Tuesday, May 31, 2016


   1. We are under test and there will be a time for a visitation.
       The time of visitation is accounting time if we have obeyed His commandments or not. The Chosen People had their visitation and were found wanting, thus they were abandoned by God.
        When God comes for His visitation and He finds us waiting and ready as the wise virgins, then we are rewarded. If He comes and finds us sleeping and unprepared like the foolish virgins, then we are left outside the door excluded from the wedding feast.

2. This is the message of the Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to her cousin Elizabeth.
     The Blessed Virgin is the symbol of the Catholic Church as she had always been. And she is even more now a symbol  of the Church as described in the Apocalypse. As the Church, she always bear the Mystical Body of Christ with her for the visitation.
     Elizabeth is the human soul prepared for the visitation.  She prepared herself by John the Baptist in her womb. John is the symbol of the Life of Repentance. He preached repentance; Christ preached repentance and  the Blessed Virgin in most of her apparitions, also, preached repentance.  Like Elizabeth, we must all have John the Baptist, i.e. repentance, in our souls.  

 3.    So the Visitation of Mary, the Church, bearing Christ in her womb, visiting Elizabeth, the soul representing the wise virgin because she has John the Baptist, i.e. living the Life of Repentance is the exemplar of an ideal Visitation. 
     Because the soul, portrayed by Elizabeth, was prepared, Christ, within Mary the Church, is able to sanctity John the Baptist thus filling Elizabeth with the Holy Spirit. 
     This Visitation is what should happen in the process of evangelisation. In evangelisation the Church, like Mary, with the Mystical Body of Christ in the womb of Mary is brought to Visit Elizabeth, the community, with John the Baptist in her i.e. the entire community living the life of repentance. With such a visitation the Church with its soul Jesus Christ is able to sanctify the entire community by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. 

4. But the visitation can go wrong as what happened to the foolish virgins. Not knowing the time of the visitation and being unprepared for it they were punished and left outside the door. This is what is happening in the world today. What is happening in the world is what happened when the bridegroom arrived and the foolish virgins were caught unprepared. It is a lesson all who listen to the readings of the Mass know. It is the third secret of Fatima first described in Scriptures.
    That is why when Cardinal Ratzinger was asked what was contained in the unannounced part of the secret of Fatima, his answer was; it is in the Gospels. And indeed it is in the Gospels and everybody know it for the last 2000 years. There is nothing secret in it.
     So what is happening. Suddenly this century is Visitation Day. And the whole world, busy in studying, working and enjoying the world have been caught unprepared. They are beginning to see that they are left outside the wedding banquet. Everywhere they look they cannot find the door that leads inside the Church, the wedding feast. All the doors are locked. Nobody, bishop or priest, not even Pope Francis, can point to an open door where we can view the wedding banquet inside. All the doors are locked. 
     The world did not know the time of His visitation. And what words will the world hear from the Father of the Bridegroom?  'I do not know you. Because you were not prepared for the day of My Visitation. 
     Do you have John the Baptist in your womb. Do you have perfect repentance in your soul which is the spirit of John the Baptiser? John preached repentance in the desert. Do you go there to hear him. I, Jesus Christ, preached repentance that leads to Faith. Did you listen to Me. My Mother had been preaching repentance in all her apparition. Did you heed her call?
     When Pope Benedict instructed you Bishops to discuss the topic of repentance during the Bishop's Synod of 2012, why did you intentionally omit the topic in disobedience to his instructions. And since then all your Bishop's Synod  never ever mentioned Repentance again. You spent your time toying with heresies and allowing sinners to enjoy their sins. 
     Look now at all the Bishops's of the world. The few who fought for My teachings in 2014 are now succumbing to the heresies of 'Amoris laetitia.'  President of the Bishop's Council,
 like the Philippines, is even hurrying up in encouraging couples to practice divorce and receive Holy Communion. 

     You are no Elizabeths with John the Baptist in your wombs. And so no Repentance will leap with joy in you soul. And your soul will not be filled with the Spirit that comes from your life of Repentance. 
     No joyful song of Magnificat will arise in you because you have no reason to rejoice. BECAUSE I DO NOT KNOW YOU.....because you did not know the time of My Visitation. 

Monday, May 30, 2016


   1. We always like to check.
       We check  if fruits are fresh before we buy.  We check if soups are hot before we sip. We check car tires before we drive. We check the skies if there are clouds before we take a hike. How come we do not check our religion if it really is going to bring us to where we want to go. 
     We periodically check our blood pressure and our blood sugar; our creatinine and cholesterol. We check our visions and our innards. And we do not check the state of our souls. 
     We study for years to get an education but our education is totally useless for the salvation of our souls; it is not even helpful in living our lives. Agriculture is more helpful than those doctorate degrees. When those with doctorates have no job they go hungry. The agriculturist merely plant and he never goes hungry. 

 2.  In the recent plane crash, it is certain that everyone checked their plane schedules; they check their plane seats; their plane transfers, their arrival, their hotel reservations and the plays and luncheons they will attend. On their way back home they checked the one's who will pick them up from the airport; and they checked the gifts they are bringing for their friends and relatives. No one checked if they were ready to die and face their judge. In fact, they did not even check if they have the right religion. 
     The plane crashes and disappears at the bottom of the ocean. Everything suddenly became useless; the gifts, the tickets, the pictures taken, the laptops and cell phones......everything, except one thing. Where are their souls right now. 
     And the world continues with their futile activities; looking for the wrecks of the plane, looking for the black box. They are spending millions for ships, helicopter and underwater vehicles to look for the plane under the sea and the dead bodies.  What for? What gain can they get from those efforts? Twisted metals and broken limbs. How about the souls? And they were not even good Catholics. What was their chances? Where are their souls. 

 3.  The world is totally concerned with uselessness and forgetful of the essentials. In the early times Christians were only concerned with essentials. They set aside everything that were not essentials for salvation. Even if they were lawful and necessary for existence, as long as they were not essential to the salvation of souls they gave it up. Today, nobody will ever understand that. That is why everybody is throwing away what pertains to ancient Christianity, this is done specially the bishops and cardinals. 
     Among those things necessary for salvation is agriculture and animal husbandry. So the early Christians planted, raised animals and from there developed the science of agriculture and the caring of animals and their  adjunct sciences like the genetic improvement of plants and animals and banking and medicine. Everything good in this world today was started by monks. Thus civilisation was improved. But like all good things it can be corrupted by the corrupt. And so it happened. Medicine is now used to kill babies. 
And banking had been used to make the poor poorer and the rich richer. 

 4.  One of the essential activities of the early Christians to aid the salvation of souls is education. Believe it or not. Schools and universities were started by monks.....to bring souls to heaven. Because to go to heaven you have to be intelligent. Ordinary intelligence is needed to go to a shopping mall. But to go to heaven, a place nobody knows, takes a supper brilliant mind; a mind enlighten by the Divine grace of God.  And the first monastic schools precisely did that. Those first schools taught a little arithmetic, a little reading and a little writing. But most of all it taught the Christian children how to THINK.  This is unlike modern education that simply teach everything except how to think.
     And so, as Hilaire Belloc noted, we have a generation of people who knows so many useless facts but does not know how to think. This is a disaster. Because to go to heaven Faith is needed. And Faith is an act of the intelligence. Only the intelligent can make an act of Faith. A discipline intelligence. Only the intelligent go to heaven.

