Saturday, April 30, 2016


1. Of course, not.
     Christ had promised the gates of hell will not prevail against her.....well, the gates of hell will not prevail against her.  She will continue to exist up to the end of times because this Church will be the only welcoming committee that will meet Christ when He comes.
     But where is she? She is there where Divine Revelation said she would be. We have the four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed. We have often referred to the 15 Marks of the true Church according to St. Robert Bellarmine. Why don't we use these visible signs and look for her.
     God, precisely, gave us these signs so we can find her when we wish to look for her to enter her. Well, that is it. We will only find her if we look for her because we want to enter her. If we are just going to look for her out of curiosity or for other inferior reasons, like for research work, we will not find her. 

2. Looking for her.
    Looking for the Church today will be very difficult. All the prophecies from Scripture says so. With the 'decay of Faith' and  the 'waxing cold of Charity' prophesied by Christ  that will be the air that we shall breath,  to the total darkness prophesied by the Blessed Virgin in Quito, Ecuador  that will cover our will be a miracle if we find the Church today. 
     Though all the signs mentioned by the Creed and by Bellarmine are all still there, the blindness of the men of today will prevent them from seeing the signs. They won't see the signs even if those signs are just under their noses. It is the same chastisement for their infidelity. 

3. The Messiah is born.
     The Messiah was born, He walked the earth, preached in Synagogues, perform wonders in the streets and they still asked; 'Are you the Messiah?' The Messiah was under their very nose but they completely missed Him. In the same way, today, most will not find the Church. It is a punishment from God for their not really being interested in the Church.
     How many have ever studied the different signs of the true Church and gone around to look for the Church. None of the bishops and none of the priests. Because if they were truly interested they would have looked for the Church long ago and they would have discovered that their own parish or diocese does not have the visible signs of the Church. And they should have lost all sleep from then on up to now. Because to know that you are outside the Church means damnation. So how can he sleep. He can sleep because he never checked on the signs and gone around to seek the Church.

4. The Church today was led  recently  by John Paul II and Benedict XVI. During their Papacy, these two Popes exhibited all the visible signs of the true Church. These signs can be found both in their writings and in their actions. If some signs are not obvious, the defect is in the beholder in that they have not really understood the signs.  Or they did not know how to apply it on the Church for the purpose of analysis.  Unable to apply the visible signs on the two previous Popes, many  are unable to apply it on the present Pope. This inability is beginning to show that we are facing, not just by a little problem of memory; but a very serious sin of ignorance of the Faith. 

5. Like father, like son.
    Because, just like the Jews, our present Cardinals, Bishops and priests are undergoing 'the decay of Faith' and the 'waxing cold of Charity' it would follow that the rest of the Catholic Laity would be in the same rut. Because the world is in spiritual darkness, nobody is noticing what is going on. 
     For so many years, this blog had been sounding the alarm that the house is on fire. And that we should either put out the fire or jump out of the house. We have suggested how to do both. But there is no reaction. Or worse they want to shut up our voice, instead.  But we cannot because our own salvation depends on 'giving freely what we have received freely.'

6. Where is the Church?
     The first Church is the Holy Family. Then its continuation is the Apostolic community. Both are the images of the Catholic Church. Is your parish and diocese like the Holy Family and Apostolic community? Of course, not. So let's see how they look like and that is how the Catholic Church should look today.
     The Catholic Church today was described by Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI in their 'new' evangelisation.' There is nothing in their description that did not come from  the past Father, Doctors and saints of the Catholic Church.
     The description given by Pope John Paul was taken from Scriptures and his favourite devotion, St. Grignon de Montfort.  Benedict XVI took his from St. Benedict,  St. Bonaventure (his thesis) and the monastic tradition.  Some were taken from St. Thomas of Aquinas commentary on the last Chapter of John. Also from the Apocalypse on the description of the Woman clothed with the Sun. And, of course, the works of St. Basil.
     All these authors describe the Catholic Church in her period of perfect development  about this our time. 
     Each member of the Church will be invited personally and individually by Christ; just as Christ did during apostolic times. Due to the absence of the physical Christ, this invitation will be a pure act of grace. The Psalm states that this invitation will be done secretly. 
    The individuals who are invited makes up the 153 large fishes when the net was lowered only on the right side and caught only good fishes. 
     As they were invited they were required to leave all things as was required from the young rich man. Pope Benedict emphasized that the invitation was for individuals and not for large groups. This was the main theme of John Paul's 'Veritatis Splendour' that was meant to revitalise the Church specifically addressed only to the Bishops but hardly anyone implemented the Encyclical. So we do not have a church. 
     They live  a very ascetical life in community having their possessions in common and observing poverty. Pope Benedict took this from the 'new' monasticism concept of the Church by St. Bonaventure. 
     St. Grignon de Montfort described them thus, they have the cross as an emblem.
     St. Basil established, as a bishop, a Catholic Church in Turkey. It was a complete Catholic Church. The members left all things, lived in community, recited the complete Divine Office, and there was manual work. What was unique in his Church called Basiliades is its composition. Those who lived together in community but separated according to grouping were all kinds of people; young and old, healthy and sickly, priest, bishops and laymen, orphans and entire families, lame and blind, alive and dying. It was a complete microcosm of an entire Catholic Church.
     When the European Union was organised, the Catholic members of the committee designed a return of Europe to Christianity according to the Basiliades. It was an honest attempt of Europe to return to her Catholic roots. That was the original goal of the committee......until the atheist and heretics took over. The only Catholic thing that remained is the emblem......the emblem of the Woman of the Apocalypse, the blue color of the Blessed Virgin and her 12 stars. At least they knew that that was how the Catholic Church look like, the Basiliades. Is your Parish and Diocese like that?  
     Just one more. They live in strict enclosures and only get together for the Sacrifice of the Mass. And though their locality is unknown they are in constant battle with the forces of evil in the spiritual fields. That's why outsiders see nothing and hear nothing. 

    Pope Benedict had been asking Bishops during their 'Ad Limina' visits if any of them had seen them.  And up to the present all have said 'No.' Yes, during these times, you will not find the four visible signs of the Church nor the 15 Marks of St. Bellarmine. You will not find the Church.........not even in the Vatican. 


 1. There  will never ever be 'peace' on earth.
     Because there are no 'men of good will,' as the Christmas carol says. It was possible around the 10th up to the 13th centuries for the world to have 'peace' because the teachings of the Catholic Church had reached its fullness and maturity. Though the opportunity was there, and there were many places where there were apparent peace, true 'peace' was still illusive.
     If we define 'peace' correctly, at least according to human philosophy, it will appear that only the Catholic Church can bring 'peace' to the world. The goal of the Catholic Church is the attainment of 'peace,' correctly defined. "My 'peace' I give you." The Catholic God is the Prince of 'Peace.' He alone can give 'peace;' this 'peace' the world cannot give. 
     The world will never have 'peace' because the Catholic Church whose goal is 'peace' and the only one who can bring 'peace' to the world, have ceased to be Catholic. She has repudiated her Prince of 'Peace'  and have embraced the prostitute Lady Liberty.  In her spiritual adultery she lost her four visible signs and the 15 Marks of the true Church. 
     In losing the four visible marks of the Church, she lost her 'peace' and became ignorant of the definition of 'peace.'

2. Why is peace impossible?
     No one has defined 'peace' correctly.  The pagan religions do not even have a definition for peace. The same goes with the Protestant sects. The Catholic Church, alone, have a very clear definition of 'peace'. And its proper place in Catholic spirituality is clearly shown in the Gospel of the 6th Sunday of Easter.  It is the 8th step.
     But why was Vatican II and the following Bishop's Synod (2014 - 2015) filled with dissensions? And the records of those gatherings  showed  ample proofs of the absence of 'peace.'  The 6th Sunday of Easter Gospel gave the answer; they failed to do the first 7 steps (see previous post.) They could not have the 8th step which was the reward of 'peace' that Christ alone can give. And which the world cannot give. 

