Saturday, July 30, 2016

ONLY ONE WAR IS GOING ON - Message for Poland.

   1. There is only one war that is going on.
       It is the eternal war that begun in Paradise and will end only at the end of the world. This is the war between good and evil. On the side of good is God who will always win. On the side of evil is the devil who will eventually be completely defeated.
       And God had placed man in between to test him; which side he will take. Upon his choice God will judge him; either he deserves to be with God for all eternity or be condemned with the devils in hell.
       This eternal war had taken many forms. St. James wrote; it could be in the form of a civil war, a global war, a gang war or just simply a spat between husband and wife. But it is the same war whose origin is from the evil in the hearts of man; the war between good and evil, both of which is in the heart of man.  Its more evident form is the war of religions where closer logical examination will show, according to St. Paul, that it is between God and the devils. 
       What Pope Francis said in Poland is confusing in that he denies  that there is a war of religions going on. But that the 'wars are only about money, resources and dominion.'  It should be the other way around. That wars on money, resources and dominion are basically wars between good and evil; a test by which man is made to choose and upon which his very salvation depends. 
       This is most evident in Poland. A nation racked with wars, evidently between the forces of evil against the Catholic Faith of the nation. This had been the test of their people; will they continue to serve God or will they serve the devil who use terrorize them with the force of arms.
        The devil's usual weapon is terrorism; the threat to life, the most precious thing for man. The test is obvious. Christ said; 'he who loves his life will lose it. But he who hates his life for My sake will save it.' And Christ continued; 'do not fear those who can kill the body but cannot touch the soul. Fear Him who can kill both the body and soul.' And Poland had just passed through that trial with the help of their own countryman Pope John Paul II. 
        Though this weapon was found effective by the devil, he found another more effective weapon. And this is sweet heresy. Heresies are sweet candies, nice to the taste of one's concupiscence, nice for the passions and according to one's personal desires. It is the classical 'forbidden fruit' which was nice to the eyes and the taste. This, definitely, is more effective. Even man when he possessed grace, knowledge and wisdom while in Paradise fell for it and ate it. 

2.  The strategy of each side. 
     The strategy of the good had been the same from the beginning up to now. Know what God had revealed as found in Scriptures and as interpreted by the Fathers of the Church. And as proposed by the Magisterium of the Church (keeping in mind what is the Magisterium). There should be absolutely no change to that strategy. It is still the same strategy up to now. Changes are detrimental to this strategy because it will cause confusion.
     The strategy of the evil had been the same from the beginning up to now. It is to mix a lot of the strategy of the good and then insert just one or two evil items among the good. The evil will corrupt all the good and transform everything into evil. This is what makes the evil difficult to discern. Because all the good must be known to detect the small evil that can destroy the whole. Heresy, mixed with the good, is almost impossible to detect. 
     The syllabus of error cannot be detected among the many lawful and unlawful things in the world. Even bishops and priest cannot detect them. How much more the laity.
      Pope Francis and his Vatican bureaucracy had been doing this lately, specially in better Catholic nations like Mexico and now Poland. It is a suspicious attempt to sound reconciliatory but it is a basket of fruits and flowers with one hidden asp in it. He begins to praise the Catholic roots of Poland, how she withstood the Communist regimes. Then he inserts impurities in the Docat just as his man Schonborn inserted heresies in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the YouCat of the last WYD. And now that again. All are errors concerning Matrimony and Family Planning.
     And even before the  arrival of Pope Francis, the Polish bishops already warned him that they would not follow his suggestions on the remarried receiving Holy Communion. So Pope Francis suggested again to the youth about messing things up and opening up to what is evil. And, of course, the opening of borders to migrants of a religions that is so opposed to the Catholic Church. As usual he was giving the impression that these are Catholic Doctrines. Many of the denizens of the School of Bologna with their heretical hermeneutics of discontinuity condemned by Pope Benedict XVI were guests speakers. 

3. Of course.
    Then there is the usual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  Compare that to the WYD in Spain when Pope Benedict and the youth knelt down silently in the mud under the the one in Poland where there seems to be a party going on in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  Of course, that is nothing compared to the International Eucharistic Congress in the Philippines where the speakers did not  even believe in the Holy Eucharist. 

4. Men possessed by the devil.
    The message in Poland is to open up. This is an invitation to the devil to come in. It was what happened to Judas. He was open. And without his permission 'Satan entered into him.' And nobody could exorcise him because he had an open invitation to Satan.
     In Catholic asceticism, we must be careful on what enters our senses. What enter the senses that are always open, like sight, hearing, smell, etc..are registered in the mind. Having gained entrance into our minds, it is easy for the free will to consent to whatever sinful things that have entered the mind. 
     The idea is to prevent evil things to reach the free will. But how can that be done if it is already in the mind which exist side by side with the free will. So the wiser thing to do is to prevent evil things even to enter the mind. And this is done through the ascetical practice called 'custody of the eyes.' But the more complete practice is to live the monastic life where all the senses are controlled so that sources of sin that enter the senses are brought to the minimum. 
     But in the WYD in Poland, with a course on sex, where everyone is encouraged to open up to everything including evil, to the hearing of heresies and error, and the presence of delegates from very permissive societies .....the experience is not an encounter with Christ, as Cardinal Tagle hoped it was. It is an encounter with a sinful world and the possible possession by Satan.
     The world does not believe in God,  shown by the lack of the gift 'fear of the Lord.' There is no fear to disobey God. So everyone is doing what he wants and saying what he wants. Even if they go against the teachings and commandments of God. Just look at the prevailing issue of the remarried. That is against the teachings and the commandments of God as clearly expressed in Divine Revelation with threats of condemnation attached to it.  Yet it is being forced on all the bishops conferences by the Vatican team. 
     People act as if there is no hell or at least that God sends no one to hell. Oh, by the way Pope Francis said that following some Jesuit theologians. 

5. On whose side.
    When we look at what happened in Poland, we see the eternal war raging, as it is raging in elections going on around the world, as it is raging in every parish and diocese, as it is happening even in sport events. It is raging everywhere in the tiniest nook in the world. As Pope Paul VI just confirmed; 'Satan is around and have entered the Church.'  And the choice is between God and Satan. 
    Did you think Satan was not in Poland during WYD? No one was looking.  He was more in Poland than in France considering the Catholicity of the two nations. But when people don't fear God, they would not know who is with them, God or the devil. And many participants were not Polish. They were from countries with lax morality.
     The eternal war was raging in Poland during WYD as in any day. There are two sides. Who is in what side? Those who know their Divine Revelation and the Fathers can answer that. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT - A last chance for salvation.

 1. God, in His goodness have given man many opportunities to be saved. His Divine Revelation is His ordinary means by which man can be saved. And when man deviates from His way, God gives him chastisements, like illnesses, storms, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, set him back in the straight way. One of these is capital punishment. 

     The topic on Capital Punishment is, again, becoming a hot topic. Why? Because Pope Francis wants it abolished and some bishops agree with Pope Francis, like the Philippines Bishop's Conference. On the other hand the President of the Philippines is in favour of it. And we published a post that the secular President was right while the Pope and the Bishops are wrong. Capital punishment has great spiritual benefits both for the criminal and the rest of the people. 
       The CBCP had just come out with a 'Thou shall not kill' movement. But God, Himself said, that capital punishment is the exception to that command. 

2. Lets look at the details involved.
    The first question we should answer is; 'whether the Catholic Church allows Capital Punishment?' The answer is 'Yes.' Since the beginning of Christianity up to Pope Benedict's time, yes. Pope John Paul slightly toned it down but Pope Benedict restored it to its original purity of doctrine. Pope Francis publicly announced he wants it abolished. Is Pope Francis abolishing capital punishment as a personal belief or as a teaching of the Catholic Church?
     If it is as a teaching of the Catholic Church, which it is, he cannot abolish it. As a Catholic he cannot abolish it based on personal belief because that would be a sin of infidelity.  If it is a Catholic teaching,  then as Pope, he must observe it and impose it in the Church. Even at this point, Pope Francis and, as far as I know, the Catholic Bishop's conference of the Philippines are both wrong to forbid the state to do it.  The fifth commandment has an exception. That exception is; 'under certain conditions, the state may kill, like in a just war.'

