Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to DESTROY the Church

You cannot destroy the Church. But you can destroy those trying to enter the Church. And that is what the devil does. When a person is well inside the Church he is indestructible. But if he has just entered the Church, i.e. if he has little faith, he can still leave the Church and be destroyed. Those who are outside the Church..... you do not have to destroy because they are already destroyed. The fact that a person has entered the Church and left due to weak faith makes it easier for him, however, to re-enter the Church.

If I were the devil how would I destroy the Church? There is a principle in psychology that when the mind is engaged in one thought it cannot think of another thought. This is specially if the thoughts involved are of different levels of knowing. Man is usually engaged with thoughts of the natural. That is his competency. But to be saved we must think of things supernatural. This is beyond the capability of man. He needs grace to be able to do it. But God will not give this grace unless man gives up natural thoughts or rise up above the natural.

The second point is this: the more we engage in natural thoughts the more incapable we become in engaging in supernatural thoughts. In fact the more we think of natural thoughts the dumber we become about supernatural and even natural thoughts. On the other hand, the more we engage in supernatural thoughts with the help of grace the wiser we become about things supernatural and even natural thoughts.

A third point is that Faith is an act of the intellect. A soul engages in natural thoughts in the act of repentance thinking of all his sins. Those sins are in the natural level so man can easily recall them and repent for them. When a soul has repented God gives him grace to be able to rise up to the supernatural level and think of supernatural thoughts which is the beginning of the act of Faith that enables us to enter the Catholic Church.

Keeping the three points mentioned above, to prevent a soul from making the act of faith and entering the Church all we have to do is fill up his mind with natural thoughts. And that soul is a goner. It is that simple that many parents are precisely doing that to their children, literally send them to hell without knowing it.

How do we do that? Fill the minds with TV shows, with education, with magazines, comics, sports, discoveries, news, computers, video games, and all other things which the "following of Christ" called 'forbidden knowledge'. Increase the amount of these natural information in bombarding the mind. Increase the TV Channels, add computers programs, video games, cell phones, ipods and entertainment parks. All these would paralyze the mind in the natural level preventing it from thinking of anything beyond the natural. And the more he stays in the natural level the more he minds becomes dull even about natural things. Do this long enough and he becomes incapable even of higher natural knowledge. This is called sin against Faith. And the absence of Faith can bring us to hell.

Isn't that what the devil just did to the entire world? See how effective that is? We hardly see any faith around. The world is flooded with what pleases the senses. And this sense-pleasure stimuli is increasing daily filling up the mind and numbing the soul to things supernatural. It is daily becoming impossible to make the act of Faith. He filled the world with sense-stimuli that cluttered the mind with natural thoughts preventing it from thinking of supernatural thoughts thus making the act of faith. This is the reason the first Christians went to the desert. To deny their senses of these sense-stimuli and make it easy for the mind to rise up to things supernatural with the help of grace. And this is why at the end times, the Church, personified by the Woman of the Apocalypse will be given by God two giant wings to transport the Church into the desert. Because that is the only place where she can make her act of Faith free from all sense-stimuli.

If I were the devil, this is the easiest way for me to destroy the Catholic Church. And do it long enough until the world runs out of Catholics. That will only take one to two generations. But I and the devil don't have to do this. The parents are doing quite a good job destroying the Church by destroying their children, by cluttering their minds with tv shows, sports game, theme parks, radio, ipods, parties, secular jobs, secular education, tours, leaving absolutely no chance for the mind to know God. And wait a minute....have you tried the new HD 3 d tv monitor, the new menu in that restaurant, the new resort in this island, the new beauty contest in this city........see what I mean?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Where have all the Catholics gone?

1. It was easy to find them before. In the early times of the Church just ask where the Catholics were and you get a hand and a straight finger pointing directly at a whole community of Catholics. They lived apart from the worldly people, they lived in community shared all things in common and they loved one another. They were usually found outside of towns and cities. Later on they were found in huge communities living in the desert, in cities carved out of volcanic mountains, on islands, on top of was easy to find them and they can be pointed out apart from the rest.

2. At the beginning of the 19oo I had the impression that Catholics could specially be found in two organizations, the Catholic Action and the Legion of Mary. Of course, they were around but it was almost impossible to point them out. But the members of these two organizations looked different from the rest. Even Hitler feared them. And they were Catholics both in their behaviour and in their speech. Talking to them it is clear their doctrines are correct. These were laymen whose basic Catholic doctrines were right.

3. Today we have hundreds of so- called Catholic organizations of laymen founded by both laymen and the clergy. There are many quasi religious groups founded by nuns and priest. There are even clerical or priestly groups founded by Bishop's conference. But the foundational doctrine of their way of life does not exhibit the purity of Catholic doctrine. It is even evident in their way of life and in their speech. . . which should cause us to raise our eyebrows.

4. Many laymen groups that are even approved by the Congregation of religious and secular life are founded by laymen who have no knowledge of Divine Revelation. They have held the bible briefly for the first time in their lives and before you know it they are founding huge secular followings. This is a danger the Council of Orange warned the Church: the danger of laymen getting hold of the bible and immediately starting a new sect. As St. Paul described it "unenlightened zeal".

