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30th Sunday. The blind beggar in the Bishop's Synod.

1. The Introit.
     "Seek the always the face of the Lord." The psalm states that salvation is seeking  the face of God and so we beg God 'not to hide His face from us.' That we see His face. 
     All man are born blind, because of original sin. Though we can see all of earthly creation, we cannot see God and the spiritual realm. And man must accept that he cannot rise up from the natural to the supernatural without help from God. A help that can come only when we beg for it.

2. The commands of God.
     God gives us His help in the form of a command that we must obey. When we obey,  He gives His help.
     Just as we have four levels in our worldly education, kindergarten, elementary, high school and college before we can work and earn money, there are, also, four levels of education man must undergo before he can see the 'Face of God.' These four levels are commandments that gradually becomes more difficult which we must obey for us to pass His tests and receive a favorable judgment on the approaching feast of Christ the King. 

3. The four levels are levels of knowledge directed towards the intellect. The mind must possess this knowledge to be able to see the Face of God.
     The first level is knowledge of the commands of God as found in the Old Testament. These commands can be summarized in the Golden Rule or the 10 commandments of God given to Moses. Ex. 'Do not covet your neighbor's wife.' And 'Do not commit adultery.' Obedience to the commands in this level qualifies us to go to the next higher level. Disobedience to these commands disqualifies us from the Church. 

 4.The second level is knowledge of the commands of Jesus Christ as found in the New Testament. These commands can be summarized in Love of God and Love of neighbor. Though both Old and New Testament commands of God can be read in a book or learned from a man, Scriptures does not interpret these commands. So we have to go to the third level. 

5. The third level is knowledge of the Fathers of the Church who interpreted the commands of the New Testament. By doing so they indirectly interpret, also, the commands of the Old Testament since the former is the perfection of the latter. Needless to say, this third level is more difficult to understand than both the Old and New Testament. 

 6 The fourth level is knowledge that comes from contemplative prayer. No one can teach this fourth level except God, Himself. It cannot be learned from books, from human teachers, from seminaries or even from theology schools abroad. It can be learned, only, within the Liturgy of the Sacrifice of the Mass, 

7.The 30th Sunday in Ordinary time shows us the importance of the first level of knowledge which is knowledge of the 10 commandments of the Old Testament.  The blind man Bartimaeus is the Symbol of men. Because of original sin all men were born intellectually blind. He does not know how to save his soul. He must go through the four levels; from knowledge of the commands of God in the Old Testament up to 'how to pray' which he can learn through his personal unceasing contemplative prayer. Then he can see the face of God and follow Him. The Gospel is telling us the importance of the first level, i.e. knowledge and obedience to the commands of God in the Old Testament without which man remains blind.

8. Bartimaeus took the first step with obedience of Faith, wherein he obtained the first level of knowledge.  It happened this way. 
     The blind man felt Christ was passing by. He knew it was Christ,  the Son of Man. So he called on him that he might see. Not merely physically which would make the story too shallow but for him to see the truth intellectually, which is always the deeper meaning of the Gospels. 
     Christ gave him a command to come to Him. Christ was, in fact, telling them to do something that needed Faith. Bartimaeus was blind he wouldn't have any idea where Christ was. For him to obey will need great effort.              
     Though blind, he cast off his cloak, jumped up and came to Christ. That was quite a feat for a blind man. But not for one who has Faith. 
     The obedience of Bartimaeus to Christ's command though he did not know why Christ is commanding him to do something he could not do well due to his blindness,  was the first level of intellectual knowledge necessary to progress. Bartimaeus' obedience to a command he did not quite know how to obey because he was blind,  made it an act of Faith. Bartinaeus' 'obedience to one command is equivalent to obedience to all the commands of Christ, wrote St. James.  If Bartimaeus did not move from where he was sitting and, probably complained 'I can't go to you because I cannot see you,' he would never had been cured and follow Christ. Note that the obedience of Bartimaeus was not pure and simple obedience. It was obedience of Faith as Scriptures would aptly describe it.
9. Obedience.
     Bartimaeus is the personification of a man who have obeyed either one command perfectly which is equivalent to obeying all the commands of God, according to St. James.. Doing this he begun to see Christian truths intellectually. 
      On the other hand, he who disobeys the commands of God in the Old Testament, by committing adultery or being gay  has not yet asked Christ to cure the blindness of his intellectual eyes. He is still blind and can only be a blind leading the blind. 

10.  All those studying for the priesthood from the 1800 up to now do not have a complete knowledge of their sins and, therefore, are still blind. This, according to Pope Gregory XVI, Pius IX and Pius X is due to their embracing the heresies of liberalism and modernism that leads them to establish a new Protestant sect. Hardly any priest or bishop know the list of 80 heresies condemned by the "Syllabus of Pius IX"  and the 65 errors of the Modernist by Pius X. All of those errors are heresies. All priests are guilty of them especially No. 78, 79 and 80 of the former. Almost all priests are blind to these errors.
     So far, only Cardinal Arinze came out publicly in Nigeria showing how Pope Francis is guilty of most of the heresies. Which made him conclude that Pope Francis is disqualified from being Pope. A principle confirmed by St. Robert Bellarmine in his 'De Romano Pontifice.' This stand had influenced the African Bishops who are now behind the Polish bishops and led by the 'now' popular 13 Cardinals during the on-going Bishop's Synod 2015, led by Cardinal Pell, who are defending the Catholic concept of the family against the modernistic heretical notion being proposed by Pope Francis.

11. They do not know their sins. They were blind to their sins.
     To know one's sin is the beginning of the journey of a soul to God. How can you repent if you do not know your sins. Bartimaeus had to know his sins that caused his blindness. And he must obey the command contrary to that sin to qualify and receive this first degree of intellectual knowledge.  
      All candidates to the priesthood were born blind with original sin. They must go through this first step and know their sins to begin their journey towards the curing of their sight so they can follow Christ and led others to Him. But as the 12 Popes from Pius IX to Benedict mentioned this was never taught in the seminary during their Papacy. Though they ordered this first step to be taught to open the eyes of all seminarians it was never taught. So most priests and bishops remained blind. Why? Because of their continuous disobedience to the commands of Christ that caused them to remain blind. The monastic movement was, precisely, the cure for this. But the monastic movement waned during the Papacy of these so-called Marian Popes. 
     The continuous violations of the 10 commandments specially of the 6th and 9th commandment caused seminarians to more easily fall into the other sins like the heresies mentioned in the 'Syllabus' by Pius IX and X. Those sins are no ordinary sins. They are sins with anathemas and excommunications attached to them. 

12, Some Synod Fathers do not know their sins, thus, they are blind beggars that need first to be healed by Christ. 
     The above mentioned 12 Marian Popes had already warned the Church of the spread of heresies which they described one by one because they were already contaminating the hierarchy during their Papacies. 
      Pope Pius IX even received the information that these new breed of heretical priest aimed at putting one of their kind in the Papal throne to accomplish their goal of changing the true Catholic religion into one that is made according to their private consciences.

13. The height of the heresy of Modernism.
     The final aim of the heresy of Modernism is to replace the Church of Christ and the Fathers with a new Protestant denomination made, as usual, by man like the Hermeneutics of discontinuity or the Church of Compassion and mercy. The Jubilee Year of Mercy and the Missionaries of mercy are meant to spread this new sect. 
      How can they be recognize? They are sinning against the commandments of God, the commands of Jesus Christ, the commands of the Magisterium as enumerated in the 'Syllabus.' And they don't know that they are sinning. In fact, they think they are even doing service to God. 
      The Synod is filled with good bishops and cardinals. How did they escape the contagion of the heresy of modernism that had affected all priests?  Personal study, personal prayer, personal industry that God saw and blessed them for it.   

