Sunday, April 30, 2017


 1. In community and with one mind.
     There are two truths Catholics must believe, aside from the many other truths. One, is that Catholic truths being spiritual and supernatural can only be learned within the Catholic Church. Those truths cannot be learned from books, professors, seminaries or schools of theology like Louvain. New Testament supernatural truths can only be learned directly from God and within the Catholic Church. This is evident in the Gospel incident when Christ asked His disciple who people thought who He was. Christ praised Peter's answer saying; ' No man has taught you this but My Father in heaven.' No man can teach New Testament supernatural truths except the Father in heaven. Old Testament truths can be taught by mere man; thus John the Baptist could teach them. 
     New Testament supernatural truths can only be taught by Jesus Christ. And after His Ascension, those truths could only be taught by apostles who were possessed by the Holy Spirit. It was the Holy Spirit who was teaching through the apostles what is to be preached. 
     Today, theology  taught in Louvain, Gregorian, Augustinium, Sant' Anselmo, etc... is taught by men and professors in schools. It is the wrong teachers and the wrong school. They are mere men; and the students are in the wrong school, mere stone buildings. Again. Catholic truths are supernatural truths that can only be learned within the Catholic Church and taught by God alone; thus those Catholics become  one in mind and heart. These two characteristic is what is taught in the 2nd Sunday of Easter. 

2. Two or three gathered in My name.
     Strictly speaking the Catholic Church must be made up of two or three at a minimum; otherwise it cannot become Catholic because obedience to the second command of Christ, love of neighbor, would be impossible without the second and the third. 
     For two or three to gather in the name of Christ means; that two or three people have lived together 'in community' in order to know and obey all the commandments of Jesus Christ; this is the purpose for living 'in community'. This essentially make them of one mind and one heart. It is understood that the two or three have completely repented and have received the supernatural virtue of Faith that makes them believe in exactly the same identical truths.  That is the beginning of the Catholic Church.
     The apostles, by the second Sunday of Easter had reached this spiritual state; except one, Thomas, who have not reached Faith and was outside the apostolic community. Physically, he was not with them in the locked room and, like the other apostles,  he was not believing that Christ had resurrected. He was not in community with the apostles. 
     Christ would now appear to him to make him live 'in community.' His mere presence does not make him part of the community. It was his act of Faith, which he lacked, that will enable him to be part of the community and, therefore, inside the Catholic Church.  
     The Gospel of the second Sunday of Easter narrates that the apostles were in a 'room with locked doors.' Note several points; first, the other apostles were together 'in community' but without Thomas. Because they were together, God taught them that Christ was risen. This was not taught to those who were not with them; and the Jews still do not know up to now that Christ has risen.
     Thomas was not with them, though he was one of the apostles. Secondly, because he was not in the community, i.e. within the community which is the only Catholic Church at that time, he was not taught. So he did not believe. Thirdly,  but when Thomas was within the community of the apostles, Christ taught him. Fourthly, when Thomas was taught by Christ and not by men, he believed and the apostolic community was complete now and may be described as a Catholic Church. 

3. Note the description of the Catholic Church as can be seen in the first apostolic Church. They were living in community apart from the world. The concept of 'being apart' was shown in that they were in a room with locked doors. It is imperative in 'being in community' to be separated from the rest of the world. Even eating with unbelievers was forbidden. So closed doors, walls, fences, distances, living in the desert, on mountain tops, in islands...... are used to emphasize the  importance of 'being apart from the world.' The Psalms tells us that a community without walls is like a vineyard without fence. The pigs will devastated that vineyard. This is happening with the 'no borders' proposed in the world today and encouraged by Pope Francis. The inability to see clear borders and separation from one wall to the other, takes away the very concept of 'church' in the Catholic Church; thus today we cannot find the Catholic Church because we cannot see the border of one from the other. 
     Without seeing the border how can we enter the Catholic Church.  Of course the Catholic Church is a spiritual institution, though with visible signs. The apostles were inside the Church, thus they were living in community united in their spiritual faculties of heart and mind. 
     What is it that united them? The knowledge and consent to all the commandments of Christ. At today's Mass, Thomas had no knowledge and had not consented to the belief that Christ was alive. So he was not part of the apostolic community.

4. IN COMMUNITY The need for a community set aside by itself, in a room with locked door. The community must be apart from everything, 'Fuga mundo'. Open walls and unlimited immigration is forbidden. Otherwise, the Church would be like a vineyard, without a fence that can be easily be destroyed by pigs.

 There is need for having one mind and heart, oneness of doctrine and one love for God.  This must be an attitude of prayer. You cannot think of Divine things without being in the state of prayer. 

6. The family is the initial foundation upon the Church is built.
     The family is the foundation of the Church. The Church  builds on the family. To live 'in community' and to be of one mind can naturally start only in the family before it can rise up to the spirit level and become the Church. 
     But with Pope Francis' 'Amores Laetitia' that destroys families, to rise up to the supernatural level and become the Church becomes impossible. The Vatican itself is not 'in community' and not with one mind. 
7. These two signs cannot be seen today from Pope Francis down to the parish and the family. On Good Friday, the only Catholic Church as shown in the Cenacle is no where.  The apostles, the first Church, were scattered. There was no 'in community' thus no Church. They will only be a true Church on Pentecost. It is the same today. You cannot find the two mentioned above  signs.  As foretold there will be no visible Church but merely a Church described by Christ to the Samaritan Woman, a Church 'in spirit and in truth.' The visible Church still exists but it will be very difficult to find it, proven by the fact that nobody can find it and no Catholic priests, bishop, cardinal... or even Pope Francis can prove that they are Catholics using the only available proof the Catholic Church has, the four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed. 
     The Catholic reader can try proving that he is a Catholic. He will find it next to impossible. Can't blame the Pope.


Monday, April 24, 2017

2nd SUNDAY OF EASTER-. THE APOSTLES WERE IN A LOCKED ROOM '.........for fear of the Jews.'

