Friday, December 30, 2016


 1. Christmas - the eye of the storm.
     The eye of a storm is that central portion of a vast whirling gush of wind where there is total silence and peace. Before Christ was born, the Jewish nation was in turmoil with wars and rebellions and gross infidelity to God. In Scriptures, storms at sea are always works of the devil for the destruction of souls. 
      But in Bethlehem it was a peaceful and silent night. Though all around the fury of the storm continued. This can be seen in the Liturgical season. Christmas is not surrounded by peace, silence and joy. It is surrounded with bloody events; there is Peter and John going to a bloody grave, the Holy Innocents being massacred, St. Thomas a Basket being murdered, the Holy Family fleeing to Egypt.
     In spite of these stormy and bloody events fomented by Satan, we see in the middle of the storm  a child in swaddling clothes being adored by a couple, by shepherds and Magi. An ideal picture of the Catholic Church, peaceful and in silent contemplation in the eye of a storm. 
     Having portrayed an image of the Church for a moment, the scene moves out of the eye and the storm resumes in its fury. No peaceful nor silent night anymore. 
     Note this brief moment in the eye of a storm. See how the eye of the storm is surrounded with a blasting gush of blinding water and wind. Yet Christ came in a very brief moment of history when it was 'the fulness of time'. Historians called it "Pax Romana;" it was a brief and politically peaceful moment in the world.  A portion of  the Empire was disposed to receive  Christ and give birth to the Catholic Church. 
2.  Feast of St. John the Evangelist.
    Good Friday was a part of a very spiritually stormy day; wars, rebellions, treacheries, lies, false accusations, insanities. They will kill their God. During these storms, Satan evidently was  in-charge. 
     Then Friday is followed by a peaceful and silent night in the tomb. It was Saturday, the Sabbath, the day of rest. Christ, indeed, had a peaceful and silent night in the tomb. St. Thomas wrote that the tomb was a symbol of the Catholic Church just like the manger. A few will confirm their Faith to be the first members of His Church. 
     This is the reason why the Liturgy put Peter and John's trip to the tomb during Christmas tide. The message is identical; both the manger and the tomb are the eyes of the storm surrounded by continuing  diabolical furies. The Resurrection of Christ is the beginning of the most furious massacres of Christians. Saturday was just the brief moment of peace and silent nights. 

3. The peace and the furies.
     The peace is spiritual, present in the act of Faith of the shepherds and Magi; it is present in the act of Faith of Peter and John. The two events were meant to give them the occasion to make their acts of Faith. But the devil's furies continued around the eye of the storm. It even became worse after because the devil felt he was cheated by the secretive coming of the Church that saved those who made their acts of Faith. 

4. The eschatology of Christmas Season.
     The historical events in the life of Christ are forewarnings of what will happen in the future. These events have very little historical value. It's value is in its eschatological forewarnings. How will these events happen today and how should we respond to it.
     The Liturgical lesson of Christmastide is this; every time a small community is about to become Catholic, whether in Vendee, France or Montebello in the US, or in Fiji island, or in is Christmas and it is Holy Saturday. Christmas is when Christ can be seen. Holy Saturday is when Christ cannot be seen because He has resurrected from the dead. 
      When this occur, that small community becomes the eye of a storm. Everything becomes peaceful and silent for a short time to give that little community the time to make their act of Faith, just as the shepherds, the Magi, Peter and John did. 
     But the surroundings will continue to be a furious diabolical storm. A researcher on the life of the Catholic Church will be careful in watching for this. It is the exciting birth of the Catholic Church where it did not exist before. And suddenly, these signs are appearing in the news; this secretive birth of a child in a manger. And the empty tomb that no one else was allowed to see. 

5. Where is he to be born King of the Jews?
     In the news it was first noted in Russia. The shepherds and the Magi noticed it. Like on Christmas night, the rest of the world did not notice it. It was noticed in the Philippines; in Italy, in France, etc. etc. At the same time, the news showed the almost unexplainable fury of Satan surrounding the events. Nobody noticed the Child but everybody wanted to kill Him. That is the Christmas atmosphere. 
     How do we know that this is Christmas and Holy Saturday today? Look for the 'Pax Romana.' There is a brief, political peace in the country to give some sincere souls the occasion to make their act of Faith. If and when these souls had done their act of Faith.....the Catholic Church is born there. The eye of the storm is no longer needed and the fury of the devil's ranting resumes.

6. Examples.
    The eschatology of Christmas is clear in Russia and in the Philippines. But it is clearer in the USA. Note the violent diabolical storm before the elections. Satan's trademark was everywhere; lies, lies, lies, of which Satan is the father. More lies as the election approached. Then after the election, more lies, lies, lies. 
     More pronounced diabolical sign is Satan's frame of mind; Satan's mind is, if I go to hell I will drag everybody else to hell. The political atmosphere in the US is; if I do not keep my powers, I will declare war. If I die, I will drag the whole world with me. Sounds insane? No. It is diabolical. 
     The Popes from Pius IX up to Benedict XVI had already warned us that Satan is the Prince of the world. The world is Satan's domain; he is the big boss of the world. Everybody in the world is his slave. They are not free to do what they want. They simply obey Satan. And nobody can stop them.....except God.
      Where the apostles able to stop Judas? How about Christ? How about the Blessed Virgin Mary? Nobody stopped him because nobody could.  Satan controlled the mind of Judas. And the world today is control by Satan shown in the two above acts; lyings and 'if I go to hell I will take everybody with me. '
     No body could stop Herod 1 on Christmas day. Nobody could stop Herod 11 on Good Friday. Because Satan was behind those two. Can we stop those killers in the US, in France, in Italy, etc? Christ said; yes, of course, yes. But this can only be driven out by prayer and fasting. 

7. Where have all the priest gone?
     On Christmas night and on Saturday, the high priest and the Pharisees were not around. They were all on the side of the enemies. These days, most of the bishops and the priest won't be around the manger nor the tomb. They will be on the side of the 'covetous gang of six,' on the side of the liars, the losers in elections, on the side of unCatholic teachings, on the side of communist and anarchist, on the side of gays and sodomists, on the side of pagans and Martin Luther, on the side of global warmers, on the side of unlimited immigration (hey, nobody was allowed to enter the tomb)....and propagating  new religions in place of that failed Nazarean's Catholic Faith. And, as in Good Friday, their high priest is..........

Thursday, December 29, 2016


 1. God's great love for mankind. God to man.
     In His great love for mankind, God had willed to share His happiness with man in heaven. He decided to teach man the way to heaven and expects man to follow that way; there will be no other way.
     So in His kindness He revealed the way to heaven. We call this His Divine Revelation. First, He revealed the first part of the way in the Old Testament. Then, secondly, He revealed the second part of the way in the New Testament. To make sure mankind would understand His Divine Revelation he used humans messemgers, which He especially chose to preach His revelations. 

2. Man to man     In the Old Testament the men He trained to teach His revelations  were called prophets, patriarchs, judges, elders, etc.  In the New Testament, He sent His own begotten Son, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity to teach the way. 
3. From Christ to men.
    To make sure that the Divine Revelations of God are transferred from one to another generation faithfully and unaltered, Jesus, God made man, trained apostles. 

4. From men to men in the New Testament. From Peter to Pope. 
     The transmission from God to St. Peter is a supernatural activity and so it is safe. The transmission of Divine Revelation from St. Peter to the next popes is, also, a supernatural Faith and, therefore, is safe.
      The Pope is in the human level he needs special grace to get all things right; and Christ promised He would pray for the Faith of the Pope so that he will not commit any mistake in receiving and transmitting Divine revelation. 
     Divine Revelation is in the supernatural level. The Pope is in the human or natural level so he will need grace from Christ to learn and  preach supernatural truths without committing any mistakes. 
     Since Christ had promised He will pray that the Faith of the Pope will always be there so he can confirm the church in their Faith, it is impossible for the Pope to transmit teachings that is opposed or different from Divine Revelation. 
     If it so happens that a Pope teaches a truth in conflict to Divine Revelation, then we have a false or an anti-pope. In which case we must look for the true Pope. 