     If both Pope Francis and the CBCP  are pursuing the abolition of capital punishment, they are committing another sin beside going against God's command. They are, as bishops and Pope,  proclaiming that the abolition of capital punishment is a Catholic Doctrine, which it is not. As Pope and as bishops they are giving the impression that what they are saying is Catholic doctrine; this is  a deception. 

     The president of the CBCP is, also giving the impression that that decision is the unanimous  decision of the Bishop's conference; when in truth the rest of the bishops know nothing about it and had informed the president to keep quiet and stop annoying the newly elected President with publicity stunts. So there is a second deception in giving the impression that all the Bishops agree to the movement 'thou shall not kill.'

3. Why do they do this?
     For pure P.R. To receive a Nobel prize, to be popular, to appear as a defender of the human race rather than a defender of God's teachings or just to please the Pope who hold the same error.  It is staying in the natural level just like politicians. Their actions are clearly staged.

4. How do we know that a truth is a Catholic truth? Because God, Himself, said it in the Old Testament. It is repeated by Christ in the new Testament. It is, further, repeated as such by the Fathers of the Church. And all the Popes through all the centuries from St. Peter to Pope Benedict XVI had confirmed it. Truths cannot be changed.
     But since Vatican II a group had been planning to, in fact, change the Church by changing her teachings. And the moment they took over they begun changing the rules on divorce, the rules on receiving Holy Communion, the meaning of transubstantiation, .....and now they want to abolish that great aid to repentance and salvation, Capital punishment. 

     Let see what God taught about it. In Genesis "Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed." St. Paul reminds us of the God-given right of the state to inflict capital punishment 'the state does not bear the sword in vain but is the servant of God to execute His wrath on the wrongdoer." St. Clement of Alexandria wrote; " when one falls into any incurable will be for his good if he is put to death. The benefits for other people, St. Augustine wrote, is that 'the living were struck with a salutary fear. And Jerome ends by saying; 'he who slays cruel men is not cruel.'
     St. Thomas of Aquinas, St. Robert Bellarmine and St. Alphonsus of Liguori explains its purpose which is retributive justice and deterrent for others. Pope Pius XII summarised the stand of the church; 'it is reserved to the public authority to deprive the criminal of the benefit of life when already, by his crime, he has deprived himself of the right to live.' 
     It is not the state nor the church that deprive the criminal  his life. It is the criminal, himself, who has deprived, himself, the right to continue living. 

     Pope Francis has, not only, contradicted Scriptures, the Fathers and the previous Popes, by saying erroneously that capital punishment is intrinsically immoral. He even created a commission to change the Catechism of the Catholic Church to forbid capital punishment. That would be going against Catholic teachings. 

5. The Charity in Capital punishment. 
     All the teachings of the Catholic Church is based on Love of God and love of neighbour. Anyone who goes against this teaching does not love God and does not love his neighbour. "If you love Me, keep My commandments."
     A murderer has disobeyed God's command. As such he deserves eternal condemnation in hell. Charity obliges us all to do something to prevent him from going to hell. The only thing that can help him is for him to repent.
     To repent he must first know the grievousness of his sin. A murderer has killed someone with the image and likeness of God. That is very serious. He did not kill a cat. If the criminal kills a man and thinks he has just killed a cat, he will never repent because he does not know his sin. Look at the abortionist and the terrorist. They really think they are just disposing blobs and shooting cats. They will never repent. You must know your sin.
      A sentence of death will be a very big help to make them think. Why are they going to execute me? What have I done? He alone can find out the reason. I have killed someone with the image of God. It is an affront to God, Himself. Death row, like a monastic cell will be the best ambiance for him to make the right conclusions. 
     Those abolishing capital punishment is depriving them of these last chance to repent. They will never repent roaming free in the city. Pope Francis and the bishops, in their wrong sense of mercy, want them to continue enjoying the world for a few years but suffer for all eternity in the fires of hell. Call that charity?
      Realising they have killed someone in the image and likeness of God is difficult enough for Catholics, how much more for non-Catholics.  Yet they still need to be sorry for their crime; which they will never do if released from prison. They still have to make reparation for their sin of murder. How do you make reparation for a life loss? Impossible. It has to be a life for a life. A thinking prisoner should see that his salvation is now impossible considering what he has done. 
     Seeing the enormity of his sin, sorry for having committed it, willing to pay life for life, he become willing to die as payment for the life he has taken. That is repentance. Whether he is executed or not becomes immaterial. He has repented and he can be free from the eternal fires of hell. This would not have happened if capital punishment is abolished.
     If in spite of all these, if he still remains unrepentant, then the world would be a better place without him. 

     Capital punishment is an aid to repentance; just like monastic life, like religious life, like good parents, like the Church. They are all aids to salvation. Take off capital punishment you deprive criminals their last hope for salvation. And that is what the Pope and the Bishops want?  They are not helping the good guys; and they are not helping the bad guys. Does the President of the country have to do their job considering how busy he is?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


  1. Is it being done out of ignorance or intentionally?
      What is going on is hard to understand.   But it looks like it is being done very thoroughly and intentionally.  What must one do in his attempt to destroy the Catholic Church. 

  2.  His FIRST MOVE  must be directed towards Catholics who are not really Catholic but who do not know it,  due to ignorance of their catechism.   Since they are still outside the Church, he will prevent them from entering the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church,  by teaching that the true Church had collapsed. To prove it he will tear down the doctrine on the three main structures of the Catholic Church, the theological virtues. And he will say; 'see, the church is no more. So we have to construct a new one.'
     Of course, all of these  are just in his imagination.
     It will be easy for him to do this because he and his co-horts do not really have the three structures of the Church, they not being real Catholics. 
     He will nullify the ancient process of evangelisation by dumping the Apostolic Commission Christ gave the apostles as described at the last chapter of Matthew's Gospel. Then he will introduce a new way of entering the church that is similar to entering a dance hall and call it 'evangelii gaudium.' Nice shell but empty of contents. 
       The directions given in 'Evangelii Gaudium' is  an entirely new road map, new street names and new address leading towards a Protestant neighbourhood. 

   3. SECOND MOVE. The first move had frozen every one in their status quo.  Because everyone have lost their address of the Church (lost the four visible signs of the Church and how to enter the Church through repentance, Faith, Hope and Charity) so no one is moving. Everyone is in the state of  static infidelity, as Blessed John Newman described the present age.
        a.) Everyone is frozen; adulterers in their adultery, Protestants in their Protestantism, Atheist in their atheism, gay in being gay, transvestites in their being transvestites, pagans in their being pagans. And the destroyer will now worsen their situation by encouraging them to unworthily receive Holy Communion. 
         b ). Religious orders that are no longer Catholic because they do not have the four visible signs and have lost the spirit of their original founders continue to have Mass and receive Holy Communion in the deplorable state of their souls thus become worse. 
          c.) Secular institutes, like the Opus Dei and Catechumenate, because their knowledge  of doctrine and morals were never perfected, begun to deteriorate when they lost their founder. While other groups, because they were founded by mere laymen, also, because they never developed a perfect Faith, deteriorated keeping in mind; 'he who does not progress.... regresses.' 
     This, also, were open to getting worse because of the prevailing confusion in the Church. Here, also, are included the parishes and dioceses with their respective parish priest and bishops whose spiritual state became worse due to erratic Papal exhortations.  
         d.) Bishops were organised into Synods so they can cut themselves away from the main head and become independent which will make them loss their Unity, thus losing the visible Mark of the Church. With this lost they ceased to be the True Church. 
          e.)The destruction of the family at the Bishop Synod's of 2015. With this, parent became incapable of training their children to sanctity. So no decent soul was entering seminaries or religious orders;  Catholic organisations became purely social inter-personal meetings. 
          f.) to ascertain that these stagnant groups do not move forward and progress, the office of the Curia were filled with thugs to use strong arms tactic to discourage any one who tried to be holy. 