3. 'Peace is My farewell to you. My peace is My gift to you.....not as the world giveth it.'
     'Peace' is a gift from God. It is the end of a whole process. The world can only promise 'peace.' But don't wait for it. It will never come; because the world does not deserve it having committed adultery with the spirit of disunity. 
4. 'Peace' is not a means to a goal; it is the goal.
    Christ promised to give 'peace' to His disciples who had completed their training under Him. All finished,  except Judas, who committed suicide because he was not at 'peace' with himself and with the other apostles. That is a state of hellish misery that will make anyone commit suicide.

     'Peace' is when a person is at 'peace' with himself and is at 'peace' with others. Let us go into it in more detail. 'Peace' is when man's interior faculties, his appetites are in accord  with his mind and will. And when this peaceful interior is in accord with a similar interior 'peace' with another person  there is 'peace' within that one person and between the two persons.

 5.  An example.    
     Let's take an example.   A husband wants to marry a woman to be able to take up the Sacrament of Matrimony for the sanctification of his soul. The husband thinks with his mind that he wants to save his soul using the Sacraments. The will, moved by the natural desire for a woman agrees with the mind for a marriage. The mind knows that to live with a woman without getting married to her is an evil. He knows that if he does this he will not find 'peace.'  He knows that the right way is to marry her in the proper way. And he does this. Because the interior faculties obeyed the promptings of the intellect,  he experiences  'peace' in his decision. 
     This husband is at 'peace' with himself because his interior faculties is in accord with what his mind has decided to be a right action and to which his free will had agreed to be a good act. 

6. Concord.
  We have described the husband. Now, let us describe the wife. Let's say that the wife wants to marry a husband just for security. She has no intention of saving her soul or benefitting from the Sacraments. This wife does not will the good and is unconcerned with the truth. She is, only, after  money. She is not at 'peace' with herself, and she is not at 'peace' with her husband. She, only, has concord with her husband. St. Thomas distinguishes 'peace' from concord. 'Peace'  is more profound.
     So there is a difference between 'peace' and concord. Peace is superior to concord. Concord is possible among people with evil will and wrong intentions.  The untrue and the bad cannot be elements of 'peace. '

7. Why marriages fail.
     In the above example, the husband is a peaceful man, in that he was at 'peace' with himself (and we have defined this) but he was not at 'peace' with his wife. He was only  in concord with his wife because they were not of one mind and one heart. 
     The wife was not at 'peace' with herself and was living only in concord with her husband. That will not work because there is a defect; the interior faculties of the wife was not in peaceful co-existence with her mind and will. And the wife was not of one mind and will with the husband. St. James wrote; that this is the cause of all wars. Exterior wars are just expressions of internal wars. 
     Because of the lack of 'peace,' the husband, through he is at 'peace' with himself though in concord only with his wife, will feel this lack of 'peace' as detrimental to his happiness. To correct the imbalance or incongruent situation both will declare war with each other, Wars are declared to attain a 'peace' that is lacking. The husband who is in the right will be waging a just war. The wife who is in the wrong will fight an unjust war. 

8. The just war.
     The just was is meant to win over the wife; just as ecumenism is meant to win over the other religions into the Catholic Faith. That is a spiritually just war. For religions just to sit down and talk is not a war; it is a UN sponsored useless meeting. 
     If in the above example, the husband who is at peace with himself, though not of his own fault is, only, in concord with his wife, he can wage a just war and win his wife easily.

     But as the state of the whole Catholic Church is showing that there seems to be no peace even in the Vatican (this can be seen in Vatican II and the following last three Bishop's Synod), because it does not have the four visible signs of the true Church, all the families have no peace, either with themselves or with one another. Peace becomes impossible.  The advice from the Pope is to carry the war from your family to the next and to the next and to the next through remarriages (i.e. through adultery).

9. The Catholic way to peace in the family.
     Begin with being at peace with oneself. How?  First, the  intellect should know what is the truth (from where? Of course from the teaching of Christ.) Secondly, his will must agree with the intellect that what is true is good for the same person. Then thirdly, with the mind agreeing peacefully with the will, the intellect  should put into action what they had peacefully agreed with. That accomplished action will be rewarded by God with the peace of Christ. If all the members of the family do the same thing then there will be 'peace' in the family which is a foretaste of heaven. They will never wish anything worldly in place of this 'peace.' It is a 'peace' that unites the family preventing every member from committing any sin. 
     That 'peace' is Love of God and  neighbour; because to be at 'peace' with oneself is Love of God. And to be at 'peace' with your wife and children is Love of neighbour. With that peace one really becomes a saint. It is the 'peace' that makes one love the Catholic Church because the family becomes the Church. That 'peace' is a foretaste of where the whole family will spend their the Kingdom of the Prince of Peace. 

10. How is the church solving the present mess. Making it messier. 
    Let us see how the Catholic Church under the Papacy of Pope Francis is solving the problem. 
     They are given more reason for the declarations of war and taking away all things that contribute to 'peace.' The Church had become the harbinger of war rather than of 'peace.' 
     The minds of couples are filled with each others defects thus feeling their hearts with mutual hatred. The mind, instead of being filled with the truth, becomes filled with lies; and the heart, instead of being filled with the good, becomes filed with the bad because of the continuing infidelity towards each other. Each person is filled with hatred which is the daughter of pride. Peace comes from Charity and humility. 
      When separated the couples and the children loses their 'peace.' When the parents remarry, everybody develops more hatred and loses further their 'peace.'  When the parish priest and bishop annuls the previous marriage, everybody's hatred increases further, and the 'peace' between the first family and the hierarchy disappears. And when everybody discovers that this annulment and remarried people are allowed to receive Communion by Pope Francis, then their 'peace' is totally lost and becomes pure hatred for the whole Church.  'Peace' comes from Charity.  Hatred comes from mortal sin.

Thus the Vatican is no longer the Church of the Prince of Peace but the church of disunity and confusion,  the church of the Prince of the world.

 11.  How should we solve problem of marriages according to the Gospel of the 6th Sunday of Easter. 
     First, bring the estranged husband, wife and children together.  Second, ask them if they want to solve their problem the Catholic way. If they say 'yes' then continue to the third step. If they say 'No', then send them to Pope Francis for a cheap and speedy annulment with Holy Communion as bonus. 
     If they say 'yes' then the third step is explained to them; i.e. the 7 steps from the Gospel of the 6th Sunday of Easter. And tell them that if they go through those 7 steps they will all find not only 'peace' on earth because those steps will develop in them a Good Will, but they will find eternal 'peace' with God in heaven.

12.  Divorce and annulment will worsen the situation because not only is the wife not peaceful, the husband will also lose his peace. 
Now both husband and wife have lost their peace. If they remarry they will be contaminating other people with their unpeaceful lives. This life without peace will gradually turn to hatred and other untold evils. 
     Again, why will 'peace' never exist today? Because the Vatican Church who, alone can teach the way to peace had chosen the way to serious sin. Thus losing its Catholicity, it has lost its own peace.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

ANALYSIS of the TRAINING IN SEMINARIES based on the Gospel of John.

  1. The training for the priesthood.
      In the early Christian times, candidates for the priesthood and candidates to the episcopacy were simply picked from monasteries because there were no seminaries.  The best priests and bishops were monks. And the best missionaries were monks. 
     The reason for this is that what the monks learn is what they used to govern parishes and dioceses. And what they learned is what they preach in missionary lands. In short, the formula on how to be a holy monk is the same formula used to make a holy parish or diocese. And the formula on how to be a holy monk is the same identical formula on how to teach pagans to become Catholics. The three formulas are identical. It is the formula of 'evangelisation' found in the Apostolic Commission given by Christ to the apostles as found at the end of the Gospel of St. Matthew. 

