Wednesday, September 28, 2016


 1. Technologies.
    Considering the advance in computer technologies and how governments, like the US, can use them for any purpose, good or bad, we can believe Presidential elections can be won or lost just by hacking the computers used for elections.  No sweat. 
     Thus elections had become completely useless. The government in power can decide elections by just pressing a bottom. They had done more difficult things than just winning elections. They can assassinate their own President and blow up two of their towers killing thousands; they can overthrow other governments and kill heads of states.......and get away with it. Rigging elections is no sweat. It is a matter of what is more financially beneficial to the higher ups.

2. Divine Providence. 
    There is a spiritual reality that overrides all those fearful human  machinations. And that is Divine Providence. This is the truth that states that it is God Who decides everything that happens in this world, like the election of a President. It is God who choses who will be the President of a nation;  not the electorate nor the cheaters. Platforms, geniuses,  talents, ads,  expenditures and endorsements do not help a bit. Though the election, the counting and the proclamations can be rigged, it is God who has the last say. All human efforts exerted has no effect on the outcome of an election. Though most men think it does. God, alone, against all human odds, decides the outcome of this little event in human history. 

     How does God intervene? God choses what will benefit the Church in the locality. God will choose a good man as president  as a blessing for a Church that is faithful to Him. As a consequence, all  who are not part of the Church will benefit from that blessing, too; both the good and the bad. This is the advantage of living with Catholics. They share with the blessings of the Church even if they are not part of the Church. 
     On the other hand, if the Church is unfaithful to God, then God will give that nation a bad president, firstly, for the chastisement of the Church. The non-Catholics will, also, share with this chastisement (sort of a punishment) and unfortunately the few good will also suffer. This would happen precisely because there are too few good Catholics to prevent the chastisement. 

3. An example.
    God was head of His People and treated the Chosen People this way; when they are faithful to God, God gave them holy and capable kings. If they were unfaithful, God would give them bad kings. Knowing this, the Chosen People never held elections. With God running the whole show  with Divine Providence, it would be futile to hold elections. 
    But when the Chosen People insisted on electing their own head in the time of  King Saul, they got into all kinds of trouble. That is why the whole world is in trouble, loving to spend time in futilities due to their ignorance of God's ways, like holding debates.  We are mostly atheists. 

4. God's strange ways. 
     God's ways are not man's ways. The entire election process is man's ways. God's ways is that He just chose who would be president at the last second; either as a reward to a believing nation or a chastisement for an unbelieving nation. 
     Sometimes, he changes His mind in mid way. Let's take the example of King Josiah.  God gave the people a holy and good King. The nation progressed during his reign. The Priests and the people were faithful. And King Josiah won all his battles. Then the priests became unfaithful and the people followed suit.
    Because of this God willed that King Josiah die in battle. He was too good for the people. And the people got King Jeroboam a bad and incompetent king who ruled his people tyrannically; which they deserved. That is how God acts. He can choose a President if the Church is faithful. And if the Church suddenly becomes unfaithful, God can immediately remove the good president and give a bad president, instead. No new election needed. Let's take an example. 
     God chose a Catholic president, John Kennedy, for the US. He was a good President, though with some defects like all men. His programs of government were good. The US was just being shown a lesson: that a Catholic makes a good president. The having been learned, God removed Kennedy, later his brother Bobby and much later his own son John.....all probable candidates for the same office.  The Kennedy's were too good for unbelieving America; so God allows the Judasses, the covetous rich tycoons, to assassinate him and gives them another President who plunged America into a war, with thousands of Catholic soldiers uselessly dying, thousands of Vietnamese dying while  the US business men earning a fortune in the war and  the President implicated in the assassination.

5. 'They took away four of my Presidents....(with apologies to Jesse Ventura.) I existed under fourteen Presidents. Four were removed by a permissive act of Providence. Obviously, God allowed them to be removed because God saw that both the nation and the Church did not deserve them. That the nation and the Church deserved more a chastisement rather than a blessing. The super typhoon 'Haiyan' was no blessing. It was a chastisement, first to the Catholic Church and secondly to the nation for their infidelity to God. St. Alphonsus Liguori said so. 
     Many will not agree with this doctrine on Divine Providence and might say we have other opinions. This is not a matter of opinion. It is a matter of solid theological doctrine,  The case of Marcos is almost identical in details with the case of Kennedy. Obviously showing that both the nation and the Church did not deserve a good leader. Both ought to be chastised. So God took them away from serving an unfaithful people.
     To remove a head of state from office is a grievous sin condemned as early as the 18th Century by the Catholic Church. Only God can do that, not man. 

6. Conclusion.
    The decay of a nation can be seen in the decadence of its Presidents. God gives a nation the leader it deserves; the nation does not really elects its leaders. God gives them the leader they deserve. If a nation wants a good leader, the nation must be good. If the nation is bad because they practice, for example, abortion and same sex marriage, then no matter what they do, God will give them a bad leader who will lead them further to greater badness.
     If a nation is bad and, therefore, deserves the chastisement of having a bad did they become bad? They became bad because the people who were supposed to teach them how to be good, the Catholic Cardinals, bishops and priests did not teach them to be good. How come? Because they, themselves,  do not know how to become good. Not knowing how to become good, the cardinals, bishops and priests have become bad. Thus  all the people around them, had become bad.
     If the cardinals, bishops and priests had become bad......which Our Lady described as what is going on right now.....then the possibility is great that God will give them a Pope that they deserve.....a bad Pope. And that is what we have today.
     O.K. It is not the Pope's fault. It is the fault of the cardinals, bishops and priests. Being bad, they will get the Pope that they deserve. Unfortunately, Pope Francis was one of those bad cardinals, bishop and priest before. So God did not have to look far for the person He would chose to give the present unfaithful church the head it deserves. God just chose from among the unfaithful who were all over anyway. 

     A last chance! When everything is going wrong, when all nations are evil and headed by evil head of states because the Church is unfaithful and, therefore, deservedly headed by an unfaithful Pope.......what will happen next?
      Everything will suddenly calm down. Suddenly, decent head of states will begin to rule. And one good Pope will rise (not Pope Francis).......all of these to give the whole world a last chance to think things over and see perfectly where everyone went wrong and repent for their sins against God. Then what? Well, concentrate first in knowing where you went wrong and repent for those sins. 


Monday, September 26, 2016

26th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME. The Rich man and the Poor man.

 1. Dives and Lazarus.
     Scriptures usually does not mention the names of people who go to hell but mentions those who go to heaven. Thus the Gospel mentions Lazarus but does not give the name of the rich man. Tradition just gave him the name Dives. Though all through the Gospel he is referred to as 'the rich man.'
     The Gospel described a rich man and the poor man named Lazarus. The rich man was enjoying himself feasting while Lazarus, full of wounds, was outside the rich man's door sick and hungry. The Gospel saw to it that the two can see each other. Because the rich man saw Lazarus and did not react the Catholic way, he was condemned. Because the poor man Lazarus saw the rich man and reacted the true Catholic way to his situation, he was saved. 

2. The rich man.
     The rich was not condemned for being rich, nor for wearing purple and linen, nor for his feasting. The Roman Cornelius was rich, holy bishops wear purple and linen and saints do go feasting. St. Benedict feasted in his cave on Easter. And we are told to celebrate  Christmas and Easter. But it is the attitude with which we celebrate that is important. We will see this attitude a little later. 
     So, what did the rich man do that made him deserving of landing in hell? Not so much that he was feasting, but that he did not share his crumbs or left over with Lazarus. Or the more Christian thing to do is to invite him at table.
     The rich man saw Lazarus. He had no excuse that he did not know someone was at his door step hungry. He saw him, and the 
Gospel is emphatic on that. In fact, they saw each other. St. Thomas 
even noted that Lazarus was known around as a beggar and so the rich man should know he was that same beggar begging around and is now by his door. 
     The Christian  corporal work of mercy is to feed the hungry with your own hands,  in your own table, with the same food prepared for you and if possible by you. And Abraham did that.  The least you can do is imitate the pagans by feeding them from your scraps or left overs. 
      Uh.....Pope Francis' work of mercy to take  care of the environment is totally out of the picture on the works of mercy. That is not an act of mercy; considering that Pope Francis' concept of mercy is not Catholic as defined in the Beatitudes. 
     The rich man did not even act like the pagans; not even obeying the Old Testament command. He did not feed him nor attend to his wounds. To show the superiority of dogs to the rich man, the Gospel says that, at least, the dogs went to lick his wounds. What charity.....from a dog. 
     The evangelical rule is; when you disobey one command of God you disobey all the commands; according to St. James. Having disobeyed the command to feed the hungry in a Catholic way, because remember this is a New Testament Gospel, he enjoyed life the sinful way. He was feasting selfishly, a way by which he was rewarding himself.
     His sin is not the feasting. His sin is that he was rewarding himself here on earth with enjoyments. Whatever good he had done, he should not reward himself here on earth. Why? Because Christ said so. All rewards are due in heaven. He who is rewarded here on earth will not  be rewarded in heaven because he has been rewarded already. He, in his feasting, have rewarded himself for things that does not need any reward, like rewarding himself for his pride, his sins, for his accomplishments and for pleasing people. That is obviously over rewarding himself. 
     The rich man was condemned on two counts; first, for not obeying the command to feed the hungry. And secondly, for having over rewarding himself on earth, maybe for some good he did but most of often for doing nothing.  On two counts he did not deserve to go to heaven; thus he went to hell.