 1.The apostles were in a locked room for 'fear of the Jews.'
      The Gospel of the second Sunday of Easter described the apostles as being in a locked room 'for fear of the Jews,' when Christ suddenly appears in their midst to help St. Thomas resolve his doubt. 
     The apostles had seen the risen Christ. They were convinced now that Christ was God and God was with them, how come they still lived 'in fear of the Jews? For those who have no Faith, they fear everything that can hurt the body; from gun shot wounds to bacterias. For those who have the fulness of Faith, they fear no one who can kill the body but cannot touch the soul. 
     Who should be feared most by the faithless? The Jews. The apostles had been trained well; they have reached Faith though not yet perfect because they have not experienced Pentecost. But they have seen Christ. Yet they were still in closed doors for fear of the Jews.
     At Pentecost they will love God with a love that cast out all fears. They will fear no one; not even death. But that is still on Pentecost.  We are still on Easter week. So they still feared the Jews.  
2. The fearful 'sin of the Jews' on Good Friday.
    Why fear the Jews? It is bad enough to run over a dog for no valid reason. It is worse to kill a baby and a grown up for no valid reason. To kill a man for trying to save you is something beyond human comprehension. It could only be diabolical. And it is so.
     The Jews killed a man who was proving that He was God. Their inability to believe He was a God made them guilty of Deicide on Good Friday. They even  called God's judgment on themselves and on their own children. They stood guilty by their own words. On Good Friday, the sin of the Jews was the worse sin ever committed by men. 

     Being the worse sin committed and unable to repent, the Jews, as a guilty nation, will spiritually deteriorate as they remain in their sin. This is the rule of the spiritual life; 'he who does not improve regress.' Satan will gradually take possession of their minds and will, thus they will approximate Satan himself. It is not mere temptation, not mere possession. It becomes a transformation into Satan himself akin to the much expected 'man of sin,' the anti-Christ. Imagine a nation akin to the anti-Christ.
     Possessed by Satan, they will possess the intelligence of this fallen angel for doing evil. Their plans, their projects, their activities, the way they make war, their system of education, their goals and all their projects will be imbued with the intelligence of Satan. The world will be amazed at the ways they will do things especially the way they will try to govern the world.
3. The worsening of evil.
     The jealousy and hatred for Christ on Good Friday will worsen considerably. Instead of killing one man, they will kill millions of men, women and children through wars waged for profit. They will steal everybody's money through all forms of taxes and by forcing all men to buy what they do not need through advertisement. They will manipulate men's minds through an education that will make all men unthinking thus making them mere robots. They will create an environment where men will be forced to sin and prevented from doing good works through an atmosphere of lies created through education and mass media. 

They will first worsen in their jealousy and hatred for Christ and Christ's substitute, His Mystical Body, the Catholic Church. The hatred and jealousy will not be mere human but diabolical in nature. 

     Then they will worsen in their covetousness, their love for money. They will kill millions, like in the Bolshevik revolution, in the Reign of terror in France, in the first and second world war and in all minor wars all of which were initiated by them for profit. They will undertake regime change, assassinate head of nations from the President of Ecuador, Garcia Moreno, to the President of Viet Nam, Saddam Husein, Kaddafy and now they are trying it on Trump of the US and Assad of Syria. These are all the same murderers obedient to Satan who commands them, as the Jews obeyed Satan on Good Friday.  
     Having rejected Christ they will love money. 'You cannot love God and mammon. You will love one and hate the other.'
     They will destroy the morality of children through education and corrupt the youth through perverted sexuality and the adults through unattainable ambitious goals. They will corrupt politicians and every branch of government to control them into increasing the profits of their investments.
    Any  government who allows them to have influence  in their country is inviting disaster for that country but profits for the Jews. 
With such a heinous sin and with the rule that unforgiven sins tend to get worse when unforgiven, one cannot even imagine the depth of sin and corruption with which they must have descended by now. Attempt to imagine their sins would put them at par with the 'evil one,' the anti-Christ. The sin of the anti-christ is a sin of a man with the mind of a devil. 
     They are trying to foment the third world war. Imagine their earning in the sales of weapon and bullets alone. 

4. Devil's proximate end -an unprepared soul and a sudden death. 
     Satan's agenda is to put souls in an environment where it is very difficult to know how to save one's soul; and at the same time to put them in danger of instant death. In short, he wants souls to be in a state of being unprepared but in danger of death. This picture is clear; it is a picture of Noah's time; a people enjoying life while the waters were rising to drown them all. Death is completely in God's hand.
     Just fill the world with distractions, Walt Disney, computer games, cell phones, NBA, football, tennis games, virtual realities, a thousand TV programs and hundreds of cable entertainments, forced education, blue tooth and unlimited radio programs....everything in the world are meant to distract the mind from death thus leaving man unprepared for death. While the same diabolical leaders are inciting a third world war by provoking Russia, North Korea and China for a mutual self destruction and instant death. Seeing how unprepared the world is for death a nuclear war could fill up hell in no time.

     Notice that souls are involved is all of these; the destruction of souls and of the Catholic Church. Every act performed in the world is for the destruction of soul and earnings for the Jews, from the NBA games to all the TV shows. It is the perennial battle between the City of God and city of men. Or as the Book of Revelation states, it is the battle between the Church of Jesus Christ and the Synagogue of Satan. Synagogue? That means Jews. Well that was the lesson on Good Friday. 

5. The globally worsening of the sin of the Jews. And how it will work out. The Romans - now the US, Germany, England and EU. 
The sooner one leaves all these Unions like US, EU and UN, WTO the better. Russia had started dismantling. Five will soon leave EU. The US, the most under Jewish control is being used to corrupt the world and the most under its grip. It will be difficult to escape but it is possible for individuals. Even Americans had been crying 'Leave the USA while you have time.' The Apocalypse says the same thing; 'Leave her.' No one is listening. Everybody is even entering her. 
     Prevalence of the sins of lying, betrayal, killings, stealing, slavery...etc, but betrayals will be the main vice. Chinese Catholics will be betrayed by the Vatican (Sanhedrin) to Commuist China and  the orthodox to pagans. Vatican will be the betrayer, like the Sanhedrin,  with the Pope as Judas. 
     It is possible to give a human or socioi-psychological rationale for what is going on today, but it won't make sense. It will make sense if we just give the simple reason, diabolical. Everything is the machination of an angelic mind, the mind of a fallen angel. It is too stunning, too impressive; it cannot be human so we cannot blame mere human motive. It has to be diabolical; 

6. The fulness of the sin of the Jews as spread world wide.
Their sin is something to fear. For profit, they covetousness is capable of dragging the whole world and themselves to hell.
     Continuation of diabolical manipulation. The creation of a new world order according to Lucifer's dream in imitation and at war with  the Kingdom of God

7. The scenario. Amidst a turbulent national confusion and the near occasion of war meant to kill the unprepared and sent them to hell. On the other hand, the unavailability to prepare one's soul makes everyone a candidate for hell. If such is the state of Catholics,  how much more the other pagan religions and other christian sects. 