2. What is this identical formula?
     The way to be holy, the way to make others holy and the way to make pagans holy is identical. This is,  again, mentioned in the Gospel of the 6th Sunday of Easter from the Gospel of St. John. This is a more elaborate description of the Apostolic Commission according to St. Matthew.  
     This formula is the basis for all curriculum in seminaries because, historically, the seminary curriculum is taken from  the training of monks. In monasteries, the seed (semen) of the Word is implanted by God in the souls; the monastic life makes the soul fertile. So the combination of the monastic life that makes the soul fertile and the planting of the seed by God is the perfect ambiance for holiness, for evangelisation and for missionary work. 
     This is, also, the way for husbands to help their wives become holy and for parents to make their children holy. 

3. Where did we go wrong?
     Now, where did all seminaries go wrong? Before going into the formula for seminary training in detail, let us look right away and see where we first went wrong. First God, indeed, plants the seed of the Word of God in the seminarian's hearts. But there was no monastic life (it was abolished)  to make the soil fertile. So the seed would find itself on hard ground where the birds easily eat it up, on rocky ground where the roots cannot find firm hold, or in ground full of thorns. 
     This is the seminary environment. Because instead of keeping the monastic aspect of the training of seminarians, some bright seminary rector tried to adjust the seminary training to the wishes of the world. The seed still falls on the ground. But the soil is not fertile because they eliminated the monastic asceticism essential to make the soil fertile. The seminary was no longer the place where the 'semen' the seed of the Word of God can develop. 

4. Now, let's go into details.
     As mentioned in previous posts,  Pope John Paul II came to the Philippines and in an address in Radio Veritas he ordered the CBCP to reform the seminary curriculum or seminary way of life (which of the two is not clear from sources.) But the two really go hand in hand. When you reform one, you reform both. Praxis go hand in hand with dogma. The news sources did not say, also, what was wrong with the present curriculum.
     But in the course of working on the project what was wrong became very, very obvious. There was something wrong; in fact there was a catastrophe and nobody knew it. 

5. The evangelical basis for seminary training.
     The outline for the Evangelical basis for seminary training or for the training of any soul, is based on the 5th and 6th Sunday on Easter. Here is the outline. We shall put it in the proper order.
     First, 'he will be true to My word.'
     Second, 'he will love Me.'
     Third, 'We will come to him.'
     Fourth, 'We will make our dwelling place with him always,'
     Fifth, 'the Father will send in my name the Holy Spirit.'
     Sixth, 'the Holy Spirit will instruct you in everything.'
     Seventh, 'the Holy Spirit will remind you of all that I (Jesus) have told you. 
     So what was wrong?  No seminary followed the above steps.

6. Do only the first. The rest is the work of God. 
     Let us first go through the seven steps, and then return to the first, which is the only step that must be done by the whole seminary staff.  As we mentioned, the second step is just the consequence of the first step.  From the third to the seventh are exclusively, the work of God.

7. The entire basis for seminary training.
     First, all the commands of Christ must be taught during the first year during Postulancy. In one year, all the commands of Christ can be taught. And any seminarian who have not mastered all the commands must not proceed to the novitiate. These commands of Christ are the New Testament interpretation of the 10 commandments of God from the Old Testament. When given the New Testament interpretation, they will be expanded into around more than 80 commands. They are usually referred to as the Commands of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. 
     The theology professor will simply enumerate the command and will try to explain how that command will be put into practice. For example; he will give the command of Christ 'to pray unceasingly.' Then he should explain how to pray unceasingly (as we have explained in previous posts,) The professor will get the command from the New Testament and the explanation on 'how' from the writings of the Fathers of the Church (like the 'treatise' on prayer of St. Augustine or from the book of Pope Benedict XVI).
     That is all that the professor can do. Anybody who can read or write can do this. So even new graduates in the seminary, as often the practice, can teach in the seminary.  But sadly professors can do neither. In that they do not know ALL, only some, of the commands of Christ (often they do not know that 'to pray unceasingly is a command of Christ under pain of sin.) And most often they do not know the interpretation of the Fathers of the Church on 'how to pray.' They think prayer is just like talking to another person. Hey, prayer is talking to God and that makes it a world of difference. 
     In the lecture hall, the seminarians will only hear the sound of the words of the professor. Nothing else. It is the Holy Spirit who explains the meaning of the sound of the words so that the seminarian will understand the message of the words. The meaning of the words is different from the sound of the word. Without the working of the Holy Spirit the seminarian will learn nothing spiritual. So he will not learn how to pray, which is a spiritual activity. The Holy Spirit is not always there. When is he there?
We will answer that after the Noviciate.
     Noviciate. After the seminarian had learned the commands of Christ from Divine Divine Revelation and the explanation of that command from the Fathers of the Church during his postulancy,when he starts the Noviciate he will try to put into practice what he had learned. He will not be able to put it into practice perfectly, but the little effort will be enough. He can perfect it later on.

     Now to the question, when will the Holy Spirit start acting on the seminarian? Before the first step; because it is through the power of the Holy Spirit will he be able to know the commands of Christ and to be able to obey them even slightly. Assuming the professor had explained the commands well. If the professor did not teach well, then the Holy Spirit will not act. Thus the importance of having professors with perfect knowledge, which is rare.  The human effort in seminary training stops here.

     Second step; 'he will love Me.' A seminarian who knows the commands of Christ and puts it into practice, it is he who loves God by very definition. 'If you love Me, keep My commandments.' So the seminarian who loves Christ is he who knows and obeys His commandments. This act is a combination of personal human effort and the gift of grace. After this, everything else is in the supernatural level and, therefore, over and above the capability of any seminary or school. Though some schools in Bologna and in Belgium like to presume that they can teach this.  They think they are the Holy Spirit.

     Third step. If the seminarian loves Christ, he loves, also, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Thus the Blessed Trinity will come to him. This presence is unlike receiving Holy Communion. This is a more permanent abiding.
     Fourth, 'we will make our dwelling place with the seminarian always.' This is heaven here on earth. No one can describe this experience. Even St. Paul could not describe it. When all the seminarians reaches this stage, they become one mind and heart. And no one will be separated from Him through sin. The sign that almost all seminarians do not reach this stage is that they engage in sins of impurity from entrance to ordination, aside from the common same sex temptations.
     Fifth, 'the Father will send the Holy Spirit.' The Holy Spirit comes with the Father and the Son. But he is coming with a special function or attributes specially referred to him. 
     Sixth, 'the Holy Spirit will instruct in everything.' The Spirit will teach you the answer to everything. You will have no question that you cannot answer or any problem that you cannot solve. This knowledge of the entire sphere of theology is infused; not learned from men nor books. 
     Seventh, 'and the Spirit will remind you of everything Christ taught when He was on earth without you forgetting a single truth.

 8. When this outline for the seminary curriculum was read from the two Sundays of Easter, the Bishop's Committee on Seminaries told  the research group to look around for a curriculum based on this outline. The group searched the entire Philippines and the best seminaries around the world.  Also several well known religious school in Rome, some theological schools in Europe, and some private seminaries. And lastly, the research group asked the Congregation of Catholic Education in Rome whose head was a Filipino. His answer was 'we have no curriculum. We are still making one. '
     All of them had outlines but they were not based on the above outline. The Church is 2000 years old and we did not have a program for seminaries based on the Gospels? All curriculum were based on man made individual programs adapted to please the world.

