Friday, October 28, 2016


 1. Blessed John Newman's 'War of the minds.'
     Blessed John Newman is a great lover of the truth. His zeal for the truth is what opened his eyes to the errors of his Anglican belief and to  the heresies of the Catholic Church. But it was his love for the truth and his sharp mind that enabled him to see that the Catholic Church, in spite of all her heresies, is the true Church. 
     So he converted to the Catholic Church. Though greatly persecuted by Catholic bishops, he went to become a Catholic priest and in the midst of oppression from more Catholic bishops he was chosen by Pope Leo XIII to be a cardinal amidst the confusion in the Church. This was Vatican I where Newman had an important influence. An Anglican convert had a great influence during Vatican I tells us the true state of the Church that day. It was bad.
     It was John Newman who, as an Anglican, wrote the 'future infidelity of the Church,' discussing the prophecy of Christ on the 'decay of faith' and the 'cooling of Charity' expected to happen today. He, also wrote, about the invasion of migrants from the middle east to the West as one of the chastisement reserved by God for Western Civilization that will lead to their final destruction.
    And it was Newman who described the final battle between good and evil as the war to win the minds of men. This war has God in one side and the devil and his cohorts on the other side.  

2. War preparations. 
     The two important faculties of man is the intellect and the free will. The intellect seeks the truth, while the free will seeks the good. Normally the intellect and the free will work in co-ordination in that the intellect tells the free will what is true and good (keeping in mind that the free will cannot make that judgment). Then when the free will perceives the goodness of an object, the will consents to the intellect. The intellect assents to the perceived object. 
    The intellect must control the free will because it is the former that makes the logical judgment. While the free will simply consents to the information given by the intellect. 
     It is important that the intellect is well informed with the truth, otherwise the will might  be misinformed and end up loving what is evil. The intellect must guide the free will. The will is blind; the intellect is the eye. The will is completely dependent on the intellect to function well towards what is good. 

3. But due to original sin.
    Due to original sin, the intellect does not know what is true, thus cannot control the free will.  The will can rebel against the intellect. So we have a house divided.
    Man, before the Fall, had an intellect free from error, he had knowledge of nature and knew what was contrary to nature. 
     After the fall, man's intellect was wounded in that he partially knows the natural truth, finds it difficult to know the rest of the natural truths and is completely ignorant of supernatural truths. The teachings of the Catholic Church are in the supernatural level.
     If the natural man does not immediately rise up to the supernatural level, he will tend to descend down to the unnatural. Drug addiction, abortion, same sex perversions, etc. are symptoms that a man is in the unnatural level.
     Obviously, it will be more difficult to rise up to the supernatural level if one is in the unnatural level. The unnatural must first rise up to the natural level before he can rise higher to the supernatural level. 
     Therapy consists simply in aiding a person to ascend from the unnatural level (where all psychosis and neurosis are) to the natural level. It is insufficient for the unnatural to rise up only up to the natural level because he will easily return back to the unnatural. 

4. Man's descend. 
     St. Thomas wrote; 'he who does not progress regresses.' If a person is in the natural level and he is bogged down there, he will tend to regress down to the unnatural level automatically. In life, one must constantly progress to avoid regression. A drug addict who is in the unnatural level must rise up to the supernatural level to be completely cured of addiction. If he merely rise up to the natural level, he will tend to return to drug addiction again. 

5. The battle is in the intellect.
    If the intellect is filled with the truth devoid of all error, then the intellect will be able to inform and discipline the free will to choose, always,  what is good. When the intellect is filled with the truth, and the free will is filled with what is good.....the person is a happy person and will be happy for all eternity in heaven. This is the goal of evangelization. 
    Lucifer's work is to prevent the intellect from knowing the truth. Ignorance of a few truth is ignorance of all the truths. When there is  ignorance of the truth it becomes impossible to inform and discipline the free will.  The free will becomes free in do what is evil, which is not its object.  And we have the beginnings of the spoilt brat. 

6. The devil's strategy.
     Pope Paul VI warned us that the devil is not only in the world but has entered the Catholic Church. Here is the proof.
     The devil cannot attack supernatural truths possessed by souls with grace. However he can attack those in the natural level by preventing them from learning natural or scientific truths which is described as 'Reality.' The title of St. Thomas's work is 'Reality.' The Catholic must know reality. The lost of contact with 'reality' is called neurosis.
     The three steps Satan takes in the destruction of individuals; by illusions, deception and evil conclusions. Satan has already done these three steps in the world. 
     Satan' first step is to tempt man to lose contact with reality by introducing 'illusions.' 'Illusion'  is the opposite of reality. During Baptism the child is exorcized and the priest tells the child to renounce 'Satan and his illusions.' Illusions is like fantasy or virtual reality. The whole world today live in an 'illusion' due to the computer culture. So Satan does not have to do this first step.
     Sadly, the state of 'illusion'  makes it impossible for a soul to repent and enter the Catholic Church because for repentance, a soul must know the reality of his sins. Sins are very objective. 'Illusions' prevents a soul from knowing his sins. He gets the illusion that he has no sins and will surely go to heaven after death. 
     From 'illusion' Satan proceeds to make the people in the world believe that the illusion is real; this is called deception. The world is already deceived into believing that their illusion is the new reality. With 'illusions' man is still in the natural level. But when man had been deceived, he has descended to the level of the unnatural. Love of money, abortion, wars, terrorism and drug addiction are symptoms that a person had descended to the level of the unnatural. He has been deceived. 
     After 'deception' the devils drives the soul down to make a heretical 'conclusion.' Now, the remarried is deceived into making the conclusion  that he can remarry and receive Holy Communion. The gays make the 'conclusion' that they  can marry like heterosexuals, etc. This is hitting the bottom and the world have hit the bottom. 

7. Some general examples.
     Let us see how the devil have been doing these three steps since the 15th century. These three Satanic steps were obvious during the time of Martin Luther. It was again  used and improve by Satan during the French Revolution. And Satan has perfected these today in the U.S. And the U.S. have exported these to the whole world through Hollywood, education, trade, cultural exchanges and through the United Nations.
     The entire so called worldly education is an 'illusion.' St. Augustine warned us of this. 

     Some 'illusions' propagated by the U.S. is that man came from the Apes. Or that the world is round. Or that Democracy is the freest form of society. Most US citizens believe evolution and all practically believe the 'illusion' that the earth is round. And one half of the world believe in the superiority of Democracy.These are illusions. There is absolutely no proof that man came from the ape or that the earth is round or that democracy is a better form of government. 
     The reality is that man was directly created by God. That the earth is flat just as the Bible said and proven by physics today. And Democracy is just a branch of the 'Reign of Terror' of which communism is the other branch. And there are innumerable proofs to the reality of these truths. 
8. Some more specific examples.
   'Illusions,' 'deception' and erroneous conclusion are parts of a big sin called lying. Those engaged in these are the children of the father of lies, the devil. Let us mention a few specific example showing that entire government have turned liars, precisely, because they have become the children of the father of lies. 
     The assassination of President Kennedy by a lone gunman was an 'illusion' taught and propagated by an entire government with confirmations by the Warren Commission. The whole US was deceived into believing this 'illusion' and most Americans really concluded that Lee Oswald was the lone gunman. This was not the reality. 
     After so many years, researchers continued to find the answers to the thousand of questions raised by the 'illusion ('illusions do not give answers. It raises many questions.)  And the few researchers found the reality coated by the illusion. The reality turned out to be that the entire government connived at the assassination of their own president. The names of the guilty parties are known but the nation did nothing. Why? Because most Americans were given this 'illusions,' they were deceived by this 'illusion,' and they just concluded that the conclusions of the Warren Commission is the truth.
     Another example. The two airline that hit the twin towers in N.Y. The 'illusion' was that two jet airlines piloted by arab terrorist and filled with passengers crashed at the twin towers and destroying a third building besides. That was a huge 'illusions.' But most Americans were deceived into believing the government's story and concluded that that was the work of Arab terrorist. 
     Let us burst the 'illusion' and look at the reality. After so many years, people who use their heads tried to answer the thousands of question that arises in an 'illusion;' just as we have hundreds of question when watching the 'illusions' of a magician. And by now they have gotten their answers.
     The reality  turned out that there were no Jet liners involved; only missiles. So there are no arab pilots. And there were no passengers. The phone calls from the plane were pre-recorded conversation made in a plane hangar.  The picture of the planes on television were holograms. And the explosions that brought down the twin towers were controlled demolitions. Since there were no arabs in the plane, whose idea was that? The same government that assassinated President Kennedy but this time with the help of the Mossad. A joint project of the U.S. and Israel. 
    The entire world is spiritually possessed by Satan and we can continue giving examples 'ad infinitum.' 