     With these acts of destruction,  nobody was entering the Catholic Church.  Nobody could enter the Church because nobody knew where was the Church and where was the door. Or as Hilaire Belloc wrote; they did not know the number of house, nor the name of the street. Such people as described above had no possibility of salvation because they did not know where  the Church was and they did not know where  the door of the Church was and how to enter the door.

     In the first and second move, we saw how the destroyer is able to completely prevent those who are outside the Church to enter the true Church. The next target of the destroyer are those who are still outside the Church but are progressing towards the true Church. They are not quite inside but they are in the right direction.
     The destroyer will try to confuse them or distract them so they will lose the right direction.
     These who are in the right direction will take only a short while and they will certainly enter the Catholic Church and acquire the four visible Marks of the Church described in the Nicene Creed. Who are these?
     a. Those in the right direction leading  to the Catholic Church are; the Society of Pius X, the Orthodox, the Coptics, the Anglican High Church, etc.
         Also, at the eye sight of the destroyer, are nations who do not have the three theological virtues yet but who have simple Faith; like Mexico, Poland, Japan, Korea and the  Philippines. They are being targeted with Papal visits and their Bishop's conference are being pressured to join the heresy of the hermeneutic of discontinuity that holds that the Apostolic Church had  discontinued and, therefore, the new church is the new Protestant Church made by the Gaelen Mafia and assembled in Argentina.  
     The International Eucharistic Congress in Cebu is an example. A seemingly Catholic nation holds a Eucharistic Congress in Cebu and the main speakers are known in the world for not believing in the transubstantiation of the Sacred Species. Their workshop was directed towards the complete destruction of the Liturgy of the Mass presented  to Pope Francis for approval by the now famous Pope Francis clones.
     b. The next target of the destroyer are those attempting to return to the spirit of their founders; because all orders have betrayed the spirit of their founders. They are no longer as their founders meant them to be. 
          Some of these recall how the Church looked like during the time of their founders. They recall where the door was and how to enter the door.  
          They only lack the wedding garment necessary to attend the banquet. They are  in the right direction, like the Franciscans of Fr Manelli. They were still far from approaching the Church's door being a new order but they are very well on the right way. They just needed time to finish the 'following of Christ' and some peace necessary to accomplish this. Peace??? The destroyer knows he must take away their peace.
        Those going in the right direction should be stopped. Commissars are sent to suppress them, disband them, forbid them from doing the right things.  Somebody certainly does not want them to go to heaven and the suppressive measures are unbelievable. But since God does not sleep, the Commissar died but another immediately replaced him to continue the suppression in  their attempts to be holy.
     Good bishops, also,  who clearly lead others to the truth will be fired or demoted or  silenced, like Cardinals Burke and Muller.

5. The FOURTH MOVE of the destroyer.  The real and ultimate target of the destroyer is the new monastic community described by St. Bonaventure and repeated by Pope Benedict. It is the sole product of the 'new' evangelisation of Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI.' It is not the popular new evangelisation acclaimed world wide. 
     The target  is the Apocalyptic Woman who fled to the desert. The Book of Revelation states that the devil will flood the desert to 'destroy this Woman,' which is the unique Church of these times. But he will not be able, not even, to touch her. The devil's flood may harm all the rest but not this Marian Church, described by Pope Paul VI. Because God, Himself, will put the Church in a place specially prepared by Him.

6. 'Vultum Dei Quaerere' is a beautiful phrase. It is found in the Psalms. It is the soul's quest to do God's Will and attain everlasting life. And Christ left three images to satisfy man's quest for His face. Each one reflecting the state of one's soul. One, is the image in the sudarium of Oviedo in Spain. The second is the image in the shroud of Turin, Italy. And the third is the Image of Manopello in a Franciscan convent. These are the images of the true face of Christ. But the quest of the soul is an image meant not for the eyes but for the mind and heart. The sight of it is a sign of predestination of those dedicated to doing the Will of God will all their heart, with all their mind and with all their strength.
     The exhortation 'Vultum Dei quaerere' is doing one's will and inserting them surreptitiously in the way of life of contemplatives. It is the destruction of the activity of Mary sitting at the foot of Christ. It is sitting at the foot of one's concupiscence and see how it can be called the will of God. It is not even being a Martha who was serving Christ. It is serving adulterers, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, pagan religions, atheists, transgenders, transexuals, sad old men and unemployed youth, pagan immigrants, and one's passions and concupiscence. Is that serving Jesus Christ? The exhortation is exhorting contemplatives to serve St. Augustine's City of men which Jesus, Himself said,  was the kingdom of Lucifer. 

     This spiritual genocide is not man's doing. Man simply placed himself  in these situation by his bad dispositions. But  the director of the whole show is God. It is Good Friday, again, as described by St. Bonaventure. Pope Benedict knows this, being his thesis as a young priest. Like St. Peter on that day he must be in hiding. It is Mary and John, the contemplatives who are present in the Passion and, thus,  the target of 'Vultum Dei Quaerere.' The message is; 'Abandon the suffering Christ! Take care of the unemployed and the migrant. And teach the youth at WYD in Poland how to think like transgenders, as planned by the organisers. '
     That is no Mary nor is it Martha. It is a return to man in the stark ugliness of his fallen human nature. But this time, there will be no redemption nor salvation.......only the merciless judgment of God. 

8. Archbishop Ganswain, surely influenced by the vast knowledge of Emeritus Pope Benedict, had been speaking. And there is almost total black out on what he is saying. As usual people are afraid of the truth. 
     Considering the influence of Pope Benedict on him, he must be saying very important things pertaining to the present situation in the Church.
    But, of course, he cannot speak freely as we do in the Internet, because of Vatican protocol. He cannot speak openly. So we must read between the lines and find out what are his insinuations.
     Among the many things that he had said, he mentioned, lately,  the Prophecy of Malachi, a pamphlet many had discredited for no valid reason. But as Pascal would wisely say; 'what if he is right.' If St. Malachi was right, then the present situation in the Church does not fit the prophecies. 
     Since prophecies can only be understood when it is actually happening we are at an advantage that the  certain prophecies are happening right now, at this very moment. And for the whole situation happening in the Church to fit the grand picture painted by the prophetic sayings, there is only one thing that we can conclude. The destroyer, long awaited by the Catholic Church and whom God will personally throw to hell, is here. 
     He fits, in Malachi's list, in between Pope Benedict and Peter Romanus. 



Monday, July 25, 2016


 1. An ominous sign
     What is it?  It is observing actual events. Which cannot be understood.  It enters the mind out of control like a huge wave, slowly ebbing in from nowhere. As if it has a mind of its own. 
    And there is a feeling of evil in the atmosphere like fog setting in. 
     It is like a portrait in 10 Commandments, when a black cloud came down from the sky, slowly hovered at ground level and slowly chose the house of the Egyptians, entered each house and slew all the first born. 
     Then for a moment, the scene showed the sounds of lament amidst the silence of the night as the atmosphere remain covered with a dark ominous cloud. It is something like that.

     Ominous signs, because it cannot be understood, fall under intuition. It is like a mother's reaction to certain irrational movement in a child that tells her that the child wants milk. While the mother reacts to such intuitions, the husband does not notice it at all. So ominous signs are perceived by some but not by others. 

2.  Something similar to the last US election. 
      The behaviour of the American people was so contrary to US behaviour. A racist nation begun looking up to a black Kenyan with absolutely no background and elects him into office twice. 
     Pictured a Superman and occasionally as the Messiah, Americans flocked to him like flies towards honey; behaving like Zombies or the march of the dead towards the cliff, so uncontrollably.
     They elected him twice though most of their privileges and rights were being taken away from them.  The very President of Russia warned Americans that they were descending to total totalitarianism worst that what Russia underwent. No one heeded Putin. What is going on? Good question. But no one could give an answer because you must know Catholic prophesies, like what happened in Egypt,  to know the answer. Today, we are the Egyptians. We are not the chosen race. 

 3. The greatest attack on the Catholic Church ever in her history with the force of the entire American government. Never seen before. With American foreign policy geared to destroy the Catholic Church everywhere she is, by choosing and changing governments that would precisely destroy the Church. This is obvious everywhere the American government set foot. From Cuba to the Philippines, from Viet Nam to Irag,  from Egypt to Syria. The ultimate target was the destruction of the Catholic Church.  But it is a spiritual attack by spiritual forces of evil.  So, like the dark cloud that night in Egypt, nobody can see it. Definitely not by the press.     

