Thursday, October 20, 2011


Once upon a time there were three Gods who ruled the world. They were so happy among themselves when one of them made the suggestion:
'We are so happy here in paradise. Let us create some creatures that they may share our happiness.'
'Yes', answered the second God. 'Let us make them into our own image and likeness so they can have the power to enjoy our happiness.'
'How can we make them like us?' asked the third God?
'Let us give them reason and a heart that will make them capable of loving and never desire the death of a sinner but that they should be converted and live,' said the first God. 'They will need a long life on earth because they will need much work to prepare themselves on the earth to be worthy of happiness here in our abode.'
'They should be pro-life then?'
'No, not really. Because if they have prepared themselves well they can die on the earth so they may come to our abode immediately. There is no use for them tarrying down on earth lest they die unprepared and become unworthy to come to our abode.'
'Now, that is a good rule. If we see that children are going to be so evil that they would not come here to our abode we might as well get them sooner to assure their happiness.'
'Indeed that is a good rule, let us write that down.'
'But what rule shall we give everybody to make them deserving to be with us? You mentioned LOVE. How will they show that?'
'We shall obliged them to love their souls and the souls of all their neighbors specially the souls of their enemies.'
' Hmmmm. So that means they should never desire the death of a sinner but that he should be converted and live.
' You are right. That way they will look like gods, like ourselves and, therefore, capable of living here with us. You really think like a god. Are we all set to create these creatures?'
'Ok. But you (pointing to the second god) must schedule yourself to go down to earth to teach them how to love to the point that they should never desire the death of a sinner but that he should be converted and live.'
' Pointing at the second god he continued, ' You should allow these man-creatures to be your enemies, let them persecute and crucify you. Then show that you do not desire their death but that they should be converted and live.'
'I don't really like that persecution, crucifixion and dying part? But ok. I'll do it,' the second god said resignedly.

6000 years after.

'Hey, have you seen what is going on down there among the men we created,' the first god asked the two other gods.
'Yes, the men we created are killing each other. Even at the beginning a brother desired the death of his own brother who was not even a sinner. They even killed me who was trying to bring them to paradise. This 'I do not wish the death of a sinner but that he should be converted and live,' seems not to be working. Have you seen how many men have entered our abode?'
'A trickle.The rest are all killing good guys and wishing the death of sinners.'
'And look! they are all celebrating, greeting one another and praising the death of sinners,' added the third god. 'Look at all those banners and news headlines.'
'Maybe those sinners deserve it.'
' That is immaterial. The obligation we imposed on them is to love and show their love by 'not desiring the death of a sinner but that they should be converted and live, just as we are doing.'
'Ahhh. Man has ceased to be like us, like our image and likeness. He has become like the beast we have created for them to kill and eat. They do not deserve to abide with us. Are there a few who are at least obeying our requirement?'
' Well, there is a man in white who is trying hard to do it and teach others to do the same. But he is not succeeding very much.'
' Since man whom we wished to be like our image and likeness, like gods, now looks like beasts maybe we should call off this project of inviting mere creatures here to our abode.'
'It has not shown good results since we started it 6,000 years ago. But ok, let's give this last generation one last chance.'
'Do you think they will change and improve?'
' No, I don't think so. But at least they cannot say we did give them a last chance.'
' This sight is sickening,' said the second god.' I died for all of them so that they would not desire the death of sinners but that they should be converted and live......and they would not do it to one another. All heads of states, all news media, all men.....we created them to be like gods, and look at them!'

The first god sent his messengers to collect all the materials of the experiment using earthquakes, floods, famine, wars, pestilence to face him in judgment. Those who loved and prayed not for the death of the sinner but that they should be converted and live were brought to the abode of the gods. And those who did not were hurled into everlasting fire.
And the three gods congratulated themselves : 'this is a good day for us that we have shown we are always one in mind and heart in all if we are one God.'