5.   Today, there are no monastic schools. Even the Benedictines who started them do not run them as they used to. Blessed John Newman, who believed that this was the best thing that had happened to the world tried to revive it in Ireland.  It was the Catholic Bishops of Ireland who blocked him. Imagine, the Catholic bishops blocking an effort to reform the Catholic  Church by an Anglican who converted to Catholicism,  by reinstating the monastic schools. Newman had no choice but to abandon the project and return to his order the Oratorians in England to live a more monastic life. Just like the life of the crowd who went to Christ in the desert as described in the Gospel of Corpus Christi. 
     Pope Benedict tried what Newman did at the beginning of his Papacy. He urged Europe to return to the monasticism of St. Benedict from where their religion came from. Like a voice in the desert, nobody listened. Someone at first listened and raised the idea of a European Union enliven by their former Catholic Faith. They even adapted the right flag - the symbol of the Blessed Virgin, the Great Sign in the Sky, twelve stars with a blue background. But like all things in ancient Christianity, the devils took over. The devil took over the monastic schools, took over the seminaries, took over the monasteries and the convents,  took over the Councils and the 
Synods, took over the Church and took over the Vatican. Of course, why should he not? That is his ambition and his job. And we were all caught flat footed. 

 6.  This is the state of the world today. People do not think. They live by slogans. If they try to think, they sound like a broken washing machine. Because they do not think, it has become impossible for everybody to make an Act of Faith that is necessary for salvation. Because an act of Faith is a mature and disciplined act of the intellect which everyone has become incapable of. We have arrived at what Blessed John Newman feared most;  'the infidelity of the future' that will trigger the 'great apostasy,' or great falling away prophesied by St. Paul. We have reached what Christ prophesied; 'the decay of Faith' and as a result the 'waxing cold of Charity.' It has become impossible to evangelise, impossible for ecumenism, impossible for spiritual directions, impossible for any meetings or discussions, impossible for any intellectual activity. It has become useless to speak. So the wisest thing to do is to keep quiet and pray. Just what Pope Benedict did, and what the Catholic Church is supposed to do as described in the Gospel of Corpus Christi. Isn' that what we call contemplation?

     This is the present atmosphere. It has become impossible to save one's soul. It has even become impossible even to know how to save one's soul. The formula on how to save one's soul cannot be found anywhere. It is somewhere but it is impossible to find it. Those who were assigned to teach the way to heaven do not know the way there. And instead of, not teaching us the way, they are  even teaching us the way to hell.  The populace is in complete confusion. And there are no signs that point to the right direction. The Pope used to be the beacon light. But that light house is in total black out with an ominous streak of light pointing somewhere else.

 7.  But God had always took pity on mankind. He took pity on Adam and Eve. He took pity on Noah and Abraham. He will take pity on us but under one condition. We still have to use our intellect and think. We still have to make an act of mature Faith. In His Goodness and TRUE MERCY, He has still made available the words of Divine Revelation and its correct interpretation in the writings of the Fathers of the Church. Grab it!  It is our life vest in this stormy times. And hope we reach the port anchored on the Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016


   1. The life of Christ.
       The Life of Christ is prophetically the pattern for the life of the Church since the Church is the Mystical Body of Christ. The Life of Christ is a type for the history of the future Church. It is God's gift to the Church that by knowing the Life of Christ, the Church can know what will happen to her in the future. This is called eschatology.
       A good complete homily for the education of the Faithful must contain a historical narration of the Bible event, an exegesis of the Bible text and a prophetic projection of the future.  An example of this is this; Christ had a first coming, the exegesis must show that He came to show us the way back to Paradise. And the prophetic utterance is that He will come a second time in the near future to judge the living and the dead. 
      Another example is; the Church was born on Pentecost   when the Church was gathered in community in a close room with Mary.  And the eschatology at the end of the history of the Church, the Church as a community will again be together in an enclose place with Mary in expectation for the coming of God. So it seems that the Church will end the way it begun. 

2. The Historical background of Corpus Christi.
     The Gospel of Corpus Christi is a picture of the Catholic Church at the end of history; the Gospel begins with 'at sunset.'   It is identical to Pentecost Day......with a very slight difference. 
     So the story goes that the Church begun to go around sending around missionaries  to preach and established the church everywhere; England, Germany, Italy, China, Philippines, etc.  Wherever the Church went she established the Church for the purpose of continuing the work of evangelising the place as the first missionaries did.
     Now, what happens if the Church had already gone all over the world and had preached and baptized souls? She establishes the Church to continue her work of evangelisation within each country where she was established. The hope is to continue the work of evangelisation for the next generations.  This had been happening since Pentecost until now. 

3. Number one.
     But what happens when  'the sunset' of the history of the world arrives.' The gospel narrates; FIRST,  Christ goes to the desert and allows well disposed representatives from all Churches to follow him  to the desert; probably two from China, from Japan, from Europe, etc...And they are invited to follow Him to the desert. 
    The desert here is not a physical desert. John Chrysostom describes it as a 'mystical desert.' It is a way of life. So it could be lived in your room or your house or a little shack in your garden. 

4. Number two.
     Then the Gospel describes what you must do. The whole Gospel describes how a community should put the Mass into practice in their lives. It is a description of the Catholic Church living the Sacrifice of the Mass.....not just attending Mass  but putting the Mass in practice in one's life. Putting the Mass into practice in one's life as a community is 'the following of Christ in the desert.' The one's following Christ had been thoroughly trained in different Churches around the world. And their desert is any room.
     What do they do when called to follow Christ to the desert? They leave the cities the provinces, their homes, their families, their friends.......and even provision of food and drink. 

5. Number three.
     They leave all worldly things. Why? So they can concentrate of studying and working in attaining the Kingdom of God; thus the Gospel states that they followed Christ to learn things about His Kingdom.

6. Number four.
    They will need food and drink, which the apostles do not have. So they offered to go out to buy in the villages. And Christ said, NO. The apostle, because of the vast crowd was asking Christ to get extra preachers from outside the desert; probably by sending the crowd to seminaries and schools of theology (to send them to the villages), and Christ said NO. They will get everything from the apostles only.

7. Number five.
     Who will feed them? Here in the mystical desert only the apostles will provide for everything they need. These apostles like at the time of Christ will not be successors of the apostles like the Bishops. They will, again, be, personally chosen by Christ as at the beginning. Even Peter, the head and Pope will not be elected by a conclave. He will be personally chosen by Christ again. St. Grignon de Montfort calls them the 'apostles of the latter days,' and describes them accordingly. They are not the modern missionaries of mercies. Again, like the first apostles they will be divinely chosen by Christ again. Just like at the beginning so it will be 'at sunset.' 

8. Number six
      With what will the apostles feed them? With five bread and two fishes. The five breads is the spirituality of the Old Testament represented by the five books of Moses.  The two fishes are the two commands of the New Testament, love of God and love of neighbour. Each apostles will master these and teach them to the crowd with perfection because they will be divinely guided. 
     After feeding the crowd fully, the apostles collected 12 baskets in excess showing the extra knowledge and wisdom these apostles have that they can really teach the deepest teachings of Christ. 

9. The Gospel described the Catholic Church living the fullness of the Sacrifice of the Mass during the 'sunset' of the history of the world when the Church had been beautified for her Divine Wedding with the Son of God in heaven. To be saved and merit eternal life in heaven we must be part of this Church.
     Notice the first step is that all those who followed Christ in the desert left all things including their food and drink; wherewith the apostles thought they had to go out and buy victuals for them. Guiding the crowd to follow Christ to the desert is the 'new' evangelisation of Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI. This is the reason John Paul II's greatest encyclical 'Veritatis Splendour' specifically addressed to the Bishops ONLY, but which most bishops did not implement, emphasized the Parable of the Young rich man. And the necessity of going home, sell all his things and follow Christ. That is the first requirement to enter this Church of Corpus Christi.
     In fact, St. Bonaventure who wrote extensively on this topic and which is often quoted by Pope Benedict, mistook this to be the Franciscan order who was required to leave all things. But St. Bonaventure, himself, took back his commentary and said that this will still happen in the future. Pope Benedict feels it is happening at this time. And he had been looking for this Church described in the Corpus Christie Gospel. 