9. So what is wrong with all seminarians? And all seminarians can confirm this.
    They do not know all the commands of Christ so they are not true to the Word of God.
     Second, not knowing the commands of Christ, they cannot obey them so they do not love God.
     Third, not having the proper disposition, God will not come to them.
     Fourth, Jesus might come to them occasionally but will leave them because the Trinity will not make their abode with them.
     Fifth, the Father will not send the Spirit to them due to a lack of proper disposition,
     Sixth, the Spirit will not instruct them so they will know absolutely nothing about the spiritual life.
     Seventh, they will know nothing about the past teachings of Christ as found in Divine Revelation, 

     With such ignorance, they cannot lead any soul anywhere near heaven.  This was the kind of seminary  Pope John Paul was trying to avoid. So the team had to begin from scratch. Fortunately history has information on how monastic life begun; how they formed their monks; and how the monks became the holiest people during their time, how the new monks were trained and how the monks converted the whole of Europe. It was all there on record. And it  was completely in accord with the above training program mentioned in the two Sunday Gospels of Easter.  Sadly, up to now no seminary is following the above outline.
     So we are still producing priest who have not repented, priest who have no Faith, and priest who have no Charity. These same priest are not united with their co-priests and bishops, they are not one mind and one heart with one another, they do not know their theology and the teachings of Christ. They are not free from their sin and the Trinity is not abiding with them. So they do not have the peace of Christ in them; and their source of pleasures are from he things of the world and from vices.
     All priests studied in such seminaries, from Pope Francis to the youngest bishops and priest. What a mess. If the Church is like this, what did you expect the world to be?


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

6th SUNDAY OF EASTER - I will manifest Myself to you.

 1. Christ, after the Resurrection, appeared only to a few.
     It is said that if Christ, after the Resurrection, appeared to all, the world would be totally Catholic today. But He didn't. He appeared to a very select few; to the few who were predestined to heaven. It was clear that to see the Resurrected Christ before one's death is a sure sign one will go to heaven after death. If one does not see the Resurrected Face of Christ before one's death, there is still the possibility that he can go to heaven but it is not certain. And this uncertainty is a big risk no one in his right mind should take. 
     So, like the Apostles, we must see the Face of the Resurrected Christ before we die. This is an undeserving gift from God. There is nothing we can do to deserve this. Except that Christ promised that if we reached this height in the spiritual life, He will manifest Himself to the soul. 
     This is not a physical apparition. It is a purely spiritual experience in which the Father will love the human soul and the Trinity will come to him to make their dwelling place with him always. This does not happen to everybody. It happens only to those who reach that level of spirituality shown by the 6th Sunday of Easter. The soul must have finished the spirituality represented by the 7 days of creation; because the spirituality of the 6th day of Easter occurs on the 7th day of creation. 

2. To emphasise the importance of this experience Christ left three pieces of cloths in the tomb.  The one that covered his face while on the cross to prevent the onlookers from seeing the hideousness of the face of a man crucified; today this is the sudarium of Oviedo. The second is the large clothe that covered the entire body of Christ; today this is the Shroud of Turin. And the third is practically a handkerchief; today this is the Sudarium of Manopello.
     What is the differences between these three pieces of clothes? The way the image of Christ is imprinted in them. In the first clothe, there is absolutely no image of Christ. Just blotches of stain blood.  In the Shroud, we see the entire Body of Christ, front and back but it is an image of the dead Christ. In the handkerchief of Manopello we see only the face of Christ. It is in colour and translucent. He is alive and smiling. He is even about to say something. His eyes are alive and looking straight at you. There is not a single sign of wound. It is, indeed, the Resurrected  Christ.
     Basing it on the Gospel of the 6th Sunday of Easter,  Christ said; 'I will go away. And those who see, only, My non-existing Face in the Sudarium of Oviedo will not follow Me to heaven. 
     'I will go away but you cannot follow Me NOW. But later on you can follow Me,' are for those who will eventually follow Christ to where He is going to go. These are those who see Christ in the Shroud of Turin.
     'I will go away for a while and I will come back to you to bring you to where I will go,' are those who see the Face of Christ in the Sudarium of Monopello. These are the souls who will see the face of the Resurrected Christ before they die, a guarantee that after death they will go straight to heaven. 
     It is said that when Martin Luther viewed the Face of Christ in the Sudarium of Monopello,  he saw nothing. Pope Francis and Cardinal Kasper who believe in the heresies of Martin Luther would probably see nothing, too.  But wait this picture is just God's way of teaching us a lesson. The truth behind this devotion is the spiritual manifesting of God to a soul as described in todays Gospel. 

 3. To whom will Christ manifest Himself?
     Christ promised He will manifest Himself to those who are destined to go to heaven before they die. He made the promise. He will certainly fulfil it. How come we do not hear of anybody experiencing it? 
     God had never made it that we will die without knowing for sure where we are going. Before we die we can know for certain where we will go. To heaven or to hell. To those who will go to heaven, the Gospel for today writes, Christ will manifest Himself to them before they die. Just as Christ showed Himself, only,  to the Apostles after His Resurrection before they died. That was a sure sign of predestination. 

4. To whom will Christ manifest Himself?
     'Anyone who loves Me and to those who will be true to My Word.'  Christ will not manifest Himself to the world nor to bad Catholics.
     He will manifest Himself, only, to those who have Charity and who are obedient. These two words, Charity and obedience, have identical definition. Both consists in knowing the commands of Christ and obeying the commands of Christ. 
     What do we mean by knowing the commands of Christ? It means we know all the commands of God the Father as taught in the Old Testament and we should know its New Testament interpretation.  We cannot obey the commands of God the Father as it is in the Old Testament. That is passe.  We must obey the commands in the Old Testament according to its New Testament interpretation. Where can we find that? In the explanations of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. 
     Of course, there is also the commands of Christ in the New Testament, like to pray unceasingly and the one command that was lacking in the life of the young rich man. Nobody seems to obey these two just mentioned commands of Christ in the New Testament. This means that nobody is Charitable and nobody is obedient. Nobody is worthy to experience the manifestation of Christ. What?? In other words, nobody is going to heaven? Without Christ manifesting Himself to us we cannot be certain to go to heaven. But Pope Francis said everybody is going to heaven; even atheist, pagans, adulterers, Protestants, born again,  Jews. Well, we will not be the judge. God will be the judge. And God said that only to those to whom He manifested Himself

5. Those who love and those who are obedient.
     Who are these?
 These are the souls who have learned from Christ by encountering Him inside the Catholic Church. They have learned all His commands and the correct interpretation of His commands. ( this is the 'what' and the 'how.')
     The obedient are those who have put into practice all the commands of Christ . The act of knowing the commands of Christ is an act of the intellect. The act of actually obeying the commands of Christ is an act of the Free Will.  
     Those who love God and are obedient to God are those who with their intellect knows all the commands of Christ and who with their free will have obeyed all the commands of Christ. 
     It is to these souls that God will come and will make Our dwelling place with him always. 

6. How will Christ manifest Himself to you.
     'I will love you and make my dwelling place with you always. And I will send you the Holy Spirit who will instruct you in everything and remind you of all that I told you.' There we have the formula on how to run a seminary. The curriculum musts be to teach the seminarians all the commands of Christ and how to obey them. If the seminarians learn all the commands and obey them, then the Holy Spirit will teach them the entire Moral and Dogmatic theology, Church history, etc. And not only that, the Spirit will remind them all the truths that Christ taught that is found in Divine Revelation. That is the way to learn theology; not the way it is done today. 