14.The shouts heard around the world today are; 'Free us from the chains of an unhappy marriage.'' Give us freedom to chose our marriage partner.' 'Let us immigrate where ever we want.' 'Prevent global warming.' 'Save the elephant tusk.' This is the cacophony of sounds in the world. 
     No one is hearing 'Lord, that I may see.' 

Friday, October 23, 2015


1. 29 Sunday in Ordinary time.
    James and John asked Christ two things. One was  according to Christ's Will. The other was according to the will of James and John; fact their mother's will. 

2. The Catholic way of life is making  'Thy Will be done'  our contemplative prayer that is unceasingly put into practice.

3.The Apostles should not be committing any more mistakes four lessons before graduation, on the Feast of Christ the King, the end of the Liturgical Year.  Four Sundays before graduation wherein their knowledge must be perfect, James and John were still committing mistakes, though small mistakes.  The knowledge of the apostles must be perfect; the bishop's knowledge must be perfect even if their lives are not perfect. That is an obligation for all bishops and up to the Pope, according to St. Thomas of Aquinas.
     The mistake of James and John was very small. But it was a mistake that is not allowed. 'Not an iota lacking, not an iota in excess, not an iota of mistake. "Do not think that I came to abolish the law or the prophets. I did not come to abolish but to fulfill. For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished. 
     "Whoever then annuls one of the least of these commandments, and teaches others to do the same shall be called least in the kingdom of God."

4. What was right in the prayer of James and John? Their desire to be in the Kingdom of God. And Christ reminded them what they had to do to obtain their request, which was in accordance to the Will of God. The first Beatitude is the requirement to be in God's kingdom; and the requirement is that James and John must be 'poor in spirit.' To be poor in spirit is the goal of the life of repentance that consist in drinking the cup or be baptized in the same bath of pain; in short, the goal of monastic life, according to St. John Chrysostom, is to drink the cup or be baptized in the same bath of pain; in short, to be poor in spirit. This is the first obligation for all to enter the kingdom of heaven.  

5. What was wrong with the request of James and John. They wanted Christ to do their own family will.  Though their own will look very good, to be in the left and right side of  Christ, it was still wrong because it was imposing their own will on Christ rather than doing Christ's Will. All are invited to salvation but  rewards are only for those who deserve them, like those who have attained the eight Beatitude; 'your reward shall be great in heaven.' They attain salvation plus they receive a deservedly great reward.

6. The big mistakes of the men in the Church today is the heresy of liberalism. This heresy is when they do not do God's Will, they even disobey God's Will, and they command God to do their own puny human wills.   A third in the current on going Bishop's Synod are not even asking God permission to disobey His commands. They are, in fact, imposing, not even their own wills but the wills of adulterers and sodomists upon the whole Church. They do not want to change just an iota but to change the whole Catholic religion with a local personal Argentinian church. 
     What do you think Christ will say? 'You do not know what you are asking for. You cannot even live the life of repentance which I imposed on James and John. In which case you cannot even go to heaven. And what are asking for? To commit adultery and homosexuality? Get behind me, Satan. Your ways are not God's way.
     Now, wait  a minute. The above statement to Peter is not because Peter did something wrong. He was trying to do an act of kindness by preventing Christ from entering into His Passion. Maybe the more appropriate response of Christ should be; 'it is better for you to tie a millstone around your neck and jump into the sea.' For a portion of Bishops and Cardinals attending the Synod are committing the grievous sin of scandal. And leading them is Pope Francis.

7. At least imitate James and John who had  only small mistakes since there are only four lesson to go before General Judgment day. .  Like James and John, we should know what we should pray for and not ask for rewards. James and John were asking for a reward they did not deserve. That was wrong but not so bad.   Pope Francis is changing Christ's commands and allowing us to sin. Shall we expect salvation and a great reward in heaven?  That will never be.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


1. There are two events that are happening; one contradicting the other. The first is the 2015 Bishop's Synod on the Family. The second is the canonization of Louis and Zellie, parents of St. Therese of the Child Jesus. The life of the parents shows that what is going on in the Bishop's Synod is all wrong. Now, why would two contradictory events happen at the same time in the Catholic Church? Because the canonization is saying that something in the Bishop's Synod is very wrong.

2. The marriage of Louis and Zelie.
     Louis and Zellie are typical very good French Catholics. They had no plan to marry. They were only open to God's Will; but if there was a need they would only do it if it is God's Will. Notice that while Louis and Zellie were always awaiting God's Will, some cardinals and the Pope, disregarding God's Will, are zealous in imposing their own will on others. Note the contradiction?
     Louis and Zellie became certain that it was God's Will for them to marry so they did marry in a most Catholic way. And as the practice of very religious people after the wedding, they continued to observe chastity which both treasured as necessary for their eternal salvation. In short, they did not consummate their marriage. 

3. The reason why they continued to observe chastity and did not immediately consummate their marriage is because of their love for virtue which they noticed greatly increased their love for God and for one another.  So, it was with reluctance that they consummated their marriage believing the priest who told them that it was God's Will for them to have children for whom they must work to sanctify. Their desire for personal sanctification became an integral part of their desire to sanctify their children. 

4.  The point is this; how come Louis and Zellie were convinced that they were more married observing chastity than when they were having children? Because they were more married observing chastity rather than when they were having children. Love for God and for one another are acts of a theological virtue called Charity which exist more when you are chaste rather than when you are having children. They were more married when chaste rather than when they were acting as husband and wife. I know this sounds weird but it is the truth.

5. Separation and Divorce.
     In Moral theology, a couple may be separated or divorced if it can be proven that there was no marriage 'ab initio,' i.e. that there was no marriage from the beginning. And the usual example given is if and when the marriage is not consummated; like when the couple is immediately separated after the wedding because they had to go somewhere in a hurry. Then the marriage can be annuled because there was no marriage from the beginning and each can remarry. In Catholic theology there is no other valid reason for annulment or divorce. But today, after Vatican II, divorce for almost any reason is allowed in the new established  Church of Compassion and Mercy, founded in Argentina.
      Note that in the marriage of Louis and Zellie they knew that they were more married when they were living chastely after marriage rather than when they were living as man and wife. The idea here is that one can be more married after marriage even if the marriage is not consummated because both want to live chastely, rather than when they live as husband and wife.
       Their happiness was glorious as chaste husband and wife, and this is very evident in their biography. Was this pure emotionalism? No. They felt that way because there was true marriage even if the marriage is not consummated because they chose to live chastely. Which means that the only one reason why marriage can be annulled in the Catholic Church, that it is not consummated, is not a valid and acceptable reason for annulment or divorce; because even if the marriage is not consummated, there is a valid marriage. And the proof is Joseph and Mary. Like Louis and Zellie, St. Joseph and Mary were married but their marriage was, in fact, never consummated and yet they are recognized by the Catholic Church as Husband and Wife. No one can say that because their marriage was not consummated therefore, there was no marriage from the beginning and, therefore,  their marriage can be annulled. Joseph and Mary were so married no one, not even God, can annul their marriage. 
      How come so many mere men want to annul and divorce people who are very much more married than Joseph, Mary, Louis and Zellie? 