9. Who is moving these people to do such evil things?
      Satan in establishing  an 'illusion' of a 'new world order ' where there are no borders and all men are one under one government.  This is a heresy condemned as early as the year 1800 and fall under the title extreme Pelagianism. It is the establishment of an entirely new world with a new religion with Satan as its god. This 'new world order' will restructure the world. The first step is to make the world financially sound.
     The population of the world today is 7 billion. Since the new world order must be financially sustainable (the words used by the UN) and it can only afford to feed 2 billion, provisions had been made to massacre 5 billion people. The execution chambers are in place in camps all over the US and under the Denver airport. These are execution chambers similar to the German extermination camps. 
     Wars are started by these people precisely to reduce population. It continues through abortion and euthanasia but it is not fast enough so there is a plan for mass genocide. 
      The whole idea is an attempt to fulfill the dream of Lucifer of having his own world and his own religion wherein he is worshipped like god. 'He wanted to be like god.' And his cohorts are now embarking in the final stages of his dream.  We are now at this point. 
     Sadly, in this last century, Pope Francis and most of the Catholic bishops had joined in establishing this new world order with Pope Francis having been offered by the UN to head the one new religion with its god Lucifer. Francis'  'Laudato si' was his contribution to this effort; while his policies are all according to the goals of the 'Open Society Foundation' owned by a prominent member of this group.

     Will Lucifer have his dream as being fulfilled by his human co-horts? No! Because it is only an 'illusion.' That 'illusion' will be burst by the Word from the mouth of Christ and all his co-horts will  be thrown to hell, according to the Book of Revelation. 


Tuesday, October 25, 2016


 1. Five Sundays ago.
     We saw the importance of knowing for sure that we are in the right way towards salvation. In the Gospel of the rich man and Lazarus, the rich man was living a life of eating and drinking, having a good time; while Lazarus was living in poverty. The rich man landed in hell while Lazarus found himself in the bosom of 
Abraham, i.e. in heaven. 
     The rich man is typical of all man; living a way of life doing what he wants, enjoying himself......without checking whether his way of life is leading him to heaven or not. Lazarus is not a typical man; no one wants to be a suffering poor. Yet all religious make the vow of poverty. There is something in poverty that helps make man a saint. 
     Today, no one checks if his way of life prepares him for judgment day. All pagans assume that their way of life leads them to a better life. All Protestants believe that merely believing that Christ is Lord is enough to bring them to heaven. And even Catholics think that merely calling themselves Catholics is enough to bring them to heaven. Worse, Popes, cardinals and bishops think that they will go to heaven just because they are so. 
     This laziness to check once, twice or three times whether we are truly in the right path to heaven is a common defect. Salvation is a very serious business. We cannot afford to commit a mistake. So we must check once, twice  and three times....basing our check up with the very reliable foundations giving by Christ and as proposed by the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Christ.
     That was the mistake of the rich man; he did not check his way of life of ease and luxury. And he ended up in hell. He begged Abraham if someone can be sent to his family on earth to tell them the right way to heaven. Abraham said; 'they have the Scriptures. If they do not listen to Scriptures they will not listen to one who comes from the dead.' Abraham was right. The rich man had  no way to correct his errors. This is a description of all men today. No one ever checks whether he is in the right way to heaven. The way is clearly written in Scriptures. And no one is seriously studying Scriptures. No layman, no priest, no bishop, not even the present Pope. When they see their mistakes it will be too late. 

2. The Gospel last Sunday, the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time. 
    This Gospel tell us the right way to heaven. It reminds us that salvation is a free gift from God. It is a grace that God gives freely....under one condition. If we pray like the widow; 'constantly and without loosing heart.' God will not give this gift to the lazy or to anyone. God, clearly said, that He will give this gift to the one who would pray unceasingly. St. Thomas described this as praying the official prayer of the Church, i.e. the eight Divine Offices (Matins, Lauds, Prime, Sext, Terce, None, Vespers and Compline) AND continue praying in-between these times. 
     These prayers are meant to make us join the heavenly host pray in heaven. This is unceasing prayer. Even before Vatican II, but most especially after Vatican II, even religious and priest don't prayer these eight times. In which case God will surely not give them the grace necessary for salvation. No wonder the 
Blessed Virgin said that most of the cardinals, bishops and priests are going to hell and dragging many laymen with them to hell. Why? They are not praying enough; in which case God is convinced they are not interested in being saved. So why will God save them?

3. Those who pray.
     Well, one does not really have to pray unceasingly to be saved. He must just pray the right way.  If we  pray unceasingly but we pray the wrong way, we cannot be saved.  If we say a short prayer but we say it like Dimas, the good thief, or like the Publican, then we pray well. 
     Why does Christ want us to pray unceasingly then. Because that is the exercise that will enable us to pray like Dimas or the Publican. It is the exercise that will enable us to say a short prayer well. 

     So in the Gospel for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary time, Christ teaches us how to pray well. Remember, when Christ condemned the Pharisee, he was praying. We could be condemned even while we are praying.....if we are praying the wrong way. 

4. The prayer of the Pharisee and the Publican.
    Both were praying. One was condemned, the other was saved. Before we explain why prayer must be unceasing, let us see the attitude needed to pray well; even while saying a short prayer. 
    St. Thomas of Aquinas gave us two examples of two chariot in a race. One describing the Pharisee's prayer; the other describing the Publican's prayer. Each chariot had two riders, describing the prayers of the Pharisee and the publican. The riders in the chariot of the Pharisee are 'righteousness' and 'pride.' While the riders in the chariot of the publican are 'sin' and 'humility.'
     The riders compliment each other. A person who is righteous tends to be proud; while a person who is constantly conscious that he is a sinner tends to be humble. Let us look at the chariot of the Pharisee. 
     The Pharisee is a righteousness man. He said so; that he was not like the rest of men who are sinners. He fasted twice a week and gave tithes. Let us accept it. He did everything right; he could be right and therefore is righteous. This however  made him proud.

     A proud man attributes to himself his achievements, just like politicians who make their State of the Nation address. The truth is that every good that we do is a work of God accomplished through us. And therefore, those works should be attributed to God, its true author. But the Pharisee attributed those works to himself. That is stealing what is due to God. 
     When a person attributes God's good works to himself, he develops contempt for God and subsequently develops contempt for his neighbor. Thus we see the Pharisee showing contempt on the Publican. ' I am not like this Publican.'

     St. Thomas adds; 'the Pharisee is praying with himself and not with God.' The Pharisees' pride is a sign of his bad theology. From pride comes bad theology or heresy. And from pride comes all psychological illnesses or the disturbance of the mind. 
     What is wrong is not that he does everything right. What is wrong is that he had become proud. So there, we have the two riders in one chariot representing the Pharisees; righteousness and pride. Now, let us go to the next chariot equally with two riders; namely sin and humility. Everybody knows what is sin. Few know what is humility. Few, because it is a supernatural virtue taught to us by Christ, Himself; 'know that I am meek and humble of heart. Though it is a supernatural virtue, as in all virtues, it has a human beginning.
     The Publican, conscious of his past sins is convinced that he is a sinner and as such can commit sin or make a mistake any time. In other words, in whatever he does, he is capable of making a mistake. That thought is a sign of humility. He can never say 'I am right' with certainty. 