7. The situation today.
     Note the rampant disobediences to the commands of Christ from Pope Francis down to the priests and laymen; their disobediences to the command that husbands should love their wives as Christ love the Church, to the command that wives be submissive to their husband, that both parents be faithful to their children, that souls in mortal sin should not receive Communion unless they first repent. These disobedience to these commands, according to St. James is equivalent to disobedience to all the commands of Christ. The catechism repeats this. So what now?
     So these disobedient Pope and cardinals does not love Christ precisely because they are not true to His words. Thus God does not love them. Thus the Trinity will not come to them to make their dwelling on these priests. 
     Because they do not obey the commands of Christ, the Spirit will not instruct them in anything; and the same Spirit will not remind them of the things Christ taught in Divine Revelation. That is why these people hardly quote the teachings of Christ; only their own quotes.
     Then Christ will come again and will leave to go to heaven. And this Pope will all his accomplices will not go with Him to where He is going. 

     On the other hand, if we truly love Christ shown by our obedience to His commands (like His command for husband and wife to be united for life), then Christ says, 'I will come back to you. And because you were obedient you will rejoice to have me go to the Father because you can follow Me.'

Conclusion.  He who does not love me does not keep my words. I will not send him My Spirit so he will not know anything of My instructions and he will not remember anything that My Son Jesus had taught in Divine Revelation. 

'I do not love Bergoglio and I will not manifest Myself to him. And he will not go where St. Ignatius, St. Peter Canitius, St. Peter Faber went. Because he does not know My commands and have not obeyed My commands.'  With the way the Catholic Church is going today, confused and in heresy, many of us will hear the same identical words just mentioned. Isn't there any Jesuit who can charitably and fraternally read St. Thomas' interpretation of today's Gospel to him? Oh, I forgot. The Jesuits don't like St. Thomas as they often joked during my seminary days.


Monday, April 25, 2016


 1. The different religions
     The non-christian religions have absolutely no proofs that theirs is the true religion; because most of them if not all of them were made by mere men. They immediately have the problem of proving the existence of their God. Their God being man-made their human founder finds it impossible to prove they have a God at all.
     Such religions have the dual problem of not being able to prove the validity of their religion and the existence of their God. And their inability is enough proof that they are not true and valid religions.  Here no further discussion is needed. An attempt at ecumenism with them will turn out to be mere human conversation that will start from no where and go nowhere. It is impossible to talk with someone who is not sure of everything.

     The so-called Christian religions, i.e. the Protestant sects, also, have no proofs that theirs is the true religion. As St. Robert Bellarmine noted, their proofs taken from Scriptures are futile attempts in that they are the common signs that are identical to practically all religions. In short, the proofs used by one Protestant sect that theirs is the true religion is identical to the proofs of all other Protestant sects.
     Inspite of these identical proofs the Protestants have in proving that their sects is the true religion, they cannot unite. The reason being, the signs there are claiming as the visible signs that their sect is the true religion is not really the valid signs so it cannot unite different sects. 
     It will be impossible to talk to such persons, too, because they will be quoting Scriptures but their quotations, even if they quote the entire Scriptures, are not necessarily the signs of the true Church and the true religion. 

2. How to begin an attempt at ecumenism.
    For both groups, the non-christian religions and the christian sects, the beginning of a dialogue must begin with a discussion of the rules of Philosophy or natural theology and agree with the five proofs of the existence of God. If we can agree that St. Thomas' five proofs are valid and, indeed, there is a God, the next step, which is Who is That God will be easier. 
     This procedure is effective for both non-christian religion and Protestant sects. 

     Another reason why this procedure is effective is because these five proofs of St. Thomas are ingrained in the minds of all men. So the basis of the proofs for discussion is found within the hearts of all men. There will be no need to use external proofs. 

3. The Catholic position
    Before Catholics can start any ecumenical move they must have a stand. And her stand is evidently the fact that only the Catholic Church have the four visible signs of the true Church of Christ. These four signs had been proven valid by Philosophy and, therefore can be used to convince non-christians. Secondly, these signs are found in Divine Revelation. Therefore, it can convince all Protestant sects.
    Furthermore, these four visible signs had been expanded and fully explained by the Fathers of the Church using both Philosophy and Theology, so it can satisfy both pagan and protestant groups. 

4. Ecumenism is really evangelisation.
    If we look at the process of ecumenism, it is in fact evangelisation. Ecumenism is a process by which the Catholic Church is evangelising non-christian and christian groups. If ecumenism is not evangelisation, then it is pure board meeting of no value whatsoever. 
     An activity like the prayers of all religion at the St. Francis cathedral in Assisi can be both an act of evangelisation or a pure public relation gimmick; depending on the intention of the meeting. As in the case of that Assisi meeting hosted by Pope John Paul II, his intention is to exposed all religions to the reality of the Catholic Church, as if saying; 'try to know us.' That is a very effective evangelisation
     But if the intention is to show that all religions are the same in the eyes of God and, therefore, they should not be fighting, then it is a heretical meeting. 
     It is not the external but the interior motive that is important. The reluctance of Pope Benedict to continue that meeting shows that the motive of evangelisation was not evident in the  ceremony. The heresy was more evident; though Pope Benedict allowed it to continue for reasons of 'there is nothing much we can do about it right now; and we are now deep in this erroneous ceremony.

5. The biggest defect in the ecumenical movement.
     The biggest defect in the ecumenical movement is that the Catholics cannot prove that they are the true Church of Christ using the four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed. If the Catholic Church cannot prove that she is the true Church, where is she leading all those religions and sects? Nowhere or better still straight to hell.
     The Catholic Church must first prove that she is the true Church established by Christ using the four visible signs, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.  In fact, showing these four visible signs and explaining these  four well is more than enough to attract anyone into the Catholic Church. There is nothing that is attractive i Church than these four visible signs mentioned in the Creed. 
     These signs are the only way by which the Catholic Church can prove that she is the true Church established by Christ. There is no other proof. These proof are so important because it answers a lot of question. For example; a debate is brewing in the Vatican whether Mario Bergoglio is a true Pope or not. The arguments are long and complicated. But if we simply settle down the question; does he have the four visible signs or not. That is the end of the discussion. If Bergoglio has the four visible signs, no doubt he is the true Pope. But if he does not have the four visible signs.......why, he is not even a Catholic. How can he be a bishop or even a Pope. Imagine, the head of the Catholic Church, the Pope, is not even a Catholic.
     These four signs are so important and answers a lot of question so much so that many of the Fathers and Doctor of the Church wrote commentaries on the four visible signs. They did not add nor subtract from the four signs. They merely expanded and elaborated the four signs. And St. Robert Bellarmine has one of the simplest and most extensive 15 description of the Mark of the true Church.
And frankly, no matter how hard I try to look for those signs in Pope Francis, I could not find any. 
     I applied the signs before on Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI and both had flying colours. Simply from their writings and a few of their actions they showed all the visible Marks of the true Church. 
An example; the conversion of a Muslim journalist and personally baptised by Pope Benedict is true sign of the true Church. Pope Benedict was clearly the head of a One, Holy , Catholic and Apostolic Church. But when Pope Francis became Pope, the same Muslim journalist left the Catholic Church in dismay to Pope Francis' actuations. What do you say to that?
     The present ecumenism is an attempt to create a one world religion, a project of the UN, to which the presidency had been offered to Pope Francis. This is based on the heresy of indifferentism; the belief that all religions are equal and, therefore, can be joint together into one happy religion. 

