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FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT - Cycle A . The Owner Must Watch.

 1. Advent is a continuation of Christ the King.
     From Advent to the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Holy Mother the Church, through Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church, had been teaching us the entire lesson on 'how to attain everlasting life.' The Sunday Masses give us a complete and clear idea on how to go about it. Of course, the daily Mass gives us a more complete knowledge of Catholic Doctrines but few go to daily Mass these days. 
      The three cycles, A, B and C should give us enough knowledge for each Catholic to be able to merit 'everlasting life.' But the problem is after going through the three cycles 15 times most Catholic still do not know the teachings of Christ as proposed by the Catholic Church. Because they do not learn the truths methodically or because their parish priests are not teaching the truths systematically. So we see, supposedly Catholic nations, completely ignorant of Catholic truths.

2. The two comings.
     There are two comings of Christ; His first coming on Christmas Day and His second coming at the end times, which is celebrated on Christ the King. Advent is supposed to be preparation for the first coming of Christ. While the Sundays after Pentecost through the Sundays in Ordinary Time are supposed to prepare us for the second coming of Christ, the day of the General Judgment. 
     But note that the Sundays of Advent no longer prepare us for the first coming of Christ. It continues to prepare us for the Second Coming of Christ, recalling the days of Noah and the flood. Let us set aside the two by twos where God will take one and leave the other and go directly on what we must do.
     When Christ first came He taught us how to love God and neighbor. The whole liturgical year consist in explaining how to love God and neighbor; i.e. up to the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time. During the Second Coming of Christ, the Divine Judge will check each of us whether we have loved God and neighbor. It is that simple. The Gospel for First Advent tells us to check if we have done that by behaving like a house owner who checks those who enter the house if they were thieves.
     Who did we allow to enter the house? Those who have obeyed Christ's commands or the thieves who want to steal things from the house of God.
     St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote that the house is the soul of man. And the house keeper is the intellect.

3. The house keeper.
     The intellect is the house keeper who guards the main door. He checks that only the truth and the good enter the house. The false and the evil must be prevented from entering. 
     The Gospel warns us that the false and the evil will try to enter the main door but if the intellect is watchful, they will not be able to enter in which case they try to enter by another way. Let us set aside the other ways by which the false and the evil can enter; because they will really try to enter by another way.
     By the time we face Christ in Judgment Day only the true and the good must be inside the house. The true and the good are the virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. These three virtues cleanses the soul and enhances it with the Love of God and neighbor. Such souls will surely merit everlasting life.

4. The house keeper is unable to stop the deluge of the false and the evil. The house of most Catholics are filled with thieves and filth. They have no chance of getting a favorable sentence from Christ on Judgment Day.
     Firstly; due to original sin and the neglect of present bishops and priests, Catholics do not know what is true from false and what is good from bad. Their lists are totally confused. So they end up calling the true false and the false true, etc. 
     Secondly; as Christ said, Satan is the prince of the world, and since he is the Father of lies, his world will never teach the truth and the good. Aside from not telling the truth, Satan and the world will tell lies. And if there is any truth in the world, it is suppressed or out right annihilated. Thus Christ said; 'friendship with the world is enmity with Christ.'    Governments, mass media, and the men of the church, during these age, referred to by St. Bonaventure as the 6th day. will be liars like Satan their father. 
     Thirdly; they will be proud as the devil. They will be cruel murderers and lovers of money. And they will be worshippers of the devil their father; they will be lawless like Satan. 

     In today's world all these evils have entered the house, the house keeper unable to stop them. Ordinarily in such a situation, the last beacon for Catholics is the Papacy. But like the 6th day, Good Friday, Judas was the pre-figure of a apostate bishop who will destroy the Church. Is Bergoglio, the man who does not want the title Pope but insist in calling himself just the bishop of Rome the prophesied bishop who will start the heretical one world religion to join the New world order and in together install the only god of such an arrangement, Lucifer? Hasn't the symbols of Satan been appearing in the Vatican and in most of Bergoglio's affairs? Hasn't Robert Benson, Anglican convert and Catholic apocalyptic writer described perfectly the present situation of the collaboration between the NWO and the one world religion with Lucifer as its God and to be inaugurated by Pope Francis  next September? Were we not given a dry run in Cern, Switzerland of where the Church is going?

5.   The Great Chastisement.  
     The house keeper cannot let them in. They are thieves, as Christ said in the parable of the Good Shepherd; they come to steal from the Church members for their own religion. Thieves are priests, bishops, cardinals and Popes who steal Catholics away from the Church to make them join the new One World religion of which the Catholic church can never be a part; because its god is Lucifer.  
     This is the great chastisement worse than the next nuclear war. A war can only kill the body. But the complete inability of the house owner to exclude the thieves from entering the house is due to the fact that the leader of the thieves is the head of the new world religion, Pope Francis. With a Pope leading the immigrants the naive will surely open the main door. The unwatchful and incompetent house keeper will not be able to prevent the thieves from entering the main door. With the house full of thieves stealing souls away from God, the end of such a soul is surely eternal damnation. And most of us are like that, Advent is telling us. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016


  1. Anatomy of an election.
     Let us look at the anatomy of an election based on God's Divine Providence. Everything that happens in the world is part of God's Divine Providence. The treatise on Divine Providence is one of the longest theological treatise, that is why few priests are acquainted with it.  This is sad because absolutely everything that happens in the world that affects the lives of men is Divine Providence. We can only appreciate what is going on if we know the doctrine on Divine Providence; this way we can see that everything that happens is for the good of the soul.
     We must live in accordance to Divine Providence to attain everlasting life; precisely because Divine Providence is God leading the whole world to everlasting life. 
     To go against Divine Providence is for us to chose damnation because it is going against God's ways. 