3. The poor man Lazarus.
    Lazarus did not have anything to reward himself with. That was a blessing.  Whatever good he had done had remained unrewarded. He deserved to be rewarded in the life after. 
     He, also,  bore his sufferings taking them willingly as his punishments here on earth for whatever sin he might have committed. He owed God nothing.  So on two counts he deserved to go to heaven.

4. How to enjoy prosperity. 
     Yes, saints wore purple and linens; they feasted. But they, also,  fed beggars and suffered with Christ.  Queen Blanche took care of beggars and King Louis of France suffered much during the Crusade. St. Francis of Assisi, also, suffered as a prisoner and took care of lepers. Saints did both.
     But how did the saints wear their nice clothing and crowns; and how did they feast?  The NEVER considered all the nice things they received in life as a reward for their good deeds. 
     The saints never expected a reward from God here on earth. Yes, they expected nice things from God; but not as a reward. At least, not yet.  Eternal life was the only thing they expected from God and not as a reward but as a merciful gift from God. 

     Saints consider all their good works as works of God accomplished through them. So they do not expect to be rewarded for them because these works were God's accomplishments. 
     Saints are fearful in thinking, even for a moment, that what they have received is a reward for something they have done. Because to expect a reward from God or to reward oneself for something done by the self is a sign of pride; i.e. that we, on our own, have done something good without God's help. That is the heresy of Pelagianism.

     Enjoy all the good things God give you; from the purple, the linen, the festive food. But look at them as undeserving gifts from a good God for you to share with family, friends and the poor (but without inviting the hungry migrants settle in your back yard).....and never believe that you can do anything good without God being its author and, therefore, we have no valid reason to deserve a reward here on earth. Nor in heaven. Because heaven is also a gift.....not a reward. 
      If you are not convinced of this, ok....reward yourself......and except nothing in the next life. Because you have been rewarded already. 

5. The world is a vast rich man. 
     In Scriptures, the rich man is not the person rich in resources. The centurion Cornelius was a man rich in resources. He used all his resources in maintaining the Church in his house. He was a saint dignified by a visit from St. Peter. 
    The rich condemned by Christ is the man 'rich in spirit.' This is contrary to the 'poor in spirit,' praised in the first Beatitude. So, who is the rich condemned by Christ and represented by the rich man? He is the man who have many worldly and sinful desires. Satisfying his desires is the way he constantly rewards himself; so he rewards himself for the good he had done, the sins he has done 
and for doing nothing. Thus,' Scriptures wrote, he feasted daily.'
     The mode of life in the whole world today consists in people constantly rewarding themselves. They even have to conquer other nations, kill head states, dislodge established governments to reward themselves with the conquered resources. Imagine, they want to kill the head of Syria, destroy that nation and massacre its people using mercenaries financed and armed by the US and its coalition, what for? So they can reward themselves with a pipeline across Syria that can earn millions. See what rich men can do? That's why like the rich man, they land in hell.  It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven.' Seeing what horrid and unimaginable things they can do, they really deserve hell. Sometimes, we are grateful  there is a hell. Imagine these rich men sitting down by side with you in heaven when you know what they have done? Heaven would be hell. 

6. Year of Justice and year of Mercy. 
     This Gospel speaks, firstly, about the Justice of God. And secondly, about the Mercy of God. In God, Justice and Mercy go together. Remove Justice and we have a fake mercy called tolerance of evil. 
     What did God show the rich man? Pure Justice. Justice without a trace of Mercy. And what did God show Lazarus? Mercy because God saw that Lazarus had fulfilled His Justice. If Lazarus had not fulfilled the Justice of God, God would not show him mercy. 
    How did Lazarus satisfy the Justice of God? By bearing his hunger, suffering and his sores. Having satisfied God's Justice, he received His Mercy. That is a rule for all. 
    During this Year of Mercy, keep in mind that we must first satisfy the Justice of God by a 'life of Repentance' before we can receive the Mercy of God. Passing through those silly doors put up in parishes and dioceses will not earn you God's Mercy; no line in Scriptures says so. You have to be like Lazarus; just waiting by the gate without a whimper. Just waiting. Bearing your hunger, misery and sores. With only the consolation of a dog licking the wounds of your souls. Because you know you are a sinner and deserve all these. And you saying; 'I do not deserve any thing or any reward from God. Bearing these sufferings, I, only, pray that God have mercy on me and bring me to Abraham's bosom.
     Just be a Lazarus. You won't need a 'Year of Mercy' and those doors to receive the Mercy of God.  The Gospel says so. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016


 1. The principle.
     St. Paul wrote; 'everything that is not of faith is sin. ' When a person does not have the theological virtue of Faith, he just goes from bad to worse every second. It is difficult to imagine to how much evil he can descend in a week, or worse in a month. 
     The world does not have Faith due to their ignorance of the true religion. Any other false religions will just make their state all the worse. The Catholic Church which is meant by God to give the example of Faith is, also, without Faith. So everyone is going down, down and down with absolutely no one to cling to. 
     In such a situation, it is useless to try saving souls from other religion; though we can celebrate useless rituals with them for the newspapers. It is even useless saving the souls of other Catholics; because the probability is great that we ourselves would not know how to save our own souls. The wise things to do is to concentrate on our own selves; and with this we might not even have enough time to do so. 
     This, being the present situation in the whole world, we are aghast to see the entire world busy in doing a thousand things that have nothing to do with their salvation. Of course, most religion do not have a convincing program of salvation. The Catholic Church has a very convincing program of salvation. Gilbert Chesterton wrote that the Catholic Church's program of repentance is what convinced him that that is the only program that can really forgive past sins. So he became a Catholic. 
     But we saw in the Bishop's Synod of 2012 that the entire Synod did not know what repentance was. So how can Catholics have their past sins forgiven and become Catholic when they do not know how to repent.

2. The Catholic religions, being the truth,  is the basis by which all things are judged. This had been proved beyond doubt. Anyone who says otherwise has to prove his stand. The Catholic Church had proved using Philosophy, Metaphysics and other sciences that she alone is the truth beyond any doubt. The proof is even more convincing when one goes to the supernatural level, wherein the proof is very certain. So in matters on Divine truths we must use Catholic doctrines as the basis for checking. Of course, we do not have to do that when we are just checking the taste of certain food. 
     This brings us back to the statement of Archbishop Ganswain in the previous post. He mentioned that Pope Benedict is still the Pope side by side with Pope Francis; the former being a contemplative Pope while the latter is an active Pope. This greatly disturbed Pope Francis so he made such belligerent statements 'I am Pope,' and 'I am Roman.' These statements were reactions to the hints by commentators to Ganswain's speech that Pope Francis was not a Pope and that his name was not in the list of St. Malachy.

3. Let us return briefly to St. Malachy's prophecies.
    The Papacy of Pope Benedict was described by Malachy as 'Gloria Olivae,' i.e. the Glory of the Olives. And as before Malachy's prophecy was right. Ratzinger knew that the 'Olives' were the symbol of peace. And peace is the emblem that fills up Benedictine monasteries. It was all over the Abbey where I was a monk. Now, whether Ratzinger knew that and deliberately took the name Benedict or he did not know that and took the name Benedict thus conforming to the prophecy, we do not know. But the prophecy was fulfilled. 
     Let us, now, go to the next Pope in Malachy's list, 'Peter Romanus.' St. Malachy wrote; 'In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, whop will feed the sheep in many tribulation; and when thee things are finished, the City of the seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful Judge will judge His people. The end. '
     First, note that 'Peter Romanus' is not numbered in the list. 'Gloria Olivae' was the last in the list. So Pope Benedict is supposed to be the last Pope in the list and 'Peter Romanus' is not in the list because as mentioned by St. Grignon, he will be appointed by Christ, Himself, and not elected by a Conclave. 
     Then, St. Malachy described the Papacy of 'Peter Romanus' as the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church. There was no evident persecution during Benedict's time. But we find the truly Catholic groups greatly persecuted by the government of nations but most specially by Pope Francis. 
     St. Malachy continues; 'who will feed the sheep in many tribulations.' Pope Benedict was the last Pope who greatly feed the Faithful with great banquets of Catholic truths. While Pope Francis had taught nothing spiritual; only sex education,  global warming, communism, love for the world and that Christ is not in the Sacred Host. So the Church is being fed in this time of tribulation by the past teachings of Pope Benedict. And then what?
     'The City of Seven Hills will be destroyed;' including Sant 'Anselmo, that beautiful Benedictine Abbey that had become the breeding place of liturgical abuses and the chair of aberosexuality. 
The Blessed Virgin had been announcing the destruction of the Vatican. How come nobody every noticed it? Because it was unimaginable during the reign of previous Popes. But now the Vatican deserves its impending fate before more of the faithful are destroyed. And then what?
     St. Malachy wrote 'The End.' The end of what? It does not matter right now. What is important is that we are ready for it whatever it is. How do we prepare for it. By making sure we are Catholics. 

