Monday, November 30, 2015


1. The two comings of Christ.

     There are two comings of Christ on earth. The first coming was on Christmas day; the second coming is on General Judgment day. 
His first coming on  Christmas Day is a figure of His second coming on the end times celebrated in the Liturgy on the feast of Christ the King. We celebrate Christmas to remind us of Christ the King.

2. First coming a preparation for the second coming.

    Christ same at His first coming to prepare us for His Second coming. Many lessons during His first coming are precisely lessons on how to prepare for the second coming.  Let us learn from Christmas, of which Advent is a preparation, how to prepare ourselves for the ultimate test, the day before General Judgment Day.                    

  3. Difference between the two comings of Christ.
    Out of the four Sunday Gospels of Advent three continues to describe the end times, i.e. the Feast of Christ the King. Only on the fourth Sunday of Advent does the Mass refer to the first coming of  Christ. So Advent in effect is continuing to describe General Judgment Day.
     The slight difference between the two comings of Christ is this; first, Christ came 'with mercy' on His first coming. 'Mercy' because no matter how grievous man's sins are and no matter how numerous, if man repents God would forgive him with not much ado. Man's repentance is insufficient for the forgiveness of his sins before God, considering how seriously sins offend God. But God's mercy is shown in that no matter how much and how serious man's sins long as he repents (which is very little demanded of man) God will forgives him. But there is no forgiveness when there is no repentance. So Mercy is dependent on man's ability to do his very small part; i.e. his repentance. 
     During the second coming of Christ, the second reading says 'The Lord is Justice.' No mercy? No mercy! Because by the second coming, Christ had provided the world with everything needed for the salvation of souls. The Gospel would have been preached everywhere. There will be absolutely nothing that God had not done for man to save his soul. So it is accounting time. God will ask how man had used everything He had given him.
     So the 'Year of Mercy' this year is out of place. It should be 'Year of Justice' because the signs of the approaching General Judgment are all around, as we shall see later. And the missionaries of mercies instructed to go around and mess up the world are also out of place. There is nothing to mess up because the world is already in such a mess. We need preachers like St.Vincent Ferrer. 

     Another difference is this: because, during His first coming Christ came in mercy to teach men how to save his soul, He gave men apostles, Fathers of the Church, Doctors of the Church and other saints to keep on instructing him how to save his soul. 

     Since during the first coming God in His mercy had given men all he needed, at the approach of His second coming, there will be no one to teach man how to go to heaven; thus  the sun, the moon and the stars will lose its light; i.e. most cardinals, bishops, priest and theologians will be ignorant of the teachings of Christ. Teaching time is over. Now is time for justice and judgment.

4. Similarities. Facts during the first coming of Christ is showing us what will happen during His second coming. 

    During His first coming none of the Pharisees and Sadducees came to welcome Him. They were all busy celebrating with King Herod. In fact, the very priests of the Chosen people would plot to kill the babe.This will be repeated on Good Friday. No priest or bishop will be fighting for Christ. They will, in fact, contrive to kill Him. The few who would like to defend Him had been silenced. 
     During Christ second coming most priest will not be around to welcome Him. In fact, most of them will be on the look out to destroy every vestige of the true Church. 

    The Fathers noted that only two kinds of people found Christ on Chrismas day; the shepherds and the Magi. Both engaged in the natural activity of watching and praying. 

     The Gospel of the first Sunday of Advent precisely noted that the way to prepare for the second coming of Christ is by watching and praying as the Magi and shepherds did on the first coming. In Ascetical theology this is the description of contemplative prayer. And in the 'new' evangelization of Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI, the preachers of the new evangelization should be contemplatives.  
5. Signs of the end times.
     It is Catholic truth that there will be an end of the world. The end of the world will be accompanied by signs like earthquake, tsunamis, storms and signs from the skies. On the earth are terrors that makes the earth tremble. But there is a sign that will show that the end is not only around the corner, but that it is by the doorway.
     St. Paul calls it 'the great apostasy.' when most of the members of the hierarchy, being ignorant of the truths, will be preaching heresies. God, Himself, had prepared the Church for this by giving us the list of these heresies in the Syllabus of Pope Pius IX and Pius X. These heresies extends from liberalism, to modernism and to the establishing of a new protestant sect; heresies all around us today. These heresies will be disseminated in the Church by priest, bishops, cardinals and even by one sitting in the throne of Peter which the  ancient prophesies had clearly described as an anti- Pope. 
     So the sign in which Pope Francis issues a 'Motu propio' allowing divorce which is against the teachings of God, proposes welcoming perverts which are sins that cry out to heaven, and preaches a new protestant sect called church of compassion and mercy to replace the Church of Christ, tells us we have arrived at that time. He is not alone. With him is a host of cardinals, bishops, priests and countless laymen who do not know any better.
     There are many good cardinals and bishops yet. But they are not our own bishops but somebody else's  bishop. What if our own bishop and priests are the ones in darkness?  

6. The solution given in the Gospel of the Mass today is 'watchfulness' and 'prayer.' This is the atmosphere described by Popes John Paul II and Benedict in their 'new evangelization.' In this evangelization, we are not supposed to listen to preachers nor attend schools of theology. We are supposed to be watchful and pray; and in this way God directly infuses us with supernatural knowledge of the Catholic Faith.

     Watchfulness consist in mastering Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church and seeing to it that the truths we accept are according to their teachings. Knowledge of Scriptures and Tradition is necessary in watchfulness otherwise on what shall we base our watchfulness.
     Prayer must be contemplative or unceasing. This is better described by Blessed John Newman in his; I with my sins unceasingly present before God in His Justice.

Friday, November 27, 2015


1.Prepare to present thyself to the judgment seat of God.
   As we approach the end of the Liturgical Year Cycle B. let us prepare ourselves for the end of life in which we shall face the judgment seat of God. The need for this preparation is pre-figured for us in the Old Testament ritual of presenting children in the temple just as all the fruits of the earth were equally presented in recognition of God as the source of all gifts.
    Man, as God's prime creation, was also presented to God immediately after his birth. And Mary was duly presented to God as Christ would, also, be presented in His turn. 
     Like the lamb, man must be presented to God in his innocence and not when he is a sinner thus the presentation at an early age. This Old Testament ceremony was carried over into the New Testament. I remember my own mother repeating the story every Feast of the Presentation of Mary and Jesus how she presented me, her first born, to God.
     Nobody ever does that anymore because priests no longer explain the significance of this feast just before Christ the King. Because priest do not know the eschatological significance of the feast in relation to Christ the King.

2. Liturgy of the Presentation of Mary.

    To win eternal life from the judgment seat of Christ the King, we must present ourselves innocent and fortified by grace like the Blessed Virgin Mary. There are two things to be imitated in Mary; first, that she was innocent and secondly, she was fortified by grace.
     All children are innocent. But none of them are fortified by grace except Mary alone, at her conception.  John the Baptist and St. Joseph were fortified by grace at their youth but not at their conception. 
     All children lose their innocent when they reach the age of reason. So they must regain it again to be worthy to  present themselves to God. But there is still the grace they must obtain to accompany their innocence.
     So the Liturgical question for each Catholic is; are you prepared to face the general judgment seat of God with you innocence fortified  by grace? If yes, we go to heaven. If no, we go to hell.