   Up to here, i.e. the transmission of Divine Revelation from Christ to St. Peter, and from St. Peter to the next Pope, and from one pope to the next succeeding  valid pope, we are in very safe grounds; i.e. Revelation can safely be transmitted

5. From Pope to bishops.     The apostles, overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, transmitted Divine Revelation faithfully to the first Christian communities who were made up of bishops, priests and laymen. 
     In the chain of command through which Divine Revelation is transmitted, the link between Pope and bishop, between bishops and priests are the most vulnerable because Christ did not pray to maintain the Faith of Bishops and priests. The promise was only for St. Peter and the Popes wherewith they will never commit a mistake in knowing the contents of Divine Revelation and how to put it into practice. 
     To maintain the corridor for transmission, bishops and priests must work to have Faith like everybody else. No special priveleges. They must reach Faith through perfect repentance and maintain it, to avoid mistakes; otherwise they will commit heresies. Their instrument is through studies in Philosophy and Theology wherein they study Divine Revelation and Tradition.
     But their studies are, merely, in the natural level since they learn them from human professors. The Word of God is in the supernatural level and must be learned directly from God; 'it is My Father in heaven Who taught you...' Christ told Peter. 
     If Lucifer is to attack the Church it would be in this vulnerable link between Pope and bishops, between bishops and priests. If Lucifer succeeds here the rest of the church will collapse. 

6. Link from Bishops to priests and faithful.
     In primitive Christianity, the transmission of Divine Revelation from God to Christ, to Apostles, to Bishops, to priests, to laymen and children was perfect. And from the fruit of this perfect transmission of Revelation, the Fathers of the Church were born. 

     The Fathers of the Church were the first Catholic bishops and priests.  Due to their Faith, they were faithful in their studies and in transmitting Divine Revelations to the next generations. They were as faithful as the apostles that the Fathers, commonly referred to as Tradition, together with Scriptures, became the only reliable source of Divine Revelation, according to the Catechism.  There is no other source of Divine Revelation. Certainly, not man!
      The above is God's Divine Providence meant to help mankind enter the Catholic Church, within which he merits salvation. 

7. Link from bishops to priests.
    The transmission of Divine Revelation from bishops to priests is practically non-existent. The bishops are not the teachers of the priests. So like the bishops, the priests must depend upon their theological training to become effective venues for Divine Revelation. A defective seminary training and Revelation cannot pass through this link down to the laymen. 
     If Satan would like to destroy the church corrupting this very vulnerable link would be deadly. 

8. Link from priests to laymen (parents).
     This link is even more vulnerable; this link does not even exist in that Divine Revelation is no longer transmitted from priests to laymen. It is usually transmitted during Mass but the situation during present day Masses makes it impossible to transmit God's Revelations. 

9. Link from parents to children. 
    The last link is that Divine Revelation should be transmitted by parents to their children. Though children are born innocent, they eventually lose their innocence and must be taught Divine Revelation to be saved. Like St. Therese, the ideal is to preserve their innocence to make it very easy for them to have Faith, Hope and Charity, the theological virtues necessary for salvation.
    But due to the present situation children easily lose their innocence. With parents ignorant of salvation, children are in danger of losing their souls. 

10. Present situation.
     In the history of the Catholic church, there were many occasions when the link between pope and bishops were broken so that Divine Revelations were never transmitted from pope down to the youngest child. It was, also, often, restored. But in the 1800 it seems that the break between pope and bishops was permanent. All evidences show that it was never restored. Thus the entire church, from cardinals down to the youngest child, is ignorant of Divine Revelation. And this had been the state of the church since that time up to now. 
     God knew that this could happen so He made a provision for this called reversed transmission of Divine Revelation. This is shown in the Christmastide feast of the Holy Family. It was not the parents who taught the child; it was the Child who taught the parents. 

11. God's reverse transmission of Divine Revelation. 
        What is this? God created babies innocent. This innocence is akin to the life of repentance preached by St. John the Baptist. If maintained and developed it leads to the forgiveness of sin and the acquisition of the theological virtue of Faith. In short, babies are God's preachers on the virtue of humility (described as innocence in children) that leads to the forgiveness of sin and acquisition of the first Beatitude in which 'theirs is the kingdom of God.
        Learning from the innocence of children, a soul can rise up to the complete knowledge of Divine Revelation; since Divine Revelation is an infused knowledge given to the humble. 

12. Lucifer's attack'
     Just as Satan attacks the link between true pope and bishops, a vulnerable link, he will attack the link between innocent children and grown ups......thus the killing of the innocent, the abortion of children. So they cannot teach 'innocence.' This is diabolical. The killing of children is an attempt to destroy an alternative way of transmitting Divine Revelation. 
     Abortion is an impossible attempt to kill the way of salvation, Christ. It will not succeed. But the collateral damage is the death of many other children as on Holy Innocents. The killing of children is always authored by Lucifer and executed by Herod, the government. 

13. Diabolical desperation.
     The Popes are  formidable bulwark of Divine revelation. When there is a doubt about salvific teachings, consult the Pope. That is their role through the ages.  It is easier than researching from Scriptures and Tradition. So what does Satan do to deceive Catholics that he, himself, had revealed to Pope Pius IX. Put up a fake Pope. This is the devil's masterpiece; fake religion, fake church, fake prophets, fake preachers, fake doctrines, fake Christ.........fake popes. Here,  transmission of Divine Revelation stops after Scriptures and Tradition. In which case the searcher of truth must go up there. 
       In such a situation, the true pope is always around somewhere but he is not available. This is the chastisement for an unbelieving people..  
      So what do we do? St. Paul wrote; 'test if it is from God.' See if it is according to Divine Revelation; if it is according to the commands and teachings of Christ as explained by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. Check if he has the four visible signs of the true church or the 15 marks of the true Catholic by St. Robert Bellarmine. 


Saturday, December 24, 2016


 1. The ruler of the world.
     The Liturgy of Holy Week begins with Christ being tempted in the desert. And the devil showed Christ the glories of the world; glories created by God but who allowed the devil to use it to test man. And who is the prince or ruler of the world? Christ answered 'the devil.' 
     We are all acquainted with rulers of the world, like the ruler of the US, the ruler of England, the ruler of France, etc., etc. But who is really behind each one of them?  If they are within the Catholic Church, it is God who rules through them. But if they are outside the Catholic Church like most head of nations, then it is Lucifer, the prince of the world. 
     God had allowed those outside the Church to be slaves of the devil to join the devil in testing  mankind. And the test is whether man  will chose the devil or chose Christ. God will not remove the devil from the world; otherwise He will take away the tests. 
     Catechism tells us that the three enemies of the soul are the world, the devil and the flesh. There, we can see that God had allowed the devil to use the world and our own flesh to test us. Everything, therefore, must be viewed in the context of a test. Our concern is to pass the test. Everything that is happening today are tests. 

2. How does the devil use the world and the flesh?  
     The devil uses the entire world, creatures and men, to tempt men to please himself instead of God. If we succumb it will be our condemnation.
     Let us see how the devil will accomplish this. The devil will use two things and he will spin a web of sin around these two thing. The two things are man, the agent,  and money, an external object. Let us see how the devil combines these two things to transform his diabolical nature into human form. 