2. What is Divine Providence.
     Divine Providence is God Himself considered in that act by which in His Wisdom he so orders all events within the universe that the end for which it was created may be realized.
     That end is that all creatures should manifest the glory of God, and in particular that man should glorify Him, recognizing in nature the work of His Hand, serving Him in obedience and love, and thereby attaining to the full development of his nature and to eternal happiness in God.
     The universe is a system of real beings created by God and directed by Him to this supreme end, the concurrence of God being necessary for all natural operations, whether of things animate or inanimate, and still more so for operations of the supernatural order. 
     God preserves the universe in being; He acts in and with every creature in each and all its activities. In spite of sin, which is due to the willful perversion of human liberty, acting with the concurrence, but contrary to the purpose and intention of God and in spite of evil which is the consequence of sin, He directs all, even evil and sin itself, to the final end for which the universe was created. All these operations on God's part, with the exception of creation, are attributed in Catholic theology to Divine Providence.
     The above is the popular definition of Divine Providence from the Catholic Encyclopedia. In short, man can plan and do things; man's acts may be fall under God's direct Will or permissive Will. The good acts of men fall under God's direct Will; while his sinful acts would fall under God's permissive Will.  but it is God who decides the outcome. 
3. Three situations and how Divine Providence work. 
     A. Divine Providence as it works in a faithful nation with a faithful Pope. 
          This was the case at the beginning of Christendom. The Popes were holy, the bishops were holy and the lay people were faithful. Most people knew the workings of Divine Providence and functioned according to it thus reaching their goal of happiness in the world and in the next life. 
           This was not always the case. This had its ups and down throughout Christian history. 

     B. Divine Providence in an unfaithful people with a faithful Pope.  
          This occurred more often in the history of the Church. The people were unfaithful but through the mercy of God they were guided by holy bishops and more often holy Popes. In this case the people were often  chastised for the purpose of their conversion in the hope they would  repent and follow Divine Providence towards salvation led by a good Pope.

     C. Divine Providence in an unfaithful nation and with unfaithful Pope. 
          This is rare in the history of the Church and is prefigured by Good Friday. Where the Gentile Romans were pagans, the Jews were unfaithful, and the entire Jewish priesthood were not only unfaithful but became the killer of their God. Though rare, it happened in history, to prepare the Church for that final occurrence portrayed by Good Friday, the death of Christ. 
          The Sundays before Christ the King and the three Sundays of Advent are all preparations for General Judgment celebrated during the Christ the King and preparation for this final act of Divine Providence. 
           When the faithful, the bishops, the cardinals and the Pope had become unfaithful to Christ, by God's Divine Providence and against all odds God will chose a layman to grant the Church a brief moment of spiritual rest to complete their life of repentance, reach Faith.......and then He will suddenly come to judge both the living and the dead. It is sort of a 'one last chance.'
          This happened in history during the time of St. Benedict of Norcia, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Collete in France, etc.  These were mere lay men whom God chose to prop up  the Church  when the hierarchy was useless. 

4. The last recent elections  are God's final act of Divine Providence. 
     This 'one last chance' is happening in several parts of the world.' The situation where they occur are identical. Let's look at a few, namely Russia, Philippines and the USA.There are more places.
     The situations are identical. Most of the people don't think. They love themselves only. They are liars and murderers. Most are pagans. The Catholics have no Faith. The hierarchy are not good shepherds. Their Pope is more a Lutheran. And their national leaders will do anything for a price. That is a nation that is, to say the least,  in a big mess. 
     This final act of Divine Providence is God intervening in the history of man by going against all human efforts to do evil by creating an atmosphere that will allow the fulfilling of God's Providence even for a moment for the salvation of a few chosen souls.  
     In seemingly hopeless communist Russia, we have Michael Gorbachev who suddenly acceded to Pope John Paul II to gradually release the stranglehold on the nation. This was completed with Putin who united Church and State and made Russia the most moral nation in the whole world surpassing the Vatican. Suddenly the whole evil world is pouncing and blaming him for everything including the weather, just like the Jewish people on Good Friday. 
     What we see in Russia, a totalitarian communist nation,  is a pure act of Divine Providence that went contrary to all communist efforts to make the nation godless. This was not the result of any effort from the Orthodox Church though Kiril talked sense. 
     The same thing happened in the Philippines. The people had become unfaithful through the centuries and is led by a bishop's conference whose president just announced that they did not believe in the old traditional Catholic and will now follow the new Protestant sect founded in Argentina whose patron saint is Martin Luther. Unfaithful people and unfaithful hierarchy. And their Pope Francis has strong communist leanings due to Liberation theology.
     What happened? A presidential candidate that is completely unknown wins the presidency with a land slide. He makes decrees according to Catholic teachings while the bishops go against him and  against Catholic doctrines. 
     The example in the USA is a better example. With the machinations of the whole hell running the government and helping one candidate, that should, by all means, make the candidate win hands down, yet  this candidate lost.  While the candidate unlikely to win, by all human estimations, won. 

5. The lesson.
     By Divine Providence, God will alway conquer evil. If evil seems to be  victorious, it is due to God's permissive Will  allowing evil to get a good out of it. 
     The reason why a nation with an unfaithful people, with an unfaithful government and with an unfaithful Pope is not immediately chastised with tragedies is to give them an opportunity to fix up their souls for their final judgment. Such preparation needs a quiet and calm atmosphere, so God raises usually a laymen to give this nation a respite for this purpose.
     The evil people who voted on one side deserves to be chastised; but the good people who voted on the other side deserves that short moment of quiet and calm to reach the supernatural level of Faith that is presently lacking due to an incompetent hierarchy. This is similar to the case of King Josiah mentioned earlier. 
     King Josiah was raised by God for a very unfaithful Jewish nation. He ruled for a short while to give the Jewish people some time to repent; but they did not. So God took away King Josiah; he died in  battle. He was succeeded by a bad King, Jeroboam and that was the end of the Kingdom of Juda. 
     The undeserved good political leader in the midst of an unfaithful church is the last breath of a nation about to disappear. 

     We see this phenomenon in the Vatican with Pope Benedict being the 'last chance.' We see it now in the Brexit of England, in Putin of Russia, in Duterte of the Philippines and in Trump of the USA. The pattern is the same.
     In other places it could have happened already or it could still happen. We do not see it in France or Germany; but it could still happen in Portugal and Spain. We should all watch as the Sundays around Christ the King warns us. Because it is our 'last chance' to prepare ourselves in a calm and quiet atmosphere,  for judgment. King Josiah and a totally unfaithful Church are the signs.      