3. How to regain lost innocence.

     Though all men are born innocent, because of original sin, they all lose their innocence when they reach the age of reason. And so, Nicodemus asked; 'how can we be born again and regain that innocence?' And St. John Chrysostom answered; through the monastic life that was established in the Church precisely for that reason: for all men to be able to regain lost innocence. 
     How is innocence regained in the monastic life? The monastic life is essentially a life of repentance. Since innocence is lost through sin, then the way to regain it is remove sin. And how do you remove sin? Through repentance. 

4.Innocence fortified by grace.

   All children are born innocent. But they must still be fortified by grace before they can present themselves to God. How is grace attained to fortify repentance? Through baptism. The innocent child is baptized. Baptism fortifies the innocence of the child. Now he is ready for his own presentation. That is why presentation must be done at a young age; when innocence and grace still co-exist. At the age of reason both innocence and grace are lost.
5. How to regain lost grace.
     First, we must regain innocence through the life of repentance as mentioned above. The monastic life is the Church's instrument in doing this. The monastic life is a way of life wherein  a soul finds out all the sins he had committed that had caused the lost of his innocence. 
     These sins are listed in the Old Testament. So find out your sins with the guidance of the Old Testament; be sorry for your sins; make a  promise of amendment; make an act of retribution. And if we do all these, then we regain our original innocence. This is the first aspect of monastic life; which unfortunately are not done in monasteries any more. 
     After the life of repentance that enables us to regain original innocence, the second aspect of monastic life is the attainment of the theological virtue of Faith, which fortifies our innocence. The moment we finish our repentance we, automatically receive the gift of Faith from God. So, these are not two steps. Both the regaining  of innocence and its being fortified by Faith take place as one act, the grace of Faith being the consequence of the return of innocence.

6. This innocence fortified by grace enables us to know all the supernatural commands of Christ. It, also, enables us to obey all those commandments. Both these knowledge and obedience of the commands of Christ leads us to Charity. This is the necessary preparation to receive a favorable sentence from the Divine Justice of God on General Judgment Day.

7. Pilate and Jesus.

    The confrontation between Jesus and Pilate is the confrontation every soul will have on judgment day; except that Jesus will be asking the questions and we will be giving the answers.
     Notice that Pilate asked Jesus one question. Christ gave two answers. One is the right answer; the other is the wrong answer. The ones who give the right answers goes to heaven; the one who gives the wrong answer goes to hell. 
     The answers of the question are identical; but the source of the answer are different.

8. The right answer.

     Pilate asked; 'Are you the King of the Jews?' And Jesus asked him from where he got his answer. Christ asked; 'Are you saying this on your own?' If Pilate answered; 'Yes, I am saying this on my own.' then he would have been saved. Why? Because that answer could only come from an innocent soul fortified by the grace of Faith. Pilate will have shown he had Faith and, therefore, deserving of salvation.
9. The wrong answer.
     Pilate did not give the right answer. To Christ's question; '....or have others been telling you about me?' Pilate's answer was; 'yes, my answer came from others.' This answer showed he had no Faith and unworthy of salvation because his answer came from the wrong sources. 'It is from your own people, the chief priests I got this information.'

10. The verdict.

     You do not belong to My kingdom the entrance of which is innocence fortified by grace. This kingdom is primarily in heaven but also exist here on earth because I have a human nature. But you are members of neither. Because your knowledge is not from innocence and grace which is called Catholic Faith. Your knowledge comes from your own kind, from Catholics in name, from Pharisaical priests and bishops, from Sadducee cardinals. Your kingdom is not My Kingdom but a kingdom made in Argentina called the Church of Compassion and Mercy which is not the same with the compassion and mercy described in the Beatitudes. 
     If you belong to My kingdom you would be fighting for me, like the African and Polish Bishops. But you are even fighting against my commandments. Look what you have done to My teachings on the indissolubility of marriage and the sinfulness of adultery and same sex tendencies. 

11. The General Judgment

      Are you the true Catholic Church? If your answer comes from your innocence fortified by grace, then you will definitely receive a favorable judgment from God. But if your answer is; it is your Catholic priest, bishops, cardinals and pope who said this hermeneutics of discontinuity and this church of mercy is the church, then .............

Thursday, November 19, 2015


1. We have come to the end of the road.

     The Feast of Christ the King is the end of the Liturgical Year Cycle B. For one whole year Holy Mother the  Church had been evangelizing us, following the Apostolic Commission Christ gave at the end of the Gospel of St. Matthew. She had followed the steps shown us by Christ, Himself, when He was on earth. The steps were Repentance, Faith, Hope and Charity, interspersed during the whole year and which need a very knowledgeable priest to explain clearly in the homily. The expectation of Holy Mother the Church is that by now, we have a complete knowledge of the teachings of Christ as proposed by the Magisterium; i.e. that we have Faith.  But we still have to progress towards Charity.
     The reason we have the three Cycles A, B and C is to help us have the proper disposition to make a mature, perfect Act of Faith in preparation to proceeding towards Charity, for Faith without Charity is dead. The three cycles A, B and C is supposed to give us the four versions of the Plan of Salvation from the four Gospel. There is only one Plan of Salvation but the the three cycles can give us the four different views of the same doctrines. 
2. We must be inside the Church.
     We must be inside the Church either when we die or when we reach the General Judgment of the world. At the beginning of the existence of the Church some of us were cockles, others are wheat. As the end times approaches the cockles must have been slowly  transformed to wheat as the early Jews expected cockles to become.
     And so by General Judgment Day we must all be wheat, i.e. we must all be inside the Kingdom of God with Christ as our King. Anyone who is still outside is in grave danger of perdition.
     So on Good Friday, the sixth day, Christ, in answering Pontius Pilate was distinguishing those who are inside His Kingdom and who are those who are outside. Remember, Good Friday, the sixth day is our last test and our last chance.
3. In the previous posts we saw the only reliable way by which we can know if we are inside or outside the Kingdom of God. This is through the four visible signs enumerated in the Nicene Creed or its expanded version in the 15 Marks of the Church explained by St. Robert Bellarmine. There is no other way in which we can recognize the true Church and this is the easiest way for us to know if we are inside the Church, i.e. if we have those visible signs. 
     The Gospel for today does not go into the details on what those signs are but merely shows the need to be inside the Kingdom of Christ the King.