6. Moses and the decree of divorce.
     Yes, the readings said Moses allowed the decree of divorce because of the people's hard headedness. There, you see it. They were given a decree of divorce because of their hard headedness. 
Moses did not say that after they got the divorce they went to heaven. Did he? Of course not. If they remained hard headed naturally they would go somewhere else. So why did Moses give them the decree of divorce? Because they asked for it. If someone insist on going to hell can you stop him?  
     Moses was in the Old Testament. During those times there was no grace yet. So couples had a difficult time bearing each other. Grace, however, would come in the New Testament.  Without grace, it was impossible for the Jews to control themselves when they see the Hittite women were prettier than their Jewish wives.
     But in the New Testament, with grace, there was no excuse. With grace nothing is impossible with man. So, now, there is absolutely no excuse for divorce because with God's grace everything is possible. The usual 'non-consummation' of marriage as an excuse for annulment is only for hard headed. And like during Moses' time hard headeds don't go to heaven. So if you want a divorce, go ahead. But don't expect to go to heaven. Heaven is for Joseph's, Marys, Louis and Zellies. 

7. Annul the marriage of Joseph and Mary.
     The message of the canonization of Louis and Zellie for the on going Bishop's Synod 2015 is; if you can annul Joseph and Mary's marriage, then go ahead and annul everybody else's marriage. If you cannot even though their marriage was not consummated, do not touch any body else's marriage lest you put asunder what God had joined together. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015


1. Scriptures is a prophetic book. It contains the past, the present and the future. God made it so to give man a taste of the past so he can learn for the present and make provisions for the future.
     This is based on the fact that every moment in life is a moment of testing for men to see if he deserves eternal life or condemnation. The world and time are a testing place for eternal life. To help man pass his  test God gave him Divine Revelation that will provide him the knowledge to know the past so he can pass the test given him in the present and prepare him for the future. Man is like a young boy who must learn from his parent's experience, apply that experience for his present situation. And together use the past experience and his present knowledge to make provisions for the future.  The wise man who puts these three together is called a prophet. St. Paul describes the gift of prophecy as more important than the gift of miracles.  The psalm considers a prophet as a great advantage for mankind. While the absence of a prophet as a great punishment for an unfaithful mankind.

2. The prophetic message is given in the form of a figure. An example in Genesis is the two cities and the Woman.
     In Genesis we have three objects in the figure that will often be repeated in the present and in the future.These are; first,  the City of God showing Adam and Eve in Paradise. Secondly, the City of the devil showing Adam and Eve outside Paradise, in the world. And thirdly, the Woman who would crush the head of the serpent. This figure is an image of the 'final polarization,'
     We shall see these figures again on Good Friday, during the Papacy of Pius IX and today, the Papacy of Pope Francis.

3. The final polarization.
     The most much awaited prophecy in the Catholic Church is the figure of the 'last polarization.' This is when each man moves towards  his final eternal destination based on his deserts by an act of God .
     All men are being tested every moment for him to see where he is finally going. Depending on whether he is passing or failing his tests he moves either to the left or right of the continuum. 
     These two final ends  are; the extreme right, the City of God, where the good sheep will go. And  the extreme left, the City of the devil, where the evil goats will go.   While salvation history is going on, most men will be scattered in between, going back and forth between the two cities,  with no certain final end yet. 

4. Confirmation of direction. The final polarization.
    The above situation where everyone is floating back and forth between the two cities cannot go on forever. There has to be an end to this. So St. Paul describes a 'final polarization.' Catholics look forward to this to prepare themselves for this last moment that will finally decide their salvation or condemnation. 
     Is this moment different from any ordinary day? Yes. Because in an ordinary day,  there is heaven and hell;  but there is purgatory where imperfections can be corrected  in the cleansing fire before being with God. In the day of the 'last polarization' there will be no purgatory. It's heaven or hell, only. So we must be perfect before we die. 

 5.When God decides that it is time for the 'final polarization,' two things will happen. First, those caught in a state of 'aversio a Deo' will be deprived of the grace of repentance (St. Paul), so they will not be able to change their course. Secondly, those in the state of 'conversio ad Deum' will be given the grace so that the rest of their journey to God becomes effortless. St. Augustine describes the former as living dead because they will not have the aid of the life of repentance and there will be no faithful priests who will validly absolve them.  The latter is described by St. Bonaventure as contemplatives, the state of the Catholic Church during these days of final polarization. Pope Benedict quoted St. Bonaventure  in describing these days that was noted to have started during the Papacy of Gregory XVI, went crescendo during Pius IX until Benedict XVI and has its apex now with Pope Francis. 

6. Note that the direction taken towards either the City of God or the City of Satan becomes permanent during the 'final polarization' . The will's choice are confirmed at that moment similarly to what  happened with the good angels and the bad angels during their test. The angel's test was their first and last . Man has many, many tests. But he will have a last test where the 'last polarization' will occur. 
      Why would God do such a thing? He has done everything necessary for the salvation of man. Testing time is over.  So time for the final examination after which is the judgment of either salvation or damnation. 

7. Though this figure is repeated many times in Scriptures and in the past, let us just look at a few fulfillment of this figures, analyze the elements of similarities and  learn from these similarities so we can prepare ourselves accordingly.
     Good Friday. These are the images.  a.) Christ is persecuted. The persecution is done by the Roman state, by the Jewish priesthood and the Jewish populace. b.) Nobody was preaching the truth because Christ was arrested, the apostles were hiding and Nicodemus was quiet. c.) Mary was, of course, there with her supporting presence.  
     Note the City of God in the apostles were quiet; the City of the devil which is the entire Jerusalem were in an uproar; and the image of Mater Dolorosa weeping but quietly standing. The figure is similar to that in Genesis. 

     Pope Pius IX. These are the images during his Papacy. The City of God was persecuted by the City of the devil;  from the outside by the civil powers, like Italy which confiscated the Papal lands.  There is persecution from the inside by the prevalent heresies of cardinals, bishops and priests as described in the 'Syllabus,' 'Quanta Cura,' 'Qui Pluribus,' and 'Maxime Quidem.' The civil powers,  the heretical bishops and priest make up the City of the devil. 
     The City of God is made up of Pope Pius IX  and Vatican I , specially the documents on 'De Ecclesia Christi' and 'De Romano Pontifice eiusque infallibili magisterio,' both were big helps to solve the problem of an anti-pope that will rise during the final polarization. 
     The image of the Blessed Virgin was prominent during Pius IX's papacy in the declaration of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception that suddenly helped solved many of the problems of the Church.
     Just as the apostles went into hiding on Good Friday, Pius IX had to hide in exile in Gaeta leaving the Vatican during those stormy years. Here we have an additional element in the figure; a Pope in exile. Note the two new added figures; a Pope in exile and a preparation for an anti-pope who will outside ' Ecclesia Christi' and, therefore, cannot be pope; 'non Romano Pontifice.' These two added figures will be further confirmed by St.Robert Bellarmine. 

     Let it be repeated that the 'final polarization' had been suspected, not by anyone, but by the Popes which they believed to have started during the Papacy of Gregory XVI and continued up to Benedict XVI.  It seems to be having its consummation  in the Papacy of Francis, without him knowing it.
8. Today, during the Bishop's Synod of 2015, the 'final polarization' is reaching its completion.

    Let us see how all the elements in the previous figures are being fulfilled. First, there is the City of the devil built on love for sin. This is populated by all the department of governments in all nations, including the U.N.  All pagan religions being under the spell of original sin had deteriorated in mind and will to below animal level. Then there are the bishops, priests, nuns and laity enslaved by countless heresies enumerated in the 'Syllabus' of Pius IX and Pius X, who had been automatically been excommunicated without them knowing it because they do not read encyclicals. Their heresies that began with Liberalism condemned in the 1800 had deteriorated into the heresy of setting aside the Catholic Religion and inventing an entirely new Protestant denomination with beautiful names of Catholic virtues.
     The members of the City of God are a few contemplatives who have reached Faith and, therefore, have been gifted with infused knowledge of the truths of Christ. They have, also, reached Charity that is evident to  the whole world in that 'they love one another.' 
     Then, there are the 12 Marian Popes under whose Papacy the Blessed Virgin had appeared many times and spoke to men. With Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI proclaiming our Lady of Guadalupe, the personification of the 'Woman of the Apocalypse,'The Church'  as Patroness of the last 'evangelization.