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The true Subject of CHRIST THE KING

 1. End of Liturgical year.
     With the Feast of Christ the King, we end the Liturgical Year of the Catholic Church; we started with Advent. By now, Catholics should know all the teachings of the Catholic Church as taught in the just concluded Year C ending with Christ the King. 
     Next Sunday, we begin Year A with the First Sunday of Advent by which Holy Mother the Church will repeat teaching the entire teachings of the Catholic Church on how to attain everlasting life. The Church knows many will forget great portions of the dogmas and morals, so the need to repeat  the entire teachings.
    And as a thoughtful mother she will keep on repeating the entire teachings of Christ as we proceed to Year B, C, and again A,B,C.....etc.
    A thoughtful Catholic should know the entire teachings of the Catholic Church on how to attain everlasting life in one Liturgical Year, like in the just concluded Year C. But we are not really very thoughtful when it comes to our salvation. So.......

2. The teachings on the Word of God summarized in today's Feast.  
    The entire teachings of Jesus Christ can be summarized into four steps; repentance, Faith, Hope and Charity. These four steps are gradually taught in the Liturgy of the Mass which makes the Mass the most dependable means of learning the true way towards everlasting life. 
    Repentance is taught during Advent. Faith is taught during Lent. Faith is taught during Holy Week. Charity is taught during Easter and Pentecost. 
    Then, the Sundays that follow, like the Sundays in Ordinary Time, teaches us details of the whole plan of salvation, occasionally summarizing all the steps as a form of review.

     During this Feast of Christ the King, where we are reminded that we shall face Christ the Judge for our judgment, the Mass again summarizes the four steps as practiced by the Good Thief. 

3. The two kinds of men. 
     The Feast of Christ the King reminds us that Christ will come to judge the living and the dead; that is what we recite in the Apostles' Creed. All men will be separated into two groups; the one on the left are the goats that will be condemned to hell, the other one on the right are the sheep that shall be rewarded in heaven.
     Most of the Gospels always gives two examples; the bad ones and the good ones. It explains why one is bad and the other is good. This is for our instructions. That we may avoid the bad and imitate the good. Occasionally, a few Gospels describes only the good for obvious reasons. 

 4. The bad guys.
    The Gospel of Christ the King describes two kinds of men. The first are the bad guys. The bad guys are made up of 'the people', the Pharisees and Scribes, the Roman soldiers, the passers by and the bad thief crucified with Christ. 
     They were described as jeering at Jesus saying; 'He saved others, let him save  himself if he is the Messiah of God the chosen one.'
     St. Thomas of Aquinas analyzed what was wrong with them using the words of the Good Thief who said to the other bad guy; 'have you no fear of God?'
      That was what made the bad guys bad. They had no fear of God. 

     The fear of God is the beginning; after it follows 'insight', knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Thus states the Book of Wisdom. After the 'fear of the Lord,' comes insight into your own sins which is necessary for repentance. Then comes Faith which is an act of the mind that comes with knowledge of the commands of Christ. Then understanding of Catholic truths that gives man Hope and finally, Charity which is an act of Wisdom. 
     Without the 'fear of God,' there can be no repentance, faith, hope and Charity. In short, without the fear of God,  absolutely no one can become a Catholic. 'Have you no fear of God?' If so, you cannot be a Catholic or a Christian. That was the defect of the bad guys. 
     The consequence of their lack of 'fear of God' is their foolish behavior of jeering at a God and more foolish demand that He come down the cross and save Himself. 
     Christ must be telling them; 'Foolish man I did not come to save Myself. Why should I do what you say by coming down the cross. I came to save you, you dummies. And to save you  I must stay on the cross and die.'
     What do the bad guys deserve? The Good thief says; 'you are under the sentence of condemnation. You deserve this, It is only paying the price for what you've done.' Christ's words are very clear. What is wrong with the bad  guys and what they deserve. 

5. The good guy.
     The Good thief shows the summary of what we must do to have everlasting life, what we must have accomplished before we face our Divine Judge. 
     First, Dimas  had the fear of God. Having gone against the law of the land, he knew he had also gone against the law of God thus deserving the same sentence of death; death of body by the law of the land and death of soul by the law of God. 
     Secondly, having received no mercy from the state, he feared he would receive no mercy from God. And he had very good reason for thinking so. If the state did not forgive him, he feared God would not forgive him.
     Thirdly, his fear is based on very rational reasons; 'he deserved to be punished.' It is a price for what he had done.
     Fourthly, even if Pope Francis had forgiven him because it is the end of the Year of Mercy, Dimas was not sure if Pope Francis got his doctrine right. So Dimas continued to fear. And even if a hundred missionaries of Mercy had absolved him, he feared that these priests might not know what they are talking about and have gotten all their theology wrong. So he continued to fear for his salvation,
     Fifthly, Dimas had learned from St. Thomas that humility is the first lesson Christ taught us. And humility consist in the fact that we should always think that we could be wrong. And this fills us with fear for our salvation. St. Paul wrote; working our salvation with fear and trembling. 