6. For fun.
    With nothing better to do I applied the newly acquired knowledge of the four visible signs of the true Church from the Creed on my Parish priest,  two Diocesan Bishops, and other bishops whose informations are available in the internet. I could not sleep. Almost all of them did not have any of the  visible signs of the true Church.
     Since Pope Francis was becoming popular with the wrong people, I applied, not so much the four visible signs of the Church on him. Instead, I applied the newly translated 15 visible Marks of the true Church written by St. Robert Bellarmine, a Jesuit Doctor of the Church, which is an expanded version of the four visible signs. And I nearly fainted. I begun to see that practically all the priests, bishops, cardinals that were analysed did not have a single visible sign. And worse, even Mario Bergoglio did not have a sign of the true Church. In fact, he had the opposite signs of the true Church described by St. Bellarmine. 
     There is nothing much that can be done but to inform some Jesuits of this finding. I know a few since I studied for more than 10 years under the Jesuits. But there was no reaction. They merely continued to praise Pope Francis for worshipping Mother Earth and pushing global warming. 

7. There goes ecumenism. So what now?
     The bishops who have been noticing something weird with Pope Francis should gather together and check if he has either the four visible signs or the 15 Marks of the true Church by Bellarmine. If he does not have, then these bishop should declare him as not a Catholic and, therefore  has no right to be sitting on St. Peter's chair. If he has even just one visible sign, then please inform me and I will be the first one to apologise for the harsh judgment. 
     His Jesuit confrers should show Pope Francis is a Catholic using the four visible signs or the 15 Marks of St. Robert Bellarmine, SJ. within a month since he had been a Pope, already, for more than two years. If not a Synod of wise bishops should declare him  an anti-pope.  This is the normal canonical process. Then, maybe we can have some real ecumenism afterwards. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

PSALM 7 - The direction of the Just - conclusion

 1. The direction of the Just.
     There is a spiritual principle mentioned by St. Thomas of Aquinas; that one must advance every second and every minute continuously in the spiritual life.  You cannot stop advancing in the spiritual life. If you stop you will regress.
     The great saints never regressed  nor even stopped advancing in their spiritual life.  That is what made them saints. To reach Charity you must continuously progress otherwise you will never reach Charity.  Every minute counts, we cannot waste time by stopping or worse by regressing.
2. The direction of the sinner.
     There is also another principle in the spiritual life.  That when you are in the state of grace and you sinned, you lose the state of grace.  And if you do not immediately repent, you will easily fall into the next sin and into the next and into the next  sin. And the more you sin the faster you will descend from one sin to another sin. 

3. Consider the above two principles.
    If the two principles are considered together, we will see that by the end of time,  the righteous will become more and more righteous;  while the filthy sinner will wallow deeper in his filth. This is according to the Book of Revelation. 

      The sinner had seen the sin committed on Good Friday, the deicide committed by the Jews. That was a most horrible sin. But greater is the sin of the men today who do not wish to learn from the lessons of the past and who do not wish to obey the commandments of Christ for which He died in order to teach man how to save his soul. 
     The Psalmist seeing the hard headedness of man cries out; 'let the wicked reach the height of wickedness.'  But how does the Psalmist describe the righteous, those who do what is good and right. The Psalmist described the 'new' evangelisation preached by John Paul II and Benedict XVI but which, it seems,  nobody understood since absolutely nobody is talking about it today; neither Pope Francis nor any of the bishops. 

4. The direction of the just.
    The Apostolic Commission gives four steps;  first, to go to all nations. Secondly, to baptise. Thirdly to teach them all My commands. And fourth, to teach them HOW to obey My commands. 
     Man is supposed to do only the first two steps; first, the going around the world. And secondly, the baptising. Jesus Christ is supposed to do the third. And the Holy Spirit is supposed to do the fourth. 
     In most cases, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are unable to do their part because most man cannot finish the second step. From the second step man regresses back in being unrepentant and go lower by multiplying their sins. 
     The just are those who accomplish steps one and two. Having accomplished their part, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are able to do their promised parts.
     Thus the Psalmist cry out; 'let the righteous be raised by God in secret to the heights.' These souls who advanced in their spiritual life without pausing along the way are 'secretly' raised by God to the heights of contemplation and the mystical life.  So as Pope Benedict described the 'new' evangelisation, the Catholic Church will be a very small community of people who have the reached the heights of the contemplative and mystical life by an Act of God.  Without any help from men, teachers, professors, experts or whatever. They will be raised by a pure Act of God.  A Church formed by God, Himself.  What a beautiful Church this must  be. It is,  because of the impending wedding banquet that will soon follow with the Son of God in heaven. 

5. What does God see in these souls.
     God sees that they are taking their medicine faithfully. The healthy are taking their medicine to keep healthy. And the sickly are taking their medicines to cure their illness.
     The medicine for both is prayer. The sickly pray 'Have mercy on me.' While the healthy pray; 'If there is iniquity in my hands, I have repaid.' 
     The weak is asking to be free from his iniquity; 'save me because of your mercy,' The one who is healthy prays not to fall again 'judge me according to my righteousness,'
     One is restored to health and prays not to fall again; the other prays that he might be upheld in his health.  One ask for mercy because he has no merit.  The other ask for justice because it is given to one who is already righteous.

6. What happens.
     The righteous have reached the boundary where human efforts stop and the Divine activities begin. So, as St. Benedict writes in his rule, the soul fly effortlessly forward in the sweetness of the Lord.   Grace takes over all activities that lead to the perfection of Charity.
     On the other hand, the sinner unable to stop sinning and repent reach that stage where God takes away the grace of repentance from him. So like Judas, who surely have learned how to repent from Christ, suddenly did not know how to repent.   His knowledge was gone. He could not repent. 

7. Two things are happening today which nobody is noticing. 
     Souls who have seriously studied the first step in the spiritual life, i.e. the life of repentance, have developed the virtue of Penance. Suddenly, they find themselves  in  the second step, Faith. And rushing pass the virtue of Hope they reach  Divine Charity. And the journey is effortless.
     The have not studied Scriptures, the Fathers of the Church,  they do not have spiritual directors, have not even gone to any school (secular or religious.) have no contact with nuns, brothers, priests or bishops........and yet they know their Catholic theology. 
     While on the other hand we have religious  teachers  and theologians, graduates with five degrees, bishops with five thousand volume libraries and even a Pope that knows nothing about Christ and His teachings who thinks  the Fathers and Doctors  of the Church are from Mars and does not recognise St. Vincent Ferrer and St. Thomas of Aquinas. 

8.  What shall we have today according to Psalm 7?
    We shall have a world physically and spiritually possessed by Satan. And we shall have a very small Church of contemplatives that had been personally raised by God. Both will be poised for one great battle that will be God's last test for men.  Of course we would hope to be on the side of the righteous. Then we should take our medication; the virtues that will keep our souls healthy and the life of repentance that will remove all the illnesses of our souls. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

SATAN'S STRATEGY - Psalm 7 contd.

1. Satan cannot destroy souls.
    Satan cannot do anything without the permission of God. Anything that God allows Satan to do is for the testing of man; to see whether he is worthy of eternal life or not. God has not allowed Satan to destroy man's souls. Man, alone, is the reason for the destruction of his soul. Satan can only suggest to man to go to hell. 
     Angels, too, cannot do anything without God's permission. They cannot bring man to heaven. They can only suggest to go to heaven. Angels are, also, used by God to test mankind. 
     God is in the midst of these two opposing forces as judge but very biased on the side of the angels and of men.

2. Man has been placed here on earth to undergo and pass a test.
     Man wasn't place here on earth to enjoy it or take care of it. He placed him  here to pass a test, eventually leave it and receive either his reward or punishment somewhere else; either in heaven or in hell. 
     The test is this; in this conflict on whose side will man be; the side of the devils or the side of the angels. To take sides man must know the strategy of each side so he can effectively cooperate on the right side. 

3. Satan's strategy.
    Satan's strategy consist in suggesting to man that it is heaven to go to hell. Now, who in his right mind will believe that? No one. So Satan's first step is to see to it that man remains ignorant of the truth. And secondly, to make man love fantasies of the truth and the good. This is the classical pincer movement; attacking from two sides and meeting at the middle, like a crab's pincer claws. The pincer movement must reach the middle for the death blow.