4. The question of Pontius Pilate.

     'Are you the King of the Jews?' Christ gave two answers; one answer would show he was inside the Kingdom of God. The other will show he is outside the kingdom of God. 
     Christ asked; 'Are you saying this on your own? If Pontius Pilate' answered 'yes' then he would have Faith and, therefore, would be inside the Kingdom of God. 
     Christ second question; 'have others been telling you about Me.' If Pontius got his answer from the Pharisees then he would be outside the kingdom of God. 'It is your own people and the chief priests who have handed you over to me, who said you are the King of the Jews.'

     This is similar to the incident when it was Christ who asked His disciples, 'who do people say I am?' When the disciples gave answers given by men like 'you are a prophet' Christ considered that as an answer not from Faith. But when St. Peter answered;'you are the Son of the Living God.' Christ considered that as an answer from Faith because it came from the Father and not from men. 

5. My kingdom does not belong to this world. He referred to this in two ways. My kingdom does not belong to this world and is not in this world but in heaven. And My kingdom is in this world because I have a human flesh and as such I am king, also, of this world. It is for this reason that I came to this world, to testify to the truth. And those committed to the truth will join Me in the other kingdom that is not in this world. 

     Unable to understand what Christ was saying and unable to commit themselves to those truths they crucified Him.  

    They had no Faith that is why they could not understand Him and could commit themselves to him. Their absence of Faith is the reason they were not inside the Kingdom. And being outside the Kingdom they could not know the truth. 

6. What is truth?

     This is the state of the Church today. We do not know the truth. We do not know that grace is needed almost for everything and not to believe so is Pelagianism. We do not know that if we do not believe we are already condemned when Christ, Himself, had said so. How come Scalfari though an atheist can still go to heaven? We do not know that we cannot break up a marriage though Christ declared that marriage is indissoluble. We do not know that sins of perversion as those committed in Sodom and Gomorrah
are sins that shout out to heaven for vengeance. We do not know that God is first just before he is merciful as clearly seen in the  Beatitudes. We do not know the visible signs of the true Church so that whole Dioceses and Parishes do not have a single visible sign of the true Church and they think they are Catholics even daring to call others as non-catholics. 
     What is the truth?  St. Thomas of Aquinas commenting on today's Gospel and quoting Theophilactus wrote; 'truth have vanished from the world because of general unbelief.' And how come they do not believe? Because they are outside the Kingdom of Christ the King. That is the worst place to be in on the feast of Christ the King. 

7. Be sure!

     Make sure, therefore, that you are within a community that has either the four visible signs of the Catholic church enumerated in the Nicene  Creed of better still, be sure you are part of a community that has the 15 Marks of the true  Church according to St. Bellarmine. 
     Using other Scriptural bases, make sure you are with the Woman of the Apocalypse who have left the world and have flown with two giant wings to a place in the desert in a place specially prepared by God for her. Or be sure you are in the boat in lake Tiberias where there were only  7 apostles and they caught 153 large fishes. Or be sure you have Faith, Hope and Charity. 
       Be sure you love the Church. Just make sure it is the right Church. 

8. Pontius Pilate

     Pilate is the personification of the present world who is asking the same question. The Pope, many cardinals, bishops, priests and sadly most laymen cannot answer the question because though they are asking the same question they do not want the right answers.  Can you receive Holy Communion even if you are divorced, remarried and living in adultery? No! To do so you add more sin upon your sin of not loving your former wife and children, another sin for abandoning them, another sin for lustfully living with another, and an added sacrilege for receiving communion.  Oh, but there is a new religion that is all mercy! Well, that adds a few more sin of apostasy, liberalism, naturalism, modernism. We can hear God saying; 'Man have no reason to continue in existence.' That is Justice, the very essence of God. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time - the 6th day.

1. Feast of Christ the King. 

     Next Sunday  is Feast of Christ the King, the end of Liturgical Year C. In the Liturgy, Holy Mother the Church is reminding us that all of us are going to go before the  General Judgment seat of God. And then the world will end by fire.   We must be prepared for this last judgment because eternal reward or eternal punishment will follow. This General Judgment Day is always referred to as the Seventh Day, or the Sabbath. This is pre-figured by Christ staying in the tomb on Saturday after His crucifixion. 

2. The day before the Sabbath is Good Friday; when the whole Jewish people would have their last test from Christ. This is referred to, according to St. Bonaventure, as the sixth day. 

     The Catholic world, like St. Bonaventure and Pope Benedict, had been waiting for the sixth day. St. Bonaventure dealt with it in his "Theology of History," while Joseph Ratzinger made that book the topic of his thesis. This was providential because the awaited sixth day was already occurring during the Pontificate of Pope Benedict.
     The sixth day is what is described in the 33rd Sunday  Gospel in Ordinary Time.  

3. 33rd Sunday, the last day before General Judgment Day.

     God placed man on earth, not for man to enjoy the beaches, but to test man. The test, similar to the test of the angels and the first man is; whether they will chose to do God's Will or their own will. If they choose God's Will they pass and is rewarded with heaven. If they choose their own will, they fail and are condemned to hell. This is putting aside the possibilities of repentance and recurrence of sin. 
     While there are small tests in between where failures could be paid for in purgatory, there will be a final test where there will be no purgatory to correct imperfections. Today's Gospel is the final test wherein it is required that we be perfect since there is no purgatory to make up for imperfections. And so the situation of this final exams is slightly different. The test is slightly more difficult. 

4.  What is happening in the 33rd Sunday Gospel  happened on Good Friday and this is happening today.  The Gospel begins with 'Beware the Scribes.'  This was a warning about priests, bishops, cardinals and even a pope. 

     'The sun shall be darkened, the moon will not shed is light and stars will fall out of the sky.' The sun is the Pope, the moon are the cardinals, bishops and  priests; the stars are the theologians. It is the same description of the stars that the tail of the dragon dragged down from the heavens.
     They will be in the dark means they will know nothing on how to save one's soul or how to go to heaven. Pope Benedict mentioned this state of the priesthood at the beginning of the 'Year of the Priests.' 
     Like on Good Friday, all the bad priests, from Caiphas the High priest down to the Pharisees and scribes, were most vocal against Christ and even killed Him; while the good ones like the disciples of Christ, were silenced and were hiding. 
     The same thing is happening today. The priests who know nothing on how to go to heaven are the most vocal and entertained by mass media. While the good ones are silenced and persecuted.

     Not only do most of the priests fail to teach the way to heaven, they teach errors and uses Canon Law to repress the truth, , just as the Jews used the Mosaic Law to condemn Christ. They shout and influence others to shout 'crucify Him.' 

     Their disobedience to the commands of Christ deprives them of the theological virtues of Faith and Charity. These sins makes God chastise the Jews with the  lost of the Ark of the covenant and its contents during the time of the Maccabees and on Good Friday. 
      Today, due to the lost of Faith and Charity we have lost the Ark of the Covenant and its contents;  the Eucharistic Presence and the Mass. Due to rampant disobedience to the commands of Christ there is no Mass and Divine Presence in the Eucharist. Our tabernacles are empty as pre-figured in the empty Holy of Holies on Good Friday. 