9. Detailed analysis. 
     What is the sign that the 'final polarization' feared by St. Paul is already occurring? Because those who make up the City of Man which  St. Augustine describes as those made up of people who love to do their own will, who want to decide on their own what is right or wrong and whose God is their own ego from where all things proceeds ....are made up of nuns, brothers, priests, bishops, cardinals and even by the Pope. And that the majority of the souls that are in-between the two cities are moving towards the left, the goats. This is a spiritual catastrophe in the making and this city is in an uproar as shown in the Synod. 
    There is, evidently,  movement towards the right but it is scanty. Though the movement is impressive in that we see young people becoming instant saints filled with infused knowledge of Catholic truths without human instructors. They live quietly unnoticed by the City of Man. They seldom preach; they evangelize by contemplative prayer. Thus they have St. Therese as the co-Patroness of the 'new evangelization.' 
     The two extremes making up the goats and sheep are so clear that the final battle is winning over those in-between that are still being given one last chance to decide for themselves; otherwise God will decide for them; either with God making them contemplatives which would be most fortunate for them or God would withhold the grace of repentance from them which would be very, very bad for them.

10. The rise of an anti-pope.
     This is how the anti-pope will rise up. 
     First; Christ said; 'If you love Me, keep My commandments.' The City of God are those who love God shown by their obedience to the commands of Jesus Christ. The City of man as those who love themselves and the world. They are in disobedience to Christ's command. This is our basis for analysis. The City of man is made up of people who have begun to disobey the commands of Christ and, therefore, do not love God. They cannot feed the lamb and sheep of God, as Christ would say it.
     Evidently Pope Francis and his Kasperite group has disobeyed the 6th and 9th commandment of God last 2014 Synod. Therefore, they do not love God. And Christ would not allow them to feed His sheep and lamb.

      Secondly, add to their disobedience to the commands of Christ  their falling under excommunication  they would incur the anathemas pronounced by the encyclical. 80 heresies  are listed in the 'Syllabus' of Pope Pius IX which is an 'ex cathedra' Papal decree with an excommunication imposed on those who are guilty of them. Pope Francis, alone, is guilty of the first (No. 1) and last (No. 80) article of the 'Syllabus of Error'. Most of the bishops are guilty of No. 78, 79 and 80.

     Thirdly, because of the two above disobediences, Pope Francis and many of his cardinals and bishops will not have the visible signs of the true Church enumerated in the Nicene Creed (One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic). Or the 15 expanded visible signs from the work of St. Robert Bellarmine.  Being out of the Church they would drag their brothers, nuns and parishoners down the road of perdition. 
     With priests and bishops guilty of heresies found in the 'Syllabus,' the possibility that one of them would be elected Pope is very great.

11.  The dream of the Liberal and Modernist heretics.  
     The rise of an anti-pope had been  pre-figured by Judas. He was a bishop. Satan entered into him and he betrayed Christ; i.e. a figure of a bishop who will preach disobedience to Christ and entice many to his new Church.  He will find it necessary to be a parallel Pope with his own cardinals and bishop together with his missionaries of false mercy to accomplish the insidious plan that was divulged to Pope Pius IX. This parallel Papacy will be the equivalent of the Apostles of the end times described by St. Grignon de Montfort that will be helping the now Marian church personified by the Woman of the Apocalypse.

12. The Woman clothed with the sun, personified by Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the new evangelization, will dominate the battle area. She, the destroyer of the now thousand of heresies will be crushing the head of the serpent. 

13. Since during the 'last polarization' many will be confirmed in the direction of their final destination, then all evangelizations will be useless.....precisely for that reason - that the mind and wills of each are beginning to be confirmed. Anyone who knows this doctrine will resign, enter a monastery and pray for the few that are not yet confirmed in their destiny that they may go to heaven. Pope Benedict knew this from his thesis on St. Bonaventure who described this 'last polarization.' That is why Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict's 'new evangelization' consist mainly in praying contemplatively for those whose end is not yet confirmed by God.

14. What must we do?
     Hopefully, if we have not yet been labelled by the Angel of Death, we can hurry mastering the commands of Christ, repent for having disobeyed them in the past, start obeying them. And hopefully, while obeying them God might be convinced we love Him, thus He may entrust us with His lamb and sheep. 'Do you love Me. Feed my lamb. Feed My sheep. If you do not love Me shown by your disobedience to My commands, like on marriage, don't you dare touch my lamb and sheep.


Saturday, October 10, 2015

The 'Pascal wager.'

1. "He could be right."
     We have been posting on two important topics; first, on Faith and, secondly, on the visible signs of the Catholic Church. The proper disposition for both is the humility to say: 'I could be wrong.' And our reward for our humility is the gift of knowledge that will make us say; 'he could be right.' If we are fortunate we can go higher to the supernatural level and say; ''Everything Christ said could be right; like divorce is evil. That is Faith.

2. To have the  proper disposition for Faith is identical to having the proper disposition to acquire the visible signs of the true Church. To have Faith and have the visible signs of the true Church occur at the same time. We begin with natural Faith wherein we say; 'he could be right.' And rise up to supernatural Faith wherein we say 'God is right because He said it.'

3. The Book of Esdras reminds us of the need for humility to acquire knowledge and wisdom. Humility comes first. Then it is followed by the gift of knowledge where we believe our neighbors, then  the gift of wisdom where  the vast panorama of Divine  Revelation unfolds before us making us admit with certainty that 'God is always right in all.'  So we do not modify or change what God had commanded about marriage. 

4. Believing what our neighbor said is an act of the reasoning made by the intellect. Because we are often wrong, what 'we have just heard' could be true because by the same reasoning we had minimized it from being false. The humble disposition is based on the fact that due to original sin we are more often wrong than right and that our neighbor could be right. The humility of knowing our state and the knowledge of knowing that our neighbor could be right  go together as preparations for an Act of Faith. I could be wrong and God's preacher could be right is the right preparation for the Act of  Faith. Then the listener rises up to the reasoning that the God of the preacher could be right all along; Faith becomes supernatural.

5. Today, the crisis of Faith and the absence of the Nicene visible signs of the true Church is due to Catholics not having these two disposition. Not in that there is no Catholic Church; there will always be. The reason why many so-called Catholics have no Faith and why most parishes and dioceses have no visible signs of the true Church is because we are not using our reason.

6. St. Thomas of  Aquinas and reason.
     St. Augustine and St. Thomas of Aquinas did much in focusing the need for right reasoning to help man acquire the proper disposition for  Faith by using Plato and  Aristotle's philosophy at the service of theology. 
     These days they can still be used. But if we would like to use a more modern thinker Blaise Pascal comes to mind. He is the echo of St. Thomas.