10. In summary how does the Church of Corpus Christi look like?
      She has left all worldly things including the essentials. She had followed Christ in the mystical desert described by St. John Chrysostom. She only feeds herself on the teachings of Scriptures and Tradition. She is only interested in seeking the Kingdom of God. She lives in community in the mystical desert away from the world.  She has plenty of extra wisdom regarding the salvation of souls. She is guided by apostles chosen by Christ, Himself. 
     In short, they are living in community and practicing in their lives the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass........thus a celebration of Corpus Christi. 


 1. The enigma of the two Popes.
     This issue arose before and we presented an easy way of resolving it. It is an important issue. And it arose because of the very confusing atmosphere in the Church today during the Papacy of Pope Francis. Who is the Pope? Are there two Popes?
     The first argument presented was  that Pope Benedict did not really fully resign his office, but just the managerial aspect of his office. The argument was based on the resignation letter of Pope Benedict. If he really did not resign then we have two Popes. Another argument presented was the invalidity of the election of Bergoglio due to some uncanonical procedures. And so we have no Pope or Pope Benedict is still the Pope. 
     Many conjectures have arisen after those debates but none was fully defended. Even Cardinal Arinse came up with a 'sede vacante' stand because of the 'liberalism' heresy of Pope Francis, which leaves us without a Pope. So far no argument had progressed though they stand as they are with the potential to move towards any direction.

2. Suddenly Archbishop Ganswein speaks.
    Archbishop Ganswein is the constant companion of Pope Benedict XVI. Surely they converse about important events. Considering that Pope Benedict is still very alert and filled with knowledge and wisdom, the comment of Archbishop Ganswein carries weight.
     He mentioned the possibility of an expanded Petrine Office with two heads. Calling one Simon and the other head Peter. The idea is fascinating. But he added an element to the discussion that gave it a clear direction. 
     In the earlier debate, there was a growing consensus that Pope Benedict did not resign based on an analysis of his resignation letter. But here we have words from Archbishop Ganswein that surely would have come from Pope Benedict that he really did not resign. This confirms the fact that Popes really never resign their office as shown by Pope John Paul II. This is based on the theological fact that the papacy is the Will of God and no one can resign from doing God's Will. 
     If Pope Benedict did not really resign the spiritual aspect of his Petrine Office, where will Pope Francis be?  Archbishop Ganswein placed him in the same level as Pope Benedict. Though he defined Benedict's role as contemplative while Francis' role as active. So we have a diarchy, one Pope with two ministries. 
     Archbishop Ganswein is trying to say something which is not so clear right now but its direction is clear.  He is speaking unclearly to force us to make a conclusion. That is very good pedagogy.
     His comment that there is one Pope with two ministries is not Catholic doctrine. There is no such thing. It was the Archbishop's graceful way out in not rocking the boat while proclaiming the fact unacceptable to the present Papacy that Pope Benedict is still Pope. He wanted the reader to make the conclusion.

3. The syllogism
     If we take the elements of what the Archbishop revealed and go to the conclusion what should our conclusion be? Let us go back to the facts. We have two Popes. Both are in the Vatican, both are called Popes, both are dressed as Popes. And it is difficult to say that one is retired and the other is not. Most of the acceptable arguments points to the fact that we really have two Popes. And the problem is that this cannot happen in the Catholic Church. The Church can  only have one Pope. And therein the  problem lies. How do you resolve that problem? And Archbishop Ganswein offered the 'One Pope with two heads' solution, which we know and the bishop knows cannot be. He wishes to lead us to proceed and make a conclusion from what he said.

4. Test the two Popes.
     The Catholic Church has a very good test made by God Himself, to test the Catholicity of any person or church. This is the four visible sign mentioned in the Nicene Creed. And these four signs had been expanded by many Fathers of the Church. But my favourite is the expanded 15 Marks of the Church by St. Robert Bellarmine. These 15 Marks are just the expanded version of the four visible signs.
     These signs not only shows us what are the signs of a true Catholic, it, also, shows what differs a Catholic from all other groups. This double function of the visible signs makes it a very reliable sign of who is a Catholic. If we use these signs it will resolve many of the problems besetting the Church today.
     Though we recite the Nicene Creed every Sunday Mass, many Catholic do not really know what those signs mean, so they are unable to use them for analysing many of our problems.
     Even as early as the first debate on the enigma of the two Popes we have already suggested to use these visible signs. We have used them and published our results.

     If we have two Popes and we would want to resolve the problems surrounding this fact, apply the four visible signs on the two Popes. We did this and we saw that one Pope had all the four visible signs while the other did not have even one of the visible signs.
     To confirm the findings we applied the 15 Marks of the true Church by St. Robert Bellarmine on the two Popes again and the result is the same. One had all the 15 signs, while the other did not have even one of the 15 Marks. 
     We shall not say the results because we would like everybody to try it themselves because it is easy. These signs are visible signs made so by God so everybody can use them to know which is the true Church. So everybody can easily use these signs. An easy understanding of these signs can be learned from the commentary of St. Thomas of Aquinas on the 'Credo.' Read them then apply them on the two Popes. If you have more time, read St. Robert Bellarmine's book on 'The Marks of the true Church' that have been recently translated into English and  is easy reading. Then apply it again on the two Popes. 
     You can apply these signs on any person it you want to find out if he is a true Catholic. Apply  them on your parish priest, your diocesan bishop, on you husband and wife, on your children, etc.  You should because their salvation depends on whether they are Catholics or not. 

5. Conclusions.
    If among the two Popes one has all the visible signs of Catholicity, then he is a Catholic. And if he is a Pope then he is a true Pope. If one does not have the visible signs, then he is not a Catholic.  So if we pick up the reasoning of Archbishop Ganswein and proceed to its conclusion, we shall reach this conclusion. 

     In this discussion on the enigma of the two Popes, these visible signs of the true Church found in the Nicene Creed was not used by anyone. And yet if this is used, it answers all questions and resolve all arguments. And we should really resolve this very important question  because only by doing so can we proceed in peace in our spiritual life. 

Friday, May 27, 2016


1. The President-elect,  the Bishop's conference and Me. 
     The US presidential campaign is getting hot. Like all things, we view such events from the Catholic point of view to find out signs of the time through which God speaks to the modern world. What is He saying?
     The U.S. Catholic nominees were the ones who behaved in the most unCatholic way. Even Pope Francis who visited the borders of San Diego uttered a most unCatholic statement in an attempt to show favour to one party that had leftist leanings exposing his own leftist sympathies. This leaning is obvious in the Pope's speeches and further showed in his personal invitation to the Vatican of a very leftist candidate. 
     It was the Protestant candidate who had policies that were closer to  Catholic teachings. The Pope's comment 'do not build walls and doors' was in fact campaigning politically for the leftist against the more Catholic Protestant candidate. 
     Building walls and doors is very Catholic. The Psalms states 'build up the walls of Jerusalem.' Monasteries and convents have walls. St. Paul described the Church as a fort or camp. These have walls for obvious reasons. The Catholic Church is always under siege. She needs walls to keep out the spiritual enemies that uses humans to attach the Church.  The last Supper and Pentecost are images of the Catholic Church. And they were in a room with closed doors. 
     Thus Blessed John Newman prophesied that the unlimited immigration is destined to destroy the culture and religions of the civilised world. This is God's  punishment for the world for refusing to believe in Him. As a chastisement this cannot be stopped; the world will even unwittingly cooperate with it, including Pope Francis and some local bishops.
     This is not our concern right now, but the ongoing tassel between the elected President and the Bishop's conference of the Philippines. 
     Like all our past posts, we are concern with the truth and who is in the right. For it is the one who has the truth and have chosen what is right that is destined for eternal life. As a Catholic priest, this is my concern; for the sake of my own salvation. If I do not do my obligation of 'love of neighbour' I could lose my soul. So this post is primarily for the salvation of my soul. And only secondarily to show both sides what is true and right, It's up to each to decide what to do with this brief exposition.