3. It is the same devil in different heads of nations. The rulers are man spiritually possessed by the devil. Different heads of states but the same devil; so their plans do not change. It happened rarely in earlier times. It has become the rule from the 1800 up to the present.
     Scriptures had many stories of men physically possessed by the devil. These are not necessarily evil men. God allowed the devil to physically possess them so He can show his power to the crowd. So most physical possessions in Scriptures were meant for the glory of God.  Physical possessions today can be for the glory of God or because of evil in certain people.
     The more serious case is the case of Judas. This was spiritual possession. This occurred on Good Friday. There we see a man blinded by money; here we have the two elements needed to  experience  the devil in human form. Good Friday is a pre-figure of this century. Our era is Good Friday according to St. Bonaventure  and as explained by Pope Benedict in his priestly thesis. Today, the devil, as on Good Friday, will appear in human form like Judas, a man spiritually possessed by the devil. We have a case here where the devil has become, sort of, the soul of man. Of course, Judas still has his own soul but the devil had possessed his soul and controls it. 

4. How does a man change into a devil? 
     St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote that it begins with a man loving himself inordinately. Doing this, he excludes God and neighbor from this love. He loves himself alone; as a consequence he will hate everybody else and show this by doing evil to all men. 
     Loving himself he wishes to please himself alone. He will do everything to please himself and will demand that everybody please him. Woe to him who goes against his will.
    To do what he pleases and to force others to please him, he needs money; lots of it. He needs money to get what he wants and bribe others to do what he wants. 
     Seeing what money can do, he begins to love money, which is a being inferior to him. He ceases to be a human. 
     In loving to do one's own will, he begins to consider himself as a god and treats himself as a god bestowing upon himself all the powers of a god. He, also, expects everybody else to treat him as a god. 
     As a god,  life and death becomes his prerogative.  He can abort babies, euthanize old people, assassinate heads of states that do not want to give him oil, destroy whole nations that refuses to allow oil pipelines through their territory and nuke Russia who he conveniently blame for losing an election. 
    As a god he will try to get what belong to others whether it is resources or a presidential office. Or children of immigrants for his satanical orgies. 
     Like a spoilt brat, when he does not get what he wants he goes on a rant and blames the whole world just as Eve blamed the snake and Adam blamed Eve. He thinks he is god. Except that he is not a god. He is insane. 
     Most head of states today and their whole administration acts this way. This is clearly seen before and after  the last US election because of the extent of its news coverage. Call them the 'covetous gang.' We shall see an exception in No. 8.
     This gang, possessed by Satan, rules the whole world because their master is the prince of the world, Christ said. Like Judas, Satan entered them because of their covetousness or inordinate love for money and their belief that they are gods. 

5. What is happening today is what was prophesied on Good Friday. Pagan Rome, whose prince is Satan, ruled the whole world. Where even all the priests (Pharisees and Sadducees) were subservient to them. All united in the destruction of Christ. 

6. They act as one body united in their evil intent. They control all the banks in the world. They dictate who will be president and what nation should exist. They decide the economies of nations seeing to it that the whole world remains poor with no existing middle class. They decide how many inhabitants the world should have according to what they believe will make the world their heaven here on earth with all the rest as their slaves. 
     To control the population and prevent it from heating up the economy they reduce population through abortion, euthanasia, through regional wars, through revolutions and reign of terrors.  
     They control all top positions in politics and religion to facilitate their control of the entire world through the United Nations, a league totally at their service. It is an organization thought of at the very pits of hell. 

 7.  Who are the subjects of these rulers? 
     These rulers, guided by Satan, had been preparing their subjects, the world,  from the beginning of time. Preparations were hastened in the 1800 and is fully accomplished today.  The subject must be like zombies; completely devoid of the use of their intellects and minds.  Education was focused in teaching the world to become workers of the 'covetous gang,' workers that need just a little entertainment to be contented. So entertain them with games, like the Coliseum of Rome where killing Christians was the main attraction. Today, Christians, particularly killing Catholics is the main attraction that is not published in the main media. While Catholics are physically being killed everywhere, their souls are being killed by Pope Francis everywhere. It is all part of Satan's plan, made in hell and accomplished world wide today including in the Vatican. News and exorcists had been saying that Lucifer had been enshrined in the Vatican. Our Lady said the same in LaSallete. 
      Because the world is worldly, and because the church had become 'in and of the world,' Lucifer had become prince of both. 

8. 'A breathing spell' prior to the final chastisement.  
     God in His goodness had sent His Son to teach mankind the way to true happiness here on earth and in the next life.  And God continues to send prophets, with the help of Scriptures and Tradition,  to guide those who are faithful to Him. This is the act of redemption. 
     History had shown, man had always rejected God's ways to follow their own way towards their own concept of happiness. 
    When man insist  on going their own way and rejects God's ways, He intervenes as one last chance in the midst of their infidelity. This is called 'a breathing spell' prior to the final chastisement leading to condemnation.
     This last 'breathing spell'  is meant for those who have begun their life of Faith, to perfect their Faith and proceed to Charity.  There is nothing here for those who are still outside the church. 

     When the said souls have reached the perfection of Faith, God shortens that 'breathing period' and  allows Satan to resume testing the Church.  This brief moment of Divine intervention is for those who have begun their conversions to finish their conversion. . It will end  when this goal is attained and the chastisement will resume.

9. During this brief moment of Divine intervention God will use ordinary laymen, not the hierarchy that had been proven to be unfaithful. He uses the weak, the simple, the poor, etc as He, himself said, instead of the hierarchy. St. Benedict, St. Francis. Kings like Charlemagne and other heads of state were mere laymen used by God. Today, God uses head of States to maximize their influence
     These heads of states do not effect supernatural or spiritual renewals in the church. They simply create the proper political atmosphere for the conversion of their nation. Due to the lack of faithful popes, cardinals, bishops and priests, God, himself, will do the spiritual aspect of conversion, true to His words; 'destroy this temple and in three days I will rebuild it.' He will rebuild; the hierarchical church will be completely incompetent to do it today for reasons found in the Book of Revelations. 
     These 'brief moments' is happening in many places. It was first noticed in the moral revival started by Putin in Russia; followed by England in Brexit. Then Duterte in the Philippines; Trump in the U.S. It has begun in Italy, Austria and Sweden. It is exploding in France with La Pen. It is not obvious yet in other countries but the pattern in everywhere. God is raising heads of states to create a political environ conducive to the life of conversion. Those heads of state do not know God's movement. It is enough for them to do their job. God will do the rest. 

10. This brief moment of Divine intervention is just for a while. It will cease and Satan's ranting will resume even more fiercely because he knows something we do not know. 
     We are experiencing a brief Christmas. A brief silent and peaceful night where we can view our source of true happiness for a moment. Keep in mind the destruction of Jerusalem is following. We have to make the most of this moment. Like the shepherds and the Magi we must go in haste to look for the Catholic Church, unrecognizable in swaddling clothes with Joseph and Mary, not with Dick and Harry. 
      A holy Christmas to all. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


 1. The visitation of a monastery.
     A visitation by a religious General was always a fun day. Guests from other countries come to visit the monastery. We entertain them; bring them around the island. Celebration here and there. Then they make a report on the monastery and leave. Then the next visitation comes after five years. 
     But this one visitation was different. It was frightening. The visitator, an Abbot General meant business. He was a Liturgist and author of several books on the topic. 
     We don't really know the whole story but at the end of the visitation, a threat hung. The monastery was going to be closed unless the monks put their act together. Visitations were going to be more frequent until the visitator was satisfied with the conduct of the monks. The older monks were disturbed. What will they do if the monastery was closed. They were old and cannot train themselves for new jobs. 
     From the discussions with the Abbot General it appeared that the reason for the threat was that the community was not monastic enough. In other words, the community was not Catholic enough. Not Catholic enough? These monks had been monks for years. They have all finished their theology. Some of them are professors of theology. The monastery had been in existence for a hundred years. They even have a splendid Liturgy and every corner of their monastery shows Catholic arts. And they are not Catholic enough! Unbelievable. Until the Abbot spoke about the four visible signs of the true Church mentioned in the Nicene Creed and further explained by the Fathers of the Church.  When the Abbot General explained the four visible signs, the monks realized they really did not have them. And I saw we did not have the four visible signs.
    We took for granted that we were Catholics for countless reasons without using the true foundation of true Catholicity, the four visible signs. We were even running a Catholic school. How did we make our students Catholic? Well, we did not convert our students to Catholicism. We did not know how, how can we. We simply took it for granted that our students were Catholics. 