4. The strategy directed towards the individual.
     Satan's strategy is first directed to the individual. Then afterwards it is directed to the entire Catholic Church. So, let us first look at his strategy towards the individual; this will be presented as a suggestion or as a temptation. Satan will tell his eternal lie; that the truth and the good can be found here on earth in the world of the senses rather than in that nebulous place called heaven. Satan is intelligent enough not to say that the truth and the good is in hell. No, no, no.  He will say it is here in the US, in Europe, in the shopping Mall, in the beaches and ski resorts, in a bar or with a prostitute. 
     Satan will bombard the intellect with advertisements about these things and show that these are the things that are true and good for us. Nobody can deny that comfortably sitting in a five star hotel by a swimming pool with a glass of brandy on one hand and a lady on our lap is too good to be true. There you have both a false truth and a false good suggested to your intellect. 
     These sensual stimuli are flashed to the free will of man and arouses his inward passions. Then both the inward passions and the mind cooperate to force the free will to desire these things that had been suggested by Satan. You have just been caught in the web of Satan's temptation.  After this, the next steps for man's destruction will be very easy. 

5. The strategy directed towards the Catholic Church.
     Let us see what Satan did at the very beginning of creation; he attacked the head of mankind and later on attacked the children. He attacked Adam and Eve who were the head of the  human race.  Then  he attacked Cain and Abel. That is the top men in the human ladder and the bottom in the ladder. If we go to the spiritual organisation like the Church, that would be an attack on the Pope and the youngest Catholic child. Those would be the top and the bottom of the spiritual ladder. 
6. The pincer attack.
     The pincer attack would go this way. Satan will attack the Pope and drag him down to the level of the child just before baptism (age of original sin.)  On the other side of the pincer, Satan would destroy the child spiritually (by keeping him in the state of sin) and, then,  raise him up to be a Pope. With that dual overlapping swiping movement, Satan can completely demolish the Catholic Church.  Except God will not permit that the Church would disappear from the face of the earth. By an act of Divine Providence He will preserve the Catholic Church up to the end of the world. But let us set aside this Act of Divine Providence for a while and concentrate on Psalm 7 that describes Satan's strategy. 

7. The attack on the top.
     Satan knows, from his role in the fall of Adam and Eve, that to attack the one on the top of the ladder is a good strategy. So even from the beginning his plan was to attack the spiritual head of the Church. In the Old Testament he attacked the Pharisees and Sadducees and he was very successful.  In the New Testament, he attacked Christ, the apostles and all the Popes. Though he could not overwhelm the true Popes because they were fortified by Christ, he was able to install more than 40 anti-popes; which is pretty good for a devil. 
     What did Satan do? Simple.  He introduced heresies on the spiritual heads. And because Satan does not really know who would be the Pope, and if the Pope is already Pope he cannot  destroy the Pope  so he must work earlier in his work of destruction. He must introduce the heresy earlier; in the seminary! And keep those heresies intact during the whole course of human history. That way the possibility of choosing a Pope among the heretical priests and bishops becomes a very great possibility.
     This explains how the heresies from Arius....down to Martin Luther..up the the present with Cardinal Kasper subsists. In fact, the prestigious Cardinal Arinze, learned head of the Congregation of Worship, included Pope Bergoglio as guilty of the heresy of liberalism, a heresy condemned by Pope Gregory XVI' (Mirari vos) and later on in the Syllabus of Errors by Pius  IX.
     Church history contains in every century Satan's attack on the Church by introducing heresies. And he has never let down his efforts in this regard.  He seems to have poured down on the Church all the past heresies plus new ones at the start of the 18th century.   
      When Our Lady of Good Success warned us about this in the year 1500, she was just reminding us of Psalm 7. But since most do not pray Psalm 7 anymore it was necessary for the BVM to remind us of it. 
      So Satan's attack on the head is in place and working very well. Imagine,  more than 40 anti-popes! And heretics who are alive and occupying important position at the Vatican! 

     Satan has been attacking the heads. He hopes that if the bishops and priests hold heretical doctrines this will contaminate the parents under their care. With parents in heresy, the children will be raised in heresy though baptised. This is an indirect attack on the children of Catholics. Through the erroneous teachings of their parish priest and diocesan bishops, the parents know nothing of their religion. And their children will inherit their ignorance of their religion. This ignorance, itself, is a sin (according to St. Thomas of Aquinas.) That child is going nowhere than down.

8. The direct attack at the bottom of the ladder, the children.
     The ignorance of the parents is the first cause of the deterioration of the children. The next potent devilish factor for the destruction of the child is secular education.  St. Augustine who had actual experience wrote that his secular education was the greatest obstacle to his finding God. Secular education falls under 'curiosities,' that knowledge that is utterly useless for the attainment of true happiness. This, too, is the biggest obstacle to knowing God. It also falls under 'creatures' that prevents souls in knowing and loving God.
     St. Augustine believes that true Catholic education should be 'studiositas' akin to the education in the early monastic schools and revived by Blessed John Cardinal Newman in his 'Idea of a University.'
     Add to this secular education TV, video games, cell phones, shopping malls, movies, newspapers, magazine, etc...  That child will have absolutely no desire for the things he cannot see. Absolutely no desire for heaven and that is a sign of no Faith. 

 9. Now let us make these two ends meet. 
      While the anti-pope descends to a way of life based on doing what he wants, (i.e. original sin,). and completely disregarding the Will of God......the child, on the other hand,  who was born with original sin and was sustained by his parents to be in that state grows up to be a priest, a bishop and a Pope. Can you imagine the scenario we are facing. It is a Catholic Church that is totally in chaos; or better still, a Catholic Church that has become totally a Protestant sect.
      And the Pius X group, the Orthodox and the Anglicans want to rejoin the Catholic Church. Why, that is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.  That is leaving their schism to enter into a more serious schism.  

10. Psalm 7 described a Church as mentioned above.  It, indeed, happened many times during the Old Testament. And in a noticeable way at the time of Judas Machabeus. Again it happened on Good Friday. And eschatologically it is happening today. 
     Because of heresies that have entered the seminaries notably introduced by William Ockam around the 1300, the seminaries was never able to produce men of Faith. All graduates of seminaries did not know how to save souls. It became worse at the 14th century; and remained in that awful state up to the present. No seminary can teach the way to heaven. If there is a holy priest that can teach that it is due to private, personal efforts with the help of the grace of God. Not because it was learned from the seminary......seminaries were never meant to do that in the first place. Seminaries were supposed to teach how a seminarian can learn the way to heaven from God through prayer; not the way they are learning it right now which is too human which are meant for such subjects like botany but not for theology. Christ, Himself,  said so; 'it is not men who taught you that but My Father in Heaven.'
11. What are we faced with?
     Psalm 7 says; we are faced by the fact that we can have an anti-pope who is behaving like a child in the state of original sin. And that we have a child in the state of original sin and whose sins had gotten worse that have become a pope. 
     What do we do in such a situation? Psalm 7 says; 'walk the way of righteousness.'

FIFTH SUNDAY OF EASTER - By this all men will know that you are My disciple.

1. Outside the Church there is no salvation.
    We will not discuss the definition of the above terms first because it will be lengthy. We will first go directly to the Gospel. There are two general ways by which we can know who are the true disciples of Christ. 
     The first way is through what God, Himself, established so that all men can know which is the true Church. This is through the four visible signs enumerated in the Nicene Creed; namely, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. 
     These are four visible signs so that all men can clearly see and easily discover the Church. There is no other visible way by which the true Church can be recognised. These four visible signs are so clear any one can see them even with one eyes closed. There is no reason why one cannot see these signs except through intentional malice. 
     Recognising the signs does not necessarily mean that a person is inside that church. Entering would be an entirely different process. To know the Church and to enter the Church are two different processes. 