2. First principle - the principle of Faith.
     Continuing from the last posts, let us describe a man of Faith. He is the man who knows God had spoken; wants to know what God said; and is most willing to obey all of God's commands with the help of the grace of God. This is the man of Faith. And this is the Catholic Faith.
     If even one command or teaching is rejected, St. Thomas states, this is equivalent to rejecting all the teachings and commands of Christ. What was supposed to be Faith becomes  mere opinion. Faith saves; opinion does not. Thus one who rejects even just one truth or command is not a Catholic. 
     He who is following the teachings of God has the truth and the good because these comes from God and not from the individual person. When it comes from individuals it is surely untrue and evil because it comes from someone with a fallen nature.  When we hear truths we should  ask; 'from whom did this truth come from?
     Having set the principle by which we shall base our analysis let us go to the object of our analysis. Two issues of contention between the President-elect and the Bishop's conference. After setting down the two arguments the 'ME' perform his obligation of fraternal Charity and suggest how everyone can do things right and save their souls. With that 'ME' would have accomplished his obligation to save his own soul, 

3. The Issues.
     There are too many issues. We shall pin point only two because this blog would rather deal with international issues. The only reason we became interested in this local issue is because it is the same issue that is bugging the whole world. Remember a local Catholic Church is a microcosm of the entire  church. The state of that small local Church is the state of the whole Church, St. John Chrysostom wrote. 
     The first issue is the 'death penalty'. The second is calling  names like hypocrites. This has to be resolved because most of those who voted for the president are Catholics. They will be torn in their loyalty since they want to be loyal to both.  They should be loyal, not to persons, but to the principles of truth.We cannot be loyal to someone in error. 

4. The death penalty.
     Under strict conditions, the practice of the 'death penalty' is according to the teaching of the Catholic Church. This is based on a natural principle that if one has a gangrenous arm it should be cut off lest it affects the whole body. Thus a criminal mind must be executed lest it contaminates or kill innocent men. 
     God, Himself, in the Old Testament ordered the killing of whole populations who might contaminate the Chosen People. 
     St Paul, voicing the teaching of Christ wrote about the power of sword God gives Head of States, i.e. to punish evil doers with capital punishment. St. Augustine ( in the City of God, Book 1, Chapter 21) and St Thomas of Aquinas (Summa contra Gentiles, Book III, chapter 146) wrote eloquently defending the teaching of the Catholic Church on the need for 'capital punishment.' 
     Even the saints observed this Catholic teachings. St. Catherine of Sienna never stopped executions. She went with the criminal to to execution to encourage them to repent which she often did successfully but never stopped the execution knowing full well that God allows such practice. 
     The Trappist of Kentucky working in 'Death Row' recalled the advantage of capital punishment in that most inmate repented before  their execution; repentance was non-existent in non-death row inmates. The fear of death is really the beginning of wisdom. The thought of imminent execution is a very powerful force for repentance. It is for this last reason that God gave the state the power of the sword, i.e. capital punishment. While the Church has repentance to reform criminals, the state does not have any instrument for the  prevention of sin than 'capital punishment.
     The need for capital punishment had been a teaching of the Catholic Church. So Pope Francis and the Bishops who are against it are going against the expressed teaching of the Catholic Church. The bishops are committing this mistake because their boss, the Pope started encouraging the  abolition of capital punishment which is clearly against Catholic teachings. Well, Pope Francis had been teaching things against the teachings of the Catholic Church like his recent tolerance of remarriage and reception of Holy Communion by those living in adultery. And unfortunately our bishops are following his errors like docile goats. 
     Those against capital punishment want the bodies to enjoy life and does not care for the salvation of the soul. The salvation of soul is more assured due to the repentance that capital punishment induces. 
     Because Pope Francis and the Bishops are going against a known Catholic doctrine, following the above principles, they would be considered as going against all Catholic doctrines, thus they do not have Faith, They are not Catholics. The confirming signs is that they would not have the four visible signs of the true Church mentioned in the Nicene Creed or the 15 Marks of the Church according to St. Robert Bellarmine on whose doctrine 'Lumen Gentium' is based on. 
     The Catholic Church through Augustine and Thomas of Aquinas have much more arguments in favour of capital punishment but the above will be sufficient for our present purpose. 
5. Following this premise. 
     Now, let us describe a hypocrite according to the teachings of St. Thomas of Aquinas in Question 111, Art 2, Pt. II-II. Also called dissimulation, hypocrisy is when one pretends to be someone else that he is not to accomplish a desired goal. 
     If the Pope and the Bishop preach  against capital punishment which is against Catholic teaching, they would be against all Catholic teachings. If so, they cannot be called Catholics. 
     But they dress up and call themselves Catholic Bishops.....by definition this would be called hypocrisy.  And the label given by the elected president calling them hypocrites and whores are really very mild. If they go against Catholic doctrines they should be called by definition heretics, schismatics and apostates. Hypocrites, whores and prostitutes are mild terms. Christ, Himself, correcting the Pharisees said that prostitutes and publicans go to heaven ahead than the Pharisee, bishops and priest. The president's label is mild because hypocrites, whores and prostitutes can go to heaven. Heretics, schismatics and apostates go to hell. 

     There is much more that can be discussed on the topic but this is enough for the meantime.
     The conclusion is that in the matter of 'capital punishment' the Pope and the Bishops went against the teachings of the Catholic Church. The President  elect though his stand is not perfectly Catholic,  is closer to the Catholic teaching.,
     And on the label-calling; the bishops has no right to refer to anyone as morally reprehensible because Christ had prohibited us to  judge the soul of another. As the label of hypocrite, according to St.Thomas' definition, the Pope and the bishops were guilty of hypocrisy and even worse, of apostasy. 

6. Conclusion.
    God's Divine Providence is such that all things that happen are tests for mankind, for him to show where he stand; on the side of truth or on the side of error.  And God judges accordingly. In such test we cannot remain silent; that would be like submitting an unanswered test questions. 
    These events were a personal test for me to prove whether I love my God and my neighbour. I have to show my love for God by defending His truths; and love my neighbour by showing them what is God's truth and encouraging them to follow it. Now, that I have done my obligation, I earnestly pray that the rest accomplish their own obligation by believing and obeying the teachings of God as proposed by the Magisterium of the Church. Having done my obligation for the day, I shall now go to Ebay and do some shopping for a new monstrance. 


Thursday, May 26, 2016


 1. The man of Faith.
     You are, either,  for Christ or  against Christ. You are either a man of Faith or you are a man without Faith. There is no in-between. So on judgment day it is either the right side or the left side, i.e. the sheep or the goats.
     Today there are a multitude of in-betweens who claim they can be saved. The man with two wives and two families, it seems,  can be saved. The half-man and half-woman can be saved. The Evangelicals and the Imams can be saved just by an embrace. And the Jesuits and the Dominicans that do not believe in the mystery of transubstantiation can be saved. Is that so? Of course, not. The words of Christ are clear; 'he who believes is saved. And he who does not believe is already condemned.'  'Already' even if he is still alive?  Yes, Christ said so.

     Who is the man who has Faith?  St. Paul defines Faith by showing what it does; he writes, 'faith is the substance of things to be hoped for, the argument of things that are not apparent.'
     The man of Faith believes in all the Divine Truths that he cannot see. And because he believes, he can understand those truths....and believe in them with certainty, as certain as he has an arm. 
     This Faith is a gift from God for having perfectly repented for one's past sins.  The life of repentance is what St. John the Baptist preached in the desert; it is the spirituality of the Old Testament that prepares souls to be worthy to be an abiding place of God the Father. It prepares the soul to encounter God the Father.....not permanently because of the lack of preparation for the abiding of the Son and the Spirit. 
    This Faith is a supernatural gift from God. Man cannot attain it on his own.  It is attained through prayer, which is one of the elements of the life of repentance, aside from Fasting and Good Works. 