2. Everybody is like those monks.
    Most Catholics are like those monks. They are baptized into the Catholic Church, they grow up in Catholic parishes.They study in Catholic schools. They marry catholic partners. They attend Catholic masses and are buried in Catholic cemeteries......but without checking if those things are really Catholic. Is that Mass really Catholic? Like those monks, everybody is just taking things for granted that those things are Catholic. 
     Yet the Creed tells us that what is truly Catholic have four visible signs; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.  

3. The monk who tried.
     The monks listened to the teachings of the General on how to form a truly Catholic monastery so they can exhibit the four visible signs. He said, begin with the fourth visible sign, Apostolic. Teach the people all the teachings of the Apostles as found in Scriptures and the Epistles. Then get the correct interpretation of those apostolic teachings from the Fathers of the Church. The, the General reminded the monks that this procedure is found in the last 
chapter of the Rule of St. Benedict. 
     He continued, stick to this activity, and then put what you learn into practice. As you gradually put these teachings into practice the monks will show the sign of Catholicity. If you continue putting more apostolic teachings into practice, the monks will show the sign of Holiness, And when they are about to complete their obedience to all the apostolic teachings, the monks will show Oneness or unity. 
     The monks begun to think; the reason they are not One or united is because they are not holy. The reason they are not holy is because they are not Catholic. And the reason they are not Catholic is because their doctrines are not Apostolic teachings.
     Well, that was simple. The procedure had been explained in the last chapter of the Rule of St. Benedict; 'study Scriptures, study the institutes of St. John Cassian, study St. Basil and the other Fathers of the Church. St. Benedict was right. Start with the fourth visible sign and work backwards. That's the way to do it.

4. St. John Chrysostom wrote that the spiritual state of a monastery reflects the state of the whole Catholic Church. God made it such so that we do not have to study the whole Church to find out its state. With the monastery that was about to be closed, it is evident that all religious institutes are making the same wrong assumptions. Everybody is thinking that they are Catholics just because they belong to a religious congregation. But they have never check the matter. 
     After the lecture of the Abbot General, the monks checked on some parishes, some dioceses, some religious secular groups and found out that like them, these other entities are not Catholics because they do not have the four visible signs. None of these other entities had ever bothered to check if they were really Catholics. This is the state of the entire Catholic world. Everybody had presumed that they are Catholics without proof. 
5. The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church.
     As head of the Catholic Church, is the present Pope Catholic? When the Abbot General gave his lecture he clearly showed that Pope John XXIII, the Pope that time,  was Catholic using the four visible signs from the Creed. 
     Mastery of the four visible signs will enable anyone to detect if someone is truly Catholic or not. Having learned from the General it was easy for the monks to see that John Paul I, Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI were Catholics. 
     But when it came to Pope Francis and his new Curia, they do not have any of the four visible signs of true Catholicity, except for Cardinal Sarah.

6. After 43 years.
     The monks followed the advice of the Abbot General and started putting into practice the fourth visible sign of the True Church by mastering the writings of the apostles as found in Scriptures and as interpreted by the Fathers of the Church. They are still hoping to begin showing the third sign in their monastery, Catholic. And that is 43 years after the threat of closure and after the lecture. But it is not the same monastery but an entirely different monastic community. 
     This story is being told to show the grand erroneous assumption of most Catholics that could result in their losing their souls. It is raised so that all may make the effort to sit down and find out once and for all if we are Catholics or not. And the only way to check that is by using the four visible signs mentioned in the Creed. 


Monday, December 19, 2016

THE SIGN OF THE TRUE CHURCH. 4th Sunday of advent

 1. The Liturgy 
     The Liturgy is made up of visible signs of invisible realities. The visible signs are natural signs and can be perceived by all men. The invisible realities are spiritual and can only be perceived by those who have the supernatural virtue of Faith. 

2. The last three Sundays of Advent showed us the importance of knowing the way that leads to the Kingdom of God. John the Baptist showed us how to prepare ourselves for Christ. And Christ shows us the way to enter the kingdom of God. 
     John's repentance prepares us for Christ's repentance. And Christ's repentance leads us into the kingdom of God, the Catholic Church. All of these lessons are pre-figured in the Old Testament to guide us in interpreting the New Testament properly, 

3.  The  Jews were unbelieving so God gives Ahaz a visible sign that describes the Catholic Church. In fact two signs expressed in one short phrase. The first sign is 'a virgin.' The second sign is 'a virgin with child.' The Catholic Church is a virgin and at the same time a virgin with child. It is important to separate the two concepts to fully understand the concept of the Church.
     The two visible signs, 'a virgin' and 'a virgin with child, expressed the invisible sign of the incarnation; first, the incarnation of a soul with Christ that makes him a Catholic. And secondly, the incarnation of another soul to the Catholic Church (a new birth) through evangelization. 
     These two signs are celebrated in two feast in preparation for the 4th Sunday of Advent; the feast of the Immaculate Conception and the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Immaculate Conception shows 'the virgin'. The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe shows the 'virgin with child.' The former is pictured by the image of Lourdes. The latter is pictured by the Woman of the Apocalypse who was described as 'she was with child.' Our Lady of Guadalupe is said to be wearing a maternity dress. 

4. The Gospel shows Mary and Joseph. Mary, during the Anunciation was shown the image of a virgin overshadowed by the Holy Spirit. St. Joseph was shown a woman with child. 
     Again, these two images represents the Catholic Church. First, she is a that a soul must be a spiritual virgin (described by St. Augustine as practicing the first Beatitutde) and secondly that same soul must give birth to other souls (described as evangelization.)

5. Lets look at Pope Francis and the Vatican bureaucracy.
     They tolerate and encourage divorce. Allow adulterers to receive Holy Communion. The Vatican offices  are filled with gays. They do not want to judge homos. They allow migrants to rape European women. They praise all pagan religions. They love money. They, also, love heresies. Are they spiritual virgins? Of course, not. Can they convert souls into what they are not? Of course, not. Ergo, Pope Francis and most of the hierarchical entourage are neither Immaculate Conceptions nor Guadalupes ......i.e. they do not have the signs of the Church described during Advent..........'a virgin' and 'a virgin with child.' 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

3rd SUNDAY OF ADVENT - - 'Check it out yourselves.'