5. Because of the spiritual state of darkness in which most of the priests, bishops, cardinals and, probably, even the Pope, it becomes of the utmost importance that we master the theology of the four visible signs of the True Church as recited in the Nicene Creed every Sunday. And it can be an added help to know the enhanced version of the same visible signs as explained by St. Robert Bellarmine that was propitiously translated into English just a few months ago. We can be very certain through these signs to know who are in the light and who are those in darkness.

     Those who have the four or 15 visible marks of the true Church are the priests of light while those without all the signs are the priests in darkness. Follow the light and abandon the darkness. 

6. We must have the knowledge on what are the four visible signs of the true Catholic Church, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic and their explanations. Or, we must know the expanded explanation of these four signs as explained by the Fathers and Doctor of the Church. The most succinct and clear explanation is that of St. Robert Bellarmine that by God's grace had been translated into English just recently. And together with this is another book of the same author entitled 'De Romano Pontifice' describing a Pope of light from a pope of darkness.

7. While the Nicene Creed's visible signs are; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. The expanded 15 signs explained by St. Robert Bellarmine are; Catholicity, Antiquity, long duration, multitude of believers, apostolic succession of bishops, agreement with the ancient church, the unity of the church, holiness of doctrine, holiness of the Fathers of religion, the glory of miracles, light of prophecy, confessions of our adversaries, unhappy end of those who oppose the Church and the temporal happiness of those who defend the Church. 

     If we use the latter 15 Marks of the true Church we can see that practically all the persons we know, from the Pope down to the cardinals, bishops, priests and laymen do not have these signs of Catholicity. And neither the Diocese, parishes, religious orders and Catholic organizations we know.
     These priests are not the ones who use to have Faith and Charity and lost them. No, these are priests who never ever had Faith in lives. And these dioceses, parishes and religious orders are similarly those who, due to their very poor evangelization,  were never able to make the mature human act of Faith, the proper disposition, for the supernatural theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. 

8. Other signs of the approaching General Judgment.

     There are many other signs that this General Judgment of God is approaching; earthquakes, super storms,wars, etc....but these had been happening since the time of the dinosaurs. For Catholics, the most reliable sign that the end is by the door is the 'great apostasy' from the pope down to the bishops and priests. And consequently among the laymen. Only a true Catholic with the four visible signs can detect an apostate because he is not one of them.   

9. When we see that nobody around us has the visible signs of true Catholicity then, as Christ said, we may not know the 'the exact day or hour,' But we can know if He is near, even at the door. 

     This is the sixth day. Tomorrow the true Catholic Church will rest for a while in the tomb to rise the next day, Easter Sunday, to eternal life in heaven. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What is wrong with the Catholic Church? It is no longer.....One, Holy, Catholic nor Apostolic

1. God gave His Church four visible signs by which it can be distinguished from other man made churches. These signs were given by God from the beginning of time and so they have pre-existed all other churches. These signs are; One, Holy, Catholic and enumerated in the Nicene Creed. Though they are described as visible signs, most of them are not really that visible. One and Holy are not that visible but they can be seen in their external expressions. 

     It is not really that easy knowing the four visible signs of the true Church. That is why very, very few know them. It is a big help if one has virtues. It becomes impossible if one has vices. 

2. The true Church of Jesus Christ have had these four signs, clearly and visibly, since Pentecost. The signs shone brighter during the era of the Fathers of the Church. Those signs accompanied Europe to her golden age, until.......the reformation. When the Catholic Church had a double split; one went towards the direction of Protestantism, the other remained Catholic with the four visible signs. 

    Then this latter underwent another split; one went towards the more contemplative life. The other went towards worldliness. The one leading towards contemplation retained the four visible signs. The one that embraced the world gradually lost the four visible signs.

3.  There is nothing wrong with the Marian contemplative (as in Mary and Martha) Church. She has kept the four visible signs. The problem was with Martha. She gradually lost her visible signs because she became careless with her Marthan activities. The Catholic Church represented by Martha was clearly loosing her four visible signs during the Council of Trent. The four signs were probably gone by the 1800 when Pius IX wrote 'Mirari Vos.' And the signs opposite One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic  described by St. Robert Bellarmine became the existing signs of the church; these signs were heresies, heresies, heresies and more heresies.

4. The 'Mary' Church group never lost the four visible signs. It was the 'Martha' group that lost the four visible signs. It is the 'Martha' group that we are describing from the Papacy of Pius IX who first noticed this split in the Church, to the present Bishop's Synod of 

2014 - 2015.
5. The Popes from Gregory XVI up to  Benedict XVI had noticed this split between Mary and Martha; and the gradual deterioration of Martha. The 'Marthan' Catholics are the focus of our attention because they occupy the Vatican, all the Dioceses, all the parishes, all the religious houses and all the lay families. The entire visible Church is the Martha who have lost her four visible signs of being the true Church of Christ.
     Pope  Benedict knew Mary was somewhere and constantly looked for her. He knew Mary was not in the Vatican, the dioceses and parishes. In fact, nobody had noticed it, but Benedict had always asked all the Bishops during their 'Ad limina' visit if they had seen 'Mary.' Since most bishops belong to the Martha that have lost the four visible signs, they did not really know what Pope Benedict was talking about. 
     Pope Benedict had a hint where Mary was. He knew this Church was outside the formal structure of the hierarchical church. That they had a perfect knowledge of the teachings of Christ taught by the Father and not from men. That they live in an unnoticeable way the contemplative life. That their structure in being informal enabled them to sway as the Holy Spirit moves them. That they live very active but very quiet lives. And yet they look like ordinary worldly people. It was this that made it difficult to find them. But Benedict knew they were around and that they were the real Church with the four visible signs as expanded to the 15 Marks of the Church by St. Robert Bellarmine. 

6. The shadow of the four visible signs of the true Church was still hovering over Vatican I. But with Vatican II, even the shadow was gone. Vatican II did not have even a hint either of the four visible signs from the Nicene Creed, nor the 15 Marks of the Church by Robert Bellarmine.  After the Bishop's Synod of 2014 and 2015, the signs opposite One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic were rampant everywhere. From the top to the bottom. The signs that appeared are Confusion, Evil, Protestant and Modernism.

7. To be saved we must know where we belong. And Divine Providence sent us His help. Suddenly two important works of St. Robert Bellarmine, Jesuit saint and Doctor of the Church, which up to lately were still in Latin were suddenly translated into English. Those works suddenly gave light to the smog of confusion, evil, protestant and modernist elements that was choking the world. The first work is 'De Notis Ecclesiae'. With this book everybody can know whether they are in the right church or not; whether in the 'Mary' Church with the four signs or the 'Martha' church that have lost all the four signs. The second book is 'De Romano Pontifice' which tells us whether we are following the right Pope. 

