Monday, February 28, 2011

The NEW GOD : Original Sin

A new god has began to rule the world. He, really, is not new and he is not a god. In history man has had the bad fortune of choosing many wrong gods. Except now mankind had agreed to worship one and the same god....but it is, again, the wrong god.

This god existed at the time of the creation of angels. He has pestered the human race ever since but today he rules supreme. The world has become his domain. And mankind had bowed to his rule. This god is Original Sin. He does not really exist as St. Augustine would say. He is just the personification of all the absence of good and as such is pure evil.

At the beginning Lucifer was invited to heaven to be with God. Lucifer said 'yes' but he wanted to go there' his own way'. When he insisted 'on his own way', he became a devil. The other devils who became devils simply followed Lucifer. That was the first demonstration of angelic power that will have its imitation in 'people's power,' in sociology called mob rule wherein a group follows one person without thinking as individuals.

Lucifer probably thought it was a good idea 'doing things my own way' so when God created Adam and Eve and informed them that if they would want to know what is right from wrong, which is morality, they should first eat of the tree of life and as a reward they may eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. But Eve wanted the fruit badly so she 'did things her own way'; and ate it first. Adam like the mob, without thinking, followed Eve. This was essentially the same fault instigated by the first angel who fell. It was called original sin. This sin consists in doing God's will (to go to heaven for the devil while to have a knowledge of good and evil in the case of Adam and Eve) but 'doing it their own way'.

Original sin could be very bad if (1.) they went against God's will and (2.) did it their own way. And it could even be worst if (3.) they imposed it on others. St. Thomas of Aquinas mentioned a rule in the spiritual life: that he who does not progress will regress. And he who regresses will fall faster and faster as he nears the bottom. That is what happened with the first original sin. Because it was not stopped at the death of Christ, the world just kept on regressing and has now reached a speed downwards that is unstoppable.

Notice how the human race has decided on what will make them happy here on earth without consulting God and this is satisfy their every bodily desires. Mammon, greed shown in love of money which can do so, is everyone's goal and their love. Note how everything is geared to this end. And notice how governments impose it on the people and on other governments. Every sin is committed to attain the ultimate goal of original sin, the worship of one's selfish will..... like the destruction of the family, the killing of children, killing and abduction of head of states that do not conform to their will.....violations of all the commands of God. It would not be strange if they went against the Catholic Church whose aim is the salvation of mankind through the forgiveness of all sins starting with original sin, the origin of all sins.

Let us explain what is happening inside man by analyzing his act. Catholic theology has a definition for a human act. Human acts are essentially acts of the intellect informed by the senses and approved by the free will and carried into action by the free will commanding the entire person (specially the body). What makes the act human is the functioning of the faculties of the soul, namely, the mind and free will. If the body acts independently of the soul, then man, like a drunkard is not acting like a human being because his spiritual faculties had been shut down by alcohol. He is acting like an animal half of which he is.

This is what is happening within man. He has an intellect made by God to know the Truth. But he cannot know the truth due to the return of original sin. He could learn the natural truths about God but it will need great effort. So he gives in to his indolence. And the intellect made by God to think of supernatural truths are lazily focused on mere material things.

The intellect is supposed to think of Godly things (though in the natural level), called natural theology and present them as good that the free will may desire the good. But the only thing presented to the free will are material things coming from the body and sent to the intellect. The free will does not like abstract truths about God. It loves specific, concrete material and worldly things. So it simply enjoys thinking what to eat, what to drink and what to wear. And that is what is happening now. Money or economic progress offers unlimited sources of what to eat, drink and wear. And this they had deified.

How is this shown outwardly. St. Thomas says: if we attain what we think and desire this will give us the feeling of happiness. What will prevent us from attaining our desire will cause us unhappiness. What do we need to satisfy our selfish desires rooted in original sin? First, we need money, whether well earned or stolen. So the prevalence of graft and corruption in all levels. We need to satisfy our lust. So the need for divorce, pornography, destruction of the family, and family planning. Second, we need freedom. So we keep on changing the laws to suit our desires and changing all authorities and heads of states.