They will try to establish a kingdom on earth following their rules and probably call it the 'new world order.'
     It will be 'new' because there is no other order in the world akin to it in that all orders in the world are meant for the welfare of all their own citizens. This 'new world order' is just for the few Jewish millionaire who rule the world from their US headquarters. And prompted by the devil who possessed them on Good Friday, they will establish a world where it is impossible to save one's soul. They have succeeded today. 
8. The present confrontation is between the City of Man and the City of God with the soul seeking salvation in between. Pope Francis and the Bergoglian church, like the Sanhedrin is in one side of the conflict. Together with them are all the pagan religions, all the Protestant sects and most of the Catholics who have not fully repented (have not lived the Lenten spirituality.) Lucifer had always been the prince of this city, Christ said. 
     The Divine Intervention is very brief and completely under God's control like God's intervention on St. Peter, Dimas and Longinus. It is in the form of a purely socio-psychological nature.  Nothing supernatural or spiritual. God choses mere laymen to do this; and God takes over from there. He could possibly use Putin, Duterte, Trump and Le Pen to mention a few. The spiritual aspects is God's work. Its goal is to give souls with even the slightest humility, like those who voted for the above candidates, opportunity to repent in preparation for any Divine future happenings. 
       The Lenten and Easter Message is this; Everything in the world had been arranged by Satan to prevent you from making an act of Faith needed for salvation. And Satan, with God's permissive Will, had allowed the devil to wage a world war where many can die instantly and spiritually unprepared. Most are in danger of dying and go to hell. We are faced with a Good Friday in a global scale? As of today, 2nd week of Easter,  we still have valid reasons to 'fear the Jews.' But no longer on Pentecost Sunday. Or, even earlier, on the 5th Sunday of Easter. How about that for a bargain.?
     It is no coincidence that Pope Francis refused to take up the title of Pontifex but merely the title 'bishop of Rome.'  It was a bishop who betrayed Christ, Bishop Judas. It will be a bishop who will betray the Catholic Church today. The present 'bishop of Rome' from Argentina?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

EASTER NIGHT - The Mysteries.

 1. On Easter night, the first of two parts of the mysteries of salvation are presented and explained. The second of the two parts will be explained by the Liturgy from Easter to Pentecost.
     The entire Plan of salvation, i.e. what we must do to attain everlasting life was taught to us by Christ. It was for this reason that He became man; to show us the way to heaven. Christ, alone, knows the way to heaven because He came from there and He went back there. No human being knows the way because it is a spiritual way and no human has ever gone to heaven and returned to earth to tell us the way. No Pope, bishop or priest know the way. Whatever they know comes from the human words Christ uttered as found in Divine Revelation. 
     When Christ came to earth to teach us the way, He spoke in human language like in parables. But His human words had supernatural meanings that He, alone,  can explain. His human words are found in Divine Revelations but the meaning of His Words can only be given by God directly. Thus during Mass, we listen to God's human words in the three readings, then we sit down in silence to listen to God's explanation. 
     The Words of Divine Revelations are read and then God explains. 

     But do we listen to Divine Revelation? If we do, for how long do we retain it in our minds?  Do we wait in silence for  God's explanation? And do we treasure in our hearts His explanation? If we did these, we have reasons to celebrate on Easter night for we shall, also, rise from the dead on Judgment Day.

      During this past Lenten season, Christ revealed many truths during the readings in the Mass and in Divine Office. And during prayers, God had explained many of these truths to us. This Easter night, Holy Mother the Church is reminding us if we got everything right?
     This is the first question St. Thomas of Aquinas asked at the beginning of his commentary to the Easter Gospel. The Gospel is asking us whether we got all the Catholic Mysteries taught to us by Holy Mother the Church from Ash Wednesday to Good Friday. If yes we have done the minimum requirement for salvation which is presented to us during the Lenten Liturgy. We will go to heaven.

     But of course, we can grow more towards perfection. This is taught by the Liturgy from Easter to Pentecost. This is better. 

2. The Mysteries.
     The mysteries of the Catholic Faith taught to us during the Lenten Season are supernatural mysteries. There is no way by which humans can know them except through divine revelation. But Divine Revelation has to be interpreted by God alone. And God interprets this when one is in the state of contemplative prayer. Thus St. Thomas wrote that the image of the angel sitting on the slab within the empty tomb is the contemplative image of the Catholic Church on the Sabbath, the 7th day. Unless we are contemplatives we cannot understand the first mysteries of the Catholic religion taught during the season of Lent. 
     Pope Francis, in 'amoris laetitia' seems to be ignorant that adultery is not even a supernatural mystery.  It is merely a violation of the natural law. It seems he does not have the proper fruit of repentance demanded by the Gospel. We have a Pope who does not show any sign of repentance during this season of repentance. How can we consider him as our leader, he, who is not leading in the natural moral field? Will he be able to lead in the supernatural level?
     The season of Lent is telling us that this will be the state of the entire world in this eschatological sixth day. Remember Christ, Himself, described this coming age before His passion. And the entire Catholic world had been waiting for this day. It had happened in many small areas around the world and history can trace these places. But Good Friday will happen for one last time in the whole world and as on Good Friday, the world will not be prepared for it. The world will, again, crucify its God in the person of the Mystical Body of Christ. Since the Church will be very small, as on Good Friday, the crucifixion will not be very noticeable. 

     The crucifixion is done, as usual, by the state and by the apostate  Church. The Church will be led by its 'high priest' and the Sanhedrin. The sheep will temporarily be scattered leaving no one within the Church. Then the small church will return gradually to the tomb, the ancient home of hermits. Have you noticed the rampant disobedience to God's commands starting with Pope Francis, down to the cardinals, bishops, priests and as a consequence rampant disobedience of Christ's commands among the faithful. In fact, when we say 'Christ's commands' nobody seems to know what it is all about. They think it is the 10 commandments of God. It is not.
     Adultery is a disobedience to an Old Testament command. To pray unceasingly is a New Testament command. If Pope Francis is ignorant of an Old Testament command as shown in his 'amores laetitia,' wouldn't he be more ignorant of a New Testament command like 'pray unceasingly?'
     The Lenten Season teaches us to pray unceasingly. How do you do that? See what I mean?