7. Blaise Pascal.
     We hear of Pascal during high school days as the author of the law on liquids and pressure that ushered in the age of hydraulics. Most, however, do not know he, also, invented the first computer. Even less known fact is that he was a 'gentleman hermit.' These were professional laymen who lived like the first hermits of the Catholic Church. Living that life they acquired the knowledge and wisdom of hermits. 
     As a gentleman hermit, he fought the heresies of his times, especially the laxism of the Jesuits who, unable to answer his arguments used foul tactics, like political power,  to silence him.
     Though a mere layman, he surpassed the men of the Church in defending the Faith. 
     We recall his popular 'Pascal wager.' He was arguing with an atheist who did not believe in God and the after life. Pascal argued in favor of the existence of God and the judgment after death. And we can imagine how the arguing was going when Pascal said a short phrase that shut up the atheist. 'What if I am right? What if I am right that there is a God and He will judge you after death. You can believe whatever you like. But what if I was right. What would be the consequences to your soul? If the Atheist reasoned well and saw that Pascal could be more right then he, he should agree that Pascall could be right and act accordingly by living a holy life. If he reaches this point we say he is a wise man. 
     That is a question that can shut up all arguments. The possibility that I am right; especially if the possibility is greater because of sound facts and greater reasoning. This is a question that does not have to be answered. It is treasured in one's heart where it is further answered. It is a question that triggers contemplation and knowledge of the unknown. It is the proper disposition for the Act of Faith and the acquisition of the visible signs of true Catholicity. 
     Today, people do not have the humility to admit that they could  be wrong; thus do not have the wisdom to admit that the other could be right. Even babes could be right. Pride prevents us from saying; 'he could be right,' thus preventing us from believing and from entering the Catholic Church. That is why we do not see the visible signs of the true Church in churches. 

8. We must always check if what we hear is right or wrong. Most of what we hear are within our capability to check. It is when what we hear is hard to believe that we should be cautious and say; 'he could be wrong but he, also, could be right.' What would be the consequences if 'he was right.'

9. What did he say?  "We could have an anti-pope." Nooooo!
     This statement had been receiving flak from all sides. As if it was impossible. How could it be if we have had more than 40 in the history of the Catholic Church. How could it be when Christ, Himself, prophesied about it; when Good Friday was filled with priests who were anti-Christ; when St. Paul and St. John mentioned it in their Epistle; when saints like St. Hildegard and St. Francis warned us of him,...etc. Isn't it probable that 'he could be right?'
     Our inability to be humble and say 'he could be right' is the same reason that is preventing us from having Faith and having the visible signs of the true Church. St. Bellarmine 'could be right,' No Faith, no visible signs; no signs, no bishop nor Pope. 
     See the consequence if Pascal's atheist was wrong and Pascal was right. That could mean his eternal damnation. And that is what we all are facing unless we humble ourselves and say; 'he could be right,' whoever said we could have an anti-pope. The issue is not whether the statement 'we have an anti-pope' is right or wrong. The issue is; do you believe you can be wrong and that the statement the other fellow said, that 'we have an anti-pope' is right. 
To follow an anti-pope means everything we believe in are heresies, everything we do is immoral, and consequently we will end up in hell. An anti-pope is never an instrument of God. He is an instrument of somebody else. 

10. Here, we are not making a categorical statement because 'we could be wrong.' What we are just saying is the wiser thing.....that 'the opposite statement could be right.' If we are wrong, good for us all. If we are right.......

Friday, October 09, 2015

WHAT MUST I DO TO HAVE ETERNAL LIFE? 'Obey God and not man.'

1.  28th Sunday in Ordinary Time.
     There are five Sundays left before the end of the Liturgical Year. The year ends with Christ the King which reminds us of the General Judgment all men must undergo. 
     Holy Mother the Church is teaching us the way of salvation throughout the entire Liturgical Year. As expected the demands on what we must do to have eternal life is at first taught in an easy way like feeding a baby with milk. And then it progresses to be more difficult like teaching a child to eat meat.
     We see how the teachings of Christ progressed gradually from easy to more difficult as He taught the young man who asked Him; 'What must I do to have eternal life.' 

2. The two stages to attain eternal life.
     Christ clearly gave the young man two things to do. The first was an easy thing to do. The second was impossible to do without the grace of God.
     The first was natural to all men so all men can obey them using only human efforts. The second was supernatural; men cannot do them with mere human efforts. God's grace is needed to be able to obey them.

     The young man had to obey the first, easy, natural commands of God before he can obey the second, more difficult, supernatural commands of Christ. We can describe the first as Old Testament commands and the second as New Testament commands.
3. First, Christ tells him to obey the easy commands of God as found in the Old Testament. And Christ enumerates them to him to make sure he got them right. 'You know the commands, right? But let Me refresh your memory. You shall not kill; You shall not commit adultery; do not steal......etc.
     And the young man answered in a way that will stun us today. He said; 'Teacher, I have kept all these since my childhood.' Because the young man had obeyed God rather than men (and that has been the definition of Love of God who said; 'If you love Me, keep My commandments) Christ could not help but look at him and love him. But that was the easy commands  God give to beginners. And it is not enough to merit eternal life. 

4. Second, Christ tells him to obey His more difficult commands as found in the New Testament. Christ said; 'There is one thing more.' Those Old Testament commands are not enough. One thing more that you must do. 
     Christ said 'one thing more.' But He enumerates two things; go home sell all your things and give it to the poor; then come and follow Me. We know these commands more as; deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Me. Christ did not enumerate the three because He just wanted to emphasize the first only. 
     Having heard that the young man had obeyed the commands of God in the Old Testament, like 'Thou shall not kill; thou shall not commit adultery, etc' ...and satisfied that the young man had obeyed all the O. T. commands without neglecting any one.....Christ emphasized; 'There is one thing more you must do. Go and sell what you have and give to the poor. After that come and follow Me.

5. Analysis.
     We cannot follow the commands of Christ in the New Testament unless we have obeyed ALL of God's commands in the Old Testament. And add to that there is need for grace to be able to obey the commands of Christ in the N.T.
     Then Christ told the young man 'the one more thing' he must do; 'Go and sell what you have and give to the poor.' That really looks tough. Today, nobody will do that for any reason; even for the salvation of their souls. So the apostles said; 'Then who can be saved?' And Christ answers; 'Yes, nobody can be saved unless he is helped by the grace of God. A grace that God will only give to the humble who have obeyed all the commands of God in the Old Testament. Obedience to the commands of God makes the soul humble, which is the First Beatitude of the New Testament. To this first Beatitude Christ attached the words; 'for yours is the kingdom of heaven.' There, the steps on how to have eternal life is clear and complete. 

     Note. Nobody who kills another through family planning or abortion will ever 'go, sell all they have and give it to the poor. Nobody who abandons his wife to marry another will ever 'go, sell all they have and give it to the poor.'
     St. Augustine wrote; 'he who cannot give up sinful things will not be able to give up lawful things. Abortion and divorce are sinful things. If you cannot give these up you will never give up lawful things like 'what you have and give it to the poor.' Anyone who cannot give up the sins enumerated in the 10 commandments will not be able to give up the first lawful thing required to have eternal life, i.e. 'go, sell all that you have and give it to the poor.'
     What Pope Francis and some bishops are doing in allowing divorce, family planning, liturgical abuses and other disobedience to the commands of Christ, is to make the vast number of Catholics totally incapable to obey the first command of the New Testament which is to 'Go home, sell all your things and give it to the poor.'      Actually you should also obey the next two commands; 'take up your cross and follow Me.' But for most, obedience to this first is enough. This is shown at the end of the Gospel where Christ praised Peter, saying; 'there is no one who has given up home, brothers or sister, mother or father, children or property for me and for the Gospel who will not receive in this present age a hundred times as many homes, brothers, and sister, mothers, children and property and persecution besides and in the age to come, everlasting life.'  Well, Christ had to complete what He wanted to say.  