5. Conclusion of St. Thomas of Aquinas. 
     The publican who has sins but who also have humility can most certainly go to heaven than the Pharisee who is right in everything he does but who has pride. Pride slows down the Pharisee; humility hastens the publican. God humiliates the proud and exalts the humble. So the Publican with sin but accompanied by humility can be saved better than the Pharisee who does everything right but who has pride. 
     Humility cancels the sin of the publican. Pride cancels the righteousness of the Pharisee;

6. Better still.
     Let us interchange the drivers in the chariots. What if righteousness is accompanied by humility (instead of pride).....all the more the soul would be greatly holy. What if sin is accompanied by pride? Then one's condemnation is better assured. 
     In the Gospel Christ tells us to be like the publican who had combined his sinfulness with humility. He was praised by Christ. But better still if he can combine his humility with righteousness. But undoubtedly we must avoid being like the Pharisee who combined righteousness with pride. Or worse, let us avoid being a sinner and at the same time being proud.

7. Our Pope, cardinals and bishops.
     It is bad enough for the Pharisee to be right in all things but  proud.  It is worse for Pope Francis to be wrong in many things and still be proud. When the Pope says that adulterers can remarry and still receive Holy Communion, he is down right wrong because his teaching is against the teachings of God. And when he insist on this as he did for the last three synods and up to the present, inspite of the correction and objection given by majority of the bishops, that is a sign of great pride. 
     His errors from his first speech as a Pope entitled 'love without dogma', where he completely demolished the main theological structure of the Catholic Doctrine, down to 'Amores Laetitia' which was rained with hundreds of refutations, shows he does not want to be corrected. This is a sign of pride; earlier noticed by the Nuncio to Argentina,  Msgr. Bernardini, who said 'Es un hombre enfermo de poder.'  Pope Francis is worse than the Pharisee in being righteous while being wrong in many things and proud, when he has nothing to be proud of. 
     Let us go a worse scenario; Pope Francis, like most of the Bishops, and like the publican a sinner committing many times the sin of Scandal by encouraging adulterers to remain in their adultery and even to do worse  by receiving holy communion,  two serious sin. Add to their sin  the sin of pride in that they are sure they are right when they are wrong, we have the worse combination  of drivers in the chariot. And that is the state of the whole Church today. 

8. The need for a publican Pope.
     We need a Pope who would pray like a publican. Conscious of his being a sinner like St. Augustine, making  'Retractations' when he commits mistakes. And remaining humble by confessing that he can always commit a mistake in everything he does especially when making judgments on marriage; so he continuously ask for right advice to seek God's Will in all things, and not the will of George Soros.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


   1. The Catholic teaching. 
       Elections in the US is getting hot. And everybody is going Pelagian, i.e. everybody is thinking that the results depend on human ingenuity or human degravity. 
     Let us state  the Catholic doctrine. The politicians give speeches,  their henchmen hack voting machines and the people vote; but God decides the outcome.  During the time of the Chosen People, God gave them a good leader if they were Faithful. When they were unfaithful the Chosen people were given leaders who tyrannized them. So in the U.S. election, if the Americans are Faithful to God, He will give them  a good leader to head the country. But if they are unfaithful to God then God will give them a bad leader who will enslave them. 

2. The providence of God. 
     He disposes everything to increase man's possibility of being saved. So all things that happen is geared to man's being able to repent, the first step towards salvation.  
     To attain this mediate goal of repentance, God sends preachers to invite men to repent. If man learns how to repent but relents from doing so, God sends him chastisements to, sort of, force him to repent. And a potent force He uses is chastisements.

3. Chastisements.
     The common chastisements sent by God through the centuries is on the kind of leader He sends. In directing His own Chosen People towards the Promised Land, if the people were unfaithful, God would send them leaders who are bad and who mistreated them. But when the people were faithful, God would send them holy leaders or kings. 

4. Sometimes, even if the people were unfaithful God would send them good leaders to lead them to a better life. If they become better, so be it. But even if inspite of a good leader they do not improve, then God would take away the leader, physically or through death,  and give them, instead, a bad leader who would tyrannize them. Thus we say, God is chastising the people. If this chastisement does not teach them a lesson, then they die and go to hell, as God did during the deluge.  

5. We have seen this principle in the case of Capital punishment.   
     The criminal is chastised by being arrested, brought to court, jailed  and condemned to death. The whole process is intended to make him repent for his crime. 
     His impending execution is his last opportunity to repent after which he has no other reason to repent. St. Thomas wrote; 'if the criminal does not repent during these processes, there is nothing else that will make him repent. He is destined to go to hell.
     The same process takes place in a nation. After God had done everything possible to teach a nation to repent and they do not, God chastises the nation by giving them a bad leader or president who will oppress them. If in spite of this they do not repent, then God causes them to die through pestilence, through war, earthquake or a great flood. 

6. But sometimes even if the nation is bad, God sends them a good leader in a last attempt to make them repent.  If this does not work, God removes the good leader physically or through death and sends them bad leaders who will drive them towards evil and eternal destruction. God removes the good leader in many ways, usually by death as in the case of Josiah. 

7. The case of King Josiah.
     The kingdom of Juda was unfaithful to God. All their leaders were evil. Manasseh and Amon were very evil rulers. Then came Josiah, the son of Amon. His father being assasinated he became king at eight years old. But he was a creation of God for the welfare of Juda. In fact, Josiah was, as it were the last gasp of the Kingdom of Juda. He was the king before the destruction of Juda. Josiah was Juda's last chance. 
     Guided by God, Josiah rebuilt the temple, found, read and implemented the found book of law. He feared  the Lord, repented and decreed that the kingdom of Juda do the same. He prohibited all evil ways and destroyed pagans temple. 
     But the Jews of the Kingdom of Juda continued to be unfaithful to God; wherewith God informed King Josiah that he was pleasing to God and would die honorably in his youth  because He would destroy the Kingdom of Juda for their continuous infidelity to God. Josiah would be spared seeing the Kingdom destroyed. 
     But outsiders wanted to enter Juda's borders and Josiah refused and had his borders guarded. The outsiders insisted and attached Juda. Josiah died in battle. His son took over but the migrants shortened his rule and God destroyed the Kingdom of Juda. 
8. The death of a good leader.
     Why punish the good leader when it is the people who have sinned? God did not punish Josiah; He rewarded him with eternal life. The people were punished by depriving them of a good leader. So if followed that the people had a bad king who followed and the destruction of their kingdom with the bad king. 

      Similar to King Josiah is the case of US President, John Kennedy. A speech before his assassination showed he was about to eliminate all the pagan and sinful practices in the US government. He was not intending to make American a land of saints. He was just directing the nation to be human. It was all in the natural and political level. And the US government killed him; but not after Kennedy had shown that a Catholic could be a very good President of the US. The US, being mainly protestant, is unfaithful to 
God and this looks like a last call for repentance. And God saw that it would not work. So God, through His Divine Providence, allowed the great evil in that government to assassinate him. Just as God allowed the forces of evil to crucify Jesus. No one can kill anyone without God's permission.
     So John Kennedy received his reward in his attempt to eradicate the thousands of idol worship in the US that is loved by the covetous rich cabal, while the nation was deprived of a president that could have increased the possibility of the salvation of their souls. They were  chastised by having successors to the office that would continue the idolatry.
     They were further punished in that attempts to re-instate Kennedy's sound social-political speech was totally thrown out with the subsequent assassination of Robert Kennedy and John John who were planning to expose the powerful idol worshippers of the pagans. And there is Justice Scalia who was a stumbling block for money worshippers. God allowed the devil possessed pagans to kill him with a pillow over his face and a fatal injection in the heart. The nation does not deserve his wise and godly advise.    
     God allows the death of a good man to render to him his reward while punishing the nation for their sins. With this chastisement, the nation becomes worse, thus the decline of civilizations. If a nation can kill babies up to nine months old, they can kill anybody, even their own President, their supreme judges and their presidential candidates.  Sounds like the apostle possessed spiritually by Satan, because of covetousness........ Judas the god-killer. 