8. With 'De Notis Ecclesiae' it is evident that the Catholic Church made up of the Pope, down to the cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns and lay men are not showing the four or 15 Marks of Catholicity. Everyone can check on this by themselves. And where can we find the true Church with the four signs? Pope John Paul II and Benedict showed us where in their 'New' evangelization when they declared Our Lady of Gudalupe and St. Therese as Patron saints of the new evangelization. Was that clear? If not, we have to remove first some vices, specially pride, to find her.

Monday, November 09, 2015

God told Lucifer, 'Go ahead. It's all yours.'

1. There are two ways by which God allows Lucifer to attack man's soul. We may call the first 'controlled attack.' The second may be referred to as 'an all out attack.' In the first way,  God controls Satan's attack so it does not completely overwhelm man into committing sins. In the second, God allows the devil free rein and do whatever he wants on man.

2. An example of the first is the temptation of  Christ on the desert. An example of the second is how Jerusalem went against Christ on Good Friday. Another example of the first is the temptation of Adam and Eve in the garden of Paradise. That was really mild. An example of the second is the story of Job; and that was really awful.

3. Let us discuss the second 'all out attack.' That was what happened on Good Friday when it seemed that the devil took complete control over the city. God's forces where on the defensive, in fact, nowhere. 

4. The most popular second attack was the story of Job.

     " In the land of Uz there was a blameless and upright man named Job who feared God and avoided evil. Seven sons and three daughters were born to him and he had seven thousand sheep, three thousand camel, five hundred yoke of oxen, five hundred she asses, and a a great number of work animals, so that he was greater than any of the men of the East. His sons used to take turns giving feasts, sending invitations to their three sister to eat and drink with them. And when each feast had run its course, Job would send for them and sanctify them, rising early and offering holocausts for every one of them. For Job said, "it may be that my sons have sinned and blasphemed God in their hearts.' This  Job did habitually.'
     What happened next is our point of discussion. While Job and his family were praying, Satan appeared before Job and God. God praised Job before Satan. Then Satan answered; 'of course, Job is faithful to You because you have surrounded him with favors. Take away those favors and he will blaspheme you.' 
      God's answer was scary. He told Satan; Ok, as long as you don't touch his person you can do anything to all the things that are his. In other words; you can wage an all out war on him. 
      What is happening today is pre-figured in Job.  Thieves stole his animals and killed his herdsmen.  Lightning killed the sheep and shepherds. Then, more thieves stole his camels and killed those tending the camels.
      More, while Job's children were eating, a wind blew their house, it collapse and killed the children.

5. But Job remained Faithful to God. So again Satan went to God and said. if you allow me to attack his flesh, he will surely blaspheme you. And God said; 'Go ahead but do not touch his life.' Suddenly Job was full of wounds and sores.  His wife taunted him to abandoned God. But Job remained faithful to God. 

6. The Sixth Day.

     Job was the figure of Christ on the sixth day.  Satan was allowed to wage an 'all out war' on Christ. Satan did not attack one man only, like Job. Satan attacked the whole of Jerusalem.  So the lesson we can learn from Job is that what happened to him as a test is what happened to Christ.   And and this is  what will happen to us at this age as a test. It is, in fact, a test for the whole world when the end is near and there will be no purgatory anymore.   
      Man has to be perfect by this time and their purgatory will be a short moment wherein Satan will be released to do his will on men. 
     After Good Friday, God was going to do it again and warned Pope Leo XIII in a vision.  It will be a test for the Whole Church. That is to say; that one day today, God will allow Satan free hand to completely devastate the whole world. God will place everything in the hands of Satan for him to do what he wish.  This is what is happening right now. 
      Allowing Satan to freely strike the Church was a singular episode that will follow what happened on Good Friday. Satan began  destroying, first, the priesthood; the Pharisees and the Scribe, thus, he will first spiritually destroy the priests, bishops and cardinals in the hope he can reach the high priest, Caiphas, the personification of the Pope. Satan did reach Caiphas. 
     While Caiphas is an Old Testament representation of the Pope, the New Testament personification  of the future Pope is Judas, who was a New Testament bishop in whom the devil entered into.
      Satan will spiritually possess as many bishops as God will allow him in the hope that one of this possessed bishop will be elected Pope.
      Though it was Leo XIII who saw the vision, it was Gregory XVI, Pius IX and Pius X who saw the transformation of the Catholic priesthood into a mob of heretics. They described the heresies in the "Syllabus." With such a prophetic knowledge many were waiting for the time that those heretics will have the opportunity to elect  its own heretic, a modernist with the evil plan of replacing the true Church of Christ with a new man-made Protestant denomination.
      These priests were described by Christ as; having a decaying Faith and waxing cold of Charity, i.e. no Faith and no Charity. In short, they will have none of the four visible signs of the true Church. They are not Catholics. And the rest of the Catholic world will be the product of their heretical teachings. No Catholic Church in the world.

7. This is unstoppable because Satan on the loose is a veritable nemesis; besides,  all of these are with God's permission. Even with God's orders; "Do with them as you wish." What is happening is unimaginable. 

     No priest would be teaching the complete truth.  In fact, it was for this that Pope Benedict  declared the 'Year of the priests," because priests did not know the way to heaven, he said. 
    Instead, priest are teaching heresies; specially their favorites no. 78, 79 and 80 in the Syllabus. And forcing all to obey the heresies under pain of canonical punishments. Canon Law is used to stifle those teaching the truth.
     St. Paul wrote; 'everything not of Faith is sin. Everything coming out of the mouth, ears, eyes, mind and heart are sins. The Church is flooded with the worst perversions. And these are flaunted around and given euphemistic names like mercy and compassion.
8. With a priesthood like this, there is no hope for the family. The family could easily be destroyed in the fire place of the Bishop's Synod. Fortunately, St. Therese's family did not reach these days. Though they lived at the beginning of these days and their saintly life is a description on how they swam against the initial storm surge of this era of liberalism.
9. Even the usual sources of Divine knowledge, Tradition, had been kept by the devils. An occasional writing, like St.Robert Bellarmine, would rock the Church's complacency making the whole Catholic world realize that they are not Catholic, a truth they could not swallow so they simply settled down with the more popular Church of Compassion, the idea of which was condemned by  Pope John Paul II in 'Veritatis Splendor.

10. Add to this attack by the devil on the soul of the Church his attack on the body, as he did to Job.  The famines in Africa. The storms and earthquakes, the Global warming, the wars around the world, the corruptions in government, etc. Whoever would still want to live in this world must be insane. Yeah. That was what Gilbert Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc observed. The world had gone mad. But isn't this how God destroy His enemies. He first makes them mad. Then He destroys them.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Schivia's OMINOUS sign.