4. The announcement on the new Pope was accompanied by such a feeling.  The delay, the somber entrance and joyless greeting.  Then the seemingly black curtain as if blown by a strong wind that block the whole screen for a few seconds. 'What was that?' was the common exclamation. 
     A journalist was bothered by that scenario and many months after (it even seem years after), he wrote a column describing this difficult to understand scene. He asked the readers if they could explain what happened that day. A long list of reply came in; all of them could not explain what was happening but all felt it to be an ominous sign that caused some stomach discomfort.
     I, myself cried out 'what was that?' and my companions watching the 'annuntio gaudium magnum.....' had the same question.  

     Two years after, news begun coming out about the happenings on that day that raised doubts at the election of Pope Francis focused on the long delay in coming out which was supposed to be the time he was making the Papal oath; which he will completely violate even at the very beginning of his papacy.
       A cursory conversation about  the papal visits and strange feelings by Philippine diplomatic officials raised the question; how come everybody felt a holy presence in the previous Popes, like John Paul II and Benedict XVI but this was totally absent in the presence of Pope Francis? There was a perception of the holiness of the office. But the person of Pope Francis was  like just meeting a screen star. Of course, as usual, it is the women who had the better identical intuition,  the sisters, who are the latest target of Pope Francis' alteration to serve the City of men.

5.  What is going on?
     Looking today at Pope Francis' 'Vultum Dei Quaerere,' his latest Apostolic exhortation on women religious and looking back at the first day of his papacy, one cannot help thinking that Pope Francis is out to destroy the Catholic Church. All the proofs are from his own words, actions and specially on the persons he appoints to high office and persons he fires or demotes. Further proofs are from the kinds of people he entertains and the people he refuses completely to see.

6.    The destruction of the Catholic Church.
    Here are the actual events that led to that ominous feeling. It all begun with Vatican II. The violent conflict between two groups; one, fighting to keep the Faith with historians enumerating their names, like Ottaviani, and the other who wanted to introduce a completely new church that will, still, be developed impromptu as month progressed, led the modernist and school of Bologna.
     After Vatican II the tension remained but  went underground, like guerrillas, waiting for their opportunity. So everything looked peaceful on the outside of the Church. Even the Liturgy was smooth sailing. Then the iconic lightning that struck St. Peters and the even thunderous stepping down of Pope Benedict. After that, it was Pandora's box thrown wide open. 

7. The beginning of the infiltration of the beast in the womb of the church. 
   I once saw an illuminated manuscript  with a disturbing picture of a woman with a monster sticking out of her vagina. It was, indeed, a gruesome and disturbing picture. A great mass of excrement adhered to the head of the beast. And it raised itself up upon a mountain and tried to ascend the height of Heaven. The phallic ear of the monster was erect for penetration. It was grotesque. The picture was so disturbingly pornographic. But it was from a religious illuminated manuscript usually used for holy writings. And it was, in fact, a holy book about a holy topic. The woman was the Blessed Virgin Mary, the personification of the Catholic Church.
    With this in mind these events begun to unfold in the Catholic Church.

     It begun with the coming out of the new Pope, Francis. Cardinal Daneels was on his left beaming with victory. It was their time. The Galaen Mafia who could not change the Church during Vatican II, but now have their Pope and now will have their day. It was a proclamation victory picture there in the loggia. 
     Almost immediately Pope Francis tore down the whole structure of the Catholic Church in his first highly published and media praised speech on 'love without dogmas.' It was love without any of the three theological virtues. It was a totally unCatholic and unChristian love. It was worst than Freudian 'Id.' And nobody, not a bishop, priest or theologian commented on it. A heresy was in the headline and not one member of the Catholic Church made any comment. It showed more the state of the Church than the state of the Pope. Or rather, the Pope was reflecting the state of the Church. Both had neither Faith nor Charity.
     With the three main structures of the Church (the three theological virtues) taken out it was easy to take out the other small pieces. The dogmatic and moral small pieces of matrimony, the real presence in the Host, chastity, celibacy, and suddenly every conceivable sin was allowed with the reason that the Good God will not send anyone to hell. 
     Good priests, good bishops, good religious orders were all thrown at the margins of society while the perverts at the margins were allowed in.  The Curia was reformed alright. Weird people like erotic buddhist, experts in kissing, samba bishops, and pure heretics were placed in high places. The second to the last good bishops, Muller,  was just taken away from the CDF and the last good bishop in the Curia, Sarah,  had his hands tied. Schonborn, chairman of the Vatican II catechism filled with errors and Madariaga, the samba bishop now hold top curial offices. The Curia had become, completely,  the house of those who wanted to change the Church of Christ into a church of the world and according to one's caprice. 
     The nuns in the bus are entertained and the nuns in the contemplative convents were told to serve the world whose prince is Lucifer. And the Curia have set their eyes on someone who will see to it that this change is permanent and that there is no returning to the Church of Christ and the apostles.......the cardinal from the Philippines. Should I take that as a compliment?
     The dismantling of all the small pieces of the Catholic Church continuous; and because they are small pieces nobody is noticing it.  The Liturgy and the celebration of the Sacraments had been so changed that it seems they don't work. Even the Exorcists think that the new formula of exorcism is laughed at by the devils. 
     Groups who have some semblance of Catholicity, like the Lefebreve and the Orthodox Church, are being invited to be suck into this whirlpool of insanity while solidly Catholic communities are being suppressed by Vatican Commissars. 
     From Pope Francis down to many Cardinals, bishops and priests.......they have become that sexual monster that attacked the sexual organ of the woman, the Catholic Church, in a posture of penetrating her vagina to produce sexual subversive and criminal foetuses in the very heart and womb of Mother Church herself. As the illustrated manuscript shows, the monster is sticking out of the sexual organ for all to see; that is why we can describe it above. 

8. What is this ominous sign? This pornographic picture !
     It is the vision of a saintly Benedictine nun of the 11th century, praised by Pope John Paul II and raised by Pope Benedict as a doctor of the Church. It was her vision of the violent hybridized rape of the Catholic Church  by her own Ecclesiastical ministers with their vile lust and shameful blasphemy infused by the long awaited anti-christ.
     St Hildegard described this beast as attached to the very centre of the Church, inside her, taking over her womb thus corrupting her mission of saving souls and producing countless corrupt offsprings, the fruit of its rape. 
     And this all present, pornographic ominous sign is all around today. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time - OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN

 1. The Liturgy of the Mass.
     It is through the Liturgy that Holy Mother the Church teaches us the complete teachings of Jesus Christ. Every Sunday, from Advent up to Christ the King, all the truths of Divine Revelation are taught to us in the Liturgy, gradually, from what is easy going on to the more difficult teachings and instruction is complete by the Feast of Christ the King. In one LiturgicalYear, either A, B or C, any Catholic can learn the complete teachings of summary form. 
     As we go to the next cycle, though the Gospels are almost identical, there should be a deeper understanding of the teachings of Christ. And as we go through many years, one's knowledge should really go deeper. There is no end to how deep we can understand the teachings of Christ considering the fact that these are eternal truths. So there is no end to understanding them.

     A great help, of course, is the priest celebrating Mass. Though he is only a mouth piece of the real Priest, Jesus Christ, it is a great help if he can teach the truths as intended by Holy Mother the Church. Teaching them gradually, in proper order and showing the continuity between each Gospel. Ideally, he should be able to start teaching with the simplest truth then go forever deeper and deeper in teaching that parish. If he does this, a stay of three years could transform the parish into a community with the four visible marks of the true Catholic Church as enumerated in the Nicene Creed. 
     As of now, it would be very rare to find a Parish or Diocese with the four visible signs of the Catholic Church. Why? Catechesis is very defective. Parishes and Dioceses are not producing Catholics. 