9. Every election is a way of finding out if a nation is about to be chastised further with a bad leader or blessed with a good leader. What happens in a nation is just a reflexion of what is happening in the Catholic Church. Christ had prophesied that this age will be an age of 'no Faith' in the Church. If the Church has no Faith, what kind of Pope will God give us. Surely, a Pope without Faith. And that means a Pope who is not even a Catholic. 
     What is happening in the US, in Europe and the rest of the world is what is happening in the Catholic Church. As President Kennedy said; 'the US is filled with devilish idolatry that must be abolished and replaced with human philosophy and common sense.' Unfortunately, these are the gods of the wealthy. So they arranged that he may be assasinated. 
     Pope Francis just installed, not our Lady of Fatima during her 100 year anniversary, in the Vatican but the idolatrous statue of Martin Luther. And he has just demoted the last two decent cardinals in the Vatican, Sarah and Muller. The Vatican is now occupied by weirdos; child abusers, heretics, erotic buddhist, experts is kissing, propagators of adultery and Protestant evangelicals...... together with unbelievers in the Holy Eucharist and in hell. These are the occupants of the head offices in the Vatican. Is that how bad the Church has become that she deserves such leaders? Yes! The church does not have a single visible signs of the true Church as described in the Nicene Creed. If so, she deserve to have a Pope that does not have a single sign that he is a Catholic.
     Sometimes we wonder which is worse; the dollars of George Soros or the statue of Martin Luther. Pope Francis love them both. And there are photos to prove it. Is Pope Francis  one of those condemned by Pope Pius X?
     God has given the Church a Pope that is more a disciple of George Soros than a disciple of Christ, the apostles and St. Thomas of Aquinas. We were given a man condemned by Pope Pius X, a 'scillion' or 'an enlightened.' These are the lovers of money and will do anything and kill anybody and wage war anywhere to increase their wealth. They are the children of that great prostitute the French Revolution. They were the ones who killed Kennedy, Scalia......and is now killing the Mystical Body of Christ. 
     We no longer have a King Josiah in the Church. We have a king Saul, a chastisement because like the Israelites we refuse to believe and trust in God. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

29th Sunday in Ordinary time. A WORLD without FAITH.

 1. Liturgical instructions.
     The teachings of Jesus Christ is best taught within the Liturgy; a holy priest must explain the words of Christ within a Liturgy, well celebrated according to Scriptures and Tradition. The preaching of the priest must be according to the visible signs portrayed in the Liturgy. Evangelization consist in explaining both; the words of Christ and the visible signs of the Liturgy. But even if these are done well, the people are not necessarily evangelized.
     Let us look at the two parties; first, the priest celebrating the liturgy. And secondly, the listeners present in the Liturgy.
     The priest must be holy; i.e. he must have the four visible signs of the true Church mentioned in the Nicene Creed, which are One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. The priest's holiness can be seen  in his teaching his parishioners how to attain the Mark of Apostolicity; by teaching them all the teachings of the apostles and how to put them into practice. The teachings of the apostles are found in the Gospels; but how to put them into practice is found in tradition or the teachings of the Fathers of the Church. 
     As the holy priest teaches the Apostolic teachings and shows them how to put them into practice, then the whole parish will exhibit the Mark of Apostolicity, the fourth Mark of the true Church. When the whole parish exhibits the Mark of Apostolicity then we can say that the parishioners have Faith OR that the parish have become Catholic, the second Mark of the True Church. 
    With the Mark of Apostolicity and Catholicity, each member of the parish gradually become Holy. And all those who are holy are united by the Holy Spirit to become One. Of course, each soul would grow gradually according to their generosity. Some slower, some faster. Some will grow fast towards Charity. Some with Faith might even lose their Faith. But all those who maintain their living Faith will make up the Catholic Church.

2. The lessons of the Liturgy. 
     The Liturgy teaches us three general lessons. FIRST. It teaches us what we must do to attain everlasting life. This is the answer to the questions of the Young rich man and the lawyer. The Liturgy teaches us that the steps to attain everlasting life is; to repent, to believe and to love God and neighbor. 
     SECONDLY.  The Liturgy shows how Christ led the apostles through the above steps, thus attaining everlasting life. This is the historical aspects of the teachings of Christ. The life of repentance, prior to having Faith, is taught during the season of Advent. The actual act of Faith is taught from Christmas up to Holy Week. And Charity is taught during Easter and the Sundays after Easter. 
     THIRDLY. The historical aspect of Eschatology, meaning to say the historical aspect of the Catholic Religion, is repeated in every personal quest for God; i.e Advent, Christmas, Holy Week and Easter will have to happen in every individual person desirous to be Catholic. It does not have to happen to them as a group. This is always personal and individual. Each man desirous to be Catholic should undergo their own personal Advent and Lent. 
     FOURTHLY. The Liturgy tells us what will happen in the future based on prophetic past events AND how to react to these events. Our reaction should be identical to the reaction of the Patriarchs, Apostles and the saints in the past to the same identical events. 
     Again, the Liturgy tells us what are the teachings of Christ; so we can know if we are living according to His commands or if we are going against His commands. The Liturgy is teaching us if our present era is identical to some past eras  in the history of the Church. Is our era like Advent? Is it like Christmas night? Is it like Good Friday. If so, is our reaction like Joseph and Mary or like the Apostles?

3. In this 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Christ prophesied the lost of Faith in the Catholic Church. Of course Christ was referring to the Catholic Church because everybody else outside the Church really have no Faith
   The lost of Faith had been happening in the Catholic Church. Adam and Eve lost their Faith in Paradise. That is why they were kicked out. The history of the Jews was the lost of Faith in every step they took. 
     Let us look at some pertinent events. In the Old Testament, most of the Jews were not waiting for the coming Messiah. They had no 
Faith in the words of God who promised He has sending them a Messiah, describing him in detail so no one would miss Him. Because of their lack of Faith, the Jews are still waiting for the Messiah. They should have recognized Him in Jesus if they had Faith.
     On Good Friday, the Romans and the Jewish  people headed by their priests and high priest did not recognize Christ thus crucifying Him. The reason for this absence of Faith had been explained in Scriptures. It is still the same reason why today, there is no Faith in the world. And Christ prophesied that this would be the state of the world when He comes. 

4.  The state of the Catholic Church according to the Gospel.
     The state of the Catholic Church today is like the state of a helpless widow who is surrounded by evil persons out to get everything she possessed. That is like the devil trying to get everything  that could save one's souls. The widow,  devoid of all possible natural earthly help either from the state,  from her relations and from the priest cries for help from God. And Christ says; if you pray always and not lose heart, I will render you Justice. Rewarding you and punishing your enemies. 
     This is suppose to happen today, when the Son of Man comes and finds no Faith on earth. It is happening exactly today, starting in 1950 just before Vatican II and getting worse everyday as predicted by the Blessed Virgin in Quito, Ecuador in the 1500, right on schedule. 

5. The state of the world reflects the state of the Church. What is happening in the Church spiritually is what is happening to the world physically. But in analyzing, we start with the world's affairs as the sign of the times and then go to the spiritual state of the Church. 
     Let us describe the two worlds as described by St. Augustine; this is the City of God, the city of men and women with Faith. And the City of man, the city of men and women without Faith. 
     The City of God is ruled by Christ; the city of man is ruled by Lucifer. The City of God is made up of the free children of God. The City of men is made up of the slaves of Lucifer. 