3. The Lenten season, specifically Holy Week is a figure to what is going to happen today; it is a prophetic description of what will eschatologically happen in this our times commonly referred to as the sixth day. All good Catholics know this and had been expecting this because this is what we learn liturgically from the yearly celebration of Lent. Let us go into a point by point comparison between Good Friday and today.

     Firstly, during Holy Week, the Romans were in control of Jerusalem. But the Jews controlled the Romans in that the Jews dictated to the Romans what they wanted to do to Jesus. Today, the rich elites that control the whole world through their respective governments, like the US and EU (like pagan Rome), are controlled by the Jews. The Romans is a symbol of the Gentiles like the Americans, Europeans, Asians, Middle East, etc. The Jews control the US; and the US influence the whole world. And the 'world' hate the Catholic Church. 
     All international acts, like wars and regime change, are directed towards the destruction of the Catholic Church. And this is manipulated by the Jews as on Good Friday. Let's look at a specific example; Donald Trump of the US had been hailed by Catholics as initiating a moral revival tending towards Catholic truths. Visibly behind his efforts are two staunch Catholics, Kellyanne and Bannon. The US is on a wobbly right path when suddenly the world is shocked because the US bombs Syria. It was irrational until the news stated that Kushner, Trump's son-in-law influenced the strike against Assad who a few days before was praised by a Catholic Salesian Syrian nun as very supportive of Catholicism in Syria and she had just received an award from Melania Trump in the white house. Why strike Assad who supports the Catholic church? Because Kushner is a Jew? Good Friday, still.

     The Jews believe and expect a Messiah, but they did not accept Christ was the Messiah.  So they are still waiting for the Messiah who will certainly have to be the anti-Christ. Waiting for the most evil man for their Messiah, they will be a great persecutor of the true Church of Christ. They will use the Gentiles and the 'men of the church (the Pharisees and the Sanhedrin,) in the person of the bishops, cardinals and the Pope to attack the Church, by inviting Pope Francis to head the 'new strange world religion' in a ceremony in the Temple mount to welcome the 'new' Messiah.  Possing with Pagan Rome in the persons of the EU heads, Pope Francis encouraged them to continue being united and undermining the Catholic Church. The photo op in the Vatican looks like Jerusalem on Good Friday. 

     As on Good Friday, where the Jews used the secular state (the Romans), the Chief priests and Sanhedrin (the Jewish priesthood) to kill Christ, today the Jews, because they are waiting for the false Messiah, will again use the secular powers (like the US and England) and the Chief High Catholic priest, Pope Francis  and most of the Catholic cardinals and bishops to destroy the Mystical Body of Christ. Most Bishop Catholic conferences are already on the side of Soros rather than on the side of Christ. 
     Secondly, Judas, as bishop, an apostle and personally chosen by Christ would associate with the Jews and the Romans, do business with them to betray Christ. Judas is believed to be a figure of Pope Francis due to his affection for the Jews and his continuous destructive moves against those faithful to the Church like the Franciscans and the Knights of Malta. And Pope Francis pictured recently posing in the Vatican as chaplain of the European Union cabal that rules the world and under Jewish influence further confirms the Roman-Jewish connection. We cannot remove the suspicion of this alliance in Pope Francis' special affection for the Jews.

     No one can prevent these Good Friday eschatological events. It has been prophesied. It has to be fulfilled. Just as no kindness on Christ's part towards Judas, like washing his feet and giving him communion, corrected Judas.  No 'dubia' or bishop's Synod nor even an ecumenical council will correct Pope Francis. 

4. Good Friday is when the Jews connived with the secular powers and the Jewish priesthood to kill Christ. That day they ceased to be God's Chosen people.  They ceased to be Abraham's seed because Abraham's seed are those born of the Faith of Abraham; not of his lineage. And the Church was transferred to the Gentiles. 
     Today is when the Catholic Church ceases to be God's Gentile chosen people. It is again God's time to take away the vineyard from the unfaithful husbandmen and give it to another; because the church, under Pope Francis, is selling the Church to the world whose prince is Lucifer. 
     This 'other' will be the new children of Abraham because of their true Faith.  It will not be  the Vatican. Maybe, it will be the ones in the desert, just as before, as portrayed by the 'Great Sign' in the sky.  

5. God's providential intervention in individuals..
     On the sixth day, there was a brief Divine intervention where amidst an unfaithful nation,  individuals  received the grace of repentance and the subsequent gift of Faith. This was the case of St. Peter who denied Christ three times; and the case of Dimas, a thief who was blaspheming Christ. Amidst the entire unrepentant nation, Peter immediately repented and was restored to an even higher state of grace while Dimas repented and believed, too. 
    A  contrast is evident; Peter repenting after denying Christ, while Judas betraying Christ and not repenting. Then we had the thief repenting and becoming 'good,' while the other continues to blaspheme Christ. The scenario was identical for both cases; yet one repented the other did not. Why? The 'old' procedure of crowd conversion was no longer operative.  The providential individual intervention would be working for a short duration. The latter is what is working today. Don't expect mass conversion. Even Pope Benedict said so. These times, conversions  will be through individual providential interventions . And expect the unexpected.

 6. There is more.
     There is still a rich source of information during Holy Week or the sixth day that will help us understand what is happening today. But it is now sufficient for the day. 


Friday, April 14, 2017


 1. The Ongoing battle.
     Everything in the world are signs of an ongoing battle for the soul of man. It is a battle between God and the devil, on who can win the soul of man. The result of the battle is decided by each man. 
     Everything in the world is used by God to make man chose the side of God. And everything in the world is used by the devil to make man chose his side. At the end, each man decides who will be  the victor with God deciding wether  the victor receives the eternal reward or bear the eternal punishment.

  2. Man must know the terrain of the battle. 
      There are two things man must know before the battle. First, is the teachings of Divine Revelation which will be his main weapons to over come the devil. Secondly, he must know the state of the world which is the environment in which his weapons will be used. Will his rifle work in such a freezing environment? 

     Heading the side of evil is Lucifer himself. The men he uses can change. It could be Hitler years ago; it can be Soros today. But not the final goal, the techniques, the means and the means. Lucifer's battle plan had been the same from the Garden of Eden, to the US election up to the removal of Assad in Syria. 
     Everything in the world is governed by this great battle. Everyone is either for God or for the devil. No one is neutral. Because the battle is spiritual most cannot see what is really going on. And to take the wrong side is very easy because it is easier to understand and it is the nicer side to join in. The side of righteousness if impossible for most because it is spiritual and, therefore, invisible to most. And it is distasteful to human nature because it entails 'self-denial,' as all commandments of Christ entail. 