2. Martha and Mary and the art of praying.
     Last Sunday we saw two sisters representing two ways of lives; the active life with Martha as a type. And the contemplative life with Mary as its type. Both of them have Faith, Hope and Charity. Except Martha's was imperfect; while Mary was near perfect (because perfection can only be attained in heaven.)
     The Gospel on Martha and Mary is a continuation of 'love of neighbour.' Both of them loved their neighbour. Martha in an imperfect way while Mary in a more perfect way. Their way of life is the proof of the level of their love of neighbour. 
     Since both of them have the theological virtues, both of them were praying. The Gospel of the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time describes how Mary was praying; what was she really doing as she sat at the feet of Christ?  She was praying contemplatively. How do you do that? St. Teresa of Avila, who is a saint who have reached the heights of prayer with St. John of the Cross wrote; 'contemplative prayer is praying the Our Father every second. And putting the words into practice every second.' Sounds simple. Well, everything in the Catholic Religion sounds simple but  quite difficult to put into practice.

3. 'Teach us how to pray.'
     The apostles were being introduced by Christ into a very new way of life based and very new doctrines. They saw the need to learn, also, a new way of praying quite different from the way they prayed in the Old Testament. So they asked Christ how is this new way of praying. How can they pray so that God will hear them and respond to their prayer? Christ said; 'when you pray say......'

4.  The Lord's prayer.
     The 'Our Father' as written by St. Matthew had seven petitions. St. Luke enumerates five petitions. The explanation of both is identical. St. Luke just compressed them into five but discussed it completely as St. Matthew did. The explanation of both Evangelist can be found in the explanation of the Fathers of the Church, like St. Augustine and Origen;  and later on by St. Thomas of Aquinas and Pope Benedict. 
     The 'Our Father' shows the seven steps of spirituality.  In the ascending order, it begins with the seventh step 'But deliver us from evil.' And goes up to the first step which is 'Our Father.' So the first step in the spiritual life is to avoid all evil thus 'deliver us from evil.' Then the final goal is that we become children of God thus we can call Him 'Our Father.'  Obviously, we cannot call God 'Our Father' as long as we are still sinners. Each step follows one another. The second follows the first, the seventh follows the sixth. We cannot skip.

5. 'And subject us not to the trial.'
     This is the last petition of the 'Our Father.' It is the first thing that we pray for as a sinner. We pray that first; God help us to stop sinning, since we cannot stop sinning without the help of grace. But then, God still continues to put us under test. These test are, intentionally, given to us by God as part of our training. Sometimes these test comes in the form of temptations. In this part of the prayer we ask God to help us pass our test or come out of our test victorious. Thus we are asking God to take us away from evil, from our enemies and from sin. 
     If God grants us this request in prayer, then we are well on the way to God and we shall not fear the devil.

6. 'For we, too, forgive all who do us wrong.'
     Since in the next ascending petition we shall be asking for the forgiveness of sin, before God forgive us our sin we must first forgive those who sin against us.
     Remember that our final goal is to receive God which symbolically is to receive the Holy Eucharist. Sometimes, we commit sin and are unable to receive Holy Communion. What can we do if there is no confession available and we want to receive Communion? Forgive all those who have offended you. This way God will forgive you your sins. Thus cleansed from your sin you can receive Holy Communion.
     Only after doing 'good works' can we implore the remission of our own sins. Since the just man sin 7 times 7 a day no one is  free from sin in a day. This, however, should not prevent us from receiving Holy Communion. St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote; 'the goodness of God takes away the severe punishment of sin if we forgive our debtors, those who injure us and have not restored what was due. 
     'As we, also forgive everyone that is indebted to us, we want God to imitate us by sharing to us the kindness we show our debtors.' This is the spirit of this portion of the prayer. 'Forgiving our debtors is the greatest cause of our greatest pardon. 
     We have few debtors. While we owe God very much. If God demands a little of what we owe we would perish. Yet He promises to forgive our many debts if we forgive the little debts of our debtors. This is the easiest and fastest way of having our sins forgiven. Most of us do not have the leisure of going to confession for the forgiveness of our sins. By the very words of Christ; forgiving our debtors as mentioned in the 'Our Father' is a very good substitute. Just be sure you forgive all your debtors permanently. 

7. 'Forgive us our sins.'
     This petition is for the removal of evil of guilt. Sins are debts . When we sin we owe God, thus we must pay back. If we have gotten something unjustly since it is not ours we are bound to restitution; we must return what we have taken. 
     Our will belongs to God so it must be used according to His Will.  When we violate God's Will we have taken away from God something that belong to Him. So we must return it. How do we do that? By enduring something against our own will or by doing God's Will. This way we are absolved; our guilt is forgiven, St. Thomas wrote. 
     So living a life of self-denial (deny thyself) and living a life according to God's Will is an act of restitution for our sins. And one of God's Will is for us to forgive those who have sinned against us. 

8. 'Give us this day our daily bread.'
     This bread is the bread for the mind and the heart. It is knowledge, wisdom and strength. It is the Bread of the Eucharist that we should eat daily. We are not supposed to eat This Bread every time we recite the Our Father. In the Eastern Rite Communion is only once a week. In monasteries in the olden times, Communion was only once a year due to the lack of priests and since monasteries are in far flung places inaccessible to most priests. So Holy Communion or the daily bread is received spiritually often described as 'spiritual communion.' Many spiritual writers had shown the advantages of this practice over sacramental communion. Well, for one thing, it can be done any time and as often as one wants to do it. 
      While the soul must be sinless before he can receive Sacramental Holy Communion it is not the case when making 'spiritual Communions.'  

9.  'Our Father, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come.' 
   In  ascending order, this is the goal of the prayer. Both Luke and Matthew described this as the final goal of spirituality which we should pray for. This is the first petition which cannot be attained without all the previous petitions. 
     We can only call God 'Our Father' if we have no present sins, if we forgive our enemies, if we have our past sins forgiven,  and if we have received the kingdom of God.

     Before we can address  God 'Our Father' we have to abandon all earthly concerns and rise up to the spiritual level because God is there. Though He is every where He is present in a unique way in the supernatural level. We cannot rise up there without the grace of God. We need the grace of God to be able to ask and to be able to do the seven petitions of the 'Our Father' (five petitions in St. Luke.)
     So we pray to be able to rise up to heaven and address the Father who is in heaven. Again, at this point, all worldly concerns must be set aside. Other wise we will not be able to rise; thus the emphasis that "He is in heaven."
     'He is in Heaven' where there is no evil (evils are in the earth.) In heaven everything is hallowed (holy) like God's name. Heaven is, also, God's kingdom where God's Will is followed. Thus we continue our prayer that that kingdom of God may come to us; i.e. that we, also, be like the creatures in heaven completely subject to God's Will even though we are still on earth. Thus, 'Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.'

     Many have commented on 'Amoris Laetitia.' Evidently the exhortation is an encouragement to sin for couples. It is not an exhortation to obey a command that everybody can easily obey with the availability of God's grace. 
     Pope Francis is in a haste to spread its errors throughout the Catholic world. He had commanded bishop's conferences to rush in implementing it. The Philippine Bishop's conference with its President, Bishop Villegas, is pushing its immediate implementation though most bishops have not read it and some bishops had mentioned that they have not discussed its unclear aspects. 
     Cardinal Muller of the CDF, staunch defender to the Doctrines of the Faith had just been fired for saying that the ghost writer of 'Amoris Laetitia' and consequently Pope Francis who believe  so much in him have heretical ideas. 
     Cardinal Sarah, another staunch defender of true doctrine had been slapped into silence when his recent instruction on saying Mass 'Ad Orientem' was contradicted by Pope Francis. Add to this the additional appointments in the Curia, Schonborn and Madariaga, both known for heretical seems that destruction of the Church of Christ as we know it, is in full swing with the introduction of the Argentine new religion of tolerance of sin and 'just do it' morality. 
      As a result of the exhortation, couples are emboldened to commit the sin of adultery, sex perverts are encouraged to continue as they are, pagans and Protestants have become respectable in their errors, etc. People are encouraged to remain in their sin while the Pope down to the Bishops and priests are encouraged to spread scandals which is a more grievous sin than adultery and perversion.
     Today, people do not want to be delivered from evil. Modernism, that was born with the Fall of Bastille, teaches man's right to do what he wants, when the very act in itself of doing what you want is a sin (my will and not God's Will). 
    How can they call God 'Our Father' when they do not want to be 'delivered away from evil' thus will not be able to rise up to be able to call God 'Our Father.' No way can they rise up to call God their 'Father.' And all these people, specially from the Pope, down to the Cardinals, like Kasper, and down to the priests are reciting the 'Our Father' in their Masses. Their father is Luc****. The seven petitions they recite in the 'Our Father' become  lies. And their Mass is hypocrisy.  Implement 'Amoris Laetitia' and see if you can recite the 'Our Father' and mean every word as described above by St. Augustine and St. Thomas of Aquinas.  Who are they?  