     It is not the life of repentance nor the confession and absolution of the priest that forgives past sins. It is the Faith that God gives after the soul had repented,  have confessed and had been absolved by a priest. 
     Faith is to be co-natural with God. It elevates the soul of man above his human nature, because it unites the soul to God. Thus man becomes totally in the supernatural level. The effect of this state of grace in man is that his faculty of intellect and will are enlightened so that man can know all that is true and all that is good, without any error. 
     Imagine, the man of Faith can know what is true, thus he will not commit mistakes. And he can know all that is good, thus he will not be open to evil. That is the description of a saint. Imagine if the head of state has Faith and rules side by side with a bishop or a Pope that has Faith.  We would have a perfect society.  Alright, I am dreaming; but we can dream once in a while, can't we? 
     That is the  reason why Christ came down to earth; for man to regain the Paradise he lost. Though He came and taught man how to return to paradise through Faith, history had shown man's continuous infidelity to God.  As Gilbert Chesterton wrote; 'the Catholic Faith was never proven not to work; it did not work because it was never tried.' Very few had really tried to have the Catholic Faith. 
     Keep in mind that what makes man free from errors and evil is not any effort on his part, but a pure gift of grace from God. 
     The proof  of Faith in a Church is the four visible signs of the true Church as enumerated in the Nicene Creed; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.  Sometimes, knowledge and obedience to the commands of Christ is used to compliment the four visible signs.

2, The man without Faith
     Man has a fallen nature. He failed his test in the garden of Eden by choosing his own private will over God's expressed will. And because of this inherited fallen nature, he will continue to chose his own will over the expressed Will of God. And that is the sign of a man without Faith, or a man in the state of sin.   Any act that man does that is not motivated by Faith is a sin. 
     Acts that are motivated by Faith are good works deserving of eternal life. Acts that are not motivated by Faith, as St. Augustine would say, 'lacks goodness in them.' And as such are evil acts. 
     Evil acts will always have some ingredient of goodness; what makes them evil is that it lacks ingredients of goodness. Therefore, a person without Faith will perform his acts defective of goodness. And as he continues in his infidelity, he will continuously run out of goodness in all his acts thus making his acts more and more sinful.
     A man without Faith is destined to continuously descend to more sinful acts. He will only be capable of natural good acts. He will absolutely be unable to do supernatural acts that saves souls.

     A man without Faith can never distinguish falsehood from truth. And he can never know the difference between evil and good.  Unaided by grace, all his decision will be erroneous and evil. Governments are wondering how come there is so much graft and corruption and they cannot solve them. It is impossible to eradicate graft and corruption because these  are embedded in the very soul of fallen man. These evils are part of human nature. 
     Imagine if the head of a nation has no  Faith and the members of the Bishop's conference have no Faith......or worse if the Pope has no Faith. Why, that would be hell. Do you think the 'Great Chastisement' mentioned in Fatima is something like this?

     Pope Benedict, in a Christmas message mentioned something about the unstoppable decline of civilisation. No chance of ever recovering even a little? None, whatsoever. With men without Faith driving the world like drunken drivers  do we really expect a happy ending? Yes, peacefully in a ditch. 
     The world can only offer a false hope that leads to despair which the world is trying hard to keep out of mind through myriads of distractions, the quality of which is getting as worse as the state of the Faith of the world. 
     While the non-Catholic world is careening to destruction, the catholic church of the Vatican is committing suicide by drinking countless heretical poisonous doctrines from Pope Francis'  'Love without dogmas,'  to his 'all go to heaven' because of the 'mercy and compassion of God, two virtues that neither appear among the theological and moral virtues as taught by the Catholic Church. Mercy is found in Beatitudes but it is of a kind that is completely different from Pope Francis' mercy. 

    Our world is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah and there is no Abraham to plead to God. And if ever there is, and I think there is since the true Church will continue to exist, there are no ten or five for whom God would spare this world from being destroyed by fire, as Scriptures prophesied. 
    The world is exactly like at the time of Noah. It is filled with sin; and we have no valid reason for being sinful because Christ came and taught us how to repent and obtain the gift of Faith that forgives sins. No valid reason. Only excuses. 
      If we look at ourselves, each one of us, we shall see that we have all contributed to the infidelity of the world. The Justice of God demands that we must share in the punishment. But God in His goodness will bring down the punishment gradually to give everyone one last chance. Just one last chance. Then judgment. We see  the world, like the destructions in Middle East,   going back to the stone age, preparatory to judgment day,  wherewith God will destroy the world by fire.....
     Because of the prophesied 'decay of Faith' and the 'waxing cold of Charity' everything will go worse; the world the Vatican, the bishops, the priest, you and I. 

3. What do we do. Jump ship and board the lifeboats. 
     Learn how to make an Act of mature Faith. The Catholic Church has two thousand years of holy writings by the Saints to guide us. We have no excuse. For the more grievous judgment is in store for us to whom much is given.
     Here is how to make a mature Act of Faith. You must know the true God. Know that He had spoken and established a Church to propose His truths down through out all generations.
     Well, you must know all the truths He taught; not so much concentrating on the truths but on the One who spoke. And not concentrating on the truths proposed by the Church but concentrating on the Church who proposed the truths. 
     Then, you must believe the God who have spoken and believe in the Church who proposed the truths. Since God and the Church are the means by which the truths are aught to us, to deny just one truth is equivalent to rejecting the one who gave it and therefore to deny all the rest of the truths; this is either God or the Church.  With Faith, you believe all or nothing. 
     The defect of the Protestants is that they do not believe in the means through which the truths are transmitted to us. They believe truths because the truths are convenient thus they believe because of their private judgment; and not because it is a declaration of a God or a Church.
     Many Catholics accepts certain truths and reject others; like  they believe that the Catholic Church is the true Church but they do not believe in the intrinsic evil of Family planning. When they speak this way it means they really do not believe in anything. They only have an opinion on everything. And that is not Faith; it is not believing. It is merely having an opinion. 
     You see, to believe God means to know everything He said and believe in everything He said because He said it. That takes a lot of time;.....knowing everything He said. Though everything He said is found in the Catechism (like the Compendium of the Catholic Church by Pope Benedict.) And, also, to accept the correct interpretation of what God said proposed by the Catholic Church and further explained by the Fathers of the Church. Again, that will take more time too learn. St. Benedict and Blessed John Newman knew that this will take time and not everybody have that much time. So they tried to find how this could be simplified. 
      God knows everything. He knows the heart of men. He does not have to wait for man to make a mature Act of Faith to gift him with the theological virtue of Faith. All He needs and all He is waiting is for a soul to show the proper disposition. If a soul shows that he is willing to believe with his mind and heart all that God had taught and proposed to the Church to teach, he does not have to go through all those steps. The 'willingness to believe' if ever he came to know the truths is convincing enough for God. Such was the case with Dimas. He was willing to believe everything Christ taught if he could learn them. But he run out of time. Though unable to do so, Christ rewarded him with the gift of Faith. With Faith he went straight to heaven; 'this day thou shalt be with Me in Paradise.'
     So in short. Man can receive the gift of Faith from God if he has a mind and heart that is disposed to believe, if he knew, all the truths Christ taught. How easy and so simple. Now, we really do not have any excuse not to have Faith. If we still do not have Faith, we really deserve to go to hell.  But I just heard, Pope Francis had just taught the heresy of universal salvation and seems to have abolish hell?


Sunday, May 22, 2016

He will announce to you the things to come.