6. The state of the states.
     All the states at present are spiritually possessed by Satan as Judas was possessed. Let us compare them with Judas.
     All the states are governed by a bureau of covetous people. The only reason they are there is for the money. Most of them have money for a hundred lifetimes but they continue to manipulate the world to earn more and more money at everybody's expense. Due to their covetousness they are open to being possessed by Satan as Judas. Everybody, today, has a price. Pay them and they will do any  evil. Even deicide. 
     Because they are covetous,  St. Augustine writes; they lower themselves to the level of what they love. If you love humans you are a human. When you love money you lower yourself to the level of paper money. This is unnatural. Note that most of the sins of men today are unnatural perversions. 
     As a result of their covetousness, they kill. Since they are in the level of the unnatural, they hate the natural like love of humans; therefore, they abort, wage wars, promote euthanasia, terrorism and murder. Judas, because of his covetousness connived to kill a God. How much more babies in abortion and men in wars. 
     Lying is as natural to them as breathing because they have become the children of the Father of lies, the devil.   
     Being the children of the devil, they become slaves of the devil and does the work of the devil which is the destruction of souls.

     The spiritual possession as on Good Friday is on the state administration; the executive, the judiciary, the military, the police, the bankers, all cabinet members. And how do they control the rest of mankind? By an form of education that will make them informed with useless facts and totally incompetent in using their intellect. 
     Education is to prevent all children from making an act of Faith. So all children end up deprived of both supernatural and natural knowledge. Children grow  up not believing in God and believing in everything told them. This is an education concocted amidst the bloody era of the French Revolution and perfected in the U.S. 
     Hence from the covetous financiers who enrich them from the resources of all nations .....down to the child educated to be zombie...we have an entire nation without Faith. Christ expect the world today to be in that state. 

7. This was first attempted by men in the building of  the tower of Babel. It is an attempt by all men to establish a world order and attempt to go to heaven by their own efforts. The new world order is an attempt to unite all nations to establish their own heaven here on earth by their own efforts. This is the height of the Pelagian heresy. It is a human simulation of the first act of rebellion in heaven by Lucifer. 
8. What is the Christian response to such a totally Satanic environ. 
     Only one thing.....praying always and not losing heart. It is unceasing prayer. This is no longer the time for going to all nations to preach. The Gospel had been reached throughout the world. Now, with the devil all around, this thing can only be tackled by prayer and fasting.....unceasing prayer and self denial.
     What is unceasing prayer? According to St. Thomas of Aquinas unceasing prayer is reciting devoutly the eight Divine Office; Matins, Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers and Compline. These are the official prayers of the Catholic Church. Made by the Holy Spirit and recited by Angels, the Divine Office is prayed with the heavenly host thus the Church Militant and Triumphant are one in prayer. 

9. Unceasing prayer is the fruit of Faith. Souls with Faith tend to pray. And prayer preserves the Faith that can easily be lost. So with Faith we pray; and we pray to preserve our Faith. The reason why there is no Faith today is because people do not pray enough. They may pray one, two, or three times. But this is not enough. It has to be the eight times mentioned and recited devoutly. In between we still have to pray but may be engaged with everyday needs like cooking or planting. 
     With repentance we reach Faith. With Faith we begin to say the prayer of Faith. With the prayer of Faith we strengthen our Faith leading to Charity. With  Faith that is enlivened with Charity we can attain everlasting Life. 
     What is the state of he Church today? Just like the world. From Pope Francis down to the cardinals. the Church is interested only in worldly affairs, meaning money as shown in 'Vultum quaerere." With covetousness, the Church had joined the financial worldwide mafia in keeping all under them totally ignorant of natural and supernatural realities. Just as the Blessed Virgin said; the cardinals, bishops and priest are going to hell and dragging the whole with them. All the heads of nations are also dragging all souls to hell and laughing their hearts out in the process.  

Friday, October 14, 2016

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT - The POPE and the BISHOP'S CONFERENCE goes against the teaching of Christ.

 1. The importance of Repentance.
     The four general steps towards everlasting life are; a.) repentance,  b.) Faith,  c.) Hope and  d.) Charity. Repentance is a work of grace but needs the cooperation of man. Faith, Hope and Charity are graces that comes exclusively from God. In effect, man's work in the salvation of his soul is just Repentance.
     However, man will only know that he has repented and that his sins are forgiven, if and when God gives him the grace of Faith. Man's sins are not forgiven automatically when he goes to confession and receives absolution. There are many requirements before sins are forgiven by God. It is not the priest who forgives. The priest is supposed to find out if God has forgiven the sinner. And if God had done so, then and only then can the priest inform the penitent that his sins are forgiven. 

     So, when Christ came to preach, He preached; 'Repent and believe,' i.e. repent and don't stop repenting until you receive the gift of Faith from God.   Your prayer must be unceasing prayer of Faith.  It must be prayer that is accompanied by the theological virtue of Faith. The virtue of Faith must already have been received when praying with Faith.  Before that we can only say the 'repentant prayer.' 
     The 'repentant prayer' was the prayer of the publican who was praying behind the pillar ashamed of his sinfulness. The prayer of Faith is the prayer of the Centurion and Phoenician woman. So pray like the publican and don't stop until you pray like the Phoenician woman. 

2.   Christ was constantly preaching the need for repentance. He spent 30 years of hidden life showing us how to say the prayer of repentance. He spend only three years showing us the prayer of Faith, Hope and Charity. The message is clear; for salvation repentance is the most important activity. All concentration must be on it. Everything else will follow.
     All of Scriptures, all of the writings of the Fathers of the Church and most of the writings of the Popes are on how to repent effectively. Repentance must be perfect before God can give us the gift of Faith. It must be perfect, otherwise, we cannot receive the gift of Faith. 
     The problem in the world from the beginning is man's inability to repent. Christ warned us; 'when the Son of man comes, will He find Faith on earth? He will not find Faith because man will not repent. This topic is for next Sunday, so we will stop here. 

3. Evangelization is teaching 'repentance,' not teaching Faith, Hope or Charity. Without repentance it is useless to talk about the theological virtues. So the Catholic Church had always been concentrating on teaching repentance. The whole concept of 'evangelization' is teaching repentance. Seminaries and schools of theology are supposed to teach only 'repentance' because everything else is based on repentance. Without repentance the whole structure of the Catholic Church collapses. 
   This is the reason why Pope Benedict XVI instructed Bishop Eterovic, secretary of the Bishop's Synod of 2012, to concentrate  only on repentance in discussing the 'new evengelization' because repentance is the foundation of 'evangelization.' When the Bishop's Synod did not discuss the subject, from then on, up to the present, 'repentance' had never been defined nor described by the Pope down to the lowest priest. 
     Ignorance on the subject had prevented souls from entering the Catholic Church; because Faith, Hope and Charity which makes one a Catholic is given only within the Catholic Church. The unrepentant adulterer, gay, atheist, protestant and abortionist are all outside the Church. What keeps them outside? They are unrepentant.

4. The delicate efforts of the Church to help all men repent. 
    All activities of the Catholic Church are focused on teaching and helping all men repent. All the rest are God's work and the Church leaves the rest to God, really. Evangelization is not teaching men all the truths of God. That is impossible. All the truths are infused by God to those with Faith. Evangelization is teaching men how to repent. That and only that; teaching men their only role in the work of salvation. Since the Bishop's Synod of 2012 all evangelizations, including most 'new evangelizations' are defectively protestant and cannot save soul. Why? They do not teach repentance.
     Ecumenical movements are meant to teach other religions the Catholic concept of repentance. This idea of repentance is what converted Chesterton from Anglicanism to Catholicism. Proving to all other religions that the Catholic concept of repentance really forgives past sins; this is more powerful than discussing doctrinal questions. The efforts of the Ecumenical movement today of merely organizing themselves into a one world religion is Satanic and condemned by the Church. 
     And social doctrines, like capital punishment, is based on the Church's concern that all men repent and go to heaven.