6, Unbelievable!!!
    How many believe that the first requirement to have eternal life in the New Testament is to 'go and sell what you have and give it to the poor?' After working so hard for all the things you have. Nobody, I am sure. Well, there you are. The state of the Catholic Church. We have no Faith. We do not believe we have to do those things. Even religious who make vows do not obey this command as specifically described at the end of the Gospel. So even religious will not have eternal life? If they don't obey the command in exactly the way it was commanded, they won't have eternal life. The words of Christ are very clear. 

     The Pope and the Church are showing so much abnormal concern for the poor.  The command above  is the simple solution. If a portion of Catholics 'go and sell what they have and give it to the poor,' it will be sufficient to solve poverty around the world. But everybody is barking at the wrong tree. When the fault is in the Pope and hierarchy for not preaching the message of Christ as it should be.

     Look at the double jeopardy. Pope Francis and the church preach about helping the poor and then gives the wrong way to do it. Then, they tell everybody to practice family planning and divorce their wives thus preventing them in 'going and selling what they have.' What a mess! By encouraging Catholics to sin through family planning and divorce, they are making Catholics incapable of 'going and selling all that they have.' and help the poor. And they are guilty of preventing souls from entering into the New Testament and have eternal life. 

     All who are disobeying and teaching others to disobey the commands of God in the Old Testament, like murder, abortion, family planning, divorce, adultery, etc are not going to have eternal life and will be dragging everybody else away from having eternal life. 
     We have been writing about the visible signs of the true Church; four of which are found in the Nicene Creed. 15 are found in the writings of St. Robert Bellarmine. What is the first thing we must do to begin to have the visible signs of the true Church?  'Go and sell what you have and give it to the poor.' Or the more complete statement of Christ, Himself; 'give up your home, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, children and property for My sake and for the Gospel. You will surely have eternal life.  And 'hundreds' of the same in this age.....and persecution even from a Pope. 

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


1. Newsweek dared asked the question.
      But could not give the answer because they stayed in the level of pure journalism. Greater depth is needed to answer that question. Even most Catholic priests, bishops and even theologians cannot answer that question. Much more so the laymen.
     But it is a question that can be answered because God, Himself, enabled all men to answer it because that is the only way all men can know which is the true Church, which he is obliged to enter under pain of condemnation.

2. Is Pope Francis a Catholic?
     All men can know if Pope Francis is a Catholic. But first they should know if they, themselves, are Catholics.  They must have a basis for analyzing themselves and others. 
     When God established His religion and His Church, He knew that in the future the devil will make thousands of his own sects to confuse men and cause their damnation. It was imperative then that God placed visible signs by which His religion and Church can be recognized by all men since salvation will depend on one's being inside that Church.
     Since the Church of God is essentially spiritual in nature, the visible signs are essentially spiritual in nature but God made it visible for man's sake. So all men can see these signs with their intellects. And they can, also, see if others have these signs or not. Thus mankind can enter the true Church and avoid the false church.
     With the same knowledge man can see if other people, like their loved ones, have the signs or that seeing that they do not have the signs they can be evangelized to possess the signs. And if others have the signs we can ask for their help to teach us how to acquire those signs.
     Not only can we know if we have the visible signs, we can, also, know if our parish priests, bishops and Pope have them. And Charity obliges us to find this out for reasons just mentioned.  Because anyone who does not have these signs will be damned.

3. Who is a Catholic?
     In the Catholic Church, there is one and only one way by which a Catholic can be recognized. By the four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed which we recite every Sunday Mass. 'I believe in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. There is no other way by which a Catholic can be recognized.
     Accusations on who is Catholic and who is not is ripe all over. But the basis for the accusation is mostly erroneous which shows many people are ignorant on 'who is a Catholic.' The Lefebrevs and Oriental Orthodox are often described as non-Catholic or schismatic but further analysis shows that they have more visible signs of the true Church than the Vatican. So what do we make out of that? Who should transfer? Should the Oriental Orthodox enter the Roman Church or vice versa? See, the importance of resolving this question!

4. The four visible signs made easy.
     The only way to know if someone is a Catholic is through the four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed. But these signs are partly spiritual in nature and, therefore, quite difficult to understand and apply on oneself or on others. That is why, though these signs are found in Divine Revelation, i.e. the Bible, hardly any bible reading Christian can apply them on himself or on others. Even Catholics are ignorant of them.
     So, many Fathers and Doctors of the Church explained and expanded the original four visible signs in a way easier to understand. St. Augustine and St. Vincent of Lerins tried. But St. Robert Bellarmine seems to have done the best job of simplifying the original four visible signs. He expanded them into fifteen 'notes' found in his work 'In controversiis.'

5. The great panic.
     Of course, there are many ways of knowing who is a true Catholic. The other ways are too spiritual or supernatural and beyond everybody's ability to know. Like the criteria for canonization. The four visible signs were precisely made by God for general consumption and the only signs everybody is capable of knowing. If a person has them this is more than enough to make him a candidate for canonization. So individuals, like you and me, can know for certain if Pope John Paul II is a saint simply by knowing if he has the four visible signs in their perfection.
     St. Robert Bellarmine's work was so simple and clear that it was easy for everybody to find out if they or others were Catholic. Translated into English only recently, about 3 or 4 months ago only, the Catholic world went into a panic to realize that almost everyone, layman, priests, bishops, cardinals, etc.... were not Catholics.  The mentioned work did not say how to become a Catholic. Bellarmine discussed it in his other ascetical works like 'The Art of Dying Well.'

6. The gradual appearances of the visible signs.
     The visible signs will not appear all at the same time in one sitting.  Each sign develops overlapping one other. The Church begins by learning all apostolic doctrine (the 4th sign). When all have learned the apostolic doctrine they become One (1st sign). When they have put into practice all the apostolic doctrine in unity they grow in Holiness (2nd sign). And when all kinds of peoples around the world are able to become holy in exactly the same way they become Catholic (the 3rd sign).
     The signs are more evident if they are found in a community, thus the Catholic Church is supposed to be a community. The last two Bishop's Synod in the Vatican, as a community, did not show one single sign of Catholicity. And it is the same in the ongoing Synod.
     Though the community does not show the four visible signs like the recent Synod, which is a community made of Bishops and Cardinals who are expected to have all the four signs, individual bishops and cardinals can show a few of the visible signs. Like one or two visible signs which shows that they should be having the other signs soon.
      When an individual has the signs, the probability is great that the community where he from has all the four visible signs. When a parish priest or diocesan bishop does not have any of the signs, it is certain that the whole parish or diocese does not have the four visible signs. In short, it is not Catholic.

7. St. Robert Bellarmine's era.
     St. Robert Bellarmine lived during bad times. His era and place was filled with Protestants aside from ancient pagans. This  placed him in a situation where he knew both signs; the signs of the true Church and the signs of a false church.
     The Catholics of his time were so confused because of the many heresies. St. Bellarmine wrote his treatise to rectify the confusion of the  Catholics by clearly describing what are the signs of the true Church. Side by side with the true signs he enumerated the signs of the heretical church specially the Protestant churches.  So in Bellarmine's work one can clearly see  if he is Catholic or Protestant.
     Since St. Bellarmine enumerated 15 signs the reader can be more certain if he is Catholic or Protestant.

8. So, is Pope Francis Catholic?
     Pope Francis does not have a single sign among the 15 signs described by St. Robert Bellarmine. And he has most of the signs of being a Protestant as described by the same saint. 