3. Motivations.
    Why do evil men, led by the devil, go against the good; harming them, killing them, crucifying them, drowning them? Journalists and investigators had been breaking their heads looking for motives and engaging in long investigations. The reason is simple; because the killers are evil. So why do they kill good people? Because the good  are good. The reasoning is so simple and it is based on the very nature of good and evil. 
     The devil make evil people kill in the hope that their victims are spiritually unprepared to die and, therefore, go to hell with them. The good, on the other hand, believe that their death is God's Will as an act of reparation for their unforgiven sins; so they bear their death with detachment. Needless to say, the killers end up killing a saint making their act hideously condemnable to eternal hell. 

4. This battle is to the last man.
     Being a test from God for all men, God will allow this battle until the last man is tried. What is important for each of us is to pass the test. And the Lenten Season is the complete course on how to pass the test. 

5. Jerusalem on Good Friday is a test for the Chosen People. 
    If they passed the test they would remain God's Chosen people. If they fail, Christ would abandon them and chose another people. The Chosen People failed miserably. It shows in two ways. First, they were continuously disobedient to the commands of Christ. And secondly, the politico-social situation was on the side of the devil; this overwhelmed their weak Faith. They went to war not knowing that their rifles would not fire in a Russian winter. Their disobedience and not the winter caused their defeated; thus they sided with Satan. It was a scenario  were Satan had complete control of the nation both physically and spiritually. 
     Jerusalem became Satan's kingdom; precisely the dream of Lucifer from the beginning and which is now realized in the world today, again. 

6. Three personages will appear again; Judas, Peter and John.
     The three were the stars on Good Friday. They personify the eschatological stars today; some one who will betray Christ, some who will deny Christ, and some who will brave all things to be with Christ. The state of the Church today is an eschatological reflection of Good Friday. The one who understands what happen on Good Friday will understand what is happening today. There is no confusion. 
     We are back on Holy Week today. What happened that day is happening today. And we can only understand what is happen today if we put it side by side with Holy Week. Lucifer was in complete control of that world. The Roman, the entire priesthood, the crowd.
     The apostles had been silenced and were all on the run. Christ was arrested. There was absolutely no help coming even from the legions of angels from heaven; because it was not according to God's plan. It was a horrible test for men and even the apostles were failing the test. Peter, the first Pope would denying Christ, whom he loved. What worse scenario can happen. It was like the end of the world. And it was indeed a dry run of what will happen today. 

7. Set aside the world.
     Let us set aside what is going on in the world. It is impossible to analyze the state of the world because all are lying, under Satan's order, the 'father of lies'  and financed by the financial elites, Satan's lackeys. Let us not attempt at analyzing the Church because it is a supernatural entity and impossible to analyze. But we can analyze the state of the hierarchy because Christ showed us the state of the hierarchy on Thursday and Friday of Holy Week. Let us focus on the three; St. Peter, Judas and St. John.
     Judas betrayed Christ, a new Judas will betray the Catholic Church. He will sell the Catholic Church to Satan, the only buyer in the first place, for the applause of the world and, if possible, a few cash taken from the Knights of Malta, Soros and sales from the emptied Franciscan convents. 
     For those of us who would even think of imitating this lost soul, it would be better for us if we had not been born. 
     Satan have entered the hearts of these bishops because, like Judas, they love money, the source of all evil. 

     St. Peter. He had just vowed to lay down his life for Christ, and in a moment he denies Christ. Members of the hierarchy who disobey the commands of Christ, like those in favor of 'amores laetitia,' are denying Christ before men. These are majority of the bishops of the different conferences. 
     At least St. Peter repented immediately and regained all the graces he had lost and even gained more, according to St. Thomas of Aquinas, due to the depth of his repentance. Many bishops who had denied Christ by not making a stand on what are His commands should repent before they die otherwise Christ promised to deny them before His Father. That is hell. 

     Then there is St. John. He was going around anywhere he wanted to go. He entered the Pretorium, he attended the trial. he was just going everywhere inside. He was able to bring in St.Peter anywhere he wanted. Every body in the Palace seems to know him and he was pushing his weight around. 
    He was acting as if he was superior to St. Peter and he was. St . Peter was the figure of the active life. He was following Christ with great good works. St. John was following Christ with his intellect. John was a contemplative.
     The lesson is that today, the Catholic Church will be a contemplative Church. Everybody is saying that from the Apocalypse, to De Montfort, to Bonaventure, to Pope Benedict. It has to be. The Catholic Church cannot remain a tyro in the life of prayer.After two thousand years she should be a contemplative; with a mind totally dedicated to knowing God. John is the figure of the Catholic Church today. If we are like St. John the Evangelist, we go to heaven because we are Catholic. If we are like St. Peter, we can still go to heaven if we repent like him. If we are like Judas, it would have been better if we were not born. 
     Let us sit down now and make a list. Under Judas, we have a long list of cardinals and bishops starting with Pope Francis who had sold the Mystical Body of Christ to the one world religions.  The thirty pieces of silver coming from the Open Society foundation and whose election was influenced by money from the US. Some Catholics want Donald Trump to declare his anomaly because it would invalidate the election of Pope Francis. 
     Under St. Peter denying Christ will be a list of the entire cardinalate except for six cardinals. It will include the entire list of bishops and priests. They cannot stand out on the side of the commands of Christ because they do not know what are those commands. 
     Under the heading of St Peter who effectively repented, not a single bishop  because as we saw in 2012  everybody had forgotten how to repent. 
     Under St. John. Not one. Because the Blessed Virgin had kept them in a special place God had prepared for them where no one can recognize them and where they can silently pray for the salvation of the world. 
     That is the world today. In exactly the way it looked like on Holy Week. What else is new?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


 1. The Prophetic Church.
     The first perfect image of the Catholic Church was the Holy Family. The second perfect image of the Catholic Church was the apostolic college made up of the twelve apostles. The former was the more perfect image of the Church; the latter was the less perfect image of the Church. During the Lenten season Christ described the  imperfections of the Church. 
     Of course, the more common image of the Church is the image of the wheat and the cockle. As Christ prophesied on how the Church will look like eschatologically, the picture is not very pretty. During this Lenten Season, as we approach Good Friday, even Christ is 'troubled in spirit;' ' because one of you will betray Me.'