     Having this first requirement, the Good thief easily went from repentance, straight through Faith, Hope and ended up with Charity which assured his salvation. Let us show this in more detail.
     First, the fear of the Lord that led to Dimas' act of repentance. He told the bad thief; 'have you no fear?' I have plenty of fear. How come you do not have it. The rest of Dimas' statements show the completeness of his repentance. But let us go to the next steps.
     Secondly, the Good thief addresses Christ as "Lord." He looks a another man, bloodied, crushed, crucified and dying and calls him 'Lord.' Is he crazy? No He has Faith. He saw with his faith what eyes could not see. That is Faith which the bad guys could not see but which the apostles saw. 
     Thirdly, he showed Hope. Fearing he deserved hell a thousand times more than anyone, he asked to be remembered in paradise, 'remember me when you enter upon your reign. ' Isn't that hope against hope? It is. That is what makes is Hope. 
     Fourthly, he showed Charity in that he defended Christ and fraternally corrected the other thief. 'This man has done nothing wrong.' How did Dimas know that,  unless he had Faith and Hope. A defense like that depends on infused knowledge that can come only from the theological virtue of Faith. Then, he exhibited the highest degree of Charity called fraternal correction.   He corrects the other thief; 'we have done wrong and are only paying for what we have done.' That is Charity which is completely absent today as prophesied by Christ, 'the growing cold of Charity.' That is why nobody is fraternally correcting Pope Francis in his error. None from the Jesuits; none from his co-bishops. 
6. Reward for the good guys.
     This day thou shalt be with Me in Paradise. Nobody goes to paradise unless they follow the footsteps of the Good thief......that is todays message. During the General Judgement, when Christ comes to judge the living and the dead, nobody goes to heaven unless they have 'fear of God,' repentance, Faith, Hope and Charity........as showned by the Good thief. 

7. The world today.
    The world today has no 'fear of God.' Just as those who do not believe in God will believe every lie, those who have no 'fear of God' will fear everything. We live in a world that believes every lie and who fears everything. This is hell; it is a foretaste of where we shall go. 
     Let us just look at one person that is the personification of all men....Pope Francis. He is not afraid of God when he changes the very truths of God. He is not afraid of going against the 6th and 9th commandment though he saw what happened to the Jewish people when they disobeyed. He is not afraid of tolerating and encouraging perversions in sexuality even if he knows what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. He continues to encourage Protestants to remain Protestants, atheist to remain atheist, Jews to remain Jews and Pagans to remain pagans even if Christ said, 'he who does not believe are already condemned. 'Pope Francis keeps on walking on the wide road without fear to accommodate all religions even if he knows Christ said that even those who walk in the narrow road will not make it. 
     Pope Francis is leading the whole world towards a direction that is alien to God's way totally without  fear that he is leading millions to hell.  He has become the leader of the bad guys. 
     Not knowing it, he is jeering at Christ. 'Come down and saved yourself.' He said so in the Vatican amidst a large crowd who gave him a 3 minute ovation. He said something to this effect; 'Christ, come down from that cross. You look like a complete failure hanging up there in the cross. You are a shame to the Church. Come down. 
     Those without fear of God are not Catholics. They are not even Christians. Pope Francis said a presidential nominee was not a good Christian. Why, from the doctrines above, Pope Francis is not even a Christian. Note, this is a fraternal correction. Whether we like it or not, it is the highest form of Charity. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

The DESTROYER - Pope Francis.

 1. My House is a house of prayer.
     One cannot think of worldly and supernatural things at the same time. You will love one and hate the other. Mammon is worldliness. God is the Divine. You cannot love both. You will love one and hate the other. The deeper reason for this is that the mind cannot think of both at the same time. When the mind thinks of worldliness, it will not be able to think of the Divine. With the world in one's mind, the Divine is out of mind. What is in the mind is loved by the will while what is out of the mind is consequently hated by the will. 

2. Pope Francis had been nailing the Church in her coffin. 
     From the very beginning of his papacy he gave the talk on 'Charity without dogma.' It is impossible to have charity without dogma. God is a supernatural being. To love Him we must know Him, and we can only know Him by knowing the dogmas concerning Him. We cannot love what we do not know. Love is an act of the free will. Knowing what you love is an act of the intellect. Therefore, you cannot love God nor your neighbor without first knowing the dogmas that described who you are loving. With that speech, Pope Francis destroyed the doctrine on the Theological virtues which is the main structure of the Catholic Church. With this error he killed his own Faith and the Faith of those who listened to him. With this heresy he is destined to hell. He has become the man from the top, who by his heresy, had  dragged his listeners to hell; thus fulfilling the prophecy of Our Lady of Fatima of Bishops going to hell and dragging souls with them to hell. 
     The Bishop's Synod were occasions for him to destroy the Catholic family by encouraging adultery and receiving Holy Communion sacrilegiously. This was prophesied by Our Lady of Good Success in Quito, Ecuador around there 1500. 
     Practically in every plane ride he utters a heresy like the inability to judge. That is a lie. St. Paul encourages us to judge all things to see whether they are of God or not. And he adds the greater heresy that gays are seeking God and, therefore, should not be judged. Moral Psychology tells us that gays are such, precisely, because they are not seeking God and doing the opposite. So they can be judged that they are gay because they are not seeking God. This is the case for all sinners. They are sinners because they are not seeking God. How can Pope Francis say sinners are seeking God?
     So the atheist, the protestants, the evangelicals, the Jews and all other pagan religions are the way they are because they are not seeking God; and for being so they are destined for damnation. If they are truly seeking God they should be saints.
     All the writings of Pope Francis and the heads of his dicastery, 36 of them,  are meant to divert souls away from the truth by introducing errors and heresies. It is not our duty to find the errors in their writings. It is their duty to find their errors, repent, correct and declare in public that they are retracting those errors. This, under pain of eternal damnation,  due to the great spiritual harm it has done.
     It will be a waste of time for anyone to read and refute those errors. The easier thing to do is just to find out the truths of the Catholic Church from Scriptures, the Fathers and from known Holy Popes and stick to them.  

3. Coup de gras for the Catholic Church.
    Watching how Pope Francis is slowly killing the Catholic Church from the very first day of his Papacy, let us just look at his coup de gras. This is like cutting the umbilical cord of the baby from the mother; this is cutting the umbilical cord that feeds the Catholic Church with grace from God. This umbilical  cord is prayer. As long as the Church prays, she is fed with graces from God. It is what keeps her alive.,
     With Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation, 'Vultum Dei quarere,' Pope Francis had cut the prayer cord that connects contemplatives with  God. 'Vultum'  is pure spiritual abortion. It is killing the child while it is still in the womb by cutting the umbilical cord. It is killing contemplative religious orders while they are still being formed in the womb of the Church thus preventing them to be full born Catholics. 