     He is not alone. Many of the laymen, priests, bishops and cardinals, also, do not have all the 15 signs. Some may have 3 or 4 signs but it is rare to see a Catholic with all the 15 signs. Those with 3 or 4 signs will surely eventually have the rest of the signs. But a Catholic with all the 15 signs or the four visible signs mentioned in the Nicene Creed is a rarity. 

     The most important thing is: do I have all the signs of true Catholicity? That is more important than asking if Pope Francis is Catholic. Don't you think so? Then shout abroad; 'All yea, all yea. Check if you are Catholic or not. St. Robert Bellarmine's 'In controversiis' is already translated in English and available in bookstores ,,,,,,abroad??

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The ' 'Divorce' of Pope Francis and the Gospel of the 27th Sunday.

1. Two kinds of listeners.
     Two kinds of people listened to Christ. One kind listened to Him in order to learn the truth. These are the true disciples. The other, the Pharisees, in order to trap Jesus to say something condemnable. Both approached Christ. And the Pharisees asked their trap question wherein either answer could condemn Jesus.

2. The Catholic teaching on divorce. 
     'Is it permissible for a husband to divorce his wife?' If Christ said 'yes' they would refute Him with 'at the beginning of creation....etc.' And if Christ said 'no,' then they would refute Him with 'Moses permitted divorce and the writing of a decree of divorce.'
     Christ did not answer right away and, then, gave His answer; neither God nor Moses allowed divorce. So neither should Pope Francis or anybody for that matter.  

3. The first answer; 'at the beginning of creation.....' Christ's gave His answer that eschatologically showed God's future plan for His Church. Let us look and explain each line. 
     Firstly, God created Adam to His own image and likeness, thus giving him a mind and a will. The mind to enable Adam to believe in Him. And the will to enable Adam to love Him. There, we have a human being capable of becoming a member of the Church. Though Adam could love God, which is the first commandment of God, he could not love his neighbor, the second commandment of God because there was no neighbor. 
     Secondly, so God created another person like unto Adam who he can love because as Genesis noted Adam could not love his neighbor by loving the giraffe. So, now we have two persons that could make up the Church but who are not yet members of the Church. 
     Thirdly, so Adam and Eve are now capable of being one mind and heart thus making up the Church since two or three are needed to make up the Church. 
     Fourthly, but since it is better to have three members of the Church rather than two, God made the other a Woman so she can give birth and produce new members for the Church. There. We have all the elements needed to make up the Church in Paradise. But up to this point there is no Church yet because Adam and Eve, though they have minds and wills, those faculties are not one, yet. They had their own mind and their own hearts. 
     Fifthly. so God gave them a command that both of them can know and both of them can obey. Their knowing and obeying this command will make them one mind and one heart. Their knowing and obeying that command of God is what will make them the Catholic Church in Paradise.
     Sixth, in order to enable them to provide new members for this intended Church, God make Eve a woman capable of giving birth to new persons with minds and wills that can know and obey the Will of God. 
     This is how God did things at the beginning, Christ said. Everything was prepared for the creation and continuation of the Catholic Church. But things did not go well in Paradise. Satan tempted Adam and Eve to chose their own mind and will rather than God's. They sinned and that was called 'original sin'.
4. Adam and Eve were stubborn. And their children followed suit. These were the ones Moses was going to lead. The descendants of Adam and Eve stubbornly choosing to sin rather than obey God's original plan for the first family in Paradise. Because of their stubbornness the Church could not be established during the entire Old Testament. The Chosen People were constantly disobedient. And one among their favorite act of disobedience was against the 6th and 9th commandment of God. They often desired their neighbor's wives and committed adultery with them. 
     To sin against the 6th and 9th commandment, some husbands would murder their wives to be able to marry another wife. I guess Moses could foresee Henry VIII. So Moses made a provision mentioned by the Pharisees; 'Moses permitted divorce and the writing of a decree of divorce.' Did Moses go against God's command that husband should not divorce their wives? No. Moses tried to obey God but knew his incapacity to impose God's law. So he thought of a delaying tactic. 

5. If he delayed the divorce long enough both parties might just change their mind and call it off. It was a good move. This will be adapted, also, in the New Testament. So Moses employed a scribe to write the decree of divorce after which the couple could divorce. Except that during those time it took a long time to write a decree. Well, you had to import the paper and pen from abroad; you have to write the decree in Babylonian script, etc.....So it could really take years before a decree of divorce could be written down. In the meanwhile, the scribe is instructed to discourage the couple from divorcing. In most cases it worked. 
     But a few could really be so hard headed in their desire to marry their neighbor's wife and the real wife could really be in danger of being murdered. So Moses would give them the writ of divorce. Moses thinking was; if this guy is bent on committing a mortal sin by murdering his wife, he might as well commit the mortal sin of divorcing his wife and committing adultery. Either way he would go to hell. The writ of divorce did not mean the husband can now go to heaven. So, the two 'Motu propios' of Pope Francis will allow you to divorce your wife and marry another; but it will still bring you to hell because that is still the mortal sin of adultery. 

6. Now, let us see the two 'Motu Propios'  in the light of today's Gospel lesson on 'divorce.' Let us return to 'At the beginning God created them male and female.' We shall see that Pope Francis' 'Motu propios' go against every thing in the Gospel. 

     St. Paul states that the husband personifies Christ and the wife personifies the Church; 'Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the Church.' So firstly, the husband, like Christ, should know the commandments of God. And the husband, like Christ, should obey the commandments of God. Otherwise he would not be like Christ and we cannot continue our comparison. 
     Then as St. Paul states; the husband should love the wife as Christ love the Church. So the husband should now teach his wife the commands of God and encourage his wife to obey the commands of Christ did to His Church. Husbands who love their wives as Christ love the Church do not divorce their wives. Imagine Christ divorcing His Church!!!

7. The two 'Motu Propios' is an encouragement for both husbands and wives not to learn the commands of God, i.e. not to have Faith. And is encouragement for both not to obey the commands of God, i.e. not to love God and neighbor (Charity.)
     This in turn will make it impossible for both husband and wive to be one heart and one mind; i.e. impossible for them to enter the Catholic Church. 
     And lastly, it will make it impossible for them to have children that will go to heaven. The Gospel states; it will prevent children to come unto Him. By going against how God did things at the beginning, it will be the end of the Catholic Church. 

8. Annulment for unconsummated marriage. Did the Catholic Church annul unconsummated marriages? Never!! Like in the time of Moses this was allowed because of your stubbornness. Even if your marriage is annulled because it is unconsummated you will still go to hell because of your stubbornness. Did you ever think that there was no marriage between Joseph and Mary just because their marriage was unconsummated? The Church recognizes Joseph as the husband of Mary. So they were more married than most consummated marriages. The great scandal in the Catholic Church is that there are so many marriages with several children and they are annulled!  This divorce had never disappeared because of original sin. Today, the Vatican simple made it 'easy, fast and free of charge.'  Big help....for hell. 
     If 'coveting your neighbor's wife is a sin; if 'just looking at a woman and lusting after her is a much more divorcing your wife and marrying another? 

9. The situation today is very bad. And most bishop might really have a harder time than Moses. But at least don't make divorce easy, fast and free. Be wise enough to use delaying tactics lest we become accomplishes to the crime and pay the same price.

10. Many questions; Popes are supposed to lead us to heaven. How come the direction we see is leading us to hell? Popes are supposed to be infallible in matters of dogma and morals. How come there is so many mistakes both in dogmas and in morals. 
     What kind of listeners are we? The ones who wish to learn? Or the one to trap the Truth? With so many questions to answer, at least stick to the essentials; Scripture has it; obey God and not man. St. Paul said 'if an Angel gives you another Gospel, let him be anathema. Don't obey.' Well, the 'Motu propio' was written just by a man. 