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

MARY and MARTHA - 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

 1. The Gospel.
     The Liturgy of the Mass teaches us the truths of the Catholic Church gradually and in order. The Liturgy of Holy Week cannot be understood unless we first understand the Liturgy of Advent. And today's Gospel on Mary and Martha cannot be understood unless we understand the earlier five Gospels.
     The last five Gospels dealt with 'Love of Neighbour.' For five Sundays the Church had been teaching 'Love of Neighbour.' In fact, the Liturgy had been dealing on this topic since 'Corpus Christi.' And with good reason, because today nobody seems even to know how to describe what it means to 'love one's neighbour.' Ok. Christ prophesied that this was going to happen today. And, indeed, it is happening. Why? Because to love your neighbour you must first learn how to love God. And only after you have learned how to love God can you your neighbour.   Nobody or very few love  God, because few  know God.  As a consequence there can be no love of neighbour. 
     What is distressing is that, in between love of God and love of neighbour, there should be a right love for oneself since we should be loving our neighbour as much as we love ourselves.  Only after there is love of God and proper love of self (as defined by St. Augustine) then and only then can there be love of neighbour.
     Without love of God, there can be no proper love of self. Without proper love of self, there can only be hatred for oneself. And he who hates himself, hates everybody else. Now you know why there is so much hatred and so much killings. The defect is within the minds and the hearts of the hater. He hates himself. 

     The Gospel on Martha and Mary is a further explanation of 'love of neighbour,' St. Thomas comments. 

2. The three steps towards perfection and their types.
     To the question; 'how can I attain everlasting life? Christ gave the answer and it can be reworded by todays Gospel. Again, the three steps that lead to everlasting life is; first, life of repentance. Secondly, a life of hospitality. And thirdly, a life of contemplation. We mentioned the fact that these steps were reworded. The common words used to describe these steps are; Repentance, Faith, Hope and Charity. Since Hope is just the result of Faith it is often excluded in the enumeration. So spiritual writers write; repentance, Faith and Charity. 
     These three steps are represented by three types. Repentance is represented by St. John the Baptist. Hospitality, which is the good works that should accompany Faith is represented by Martha. and contemplation that is perfect Faith enlivened by Charity is represented by Mary. 
     Martha is the beginning of supernatural love of God and neighbour. This is superior to natural love of neighbour, like the natural love parents have for their children, or a friend for a friend. 
     Mary is the perfection of love of God and neighbour. Note that as Christ, Himself said, these two always go together since both are in the supernatural level. 

3. Life of repentance.
     Repentance is the cleaning of the soul. This is the proper disposition before one can receive Faith and Charity, which is the love of God and neighbour. There are three activities during the life of repentance; prayer, fasting and the performance of good works. All of these are in the natural level. 
     St. John the Baptist is the type for repentance. He lived and preached in the desert and he is the personification, also, of the monastic life. Monastic life and repentance are synonymous. Its goal is for the soul to know its sins and repent for them. This prepares the soul for the next step, which is Faith and Charity, which is the love of God and neighbour. Faith and Charity goes together. Faith without Charity is dead. 

     The life of repentance is impossible today because the Church, herself, who is to teach it, is teaching the opposite. The Church, with Pope Francis, is pushing people to sin; like to continue their adultery, to commit sacrilege by receiving Communion in the state of mortal sin, to tolerate and welcome Sodomist, for Protestants and pagans to remain outside the Catholic Church, etc...
     Without repentance, it is impossible to proceed to the next step; the first degree of  love of God and neighbour whose type was Martha. 

4. Martha and the practice of hospitality.
    Since it is impossible to perceive the love of God and neighbour, Scriptures gave us a visible signs of its presence; and this is in the form of hospitality. And the figure presented to us in the first reading is the story of Abraham entertaining two Angels and Christ,  thus three persons. The three appeared as three men.
     Everybody is acquainted with the term 'hospitality'. We all do it when we entertain our families, relatives, friends and guests. But this hospitality of Martha is a completely different story.
     For one thing Martha, like Abraham, had faith; meaning they had finished their repentance. Abraham was not entertaining friends and relatives. He was showing his hospitality to angels and God. Likewise, Martha was not showing hospitality to friends and relatives. She was hosting Jesus Christ and His apostles. 
     This is the important element of Martha's story. Her hospitality was an act of Faith. It was been done to God and saints. We can imitate Martha if we, too, show hospitality to Christ and the saints. Since Christ is no longer visible, we should, at least, show our hospitality to people with Faith, Hope and Charity, i.e to people who are truly Catholic. To do so is to show hospitality to Christ; for Christ said, 'if you do it to these, you have done it to Me.' So showing hospitality to ordinary people who do not have Faith, Hope and Charity is still hospitality. But it is not the hospitality shown by Martha. 

     When Pope Francis show hospitality to Jews, Evangelicals, atheists, abortionists, migrants and transexual....this is hospitality of some kind but it is not the hospitality of Martha because these people do not have Faith, Hope and Charity as proven by their sinful state. And when he refuses even just to talk to good bishops who simply want to ask why they had been uncanonically removed from their dioceses.......that is refusing to show hospitality to Christ. He is not even a Martha.  He has no love for God or neighbour  This inhospitable practice is common in curial offices. Like father like son.

     Of course, it is impossible for most people to know if a guest has Faith, Hope and Charity. So the monastic practice is to show hospitality to all; saints or sinners. When there is fidelity to this practice in one's effort to love God and neighbour, then God, in His goodness will send a saint or an angel to be your guest to whom you can practice hospitality. 
     As St. Benedict wrote; 'you show hospitality as if your guest is Jesus Christ. If your guest is not Jesus, because of your good intention, you will receive a Marthan reward. Christ mentioned this in the past Sundays; 'he who welcomes a prophet because he is a prophet, will receive a prophet's reward. He who receives a holy man because he is holy will receive a holy man's reward.'
     See, the necessity of having Faith to be able to show hospitality to Christ. You have to believe and see that Christ is in your guest....even if the guest is a criminal. Never receive a migrant because he is a migrant.  That is pagan hospitality. There is no reward for that. 
     When your guest is obviously without Faith, Hope and Charity, it is still hospitality but I repeat, it is not the hospitality of Martha. 

     In the time of St. Benedict, people became monks and lived in community to attain Faith, Hope and Charity. In the first stage, they repent. In the second stage they become Marthas. Since the monks are seeking God, there is a great probability that they have Faith, Hope and Charity. So anyone who live in that community and show hospitality to them, like cooking for them, like Martha, in in fact showing hospitality to Christ. That is the main purpose of community life in the monastery. But sadly, that is not what is happening today. Unable to reach Faith, Hope and Charity due to lack of repentance, it has become useless showing them hospitality since they, themselves do not have it.

     Hospitality is serving Christ or those who are Christ like because they have Faith, Hope and Charity. The service is mostly physical; cooking, serving, entertaining, etc. Like what we commonly do to our guest. Except in the case of Martha, the hospitality is done to Christ or those who are Christ like. 
     The act of hospitality done by Martha needs Faith. 

     To become a Mary one has to pass being a Martha. No one can reach contemplative life without passing through the hospitality of Martha. St. Benedict emphasised this in his rule. No one can become a hermit without mastering community life. The hermitical or contemplative life is the life of Mary. Community life or the active life is the life of Martha. 

