Tuesday, May 03, 2011


1. The past Holy Week just reminded us of the words of Christ on the cross: "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." Certainly the person who just past away did not know the morality of what he did. He was not blessed with the knowledge that is within Divine Revelation. We cannot say the same thing for many Catholics. They do not know what they are doing? After a course in Theology in the seminary. OK. Let's say they studied theology, it does not follow that they know what they are doing. The ones who crucified Christ knew the prophecies of the Old Testament regarding the Messiah even how he would die. They heard Christ preaching. Some of them were the priests of the Covenant. But what did Christ say? They did not know what they were doing. If Christ forgave them, how much more should we. Isn't the sign of a true Christian is what we read in the "Our Father?" The ability to forgive. Should'nt we pray instead that God forgive him as Christ did for those crucifying Him. Isn't our spontaneous celebration because this man is dead a sign of our inability to forgive and, therefore, a more severe punishment awaits us.

2. Many have reasons to celebrate just as when the pharisees caught a woman in adultery. It was an achievement. They caught a woman in the act of adultery. OK. This man was caught guilty of murder in his own words. Should we act like a police who is gloating at the fact that he has caught a criminal? We are Christians first. Christ said: "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. " I have never seen so much stones hurled at one .......who is dead. The ones who are hurling, are they without sin? Aren't the head of states who are rejoicing guilty of more killings through abortion and their global interference. Such sins would make the dead man blush. Should'nt we just quietly leave as the accusers of the woman in the Gospel. OK we lost loved ones. Quietly leaving the dead man alone and praying quietly for the mercy of God would have been a nobler gesture than the gloating celebrations.

3. Terrorists are not our greatest enemies. The sins within us are our greatest enemies. Terrorist can only kill our bodies. Our sins can kill both body and soul. And so Christ in confronting the crowd that brought the woman caught in adultery to Him reminded them of their own sins. That is the real enemy. But as Pope Benedict mentioned, the world's defect is that its attention is focused on what is unimportant the pleasure of the world and not on our sins. And with this view the greatest enemy is what will deny us of the pleasure of the world. And this man spoilt many of their good times.

4. A man is dead. He does not need our hatred nor our misguided celebration. He needs the mercy of God. And we who know him even just by name should try to obtain this mercy. For God promised He could only show mercy on us if we ourselves show mercy to others. After all he was created to the image and likeness of God. May he rest in peace. Amen.