   1. Isaias 41:23
      The true Catholic Church established by Christ can be recognised by the four visible Divine signs that God, Himself, have given her so that all men can easily recognise her apart from all sects and religions. These four signs stands out in that they are what makes the Catholic Church different from all other sects and religion. So they serve two purposes. They show which is the true Church and at the same time shows what makes the Church different from all others. 
     This is not the case with other sect and religions. What they use as signs that they are the true religion is common to all religions. 
     St. Robert Bellarmine gives an example. He wrote; if you want to point out a man for recognition you never describe him as someone who have two eyes. Everybody has two eyes. You must give a description that shows he is a man but different from all other men; like he has a halo around his head. That would make it easy to recognise the Church..
     You cannot say that the true religion has a God; because all religions claim they have a god. But if you say that the Catholic Religion has a God that is a Blessed Trinity in which there are three persons in one God, then you are describing the Catholic religion rightly so that all men can see that she is different from all other religion.
     So the four visible signs of the Church as mentioned in the Nicene Creed had become the most important issue today. Fortunately, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church had written much about these four signs. One of the most popular version of the four visible signs is the 15 Marks of the true Church by St. Robert Bellarmine.
     This has become the most important issue today. more important than the dispute on the communion on the remarried proposed by Pope Francis; because if we ask the question who is Catholic and who is not, it will solve even the Bishop's Synod discussion on the communion of the remarried. 
     If the bishops proposing that the remarried  people who live in adultery do not have the four visible signs, then they should not be followed. If the Bishops who are against that proposal, also, do not have the four visible signs, then we should see the contents of the proposal.
     If the contents of the proposal states that all previously married husbands but now separated and living in adultery should live their mistresses, return to their true wives and love them as Christ loves the Church........then the doctrine is Catholic and should be followed by Catholics. 

2. Testing. Testing. Testing. One, two, three.
     With all the confusion in the Catholic Church today, it was appropriate that we begin to test everything, as St. Paul wrote, to see if they are of God. Or if they are Catholic or not. Of course, I would start with me and my surroundings. And what I found floored me. Not one of the religions order, not one of the lay organisation, not one of the Parish and not one of the Diocese here in the Philippine had the four visible signs of the true Church. 
     Fearing I made a mistake or a bad research, I applied the same visible signs of the Nicene Creed to parishes and Dioceses abroad and found the same thing. To make the story short, to double check my research I tried the 15 MARKS  of the true Church, an elaboration of the four visible marks, authored by St. Robert Bellarmine. And worse, I was hoping they would, at least, have one or two out of the 15 Marks, yet they have absolute none. 

3. One of the Marks mentioned by St. Robert which is contained among the four visible signs from the Nicene Creed, but not obvious in the Nicene Creed, yet very clear in St. Robert is the TWEFTH Mark - The Light of Prophecy.  Bellarmine quoted ISAIAH 41:23. This is an explanation of that line in the Gospel 'He will announce to you the things to come.'

4. 'These future 'things to come' are not winners in the Lottery, nor the arrival of global warming. It is not the coming of future wars nor the election of future presidents. 'These things to come' are prophecies written in Divine Revelation whose future happening is unknown to all......until the Holy Spirit reveals it to those who are inside the Church. The Holy Spirit announces the things to come, the Spirit will announce when it is already coming and what we should do.
     This makes the Catholic Religion the most unique religion in that we know the past, the present and the future. And we can prepare ourselves for all eventualities. 

5.  Prediction of the deaths of people or their conversions are common 'things to come;' these being exclusively the Acts of God, only the Spirit can predict them. The saints, like St. Benedict and St. Bernard, were known for this.  

     Let us take two examples mentioned by St. Bonaventure and announced  by Pope Benedict. Both occurred on Good Friday. One, is the complete lack of Faith among the Jewish priesthood. And the other was the absence of the Jewish sacrifice because the Ark of the Covenant had disappeared years earlier during the time of the Maccabees. The two go together. Due to the lack of Faith of the priesthood, God takes away the Sacrifice from them. Bad priest equals no Mass. And don't quote Canon law because God is exempted from observing Canon Law for evident reasons. 
    Two events happened on Good Friday prophetically. So it should happen again in the future. What will happen, when it will happen, is it happening now and what should we do when it does happen ......all these will  be announced by the Holy Spirit to the Church.
     Remember that the Holy Spirit will only announce this to a Church that has prepared herself for the abiding of God the Father through a life of repentance (Old Testament); had prepared herself for the abiding of God the Son through a life of Faith (New Testament) and have prepared themselves  for the abiding of the Holy Spirit by the life of Charity (Pentecost.) With the Blessed Trinity abiding in the Church, the Holy Spirit can now announce the 'things to come.'
     So the Holy Spirit will explain to the Church the deeper meaning of Good Friday and teach her that this will happen again at the approach of His Second Coming.  All the events in the Life of Christ will be repeated at the approach of His Second Coming. The preparation for the first coming of Christ is identical with the preparation for His Second Coming. 
     Christians are awaiting these announcements from the Holy Spirit. So we say after the Our Father, 'as we await in joyful hope for the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ.' We await for the signs of the approach of the Second Coming. We do not wait for the Second Coming; that will be too late. We are awaiting for signs of the approach so we have time to prepare. And it is the Holy Spirit who will announce exclusively to the Church what are those signs; like the signs from Good Friday. 

6.Announcements  that the Spirit should had given the Church. 
    Based on Good Friday, the Spirit should have announced already to the Church as early as the 19th century that we were running out of priests with Faith. The Mass still existed. Pope Pius IX up to Benedict XVI had been informed by the Spirit and those Popes had been doing something about it.  
     The true Church knew even then that most priests do not know God the Son,  they do not know the way to heaven, they cannot teach people what to do to save their souls........just like the Pharisees and Sadducees. Their heresies were listed down in the 'Syllabus' and in 'Pascendi.' There will be a handful, like Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus who are good but nobody knows where they are.  
     It had been noticed that most Dioceses and Parishes do not have the four visible signs of the true Church mentioned in the Nicene Creed. In fact, most members of the hierarchy do not know that they have to have those four visible signs in their Dioceses, Parishes and in every Catholic family. Everything everywhere are like Jerusalem on Good Friday.
     Pope Benedict's solution to this announcement by the 
Spirit is that he announced that all priest should go back to the seminary and review their Moral theology. This was during the 'Year of the Priest' in  2009-2010. Pope Benedict knew he had to react to what the Spirit was announcing to him. He, also, knew that to remedy the situation is impossible because no one can modify or prevent the fulfilment of a prophecy.  Prophecies, like what happened on Good Friday cannot be prevented that time nor today because they are acts of God. We can only minimise its ill effects on us.  How? Pope Benedict, again, inspired by the Spirit suggested the example of Blessed John Newman; 'study Scriptures side by side with the Fathers of the Church. And do this in the solitude of a little place called Littlemore, in a small community that Newman organised, and  living the monastic life. Get those words of Pope Benedict right and do it and you will be alright. See how the Spirit acted on the Catholic Church during the Papacy of Benedict XVI. We had a true Catholic Church those times.

7.  The second thing that happened on Good Friday is that God had taken away the Sacrifice from the Jews. This happened as early as at the time of the Maccabees because of the infidelity of the Jews. In other words, they did not have a Mass. Faithless priest equals no Mass. God had often done that in the past. He will do it again in the near future, completely disregarding Canon Law. 
     Because of the ignorance of most of the priests and bishops, they have no Faith because Faith is based on knowledge of dogmas that man must know, not through human efforts, but by the grace of God. One can study in the best theological schools in Rome, but if God does not give the grace he learns nothing. And with nothing one cannot make the Act of Faith. God punished the Jews without Faith by taking away the Sacrifice. Today, because most Catholics do not have Faith then God must have already taken away the Sacrifice of the Mass. Most masses today are mere exercises in holding hands and dancing steps.
     All these liturgical abuses where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass had been transformed into the dance around the Golden calf begun with some Benedictines, Odo Casel  ( a German Benedictine from  the Abbey of Maria Laach), who eventually influenced  Bugnini, the terrible destroyer of the Mass. And the abuses were propagated by  Benedictines from Sant 'Anselmo that ruled the liturgical program of the Philippines with a vengeance. 
     It seem they were getting even for the treatment Bugnini got from Pope Paul VI for exiling him to Iran .