5. God's chastisements are meant to make man repent. 
    The first thing God wants us to learn is how to repent; and this is taught through evangelization. If we have heard the way to repent but still refuses to repent, than God sends us chastisement to, sort of, push us to repent. These chastisements can come in the form of illness, sufferings, trials, earthquakes, storms, wars...... and death.
     Let us just concentrate on death as a chastisement. The saints had reminded us that those who put death before their eyes will never sin. That is good because, then, there will be no need for repentance if there is no sin.  But for the hard headed the only effective way to make him repent is the thought of death. Nothing else will do. 
     Thus the early monks kept skulls on their desk to remind them of death. And when they went to bed they would momentarily take the posture of lying in a coffin for the same purpose. The fear of death is inherent in all human beings. It forces them to think.

6. The first act of repentance is an act of the intellect; followed by an act of the will. 
     Let us go to the act of intellect. Repentance occurs when a soul realizes that when he commits a heinous crime, he has attacked the common good and have personally hurt himself.  Realizing this the intellect becomes contrite and must desire to make restitution for his crime  with his own life (specially in killing another person.) It is a grace for the criminal to see that he must pay for his life for his crime; for him to realize this he must hear himself condemned to die. 
     In thinking of the common good, the soul must recall the words of Christ which says; 'if your eyes causes you to sin pluck it out.' For the good of the rest of the body, if the eyes is the cause of harm to the whole body, it must be plucked out. This is the general reason for capital punishment. The welfare of the common good. Capital punishment is for the welfare of the common good. A criminal who is guilty of a heinous crime have ceased to be part of the community that deserve the common good. 
     The more specific reason for the capital punishment is the conversion or repentance of the individual criminal. The thought of death is his last motivation for repentance. There is no other thing in the whole world that can make man repent, as a last resort, than the thought of death. The thought of death is taken away when capital punishment is abolish. St. Thomas of Aquinas clearly stated that if the thought of death does not make man repent, nothing else can. 
7. So when Pope Francis and the Bishop's conference want to abolish the death penalty, firstly, they are sacrificing the common good to please a man and are depriving the souls of criminals the last strongest and most effective reason for repentance.  In short, they are helping criminals be condemned by God for all eternity. For them to do so will make them deserving of the same punishment for being an accomplish in the destruction of souls. Whose work is that supposed to be?
    There is a long wise argument on the benefits of capital punishment which sadly Pope Francis and the Bishop's conference seems to be ignorant of. I have just tackled the wisest beneficial reason for capital punishment; it is first and foremost for the benefit of the criminal. And only secondarily for the benefit of society. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

GRATITUDE. 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

 1. Sin vs. Virtue.
     Isaiah describes sin as ingratitude. St. Paul describes virtues as 'always giving thanks to God,' i.e, gratitude.  Sin is an act of injustice; while virtue is an act of justice. With the 'year of mercy' there has been a neglect on justice. 
     Justice, being one of the four cardinal virtues, if neglected  puts the rest of the moral virtues in danger. 

2. The 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time.
     The Gospel speaks of the virtue of gratitude. Ten lepers prayed to Christ. All the ten were cured but only one returned to show gratitude. And Christ said; 'Your Faith has been your salvation.' We have here a short formula for salvation! Let us watch this  Samaritan.
      What did the Samaritan do which the other nine did not do? First, they were all lepers. Leprosy is a symbol of sin. It is a symbol of the inner disease of the soul that is expressed outwardly in the form of leprosy. All ten lepers admitted that they were sinners as shown by their leprosy. The nine believed they were sinners but did not show gratitude after being cured.   The Samaritan knew he was a sinner. But when cured returned to Christ to show gratitude. 
     While the nine admitted they are sinners, they stopped there. When cured they did not repent nor returned to Christ to show gratitude.  The Samaritan admitted he was a sinner; when cured, he begins to repent for his sins. The other nine did not. How do we know the Samaritan begun to repent? 
     Secondly. Because realising that he was a sinner he felt that he did not deserve the cure God had given him. His realisation that he was a sinner enabled him to understand the doctrine of Divine Providence which is the beginning of Faith. Divine Providence taught him that his cure comes from God and  given to him for his physical and spiritual welfare. And as such, all those things must be used according to God's Will and not according to his own will.
     There are two thoughts that stand side by side in his mind; one, the sinful state of his soul. And secondly, his cure through the Providence of God. These two thoughts must be in his mind side by side; his sinfulness (shown by his leprosy) and his cure provided by the Providence of God.
     Thirdly. This makes the mind make  a judgment of one's unworthiness for the favour. This is humility,  the fruit of his repentance which he did in steps one and two. This judgment blooms into the virtue of gratitude. 
     Understanding the doctrine of Divine Providence is the beginning of the Samaritan's Faith.  His gratitude is the continuation of the growth of his Faith. So briefly again. First; the Samaritan admits he is a sinner due to his leprosy. Secondly, he realises the doctrine of Divine Providence. Thirdly, he becomes grateful to God in providing for him inspite of his being a sinner. 
     Fourth.  Because his Faith was growing, as shown by his gratitude,  he worships Christ by throwing himself on his face at the feet of Jesus and spoke His praises. 
     Fifth. With this last act of worship,  Christ declares that 'his Faith had been his salvation.
     Note that the step before his salvation was declared by Christ was his act of gratitude. This is why St. Paul wrote that 'always giving thanks to God' was a sign of holiness that merits salvation.

3. Eucharist.
    Thus 'thanksgiving' is the highest form of prayer and this we find in the Mass so called Holy Eucharist which means 'thanksgiving.' Celebrating and devoutly hearing Mass consist in going through those five steps that the Samaritan leper did.  The Mass starts with an act of thinking of one's sin; goes through the 'Kyrie eleison,' the very words the leper said. Then it proceeds to an act of thanksgiving.  This is the prelude to meriting salvation since 'always giving thanks to God' is the prelude to salvation. 

4. Common false beliefs during this papacy of Pope Francis. 
     First.  An erroneous belief is that some of our sins are not sins at all; like leaving one's spouse and children. That attraction to the same sex is not a sin. That believing in other religions is not a sin. That to be a Protestant is not a sin. 
     People do not believe they have an illness worse than leprosy and that is interior leprosy. So they do not go to Christ to ask for mercy, which is the first step that the Samaritan took.
     Second. The next error is not believing in the doctrine of Divine Providence; that all things come from God and they are given to us for the salvation of our souls. A spouse and the children are given to us for the salvation of our soul and for the salvation of our spouses and children. By saving our souls we love God; and by helping saved our spouses and children  we love our neighbor. Add to this erroneous belief is the belief that there are certain things that come to us by our human labor and are not part of God's Providence. Some believe that they got their families through their own efforts and, therefore, can be disposed as they want through divorce and remarrying.  This will follow because of one's denial of his being a spiritual leper and the disbelief in the Providence of God. 
     Third. Due to the inability to accepts one's sinfulness, due to the inability to believe in Divine Providence, the Catholics, during this Papacy of Pope Francis are unable to make a just judgment that will make them grateful for God's Providence. 
     Fourth. Unable to show gratitude, they will not return to Christ and worship God.
     Fifth. Unable to show gratitude and worship God as a result, the Catholics of Pope Francis cannot attain salvation. 

