Thursday, December 22, 2011


1. We have seen how the devil, using heresies, had been attacking the Church. Pelagianism was a very bad virus. While Arianism and other minor heresies had been weakened there are some that have overwhelmed the anti-biotics and had produced more serious strains. And the Church is having difficulty in curing them. One of them is Nominalism that attacked the Church around the year 800, was temporarily squelched by the Church with St. Anselm spearheading the battle but recovered around the year 1000. Its devastation on the Catholic Church was so great that the Council of Trent had to be convened to deal with it. But the anti-biotic taken was weak. And so the virus continued in the form of a stronger strain. The half-hearted medication from the men of the Church occasioned it to grow stronger through the 20th century up to Vatican II.

2. The devil knows where to concentrate his attacks..... at seminaries. Knowing the brilliant mind of Satan that is expected. The destruction of the seminaries would mean the destruction of the whole Catholic Church. Graduates of these seminaries, most of whom will be future Bishops and Rectors could not protect and watch over the seminaries. The damage done by heresies to the curriculum of the seminaries cannot be imagined. It was a spiritual tsunamis that washed the Church away from the New Testament and dragged it back to the Old Testament. The strategy was so brilliantly done nobody noticed it except the Popes who kept on warning the world about its horrors. Having poisoned the seminaries the natural propagator of the heresy were naturally the graduates of the seminaries who would later on be priests, bishops and Cardinals. The heresy was self propagating. No new effort was needed to spread it.

3. Harboring this cancer for 600 years, the Church finds herself with priest filled with vices rather than virtues. And now we see all the problems the Church has with her priests. It was an unavoidable explosion of a cancerous growth that was bound to happen. There was no way of stopping it. The present problem was just the secretion of a malignant cancer.

4. Priests and their parishioners that are in this state cannot go anywhere else than down. Down, down, down. This was how things were from the year 1000 up to Vatican II. Vatican I was an attempt to stop the tide. But the situation in the world did not allow Vatican I to accomplish its task. Vatican II attempted to raise the Church from the Old Testament back to the New Testament. But the force of the waves driving souls from the Old Testament to OUT of the Old Testament into pure paganism was unstoppable. NOW, the head of a new, ugly heresy rose almost immediately after Vatican II. Led by schools of theology, seminaries, Rectors and theology professors, and spread by bishops and priest contaminated by this new virus, the Church is being dragged out into paganism.

5. It is a return to the First Fall, into Original Sin, into the first sin of Satan. ....the refusal to be subject to God. The fingers of Satan is most evident. The attempts to destroy is continuously focused on seminaries, training programs of priests and seminarian, commission on seminaries, Rectors of seminaries and the dissemination of books about this new religion whose god is "Original Sin." Satan is propagating his errors with his usual means, books, as the devil did from the beginning but was used most effectively during the time of St. Pope Pius V. That spirit was exposed by Pope Pius and exemplified more recently by the spirit of the French Revolution. Today, it persist most potently with an unknown name. But its spirit is fuming with sulphur over the world and quoted by priests and bishops as the "New Catholic Church" misquoting both the aggiornamento of Pope John XXIII and the "New Evangelization" of Cardinal Ratzinger. The present post Vatican II scenario is pure confusion. The voice of the Pope is clear but they are quoted and misquoted everywhere. These heretical voices had been vocal since Vatican II both in mass media and in well published books. Can you imagine the damage they had done by now specially in seminaries which is their target?

In her early history the Church had a solution when things were getting tough. St. Thomas of Aquinas in his commentary to the epistles noted that the Church had always been described as a 'fort.' To which she retreated to defend herself effectively and from which she would go forth to attack the enemies and save other souls outside the fort. And so the first Christians who sought seriously the salvation of their souls 'left the world' and entered these forts, called monasteries, to do battle more effectively. IT IS OFTEN DESCRIBED AS STRATEGIC RETREAT. Pope Benedict mentioned something about the only way to save Europe is through the monasticism of St. Benedict. It is a way of life and not just a geographical entity. And its very essence is a preparation for the second coming of Christ. It is like drawing the battle lines where friend and foes are clearly identified. And their secret battle cry is 'ero cras.'

Around the 8th century the eschatological significance of Christmas was being replaced by a purely materialistic celebration of pure indulgence of the flesh. It was a time that the Christian communities felt that the end of the world could come. So the first Christians prepared themselves this way: they seriously concentrated their minds in knowing Christ as He revealed Himself in Divine Revelation. They made certain that this knowledge was perfect. Secondly, they studied how to love Christ as also revealed in Divine Revelation. They also made certain that their knowledge of this was perfect. Thirdly, they did these two activities with similarly minded Catholics living together in communities. And fourthly they used the community ambiance to put their knowledge into practice. These are the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. While doing all these four things they lived in the fear of the Lord knowing full well that He could come tomorrow (ero cras) and that they might not be ready on time of His coming.This fear is what makes them wise guiding them perseveringly to union with Christ. This whole process is what Pope Benedict describes as the "New Evangelization." This is truly preparing one's soul for the second coming of Christ, the eschatological significance of Christmas.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

THE ENEMY within - Part IV

We have seen how an ugly heresy unrecognized because it was composed of several heresies put together had lay siege to the Church almost unceasingly from the 1000 up to the present with great visible success. All the problems of priests abusing children and nuns that had to undergo visitation come from this. And as expected this cancer tend to worsen as years went on. Essentially, this heresy dragged the Church from the New Testament back to the Old Testament. And having lay siege to the Church for the last 600 years it is expected to drag the Church from the Old Testament out to a 'new paganism' characterized by a brutality never known in the history of man following the principle that 'the corruption of the best is the worst.'