2. There  is another way by which the true disciples of Christ can be recognised and this is through the supernatural and theological virtues. These are not visible; they are spiritual and invisible and are present only on those who are perfect Christians. Like the four visible signs all men can still know  them as the signs of being a disciple of Christ, but it is more difficult compared to the four visible signs. 
    Though Faith and Hope are equally signs that one is a disciple of Christ, the Gospel for today specifically mentions the virtue of Charity as the perfect sign of true discipleship. This is what is referred to in today's Gospel when Christ said; 'this is how all men will know  you for My disciples your love for one another.' Christ was referring to the theological virtue of Charity.
     In fact, this sign was only given to the apostles when they were almost perfect when Christ said; 'You still cannot come with Me because you are not yet perfect in your Charity.'

3. Canonisation process.     
    This sign is what was used before during the canonisation process. The Congregation in Rome simply checked if the candidate have undergone the four general steps in the spiritual life, namely, Repentance, Faith, Hope but more specifically the theological virtue of Charity.  If he or she has Charity, then he or she surely would have the rest of the virtues. Charity is what makes a person a saint and deserving of eternal life (as mentioned in the Gospel of 4th Sunday of Easter.) The document proclaiming St. Therese of Lisieux a saint simply described her Charity. 

     This thorough canonical process was participated by all before. So all could see the signs that this person, indeed, is a saint. 'All men knew that St. Therese was Christ's disciple because of her Charity. She was described as the doctor of Divine Love.
     Today, the process had been changed. The arduous task of checking the life of the candidate if they have reached Charity, the only infallible proof of sanctity, had been dispensed with.  So we cannot really be certain if the saints canonised by Pope Francis are truly saints because the old traditional procedure used to canonised St. Therese was not used. If one is to believe that Pope John Paul II is a saint, he has to personally study the four steps (of evangelisation), personally study the life and works of Pope John Paul II, and only then make the personal, individual conclusion that he is a saint. And this conclusion is reached without the aid of the Vatican offices whose job it is to help man believe that he is a saint.

4. The four visible signs and the virtue of Charity. 
      The four visible signs, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, ....are signs describing a community.  Faith, Hope and Charity are, also, virtues that describe the community, called the Church, ('see how they love one another' the pagans use to describe the Christian community). However, the four visible signs can be found in a true Catholic community that is not yet perfect. While Charity can only be found in a perfect Christian community. And the apostles were about to reach this perfection in today's Gospel.  

5. 'Judas had just left,' the Gospel begins. 
     The Church has to be perfect before she can be wedded with Christ in heaven.  The apostolic community could not be perfect because of the presence of Judas. The Catholic Church must be perfect as a community. How?  By each individual being perfect. 
     Today, the Catholic  Church is not ready for her wedding in heaven unless the Judasses are out and the Peters and Johns are perfect. Christ said that the angels will be like winnowing fans separating the chaff from the wheat. It has to be. Otherwise the Church cannot be perfectly Catholic. And the goal of John Paul II and Benedict XVI's  new evangelisation is, precisely, to perfect the Church and not to fill it up with garbage. The two Popes got the adjective 'new' from Christ's word in describing the 'new' commandment.
     Excommunication is for this purpose; to remove Judasses. But this had been abused and used to remove good bishops who are pains in the neck of other bishops who experience remorse of conscience for not doing their jobs. Such was the case in the well published uncanonical removal of Bishops Livieres and Altieri.

6. My children, I am not to be with you much longer. 
    Christ comes and go. In the Gospel, He was to go with His Crucifixion and return at His Resurrection; go again in His Ascension and return at His Second coming. Go again after the Last Judgment and stay in heaven permanently afterwards. 
     In 'I am not to be with you,' He was  referring to His death wherein He was going to the Father. And the apostles were insisting in going with Him.  Christ did not say 'No,' which would be for the rest of the world. He said 'Not now.' 'Later!'  Why 'later?' Because  though they had, first, repented. Secondly, had Faith. Third, had Hope. And fourthly, they had Charity.....their Charity was not perfect. How come? Because Christ had not yet finished teaching them 'How much He loved them' which will be the basis of the 'new' commandment. 
      They could not come along with Him to where He was going, to heaven,  without perfect Charity. 

7. Christ is always with those with perfect Charity. He withdraws from those who disobeys His commandments. 
    During His passion, the apostles, due to fear, was abandoned by Christ 'for a while.' But they sought Christ again through repentance (the first step in returning to Him,) Seeing Christ resurrect they will regain their Faith, Hope and Charity. But their Charity remains imperfect. 
     To the Jews Christ says; 'you cannot come with Me.' To the apostles with Judas among them Christ says; 'you cannot come with Me.' But now, without the unbelieving Jews and without Judas you will be able to come with Me.' But just one more lesson and this I still have to teach you because you don't know this. 
     I am going to be crucified and die to save the world.  You must do the same.

8. A 'new' commandment.
    This is not in the O.T.  I have not taught this yet because I have not undergone My passion. Only now after My passion can I teach you and give it to you as a command. And this is a 'new' commandment. 
     This is not identical to the 'Love God and neighbour' in the Old Testament. That was mere natural love. Only Christ, a God, can teach this command and only after His passion and death. This is a very new supernatural knowledge that can only be learned by those who have done their repentance and are steeped in Faith and Hope.
     St. Thomas of Aquinas writes; this command is, indeed, 'new'
 because its features are new, its meaning is new and its standards is new.  Man acquires a new nature (supernatural grace that makes him co-natural to God). Man acquires a new Spirit (the Spirit of Love that makes them children of God). And man makes a new covenant with God.

9. Characteristics.
    The command is 'love one another such as my love has been for you. ' Two persons must reach perfect Charity. It cannot be attained by one person alone, because where is the 'other?'  So Christ's commanded that there must be two or three gathered together and that is the only time He will be in their midst to make up the Catholic Church.
      This implies the necessity of community life, just like the apostolic community.  St. Benedict discouraged monks to be hermits without perfecting their community lives first. Repentance, Faith and Hope are attained in community. The perfection of Charity is attained 'alone within a community,' St. John Chrysostom wrote.  Thus Christ was crucified alone. The two thieves  were not part of His community. 

10. The nature of the 'new' commandment.
     The exemplar of this 'new command' is God the Son made man. Its spirit is God the Spirit. This lesson can only be taught by God. But during these days God has become silent because He knows no one is listening, Psalm 7 states. Christ, Himself, had prophesied that there will be waxing cold of Charity. Everybody will love everybody and everything except God because man wants his heaven here on earth. 
     Pope Benedict reviewed this 'new' command in his 'Deus Caritas Est.' The present Pope had not described it until now and  erroneously referred to Freud's 'ID' as the 'new' command. 
     St. Thomas noted that God gave His apostles many gifts. But none were emblems of true discipleship than this; obedience to the 'new' command. An obedience to a command that covers all commands. Disobedience to this of which is disobedience to all His commands.  

11. How come Christ did not explain it in more detail in the Gospel?
     Nobody will understand it anyway.  Very few can reach such heights of virtue. In fact, its perfection can only be attained in heaven by most. Christ taught this 'new' command to His apostles as the Gospel clearly shows. But the Evangelist did not write down His explanation as they often do less pearls be exposed to pigs. But the Fathers and Doctors of the Church wrote it down so that we, Catholics,  do not have any excuse.  St. Francis de Sales, comes to mind, as one of those who extensively described it in his 'Treatise on the Love of God.'