5. Pope Francis' mercy.
    The ten lepers believed they were sinners and went to Christ and shouted; 'Jesus, Master, have pity on us.' Pope Francis' catholic adulterers and remarried do not believe they are sinners who must not receive Holy Communion. The gays feel their perversion is normal, so they will not call 'have pity on us.' 
     These are people who will never reach the second, third, fourth and fifth steps.  Because they will never believe they are sinners, they will never believe that all things are coming from God's Providence. They will never show gratitude. And they will never worship God. Thus, they will not hear the words of Christ;  'your faith has been your salvation.' 

6. The 'Year for Mercy' participants will not be saved. 
     Those who are desirous of mercy are not like the Samaritan leper who returned and showed gratitude; they are neither the nine that believed they were lepers but did not show gratitude. Yet God showed them mercy by curing them. Why did God have mercy on them? Because they believed they were lepers and called on Christ. 
     Many participants in the 'year of mercy' will not receive the mercy they expect because they do not believe they are lepers. 

Friday, October 07, 2016


1. The Ideal union of Church and State.
     The Catholic Church is an institution that is in the supernatural level. The state is an institution in the natural level. The Church is in a level that is superior to the natural level. And the ideal arrangement is for the supernatural to guide the natural, for very obvious reasons. It is like a kindergarten child being guided by a Professor with a Doctorate's degree. The one who knows more must guide the one who knows less. 
     Faith is a gift of God to the Church wherewith she grants her both natural and supernatural knowledge to enable her to guide both. 
    But if the church descends down to the natural level, then she will turn out worse than those in the natural level. 'Corruptio optima est pessima.' The corruption of the good is worse than the bad. A bishop who descends to the natural level is worse than a corrupt politician. 
     A bad bishop is one without Faith; he does not have the four visible signs of Catholicity mentioned in the Nicene Creed or the  expanded 15 Marks  by St. Robert Bellarmine. And as a consequence his diocese and the parishes under him do not have the four visible signs of the true Church.  

     When the Church had deteriorated and had ceased to be supernatural, then a separation of Church and state is best for all. We would not want bad bishops to be guiding corrupt politicians, since bad bishops would be worse than the corrupt politicians. All the more should we observe separation of church and state when the politicians are better than the bishops in their knowledge of Catholic doctrines, as at the time of Garcia Moreno of Ecuador, so the bishops do not contaminate the good state. 
     We can see this in the presidential candidate in the U.S. who is not a Catholic,  who is more Catholic than Pope Francis who had sided with Obama, Clinton and Sanders, all of them having leftist leanings. This is obvious in all the Vatican News. Pope Francis' preaching on no walls and no doors and total welcoming of immigrants is totally un-Catholic and sounds more like Soros, therefore, destructive of civilisation and destructive of souls. 
    Catholic teaching encourages the building of walls and locked doors. The epistles of St. Paul is repetitious in encouraging Christians not to talk, not to associate and not even to eat with people like those immigrants. 
     Monasteries and convents are surrounded with walls and locked doors. And to avoid immigrants, monasteries are built on mountain tops and in the middle of forests to avoid immigrants and even bad Christians. 
     The reason is obvious; like all worldly things they are vehicles of temptations, of sins and possible possession of the devil. Judas was wide open. So open that Satan entered into him without even knocking. 
2. Union of church and state is possible if there is union of minds and hearts. Union of minds means, all are united in believing the same truths. Union in heart is when all love God and neighbour. Ordinarily there is no union of minds and hearts between church and state because the church should be focused on spiritual things while the state is focused on earthly matters. 
     But today, while the state is focused on earthly matters, the church is not focused on spiritual matters but on self aggrandizement. Union, at this point,  would be a disaster because both would be going down to destruction. 
     While in the US, a Protestant presidential candidate is more Catholic than Pope Francis, here in the Philippines the President is more Catholic while the President of the Bishop's conference is more Protestant.
     At the beginning, the nation's president believed in the Catholic teaching of the validity of capital punishment, well explained by St. Augustine and St. Thomas of Aquinas. While the bishop is against this Catholic teaching, just like Pope Francis who is against many Catholic teachings, including this teaching on capital punishment. 
     Capital punishment is a man's last opportunity to repent. Abolish capital punishment and he is deprived of his last chance to repent. Pope Francis and Bishop Villegas like that.   

3. Cardinal Sin and people's power. 
     'Mirari Vos," Encyclical by Pope Gregory XVI in August 25, 1832 forbids the removal of a head of state through people's power, so called. Other people can use people power as they so wish but it is forbidden for Catholics. Why? People's power is pure anarchy similar to the crowd that crucified Jesus, similar to the Bolshevik and French revolution, that was aimed, primarily,  at the destruction of the Catholic Church. It is complete disregard for standing laws. It is a perverted imposition of one's own personal selfish desires on a nation by a few. It is identical to the revolt by Lucifer in heaven. It is a sin before the eyes of God.
     Cardinal Sin committed multiple serious sins that day; disobedience to the Catholic teaching mentioned in the above encyclical, disobedience to the Pope who through the nuncio told him to desist in participating in that political process and the countless sins of scandal he committed by encouraging the crowd to commit the vices of envy, anger, unforgiveness, injustice, etc.. The president that time might have his defects but that does not give anyone the right to commit sins. The end does not justify the means.
    The more serious sin of the Cardinal to which Christ said; 'it is better for you to tie a mill stone around your neck and jump into a lake' is the sin of scandal. He led countless souls to commit  serious sins. And he did not repent; since his sin was public, restitution must also be public. And no one ever heard him make restitution.
       He  did not teach the people who followed his bad example to repent for violating Catholic teaching in 'Mirari Vos." Most of them are dead now.  Unrepentant, because they, erroneously,  thought they were doing the right thing, where do you think did they go?
     Bishop Villegas, former secretary of Cardinal Sin wants to repeat the same mistake as seen in his sermon prepared for the Feast of the Holy Rosary. He has not learned his lesson, it seems, because he did not have a good teacher. In his homily on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary he gave a list of defects of the President which are mere emotional rantings. Because he did not prove them to be defects. If those where defects he should have given the alternative solution; which he did not do. Then he suggested anarchy which for practical purposes are Satanic solutions as during the Reign of Terror in France. Let us go through his homily.
     'I am confused and sad....' Well, when he said at his opening speech to the bishops that the Catholic Church established by Christ and apostles were old and sick; and we need to follow a new protestant sect from Argentina.....well, he really confused himself. Why blame the country?
     He mentioned 'orchestrated lies,' but does not mention even one. So what lies is he talking about. 'Twisted upside down values and errors,' like what? No answer again. 
     Here is an emotional line; 'the downward course of my beloved Philippines.' If there is a downward course, it is a spiritual downward course and this is because of bishops like him.
     As solutions he offered 'hearing of Masses.' Masses filled with Liturgical abuses that are probably invalid? And 'communions' ......remember that video in You Tube of sacrilegious communion in Manila  which Bishop Villegas defended.  'Obey all the commands'.....I am sure he does not know all the commands of Christ as found in the New Testament. 
     And he ends his homily with a call for an act of anarchy as condemned by 'Mirari Vos.' Heresy! He was putting souls in a state of heresy and then inviting them to march. What if a truck crashes through  them like in France. In that state of soul, they will go straight to hell. Unless, like Pope Francis, Bishop Villegas who worships the Pope, also, believes that no one goes to hell. 