5. Mary and hearing the Words of Christ.
     While the active life is more physical, the contemplative life is more spiritual. Contemplation is a life of prayer. It is not a life of prayer the way we understand it where we keep on talking to God. It is when we listen to God. 
     It is adapted precisely when we are old, weak and unable to do physical activities. That is the time we are able to reach that spiritual state. So the timing is good. The grace of old age is precisely that; that we have the leisure to listen to the Word of God, either by listening to readings or reading by ourselves or purely by meditating on the things we have read in the past. We don't need a community for that, though it is still a big help.  At this point some become hermit. 
     Today there are so many trying the heremitical life. Most of them are unprepared because they have not undergone a thorough Martha way of life. Most often they become hermits because they cannot stand community life. It is an escape to an artificial silence by avoiding people. They cannot stand people. So it cannot be 'love of God and neighbour.' 

6. Martha's only error.
     There was nothing wrong with Martha's hospitality. It was very good. Her mistake was when she asked Christ to call Mary to leave her better portion to be engaged in the lower act of hospitality. Thus Christ rebuked her. 

7. Ganswain's 'Martha and Mary' comparison.
    Archbishop Ganswain, Pope Emeritus Benedict's constant companion had been causing waves. Earlier he mentioned the fact that Pope Benedict did not resign. Surely he said that with Benedict's permission so we have to accept that. But the idea of two   Popes is a problem since the Church can only have one Pope.
     Then the good bishop raised the idea  that  one of the Pope is contemplative and the other Pope is active. Pope Benedict is the contemplative and Pope Francis is the active. This brings us to the only evangelical narration  about Martha, the active, and Mary, the contemplative. But this cannot explain the diarchy proposed because in the diarchy the two Popes are in the same level. But in the case of Martha and Mary, Mary is superior while Martha is an inferior. If applied, Pope Benedict would be the Pope and Francis would only be a bishop.
      But Pope Francis does not qualify as Martha because his hospitality are towards adulterers, transgenders, abortionist, atheist, Protestants; people who are not Christ like. Therefore he is not even a Martha. He is lower than Martha. So the idea of diarchy cannot be applied to the two Popes. But the idea is still there; that there are two Popes. Doctrinally, this cannot be. So this must be resolved. 

8. Here is the syllogism.
     So, the latest announcement is that Pope Benedict did not resign so we have two Popes, one is doing the contemplative ministry of the Papacy and the other is doing the active ministry of the Papacy. The closest evangelical comparison we have to accept that theory is the Gospel on Martha and Mary. But this Gospel does not describe two ministries in one Papacy. It describes one higher state of spiritual life (described as the better portion) and another lower state of spiritual life (described as 'anxious about many thing' concerning hospitality for Christ). So a diarchy is not possible. Plus we have the problem that while Pope Benedict fall in the contemplative level, Pope Francis does not correspond to the active level because Francis' activities are not spiritual but socio-migrant -economic and global warming. So we are left with a problem that has still to be resolved. The resolution by which the very salvation of our souls will depend.  

Monday, July 18, 2016

FRATERNAL CORRECTION - Correcting Prelates Part IV

 1. Correcting Prelates.
     Because there are so many articles criticising and correcting Pope Francis, the Vatican is sending threatening signals; 'Don't criticise or correct the Pope.... or else.    A few serious Catholic journalist had been fired from positions for  doing so.  Bishops had been suppressed or removed from their diocese for doing so. And priests doing so had been persecuted by their respective bishops. 
     Even a news headlined Pope  Benedict saying; 'do not criticise the Pope.'  Criticism, must be avoided. But 'fraternal correction,' which is an act of Charity, must always be done.

2. St. Thomas of Aquinas quoting St. Augustine. 
     The main act of repentance for the forgiveness of sin is for a soul to have mercy on his own soul by correcting his faults and sins. And St. Augustine adds; 'show mercy not only to yourself, but also to him who being in the higher position among you, is therefore in greater danger.'
     A negligent bishop or Pope commits greater sin by reason of his higher position. Who will have mercy on him, except those who will warn him of his sins? Fraternal correction is a work of mercy. Therefore even prelates ought to be corrected. They are neighbours that must, also, be loved.

3. True 'mercy.'
     To have true mercy on one's soul, according to St. Augustine, is to find out your sins and correct those sins. That is showing true mercy on your soul because it will redound to the salvation of your soul. What greater act of mercy can one do to his own soul than by saving his soul. And how do you save your soul? By finding out what are your sins and correcting them. That is the main essence of 'repentance.' 
     Oh, I forgot that in the Bishop's Synod of 2012, the Bishops showed that they did not know what repentance was though Pope Benedict ordered them to discuss 'repentance,' in preparation for the 'Year of Faith.' No one can make an Act of Faith without first finishing their life of repentance. 

     The 'mercy' being preached today by Pope Francis does not have this important element of pitying oneself and pitying others by correcting their sins. The 'mercy' today preached by both Pope and Bishops is the opposite; 'to tolerate all sins and if you cannot avoid other sins, just do it.' That is hatred for oneself and hatred for others. It is like saying; 'if you want to go to hell, go to hell.' That is not correction; that is encouragement.

4. 'Fraternal correction', as an act of justice, must never be made by an inferior towards a superior. A layman, deacons, priest or bishop does not have the obligation of giving fraternal correction as an act of justice, to the Pope. But all are obliged to give even the Pope 'fraternal correction' out of Charity because we are obliged to love the Pope. And 'fraternal correction,' as shown above by St. Thomas and St. Augustine, is an act of Charity and love. 
     Fraternal correction which is an act of Charity is within the competency of everyone in respect of any person towards whom he is bound by Charity, provided there be something in that person which requires correction.

5. 'It must be observed that if the Faith is endangered, a subject ought to rebuke his prelate even publicly. Hence St. Paul, who was Peter's subject, rebuked him in public, on account of the imminent danger of scandal concerning Faith, and, as the gloss of St. Augustine says on Galatian 2:11, 'Peter gave an example to superiors, that if at any time they should happen to stray from the straight path, they should not disdain to be reproved by their subjects.' Take note Pope Francis.
     Pope Francis and the cardinals and bishops on his side are causing great dangers to the Faith in that they are practically changing the Church from one instituted by Christ to a man-made church manufactured in Argentina. They are placing millions of Catholics in imminent danger because of their sin of scandal. The Pauls should rise up and correct Peter and his co-horts. 
     Pope Francis had made up his mind not to change the direction of his papacy. It begun with a complete violation of his papal vow made at his election. And as he himself announced, he will not resign but will continue and finish what he had started. completely change the church from one being doing the Will of God to one that is made up according to the will of Bergoglio.
     Considering the horde of Jesuits around him, how come not one is offering him the charitable gesture of 'fraternal correction?' Where are the Jesuit theologians like Hans Kung? Do the Jesuits have no love for God or their neighbour, the Pope? Why not a peep?  Spadaro, Lombardi, Reese; no word from you? It is because of their silence that we are forced to speak. Otherwise, as St. Augustine wrote, our sins would be more grievous. Because we know there is something to be corrected. Maybe Pope Francis does not know he is showing signs of having no love for God nor for neighbour. No love for adulterers, no love for migrants, no love for aberosexuals, no love for Pentecostals or Evangelicals, no love for Scalfari nor the woman whose feet he kissed on Holy Week. 
     He, only, have a love for publicity seeing how he choreographs his TV appearances as reported by his lensmen. 

6. St. Augustine's plea.
     St. Augustine almost cries for all, out of Charity, to render 'fraternal correction' to those above us; priests, bishops, cardinals and even the Pope. By holding a higher position they are in greater danger. One sinful action, one immoral announcement in a plane ride and that alone can bring down tons of hell's coals on their head. Pray for them? No, no. The proper response is, out of 
Charity, render them 'fraternal correction.'

FRATERNAL CORRECTION. Who should correct Part III

 1. The ordinary sequence for giving correction.
     The ordinary sequence for giving fraternal correction should be; the Pope corrects cardinals and bishops, bishops correct their parish priests, parish priests corrects husbands, husbands corrects wife, parents correct children and older children corrects younger children. 
     But going deeper into the proper way of correcting as found in Scriptures, those who know more should correct those who know less. Or those who have more Faith should correct those who have less Faith. But in this it is difficult to find out who has more Faith and who has less. So we can simply say; those who know more dogma and morals should correct those who know less.
     Superiors must correct inferior.  All of the above seeks in a special way the recovery of an erring brother or the progress of a brother seeking perfection......both by means of a simple warning. This obligation is on those who has Charity.