2. The disturbing words of Christ had taught the Church a truth that is not very pretty; the Church will look ugly. 
     The events in the life of Christ has an eschatological  fulfillment; i.e. every event in the life of Christ points to something that will happen in the future. That is why we say that Divine Revelation is prophetic; it narrates a historical truth that has a future eschatological fulfillment. It is God's way of guiding the Church.
     The journey of the Church through the centuries is not a blind journey. It is a journey filled with historical sign posts. And the whole Lenten Season is filled with sign posts that points to the sixth day; the day we must be prepared to face the judgment seat of God. 
And the description of this Day of Judgment is all over the Lenten Season. 

3. What does Lent teach us.
     The Lenten Season tells us what is God's final examination for all souls. It gives us two examples; a good example for our imitation. And a bad example that we must avoid. Being our final examination, if we imitate the good example we will be saved. If we follow the bad example, we will be lost. The past Masses have given us Mary, Martha and Lazarus as good examples. And we had Judas Iscariot as a bad example. 
     The reaction of Peter and most of the apostles when Christ said, 'one of you will betray Me,' was good. The reaction of Judas was bad.
     So, the Lenten Season is telling us what is our final examination and at the same time telling us what are the right, passing answers that will save us. It, also, tells us what are the wrong answers that will make us deserving of condemnation. 

4. Right answers from right teachers.
     To get the right answers we must look for the right teachers. Christ, Himself, had warned us of false teachers. The devil supplies the false teachers and raises up many of them in order to overwhelm the good teachers. 
     These teachers are so important that Christ emphasized the importance of the right teachers. In fact, Christ warned us in prophecy that there will be no right teachers on Holy Thursday and Good Friday. And there will be no good teachers these days prior to General Judgment day. 

5. Holy Thursday and Good Friday.
    On these days absolutely no follower of Christ was preaching. The apostles were in hiding and the few brave ones were silent. Even Christ was not preaching directly. Someone who would have wanted to learn how to go to heaven would have not learned it from anyone on those days. Eschatologically, that is exactly what is, in fact, happening today. It is the fulfillment of Christ's prophecy from the narration of the Passion. 

6. Christ's prophecy.
    Christ described the state of the Church on Holy Week and the fulfillment of this prophecy today. There will be two kinds of Catholic priests; one is like Peter denying Christ and the other is like Judas. 
     The first is a warning that one apostle will deny Him three times. He was referring to St. Peter who denied Christ three time before the cock crowed. This is a prophecy showing that most of the cardinals and bishops (successors of the apostles), will believe in many teachings of Christ, will doubt a few teachings of Christ but is afraid to come out publicly to declare that they are followers of Christ due to threats. Just like St. Peter. He believe and loved Christ but was scared to declare that he was a follower of Christ. Most of the Hierarchy will be like this.
     In the controversy with 'laetitia amores' that is evidently going against the commands of Christ, only a handful of the cardinals, bishops and priests had stood up on the side of the teaching of Christ. The rest are silent and refuse to take side and be counted. Majority of the priests, bishops and cardinals refuse to confess Christ by showing that they are on the side of obedience to Christ's command. 
     A bishop had already threatened his seminarians that if they cannot accept the teachings of 'amores laetitia' allowing divorce then they are told not to enter the seminary for ordination. 

     At least one of apostolic rank would be like Judas. He will be betrayer of the Catholic Faith. Selling the Church to the devil. He will be selling a completely different Church to the world and it is not Catholic, liked Pope Bergoglio. Money is clearly involved, from rotten politicians, from the Mafia and money confiscated from the Order of Malta. 

7. Time to be counted.
     It is time to test the entire world; where each man stands, for God or against God. 'Every one therefore who will confess me before men, I will also confess him  before My Father. But he who will deny me before men, I will also deny him before My Father.'
      To confess Christ before men means to obey the commands of Christ for all men to see. Christ said; do not commit adultery. Are you obeying that before the eyes of men? If 'yes' you are confessing Christ before men. If you are hiding your belief to this command of Christ from men because the bishop threatened you that you will not be ordained, then you are denying Christ before men and Christ promised He will, also, deny you before His Father. This is the situation of the countless priests, bishops and cardinals. They do not want to confess Christ before men by standing forward and saying that 'amores laetitia' goes against the commands of Christ. They have remained silent. They are hiding for fear of what? Well, Christ said, they will go to hell. What? Go to hell for fear of Bergoglio and the bishop of Malta? 
     Most of the bishops, as  prophesied by Christ, will be like St. Peter who denied Christ. Hopefully they will repent immediately, like St. Peter. But for the last three years, too few are standing on the side of Christ's commands against the error of Pope Francis. That is tantamount to denying Christ before the whole world. The few who stood up for the 'dubia' had stood up only for one doctrine. How about the other countless doctrines against the teachings of Christ, like on grace, on fidelity, on homosexuality and sodomy, on the chastity of the priesthood, on the need for perfection in the priesthood, on the superiority of virginity to marriage, etc, etc.
     These days the world will be filled with priests, bishops and cardinals who are afraid to profess Christ by teaching the complete teachings of the Catholic Church because they fear they will be unpopular.  Or probably lose their position, privileges or source of income. This had been prophesied; it will happen whether we like it or not.

8. The more fearful prophesy is the one on Judas. 
     Christ prophesied that 'one of you will betray Me.' This will occur on Thursday and in the future, like in the year 2015. That 'one' is an apostle, he is one of the first bishop, he was personally chosen by Christ. He was an original member of the Church. St.Thomas adds, he was appointed as one of the pillars of the Church. That description can only be a Pope.
     Because of this, the Catholic Church had been waiting for the fulfillment of this prophecy. The Fathers knew this. The Doctors of the Church discussed this. And most popular Catholic writers had written about this. Cardinal Manning, John Newman and Robert Benzon had written about it. We must all await the fulfillment of this prophecy because Christ said so; and the very salvation of our souls depend on it. What if Pope Francis is the 'one who will betray Me.' What if our own bishops are denying Christ. Who will lead us to salvation?
     As the man who loaned his house for Christ and the apostles to eat their Pasch, as the good thief who was crucified with Christ........we shall be led to salvation by the grace of God......only if we have within us 'the fear of the Lord,' which is the beginning of wisdom that enabled both to act wisely before Christ. 