4. On the other hand the President of the nation is more Catholic than the President of the Catholic Bishop's Conference; just as the US Protestant presidential candidate is more Catholic than the Pope and most US Bishops. 
    Let us rush through a few facts. The President wants to restore Capital punishment. That is a Catholic doctrine defended by St. Augustine and St. Thomas of Aquinas. The President wants to rid the country with drug pushers who are destroying souls, not only bodies. Unless anyone has a better idea they should just keep quiet, because the program is solving the problem.  The US should be silent because there drug addiction is completely out of control. That includes, also, the UN who has not solved any national problem . 
     That the penal system be reformed is a most worthy project because today criminals get worse in our over crowded jail. Garcia Moreno of Ecuador had a very effective program of reform for prison. 
     That the country have nothing to do with the US and Europe is very good because those two countries are a great source of moral evil. The stand of the Southern states to be independent from the North in the US was a wise move. But the North suppressed the South in a civil war for their selfish purposes, just as they are suppressing the whole world today. A United State is a very bad idea and so is a European Union.  So England is wise in exiting the EU. When the EU sinks in evil, the effect on England will be minimal. We should chose wisely our allies. 
     The east is, also, evil  but in a lesser degree. Kick out the American forces; yes, because they promote prostitution of our women. 
     In general, the president of the nation is doing much better than the president of the bishop's conference. The same thing will happen if that US candidate wins. He will run the US better than Pope Francis runs the Vatican. 

5. What's wrong with the world. 
     Everybody is asking that question. Wouldn't the Blessed Virgin know best what is wrong with the world. Bishop Villegas in his homily enumerates what is wrong with this country. His list is merely a list of emotional ranting with no intellectual explanations. Mary's list from her apparition in Quito, Ecuador, down to Akita and Kibejo is a complete list.  Not one of the bishop's complain is in her list. 
     It seems there is nothing wrong with this nation. But I think there is. Because the greatest complain of Mary, expressed specifically in Fatima, is that most of the cardinals, bishops and priests are going to hell and dragging many souls with them. The problem is that this bishop is one of them, in that, his diocese and most of his parish do not have the four visible signs of the true Catholic church as enumerated in the Nicene Creed. In that state, will any of his parishioner go to heaven keeping in mind that 'there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church?' 
     And, now,  he is telling people to disobey the teachings of the Church, be in the state of sin and then march endangering their lives and souls.
     There should be no union of church and state here. Because the church will just mess up the state. (By the way, the rest of the bishops are not in favour of what their president is saying. In fact, they have advised him to be quiet. But he insist in talking independently of the rest of the bishops and give the wrong impression that his view is the view of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. It is not.)

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

INCREASE OUR FAITH - 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

1. Faith described. 
     Faith is what enables man to know what is right in the natural level. But more so, it enables man to know what is right in the supernatural or spiritual level. It prevents man from choosing what is wrong in both levels.
     Faith is a gift from God. No amount of training and study can make man know what is right; Philosophy can help a little in the natural level but philosophers can still make a lot of mistakes. But when it comes to the supernatural or spiritual level, knowing what is right is completely dependent on the grace of Faith. 
     All the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament are in the spiritual or supernatural level. So His teachings that make up the doctrines of the Catholic Church cannot be known except through the supernatural virtue of Faith. Again, these teachings cannot be learned in the seminary, nor in theological schools, nor in books....or anywhere. It is infused knowledge that can only come with the theological virtue of Faith. The main defect in all seminaries and theological schools  is that men are trying to teach men the truths in the natural level through books. This is 'inutil.' That is why we have been producing priests that know nothing (neither natural nor supernatural knowledge) since the 18th hundreds. And most of them are either dead or bishops, cardinals and even popes. 

2. Faith is a gift for the repentant.
     The grace of Faith is a gift from God and is given to all who are truly repentant (as defined by Christ.) Repentance consist in a.) knowing your sins as disobedience to God's commands. b.) sorrow for having disobeyed the commands of God. c.) purpose never again to disobey the commands of God. d.) and making up for this disobedience by being faithfully obedient to God's commands. 
     Unless these four steps are done well, the grace of Faith will never be given. The 'mercy of God' is shown only to the repentant; without repentance God will show justice. This is why the main message of Christ is 'Repent, believe.' Faith comes only after repentance. And the Blessed Virgin's message had always been 'repent.' 
3. With repentance, comes Faith, Hope and Charity.
     With repentance, whose three activities according to St. Augustine, are prayer, fasting and good works, ....God gives the soul the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. These are supernatural gifts that can come from God alone. The three virtues always go hand in hand. Charity, which is love of God and neighbour is built on Faith and Hope. Anyone who shows charity definitely has Faith and Hope. To receive the grace of Charity from God is the dream of every Catholics. It is the sign of predestination. 

4. Faith without Charity is dead.
    He who is uncharitable loses his virtue of Charity and kills his Faith, thus 'dead Faith.' To have a dead Faith is to lose all the three theological virtues. To bring that dead Faith back to live, one has to go through repentance once again. This rebirth in Faith, to be born again, is the monastic experience. This is the goal of monasticism from the beginning of christendom. 'To be born again' has no other meaning in christendom than to live the monastic life.......during the rest of one's life!
      The possibility of losing one's Faith is great, so the apostles saw the need to increase their Faith to avoid losing it. The Gospel narrates; 'the apostles approached Christ and asked Him, 'Lord, increase our Faith.''   
      To increase one's Faith, you must, first, already have that Faith otherwise there is nothing to increase. 

5. First, have Faith. Then, increase that Faith. 
    Christ gave the example of servants of a master. First, the servants were plowing and herding. Then upon reaching home, they continued to work serving their master at table while he ate and drank. 
     Christ taught them that their attitude must be; 'I am just a servant and I have just done my duty.' 
     The servant plowing and herding is the symbol of servants attaining Faith. 'Plowing and herding' means working to repent for one's sins and learning the commands of Christ.' This is the more difficult human aspect of the work of salvation. It is like working hard under the sun. This is how Faith is attained from God. 
     Then, the servants returned home after their arduous work. Usually, workers would like to eat, clean up and rest after a days hard work. This returning home is a symbol of entering into the inner recesses of the Catholic Church. It is entering into the life of contemplation. 
     Having attained the gift of Faith together with Hope and Charity,  that Faith must be increased so that Hope and Charity might, also, increase unto perfection. These virtues must be increased to avoid loosing them. A sin, especially against Faith, like heresy,  is more than enough to lose all of these virtues. We are left nothing than condemnation. 
     How do we increase our Faith? 'Put on your apron and wait on the master.' Put on your apron means evangelise. And 'wait on the master, ' means teach others the way to attain the gift of Faith from God through repentance. This is the way to increase your  Faith; teach others the way of repentance. This is serving Christ at table because, according to St. Thomas of Aquinas, you are feeding Christ with souls at table. 

6. Today. 
     The visible signs of the presence of Faith are the four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed or the 15 expanded Marks of the Church mentioned by St. Robert Bellarmine. 
     The invisible signs of Faith are the very virtue of Faith, Hope and Charity. Faith, itself, is invisible. But mystical theology had given us some visible signs of the presence of Faith. These visible signs are not the descriptions of Faith. But they enable us to discern if there is Faith. Rev. Fr. Garrigou Lagrange had given us many discernible signs by which we can suspect the presence of Faith in ourselves or in others. 
     So, the easiest signs to detect Faith are the four visible signs found in the Nicene Creed or the 15 Marks mentioned by St. Robert Bellarmine.  The more difficult signs but discernible signs would be the workings of the three theological virtues.

     The state of the priesthood of most priesst, bishops, cardinals and even the present Pope is that they do not have either the four visible signs enumerated in the Nicene Creed nor the workings of the three theological virtues. They, very evidently, do not have Faith; thus there is nothing to increase. 
     Christ, Himself, had prophesied these days thus; when the son of man comes, think you, will He find Faith on earth? Christ, Himself, said so; that there will be no Faith these days. And anyone can check on this. The instruments for checking are easily available.
     We have shown in the writings of Cardinal Ratzinger that since 1980, he had already noticed this state of affairs. It was clearly shown by Pope Francis during the 2015 Bishop's Synod. And it is getting worse every day specially after 'Amoris Laetitia,' where we see a total break away from the Catholic Church by many Cardinals and bishops led by Pope Francis. A great apostasy is going on and the faithful is in total confusion. 
     'Increase my Faith.' Pope Francis cannot pray this because he has nothing to increase.