1. The most important topic for Catholics today is ecclesiology, i.e. the four visible signs of the Church of Jesus  Christ. The battle lines have to be drawn between the City of God and the City of man, of which the devil is the ruler. Both cities have to be described properly. So each man may know where he stands. For where he stands will be the basis of his judgment.
     The City of God is where Christ is king, and inhabitants obey Christ's commands mindful of what Christ said; 'If you love Me keep My commandments.' That love comes from a dogma filled Faith.
     The City of Man, on the other hand, is ruled by the devil. It is inhabited by men, who, like the devil, wants to be like gods and obey their own will while imposing the same will on others like a tyrant. 

2. The signs of the true Church, the City of God,  should settle the bugging  question who are the members of the true Church of Christ who will go to heaven. This should shatter the countless presumptions that makes every one think he will go to heaven whatever kind of life he lives. 
3.  In Gregorian Chant, these four visible signs sound like the  triumphant finale of the Nicene Creed as if the existence of the Church with her visible sign is the glorious end of all the truths in the Creed. 

4. We must believe, the Nicene Creed states,  that the characteristics of the Church of Christ is that she is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. And we should judge the true Church with absolutely no other norms, as Protestant usually do.  
     The Canonization of the saints is based, first and foremost, on the proof that he is a Catholic with the four visible signs. Then proving the heroic practice of the theological virtues. 
     Today we canonize out of political whim; and many times we easily call a group  Catholic or not based on a whim showing total ignorance of the dogmas on the visible sign of the true Catholic Church established by Divine Revelation.

5. One or Unity is a resulting characteristic of the Church that results from  her Apostolicity in all her teachings.  Evidently most communities are not one; either lay ecclesial communities, religious communities or even Bishop's conferences and Synods, just like the just concluded Synod in Rome. 

6. If I were a parish priest and want to start a Catholic community I must start with the fourth visible sign, Apostolic. As the community's knowledge of the Apostolic teachings is perfected, the community becomes gradually one in heart and mind. When the visible sign of unity appears that will be accomplished by the Holy Spirit alone,  then  the members begin to become  holy. And as each member of the community becomes Holy, that is the only time to sent them all around the world as witnesses and missionaries for the Church to become Catholic or universal. Pope Francis' Missionaries or Mercy is just a group of tourists sent around the world without a single visible sign of the true Church. 
     Again, each sign must be perfected gradually  before the next sign appears....and so on.....until all the four visible signs are present. This could takes years to accomplish.

7. Often what we see in ourselves and others are signs of the true Church in different stages. The Church with four perfect visible sign seems to be non-existent yet, though that is how the true Catholic Church should be.

8. The good bishops and cardinals in the Synod are showing different degrees in the development of the visible signs of the Church. This is seen in their defense of a few doctrines, like the indissolubility of marriage and their condemnation of same sex marriage. Their defense is a partial sign of the true Church. But by apostolicity they must exhibit all the teachings of the Church. 
     But as we have shown, to have one or two signs is a hint that they could have all the signs hidden in them or better still that they are still on the way to perfecting the visible signs one by one as usually the case.

9. Putin and Orthodox Russia. Netangyahu and Israel. Fellay and the Pius X group.
    They used to be considered schismatics and heretics but, now, 
 they have more visible signs of the true Church than the Vatican in Rome.
     Netangyahu being a Jew knows the O.T. and has more signs of the true Church than many modernist Catholic priests who no longer believe in Divine Revelation.
     Putin and orthodox Russia uses both the O.T. and the N.T.  Purer in their Faith, they are more intelligent. The most Catholic voice in the last Bishop's Synod was Hilarion from the Moscow Patriarchate speaking on behalf of Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia. He puts Francis to shame. 
     Fellay lives by the New Testament, too, and the Fathers of the  Church.  So their Faith is even stronger. Their group attracks many Catholics because of their traditional orientation.
     Pope Francis and those close to him in the Synod, are disobeying both the Old and New Testament.  With their proposals and two 'Motu Proprios' on Catholic divorce, their actions are sinful and heretical according to the 'Syllabus.'   The chastisement for their infidelity is 'stultitia.' For the Orthodox, the Jews and for Bishop Fellay, joining the Catholic Church is jumping from the frying pan into the fire. 

10. An ominous sign.
     An ominous sign appeared on Good Friday which the Catholic world had been waiting for with great expectancy to re-appear on, what St. Bonaventure called, the sixth day. And which Pope Benedict expounded in a talk putting together St. Bonaventure and St. Thomas of Aquinas.
     The ominous sign is a day when the whole world which includes most of the men of the Catholic Church (like the Scribes and the Pharisees)  will persecute the Body of Christ (as on Good Friday), while the Faithful (like the apostles) are in hiding (in contemplative prayer) and anyone looking for the truth will find it nowhere. 
     As the persecutors of Christ was headed by a Chief priest and a traitor apostle, it will appear that the head of the destroyer of the  present Church will be holding a very high office in the Church.
     The persecutors will have a common denominator; due to their sins and heresies, they will have none of the visible signs of the true Church  while having what St. Bellarmine described as the signs of the Protestant churches.   

 11. Cardinal Arinze and Mario Bergoglio.
     Almost as soon as Mario Bergoglio became Pope, Cardinal Arinze spoke in Nigeria. He was the former head of the Congregation on Divine Worship and the discipline of the Sacraments. He was 'papabili' during the conclave that elected Ratzinger. He knew Mario Bergoglio, having lived with him during Vatican II and during the subsequent conclaves. He is also a very good theologian and is very influential among the Bishops of Africa. He is at present often quoted during the last Bishop's Synod though he was not attending;
     He knows his catechism specially the visible signs of the true Church. His article can be read in AFRIPOL ( Africa Political and Economic Strategic Center). Cardinal Arinze said; Pope Francis is in a journey to redefine (i.e. to change)  the Roman Catholic Church and to make it inclusive in a likeness of a liberal religious institution. Arinze described Pope Francis as believing 'that all religions are true and added that, today, we should no longer judge. Like a loving Father we never condemn our children. Arinze further quoted  Pope Francis saying; our church is big enough for heterosexuals and homosexuals, pro-life and pro-choice, conservative and liberals, even communists. Francis continues; we worship the same god.
     The article ends with Cardinal Arinze analyzing the teachings of Pope Francis noticed that truth and morals are relative according to Francis and all  his talk on love and tolerance is hallow.
     Then Cardinal Arinze makes these conclusion based on his premises; I charge Pope Francis is a heretic. He cannot be a valid Pope. Francis is not even a Catholic. 