  1. John tells his disciples: 'Go check it out yourselves.'
      John had been imprisoned to be eventually beheaded by Herod. While in prison he and his disciples heard about the works Christ was performing.
     John's disciples believed in John. Most of Christ's first disciples were disciples of John. Having followed the preaching of John on the Old Testament repentance, they were prepared for the repentance of Jesus Christ. Having believed in John they were prepared to believe in Christ. But some of them being attached to John could not believe in Christ. Believing in John does not make one automatically believe in Christ. Belief in John which is an act of repentance is a preparation for Faith but it does not necessarily follow. The act of Faith in Christ is still different from the act of repentance because the former is a gift of God for those who are prepared; while the latter is a mere mature human act. 
     The disciples of John had repented for their sins as John baptized them in the Jordan; but they have not made the act of repentance taught by Christ which will forgive their sins. To have their sins forgiven with the repentance of Christ, they must believe in Christ. 
     Then John and his disciples heard that Christ was showing certain signs. So John sent his disciples to Christ to ask Him: ' Are You He who is to come or do we look for another.'
     Some erroneous interpretation of this Gospel says that John, himself, was doubting that Christ was the Messiah thus sending his disciples to Christ to inquire. This is an erroneous interpretation given by Pope Francis. John did not doubt.  He, already, recognized Christ while still in his mother's womb. His belief was further confirmed in the Jordan by the very words of the Father. He even pointed to Christ as the Lamb of God.  His Faith never faltered. 
     But John did not want his disciples to believe in Christ because he said so. That would not be Faith. He wanted his disciples to make their own personal mature act of Faith based on signs. So John tells them to go and find out for themselves if Jesus is the Messiah. Each disciple must make their own individual personal mature human act of Faith. 
     The Masses after Christmastide will show how each disciple made their supernatural act of Faith. Then the rest of the Masses up to Christ the King will show how each disciple progressed towards the perfection of the supernatural virtue of Charity.  The entire Liturgy will show that to be a true Catholic is not an easy job. 

2. Is He the One who is to come?
     John was answering the triple question of the disciples. There are always three questions asked regarding truths. And there are always three answers. John was proposing three questions that his disciples should ask Christ. First, are you the Messiah who is to come. Secondly, are you the Messiah who is supposed to be crucified and die. Thirdly, are you the Messiah who is to come at the end times.  The answer to the three questions is; 'Yes, I am.'
    St. John Chrysostom wrote that the three truths Christ was showing were these; first, that Christ will come; second, that He will suffer; and thirdly, people will be scandalized by His Death. 

 3.     Christ enumerated the signs they will see;  'Tell John what you see. The Messiah will come. The blind recover their sight and the deaf will hear, cripples walk, lepers are cured, the deaf hear, dead men are raised to life and the poor have the good news preached to them.
     St. Thomas of Aquinas summarizes the above signs into three quoting St. Gregory the Great and St. John Chrysostom; namely, the poor hear the Good News; the blind see and the deaf will hear; and many will be scandalized. John pointed to Christ; and Christ gave John's disciples these signs by which He can be recognize. Today a true preacher should point to Christ and must see the same signs.
     The poor hear the Good News means this; Every person who is ignorant of the truth will hear the answers from the true Church of Christ. If you do not know the answer to the question how to fix your marriage, how to overcome your being gay, how to obtain the providence of God, how to cure your drug will find the answers in the Mystical Body of Christ. 
     If the blind will see and the deaf hear, it will be as easy to heal a sodomite and a transvestite. If the cripple and the leper can be cured, it will be as easy to solve an economic and a social crisis. And if the dead can be raised from the dead, how much easier can a psychotic be healed. 
     The Church, which is the Mystical Body of Christ, can cure everything, both body and soul. These are, precisely the signs of the Messiah. How come the Catholic Church cannot cure all these maladies today so that adulterers, sodomites, atheists must be tolerated and allowed to wallow in their miseries? Because the Church is no longer Catholic. That was the third sign of the Messiah; the Messiah will be a stumbling block to so called Catholics. They will find the Messiah corny, unacceptable, deplorable and out of date. Yet that is the sign of the true Messiah. 

     There is no St. John the Baptist pointing to the Messiah because there is no Messiah to point to. How come? Where is He. Using the words of Christ, He said; 'Destroy this temple. And in three days I will rebuilt it.' The world, under the influence of Lucifer believes that they have succeeded  to destroy Christ, just as on Good Friday. 
     The Church, today, is 'resting in the Lord' in the tomb. This is called the Sabbath rest. In three days She will rise back to life for the grand wedding with the Groom. Have you wondered how come we know what are the visible signs of the true Church as found in the Nicene Creed; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. And yet we cannot find  them in the parishes, in the dioceses and they are not even in the Vatican? Because She is no longer there. She is in the tomb. 'Destroy this. And in three days I will rebuild it.' She will come back to life. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


 1. Growth towards Faith.
    John the Baptist was preaching 'repentance'. That was a preparation for 'the act of repentance,' preached by Christ. The latter was complex; while John's repentance was more a pure act of the intellect, Christ's repentance was a complete mature human act involving both the intellect and the free will. 
     The act of Catholic Faith includes both the repentance of John and the act of repentance of Jesus. Supernatural Faith is a gift from God after a soul has accomplished the two repentances. The forgiveness of sin is accomplished by the grace of supernatural Faith, not by repentance. 
     Most confessors do not know this; that is why most of their absolutions are invalid and the forgiveness of sin does not take place. The forgiveness of sins is accomplished by obedience to the commands of Christ who preached, 'Repent and believe.' So first, the two repentances. And having accomplished these the grace of Faith for the forgiveness of sins is given by God. 

2. The 3rd Sunday of Advent speaks about belief in John and is followed by Faith in Christ.
    John knew that his disciples loved him and were having a crisis when John told them to go to Christ. In fact, at the beginning some of John's disciples were slandering Christ. John saw the problem. He knew that to be saved his disciples must leave him and go to Christ.
    John, also knew, his time was up. He was in prison and he knew what was coming; a birthday party and his decapitation. His disciples must be directed to Faith in Christ. So John sends his disciples to Christ to see the signs that will make them believe in Christ. The disciples of John saw the signs that Christ was the Messiah and believed in Him because John had prepared them well.  The little problem was just emotional; the separation from the prophet they loved. 
    What signs did the disciple of John hear and see? Those who were ignorant of supernatural truths begun to understand those truths. They were able to do the impossible commands of Christ. Those who had serious sins were freed from their sins. Those who were spiritually dead were brought back to life. And those who could not understand simple truths begun to understand Divine Truths. This is the image of a soul who enters the Catholic Church and gradually learns all the teachings of Christ as proposed by the Church. 

3. But this Advent is a preparation for Christ the King. 
    Advent is a preparation for Christmas before Christ was born. But Christ had been born. So Advent as celebrated in the Liturgy is now a preparation for the Second Coming of Christ or the Feast of Christ the King. 
     After the Gospel described how a soul within the Catholic Church progresses in the spiritual life, it adds an out of place statement; 'blessed is the man who finds no stumbling block in Me.' What was that for? Well, it gives the steps necessary for the salvation of one's soul and then gives one last sign that the end is near, therefore, we must rejoice. Our efforts in obeying all the commands of Christ will now be rewarded, therefore, rejoice, 'Gaudete.' So we wear rose in the Liturgy a combination of purple,  the continuous need for the life of repentance, and white, the happy expectation for salvation.
     This last enigmatic sign can only be understood by those who have finished all the necessary steps for salvation. It cannot be understood by others so Christ said that others will not know the time and the day of His second coming. He did not say that those who will finish all the necessary steps of salvation will know when the end is coming, because they will know, though not the exact time and day. But they will know if it is by the door. 

4. What is this 'stumbling block?'
     A stumbling block is a block of stone. If someone  is walking and does not see the stone, he can stumble by it. Or he may see the stone but find it to be blocking his way. 
     Man has only one reaction to a stumbling block, he takes it and throws it away. Everybody takes away a stumbling block. 