     Pope Francis knows that most Catholic have their umbilical cords already cut off from Mother Church; in short, he knows most Catholics are not Catholics because he, himself, does not have the four visible signs  of the true Church enumerated in the Nicene Creed. He, also, does not have any of the 15 Marks of the Church mentioned by the Jesuit Doctor of the Church, Robert Bellarmine. Though he knows most religious, including the Jesuits, are not Catholsic for the same reason just mentioned, he shows the evilness in him in that he still exerted effort to make sure that these religious orders do not progress in the spiritual life by forming them into confederations. This way  he can easily destroy them through the use of commissars, as he did with the Franciscans of the Immaculate, closing 15 of their convents and still counting.

4. The Catholic Church is already dying of starvation due to the utter neglect by Cardinals, Bishops and priests for their constituents. Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI were the last Popes who fed the Church very well. A handful of bishops and priest had also done well. But the majority of Cardinals, bishops and priest spiritually starved the Catholic Church by feeding them fodders, just as the Prodigal Son was fed. 
     A few Bishops  teach one or two doctrines well. But that was all. They did not teach the complete list of Catholic Doctrines. Their preaching was an unbalanced diet that made the Church anemic due to lack of the other teachings that are nutrients for the soul. 
     Pope Francis is not teaching the right doctrines that should feed the soul of Catholics. The neglect is enough to starve the Church out of extinction. He went further and fed the Church with the poison of heresy; that is feeding a starving soul with poison. 

     And in his 'Vultum Dei quaerere' he had mass fed the whole Catholic religious orders with that poisonous doctrine of ceasing to pray. He had cut off the umbilical cord that feed the spiritual life of religious orders. 
5. The Church is no longer a house of prayer.
     The Catholic Church used to pray eight times a day; called the Divine Office. St. Benedict describes this as the official Work of God. Those eight periods of Divine Offices are meant to be a fueling stations to help those religious pray in between the eight periods of prayers.
     Theses eight times of prayers were revealed by angels to the early monks as the times angels pray in heaven; so we on earth simply join the angels in heaven in praying to God. Obviously the prayers of the angels in heaven is what makes our prayers here on earth pleasing to God. 

6. After Vatican II
    After Vatican II, the eight times of prayers were reduced to three to be recited in community or in choir. Many do not even recite these prayers in community, but merely in private. And what are the religious doing?
    Selling Masses, selling sacraments, selling retreats, selling religious tours, selling novenas, selling decree of divorce, etc. No different from the priests Christ drove away from the temple.
    From Pope Francis down to the cardinals and bishops, most of them are engaged in worldly things like climate change, entertaining transvestites, homos, Jews, Evangelicals, millionaires who contribute to establishing a New World Order and entertaining United Nations personages who are convincing Pope Francis to become the head of the heretical One World Religion to compliment the diabolical NWO to which it will be subservient. 
    My house had become an entertainment pub. What do you think Christ would do? Drive them away. All of them.....out, out,  out. My house is a house of prayer and you have it into a heaven here on earth made by men, ruled by men......and without God. And who  will be its god? Lucifer. And Satan entered into him. He left the church and built his own church made by man in Argentina with the help of another man from Germany. We have here a man pre-figured by Judas. We have been waiting for him since Good Friday  because he  had been prophesied.  We have been waiting for him. Everybody who is worthy of the name Catholic had been waiting for him. Robert Benzon, an Anglican convert of Catholicism. was waiting for him and wrote a book about him. And ominously named him FRANCIS. 

7. Destroy Me and in three days I will build it up.
    During these days, as in Good Friday, Christ will  be destroyed. But after three days He will rise from the dead thus rebuilding His Church. That, it seems, is what will happen. The efforts of Pope Francis to destroy the Catholic Church is in full swing. All the offices in the Vatican had been filled up  with his destructive collaborators. The only two last Catholics, Cardinal Muller and Sarah, have been neutralized and made ineffective. The whole bureaucracy in the Vatican make up the new heretical One World Religion with Pope Francis as its head. He will be proclaimed as such later in Jerusalem, with Lucifer as its god. By that time the Catholic Church will be dead for all practical purposes.   
     Then like dead seeds that had fallen into the ground, the Church will grow and be alive once more to greet the coming of the King where He will judge the living and the dead. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dedication of St. John the Lateran - The CHURCH.

 1. The Church as a symbol.
     The church building is an external symbol of the Church. But the true church are the people having the four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. The building is an external sign of the spiritual reality that cannot be sensed. 
     When we see the visible external sign, we must ask what is the spiritual reality it signifies. This will, of course, need some intellectual activity which unfortunately most men are lazy to do. So they tend to remain in the visible and physical level only. 
     Often, building the church simply means building the concrete edifice. While evangelization simply means building more churches.

     This week we are celebrating the Feast of the Dedication of St. John the Lateran, a huge concrete structure donated by the Laterani family to the Pope and now is the Basilica of the Popes of the Catholic Church as bishop of Rome. These are the visible realities. What is its spiritual realities? It is the image of the Catholic Church and its spiritual state; i.e. this is the eschatological picture of the Gospel for today (John 2, 13-22.) It was the state of the church at the time when Christ was at Capernaum and, eschatologically speaking, it is the state of the Catholic Church today. 
     The Gospel narrates that Christ went to the Temple which is the Church that God, Himself, established. And 'found those selling oxen, sheep and doves. And money changers sitting.' Now, who are these? It is said that the worshippers came from far away lands and it  was inconvenient for them to bring those animals during their long journey for the sacrifice. So, some enterprising priests thought  of providing the animals needed for the sacrifice and selling the animals within the premises of the temple.
     That is lot of income.  They were, also,  lending money to those without money so the pilgrims can afford to buy from the priests. The huge income would make them covetous. This, indeed, happened. A person becomes what he loves. If he loves money he takes the nature of money. If he loves God he takes the nature of God. The priests, because they were engaging in speculations, i.e. buying and selling, could not help being engrossed with money.
     Being engrossed in worldly affairs, they could not lead and teach the people how to be spiritual. Thus Christ entered the Church and with a whip drove them out of the temple. 