 12.  Let us check Arinze's facts with more facts. Pope Francis is, indeed, redefining the Catholic Church, taking away from it everything pre-Vatican II and putting in new things taken from his book 'Church of compassion.' This church is totally a new Protestant denomination. All his activities had been focused on selling this new church. Pope Francis'  'Year of Mercy' is advertisement for his book. And Francis' Missionaries of Mercy are sellers of his heretical book. Remember all those posters on 'Mercy' during the papal visit? This was not the 'mercy' of the Beatitude. It is Bergoglio's mercy, we do not know where it came from. Bergoglio is surely introducing a new sect with absolutely no connection with the Church of Christ, of the apostles and of the Fathers. 
     All religion are true, is the heresy of indifferentism condemned many time in the past by the Catholic Church 
     Pope Francis believes we should not condemn.  But God will condemn us. It is by condemning ourselves that God relents condemning us. 
     The Church is big enough for all of us. Notice Pope Francis' list who should join us inside the Church. It contains those sinners that St. Paul writing to the Corinthians wrote; that we should cut them out of our gathering and we should have nothing to do with them. Lest in our weakness we become contaminated. Do not eat with them, St. Paul wrote. We can return to them and save them when we are perfect.
     Then Arinze condemns Pope Francis' heretical tendencies towards liberalism and modernism, heresies that Arinze properly defined based on the 'Syllabus' of Pius IX and Pius X.
     The sentence that Pope Francis is an invalid Pope, a heretic and not a Catholic is based on St. Robert Bellarmine's 'De controversiis'. Pope Francis' proposals on the annulment of matrimony in the two 'Motu proprio' further confirms his disobedience to the commands of Christ. And almost everyday he says something against the teaching of the Church; from his 'there is no Catholic God,' 'don't reproduce like rabbits,' 'keep the doctrine but change the discipline.' But his Church with his ego as god is the desire 'to be like gods' that was the first sin of the angels.'
     Sadly, though I hate to admit it, His Eminence Cardinal Arinze was right in his definitions, logical in his reasoning and sound in his conclusions. 

13. Cardinal Arinze described Pope Francis as guilty of the heresy of liberalism, modernism, and treason for starting a new sect with himself as god. But the ominous sign is that most cardinals, bishops, priests and laymen are just like him.This is the  sign mentioned by St. Hildegard of Bingen (1179)  in her mystical-prophetic work 'Scivia, liber vitae meritorum.'  Declared Doctor of the Church by Pope Benedict, St. Hildegard wrote that when this ominous sign appears, which will be preceded by the last anti-pope,  we have just run out of time working to possess the four visible signs of the true Church......we have just run out  of time saving our souls. 

14. There is a force that is moving two groups to two extremes, the left and the right. The two extremes are in place; and the names of their inhabitants can even be listed down from the news. Then there are those that are still in the center and are beginning to move. Those previously on the left that have suddenly swung to the right can easily be known from the same news. There is Forte and Dolan who were known to be in the left during Synod 2014 and now are on the right together with the more permanent rightist, the Bishops of Poland and Africa. We have not noted anyone from the right that had swung to the left where the permanent inhabitants are Pope Francis, Baldiserri and Tagle. 
     Those in the left and right are the hot and cold. Those in the center are the lukewarm. The lukewarm  did not take an early stand because of lack of knowledge. They are in danger of being influenced by sophistry, arguments and even by bribes and, therefore, an object of our worry. Thousands of bishops fall under this category; they usually do not have the visible signs of the true Church. The reason for our continuous shout; 'check if you have the four visible signs of the Catholic Church' is the salvation of souls.

     Pope Benedict mentioned in a Christmas address that with this sign, the entire world will go into total decline which no one can stop. That is the spiritual decay of the Church together with the total destruction of society. There is no stopping it. The only thing we can see are futile efforts to slow down the decline. 

Tuesday, November 03, 2015


1. Who is a Catholic.
     Everybody calls themselves Catholic because nobody knows the description of a true Catholic. Even 'Lumen Gentium' could not define the Catholic Church clearly. God knew that this would happen. So He gave His  Church visible signs by which all men can know which is the Church He established. 

2. God gave us visible signs
     God gave His Church four official visible signs. And these are found in the Nicene Creed. They are:  One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. There is absolutely no other way of knowing the true Church. To have a baptismal and marriage certificate are fine but they are not signs of one's Catholicity. 


3. The Protestants are giving erroneous Biblical signs of being the true Church.
     Every religion and especially  every Protestant sect are  presenting proofs that theirs is the true Church. Yes, their signs are biblical but they are not the ones considered as the biblical signs of the true Church. 
     The Protestants, for instance, mentions memorizing the entire Bible as a sign of belonging to the true Church. St. Bellarmine states that even the devil have memorized the Bible but that does not make him a Catholic. 

4. The official signs. And other signs like liturgical signs
     Aside from the four official visible signs, the Church has many other ways of knowing which is the true Church. A more popular but deeper way of understanding is through the Liturgy. 
     The Gospel of All Saints day enumerate eight signs that make up the perfection of the Catholic Church. These are called the Beatitude. Holy Mother the Church tells us that to have the first Beatitude 'to be poor in Spirit' is already a sure sign of Catholicity.

5. Most of the signs, even the official signs are difficult to understand. Like One and Holy.
     Most Catholics, both the clergy and the laity do not know the four official visible signs of the Church because some signs are partly supernatural in nature. It is almost impossible to find out if a Church is One unless you live with that Church or community for at least 10 years. It is even impossible to find out if the people are Holy. In fact, the only visible sign that is easy to understand is Apostolic. 

6. The expanded list of St. Robert Bellarmine
     Being more specific the 15 Marks of the true Church described by St. Robert Bellarmine, Jesuit saint and Doctor of the Church is popular specially today since it was translated into English only months ago. It is selling like hot cakes and everyone who reads it is convinced they are not really Catholic. 
     The Bishop's Synod 2015 is of interest in that some fathers showed they had some visible signs, like the 12 Cardinal signatories of the manifesto to Pope Francis; also, most of the Bishops of Africa and Poland showed visible signs of true Catholicity. 
     But what is worrisome is that some fathers did not show any visible signs; like some German bishops, specifically Baldisserri, Cardinal Tagle and a few more. Remember these are visible signs for all men to see. So we can see who has them and who do not have them. 

7. As expected by Pope Gregory XVI, Pius IX and Pius X. Not only most priests, bishops and cardinals will lose the Faith. Even the possibility of the rise of an anti-Pope. This was revealed to Pope Pius IX as the ultimate goal of the enemies of religion. They would accomplish this by contaminating the hierarchy with sin and heresies through the atmosphere of liberalism, gradualism and naturalism. These same bishops will build up a new Protestant denomination to replace the Old Catholic Church. 
     Most dioceses and parishes today, if we get Bellarmine's book, go around and analyze them, are mostly Protestant because their bishops and cardinals had first fallen into the spirit of modernism. Those who were meant to lead souls to heaven are, instead, dragging souls to hell; as prophesied in Fatima. Who will warn the laity of this danger? When they are looking up with great reverence to modernist heretics? It is impossible to find a priest free from the evils mentioned in the 'Syllabus.' Just read the last three heresies in Pope Pius IX's list. Most priests are guilty of them. And they could be your parish priest, if not your own bishop.  

8. It is possible for individual bishops to show signs of Catholicity without  their diocese or parishes showing the same.
     As noticed in all the news, many individual African and Polish bishops show signs of true Catholicity. While others, like the Germans, show signs of being at enmity with Christ. 