     In the Gospel, Christ is saying that when people learn all the commands of Christ or even just a few of them, they will find that certain commands are blocks preventing them from doing their selfish desires. In fact, the commands of Christ prevents man from doing all his selfish desires. Since most of our desires are selfish those stumbling blocks can be very annoying as all blocks are annoying. When man learns the commands of Christ he, also, learns what are the commands of Christ that are stumbling blocks to his desires. 
     He will refuse to see that those commands of Christ are stumbling blocks  to  prevent him from stumbling straight to hell. They were meant to prevent man from going to hell. They are road signs saying 'danger, do not enter.' If they remove those stumbling blocks and proceed, they will go straight to hell.  

5. Pope, Cardinals and bishops.
    The Pope, cardinals, bishops and priests are supposed to be the ones to teach souls how to go to heaven; and that is through obedience to the commands of Christ.  But unbelieving Catholics who should see that the commands of Christ are meant to bring them speedily to heaven will find these same commands as stumbling blocks in fulfilling their personal selfish desires.  The adulterous man will find the doctrine of fidelity a stumbling block to his adulterous desires. So what do they do? They throw away the stumbling block; they throw away fidelity and embrace adultery.
     The problem is that it is not the laymen who throw away the stumbling block. It is the Pope, cardinals, bishops and priests who encourage the laymen to throw away these commands as if they are stumbling blocks. Yes, the commands of Christ are stumbling blocks to the adulterers, to the sodomites, to the Protestants, to the Evangelicals, to the atheist, to the Lutherans, to the Soros fact, as Clinton said, the Catholic Religion is a stumbling block to the hedonistic goals of the entire world. And that this religion should be annihilated. 
     The Gospel did not refer to those businessmen and politicians. It refers to the Pope, cardinals, bishops and priests who will find the very person of Christ and His commands as stumbling blocks to man's quest in making this world their heaven. It is like pointing to the Cross and saying; 'there is the great stumbling block. Throw it away. What a failure.'

6. The Gospel preached throughout the world.
     When the Gospels can be read throughout the world, as it can be learned today by all men through the computer, then the Gospel says; men will find that most of Christ commands  are stumbling blocks to their quest  for selfish and sinful pleasures. So they will throw away these blocks. And the throwing away will be done by the Pope, many of the cardinals, most of the bishops and many priest. And the laity will rejoice in seeing a level playing field where they sin freely; without seeing  that it leads straight to hell. 
     When most of the hierarchy find the teachings of Christ as stumbling blocks to men's hedonistic and sinful desires, like today...... then REJOICE, 'Gaudete.' Your ecclesiastical  confusions will soon be over. 

Friday, December 09, 2016

The IMMACULATE CONCEPTION - Queen of Prophets.

 1. The feast of the Immaculate Conception.
     The Immaculate Conception is the mystery by which Catholics believe that the Blessed Virgin Mary was conceived without original sin. Without original sin, the sin man inherited from Adam and Eve,  and without actual sin, the sin man actually commit after baptism,  Mary was the only person that was sinless.
     As such the Blessed Virgin Mary becomes the type of the Catholic Church. The members of the Catholic Church must be sinless, not because they were born that way like Mary, but because through the life of repentance, their past sins are forgiven.
     If a Catholic makes a perfect act of repentance by combining the repentance of St. John the Baptist and the repentance of Jesus Christ, then his past sins will be forgiven and by the grace of faith which he receives after his perfect repentance, his past sins will not return. Thus he becomes sinless, just like Mary.
     Being sinless like the Immaculate Conception he becomes a member of the Catholic Church of which the Blessed Virgin is a type. 
     The Blessed Virgin Mary, aside from being the Mother of God, is the personification or the type of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is a prophetic Church just as Mary is the Queen of all prophets because she, herself, was a prophet. Since the Catholic Church is a prophetic Church and Mary is a prophet that is a type of the Catholic Church, then every Catholic must, also, be a prophet.
     In the early Catholic Church, to be a Catholic was identical to being a prophet. When the early Christians went to the desert and mountains to live the monastic life, they went there, precisely to be Catholics. At that time the monasteries were, also, referred to as schools of prophets. 
     The process of being a prophet and the process of evangelizing oneself and others is identical. To be a prophet and to be a saint is identical. Prophets are saints   who preach to others to become saints. 

2. God's punishment and God's rewards.
     Whenever God was pleased with His people He would send them prophets. Prophets were a sign of God's pleasure. On the other hand when God wants to chastise a nation He deprives them of prophets. To have no prophets, therefore, is one of God's greatest punishment for a people or nation. 

3. What is a prophet.
     St. Paul wrote that among the many gifts of the Holy Spirit, prophecy is one gift that we must desire to possess. It is superior to performing miracles. Miracles are spectacular that can make us famous. With prophesy we can have our heads chopped off. So miracles are more desired than the more important gift of prophesy. But miracles cannot save souls. It is prophesy that saves souls. So we have Mary Queen of Prophets but we do not have Mary Queen of Miracles. 
     A common false notion of prophesy is telling the future. Well, in some limited sense it contains the element of telling the future but not the kind of future most people expect. An example of foretelling the future through prophecy is this; if Pope Francis continue to encourage remarried people to go to Holy Communion he will go to hell. That will surely happen based on the teaching of Scriptures. And that is foretelling the future. 
     New Testament prophecy, according to St. Thomas of Aquinas, consist of two activities.  Firstly, the prophet practices the commands of Christ and teaches others the commands of Christ. And secondly, the prophet reminds people what are those commands of Christ if they forget the commands. 
     The first easy because what is to be taught by the prophets is already written down in Scriptures and interpreted by the Fathers of the Church. A prophet must only do the second role, to remind people of their duties to God. 
     So the role of the prophet is to teach and to remind. The Liturgical Cycle is the prophetic role of Holy Mother the Church because the Church teaches the people during the Liturgical year the commands of Christ three times during the three cycles. And then the Church continues to remind the Church what are those commands as she goes on repeating the three Liturgical Cycles. The Church have many other ways of reminding the people, like through the writings of the Fathers, catechism classes, radio and TV programs, etc...
     The Blessed Virgin performs her prophetic role by teaching the whole world to repent. And then she repeatedly appears to remind people to repent. 

4. A true Catholic is a prophet.
    A true Catholic must be a prophet. Why? Because he must know and must have practiced the commands of Christ. Then he must constantly remind himself of those commands because man tend to forget so there is a need for reminders. But if a person has perfect Faith, he will automatically be reminded by the workings of the grace of God. There is no need for anyone to remind him; especially if he has reached the theological virtue of Charity. But if he has not reach Charity and only have the beginnings of Faith, he will tend to forget and will need reminding.
     A true Catholic, by knowing and obeying the commands of Christ, will know that he is obliged to teach the same commands to others and to remind them of those commands occasionally. Thus Catholics will always be a prophet to their neighbors. Thus the characteristic of the Catholic Church as being a prophetic religion.

5. How to become a prophet.
    Notice in last Sundays Gospel; that the school house for Catholicism is the desert. And the teacher must be a prophet, as shown in the person of St John the Baptist. And the subject taught is about the Kingdom of God. Note that the school house, the teacher and the subject are is the Catholic Church. The school house is the Catholic Church, the teacher is the Catholic Church and the subject taught is about the Catholic Church.
     In short, to be a Catholic you have to be inside the Catholic Church. The Jewish people who wanted to be Christians were told to go to the desert, the Church; to listen to a prophet, the Church; and to study the Kingdom, which is the Church.
     Here we must realize the importance of living in community. Unless a soul lives in community, he cannot learn the commands of Christ that is taught by the prophetic community. Unless he lives in community he cannot be reminded if he forgets some commands of Christ. Unless he lives in community he will not know whether he is entering the Kingdom of God in the right way. 