2. The priests were driven out of the temple.
     Like Judas, because the priests today are concerned more with worldly things, Christ must have driven them out of the Church. If they are out, they cannot help us enter the Church. 
     The priests, from Pope Francis down, are concerned only with worldly affairs. They do not attend to the spiritual progress of their flocks. If they occasionally do their jobs it is done very poorly. The products of this neglect are we, who do not have the four visible marks of the true Church of Christ; and, therefore, cannot be saved. 
      Their neglect consist in failing to teach us the complete way that leads to everlasting life. We have mentioned in the past posts the declaration of Cardinal Ratzinger from his "Ratzinger Report" this sad state of the priesthood.

3. The reason for this crisis.
     Christ mentioned the reason why the priests in the temple had descended from being priests to being mere seller of animals. The worshippers in the temple really need animals for their offering. But the priests should have left this to sellers of animals. As St. Peter reminded his disciples, the duty of the hierarchy, from the Pope down to the priests, is to pray. 'My house is a house of prayer.'

4. The duty of all priests, from Pope Francis down to the simple priest. Their duty is to pray for themselves and for the people. This must be unceasing prayer. 'Unceasing means, without stopping.' This does not, however, mean physically without stopping. 
     First, it means reciting devoutly the entire eight Divine Offices; namely, Matins, Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers and Compline. Then to say one's personal private prayer in between. That would be 'unceasing prayer.' There must be a rising of the mind and will during these prayers. 
     The example of Pope Benedict XVI is the perfection of the priesthood. He had transformed his private monastery into a place of prayer. 
     Before Vatican II, I reached the practice of saying the entire Divine Office in choir. After Vatican II the prayers were reduced into three. And most often, the three are not recited in choir. Practically all priests, both diocesan and religious are no longer the 
'house of prayer' Christ was describing. Not the choir Benedictine monks. Definitely not the Jesuits nor Pope Francis. Does that mean that all the diocesan and religious priests had been whipped out of the Church by Christ? Christ exempts no one. He has no favorites. 

5. Capernaum. The destruction of the temple and the Jewish people.
    The Gospel narrates that after Christ drove the selling priests out of the temple, Christ was crucified, the temple was destroyed and the Jewish people was destroyed as a nation and as a religion. 
     The same thing is expected to happen to the Catholic Church today. Because the priests do not pray unceasingly, their church had become mere theaters, social centers, and place for exhibitionist. It had ceased to be a house of unceasing prayer. It is, therefore, to be expected that Christ would come with a whip and drive all those priests out of the Catholic Church. 
     What will follow? As in those days, the Ark of Covenant ceased to exist in the temple; thus the Blessed Sacrament will not be present in the tabernacles due to the numerous Liturgical abuses that make the Sacrament invalid. The Mass will be invalid because priests, like those speakers during the Cebu Eucharistic Congress did not believe in the mystery of Transubstantiation. The Church will cease to exist in most dioceses and parishes. No unceasing prayer, no Church. As simple as that. 
     Without the Church, no one can go to heaven. How did Christ prove that He was God? Christ said; let Pope Francis ,  his cardinals, his bishops and his missionaries of mercy destroy this Church as they had been effectively been doing and I will establish a new truly Christian community in three days; where the Mass is valid and Jesus is truly present in the Holy Eucharist. And the faithful believe that Christ is truly there.  Just like in the days of old. 

Monday, November 07, 2016

31 Sunday in Ordinary time - Zachaeus......contd.

 1. The defect.
      Short in stature. The lack of knowledge due to man's fallen nature and the fact that it was difficult to learn the way of salvation were the obstacle to man's efforts to see Christ and  save his soul. Both are gifts of grace from God which man cannot attain by his mere human efforts. 
      The crowd. Add to the above is the whole worldly environment that, not only does not teach knowledge but also imposes errors on man.....we have here a scenario that is impossible to overcome. 
      While the short in stature was the state of human nature, the crowd is completely under the control of the devil, allowed by God to test the children of men. It is a battle with principalities, with devils with angelic natures. The illusions and deceptions the devils bring is so overwhelming that even believers would fall if God does not shorten the days. 

   2. The defect as it exist in the world today. This state of affairs exist in the world today so it will be easy to describe it. 
       The crowd, symbolizing the world,  is formed this way: First, the crowd desires to do its own will though knowing God's Will. We have here the first seeds of Democracy; to insist on the will of the majority completely disregarding the Will of God. The idea of 'rights' is man's attempts to raise his fist against God. 
       Secondly; with this initial act of pride, man loves himself and, as a consequence, hate God.
       Thirdly: loving himself and hating God (since you will love one and hate the other) he descends to the level of the senses (the fruit is nice to the taste and pleasant to the eyes.) He, now, loves only sensible things and chose to make with his own hands his heaven here on earth. He believes he can do it. 
        Fourthly; but to satisfy his senses and concupiscence, he needs lots of money. Thus he develops the love of money which is the root of all evil. This is called covetousness, the vice that enabled Satan to enter Judas.
        Fifthly; Satan possess man's soul and begins to rule the whole man. Possess by Satan who is the father of lies, he begins to lie. His very breath is all lying.
        Sixthly; as St. Thomas wrote; the punishment in being in the state of sin is that man easily falls into the next sin, and to the next sin and to the next sin. So they fall into all kinds of sex perversions and finally commits murder. Symbolized by Cain who killed his own brother, this crowd will kill their own children, will kill the aged, will kill anybody for no reason.....except for the fact that they are now spiritually possessed by Satan. Now, in complete union with Satan they are destined to go to hell.
       At this stage every aspect of their lives and activities are contaminated with the stench of evil. Their very breath is evil. They are not contented in doing great evils; they force others to do evil under pain of murdering them. 
   3. The defect as it exist in the Church today.
       The whole world is the 'crowd.' It has become worse because just by itself evil becomes worse without any effort to make it worse. It is automatic. The U.S. and Europe are the best example of of 'the decline of civilization.' They think only of money; look at their world wide financial meetings. They betray their own countrymen, they lie and continuously declare war on hapless nations. 
        Like Zachaeus, the Church had been short in stature in that she shows much ignorance of the teachings of Christ. We do not have to go far to see this state of affairs. The Church, led by Pope Francis would rather do what it wants, like Eve, rather than do what God wants as proposed in Scriptures. As punishment the Church had descended down to the natural level.
      Pope Francis had not given any spiritual teachings since his election. Not one of his writings is spiritual. They are all in the natural level. His latest 'Amoris Laetitia' is pure adultery. His 'Vultum' is pure socialization. His 'Laudato' is very bad science to please the U.N. All his writings and speeches are  essentially doing his own will in completely disobedience to the written Word of God. Just like Eve. 
     He had lied in saying 'you can have Charity without first having Faith.' He had lied that 'unbelievers can go to heaven.' He had lied that 'all religions are pleasing to God.' He had murdered many souls with his wrong teachings. To encourage adulterers to receive Holy Communion is double murder. 
     Pope Francis have certainly joined the club of George Soros in the program of causing chaos in the world because that is the way to earn more money. Pope Francis told the youth at World Youth day, precisely, to 'mess up the world.' 
     Just look at the e-mails of Pope Francis' favorite cardinal advisers. No different from the latest Wikileaks releases. The Church which was supposed to be in the world but not of the world, had become 'the crowd' in the world. 
     We live in a situation where we cannot see the face of Christ; because as of late, the Encyclicals and the Motu Propios are garbage. And the Church had become like the 'crowd' that completely blocks our view of Christ because she has become identical to sin. So what do we do?

