them the Old Testament which is merely the natural law. Anybody can do this. The apostles could do the second, 'to baptize' because this consist, merely, in pouring some water and saying a short formula. Anybody can do this, too. 
     But to teach them the commands and to carry out everything I have commanded,' cannot be done by men. These teachings can only be taught by the Holy Spirit and obedience to these teachings can only be empowered by the Holy Spirit. This third part can only be done by someone who have received the Holy Spirit. 
     It is impossible for someone to obey the Gospel of Ascension who does not possess the Holy Spirit. 
     'I am with you always until the end of the world.' Christ said this to the apostles who were living in community as a church and where all have reached the spirituality expressed in the Liturgy of Pentecost. During Ascension Christ could not be with them as Someone in the Church because He had not yet ascended. 

6. Conclusions.
    In the Liturgy of Ascension we see that the apostles have not yet completed their training that would end in Pentecost. So they could not go out and preach yet. The official go signal will be given after Pentecost. And in fact, they formally went about preaching after Pentecost. 
     So before Pentecost the apostles couldn't do the following. First, they could not teach all nations 'the love of neighbor' because the power to do so have not yet been given to them. This was given to them when Christ breathed on them as described during Pentecost Sunday. Secondly, they could not forgive sins because Christ had not yet breathed on them to give them that power to bind and to loose, which Christ gave when He breathed on them on Pentecost Sunday. Thirdly, they did not know all the commands of Christ and how to observe them because this is taught by the Holy Spirit which they have not yet received. And fourthly, Christ was not yet in the Church because He had not yet ascended to heaven. Besides that is the last step.

     There is a great suspicion that the Vatican church today, does not have these four just mentioned characteristics of the Church. First, there is ignorance of the Old Testament the knowledge of which makes disciples of all nations. Personified by Pope Francis, it is noticeable that most do not know the spirituality of the Old Testament, which is perfectly described in the Book of wisdom (Esdras.) Pope Francis does not even know that adultery is against the commands of God.  Secondly, Pope Francis lacks charity towards the 'good guys' like Bishop Livieres (now deceased), the Franciscans of the Immaculate, the Knights of Malta,  and the Institute of the Good Shepherd. Though he is very nice towards the 'bad guys'; nice towards the immigrants while totally negligent towards the martyred Christians of the Middle East. Thirdly, Pope Francis is forgiving towards all unrepentant sinners even to the point of abolishing hell and insulting towards the repentant conservative orders. Fourthly, everyone is feeling that Christ is not with the Vatican Church as Christ promised 'I am with you always until the end of the world.'
     The Holy Spirit is not in the charismatics nor in the evangelicals. Those who understand the spirituality of Pentecost, which is the Mystical life as described by Garrigou Lagrange, can clearly see the Spirit is nowhere around the charismatics. The Spirit is definitely in the Church but not in the church that is today popularly called catholic church. Maybe in a true Christian church?

     So who is going around preaching an entirely new religion and a new church. Clearly thieves and robber out there to steal and to kill.