4. Ganswain was leading to using the signs of Catholicity. 
    The most important topic today is the four visible signs of the true Church. How can we recognise the true Church of Christ with so many pretenders to the title, aside from the countless pagan religions insisting that theirs is the true religion. 
     With the demise of Philosophy and Metaphysics it has become impossible for any one to prove in the natural level that their religion is the true religion. Through philosophy and metaphysics no pagan religions can prove that theirs is a true religion; neither can any Protestant do so either. In fact, Philosophy will prove that their religion cannot be a true religion at all. Philosophy and Metaphysics is there for all to use to analyse their religions. But nobody is using it because nobody knows it except for a few. 
     But even those few Philosophers cannot necessarily be good Catholics because the Catholic Church is in the supernatural level. One has to be in the supernatural level to know anything Catholic. 
     But I have just discovered lately, because I recite the Nicene Creed in the Mass,  that most Catholics recite the Apostles Creed at Mass. The Nicene Creed has the four visible signs of the true Church; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. While the Apostles Creed have the abbreviated; 'I believe in the Holy Catholic Church.' It does not enumerate the four visible signs. So most Catholics, from cardinals, bishops, priests and laymen are not reminded what are the four visible signs of the true Church. And that is the state of the Church; that most Catholics cannot prove that they are Catholics because, the four visible signs being the only proof of true Catholicity, they do not have those signs. 
     The teaching duty of parish priests and Diocesan bishops is to teach and help develop these four signs in their parishes and dioceses. Not conscious of these signs they failed to do this duty so we have a state of the Church in that most parishes and dioceses do not have the four visible signs of true Catholicity. 
     If Archbishop Ganswain used these four visible signs as found in the Nicene Creed or it's expanded version in the 15 Marks of the Church according to St. Bellarmine, he can show clearly that Pope Benedict is Catholic while Pope Francis is not. Pope Francis does not even have the easiest first sign of Catholicity mentioned by St. Bellarmine, a Jesuit like him, when Francis said; 'there is no Catholic God.' There you have it. There is no need to go further. He does not have the easiest and first sign of being Catholic, he will certainly not have the more difficult and other signs.
     Why is that issue important? If Pope Francis is not Catholic, everybody who listens to him, who attends his audiences, who reads his writings, or who obeys him, sins. Because they are intentionally entering into an occasion of sin. What he says is not mere indifferent matters but teachings against the teachings of Christ; that would be sins against Faith. One who sins against Faith has no Faith and will be condemned like all those who do not believe. 
     When someone sees his Pope, cardinals, bishops, priests and thousands of souls going to hell, as described by the Blessed Virgin Mary, what is the charitable thing to do? St. Paul says; 'correct them that they may know their fault and repent for it.' They will never repent unless they know that what they are doing is wrong. 
     Correcting a humble person is no problem. He will be grateful to you for all eternity. The problem is with the proud. They will resent correction. Often they will not mind corrections believing they know better than you. Their attitude is 'believe what you want and I will believe what I want;' as Pope Francis said in other words. That is the reason Archbishop Ganswain is very careful in what he says. Following the Rule of St. Benedict which Pope Emeritus has mastered, he knows that the vessel must not  be cleansed with much zeal less it be cracked. It must done very mildly. It is this mildness that had made commentators impatient. They want to know what is next and he had not said so. 
     But there is something like reading between the lines. Most of what Ganswain want to say and have not said yet are all in between the lines. Whatever they are, they will always be according to Scriptures, the writings of the Fathers and the writings of his mentor, Pope Benedict.
     If Pope Benedict is Peter Romanus, which is the greater possibility just by definition of terms, then, as many commentators had written, we have just run out of time......preparing for the salvation of our souls. 
     What??? Does it mean that the Catholic Church does not have any provision for such eventuality as 'running out of time? Well, the Church has. It is called the monasticism of John Climacus. Not the monasticism of St. Benedict which is a gradual journey towards holiness. John Climacus is a monastic journey towards holiness when things in the world had become worse; ......when you have just 'run out of time.' 


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

ARCHBISHOP GANSWAIN'S collateral damage.

 1. Archbishop Georg Ganswain.
     The short speech of Archbishop's Ganswain had caused ripples all around the world. But  as of today the commentaries had suddenly stopped due to the difficulty in understanding what he said. But one headline read that Pope Francis was worried about what was said; that there were two Popes, one contemplative and the other an active one. Pope Francis has reason to worry because the Catholic Church cannot have two Popes. And if what Ganswain said was with the permission of Pope Benedict, then we only have one Pope and that is Pope Benedict.
     If Pope Francis knows his theology, which does not seem to be the case, then he should suspect that Pope Benedict is the Pope and that he is an anti-pope. To save his reputation, he should immediately send Pope Benedict to Cologne so he does not have to have a pain in the neck in the Vatican. As long as Pope Benedict stays in the Vatican, everybody will always compare the two and everyday the difference is becoming wider and wider. One is the epitome of orthodoxy while the other one is an  out right  heretic.  

 2. Malachy's last Pope.
     Let us concentrate in only one point of contention; that is Archbishop Gawain's mentioning St. Malachi's list of Popes. It is evident that Pope Benedict believes in the list of Popes mentioned by St. Malachy, Bishop of Armagh. St. Malachy is a great saint who was highly praised by St. Bernard of Clairvaux. It is not wise to easily set aside the writings of Malachy because he is a saint. 
     Pope Benedict, in fact, based his choice of Papal name from the list of St. Malachy. Seeing that he is the second to the last Pope in the list, he chose Benedict. The Benedictines have the Olive branch all over their monasteries. Besides, St. Pope Gregory the Great prophesied that sometime during this time that is approaching the end of the list of Popes, a group of Benedictines will prepare the world to be a light in the present era of darkness. Thus he took the name 'Gloria Olivae.'

     Basing the present situation  on St. Malachy's prophesy, Pope Benedict would be 'Gloria Olivae,' which aptly described him. And Pope Francis would be 'Peter Romanus' which does not describe him. Archbishop Ganswain is hinting at this discrepancy. That there is something wrong; which he is not resolving and which he wants us readers to resolve by ourselves. 
     Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger is said to have consultations at least once a week. While Ratzinger had dwelt much in Benedictine monasticism and is acquainted with monks like St. Malachy, Pope John Paul seems to be acquainted with St. Grignion of Montfort author of 'True devotion to Mary.' In fact, Pope John Paul had made the total heroic consecration of his soul to the Blessed Virgin Mary according to Grignon's formula.  
     John Paul II and the future Benedict XVI, knowing that they are the third and second to the last Popes in the list of St. Malachy, they must have discussed the topic. And the topic of the third, second to the last and the last Pope in the list must have come up. Pope John Paul II must have mentioned to Ratzinger that the last Pope is not going to be elected by a Conclave according to St. Grignon de Montfort.  That as at the beginning of Christianity, the last Pope will be appointed by Jesus Christ.
     That removes Pope Francis from the picture.  Because he is not appointed. He was elected. This alone settles and clarifies the confusion people have with regard to Ganswain's statements. 
     We have two Popes. As of now, one was elected and the other is, also, elected. But the Pope today described as 'Peter Romans' is supposed to be appointed by Christ and not elected by a Conclave. So Pope Francis does not qualify to be 'Peter Romanus', though so many books and writings are insisting on it.  Besides, he would not fall under the description 'Peter' because he is disregarding completely all the promises he made immediately after his election, a vow that he recites before his papal name is announce to the public. His actuation are completely the opposite of St. Peter, the first Pope. He might be 'Romanus' because he is really Italian or Roman. But he has absolutely no resemblance with the 'Peter' the first Pope as described in the Gospel.