   4. Climb up the sycamore tree.
       To climb the tree means to view the world from a bird's eye view. This means Repentance, i.e. setting oneself apart from the rest of sinful men by knowing your own sins, be sorry for those sins, have a purpose of amendment and make restitution for those sins. Repentance will make a soul different from the rest of men who are by nature sinners. Repentance will make him stand out, like climbing a sycamore tree. 
      For a rich man like Zachaeus to stand out among men because of his repentance would be an occasion of pride. Sort of, 'I am better than this or that man. Sounds familiar? So it was necessary for Christ to call him down to humility. The command of Christ for him to come down is the Gospel's way of showing that Christ gave him the grace of humility. This virtue is supernatural and can only be given by Christ. 

   5. Come down the tree.
       Humility is the gift Christ gave Zachaeus for his repentance. Repentance must show worthy fruits. Because he had this virtue, this enabled him to go home, give one half of his possession to the poor and the other half, he used to repay those whom he defrauded. 
       The virtue of humility enabled him to give up his possessions; not the other way around. It is not that he gave up his possession and that made him humble. No. The young rich man in another parable could not go home, sell all his things and give it to the poor, because he was not given the virtue of humility. Why? 
St. Thomas wrote that he had not repented properly as seen in his own words

    6. Salvation had come to this house. This is the declaration gave to a whole household where the father of the family alone had gone through the proper steps o salvation. 
     7. Eve's sin was her attempt to start her own religion with her own personal morality. It was not her bright idea. It was a suggestion from the devil. The new world order is a man made paradise here on earth, ruled by a few rich men spiritually possessed by the devil, just like Judas. Ruling the world as tyrants, they will kill billions to make the population 'sustainable economically' and they entertain the remaining few with sexual perversions, as can already  be read in the news. 
         The one world religion is a man made religion on earth; a heretical combination of contradicting religion where all are required to set aside their gods to accept a common god. Reject the true God and the only other choice is Lucifer. 
         Both the new world order and the one world religion are authored by Lucifer who wanted to be like God and have his own church, own religion and own kingdom. This heretical tendency condemned as early as the 1900 can only have Lucifer as its god and Lucifer as its president. 
         With a world without Faith  and will, therefore, believe in their ignorance anything,  this is a scenario that if there is a God He would certainly say 'Enough is enough!'
          A nation who in their international magazine will announce that a candidate is already President even before the election even begins, ......this nation cannot go lower. How about a Church who declares  Pope someone who does not have a single sign he is elected by God. 

Thursday, November 03, 2016

31 Sunday in Ordinary Time - Zachaeus.

 1. Understanding the Gospel.
     To understand the Gospel, which teaches us the supernatural truth on how to save our souls, is easier than understanding human politics. Thus understanding the way to salvation as seen in the story of Zachaeus is easier than understanding the politics in the  U.S. election. Why? Because it is easier to know the truth than to try to understand lies. 

2. Thus we are expected to know the entire truth easily rather than to understand the lies involved in politics. But man, today, seems to be completely ignorant of the truth while at the same time ignorant of the truth behind the lies. The principle behind this is simple. He who does not know the truth will believe all lies. On the other hand, he who knows the truth will not believe the lies. 
     This is shown in todays Gospel. While Zachaeus did not know the truth he believed all lies. When he came face to face with the truth, he went over and above  all lies. 

3. Let's look at the story.
     There was a tax collector whose name was Zachaeus. He wanted to see Christ but was short in stature and could not see him. Besides the crowd blocked his view. To compensate for this situation, he looked and climbed a sycamore tree along the route of Christ and waited for him up there. 
     When Christ passed by the sycamore tree He looked up and commanded Zachaeus; 'come down for I shall abide in your house.' Zachaeus went down and proceeded to his house. He gave half his possession to the poor and he other half he paid four times those he had defrauded. Then he served Christ during which the Pharisees criticized Christ for eating with sinners. Seeing this Christ said; 'salvation has come to this house.' Let us see the meaning of the acts of Zachaeus.

 4. He was short in stature; St. Thomas explained that due to original sin, the human race does not know God and the way that leads to God; man does not see the face of the true God. This explains why most men are pagans or atheists; by nature man cannot know God. Conscious of this fact the Psalmist always prayed that he might see the face of God. And that was what was in the heart of Zachaeus that day; he wanted to see the face of God. But he could not see the face of God because of his inadequate knowledge. His short stature was one reason he could not see Christ. There was another reason why he could not see Christ.