9. True Catholics live quiet lives. They are busy perfecting their visible signs of being true Catholics while at the same time instructing those who get in contact with them to do the same. 
      The non-catholics are noisy, constantly accusing others to be non-catholics when they themselves do not even know the visible signs of true Catholicity because they do not have them; and by nature they will persecute the true Catholics because not being for Christ they will be against Christ.
     Polarization takes place when God demands that each Catholic make a stand, whether they are for Christ or against Christ. Life for Catholics is a continuous battle wherein he is made to continuously show whose side he is. 

10. Is is a great favor for the Church to detect and expose Catholics who do not have the visible signs of Catholicity.  I am amazed at the ignorance of Catholics on this truth in the Nicene Creed. In polyphonic music, renaissance composer usually go slow and majestic when reaching the words 'et unan, sanctam, catholicam. Et apostolicam Ecclesiam.' Yet most know nothing about these signs. Well, not anymore. The 'De controversiis' of St. Robert Bellarmine had been translated into English, published, and is on sales in bookstore. That book alone with the four visible signs are the only signs by which we can know if this or that is the true Catholic Church founded by Jesus  Christ.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

The BEATITUDES and the Hierarchy

1. The Supreme Good.
     The Supreme Good is the goal of all. The angels, down to the animals and plants, aim at what is good for them. Man, like the angels, is unique in that he can know what is his Supreme Good and desire the same. 
     For Catholics, the Supreme Good is God, referred to as the uncreated good or Beatitude. The way that leads to the supreme good is referred to as the created good or, also, Beatitude. 
     So, our goal is the life of Beatitude. And the steps that lead to it is, also,  called Beatitudes. While God is the perfect Beatitude, the eight created Beatitudes are the seven different degrees that leads a soul towards God.

2. The Beatitudes.
     They show the different degrees of perfections within the Catholic Church. Those who are within the Beatitudes are true Catholics. Those who are outside the Beatitudes are not yet Catholics. 
     Consequently, those falling within the 8 different Beatitudes will naturally have the visible signs of the true Church. While'st those who are outside the 8 Beatitudes will surely not have the visible signs of the Church; either the four visible signs enumerated in the Nicene Creed or the 15 'Notae', the expanded signs by St. Robert Bellarmine.

3. The Beatitudes in the Gospel of All Saints is a preparation for Christ the King.
     We are approaching the end of the Liturgical Year. It ends with the Feast of Christ the King, which reminds us of the General Judgment each man will undergo. What will the basis by which God will judge each men? The Beatitude!!! If we have one of the Beatitudes we are saved. If none, we shall be condemned.

4. Degrees of perfection.
     As mentioned, the Beatitudes are the different degrees of perfection within the Catholic Church. We begin with the first and end with the seventh. The eight is the overall crown of the Beatitudes. To be saved it is enough to reach the first Beatitude, 'to be poor in spirit.'

5. The three sources of human happiness.
     The three sources of human happiness are first; happiness that comes from satisfying the senses. This is the lowest kind man has in common with the animals. Call it sensual happiness. 
     The second is a higher kind called human happiness that satisfies the intellect and the will. It is the active life represented by Martha. and is the proper disposition necessary for the third. 
     The third is the highest and is called the contemplative life. It is spiritual happiness represented by Mary. 

6. Sensual happiness. 
     Since sensual happiness is an impediment or obstacle to the spiritual life sensual happiness must be minimized to almost nothing. And the first three Beatitudes are meant to do that. The first source of sensual happiness are possessions. So the Gospel narrative declared;  go home, sell your possessions and give it to the poor. This is how 'poor in spirit' is developed.
     The second source of sensual happiness is absence of enemies. The Beatitude tells us not to desire the absence of enemies; but to allow evil from enemies but overcome evil with good. So. blessed are the meek.
     The third source of sensual happiness is to have human consolation. The Beatitude tells us not to desire human consolation but instead to mourn; thus blessed are those who mourn.

7. Active Life.
     Beatitude 4 and 5 describes the active life, so called. It is the proper disposition necessary to be able to rise up to the contemplative life, which is the perfection of the theological virtue of Faith. 
     The beginning of the active life is the virtue of Justice. We must give all what is their due. The virtue of Justice is important because the next virtue, Mercy, depends on it.
     The next Beatitude of the Active Life is Mercy, when we give others what they do not deserve. It is the extra mile Christ wants us to accompany those who has to be accompanied without them having to ask for it. With Justice and Mercy we can now proceed to the contemplative life, the life of Perfect Faith.

8. Contemplative Life.
    The first requirement for the contemplative life is a ''clean or pure heart." With the mind and hearts focused on God alone is the 'pure heart' that can see God. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. 
     A soul with pure heart is a person at peace with himself; thus he can become a peace maker for others; Blessed are the peace maker for they shall be called children of God. 

9. Pope Francis
     The Pope, of course, is the personification of all Catholic priests. His interests are Global warming, migrants, adulterers, sodomists, Evangelical Pentecostals, Synodal liturgies, homos, liberalism, modernism, atheists, the sad old age, the unemployed youth, the Statue of Liberty, establishing new protestant sects  and other peripherals. His interests are sensual if not outright sinful as it appeared during the Bishop's Synod 2015. These are precisely what the first three Beatitudes are contradicting. Wouldn't this be a sign that many priests do not even have the first Beatitude? 
      Because he does not have the first Beatitude, his concept of mercy, which is the fifth Beatitude is not preceded by Justice, the fourth Beatitude. And it is not followed by 'pure in heart,' the sixth virtue. Which means that his mercy is not Catholic but the heretical  'mercy' of the spirit of liberalism first condemned by Pius IX and Pius X; and during the recent Synod, condemned by Cardinal Arinze accusing Pope Francis of being a heretic.

10. The 'mercy' of the fifth Beatitude.
      The Beatitude on 'mercy' has 'Justice' before it and 'pure in heart' after it. St. Thomas writes that these three, like all the beatitudes,  are intertwined; one being born from the previous one. St. Ambrose wrote; 'The merciful lose the benefit of his mercy(5th Beatitude) unless he shows it from a pure heart (the 6th Beatitude). St. Thomas of Aquinas adds; ' Justice(4 Beatitude) and mercy(5th Beatitude) are so united that the one ought to be mingled with the other. Justice without mercy is cruelty, mercy without justice is profusion.'

     If the Pope does not even have the first, wouldn't that mean he is outside the Catholic Church and would certainly will not be able to show that he has the four visible signs of the true Church of Christ? And, therefore, he would not have the 15 'Notae' of the true Church described by St. Robert Bellarmine? Would it not mean that as Bellarmine's 'de Romano Pontifice' states,  he cannot be the Pope?
     If this is a possibility, can't any of his Jesuit confrere have the fraternal charity to sit down with him and sort this out? Or, maybe, his companions are, also, outside the life of Beatitude and, therefore, outside the Communion of Saints?