Sunday, April 09, 2017


 1. Repentance is the cure for all sins. 
     Lent is the season for Repentance. Repentance can cure all sins. That is what it is meant for - to cure all sins. It can cure adultery, lesbianism, homosexuality, murderous tendency, paganism, infidelity, ignorance, stupidity, heresies, it and repentance can cure it. All sins can be cured by repentance. So no one can give a good reason to continue in the life of vice or sin.
     The cure for adultery is repentance; the cure for being gay is repentance. If adultery and being gay persist it is because the person concerned is not repenting. The dire consequence is that his past sins are not forgiven and he will not be able to avoid those sins in the future. 

 2. Why are cardinals, bishops and priests gay?
     So when we ask, why are there cardinals, bishops and priest who are gay? The reason is very simple; because they had not repented for their sins. How can they have not repented? Because they do not know how to we have proven in past posts. 
They do not know the entire teachings of the Catholic Church which is based on repentance. 
     The solutions given by Pope Francis to these two problems is not the Catholic solution; but the solution given by the serpent to Eve in the garden, continue doing what you want. Continuing to do what your sinful desires are will worsen the sin and drag you down to perversity. 
3.  Why become a Catholic? When Gilbert Chesterton was asked why he became a Catholic, his answer was that the Catholic Church has the most convincing procedure for the forgiveness of sins. 
     All other religions and Christian sects do not have a convincing process of repentance by which past sins can be forgiven and future sins can be prevented. 

4. All human problems is due to some spiritual defects. St. Augustine described it as 'the absence of good.'
     All the problems of the world is due to vices. From the covetousness of the rich to the drug addiction of the young, from the adultery of married couples to the pervert sexuality of seminarians......all of these can be cured by repentance. In short, the message of the Lenten season, which is repentance, can solve all the problems of the world. And as Hilaire Belloc continued; and if the Catholic solution had not been used, it is not because it was tried and found wanting; but because it has never been tried; not even by the Catholic Church, not even by Pope Francis.
     Look at the problem of adultery among married Catholic couples. Why should Pope Francis give a mortal sin laden solution of remarrying and receiving sacrilegious Holy Communion when there is a very easy Catholic solution that is even cheaper? Because no one had tried the Catholic solution; psychiatrist had only tried Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis which aggravates the problem.  

5. So, in the moral order,  there is no such thing as someone is born gay. Everybody is born good with a tendency to do bad. That is original sin. The fault is that they give in to their tendencies to do bad. 
      Being gay is just a sin just as adultery is a sin, just as telling a lie is a sin. Repentance can remove all those sins from the soul. The only reason why these sins continues in one's soul is because he wants to continue to sin. It is the evil interred in man's soul in desiring to continue in his evil deeds that these vices persist. 

6. Monasticism cures all because it is basic repentance.
    'Send him to a monastery.' had been the solution to all problems before. Kings sent their sons daughters to monasteries before to train them to be good kings and queens. Married and gay priest were sent to monasteries by St. Peter Damian at the height of the gay problem in the Church during his time. Garcia Moreno of Ecuador sent his criminals to prisons run like monasteries that completely stopped criminality in that nation.
     Martin Luther could have been corrected if he stayed in an Augustinian monastery. Unfortunately, he left and became a worse heretic. Pope Francis is full of errors because the Jesuits abandoned the monastic practice St. Ignatius learned at Manresa under the tutelage of Cisneros, a Benedictine monk. 

7. Different degrees of sin.
    Like all illnesses there are degrees of sins and according to their seriousness it will take time to cure some while less to cure others. The average time to cure a spiritual illness is about 30 years as shown by Christ in his example in living His hidden life. 
     A sin of impatience may take a year to cure. The sin of adultery may take two years to cure. But perversities like being gay could take 30 years to cure. That is why Pope Benedict forbade the ordination of gays because if he repents at the beginning of his seminary days for this sin, it is so difficult to cure this that he could already be a Pope and he would still not be cured from being gay. It is always easier to cure a cold than to cure a cancerous lung; or sometimes it is impossible. But in the spiritual field all illness can be cured. Most cure takes a lifetime so monks stay in the monastery for a lifetime. 

8. The Catholic Church had left the spiritual hospital.
     So instead of being cured of their sins, Catholic sinners are getting worse everyday and contaminating everyone in the world. St. Thomas wrote; an unattended sin gets worse every second. No one stays in a same state permanently. He deteriorates and contaminates. Husband contaminates his wife with adultery and his children with covetousness. The world is wadding in a sea of sinfulness because of this and the flood had risen up to the neck even in the Vatican, as the psalms says. Total ignorance of repentance is the cause of the uncontrolled spiritual epidemic. 
     This is the reason why Holy Mother the Church repeatedly celebrates the Lenten season every year and reads the very long Gospel of the Passion several times during Holy Week, to remind all Catholics the reason why the world is like this today; we have not repented, therefore, we do not believe. So Christ had repeatedly said, 'Repent, believe.' 
     Repentance is the solution to adultery; stop committing adultery and repent. Return to your families, then receive Holy Communion.  It is the solution for gay seminarians and priests; stop the perversity and repent. Then receive or celebrate Mass piously and that problem will cease. Try this Catholic solution because the Argentinian  solution is man made and will not work. 

Monday, April 03, 2017

LAZARUS - Brought back to life.

 1. The story of Lazarus. 
     The Gospel of the 5th Sunday of Lent describes the bringing back to life of Lazarus, the brother of Martha and Mary. At the very beginning of the Gospel the family was highly complimented with the words, 'Jesus loved them very much.' What a great compliment if it were a description of a parish, a diocese or of the Vatican. 
     Why did Christ loved them very much? Can we say the same thing for our parish, diocese and our Vatican? Martha, Mary and Lazarus was an image of the Catholic Church on the sixth day. The Gospel appeared on Lent, almost on Palm Sunday and specifically approaching Good Friday. Christ arrived from Judea. He went to Bethany and was on the way again to Judea to be crucified.
     Note how Christ came from Judea, the world. He stayed for a brief moment in  Bethany, described as the 'House of Obedience.' And will proceed to Judea, the sinful world to be crucified. This was noted by St. Thomas of Aquinas and he explained it this way; the Church was portrayed in the family of Martha, Mary and Lazarus. This is the Church at the beginning as portrayed at Pentecost. And the return of Christ to Judea again is the image of the Catholic Church on the sixth day, just before the Sabbath and just before Easter Sunday, when the Church shall be in heaven. 
     Note the coming forth and going forth of Jesus from Judea and  again to Judea. It is a way of saying; this will happen today and will, again, happen in the future. So watch out for it; it will be repeated and be sure you are inside the Church. You might miss it when this incident is repeated; which unfortunately is exactly what is happening to day and everybody is missing it.  