     Then Ganswain explains why Pope Benedict is still in the Vatican. Normally Pope Benedict should be returning to Cologne or Bavaria. Pope Francis would prefer to send him to Cologne because Benedict's presence in the Vatican is too close for comfort. The two  are like black and white. But as Gawain was hinting; Pope Benedict is definitely 'Peter' and no one can doubt that. But if he went to Cologne, than the prophesy of Malachy should state 'Peter Cologne' which will further confuse people. So,  he had intentionally, stayed in Rome so that everybody can clearly see who is 'Peter Romanus.' He is the clone of St. Peter and he stays in Rome, in the Vatican. With that everything is clear.

     Some writers had expressed the opinion that St. Malachy's list of Popes is just a medieval made list. Well, what if they are wrong. What if it is authentic. Christian humility is when you are very certain of what you are saying, you still believe the possibility that you can still make a mistake. This degree of humility Pope Francis does not have. He is so sure that adulterers, atheist and gays can go to heaven; when God, Himself, have said they were going to hell. 
     Having clarified Ganswain's comment of St. Malachy, let us see other facts that confirms his belief in St. Malachy.   

3. Ganswain should have stated things clearer. Was his seemingly unintelligible statement intentional?  Yes. Ganswain knew that people without Faith would not understand anything anyway. But people with Faith would get it right away; that we have a Pope and an anti-pope. So what is new about that? Nothing. As we mentioned  before, the Catholic Church have had more than 40 anti-popes, so what else is new?
4. Ganswain was saying something deeper. It is based on the rich writings of the Church. Both the Old and New Testament had warned us on what the devil will do to destroy the Church; bad cardinals and bad bishops coming from bad seminarians and bad priests.  Well, it is so easy for one of those bad bishops and bad cardinal to be elected Pope. We have seen the state of seminaries and Cardinal Ratzinger, in his book 'Ratzinger Report' had already warned us of bad priests. It takes one Conclave to elect one of them. And we have seen how the progressives, described as the St Gallen Mafia, even from the beginning of Vatican II, had begun trying to sabotage the Church. How they failed in the five following Conclave but succeeded in the sixth. That is written in history. 

     The true Church had been warned by the prophets in the Old Testament, warned on Good Friday, warned in St. Pauls letter to the Thessalonians,  and warned in the Apocalypse of a bishop who would try to kill the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ. Judas pre-figured such a man. And we have seen several such persons in the history of the Church. But Divine Revelation tells us to expect him when we are running out of Popes. 
     Noticed already that as early as the 17th century, this man was awaited. At first no priests, bishop or cardinal is under suspicion. 
    The Marian Popes, from  Pope Pius X to Benedict XVI, were beyond suspicion. Most writers did not include Pope Francis among the Marian Popes because their books were written before Pope Francis. 
     Then St. Bridget's 'Scivias' came to our notice because Pope Benedict raised her up as Doctor of the Church. A 12th century Benedictine nun raised up at this time. Why so long? Because she warned as of an anti-pope at this time. Benson in his nobel warned us, too. Then books on  prophecies, on the anti-christ and on the anti-popes begun appearing. Maybe, God's way of focusing man's attention  to up coming events. 
5. Then comes Mario Bergoglio. 
     The scenario was just right. We have cardinals, bishops and priest who are going to hell and dragging many souls with them......according to the Mother of God. The rest of the laymen are totally ignorant of Catholic truths and, therefore, in complete denial of reality, the punishment for infidelity. All states, prefigured by Pontius Pilate and the Roman empire, are out to destroy the Catholic Church. The few who know the truth had been silenced. All religions being from Satan, as St. Paul wrote, are doing Satan's job. 
     In short, as mentioned in a previous post, the whole world is spiritually possessed by Satan. Signs?  Everybody is killing everybody, everybody is lying to everybody, everybody is preventing the few who are saving their souls from being saved and everybody is going to hell without knowing it. 
     With most people spiritually possessed by the devil, as on Good Friday, the possibility is very great that one of the possessed, like Judas, could be raised to the Papacy; specially when there is a known conspiracy to do so. And there is, since the beginning of Vatican II. That is history. 
     Those who want to be saved, what should they do? Don't expect anyone to help you. There is no one left. You will have to help yourself. This post has become too long. Let us discuss it in another post. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

U.S.A. and VATICAN - Strange bed fellows.

 1.  The spiritual possession of Judas Iscariot. 
      In the past post we have seen the two kinds of satanic possessions; first, the physical possession and secondly, the spiritual possession. The physical possession is the one we commonly see in the movies; and You Tube has a lot to entertain us. Though these are for adults only. The spiritual possession is impossible to film because it is spiritual. 
     Such was the case of Judas Iscariot. He was spiritually possessed by Satan. And note that neither the apostles nor Christ exorcized him; because it was a problem of the free will. And nobody can touch that will. 
     We saw, also, that the problem these days is that most people, specially bishops and priests are spiritually possessed by the devil. How did that happen?  Because they have the same disposition that Judas had when he was possessed. 
     If you will recall, news had it that even the newly canonised St. Teresa of Calcutta asked a priest to exorcise her later in her age. How can a saint ask for such a thing? Because it is so hard to know if there is a spiritual possession since everything  looks normal. In fact, a spiritually possessed person is most charming and a good candidate for the Nobel prize. And Mother Teresa thought she was possessed. If Mother Teresa with her good work filled schedule suspected she was possessed, how much more Pope Francis who honoured Martin Luther in Sweden. 

  2. Steps in the spiritual possession of Judas.
      The Gospel tells us that Satan entered Judas without asking permission from Jesus, the apostles nor from Judas, himself. That is how freely Satan entered into Judas. If he can do it to Judas so freely, he can enter into any of us without our permission and even without us knowing it. Judas did not know Satan entered into him. Thus most people are possessed today and nobody knows it. 
     But if we study how Judas was spiritually possessed, we can easily discover if we, too, are, possessed.  Let us see step by step on how Judas was possessed. 
     a.)  Judas was possessed because he was covetous. Covetousness is defined as inordinate love for money over and above one's need. A covetous person loves himself; and this love he has for himself is due to pride. 
          In effect, a covetous person, because he loves himself due to his pride would like to give himself everything that he wants; both indifferent and sinful things.  The things he wants are worldly things because his pride prevents him from knowing and desiring  any spiritual realities. 
           Spiritually, the covetous does not have Faith, Hope and Charity. Thus Judas did not believe that Christ was the Messiah. 

            A covetous person, because he wants to please himself with so many worldly things both sinful and morally indifferent things, will need plenty of money. This is aggravated by his love for prestige that goes hand in hand with covetousness, thus making him desire even more and more money to entertain his flatterers. 
             Because he wants so many things that cost money, because he wants to be praised by friends that will cost money, he works so hard to increase his money thus ending up becoming a  'lover of money,' which St. Paul described as 'the root of all evil.' 
               Judas was not only guilty of covetousness, he was guilty of all evils because he had become a lover of money. Keep in mind all the vices he had accumulated  even before he became a lover of money.  Covetousness is just the crown of all his vices beginning with 'love of self.'
     b.)  A covetous person will kill.  
      He loves himself in an inordinate way; so he really does not love himself. He really hates himself. And by hating himself, he hates everybody else. So covetous person can easily kill his neighbour. Judas did not hesitate to have Christ killed. Cain did not have second thoughts in killing his brother Abel.  
      A person spiritually possessed by Satan is covetous and is a killer. 
      c.) He exerts efforts to plan his killing by having accomplices. People in high positions must be used to ascertain accomplishment of the foul deed.  Judas goes to the Sanhedrin who will judge and condemn Christ, Eventually they will go to the Romans to execute the killing of Christ. These are people who hold important position  both in the church and in the state. 
      d.)  Being equally covetous, all these people have a price; they can be bought. Pontius Pilate's price was that he kept his position. The Sanhedrin will keep their position as religious leaders. Judas was going to receive 30 pieces of silver. The Jewish people will get rid of a pest and the soldiers guarding the tomb will get a bribe to keep their mouth shut.

3. The 'killing' is the crown of the 'root of all evil.'
     Judas' covetousness will end with the crucifixion of Christ. That is the final end of covetousness. It will end in abortion, in euthanasia, in suicide, in terrorism, in murder, in human sacrifices. The author of these killings is Satan with the full cooperation of the killer. 
     The killing of another person is the fruit of the vice of covetousness. Because it is the root of all evil, from the little seed of abortion, the root grows into murder, to terrorism and eventually to Judas' sin Deicide, the killing of a God. 
     All the killings today are signs that the people who do these hideous deeds are spiritually possessed by Satan, just like Judas. As such they are, not only, children of Satan. They are children of perdition. 