8.  Anyway, the Holy Spirit must have whispered that God will take away the Mass from the world because of the infidelity of the priest (first described by St. Paul as the great apostasy and described by Blessed John Newman in his 'the infidelity of the future.') So Pope 
Benedict issued 'Summorum Pontifical' to save the Mass. But he knew he could not because it is a prophecy that should be fulfilled. So what do we do when all Masses are invalid. Christ gave the answer to the Samaritan Woman at the well. He said; 'one day you will not have to worship in Church. For true worshippers will worship in spirit and in truth.' The Spirit had spoken; we will, during these days, worship with our minds and with our hearts....which we are supposed to do, in the first place, at Mass.
     We just saw how the Spirit announced to the Church headed by Pope Benedict 'things to come.' First, the total ignorance of priest on the Plan of salvation that Pope Benedict tried to minimise through the 'Year of the Priest.' And secondly, God's withdrawal of the Sacrifice from a faithless Church which Benedict tried to minimise through his 'Summorum Pontifical.'
     Now, if some belongs to the true Church of Pope Benedict, he should see if the same thing is happening around his environment. 

9. Has the Holy Spirit announced to the Church of the Philippines, the coming of the great apostasy and the taking away of the Mass?
    Let us talk about what happened here in Cebu, during the international Eucharistic Congress , 2016.
    Most of the speakers, if one checks their background in the Internet, do not believe in the transubstantiation in the Eucharist; they do not believe that Christ is truly present in the Eucharist. We first read this heresy from a Dominican, Edward (whose family name is all consonants.) It was picked up by the Jesuits. And the 
Dominican described in the Internet as 'the evil Dominican' for propagating this heresy is one of the main speakers in Cebu. 
     The question is this; it was the Bishop's conference who invited them. Do they believe in the same heresy. If yes, then they have sinned against Faith and they would be Faithless, just like the Jews on Good Friday. Apparently nobody did anything to show their objection to the heresy. 
     Nobody is announcing that our priests have no Faith and that our masses are invalid. The Spirit has not talked to anyone?
     With such a Faithless crowd do you think there was a consecrated host in that International Eucharistic Congress? If we follow the trend of God's prophecy, there should be no consecrated host there. If God did it to the Jews, won't He do it to us? The Jews were His Chosen People. We are not.
     What the Spirit announced to the Catholic Church from Pius IX to Benedict XVI, how come it was not announced to the Church of Pope Francis and the Bishops of the Philippines. The Spirit does not talk to other churches or religion. The Spirit only talks to those in whom the Blessed Trinity abides. 

10. We return to same important question.
     In what Church does the Blessed Trinity abide in? There the Holy Spirit dwells. And where the Spirit is, there will be announcements of 'things to come.'
     If you have heard those announcement, you are in safe hands. If you have not heard those announcements,  you are in the wrong church. And Pope Benedict, true to his role as Pope, gave the Spirit's solution. The same solution received by Blessed John Newman, when as an Anglican he was already in spirit a true Catholic. The solution is what Newman did as an Anglican under the guidance of the Spirit. First, he left everything including his Anglican parish, St. Mary. Secondly, he studied Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church. Thirdly, he went into solitude in Littlemore. 
Fourthly, he gathered a small community with him. And fifthly, they lived an experimental monastic life.  The this the 'new' evangelisation of John Paul II and Benedict XVI which nobody is implementing today. 
     In no time, Newman was a Catholic. He became a priest and even rose to be a cardinal. And is now a Blessed. A man who knew his Old Testament, his New Testament and 'the much more' that  Christ wanted to teach His disciple including what the Spirit wanted to announce to him of things to come. And he wrote all these things, including the things to come, a few of which; first, the infidelity of the future which is a description of the complete lost of Faith in todays world. And the lost of the Sacrifice of the Mass as a punishment for the infidelity of the priests prophesied by Daniel. 


Friday, May 20, 2016


 1. In whom does the Blessed Trinity resides. 
     The feast today, Trinity Sunday, is a further elaboration of the Feast of Pentecost.  The Holy Spirit can only abide in the Church together with the Father and the Son. Thus preparing oneself to receive the Holy Spirit must be preceded by preparations to receive the Father, first,  and the Son, secondly. Then and only then will the Holy Spirit, together with the Father and the Son,  abide in the Church. 
     The defect in the Charismatic movement is that there are no preparations for the receiving of the Father and the Son. And they expect to receive the Holy Spirit. That is impossible, as the Liturgy of the Mass for Trinity Sunday shows. 

 2. The Holy Spirit is in the Church, not in individuals.
     The Holy Spirit is in individuals  together with the Father and the Son, as he is a part of the Catholic Church.  The Holy Spirit had already descended upon the Church. We should stop calling the Spirit down on us. He is already there. We just have to enter the Church to be abided in by the Spirit who will only come with the Father and the Son. The problem, obviously, is not in the absence of the  Spirit; it is the impossibility in finding the Catholic Church which seems not to be, even, in the Vatican. 
     The signs that the Holy Spirit is abiding in us together with the Father and the Son and, therefore, making us deserving of the promise of eternal life is described in todays Gospel.
     These signs are the signs, also, that we are within the Catholic Church; because we cannot encounter the Holy Spirit outside the Church as Protestants  believe.  
     This sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit is, also, the sign that we have the theological virtues and, therefore, the sign that our salvation is assured. How can a soul with the Blessed Trinity abiding in him be lost? 

 3. Pentecost and Trinity Sunday have the same message.
       So the Mass of Trinity Sunday is an important adjunct of Pentecost Sunday because this Sunday tells us the infallible signs of the presence of the Holy Spirit abiding in one's soul. If the Holy Spirit abides in our soul then the Blessed Trinity abides in our soul and that is the sign that we are inside the Catholic Church. Not the other way around.
     It is possible for us to be inside the Catholic Church but do not have the Holy Spirit if we have just entered the Church and have just encountered Christ, the created soul of the Church. We have to go deeper into the Church to encounter the Holy Spirit who is the uncreated soul of the Catholic Church. 

4. Why do we keep calling down the Holy Spirit?
     When Pope John XXIII announced that he was opening the windows of the Church to allow the Holy Spirit to come in, he was just speaking using figures of speech. The Spirit is already inside the Church. It is a matter of looking for the Church; which we cannot find today. Why? Because we do not know what to look for. We have to look for the true Church. How? Through the four visible signs found in the Nicene Creed. But what are those four signs? Well, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. What do those words mean.  That is another big problem. You will have to sit down and seriously study what those signs mean because it is very difficult to learn them; so difficult that practically most parish priests and bishops do not know if their parishes and dioceses have these four visible signs. 
     In fact, most parishes and dioceses do not have these visible signs and they do not know how to acquire these signs. With such an unresolved problem it is impossible for most priest and bishop to possess the Holy Spirit. If so, how much more the rest of the laymen.
     So it is possible that most are not really Catholics? That is a question only each one can answer. Though outsiders, like St. Augustine and St. Robert Bellarmine can help. 

5. Who have the Holy Spirit? In whom does the Blessed Trinity abide in?
    The Gospel of Trinity Sunday answered it describing what the Holy Spirit does in the soul. These activities show  the soul is in the Church and have encountered the Holy Spirit, as Pope Benedict described it. These activities show that the Blessed Trinity is abiding in the soul because the soul is within the Church; and, therefore the soul's salvation is assured. 

6. How do we know we have the Holy Spirit? By its functions!
     The Gospel writes; First, the Spirit will convince the world of sin. Secondly, He will convince the world of Justice. Thirdly, He will convince the world of Judgment.