6. Advent.
     During Advent Holy Mother the Church is teaching us how to enter the Church, through the repentance of John the Baptist and the repentance of Christ. Having done both, we receive Faith. Faith is what forgives our past sins and what makes us enter the Catholic Church. When we enter the Church we become prophets and can help others become prophets thus showing an indelible sign of true Catholicity, the spirit of prophecy. 
     This is the reason we celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception during Advent. The message is this; you will have to repent John's way and Christ's way before you can become like Mary, Immaculate, a true member of the Catholic Church of which Mary is a type. 

7. Pope Francis and most bishops and priests do not have the spirit of prophecy. 
     None of them is teaching the complete commands of Christ. Since the retirement of Pope Benedict, we have not read anyone teach the commands of Christ as written down in the New Testament. In fact, what we hear are disobediences to the Old and New Testament. 'Amoris and Laetia' had been declared by many as down right disobedience to the 10 commandments of God in the Old Testament. And the false ecumenism going on is disobedience to the commands of Christ in the new Testament. 'Vultum Dei quaerere' is disobedience to the entire course of ascetical theology. And 'Laudato si.' is not even good science. The open borders is very bad sociology. Though contributions from George Soros and other left wing groups is very good economics. 
     Pope Francis and most of his cardinals, bishops and priests have not taught the repentance of St. John the Baptist. They have even taught disobedience to the repentance of St. John during the last three Bishop's Synod by tolerating adultery. This is clear in Pope Francis' 'Amoris Laetitia' that had been adapted by most Bishop's conferences. 
     Unable to understand and teach the repentance of St. John the Baptist it was impossible for them to teach the repentance of Jesus Christ. How did that happen when the lessons of the four Sundays of Advent are clearly about the repentance of John and Christ? They did not understand the Liturgy of Advent? How can they understand the Liturgy of the next following Sundays when the more difficult truths of Christ are taught?
     The problem is clear. Almost the entire hierarchy do not know the teachings of the Catholic Religion as clearly shown by Pope Francis. 
      Just like Good Friday, mentions St Bonaventure and commented on by Pope Benedict. When the entire Jewish priesthood, from the high priest down to all the Pharisees and Sadducees,  were completely ignorant of God's teachings; except for a handful in the person of Nicodemus, Joseph and the apostles. 
The Liturgy is telling us that Advent and Good Friday is being repeated today; the people were still eating and drinking while the water was rising and the door of the Ark had been shut by God. The Jews were still murdering their God while the Church was being shut down on them. 

     From the beginning of his papacy up to the present, Pope Francis have never taught us any command of Christ nor reminded the world of the commands of Christ that we have forgotten. He even forgot it was the feast of Our Lady of Fatima  because he was too busy praising and accepting a statue of the heresiarch Martin Luther. We should not blame Pope Francis. No bishop or priest had shown they are prophets. 
     God have sent us the greatest punishment; there is no longer any prophet in the land. Without a prophet like John the Baptist, no one can go to Christ.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016


 1. 2nd Sunday of Advent. First lessons on Catholicism.
     We are Cycle A of the Liturgical Year. The Liturgical Year begins with Advent and ends with the feast of Christ the King. During the Liturgical Year, Holy Mother the Church teaches us the complete teachings of Jesus Christ as proposed by the Magisterium.
     One liturgical year is often enough to teach us the truths of the Catholic Church. But the three liturgical years, A, B and C will give us a better knowledge of Catholic truths because it will cover the four Gospels.
     In the 1st Sunday of Advent we begin our lesson. The lesson connects with the previous Sunday, the Feast of Christ the King. It reminds us that death or the Second Coming of Christ will arrive as in the day of Noah. The world will still be eating, drinking, and marrying without realizing that the water was rising and that the door of the Ark of Noah had been shut by God, Himself. Nobody else could enter. Death comes unexpectedly. So what? Well, are you prepared for the Divine Judgment that will follow?

2. Preparations for a course in Catholic spirituality. 
    The Gospel of the 2nd Sunday tells us where is the classroom, who our teacher should be and what will be the subject matter that will be taught. 
     The classroom is in the desert. John the Baptist taught only in the desert. People from all over went to the desert to learn from John the Baptist. He never taught in the cities or provinces. The Gospel is emphasizing the fact that what is going to be taught is supernatural truths. These truths are complicated and deep truths and cannot be learned with other forms of knowledge. You cannot learn these truths side by side with a liberal education and other sciences. Divine truths must be studied alone so it can be learned only in the desert where there are no distractions.
     Later on, it became convenient to learn these truths in monasteries; it is for this reason that monasteries were found in way out forest, hills and deserts, to be away from all worldly distractions. 
     Today seminaries and schools of theology are in the cities so students cannot learn Divine Truths because they are distracted with countless worldly thoughts that lead to heresies. 

     The teachers should have the characteristics of St. John the Baptist. What are these? John was clothed in a garment of camel's hair and wore a leather belt around his waist.  Grasshopers and wild honey were his food. St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote that camel's hair is a sign of an austere life. The leather belt is the sign that one's senses and passions are disciplined and under control.  Grasshopers and wild honey shows his simple food being mostly naturally prepared. 
     And what is the subject of his preaching? Two lessons on Repentance; first, the repentance taught by St. John the Baptist and the repentance taught by Christ. 
     John's repentance is referred to as the Old Testament repentance and Christ's is called the New Testament repentance. John's repentance does not forgive sins. Christ's repentance is what forgives sins. John repentance is a preparation for Christ's repentance. Christ's repentance is impossible without the preparation of John's repentance. John's repentance is referred to in Scriptures as 'to repent.' Christ's repentance is referred to as 'to do penance.' The words used are so similar so that almost everybody gets confused with the two phrases. Or worse, most do not know the meaning of both phrases.

3. St. John the Baptist's repentance.
    John's repentance is a purely intellectual or mental activity. It consist in knowing what is right and wrong; and for a person to know the wrongs he has done and why it is wrong.  Knowledge of the sinful act and the motive for the sinful act is necessary here. 
     It, also, consist in knowing the good one must do but which was not done and the motive for the neglect. This judgment must not be done on one's own just as Martin Luther did; this judgment must be based on the commandments of God as found in the Old Testament. 
     Note that to make this judgment, it is necessary to master what is good and evil as taught in the Old Testament, and to have a good self knowledge of one's actions. This is not an easy task; so much so we need a desert as a classroom to do so and a very good teacher, like John, to be able to make a good judgment. 
     The above is 'to repent' and it is a preparation for Christ's 'to do penance.'

4. Christ's repentance.
    'To do penance' is often referred to in Scriptures as the fruit of repentance. John's repentance is the flower; Christ's repentance is the fruit. We cannot have the fruit unless we first have the flower. 
     This repentance are 'mature human acts,' and not mere acts of the mind. Three acts are enumerated by St. Thomas. First, based on the knowledge of God and the fear of God, the repentance soul punishes himself for the wrongs he has done. Forms of punishments are described in Scriptures; he should not invent his own.
     Secondly, the repentant soul should flee from both the sin and the occasions of sins. This is, also, a mature human act.
     Thirdly, the repentant soul must be eager to do good works. These good works are described in Scriptures and in Tradition. Do not invent your own good works.

     It is only when these 'fruits of repentance' are all evident in the soul that Christ grants the soul the gift of supernatural Faith that forgives all past sins. "Give some evidence that you mean to reform. Every tree that has no fruits will be cut down and thrown into the fire." Those who do not produce the fruits of repentance (the repentance of Christ) will be thrown into the fire. 