4. Church and State.
    Man has a body and a soul. The body is what makes him akin to animals. While his soul is what makes him like an angel. The body is physical; the soul is spiritual. The body is inferior the soul is superior. As such the soul should rule the body. Naturally. 
    The state is like the body since it deals only with the physical needs of people. The Church is the soul that deals with the spiritual needs of the people. The Church must guide the State to benefit the people. Thus the wisdom of union of Church and State. A separation of Church and State makes the State behave like a beast. Look at most of the governments that function separately from the true Church. It is useless for a government to be in union with a false church. 
     Separation of Church and State has its advantages; but only for the true Church. Union of Church and State spoils and corrupts the Church. This is what happened at the time of Emperor Constantine. The good emperor did more harm to the Church than the previous persecutors of Christianity. Not his fault. It was the fault of the bishops and priests who used their new freedom and privileges to enjoy the world. 
     Today, there is a separation of Church and State. But when doing something evil, there is usually a union of Church and State. This is what happened on Good Friday. The Jewish religion and the Romans were united in killing Christ. When this happen, both Church and State are spiritually possessed by Satan; the Church being first possessed and then followed by the state. 
     St. John Chrysostom wrote that you can know the spiritual  state of the Church by knowing the political state of a nation. If the Church is holy,  the State will be in a good state. That is  how it was in Europe. The Church was holy at its beginning and it evangelised pagan Europe. The Church was first holy; then it made Europe holy. On the other hand, when the church is unholy, the state deteriorate politically and socially. If the USA is deteriorating into the worse form of communism, as Putin himself noticed, it is because the Catholic Church in the US had first deteriorated into total infidelity, prophesied by Blessed John Newman. Just look at the newly appointed bishops like Cupich.  Is the US church  going into auto-demolition?  Or  somebody else on the top is doing it. 

5. Let us now look for an example of a nation that is spiritually possessed.
    Let take the latest documentaries on the Kennedy Assasination. After the Warren Commission, many documents were made available to researchers and, indeed, many questions left unanswered by the Warren Commission were answered. It turned out that the Commission was a part of the web of covetousness. Unless these new facts are refuted, the findings of the latest investigations sound credible. 
     a.) America is not ruled by political parties. They are ruled by a  rich elite that, also, rules the whole world.  Their wealth shows them a thousand times more covetous than Judas. And they are out to make themselves wealthier at any price. Earning money at any price makes them possessed by thousands of Satans.
          To increase their already vast wealth, they start wars because they produce the materiale used in war. They promote abortion to decrease the population and increase their profits. They dislodge governments to confiscate their resources. They have heads of states assassinated for financial gains. They even assassinate their own presidents to maintain their earnings.  We see that nation as one who have the most covetous people in the whole world. Being a very great lover of money, they are the most evil people in the world. 
     b.) They are willing to kill. They will kill babies; they will kill old people, they will kill heads of foreign nations, they will finance terrorists, they will interfere in other sovereign nations, they will organise and finance rebel forces and they will kill their own family and their own president. They can kill a God if they can get  hold of one. They are the main killers in the world. 
     c. ) They will call on accomplices to reduce their guilt and ascertain success of their evil deed. They can call on the Mafia, the CIA, some corrupt police. This is based on the principle that those who go to hell always pull others with them to hell. 
     d.) Being covetous they can easily be bought; they have their price and they know they can get their  price; from the CIA, to the Army chief of Staff,  from the FBI to the oil tycoons, to the policemen, the doctors and the gunmen......they act under one command......Lucifer. 
        The assassination of President John Kennedy, alone, is certain proof that the entire US bureaucracy, prescinding from the fact that a handful could be honest men and women..... are spiritually possessed by Satan just like Judas. They could not have been able to do what happened in Dallas if their planning was not made in hell......but permitted by God as punishment to this people. 
     If they did it before to their own president, they can do it now to anybody; and, in fact, they are doing it to most of the presidents around the world.  Due to their immense wealth, power and influence they believe they can get away with murder. In fact, they got away with the assassination of their own President.       

     With these covetous financiers and their trillions of dollars, down to every men who can be bought, we have a civilisation made of 'lovers of money.' They are  the root of all evils in this world. The financiers of Hollywood alone has done more evil in the world than all the nations put together. Run by covetous financiers, Hollywood had become the root of all evils. 

     Now, how did it happen that this nation has become possessed and is now completely run by Satan? Because many of its cardinals, bishops and priests are, also, possessed spiritually by Satan. Let us see if they have the four signs of Judas. Or better still, let us see if the  Vatican has the four signs of Judas; because if the Vatican has them, the US church would, also, have them. 

6. Now, let us see if the Vatican is spiritually possessed by Satan.
     Pope Paul VI said Satan has entered the Church. I do not have to say it.  The Blessed Virgin, also, said it in her many apparitions. Let us see if it is a mere physical possession or the more serious spiritual possession. 
     If Judas was spiritually possessed while he was in the midst of the other apostles and while he was in front of Jesus Christ, Himself, what would prevent Pope Francis from being possessed if he is just with Cardinal Maradiaga and Cardinal Marx; and in front of Fr. Spadaro. Maybe, it would be all the easier for Satan to enter the Pope. 
     Let us go to the first step; the covetousness of Judas. Covetousness if the desire for money so you can  do what you want. Pope Francis reorganised the Vatican Bank by removing the good bankers assigned by Pope Benedict and appointing homos and child molesters so he can use the money the way he wants. Though he speaks insincerely about poverty, he entertains big donors who control him to make statements dear to the donors; like Soros and his Open society foundation that funds national upheavals. He shamelessly accepts personally the checks like his latest meeting with tops rich financiers of social reconstruction fomenting abortion. 
     Secondly, instead of killing the body, Pope Francis is aiming at  the soul with heresies. Like, be involved in the world; which goes against Christ's teaching that friendship with the world is enmity with Christ. 
     Thirdly, Pope Francis has filled the Curia with heretics; from the expert in kissing to the catechism on sex. Every corner of the Church is occupied with possessed people. 
     Fourthly, they are able to get away with spiritual murder. Commissars can get away with the suppressions of orders, matrimonial courts can get away with adulteries, and the Pope, himself, can fire good bishops without due process and get away with it. Just recently a bishop just closed down an association of exorcists. Well, what did you expect? 
     Our Lady said that priests, bishops and cardinals are going to hell and pulling many souls with them. Why are they doing something like that? 
     Look at most nations like the US, France and Germany; and then look at the Vatican, what can you say? Well, like father  like son. 




Monday, September 12, 2016

REPENT, REPENT, REPENT. 24TH Sunday in Ordinary Time.

 1. Mary told us to repent from the beginning.
     And we have not done it up to the present. Her last message was exasperation for we have not repented and that, now, God had decided to punish us. First, how come with all the priests and bishops to teach us we have not repented. And secondly, what punishment has God in store for us?

2. Christ, from the beginning, told us to repent.
    Because nobody goes to heaven without having repented. With sins in our souls we go to hell. Thus the importance of repentance. Strictly speaking, repentance is just the preparation for Faith. It is the virtue of Faith that forgives our sins. 
     As far as I can remember, since the apparition in LaSallete, Mary had exhorted mankind to repent. Like a nagging mother, she had repeated that message down to Rosa Mistica, Fatima, Akita and Kibeho. Nothing. No one is visibly repenting. Why? Because the priests and bishops who are supposed to teach us did not teach us. Because they, themselves do not know how to do it. 
     So priests and bishops, themselves, have not repented for their sins. And we all, unable to learn  from them, have not repented for our own sins. We have all our past sins in our souls and we do not know how to take them away. 
     Proof of this state of affairs;  Pope Benedict instructed Bishop Eterovic, Croatian Secretary General of the Bishop's Synod of 2013, to prioritise 'repentance' during that Synod. The bishop intentionally omitted the topic erroneously thinking that it was a topic every bishop knew  and that there was no need to discuss the topic. The Synod did not discuss 'repentance,' to the dismay of Pope Benedict and the ITC. 
     The bishops thought they knew the topic; in truth, they were totally ignorant of it. The word 'repentance' was never repeated again in all the following Bishop's Synod. 

     Church history relates that both priests and bishops were already ignorant of the 'life of repentance' since the 18th century. This was already a big problem in that it was not even taught in seminaries. It was never taught in homilies. Yet, its importance, as Pope Benedict was insisting, is shown in the Gospel of the 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Anybody having heard Mass for 10 years should have heard it 10 times. Let's hear it, at least, for the last time.

3. The three parables.
     The Mass for the 24th Sunday has three parables. The first parable is about the shepherd who left the 99 sheep to look for the lost sheep. Upon finding it he carries it on his shoulder, returned to the fold and rejoiced. 
     The second parable is about the woman with 10 coins. She lost one. She diligently looked for it and upon finding it called his neighbours and rejoiced in finding the lost coin. 