     A. The Spirit will convince the world of sin. The Spirit will teach the world that the source of their sins is UNBELIEF., 'they do not believe in Me. All sins come from the absence of Faith. As such the father of worldly people is the devil. St. Paul wrote; 'everything not of Faith is sin.' 
     These sins are expressions of unbelief which are disobediences to the commands of God. The Spirit will show that the unbelief of the editor Scalfari is a sin and he will not go to heaven because, 'he who does not believe is already condemned.' He will convince the world that for a husband not to love the wife as Christ loved the Church is a sin. That wives who do not subject themselves to their husbands is committing sin. That for adulterer to receive Holy Communion is a very grievous sin. That family planning for any reason if an intrinsic evil. That ignorance of the truths of the Catholic Religion is sin. And love for self is a sin. And many more. 
     All the above sins had been described by Pope Francis as not sinful, thus going directly against the teaching of Christ about what the presence of the Holy Spirit is teaching the world. In fact, Pope Francis have abolished many sins and believes that he finds it impossible to think of a God who will send souls to hell. This is the heresy of universal salvation. It is a heresy many priests, seeking popularity,  are teaching. One priest teaching this heresy was just promoted by Pope Francis as a Bishop in the U.S.  Poor U.S. and poor world. 
      While the Spirit is telling us what are sinful;  Pope Francis is abolishing sins. He had mentioned lately allowing priests to marry. Hmmmm?  This is getting exciting, for the concupiscence. 

     B. The Spirit will  rebuked the world for having neglected Justice. Like the over emphasis of Pope Francis and the Vatican on Mercy and Compassion.  
     The Justice taught by the Spirit is called the Justice of Faith.  The Justice of Faith is an act of mercy based on Faith. This consist in, first, believing in the Divinity of Christ and afterwards, believing in the humanity of Christ.  St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote that the world is not doing it this way. 
     Because the world is doing it wrongly,  the world is already judged with the devil who is the ruler of the world and of worldly people. 
     The devil is the ruler of the sons of Pride. And the world are so proud to believe that they deserve Mercy without Justice as Pope Francis and his bureaucracy are teaching. 
     The Gospel says; 'those who do not believe are already condemned. So the ruler of the world and those who adhere to him are already condemned. The ruler being condemned, its followers who imitate his pride and evil ways are, likewise, condemned. 
     The Spirit will convince the world of sin and will be a witness against the world. They have sinned grievously because 'they believed not in Me.'  Thus the Spirit will be a witness to My Justice which the world did not think I possessed. So, it can happened that most people in the world are already condemned with the devil and they do not know it; and these are those who wallow in the 'Year of Mercy of Pope Francis' while forgetting His justice, a very important moral virtue. 
     C. And the Spirit will convince the world that there will be a Judgment that will follow death and/or the end of the world. Now, this is contrary to the now popular teaching within the Church that everybody will go to heaven and that it is impossible for a Good God to send anybody to hell. Well, God did not create hell just as a decoration. The devils will go there. Those without Faith will go there. The anti-christ will go there together with the anti-popes, the Book of Revelation states. 
      The children of Fatima saw hell; O.k. That could be caused by the heat of summer. But the very experience of people without Faith on earth is the greatest proof of hell because life without Faith is a foretaste of hell. 

7. The gospel continues to describe what the Holy Spirit will do for the disciples of Christ.
     After showing what the Spirit will do for the world, the Gospel continues to show what He will do for the disciples.
     a.) He shows the need for further instructions. 'I have much more to tell you but you cannot bear it now.'
     b.) How will He do it. ' The Spirit of truth will guide you to all truth.'
     c,) Won't that be difficult to learn? 'No, He will not speak on his own but will tell you only what he hears by telling you 'things to come.'

     A. 'I have much more to tell you but you cannot bear it now.' The apostles have learned the teachings of God the Father in the Old Testament from John the Baptist. They have learned the teachings of God the Son from Jesus Christ in the New Testament. But they did not know the teachings of God the Holy Spirit because he has not yet come, the Gospel being before Pentecost. 
     The apostles were told to preach only after Pentecost because otherwise their preaching will be incomplete, like most preachers today. Incomplete knowledge cannot bring you to heaven. So Christ tell His apostles 'you still have much to learn. So wait for the Spirit to complete your instructions before you preach.'
     Most Catholic preachers today do not know the teachings of the Blessed Trinity because the Trinity is not abiding in them. Why? Because they do not know anymore how to be the abiding places of the Trinity. And these signs of the presence of the Spirit are not in them.
     B. 'He will teach you all truths.' All truths! And our Pope does not know the theology of grace as shown in his first papal speech. He does not know most of the truths as shown by the research of 'Milites Christi' a young congregation of priests started by a Jesuit in Argentina, in a well documented paper. He does not know that marriage is indissoluble. He does know that people without Faith go to hell, thus encouraging Scalfari to continue in his being an Atheist. He does not know that family planning is intrinsically evil, and adulterer will more surely go to hell if they receive Holy Communion without repenting. 
     Pope Francis does not seem to know most of the truths taught by the Holy Spirit and found in Divine Revelation. Which makes us wonder what book is he reading. Well, he mentions Cardinal Kasper and Cardinal Schonborn, two cardinals not known for orthodoxy. 
     c. 'He will announce to you the things to come.'
         We have mentioned many times the fact that the Catholic Religion is a prophetic religion. Everything that happened in the 
church are types of things to come.  That is why a good homily should not only have a good exegesis; it must have eschatology. Today we have neither; only entertainments of bishops wearing clown gears, playing samba and doing their entrance  for Mass in a bicycle. 
     The entire of Scriptures, specially the Psalms, speak of 'thing to come.' The blessed Virgin kept on speaking of things to come. But nobody is listening. Though we believe when these are news on global warming to come or stock market to crash. As the Spirit had mentioned above, the problem is we believe everything when we don't believe in God. Global warming is not caused by the tricycles in India or the smoke stacks of China. It is a sign of God's approaching chastisement of destroying the world by fire, Scriptures write. Doesn't that make sense; it is warm because God had turned on the heat. 
     How come the church today does not know the things to come; that one day there will be a great apostasy as mentioned by St. Paul. 'Great' means that most of the cardinals, bishops, priests and nuns will be apostates. How come the church does not know that she can have an anti-pope whose type is Judas. How come the Church does not know that one day the owner of the vineyard, the church, will take away the church from the bishops and give to somebody else as  predicted by the parable.  How come the church does not know that one day the church will not exist in the Vatican and in the world as clearly shown in the Book of Revelation. How come the church continues to believe that the door of the church will remain for all to enter when it is clear from Noah's time that there will be a time that the door of the Church will be shut and nobody can enter her. 
     Didn't the Gospel state that the Spirit will inform the Church of things to come. So how come they do not know these things?
     This work of the Spirit is completely absent in the Church today; thus making us believe that the Spirit is not in the so-called Church that we know. It is in the Church; but the Church is somewhere else. And unless we find it soon, we could be eternally lost. 

8. Upon the presence of the Spirit in the Church are based the four visible signs of the true Church of Christ as found in the Nicene Creed. The last, just mentioned, 'the Spirit will announce things to come ' is the most impressive sign which all other religions and sects do not have. It is called the Spirit of prophecy. But then we cannot find this sign either in the Church of the Vatican.
     Isaiah 41:23 wrote; 'Tell us what is to come hereafter, that we may know that ye are gods.' 
     Only the Holy Spirit within the  Church can do this. And the Catholic Church had been doing this.....until the time of Pope Benedict XVI who describe the world as in total decay. Then...the Spirit was gone. It seems that, suddenly, the Catholic Church had disappeared from the face of the earth. No, no. Both Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI pointed where she is. She is with the Great Sign in the Sky, who flew into the desert whose image resembles Our Lady of Guadalupe; thus they made her the patroness of the 'new' evangelisation.'
     The Spirit always goes into the hearts of people 'in the desert,' not in people in rowdy Pentecostal revivals.