John Cardinal Newman narrates in his history of the Turks that the most brutal division of the Turkish army fighting against the Christians was a group of young, handsome, white skinned unmerciful fighters. They were the Catholic children of captured Christians that had converted to the Turkish religion.

Today we have such a great army of Catholics that had been dragged out of the New Testament and out of the Old Testament into an entirely new religion made by men and worshiping man, himself . This had happened many times from the 10th century up to the present in some degree but today it is raising its ugly head with a vengeance......symbolized by the fallen broken statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary during a demonstration in Italy.

The devil, the brain behind this invasion had never changed his tactic. It had always been the same from the time of Adam up to the present. Let us see how Satan poisons the Church and let us see how God, through his popes, like Pius V battled this monster in the 1500.

In Pius V's time heresy was both in the open and concealed but its spread was continuous and devastating. The local clergy harbored these heresies consciously or unconsciously. The chief danger was from books sold everywhere where the simple and unsuspecting were often taken in by the contents that were cleverly disguised but against Catholic doctrine, faith and morals. Attempts to expose the heresies were prevented by members of the hierarchy, themselves, due to jealousies. These heretical doctrines were peddled as 'new doctrines' whose novelty attracted people widely. The vicar assigned to correct the error had to escape with his life because of attempts to his life by the bishop of the Diocese. In the wet and cold journey he was refused accommodation by the Dominicans of Santa Sabina. Here is an incident in the 15th century multiplied a thousand times today.

From the 1000, the devil infected books with his heresies, specially books in Moral theology. Today he has even used books with imprimatur. The Laity have absolutely no defense. These books are camouflaged with nice titles, decorated with holy images and impressive titles like 'The interpretation of Vatican II' which is not an interpretation but a mischievous presentation of their hidden agenda, a new church made by man, run by man and worshiping man, a 20th century version of the sin of Adam and Eve popularized by the French reign of terror. And just try to refute this heresy and you will have bishop's conferences against you.

Pius V was very well prepared for his work because of his studies in Bologna. He would not recognize his alma mater today. Michael Ghislieri was chosen by God to be Pope to stem the heresy aside from protecting the Church from the onslaught of Mohammedanism. The battle of Lepanto was during his pontificate. And he showed that treasure of Catholicism that John Cardinal Newman saw as the sign of Christ's true Church. "All sorrow, disaster, darkness or persecution are nothing when we have the certainty that among men there is, and will ever be, a man in whom the light of everlasting truth can never fail. The night of the world is dark for us, but never starless; there is the Pope."

We have Pope Benedict XVI leading the charge today when most of the clergy are pointing the opposite way. The Pope's efforts had been relentless and his voice is like a trumpet call with clear sounds. All his writings, specially the Compendium of the Catechism, the Instrumentum laboris and three encyclicals are clear clarion calls. The light is there. As St. Thomas said: if we don't see it it is because we chose to close our eyes.

The enemy is now within. And it is worst than the Nominalism of the 800. These are peddled by so called Catholic theologians who wish to change the Church by declaring that the original Church of Christ is no more (a heresy rooted in modernism.) That we, the men of the Church make up a Constitutional Convention with the right to modify the old Church as we see fit. We do not have to consult God nor the Pope. Our joint voices rule supreme (reminiscent of Democracy.) We will follow what the majority of the people want (sounds like the French reign of terror.)

This is the first revolution in paradise when Adam and Eve decided that they will decide what is right and wrong and no longer God.

Because the clergy had already been dragged out of the New Testament by countless books, to drag them further away out of the Old Testament into paganism was easy. And this new army of ex-catholics just like the army of young catholics turned muslims are viciously against the Catholic Church, not for any reason except that the corruption of the best had made them the worst.

And they are propagating their poison through books and other mass media outlets. Every priest and nun have read their interpretation of Vatican II articles and bitten by their poison. Only a few had read the Pope's "understanding Vatican II." They are turning the,whatever is left of the Catholic world into a new protestant sect but of a pagan nature. We wonder how many will join a call to arms if the Pope ever calls for a spiritual battle.

Pope Benedict spoke on Dec. 8 about Mary, not about her Immaculate Conception but about the woman of the Apocalypse. That is like talking about Our Lady of Guadalupe( Dec. 12) on the day of the Immaculate Conception (Dec. 8). But why not since the image of the Immaculate Conception depicts a slightly modified copy of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Pope quoted the book of Revelation where it says that : the dragon will relentlessly attack Christ. But when it sees that his apparent victory during the crucifixion of Christ was in fact his greatest lost, then he switched his hatred on the Church, which is happening right now. What does God do? God gives the Church, the Woman of the Apocalypse, two giant wings and transfered her into a safe place specially prepared by God for her in the desert. The brief history of the Church from the 1000 up to Vatican II is the description of pure total chaos in the world. After Vat. II an uglier head arose. The move was to change completely the Catholic Religion. It has become impossible to seek the life of holiness in such a situation. Could this be the reason why the Apocalypse prophesied that the Church could eventually be transferred to a safer place? Does it mean that we can no longer enter the Church in the world and that we have to look for the Church in the desert to be able to enter it? It seems so. From this time onwards the Church can only be found in that special place in the dessert until her wedding day with the bridegroom. Where is the Church in the desert? The 'New Evangelization' of Pope Benedict is pointing to it.