     The question is; why did the shepherd leave the 99 and look for the lost sheep? And why did the woman look for the lost coin. Because the shepherd knew that the lost sheep wanted to come back home. The lost sheep is repentant while the 99 did not need repentance. And the woman knew the value of the coin, the soul, that has to be taught to repent. 
     Where does the third parable, the longer parable of the prodigal son, fit in? The shepherd looked for the lost sheep because that sheep was repentant like the prodigal son. And the woman valued the soul of the lost coin thus the need to teach it repentance.
     We do not believe that the shepherd will leave the 99 to look for an unrepentant goat. And neither can we believe that the Church, the woman, will look for a lost soul except to teach that soul how to repent, which is evangelisation.  Repentance of the lost soul, which is the third parable, is the common denominator of the first two parables. 

4. Elements of repentance. 
    What are the elements of repentance and how come priests and bishops do not know how to repent. 
     First, what is sin? Sin is described in the action of the younger son. He demanded his part of the inheritance, left for a far country and spent his inheritance in dissolute living and loose women. 
     The young son did not have a right to his inheritance. The father owns all things as long as he is alive. But the father gave the son freedom so he gave him his inheritance. St.Thomas wrote that this inheritance is the use of reason and free will. Both are gifts of the Father to be used according to God's Will. The son, then, went to a far place. Any place outside the Church is a very far place. And when one leaves the Church, he will surely end up in loose living; doing one's own will and basically enjoying life with loose women. 
     So what is sin? Using God's gift of intellect and free will according to one's own wishes instead of according to the Will of the giver. 

5. First step in repentance; 'he came unto his senses.'
    His senses perceived facts; that he was poor, he was feeding pigs and he was eating the husk meant for the pigs. With his imagination he recalled other facts; that in his father's house the servants are well-fed. Then, with his intellect that he formerly misused, he begun to think properly. Hey, what a fool I am. I am eating husks with pigs when I could be eating well in my Father's house. 
     Having used his intellect properly, the intellect informs the free will; hey, choose your father's house.  With intellect and free will in agreement, he decided to act. This act is in the philosophical level. 

6. Second step ; ' I will break away, so he stood up and set off for his father's house.' To break away and stand up is to leave past sins. To set off for the father's house is to pray for the grace to return to God; which no one can do without grace. This is in the supernatural level that will prepare us for the next step.

7. Third step; 'I will say, I have sinned against God and against you.' All sins are, first, against God and, secondly, against one's neighbour. We must be sorry to both and give restitution to both. 

8. Fourth step; 'I no longer deserve to be called your son. Treat me like one of your hired hands.' To make restitution to God we must, first, give up all our privileges as children of God.  And secondly, we must serve God like servants.
     How do we behave like servants? A good servant knows all his masters wishes and does them. A bad servant is one who does not know the wishes of his master and goes about doing what he wants. Repentance is the former not the latter. 
     To be a hired hand of God means to know all His wishes and to do all His wishes. Where can you find His wishes? From Scriptures as interpreted by the Fathers of the Church. To be exactly like the Blessed Virgin Mary who said; 'may it be done to me according to Your Will.' And like Christ who said; 'I came not to do My Will, but to do the Will of My Father in heaven. 

9. When repentance is over.
     When we have lived our life of repentance then God, like the Father, will order His angel to give us a new robe, a ring and have the fatted calf slaughtered for the festivities in heaven. But only after the life of repentance. Not before. 

10. Proof most bishops and priests do not know how to repent. 
      The first proof priests and bishops do not know how to repent is that God had, already, decreed that the great chastisement is about to come. God does not chastise the soul that has repented. The soul may still have suffering for his perfection; but he will not be chastised because of unforgiven sins. 

11. First defect of most Catholics led by their bishops and priests. They do not know that, at present, they are eating and living in a spiritual pig stye; and they do not know how happy the people in the Fathers house are. While you, only, need philosophy to know that you are in a pig pen, you need Faith and theology to know how happy it is in the Father's house.  Because of this theological ignorance people in the world want to make this world their heavens. Adulterer are living in pigs manure and Pope Francis tells them it is alright. They can even receive Holy Communion and go deeper into the manure. It is Pope Francis practically to everybody; are you in a pig pen? Enjoy yourself. 
     Second defect. Not knowing how the Father's house look like because they have never been there before, unlike the young son, they do not want to break from their present worldly pleasures and desire the things of heaven. This is an act of the intellect and as early as the 1890, Chesterton and Bellow had already described man as an unthinking animal. 
     Third defect. They do not consider their sins as an offence before God and before men. Because they have completely lost the sense of sin. People, today, do not consider sins as an offence against  God and men. In fact they do not consider sin as sin. 
     Fourth defect. Everyone considers themselves worthy sons of God and cannot imagine being anyone's servant. Just like Lucifer, we want to be like gods with rights to dictate our will on ourselves and on everyone.
     See, it is obvious,  hardly anybody we know has repented. Because of this, the shepherd is not picking up any lost sheep because most sheep enjoy being lost and staying lost. And the Catholic Church does not look for lost coins because though the Church want to save souls, like above, nobody want to be saved. If they can avoid global warming, everybody would rather stay here on earth..........for all eternity. 

Friday, September 09, 2016


 1.  A dinner with Bishop friends. 
      During a dinner with some bishop friends I mentioned a news item from a British newspaper.  
      The news stated that a Filipino cardinal issued a directive to all  his parishes to disobey the just proclaimed 'Summorum Pontificum.'  The directive was flashed in news worldwide and clearly showed the signature of the cardinal.  The Vatican sent him a public warning. 
     The Cardinal was a personal friend who I believed could not do such a thing.  This was at the time of Pope Benedict XVI. 
     My guests looked stunned at the news. It appeared that no one in the Bishop's conference knew about the Vatican warning.  After a short investigation, as I suspected, it seems that one of his own priest made the circular, gave it to the him for his signature  without him realising the content and issued the directive to all the parishes. This got the cardinal into trouble. 
     I supposed he retracted and the case was closed. A Vatican public correction of a cardinal is serious. How come not a single soul here knew about it? Not a single bishop, not a single priest and, of course not a single layman. 
     The conclusion is that there is complete ignorance of what is happening in the Church of the Philippines among its own bishops. This news was about one of its two cardinals. 

2. Catholic news in radio program. 
    Our Catholic TV and radio programs are lamentable. The TV station suddenly disappeared. The radio program was scaled down and its contents is mostly personal and individual opinions of priests. There were no news on the state of the Catholic Church, neither local nor international. 
3. Another dinner.
     After the seeming resignation of Pope  Benedict XVI, interest on international news about the Catholic Church rose around the world.  But not here in the Philippines. 
      During another dinner, this time with some priest and bishops, international Catholic news were presented to them, they could not believe the news. Reading the printed news was a traumatic experience to them. But these were mere factual news; like vocations are down, seminaries are closing, priests are becoming gay and bishops were allowing divorce. The bishops were just quiet. But the priests treated the news as if they were leprous soars. 'Take those news away from us. We do not want to read them!' 
     After that dinner, every time I met those priests they would tell me, 'Don't give me any of those news.' Because they could not believe me, I was giving them photo copies of the news. They rejected the copies. Why was there utter refusal to know the truth? Of course, no one wants to hear bad news. But news, whether bad or good should be known, specially if it has something to do with the salvation of our souls. Catholic news, always, has something to do with the salvation of our souls. The state of the Catholic Church is the state of our soul.......if we are Catholics. 
     Though the bishops were just quiet and were not belligerent, nevertheless they did not show interest in Catholic news.  Like Castor oil, these international Catholic news is good for the soul and must be forced down their throats. 
     Maybe it was better to add honey to the Castor Oil (though we are not sure if the combination is palatable) but the news were forced down their throat.  These international Catholic news was, later,  broadcast in a commercial radio station. The most prominent news were about the 2015 Bishop's Synod in the Vatican. 
     The reaction was unbelievable. 

4. The bishops up to the nuncio ordered all news suppressed, the radio programs offed the air and all printed articles deleted. And these were mere international news available everywhere.  The motive was to suppress all news about the Catholic church from the Filipinos  except what was given by the CBCP that practically had nothing.  There was an atmosphere of panic in doing so as if they were trying to wipe out a plaque.
      As a clinical psychologist I could not find an explanation for the reaction except that it was like a reaction akin to touching a hot object, a reflex action. It was a surprised reflex reaction to the realisation that the Catholic Church they knew is no longer what it was. It was an entirely different church and they could not believe it had been transformed so radically. 