Thursday, October 01, 2015


1. In a transcript of Pope Francis' interview from Cuba to the U.S. he was quoted saying; a cardinal friend of mine told me that a very concerned woman, very Catholic, went to him. ....and asked him if it was true that in the Bible, they spoke of an anti-christ....and also in the Apocalypse......and then if it was true that there is an anti-pope who is the anti-christ......because I'm sure that Pope Francis is the anti-pope, she said. ....because he doesn't wear red shoes.  Then Pope Francis proceeded to claim that he is preaching the social doctrine of the Church. 

     Now, that was a big bundle of knotted facts. The lady concerned seems to have read much....much more than Pope Francis and his Cardinal friend. But her knowledge were all mixed up; or is this due to the poor automatic Google translation.  Let us first unknot all her ideas and then explained it to her one by one. Let us begin with Pope Francis' statement that he is preaching the social doctrine of the Church.  

2. The news showed the Pope saying Mass with a huge picture of Che Guevara as a back drop. This was in Cuba on his way to the U.S. And he had been castigating Western Capitalism while being soft on Communism. He said he was just proposing the social teachings of the Catholic Church. The way he explained it, however, it was not the teaching of the Church. The teaching of the Catholic Church is to Evangelize Capitalism so it would help the poor. Where else can you get the help to give the poor except from the rich capitalist nations. The defect is not on the wealth of the capitalist nor on the poverty of the poor. The defect is that the poor are not humble enough to deserve the help and the rich capitalist are not Charitable enough to share. It is a spiritual problem, not a  problem of economics. A minuscule portion of the wealth of capitalist is more than enough to uplift the poor of the whole world. 
     Pope Francis missed what was spiritually wrong and missed the supernatural solution because he remained totally in the natural, economic level. Or as the news noted; 'he waved in politics.'  His solution was not the social doctrine of the Church. It was too human. So much for the teachings on economics.   

 3. Connected to this is his analysis and solution to the sudden immigration of refugees to Europe; it is neither the Catholic analysis nor solution. The Catholic analysis and solution are so sound and effective that they have worked very well for the last 2000 years. Today there has been no given analysis nor suggested solution to this present problem. Just a panic reaction camouflaged with  public relation gestures akin to the 'be warm, be  fed and enjoy  yourselves at the expense of the host country'  that is courting disaster. The solution is to help them while making them stay in their own nations. This has all its benefits besides being the cheapest.  So much for his teachings on immigration. 

     His analysis of the problem in marriage and his solution are also not the Catholic doctrine;  therefore both are wrong. The problem in most marriages is the inability of both parties to have Faith and consequently, Charity. The problem is in the spiritual life of both husband and wife. There is nothing wrong with the marriage. Pope Francis is correcting the marriage where nothing is wrong and not the defect in the spiritual lives of the parties involved. So Pope Francis' 'Catholic divorce' solution in his recent two 'Motu Propio' is completely missing the point aside from being against the commands of God and the teachings of the Catholic Church.  So much for his teachings on marriage.

     He preached the abolition of capital punishment giving the impression that that is Catholic doctrine. It is not. Capital punishment is part of Catholic doctrine and the examples of Catherine of Sienna and St. Therese of Lisieux showing them not stopping the execution of criminals but in aiding them to repentance before their execution. Capital punishment is a very good reason to motivate a criminal to repentance as shown by Trappists working in death row. Emotionally it is disturbing; spiritually it is most useful. Would you rather they continue living in sin with the great chance of dying unrepentant?
    That is enough for Catholic doctrines in general. 

 4.The anti-christ and anti-pope. Let us go to the devout Catholic woman's next question. Is the anti-christ and anti-pope found in the Bible? Yes, it is specially found in the letter of St. John where the anti-christ is described as one who came from us but do not belong to us. The anti-christ is more vividly described in St. Paul's epistle to the Thessalonians. And both anti-christ and anti-pope is described in the two beasts of the Apocalypse. 
     Both the anti-christ and anti-pope go against the teachings of Christ and consequently, also, against the teachings of  the Popes. To go against one is to go against the other. Both are instruments of the devil for the destruction of the Church. Their temptation is to make man disobey the commands of God.
     The word anti-christ came earlier, in the Old Testament as a descendant of Dan.  The word anti-pope came later around the year 600. The first anti-pope was a saint, St. Hippolitus, but he resigned and subjected himself to the true Pope, Pontian. 

     Later on, the word anti-christ was used only for laymen who persecuted the Catholic church, like Nero, Domitian, etc. While the word anti-pope was used only for Bishops who pretended to be Popes; we had more than 40 of them, the last one was Felix around 1400. You are right, good Lady, they are usually the same but there was a split in their image in that one was a layman, while the other was usually a bishop.

5. Then the concerned, but very Catholic woman got her points of clarification more confused. She described the anti-christ and the anti-pope as two different persons and, then the two becomes one person. Actually she got it right. For sometime the two will be two different persons but later on they will become one person.
     This is an ancient image known in the Catholic Church.....the grand meeting between the anti-christ and the anti-pope. Most Catholics in good standing know about this. Saints, prophets and theologians know about this. It was popularized by Robert Hugh Benson in his apocalyptic nobel 'The Lord of the World,' which Pope Francis had read and commented on in a homily. 

     This grand meeting, like everything connected to the last four things in Catholic theology are of no interest for most Catholics. We call it eschatology. And proof of this lack of interest is that though all priests are supposed to give an eschatological aspect of the Gospel in their homilies, nobody does it. No wonder neither the Pope nor his cardinal friend could comment in the said interview.
     Robert Benson, son of an Anglican bishop who converted to Catholicism and famed author in the 1900, believed that no Catholic was interested in eschatology. So he wrote Catholic eschatology in the form of a Nobel. And it worked. It was well read even by Pope Francis. 
     Benson described this age, year 2000, in detail. And described two personalities; a layman who was intent to rule the world in the name of peace and to destroy the Catholic religion in the name of truth. This man will rule Democratic America, would dictate on Europe and dominate the rest of the world; except temporarily the East. Benson was actually describing him as the anti-christ. 
     Then he described an apostate priest, tired of the old fashion religion, and heading a new liberal religion co- founded by the anti-christ with this priest as the chief liturgist.  His name was Francis. 
     At a very specific time in Church history, these two personalities would meet to plan the final destruction of the Catholic Church. Catholics who know their Faith know this meeting and have been waiting for this to occur. Benson knew this and wrote about it because most Catholics were forgetting it. It is surprising the concerned Catholic woman knew this. yet the Pope and his cardinal bishop friend did not know it. 
     And the woman mentioned this because of the coming visit of Pope Francis to the U.S. For her it is the fulfillment of this biblical prophecy; the meeting between the layman anti-christ and the bishop anti-pope.  The woman suspected Pope Francis to be an anti-pope, so her question. Since both are going against the teachings of Christ and against the teachings of the previous Popes, like on abortion, divorce , same sex marriage,  one world religion and climate change.....the two descriptions fitted them both.  

6. Then the devout catholic woman joins the two; the anti-pope who is the anti-christ becomes one person.  How will that happen. Well, if the layman president steps down in office, then the anti-pope will be alone.  Still an anti-pope, he becomes also an anti-Christ because they have the same goal; the destruction of the Catholic Church.

7. The red shoes, the apartment, the tiara, the King Burger, etc......can be put aside and returned in their proper context when all the essentials, like the theology of grace, the theological virtues, predestination, Divine Providence, etc........ had been put together.