2. The Catholic Church in Martha, Mary and Lazarus ; Christ loved them.
     Why did Jesus love Martha, Mary and Lazarus? Because they were  the symbol of the Catholic Church,  the way the Church should be. They were all obedient to the commands of God; this is why Jesus loved them and for no other reasons. Martha is a symbol of obedience to the commands of God the Father as found in the Old Testament. The commands of God the Father is more on 'love of God' in the natural level, like feeding those who belong to God. Thus Martha was busy  preparing to feed Christ when He was a guest in their house. 
     Mary is a symbol of obedience to the commands of God the Son as found in the New Testament. The commands of God the Son is on 'Charity,' and this is in the supernatural level. Mary was busy listening to the Words of Christ when He was a guest in their house.
     Lazarus, being the brother of Martha and Mary, must have been doing what his two sister were doing. Like Mary and Martha, the whole family had used all their possessions to support the work of Christ. Christ used their houses for meeting and for resting. Christ and His apostles ate in their house, slept in their house, etc. The family was completely at the service of Christ in the work of saving souls. Thus their house in Bethany was referred to as the 'House of of bread or Obedience.'  Obedience to the commands of God is the very activity of the Catholic Church. It is the very essence of evangelization, the very essence of Faith, Hope and Charity, the very definition of the 'love of God.' And it is for this reason that Jesus loved this family very much. Very much!

3. What graces did Christ bestow on this family? He raised them up to the contemplative level. After Pentecost, the first converts of the Apostles prayed in the meditative level. But in these days, considered as the sixth day, or the days of darkness, the Church must pray in the contemplative level. Christ said so to the Samaritan Woman, a few Sundays ago; 'a time will come that true worshippers will worship in spirit and in truth.' The second reading for the 5th Sunday of Lent repeats that those praying in the flesh will not be part of this Church; only those praying in the Spirit. 
     St. Bonaventure quoted by Pope Benedict XVI repeats this description of the Church of today; it must be a contemplative church, because it is time for the Catholic Church to be matured. She is 2000 years old, after all. She should act her age. 
     Being a contemplative, God will hear and answer all her prayers; first and foremost for the bringing back to life of souls that are spiritually dead. Contemplatives can be instruments for the salvation of souls; and God will only listen to them as Christ listened only to Martha and Mary. So all those missionaries of Mercy established by Pope Francis can retire and marry since that is on the Synod's table for discussion for speedy approval. 

4. The contemplative prayer of Martha and Mary. 
     Martha had always been described as the symbol of the active life. While Mary is the symbol of the contemplative life. The description, however, is not accurate. Martha is the symbol of the contemplative life that is busy with activity because she is just beginning to be a contemplative. Martha is a contemplative that is busy with contemplation because she is advanced in the life of contemplation. Both have to be contemplatives because they cannot know the will or the commands of God without being in some state of contemplation. 

5. The dead Lazarus is the symbol of a spiritually dead person.
     Lazarus was not spiritually dead. A spiritually dead person is one in the state of mortal sin. It is because Lazarus was not spiritually dead that it was easy for him to be brought back to life. The message is that if you are so good as to give glory to God, even returning back to life will be possible; much more so in getting cured from serious illnesses. Judas, on the other hand, was spiritually dead. Today, as on Good Friday, it is very difficult to resurrect such souls. 
     Inspite of the fact that Lazarus was not spiritually dead, there was a need to have two contemplative souls to pray for his spiritual resurrection from the dead. How much more if the soul is spiritually dead. This is shown in the parable of the man with palsy. He was a sinner who needed four contemplative souls to carry him and dropping him through an opening  in the roof to reach Christ. Only then did Christ forgave his sins. 

6. The spiritually dead on the sixth day.
     Judas was the figure that showed how difficult repentance will be on this sixth day. Christ, the Blessed Virgin and the apostles were with Judas and yet Judas had a difficult time repenting. In fact, he was not able to repent. He knew how to do it. He had learned it directly from Christ. How come he was not able to repent? Because it was Good Friday, the sixth day. We are, now, in the sixth day. And basing it from the treatise of St. Bonaventure, Pope Benedict had announced it on Christmas before he stepped down that we are on the sixth day. He stepped down because Popes are supposed to step aside on the sixth day. 
     Like Lazarus, like the man with palsy, man cannot repent today without the help of the prayers of contemplatives or the prayers of those who are very much inside the Catholic Church. Our problem today is that we do not have much contemplatives and there are too many souls to pray for, beginning with bishops and priests. Hasn't Christ and the Blessed Virgin been telling us to pray for priests since the 1800? Contemplatives today are mere contemplatives by canonical definition but are not contemplatives in reality.
     Of course, there are true contemplatives in the Catholic Church and they are easy to find. A handful in Greece, Croatia, Hungary, and surprisingly enough, thousands in Africa. Making us believe  that the new homeland of the Catholic Church is in Africa, as a good African cardinal wrote in a book. This reminds us of the parable of the vineyard where because the vineyard workers were unfaithful (as in Europe, North and South America and Asia), the owner of the vineyard took away the vineyard from them and gave it to others who would cultivate it properly. 
     Amazingly enough, the Catholic Church as it should look like on the sixth day, is very much evident in Africa. The Martha, the Mary and even the Lazarus can be found everywhere in drops but is found in torrents in Africa. In fact, the first 'dubia' was written by an African cardinal at the very beginning of the Papacy of Pope Francis but nobody minded it. 

7. The lesson of Lent.
     The lesson of Lent is the lesson of Good Friday. The entire world will be like Jerusalem on that day. The state and the Church will join together to destroy the Mystical Body of Christ. The members of the Church must be well inside the Church by the maturity of their Faith. Those outside the church due to mortal sin must seek the aid of contemplatives, i.e. those with mature Faith, to pray that Christ might forgive their sins. 
     Sinners must know the signs of the Church to find those within her and ask for their prayers. But most sinners would not know how the church would look like. That is our present problem. It was the problem of the entire world on Good Friday and unsolved until now. Pope Francis? He is in no way even near the image of the Church as it appears in Africa.