5. Iodine vs Betadine.
     Before,  Iodine was a painful medication for wounds. Now it is painless in the form of Betadine. I guess, the international news came like iodine in the wounds of the bishops. So they reacted like having touched by a hot iron. Maybe, if the news came like Betadine, painless, they can more easily receive the medication for their being ignorant of news about the Catholic Church. 
    Then a year after that dinner incidents happened, from nowhere, a little newspaper began arriving at the addresses of some bishops and priests. It contained, exclusively, international news about the Catholic  Church. They were mere photo copies of news with their corresponding pictures from different newspaper containing all news about everything pertaining to the Catholic Church. 
     Nobody knew where it came from. But the bishops and the priests who received them were quite happy with the publication. Many were even enlightened from reading the news. They even thought it came from me, which was a compliment because the news were very well assembled. It did not come from me. But the general reaction was very good. The recipients were enlightened which all of us were glad to hear. 
     The publisher states that they were Catholics but attempts on my part to look for them was a failure. The point is that they were doing a very good job, a job that was very badly needed; informing the Catholic bishops and priests what was going on in the Church. Again, I didn't do it. And I do not want to see again that panic reaction from the entire hierarchy aimed at me. I was glad when the bishops believed that I did not do it. 

6. Every country with Catholics should do something like this.
    The project was an excellent idea. It opened the eyes of some bishops and priest to the plight of the Catholic Church. Even if it enlightened only a few it would still have had a very evangelising effect. It was distributed free of charge which made the project an act of Charity. 
     In fact, I have never seen anything that had greatly benefited the bishop's conference for years until now. 
     The internet have several news portals that publishes the headlines of news. If someone gets the important news, open up the headline to see the rest of the news, scan the article and rearrange them in Word or Microsoft Publisher to create a typical newspaper........that's it. Print them and distribute them to as many bishops and priest you can afford. That would be a real good work of great merit. It does not take much effort. Cut and paste. Arrange the articles and print; spent a few dollars for paper and that's it.
     In getting these news there will certainly be good news and bad news. Well, publish both. After all the Church is made up of cockles and wheat. Do not add your opinions or attempt to interpret the news. Let the readers do that. 

7. Bishops are busy.
     Our bishops are quite busy. They have no time navigating the internet for news. Besides the internet has too many distraction that can divert the search for worthy news. 
     So it would be a great help if some one collects the news for them. With the news collated and placed in their tables, there is still the problem that they have no time to read them. So it is important, if possible,  to summarise the news and type them in bigger letters for easy reading.
     In short, make it easy for them to read the articles. That would be a great act of service to the princes of the Church. Certainly, God will bless you for that because nobody had done it; until two months ago, here in the Philippines. 



Tuesday, September 06, 2016

CAN YOU FINISH BUILDING THE HOUSE? 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time.

 1. Christ gives these two advices.
     First advice; 'If one of you decides to build a tower, will he not first sit down and calculate the outlay to see if he has enough money to complete the project?' Meaning to say; 'if one wants to build a house, he should do two things. First, he should know how much it will cost to build his house and secondly, he should find out if he has that amount. 
      If he does not know the amount needed to build a house and fall short, even if he had the money he might just not finish the construction. And, even, if he knows the amount needed but if he does not have the amount, neither will he be able to finish it. He should know the amount needed and he must have that amount.
     The Liturgy of the Mass  was completing our knowledge on what we must do to have everlasting life. Now, He is teaching us that if we want to have everlasting life, first, we must know how much knowledge we must have to attain our goal. And secondly, we must find out if we have that complete knowledge. 
     Again, He is telling us that if our knowledge on the way to salvation is lacking, we won't make it. And again, if we have all the knowledge but we do not put them into practice, we won't make it, either. The above teaching is based on His two sayings; first, that we must know everything regarding the salvation of soul up to the last iota. And secondly, on the wise man who builds his house on rock is the one who knows and obeys His commands. 
     The man who sits down and calculates the outlay to see if he has enough money to complete the tower is the Gospel's wise man who knows the commands and puts them into practice. He knows how much the house will cost and he has the amount to finish it. 

     How much knowledge is needed to build our spiritual edifice that can make us worthy to have everlasting life? We need, at least, a good knowledge of the meaning of the articles of the Nicene Creed. The Apostle's Creed is insufficient. Why? The Apostles Creed does not have a very important element of Catholic belief, i.e. the four visible signs of the true Church of Christ. So most Catholics cannot prove that they are in the true Church of Christ. While the Nicene Creed have the four visible signs. But, of course, we must know the explanations of those four signs. 

     The state of the Church. Most Catholics, including nuns, priests, bishops and cardinals, do not know how much knowledge is needed to attain everlasting life. Their knowledge is way, way down the necessary requirement. Even Pope Francis have a below- the necessary- level knowledge for salvation. Most Catholics have a knowledge equivalent only to the level of Protestantism. They, indeed, have a little knowledge of Catholic doctrines but it is not sufficient to finish building the house.
     The reason for this is that; Catholic knowledge is an infuse supernatural gift from God. It cannot be attained by enrolling in a seminary. Again, it is a gift from God, attained through unceasing prayer, which nobody is doing today. Yes, people pray but not unceasingly. If man prayed as long as he watches television, he could get this infuse knowledge. 

     Second advice. 'If a king is about to march on another king to do battle with him, will he not sit down first and consider whether, with ten thousand men, he can withstand an enemy coming against him with twenty thousand?'
     If you know the way that leads to everlasting life and follow Christ in that way you should know how the road that leads to life look like. There will be smooth roads and there will be very rough and narrow roads. And there will be impassable roads. Can you survive passing those roads?
     In the last posts we saw how rough the roads could be. Christ, Himself said; your husband or wife, your brothers or sisters will actually stop you.  Your parish priest and diocesan bishop could try to stop you. Yea, even the Pope can stop you, as Pope Francis is trying to do in his 'Vultum Deum quaerere,' where he is preventing religious from reaching contemplation. Can you handle such impassable roads? If not, don't even go to battle; don't even make the journey.  
     Negotiate first so you can get the upper hand. How can you get the upper hand? Christ said; 'take your cross and follow Me.' If you don't do this, you will not survive the impassable roads. 'You cannot be My disciple.'

2. What will it cost you to attain everlasting life?
    First, Christ said; 'none of you can be my disciple if he does not renounce all his possession.' Note in the last post. You have to renounce all your possession to avoid covetousness, the vice that will allow Satan to possess you spiritually. The desire for money had given Satan the opportunity to possess the souls of most men.
     Second, Christ said; 'if anyone comes to me you must turn your back on your father and mother, your wife and children, your brothers and sisters, indeed your very self.' If you turn your back to your wife and children, it is not to look for another wife and have other someone in the Vatican is encouraging remarried people to do. St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote; to turn your back means.....if any of them tells you not to seek the kingdom of God, turn your back on them, do not obey them and unless they change, have nothing to do with them. 
     And then Christ, speedily add, 'turn your back on your own self.' Meaning; don't do anything that will not bring you to heaven. 

     This part 'turning your back' is further explained in the words; 'to take your cross and follow Me.' What does it mean to take up the cross of Christ. St. Thomas mentions two things; to carry the cross of Christ is to deny all the desires of our concupiscence, and secondly to practice the works of mercy towards our neighbour. 
     The reason why we must renounce all our possessions is to have the means to perform good works towards our neighbours. These works are well explained by St. Augustine and St. Thomas and should not be interpreted the way we want. Saving the earth is not in the lists of good work; neither is welcoming immigrants into our countries. These are just off-the- cuff comments made on a boring plane ride. 

3. Pope Francis.
     Pope Francis and many of our bishops have not told us the whole amount needed to build our spiritual edifice. Even up to now.  So we have become laughing stocks because the church is filled with unfinished structures. 
     The Church of Rome had not subsidised our journey to eternal life which she is supposed to do by the merits of the death of Christ. And instead of warning us of bad roads ahead, they had thrown obstacles on the road ahead as if we do not have enough problems, like saying that Jesus Christ is not truly present in the Holy Eucharist. Did you notice Pope Francis' insinuated this in his speech in Poland? 
     For those of us who are serious in saving our souls, what must we do? The same thing.  Since the way to everlasting life is infused knowledge given by God, let us get it from God through unceasing prayer with the aid of Divine Revelation, the the writings of the Fathers of the Church (which can be downloaded from the Internet free of charge), and, not to burden ourselves to much, add the writing of Pope Benedict.......and you will be very well on your way to everlasting life. 