5.He could not see Christ because of the crowd. The crowd represents the worldliness of the humans around him. He was just like them thus he was absorbed with them. He was just a part of that vast sea of humanity. His very humanity is the crowd that prevented him from seeing Christ. Though Christ was also human, He was also Divine, Christ's humanity was hidden in the crowd of humanity. He was no different from the vast sea of humanity.
     But His Divinity can be seen if man, like Zachaeus climb a sycamore tree. Man must rise above the sea of fallen humanity; he must abandon for a moment his humanity and rise above that same humanity to view the Face of Christ. In a moment we shall see how Zachaeus did that. Let us first explain the state of soul of this crowd. 

6. The crowd.
     Let us see the spiritual state of that crowd because that was the state of the soul of Zachaeus. Then we shall see how Zachaeus was able to rise out of that state that led to his salvation. 
     The spiritual state of the crowd is the state of the whole world today; including the state of the Catholic Church. When we say the state of the Catholic Church we mean the spiritual state of the Pope, the cardinals, the bishops, the priests.....and as a consequence the state of the laity. 

     Let's return to the scene in the garden of Paradise when Adam and Eve was tested by God. After the Fall is the spiritual state of the crowd and of the entire world today. This is a scenario as if the Work of salvation was never done; as if Christ was never born and crucified, as if the Church was never established. It is the reign of original sin in its stark reality. Today's world symbolized by 'the crowd' describes best what is original sin. Let us go back to the story. 
     The test.  God gave Adam and Eve a test. The test consist in a command given to them to obey. All tests of God for all men consist in commands that men must obey. There is no other test. God told Adam and Eve that they may eat of all the trees in the garden of Eden. That is a lot of trees. And being trees created by God and found in Paradise, they must be very good fruit tree. 
     Except from a tree in the center of the Garden. That was just one tree. They should not eat of that tree; they should not even approach the tree. So here we have two commands; first, to avoid the occasion of sin by not approaching the tree. And secondly, to avoid the sin of eating the forbidden fruit. 
     Here, we have to note that there was nothing wrong with the tree nor its fruit. After all, the tree was in Paradise so it could not be evil. There was, also, nothing wrong with the fruit. Except that God had given a command not to eat and not even to approach the tree. This distinction is important; that the sin was not in eating the fruit of the tree but in disobeying the command of God. The act of eating the fruit was not the sin; the sin was in disobeying the command of God; the disobedience was externally and visibly expressed in the act of eating the fruit. 
     Nevertheless the sin was not in the physical act but in the act of the intellect and free will of disobeying the command of God. The sin of Adam and Eve is going against the expressed Will of God and doing what they want as proposed by the devil. Yes, proposed by the devil but freely chosen by Adam and Eve. That is how all temptations go. The devil proposes, the humans choose. 
     And all holiness goes the same way; God proposes through the Church, humans choose. 'The crowd' is the sea of humans who, like Adam and Eve, choses the promptings of the devil. This is the state of original sin. Let us look at the state of the world today. 
7. Why did Adam and Eve choose the devil's suggestion over God's. Because God's command is a supernatural command that needs rising to the supernatural level to be obeyed; which at that time Adam and Eve could do. The suggestion of the devil was purely a natural temptation that is easy to do because it was in the same level to human nature. It was a choice between a command in the natural level and a command in the supernatural level. Adam and Eve could obey both at that time. After the fall Adam, Eve and their descendants would not be able to obey supernatural commands. 

     The crowd today is totally natural. Unable to obey God's command because they do not even know the commands of Christ.
From Pope Francis down to many priests do not know the commands of Christ; it is evident that such commands are not the basis of their teachings; they are not even mentioned. Pope Francis and the rest of the world are wallowing in original sin. Like Eve, they had chosen to do their own will under the influence of the devil, consciously going against the expressed Will of God.
     God said; be faithful to your family. Pope Francis says, you may change your families. God said homosexuality is a despicable sin in the eyes of God. Pope Francis says, welcome them. God says, I am the Lord your God. Pope Francis says, Gaia is the God of the new one religion. The mind of 'the crowd' is set to disobey God's expressed command and follow the proposal of the devil.  Now, let us go to the detail of Eve's behavior.
8. Supernatural vs natural.
    God's command in Paradise was a supernatural command that can only be obeyed by a being raised  to the supernatural level. Because Eve had already decided to do her own will, she had descended to the natural level. Suddenly the natural became attractive to her and the supernatural became unattractive to her. 
     Sensing this because he was an angel, Satan proposed his natural temptation.........'to be as god but without God,' knowing good from evil but without the power to choose good. Eve saw the attractiveness of being a god and of being able to choose between good and evil. But she did not see the catastrophe of excluding God and the inability of choosing good without grace. Her mind was not working well. Then the coup de grace.
     Satan tempted her to disobey because the fruit of disobedience was 'good to eat, fair to the eyes and delightful to behold.' Frankly, who will not fall for something like that. It looked like a fine cuissine.......to the senses. It was a temptation to please the senses, only; without pleasing the spiritual faculties of mind and will. It was Gnosticism, one of the earliest heresy within the Catholic Church. It has returned with a vengeance and used by the same devil. 

9. Pleasing God.
     All religions know they have to please their gods. And they are right there. The problem is; who god. Here we begin to have a thousand problems. Since through out history, man is known to have the mis- fortune of always choosing the wrong gods. 
     At last man played safe. Today he chose the god he knows best. And that is himself. There you have it. Man made himself god and pleased himself as the only god. He fulfilled the old dream of Lucifer, to be like god. Guess from whom that came from? Of course, from Lucifer. It is a temptation to angelic pride, where there no room for humility. 
     If man must please himself because he thinks he is god, he will need a lot of money to please his every whim. He must be very rich because there is no end to the vice of covetousness. He must possess everything including what belongs to others. But others own it. So he must kill others
     Let us stop here for a while and continue to the next posting. In the next post we shall show how all these things are happening right now. We will show how the whole world, from all the leaders of nations together with Pope Francis had become 'the crowd' preventing the whole world from seeing Christ and damning everyone to hell........as the Blessed Virgin prophesied at Fatima. And we shall show what Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church taught us on how to clime the sycamore tree and save our souls.