Christ taught that the way to eradicate original sin most effectively is through poverty, chastity and obedience. Do we see the battle lines? This is a war between God and the devil of which the devil has no chance but where the collateral damage could be vast.

In history man's sin used to be based on one or two vices, like eating your grandfather. But today, due to world communication all vicious men had agreed that eating one's grand father is not such a great idea. But obeying all the bodily urges of men would be much more fun. Everything today is teaching a philosophy which is original sin in essence. Never in the history of men could they agree to commit one and the same sin as today. It could not happen years ago.

Original sin, like all other ugly sins, had been repacked with nice labels. Today it is called 'democracy' a poor imitation of christian democracy as introduced by Suarez, the Jesuit theologian. In sociology its true name is anarchy.To make it even more attractive it is personified in 'lady liberty.' It is simply liberty from the rule of God; no different from the rebellion of the angels in heaven. It would be the worst kind of dictatorship because it will try to destroy the souls of man by dictating to the minds and hearts of man.

It's awesome evil was first noticed in 'people's power' during the reign of terror in France. It spread to Russia, Europe, England and the United States. From there it would be imposed surreptitiously to all the rest of the world.

It is so easy to tempt mankind with original sin because it is soooooo natural to the fallen nature of man. No effort is needed to make man fall into it. In fact, he is born with it. With a little help from the devil, man is totally helpless. That's why in the Catholic Church babies are baptized as soon as possible to arm him against this inborn tendency. But most Catholics do not know how to arm babies after baptism so most of them find themselves loosing their weapons against this inborn sin that makes man totally incapable of going to heaven.

Essentially, original sin is when our free will chooses the desires of bodily concupiscence instead of the promptings of the intellect making him act more like an animal than a human being.

It was the most potent weapon in the arsenal of the devil in his desire to destroy mankind. He has an ally in the very soul of man.... a free will that has a tendency to sin, rather than to know and love God.

After the Fall of Adam and Eve the devil knew this temptation to return man to his original sin will be a great success. Flash points in the history of men would show this: during the heresy of Peladius, the reform of Martin Luther, notably the French Revolution and crowned by the heresy of modernism in the 1800 . Today it is all over even within the Church.

The reign of terror in France, I think, was the devil's last dry run to recapture his domain on earth. Because it worked in France it would spread to Europe and the U.S. And both would impose it throughout the world.

In France it was pure 'original sin' personified in lady liberty. It was pure sin, anti-catholic and satanic. But it was presented as a philosophy or form of government so it escaped notice. This spread quickly in Europe and the United States through Lafayette and Benjamn Franklin because it satisfied the longing of the human soul already enslaved by original sin. It was natural to the fallen nature of men.

The movement toppled governments as it is doing now under the pretence of the 'will of the majority'. Yet no one could see the majority. It was in fact the will of a boisterous minority who imposed their will on the majority. It was the worst kind of original sin.

And so we see and hear heads of states, heirs to France's reign of terror, calling for the fall of government because 49, 100 or a little more are killed in demonstrations when their own hands are bloodied with the death of millions through family planning and abortion. What hypocrisy!

Christ came to bestow on us graces to overcome the evils that came out of original sin. But Pelagianism had made todays world ignorant on how to combat this evil. The flood of evil is inevitable and its corresponding chastisements.

St. Thomas noted that when one succumbs to evil he will continue to descend and as he descends the speed of the descend increases. And when he reaches the bottom the momentum of the descend could very well be unstoppable. Did Pope Benedict refer to this in his Dec. 20 audience? And there is nothing in sight that can stop it. No 10 good men, no 20 good men. I feel as helpless as Abraham.

Man's will have ruled supreme today. They call it rights. And most of their rights are contrary to God's right and command. And many Catholics are caught in this vortex with no hope of escaping it. In such a situation we can only ask: "Lord, who can be saved?"