5. Impediments. 
    Boasting is a sign of pride that prevents a soul from repenting. Christ rebuked the Pharisees who were boasting; 'we are the children of Abraham.' That is like someone saying, 'Hey, I am a Catholic with a baptismal certificate. I am a cardinal. I am a bishop. I am the Pope, etc... Christ says; that does not mean anything to Me. 'You brood of vipers.' 'Give evidence that you are a Catholic by showing your fruits of repentance.' 
     The Ark of Noah is finished. People are eating, dancing and marrying. The door might still be open  and God could be using His winnowing fan separating the chaff from the grain because soon God, Himself, will close the door of the Catholic Church. Where would we be? Inside the Ark or outside? Well, if we have the fruits of repentance we would be inside. 

6. Today......
     Are we repenting with the repentance of John the Baptist? How about the repentance of Jesus Christ? As we have noticed during the Bishop's Synod of 2012, the time of Pope Benedict, though the bishops were told to discuss the topic of repentance because that is the very foundation of the 'new evangelization' the bishops were not able to do so. And since then, they have never discussed the topic at all. Pope Francis, in his more than two years Pontificate have never discussed nor defined this topic. In fact, Pope Francis and most of the Cardinals and bishops have acted against the very concept of repentance of John the Baptist.
     They have not made the sound judgment on what is right or wrong. Allowing separated couples to remarry and even receive Holy Communion is wrong according to the Old Testament. Most Bishops Conference have already agreed to 'Amoris Laetitia' allowing divorce and remarriage of divorcees. This shows that they have not even observed the Old Testament repentance of St. John the Baptist. It means they are not prepared to receive the repentance of Christ in the New Testament. It means all their past sins have not been forgiven. It means they are not Catholics at all. It means they are chaff which will be thrown into everlasting fire. 
     Proofs they do not have the fruits of repentance that is necessary for salvation. They have not done the repentance of Christ. They have not condemned themselves in their sin of scandal. They have not fled from their state of sin and have continued to pursue promoting the sins they are proposing. They have not done the good work of correcting each other. 
     It was hoped that the new Jesuit General would corteously correct Pope Francis. But an article written by some who knew him says the new general is even worse than Pope Francis. Poor Pope 
Francis. Who will be so Charitable as to correct him. 'This age will experience the waxing cold of Charity.' 
     The theological virtue of Charity is gone from the Catholic Church. There is only public relations to entertain all kinds of guests in the state of sin. But the good guys are treated as garbage (no need to repeat the cases). Repentance both of John the Baptist and of Christ  are nowhere to be found in the Catholic Church. Unless I am looking for it in the wrong places? Didn't Christ say; destroy this temple and I will build it up in three days. Pope Francis had probably destroyed the Mystical Body of Christ with his erroneous doctrines (enumerated by so many writers.) And Christ must  have rebuilt it somewhere else. Only those who have completely repented would know where it is because they would be part of that Church. 

Thursday, December 01, 2016

The INTELLECT as a house keeper.

 1. The intellect and the self. 
     The intellect is the faculty that judges by an act of mature reasoning, if an object is true and good. It must judge.  If it is true and good it allows it to enter the house. If it is false and evil, it must reject the object. 
     The intellect always accepts the true and the good. It can never reject the true and the good. That is its God given power. To judge. And we must use this. We must judge. He who says 'who am I to judge' is not made to the image the likeness of God.

      Because of the defective self, caused by original sin, the intellect can made a mistake. It may judge some thing to be true when it is  false and vice versa. Or it may judge something good when it is evil and vice versa. Here the defect is not in the object of the intellect but in the act of reasoning. The reasoning is illogical or there has been no act of reasoning involved.,

 2. To guide the intellect. 
    The true can either be natural truths or supernatural truths. The intellect is guided to chose the natural  true with the help of Philosophy. And it is guided to chose the supernatural truth with the help of grace and Divine Revelations. 
     The natural and the supernatural good can be recognized with the same corresponding helps. Without the guidance of Philosophy, grace and Divine Revelations, the house keeper will not be able to screen the true and good from the false and the evil.
3. The intellect,  the devil and the world.
     There are two other external factors that can influence the functioning of the intellect. The devil and the world.
     While original sin can make the intellect commit a mistake, the devil, by influencing the world can, also, make the intellect commit a mistake. The world that God made for men to use for the salvation of his soul, can be used by the devil to divert the love of men for God and re-direct it to the love of the world instead. 

     The world, also, have what is true and good. Being of the world,  these are all in the natural level. That there is a God who created the world is a natural truth proven by the five  natural proofs of St. Thomas of Aquinas. But the devil can deceive man into believing that the world was made by a 'big bang.' This 'big bang' lie is the product by the devil using the world. The devil does not deceive men directly. He, always, uses the world because men would never believe him if he appears as a devil. So he hides behind worldliness, behind a TV screen or a rock concert. 
     Original sin, alone, can make the house keeper commit many mistakes in screening who must enter the house and who must be excluded. Add to this the continuous bombardment of the devil and the world on the intellect through the senses. That is like tossing 20 tennis balls to a player. Which will he hit? Even if he hit five, he will surely miss the 15. The mind might judge five thoughts; but will miss judging the 15 which will allow them to enter the house like thieves.
     With so much unscreened, illegal immigrants coming into the house, the Gospel states that we are not ready to receive a favorable judgment from God because there should be no thieves inside. What is not true and not good, both in the natural and supernatural levels are not allowed inside one's soul. 

4. Present state of the world. 
    Keeping the moral principles mentioned above, let us see what a Catholic is facing today as a house keeper with the duty of guarding the main door. Is he a good, watchful housekeeper?
     a.) firstly, he must cure his original sin by receiving Baptism to get the grace so he can study the supernatural truths from Divine Revelation. When the soul receives grace he will learn supernatural truths and together with these truths he will, also, learn essential natural truths. 
           This way the first monks learned both supernatural truths and natural truths like the law of Genetics, etc. He who knows supernatural truths will surely know the inferior natural truths; of course excluding useless truths, like if there are Martians. 
     b.) secondly, there is the devil and the world. Without curing original sin with the grace of Faith, man will believe anything outside of God.  Man's mind will be bombarded by the pleasures of the world (money, food, comforts, conveniences). With the father of lies ruling the world, man will learn only lies from the world (mass media, news). Education and politics are all lies. 
           The world ruled by the devil will not teach the truth; in fact it will suppress all sources of truth (like Cardinal Sarah and Brandmuller had been suppressed) while the world propagate lies and do everything to prove their lies. 
      c.) Add this to the above miseries of man. Most men will be spiritually possessed by Satan just like Judas, an apostle and one of the first bishops. The Pope, the bishops and priests are the instrument used by God to help the house keeper, the intellect, judge correctly what is true and good. If the Pope, bishops and priests are spiritual possessed by the devil, like Judas, man have lost an important guide for his intellect. 
          And if the house keeper, himself, is spiritually possessed, then his intellect would be subservient to the devil allowing everything diabolical inside the house. And that is the present status  of the whole human race. 

5. This present state of the Church is the only explanation why the Church is the way it is today. From Pope Francis, down to most of the bishops and priests, the whole Church is passing through Lund, Sweden to join the sect of Martin Luther, the heresiarch; on the way to Jerusalem to establish the One world religion with Lucifer as its god in the golden dome this coming September. The entire ceremony is sponsored by the New World Order,  the lovers of money around the world. 
     This scenario had long been awaited by the Catholic Church. It was prophesied in the Old Testament in the life of Judas Macchabeus, it was prophesied on Christmas night, it was prophesied on Good Friday, it was prophesied many times through the history of the Catholic Church, it was prophesied by Our Lady of Good Success, Our Lady of LaSallete, etc...and popularized in the 'Lord of the World' by Robert Benson and read by Pope Francis.  How come nobody noticed it? Because as house keepers we were not awake, we were not watchful, the mind was not thinking .......because Lucifer had possessed and taken control of our minds.