2. 'Fraternal correction' as an act of Justice.
     'Fraternal correction' is primarily an act of Charity as described above. As an act of Charity it is directed towards a person or several persons.
     There is a 'fraternal correction' that is an act of Justice. It is identical to the act of Charity but directed towards the common good. And this can only be done by a Bishop. It is 'fraternal correction' accompanied by a punishment. It is, in effect, an act of Charity, because of the correction, but, also, an act of Justice because of the punishment for an erring brother.

     If a person does not give 'fraternal correction' when he is in a position to do so, he is guilty of a sin against Charity. When a person due to ignorance punishes when there is nothing to punish, he is guilty of a sin against Charity and a sin against Justice. 

3. Pope Francis is guilty of both.
     His lack of Charity is seen in his refusal to give 'fraternal correction' to adulterers, homos, lesbians, unbelievers, Protestants, pagans, atheists, etc. 
     His lack of Justice coupled with his lack of Charity is shown in the way he treats good cardinals, bishops and priests; like Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Pell, Cardinal Muller, Bishop Livieres, the Franciscans of the Immaculate and priests who celebrate the Latin Mass, etc.

     The whole Vatican Bureaucracy seems to be in this state since the time of St. Joan of Arc. The way Joan was treated is the way the Vatican had been treating many good priests. Without Charity and without Justice. The case of Padre Pio comes to mind. 

4. Charity and Justice.
     The moral virtue of Justice is an off shoot of the theological virtue of Charity. Justice must be built on Charity. 'Fraternal correction' of bishops on priests must first be founded on Charity and, afterwards, on Justice. The 'fraternal correction' of parents on children must, first, be founded on Charity and afterwards in Justice. But 'fraternal correction of parish priests on parents must only be based on Charity and not on Justice. 
      Never should any correction be based on lack of Charity and on Injustice. That would not be correction, that would not be fraternal. And that would not be Catholic. That is how Bishop Cauchion treated St. Joan of Arc. And sadly, that is how Pope Francis is treating many good cardinals, bishops and priests. Compare this to the way he treats the bad cardinals, raised as heads of  Congregations and member of the Synod. A priest whose only expertise is on 'kissing' he raised in dignity and made the writer of his 'Amoris laetitia.' And how about another appointee who is expertise is erotic Buddhism. And a bank head who is rumoured and has a case against him for perversity. 
     When you see photos of Pope Francis entertaining transvestites, proponent of abortions, Jews, Protestants.....entertaining them in lavish parties in the Vatican and then see Bishop Livieres waiting at the doors unattended just because his seminary is filled with seminarians and uncanonically dismissed from his diocese through stealth.....what is going on? 

     The Pope and his Papal oath. 
     One only has to go through the Papal oath all Popes read aloud immediately after their election.
     "I vow to change nothing of the received Tradition, and nothing thereof I have found before me guarded by my God pleasing predecessors, to encroach upon, to alter, or to permit any innovation therein; to the contrary; with glowing affection as her truly faithful student and utmost effort; to cleanse all that is in contradiction to the canonical order that may surface; to guard the Holy Canons and Decrees of our Popes as if they were the Divine Ordinances of Heaven, because I am conscious of Thee, Whose pace I take through the grace of God, whose Vicarship I possess with They support, being subject to the severest accounting before Thy Divine Tribunal over all that I shall confess; I swear to God Almighty and the Saviour Jesus Christ that I will keep whatever has been revealed through Christ and His Successors and whatever the first council and my predecessors have defined and declared.........."
     Ok, let's stop there and ask; until what line had Pope Francis fulfilled?  He has gone against everything he had vowed. And who will give him 'fraternal correction?' Any one who has read the above Papal vow....and has love for God and love for his neighbour Pope Francis. 

FRATERNAL CORRECTION is a command of God. Part II

   1.  To merit eternal life we must love God and neighbour.
        Love of God and neighbour is called Charity. And to correct your neighbour is an act of Charity. Since Charity is a command of Christ then fraternal correction is, also a command of Christ.
        St. James wrote that disobedience to one command of Christ is disobedience to all the commands of Christ. All the more, disobedience to the very foundation of all the commands, Charity, is disobedience to all the commands of God. The man who fails to correct a neighbour's fault, under the given conditions, have no love for God and neighbour; he is not a Catholic.
        St. Thomas wrote; 'the correction of the wrongdoer is a remedy which should be employed against a man's sin.  A correction  of a wrongdoer is directed to the amendment of the sinner. Now, to do away with anyone's evil is the same as to procure his good; and that is Charity. 

2. Again, Charity is the foundation of all commandments. Since 'fraternal correction' is an act of Charity which is the foundation of all commands, failure to correct when it must be done is to commit all sin, as St. James notes; 'he who disobeys one command disobeys all commands. Thus St. Augustine added; ' You become worse than the sinner if you fail to correct him.'
     While the negative commands of the law, like for example 'Thou shalt not commit adultery,' forbids sinful acts, the positive commands, like for example 'correct your brother,' inculcates a virtue. Virtues must be done with great finesse; thus Scriptures have very strict procedures on how to correct. 

3. 'Fraternal correction' cannot be done well without Divine Assistance. But man must do everything in his power to do it well. Since man cannot know who are predestined and who are not, man must do the kindness of correcting his brethren with the hope of God's help, St. Thomas writes. 

4. First, the obligation to correct arises when a person knows his dogma and morals; because upon these will the correction be based. 
Secondly, the sin of the brethren must  clearly  be a disobedience of
Christ's command and not merely a difference of opinion. Thirdly, that the disobedience is public knowledge and not sought by stealth or by spying. Fourthly, that the one correcting had come to know personally the publicly known disobedience and not through rumours (consistent publication in the news is sufficient.)

5. The need to explain 'fraternal correction' of the Pope.
    Under the mentioned conditions,  Charity demands that a Christian must render 'fraternal correction' under pain of being guilty of a sin worse than the sinner. Remaining silent at the face of a needed 'fraternal correction' is considered as agreeing to a sin of scandal.

     A 'fraternal correction' in which circumstances force us to correct is based on the fact that the words and actions of Pope Francis is putting him within the realm of being an anti-Pope, a sin that brings certain condemnation. 
     The facts. First and foremost, he is proposing morals that are against the teachings of Scriptures, the Fathers and of past Popes; he had stated that dogmas are not needed to be saved, that Faith is not needed for salvation, that mere regret can substitute for repentance, that marriage can be dissolved, that there is no Catholic God, that all religions can save, that all religions can unite , that there is no need to enter the Catholic church to be waved, etc....That alone makes him go against past Popes thus making him an anti-Pope. 
     His more evident fault is that, instead of giving 'fraternal correction,' by telling adulterers to stop their adultery, he is encouraging them to continue in their adultery and even  go deeper into a life of sin by sacrilegiously receiving Holy Communion.  
     His neglect in giving 'fraternal correction,' shows he has no Charity.  Without Charity he cannot be a Catholic. 
     However, no one can declare him to be so except by a group of cardinal, in session,  declaring him to be so. A sufficient group of cardinal had already expressed the damage Pope Francis is doing and they had expressed these in writing which is available to all. They just have to take the next step.  

6. It is evident that his soul is in grave danger of eternal damnation due to the obvious disobedience to the commands of God.  There is the prophecy that God will personally throw to hell an expected anti-pope who will be trying to destroy the Catholic Church in cooperation with an anti-Christ during these times.  Both the Book of Revelation and writings of the Saints, like St. Hildegard, mentions this. 
     Love of God and neighbour obliges any Catholic, in the above position, to render 'fraternal correction.' The first obligation is upon his Jesuit companions. The second obligation falls upon his co-bishops, according to St. Thomas. The third falls upon any faithful in the know. 
     'Fraternal correction,' therefore must done, first, for the salvation of the one correcting. And, secondly only, for the salvation of the one being corrected. For the one giving 'fraternal correction' it is a sure sign of his love for God and his love for neighbour.