There are many nuns, probably discontented with their orders had left and founded new groups with themselves as superiors. Some nuns had left their orders to become hermits. St. Benedict warned us of religious who cannot live the community life and rushes into the heremitical life to avoid the burden of community living. And there are some clerical/ priestly groups organized by Bishop's conference whose way of life is Pelagian heresy resurrected in that they think they can improve the world on their own as in the case of liberation theology. What is evident among them is the lack of a solid doctrinal foundation. In short, they do not know how to go to heaven. They just presume because they belong to this established catholic organization or community approved by the Bishop and even by Rome they will surely go to heaven. Even the vast numbers of converts entering the Church today do not realize they do not immediately become Catholics. There is still a long process before they can attained orthodox Catholic Faith.

5, So where have all the Catholics gone? Where is the Catholic Church? Can anyone raise his hand and point them out with their finger showing the Catholic apart from the rest? When I hold retreat for priests, seminarians or nuns I would tell them jokingly "show me the four signs that you are Catholics." They would smile but none can show the four signs of the Church. And when the question and answer come all their complains show they have problems with the 4 visible signs of the Church. That's why they cannot show them. Isn't this sad?

6. The Church of Christ have four visible signs. If we cannot show them we must at least know what they are and explain them. This would at least show we have some inkling of the signs. But the true Church must not only have the four visible signs of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. She must be able to explain the dynamics on how those signs are produced. This will be the explanation of the spirituality of the life of the Church that produces these signs.

7. In short, if we put together what Pope Benedict as Cardinal mentioned that the Church is undergoing a crisis of Faith, since the four visible signs of the Church are signs of Faith, Hope and Charity, the reason why we cannot point with certainty where that Church is is because we cannot find those marks anywhere. The Church must exist up to the end times. So where is the Church? Where have all the Catholics gone. The answer is in the Apocalypse. It says that the Church used to be in the world calling all souls to embark into the ark. But at the end times, God would give the Woman, the Church, two giant wings to fly into the desert in a place specially prepared by God to protect her. Where is that? St. John Chrysostom says that this is not a physical desert. It is the symbol of a way of life lived in the privacy of one's soul. It is the way of life lived by Christ for 30 years at home and lived by John the Baptist for 30 years in the desert.
St. Grignon de Montfort tried to establish the Catholic Church with her four visible signs and with a Marian personality and Pope Benedict described it in his thesis on St. Bonaventure. Thank God we have a Pope who knows where all the Catholics have gone.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


1. Lawlessness is a relative term to many people. But if we base all laws on the Divine law or even just on the natural law, most laws today would be against God's laws. And this is what is happening today.

2. The world is stunned by the lawlessness of those who have appointed themselves as police of the world imposing laws against God's laws. And this with the approval of courts and by world organizations who are also making their own laws. They call it mandate. Just because the mandate was made by a few tough guys does not it make it legal?

3. Sex education is now mandated in most schools, compulsory education in place of home schooling is also mandated. Family planning and abortion are laws in many countries just like same sex marriages. Nations are interfering in the sovereignty of other nations. Head of states are summarily ordered to resign or deposed. Foreign governments are changed at the pleasure of a few. And cities of other nations are being bombed as if they were objects in a video games. These may be the law of some cowboys but they are against the law of God. From the view point of Catholic morality, the world is in anarchy, the once upon a time French Revolution had become world wide. But how come no one is raising any cry?

4. We have entered the era of the rule of lawlessness. You don't talk to lawless bandits. You just plead for mercy, pay a ransom for your life, plea for help and get killed just the same.....all without knowing why this is happening. A few, like the Pope, had chosen just to be silent. It is like when the Jews were undergoing their holocaust and hardly any one of them knowing why they were being herded into camps; it is like when the Armenians were being erased from the face of the earth and not knowing why the Turks were doing it; it is like when the Catholics of Vendees were being massacred by their fellow Catholics in France and they didn't know why.

5. It, also, happened once upon a time on Good Friday. A God was crucified in accordance to the lawless law of men. Not one of the killer knew why they were doing it. But HE knew why.

6. The same is happening everywhere. A Christian was elected president and suddenly the Christians were being massacred everywhere. A head of state is quietly leading his country and suddenly some European nations are bombing him out of existence as ordered by a mandate. And another head was deposed and hanged for a non-existent crime by some other foreign power and no one had apologize. 200 hundred christian churches were burned. Why? What crime was committed? And when cries of un-constitutionality are raised, no one minds it. An RH Bill is being passed that goes contrary to the Catholic Faith of the nation and its own Constitution. Why is it gaining ground when the head of the nation is a Catholic trained by the Jesuits?

Original sin as introduced by the devil in the garden of paradise and introduced in many nations, thereafter, specially during the reign of terror in France is being imposed world wide by its originator and avid followers. Though the originators had been dead for centuries how come they still have avid followers today? Can he be a spirit who cannot die?

7. This is exactly what happened on Good Friday. The Law was killed by lawlessness. And the world was stunned into silence. Not a peep as the devil seems to hold sway. Has the devil won? He knew the answer. A similar complain was once heard from heaven: when, O when O Lord shall our death be avenged? And God's answer was: Just a little while more. Then what? God's answer was very clear......because He knew why.