 1. St. Bonaventure - state of the world.
     We shall describe the state of the world, not by gathering facts from the present but by repeating the descriptions given by the Church hundreds of years before. In effect this is a prophetic description already fulfilled in the past and which is expected to repeat today. 
     So the Church is waiting for these events. Which Church? The Church that has the four visible signs or the 15 Marks of the true Church mentioned by St. Bellarmine. 
     St. Bonaventure described these days in a enigmatic way which makes it a little difficult to understand. It was for this reason that the young Joseph Ratzinger found it challenging to base his sacerdotal thesis on the topic. And though the topic was rejected by the faculty, Ratzinger succeeded in having it accepted.
     He successfully defended his thesis,  but he was dissatisfied in not having fully understood the treatise. He was planning to continue and finish his research on Bonaventure when he was elected to the Papacy. As Pope, he was dreaming of the day he could be free to continue studying this enigmatic treatise of the Seraphic Doctor. In the monastery Mater Ecclesia he has his opportunity. And many are awaiting his latest enlightenments. 
     Are the latest comments of Archbishop Ganswain the result of Pope Benedict's continueing study on Bonaventure? It seems, because the statements are evidently the continuation of that thesis. 

2. How are these days described by St. Bonaventure? Identical to the 6th Day, i.e. Good Friday. 

    First; people will be lovers of self and lover of money, (this is followed by a long list of vices). This was first described by St. Paul in his second letter to Timothy and St. Bonaventure got his description of these days from St. Paul.   
     Loving oneself is doing one's own will.   Covetousness is a product of love of self; it develops into  love of money which is the root of all evil. This makes both people and their surroundings filled with evil.  When one is open to love of self and covetousness,  Satan is able to enter the soul freely. 
     Today, everybody is guilty of this, but more so are the very rich and the powerful. Thus the world is posed for the free entrance of Satan into their minds and hearts. 

     Secondly, Judas, definitely, love himself and loved money. For it is said that he used to get from the pouch meant for the support of the apostles. He had no love for Christ nor for the apostles. His love of self and money opened him to Satan.   
     Such people are extremely gentlemanly. No one will ever suspect that they are spiritually possessed. Humanly speaking they will be the star of the parties. Even bishops and cardinals will not be able to suspect that they, themselves,  are possessed.  They will look like sheep; but underneath they are wolves. 
     Since people of this age had been described as lovers of self and of money, Satan will not hesitate even for a second to possess them. For this reason the world today is possessed spiritually by Satan just like Judas.
     Thirdly, being possessed by Satan they know they will end up with Satan in hell. So all their activities will consist in obeying Satan whose only desire is to bring souls to hell. So people today i.e. from Hollywood to the Bishop's conferences, are aiming at drawings souls with them to hell. 

     Fourthly, the devil's and the possessed person's most  potent weapon to force souls to deny Christ is death.  Everybody fears death, even the good and the saints. Except saints are able to overcome the fear of death, But most people, since they are not saints, fear death. So they will do anything to avoid death. Threaten them with death if they do not deny Christ and they will deny Christ without a second thought. 
      Persons spiritually possessed by the devil are cold blooded killers. The will kill anybody for no reason.  All the more they will kill if they can get some advantage in doing so, like  earn a fortune. They kill, not because they have the freedom to kill. They do not have. They can only kill if God allows them;  these possessed persons do not know that. Nevertheless they  will threaten people in the hope they will apostatised. Whether the victim will be killed or not is in God's hand, not in the killer's hands.
     Thus the Jews, led by the Pharisees, Scribes and the High priest went about coldly murdering Christ. The killers were made up of the laymen, the pagan civil authorities, the state officials, the Roman soldiers, the priests, the bishops, the cardinals and the high priest, the Pope.

     Fifthly, another signature trait of one spiritually possessed by the devil is that they are liars. The devil is the 'father of liars.' This is more manifest in Politicians; they will lie, they will promise, they will threaten, they will bribe to get what they want.
     Sixthly, their goal had always been to get what they want. By this time, what the devil wants and what they want are identical. This is the essence of 'original sin,' the first sin used by Lucifer that caused the fall of man. Now, they will not, only, do what they want. They will force others to do what they want. So the Christian who wants to do God's Will  becomes out of place in this world that wants to do, only, what it wants. 
     So, as the Book of Revelation states, the true Christian community will leave the Satan-filled world and go to a place specially prepared by God for them to safely stay. Of course, the beast will still try to drown the Church in the desert but God will protect her by opening the earth to swallow the waters of destruction. Thus, the 'new' evangelisation of Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI consist in guiding the people of God into the 'mystical' desert; this is essentially different from all the other evangelisations described today by both Pope Francis and most Bishop's conferences. John Paul II and Benedict's evangelisation is akin to St. John the Baptist; it consist in bringing souls to the desert to point where Jesus is. Thus Pope John XXIII precisely said that his Papacy and Vatican II were meant to do the job identical to St. John the Baptist. And that is to be a voice in the wilderness inviting people to go there to know Christ. That is the reason Rocalli took the name Pope John. That goal was completed with the Papacy of Benedict XVI.  

3. Where do we place Pope Francis.
    First, Pope Francis said he will do what he wants regardless of what others say. He calls these 'non-negotiable items.' This is love of self. And he accompanies this  with  his love in entertaining very wealthy personalities who donates large amount of money like George Soros. To receive donations to obey God's command is praise worthy; but to receive donations from Soros to further the agenda of his 'open society foundation' for the advancement of abortion world wide and the suppression of religious freedom is devilish. Thus, the big joke is that Hilary Clinton and Pope Francis are just pawns of George Soros with pictures to prove it.  
     Secondly, because of his love for self by doing his own will in disobedience to God's will, and selling his loyalties for a prize, he had shown the vice of covetousness.
     Thirdly, having the same disposition as Judas, he opens himself to being spiritually possessed by Satan; signs he had even while in Argentina with his heresy of indifferentism. Spiritually possessed like Judas, who like him was a bishop who turned traitor, his agenda had been to encourage people to disobey God's command. 
     Fourthly, he had threatened the good bishops and priest they would be fired or demoted if they do not tow the line. 
     Fifthly, he lies in that he says souls no longer go to hell, that unbelievers can go to heaven, that the sins that cry up to heaven are no longer causing anyone to cry up to heaven, that marriage is no longer indissoluble, that the rosary is a waste of time, that capital punishment is unCatholic, that saving the environment is a work of mercy (never!!) and that babies are causing global warming. 
     Sixthly, and he forcing everybody to believe what he believes and to do what he wants; completely disregarding what God believes and what God wants. 
     He is not different from Obama, Hilary Clinton and George Soros. This reminds me of Robert Benson's 'Lord of the World' where his character Father Francis, a apostate Catholic priest was a lackey of the President of the U.S. and anti-Christ, Felsenburgh. And he is using his papacy to force the Catholic Church to do what he wants, rather than what God wants. And what he wants were contrary to what God wants. His 'Vultum Deum quaerere' is completely contrary to the asceticism of religious life. That exhortation will not bring any religious near his goal of Charity. It will make all religious worldly, lover of self and of money, thus disposed, also, to be spiritually possessed by Satan. 

4. Pope Francis is Father Francis in 'Lord of the World.'
    Let us go back to Good Friday and look at these two little details regarding Caiaphas and Judas. The former was an Old Testament figure while Judas was a New Testament figure. Both were figures of a present Pope that will be high priest like Caiaphas and a bishop like Judas. 

     John 11 verse 51 states; 'He, (Caiaphas) did not say this on his own, but as high priest that year he prophesied that Jesus would die for the Jewish nation. 
     Look at Caiaphas and what he said. He did not say it of himself. He prophesied. He was describing his future deed.
    Let us look at Pope Francis, in a plane ride from the Philippines,  
he quotes Benson's prophetic novel and encourages other to read it.
He did not say the contents of the book of himself. Yet the book was talking about himself. 
     Pope Francis was Father Francis, the apostate Catholic priests in cahoot with Felsemburgh, president of the U.S. and perceived ruler of the world and the anti-Christ. Both were out to destroy the Catholic Church as Caiaphas was out to kill Christ in collusion with the Roman civil authority. Pope Francis was not prophesying on his own. The author Benzon was prophesying while Pope Francis was pointing at the contents of the prophesy; which is, that there will be an anti-pope that will work with the powerful anti-christ to destroy the Mystical Body of Christ. There we have the whole of Good Friday re-enacted today, year 2016. The state of the world today is like Good Friday.

     The ancient Catholic Church had been waiting for Good Friday to be relived today. Today, the 6th day, we have the Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ undergoing a crucifixion. We have the secular head of all nations, like the U.S., pre-figured by Rome  involved in the crucifixion. We have Pope Francis, cardinals and bishops as the main mover for the crucifixion. And we have a high priest pre-figured by Caiaphas, making the prophecy using the words of Benzon, that there will be an anti-pope that is influenced by the U.S. president.  Satan had spiritually possessed the crowd that day, both the Jews, the Pharisees, Scribes and the Romans.
     If the world is filled with evil spirits what do we do? As the Apocalypse says; follow the Woman with twelve stars into the desert where God had prepared a special place for them. Where they shall be protected against the attacks of the devil.